Historian David Irving Explains How Jews Themselves Are Responsible For Ending Up In Auschwitz

In this video from a book tour in the 1990s, British historian David Irving explains how he had come to the conclusion that the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 had actually started out as an anti-Jewish pogrom, and how this factual conclusion had so offended a group of Jews that they tried to disrupt one of his lectures.

Irving’s response to the disruptive Jews goes right to the heart of “The Jewish Question,” a question that they collectively refuse to ever ask, and even more certainly will always refuse to ever answer:

A book I wrote in about 1975 was….the history of the Hungarian Uprising against the communist occupation of Hungary, for which I had access to a certain number of C.I.A. files, which are very interesting because the C.I.A. carried out in-depth psychological interrogations of a large the Hungarian refugees who came to this country after 1956.

And there was no doubt in my mind, a very interesting discovery indeed, which I wasn’t aware of until I began investigating that. I didn’t realize this. The reason I began writing a book about the Hungarian Uprising was entirely irrelevant. I decided to write a book about something other than Hitler and the Third Reich just to show that I wasn’t in a rut.

But the odd thing was when I began writing that book, I discovered from the C.I.A. files that the Hungarian people, when they started that uprising, it began as an anti-Jewish pogrom. It was essentially an anti-Jewish revolution, not an anti-communist revolution to begin with for the first few days.

The Hungarian people regarded their government in the 1950s as being a jewish government, and they regarded the secret police, the dreaded [AVH] as being a jewish secret police, and essentially it was because when the Red Army entered Hungary in 1945, they brought back into Hungary all the Jews who had taken refuge in the Soviet Union, and they were the ones who got the plum jobs, and they were the ones who got the trustworthy jobs, the secret police chiefs and the torturers.

And that’s why the Jews were so hated in Hungary by 1956 because they were regarded as the people who had inflicted this nameless misery on the Hungarian people, and so the Uprising began as an anti-Jewish uprising.

Every one of the ‘Hungarian’ leaders at that time in 1956….they were all Jews, and I never realized that when I set out to write it. It was an extraordinary fact the way these things are kept away from the public consciousness. And, of course, when the book came out, I was accused of ‘antisemitism’, but what am I supposed to do when you discover something, as a historian, are you supposed to pretend that it isn’t that? And if you do pretend that, you are doing the Jewish people more harm than good, I think.

[Irving then tells how a group of Jews tried to disrupt one of his lectures in Louisiana…]

I know, I said to this Jewish mob in my audience, that I am disliked, and I know why I’m dislikedNow you people have been disliked for 3,000 years. Do you ever look in the mirror and ask yourselves why you are disliked?….They never ask themselves that question, do they?

He was the leader of the [disruptive Jewish gang in the audience], and he said, “Are you accusing us? Are you saying that we are responsible for Auschwitz ourselves?” And it was a bit of a dazzling question, and I said, “Well, the short answer is yes.”

But that’s a cruel answer because to do the question justice, you’ve got to have a lot of intervening stages, of course. But the short answer, if you want to hop from A to Z, is yes. If you hadn’t behaved the way you have as a race for 3,000 years, first the Russians, then the Poles, then the Galicians, then the Austrians and the rest wouldn’t have harried and hounded you from pillar to post so you end up finding yourselves at Auschwitz. And you’ve never asked yourselves, “Why?”

Hard copies of David Irving’s book on the Hungarian Uprising have become very rare and expensive, but you can download it here online for free.


The Wannsee Conference: Another Lie Crushed

One of the more commonly perpetuated myths around the Holocaust is that the Nazis held a conference in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on January 20, 1942, where the “extermination of the Jews was planned.”


One of the high-profile claims in this regard was made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the UnitedNations in 2009, when he held up a copy of the minutes of the Wannsee meeting, and told the world that:

“There, on January 20, 1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people. The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments. Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews. Is this a lie?”

The simple answer to Netanyahu’s question is, yes, this is a lie. An outright, shameless, blatant lie.

The actual minutes of the Wannsee Conference can be read in their entirety—in the original German here,

In reality, the Wannsee meeting and its minutes do not contain a master plan to kill Jews;

– Nowhere in the meeting’s minutes is genocide discussed, planned, proposed, or even suggested;

– The Wannsee meeting never discussed gas chambers, shootings, or any of the fantasies propagated by the exterminationists;

– The Wannsee Minutes reported that there were only 4.5 million Jews under German control (yet 4.3 million Jewish compensation claims have been lodged against the postwar German government);

– The Wannsee meeting was a planning meeting on how Europe’s Jews should be deported, via transit camps, to the East; with able-bodied Jews being forced to build roads and other labor intensive tasks in those regions;

– The Wannsee Conference also made allowance for specific exceptions to Jewish evacuation, such as Jewish German World War I veterans; ALL Jews over the age of 65; and ALL Jews working in industries vital to the German war effort, to be released from the threat of evacuation and be allowed to stay in Germany.

There is therefore, no justification for the allegation that the Wannsee Conference was a ‘master plan for mass murder’ and everyone who claims this to be the case, from Netanyahu down, is simply lying.

Yehuda_BauerThat the Wannsee Conference never discussed killing Jews in any way, has actually been confirmed in public by Yehuda Bauer, professor of Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Bauer is also the founding editor of the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and a member of the editorial board of the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust, published by Yad Vashem in 1990.

He is not, therefore, as some Holocaust storytellers claim, some obscure figure, but a leading and major—in fact, one of the most senior—Jews promoting the Holocaust fable.

As long ago as 1992(!), Bauer, speaking at a conference held in London to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Wannsee meeting, told the audience that the claim that Wannsee was a “master plan” to kill Jews was nothing a but a “silly story.”

Bauer’s remarks were reported in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of January 23, 1992, and the Canadian Jewish Times of January 30, 1992.


Titled “Nazi Shceme Not Born at Wannsee, Israeli Holocaust Scholar Claims,” the JTA report continued:

London (JTA)—An Israeli Holocaust scholar has de-bunked the Wannsee Conference, at which top Nazi officials are said to have gathered at a villa in a Berlin suburb in 1942 to draw the blueprints of the ‘Final Solution.’

According to Prof. Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wannsee was a meeting, ‘but hardly a conference’, and ‘little of what was said there was executed in detail.’

Bauer addressed the opening session of an international conference held here to mark the 50th anniversary of the decision to carry out the “Final Solution”. “But it was not made at Wannsee”, the Czech born scholar said.

The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at, Wannsee was but a stage in the unfolding of the process of mass murder,” he said.


His comments were repeated in the Canadian Jewish News, which read as follows:

Wannsee’s importance rejected 

London (JTA) — An Israeli Holocaust scholar has debunked the Wannsee Conference, at which top Nazi officials are said to have gathered at a villa in a Berlin suburb in 1942 to draw the blueprints of the “Final Solution.”

According to Prof. Yehuda Bauer (photo) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wannsee was a meeting, “but hardly a conference”, and “little of what was said there was executed in detail.”

“The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at.”

In other words, even the leading “Holocaust scholar” in Israel knows that to claim that the Wannsee Conference was all about “killing Jews,” or as Netanyahu told the United Nations, that the minutes contain “precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews . . .” is an outright lie, a “silly story.”

Once again, like everything else associated with the “Holocaust,” the Wannsee Conference myth collapses when subjected to even the most basic investigation.

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Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy

By Russ Winter

Before his death in 1999, an OSS special agent openly talked about his role in incapacitating Gen. George S. Patton (1885-1945) via a staged automobile fender bender on Dec. 9, 1945. Using the pandemonium of the traffic collision as a distraction, agent Douglas DeWitt Bazata sniped Patton in the neck with a specially made gun firing a non-piercing bolt. Patton survived the incident with a dislocation of a vertebrae and never knew what hit him.

Major Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the OSS

The government assassin first publicly confessed his guilt in the plot decades ago in front of a journalist at an OSS reunion dinner in D.C. Later, Bazata also confessed his role to author Robert K. Wilcox, who wrote the book “Target Patton.” Wilcox’s cousin and researcher Tim Wilcox discusses the circumstances in the video below. Bazata was an active special agent and assassin during and after WWII.

The assassin recounted that OSS Chief William Donovan had personally ordered the killing on the grounds that Patton had “gone crazy” and was becoming a major threat to American national interests.

A newspaper that also carried an interview claimed that it had “a professional analyst subject Bazata’s interview to the rigors of a content analysis using a Psychological Stress Evaluator (P.S.E.) His report: Bazata gives no evidence of lying.” More details can be gleaned in this article.

NOTE: The following video will play even though it looks like it has been removed.

On Dec. 9, 1945, a truck swerved in front of Patton’s limo. It was driven by a corporal who then disappeared. Patton survived with a dislocation of vertebrae from Bazata’s weapon and was taken to a hospital in more distant Heidelberg rather than in nearby Mannheim.

As Patton was recovering, he held a press conference and declared he was going home. Then, he was injected or poisoned in the hospital and died suddenly on Dec. 21, 1945. There is a backstory that NKVD agents got to him, but that wouldn’t have been necessary.

Bazata claimed that he knows who killed him, and that Patton was killed by a dose of cyanide in the hospital. No autopsy was done, which is highly suspicious. Bazata went on to say that he met an unidentified man whom he knew only as a “Pole” (Polish extraction), who was also ordered to kill Patton.

Several official reports were produced regarding the exact circumstances of the very strange traffic accident said to be responsible for his death, but all of these reports have completely disappeared from U.S. government files. The medical reports disappeared, and archival records are strangely scrubbed.

Weak link in story? Patton stopped en route at a Roman ruin located on a hill along the roadside. Bazata put a jam into the window of Patton’s auto that would leave a four inch gap for a shot to the target. There are very few images of the limo online and now no accident reports either. However this one is of interest. It shows a white colored tag sticking out of the window, door area where Patton was seated. The window itself is blurry, but you can see some interior detail. Was this window indeed partially open – thus confirming Bazata’s claim?

Plenty of Motive for Assassination: George Patton’s Interpretive Framework

Patton had planned to write his memoirs, illustrating that eastern Europe was tossed to the Soviet Union. The reason for the hit on Patton were his views put forth on Oct. 22, 1945, in a long letter to Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord. Once the powers that be realized Patton would retire and be outspoken, the plan was put into place. This “car accident” took place shortly before his scheduled departure home, and he had narrowly escaped death twice before under very strange circumstances.

In the letter, Patton had bitterly condemned the Morgenthau policy; Eisenhower’s pusillanimous behavior in the face of Jewish demands; the strong pro-Soviet bias in the press; and the politicization, corruption, degradation and the demoralization of the U.S. Army, from this bad policy. He saw this as a deliberate goal of America’s enemies.

I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of veterans) would do.”

In his letter to Harbord, Patton also revealed his own plans to fight an “all-out offensive” against those who were destroying the morale and integrity of the Army and endangering America’s future by not opposing the growing Soviet might.

It is my present thought … that when I finish this job, which will be around the first of the year, I shall resign, not retire, because if I retire I will still have a gag in my mouth … I should not start a limited counterattack, which would be contrary to my military theories, but should wait until I can start an all-out offensive …”

Several months before the end of the war, Patton recognized the fearful danger to the West posed by the Soviet Union, and he had disagreed bitterly with the orders given to him in April and May, 1945 to hold back his army and wait for the Red Army to occupy vast stretches of German, Czech, Rumanian, Hungarian and Yugoslav territory, which the Americans could have easily taken instead.

The most notorious incident allegedly happened toward the end of May, when an English-speaking Russian brigadier general arrived at Patton’s headquarters to demand that some river boats on the Danube that had contained Germans who had surrendered to the Third Army be returned to the Russians. Patton opened a drawer, pulled out a pistol, slammed it down on his desk and raged, “Goddamnit! Get this son-of-a-bitch out of here! Who in hell let him in? Don’t let any more Russian bastards into this headquarters.”

On July 21, he wrote to Beatrice, “We have destroyed what could have been a good race and we [are] about to replace them with Mongolian savages. Now the horrors of peace, pacifism and unions will have unlimited sway. I wish I were young enough to fight in the next one [war]. It would be real fun killing Mongols …. It is hell to be old and passé and know it.”

Then, he was highly critical of the post-war occupation policy in Germany.

The noise against me is only the means by which the Jews and Communists are attempting and with good success to implement a further dismemberment of Germany. I think that if I resigned as I threatened to do yesterday, it would simply discredit me to no purpose.

We promised the Europeans freedom. It would be worse than dishonorable not to see that they have it. This might mean war with the Russians, but what of it? They have no air force, and their gasoline and ammunition supplies are low. I’ve seen their miserable supply trains; mostly wagons drawn by beaten up old horses or oxen. I’ll say this; the Third Army alone and with damned few casualties, could lick what is left of the Russians in six weeks. You mark my words. Don’t ever forget them. Someday we will have to fight them and it will take six years and cost us six million lives. [As quoted in the book “The Unknown Patton” (1983) by Charles M. Province, p. 100]

Other notable quotes illustrate his frame mind.

No one gives a damn how well Bavaria is run. All they are interested in now is how well it is ruined. [Letter to Beatrice (29 September 1945), published in “The Patton Papers” (1996), edited by Martin Blumenson]

Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working. Harrison (a U.S. State Department official) and his associates indicate that they feel German civilians should be removed from houses for the purpose of housing Displaced Persons. There are two errors in this assumption. First, when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while the punishment is — not intended for the individual but for the race. Furthermore, it is against my Anglo-Saxon conscience to remove a person from a house, which is a punishment, without due process of law.

There were also running conflicts about the treatment of Axis POWs. Patton was countering abuses. Additionally Patton was furious that Americans from POW facilities in Soviet hands had not been immediately returned per agreement.

With great reluctance and only after repeated promptings from Eisenhower, he had thrown German families out of their homes to make room for more than a million DPs, but he balked when ordered to begin blowing up German factories in accord with the infamous Morgenthau Plan to destroy Germany’s economic base forever.

In his diary he wrote:

I doubted the expediency of blowing up factories, because the ends for which the factories are being blown up — that is, preventing Germany from preparing for war — can be equally well attained through the destruction of their machinery, while the buildings can be used to house thousands of homeless persons.

In a letter to his wife of September 14, 1945, he wrote:

I am frankly opposed to this war criminal stuff. It is not cricket and is Semitic. I am also opposed to sending POW’s to work as slaves in foreign lands (i.e., the Soviet Union’s Gulags), where many will be starved to death. I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.

On July 21, 1945:

Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.

On August 31 he wrote:

Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.

And on September 2:

What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.

Morgenthauists and media monopolists had decided that Patton was incorrigible and must be discredited. So they began a non-stop hounding of him in the press, accusing him of being “soft on Nazis”, Patton’s response:

There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs.

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was republished here with permission.

‘Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans’: US historian ready to face Polish court over article

‘Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans’: US historian ready to face Polish court over article
A US historian who wrote that “Poles killed more Jews than Germans” in WW2 in one of his articles, says he is ready to defend his words in court after it emerged that Warsaw had reportedly decided to reconsider closing the probe against him.

“It’s very disturbing. It’s political. I don’t believe that court is the place where historical issues having to do with Polish-Jewish relations during the war should be debated,” Jan Tomasz Gross, a US Princeton University professor of history and sociology, who is himself of Polish origin, said in an interview to Haaretz newspaper over the weekend.

Gross was accused of “publicly insulting the Polish nation [and] the Republic of Poland” back in 2015 for the views expressed in his article entitled “Eastern Europe’s Crisis of Shame” published in the German daily Die Welt. The charge can lead to jail time of up to three years in Poland.

In the article, Gross sharply criticized eastern European countries, including Poland, for their “intolerant, illiberal, xenophobic” stance on the refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe. The historian claimed that Poland’s “heartless” behavior and rhetoric lie deep in the country’s “murderous past.”

“Consider the Poles, who, deservedly proud of their society’s anti-Nazi resistance, actually killed more Jews than Germans during the war,” Gross wrote. He also claimed that the Poles who helped Jews during WWII were outsiders in their own land even after the war, and had to hide their deeds from neighbors out of fear of being shunned or even threatened.

Controversy surrounding the historian has been mounting ever since the article was published, with many Poles feeling offended by his words. Authorities claim they received angry letters calling on the government to punish the scholar and take back his state award, an Order of Merit he received in 1996 for his work on Poland.

“They got angry that a crazy guy like me writes something which is so banal that anybody who is a historian of that period and knows anything will tell you. I wanted to bring to people’s mind the enormity of the crimes made by Polish fellow citizens against Jews. This is unfortunately the case. Poles killed a maximum 30,000 Germans and between 100,000 to 200,000 Jews,” the historian told Haaretz.

The historian was questioned by the Polish prosecutor in April this year but no charges were pressed following the questioning.

“I told [the prosecutor] straight that I was not trying to insult the Polish nation. I was trying to raise awareness about the problem of refugees in Europe,” Gross told AP at that time.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the prosecutor’s office reversed the decision and said it would address the professional opinions of other historians regarding Gross’ claims and only then decide whether to file charges. The investigation will continue into 2017.

Gross claims that the Polish right-wing conservative government that was elected last year may be behind the decision to carry on with the probe against him.

“This strange regime works very hard on falsification of history, and now they want to falsify the history of Polish-Jewish relations in the war,” he told Haaretz.

Apart from the controversial article, Gross is best known for his book “Neighbors: the Destruction of the Jewish Community at Jedwabne, Poland,” in which he tells about documented atrocities, including the torture, slaughter and burning alive of some 1,600 Jewish people in the town of Jedwabne, which were committed by local Poles.

“Things happened not only in Jedwabne,” Gross noted to Haaretz, stating that attempts to rewrite history and put the blame for the murders on Germans and not Poles, which have been undertaken by some Polish historians, is criminal. For instance, Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance has been pushing for an exhumation of the mass grave at Jedwabne to seek proof that people there were killed by Poles, and not Germans. Gross told Haaretz he plans to present testimonies to prove his findings in the matter are taken to court.

“This is false, a lie about history,” Gross said about attempts to blame Jedwabne on the Germans.

“I will correct this. I’ll say how things happened not only in Jedwabne but [elsewhere]. I’ll bring people to testify. I stand by my work,” the historian stressed.


Wake Up South Africa

Advice Column Helps African Men Avoid Situations Where They Will Be Tempted To Rape Women

It would be fair to say that there is a rape epidemic in South Africa, with surveys showing that almost 40% of Blacks admitted to raping a woman, and 50% of all Black women will be raped in their lifetimes, which shouldn’t be all that surprising considering that only 1 in 500 reported rapes ever result in a conviction.

So in order to help these men better understand how not to get themselves into situations where they are at “high risk” of raping a women, an advice column appeared in a Namibian magazine which listed some common sense rules for prospect rapists to follow:

Ten tips on the list address some of the most common ways women are assaulted, attacked or drugged and aims to prove a point that rape is the direct result of the perpetrator performing such actions. The list therefore shifts responsibility from the victim to the perpetrator.

A number of everyday activities women do and places they go are mentioned in the tips followed by the words, “remember not to rape her” or “don’t rape her”, “leave her alone”.

These everyday actions paired with a seemingly casual reminder not to rape women serve as a commentary on how easy it seems to be for men to take advantage of women and ultimately rape them.

The magazine is asking women to share the tips far and wide as it may help save someone’s life.

  •  Don’t put drugs in women’s drinks.

  •  When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone.

  •  If you pull over to help a woman whose car is broken down, remember not to rape her.

  •   If you’re in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her.

  •   When you encounter a woman who is asleep, the safest course of action is to not rape her.

  •   Never creep into a woman’s home through an unlocked window, or spring out at her from between parked cars, or rape her.

  •   Remember, people go to the laundry room to do their laundry.  Do not attempt to molest someone who is alone in the laundry room.

  •   Use the buddy system.  If it’s inconvenient for you to stop yourself from raping women, ask a trusted friend to accompany you at all times.

  •   Carry a rape whistle.  If you find you’re about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes to stop you.

  •   Don’t forget honesty is the best policy.  When asking a woman out on a date; don’t pretend that you are interested in her as  a person.  Tell her straight up that you expect to be raping her later.

Unless you have lived around Black Africans in their native environment, or read extensively about what life is really like for them, you might be tempted to dismiss this article as a satire, as some sort of lampoon, but it is very real.  Adult African men are often no more mentally sophisticated than young children — if they want something, they simply take it without thinking about the consequences.  And three hundred years of European influence has made very little lasting impact on their behavior.

Blacks in Africa hate Whites not because Whites actually “oppress” them, but rather because the presence of Whites is a constant reminder to them of what abject failures they have been, and how dependent they have become on Whites for any semblance of civilization.  And instead of just admitting the truth and appreciating Whites for what they have done for Blacks, they would prefer to see them dead, even if that means they completely revert to the Stone Age of their recent ancestors.


Amy-Lee de Jager, six

Kidnapped 6-Year-Old From South Africa Found 19 Hours Later – Reports

© Photo : Facebook/screenshot


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The start of the school year has turned a total nightmare for the family of F1 powerboat racer Wynand de Jager after his daughter was kidnapped by unknown people.

Amy-Lee de Jager was snatched from her mother’s arms at around 7:40 a.m (5:40 a.m. GMT), on the morning of 2 September outside the Kollegepark Primary School in Vanderbijlpark near Johannesburg, South Africa, TimesLIVE reported. The violent kidnappers had apparently been waiting for the family to arrive before snatching the child.

Sometime later, Wynand de Jager, who is an F1 powerboat racer on the international circuit, got a call from the kidnappers who were demanding a two-million rand ransom (£111,000) for his daughter’s safe release, reports say.

The girl’s parents participated in the search for their daughter, even talking to the hostage negotiators, according to reports.

Fortunately, the six-year-old girl was released by her kidnappers 19 hours later.

The de Jagers have stated that the ordeal was the “longest 19 hours of our lives”, but emphasised they are relieved the girl is safe.

According to police as cited by TimesLIVE, the ransom that the gang had been demanding was not paid, and that the kidnappers probably panicked after seeing the amount of publicity the case created.


Zimbabwe's new Prime Minister Robert Mugabe talks with reporters in Washington in 1980

How Mugabe Overstayed His Welcome and Went From a Black Revolutionary Hero to an Outcast

© AP Photo / Charles Tasnadi


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Robert Mugabe – who has died aged 95 – became President of the former British colony of Rhodesia in 1980, which he immediately renamed Zimbabwe. Sputnik looks at how he went from being a heroic guerrilla leader to a corrupt despot who overstayed his welcome by at least a decade.

The name Robert Mugabe was synonymous with the black African’s heroic struggle against overlordship by the white man in the 1970s but ask anyone under the age of 30 today and they will say he was just a corrupt dictator.

So what went wrong?

In the mid 1970s southern Africa was a totally different place from today.

Portugal was refusing to give up its colonies in Angola and Mozambique – they would only withdraw after the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon in 1975 – South Africa was under the grip of a brutal apartheid regime and white settlers under Ian Smith had made a unilateral declaration of independence in Rhodesia and were ruling the former British colony without any regard for the black majority.

​Rhodesia – which would later be renamed Zimbabwe after an ancient African kingdom which ruled the region – was wracked by civil war in the 1970s.

Smith’s government, backed by South Africa, had a well-equipped army of tanks and helicopters which maintained rule against an insurgency by black guerrillas.

​Zimbabwe is composed of two main tribes – the majority Shona and the minority Ndebele – and there were two rival guerrilla armies.

Mugabe led ZANLA, which drew its strength from the Shona people, while his great rival Joshua Nkomo led the mainly Ndebele ZIPRA.

They maintained an uneasy alliance against Smith’s government in the capital, Salisbury (now Harare), but their Patriotic Front rarely threatened to take over militarily.

But in 1979 Margaret Thatcher’s new government decided to broker talks between the two sides and eventually they hammered out the Lancaster House Agreement.

A year later Smith handed over power and Mugabe became the first Prime Minister in 1980 after ZANU, the political wing of ZANLA, defeated Nkomo’s party ZAPU.

​For a few years Mugabe was a moderate leader, learning the ropes and gradually gathering state power.

He said: “It could never be a correct justification that because the whites oppressed us yesterday when they had power, the blacks must oppress them today.”

But in 1983 he initiated the Gukurahundi massacres, which would last for four years and involved a brutal crackdown on the Ndebele and particularly former ZIPRA fighters.

Nkomo went into exile and in 1987 became President and turned the country into a one-party state.

In the 1990s, with the economy starting to stagnate, he decided to make the white minority the scapegoats and seized hundreds of farms, which he handed over to ZANLA war veterans.

Mugabe told the white farmers: “You are now our enemies because you really have behaved as enemies of Zimbabwe. We are full of anger. Our entire community is angry and that is why we now have the war veterans seizing land.”

​As white farmers fled the country the agriculture-based economy started to tank in the late 1990s but Mugabe would not admit he was wrong and instead cracked down on dissidents.

In 2004 Mugabe turned 80 but he refused to step down and hand over to a younger leader who might have fresh ideas and instead lashed out at the British and other critics, claiming Zimbabwe was the victim of an imperialist plot.

Mugabe said in 2008: “Only God who appointed me will remove me – not the (opposition) MDC, not the British.”

​He also described the British as “violent people, liars, scoundrels and crooks.”

One of his strangest quotes, in 2003, was: “I am still the Hitler of the time. This Hitler has only one objective, justice for his own people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people. If that is Hitler, then let me be a Hitler tenfold.”

Mugabe’s first wife Sally had died in 1992. She was seen as a stabilising influence.

Four years after her death he remarried but his second wife, Grace, was only interested in power and wealth.

She was notorious for flying to Paris or London in private jets and shopping extravagantly while back home ordinary Zimbabweans starved in poverty.

​Mugabe hated homosexuals and in 2013 said: “(President Barack) Obama came to Africa saying Africa must allow gay marriages… God destroyed the Earth because of these sins. Weddings are for a man and a woman.”

He was out of kilter with the 21st century but he soldiered on, despite frequent challenges by MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai – who died last year – and then made a fatal mistake.

He tried to install his wife as his successor.

This enraged Emmerson “The Crocodile” Mnangagwa, the military strongman and leader of the Lacoste faction, who led a military coup against Mugabe in 2017.

Mugabe was forced to step down as President, aged 93, as Mnangagwa took over and ZANU (PF) stayed in power.

Few will mourn Mugabe in Zimbabwe, a country he turned into a banana republic and one of the poorest countries in the world.

In 2012, commenting on false reports that he had died, Mugabe said: “I have died many times. That’s where I have beaten Christ. Christ died once and resurrected once. I have died and resurrected and I don’t know how many times I will die and resurrect.”

Jewish role in slave trade. The Shocking Truth.

The overwhelming majority of Jews in America and European nations, have at some point in their political life (or continually) utilized slavery as a malicious moral weapon against White European or American folk, not only to demonize our ancestors, but also to infer that contempotary Europeans are natural slavers, in order to instill hatred of Europeans in non-europeans and liberal minded Europeans alike. But if the White race is to be condemned in the liberal press, why are not the Jewish people condemned for the world’s leading role in the slave trade over the last 2000 years?

Of course, the closest thing that approximates the ancient slave trade to today is the White slave trade (prostitution) including the forced abasement and torture of hundreds of thousands of Eastern European women. As readers of the David Duke Report are aware, this nefarious activity is almost completely controlled by Jews and much of it is based in Israel. But somehow the Jews get no bad press from this. Again, it really not hard to understand when one understands who controls the press!

The historical Jewish domination of the slave trade is revealing about the entire structure of the Jewish-Gentile conflict and the propaganda to which we are subjected. In fact in the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament), none other than God himself commands that no slaves will be made of your own people, but you can make slaves of other peoples:

44 As for your male and female slaves whom you may have: you may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are round about you…
46 You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit as a possession forever; you may make slaves of them, but over your brethren the people of Israel you shall not rule, one over another, with harshness. (Leviticus 25:44)

Jewish Supremacism also quotes major Jewish historians bragging about their domination of the slave trade since ancient times. And many more recent writers of Jewish history actually boast of their incredible domination of the triangular slave trade between Africa, the West Indies and the American colonies.

“The Jewish slave trains moved across Europe from Germany to Verdun and finally to Muslim Spain with enslaved humans that originated in Bohemia, Moravia and remoter Slavic lands. They carried slaves, furs and swords to the Jewish (converted) Khazar kingdom on the Volga when they traveled eastward to China… At that time in history blacks from Africa, whites from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and Mongols were traded as slaves by Jewish and Islamic traders. – McIntyre. Charshee, The Continuity Of The International Slave Trade and Slave System, State University of New York, 1990

According to an interview given by Orthodox Rabbi Lody van de Kamp to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency newspaper on December 26, 2013:“Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it….In one area of what used to be Dutch Guyana, 40 Jewish-owned plantations were home to a total population of at least 5,000 slaves,” he says. “Known as the Jodensavanne, or Jewish Savannah, the area had a Jewish community of several hundred before its destruction in a slave uprising in 1832. Nearly all of them immigrated to Holland, bringing their accumulated wealth with them.”

The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300 percent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates.

On the Caribbean island of Curacao, Dutch Jews may have accounted for the resale of at least 15,000 slaves landed by Dutch transatlantic traders, according to Seymour Drescher, a Jewish historian at the University of Pittsburgh. Jews were so influential in those colonies that slave auctions scheduled to take place on Jewish holidays often were postponed, according to Marc Lee Raphael, a professor of Judaic studies at the College of William & Mary.

The following is a partial list of the slave ships owned by Jews:

‘Abigail’ owned by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks.

‘Crown’ owned by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson.

‘Nassau’ owned by Moses Levy.

‘Four Sisters’ owned by Moses Levy.

‘Anne & Eliza’ owned by Justus Bosch and John Abrams.

‘Prudent Betty’ owned by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix.

‘Hester’ owned by Mordecai and David Gomez.

‘Elizabeth’ owned by David and Mordecai Gomez.

‘Antigua’ owned by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell.

‘Betsy’ owned by Wm. DeWoolf.

‘Pouy’ owned by James DeWoolf.

‘White Horse’ owned by Jan de Sweevts.

‘Expedition’ owned by John and Jacob Rosevelt.

‘Charlotte’ owned by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.

‘Caracoa’ owned by Moses and Sam Levy.

Slave-runners, also owned by Jews, were the ‘La Fortuna’, the ‘Hannah’, the ‘Sally’, and the ‘Venue’.

Jews also played a prominent role in American slavery.

In movies, articles and books, slavers were Anglo-Saxons with names like Smith or Jones. Usually, they were hard-drinking, uncouth, Southern types. Later Slavery was ubiquitous in Africa among native Blacks themselves, and that they were seldom rounded up by Whites. Usually, Black African slaveholders were the ones who sold them to the slavetraders. Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.

This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.

By the time of the American Revolution, over 30 Jewish families could be found in Newport, Rhode Island, alone, bearing family names such as Lopez, Levy, Rivera, Seixas, deToro (Touro), Gomez and Hays. In the New World, the Jews continued to engage in their long established careers as merchants and money lenders, manufacturers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, and were leaders in the forefront of the slave trade, amassing vast fortunes by importing and selling African slaves to the colonial plantations.

