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Saudi Arabia Haed of the UN Human Rights Council

United Nations Farce: Saudi Arabia to Head UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Security Council:  An Organization for Injustice

All victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to the Human Rights Council as a forum and a springboard for action. (Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, 12 March 2007, Opening of the 4th Human Rights Council Session.)

Article 55 of United Nations Charter includes: “Universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.”

In diametrical opposition to these fine founding aspirations, the UN has appointed Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the United Nations Human Rights Council to head (or should that be “behead”) an influential human rights panel. The appointment was seemingly made in June, but only came to light on 17th September, due to documents obtained by UN Watch (1.)

… Mr Faisal Bin Hassan Trad, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador at the UN in Geneva, was elected as Chair of a panel of independent experts on the UN Human Rights Council.

As head of a five-strong group of diplomats, the influential role would give Mr Trad the power to select applicants from around the world for scores of expert roles in countries where the UN has a mandate on human rights.

Such experts are often described as the “crown jewels” of the HRC, according to UN Watch.

The “crown jewels” have been handed to a country with one of the worst human rights records in the world. Saudi Arabia will head a Consultative Group of five Ambassadors empowered to select applicants globally for more than seventy seven positions to deal with human rights violations and mandates.

In a spectacular new low for even a UN whose former Secretary General, Kofi Annan, took eighteen months to admit publicly that the 2003 invasion of, bombardment and near destruction of Iraq was illegal, UN Watch points out that the UN has chosen: “a country that has beheaded more people this year than ISIS to be head of a key Human Rights panel …” (2)

In May, just prior to the appointment, the Saudi government advertised for eight extra executioners to: “ … carry out an increasing number of death sentences, which are usually beheadings, carried out in public” (3.)

Seemingly: “no special qualifications are needed.” The main function would be executing, but job description: “also involves performing amputations …”

The advert was posted on the website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of the Civil Service.

By 15th June this year executions reached one hundred “far exceeding last year’s tally and putting (the country) on course for a new record” according to The Independent (15th June.) The paper adds that the Kingdom is set to beat it’s own grisly, primitive record of one hundred and ninety two executions in 1995.

The paper notes that: “ …the rise in executions can be directly linked to the new King Salman and his recently-appointed inner circle …”

In August 2014, Human Rights Watch reported nineteen executions in      seventeen days – including one for “sorcery.” Adultery and apostasy can also be punished by death.

In a supreme irony, on the death of King Salman’s head chopping predecessor, Salman’s half bother King Abdullah in January (still current decapitation record holder) UK Prime Minister David Cameron ordered flags flown at half mast, including at the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, leading one MP to question: “On the day that flags at Whitehall are flying at half-mast for King Abdullah, how many public executions will there be?”

Cameron apparently had not read his own Foreign and Commonwealth Office Report citing Saudi as “a country of concern.”

Reacting to a swathe of criticism, a spokesperson for Westminster Abbey responded: “For us not to fly at half-mast would be to make a noticeably aggressive comment on the death of the King of a country to which the UK is allied in the fight against Islamic terrorism.”

The Abbey’s representative appears to have been either breathtakingly ignorant or stunningly uninformed. In December 2009 in a US Embassy cable (4) the then US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton wrote that:

While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) takes seriously the threat of terrorism within Saudi Arabia, it has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority.


 … donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide … engagement is needed to … encourage the Saudi government to take more steps to stem the flow of funds from Saudi Arabia-based sources to terrorists and extremists worldwide.

At home women are forbidden: “from obtaining a passport, marrying, traveling, accessing higher education without the approval of a male guardian.” (HRW Report, 2014.) Saudi is also of course, the only country in the world where women are forbidden to drive.

The country is currently preparing to behead twenty one year old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr. He was arrested aged seventeen for participating in anti-government protests and possessing firearms – the latter charge has been consistently denied. Human rights groups are appalled at the sentence and the flimsy case against him, but pointing out that neither “factors are unusual in today’s Saudi Arabia.”

Following the beheading, al-Nimr’s headless body will be allegedly mounted: “on to a crucifix for public viewing.”(5)

What was that mantra issued unceasingly from US and UK government Departments in justification for blitzkriegs, invasions and slaughters in countries who “kill their own people”?

Numerous Reports cite torture as being widespread, despite Saudi having subscribed to the UN Convention Against Torture.

There are protests at Saudi embassies across the world highlighting the case of blogger Raif Badawi, sentenced to a thousand lashes – fifty lashes a week after Friday prayers – and ten years in prison for blogging about free speech.

Since March, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen – with no UN mandate – destroying schools, hospitals, homes, a hotel, public buildings,  an Internally Displaced Persons camp, historical jewels, generating: “a trail of civilian death and destruction” which may have amounted to war crimes, according to Amnesty International. “Unlawful airstrikes” have failed to distinguish between military targets and civilian objects. “Nowhere safe for civilians”, states Amnesty (6, pdf.)

Further, the conflict … has killed close to 4,000 people, half of them civilians including hundreds of children, and displaced over one million since 25 March 2015.” There has been: “ … a flagrant disregard for civilian lives and fundamental principles of international humanitarian law (killing and injuring) hundreds of civilians not involved in the conflict, many of them children and women, in unlawful (disproportionate and indiscriminate) ground and air attacks.”

It is alleged that US-supplied cluster bombs have also been used. One hundred and seventeen States have joined the Convention to ban these lethal, indiscriminate munitions since December 2008. Saudi Arabia, of course, is not amongst them.

Saudi was also one of the countries which bombed Iraq in 2003, an action now widely accepted as illegal. It is perhaps indicative of their closeness to the US that the bombardment of Yemen is mirror-named from the Pentagon Silly Titles for Killing People lexicon: “Operation Decisive Storm.” Iraq 1991 was of course: “Operation Desert Storm”?

Saudi is also ranked 164th out of 180 countries in the 2015 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. All in all Saudi leading the Human Rights Council at the UN is straight out of another of George Orwell’s most nightmarish political fantasies.

Oh, and of course we are told that nineteen of the hijackers of the ‘plane that hit the World Trade Centre were Saudis – for which swathes of Afghanistan and region, Middle East and North Africa are still paying the bloodiest, genocidal price for the “War on Terror”– whilst Saudi’s representatives stroll in to the sunlight of the UN Human Rights body.

On the UN Human Right’s Council’s website is stated:  “The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) represents the world’s commitment to universal ideals of human dignity. We have a unique mandate from the international community to promote and protect all human rights.” Way to go, folks.


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Roger Waters – UN an entirely corrupt organization


The Normandy Landing and World War II: The Lies Grow More Audacious

d day

If there were any doubts that Western “leaders” live in a fantasy make-believe world constructed out of their own lies, the G-7 meeting and 70th anniversary celebration  of the Normandy landing dispelled the doubts. 

The howlers issuing from these occasions are enough to split your sides.  Obama and his lap dog Cameron described the Normandy landing on June 6, 1944, as “the greatest liberation force that the world has ever known” and took all the credit for the US and Britain for the defeat of Hitler.  No mention was made of the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which for three years prior to the Normandy landing had been fighting and defeating the Wehrmacht. 

Author Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Germans lost World War II at the Battle of Stalingrad, which was fought from August 23, 1942 until February 2, 1943, when most of the remnants of the powerful German Sixth Army surrendered, including 22 generals.  

Nineteen months previously the largest invasion force ever assembled on planet earth invaded Russia across a one thousand mile front. Three million crack German troops;7,500 artillery units, 19 panzer divisions with 3,000 tanks, and 2,500 aircraft rolled across Russia for 14 months. 

By June 1944, three years later, very little of this force was left. The Red Army had chewed it up.  When the so-called “allies” (a term which apparently excludes Russia) landed in France, there was little to resist them.  The best forces remaining to Hitler were on the Russian front, which collapsed day by day as the Red Army approached Berlin.

The Red Army won the war with Germany. The Americans and the British showed up after the Wehrmacht was exhausted and in tatters and could offer little resistance. Joseph Stalin believed that Washington and London stayed out of the war until the last minute and left Russia with the burden of defeating Germany.

Hollywood and popular writers have, of course, buried the facts.  Americans have all sorts of movies, such as “A Bridge Too Far,” that portray insignificant events, however heroic, as turning points in the war.  Nevertheless, the facts are clear.  The war was won on the Eastern front by Russia. Hollywood’s movies are fun, but they are nonsense. 

Russia is again on the outs with “the world community,”  because Obama’s plan to seize Ukraine and to evict Russia from its Black Sea base in Crimea has come a cropper.  Crimea has been a part of Russia for as long as the US has existed.  Khrushchev, a Ukrainian, stuck Crimea into the Ukrainian Socialist Republic in 1954 when Russia and Ukraine were part of the same country.  

When the Washington-imposed stooge government in Kiev recently declared that it was abolishing the use of the Russian language and arresting Ukrainians who had dual Russian citizenship and began tearing down Russian war memorials consecrated to the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis, the people in Crimea used the ballot box to disassociate from Washington’s stooge government in Kiev, first voting their independence and then voting for reunification with their mother country.

Washington, and the other G-7 countries following Washington’s orders, described this Crimean act of self-determination, which is exactly comparable to the act of self-determination declared by Britain’s American colonies, to be a case of “Russian invasion and annexation.”  Similar efforts to disassociate from Kiev are underway in other former Russian territories that today comprise eastern and southern Ukraine.

Washington has equated self-determination in eastern and southern Ukraine with “terrorism” and has encouraged its stooge in Kiev to use military violence against protesting civilians. The reason for branding separatists “terrorists” is to make it OK to kill them.

