Global Jewish influence


The extent of Jewish influence has been remarkably large in many countries.[1]

This article describes research on the extent of Jewish influence and not how it is used. Such topics are covered in other articles.

Kevin MacDonald has argued that the historical record supports that after the failed rebellions against the Romans during the 1st and 2nd century, Jews achieved a very prominent economic position in the Roman Empire and to have dominated some industries. He writes that “Juster (1914, 305ff) notes that Jews were very prominent in certain sectors of the Roman economy, including the slave trade, banking, national and international trade, and the law. Jews had also developed monopolies in specific industries, including silk, clothing, glassware, and the trade in luxury items. Moreover, Juster (p. 312) directly connects the intensification of these economic developments in the 4th century with an increase in popular anti-Semitism, as well as with the accusations of the Church fathers during this period that Jews were characterized by avarice and cupidity. Indeed, despite the restrictions on Jews which began during this period, Juster notes that Jews completely dominated national and international trade and especially the slave trade in the 5th and 6th centuries.

This view of the continuing economic power of Jews in the 5th and 6th century is highly compatible with Bachrach ‘s (1985) suggestion that the Jews were so wealthy, powerful, and aggressive that until around the middle of the 5th century the government viewed a strong anti-Jewish policy as not politically viable, even though it was continually being pressured in this direction by the Church. The rather limited anti-Jewish actions of the government during the 150 years following the Edict of Toleration of 313 are interpreted “as attempts to protect Christians from a vigorous, powerful, and often aggressive Jewish gens” (Bachrach 1985, 408). The Jews themselves were perceived by the emperors, the government, and the Church fathers as “an aggressive, well-organized, wealthy, and powerful minority” (p. 408). Particularly revealing are the suggestion that the solvency of the municipalities depended on Jews paying their taxes and the fear that offending the Jews could set off widespread and costly revolts, such as the one led by Patricius in 351.”[2][3]


Historical influence

Jews made up 2.8% of the population in 1934.[4]

During various year during the 1873-1910 period Jews made up 40% of the directors of the public banks, 70% of the members of Vienna Stock Exchange, 62% of lawyers, 50% of doctors, 57% of journalists, 25% of university faculty members, and 50% of directors who had directorships in more than 7 industrial companies simultaneously.[1]

During various years during the 1918-1929 period, 23.7% of professors, 55% of jewellers, 71% of booksellers, 35% of shoe manufacturers and 45% of hat manufacturers were Jews.[1]


Historical influence

In 1840 there were only 70,000 Jews in France, two thirds of whom lived in Alsace. In 1870 there were 24,000 Jews in Paris.[5] Fom this point on Jewish immigration constantly increased the numbers.[6] Jews were 0.2% of the population in 1890; 0.6% in 1935[7]; 0.8% in 1940. The independence of French North Africa brought an influx of 145,000 Jews from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, bringing the total in France to 360,000 in the 1960s rising to 535,000 a decade later.[8]. In 2002 Jews in France were said to be 0.86% of the population.[1]

There seems to be relatively little easily available data on Jewish influence in France. However, during the 19th century numerous changes increased their influence, including their admittance into the Freemasonry lodges of France.[9] By the middle of the 19th century about a third of the banks were run and owned by Jews. In 1848 the Jewish banker Goudchaux was government Minister of Finance[10], and the Rothschilds were almost certainly the richest family in France during the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1895 Édouard Drumont’s newspaper La Libre Parole organised a competition on how best Jewish power in France could be annihilated (the two prize-winners and the two runners-up were Roman Catholic priests).[11] In 1895 one deputy in the French Parliament asked “what measures the government intends to take to stop the predominance of Jews in various branches of the French administration”.[1] During the early years of the 20th century many hundreds of immigrant Jews joined the Communist Party,[12] which at its peak in the 1930s/40s had 6,000,000 votes and many deputies and ministers as well as owning at least two large-circulation mainstream newspapers.[13] Both Admiral François Darlan and Otto Abetz both claimed that the so-called ‘Resistance’ in France 1940-44 “was essentially communist”, and contained many Jews[14] such as the historian Marc Bloch, the anthropologist Anatole Lewitsky, and J.P.Levy. In addition large numbers of Jews were in theMaquis terrorist group.[15]

In the 1930s an estimated 15% of doctors in France were Jews.[1] France also had numerous parliamentary deputies who were Jewish including:

  • Isaac Crémieux, Minister of Justice in the 1848 government; and again in the 1871 post-Napoleon III government when he was responsible for giving full French citizenship to the 44,000 Jews of Algeria.[16]
  • Alfred Naquet, extreme-left deputy responsible for the law allowing divorce in 1884.[17]
  • Leon Blum, a socialist and thrice Prime Minister of France.
  • Georges Mandel (born Louis George Rothschild), Minister of Posts, Minister of the Interior, etc. In August 1938 Mandel told M.Bonnet, Minister of Foreign Affairs, “there has got to be a [European] war, and the sooner the better.” When President Daladier hesitated to declare war on Germany after Poland was invaded, “Mandel, Reynaud and their friends in the war party brought formidable pressure to bear upon him.” The former Minister Lémery relates: “at the of February or the beginning of March 1940 Maurice de Rothschild invited me out to lunch outside Paris. He told me Mandel would call and collect me. Reynard was present. Mandel said we needed to waste no time in replacing Daladier with Reynard.”[18]
  • Pierre Mendès-France, member of the Radical Socialist Party from 1924, a very influential Jew who held numerous Ministerial posts, including under Blum, over a 30 year period.[19]