In North America, the slave trade had its most powerful center in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport formed a pivotal part of the triangular slave trade of rum and molasses from New England to Africa for slaves and back to the West Indies and the Colonies with the human cargo. I discovered that it was no coincidence that Newport, center of the slave trade, had the oldest synagogue in America and the largest thriving Jewish community in the American colonies.

Aaron Lopez, a Portuguese Jew of Marrano descent and a resident of Newport, was one of the most powerful slave traders in the Americas. He owned dozens of ships and imported thousands of Blacks into the Western Hemisphere. In an account of just two voyages of one of Lopez’s ships, the Cleopatra, at least 250 Blacks perished. Such horrendous loss of life in such a dirty business did not prevent Jewish chronicler Jacob Marcus from praising Lopez: “What can be said about this most attractive figure.?” Although Lopez acquired riches in the Colonies, he violated the anti-British non-importation trade agreements during the revolutionary period, supporting Britain’s interests rather than the Colonies.’

All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….Very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.

Considering that less than 2 percent of all colonists owned slaves, then individual Jewish households (40 percent owned slaves) were far more likely to own slaves than were Gentiles (Marcus, J. (1952). Jews. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Vol. 13. p.57). With their comparatively greater numbers in the Mediterranean world, Jews constituted disproportionate slaveholders in the ancient and medieval world just as they were in the Colonies. The importation of slaves to America is a relatively recent historical phenomenon that lasted about 200 years. From before the time of Christ to the African trade of the 1700s, most of the slaves owned and bartered by Jews were White.

Quotes about Jewish slave trade.

“Almost all the early Jewish settlers in America belonged to the wealthy classes, it was natural for [jews] to accept the institution of slavery as they found it, and to derive as much benefit from it…” “[slavery] was principally in the hands of the Jews.”

Wiernik. Peter, History of the Jews in America, Jewish Press Publishing CO., New York, 1912

“Jewish entrepreneurs were engaged in the slave trade on the North American mainland, participating in the famous triangular trade”

Fishman. Priscilla, Jews of the United States, Quadrangle – New York, 1973

” All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews, in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantation owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 80 percent of all Jewish household in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; …40 per cent of all Jewish households in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South… But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.”

Marcus. Jacob Rader, United States Jewry, 1776-1985, Wayne State University Press, 1990

“It is of considerable interest in this connection to note that Jews were among the founders of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792.”

Kohler. Max. J, Phases of Jewish Life in New York before 1800, American Jewish Historical Society, 1960

“American Jewish merchants, using their religio-commercial connections, enjoyed a competitive advantage over many non-Jews engaged in the same lucrative inter colonial trade. Since the West Indian trade was a necessity to America’s economy and since this trade was, in varying degrees, controlled by Jewish mercantile houses, America Jewry was influential in the commercial destiny of Britain’s overseas empire…and hence Jewish traders in New York had a marked advantage over others in this West India trade.”

“ Feldstein. Stanley, The Land that I Show You: Three Centuries of Jewish Life in America, Anchor Press, 1978

… [The Jews] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise … The slave ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.”

Liebman, Seymour, New World Jewry, 1493-1825 , Ktav Publishing House, 1982

“The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payments. It happens that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors, they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there was also no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers … Profits up to 300 per cent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates … If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed…[Jews] dominated the slave trade”

Wiznitzer. Arnold, Jews in Colonial Brazil, Columbia University Press, 1960

“Those who succeeded in establishing themselves under Dutch jurisdiction prospered as traders, middlemen, interpreters and brokers of slaves. The West India Company monopolized the import of slaves, but the private entrepreneurs ran the slave auctions. Among these were numerous Jews who also provided the credit that plantation masters needed until the sugar crop was brought in. Considering that the mill owners found it cheaper to replace a slave every seven years than to feed him properly, business was brisk.”

Elkin. Judith, The Jewish Presence in Latin America, Allen & Unwin Publishing, 1987

1680: Jamaica, Port Royal: 84% of Jewish households owned 1-4 black slaves, even though European were the vast majority of residents in Port Royal, less than 39% of European households owned slaves even in the busy, slave filled Port Royal.

Statistics compiled from:

Schorsch. Jonathan, Swimming the Christian Atlantic: Judeoconversos, Afroiberians and Amerindians in the seventeenth century, Brill Publishing, 2000]

“In the first half of the seventeenth century all the great sugar plantations in Brazil were in the hands of Jews.”

Abram Leon, The Jewish Question: A [jewish] Marxist interpretation, 1971

“all of the 22 distilleries in Newport were owned by Jews, who controlled the manufacture and sale of the infamous “firewater” in their trade with the Indians. They were prohibited in engaging in local commerce by Governor Stuyvesant, and circumvented the restriction in this manner”

White. Walter Jr., Who brought the slaves to America?, 1968

“In the period from the fifth to eight centuries [Jews] gradually took the place previously occupied by the Syrians as ‘international’ traders; and they continued, and perhaps developed, the trade in slaves.” [pp. 17]

“While the Jews were… never… the only traders, it is possible that the slave trade through north-eastern Europe to the Slav countries and the land trades to the East were for practical purposes Jewish monopolies. ” [pp. 25]

Parkes. James, The Jewish Journal of Sociology, William Heinemann Limited, 1967

“The first Jews that Poles encountered must certainly have been traders, probably slave traders, of the type called in the 12th-century Jewish sources holekhei rusyah”

Encyclopedia Judaica, v. 13, pp. 710

“In the tenth century the Spanish Jews often owed their [entire families] wealth to their trade in [European & African] slaves.”

Abrahams. Israel, Jewish Life In The Middle Ages (1100-1700), Forgotten books Publishing, 2012

“The Jewish slave trains moved across Europe from Germany to Verdun and finally to Muslim Spain with enslaved humans that originated in Bohemia, Moravia and remoter Slavic lands. They carried slaves, furs and swords to the Jewish (converted) Khazar kingdom on the Volga when they traveled eastward to China… At that time in history blacks from Africa, whites from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and Mongols were traded as slaves by Christian, Jewish and Islamic traders.

McIntyre. Charshee, The Continuity Of The International Slave Trade and Slave System, State University of New York, 1990

“Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen (this refers to us directly) that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. Moreover of the children of the (Heathen) strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their (Heathen) families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your (Heathen) bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.”

Leviticus 25:44-46

I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

Psalms 2:7-9

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Professor Tony Martin – The Jewish Slave Trade of Africans

Professor Tony Martin, speaks about the immense Jewish influence in the African Slave Trade as well as the slave trade of Whites and Asians.

The Jewish Onslaught: Dispatches from the Wellesley Battlefront (Englisch) Third Edition Auflage

ISBN-13: 978-0912469300

Brazil – Stop Blaming Cows and Start Targeting the Corporations that are Destroying the Amazon

  • Amazon burning: Brazil reports record forest fires.TV

    Amazon burning: Brazil reports record forest fires.TV | Photo: GLOBO/Reuters

Published 27 August 2019

The point is this – if we do not know how to put pressure on the right actors who have been connected to destroying the Amazon, then our efforts will be for naught.

Most of the reporting on the fires raging in the Amazon try to identify the guilty parties.  Some of those that have been identified include ranchers and loggers, as well as the rightwing government of Jair Bolsonaro for its lack of enforcing environmental regulations.  Yet, what we need to consider is that no single actor is responsible for destroying the rainforest, but instead corporate supply chains that crisscross our planet.  To truly effect change, we need to target companies within these networks, which can occur if we restore Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) in agriculture and boycott firms that have been linked to deforestation.

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As the Amazon burns, with the number of fires increasing more than 80 percent this year when compared to the last, many have proposed solutions to the crisis.  Leonardo DiCaprio has advised us to stop eating meat, while others encourage consumers to recycle, become educated, and contact their representatives.  There are also calls to privatize the rainforest to save it, with individuals such as Jeff Bezos – who is already the owner of one Amazon – implored to invest.

These supposed solutions have serious shortcomings.  For instance, what specifically will you demand from your representative?  Is the ask that they just ‘do something?’  The problem with eliminating meat from your diet is that you do not know if you are affecting the large-scale Brazilian rancher or the struggling family farmer who lives down the road.  Moreover, studies have shown that some forms of ranching – on well-maintained pastures with rotational grazing and the limited of fertilizers – can sequester carbon and help us face climate change.  And if the Amazon were privatized, then what if it is later partitioned and sold, again to ranchers and loggers, or perhaps to the tourist industry?

The point is this – if we do not know how to put pressure on the right actors who have been connected to destroying the Amazon, then our efforts will be for naught.

So, what can be done?  First, we need to know which farmers and ranchers are involved in deforestation.  While identifying individuals is difficult, we can make a push for the U.S. government to bring back the Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) in agriculture.  This policy became law with the 2002 Farm Bill, which required that retailors provide information on the sources of their food.  The Obama administration later repealed COOL for beef and pork products, but not for lamb, chicken, and goat meat, perishable agricultural commodities, macadamia nuts, pecans, peanuts, and ginseng.

If COOL were brought back and consumers saw that Brazilian beef was in their stores, then they could choose not to purchase it. Some farmer and rancher groups have been pushing for this policy’s return, as others see this as a way to assist struggling farmers in the United States.

While promoting the return of COOL would take time, now, we know of actual cases of corporations that have been connected to deforestation.  For instance, many ranchers burning the rainforest sell to the Brazilian firm JBS, which is the largest meat processor in the world.  If you are not familiar with JBS, then you may know its U.S. subsidiary – Swift & Company.  Meats with the Swift label are regularly available in most grocery stores.

RELATED: Bolsonaro’s Govt Knew Landowners Were Planning a ‘Fire Day’

For public sector workers, namely, teachers and professors with pensions, the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (or TIAA, formerly known as TIAA-CREFF) through its subsidiaries in Brazil has been involved in large-scale land deals that have been linked to deforestation and land grabbing.  Farmer and consumer rights groups have called out TIAA on this point for years.  Along with these organizations, TIAA beneficiaries could rethink how their retirement funds are invested.

Similarly, in a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, Pizza Hut, Kroger, Subway, Wendy’s, Hormel, and Nestlé, were found to source beef in ways that contributed to rainforest destruction.  We also cannot ignore the mining industry, which is responsible for upwards of 10 percent of deforestation in the Amazon.  Vale SA is the world’s largest producer of iron ore, with operations in the Amazon.  Last year, the company entered into discussions with the Brazilian state to enlarge the world’s already largest open-pit mine, the Carajás mine, which is located in the Amazon. While most iron ore exports move to China, in the U.S., people can demand an end to the U.S.-China trade dispute, which has led Brazil to increase its iron ore exports significantly.

Leonardo DiCaprio can tell us to stop eating meat, but unless we know where the cow is from, then the protest could prove ineffective.  To confront the causes of deforestation, we need to target specific companies within global supply chains.  Now, with the right information of particular firms, the question is if we have the time to take on corporate power and the Bolsonaro regime to stop the decimation of our world’s lungs.

Anthony Pahnke is the Vice President of the Family Farm Defenders and Assistant Professor of International Relations at San Francisco State University.  He can be reached at anthonypahnke@sfsu.edu​​​​​​

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Smoke is seen following a fire at Aramco facility in the eastern city of Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, September 14, 2019.

Saudi Attacks May Nudge US to ‘Go to War’ With Iran and Seize its Oil, Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Warns

© REUTERS / Stringer/ Hamad I Mohammed

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by Egor Efimchik
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The Trump administration, which has long demonised Iran and been trying to choke off its oil exports, has blamed the latest attacks on Saudi oil processing facilities on the Islamic Republic, despite Yemeni Houthi rebels claiming responsibility. Iran rejects the accusations.

The United States will emerge as the “biggest beneficiary” of Saturday’s drone attacks that targeted a Saudi Aramco processing facility and oilfield in eastern Saudi Arabia, internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has suggested.

The attacks are expected to trigger a jump in oil prices when markets reopen on Monday, given that Saudi Arabia has halted half its oil production – around five million barrels of crude per day, or around 5 percent of the world’s daily output.

The millionaire Megaupload founder, who is fighting extradition to the US on charges of fraud and online piracy, predicted the attacks would embolden the US – the largest oil producer – to “blame Iran, go to war, [and] take control of Iran’s oil which pays for the war.”

This scenario has partly come to pass already: although Yemen’s Houthi rebels acknowledged they were behind the strikes, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed there was “no evidence”  to believe the attacks came from Yemen and blamed Iran instead.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied any involvement and hit back by saying America’s “maximum pressure” policy turned to “max deceit.”

US senator Lindsey Graham, a leading Trump ally, has called on the government to consider attacking Iranian oil refineries in response.

The Houthis, who are at war with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, already claimed responsibility for a drone attack on a major Saudi pipeline in May. Back then, Saudi officials accused Iran of ordering the strike, but Tehran rejected their claims.

Relations between the US-Saudi alliance and Iran have soured over the past year, since Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and reinstated economic sanctions against the country.

This “maximum pressure” campaign is being mounted at a time when the Middle East appears to be embracing a new geopolitical reality, where Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations such as the UAE and Oman are becoming increasingly closer to the United States and Israel over fears of growing Iranian influence in the region.

Riyadh, along with a number of Western states, accuses Tehran of arming the Houthi rebels. “For 40 years, the Iranian regime has been spreading chaos, death and destruction, by sponsoring and financing terrorist organizations including the Houthis,” Saudi Arabia’s deputy defence minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, said in June.

Iran has acknowledged its ideological support for fellow Shiite Houthi insurgents, although it dismisses charges of providing the militants with weapons.

Pompeo blames Iran for drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, Senator Graham urges US to strike it

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

  • The Saturday attack has become the most successful strike the Houthis have launched against the Saudis.

A drone attack on Saudi oil facilities claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels prompted Washington to blame Tehran, with US warhawk, Senator Lindsey Graham, calling for a strike against Iran.

The smoke from the huge fires at the world’s largest oil processing plant caused by the strike had barely dissipated when officials in Washington  jumped at the opportunity to use the occasion to push an anti-Iranian agenda.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  blamed Tehran for what he called “an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply” but stopped short of suggesting any retaliatory measures.

Meanwhile Graham was quick to turn to Twitter to call for swift retaliation.

The senator linked the need to stop Iran’s alleged “provocations” to the seemingly ultimate goal of Washington’s policy toward Tehran – regime change – as he said that the Islamic Republic would not stop until the consequences of its “misbehavior” would be “more real, like attacking their refineries, which will break the regime’s back.”

Riyadh denounced the drone strike as a “terrorist attack” but did not immediately name a perpetrator. Houthis claimed responsibility for the Saturday morning assault, which resulted in massive blazes at the refinery in the city of Abqaiq in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province and another facility at the vast Khurais oil field, around 150km (93 miles) from Riyadh.

US President Donald Trump has already phoned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and offered help to the Kingdom in ensuring its security. He also said that the attack on the Saudi oil facilities could be detrimental to the American and the global economy.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said, though, that the attack is unlikely to affect the global oil markets as they are “well supplied with ample commercial stocks.” Yet, it also said it is closely monitoring the situation and is in contact with the Saudis and “major producer and consumer nations.”

The IEA statement came amid media reports that the attack forced Riyadh to cut oil production by as much as 5 million barrels a day, which is equivalent to roughly half of its total oil output and about five percent of the global oil supply.

The Saturday attack has become the most successful strike the Houthis have launched against the Saudis, who have been leading a bombing campaign in Yemen since it intervened in the nation’s civil war in 2015. In May, armed drones caused minor damage to two Saudi Aramco state oil companies’ pumping stations in the Eastern Province.At that time, Riyadh blamed Iran for the attack, which was claimed by the Yemeni rebels as well. Tehran denied the allegations.

The Saudi-led coalition’s military campaign in Yemen has itself been repeatedly criticized by the UN and various international human rights groups, which repeatedly pointed to the mass civilian casualties resulting from the coalition’s airstrikes.

Sun Sep 15, 2019 09:06AM [Updated: Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:27AM ]
Fires burn in the distance after a drone strike by Yemeni forces on Saudi company Aramco’s oil processing facilities, in Buqayq, Saudi Arabia, September 14, 2019 in this still image taken from a social media video. (Via Reuters)
Fires burn in the distance after a drone strike by Yemeni forces on Saudi company Aramco’s oil processing facilities, in Buqayq, Saudi Arabia, September 14, 2019 in this still image taken from a social media video. (Via Reuters)

Tehran has dismissed the US’s claim of Iranian involvement in the recent Yemeni drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities, saying Washington seems to be shifting from a failed campaign of “maximum pressure” to one of “maximum lying” and “deceit” against the Islamic Republic.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded in a tweet on Sunday to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s claim that Tehran had “launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply” and “is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia.”

Pompeo’s rant came after Yemeni armed forces conducted a large-scale drone operation on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities in response to Riyadh’s years-long military aggression, causing a partial halt in crude and gas production from the world’s top oil exporter.

The top US diplomat, however, failed short of offering any evidence to substantiate his claim.

Zarif said Pompeo is now resorting to a campaign of “max deceit” against Iran after the administration he serves failed to achieve the desired results from its anti-Iran “maximum pressure” policy — which has seen Washington impose the toughest of economic sanctions against the Iranian nation.

“US & its clients are stuck in Yemen because of illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory,” said Zarif.

The top Iranian diplomat further called attention to a four-point peace proposal that Tehran submitted to the United Nations in April 2015 in an effort to help end the conflict in Yemen.

“Blaming Iran won’t end disaster. Accepting our April ’15 proposal to end war & begin talks may,” Zarif added.

Javad Zarif


Having failed at “max pressure”, @SecPompeo‘s turning to “max deceit”

US & its clients are stuck in Yemen because of illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory.

Blaming Iran won’t end disaster. Accepting our April ’15 proposal to end war & begin talks may.

The Iranian proposal calls for an immediate ceasefire and end of all foreign military attacks, humanitarian assistance, a resumption of broad national dialog and “establishment of an inclusive national unity government.”

In similar comments, Abbas Mousavi, the spokesman for Zarif’s ministry, rejected Pompeo’s claims.

The Americans, he said, unleashed an anti-Iran “maximum pressure” campaign, which appears to be morphing into a campaign of “maximum lies” due to Washington’s policy failures.

Mousavi added that “futile allegations and blind statements as such are incomprehensible and meaningless within the framework of diplomacy.”

The Iranian official said such remarks “seem more like a plot being hatched by secret and intelligence organizations aimed at tarnishing a country’s image and setting the stage for future actions.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also criticized Saudi Arabia for fueling the flames of war in the region by committing various war crimes in Yemen for about five years, and hailed Yemen for putting up resistance in the face of the aggression.

Mousavi called for an end to the Saudi attacks against Yemen as well as a halt in the flow of arms from the West to the Riyadh regime as the sole means of restoring peace to the troubled region.

Sun Sep 15, 2019 06:38AM [Updated: Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:09AM ]
Smoke is seen following a fire at an Aramco factory in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, September 14, 2019 in this picture obtained from social media. (Via Reuters)
Smoke is seen following a fire at an Aramco factory in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, September 14, 2019 in this picture obtained from social media. (Via Reuters)

Riyadh has admitted that Yemen’s drone strikes on Saudi Arabia’s key oil facilities have shut down about 50 percent of the kingdom’s crude and gas production, with the United States rushing to point the finger at Iran for the raids without providing any evidence.

In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Sunday, Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman acknowledged that the attacks on Aramco refineries in Abqaiq and Khurais, east of Saudi Arabia, had cut the state oil giant’s crude oil supply by around 5.7 million barrels per day, or about 50 percent of its output.

He added, however, that parts of the reduction would be compensated for through drawing from Aramco’s oil stocks.

The minister noted that the attacks had also led to a halt in gas production that will reduce the supply of ethane and natural gas liquids by 50 percent.

In August, Saudi Arabia produced 9.85 million barrels per day, according to the figures from the US Energy Information Administration.

Yemen used 10 drones for Saturday’s operation, which was one of their largest retaliatory attacks ever inside the kingdom.

Yemen’s armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e has even warned that operations will “expand” and be “more painful” as long as Saudi Arabia continues its military aggression.

Saudi stocks tumble after Yemen raids

In the aftermath of the successful Yemeni operation, Saudi shares dropped three percent at the start of trading Sunday, the first session after the drone attacks.

The Arab world’s largest capital market shed some 200 points in the first few minutes after the opening bell, before regaining some of the losses.

The key energy sector plunged 4.7 percent, while the telecom and banking sectors each slid three percent.

Pompeo blames Iran

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to Twitter to put the blame for Saturday’s operation on Iran, claiming, “Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia” and that “there is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.”

“The United States will work with our partners and allies to ensure that energy markets remain well supplied and Iran is held accountable for its aggression,” he added.

Pompeo’s tweet was, however, met with a wave of criticism on Twitter.

Replying to Pompeo, US Democratic senator Chris Murphy tweeted, “This is such irresponsible simplification and it’s how we get into dumb wars of choice.”

Chris Murphy


This is such irresponsible simplification and it’s how we get into dumb wars of choice

The Saudis and Houthis are at war. The Saudis attack the Houthis and the Houthis attack back. Iran is backing the Houthis and has been a bad actor, but it’s just not as simple as Houthis=Iran. https://twitter.com/secpompeo/status/1172963090746548225 

Secretary Pompeo


Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while Rouhani and Zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy. Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply. There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.

Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser under ex-president Barack Obama, called Pompeo’s remarks “incredibly dumb, dishonest and dangerous.”

Ben Rhodes


The Houthis are not the same as Iran and the Saudis are fighting a war against them in Yemen. This is an incredibly dumb, dishonest and dangerous thing to say. https://twitter.com/secpompeo/status/1172963090746548225 

Secretary Pompeo


Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while Rouhani and Zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy. Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply. There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.

A variety of media reports and analysts have attributed the successful drone operation to Yemen’s growing defense capabilities and Saudi Arabia’s vulnerable defenses.

The Yemeni army has said the raids were carried out on the back of an intelligence operation and in cooperation with “certain honorable and freedom-seeking individuals within Saudi Arabia.”

Trump voices support for Saudis

Following the drone strikes, US President Donald Trump, a stalwart supporter of the Riyadh-led war on Yemen, spoke on the phone with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been leading the military campaign in his capacity as the Saudi defense chief.

Trump offered his administration’s support for what he called “Saudi Arabia’s self defense,” saying the attacks on Saudi oil facilities had a negative impact on the US and global economies.

Bin Salman, for his part, said he was “willing and able to confront and deal with” what he described as a “terrorist aggression.”

Yemeni fighters regularly target positions inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Saudi-led offensive, which began in March 2015 in an attempt to reinstall the country’s Riyadh-allied former regime and crush the Houthis.

The US-backed military aggression, coupled with a naval blockade, has killed tens of thousands of Yemenis, destroyed the country’s infrastructure and led to a massive humanitarian crisis.

‘Saudis underestimated Yemen’

Speaking to Press TV’s The Debate program about the developments, a historian and journalist from Belgium said the Saudis actually underestimated the Yemenis and did not take into account the nation’s “popular will” to respond to the kingdom’s indiscriminate bombing campaign.

“I think that one of the major … mistakes that the Saudis made is the age-old problem of underestimating the enemy. The Saudis basically went to this conflict four and a half years ago with the mentality of being … home by Christmas,” Brecht Jonkers Michael said.

The Saudis, he added, only compared the quality and quantity of their weaponry — which is the biggest as well as the most expensive and technologically advanced in the Arab world to that of Yemen — the poorest nation in the world.

“Of course, they (the Saudis) did not take into account all these things like the popular will, popular support, the tenacity of the Yemeni people and how these people under siege will react to a massive attack of this magnitude, which has absolutely no regard for civilian lives,” Jonkers said

“What happened instead of quick surrender is that the Yemeni people …. have taken up arms and have rallied behind the national Salvation Government in Sana’a … and … Ansarullah,” he noted.

The journalist also analyzed the Yemeni operation as “massively successful” as domestically-produced drones penetrated into Saudi Arabia’s defenses and traveled hundreds of miles in order to hit the biggest oil refinery in the world.

Such attacks, he said, are shattering the morale among Saudi soldiers.

Syria: How One Month Can Shine a Light on 8 Years of War

Syrian woman and child 307fe

In pursuing the truth about the war in Syria, we could begin by examining a pivotal month in the war: August 2013.

In doing so, we may come to realize that supporting the people of Syria might require us to re-assess our assumptions about the war, our allies’ actions in the war, and the direction of our government’s foreign policy.

Pursuing the truth might put us in step with millions of Syrians who may or may not support the current president but who definitely don’t support the US and UK foreign policies toward their country, nor support the aims of armed groups wishing to establish a Caliphate across the region, starting with Syria.

August 2013 was a pivotal month in the Syrian war. Events in that month encapsulate the Syrian war as a whole: it has been a dirty, covert war of aggression against a sovereign country and its people.

Attention to those events in August 2013 could

– not only challenge our assumptions about the war in Syria but better equip us to respond to other conflicts in a responsible and well-informed manner

– enable us to watch the backs of Australian defense personnel so they are not sent into wars that put them on the side of the aggressors

– lead us to a truer understanding of the suffering endured by the people of Syria these past 8 years

– pave the way for our politicians to pursue a more independent Australian foreign policy.

Looking closely at events in Syria that occurred in August 2013 points to the nature of the war as a whole.

A.  In early August 2013,  armed groups from ISIS to the Free Syrian Army were willing to ignore ideological differences they may have had in order to come together to massacre scores of Alawite women and children in villages not far from the Mediterranean. As well as the killings, many women and children were kidnapped during this coordinated action by insurgent groups. [1]

B.   On 21 August 2013, insurgents were able to stage the killing of hundreds of civilians – including scores of children – and pass it off as a ‘sarin’ attack committed by Syrian government forces. Presumably, insurgents could only get away with such subterfuge if UK and US intelligence personnel, among others, provided support. [2]

C.  On 29 August 2013, when UK politicians were voting on whether to support military strikes against Syria, the BBC broadcasted a seemingly graphic news report from a BBC team on the ground in northern Syria. The BBC team had worked with ‘activists’ to film scenes allegedly showing victims of a ‘napalm’ bombing of a school being treated in a local hospital. There are strong grounds for believing the scenes were fabricated. [3]

One aspect of the Syrian war rarely examined is the alliance between the CIA and MI6 personnel in Syria and leaders of insurgent groups and ‘activists’ for the so-called ‘revolution’ in Syria. They are not natural allies. Perhaps part of the answer can be gleaned from an interview Julian Assange conducted with two UK ‘activists’. In that interview, they expressed their idealistic belief in a Caliphate that would unite Arabic-speaking, predominantly Muslim countries.

One body in the US and UK  which is funded, I contend, to subvert serious, objective analysis of the war in Syria is Bellingcat. Because it is supported by the current US and UK ‘establishment’, it has had an extraordinary influence on shaping people’s beliefs on Syria.

Augmented Reality vs Reality Unadorned

War has impacted the lives of over 23 million Syrians. The experiences and views of so many will vary. However, this shouldn’t prevent us from putting ourselves in the shoes of people in Syria still, who want an end to the war.


[1] ‘You can still see their blood’, Human Rights Watch report into massacre and abductions in Latakia, August 2013

[2] ’Murder in the Sun Morgue’, by Dr Denis O’Brien (retired lawyer and former neuropharmacologist)
Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of 21 August 2013 ‘, by MIT Professor Ted Postol and former UN weapons inspector Richard Lloyd
A Fact-Resistant Group Think on Syria’, by award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry

[3] ’Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, by Robert Stuart

*(Top image: A Syrian woman and child walk down a destroyed street. Credit: Abdulmonam Eassa / AFP/ flickr)



The Manson Murders, JFK, 9/11, and the Psychopathy of Power

A Review of CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neill


With Alan Scheflin, a forensic psychologist and law professor who’d written a book on MKULTRA, I laid out a circumstantial case linking (CIA mind control guru Jolly) West to Manson. Was it possible, I asked, that the Manson murders were an MKULTRA experiment gone wrong? ‘No,’ he said, ‘an MKULTRA experiment gone right.’” (CHAOS , p. 369)

I moved out of Southern California in the summer of 1969. I was ten years old, and my parents were fleeing decadence and depravity in favor of the more wholesome Midwest.

Before our move, a story had circulated about some local (Newport Beach) high schoolers who had “gone on an LSD trip” and gotten caught by police. As I understood it, the teenagers had “taken LSD” and started leaping from rooftop to rooftop, “tripping” all over the neighborhood and waking people up to the sound of thundering hoofbeats overhead. At the time I wondered whether LSD conferred a miraculous leaping or flying ability, since the houses in Lido Sands, though rather tightly clustered, were mostly spaced perhaps eight or ten feet apart, which seemed like a long way to jump.

I vaguely recall this “LSD-fueled teenage midnight horsemen of the apocalypse” story having something to do with my parents’ decision to move back to Wisconsin. Southern California circa 1969, a few years after the hippie movement had peaked and turned into a bad trip, didn’t seem like a good place to send your kids to high school. (Little did my parents know that the 60s would hit Wisconsin high schools ten years late, putting me and my siblings directly in the path of the psychedelic hurricane.)

Years later, as an “experienced” (in the Jimi Hendrix sense) subversive teenage wannabe intellectual, I would read about the Manson murders and notice how convenient they had been for the Establishment. From the moment Charlie Manson’s grinning, demonic face started leering from every front page and TV screen in America, the whole hippie-antiwar thing had seemed a whole lot scarier. I read the official version of the Manson myth, Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter, and thought: This is too crazy to be true. None of the Wisconsin hippies I know are even remotely like these characters. Maybe it’s something they add to the fluoride in the Southern California water.

By 1975 I had seen Mark Lane’s presentation of the Zapruder film and knew that America had experienced an unspeakably evil coup d’état in 1963. In 1979 I read John Marks’ The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control and discussed it with William S. Burroughs, who told me he had been aware of such activities for many years before they were publicly revealed by the Church and Rockefeller Commissions: “The thing about these secrets is they’re not all that secret.”

Well, maybe not, Bill. But if you had proclaimed in 1960 that the CIA’s most heavily funded program aimed at turning people into killer zombies, you would have gotten blank stares at best. Rumors whispered in bohemian demimondes, blown up into dystopian parody in books like Naked Lunch, are hardly threats to national security secrecy.

Looking back, it seems doubtful that America ever recovered from the bad trip of the 1960s. Indeed, one has to wonder whether potential recovery wasn’t intentionally forestalled. The Kennedy assassinations, along with the killings of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and so many others, were a national nightmare. So was the pointless carnage in Vietnam. The protest movement that rose up against the nightmare, seeking to awaken the nation and return it to sanity, collapsed into the drug-fueled promiscuity and bloody chaos whose avatar was none other than Charles Manson. Now, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Manson murders, we must wonder whether Manson was also an avatar another kind of CHAOS: the CIA’s ultra-secret, ultra-illegal domestic counterinsurgency program.