It is extraordinary to any learned person that the President of the United States and the titular heads of state of the Western European countries would publicly declare such  blatant lies to the world.  The world has historians.  The world has peoples whose knowledge vastly exceeds that of the “mainstream media,” a.k.a., the Ministry of Propaganda, or, as Gerald Celente brands them, “the presstitutes.”  Whatever name we use, the Western media is a collection of well paid whores.They lie for money, dinner party invitations, and speaking invitations with large honorariums and book contracts with large advances.

I know. They tried to recruit me.

Notice how narrowly Washington defines “the world community.”  The “world community” consists of the Group of 7.  That’s it.  Seven countries make up the “world community.”  The “world community” consists of six white countries and Washington’s puppet state of Japan.  The “world community” is the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. The other 190 countries are not part of Washington’s “world community.”  In the neocon doctrine, they are not even part of humanity. 

The “world community” doesn’t have the population of single excluded countries, such as China or India.  I haven’t done the calculation, but probably the land mass of Russia itself exceeds the land mass of the “world community.”

So, what is this “world community?”

The “world community” is the assemblage of US vassal states.  Britain, France, and Germany were important on the 20th century scene. Their histories are studied in universities. The populations had a decent standard of living, although not for all citizens. Their past is the reason for their present importance.

In effect, these countries were propelled forward by history, or by the history important to the West. Japan, being an appendage of Washington, has tried to become “western.”  It is extraordinary how such a proud, war-like people became nothing.

As I have finally stopped laughing at the presumed non-role of Russia in the defeat of Hitler, let’s return to the G-7 meeting.  The Big Happening of this meeting was Russia’s exclusion and the shrinkage of the G-8 to the G-7.

This was the first time in 17 years that Russia was not allowed to participate in the meeting of which Russia is a member.  Why?

Russia is being punished.  Russia is being isolated from the 7 countries that the White House Fool thinks constitute “the world community.”

Obama is angry that his National Security Council and the morons he appointed to the State Department and UN were so poorly educated that they did not know that much of the Ukraine consists of former Russian provinces inhabited by Russians.  These ignorant Obama-appointed morons thought that they could grab Crimea, evict Russia, and leave Russia without access to the Mediterranean, thus unable to hold on to its naval base in Tartus, Syria, the easier for Washington to invade Syria.  

Crimea has been part of Russia since Russia completed the reconquest from the Tartars. I remember the Tarter, or Tater, ethnics from my visit to Tamerlane the Great’s (Timur as he was also known) tomb in Samarkand 53 years ago. Today Tamerlane’s city is refurbished as a tourist site. 53 years ago it was a desolate place in ruins, overgrown with trees growing out of the tops of the minarets.

As Obama’s plan to seize Ukraine failed, like every one of his other plans has failed, Washington’s spokesmen for the vested private interests have seized on the opportunity to demonize Putin and Russia and to restart the Cold War.  Obama and his Group of 7 puppets or vassals used the occasion to threaten Russia with real sanctions, in place of  the present propaganda sanctions that have no effect.  According to Obama and his British lap dog, Putin must somehow prevent the Russian populations of eastern and southern Ukraine from protesting their subservience to a neo-fascist government in Kiev backed by Washington, or else.  

Putin is supposed to embrace the Oligarch, a former minister of the government that Washington overthrew, put in office by a fake vote in which turnout was a small percent of the population.  Putin is supposed to kiss this corrupt Oligarch on both cheeks, pay Ukraine’s natural gas bills and forgive its debts.  In addition, Russia is supposed to repudiate the Crimean people, evict them from their re-unity with Russia and hand them over to the neo-Nazi Right Sector to be eliminated as retribution for Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany, for whom some Western Ukrainians fought. In exchange, Washington and NATO will put anti-ballistic missile bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia in order to protect Europe from nonexistent Iranian nuclear ICBMs.

This is supposed to be a win-win deal for Russia.

The Obama regime used its well-paid NGOs in Ukraine to overthrow an elected, democratic government, a government no more corrupt than those in Western or Eastern Europe or Washington.

The political morons who have England, France, Germany, and Italy in their hands are wagging their fists at Russia, warning of more, this time real, sanctions.  Do these morons  really want their energy supplies cut off?  There is no prospect, despite the propagandistic claims, of Washington supplying the energy on which Germany industry depends and on which Europeans depend so that they do not freeze in the winter.

Sanctions on Russia will wreck Europe and have little, if any, effect on Russia.  Russia is already moving, with China and the BRICS, outside the dollar payments mechanism. 

As the demand for dollars drops, the dollar’s exchange value will drop.  Initially, Washington will be able to force its vassals to support the dollar, but eventually this will become impossible.

What the White House Fool, the neoconized National Security Council, the presstitute media, and subservient Congress are doing is to support and uphold the policies based on hubris and arrogance that are leading the US into the abyss.

An abyss is like a black hole.  You don’t get out.

Washington’s lies are so blatant and transparent that Washington is destroying its own credibility.  Consider the NSA spying.  Documents released by Snowden and Greenwald make it completely clear that Washington spies not only on government leaders and ordinary people but also on foreign businesses in order to advance US commercial and financial interests.  That the US steals Chinese business secrets is not in doubt.  So what does Washington do?  Washington not only denies what the documents prove but  turns the charge around and indicts five Chinese generals for spying on US corporations.

The only purpose of these indictments hyped by the US attorney general is propaganda.

The indictments are otherwise totally meaningless, not merely false.  China is not about to turn over five Chinese generals to the liars in Washington.  For the presstitute media the story is a way to move the NSA’s spying out of the spotlight. China is substituted for the NSA as the guilty party.

Why doesn’t China, Brazil, Germany and every other country issue arrest warrants for NSA’s top officials, for Obama, and for the members of the congressional oversight committee?  Why do other countries always allow Washington to control the explanation with propaganda first strikes?

Americans are very susceptible to propaganda.  They seem to have a special taste for it. Consider the hate whipped up against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier just released by the Taliban in a prisoner exchange with the US.  The hatred and bloodlust that the presstitute media have whipped up against Bergdahl has caused his hometown to cancel the celebration of his release. The press engineered hatred of Bergdahl has spilled over into threats against Hailey, Idaho.

What is the basis for the attacks on Bergdahl?  Apparently, the answer is that Bergdahl, like pro-football star Pat Tillman who turned down a $3.6 million contract to join the Army Rangers and go to defend freedom in Afghanistan, came down with a case of doubts about the war.  Originally Pat Tillman’s death was attributed to his heroic action and enemy fire.  Then it emerged that Tillman was a victim of “friendly fire.”  Many concluded that he was murdered, because the government did not want a sports hero speaking out about the war.  As Bergdahl is off the battlefield, he has to be murdered in the press–like Russia, China, Iran, Putin, Assad, Crimeans, and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

In America hate and the cultivation of hate is alive and well.  But not a single moral virtue is.

A review of Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry”

If you’re like me and have been through the American education system, you as a child may have never learned a word of Greek or Latin, the history of the Bible or been assigned to read a work by a great philosopher.  You probably do remember, however, learning about Martin Luther King, the Klan and the “six million who perished.”  What gets placed in a curriculum is a zero-sum game and Western civilization had to lose for the cult of victimhood to win.

But unlike other unfortunates we’re supposed to feel sorry for, the Jews are successful, and the crimes against them didn’t take place in the United States. For them to become a protected class, the holocaust, a historical event, had to be turned into The Holocaust, a religious one.  Liberal professor Norman Finkelstein wrote The Holocaust Industry to bring to the world’s attention the exploitation of Jewish suffering in World War II.  His book also explains how we got here.  Thanks to the Industry, Israel, “one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status.”

This is a recent phenomenon.  In 1963 Hannah Arendt publishedEichmann in Jerusalem.  At the time there were only two other English language scholarly books on the Holocaust.  One of them was Raul Hillberg’s The Destruction of the European Jews.  His thesis advisor at Columbia University told him “It’s your funeral” to discourage him from touching the subject.  Until the late 1960s, there was only one university course offering on the holocaust in the United States.

Jews themselves were indifferent to the events many of them had fled.  In a 1961 Commentary symposium on the subject of “Jewishness and the Younger Intellectuals,” no more that two of thirty-one writers stressed the holocaust.  It was almost completely ignored in a 1961 roundtable sponsored by the journal Judaism on “My Jewish Affirmation.”  There were no museums, no monuments and no organizations dedicated to keeping the memory alive.

In 1956 after President Eisenhower pushed Israel to withdraw from the Sinai, his support among American Jews actually increased in that year’s presidential election.  Attitudes would be different after the June 1967 war with the Arab states.  Norman Podhoretz noted that after the conflict Israel became “the religion of American Jews.”  To trace this journey from indifference to obsession, Finkelstein informs us that in 1955 and in 1965 the entries for Israel in The New York Times Index went on for 60 column inches.  In 1975 the Israel entries filled 260.  Now Jews would compare any situation the Israelis found themselves in to the peril Jewry faced in 1930s Germany.  They told themselves they wouldn’t be like those that quietly went into the gas chambers.

Unfortunately, Finkelstein’s liberalism distorts his understanding of the change in Jewish activism.  According to him, right after World War II talking about the holocaust was taboo due to US support of West Germany.  In later years the Arabs would align with the Soviet Union and Israel became an important ally.  The Jews were once again “matching in lockstep with American power.”  What the author doesn’t admit is that by the 1960s Jews were American power.  Mearsheimer and Walt’s The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy demolishes the idea that the alliance with Israel provides any benefit for the United States.  It is a nuisance at best and bankrupting the nation at worst.

Secondly, Finkelstein doesn’t seem to see the rise in Jewish activism in the 1960s as part of a larger trend in American culture.  He points to a few neo-cons who oppose affirmative action and ignores the critical role of Jewish left wing activism in establishing the culture of victimhood — what has become the culture of Western suicide.  Finkelstein writes that of “Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, women, gays and lesbians, Jews alone are not disadvantaged in American society” — as if who gets to play the identity politics game is decided by an objective measurement of who the victims are!

