Is Putin still a Royal Arch Freemason?

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Today, the webmaster of the Blog “Kulissenriss” wrote me that acc. to the Tomlinson-link in my latest article, Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Mason. So I have tried to penetrate somewhat deeper into the matter – and will leave it to my readers to decide for themselves what that man really is.

I have several times referred to Vladimir Putin as a Royal Arch Freemason. This information is derived from an abstract  from Richard Tomlinson´s Book The big Breachfrom 2001 – which nobody has disputed, and which brought the MI6 into big trouble.

Richard Tomlinson was initiated in  the Royal Arch as were all MI6 members – which was apparently identical with the KGB: Vladimir Putin and the other KGB Royal Arch Freemasons  were educated alongside with Tomlinson. Like with Tomlinson, the MI6 in 1993 wanted to get rid of Putin when it no longer needed him.
The abstract (not written by Tomlinson) concludes: “What is known is that Vladimir Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemasonry member. Can the same be said to be true of Richard Tomlinson?” No explanation given for that statement.putin-masonic-handshake


Left above : Putin greets Tymosheno with Masonic handshake. Right above : Putin shows Masonic “sign of preservation”.

Another Blog “John Scarlett” (about – not by – Tomlinson´s and Putin´s MI6 teacher, John Scarlett)  brings a comment on 9 Febr. 2007 from a person claiming to have been initiated to anoint Vladimir Putin, who in 1979 was chosen to be the Illuminati Antichrist. He was anointed in 1993 – and “left the Royal Arch in 1994″.However the anointer claims that after Putin was anointed, his career sped upwards – and that only began in 1994! At that time Putin had been through a severe Royal Arch brainwashing – acc. to Tomlinson.

Henry Makow 11 June 2012: “It appears that “Red Ox” was also recruited by KGB at an early stage. He sees MI-6 & KGB as essentially one and their rivalry as Masonic office politics. He says most members of these agencies are so compartmentalized, they haven’t a clue of the bigger picture, i.e. both agencies serve Rothschilds.”

Did Putin really stop being a Royal Arch mason in 1994, as his career began? He would have lost invaluable information from the MI6/KGB society – and would a “traitor” who had broken his Illuminati oath be able to make career in the Royal Arch dominated KGB – which he did until made President in 1999? Today he is the overall boss of the KGB successor, the FSB (or its subordinate?). Has he really freed himself from the Pharisaic Rothschild /Jesuit  grip?

putin necktieTexe Marrs in his Codex Magica tells in his Flaming Ring of Fire: “Putin wears a Masonic neck tie. The triangles, on Putin´s tie and on the shirt collar, have their point, or spear, downward,toward the realm that is the controlling force of Masonry.

In terms of the secret order or secret society, it symbolizes sacrifice of the individual to the common good of the organization.

The neck tie Putin wears has Illuminist meaning. The X of Osiris is prominent in the design as is the two triangles—one pointing up, the other down—inside a diamond.”

Masons are slaves of their rituals which mostly betray them. Putin staked much on making the Sochi Winter OL games – the most expensive ever – a show of the power of his new Russia – as have former dictators also done.
So, do events at the Sochi games betray Putin as a Mason maybe even with a special role?

The following photos are from The Mountain Flame  and The World Truth 14 Febr. 2014 :prometheus-rockefeller-thumb

Right: Prometheus in front of the Rockefeller  Center, New York.
The World Truth 14 Febr. 2014 writes: “Why Sochi?  According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was held captive off the cliffs of Sochi where while chained to a rock, an eagle pecked out his liver only for it to grow back to be pecked out again.  His crime?  Stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to humans, thusilluminating them.  Basically, he is just another version of Lucifer.”

The double headed eagle below was flashed on the opening ceremony at times. It goes back to the Byzantine Empires, and can arguably get traced back even further to the secret schools of mystery (Horus was double headed) and also the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (As above so below). It was the coats of arms of the Romanow emperors/Russian empire for 300 years ( thus showing Putins ambition – Eurasia). The Freemasons call the double headed eagle the Eagle of Lagash, and some Freemason websites claim that Scottish Freemason

sotchi-doubleheaded-eaglesotchi-phoenix-roubleAlbert Pike once said: “As the Adept knows, the double-headed eagle is a Hermetic Symbol, representing the Divine Generative Potency, and Productive Capacity of Nature – like the human figure with two heads, one male the other female – God and Nature; the Egypian Osiris and Isis.”

Right: The economist brings the double-headed Phoenix rising from the ashes on the Russian Ruble to announce the one world currency



Left: The Pentagram as Sotchi logo

sotchi london*

 sotchi phoenis2

Right above: Phoenix rising from the ashes during the 2012 London summer Olympic Games.
sotchi1Right below: At the Sochi opening ceremony, Phoenix rose again and again.

Left: Fireworks form eyebrows of Lucifer/Horus´all-seeing Masonic eye just as in London.



 Above: The eye once more

Left below: Illuminati Pyramids with symbols I cannot interpret. Below right:


Left: Russian troika pulling the “Ring of Fire”.
In 1980, the US boycotted the Olympic summer games in Moscow. In 2014, the Russian troika takes the broken red one of the olympic rings back to Russia.


But Texe Marrs in his Codex Magica tells aboutthe Flaming Ring of Fire: Former Mason Bill Schnoebelen writes:  “Let’s face it, theMasonic tie tacks and rings that so many Masons wear proudly to their churches on Sunday are sexual idols.”
The Gods, like Baal, of all pagan nations around Israel were all sexual idols. Yet all these Masons are flaunting both their idols and their (church) membership.

Left above: Moon cult: Semiramis/Nimrod, Babylon. Right Above: The fallen Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12-14), Venus/Lucifer is in place on the one world pyramid with the capstone now in place in the sea of peoples.