That notion isn’t entirely new. In 1993, while researching my first book, A Guide to Mysterious San Francisco, I heard rumors that Manson was a CIA mind control slave. But since this was just hearsay, unsupported by citable sources, I left it out of the book, and consigned it to the relatively short list of major conspiracy theories that might actually not be true.

That list keeps getting shorter. Tom O’Neill’s CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties makes a convincing, thoroughly documented case that the official Vincent Bugliosi rendition of the Manson murders is as blatantly bogus as Bugliosi’s “Oswald acted alone” version of the JFK assassination. Though O’Neill doesn’t quite come right out and say so, his evidence suggests that CIA mind control maniac Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West and/or his acolytes brainwashed a psychopathic prisoner named Charles Manson, gave him a CIA get-out-of-jail-free card, set him up next door to Jolly’s safe house in the Haight-Ashbury hippie district of San Francisco, and taught him how to control human minds using drugs and hypnosis. The CIA’s Operation CHAOS, it may be plausibly surmised, first weaponized the Manson family for use against the Black Panthers, then finally turned Manson into the ultimate TV commercial against the antiwar counterculture. When Manson and one of his CIA handlers, Reeve Whitson, rearranged the Tate murders crime scene before anyone else got there, they were literally setting the stage for the upcoming theatrical production.

Tom O’Neill’s twenty years’ research definitively demonstrates that a massive cover-up of the truth about the Manson murders is no longer a hypothesis, it is established fact. Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as the courts and big media, have been effectively corrupted and muzzled. But the truth, or at least enough of it for us to get the picture, is tucked away in the documents they forgot to shred. Though the most important Manson-related documents have either “mysteriously disappeared” from various archives or are being stubbornly withheld for undisclosed reasons, O’Neill—an obsessively persistent journalistic gumshoe—managed to get his hands on enough of them, and to find and interview enough witnesses, to turn the conventional picture of the Manson family upside-down and inside-out.

The whole story, in its multilayered complexity of detail and documentation, is beautifully told in O’Neill’s book. Like many authors with mainstream publishers, O’Neill generally refrains from speculating about the big picture; instead, he lays out the hard facts and invites the reader to connect the dots. So let’s accept his invitation and consider the the CIA’s Operation Manson in historical perspective.

Political Demonization and the Creation and Maintenance of Public Myth

The Manson op was an exercise in demonization. Manson, an ordinary psychologically-disturbed small-time criminal with psychopathic tendencies, became, under the expert tutelage of Jolly West & Co., an avatar of the demonic second only to Hitler in the mass mediated popular imagination. Manson’s long hair and scraggly beard became an icon of pure evil, as Hitler’s mustache had before, and as Bin Laden’s beard would later. In literally demonizing Manson, Jolly and The Company (wasn’t that a ‘60s Bay Area band? No, you’re thinking of Big Brother) figuratively demonized the antiwar counterculture that was giving the Establishment fits.

By demonizing Manson, the CIA “skunked” the antiwar counterculture’s message of “peace, love, freedom” by associating it with an image of violence, hatred, and extreme authoritarianism. After all, the people behind such operations know that the best way to discredit a message is to put it in the mouth of an unpleasant spokesperson. That’s why criticism of the world’s worst crime syndicate, the international bankster cartel, has come to be associated with Hitler’s evil mustache. In like fashion, resistance to Zionism and other Western assaults on the Islamic world has come to be associated with Bin Laden’s big black beard. These associations didn’t just happen by accident. They were engineered.

Philip Zelikow, effectively the sole author of that work of fiction known as the 9/11 Commission Report (which he completed in chapter outline before the Commission even convened) is a history professor and self-styled expert in “the creation and maintenance of public myths.” Zelikow defines public myths as “beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.” The public myths he is most interested in are those that most powerfully shape political perception and behavior; the first example he gives is the myth of the dastardly Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which transformed America from an isolationist republic to an interventionist empire.

Anyone who has studied the alternative literature on such events as Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassinations, and 9/11 knows that any overwhelmingly powerful mythic event that changes public perceptions and, in so doing, changes history, ought to be greeted with profound suspicion and subjected to the most painstaking scrutiny. As Philip Zelikow wrote in a 1998 Foreign Affairs article, a catastrophic terror attack on America, such as the destruction of the World Trade Center, would be a “transforming event,” a “watershed event in American history” that would, “like Pearl Harbor…divide our past and future into a before and after.” The “after” would feature “draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and use of deadly force.” Zelikow’s 2001 false flag operation would achieve all that and more. It succeeded in demonizing opposition to Zionism and empire, and to tyranny in general, by associating resistance with the fearsome image of a scary looking guy sporting an easily-identifiable villain’s beard.

Indeed, bearded heavies like Bin Laden and Manson seem to come straight out of central casting. They remind us of neoconservative guru Leo Strauss’s advice to Machievellian operators: Make your operation like a B-grade Hollywood Western: slap a big white hat on the good guy and a big black hat on the bad guy. And if you don’t have a real enemy to play the villain’s role, invent one.

The official version of the Manson myth is told by its self-aggrandizing, profiteering hero, Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who put the bad guy behind bars. In somewhat similar fashion, the official version of the 9/11 myth, ventriloquized by Zelikow, seems told by a sort of Greek chorus representing the heroic victims, the American people. But in both cases, the ostensibly heroic narrator is the real villain. In the case of 9/11, Zelikow must be suspected of involvement in writing the script for the 9/11 false flag operation itself, and then plagiarizing that script for his Report. And in the case of Bugliosi, it’s clear that he consciously crafted a big lie for the jury that he later adapted for his bestseller, committing numerous crimes, including subornation of perjury, in the process.

As for the villains, both Manson and Bin Laden were manufactured by the CIA. As O’Neill’s evidence suggests, Manson was Jolly West’s golem, taught by Jolly how to manufacture more golems…preferably 14-year-old female ones. Bin Laden, for his part, was created by the CIA and its Saudi assets as a front man for the CIA-Saudi war to expel the Russians from Afghanistan. Originally assigned the hero role for an audience of Muslims, Osama was later transferred to a different movie in which he played the villain for an audience of Americans.

Though the official Manson narrative demonizes hippies, O’Neill’s revisionist account shows that the worst decadence and depravity was located not at the corner of Haight and Ashbury, but in Hollywood and the entertainment industry; Los Angeles, as Faulkner famously said, is “the plastic asshole of the universe.” The movie and music business, O’Neill shows, was (and presumably remains) infested by gangsters, intelligence agency criminals, and an astonishing variety of perverted human vermin. (There is considerable overlap between those three categories.) The worst part is that these people, the scum of the earth, literally run the show. Real power and authority is invested not in elected officials and the courts, but in supermob gangsters and their intel agency partners in crime. The cops, courts, and media are terrified of such people, and basically do whatever they’re told.

The Manson murders and the JFK assassination, two nightmarish crimes, bookended “the 1960s”: that brief period from 1964 to 1969 that witnessed the meteoric rise and fall of youthful idealism, whose chief expressions were the civil rights and antiwar movements. Like 9/11, the JFK assassination divided time into a more innocent “before” of wholesome family sitcoms and a less innocent “after” of protests, violence, and social breakdown fueled by pills, especially of the psychedelic and birth control varieties. Between JFK and Manson, youthful idealism looked like it might win the day. After Manson, America entered a “whole new world” of extreme disillusionment.

The JFK and Manson murders aren’t just linked in the American mythic imagination; they also intersect by way of a certain already-mentioned CIA mind-control psychopath, Dr. Jolly West. O’Neill’s Chaos presents evidence that Jolly West brainwashed and rendered mad two key figures in the respective dramas, Charles Manson and Jack Rubenstein a.k.a. Ruby. We have already seen how West made a madman of Manson. As for Ruby, it seems he was very likely programmed to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, just as Sirhan Sirhan was later programmed to fire in the general direction of Robert Kennedy. And though there is no hard-and-fast documentation proving West mind-controlled Ruby, O’Neill does document West’s suspiciously quick and intense post-assassination interest in Ruby, which culminated in West getting a private audience with the gun-smuggling cop-bribing Mickey Cohen organization hit man. Prior to West’s closed-door no-witnesses one-on-one with Ruby, the latter had been perfectly sane, though puzzled about being accused of a crime he had no memory of committing. From the moment West stepped out the door of Ruby’s cell, Ruby was stark, raving nuts.

America has real enemies, people like Jolly West and his bosses, psychopathic vermin who have infested the highest echelons of power. In the wake of their murder of JFK, they understandably feared exposure. The biggest threat was coming from honest, idealistic, politically-engaged citizens, most of whom leaned toward the political left in general, and the civil rights and antiwar movements in particular. To neutralize that threat, they flooded the civil rights and antiwar communities with LSD and amphetamines (as well as Cointelpro and CHAOS agents provocateurs). After several years of this, they administered the coup de grace by immortalizing the iconic evil hippie, Charles Manson, in a mass mind-control operation that sounded the death knell of the 1960s and set the stage for the age of dystopian neoliberal authoritarianism that followed.

The takeaway is that our real enemies conceal themselves by fabricating ersatz enemies and elevating them to mythic, iconic status. Their controlled mainstream media summon us daily to engage in the obligatory Orwellian two minutes of hate. When will we wake up and learn to hate not the cartoon figure on the screen, but the psychopath behind the curtain?

Quotidian Sweat


There is a dearth of writing about work, its variety, tedium and grind. This is understandable, since most writers have devoted much of their time to writing and reading, and not painting houses, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, planting crops or performing mind numbingly monotonous tasks on an assembly line, etc. This blind spot or ignorance has become worse in contemporary America, where your typical writer spends nearly his entire adulthood inside academia. There is no more surreal theme park than a college campus.

During my few cameo appearances as a university professor, I’d encourage students to write about their work experiences, especially if they appear pointless, for this in itself is meaningful, as hard as it is to believe as you’re flipping endless beef patties, with burnt marks on your fingers, grease in your hair and sweat on your face, dreaming of sleep.

I’m typing this during stolen moments while working at a plastic recycling plant. Our grinding machine is chopping sorted yellow plastic into bits. Its loud, constant roar is a muscular, minimalist music that’s punctuated by the sure hacking of our steadfast women, who must remove metal from plastic, separate all the colors. Heliophobic and stench adverse, most have their faces well-covered, lest they darken or sniff something too foul or even toxic. Among the plastic garbage are not quite empty bottles of insecticides or weed killers, with one advertised as having the “Strength of a German tank”!

The worst funk, though, comes from jars or bottles of fermented shrimp paste. Even when fresh and delicious, this purplish delicacy already smells like garbage. It can hearten, complicate and anchor a broth, or be mixed with lime juice and chili pepper to serve as a dip for boiled meat. Our puppy, though, likes it fine raw, as fished from our many tons of plastic trash, and it’s useless to chastise Lou for her bad taste or derelict table manners.

With its iron stomach, a dog will lap up dish water or even eat shit. Last time I checked, I wasn’t a dog. While sorting through some plastic garbage yesterday, I touched something that looked, smelled and felt exactly like shit, but maybe it wasn’t, I optimistically hoped. At least I didn’t have to eat it.

As a house and office cleaner for several years, I’m not unfamiliar with that malodorous purview. I’ve written in a poem, “Belonging to the lower class, you’re expected / To cater to the upper class’ lower bodily functions, / Not to engage their minds but to wipe their asses, / Kiss their cunts on demand, suck cocks for tips.”

The lower you’re on the ladder, the more buttocks you have to stare up at, the more shit you must deal with, the more unpleasantness you’re forced swallow, and this goes for entire societies, and that’s why plastic recycling is only feasible in a poorer country like Vietnam.

Our sorters work at their own pace and, to leaven their days, chatter and joke, so you’ll hear laughter episodically, for felicitous language is the cheapest entertainment. Visiting large factories, I’ve witnessed assembly lines and isolated workstations where humans functioned like machines, but that’s the whole point. Their mind is supposed to be blank, and their spirit snuffed out, so there is nothing left but the task. They can’t slow down or even speed up. Just do it! I’m glad we’re more primitive.

Repeatedly overburdened by loads beyond their stature and calling, some men quit, sometimes after mere days, though most are way tougher than their size suggests. This place stinks. A young man throws up, a woman must lie down and well tucked metal shards will cut through rubber sandals and draw blood, but days will go by uneventfully, tediously, as folks soldier on, waiting for pay day.

We bring nearly three tons of plastic garbage a day, so we swim and wade through the stuff. Trash, we live garbage, with a smile.

Though the oldest at our plant at 55, I’m the foreman, so don’t have to bust my ass like the others. Still, it’s a half marathon. A constant sweater, I rehydrate myself with Zero Degree iced tea, hot matcha tea or an ungodly concoction of hot water, spicy instant noodle seasoning and soy sauce. Though obviously nutrition-free, this broth yields a jolt of energy, or at least quickens my senses, thus lessening fatigue.

One of our strongest workers likes to reward himself with plenty of beer or rice wine after work, but Diep has missed two days already this week, so should be fired tomorrow. It’s unfortunate, since I’ve drank and eaten with this guy, and find his conversations alert and funny.

Many among us get together to feast, get drunk, joke, share stories and sing songs of love and loss going back half a century. With a shared heritage, our lives have meanings, and that’s why we work, not just to eat. A poet may leave us with just one memorable phrase, but that’s enough, and he should do at least that. Often, there’s a woman who takes pride in outdrinking any man.

Diep reminds me of a Philly friend, Jay, for not only would they drink themselves out of a job, but they’re both good looking enough to expect someone to accommodate them always, so if a door should close, another must soon open. They imagine life to be an endless series of open legs. It is rare to be blessed with such a curse. For such a man, even pussies can get tiresome.

Jay was my housemate for a year, and we were on the same housepainting crew. In the morning, we’d leave the house together, but once, Jay lagged behind on the walk to the bus stop, so missed the bus, and was fired.

We actually occupied an unheated loft, over a printing shop that steadily exhaled noxious fume through our floorboards. Like us, Jay’s two cats often froze. When Betty became gravely ill, Jay had to deliver her from this earth with a soiled pillow. We were trying to become artists.

It’s apt for American bars to pitch afterwork boozing “happy hour,” for it is the happiest, though many drink sullenly, alone, like Johnny the Hat at my old neighborhood haunt, Friendly Lounge. Enough Jamesons downed, the 55-ish car mechanic would cordially say goodbye to each before weaving home, but sometimes, he’d turn nasty, as when he growled at Aurelia, “When did they let you out of the zoo?”

At 19, I heard some old guy wheeze, “I like to work because it makes my food taste better, and I sleep better,” and I do agree that physical exhaustion makes just about anything delicious, and sleep become heavenly, but what I had for lunch today may challenge this thesis.

I wiped the dirt off my hair, face and neck, then sat down in my grimy tank top to enjoy Cung Dinh [Royal Palace] brand’s Kool Spaghetti, and on the label, there’s a convincing image of some firm and long pasta covered with a crimson meat sauce, with even fresh basil on top. Opening the plastic lid, your kingship discovered that it’s just ordinary instant noodles, with two seasoning packets. Combined, they yielded a measly, greasy paste that’s slightly sweet and almost tomato free. Paying only 60 cents for this mess, I had no right to kvetch, and I did in fact wolf it down, like a poofed, famished dog.

The poetry quoted above was published in Harper’s, my one appearance in that magazine, and I was surprised they had wanted such a naked depiction of working class life. I’ve never been a Harper’s reader and didn’t submit. In my early 20’s, I did subscribe to the New Yorker and New York Times, but the social milieus they depicted, especially in the ads, seemed super exotic to me. What fanciful travels, restaurants and nightclubs, and what preposterous prices, even those touted as bargains! It’s a different world.

Occupying the top half, many will vehemently defend the bottom, in theory, without any intimacy with it, with some openly despising it, but these ignorant trash must be spoken for, so exclaim the righteous snobs.

Illegal immigration is a classic example of this. Although this stream of cheap labor benefits the ownership class while hurting the poorest, it is presented, often earnestly, as an act of solidarity with the downtrodden. Blacks, brown citizens and legal immigrants are among illegal immigration’s worst victims, and of course, poor whites, but if these dare to demand their lowly jobs back, they must be racists! No wonder so many are killing themselves.

I’m across the globe from all that. Here, 9/11 came and went without anyone remembering anything. It’s someone else’s fairy tale.

It’s past five, so I’m done. I can’t wait to eat, then lie down.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up before four to read some, then be at Mrs. Ha’s cafe as dawnpales over our negligible village. Each morning, a hen leads her chicks across our empty gas station, with each bird perusing the ground, when not pecking. Penned cocks crow. Since it’s rice harvesting time, tractor trucks bring Rade farmhands to paddies. Black peppers wait their turn. Durians drop. So much land and work to fill just one scrawny belly.

Slumped in a corner where my head can rest, I’ll have two cups of slow drip Perfect coffee with condensed milk, plus unlimited green tea, free of charge. The tin tea pot is labeled Phoenix. I am indeed royalty. Once, I showed up with my shirt inside out and my fly unzipped, but no one said shit. I’ve discovered my true calling as the village idiot. When not serving customers, Mrs. Ha lies on a hammock or laughs as she watches dating shows on television.

Her cafe is also a tiny store and parking garage, and she charges just 22 cents a day for commuters to park a motorbike.

“This is just the country, uncle.”

“And they can keep it here until what time?”

“Seven or eight.”

“And if they don’t pick it up by then?”

“I’ll just lock up, then go to sleep. Sometimes, though, a man would get drunk, show up in the dark to bang on my gate.”

“And you’d let him have his bike?”

“Of course, but that’d the last time he parks here!”

Sharing my plastic table will be a motorbike taxi man. Once a cop, he was fired for marrying a tribal woman, a security risk. Seeing me, he rarely fails to gleefully shout, “How many cups already? Two? Four?” Whenever I tried to introduce a new topic, he’d just grin, this worn man of few words. Practically mindless, perhaps he’s a Zen master? Last week, I spotted a T-shirt, “THINK LESS LIVE MORE.” Deep, man.

Luridly dressed as if going to a party, with a large, blood red rose on the back of her black jacket, a middle-aged lady will totter on the cheapest high heels across the road, to wait for a bus to deliver her to her daily toiling. She’ll bend until she’s bent.

At 6:40, I’ll stroll to mine.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

Iran signs $440 million deal to develop Belal gas field it shares with Qatar

Puppet Masters


Gas field

© Reuters / Raheb Homavandi/TIMA
A general view shows a unit of South Pars Gas field in Asalouyeh Seaport, north of Persian Gulf, Iran.

Tehran has signed a $440 million contract with a local company to develop the Belal gas field Iran shares with Qatar. The country’s oil minister has celebrated the deal as a sign that no US sanctions can stop Iran’s oil industry.

The contract was signed between Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), and local development company Petropars. According to Iran’s Shana news agency, POGC will serve as the employer of the contract, making reservoir studies and performing sideline licensing for the purposes of the project. Petropars, in turn, is to drill eight wells in the offshore oil field, build and install a gas production topside and construct a 20 kilometers (12 miles) seabed pipeline.

Under the contract, in 34 months the oil field is to produce 500 million cubic feet (the equivalent of 14 million cubic meters) of rich gas a day. The produced gas is to be processed at the onshore refinery of South Pars Phase 12.

The Belal gas field is located in the Persian Gulf east of South Pars, some 90 kilometers (56 miles) southwest of Lavan Island.

“This contract and other upcoming contracts show that we are working under the sanctions. From now on, we plan to sign one contract and set in motion one development plan every two weeks and we will show that the development of the country’s oil industry has not stopped [and] we are active,” Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said at the contract signing ceremony on Saturday, emphasizing that the country’s energy sector is alive and kicking despite US sanctions.

“We showed that US cannot bring our exports to zero. We will not announce our measures regarding oil exports since they will make enemies more vigilant,” he added. The minister predicted Iran’s petrochemical production to hit above 100 million tons in the near future.

US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in May 2018, and then restored crippling economic sanctions on Tehran, targeting mostly the oil industry, vital for Iran’s economy, in what it dubbed a “maximum pressure campaign” to force Tehran to curb its missile and nuclear programs.

Relations between Washington and Tehran have since deteriorated, with the sanctions accompanied by a military buildup in the Persian Gulf. On June 7, Washington imposed yet another set of sanctions on Iran’s largest petrochemical holding, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries, as well as more than 30 of its subsidiaries and branches. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the US “intends to strip away the key elements of the Iranian petrochemical sector.”


God help us! Trump says US, Israel discussing mutual defense treaty

us israeli flags soldier

© Reuters / Nir Elias
An Israeli soldier helps to roll up the Israeli and American flags

The US and Israel are discussing a mutual defense treaty that would further cement the already “tremendous” alliance between the two countries, President Donald Trump has revealed.

“I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries,” Trump tweeted.

Trump voiced not-that-veiled support for Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Israel.

“I look forward to continuing those discussions after the Israeli Elections when we meet at the United Nations later this month!” Trump wrote.

The support surely comes in handy, as Netanyahu’s backing appears to be quite shaky. The September 17 polls are the second snap legislative elections this year after Netanyahu failed to form the government back in April.

The outcome of the upcoming vote is hard to predict, as Netanyahu’s party, Likud, has almost equal support as their main opponent the Blue and White led by Benny Gantz, opinion polls show.

Netanyahu was quick to respond to Trump’s announcement, lauding the prospects of the alliance and managing to call the US president a “friend” twice in a single tweet.

Forging a proper US-Israel alliance won’t be that great a step, since the standing agreements already oblige Washington to protect Tel Aviv in case of a war, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof believes. Still, such a deal somewhat increases the chances of the US being “lured into a conflict we don’t want.”

“In one sense, it would commit the United States to Israel’s defense, even if Israel decides to attack, let’s say, for example, Iran, then we will be committed to back them up without any hesitation. Already we have what amounts to a defense arrangement,” Maloof told RT. “Even without a piece of paper, the United States would come to Israel’s assistance, if it was physically attacked en masse.”

What I’m concerned about is that with someone like Netanyahu it will actually commit us even more to going into a conflict that he may drag us into.

Trump’s decision to announce such plans just a few days before the Israeli elections is not a coincidence, Maloof noted, and it clearly shows that he tried “to send a message that he wants Netanyahu re-elected.”

Relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have always been quite cozy – and got even closer under Trump – yet the two countries do not have a full-fledged military alliance.

Israel was one of the first major non-Nato ally (MNNA), a designation that goes with a whole set of benefits, such as generous loans, a priority in delivery of various military surplus, possession of war reserve stocks of Pentagon-owned hardware outside US military bases (Israel is said to have at least six sites) and others.

Yet in 2014 the US enshrined Israel into a new class of ally – a major strategic partner. The new designation, which is a step above MNNA, was basically established specifically for Israel. It greatly expanded the US wartime stockpiles in Israel from $200 million in value to a whopping $1.8 billion.

Under the Trump administration, the trend has continued, and in 2017, the US established its first permanent military base – an air defense facility – in Israel.

If the mutual defense treaty between the two countries fleshes out, it would be the first such deal for Washington in decades. The US has standing agreements of such sort with Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines. The latest one was signed with Japan in 1960, and since then the US has apparently opted for dragging countries into NATO instead of striking bilateral deals.

Another, quite antiquated, mutual protection agreement is the Rio Treaty signed by the US and the nations of Central and Southern Americas back in 1947. Several countries have withdrawn from it since then and the deal was breached several times. Still, US officials dusted off the deal earlier this year amid attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government. The self-styled ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido and his rogue National Assembly “reinstated” Venezuela on the treaty which was denounced by legitimate Caracas authorities back in 2013.


These Jew-run media outlets have promoted endless lies as a way to con our people into supporting all sorts of agendas that are not in our interests.


Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:39PM
Hawkish Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina gives a statement after closed-door briefing on Iran in the auditorium of the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, DC. on June 5, 2019 following the shot down of an intruding US spy drone in Persian Gulf waters. (Photo by AFP)
Hawkish Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina gives a statement after closed-door briefing on Iran in the auditorium of the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, DC. on June 5, 2019 following the shot down of an intruding US spy drone in Persian Gulf waters. (Photo by AFP)

Hawkish American Senator Lindsey Graham has says the US should mull bombing Iranian oil refineries if Tehran continues boosting its nuclear enrichment to higher grades.

“It is now time for the US to put on the table an attack on Iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment,” said the veteran Republican lawmaker from South Carolina on Twitter Saturday.

“Iran will not stop their misbehavior until the consequences become more real, like attacking their refineries, which will break the regime’s back,” added the fervently pro-Israel Senator, who sits on the Senate foreign Relations Committee and has established himself as a leading detractor against the Islamic Republic.

Back in June, Graham also blurted provocative rhetorical attack against Tehran following Iran’s shot down of a US spy drone that intruded into Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, threatening that the Islamic Republic should prepare for “severe pain.”

It is customary of US lawmakers financed by the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups in the country to harshly criticize Iran or sponsor legislative measures against the Islamic Republic to prove their loyalty to the regime occupying Palestine.

In the aftermath of Iran’s shot down of the US surveillance drone, US President Donald Trump claimed that he withdrew an order to strike Iran in the last minute citing potential of the resulting loss of lives. Iranian authorities, however, had warned that any US strike against the country would be severely retaliated.

The warmongering rhetoric by Graham, who is closely allied with Trump, is nothing new. Last June, he also suggested that the United States should take military action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro so countries opposing the US would be intimidated and surrender to Washington’s demands.

To handle foreign conflicts “we need points on the board,” said Graham during an interview with right-wing broadcaster Fox News, further insisting that Washington needed to resolve its issues with other countries using military force.

“Do what Reagan did in Grenada. Put military force on the table … start with your own backyard,” he underlined.

Also in July, the Republican senator even threatened Washington’s Western allies, saying that the US should sanction “to the ground” European countries that continue to trade with Iran under the 2015 nuclear deal and refuse to join America’s pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic.

Speaking to Fox News, Graham further said the European signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the UK, France and Germany – were too “weak” too abide by America’s unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

“I will tell the Europeans, ‘If you want to side with the Iranians, be my guest, but you won’t use an American bank or do business with the American economy,'” he added.

The remarks came days after Tehran announced it was beginning to cut back on its commitments under the nuclear deal in response to the Europe’s inability to protect bilateral trade from US sanctions.

Graham’s latest threatening remarks against Iran came on the same day Yemeni forces staged a massive drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s huge Aramco oil facilities in retaliation to persisting Saudi aerial strikes mostly against Yemeni population centers and public infrastructures.

“Air Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees, Saturday morning carried out a large-scale operation with 10 drones, targeting Abqaiq and Khurais refineries east of Saudi Arabia,” said Yemen’s Brig. Gen. Yahya Sare’e, further insisting that operations will “expand” and be “more painful” as Saudi Arabia continues its military aggression against Yemen.

The US-backed Saudi air campaign against neighboring Yemen has so far killed thousands of civilians, caused millions to leave or lose their homes, and sparked widespread starvation.

The Yemeni army and volunteer forces led by the country’s popular Houthi movement have attacked refineries in Saudi Arabia in the past in efforts to strike at the despotic regime’s major economic sectors. Saturday’s drone strike, however, hit target that were about 500 miles deep into the Saudi territory and was one of the largest operations the Yemeni forces have launched so far.

The US claims of Iranian guilt for the tanker attacks were compared to the fake evidence of WMDs presented by former US Secretary of State Colin Powell before the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

©  REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine GMH/HB


Epstein and Silverstein Cases Uncover Jewish Power Structure

Larry Silverstein

AS THE 18th anniversary of 9/11 approached, the arrest and alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein made headlines — and raised questions about the credibility of official narratives. As Eric Rasmusen writes: “Everybody, it seems, in New York society knew by 2000 that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were corrupting teenage girls, but the press wouldn’t cover it.” Likewise, everybody in New York society has long known that Larry Silverstein, who bought the asbestos-riddled white elephant World Trade Center in July 2001 and immediately doubled the insurance, is a mobbed-up friend of Netanyahu and a confessed participant in the controlled demolition of Building 7, from which he earned over 700 million insurance dollars on the pretext that al-Qaeda had somehow brought it down. But the press won’t cover that either.

The New York Times, America’s newspaper of record, has the investigative talent and resources to expose major corruption in New York. Why did the Timesspend almost two decades ignoring the all-too-obvious antics of Epstein and Silverstein? Why is it letting the absurd tale of Epstein’s alleged suicide stand? Why hasn’t it used the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth — including the brand-new University of Alaska study on the controlled demolition of WTC-7 — to expose the biggest scandal of the 21st century, if not all of American history?

The only conceivable answer is that The New York Times is somehow complicit in these monstrous crimes. It must be protecting its friends in high places. So who are those friends, and where are those high places?

One thing Epstein and Silverstein have in common, besides names ending in “-stein,” is alleged involvement in the illicit sex industry. Epstein’s antics, or at least some of them, are by now well-known. Not so for Silverstein, who apparently began his rags-to-9/11-riches story as a pimp supplying prostitutes and nude dancers to the shadier venues of NYC, alongside other illicit activities including “the heroin trade, money laundering and New York Police corruption.”All of this was exposed in a mid-1990s lawsuit. But good luck finding any investigative reports in The New York Times.

Another Epstein-Silverstein connection is their relationships to major American Jewish organizations. Even while he was allegedly pimping girls and running heroin, Larry Silverstein served as president for United Jewish Appeal of New York. As for Epstein, he was the boy toy and protégé of Les Wexner, co-founder of the Mega Group of Jewish billionaires associated with the World Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, and other pro-Israel groups. Indeed, there is no evidence that “self-made billionaire” Epstein ever earned significant amounts of money; his only investment “client” was Les Wexner. Epstein, a professional sexual blackmailer, used his supposed billionaire status as a cover story. In fact, he was just an employee working for Wexner and associated criminal/intelligence networks.

Which brings us to the third and most important Epstein-Silverstein similarity: They were both close to the government of Israel. Jeffrey Epstein’s handler was Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mossad super-spy Robert Maxwell; among his friends was Ehud Barak, who is currently challenging Netanyahu for leadership of Israel. Larry Silverstein, too, has friends in high Israeli places. According to Haaretz, Silverstein has “close ties with Netanyahu” (speaking to him on the phone every weekend) as well as with Ehud Barak, “whom Silverstein in the past offered a job as his representative in Israel” and who called Silverstein immediately after 9/11.

We may reasonably surmise that both Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Silverstein have been carrying on very important work on behalf of the state of Israel. And we may also surmise that this is the reason The New York Times has been covering up the scandals associated with both Israeli agents for almost two decades. The Times, though it pretends to be America’s newspaper of record, has always been Jewish-owned-and-operated. Its coverage has always been grotesquely distorted in favor of Israel. It has no interest in exposing the way Israel controls the United States by blackmailing its leaders (Epstein) and staging a fake “Arab-Muslim attack on America” (Silverstein). The awful truth is that The New York Times is part of the same Jewish-Zionist “we control America” network as Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Silverstein.