Despite his blind spots, the author does a fantastic job of exposing the gang of charlatans and frauds that constitute The Holocaust Industry.  For a fee of $25,000, survivor Elie Wiesel will tell you that the “secret” of Auschwitz’s “truth lies in silence” and that The Holocaust “leads into darkness,” “negates all answers,” “lies outside, if not beyond, history,” “defies both knowledge and description,” “cannot be explained nor visualized,” and is “never to be explained or transmitted.”  To him, to compare Jewish suffering to that of others is a “total betrayal of Jewish history.”  A parody of a New York tabloid once had the headline: “Michael Jackson, 60 Million Others, Die in Nuclear Holocaust.”  The parody included a letter supposedly from Eli Wiesel in which he protested “How dare people refer to what happened yesterday as a Holocaust?  There was only one Holocaust.”

Not only does Wiesel think that Jewish suffering is in a class of its own, but he and organized Jewry guard their unique status in a very creepy way.  He withdrew from a conference on genocide because the slaughter of Armenians by the Turks would be mentioned.   Jewish organizations have lobbied against a day of remembrance for the Armenians.

Predictably, when the victims of violence are the enemies of Jews, compassion goes out the window.” To Wiesel, Arabs hate Jews for their existence.  American Blacks are simply a race of ingrates, unable to appreciate what the Jews have done for them.

Wiesel not only appears to suffer from a histrionic personality disorder, he is also an inveterate liar.  After surviving a death camp, he claims to have read Kant’s A Critique of Pure Reason in Yiddish.  No such translation exists.  He once met a “mysterious Talmudic scholar” who “mastered Hungarian in two weeks, just to surprise me.” He told The New York Times that after being hit by a taxi in Times Square he “flew an entire block.  I was hit at 45th Street and Broadway, and the ambulance picked me up at 44th.”

While there’s a debate over whether Night by Wiesel is a memoir or novel, other writers have been exposed as frauds.  Jerzy Kosinski wrote The Painted Bird, supposedly about his time as a young Polish Jew who wandered alone through rural Poland during the World War II.  Finkelstein notes that one reader described the book as “the product of a mind obsessed with sadomasochistic violence.”  Poles are depicted as pathological torturers of Jews. Kosinski’s work became required reading in many high school and college classes.  On the speaking circuit, Kosinski would describe himself as a “cut-rate Elie Wiesel.”

In reality, the author of the book lived with his parents during the war.  The Poles whom he had slandered had sheltered his family at great risk to themselves.

Binjamin’s Wilkomirski’s Fragments is a more recent hoax in the field of Holocaustology.   According to Finkelstein the book is similar toThe Painted Bird in that the author presents himself as a child victim of The Holocaust and  “each chapter … climaxes in an orgy of violence.”  In this book it’s the Germans who are the irredeemable sadists.  After he’s freed, young Benjamin goes to Switzerland, where he’s taunted by the kids at school.  They point at him “and make fists and yell ‘He’s raving, there’s no such thing.  Liar!  He’s crazy, mad, he’s an idiot.’”

Turns out the children were right.  Wlkomirski spent the whole war in Switzerland and isn’t even Jewish.  Nor is his name Binjamin Wilkomirski.  It’s Bruno Dössekker.  The fraud wasn’t exposed until the author of Fragments had had his book translated into a dozen languages and become a star through his participation in documentaries, Holocaust fund-raisers, and of course, the speaking scene.

Finkelstein says that with all the lies we’ve been fed, it’s amazing that there are so few Holocaust deniers.  But he doesn’t cite the worst of the worst.  For example, there’s this 1988 story from The New York Times:

Later, [retired butcher Morris Hubert] was sent to Buchenwald. ”In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle,” he said. ”Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones.” ”But that’s unbelievable,” whispered a visitor. ”It is unbelievable,” said Mr. Hubert, ”but it happened.”

I’m surprised they’ve yet to find an eagle to put on trial for the crime.

At least authors of Holocaust memoirs provide entertaining stories.  Even worse, Jewish organizations have turned the Holocaust religion into a criminal Industry.  In fact, they may have pulled off the biggest robberies in human history.

[adrotate group=”1″]

First, it was claimed that Swiss banks were denying heirs of Jewish holders of accounts their money.  In 1995 two Representatives of the World Jewish Congress including President Edgar Bronfman met with Swiss bankers.  Bronfman would later humbly tell the Senate Banking Committee that he spoke on behalf of “the 6 million, who cannot speak for themselves.”  The Swiss could only find 775 unclaimed dormant accounts, holding $32 million.  When the Swiss offered this number as a basis to begin negotiations, the WJC rejected it as too low.

The WJC would mobilize the American political establishment to lobby on its behalf.  Bronfman recruited Catholic New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato to his cause — a move that assured D’Amato would receive Jewish money and votes.  The House and Senate banking committees took up the issue.  An aide to D’Amato would later brag that they forced the Swiss “into the court of public opinion where we controlled the agenda. … [w]e were judge, jury, and executioner.”  A study supported by D’Amato’s office and the Simon Wiesenthal Center would claim that “dishonesty was a cultural code that individual Swiss had mastered to protect the nation’s image and prosperity” and that “Swiss greed was unique.”

In 1996 a parade of elderly Jews gave testimony before the US Congress on the malevolence of Swiss bankers.  They presented no evidence that they actually had assents in the banks.  To top off the spectacle, D’Amato for some reason brought none other than Elie Wiesel to address Congress.  Testified poor Wiesel: “Is there no limit to pain?  No limit to the outrage?”

Even before this event, the Swiss had set up a commission headed by former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker with three members of the World Jewish Restitution Organization and three from the Swiss Bankers Association.  They would abide by whatever the group decided.  Jewish organizations wouldn’t let up in the media, hoping that the Swiss would settle before the commission issued its report.  After stories got out of indigent survivors, the Swiss in 1997 put $200 million into a “Special Fund for Needy Victims of the Holocaust.”

The commission was dangerous to the Industry for two reasons.  First, as with the Holocaust itself, so many ridiculous stories had been told that some of them would inevitably prove to be illegitimate. Second, if the owners of the dormant accounts were identified, they themselves would be compensated, and not Jewish organizations.

When bad mouthing the Swiss through the media failed to extort enough money, the Jews filed class action lawsuits and ordered boycotts of the country.  Volcker protested that such actions would interfere with the work of his commission, but that was precisely the point.  In January 1997 chair of the Jewish Agency Avraham Burg threatened, “Until now we have held back international Jewish pressure.”  New York Governor George Pataki publicly supported sanctions on Swiss banks.  Local state governments in Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York passed resolutions threatening a boycott unless the Swiss settled with organized Jewry.  The city of Los Angeles was the first to impose sanctions.  Other governments followed suit.

In June 1998 the Swiss made a final offer of $600 million.  Head of the ADL Abraham Foxman called it “an insult to the memory of the victims.”  By August the bankers finally gave in with a $1.25 billion settlement.

A year after the settlement, no plan was drawn up to distribute the money to actual Holocaust survivors.  By December 1999 only half of the $200 million originally given in 1997 had reached the victims.  Finkelstein’s last edition of the book was released in 2000 but as of 2009 only $490 million of the $1.25 billion had gone to individual claimants.  The rest went to such worthy causes as lawyer fees, Jewish organizations and Holocaust propaganda, presumably to help create a new generation of suckers.  Holocaust programs in schools are recommended or required in seventeen states.

Volcker and his committee’s Report on Dormant Accounts of Victims of Nazi Persecution in Swiss Banks cost $500 million.  They took all the accounts found to have belonged to Jewish victims of the Holocaust and modified them to their 1945 value.  They then multiplied the number by ten to reflect long term investment rates and came up with a number of $380 million.  Moreover, there was “no proof of systematic destruction of records of victim accounts, organized discrimination against the accounts of victims of Nazi persecution, or concerted efforts to divert the funds of victims of Nazi persecution to improper purposes.”

After routing the Swiss, the Holocaust Industry went on to try to steal from the Germans.  They demanded $20 billion in compensation from German Industry for WWII slave labor.  Full-page newspaper advertisements appeared claiming without evidence that pharmaceutical corporation Bayer “directed” the experiments of Josef Mengele.  President Clinton lobbied for restitution.  Never mind that monetary agreements reached shortly after WWII already covered slave labor.  Germany had given the modern equivalent of close to a billion dollars to the Jewish Claims Conference.  The organization characteristically used much of the money for their pet projects.  In 1999 German corporations would agree to hand over another $5.1 billion.  The country’s government has to date given more than $60 billion to Jewish organizations.

The Holocaust Industry continued East but found it much more difficult to whip up hysteria against impoverished former Soviet countries.  The demands against Poland were so great that Jewish Week reported that the parliament was afraid that Jewish claims would bankrupt the nation.  The fear of American pressure stops European countries from standing up to this blackmail.  A Knesset member recalled his meeting with the uncooperative Prime Minister of Romania: “But I ask one remark, in the middle of the fighting, and it changed the atmosphere.  I told him, you know, in two days I am going to be in a hearing here in Congress.  What do you want me to tell them in the hearing?  Whole atmosphere was changed.”  The US is the muscle behind organized Jewry.  Bronfman, the WJC president, in 1998 claimed that his organization alone had amassed around $7 billion in Holocaust compensation.

It’s not a coincidence that the only countries who’ve fallen for this scam are White ones, and not Arab nations that expelled Jews in the 20th century.  As Kevin Macdonald wrote in The Culture of Critique:

The key for a group intending to turn Europeans against themselves is to trigger their strong tendency toward altruistic punishment by convincing them of the evil of their own people.  Because Europeans are individualists at heart, they readily rise up in moral anger against their own people once they are seen as free riders and therefore morally blameworthy—a manifestation of their much stronger tendency toward altruistic punishment deriving from their evolutionary past as hunter gatherers.