Epstein “Suicide” Illustrates Zionist Control of USA — and the Decadence and Depravity of Western Secularism

Since The New York Times and other mainstream media won’t go there, let’s reflect on the facts and lessons of the Jeffrey Epstein suicide scandal — a national disgrace that ought to shock Americans into rethinking their worldviews in general, and their views on the official myth of 9/11 in particular.

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly found dead in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York City, one of America’s most corrupt prisons. The authorities claim Epstein hanged himself. But nobody, not even the presstitutes of America’s corporate propaganda media, convincingly pretends to believe the official story.

Jeffrey Epstein was a pedophile pimp to presidents and potentates. His job was recruiting young girls for sex, then offering them to powerful men — in settings outfitted with hidden video cameras. When police raided his New York townhouse on July 6-7 2019 they found locked safes full of pornographic pictures of underage girls, along with piles of compact discs labeled “young (name of girl) + (name of VIP).” Epstein had been openly and brazenly carrying on such activities for more than two decades, as reported throughout most of that period by alternative media outlets including my own Truth Jihad Radioand False Flag Weekly News. (Even before the 2016 elections, my audience knew that both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were blackmailed clients of Jeffrey Epstein, that Clinton was a frequent flyer on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet, and that Trump had been credibly accused in a lawsuit of joining Epstein in the brutal rape of a 13-year-old, to whom Trump then allegedly issued death threats.) It was only in the summer of 2019 that mainstream media and New York City prosecutors started talking about what used to be consigned to the world of “conspiracy theories.”

So who was Epstein working for? His primary employer was undoubtedly the Israeli Mossad and its worldwide Zionist crime network. Epstein’s handler was Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mossad super-spy Robert Maxwell. According to sworn depositions, Ghislaine Maxwell recruited underage girls for Epstein and oversaw his sex trafficking operations. As the New Yorker reported August 16: “In court papers that were unsealed on August 9th, it was alleged that Maxwell had been Epstein’s central accomplice, first as his girlfriend, and, later, as his trusted friend and procuress, grooming a steady stream of girls, some as young as fourteen, coercing them to have sex with Epstein at his various residences around the world, and occasionally participating in the sexual abuse herself.” Alongside Maxwell, Epstein’s other Mossad handler was Les Wexner, co-founder of the notorious Mega Group of billionaire Israeli spies, who appears to have originally recruited the penniless Epstein and handed him a phony fortune so Epstein could pose as a billionaire playboy.

Even after Epstein’s shady “suicide” mega-Mossadnik Maxwell continued to flaunt her impunity from American justice. She no doubt conspired to publicize the August 15 New York Post photograph of herself smiling and looking “chillingly serene” at In-And-Out-Burger in Los Angeles, reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of C.I.A. Operatives. That nauseating photo inspired the New Yorker to accuse her of having “gall” — a euphemism for the Yiddish chutzpah, a quality that flourishes in the overlapping Zionist and Kosher Nostra communities.

Maxwell and The New York Post, both Kosher Nostra/Mossad assets, were obviously sending a message to the CIA: Don’t mess with us or we will expose your complicity in these scandalous crimes. That is the Mossad’s standard operating procedure: Infiltrate and compromise Western intelligence services in order to prevent them from interfering with the Zionists’ over-the-top atrocities. According to French historian Laurent Guyénot’s hypothesis, the CIA’s false flag fake assassination attempt on President John F. Kennedy, designed to be blamed on Cuba, was transformed by Mossad into a real assassination — and the CIA couldn’t expose it due to its own complicity. (The motive: Stop JFK from ending Israel’s nuclear program.) The same scenario, Guyénot argues, explains the anomalies of the Mohamed Merah affair, the Charlie Hebdo killings, and the 9/11 false flag operation. It would not be surprising if Zionist-infiltrated elements of the CIA were made complicit in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail activities, in order to protect Israel in the event Epstein had to be “burned” (which is apparently what has finally occurred).

* * *

Source: White Biocentrism

Netanyahu to Name a Town After Trump that Israel Stole from Displaced Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to show his appreciation to President Donald Trump for all he’s done to promote and support the Zionist takeover of Palestinian territory by naming a village in the Golan after him:

If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his way, alongside Katzrin, Ramot and Ramat Magshimim on the Golan Heights, there may someday soon be a community named Kiryat Trump.

Netanyahu, who on Tuesday toured the Golan with his wife and sons, said a community or neighborhood on the Golan Heights should be named after US President Donald Trump in appreciation for his decision last month to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the strategic plateau.

“I am here with my family and many citizens of Israel at the foot of the Golan Heights, happy with the joy of the holiday and our beautiful country,” Netanyahu said in a video post. “And there is more joy – a few weeks ago I brought President Trump’s official recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights forever.”

Netanyahu said there “is a need to express our appreciation by calling a community or neighborhood on the Golan Heights after Donald Trump. I will bring that to the government [for approval] soon.”

Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights came in late March, some two weeks before the April 9 elections, 52 years after Israel captured the region during the 1967 Six Day War, and 38 years after Israel annexed the region.

Jews freely admit that Donald Trump has done more for Israel and the Zionist cause than any sitting president in American history.  When Israel wanted America to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Trump signed off on it.  When Israel wanted to annex the Golan Heights, Trump signed off on it.  And next on the list is letting Israel annex more of the “disputed” West Bank.  And in case anyone has a problem with any of this, Trump is greenlighting hate crime legislation to make criticism of Israel illegal.

As millions of invaders from Latin America flood over America’s southern border with impunity, Israel is enjoying unrivaled border security and economic prosperity.  And the Israelis have never been closer to realizing their dream of building their “third temple” on the Temple Mount.  Trump has spent his entire first term in office making sure his number one donor, Sheldon Adelson, is taken care of, and with his re-election all but assured, Trump can dedicate his second term executing his “peace plan” which will be more of the same.  And all Trump gets is one lousy Palestinian town named after him?

Ann Coulter Identifies Focuses of Jewish Power in the USA

by Hadding Scott

Ann Coulter


WHERE WOULD POOR, DEFENSELESS ISRAEL BE WITHOUT NIKKI HALEY?!? Not a defender in the world — not the media, not congress, not the donor class. Don’t worry Israel, Brave Nikki’s got your back. https://twitter.com/nikkihaley/status/943983030565330944 

Archive: Ambassador Nikki Haley


RT @USUN: “America will put our embassy in #Jerusalem…No vote in the United Nations will make any difference on that. But this vote will make a difference on how Americans look at the @UN, and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the UN.”

Embedded video

ANN COULTER aims well-deserved contempt at Indian opportunist Nikki Haley’s shameless subservience to Israeli interests, while ironically identifying mass-media,

the Congress of the United States,

and the “donor class” of mostly Jewish billionaires,

as other entities that do the same, so that a stridently pro-Israel position is the most craven and conformist position that an American political official could possibly take.

The point is, these people are all traitors who put Israel First ahead of America First, and the interests of the people of the United States are not being served.

Of course it is no new revelation that Zionist Jews exert such power. Pat Buchanan as early as 1990 said that Capitol Hill was “Israeli-occupied territory” and rightly blamed the Israel Lobby for the impending war against Iraq. For this candid observation Buchanan was attacked by the ADL and by A.M. Rosenthal of The New York Times, and by other Jews. The increasing normalization of criticizing the privileged status of Jewish interests is what is significant.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

The Kosher Food Racket: The Hidden Jewish Tax on Your Food!

is-it-kosherEven though Jews constitute around two percent of America’s population, the rest of the country is forced to pay a special levy on almost all food and grocery products just to please the Orthodox Jewish community, in a swindle which even Jews themselves have described as the “kosher food racket.”

Astonishingly, very few Americans even know about the extent of this Orthodox Jewish swindle, or even how it works.

Most people know of, or have heard of, “kosher food.” This is supposed to be food which, in the case of livestock, is slaughtered in such a way as to be “holy” (but which is actually highly inhumane and involved slitting an animal’s throat and letting it painfully bleed to death while a rabbi prays over it).

This “kosher food” is therefore passed off as something which only affects Jews, and Orthodox Jews at that, as some sort of peculiar but benign religious practice.

In reality, “kosher” food is far more than just slaughtered animals, and covers almost any sort of grocery item.

The racket works like this: in order for a grocery product to be certified as “kosher”, it must carry a little “U” inside a circle, called a “Kosher Logo,” somewhere on its packaging, which looks like this:


This symbol is issued by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “Orthodox Union”) which is the sole and exclusive owner of the OU “Kosher Logo.”

In order to use this symbol, a product manufacturer must apply to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America for certification—to “ensure” that their manufacturing process is “Kosher” and meets all the Jewish dietary standards.

This is where the catch comes in: the product manufacturer must pay the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America a fee for this certification process—and this “fee” is then added to the product’s cost—which is then passed on to the consumer.

Thus, non-Jews who buy these products—and they range from things such as coca-cola to toothpaste, and more—are forced to pay extra to cater the demands of Orthodox Jews, even in areas where there are few or no Jews.


The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America has a special website set up through which companies can apply for kosher certification. Called “OUKOSHER”, this site reveals exactly how big the kosher food swindle is:

“Most Americans eat some kosher food every day, but chances are they’re not aware of it. Take a walk down the aisle of any supermarket and you will see that the OU kosher symbol appears on over 60% of America’s kosher certified foods, from the coveted Oreo to the thirst-quenching Coca-Cola. Over $150 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise dramatically.

“The OU Kosher Logo logo has become an increasingly important marketing device, which generates additional revenues by expanding the size of the market. OU Kosher Logo Certification gives a product a competitive edge that makes it sell faster, thus causing supermarkets to favor brands with certification. That also means that OU Kosher Logo certification can lead to an increase in a company’s private label business.

“There is clear evidence that a kosher symbol boosts market share, that a kosher product can win more favorable shelf space, and that when positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do better by 20%. This data has remained constant even in smaller cities, far from city with heavy concentrations of kosher Jews. (Source: Integrated Marketing Communications.)”

The “Kosher Food” website even has a “product search” facility, which allows visitors to look over which grocery items are kosher or not.

The costs of this process are, as mentioned earlier, passed directly onto the consumer. As long ago as 1959, a Jewish newsletter described it as a “Kosher Racket” and said that the “business” of certification has already become one of the “big business rackets in the United States and is threatening to assume gigantic proportions.” (The Jewish Newsletter, William Zuckerman, editor, June 1, 1959).


Confirmation that the Kosher food racket actually drives up the price of food for all consumers has also come with an article in the Haaretz newspaper of April 27, 2014.


The article, titled “Ministries urge Rabbinate to relax kashrut control of food imports” discusses the fact that the rabbinate in Israel have a rule in place which forces food importers to undergo kosher certification even if the product is already certified as kosher in its country of origin.

The Haaretz article says that “The kashrut inspection requirements for the importation of hard cheese increases the cost of the cheese to the Israeli consumer by some 35%, Israeli cheese importers say.”

In other words, the increased price consumers are forced to pay for food being produced to “kosher” requirements can be as high as 35% more than without that certification—and that is in Israel!

The “Kosher food racket” has become, in the words of William Zuckerman, one of the biggest swindles in America today.

Below: A video, filmed in secret, which reveals the barbarity of kosher slaughter: THIS is what American consumers are forced to pay for!

Caution: this video is not for the squeamish or soft of heart. It is horrific and chilling to any person who loves animals. But, sometimes people need to see the reality which is hidden in order to motivate them to stop this truly inhuman practice of the Jewish extremists.

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Holy Land – Including Children, Jewish Army Injures 46 Palestinians Near Jerusalem

 September 15, 2019 5:50 AM  IMEMC News Israeli attacksJerusalemNews ReportWest Bank 0

15 SEP
 5:50 AM

Israeli soldiers injured, on Saturday evening, 46 Palestinians, including children, after the army invaded the al-‘Ezariyya town, east of occupied East Jerusalem, leading to protests, and fired many gas bombs at protesters and many surrounding homes and cars.

The Palestinian Reds Crescent Society (PRCS) said one child, was directly shot with a gas bomb to her head and was rushed to a medical center in Abu Dis nearby town, before she was moved to Hadassah Israeli medical center for further treatment.

The PRCS added that six members of the same family suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, while in their car, and received the needed treatment.

Local sources said the invasion and protests first started in al-Qanatra Bridge area, before spreading to the rest of the town, and that the soldiers also surrounded the area of al-Aziz Mosque, and fired a barrage of gas bombs and concussion grenades.

The PRCS said its medics provided treatment to at least 40 Palestinians, mostly due to the effects of teargas inhalation, and some who were physically attacked by the army, in addition to a few who fell while the soldiers were chasing them.

Video By WAFA News

More NSA Documents Released Implicating Israel in the Assassination of JFK Over Nukes

Declassified documents show President John Kennedy in 1963 warned Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol that U.S. support for the young country would be “seriously jeopardized” if Israel did not allow the United States periodic inspections of Israel’s nuclear reactor to make sure Israel was not manufacturing weapons-grade nuclear material:

A telegram from Kennedy dated July 4, 1963, congratulates Eshkol on assuming the prime ministership after Ben Gurion’s resignation and recounts talks between Kennedy and Ben Gurion about inspections at the reactor in Dimona.

“As I wrote Mr. Ben Gurion, this government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to peace as Israel’s effort in the nuclear field,” the telegram said.

The telegram was declassified in the 1990s but was not widely available until last week when the National Security Archives, a project affiliated with George Washington University, posted it on its website.

Kennedy who was otherwise close to Israel was furious with its ostensible nuclear weapons program, fearing that the Soviet Union could use it as leverage to maintain its influence in the Middle East.

Eshkol, caught off guard by the tone of the telegram, took seven weeks to assent, and the twice-yearly inspections continued until 1969 when President Richard Nixon ended them.

Also revealed in the trove of documents the NSA posted is the origin of Israel’s oft-repeated credo that it would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons — a deliberately ambiguous statement that left Israel room to develop the weapons, but not arm them.

Shimon Peres, then the deputy defense minister who later would lead the country as prime minister for two stints and then become president, improvised the statement when he was surprised by Kennedy during a meeting Peres had scheduled with Kennedy’s adviser, Myer Feldman, who also functioned as the administration’s liaison to Israel and the U.S. Jewish community. Unbeknownst to Peres, Kennedy and Feldman had planned the “surprise” encounter.

According to a Hebrew-language Foreign Ministry of Israel account of the April 2 meeting, Kennedy asked Peres into the Oval Office for 30 minutes and questioned him on Israel’s nuclear capacity.

“You know that we follow very closely the discovery of any nuclear development in the region,” Kennedy said. “This could create a very dangerous situation. For this reason, we monitor your nuclear effort. What could you tell me about this?”

Peres improvised, “I can tell you most clearly that we will not introduce nuclear weapons to the region, and certainly we will not be the first.”

The whole point of the creation of nuclear weapons under the Manhattan Project was to destroy the “evil” Nazis who threatened the Rothschild economic stranglehold over Europe.  Luckily for all Europeans, the Germans were defeated before the Jews could get their hands on any nukes, because Germany was the primary target for “the bomb”, not Japan, which had been making diplomatic overtures of surrender in early 1945..  So it was only natural that the Jews were going to arm their new State of Israel, just as they armed their co-ethnics in Soviet Russia, with nukes to keep the rest of the world in line.

The ever-naive Kennedy actually believed that he could tell the Jews that they would never have nuclear weapons as long as he was President.  And despite his suspicions, he had no choice but to hire Myron Feldman, who acted as an Israeli spy in the White House, betraying JFK’s confidence to the Israelis.  He should have known that the Jews would never accept a situation where they could not only defend themselves, but also threaten to destroy the entire planet if anyone seriously threatened the Jews, and that included their American “allies”, as the Kennedy family discovered not just once, but a number of times.  And so this article serves as a “subtle” reminder to any world leaders today not the mess with Israel.

There’ll be no peace in the valley

A boy looks at graffiti on a wal
A boy in Gaza City looks at a mural depicting US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a map of Palestine. Momen FaizZUMA

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does like a visual presentation.

There was this one, and that Trump one, and of course, the bomb one.

And as Israelis prepare to vote next week in the second general election they’ve had this year, Netanyahu has been at it again.

This time, it’s a map of the Jordan Valley, the occupied West Bank region which Netanyahu is promising to annex to Israel should he lead the next Israeli government.

Now, as has been pointed out many times, people will say almost anything to get elected.

Ban Muslims. Build a wall. Leave by Halloween, “do or die.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, and Netanyahu is not above a little campaign hyperboleunbounded racism, or indeed war mongering if it helps galvanize his voters.

Nevertheless, his promise to annex the Jordan Valley, and the revelation that he would already have done so had it not been for the Israeli attorney general, provoked angry denunciations from around the world.

A “dangerous” (Saudi Arabia) and “serious” (Jordan) escalation. A “racist” (Turkey) promise that would be “devastating” (UN) for peace.

As for the Palestinians, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Hanan Ashrawi called it “reprehensible,” while in Qatar, former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal refused to be easily quotable, saying “resistance” was the only way to “thwart” the plans of the occupation.

Old plans for new times

It’s almost as if these parties were surprised. But Israel has always had designs on the Jordan Valley.

The valley is a hugely important area. It is fertile. It has phosphates. It has the Dead Sea. It has religious and tourist sites of historical importance. It is the eastern frontier and the gateway to the rest of the region.

Palestinians who live there struggle to stay on their land against constant Israeli efforts to force them out.

It is not just land. It is home. It is natural resources. It is produce and livestock. It is strategic location.

In any plan proposed after the 1967 war, from all quarters of Israeli strategic thinking, the Jordan Valley was always meant to fall under Israeli sovereignty.

The architects of those plans, Yigal Allon, Ariel Sharon, Matityahu Drobles, as well as the founders of the Gush Emunim (bloc of the faithful) settler movement are no longer with us.

But their designs are. And they’ve guided Israeli policy throughout nearly three decades of a peace process that may have slowed Israeli expansionism, but never ended it.

Now, more than a quarter of a century after the Oslo accords were signed, and some 20 years since they were meant to be implemented, the schedule is changing.

We are witnessing the next phase of ending the Palestinian issue on Israel’s terms.

A map of the occupied West Bank showing the area Israeli PM Netanyahu says he wants to annex

The timing is propitious. Right now Israel is enjoying a US administration that has also given up on the Oslo process, having – correctly – determined that it has failed.

The White House plan, however, is a joke, even with the addition of Robin to the team.

It is, in fact, not really meant to be a peace plan. It is rather a proposal for how the rest of the world, especially the Arab world, especially Arab Gulf countries, can best help Israel manage its occupation going forward.

The next logical step for Israel, therefore, is to seize what it wants.

Or more precisely, since the Jordan Valley is in Area C, formalize the seizure of what it already has.

Area C is the 60 percent of the West Bank which has remained under full Israeli military and civil control since the Oslo accords were signed.

Which is what Netanyahu is now promising to do.

He will meet no meaningful resistance.


Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the PLO, is right when he says there can be no Palestinian state without the Jordan Valley.

That is, there can be no viable Palestinian state with a sustainable economy without control over borders and natural resources of the kind the Jordan Valley offers.

But saying this is not a strategy. The Palestinian Authority has long been paralyzed by commitments to interim agreements no one else takes seriously.

Indeed, no one any longer takes the PA seriously, for one simple reason: the only meaningful move left for the PA is to disband itself. It is the only card left on a weak hand. And no one is prepared to play it.

Everything else is bluster. And everyone knows this.

That is why no one believed for a second that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas would carry through on threats he made in July (and before that in 2018, and before that in 2016) to end security cooperation with the Israeli military.

Palestinian leaders may now hope that Netanyahu loses his re-election bid (and after him Trump).

But the alternative is no better, even if it may provide cover for continued procrastination about the future.

Counting on the world to save the day once US and Israeli leaders seem more accommodating is also not a strategy.

Israel has proven adept at salami slicing its way out of commitments and through opprobrium.

No one any longer raises an eyebrow when new settlement construction is announced. The time when the world was up in arms at the separation wall is long gone.

The world has failed Palestinians. But pointing that out is also not a strategy.

The only thing Palestinian leaders of any stripe can do now is prepare for the day after. Most importantly, prepare a plan to enable Palestinians to stay on their land.

Because their removal is the next logical step for an Israel unhinged.

New Lands to be Seized for Settlement Expansion in Nablus

14 SEP
 3:32 PM

Israeli occupation authorities, on Thursday, ordered the confiscation of Palestinian-owned lands in Nablus district, to expand the illegal Yitzhar settlement.

According to Days of Palestine, the village councils of Burin, Huwara, Asira al-Qibliya, Madama, Urif and Einabus all received copies of an Israeli order to seize Palestinian-owned lands in the vicinity of Yitzhar.

Anyone wishing to file a complaint against the Israeli move has a 21-day time limit, according to the written order.

More info as it surfaces.



South African Police Commissioner Sithole Blames Whites for Causing All Black Crime

Black Police Commissioner, General Kehla Sithole, has publicly proclaimed that there was no Black crime in South Africa before the White people came and brought it with them:

Speaking at a police briefing on Monday, Sithole told about five hundred police officers in attendance at a conference in Pretoria that if it wasn’t for white people, there would be no crime in South Africa.

“They brought TVs, cars, jewellery, and other things our people will be tempted to steal, if it wasn’t for that, our people were never going to learn to steal, they all of this to make us look bad.”

“We are now fixing this country, but first, we must fix the past.  White people came here, they tricked us and stole our land.  We must first fix that by giving land to our people,” he said.

The commissioner says he whole heartedly supports land expropriation without compensation, as it is a means to an end.

“Without it, we can never fix this country,” the commissioner said.

Technically, Sithole is correct — there was no Black crime before the White man came to what is now South Africa because there were no Blacks occupying that land of any consequence — the land was virtually empty of what is called human life.  Once the White settlers built up the land and prosperity spread, Blacks from all over southern Africa began to flood into White South Africa in search of jobs and a better life, and that is exactly what they got.  Whites employed them, fed them, clothed them, and housed them — basic essentials to everyday life they had never had before under Black tribal rule.

But the contemporary accounts written by the White settlers and missionaries all agreed on one thing: the native Africans were natural born thieves and liars.  It wouldn’t matter how inconsequential an item was, they’d steal it nevertheless.  And they’d always deny that they stole it even when caught red-handed.  So in the mind of an African, Sithole is correct in laying blame on the Whites: Blacks will stop stealing only when there is nothing left to steal.

Black South African Farm Owner Charged with Horrific Animal Cruelty

Statistically, 90% of all farms in South Africa taken away from Whites and given to Blacks, fail. Here is yet another way which Black farmers just simply cannot cut it:

The National Council of Provinces chairperson Thandi Modise believes that AfriForum’s decision to privately prosecute her for animal cruelty is to advance the narrative of the failure of black farmers.

Modise believes that AfriForum is targeting her to show that black people can’t farm and the case has emerged now when Parliament is embarking on a process related to land expropriation without compensation.

Modise said that in reality “black farmers do better than white farmers in South Africa”.

But AfriForum says it was the SPCA which approached them in November last year while Parliament’s process was adopted in February this year.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is eager to get back into a courtroom.

“Mr Mangwale and his team did a steely work in locating the witnesses in enhancing the case, consulting with experts.”

Nel hopes to have the matter in court within the next three months.

AfriForum has announced that it will privately prosecute chairperson of the National Council of Provinces Thandi Modise in connection with animal cruelty at her farm.

AfriForum made the announcement on Thursday at their offices in Centurion, Gauteng.

In 2015, a protracted legal action was initiated after it emerged that animals had been starving on the multimillion-rand farm of chair Modise in 2014

The farm, based in the North West town of Modderfontein, just outside Potchefstroom, was found littered with the carcasses of more than 50 dead pigs and other animals, including goats, sheep, geese, and ducks.

About 85 surviving animals were found eating the carcasses of those who had died.

Advocate Gerrie Nel said AfriForum was planning to prosecute Modise within the next three months. The case is expected to be heard in Potchefstroom.

This is the grim future that South Africa faces as more and more Blacks take over prosperous White farms. The farms are run into the ground and eventually abandoned while the owners, like Modise, remain defiant, claiming that these charges against her are intended to make Blacks look bad.

When all the Whites eventually leave South African, whom will the Black blame for the ruined nation? They will blame the Whites, of course, claiming that the Whites destroyed the country before they left so that the Blacks would have nothing.


90% of Farms Stolen from Whites Fail

Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association

Lana talks about the taboo subject of freedom of association and the right of exclusion as a way to avoid conflict in diverse America.

Mysterious Death Of Epstein Police Investigator: Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey

Conspiracies Happen

by David Sims

THERE’S A push from the corporate Left to classify all conspiracy theories as dangerous false news. Nothing could be more mendacious.

A conspiracy theory is someone’s guess about what sort of purpose a group of other people are pursuing. That guess can be either right or wrong.

A conspiracy theory can be entirely speculative, or it can be supported by evidence.

In regard to conspiracy theories, the loudest voice is not always correct.

In regard to conspiracy theories, authorities and experts are not always honest.

In regard to conspiracy theories, the first people you ought to suspect of trickery are the people who want to limit discussion about themselves to alleged authorities and to so-called experts.

For example, the Pizzagate conspiracy theory was a subset of the larger conspiracy about pedophilia being used as a means to suborn and to blackmail US officials. The Pizzagate part of the pedophilia conspiracy theory is probably false. But the larger conspiracy of which it was only a small part is probably true, as recent events regarding Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell have shown.

Furthermore, the pedophilia conspiracy theory itself is a subset of the larger conspiracy theory about international Jewish power and Zionism, in which Israel [and the Jewish power structure generally, which is much larger than just Israel — Ed.] uses all manner of dishonest subterfuges and sneaky tactics to control the political and cultural life of other countries, most especially the United States of America. That’s why you continually find Jews popping out of nearly every pedophile scandal.

* * *

Source: Author

Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo Rings – David Icke

“Jewish Mega Group”, Maxwells, and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

By Whitney Webb

As billionaire pedophile and alleged sex-trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein sits in prison, reports have continued to surface about his reported links to intelligence, his financial ties to several companies and “charitable” foundations, and his friendships with the rich and powerful as well as top politicians.

While Part I and Part II of this series, “The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail,” have focused on the widespread nature of sexual blackmail operations in recent American history and their ties to the heights of American political power and the U.S. intelligence community, one key aspect of Epstein’s own sex-trafficking and blackmail operation that warrants examination is Epstein’s ties to Israeli intelligence and his ties to the “informal” pro-Israel philanthropist faction known as “the Mega Group.”

The Mega Group’s role in the Epstein case has garnered some attention, as Epstein’s main financial patron for decades, billionaire Leslie Wexner, was a co-founder of the group that unites several well-known businessmen with a penchant for pro-Israel and ethno-philanthropy (i.e., philanthropy benefiting a single ethnic or ethno-religious group). However, as this report will show, another uniting factor among Mega Group members is deep ties to organized crime, specifically the organized crime network discussed in Part I of this series, which was largely led by notorious American mobster Meyer Lansky.

By virtue of the role of many Mega Group members as major political donors in both the U.S. and Israel, several of its most notable members have close ties to the governments of both countries as well as their intelligence communities. As this report and a subsequent report will show, the Mega Group also had close ties to two businessmen who worked for Israel’s Mossad — Robert Maxwell and Marc Rich — as well as to top Israeli politicians, including past and present prime ministers with deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community.

One of those businessmen working for the Mossad, Robert Maxwell, will be discussed at length in this report. Maxwell, who was a business partner of Mega Group co-founder Charles Bronfman, aided the successful Mossad plot to plant a trapdoor in U.S.-created software that was then sold to governments and companies throughout the world. That plot’s success was largely due to the role of a close associate of then-President Ronald Reagan and an American politician close to Maxwell, who later helped aid Reagan in the cover-up of the Iran Contra scandal.

Years later, Maxwell’s daughter — Ghislaine Maxwell — would join Jeffrey Epstein’s “inner circle” at the same time Epstein was bankrolling a similar software program now being marketed for critical electronic infrastructure in the U.S. and abroad. That company has deep and troubling connections to Israeli military intelligence, associates of the Trump administration, and the Mega Group.

Epstein appears to have ties to Israeli intelligence and has well-documented ties to influential Israeli politicians and the Mega Group. Yet, those entities are not isolated in and of themselves, as many also connect to the organized crime network and powerful alleged pedophiles discussed in previous installments of this series.

Perhaps the best illustration of how the connections between many of these players often meld together can be seen in Ronald Lauder: a Mega Group member, former member of the Reagan administration, long-time donor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Likud Party, as well as a long-time friend of Donald Trump and Roy Cohn.

From cosmetics heir to political player

One often overlooked yet famous client and friend of Roy Cohn is the billionaire heir to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune, Ronald Lauder. Lauder is often described in the press as a “leading Jewish philanthropist” and is the president of the World Jewish Congress, yet his many media profiles tend to leave out his highly political past.

In a statement given by Lauder to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in 2018, the cosmetics heir noted that he has known Trump for over 50 years, going back at least to the early 1970s. According to Lauder, his relationship with Trump began when Trump was a student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, which Lauder also attended.

President-elect Trump walks with Ronald Lauder after meeting at Mar-a-Lago, Dec. 28, 2016, in Palm Beach, Fla. Evan Vucci | AP

Though the exact nature of their early friendship is unclear, it is evident that they shared many of the same connections, including to the man who would later count them both as his clients, Roy Cohn. While much has been said of the ties between Cohn and Trump, Cohn was particularly close to Lauder’s mother, Estee Lauder (born Josephine Mentzer). Estee was even counted among Cohn’s most high-profile friends in his New York Times obituary.

A small window into the Lauder-Cohn relationship surfaced briefly in a 2016 article in Politicoabout a 1981 dinner party held at Cohn’s weekend home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The party was attended by Ronald Lauder’s parents, Estee and Joe, as well as Trump and his then-wife Ivana, who had a weekend home just two miles away. That party was held soon after Cohn had helped Reagan secure the presidency and had reached the height of his political influence. At the party, Cohn offered toasts to Reagan and to then-Senator for New York Alfonse D’Amato, who would later urge Ronald Lauder to run for political office.

Two years later, in 1983, Ronald Lauder — whose only professional experience at that point was working for his parent’s cosmetics company — was appointed to serve as United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs. Soon after his appointment, he served on the Dinner Tribute Committee for a dinner hosted by the Jewish fraternal and strongly pro-Israel organization B’nai B’rith, the parent organization of the controversial Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in Roy Cohn’s honor. Cohn’s influential father, Albert Cohn, was the long-time president of B’nai B’rith’s powerful New England-New York chapter and Roy Cohn himself was a member of B’nai B’rith’s Banking and Finance Lodge.

The dinner specifically sought to honor Cohn for his pro-Israel advocacy and his efforts to “fortify” Israel’s economy, and its honorary chairmen included media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump and then-head of Bear Stearns Alan Greenberg, all of whom are connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

During his time as deputy assistant secretary of defense, Lauder was also very active in Israeli politics and had already become an ally of the then-Israeli representative to the United Nations and future prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Lauder would go on to be one of the most important individuals in Netanyahu’s rise to power, particularly during his upset victory in 1996, and a major financier of Israel’s right-wing Likud Party.