Thus the current altruistic punishment so characteristic of contemporary Western civilization: Once Europeans were convinced that their own people were morally bankrupt, any and all means of punishment should be used against their own people. Rather than see other Europeans as part of an encompassing ethnic and tribal community, fellow Europeans were seen as morally blameworthy and the appropriate target of altruistic punishment.

It takes a special sort of goyim to fall for the scam: Holocaust propaganda helps create a people prone to extortion, and the money stolen goes to fund more Holocaust propaganda.  Not to excuse the behavior of the thieves themselves, but the success of the Holocaust Industry is simply another symptom of a people that has lost its way.

Bin Laden’s Curse — ‘Death to America!’ by Lasha Darkmoon

September 4. 2013 – Source Lasha Darkmoon

Editor’s note: This article marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11. As it also marks Lasha’s Darkmoon’s debut as a columnist on Veterans Today, readers are recommended to read the article in its entirety on VT where they will be able to enjoy the beautiful Islamic art and full pictorial content supplied by writer-editor Jim W. Dean. A shocking maledictory poem, allegedly composed by Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9-11, forms the central feature of the article; this poem is omitted here for technical reasons but can be read on Veterans Today. The rest of the article is found below, but without its full complement of pictures. — John Scott Montecristo

To read the fully illustrated version of the article on Veterans Today, complete with 4-part poem, click HERE.

AMERICA-IN-RUINS-e1377224509483.jpg (JD, banner)

“September 11? That was just the beginning! Prepare for more of the same!”
— Osama bin Laden, Bin Laden’s Curse — ‘Death to America!’

A puzzling new poem, reportedly written by Osama Bin Laden in the wake of 9-11, is here presented to the reader in the run-up to the 12th anniversary of 9-11. The reader is asked to decide whether the poem, prophesying Armageddon and the coming destruction of America, is an authentic bin Laden poem or an imitation.


On May 16, 2007, on my twenty-ninth birthday, a beautifully written manuscript in calligraphic script fell into my hands in India. This was simply a series of sentences separated by diagonal strokes (/) which purported to be a literal, word-for-word paraphrase in English of an extended poem written in Arabic by Osama bin Laden in the immediate aftermath of 9-11.

Bits had been added to the manuscript (in the broad margins) over the intervening years. These served as commentaries and clarifications. The poem was divided into several parts, each headed by a symbol which I took to be a letter of the Arabic alphabet.

The scary title of the manuscript: Bin Laden’s Curse — ‘Death to America!’

When are they planning the next one?
When are they planning the next one?

I was given to understand that various versions of this poem, both in Arabic and Urdu, had begun to circulate in late 2001 in the tea houses of Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore. One such version of the poem had been obtained by my Sanskrit tutor, Bengali poet Ananda Kumar Bannerji, while vacationing with his family in Srinagar, Kashmir.

He handed me the manuscript in Pondicherry, South India, at the Sri Aurobindo ashram at which both of us happened to be staying at the time. He asked me what I thought of the poem.

I was in no position to judge the “authenticity” of the mishmash of ravings that confronted me; nor did I attempt to do so at that stage.

Being a poet-translator myself, I decided on an impulse—and purely as a literary exercise—to translate into rhymed English verse the somewhat disconnected scraps that had come my way. It seemed to me that this fascinating material, which was essentially a rant of rage against Western civilization in general and America in particular, would provide a useful clue to Americans who keep asking, Why do they hate us?

The intelligent reader may be wondering at this point if his leg is being pulled. Did Osama bin Laden actually write this hysterical diatribe? Is there the slightest evidence that this poem ever existed in the original Arabic?

There are certainly no traces of such a maledictory poem in existence right now, either in Arabic or Urdu or in any other language, as far as I know.  Bin Laden was of course a skilled poet, and many of his poems have been translated into English, but did he write this one?

My own view is that it is not altogether certain that bin Laden is the author of this particular poem, although the possibility cannot be discounted.

He may have written it originally in the wake of 9-11 and added bits to it over the years, e.g., the references to the Iraq war and the Abu Ghraib scandal which surfaced in early 2004.

On September 11, 2001 people danced in the streets all over the world. Why did no one tell you that?
On September 11, 2001 people danced in the streets all over the world. Why did no one tell you that?

To a large extent, it would depend on whether bin Laden was the evil genius behind 9-11. If he was, this would obviously increase the chances that he had written the poem—for in the poem he gloats over America’s humiliation on September 11, 2001, and predicts more 9-11s to come,

Nowhere in the poem, however, does bin Laden accept personal responsibility for 9-11. He is pleased that the act was done, but so were thousands of other people throughout the world who celebrated the event with champagne parties and dancing in the streets—as Tariq Ali revealed in the introduction to his excellent book The Clash of Fundamentalisms.

What finally persuaded me to offer this poem up for publication, given that it has been gathering dust on my shelves for so many years? I guess the time is right. It would be a shame to let the poem lie around unread. The material has curiosity value.

It provides, moreover, an insight into the terrorist mind. It is certainly a shocking poem, though its shock potential would have been far greater if there had been proof that Osama bin Laden had actually written it. There is no such proof.

Indeed, there is no proof that Osama bin Laden orchestrated 9/11 at all.

The only “proof” that Al Qaeda was behind 9-11 is that the American government and the notoriously unreliable and mendacious mainstream mass media say so.

Beyond this authoritative assertion of fact—an assertion that becomes increasingly unconvincing by the day—there is no proof whatever for the claim that bin Laden orchestrated 9-11. There is certainly no scientific evidence for such a claim.

Indeed, newly released evidence proves conclusively—contrary to government claims—that the World Trade Center twin towers and Building 7  must have been brought down by the prior placement of nanothermite and other powerful explosives within the buildings. (See here)

Here are some relevant facts the reader would do well to consider before reading the poem.

Though many taped messages had purportedly been issued by Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, not one of them after September 9, 2002 has been authenticated as genuine by independent experts such as theDalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, based in Martigny, Switzerland. (Institut Dalle Molle d’Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive, now the IDIAP Research Institute).

For further details of doctored bin Laden tapes, see [1][2][3][4]


The only “experts” to validate the later bin Laden tapes have been those same intelligence agencies whose reputation for deceiving the public is now legendary.

Thus genuine video tapes delivered to Al-Jazeera TV in late 2001, featuring an emaciated and white-bearded bin Laden disclaiming responsibility for 9-11, offer a bizarre contrast to the obviously fake bin Laden video tape of November 9, 2001—a tape conveniently “discovered” by American soldiers in an abandoned house in Jalalabad.

Here a suspiciously plump and black-bearded Osama is suddenly found fessing up to 9-11.

If bin Laden had been the mastermind behind 9-11, why would he deny it? Wouldn’t he proudly acknowledge it?
If bin Laden had been the mastermind behind 9-11, why would he deny it? Wouldn’t he proudly acknowledge it?

Bin Laden was not a man given to lying. On September 17, 2001 he issued a message to al-Jazeera, disclaiming all responsibility for 9-11:  “I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation.”

Just ten days later, on 28 September,  he repeated his denial of involvenment.  “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks.”

The real perpetrators of 9-11, many people seem to think, were Israeli intelligence and their neoconservative accomplices in America. Possibly bin Laden thought this too—which would make him a “conspiracy theorist” as well as a “terrorist”.

Such an explosive conspiracy theory (Mossad + American neocons = 9-11 masterminds) could hardly be allowed to take root in the American psyche. It was therefore deemed necessary to pin down the blame for 9-11 on bin Laden and a bunch of jihadis armed with box cutters.

Hence their was a need for a whole slew of bogus tapes in which an actor playing the part of bin Laden accepts full responsibility for 9-11, thereby giving America and Britain a pretext for pulverizing the Muslim world and plundering its resources—all this at the instigation of Israel and their neoconservative allies in the Bush administration.

Bin Laden was almost certainly dead long before his sensational “assassination” on May 2, 2011, in his hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan, at the hands of the CIA and US naval Special Warfare operatives.

An obituary notice announcing his funeral appeared in al-Wafd (an Egyptian newspaper) on December 26, 2001.

It became perfectly safe after this date to issue bogus bin Laden tapes ad nauseam, threatening the West with fire and brimstone, given that the real Osama was no longer around to deny the authenticity of the same tapes.

All these fake tapes and phoney bin Laden lookalikes have been a sign of acute desperation. The perpetrators of Abu Ghraib  have not only lost the moral ground—they have lost the war on terror.

One person who is convinced he knows who did 9-11 is Dr Alan Sabrosky. Former director of the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, he does not mince his words in a relatively recent interview.

He places the blame for 9-11 fairly and squarely on Israel.

“I have made it absolutely clear,” he says, “that it is one hundred percent certain that 9-11 was a Mossad operation.


Here now is the  four part poem purportedly penned by Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9-11. I have translated the English paraphrase I received into 8-line rhymed stanzas based on a strict A-B-C-D-B-A-C-D rhyming scheme.

This was because the original Arabic, according to my Indian friend Mr Bannerji, was couched in the complicated rhyming prose found in the Qur’an.

The reader is asked to make allowances for the apocalyptic language. This is all part of the original. Toning it down so as to make it more palatable to Western tastes would be self-defeating.

Decide for yourself if this is a genuine Osama bin Laden poem, penned by the Master Terrorist himself, or if it is an imitation.

One final point: I would like to assure the reader that, in submitting this poem for publication, I am not myself the perpetrator of a puerile literary hoax. I did not write this poem myself, nor am I receiving either fame or fortune from its publication.

I have merely translated, in good faith, a prose paraphrase of someone else’s rendition of an extended poem in Arabic reportedly written by Osama bin Laden in late 2001 and added to subsequently by bin Laden himself or other scribe(s).