In 1986, the year that Roy Cohn died, Lauder left his post at the Pentagon and became the U.S. ambassador to Austria, where his tenure was shaped by his confrontations with the then-Austrian president and former Nazi collaborator, Kurt Waldheim. Lauder’s interest in Austrian politics has continued well into recent years, culminating in accusations that he sought to manipulate Austrian elections in 2012.

After leaving his ambassadorship, Lauder founded the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in 1987 and later went on to run for Mayor of New York against Rudy Giuliani in 1989. Lauder was encouraged to run by then-Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who had close ties to Roy Cohn and his long-time law partner Tom Bolan, who was D’Amato’s adviser. At the aforementioned 1983 B’nai B’rith dinner honoring Cohn, D’Amato was the featured speaker.

The likely reason was that Giuliani, though once an ally of the “Roy Cohn machine,” was at the time deeply disliked by the late Cohn’s associates for prosecuting Cohn’s former law partner, Stanley Friedman, for racketeering, conspiracy and other charges. Giuliani also had a history of bitter disagreements with D’Amato. Lauder’s primary campaign, though unsuccessful, was noted for its viciousness and its cost, as it burned through more than $13 million.

A few years later, in the early 1990s, Lauder would join a newly formed group that has long evaded scrutiny from the media but has recently become of interest in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal: the Mega Group.

Lauder, Epstein and the mysterious Austrian passport

Before getting to the Mega Group, it is worth noting one particular act apparently undertaken by Lauder while he was U.S. ambassador to Austria that has recently come to light in relation to the arrest in early July of Jeffrey Epstein, a finding first reported by journalist Edward Szall. When police recently discovered an Austrian passport with Epstein’s picture and a fake name after raiding his Manhattan residence, the source and purpose of the passport came under media scrutiny.

According to the Associated Press, Epstein’s defense lawyers specifically argued that “a friend gave it to him [Epstein] in the 1980s after some Jewish-Americans were informally advised to carry identification bearing a non-Jewish name when traveling internationally during a period when hijackings were more common.” This claim appears to be related to concerns that followed the hijacking of Air France Flight 139 in 1976 when Israeli and Jewish hostages were separated from other hostages based largely on the passports in their possession.

Given that Epstein was unable to meet the conventional qualifications for an Austrian passport — including long-term residency in Austria (the passport lists him as a resident of Saudi Arabia) and fluency in German — it appears that the only way to have acquired an Austrian passport was by unconventional means, meaning assistance from a well-connected Austrian official or foreign diplomat with clout in Austria.

Ronald Lauder, right, and Austrian Chancellor Viktor Klima pose with students from the Lauder Chabad School in Vienna, Austria in 1999. Martin Gnedt | AP

Lauder, then-ambassador to Austria for the Reagan administration, would have been well-positioned to acquire such a passport, particularly for the reason cited by Epstein’s attorneys that Jewish-Americans could be targeted during travel, and in light of Lauder’s very public concerns over threats Jews face from certain terror groups. Furthermore, the passport had been issued in 1987, when Lauder was still serving as an ambassador.

In addition, Lauder was well-connected to Epstein’s former patron — former head of Bear Stearns Alan Greenberg, who had hired Epstein in the late 1970s immediately after the latter was fired from the Dalton School — and Donald Trump, another friend of Lauder and Greenberg who began his friendship with Epstein in 1987, the same year the fake Austrian passport was issued. In 1987, Epstein also began his relationship with his principal financier, Leslie Wexner, who is also closely associated with Lauder (though some sources claim that Epstein and Wexner first met in 1985 but that their strong business relationship was not established until 1987).

Though Epstein’s defense attorney declined to reveal the identity of the “friend” who provided him with the fake Austrian passport, Lauder was both well-positioned to acquire it in Austria and also deeply connected to the Mega Group, which was co-founded by Epstein’s patron Leslie Wexner and to which Epstein has many connections. These connections to both the Austrian government and to Epstein’s mentor make Lauder the most likely person to have acquired the document on Epstein’s behalf.

Furthermore, Epstein and the Mega Group’s ties to the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, also suggest Lauder was involved in procuring the passport, in light of his close ties to the Israeli government and the fact that Mossad has a history of using ambassadors abroad to procure false, foreign passports for its operatives.

Lauder himself has been alleged to have ties to Mossad, as he is a long-time funder of IDC Herzliya, an Israeli university closely associated with Mossad and their recruiters as well as Israeli military intelligence. Lauder even founded IDC Herzliya’s Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy.

Furthermore, Lauder co-founded the Eastern European broadcasting network CETV with Mark Palmer, a former U.S. diplomat, Kissinger aide and Reagan speechwriter. Palmer is better known for co-founding the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an organization often described as an accessory to U.S. intelligence, and one whose first president confessed to the Washington Post that “a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” A 2001 report in the Evening Standard noted that Epstein once claimed that during the 1980s he worked for the CIA, but Epstein later backed away from that assertion.

The origins of the Mega Group Mafia

The Mega Group — a secretive group of billionaires to which Lauder belongs — was formed in 1991 by Charles Bronfman and Leslie Wexner, the latter of whom has received considerable media scrutiny following the July arrest of his former protege Jeffrey Epstein. Media profiles of the group paint it as “a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen” focused on “philanthropy and Jewishness,” with membership dues upwards of $30,000 per year. Yet several of its most prominent members have ties to organized crime.

Mega Group members founded and/or are closely associated with some of the most well-known pro-Israel organizations. For instance, members Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt formed Birthright Taglit with the backing of then- and current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Steinhardt, an atheist, has stated that his motivation in helping to found the group was to advance his own belief that devotion to and faith in the state of Israel should serve as “a substitute for [Jewish] theology.”

Other well-known groups associated with the Mega Group include the World Jewish Congress — whose past president, Edgar Bronfman, and current president, Ronald Lauder, are both Mega Group members — and B’nai B’rith, particularly its spin-off known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Bronfman brothers were major donors to the ADL, with Edgar Bronfman serving as the ADL’s honorary national vice-chair for several years.

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres, second from left, listens to Edgar Bronfman during a 1995 lunch thrown in Peres’ honor. From left are: Laurence Tisch, Chairman, President and Chief executive officer of CBS; Israeli Ambassador to the United States. Itamar Rabinowitz and Bronfman. David Karp | AP

When Edgar Bronfman died in 2013, long-time ADL Director Abe Foxman said, “Edgar was for many years Chair of our Liquor Industry Division, Chair of our New York Appeal, and one of our most significant benefactors.” Other Mega Group members that are donors and major supporters of the ADL include Ronald LauderMichael Steinhardt and the late Max Fisher. As previously mentioned, Roy Cohn’s father was a long-time leader of B’nai B’rith’s influential New England-New York chapter and Cohn was later a celebrated member of its banking and finance lodge.

In addition, Mega Group members have also been key players in the pro-Israel lobby in the United States. For instance, Max Fisher of the Mega Group founded the National Jewish Coalition, now known as the Republican Jewish Coalition — the main pro-Israel neoconservative political lobbying group, known for its support of hawkish policies, and whose current chief patrons, Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus, are among Donald Trump’s top donors.

Though the Mega Group has officially existed only since 1991, the use of “philanthropy” to provide cover for more unscrupulous lobbying or business activities was pioneered decades earlier by Sam Bronfman, the father of Mega Group members Edgar and Charles Bronfman. While other North American elites like J.D. Rockefeller had previously used philanthropic giving as a means of laundering their reputations, Bronfman’s approach to philanthropy was unique because it was focused on giving specifically to other members of his own ethno-religious background.

Sam Bronfman, as was detailed in Part I of this series, had long-standing deep ties to organized crime, specifically Meyer Lanksy’s organized crime syndicate. Yet, Bronfman’s private ambition, according to those close to him, was to become a respected member of high society. As a consequence, Bronfman worked hard to remove the stain that his mob associations had left on his public reputation in Canada and abroad. He accomplished this by becoming a leader in Canada’s Zionist movement and, by the end of the 1930s, he was head of the Canadian Jewish Congress and had begun to make a name for himself as a philanthropist for Jewish causes.

Yet even some of Bronfman’s activism and philanthropy had hints of the mobster-like reputation he tried so hard to shake. For instance, Bronfman was actively involved in the illegal shipping of arms to Zionist paramilitaries in Palestine prior to 1948, specifically as a co-founderof the National Conference for Israeli and Jewish Rehabilitation that smuggled weapons to the paramilitary group Haganah.

At the same time Bronfman was abetting the illegal smuggling of weapons to the Haganah, his associates in the criminal underworld were doing the same. After World War II, close aides of David Ben-Gurion, who would later become the first prime minister of Israel and was instrumental in the founding of Mossad, forged tight-knit relationships with Meyer Lansky, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Mickey Cohen and other Jewish gangsters of the period. They used their clandestine networks to establish a vast arms smuggling network between the United States and Zionist settlements in Palestine, arming both the Haganah and the Irgun paramilitary groups. As noted in Part I of this report, at the same time these gangsters were aiding the illegal arming of ZIonsit paramilitaries, they were strengthening their ties to U.S. intelligence that had first been formally (though covertly) established in World War II.

After Israel was founded, Sam Bronfman worked with future Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres to negotiate the sale of Canadian armaments at half-price to Israel and the bargain weapons purchase was paid for entirely by a fundraising dinner hosted by Bronfman and his wife. Many years later, Peres would go on to introduce another future prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, to Jeffrey Epstein.

The rest of the Bronfman family’s march on “the road to respectability” was undertaken by Bronfman’s children, who married into aristocratic families such as the European Rothschildsand the Wall Street “royalty” of the Lehmans and the Loebs.

The Bronfmans’ newfound respectability did not mean that their association with the Lansky-led criminal empire had dissolved. Indeed, prominent members of the Seagrams dynasty came under fire in the 1960s and 1970s for their close association with Willie “Obie” Obront, a major figure in Canadian organized crime, whom Canadian professor Stephen Schneider has referred to as the Meyer Lansky of Canada.

However, Edgar and Charles Bronfman were hardly the only members of the Mega Group with deep and long-standing ties to the Lansky-led National Crime Syndicate. Indeed, one of the group’s prominent members, hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt, opened up about his own family ties to Lansky in his autobiography No Bull: My Life in and out the Markets, where he noted that his father, Sol “Red McGee” Steinhardt, was Lansky’s jewel fence of choice and a major player in New York’s criminal underworld. Sol Steinhardt was also his son’s first client on Wall Street and helped him jumpstart his career in finance.

The ties between the Mega Group and the National Crime Syndicate don’t stop there. Another prominent member of the Mega Group with ties to this same criminal network is Max Fisher, who has been described as Wexner’s mentor and is also alleged to have worked with Detroit’s “Purple Gang” during Prohibition and beyond. The Purple Gang were part of the network that smuggled Bronfman liquor from Canada into the United State during Prohibition, and one of its founders, Abe Bernstein, was a close associate of both Meyer Lansky and Moe Dalitz. Fisher was a key adviser to several U.S. presidents, beginning with Dwight D. Eisenhower, as well as to Henry Kissinger.

Max Fisher, center, and Henry Kissinger, right, meet with leaders of Jewish organizations prior to Kissinger’s 1975 Middle East trip. Henry Burroughs | AP

In addition to Fisher, Mega Group member Ronald Lauder was connected to Roy Cohn and Tom Bolan, both of whom were closely associated with this same Lansky-led crime network (see Part I and Part II) and who regularly represented top Mafia figures in court. Furthermore, another member of the Mega Group, director Steven Spielberg, is a well-known protege of Lew Wasserman, the mob-connected media mogul and long-time backer of Ronald Reagan’s film and later political career, discussed in Part II of this series.

One surprise connection to Cohn involves Mega Group member, and former president of U.S. weapons firm General Dynamics, Lester Crown, whose brother-in-law is David Schine, Cohn’s confidant and alleged lover during the McCarthy hearings, whose relationship with Cohnhelped bring about the downfall of McCarthyism.

Another member of the Mega Group worth noting is Laurence Tisch, who owned CBS News for several years and founded Loews Corporation. Tisch is notable for his work for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, where Donald Barry, who hired Epstein at the Dalton School, also served and which forged ties with Lansky’s criminal empire during World War II.

Wexner’s mansions and the Shapiro murder

Leslie “Les” Wexner, the other Mega Group co-founder, also has ties to organized crime. Wexner’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein have come under scrutiny following the latter’s recent arrest, as Wexner was the only publicly acknowledged client of Epstein’s suspicious hedge fund, the source of much of this wealth, and the previous owner of Epstein’s $56 million Manhattan townhouse, which Wexner transferred to an Epstein-controlled entity for free.

Before Epstein received the townhouse, Wexner appears to have used the residence for some unconventional purposes, noted in a 1996 New York Times article on the then-Wexner-owned residence, which included “a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink.” The Timesarticle does not speculate as to the purpose of this equipment, though the allusion to famous fictional superspy James Bond suggests that it may have been used to snoop on guests or conduct electronic surveillance.

The 1996 Times article also noted that, after Wexner bought the residence for $13.2 million in 1989, he spent millions more decorating and furnishing the home, including the addition of the electronic equipment in the “James Bond” bathroom, only to apparently never live in it. The Times, which interviewed Epstein for the piece, quoted him as saying that “Les never spent more than two months there.” Epstein told the Times, which identified Epstein as Wexner’s “protege and one of his financial advisers,” that the house, by that time, already belonged to him.

That same year, Epstein was commissioning artwork for Wexner’s Ohio mansion. A recent article from the Times noted that:

In the summer of 1996, Maria Farmer was working on an art project for Mr. Epstein in Mr. Wexner’s Ohio mansion. While she was there, Mr. Epstein sexually assaulted her, according to an affidavit Ms. Farmer filed earlier this year in federal court in Manhattan. She said that she fled the room and called the police, but that Mr. Wexner’s security staff refused to let her leave for 12 hours.”

Farmer’s account strongly suggests that, given the behavior of his personal security staff at his mansion following Epstein’s alleged assault on Farmer, Wexner was well aware of Epstein’s predatory behavior towards young women. This is compounded by claims made by Alan Dershowitz — a former lawyer for and friend of Epstein’s, who has also been accused of raping underage girls — that Wexner has also been accused of raping underage girls exploited by Epstein on at least seven occasions.

The presence of the electronic equipment in his home’s bathroom, other oddities related to the townhouse, and aspects of the links between Epstein and Wexner suggest there is more to Wexner, who has rather successfully developed a public image of a respectable businessman and philanthropist, much like other prominent members of the Mega Group.

Leslie Wexner and his wife Abigail tour the “Transfigurations” exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Jay LaPrete | AP

However, bits and pieces of Wexner’s private secrets have occasionally bubbled up, only to be subjected to rapid cover-ups amidst concerns of “libeling” the powerful and well-connected billionaire “philanthropist.”

In 1985, Columbus (Ohio) lawyer Arthur Shapiro was murdered in broad daylight at point-blank range in what was largely referred to as a “mob style murder.” The homicide still remains unsolved, likely due to the fact that then-Columbus Police Chief James Jackson ordered the destruction of key documents of his department’s investigation into the murder.

Jackson’s ordering of the documents’ destruction came to light years later in 1996, when he was under investigation for corruption. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Jackson justified the destruction of one “viable and valuable” report because he felt that it “was so filled with wild speculation about prominent business leaders that it was potentially libelous.” The nature of this “wild speculation” was that “millionaire businessmen in Columbus and Youngstown were linked to the ‘mob-style murder.’”

Though Jackson’s efforts were meant to keep this “libelous” report far from public view, it was eventually obtained by Bob Fitrakis — attorney, journalist, and executive director of the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism — after he was “accidentally” sent a copy of the report in 1998 as part of a public records request.

The report, titled “Shapiro Homicide Investigation: Analysis and Hypothesis,” names Leslie Wexner as linked “with associates reputed to be organized crime figures” and also lists the names of businessman Jack Kessler, former Columbus City Council President and Wexner associate Jerry Hammond, and former Columbus City Council member Les Wright as also being involved in Shapiro’s murder.

The report also noted that Arthur Shapiro’s law firm — Schwartz, Shapiro, Kelm & Warren — represented Wexner’s company, The Limited, and states that “prior to his death, Arthur Shapiro managed this account [The Limited] for the law firm.” It also noted that, at the time of his death, Shapiro “was the subject of an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service because he had failed to file income tax returns for some seven years prior to his death, and he had invested in some questionable tax shelters.” It also stated that his death prevented Shapiro from his planned testimony at a grand jury hearing about these “questionable tax shelters.”

As to Wexner’s alleged links to organized crime, the report focuses on the close business relationship between Wexner’s The Limited and Francis Walsh, whose trucking company “[had] done an excess of 90 percent of the Limited’s trucking business around the time of Shapiro’s murder,” according to the report. Walsh was named in a 1988 indictment as a “co-conspirator” of Genovese crime family boss Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, whose long-time lawyer was Roy Cohn; and the Shapiro murder report stated that Walsh was “still considered associates of the Genovese/LaRocca crime family, and Walsh was still providing truck transportation for The Limited.”

Notably, the Genovese crime family has long formed a key part of the National Crime Syndicate, as its former head, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, co-created the criminal organization with his close friend Meyer Lansky. Upon Luciano’s imprisonment and subsequent deportation from the United States, Lansky took over the syndicate’s U.S. operations and his association with Luciano’s successors continued until Lansky’s death in 1983.

The “Mega” Mystery and the Mossad

In May 1997, the Washington Post broke an explosive story — long since forgotten — based on an intercepted phone call made between a Mossad official in the U.S. and his superior in Tel Aviv that discussed the Mossad’s efforts to obtain a secret U.S. government document. According to the Post, the Mossad official stated during the phone call that “Israeli Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar had asked him whether he could obtain a copy of the letter given to [Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat by [then-Secretary of State Warren] Christopher on Jan. 16, the day after the Hebron accord was signed by Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.”

The Post article continued:

According to a source who viewed a copy of the NSA transcript of the conversation, the intelligence officer, speaking in Hebrew, said, ‘The ambassador wants me to go to Mega to get a copy of this letter.’ The source said the supervisor in Tel Aviv rejected the request, saying, ‘This is not something we use Mega for.’”

The leaked communication led to an investigation that sought to identify an individual code-named “Mega” that the Post said “may be someone in the U.S. government who has provided information to the Israelis in the past,” a concern that subsequently spawned a fruitless FBI investigation. The Mossad later claimed that “Mega” was merely a codeword for the U.S.’ CIA, but the FBI and NSA were unconvinced by that claim and believed that it was a senior U.S. government official that had potentially once been involved in working with Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. naval intelligence analyst later convicted of spying for the Mossad.

Almost one year to the day after the “Mega” spy scandal broke, the Wall Street Journal was the first outlet to report on the existence of a little-known organization of billionaires that was “informally” called the Mega Group and had been founded years prior in 1991. The report made no mention of the spy scandal that had spread concerns of Israeli espionage in the U.S. only a year prior. However, the group’s distinctive “informal” name and the connections of its members to the Mossad and to high-ranking Israeli politicians, including prime ministers, raise the possibility that “Mega” was not an individual, as the FBI and NSA had believed, but a group.

In 1997, when the “Mega” spy scandal broke, Netanyahu had recently become prime minister of Israel after an upset victory, a victory that was largely credited to one well-connected Netanyahu backer in particular, Ronald Lauder. Beyond being a major donor, Lauder had brought Arthur Finklestein on to work for Netanyahu’s 1996 campaign, whose strategies were credited for Netanyahu’s surprise win. Netanyahu was close enough to Lauder that he personally enlisted Lauder and George Nader to serve as his peace envoys to Syria.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara with Ronald Lauder in 1997. Photo | Reuters

Nader, who was connected to the Trump 2016 campaign and Trump ally and Blackwaterfounder Erik Prince, was recently hit with federal child sex trafficking charges last month, soon after Jeffrey Epstein had been arrested on similar charges. At the time Nader was picked to work with Lauder on Netanyahu’s behalf, he had already been caught possessing large amounts of child pornography on two separate occasions, first in 1984 and later in 1990.

This strong connection between Netanyahu and Lauder during the time of the 1997 “Mega” spy scandal is important considering Mossad answers directly to Israel’s prime minister.

Another possible connection between the Mega Group and the Mossad owes to the Mega Group’s ties to Meyer Lansky’s criminal network. As was detailed in Part I, Lansky had established deep ties to U.S. intelligence after World War II and was also connected to the Mossad through Mossad official Tibor Rosenbaum, whose bank was frequently used by Lansky to launder money. In addition, Lansky collaborated on at least one occasion with notorious Mossad “superspy” Rafi Eitan, who he helped acquire sensitive electronic equipment possessed only by the CIA but coveted by Israeli intelligence. Eitan is best known in the U.S. for being the Mossad handler of Jonathan Pollard.

Notably, Eitan was the main source of claims that the code-word “Mega” used by the Mossad officials in 1997 referred to the CIA and not to a potential source in the U.S. government once linked to Pollard’s spying activities, making his claims as to the true meaning of the term somewhat dubious.

Given that the organized crime network tied to the Mega Group had ties to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence, the “Mega” codeword could plausibly have referred to this secretive group of billionaires. More supporting evidence for this theory comes from the fact that prominent members of the Mega Group were business partners of Mossad agents, including media mogul Robert Maxwell and commodities trader Marc Rich.

The mysterious Maxwells

The Maxwell family has become a source of renewed media interest following Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, as Ghislaine Maxwell, long described in the media as a British “socialite,” was publicly cited as Epstein’s long-time “on and off” girlfriend, and Epstein’s victims, as well as former wives of Epstein’s friends, have claimed that she was Epstein’s “pimp” and procured underage girls for his sexual blackmail operation. Ghislaine Maxwell is also alleged to have engaged in the rape of the girls she procured for Epstein and to have used them to produce child pornography.

Ghislaine was the favorite and youngest daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell. Maxwell, born Jan Ludvick Hoch, had joined the British Army in World War II. Afterwards, according to authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons, he greatly influenced the Czechoslovakian government’s decision to arm Zionist paramilitaries during the 1948 war that resulted in Israel’s creation as a state, and Maxwell himself was also involved in the smuggling of aircraft parts to Israel.

Around this time, Maxwell was approached by British intelligence outfit MI6 and offered a position that Maxwell ultimately declined. MI6 then classified him as “Zionist — loyal only to Israel” and made him a person of interest. He later became an agent of the Mossad, according to several books including Seymour Hersh’s The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, and Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon.

According to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad case officer:

Mossad was financing many of its operations in Europe from money stolen from Maxwell’s newspaper pension fund. They got their hands on the funds almost as soon as Maxwell made the purchase of the Mirror Newspaper Group with money lent to him by Mossad.”

In exchange for his services, the Mossad helped Maxwell satisfy his sexual appetite during his visits to Israel, providing him with prostitutes, “the service maintained for blackmail purposes.” It was later revealed that the hotel in which he stayed in Israel was bugged with cameras, allowing the Mossad to acquire “a small library of video footage of Maxwell in sexually compromising positions.” As with the CIA, the Mossad’s use of blackmail against both friend and foe is well-documented and known to be extensive.

Maxwell was also a close associate and friend of Israeli “superspy” Rafi Eitan, who, as previously mentioned, was Jonathan Pollard’s handler and who had previously worked directly with Meyer Lansky. Eitan had learned of a revolutionary new software being used by the U.S. government known as “Promis” from Earl Brian, a long-time associate and aide to Ronald Reagan. Promis is often considered the forerunner to the “Prism” software used by spy agencies today and was developed by William Hamilton, who leased the software to the U.S. government through his company, Inslaw, in 1982.

Ariel Sharon (right)meets with Robert Maxwell in Jerusalem on Feb. 20, 1990. Photo | AP

According to author and former BBC investigative journalist Gordon Thomas, Brian was angrythat the U.S. Department of Justice was successfully using Promis to go after organized crime and money-laundering activities and Eitan felt that the program could aid Israel and restore his own standing within the Israeli intelligence community, which had been damaged by the public disclosure of Eitan’s involvement in the Pollard affair and Iran Contra.

A plan was hatched to install a “trapdoor” into the software and then market Promis throughout the world, providing the Mossad with invaluable intelligence on the operations of its enemies and allies while also providing Eitan and Brian with copious amounts of cash. According to the testimony of ex-Mossad official Ari Ben-Menashe, Brian provided a copy of Promis to Israel’s military intelligence, which contacted an Israeli American programmer living in California who then planted the “trapdoor” in the software. The CIA was later said to have installed its own trapdoor in the software but it is unknown if they did so with a version of the already bugged software and how widely it was adopted relative to the version bugged by Israeli intelligence.

After the trapdoor was inserted, the problem became selling the bugged version of the software to governments as well as private companies around the world, particularly in areas of interest. Brian first attempted to buy out Inslaw and Promis and then use that same company to sell the bugged version.

Unsuccessful, Brian turned to his close friend, then-Attorney General Ed Meese whose Justice Department then abruptly refused to make the payments to Inslaw that were stipulated by the contract, essentially using the software for free, which Inslaw claimed to be theft. Some have speculated that Meese’s role in that decision was shaped, not only by his friendship with Brian, but the fact that his wife was a major investor in Brian’s business ventures. Meese would later become an adviser to Donald Trump when he was president-elect.

Inslaw was forced to declare bankruptcy as a result of Meese’s actions and sued the Justice Department. The court later found that the Meese-led department “took, converted, stole” the software through “trickery, fraud and deceit.”

With Inslaw out of the way, Brian sold the software all over the world. Eitan later recruited Robert Maxwell to become another Promis salesman, which he did remarkably well, even succeeding in selling the software to Soviet intelligence and conspiring with Republican Texas Senator John Tower to have the software adopted by the U.S. government laboratory at Los Alamos. Dozens of countries used the software on their most carefully guarded computer systems, unaware that Mossad now had access to everything Promis touched.

Whereas the Mossad’s past reliance on gathering intelligence had relied on the same tactics used by its equivalents in the U.S. and elsewhere, the widespread adoption of the Promis software, largely through the actions of Earl Brian and Robert Maxwell, gave the Mossad a way to gather not just troves of counterintelligence data, but also blackmail on other intelligence agencies and powerful figures.

Indeed, Promis’ backdoor and adoption by intelligence agencies all over the world essentially provided the Mossad with access to troves of blackmail that the CIA and FBI had acquired on their friends and foes for over half a century. Strangely, in recent years, the FBI has sought to hide information related to Robert Maxwell’s connection to the Promis scandal.

According to journalist Robert Fisk, Maxwell was also involved in the Mossad abduction of Israeli nuclear weapons whistleblower Vanunu Mordechai. Mordechai had attempted to provide the media with information on the extent of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which was eventually published by the Sunday Times of London. Yet, Mordechai had also contacted the Daily Mirror with the information, the Mirror being an outlet that was owned by Maxwell and whose foreign editor was a close Maxwell associate and alleged Mossad asset, Nicholas Davies. Journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that Davies had also been involved in Israeli arms deals.

Per Fisk, it was Maxwell who contacted the Israeli Embassy in London and told them of Mordechai’s activities. This led to Mordechai’s entrapment by a female Mossad agent who seduced him as part of a “honey trap” operation that led to his kidnapping and later imprisonment in Israel. Mordechai served an 18-year sentence, 12 years of which were in solitary confinement.

Then, there is the issue of Maxwell’s death, widely cited by mainstream and independent media alike as suspicious and a potential homicide. According to authors Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, Maxwell had sealed his own fate when he attempted to threaten top Mossad officials with the exposure of certain operations if they did not help him rescue his media empire from crippling debt and financial difficulties. Many of Maxwell’s creditors, who had grown increasingly displeased with the media mogul, were Israeli and several of them were alleged to be Mossad-connected themselves.

Thomas and Dillon argue in their biography of Maxwell’s life that the Mossad felt that Maxwell had become more of a liability than an asset and killed him on his yacht three months after he demanded the bailout. On the other extreme are theories that suggest Maxwell committed suicide because of the financial difficulties his empire faced.

Ghislaine Maxwell, far right, Robert Maxwell’s daughter, looks on his casket is unloaded from a plane in Jerusalem, Nov. 8, 1991. Heribert Proepper | AP

Some have taken Maxwell’s funeral held in Israel as the country’s “official” confirmation of Maxwell’s service to the Mossad, as it was likened to a state funeral and attended by no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence. During his funeral service in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized him and stated: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said.” Other eulogies were given by future Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert (then Health Minister) and Shimon Peres, with the latter also praising Maxwell’s “services” on behalf of Israel.

Swimming in the same swamp

As he built his business empire — and even became a member of Parliament, Maxwell was also doing work for Israeli intelligence, as several of the Israeli companies in which he invested became fronts for the Mossad. In addition, as he became a media mogul, he developed a bitter rivalry with Rupert Murdoch, a close friend of Roy Cohn and an influential figure in American and British media.

Maxwell also partnered with the Bronfman brothers, Edgar and Charles — key figures in the Mega Group. In 1989 Maxwell and Charles Bronfman partnered up to bid on the Jerusalem Post newspaper and the Post described the two men as “two of the world’s leading Jewish financiers” and their interest in the venture as “developing The Jerusalem Post and expanding its influence among world Jewry.” A year prior, Maxwell and Bronfman had become top shareholders in the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva.

Maxwell also worked with Charles Bronfman’s brother Edgar in the late 1980s to convince the Soviet Union to allow Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel. Edgar’s efforts in this regard have received more attention, as it was a defining moment of his decades-long presidency of the World Jewish Congress, of which Ronald Lauder is currently president. Yet, Maxwell had also made considerable use of his contacts in the Soviet government in this effort.

Maxwell also moved in the circles of the network previously described in Parts I and II in this series. A key example of this is the May 1989 party Maxwell hosted on his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine — named for his youngest daughter and Epstein’s future “girlfriend.” Attendees of the party included Roy Cohn’s protege Donald Trump and his long-time law partner Tom Bolan. A close friend of Nancy Reagan was also present, journalist Mike Wallace, as was literary agent Mort Janklow, who represented Ronald Reagan and two of Cohn’s closest friends: journalists William Safire and Barbara Walters.

The CEO of what would soon become Time Warner, Steve Ross, was also invited to the exclusive event. Ross’ presence is notable, as he had built his business empire largely through his association with New York crime lords Manny Kimmel and Abner “Longy” Zwillman. Zwillman was a close friend of Meyer Lansky, Michael Steinhardt’s father, and Sam Bronfman, father of Edgar and Charles Bronfman.