If there are any Western resonances in the poem (e.g., “shooting fish in a barrel”), this is because my version is presented through the prism of my own personality and bears the stamp of my style and character.

This is not only a translation, remember, it is a translation of a translation. Many of the ideas sketched in the poem, particularly in Part 3 which is about Israel, are clearly out of date and erroneous. The idea that Israel is an American colony is one such wrong idea.


Here now is the poem: an extended malediction of America and a prophecy of its impending doom:

Bin Laden’s Curse — ‘Death to America!’

bin laden, 3

“Do what you can, and so shall we.
Just wait!—we too are waiting.”

— Qur’an XI. 121-22

Editor’s note: To read the 4-part poem (118 lines), click HERE and scroll down to the poem.

Is the poem authentic?The reader is advised to waste as little time as possible on this ultimately futile question. To do so would be a distraction.

Questions of far greater import are these: Was bin Laden a paper tiger? Is Al Qaeda a myth? Are Islamic “terrorists” a figment of the neoconservative imagination?

Was 9-11 orchestrated as an excuse to wage war on the Muslim world and plunder its resources? Have all these events been put together for the aggrandizement of Israel?

Consider first Al Qaeda, menacing in the extreme and criminally malevolent. How helpless Americans must feel before this diabolically omniscient organization that managed somehow to get the better of all sixteen US intelligence agencies, the National security Council, NORAD, air traffic control, and the Pentagon.

It managed not only to pull the wool over the eyes of the finest military intellects in America, it contrived also to make fools of Mossad and every single intelligence agency in Europe.

It even had Britain’s plucky Prime Minister Tony Blair quaking in his ankle socks and agonizing over the prospect of seeing London obliterated by Saddam Hussein’s WMD in forty-five minutes!—top secret information which was provided, unbelievably, by an Iraqi taxi driver.

Nor has this sinister organization Al Qaeda rested on its laurels since 9-11. It still manages to terrorize the Western world with its shoe bombs, its shampoo bombs, its

underwear bombs. Not a day goes by but dozens of bearded “ragheads” are rounded up and tasered, their doors crashed open and their apartments ransacked, only to be released later for lack of evidence.

They are so fiendishly cunning, these jetsetter jihadis, that they never leave behind a single trace of their guilt. Scary. Who needs weapons of mass destruction when you can bring the America Empire to its knees with a few box cutters?

Who will write the final message on 9/11?
Who will write the final message on 9/11?

How many Muslim civilians, mostly women and children, have America and its allies now killed and maimed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, the West Bank and Gaza?

How many more innocents are expected to die in Iran, Syria and Lebanon in future wars orchestrated by neoconservatives in Washington for the sole benefit of Israel? One would think that Al Qaeda, having pulled off 9-11 with such superlative ease, would get its act together and assassinate every neoconservative in America.

To quote Paul Craig Roberts, a highly respected columnist and former assistant Secretary of the Treasury:

If Muslims were capable of pulling off 9/11, they are certainly capable of assassinating Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Condi Rice, Kristol, Bolton, Goldberg, and scores of others during the same hour of the day….
The argument is not believable that a government that was incapable of preventing 9/11 is so all-knowing that it can prevent assassination of unprotected neocons….
Try to imagine the propaganda value of terrorists wiping out the neoconservatives in one fell swoop, followed by an announcement that every member of the federal government down to the lowest GS, every member of the House and Senate, and every governor was next in line to be bumped off.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?  Terrifying, what can be done with a few box cutters.

End of WW II – German Rape victims


…And Trajectory Implications

“A Russian lieutenant walked into a barber’s shop and proceeded to rape the [German] cashier in front of the customers.” Giles MacDonogh

Source: Veterans Today:…by Jonas E. Alexis

After-the-Reich-GILESMACDONOGHThe evidence is quite clear that raping women and children was a form of revenge for the Allied forces. “One of the French officers is supposed to have said, ‘We are the avengers, the SS of the French Army.’”[1]

The French units “were made up of French soldiers from the 5th Armoured Division, Foreign Legionaries, and Moroccan and Algerian troops from the 2nd Moroccan and the 3rd Algerian Infantry Divisions. From the first the French made it clear that the people were going to be properly punished.

“There would be three days of plunder. A sergeant said that the troops would be released from discipline, and a quartermaster added, ‘In the next few nights no woman will go untouched’…

“The surviving houses were systematically destroyed with benzene: 649 were burned down in this way. It was now open season for any women aged between sixteen and eighty. It is generally said that the Moroccans behaved the worst.”[2]

The French soldiers moved to Stuttgart, where “3,000 women and eight men were raped,” a behavior which infuriated the Americans.[3] In another place called Vaihingen, “A further 500 women were raped…”[4]

Yet revenge was one of their plans, and they were

“anxious to weed out the major Nazis of Breslau. On 7 May the Red Army deliberately started fires in the ruins. What was left of the city was looted.

“On 10 May the library of the university or Leopoldina for which Brahms had written his famous Academic Festival Overture went up in flames; on the 15th it was the turn of the city museum. On the same day the twin towers of one of the city’s great Backsteingotik churches—St. Mary Magdalene—were blown up.”[5]

Acts of revenge reached their fulfillment when the Jews plotted to exterminate the Germans through poisoning:

“The greatest act of lawlessness committed by the Jews in post-war Germany was the attempt to kill a large number of POWs in Nuremberg. Abba Kovner, who had led an armed revolt in the Vilna Ghetto, founded the Nakom (Revenge’) Group and conceived the idea of poisoning the drinking water in the city.

“One member of the group found a job in the waterworks, but David Ben-Gurion refused to allow him to go ahead with the scheme. They turned instead to the camp, where 12,000 POWs were kept, many of them ex-SS or Nazis, and succeeded in poisoning the bread.

“The prisoners suffered terrible pains, but none died. The perpetrators fled to Palestine and resisted all attempts to make them face justice in Germany.”[6]

The Americans were generally considered to be kind, and many blacks in the army (there were 42,000 of them), as Princess Victoria Louise put it, “were friendly and cheerful.”[7] But many others followed in the footsteps of the Red Army, and “were accused of perpetrating several rapes, in one instance of a fourteen-year-old girl in the village of Altwarmbuch.”[8]

In April 28, when the Allies “were doing little to restore” order, “the villages were full of drunken American blacks with women on their arms, looking for beds.”[9]

Between the months of January and February in 1945, there were 402 rape charges reported in the U.S. army; in April, that number rose to 501.[10] Unlike the Red Army, many of those who were convicted of such crimes were executed.[11]

jamesOther atrocities were committed as well. After the war, the Americans joined the Russians in looting German towns and villages. The Soviet forces, of course, started “all sorts of theft.”

During the first two days of August, it is estimated that they stole “1,280,000 tons of materiel and 3,6000,000 tons of equipment.”[12] U.S. soldiers were accused of stealing paintings, and two U.S. officers “of the Women’s Army Corps were tried for stealing $1,500,000 worth of jewelry.”[13]

In some Allied camps, “the prisoners discussed the merits of the different Allies: ‘In general it was best to be with the English.’ That guaranteed ‘decent treatment.’”[14] At a British camp—Scotland Camp 21—one prisoner “was hung up in the latrines.”[15]

Treatment is “decent” only when compared to the other options:

“At one point the British were handing out between thirty and fifty death sentences a month, although a third of them were quashed on appeal…At Bad Nenndorf near Hanover, CSDIC 74 also possessed an interrogation centre where men were tortured…

“The torturechamber was the old pumproom. Here they were beaten, deprived of sleep, threatened with execution or unnecessary surgery. As many as 372 men and 44 women passed through Bad Nenndorf before it closed in July 1947.”[16]

It was so bad at Bad Nenndorf that German-born Jew Lieutenant Richard Langam, along with many others, was accused of abusing the prisoners.

“Lord Pakenham expressed his concern about the accusation that the British were treating prisoners in a manner ‘reminiscent of the German concentration camps.’ Following the court martial Bad Nenndorf was closed down.”[17]

German prisoners suffered similar brutalities in the French camps, whose revenge reached its zenith by starving the prisoners.

“Very soon after the end of the war the Red Cross reported that there were 200,000 prisoners on the brink of famine in France…officially 21,886 German POWs died in France…

“Salomon cites one case of an elderly Alsatian German historian who starved to death in a French ‘dungeon.’ In another camp in the Sarthe, prisoners had to survive on 900 calories a day. In the prison hospital an average of twelve POWs died daily.”[18]

The Russian camps were the worse. At least 1,094,250 “soldiers perished, half of them before April 1945. Sometimes it was the majority: of the 90,000 soldiers taken prisoner at Stalingrad, only 5,000 returned home.”[19]

Berlin suffered more damage than any other city. Anything the Russians did not steal there, “they destroyed.”[20] But property damages were nothing compared to the women who were raped. Richard J. Evans himself admits,

“Rape was accompanied by torture and mutilation and frequently ended in the victim being shot or bludgeoned to death. The raving violence was undiscriminating. Often, especially in Berlin, women were deliberately raped in the presence of their menfolk, to underline the humiliation.”[21]

A Victim of Allied Forces

It is estimated that 100,000 women were raped in Berlin alone.[22] MacDonogh says that a conservative number of women who were raped there was 20,000.

“The worst cases involved very young children or elderly ladies, and the victims were often killed afterwards. Sometimes they took their own lives. In one instance soldiers raped the sisters who worked as nurses in the military hospital, infecting them with syphilis at the same time.”[23]

One woman, Ruth Friedrich,

“was spared, largely because her lover, the conductor Leo Borchard, spoke fluent Russian. She visited a friend who had been raped by seven soldiers, ‘once after the other, like beasts.’

“‘We need to commit suicide…we certainly can’t live like this,’ the friend said…The Russians took bodily possession of German soil, bit by bit; and bodily they consumed German flesh, night by night.”[24]

The only escape for the women was suicide by poisoning, “and there was much discussion of the best and most painless way to quit life. The discussions had started before the Russians arrived…There were instances of mass suicide by poison.”[25]

There were other widespread instances of women hanging themselves in attics.[26] As rape became routine, it became clear that “it could eventually be laughed off.” One woman, a widow,

“was over fifty when she was raped by an unbearded boy. He later paid her a compliment, saying she was considerably tighter than the women of the Ukraine.”[27]

Another woman, “a victim of a savage rapist who had not only cracked her skull but knocked out most of her teeth, lost her middle-class prudishness with the experience.”[28] One eighteen-year-old “had been raped sixty times.”[29]

Most of the German men could do nothing, and those who tried found themselves bleeding to death while their wives were raped in front of them.[30] Following the rapes were countless unwanted babies. Ruth Friedrich observed that “there would be an epidemic of babies in six month’s time ‘who don’t know who their fathers are, are the products of violence; conceived in fear; and delivered in horror.” She then asked the question, “Should they be allowed to live?”

But that was only the tip of the iceberg: women had to cope with syphilis and gonorrhea without antibiotics.[31] Those who decided that they would not commit suicide and found themselves pregnant came to one conclusion: abortion.

But that again was troublesome: “Abortion was a crude business, normally carried out without anesthetic,” and the cost for performing one was quite costly.

“Many women performed the act on themselves, with inevitable consequences. Despite the massive incidence of abortion, it is estimated that between 150,000 and 200,000 ‘Russian babies’ survived to see the light of day.”[32]

MacDonogh writes that “the daily threat of rape petered out only when the Western Allies arrived in July, and when the Soviet authorities realized that it was damaging their chances of political success among the civilian population.”[33]

But the damage was already done, and by this time Berlin was already referred to as a “‘city without Eros.’”[34] When other groups came in, they described Berlin as “a picture of hell.”[35]

Yet there were instances where the American Allies were involved in rape as well. Margret Boveri, a journalist who worked in the United States,

“recounts the case of an estate-owning family on the edge of Berlin who were out walking when the Russians arrived and so ran back to the house petrified with fear as to what the soldiers would do to their daughters and their friends.

“They found to their surprise that the Russians had touched nothing and had been exceptionally polite. When the Americans arrived, however, one of the girls was so brutally raped that it took her years to recover from the shock.”[36]

Even when the instances of rape slowed down for a time, the Allies treated the Berliners as “former Nazis. No distinction was to be made between good Germans and bad Germans, so the good Germans began to muck in with the bad.”[37]

rape-german-women-ww2-1945Starvation was rampant.[38] In Breslau, for instance, “The Russians and the Poles had made it clear they were not in a position to feed the Germans.”[39]

There were about 42,000 Germans living in Prague in 1945. On May 5th, at 11 in the morning, the Revolution began.

“The insurgents captured the radio station and began broadcasting the slogan (Death to the Germans! Death to all Germans! Death to all occupiers!). There was no mercy for old men, women or children—even for German dogs.”[40]

No one was spared, and

“many of the city’s most notable Germans were put to death during this bloodletting. Professor Albrecht, the last rector of the German university, was arrested at the Institute for Neurology and Psychiatry. He was beaten up and hanged outside the lunatic asylum. The director of the Institute for Dermatology suffered a similar fate.”[41]

Concentration camps closed for Jews, Catholics, and homosexuals were being reopened for the Germans. In Brux, a small town in Czechoslovakia, which had about 30,000 inhabitants, “of whom two-thirds were Germans,” it is estimated that there were thirty camps.[42] Many of the prisoners, who suffered from diseases such as tuberculosis, in those camps were shot.[43] Some “hanged or poisoned themselves, others vanished.”[44]

At many of those camps, Germans “had to strip. Any good clothing was carted off and they were given rags that had belonged to those who had already perished; very often they were covered in blood.”[45]

The longer the Red Army stayed in Eastern Europe, the more dreadful they became to the Germans.

“Anyone found to have [an SS tattoo] was stripped naked and beaten to a pulp. One young, blond boy put up a fight. They prized open his legs and destroyed his genitals before beating him to death.”[46]

Another SS man “was so badly beaten that he had to be taken away to hospital where he died without regaining consciousness.”[47] At one point the occupying army had one man’s face “pushed in his own excrement until he died from that and other beatings.”[48]

On another occasion, eighty Germans, who had nothing to do with the Nazis, were killed in the Jewish cemetery.[49]

“Beatings were a matter of course and the work was grueling enough: eighteen hours a day at the hydrogenation works with six hours’ sleep. Work was a two-hour march away, and a two-hour slog home. The march was all part of the planned humiliation.”[50]

One German nobleman Alexander Thurn und Taxis “was thrown into a wild concentration camp with his family. He and his two sons had to watch while his wife, her mother, and the governess were repeatedly raped. When the sport was over he was marched off to a Russo-Polish run Auschwitz.”[51]

Four days later, the Red Army arrived in Prague, and “Germans were told to bow when they saw a Soviet car.”[52] Then real concentration camps began. “Germans were beaten bloody with iron bars and lead pipes by a civilian mob and made to remove their shoes and run over broken glass.”[53]

Men and women were forced to clear the barricades, which were made of iron bars and barbed wire. Women’s hair

“was cut with bayonets and they were stripped of shoes and stockings. Both men and women died from the beatings.

“A large crowd of Czechs stood by and cheered whenever a woman was struck or fell…As [the women] were driven off, one woman heard a Czech tell another, ‘Don’t hit them on the head, they might die at once. They must suffer longer and a lot more.’”[54]

alliedOne woman, Helene Bugner,“was unrecognizable to her children” at the end of a day.[55] Another, Marianne Klaus,

“saw her husband alive for the last time on the 9th. She received his body the next day—the sixty-six-year-old had been beaten to death by the police.

“On the same day she saw two SS men suffer a similar fate, kicked in the stomach until blood spurted out; a woman Wehrmacht auxiliary stoned and hanged; and another SS man hung up by his feet from a lamppost and set alight.

“Many witnesses attested to the stringing up and burning of Germans as ‘living torches,’ not just soldiers but also young boys and girls…Germans were torched in rows on lampposts.”[56]

German prisoners were placed in locations such as the Ministry of Education, the Military Prison, the Riding School, the Sports Stadium, and the Labour Exchange. German men, women, children, and babies were shot on the 5th in the courtyard.[57]

“Alfred Gebauer saw female SS employees forced to roll naked in a pool of water before they were beaten senseless with rifle butts.”[58]

Ruth Schumacher

For the Red Army, revenge on the Germans was a central issue, and nothing would stop them from their hatred towards all Germans—wherever they could be found. As one Red Army soldier wrote to his parents in 1945,

“Happy is the heart, as you drive through a burning German town. We are taking revenge for everything, and our revenge is just. Fire for fire, blood for blood, and death for death.”[59]

MacDonogh writes,

“Once it had been decided that all Germans were guilty, the next job was to punish them. Despite the propaganda rations meted out by the Russians in Berlin, the Potsdam Conference decided that the Germans were not to be over-fed.

“Requests by the Red Cross to bring in provisions were waved aside, and in the winter of 1945 donations were returned with the recommendation that they be used in other war-torn parts of Europe—although the Irish and Swiss contributions had been specifically raised with Germany in mind.

“The first donations to be permitted reached the American Zone in March 1946, to some degree thanks to the intervention of British intellectuals such as Bertrand Russell and Victor Gollancz.”[60]

Nearly every German was depicted as a Nazi and

“soldiers were told not to be moved by the hunger of a ‘yellow-haired German child…there lurked the Nazi.’ In the American army paper Stars and Stripes, servicemen rehearsed useful slogans: ‘Soldiers wise don’t fraternize.’

“A picture showed a comely German girl: ‘Don’t play Samson to her Delilah—She’d like to cut your hair off—at the neck.’ Or quite simply: ‘In heart, body and spirit every German is a Hitler!’”[61]

Gollancz was a Jew and due to what was happening after the Reich, he wrote his book The Ethics of Starvation, in which he challenged the premise of Jewish revenge:

“It is indeed a fact that I feel called upon to help suffering Germans precisely because I am a Jew: but not at all for the reason imagined…It is a question…of plain, straight common sense, undeflected by that very sentimentality that deflects the judgment and corrupts the spirit of so many.

“To me three propositions seem self-evident. The first is that nothing can save the world but a general act of repentance in place of the present self-righteous insistence on the wickedness of others, for all have sinned, and continue to sin most horribly.

“The second is that good treatment and not bad treatment makes them good. And the third is—to drop into the hideous collective language which is now much the mode—that unless you treat a man well when he has treated you ill you just get nowhere, or rather it will give further impetus to evil and head straight for human annihilation…

“The plain fact is…we are starving the Germans. And we are starving them, not deliberately in the sense that we definitely want them to die, but willfully in the sense that we prefer their death to our own inconvenience.”[62]

MacDonogh notes that “over and over again in his letters to his wife, [Gollancz] is struck by the fact that these suffering infants might have been his own children.”[63]

Gollancz was a man of honor who saw that gratuitous evil cannot be defeated by another equally gratuitous form of evil. To his surprise, the Red Army ended up mimicking to a much greater degree what he perceived Nazi Germany had done.

He noted that “the Germans have been driven out” to “the highest degree of brutality.” He expanded on this theme in his 1946 Our Threatened Values:

“They live crammed together in shacks without consideration for gender and age…They ranged in age from 4 to 80. Everyone looked emaciated…the most shocking sights were the babies…nearby stood another mother with a shrivelled bundle of skin and bones in her arms…

“Two old women lay as if dead on two cots. Only upon closer inspection, did one discover that they were still lightly breathing. They were, like those babies, nearly dead from hunger.”[64]

In order to have a better grasp of what was happening, “Gollancz had gone to Germany with the ‘attitude of a sceptic.’” In other words, he admitted that he might have been wrong in depicting the occupying forces as brutal. He took with him a photographer in order to back up his claims. Among other things, he saw

“boys suffering from malnutrition…He saw some telling cases in the hospital, with the usual waterlogged legs. His photographer took a picture of a dying man. The death-rattle had already started.