Another attendee of the Maxwell yacht party was former Secretary of the Navy and former Henry Kissinger staffer Jon Lehman, who would go on to associate with the controversial neoconservative think tank, Project for a New American Century. Prior to being secretary of the Navy, Lehman had been president of the Abington Corporation, which hired arch-neocon Richard Perle to manage the portfolio of Israeli arms dealers Shlomo Zabludowicz and his son Chaim, who paid Ablington $10,000 month. A scandal arose when those payments continuedafter both Lehman and Perle joined the Reagan Department of Defense and while Perle was working to persuade the Pentagon to buy arms from companies linked to Zabludowicz. Perle had been part of the Reagan transition team along with Roy Cohn’s long-time friend and law partner Tom Bolan (another Maxwell yacht guest).

In addition to Lehman, another former Kissinger staffer, Thomas Pickering was present at Maxwell’s yacht part. Pickering played a minor role in the Iran-Contra affair and, at the time of the Maxwell yacht party, he was U.S. ambassador to Israel. Senator John Tower (R-TX), who allegedly conspired with Maxwell in the Mossad-bugged Promis software at the Los Alamos laboratories, was also present. Tower died just months before Maxwell in a suspicious plane crash.

Ghislaine Maxwell was also at this rather notable event. After her father’s mysterious death and alleged murder on the same yacht that bears her name in 1991, she quickly packed her bags and moved to New York City. There, she soon made the acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein and, a few years later, developed close ties to the Clinton family, which will be discussed in the next installment of this series.

Jeffrey Epstein and the new “Promis”

After it was revealed that Epstein had evaded stricter sentencing in 2008 due to his links to “intelligence,” it was the Mossad ties of Ghislaine Maxwell’s father that have led many to speculate that Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation was sharing incriminating information with the Mossad. Former CBS executive producer and current journalist for the media outlet Narativ, Zev Shalev, has since claimed that he independently confirmed that Epstein was tied directly to the Mossad.

Donald and Melania Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida in 2000. Photo | Davidoff Studios

Epstein was a long-time friend of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who has long-standing and deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community. Their decades-long friendship has been the source of recent political attacks targeting Barak, who is running in the Israeli elections against current Prime Minister Netanyahu later this year.

Barak is also close to Epstein’s chief patron and Mega Group member Leslie Wexner, whose Wexner Foundation gave Barak $2 million in 2004 for a still unspecified research program. According to Barak, he was first introduced to Epstein by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who eulogized Robert Maxwell at his funeral and had decades-long ties with the Bronfman family going back to the early 1950s. Peres was also a frequent participant in programs funded by Leslie Wexner in Israel and worked closely with the Mossad for decades.

In 2015, a few years after Epstein’s release from prison following his conviction for soliciting sex from a minor in 2008, Barak formed a company with Epstein with the chief purpose of investing in an Israeli start-up then known as Reporty. That company, now called Carbyne, sells its signature software to 911 call centers and emergency service providers and is also available to consumers as an app that provides emergency services with access to a caller’s camera and location and also runs any caller’s identity through any linked government database. It has specifically been marketed by the company itself and the Israeli press as a solution to mass shootings in the United States and is already being used by at least two U.S. counties.

Israeli media reported that Epstein and Barak were among the company’s largest investors. Barak poured millions into the company and it was recently revealed by Haaretz that a significant amount of Barak’s total investments in Carbyne was funded by Epstein, making him a “de facto partner” in the company. Barak is now Carbyne’s chairman.

The company’s executive team are all former members of different branches of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, that is often likened to Israel’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Carbyne’s current CEO, Amir Elichai, served in Unit 8200 and tapped former Unit 8200 commander Pinchas Buchris to serve as the company’s director and on its board. In addition to Elichai, another Carbyne co-founder, Lital Leshem, also served in Unit 8200 and later worked for Israeli private spy company Black Cube. Leshem now works for a subsidiary of Erik Prince’s company Frontier Services Group, according to the independent media outlet Narativ.

The company also includes several tie-ins to the Trump administration, including Palantir founder and Trump ally Peter Thiel — an investor in Carbyne. In addition, Carbyne’s board of advisers includes former Palantir employee Trae Stephens, who was a member of the Trump transition team, as well as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Trump donor and New York real-estate developer Eliot Tawill is also on Carbyne’s board, alongside Ehud Barak and Pinchas Buchris.

Narativ, which wrote the first expose on Carbyne after Epstein’s arrest, noted that the Chinese government uses a smartphone app very similar to Carbyne as part of its mass surveillance apparatus, even though the original purpose of the app was for improved emergency reporting. According to Narativ, the Chinese Carbyne-equivalent “monitors every aspect of a user’s life, including personal conversations, power usage, and tracks a user’s movement.”

Given the history of Robert Maxwell — the father of Epstein’s long-time “girlfriend” and young-girl-procuring madam, Ghislaine Maxwell — in promoting the sale of Carbyne’s modified Promis software, which was also marketed as a tool to improve government efficacy but was actually a tool of mass surveillance for the benefit of Israeli intelligence, the overlap between Carbyne and Promis is troubling and warrants further investigation.

It is also worth noting that Unit 8200-connected tech start-ups are being widely integrated into U.S. companies and have developed close ties to the U.S. military-industrial complex, with Carbyne being just one example of that trend.

As MintPress previously reported, Unit 8200-linked outfits like Team8 have recently hired former National Security Agency (NSA) Director Mike Rogers as a senior advisor and gained prominent Silicon Valley figures, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, as key investors. Many American technology companies, from Intel to Google to Microsoft, have merged withseveral Unit 8200-connected start-ups in recent years and have been moving many key jobs and operations to Israel with backing from key Republican donors like Paul Singer. Many of those same companies, particularly Google and Microsoft, are also major U.S. government contractors.

Who was Epstein really working for?

Even though Jeffrey Epstein appears to have had ties to the Mossad, this series has revealed that the networks to which Epstein was connected were not Mossad-exclusive, as many of the individuals close to Epstein — Lesie Wexner, for instance — were part of a mob-connected class of oligarchs with deep ties to both the U.S. and Israel. As was discussed in Part I of this series, the sharing of “intelligence” (i.e., blackmail) between intelligence agencies and the same organized crime network connected to the Mega Group goes back decades. With Leslie Wexner of the Mega Group as Epstein’s chief patron, as opposed to a financier with direct ties to the Mossad, a similar relationship is more than likely in the case of the sexual blackmail operation that Epstein ran.

Given that intelligence agencies in both the U.S. and elsewhere often conduct covert operations for the benefit of oligarchs and large corporations as opposed to “national security interest,” Epstein’s ties to the Mega Group suggest that this group holds a unique status and influence in both the governments of the U.S. and of Israel, as well as in other countries (e.g., Russia) that were not explored in this report. This is by virtue of their role as key political donors in both countries, as well as the fact that several of them own powerful companies or financial institutions in both countries. Indeed, many members of the Mega Group have deep ties to Israel’s political class, including to Netanyahu and Ehud Barak as well as to now-deceased figures like Shimon Peres, and to members of the American political class.

Ultimately, the picture painted by the evidence is not a direct tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.

Though this series has so far focused on the ties of this network to main Republican Party affiliates, the next and final installment will reveal the ties developed between this web and the Clintons. As will be revealed, despite the Clintons’ willingness to embrace corrupt dealings during the span of their political careers, their mostly friendly relationship with this network still saw them use the power of sexual blackmail to obtain certain policy decisions that were favorable to their personal and financial interests but not to the Clintons’ political reputation or agendas.

Feature photo | Graphic by Claudio Cabrera

Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

Pure, unadulterated coincidence….


US warship loitered a month in Red Sea during its embassy move to al-Quds: Report

Sun Sep 15, 2019 01:09AM [Updated: Sun Sep 15, 2019 01:10AM ]
Tear gas is fired at protesters during clashes with Israeli regime forces near the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, east of Gaza City on May 14, 2018, following the the controversial move to Jerusalem of the United States embassy. (Photo by AFP)
Tear gas is fired at protesters during clashes with Israeli regime forces near the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, east of Gaza City on May 14, 2018, following the the controversial move to Jerusalem of the United States embassy. (Photo by AFP)

US Marine forces were placed on high alert to engage in rapid military response in anticipation of major violence stemming from Washington’s controversial bid to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (al-Quds), according to a newly-revealed Pentagon document.

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) aboard the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima loitered in the North Red Sea for the entire month of May in 2018 after assuming an “elevated crisis response posture” in response to the contentious embassy move, a command chronology of the 26th MEU detailed as cited in a Friday report by Marine Corps Times news outlet, which was obtained through a government records request the command chronology of the MEU’s actions and exploits, containing its historical archived record.

According to the chronology, at the time the MEU was focused on “high risk embassies” in [Jordan’s capital] Amman, [Lebanese capital] Beirut and [Egypt’s capital] Cairo, as US authorities prepared to move the embassy to al-Quds in face of international condemnations and massive protest rallies within Palestine and elsewhere.

“Marines aboard the Iwo Jima were on standby to provide alert forces for quick reaction troops or Marines for the tactical recovery of aircraft personnel, commonly known as a TRAP mission,” the chronology further explained.

It also added that those troops “were on standby to react within two hours to six hours of notification of an event that would require their forces to be launched on a mission.”

The decision by US President Donald Trump to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds was announced in early December 2017, prompting worldwide censure, even from US allies. Trump further declared at the time that Washington would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli regime’s official capital.

The newly-declassified document also revealed that on April 25, 2018, the 26th MEU carried out a “full mission profile” of a noncombatant evacuation operation as part of its annual Eager Lion war games in Jordan.

During the military exercise, it added, the US Marines forces inserted security augments and evacuated 36 Department of State and military personnel to the Iwo Jima.

A Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 162 (Reinforced), 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), takes off from the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima (LHD 7) as part of Combined Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) in the Atlantic Ocean. (File photo)

The 26th MEU also took part in the biennial war games dubbed Juniper Cobra held in the Israeli-occupied territories in March 2018, several months prior to the US embassy move.

Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip have been holding protest rallies every week since March 2018, demanding the return of the local population driven out of their homeland by Israeli aggression.

Israeli regime forces have so far killed at least 307 Palestinians since the beginning of the rallies and wounded more than 18,000 others, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Last March, a United Nations fact-finding mission found that Israeli troops committed rights violations during their crackdown against the Palestinian protesters in Gaza that may amount to war crimes.

Gaza has been under Israeli siege since June 2007, which has caused a decline in living standards.

The Israeli regime has also launched three brutal wars against the enclave since 2008, killing thousands of Gazans each time and shattering the impoverished territory’s already poor infrastructure.

Israeli Submarines Suspected of Sabotaging Shipping in Gulf of Oman. In Case of Conflict with Iran, Oil Prices could Double Overnight

It is known that the US has for long had a comprehensive and combined plan with Israel to attack Iranian targets with huge, non-nuclear, bunker-busting, 10 ton, GBU-43  air-blast bombs capable of destroying the deepest underground  installations – these are the most powerful non-nuclear ordnance pieces ever produced – but first the Trump-Netanyahu war-plan needed a credible excuse.

It is also known that the Israeli military have been an integral part of that US plan to first cripple the Iranian economy with global oil sanctions and then to initiate an air and sea attack against the Iranian state and its people.

But first, a credible excuse was required.  That excuse was orchestrated jointly by a belligerent Trump and Netanyahu, this week, when two oil tankers were structurally damaged by limpet mines, off the coast of Oman – subsequent to a similar action the previous week – and the sabotage immediately blamed by US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, without any evidence whatsoever, upon Iran.  However, the state actor concerned was, almost certainly, not Iran but very probably the Israeli navy with its state-of-the-art, German-built, nuclear-armed submarines, covertly patrolling the deep waters of the Gulf.

Iran, of course, unlike Israel, has no nuclear weapons of mass destruction but does have a nuclear-power program and it is these non-military installations that the combined forces of the US and Israel are determined to destroy at any cost in order to further cripple Iran’s civil infrastructure in addition to enforcing a global ban on its oil so as to decimate its economy and to force, yet another, regime change.

The deliberate sabotaging of four shipping tankers in the Gulf and the too obvious accusations against Iran, indicate that US-Israeli plans for a combined attack against the Iranian state are now fairly imminent. And that fact should make the world take notice because such unwarranted and unprovoked aggression against a sovereign state could very easily escalate into a global conflict.  These are very dangerous times, indeed, with an unpredictable and unstable US President determined to instigate a war in the Middle East with a committed partner who has long wanted to destroy Iran in its own bid for regional dominance.

If the conflict materialises and there is an attack against Iran by combined US-Israeli forces, then oil prices could double overnight with devastating global consequences upon all but America who is self-sufficient in oil. That would be reflected in stock-markets worldwide and could lead to a global economic recession in which Europe would suffer disproportionately.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom government should carefully reconsider and recalibrate its response. Much of its future could depend upon it, and its rushed endorsement of unfounded US-Israeli accusations might well prove, in hindsight, to have been unwisely premature.


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Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.


Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Condemn Israeli Plans to Annex Jordan Valley

15 SEP
 5:23 AM

Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Thursday, strongly condemned statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he pledged, if elected, to annex the occupied Jordan Valley in the eastern West Bank, reported WAFA.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, spoke from Cairo, where Arab foreign ministers were meeting to discuss Netanyahu’s declaration as a dangerous escalation, that will torpedo the foundations of the peace process, fuel the conflict and push the entire region towards violence.

He stressed, according to the Jordanian news agency Petra, Jordan’s rejection and condemnation of Netanyahu’s declaration, which he considered a flagrant violation of international law and an election ploy whose price will be the killing of the peace process while undermining the right of people in this region to live in peace.

He described the Israeli declaration as a threat to security and peace in the region and the world.

The Qatari foreign ministry condemned the policy in a statement, that this step would totally destroy all chances of peace, calling it another step in Israeli violations of international law, while doing all it can to steal the Palestinian land and deny the Palestinian people their basic rights.

The Saudi royal court made a statement declaring Netanyahu’s intentions to be a very serious and a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter and international laws and conventions.

It said it undermines all efforts to bring a just peace to the Middle East, stressing that there will be no peace without the Palestinian people getting their land and rights, proclaiming that any such declaration will be considered null and void and will have no legal base.

“The Kingdom condemns and rejects this declaration,” the statement said, affirming that “the Arab and Muslim worlds’ preoccupation with many local and regional crises will not affect the status of the Palestinian issue among Arab and Muslim countries and governments and will not stop the Arab nation, which asserted its commitment to peace through the Arab Peace Initiative, from confronting these unilateral measures taken by Israel and the constant attempts to change the facts of history, geography and violation of legitimate Palestinian rights.”

It called for an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the level of foreign ministers, to discuss this issue and to come up with an urgent action to confront this declaration.

Source : WAFA
Edited for IMEMC : Ali Salam

Israel Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons to ‘Wipe Out’ Its Enemies

Standing next to a secretive Israeli atomic reactor earlier in the week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to “wipe out” his enemies. In a speech that many will see as the Jewish state breaking its long silence over the possession of nuclear weapons, the Likud leader warned that it has the means to destroy its enemies.

“Those who threaten to wipe us out put themselves in a similar danger, and in any event will not achieve their goal,” he said on Wednesday during a ceremony to rename the complex, near the desert town of Dimona.

The site has long been suspected to be the location where Israel has been developing nuclear weapons.

Iran hit back by describing Netanyahu as a “warmonger”.  The threat “atomic annihilation” against the Islamic Republic was denounced as “beyond shameless in the gall”.

“Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by a warmonger standing next to an actual nuclear weapons factory,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his official Twitter account.

Javad Zarif


Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by a warmonger standing next to an actual nuclear weapons factory. Beyond shameless in the gall.

View image on Twitter

Zarif also commented on Israel’s nuclear programme saying:

“As the world marks Int’l Day against Nuclear Tests, let’s remember that only nuclear bombs in our region belong to Israel and the US; the former a habitual aggressor & the latter the sole user of nukes. Let’s also remember that Iran has called for Nuclear Weapon Free Zone since 1974.”

Israel has never acknowledged possessing nuclear weapons, instead maintaining a policy of “strategic ambiguity”. Foreign reports have put the size of Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the dozens to hundreds of weapons.

Earlier this month a science journal published by Princeton University’s Science and Global Security journal claimed that Israel conducted illegal nuclear test in contravention of international law.

Netanyahu’s remarks came as Israel lobbies world powers to follow the US in exiting a 2015 international deal with Iran that capped the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capabilities.


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Featured image is from Shutterstock


West Germany ‘secretly funded Israel’s nuclear bomb’, despite Israel denials

Former chancellor Konrad Adenauer has long been accused of secretly channelling hundreds of millions of dollars into Israel’s nuclear programme in the 1960s

Israel's top secret nuclear facility in the southern Israeli town of Dimona

Israel’s top secret nuclear facility in the southern Israeli town of Dimona Photo: Channel 10/AP

West Germany secretly funded the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons, a German newspaper has claimed, despite Israeli denials.

Welt newspaper repeated long-standing allegations that the government of former chancellor Konrad Adenauer secretly channelled hundreds of millions of dollars into Israel’s nuclear programme in the 1960s.

Konrad Adenauer West German chancellor pictured in the 1950s (INTERFOTO /Alamy)

The newspaper insisted the claims were true, despite a categorical denial earlier this month from Shimon Peres, the former Israeli president, who was in charge of the nuclear weapons project at the time.

In a detailed report, Welt claimed the funds were disguised as a $500 million (£338 million) loan for the development of the Negev desert.

The arrangement was agreed at a meeting between Mr Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli prime minister, in New York in 1960, the newspaper claimed.

The agreement was informal and was never scrutinised by the West German cabinet or parliament.

It was known as “Aktion Geschäftsfreund”, or “Operation Business Associate” by the West German foreign ministry.

The funds were channelled to Israel through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, a government-owned development bank.

The bank has declined to release details of its payments to Israel under the programme.

It has long been claimed that West Germany helped pay for Israel’s nuclear weapons programme, but Mr Peres issued a denial earlier this month.

The 91-year-old told Spiegel magazine the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding.

The suspicions date back to claims by Franz Josef Strauss, a former West German defence minister, about a secret meeting with Mr Ben-Gurion in Paris in 1961.

The former Israeli prime minister had “come to talk about nuclear weapons production”, Mr Strauss claimed.

Mr Peres, who was also at the meeting, told Spiegel: “Maybe Strauss understood that, but I didn’t hear Ben-Gurion say it”.

He told the magazine the West German money was indeed spent on “the development of the Negev desert”.

Mr Peres is believed to have been in charge of the Israeli nuclear weapons project.

Israel has never officially acknowledged it possesses nuclear weapons.

Explicit details and photographs of its weapons project were leaked by Mordechai Vanunu, a former nuclear technician, in 1986.

The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.



A Talmudic kid´s kill-game against  the Arab natives’ lives in the Holy Land – Shalom, Shalom!

Sat Sep 14, 2019 08:31PM [Updated: Sat Sep 14, 2019 08:36PM ]
A couple walks past a defaced election billboard for the Likud party showing US President Donald Trump (L) shaking hands with Likud chairman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem al-Quds on September 14, 2019. (AFP photo)
A couple walks past a defaced election billboard for the Likud party showing US President Donald Trump (L) shaking hands with Likud chairman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem al-Quds on September 14, 2019. (AFP photo)

US President Donald Trump is trying to “further anchor” the alliance between Washington and Tel Aviv as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struggles to remain in power.

On Saturday, Trump said on Twitter that he had spoken with the Israeli premier about “a Mutual Defense Treaty” with the Zionist regime.

“I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries,” said the US president.

Trump further voiced willingness to meet Netanyahu on the sidelines of the upcoming United Nations General Assembly session in New York.

In response, the hawkish prime minister thanked Trump, asserting that Israel “has never had a greater friend in the White House.”

“I look forward to our meeting at the UN to advance a historic Defense Treaty between the United States and Israel,” he added.

The two have floated the idea of a so-called defense treaty days before Israelis are heading to the polls.

Trump has previously voiced support for Netanyahu to stay in power and the tweet appears to be a last-minute attempt to boost his image by citing their close alliance before the Tuesday elections.

Netanyahu is facing corruption charges, which play a key role in the campaigning of his opponent, former Israeli armed forces chief Benny Gantz.


Trump’s Other Wall. “The Wall of Money”. Towards a Global Currency War?


Trump brags about the ‘wall of money’ now flowing into the US from abroad–from Europe, Asia, emerging market economies–as the global economy slides into recession there faster than in the US. He thinks that is great news for the US economy. But it’s quite the opposite.

Trump’s trade war, his provoking of a global currency war, his monetary policy of forcing the Fed to lower rates all exacerbate the Wall of Money inflow to the US which hastens the decline of the global economy.

Behind the Wall of Money inflow is $17 trillion in negative interest rates in Europe and Japan that is driving money out of those economies and into US Treasuries as a ‘safe haven’, causing a rise in the dollar relative to other currencies and causing currencies worldwide outside the US to fall in turn. As other currencies fall, capital flight from their economies (Europe, Latin America, Asia) sends still more dollars to the US–driving the dollar higher still. A vicious cycle ensues: declining currencies leads to more capital flight, to more demand for US$, to rising dollar value, to further decline in other currencies, etc. Investment collapses and recessions deepen further outside the US.

US Multinational corporations doing business in other countries see their profits rapidly eroding in those economies, as the currencies in the countries in which they’re doing business collapse. They then rush to convert their Pesos, Euros, Rupees, etc. into dollars as quickly as possible and repatriate their offshore profits back to the US. The result: the US$ rises still more.

Trump’s trade war has a similar negative compounding effect as negative rates offshore, capital flight, and multinational corporation repatriation: Today’s slowing global economy (already in a manufacturing recession everywhere including the US) is largely driven by business investment contracting in the face of uncertainty due to Trump’s trade war. That uncertainty and declining investment leads to central banks worldwide reducing their interest rates in a desperate effort to stimulate their economies, which is now happening. But lower interest rates in Europe, Emerging markets, etc. has the negative effect of depressing the value of their currencies still further–leading to even more capital flight to the US, buying up more US Treasuries, and driving up the US $ even more. In other words, Trump’s trade war is also driving the Wall of Money to grow further.

But the Wall of Money is a symptom and represents the global economy outside the US sliding deeper into recessions–a global economic decline that is now spilling over to the US economy.

What’s Trump’s solution? Trump browbeats the Federal Reserve to get Powell, its chair, to lower rates, in the hope lower rates will discourage capital inflow to the US (i.e. the Wall) and thus slow the rise of the dollar. But global recession and the ‘wall of money’ now more than offset any Fed rate cuts effect on the US$. Meanwhile, Trump’s monetary policy (lower interest rates) accelerates the wall of money inflow further by forcing the central banks of other economies to lower their rates still further.

Trump policies have also set off a global currency war, which is about to intensify as he targets China’s Yuan-Reminbi. China is already responding by allowing the Yuan to slowly devalue to offset Trump’s tariffs on China exports. Devaluation of the Yuan forces other economies to devalue their currencies further, as their central banks lower their interest rates further, in Europe and Japan that means even deeper negative rates and more capital flight to US Treasuries and an even higher US$.

In short, Trump’s trade war, his provoking of a global currency war, his monetary policy of forcing the Fed to lower rates all exacerbate the Wall of Money inflow to the US and hasten the decline of the global economy.

Trump has not only clearly now lost control of trade negotiations with China. He has lost control of US monetary policy with the Fed that now refuses to be stampeded, he has lost control of any stabilization of the US dollar, and he has accelerated forces that are driving the global economy into recession.

And it’s only a matter of time–a short time–before it’s also clear he’s lost control of the US economy as well.


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This article was originally published on the author’s blog site, Jack Rasmus.

Jack Rasmus is author of the forthcoming book, ‘The Scourge of Neoliberalism: US Policy from Reagan to Trump’, Clarity Press, October 1, 2019. His website is http;//kyklosproductions.com and twitter handle @drjackrasmus.


“Creating Money out of Thin Air”: Public Banking and Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt” Website

A Review


You may not have heard of Ellen Brown but she is without a doubt the world’s most persistent advocate for public banking.

So what, you may ask! What she is fighting for is a change in our banking system so that it serves the people and not the bankers. If we were to do so we could have a society with no public debt, no need for austerity policies, average people would live better lives, education would be free.

The difference between public banking and private banking is simple. When the banks are privately owned, a few senior bankers and the shareholders reap the benefits. With public banking everyone shares the benefits.

One of her blogs is entitled How Banks Secretly Create Money and she quotes Sir Josiah Stamp who was President of the Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920s. He addressed the University of Texas in 1927:

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented….. if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.”

Nothing has changed since Stamp made his speech. This is what he was talking about; if you get approved for a loan, the bank will put money into your account with a few keystrokes. A credit in your account, a debit in the banks. No money changes hands, instead money is created. The bank then gets interest on the loan but has invested nothing …. ‘the most astounding sleight of hand ever invented.’

This is done in plain sight and is reported in news of the money supply. M1 is money as we understand it, M2 is the money created out of thin air. As of June 2019, the M1 in the U.S. was 3,831.7 billion dollars and the M2 was 14,744.1 billion over three times more ‘thin air’ money than real. It would be accurate to say the banks create debt and not wealth since every dollar of M2 is debt.

Today, Brown uses the Bank of North Dakota to show how public banking is better. It’s a state-owned institution, the only one in the United States. It was founded in 1919 to promote state interests in competition to the commercial banks. Ellen Brown quotes the Wall Street Journal article in November 2014.

”the public banking model is simply more profitable and efficient than the private model. Profits, rather than being siphoned into offshore tax havens, are recycled back into the bank, the state and the community.”

Ellen Hodgson Brown is a Californian attorney who got her law degree from UCLA in 1977. She was a civil litigation attorney in LA for ten years. In 2011 she founded the Public Banking Institute. She ran for California State Treasurer in 2014 and got a record number of votes for a Green Party candidate.

In 2007 she published The Web of Debt which explains myths about money, how it is created out of thin air and managed by the privately-owned Federal Reserve in the United States, its one a dozen books she has written. In 2011 she formed the public Banking Institute and earlier this year published her latest book Banking on the People; Democratizing Money in the Digital Age.

Public banking is a simple concept. North Dakota like every other state, collects money for many things; fees, licenses, business and personal income taxes. Unlike the other states which puts these dollars into the private banks, North Dakota puts the money into its own state-owned bank and with that, they get interest on the money and can lend the money for profit. All the other states put their money into private banks giving up the option to lend it and giving up the profit! It’s that simple!

Does it work?

It sure does as the Nov. 16, 2014 issue of the Wall Street Journal’s Chester Dawson reported:

BISMARCK, N.D.—It is more profitable than Goldman Sachs Group Inc., has a better credit rating than J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and hasn’t seen profit growth drop since 2003. Meet the Bank of North Dakota, the U.S.’s lone state-owned bank.

Ellen Brown’s writing is easy to read and understandable. If you are not into books, she has written over 200 articles that are on her blog, and you can subscribe to them or read them on Global Research.

Her most recent blog entitled Neoliberalism Has Met its Match in China (of three days ago) is about the emerging situation where the US and the Federal Reserve (a private bank) are up against the 80% state owned banks in China. She reports that ‘the Chinese have proven the effectiveness of their public banking system in supporting their industries and their workers. Rather than seeing it as an existential threat, we could thank them for test-driving the model and take a spin in it ourselves.’

She runs the Web of Debt web site and her blog articles are there.

To access Ellen Brown’s articles on Global Research (2007-  ) click here


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Featured image is by Banksy


EU: Draghi, Lagarde & more QE, as Macron moves to rule Europe

The ECB likes inflation now

Mario Draghi holding a euro shaped balloon.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

The European Central Bank [ECB] is the oldest inflation target in the world, and certainly the one that carries the most political baggage. This week, with very little fanfare, it changed dramatically.

Background: Germany’s Bundesbank implemented an inflation target in 1975 — a full 15 years before New Zealand‘s target was formally adopted. Germany’s target started at 4.5%, but it rapidly fell to 2% in 1987, and was never subsequently changed.

  • Over the course of the postwar era, Germany’s strong currency and low inflation played a proud and central role in the country’s national identity. That was all thanks to the Bundesbank, which had one primary function — to safeguard the currency. Germany’s target wasn’t enshrined in law, like New Zealand’s was, but it helped to shape a nation.
  • When the Deutsche mark was replaced by the euro, the ECB inherited the Bundesbank’s 2% inflation target. That target, then, has now been in place for 32 years.

For all those 32 years, the inflation target has been a ceiling: The aim of the central bank was to get inflation down to 2% or lower. If inflation in Germany was 3%, that marked a failure on the part of the Bundesbank. If inflation was 1%, that was fine.

Driving the news: The official ECB statement accompanying its latest monetary policy decision this week included an important new word. “If the medium-term inflation outlook continues to fall short of our aim,” it says, “the Governing Council is determined to act, in line with its commitment to symmetry in the inflation aim.”

What they’re saying:

“The symmetry means basically that there is no cap, or 2% cap, and that inflation can deviate on both sides. We don’t accept permanently lower inflation rates,”

— Draghi, in his post-meeting press conference.

No Bundesbank president would ever have said something like “We don’t accept permanently lower inflation rates.” Quite the opposite. Permanently lower inflation rates were the German central bank’s stated aim, and the ECB largely inherited that aim. That’s now, officially, a thing of the past.

Why it matters: ECB president Mario Draghi is painfully aware that ultra-loose monetary policy — like the deposit rate of -0.4%, which still has the power to startle — has done little to spark inflation in the eurozone. He knows too that his successor, Christine Lagarde, will need to use all her political skills to cajole Europe’s governments into providing fiscal support for her monetary actions. With this action, he has given Lagarde all the headroom she needs to keep monetary policy as loose as she possibly can, even if inflation exceeds the 2% target.

ECB head Mario Draghi’s time is running out

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Mario Draghi’s penultimate policy meeting as European Central Bank president was a bit like watching a past-his-prime boxer struggling through the late rounds of a fight. “Dovish” Draghi still has the moves, but it’s obvious the game has passed him by and a new era has begun.

Driving the news: Draghi, whose term is set to expire at the end of October, not only cut the ECB’s already negative deposit rate to -0.5%, he also announced additional stimulus of 20 billion euros a month to continue indefinitely and lowered the central bank’s inflation and growth forecasts.

What they’re saying: “Lower rates and QE are unlikely to have much effect on the eurozone economy. Draghi knows that,” Joseph Trevisani, senior analyst at FXStreet, tells Axios in an email. “By placing the onus for inaction on governments he distracts (as much as possible) from the probable failure of the ECB stimulus.”

The big picture: Draghi’s “whatever it takes” mantra has been credited with saving the eurozone, Europe and the euro currency, as the central bank has taken unprecedented steps to bring the economy back to life during his 8 years as its head.

  • However, it has been largely unsuccessful in generating inflation and allowing eurozone economies to stand on their own.
  • Draghi effectively admitted as much on Thursday, calling for politicians to take the reins and administer fiscal stimulus to help prop up their respective economies.
  • But he still pushed forward with exceptional measures, reportedly in the face of unprecedented dissent from the influential central bank governors of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Estonia, among others.

Be smart: “Central banks are loath to ever admit to reaching the limits of monetary policy, but that is more or less where we think the ECB is,” Deutsche Bank chief U.K. economist Mark Wall and senior U.K. economist Peter Sidorov said in a note to clients.

Where it stands: Draghi also tried to placate the heads of Europe’s consumer banks by instituting a tiered deposit system that would spare some banks from having to pay the central bank to park their reserves.

The bottom line: The measures will provide some relief for the banking system, Kathy Jones, chief fixed income strategist for the Schwab Center for Financial Research, tells Axios.

The big question: Will it actually be a sustainable solution for the underlying problems?

  • “Oh, no,” Jones says, with a hearty laugh. “The problem is demand and how to stimulate demand in a world of aging populations, demographic challenges, a China slowdown, trade wars, all those things that really monetary policy can’t solve. They can only address what they can address.”

Will the IMF, the Federal Reserve, Negative Interest Rates and Digital Money Kill the Western Economy?


The IMF, has been instrumental in helping destroying the economy of a myriad of countries, notably, and to start with, the new Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, Greece, Ukraine and lately Argentina, to mention just a few. Madame Christine Lagarde, as chief of the IMF had a heavy hand in the annihilation of at least the last three mentioned.

She is now taking over the Presidency of the European Central Bank (ECB). There, she expects to complete the job that Mario Draghi had started but was not quite able to finish: Further bleeding the economy of Europe, especially southern Europe into anemia.

Let’s see what we may have in store – to come.

Negative interest, we have it already – it’s the latest banking fraud stealing money from depositors to give to large borrowers. It’s a reverse cross-subsidy, the poor financing the rich. That’s the essence. It’s a new form of moving money from the bottom to the top. Now, a Danish bank has launched the world’s first negative interest rate mortgage. It provides mortgages to home owners for a negative rate of 0.5%. The bank pays borrowers to take some money off their books. Of course, as usual, only relatively well-off people can become home owners and benefit from this reverse cross-subsidy. It is a token gesture, duping the public at large into believing that they are benefitting from the new banking stint. The bulk of such operations serve large corporations.

The borrower pays back less than the full loan amount. Switzerland may soon go into the direction of Denmark. Bank deposits with central banks pay negative interest almost everywhere in the western world, except in the US – yet. It’s only a question of time until the average consumer will have to reimburse the banks for their central bank deposit expenses, meaning, the customers are getting negative interest on their deposits. That’s inflation camouflage. A sheer fraud, but all made legal by a system that runs amok, that does not follow any ethics or legal standards. A totally deregulated western private banking system, compliments of the 1990s Clinton Administration, and, of course, his handlers. As Professor Michael Hudson calls it, financial barbarism. We are haplessly enslaved in this aberrant ever more abusive private – fiat money – banking shenaniganism.

RT’s Max Keiser recently interviewed Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org. Denninger told Keiser, “Negative yielding bond is forced inflationary instrument: you buy it, you’re guaranteed inflation in the amount of a negative yield.” He blasted the tool as plain “theft” by any government that issues these bonds, which is done in an effort to nominally expand a country’s GDP. “If the government is issuing more in sovereign debt their GDP is expanding in nominal terms. If you have negative interest rates on those government bonds, you’re creating excess space for the government to run the fiscal deficit […] in excess of GDP expansion. Nobody in any civilized nation should allow this to happen because it is theft, on the scale of that differential, from everybody in the economy,


To make sure the little saver doesn’t think about depositing his savings under his matrass or in a hole in the ground instead of bringing it to the bank, money will be digitized and cash will disappear. Madame Lagarde has already more than hinted at that, when she gave a pre-departure speech at the IMF – explaining on how she sees the future of monetary banking. The future, according to her, being no more than 15 to 20 years away, is a no-cash society. Just enough time for the elder generations – those that may still feel an instinct of rejection and have some consciousness about personal privacy, those that may resist money digitization – may have died out. The young, up-and-coming age groups may be brainwashed enough to find a cashless society so cool.

Since Madame Lagarde is moving to head the ECB in Frankfurt, it is fair to assume that Europe will be one of the largest test grounds for digitized money, i.e. towards a cashless society. In fact, it is already a test ground – many department stores and other shops in Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland – do no longer accept cash, only electronic money. In Denmark already up of 80% of all monetary transactions are made digitally.

Imagine, for your chewing gum wrapper, pack of cigarette, or candy bar, you swipe a card in front of an electronic eye – and bingo, you have paid, not touching any money – “that’s mega cool!” – That’s what the young people may think, oblivious to leaving a trail of personal data behind, among them their bank account details, their GPS-geared location, what they are shopping, a pattern of data that is in ten years-time expected to amount to about 70,000 points of information about an individual’s characteristics, emotions, preferences, photos, personal contacts… what Cambridge Analytica in the superb documentary “The Great Hack” revealed as already today on average 5,000 points of data per citizen. The system will know you inside out better than you know yourself. And you will be exposed to algorithms that know exactly how to influence every action, every move of yours. Cool!

That, combined with face recognition which is advancing rapidly around the globe, will be super cool.

A horrendous trial on how an entire country, India, with the world’s second largest population, may react to demonization, was introduced in 2016 by President Modi, bending to the pressure of the western financial system, with support of the IMF and implementation funding by USAID. It amounted in a disastrous and cruel demonetization, invalidating almost over-night the most popular 100 Rupee (Rs) bank note, replacing it with a 200 Rs note – which in most places, especially in rural towns, where banks are scarce, was not available. Never mind that less than half of the Indian population has a bank account, where the bank note exchange transactions had to be carried out.

The sudden disappearance of the most popular bank note – more than 80% of all monetary cash transactions in India took place in 100 Rs notes – was a proxy to digitization of money. Countless people starved to death especially in rural areas, because their 100 Rs were declared worthless and became unacceptable to buy food

(see also http://www.globalresearch.ca/india-death-by-demonetization-financial-genocide-the-crime-of-the-century/5569859).


The 340,000 citizens of Iceland have already a fully digitized e-ID, now moving towards a mobile ID, i.e. accessible through your smart phone – uniting every possible data that belongs to you, from medical records to insurance policies, all the way to dog, cat and car registrations – you name it. Most say they trust their government and are not unhappy with their divulging their most intimate data. Many have no or little idea, though, to what extent the private sector is involved in setting up such a hermetic countrywide data bank for the government. – Even if the regulator is within the government and you trust your government, how much can you trust the profit-oriented private sector in protecting your data?

The surveillance state that you, among other clandestine intrusions into your privacy, will allow by willy-nilly accepting digitization of money, and eventually digitization of your entire private data, pales Orwell’s imagination of “1984”. Every citizen is registered in every western “security agency’s” electronic data bank – and of course those of the empire and Middle East affiliate, Israel, CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad – and so on – no escaping anymore.

It just so happens that you, dear citizen, are oblivious to all of what is going on behind your back, since your attention will be captured by massive marketing and directed towards the nefarious machinations of the corporate elite ruled, globalized world, making you an eternal and ever-more intense consumer. You must spend the last penny of your income on trendy stuff, all those fashion things that will be pumped non-stop day-in-day-out into your brain, what’s left of it, by propaganda on television, radio, electronic cartoon-like billboards, internet – and that at every turn you take. And let’s not forget sports events – they increase every year and are the most direct deviation tactic take-over from the Roman Empire.

The most aberrant trends will be cool, like shredded jeans, for which you pay a premium, body-paintings, called tattoos, footballer hair styles, because they are fashionable and your looks are key to fit into a standardized, globalized society that has seized thinking for itself – no more interest in politics, in what your non-democratically elected representatives decide for you. It’s what Noam Chomsky calls the marginalization of the populace.

You are made believe that you are living in a democracy where you can do what you want, shop what you want, watch what you want, and even when the elections or occasional referenda are offered to request your opinions, you are cheated into believing your choice is free. Of course, it is not. It is all programmed. Algorithms drawing on your profile of 70,000 points of information on emotions, desires and dreams, will clandestinely help the ‘system’ to enslave, cheat and master you – and you won’t even notice.

That’s where we are headed, largely thanks to digitalization of money – but not only, because surveillance will also follow all your steps on internet, on facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp – and many more of those especially created marketing tools, implanted in societies’ social media, that make life and communication so much easier.

And there is more to digital money. Much more. In 2014, the unelected European Commission (EC) has put on its books of regulations, following a similar decree in the US, the rule that an overextended  bankrupt too-big-to-fail private bank will no longer be rescued by the state, by your tax money – which used to be called a “bail-out”. Instead, there will be “bail-ins”, meaning that the bank will seize your deposits, your savings and sanitize itself with money stolen from you. You have no choice, there will be no ‘run on the banks’ – because there is no cash to withdraw. We have seen signs of this when Greece collapsed after 2010, and cash machines spitting out no more than 20 € per day – if at all. For many of Greek citizens – especially the poorer class living from day to day – this meant often cruel starvation.

Bail-ins are little talked about, but they happen already today and ever more so. In 2014, the Austrian bank Hypo Alpe Adria – the Heta Asset Resolution AG, was given green light by the Austrian Banking Regulator, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), to refinance itself by a so-called “haircut” of an average 54%, meaning, stealing 54% of depositors’ money

(see also https://www.mondialisation.ca/austria-just-announced-a-54-haircut-of-senior-creditors-in-first-bail-in-under-new-eu-rules/5520162).

But the first and largest “haircut” test took place in Cyprus, when in 2013 the Bank of Cyprus depositors lost about 47.5% in a “haircut” to bail out their bank. Of course, the big sharks were forewarned, so they could withdraw their money in time and transfer it abroad

(see also https://www.globalresearch.ca/infringing-upon-the-eurozones-sovereignty-on-behalf-of-wall-street-the-ecbs-haircut-measures-undermining-trade-and-investment-with-russia-and-china/5412477



It could get worse. The state, tax authority, an institution, a corporation says you owe them money which you deny, possibly for a good reason – but they have access to your bank account and just seize the amount they pretend is their due. You are powerless against these tyrannical monsters and may have to hire expensive legal service to get your stolen money back – if at all. Because the “system” is run by the “system”. And once that level has been reached, a form of Full Spectrum Dominance, a key target of the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century), there is hardly any escaping. That has all happened already, in front of our publicity-blinded eyes, little spoken about, the trend is growing – and this even without necessarily a digitized world.

Is it that the kind of society you want?

Then there are the rather prominent gurus who bet on gold and bitcoins to replace the faltering dollar, like a last-ditch solution. None of them is any more viable than the fiat dollar. Gold is highly volatile due to its vulnerability for manipulation – as it is largely controlled bit the BIS (Bank for International Settlement, in Basle, Switzerland, also called the central bank of all central banks, and yes, the same bank that helped the FED finance Hitler’s war against the Soviet Union – so you see where this bank is coming from). It is entirely privately owned and largely controlled by the Rothschild clan. And as an associated side note – few people talk about it, there is in excess of 100 times more paper gold in circulation than you could ever cash in, if you needed it. It is another one of those bank-invented ‘derivative’ bubbles that will explode and serve to enrich them when the time is ripe.

Bitcoins, the most prominent of some 3,000 to 4,000 cryptocurrencies flooding the world, is totally unreliable. A year after it was created in 2008 allegedly by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin’s value in 2009 was US$ 0.08, It gradually rose and eventually jumped in December 2017 briefly above US$ 20,000, but dropped within a year to about US$ 3,500. Today bitcoin is hovering around US$ 9,500 (August / September 2019). Bitcoin – along with other cryptocurrencies – is highly speculative, lends itself to Mafia-type money-laundering and other fraudulent transactions. It is about equivalent to fiat money and certainly inept to be the backing for a monetary system.

And let’s not forget, the latest Facebook initiative – a cryptocurrency, the Libra, to be launched in 2020 out of Geneva, Switzerland – is expected to dominate within a few years 70% to 80% of the international money market. You see, the same clan that has been manipulating and cheating you with the dollar, is now ‘banking’ on you falling for the Facebook currency – as it will be so easy to use your smart phone for any kind of monetary transaction, thus, avoiding traditional predatory banking. Looks like a good thing at the outside – right? – Nope! It’s entirely privately owned and run by an unscrupulous mafia that is being set up to continue milking the masses for the benefits of an ever-smaller elite.

There is however a role for blockchain cryptocurrencies, to circumvent private banking, those that are government controlled and regulated. China and Russia are about to launch their government-controlled cryptocurrencies and others – Iran, Venezuela, India – are following in the same steps. But they all ban privately run cryptocurrencies in their countries – and rightly so. A combination of government-regulated blockchain cryptos and public banking, where no private profits are in the fore, but rather the wellbeing of the citizen and the country’s economy, may be a viable solution into a new monetary scheme, protected from the kleptocracy of western banking.

Desperation about the dollar losing its world hegemony is growing – and growing fast. To salvage the western fiat monetary system, Madame Lagarde and others are also talking about some kind of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to replace the dollar as a reserve currency, since there is no escaping – the dollar as reserve currency is doomed. The current IMF SDR basket consists of five currencies, the US-dollar (weighing 41.73%), the British Pound (8.02%) the Euro (30.93%), the Japanese Yen (8.33%) and since 2017 the Chinese Yuan, the currency of the world’s largest economy compared by Purchasing Power GDP (10.92%).

At this point thinking of any reshuffling of the SDR basket’s contents is purely speculative. However, it can easily be assumed that the dollar would remain in a very prominent position within the basket, as it should remain the leading hegemon of world economy. Let’s not forget, The US Treasury controls the IMF with an absolute veto, in other words – 100%. It can also be assumed that the Chinese Yuan would either be kicked out altogether or would be given a minor weight in the basket, so to diminish its role. If this was to become the chosen option by the US Treasury, it could and probably might prompt China to withdraw the Yuan from the SDR basket, as the Yuan does no longer need SDR recognition in the world to be considered a primary reserve currency.

Unless this is stealthily done – outside of public sight and in disguise of countries still holding major US-dollar reserves, the world would unlikely accept such an alternative, especially since it is widely known among treasurers of countries around the globe that the Chinese Yuan is rapidly raising to become the key world reserve currency.

As reported by William Engdahl’s analytical essay “Is the Fed Preparing to Topple the US Dollar?” – the outgoing Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, delivered at the recent annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a set of ideas that went into a similar direction, towards a shift away from the dominant role of the US dollar as a reserve currency. Similar to Mme. Lagarde’s earlier remarks about an SDR-type reserve currency, he made it understood that though, the Chinese Yuan, the currency of the key trading nation, may have a role in the basket, it would – for now – not be an important one. He also was clear about the current disturbing and destabilizing imbalance – where a faltering dollar still pretends to hold the hegemonic scepter over the world economy.

Keeping the dollar still in a leading role, while the US economy is declining, was no longer a viable option for an increasingly globalized world economy. Carney was hinting at a multipolar monetary and reserve system for a multipolar globalized world. Similar remarks came from former New York Federal Reserve Bank chief, Bill Dudley. However, Dudleyhinted that for the United States to give up her dollar dominance, the backbone for her world hegemony, may not come voluntarily. Might that lead to a major, maybe armed world conflict?

Much of this is speculation from the western perspective. It is however clear, that there is a tremendous and mounting uneasiness about the western, dollar-based fiat monetary system, backed by nothing, not even by the western economy. You compare this with the Chinese Yuan and the Russian Ruble, both backed by gold and – more importantly – by their own economy. It becomes increasingly clear that much of the speculation and efforts by influential central banking figures to save the western monetary Ponzi scheme, maybe just propaganda to calm the minds of western financiers – holding them back from jumping ship.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greanville Post; TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

Peter Koenig is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

First published by the New Eastern Outlook – NEO


First Gay Credit Union Will Offer Loans To Help Finance Sex Change Operations

Superbia Credit Union in Michigan is about to find out if lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people need a bank of their own that caters to their own “special needs”:

Michigan on Monday approved a charter for the new financial institution designed for LGBTQ customers, clearing the way for online service to begin early in 2020.

Superbia Credit Union will offer products which are often outside the scope of a more traditional lender, such as loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning, said Myles Meyers, founder of New York-based Superbia Services Inc., which created the credit union.

“I can walk into a bank or credit union and apply for a loan or credit card or savings accounts and frankly, no problem,” said Meyers. “If I walked in to the same institution with my husband, we can come across different responses and welcome. And this is where it all starts to change for the community.”

Large swaths of corporate America now advertise their support for LGBTQ rights, and hundreds of companies have signed on to support federal and state laws to give equal protection to the community. A majority of Americans say they support gay marriage.

But it’s still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ consumers in most U.S. states, and research shows that gay couples face hurdles in banking regardless of geography. Same-sex couples are less likely to be approved for a loan, for example, and when they are, they pay more for the financing.

There’s a financial incentive to target LGBTQ customers more directly when offering banking services. The combined buying power of the U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adult population was estimated at $987 billion in a 2017 projection by Witeck Communications.

So-called gay “marriages” are statistically very short-lived, especially among gay men, which would make loans to them very high risk, a very logical reason traditional banks would be hesitant to extend large credit lines to them.  And men who want to undergo surgical operations to remove their genitals and make them into fake women are by any rational and humane standard mentally ill, and banks will quickly go out of business loaning money to mental patients.

After all, the whole purpose of an application for a bank loan is to “discriminate” against those people who are more than likely to not pay back the loan, and without the legal ability to “discriminate,” loan applications should be done away with altogether, and banks can just hand out free money to those with the highest “social justice” credit scores.  It’s already being done in China.

Red Sox Fire GM After World Series Title And Replace Him With Hispanic Woman With No Experience

Raquel Ferreira dave dombrowski red sox gm

Shortly after the slumping Boston Red Sox lost 10-5 to the New York Yankees on Sunday night, the team fired Dave Dombrowski, their president of baseball operations, less than a year after he led the Red Sox to a historical 108-win season and a World Series title in 2018:

But Dombrowski’s firing is giving a history-making opportunity to someone in the Red Sox front office. Until new hires can be made, the Red Sox will now be run by a four-person committee: three assistant general managers, all men, and for the first time ever, a woman.

Raquel Ferreira, the vice president of major and minor league operations, is already one of the highest-ranking women in baseball. She’s been with the Red Sox for 20 years, working her way from administrative assistant to the upper echelon of baseball power brokers. And now she’ll be the highest-ranking woman to ever be in a team’s baseball operations department.

Ferreira is highly respected by both Red Sox employees and players. In a profile from the Athletic in 2018, she was called the “organizational mom” for how she helps young, newly-drafted players become acclimated to professional baseball. Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Christian Vazquez, and Jackie Bradley Jr. all gushed about how invaluable she was to their early development.

Ferreira is being appointed to this decision-making group on an interim basis. Once the offseason starts, the Red Sox will hire someone permanently and Ferreira will go back to her job as one of the most powerful women in all of baseball. But Ferreria’s brief ascendency to baseball operations serves as a reminder that there are still baseball mountains for women to summit. Ferreira is the first woman to make team baseball decisions at such a high level, but she definitely won’t be the last.

Baseball, like all professional sports, is being used as a vehicle to promote a radical anti-White social agenda, and White men like Dave Dombrowski are going to be more and more on the chopping block, even if that means many teams have to become mediocre or perennial losers.

ESPN has seen historic drops in viewership because of their shameless pandering to race baiters and anti-White agitators, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing an agenda that inherently alienates and demonizes its majority White viewers.

It goes without saying that if a Hispanic or Black woman had impossibly led the Red Sox to a World Series title and then been summarily fired, all hell would have broken loose, but let’s not allow a blatant double standard and rampant hypocrisy stand in the way of a nation-wrecking social agenda masquerading as “the right thing to do.”

And regardless of the hype, a Hispanic woman with no baseball experience doesn’t get fast-tracked from being a coffee-fetching secretary to assistant GM because she’s the most qualified for the job.  Behind all affirmative action promotions such as hers is a tacit acknowledgment of inferiority and inability to rise in a true meritocracy.

Nathan Worrell was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after police found a stash of patriotic memorabilia and stickers at his home in Grimsby.


The 46-year-old white man also owned shirts, jumpers and boxer shorts emblazoned with swastikas and NS emblems, prosecutors said.

Grimsby Crown Court heard that his home was “full of Nazi propaganda and paraphernalia”, including flags and fridge magnets.

Worrell is believed to have spread stickers displaying white nationalist slogans including “diversity is white genocide” and “white power Combat 18” around the town in 2017 and 2018.

Prosecutors said designs for the stickers were found on his laptop and mobile phone.

They added that his fingerprints were found on two stickers displayed in Grimsby and his internet search history included looking for “white supremacy fliers to download”.

The prosecution he had “stirred up racial hatred by publishing, distributing and displaying the racist stickers on lamp posts, signs and notice boards”.

They said “the material was threatening and Worrell’s intention was to stir up racial hatred around rhe northeast town”.

Worrell was arrested in November 2017 but denied having done anything wrong.

Now he has been found guilty of eight counts of possessing material likely to “stir up racial hatred”, under the Public Order Act.

“Worrell is a committed neo-Nazi with a hatred of people who are not white,” said Jenny Hopkins, of the Crown Prosecution Service. “From the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed, he surrounds himself with images of Hitler, the SS and the Third Reich”. The CPS will prosecute nationalists who “stir up racial hatred in communities and help keep the public safe.”

He had previously been jailed for waging a “campaign of hate and threats” towards a interracial couple, and collecting bomb manuals and chemicals.

Worrell had also used NS stickers and Combat 18 propaganda in that campaign, calling the race-mixing woman a “race-mixing slut” and demanding the repatriation of non-whites.

He was jailed for seven years and three months in 2008 for “racially aggravated harassment and possessing terrorist material”.

Detective Chief Superintendent Martin, the Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said Worrell “has not learnt or changed his behaviour”.

He said: “By obtaining and distributing these hateful messages Worrell is inciting hatred, potentially threatening public safety and security as well as the stability of the local community. We will not tolerate any action which attempts to undermine or divide our communities and will continue to work to counteract the intentions of individuals who seek to do this”

The network, in conjunction with local police forces, works hard to identify and arrest and bring to “justice” anyone espousing “hatred and extremism.”

Swedish Police Baffled How Criminals Are Using Illegal Automatic Weapons Against Unarmed Public

Last weekend, residents of Nacka, Sweden were shocked to hear that two neighbor residents were hit by bullets fired by migrants who were using an illegal automatic rifle:

Police were alerted to gunfire in Nacka at 8:57 pm on Sunday. Witnesses say that the shooter fired upon a multi-family apartment building and at a taxi.

According to Aftonbladet, the driver of the taxi and one person in an apartment were hit by shots which allegedly came from an automatic rifle.

The individual who was found injured in an apartment was reportedly hit by a ricochet.

As for the taxi driver, he is believed to have some connection with the three shooters.

We can say that they were shot, but exactly how the injured received their injuries, it is too early to say it,” said police spokesperson Carina Skagerlind.

“The events are being investigated as an attempted murder,” added Skagerlind.

Following the incident, 56-year-old Anders who lives in the neighborhood told journalists from Expressen that he intends on selling his apartment and moving to Värmdö.

“In Nacka, it is not possible to stay,” he says.

Police have confirmed that three men have been arrested and were subsequently questioned about the shooting. One of the individuals is said to have links to one of the most recent shootings in Stockholm, Aftonbladet reports.

The shooting is the third that has occurred in Sweden in just two weeks.

The use of guns for any other purpose than hunting and target shooting is essentially prohibited in Sweden, and much of Western Europe.  So predictably, only police and criminals use weapons outside these legally prescribed activities, and legal gun owners are not allowed to use their weapons even to protect themselves against criminals who are using illegal guns against them on their own property.

For this simple reason, there are now many “No Go Zones” across Sweden where even police are afraid to enter because the criminal migrants are better armed than they are, and the criminal penalties for illegal gun use don’t deter anyone.  Remarkably, despite the fact that law-abiding citizens are powerless to defend themselves against these well-armed criminals, the Swedes are still overwhelmingly against the use of privately-owned guns in self-defense.

After all, how will these criminal migrants ever successfully “integrate” into Swedish society if they are shot and killed during a home invasion or attempted rape?

Queen Greta Thunberg, Protector of The Weather, Lays Siege to The White House!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

Greta’s epic ending speech followed by some black creature shaming whites next to a tranny wearing a choker.

It was about time someone held Orange Man accountable for his attacks on the weather.

Daily Mail:

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl who is criss-crossing the globe to save it from global warming, said Friday that despite being the star attraction at a Washington, D.C. protest, she wasn’t trying to communicate anything to the U.S. government.

As a few hundred ‘striking’ schoolchildren assembled near the White House for a march, DailyMail.com asked Thunberg from about 10 feet away: ‘Do you have a message for President Trump?’

‘No,’ came the reply. The young activist had the same answer to an identical question about whether she had a message for the U.S. Congress.

DailyMail.com asked the question twice to be sure Thunberg, who has the developmental disorder Asperger syndrome, heard and understood it.

The Trump administration is openly skeptical about global warming, and the president has claimed the idea of man-made climate change is a ‘hoax’ instigated by China ‘in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.’

He has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate accord, and the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate shows no sign of acting on a Democratic House bill to reverse that move.

Trump has also mocked global warming activists and their Democratic Party allies during winter months as president, gloating on Twitter every time a cold snap hits the Northeast U.S.

He softened his position during a ’60 Minutes’ interview in 2018, allowing that ‘Something’s changing’ in the global climate, but ‘it’ll change back again.’

Everything that’s happening now with weather not being exactly the same everywhere no matter what, all the horrors of the Bahamas and the winds and the sea and the wrath of Gaia — it’s all Trump’s fault. He has tainted Earth with his Orangeness and innocent people are suffering the consequences of his actions.

But there is still hope.

Mutant teenage heroes are here to fight orange and set things green again.

“We need Earth more than it needs us!!”

Commanded by Queen Greta, Savior of the Planet, these brave misfits are taking a stand against the use of dead dinosaur soup.

Climate Action Now!

Don’t let the climate change!

We want summer to last forever!

Look at their faces.

See that sign there reading “this is what democracy looks like!” with the drawing of the world burning?

Under Queen Greta’s rule, there is no democracy. There is only Supreme Asperger Authority.

Once more kids rally behind her banners, her army will take over the world and the Climate Paradise will come.

Bend the knee.

Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation

Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with the Climategate whitewash, says Christopher Booker.

Who's to blame for Climategate?

CO2 emissions will be on top of the agenda at the Copenhagen summit in December Photo: Getty

A week after my colleague James Delingpole , on his Telegraph blog, coined the term “Climategate” to describe the scandal revealed by the leaked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, Google was showing that the word now appears across the internet more than nine million times. But in all these acres of electronic coverage, one hugely relevant point about these thousands of documents has largely been missed.

The reason why even the Guardian‘s George Monbiot has expressed total shock and dismay at the picture revealed by the documents is that their authors are not just any old bunch of academics. Their importance cannot be overestimated, What we are looking at here is the small group of scientists who have for years been more influential in driving the worldwide alarm over global warming than any others, not least through the role they play at the heart of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Professor Philip Jones, the CRU’s director, is in charge of the two key sets of data used by the IPCC to draw up its reports. Through its link to the Hadley Centre, part of the UK Met Office, which selects most of the IPCC’s key scientific contributors, his global temperature record is the most important of the four sets of temperature data on which the IPCC and governments rely – not least for their predictions that the world will warm to catastrophic levels unless trillions of dollars are spent to avert it.

Dr Jones is also a key part of the closely knit group of American and British scientists responsible for promoting that picture of world temperatures conveyed by Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph which 10 years ago turned climate history on its head by showing that, after 1,000 years of decline, global temperatures have recently shot up to their highest level in recorded history.

Given star billing by the IPCC, not least for the way it appeared to eliminate the long-accepted Mediaeval Warm Period when temperatures were higher they are today, the graph became the central icon of the entire man-made global warming movement.

Since 2003, however, when the statistical methods used to create the “hockey stick” were first exposed as fundamentally flawed by an expert Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre , an increasingly heated battle has been raging between Mann’s supporters, calling themselves “the Hockey Team”, and McIntyre and his own allies, as they have ever more devastatingly called into question the entire statistical basis on which the IPCC and CRU construct their case.

The senders and recipients of the leaked CRU emails constitute a cast list of the IPCC’s scientific elite, including not just the “Hockey Team”, such as Dr Mann himself, Dr Jones and his CRU colleague Keith Briffa, but Ben Santer, responsible for a highly controversial rewriting of key passages in the IPCC’s 1995 report; Kevin Trenberth, who similarly controversially pushed the IPCC into scaremongering over hurricane activity; and Gavin Schmidt, right-hand man to Al Gore’s ally Dr James Hansen, whose own GISS record of surface temperature data is second in importance only to that of the CRU itself.

There are three threads in particular in the leaked documents which have sent a shock wave through informed observers across the world. Perhaps the most obvious, as lucidly put together by Willis Eschenbach (see McIntyre’s blog Climate Audit and Anthony Watt’s blog Watts Up With That ), is the highly disturbing series of emails which show how Dr Jones and his colleagues have for years been discussing the devious tactics whereby they could avoid releasing their data to outsiders under freedom of information laws.

They have come up with every possible excuse for concealing the background data on which their findings and temperature records were based.

This in itself has become a major scandal, not least Dr Jones’s refusal to release the basic data from which the CRU derives its hugely influential temperature record, which culminated last summer in his startling claim that much of the data from all over the world had simply got “lost”. Most incriminating of all are the emails in which scientists are advised to delete large chunks of data, which, when this is done after receipt of a freedom of information request, is a criminal offence.

But the question which inevitably arises from this systematic refusal to release their data is – what is it that these scientists seem so anxious to hide? The second and most shocking revelation of the leaked documents is how they show the scientists trying to manipulate data through their tortuous computer programmes, always to point in only the one desired direction – to lower past temperatures and to “adjust” recent temperatures upwards, in order to convey the impression of an accelerated warming. This comes up so often (not least in the documents relating to computer data in the Harry Read Me file) that it becomes the most disturbing single element of the entire story. This is what Mr McIntyre caught Dr Hansen doing with his GISS temperature record last year (after which Hansen was forced to revise his record), and two further shocking examples have now come to light from Australia and New Zealand.

In each of these countries it has been possible for local scientists to compare the official temperature record with the original data on which it was supposedly based. In each case it is clear that the same trick has been played – to turn an essentially flat temperature chart into a graph which shows temperatures steadily rising. And in each case this manipulation was carried out under the influence of the CRU.

What is tragically evident from the Harry Read Me file is the picture it gives of the CRU scientists hopelessly at sea with the complex computer programmes they had devised to contort their data in the approved direction, more than once expressing their own desperation at how difficult it was to get the desired results.

The third shocking revelation of these documents is the ruthless way in which these academics have been determined to silence any expert questioning of the findings they have arrived at by such dubious methods – not just by refusing to disclose their basic data but by discrediting and freezing out any scientific journal which dares to publish their critics’ work. It seems they are prepared to stop at nothing to stifle scientific debate in this way, not least by ensuring that no dissenting research should find its way into the pages of IPCC reports.