“Another had a scrotum that stretched a third of the way down to the ground…Tuberculosis was at four to five times its 1939 level. There was no penicillin available for the hospitals, because the Germans did not have the money to pay for it.”[65]

Gollancz should be considered as a hero in the midst of a world gone mad, but the Red Army paid no heed to his warnings. They imagined the most atrocious methods of torture—and proceed to put them into action. At one point,

“A Waffen-SS man’s penis and testicles had been so worked over that the former had swollen to 8-9 cm thick and the latter were septic. The whole area round to his anus was filled with pus and stank. In Theresienstadt one woman observed a female SS member being forced to sit astride an SA dagger: ‘I can still hear her scream.’”[66]

491224_General-Dwight-D-EisenhowerEven after the summer of 1945, many colonies within the Red Army continued to rape women wherever they could be found. When the Russians flooded into parts of Saxony and Thuringia, they performed a hundred rapes.

At one point, “a Russian lieutenant walked into a barber’s shop and proceeded to rape the cashier in front of the customers.”[67] And how did some of the medical staff react to the situation?

One individual declared, “Our soldiers’ behaviour towards Germans, particularly German women, is absolutely correct!”[68] One leader of the tank company added, “They all lifted their skirts for us and lay on the bed. Two million of our children were born” in Germany.[69]

Politicians in the United States also had no pity for the poor Germans who were being raped and massacred by the millions. President Herbert Hoover, who visited Hitler on several occasions, noted around the same time, “Having seen the results of Hitler’s vengeance on the Poles and remembering the millions who had died in his rape of Europe…I had no pity for his ending.”[70] Historian James Bacque meticulously documents that

“As soon as Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, the American Military Governor, General Eisenhower, sent out an ‘urgent courier’ throughout the huge area that he commanded, making it a crime punishable by death for German civilians to feed prisoners. It was even death-penalty crime to gather food together in one place to take it to prisoners.”[71]

Antony Beevor wrote,

“Several German women recorded how Soviet servicewomen watched and laughed when they were raped. But some women were deeply shaken by what they witnessed in Germany.

“Natalya Gesse, a close friend of the scientist Andrei Sakharov, had observed the Red Army in action in 1945 as a Soviet war correspondent. ‘The Russian soldiers were raping every German female from eight to eighty,’ she recounted later. ‘It was an army of rapists.”[72]

In 2009, one victim, Ruth Schumacher, told the National Public Radio in 2009,

“I was immediately gang raped by five Russians. The memories come back to you over and over again; you can never forget something like that. Sometimes after I talk about it, I sleep for a few hours and then wake up crying, screaming. You can never ever forget… Nobody talked about that; the danger was too great.

“I didn’t want to know about anybody else’s experiences, and they didn’t want to know about mine. My conscience was heavy enough. And I didn’t want to make it worse. Of course we felt ashamed about what the Nazis had done. But one should never pay back in the same currency, right?”[73]

It is also reported that

“Dr. Phillip Kuwert, a senior physician at the University of Greifswald’s department of psychotherapy and psychiatry, estimates that about 200,000 children were conceived by native German women raped by Russian soldiers.”[74]

Elie Wiesel

Here again we see the hypocrisy of people like Simon Wiesenthal. Why aren’t they chasing those who committed crimes against Germans, particularly ones who had nothing to do with the war, after the Third Reich?

Is one life more important than another? Are Jews more important than the rest of mankind? Well, according to Talmudic reasoning, the answer is yes. According to Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, even “Homosexual Jews have ‘higher souls’ than gentiles, gay or traight…”[75]

Blinded by this Talmudic mumbo jumbo, the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef propounded in 2010:

“The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. Why are the Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.”[76]

Yet when the Rabbi passed away last October, Benjamin Netanyahu unapologetically declared, “The Jewish people have lost one of the wisest men of this generation.”[77]

Shimon Peres added, “When I pressed his hand, I felt I was touching history, and when I kissed his head, it was as though I kissed the very greatness of Israel.”[78]

Hence, one should not be surprised at all when Talmudic extrapolation is being applied to the Gentile world. Elie Wiesel writes in Legends of our Time,

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone for hate—healthy, virile hate—for what the German personifies and or what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.”[79]

Good title for the book. But even if we take Wiesel’s thesis here with a grain of salt, we won’t have to go very far to see that it is fraught with blatant hypocrisy.

What about what the Red Army personifies and or what persists in the Red Army, the brutal raping of at least two million German women, not to mention the overall damage to goods and property?

Are people like Wiesel betraying the dead by ignoring the millions who lost their lives at the hands of the Bolshevik regime? If Hitler’s willing executioners were ordinary Germans, as Daniel Jonah Goldhagen preposterously propounded, then Stalin’s willing executioners were largely Jewish revolutionaries, a historical fact which can hardly be disputed among serious historians.

“There were as many as 10,000—15,000 Germans in the football stadium in Strahov. Here the Czechs organized a game where 5,000 prisoners had to run for their lives as guards fired on them with machine guns. Some were shot in the latrines.

“The bodies were not cleared away and those who used the latrines later had to defecate on their dead countrymen. As a rule all SS men were killed, generally by a shot in the back of the head or the stomach.

“Even after 16 May when order was meant to be restored, twelve to twenty people died daily and were taken away from the stadium on a dung wagon. Most had been tortured first.”[80]

One particular prison cell, which used to be a brothel, was located on a hill.

“Germans were locked up in the cellar, and the whores and their pimps indulged in a new orgy of sadism and perversity. German men and women had to strip naked for their treatment.

“One of them was Professor Walter Dick, head of a department at the Bulovka Hospital. He was driven insane by his torturers and hanged himself on a chain.”[81]

Some women were raped “as many as forty-five times in a night.”[82] In some prison camps, Germans were forced to fight against each other

“until they were bloody and then lick up the blood. When that resulted in vomiting, that too had to be licked up.

“When they had cleaned up the mess they were stripped and beaten with whips until the skin hung from their bodies. Then they were tossed into a cellar. Those who did not die from their wounds were later hanged.”[83]

In March 1945, the Waffen-SS made the mistake of torching the Czech village of Javoricka, probably as a result of what was happening or what they presumed would happen to Germans after the war. Immediate consequences followed:

“The partisans responded by driving the Germans into a forester’s house and the Schloss and murdering them….All the male German inhabitants were hunted into the main square. By the early afternoon there were as many as a thousand.

“The Czechs amused themselves by drilling them, forcing them to lie down and get up, all the while walking among them, spitting and kicking them in the groin and shins. Those who fell during the humiliation were taken to a water tank and drowned. Any who bobbed up were shot.”[84]

With one atrocious event after another, a great number of Germans took the easy way out by committing suicide.[85] The same thing happened in Iglau and Kladno. It is estimated that 1,200 Germans

“took their lives, and perhaps 2,000 were dead by Christmas. Between six and seven thousand Germans were driven into the camps Helenental and Altenberg. When the Helenental was closed, the inhabitants were plundered and herded south towards the Austrian border.

Some 350 people are said to have lost their lives on the way. They were detained in another camp in Stannern where hundreds more perished.”[86]

On another occasion, the Czechs threatened to shoot all the Germans, and took them

“to Masshaupt where they had to stand in a ditch while a crowd spat on them and pelted them with stones…On the 10th [of May] [the Czech] prepared to march. Before the gates of the barracks a jeering crowd had assembled a Czech read a speech: all Germans were criminals. Hand grenades once again tossed among the refugees, producing another bloodbath.”[87]

The Red Army acted cautiously when the Americans were around. For example,

“the torture stopped when the Americans came to inspect, and started the next day…Franz Weinhand was picked up by the militia in Gfell and taken to the castle in Elbogen. He and his fellow Germans screamed so loudly during their whippings that they began to annoy the American sentries a hundred metres away.

“One of them fired his machine gun at their window. Two days later members of the American Commission arrived at the castle and took photographs of the Germans’ naked bodies. Weinhand and the others dared not say a word for fear of reprisals.”[88]

The Czechs, particularly the women, were more than happy to see the Germans being beaten to death. One priest, Joseph Seidl, “had apparently committed no other crime than being German.”[89]

One commander, Wiesner, after smashing the heads and limbs of some German youth, greeted the new arrivals with the words, “German blood is no blood, it is pig’s shit.”[90] At one point,

“twenty men had to dig their own grave and then climb in. They were shot in the back of the head. One man had to be shot three times, yet he was still alive when the prisoners filled in the grave.”[91]

When the Red Army reached Brno, a German enclave, they once again followed

“the usual scenes of rape and violence…Czech partisans established their HQ in Kaunitz College, where the city’s leading Germans were beaten and tortured. Sometimes they were forced to go on all fours and bark like dogs.