Back in 2006, when the eminent US statistician Professor Edward Wegman produced an expert report for the US Congress vindicating Steve McIntyre’s demolition of the “hockey stick”, he excoriated the way in which this same “tightly knit group” of academics seemed only too keen to collaborate with each other and to “peer review” each other’s papers in order to dominate the findings of those IPCC reports on which much of the future of the US and world economy may hang. In light of the latest revelations, it now seems even more evident that these men have been failing to uphold those principles which lie at the heart of genuine scientific enquiry and debate. Already one respected US climate scientist, Dr Eduardo Zorita, has called for Dr Mann and Dr Jones to be barred from any further participation in the IPCC. Even our own George Monbiot, horrified at finding how he has been betrayed by the supposed experts he has been revering and citing for so long, has called for Dr Jones to step down as head of the CRU.

The former Chancellor Lord (Nigel) Lawson, last week launching his new think tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation , rightly called for a proper independent inquiry into the maze of skulduggery revealed by the CRU leaks. But the inquiry mooted on Friday, possibly to be chaired by Lord Rees, President of the Royal Society – itself long a shameless propagandist for the warmist cause – is far from being what Lord Lawson had in mind. Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with a whitewash of what has become the greatest scientific scandal of our age.

Christopher Booker’s The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the Obsession with ‘Climate Change’ Turning Out to be the Most Costly Scientific Blunder in History? (Continuum, £16.99) is available from Telegraph Books for £14.99 plus £1.25 p & p.

Thirty Years Of Failed Climate Predictions

Breaking: Yemen drone swarm attacks leave Aramco in flames

Drone attacks trigger huge fires at Saudi Aramco oil facilities, Houthis claim responsibility

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This looks like a devastating attack, showing what a juicy target a big facility like this is. Remember that Yemen has no stealth planes, just their drones built under crushing pressure from the Saudi coalition war on them.

This is also a huge defeat for the endless billions spent by Saudi Arabia on Western arms where we see the tiny Yemen economy while under huge pressure is able to inflict this kind of punishment. It looks like this facility, a major one, is destroyed.

So what the Yemenis learned here was don’t sent two drones to disrupt operations for a week or two, but ten to destroy the facility by making sure you can set the whole place on fire first and let the petroleum do the rest of the work.

And lastly, which you notice that controlled media has never waded into, if Yemen can inflict this much punishment, will this made the Saudis rethink what Iran could to if the US coalition is crazy enough to get a shooting war going in the Gulf.

This is all that it would take to send the world economy into a tailspin, which would trigger a series of bank collapses like we have seen before. Who would be blamed for this? And how desperate would those be who began this stupid Yemen war?

What penalty should they have to pay for such a debacle, and what lengths would they go to pin the blame on someone else, as we have also seen before… Jim W. Dean ]

This was a bid target, where lots of Westerners live. Reports of evacuations may be overblown

– First posted … September 14, 2019 –

Houthi rebels in Yemen say they deployed 10 armed drones which hit two large Saudi Aramco oil facilities on Saturday morning, causing massive fires and huge clouds of smoke on the sites.

The attack was carried out by the Houthi Air Force, the spokesperson for the Yemeni rebel group, Brigadier Yahya Serai, said on Al Masirah TV, vowing to “expand the operations against the Saudi regime in the future.”

The drones targeted a refinery in the city of Abqaiq in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province, which state-run giant Aramco describes as the world’s largest oil processing plant, and a refinery at the vast Khurais oil field, around 150km from Riyadh.

Multiple videos posted on social media show an Aramco compound engulfed in flames and thick black smoke billowing from the site. In some footage, loud bangs resembling the sound of explosions can be heard in the background, along with apparent sounds of gunfire.


Embedded video


Embedded video


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Riyadh acknowledged that its oil facilities were hit by drones but did not immediately name a perpetrator. The authorities said the fires on both sites are under control.



Embedded video

Saudi Arabia has led a bombing campaign in Yemen since it intervened in the nation’s civil war in 2015, assisting ousted President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi’s fight against the Houthi rebels who control the nation’s capital, Sanaa.
The campaign placed the Saudis under fire from the UN and international human rights groups, which have repeatedly stated that the airstrikes have caused mass civilian casualties.

Justin Trudeau Netanyahu b8b62

The US and Israeli governors of occupied Canada have authorized their current puppet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to complete an anti-Iranian initiative commenced by former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Trudeau government completed the process of selling off about $28 million in property seized from the government from which the Harper government withdrew the Canadian embassy in 2012.

The seizure and redistribution of Iranian assets in Canada has beneath it a ruling by Judge Glenn Hainey of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Judge Hainey’s heavily politicized ruling in this case in 2016 has been deemed “an embarrassment both to Canada and the legal profession.”

The enactment that helped set in motion this fiasco is Canada’s Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act passed into law in 2012 (JVTA).  This legislation of the Harper government together with the ruling by Judge Hainey have imported into Canada the results of a series of US court rulings. These US rulings gave a green light to sue Iran on the basis of the Foreign Sovereign immunities Act. By following the US lead in the treatment of Iran

Canada became the second state in the world to proclaim predatory jurisdictions against states that it lists on the basis of ideological criteria, contrary to the established international-law principles of state sovereignty, state immunity, and equality of states. Canada’s list contains solely Iran and Syria, two states opposing the ongoing US geopolitical machination for “regime change” by a covertly supported mercenary war against Syria.

Ottawa’s Prof. Denis Rancourt has explained that the 2012 legislation, including amendments to Canada’s own Sovereign Immunity Act, has been used

as a pretext to enforce the US rulings, while additionally making absurd interpretations of the text of the JVTA in order to enforce rulings that have nothing to do with Canada and that are limitation barred. There was not even a civil cause of action for “terrorism” in Canada at the distant time when the claimed acts occurred. Judge Hainey did not consider and misrepresented valid legal arguments of Iran.

Dr. Rancourt goes further, pointing out the joint Canada-US initiative in mounting economic warfare against Iran violated a UN Convention in a fashion that has become tragically common in the era of the Global War on Terror. Dr. Rancourt indicates, “Canada’s new laws are explicit violations of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (ICSFT).” The UN Convention was ratified by Canada in 2002. The Convention

delimits the conditions under which domestic-court jurisdiction can be established, defines the types of funds that can be seized, and constrains the state parties to carry out their obligations “in a manner consistent with the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States and that of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other States”.

Canada is currently in the midst of a federal election campaign with a vote to take place on October 21st. How many will remind Justin Trudeau in this season of vote chasing that in his last election campaign he promised to re-establish normal diplomatic relations with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What is the worth of Prime Minister Trudeau’s political promises? In September of 2016 Stéphane Dion, Canada’s first Foreign Affairs Minister under the new Justin Trudeau government, initiated a move to return to normal diplomatic relations with Iran. Trudeau’s half-hearted attempt to resume diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority country ran into the concerted opposition of his handlers in Canada’s Israel Lobby.

Stephane Dion ad0ad

*(Stéphane Dion, Canada’s first Foreign Affairs Minister under the new Justin Trudeau government. Credit: ycanada_news/ flickr)

Prof. Rancourt observed. “The Israel lobby has made it clear to Dion and to the Liberal Party that there will be a heavy price to pay for détente with Iran… The Israeli lobby’s wishes against Iran are bad for Canada and bad for the world.” As often happens with Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau’s son chose to serve the war-mongering agenda of the Israel government over a peace agenda for Canada and the world. Trudeau has adopted from the previous Harper government the main outlines of the pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian platforms that have prevailed in Canada especially since the Harper neoconservatives took over in 2006.

When it comes to allowing the Israeli and US governments to prevail in determining Canada’s foreign policy, Prime Minister Trudeau is turning out to be a major liability. The failure to sort out a more productive relationship with Iran is not an isolated phenomenon. Trudeau has also carelessly sabotaged the health of Canada-China relations by agreeing to the US request to arrest in Vancouver Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei electronics.

Much like the politics underlying the federal government’s unilateral seizure of Iranian properties in Canada, the arrest of Meng Wanzhou came about based on an accusation that one of the Huawei family of companies had somehow violated US sanctions by doing business with an Iranian entity. Why did the government of Justin Trudeau order the arrest at the Vancouver airport of the high-profile Chinese businesswoman? Why did Canadian officials apprehend Meng Wanzhou based on US accusations she violated a US sanctions enactment never approved by Canadian parliamentarians as far as I know?

Meng Wanzhou Huawei 3642d

*(Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei electronics. Credit: China Xinhua News/ Twitter)

Trudeau’s decision to allow himself to become one of President Trump’s and John Bolton’s main enforcers on Iranian sanctions has had major implications for Canadian farmers and manufacturers. The products that these Canadians produce are gradually being shut out of larger and larger portions of the Chinese market. Trudeau’s responsibility for this commercial mess forms a marker of his political ineptitude when it comes to the highest order of international relations. To describe his police action as some sort of requirement of “the rule of Law” is very deceptive to put in kindly.

Justin Trudeau is entering this national election with a major scandal in the mix of issues he must navigate. Since January of 2019 Trudeau has had to respond to revelations by Canada’s former Attorney General and others that he and his office partnered with a large international engineering firm, SNC Lavalin, to change the law so that the company could avoid a host of criminal prosecutions.

According, for instance, to the investigations of the World Bank, SNC-Lavalin and related companies have broken international records for bribery and corruption. The array of criminal prosecution directed at SNC-Lavalin still has yet to be explained clearly and comprehensively to the Canadian electorate.

Trudeau has attempted to defend the Liberal Party from revelations that Canada’s criminal justice system is being corrupted in the effort to gain Deferred Prosecution Agreements for SNC-Lavalin’s many proven violations of law. Trudeau regularly tries to defend his political coziness with the corporate serial offenders by proclaiming his intention to protect 9,000 Canadian jobs, many of them in SNC’s Montreal headquarters. Never does Justin Trudeau mention that SNC-Lavalin also has 9,000 employees in Saudi Arabia.

While Trudeau has sometimes been pointed in his criticisms of Saudi human rights violations, the fact remains that Canada is in bed commercially and politically with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal dynasty is Israel’s closest ally in the Arab world. The Trudeau government goes along with the rest of the West in looking the other way when it comes to, for instance, Saudi attacks on Yemen or to Saudi violations of human rights including the torture and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Jamal’s Uncle, Adnan Khashoggi, was a CIA asset and an “arms dealer.” He was one of the primary figures who helped to set up another notoriously corrupt Canadian company, Barrick Gold, on the Toronto stock exchange.

Saudi Arabia, of course, has been a major source of funding, arms, drugs, and ideology establishing mercenary proxy armies like ISIL/Deash. The Iranian government has consistently fought to defend its own citizenry from ISIL/Daesh. The Saudi government often uses its own notorious approach to manipulating Islamic discontent to advance its own religious, ideological and foreign policy initiatives. Moreover, Iran has had to defend itself from MeK terrorists nowadays supported by many influential American and European politicians. About 35 MeK thugs attacked the Iranian embassy in Ottawa in 1992 as part of a larger effort of destructive intervention throughout the West.

Iran has been the subject of Stuxnet cyber-attacks emanating from the US National Security Agency in partnership with Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force. Other facets of these attacks have targeted for assassination Iranian nuclear scientists. Why is Justin Trudeau siding so pointedly with Saudi Arabia against Iran just as he has been siding so strongly with the United States over China? Iran is a country with far more viable programs of regular national elections, women’s rights and minority rights than the Frankenstinian regime of Saudi Arabia.

As we head into this election campaign in Canada, it is not very likely that we will hear the word “Palestinian” from politicians seeking our vote. As in many Western Countries, the Israel Lobby not only closely controls the policies of governing parties. The Israel Lobby also has great influence over the policies of the opposition parties including Canada’s New Democratic Party as well as the Green Party. The Green Party’s Elizabeth May, who emigrated to Canada from the United States, fought off a bold effort from within her group to institute BDS. In doing so she basically saluted the anti-Palestinian objectives of the Israel Lobby in Canada.

The result of all this is that we have little meaningful debate in our Canadian Parliament between political parties all of whom are tightly controlled by groups like B’nai Brith Canada and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the CIJA. This pattern prevails as well in Canada’s mainstream media where discussion of Israel-Palestinian relations is intellectually and politically impoverished.

I was reminded of the biases of the largest part of the Canadian media by the prejudices and convenient blind spots in the article that alerted me to the latest anti-Iranian moves of the Canadian government. That article by Stewart Bell appeared in a Global Television news report today, Friday Sept. 13.

Bell’s article includes the following propaganda statement without even the slightest hint of proof, explanation or background. Quoting Danny Eisen representing something called the Canadian Coalition Against Terror, Bell and Global Television assert, “The Iranian regime unwaveringly and unabashedly provides tens of billions of dollars for terrorist organizations that have destroyed innocent lives across the globe, including those of Canadians.”

This kind of journalistic excess is indicative of the dishonesty that drives much mainstream media reporting in Canada. Bell’s emphasis on the unexplained accusations of an entity calling itself the Canadian Coalition Against Terror quite clearly embodies the worst kind of propaganda aimed at instigating the ultimate terror of aggressive warfare against Iran, a country of 80 million citizens.

Such a bellicose threat on behalf of war hawks can be described as the kind of provocation Justin Trudeau might very well embrace if he thinks it will serve his personal quest for expanded power. I sincerely hope I am wrong in this assessment and that Trudeau shows his dovish side as a proponent of peace in this national election campaign.

*(Top image: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Credit: IsraeliPM/ YouTube)



Does the Presidential Order on Financial Sanctions Against Those Promoting Terrorism Apply to Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Modernizing and Expanding Sanctions to Combat Terrorism

National Security & Defense

September 10, 2019

I have issued an Executive Order to modernize and expand sanctions to combat terrorism. The Order enhances our ability to use powerful sanctions to target terrorists and their supporters and deprive them of their financial, material, and logistical support worldwide. Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that they risk sanctions if they knowingly conduct or facilitate any significant transactions with designated terrorists and terrorist enablers.Since my first day in office, my Administration has worked tirelessly to preserve the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. The United States and our partners have liberated 100% of ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq and dealt significant blows to ISIS, al-Qa’ida, and Hizballah’s financial and operational networks around the world.

The United States will continue to aggressively use all levers of American power, including financial sanctions, to target terrorists and those who enable, facilitate, and finance their heinous acts.


Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 19: Israel Did It with Cheney & Mueller [New Book Indicts FBI In Detail]

Zionist Terrorism @ Phi Beta Iota

Saudi Terrorism @ Phi Beta Iota

And does this apply to US citizens and US private military corporations and the CIA and the Pentagon?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Monsters Walk the Earth. Why These Three Countries Are the Real Troika of Evil

maxresdefault 401f8

There are monsters among us. Every day I read about an American “plan” to either invade some place new or to otherwise inflict pain to convince a “non-compliant” foreign government how to behave. Last week it was Iran but next week it could just as easily again be Lebanon, Syria or Venezuela. Or even Russia or China, both of whom are seen as “threats” even though American soldiers, sailors and marines sit on their borders and not vice versa. The United States is perhaps unique in the history of the world in that it sees threats everywhere even though it is not, in fact, threatened by anyone.

Just as often, one learns about a new atrocity by Israelis inflicted on the defenseless Arabs just because they have the power to do so. Last Friday in Gaza the Israeli army shot and killed four unarmed demonstrators and injured 300 more while the Jewish state’s police invaded a Palestinian orphanage school in occupied Jerusalem and shut it down because the students were celebrating a “Yes to peace, no to war” poetry festival. Peace is not in the Israeli authorized curriculum.

And then there are the Saudis, publicly chopping the heads off of 37 “dissidents” in a mass display of barbarity, and also murdering and dismembering a hapless journalist. And let’s not forget the bombing and deliberate starving of hundreds of thousands innocent civilians in Yemen.

It is truly a troika of evil, an expression favored by US National Security Advisor John Bolton, though he was applying it to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, all “socialist” nations currently on Washington’s “hit list.” Americans, Saudis and Israelis have become monsters in the eyes of the rest of the world even if in their own minds they are endowed with special privilege due to their being “Exceptional,” “Chosen by God” or “Guardians of Mecca and Medina.” All three countries share a dishonest sense of entitlement that supports the fiction that their oppressive and often illegal behavior is somehow perfectly legitimate.

To be sure not all Americans, Saudis or Israelis are individually monsters. Many are decent people who are appalled by what their respective governments are doing. Saudi citizens live under a despotism and have little to say about their government, but there is a formidable though fragmented peace movement in slightly less totalitarian Israel and in the United States there is growing anti-war sentiment. The discomfort in America is driven by a sense that the post 9/11 conflicts have only embroiled the country more deeply in wars that have no exit and no end. Unfortunately, the peace movement in Israel will never have any real power while the anti-war activists in America are leaderless and disorganized, waiting for someone to step up and take charge.

The current foreign policy debate centers around what Washington’s next moves in the Middle East might be. The decision-making will inevitably involve the US and its “close allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia, which should not surprise anyone. While it is clear that President Donald Trump ordered an attack on Iran before canceling the action at the last minute, exactly how that played out continues to be unclear. One theory, promoted by the president himself, is that the attack would have been disproportionate, killing possibly hundreds of Iranian military personnel in exchange for one admittedly very expensive surveillance drone. Killing the Iranians would have guaranteed an immediate escalation by Iran, which has both the will and the capability to hit high value targets in and around the Persian Gulf region, a factor that may also have figured into the presidential calculus.

Trump’s cancelation of the attack immediately produced cries of rage from the usual neoconservative chickenhawk crowd in Washington as well as a more subdued reiteration of the Israeli and Saudi demands that Iran be punished, though both are also concerned that a massive Iranian retaliation would hit them hard. They are both hoping that Washington’s immensely powerful strategic armaments will succeed in knocking Iran out quickly and decisively, but they have also both learned not to completely trust the White House.

To assuage the beast, the president has initiated a package of “major” new sanctions on Iran which will no doubt hurt the Iranian people while not changing government decision making one iota. There has also been a leak of a story relating to US cyber-attacks on Iranian military and infrastructure targets, yet another attempt to act aggressive to mitigate the sounds being emitted by the neocon chorus.

To understand the stop-and-go behavior by Trump requires application of the Occam’s Razor principle, i.e. that the simplest explanation is most likely correct. For some odd reason, Donald Trump wants to be reelected president in 2020 in spite of the fact that he appears to be uncomfortable in office. A quick, successful war would enhance his chances for a second term, which is probably what Pompeo promised, but any military action that is not immediately decisive would hurt his prospects, quite possibly inflicting fatal damage. Trump apparently had an intercession by Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson, who may have explained that reality to him shortly before he decided to cancel the attack. Tucker is, for what it’s worth, a highly respected critic coming from the political right who is skeptical of wars of choice, democracy building and the global liberal order.

The truth is that all of American foreign policy during the upcoming year will be designed to pander to certain constituencies that will be crucial to the 2020 presidential election. One can bank on even more concessions being granted to Israel and its murderous thug prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring in Jewish votes and, more importantly, money. John Bolton was already in Israel getting his marching orders from Netanyahu on the weekend and Pence was effusive in his praise of Israel when he spoke at the meeting in Orlando earlier in the week launching the Trump 2020 campaign, so the game is already afoot. It is an interesting process to observe how Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson contribute tens of millions of dollars to the politicians who then in turn give the Jewish state taxpayer generated tens of billions of dollars in return. Bribing corrupt politicians is one of the best investments that one can make in today’s America.

Trump will also go easy on Saudi Arabia because he wants to sell them billions of dollars’ worth of weapons which will make the key constituency of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) happy. And he will continue to exert “maximum pressure” on Iran and Venezuela to show how tough he can be for his Make America Great audience, though avoiding war if he possibly can just in case any of the hapless victims tries to fight back and embarrass him.

So, there it is folks. War with Iran is for the moment on hold, but tune in again next week as the collective White House memory span runs to only three or four days. By next week we Americans might be at war with Mongolia.

*This article was originally published on strategic-culture.



The End of Israel, BY GILAD ATZMON 

The End of Israel

The lesson to be drawn from the current Israeli political stalemate is that Israel is imploding, breaking into the elements it has never managed to integrate into one. The schism is no longer the more quotidian dichotomy of Ashkenazi vs. Arab Jews (aka Sephardim); this divide is ideological, religious, spiritual, political, ethnic and cultural. Nor does it break down to Left and Right, Jewish Israelis are politically with the right even when they pretend to be ‘Left.’ Although some of the most astute critical voices of Israeli politics and Jewish fundamentalism are Israelis (such as Gideon Levi, Shlomo Sand, Israel Shamir and others), there is no political Israeli Left. Israeli politics break down into a lot of extreme right voters and many ordinary hawks. The Arab Joint List Party is practically the only Left party in the Israeli Knesset. This should not be surprising any more. Jewish Left, as I have been arguing for many years, is an oxymoron; Jewishness is a form of tribal identification and Left is universal. The ‘tribal’ and the ‘universal’ are like oil and water, they do not mix very well.

What is peculiar about the Israeli political divide is that the Israelis are more united than ever in their nationalist beliefs and in the primacy of their Jewish symptoms. Why is it, if the Israelis are so unified, that no one can form a government in their so-called ‘Jewish State’?

Avigdor Lieberman, formerly an enthusiastic Netanyahu ally and himself a radical Jewish nationalist, delved into the Israeli political deadlock yesterday. He maintained that the elections had already been decided: “The ultra-Orthodox and Messianic bloc reaches 62-61 seats.” The leader of the rabid nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu said, “If there is no voting rate of at least 70% in Gush Dan and Sharon, the Halacha government will be established.”

Basically, Lieberman said that unless secular Israelis in Tel Aviv go to the polls, they should expect to live in a Halacha State under an ultra right wing Netanyahu government. Lieberman appears to hold the key to Israel’s political stability. Although he and Netanyahu are ideological twins regarding Israeli security and nationalist matters, the two are bitter rivals who fight aggressively against each other. Netanyahu has known for a few years that, absent a strong ultra right wing government, he can expect to spend some time behind bars, an adventure that has become common for Israel’s prime political figures. Netanyahu’s natural partners are the ultra right parties and the orthodox parties. Ideologically, Lieberman should also feel comfortable within such a political coalition but Lieberman has made a crucial political decision, essential for his political survival. A while back he grasped that his political home base, Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, many of them barely Jewish and subjected to constant rabbinical terror, regard the Jewish Orthodox parties as their ultimate foes. Many of these Russian and Ukrainian Jews hold ultra right wing political positions but also see the Rabbis as an imminent threat to their survival.

Theoretically, Lieberman could broker a huge unity coalition with Netanyahu at the top, joined by Blue and White (Kachol Lavan) and its three right wing field marshals, Lieberman’s own party and probably the Labour party. Such a coalition would hold around 80 Knesset seats, more than enough to sustain a strong government but this coalition would refuse to guarantee Netanyahu’s immunity.

Netanyahu gambles instead on a weak ultra right wing religious government, a government that may not hold for very long but would buy more time for its PM to stay out of jail.

This conflict at the heart of Israeli politics is a window into the Jewish state and its fears. Israel is rapidly becoming an Orthodox Jewish state. Israel’s Orthodox Jews are the fastest growing group in the country. They are also the country’s poorest population, 45 percent live below the poverty line in segregated communities. Ordinarily, one would expect the poor to support the left, but Israeli Torah Jews are rabid nationalists and openly lend their support to Benjamin Netanyahu and his party.

Prof. Dan Ben-David of Tel Aviv University warned recently that Israel could cease to exist in a couple of generations. He pointed to the astonishingly high birth rate among ultra Orthodox Jews and predicted that, based on current trends, they will comprise 49% of Israel’s population by 2065. The ultra Orthodox parties are destined to dominate the Knesset within a generation or less. Ben David predicts that their dependence on Israel’s welfare system will lead to a rapid decline is Israel’s economy. This is economically damaging enough and is made worse by the refusal of most rabbinical schools to incorporate standard Western subjects such as mathematics, science and English into their core curriculum. Consequently, Israel is educating a growing percentage of its population in a fashion that fails to equip them to contribute to the needs of a hi-tech society that is immersed in a conflict for survival.

The picture that comes across is peculiar. As Israel becomes increasingly Jewish and fundamentalist in its nationalist and religious ethos, it has also become more divided on everything else. The Russian immigrants find it impossible to live alongside the ultra Orthodox and vice versa. The secular enclave in Tel Aviv is committed to seeing their metropolis as an extension of NY. The Israeli Left has morphed into an LGBT hasbara unit. It has practically removed itself from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Jewish settlers adhere to the concept of a ‘Two Jewish States Solution.’ They want to see the West Bank become a Jewish land. Orthodox Jews are barely concerned with any of these political issues. They well know that the future of the Jewish state belongs to them. All they need to do is sustain a productive secular Jewish minority to serve as their milk cow. On top of all of that we face Bibi’s survival wars that threaten to escalate any minute into a world conflict.

In light of all of this, the Palestinians are in relatively good shape.. They simply need to survive. Israel seems to be Israel’s fiercest enemy.

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The Jewish Chronicle

‘Antisemitic preachers’ revealed to be Black Hebrew-inspired group

Footage on YouTube shows a group of young men in long, ceremonial robes attacking Charedim for being ‘devils’ and ‘Yiddish-speaking abominations’

A number of men in long robes gathered in Stamford Hill on Saturday
A number of men in long robes gathered in Stamford Hill on Saturday (Photo: YouTube, CHURCH OF YAHAWASHI144)

Video has emerged suggesting the group of ‘preachers’ who abused local Charedim on Shabbat were from a group with roots in the African American Israelite movement, who believe they are the true Jewish people.

Footage uploaded to YouTube shows a group of young men dressed in long robes gathered outside of Sainsbury’s in Stamford Hill, east London, targeting members of the local Jewish community, which is largely strictly Orthodox.

They refer to Charedi passers-by as “Amalekites”, “Edomites” and “devils” – as well as “Slavic, German, Yiddish-speaking abominations” who “own all the media”.

Shomrim, the Charedi volunteer security group, also claimed the men used worse antisemitic language.

Metropolitan Police officers attended the scene on Saturday but no one was arrested.

The “preachers” appear to be from the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ – or a similar group – with roots in the American Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

The ‘church’, formerly known as the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge, has previously been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the United States.

It teaches that the true biblical Jews are the African Americans, West Indians, and Native Americans of North and South America – rather than those widely considered to be the Jewish people.

Philip Glanville, the mayor of Hackney, assured local residents that council officers had made themselves available to police to “assist where they can, including surveying local CCTV”.

2012 – Henry Kissinger: “In 10 Years, There Will Be No More Israel”; Egypt’s President Prays for Jews’ Destruction 

By Alexander Maistrovoy. Henry Kissinger’s recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile. Although one of his staff members denied it, Cindy Adams from New York Post insisted: “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’”

Kissinger is a controversial figure. He can hardly be suspected of excessive sympathy for Israel. He perhaps, inclines to the “syndrome of self-hatred” so fashionable nowadays in the Jewish elite. At the same time, Kissinger is not an exalted pop-diva, cheap populist or rebellious professor. He is an experienced, prudent politician who takes responsibility for his utterance.

What drove him to such a dramatic conclusion? Is there a real and grave threat to Israel?

Let’s try to analyze the situation. The first impression is rather unfavorable. Israel has been in the midst of historic upheaval. The political structure of the Middle East that existed since Camp David agreement has collapsed, forming a giant cloud of dust and chaos, from which the new threatening reality can crystallize.

America under Obama is deserting the Middle East. The future of Europe becomes more vague as it loses its perspective. Iran becomes a regional power with nuclear weapons while Turkey — recently a strategic ally of Israel — craves Ottoman greatness. Read more from this story HERE.

Perhaps related to Kissinger’s prediction, here’s a video of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi praying for the destruction of Israel:

White House Hanukkah Reception fc28c

Since the start of his presidential campaign in mid-2015, then-candidate Donald Trump presented scattered ideas on a variety of issues with no coherent strategy on what he would do if elected president. As a successful deal maker in the real estate business, he called his proposed solution to the sensitive Israeli-Palestinian conflict the “Deal of the Century.”

A deal, as we all know, is “an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit” as defined in the dictionary. However, candidate Trump during his campaign expressed complete support for the Israeli side while consistently issuing harsh criticism for the Palestinians. At the time, many people thought it was pure campaign rhetoric and that, if elected, Trump would follow in the steps of his predecessors with a relatively realistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

But this was not to be. These hopes were dashed on December the 6th 2017 when President Trump announced the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and promised to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (the move took place in May 2018). This unexpected announcement was strongly criticized by the United Nations, the European Union and most countries in the world. The announcement was followed up with strong U.S. administration pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian actions to include trying to strip 90% of the Palestinians of their refugee status, canceling U.S. financial support of the UNRWA budget and closing the Palestinian diplomatic office in Washington.

As these actions were taken, President Trump continued talking about his “Deal of the Century” that was being prepared by his (inexperienced) son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner. The White House has been silent on details of the deal. Is it because the White House knows the deal is already dead and lying in its coffin? If any hope still existed to revive it, Trump unfortunately dashed that hope by adding another nail to this coffin when, while receiving American Jews in the White House on the occasion of the Hanukkah, he insinuated that his Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife had a double allegiance to the U.S. and Israel: “…they go there and they love your country. They love your country. And they love this country. That’s a good combination, right?”

We sincerely hope that the President was not hinting at a double allegiance which, if it is acceptable for the Vice President, should then be permissible for the American populace. Can America still be a superpower in such circumstances?

Pence’s love for Israel may be based solely on religious grounds since Pence converted from Catholicism to Evangelicalism at age 19 and became a zealous follower of this religion which believes in the fulfillment of end-times prophecy through the reestablishment of Israel and the return of Jesus.

But the Israel that Trump was talking about is the state that occupies Palestinian land after evicting its occupants in 1948, perseveres in its oppression of the Palestinians and uses U.S weapons to contain the rock throwing Palestinian youth. The hint of double allegiance in Trump’s Hanukkah speech is misguided on at least two levels:

  • Americans should have allegiance and be loyal only to the U.S. A double nationality is one thing. A double loyalty is completely different. Holding the nationality of another country is completely acceptable and legal. But having allegiance to another country puts in doubt the commitment to the interests and values of the United States.

  • Reiterating time and again the love for Israel, a country which commits human rights violations of the Palestinians, is not at all conducive to a peace deal. The Trump administration is clearly one-sided in its support for Israel to the exclusion of the Palestinians.

The “Deal of the Century” can only have a glimmer of hope if Israel and the Palestinians make reasonable concessions and attain equal benefits with the guidance of a White House that is equitable in its support for both parties of the deal. In the current circumstances, one can only assume that the “Deal of the Century” is already in the coffin given the U.S. unconditional support for Israel and the stripping of the Palestinians of any negotiable elements that might open the door to a peace accord.

By insinuating, possibly inadvertently, that Vice President Pence is loyal to Israel, Trump has put yet another nail in the coffin of his “Deal of the Century”.

*(White House Hanukkah Reception. Image credit: Andrea Hanks/ The White House/ flickr)