“When the Czechs had finished with them they were delivered to the hospital, where they were thrown into a cellar. A Red Cross nurse examined a German who had indescribable wounds to his genitals. Before he died he was able to explain his crime: he had sold vegetables to the Gestapo.”[92]

Usual beatings with truncheons and whips were quite common, and “survivors were strip-searched before being driven on to a camp at Pohrlitz…The Red Cross nurse claimed that a thousand had already died. Another said that the camp claimed a further 1,700…the younger women were raped by the guards.”[93]

At the camp at Pohrlitz, “Sixty to seventy people had been dying daily, largely from typhus…When the Red Cross nurse tried to protect a tender eleven-year-old, she herself was taken away to ‘suffer the consequences’ and was raped by five soldiers. Another witness said that the youngest raped was seven years old, the oldest eighty.”[94]

The irony in all this is that in 2010, sixty-five years after these atrocious and brutal events, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Vladimir Putin that he would erect a monument to the Soviet Army.[95]

Keep in mind that even some of the most liberal figures admit that at least 2 million women were raped in Germany alone by the Red Army.[96] The estimate for Vienna is between 70,000 and 100,000, with another 50,000 to 200,000 in Hungary, not counting other countries such as Romania and Bulgaria.[97]

How did Netanyahu, a public figure, get away with his statement? Let us do some thought experiment here. Suppose Angela Merkel comes out and declares that she would like to build a monument to Nazi Germany.

How would the entire world respond? Wouldn’t the Holocaust establishment and the Zionist world universally ask for Merkel’s head on a silver platter? Wouldn’t the Zionist media brainwash America and much of the world until Germany dethrones Merkel from her post? Wouldn’t they whine that Merkel is seeking to exterminate Jews?

Yet Netanyahu can say some of the most disgusting and politically promiscuous statements and manage to get away with it. If that is not power, nothing is.

As if to prove that the Israeli regime seeks to control much of the world through deceptive means,

“Israeli forces demolished several structures, including a mosque, in a Palestinian village on Tuesday, the day a deadline for a deal in now-frozen peace talks expired….

“Other razed buildings included three one-storey family houses, animal shelters and a communal well. Locals said around 30 people were made homeless.”

the King David Hotel after the bombing

There is more: “Israel has approved a total of 13,851 housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem during the past nine months of negotiations with the Palestinians.”

What we are seeing here is that whenever the dreadful few are in charge, the moral and political law will be suspended and replaced Talmudic mores.

A classic example would be the first one hundred days at Guantanamo. The Pentagon deliberately and deceptively bypassed the Geneva Conventions in order to brutally torture prisoners and treat them like animals.[98]

This did not happened in just Guantanamo—it was the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq. And what happened to those who were responsible for torturing those prisoners? Well, they lived happily ever after.

For example, Haji Gulalai, “torturer in chief” in Afghanistan, was “a big wheel in a machine that ground up a lot of people” and was “funded, trained, and equipped by the CIA.” Where does Gulalai live now?

He lives in the LA suburbs with his “extended family,” breathing fresh air and enjoying the goodness of the Zionist life. And get this from Fox News itself:

About 500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during World War II. Most of those still alive today — about 7,000 — are said to live in Israel. Every year on Victory Day, which falls on Thursday this year, they parade in uniform throughout Israel to celebrate Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union. Afterward, they return home to their modest apartments, where some tick off the days in solitude — and poverty.”

Do not forget the Jewish “Holocaust” principle: only Nazis can commit crimes; Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo were lawful.  Supporting terrorist regimes such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is rational. Here we are seeing again and again that Yuri Slezkine’s thesis was right:

“The modern age is the Jewish Century, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century…Modernization is about everyone becoming Jewish.”[99]

Slezkine, however, sees this as a good thing, but the evidence indicates something different. In the Jewish Century, what is morally and politically repugnant becomes acceptable, and what should be disgusting progressively becomes the norm. For example, it is now politically correct for Israel to put Palestinian children in cages during winter season.[100]

It is now politically correct for the U.S. government to create “an environment that fostered corruption” in places like Afghanistan “by supporting warlords”[101] at the expense of the taxpayers.

Jaji Gulalai

It is also morally permissible to destroy an entire population in Gaza. The Associated Press itself declared back in 2012:

“Gaza will no longer be ‘liveable’ by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to improve water supply, power, health, and schooling, the United Nations’ most comprehensive report on the Palestinian enclave said on Monday.”[102]

People like Ben Cohen of Commentary and Deborah E. Lipstadt are too busy doing “scholarly work” and chasing after anti-Semites that they cannot find time to deal with serious issues such as this.[103]

In short, virtually nothing is too great a risk in the Jewish Century. Hundreds upon hundreds of Palestinians and Arab and Syrians have to die every single day for tikkum olam to take place.

Just last month alone, it was reported that “global terrorism” rose by 43%; we were also told that 750 Iraqis lost their lives in a violent attack.

Do you think the vast majority of Americans know about this? And do you think that the dreadful few want them to know? And why should Americans know anyway? Don’t we all know by now that we Goyim are just donkeys and beasts?

Weren’t we created to serve the dreadful few? Aren’t we supposed to support whatever madness they inflict upon us, despite the fact that Americans oppose the interventionist position[104] which the neoconservatives have unleashed upon the Middle East?

Take a look at Sarah Palin in action. If there is a female politician who will probably move heaven and earth to do whatever the dreadful few demand, it is almost certainly Sarah Palin. She recently declared that “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists”!

Honestly, where did they get this woman? Doesn’t she know that Bush supported terrorist organizations like the MEK? And should we “baptize” Bush for doing so? Doesn’t she know that the Syrian rebels are terrorists and that America has relentlessly supported them? Doesn’t she know that Israel has been a terrorist state from its inception?[105] Doesn’t she know about the Levon Affair, the King David Hotel bombing, etc.?

Which country literally split Iranian scientists’ bodies into different particles in 2010? Iraq? Syria? Afghanistan? Pakistan?

The answer is the Israeli regime.[106] Even the Jerusalem Post itself acknowledged that Israel aided “terror group to kill Iran scientists.”[107]

More recently, Foreign Policy has reported that “the CIA wants to use fingerprint scanners and GPS devices to make sure Syria’s rebels [jihadists] target Assad—not the West.”[108]

If Palin is right, then one must ask a preliminary question: has the intellectual fabric of the WASP ruling class sunk that low? At this present moment, “A campaign to allow Israelis to enter the United States without a visa is gaining steam in Congress,”[109] but Israelis do not want to return this favor.[110]

That is an example of double standard, and surely Palin has a small dose of common sense to understand this. If she refuses to see it, she needs to get a decent job and get out of politics for good.

German victim is first to break silence on Red Army rapists after 65 years

Gabriele Koepp’s book Why Did I Have To Be A Girl, about the rapes carried out by the Red Army as they marched on Berlin, is the first to be published under a victim’s real name.

The soldiers were encouraged by their leader Josef Stalin to regard the crime as a spoil of war after Hitler’s invasion had left 26million Russians dead.

Ordeal: Gabriele Koepp, now aged 80 and as a 15-year-old. She is the first woman to break the taboo on talking publicly about being raped by the Red Army as they marched on Berlin in 1945

The Russian establishment continues to deny the events.

‘Frau, komm’  –  ‘Woman, come’  –  was a phrase that females dreaded hearing from Red Army soldiers.

In the weeks after Berlin fell, the rape epidemic was so bad the Roman Catholic Church considered abortion for some victims.

Even today, Miss Koepp, 80, has trouble sleeping. She never had a romance after her ordeal.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to feel anything anyway,’ she said. ‘For me, sexuality was just violence.’

Only one other account of the mass rapes, A Woman In Berlin, was published after the war. Its author remained anonymous but its veracity is now doubted.

‘But that woman was 30,’ said Miss Koepp. ‘I was hardly more than a child. Writing this has not been easy, but I had no choice: who else would do it?’

Miss Koepp’s book speaks for all of the victims.

Experts, who interviewed some of them, say they were raped an average of 12 times as the 5million soldiers of the Red Army advanced on the Nazi capital in 1945.

The victims ranged from eight to 90, with many raped to death.

Red Army troops in procession in Berlin, Germany

Soviet troops in procession in Berlin, 1946: Victims were raped an average of 12 times as the 5million soldiers of the Red Army advanced on the Nazi capital

Miss Koepp told Der Spiegel magazine it was on the evening of January 25, 1945, aged 15, that her mother told her to pack quickly as she had to flee from the Russians.

They lived Schneidemuhl, in the former German region of Pomerania which is now a Polish town called Pila.

‘In a sense, she allowed me to run headlong on to a knife,’ Miss Koepp said. She and her sister left the next day aboard a cattle train that was supposed to head towards Berlin.

For some reason, it went in a different direction and the engine was soon blown up by Russian artillery.

When the soldiers came to the building, asking for girls, the older women called out: ‘Where’s little Gabi?’ and pulled her out from underneath the table

‘The freight car door was locked,’ she said. ‘I managed to climb up and crawl out of a window. My sister was left behind: I have never seen her again.’

The next day, in a small village, Soviet troops scoured houses for prey.

She was raped twice that day and twice again the next morning. She said she hid under a table in a room filled with refugees.

When the soldiers came to the building, asking for girls, the older women called out: ‘Where’s little Gabi?’ and pulled her out from underneath the table.

‘I feel hatred rising up inside of me,’ she wrote. She was dragged off to a ransacked house. ‘I have no tears,’ she remembered.

‘The next morning, it was the women, once again, who pushed me into the arms of a greedy officer. I despise these women.’

Her ordeal went on for two weeks until she was taken in at a farm and hid from the Soviets.

She was reunited with her mother 15 months later in Hamburg but says her mother was cold to her when she tried to talk of her pain and shame.

Miss Koepp thinks she felt guilty for letting her and her sister leave home alone. The book will be translated into English later this year.

Gog and Magog – and what the Bible says

Gog and Magog  – In the near future, a dark cloud shall descend upon the tiny nation of Israel. This cloud is a massive army formed from a military alliance led by Russia and its allies which include: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Austria, Germany, and parts of Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Turkey and various other nations. This is all in the Bible and foretold thousands of years ago by the prophet Ezekiel. This is the infamous Magog invasion, it will happen; the alliances are falling into place. Soon God will put the hook in the mouth and draw this army into battle…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Islam Version of the “Struggle of the Last Days” – the Coming of Imam Al Mahdi