Historians are divided on the overall influence of Jews in France. But by the 1930s the Popular Front government was criticised as being a creature of Jewry[20], andMarcel Déat called for opposition to “the infiltration of Jewish parasites into European culture.”[21] The anti-communist author Louis-Ferdinand Céline said that the results of French elections “were determined by Jews” (referring to the Popular Front victory of 1936), and claimed that Jews dominated France politically, economically, socially and culturally. He argued that Jews were anti-semites in reverse: they wanted to dominate and abuse. He used the Jewish domination of the hierarchy of theBolshevik Revolution in Russia and their control of Hollywood as examples. Although [[Marxist]s and liberals were major villains, he said, behind them, orchestrating their activities, were always the Jews.[22] The Leader of the Croix de Feu (Cross of Fire)(CF) Movement[23] throughout the 1930s, Colonel François de La Rocque, associated Jews with the de-Christianisation of France and with the “mortal vices” that had led to military defeat in 1940.[24]

Since 1945 at least six Jews have been the Prime Ministers.[1]


Historical influence

Jews were 1% of the German population in 1871 and 0.95% in 1910.[1] In 1933 there were 503,720 Jews in Germany (0.8%), but this had dropped to 365,000 by the end of 1937 due to emigration and natural decrease.[25]

In 1908-1911 Jews were 36% of prominent businessmen and 21.7% of millionaires. 31% of the 29 families owning more than 50 million marks were Jewish.[1]

In 1925 Jews were 16% of physicians, 15% of dentists, and 25% of lawyers. In 1928 Jews held 80% of the leading positions at the Berlin stock exchange. In 1930 43% of private bankers were Jewish. In 1930 75% of playwrights were Jews as were in 1931 50% of theater directors. A “large number” of the prominent actors and actresses were Jewish.[1]

On August 26, 1936 the British Embassy in Berlin compiled a researched report and sent it to the Foreign Office in London, stating that “in 1931 out of 3,450 lawyers in Berlin, 1,925 were Jews. In Breslau the numbers were 285 and 192, and in Frankfurt-on-Main 659 and 432 respectively. In Berlin the number of Jewish doctors was 52%, while in most towns the average was 30%. Fifteen Jewish bankers are stated to have held 718 director-ships in banks and commercial undertakings. Of theatre directors, 50.4% were Jews. Although Jews formed less than one per cent of the total population, there is a widespread feeling that they blocked the approaches to all the leading positions in the State, monopolising them for themselves.” [26]

Due to different inheritance laws in Germany small shop business was not as dominated by Jews, as for example in Hungary or Poland. In Hungary each child inherited a portion, in Germany only the eldest son (or co-heiresses in the case of daughters), therefore younger children went into the cities and also took jobs as journalist or salesman.


Historical influence

Jews were approximately 5% of the population during the 19th century, 5.9% in 1920[1], and 5.1% in 1933.[27]

In 1920 Jews were 54% of the owners of prominent commercial businesses, 12.5% of the owners of industrial enterprises, 60% of doctors, 51% of lawyers, 39% of privately employed engineers and chemists, 34% of journalists, 29% of musicians and owned 85% of banks and other financial institutions.[1]

In 1930 Jews owned 61.7% of the commercial firms and 47.4% of the industrial firms employing more than 20 people. They were 71% of the most wealthy taxpayers.[1]

After 1945, during Communist rule, all leading positions were filled with Jews, the only exception was István Dobi, who was a Social Democrat before 1945. Culture, diplomacy, education, police, industry and also agriculture was headed by Jews. Jewish leading positions remained in 2012.


Historical influence

Jews were approximately 10% of the population in 1570, 10.5% of the population in 1921[1], and 9.8% in 1937.[28]

In Poland Jews were present since the earliest Middle age. Polish kings and noblemen often took Jews’ service for tax collecting, as treasurers or bankers. In 1897, Jews owned nearly 60 percent of Warsaw’s major private banks. Elsewhere in Congress Poland, this figure rose to more than 90 percent. [29]

Despite the very high population percentage the Jewish influence was limited after independence (1919) by the Jews being excluded to varying degrees from the public institutions including higher education. Despite this, in 1931 Jews were 54% of private doctors, 43% of private school teachers (but only 2.5% of state school teachers), and 22% of journalists.[1]

More generally, the centrist Peasant Party, in a 1935 statement, described the overall socio-economic situation as “Poles have no middle class of their own.”[1] In 1938 Jews were banned from the National Totalitarian Party membership, from the medical profession, and lawyers restricted. September was proclaimed an ‘anti-Jewish month’ and “was rigorously observed”.[30]


Historical influence

Jews in 1930 were 4.2% of the population.[1][31]

In 1937 Jews were 50% of army doctors, 80% of textile engineers, 70% of journalists, 40% of lawyers, and 99% of stockbrokers.[1]


Historical influence

Jews were 4.0% of the population in 1900, 1.8% in 1926 with the decline due to factors such as the independence of Poland and emigration, but back up to 2.4% in 1937.[32] They were 1.2% in 1985, and down to 0.16% in 2002 with the decline due to the loss of the Ukraine plus emigration, mainly to Israel.[1]

In 1889 Jews were 43% of apprentice lawyers. In 1910 they were 35% of the mercantile class. In Kiev in 1914 they were 37% of managers.[1]

Jews were 2% of the population of St. Petersburg before WWI. During various year during the 1881-1915 period they were 43% of stock brokers, 41% of pawnbrokers, 27% of business owners, 16% of brothel owners, 32% of lawyers, 17% of doctors, 52% of dentists, and 40% of bank managers.[1]

With the October Revolution (q.v.) Jewish ascendency seemed to reach new heights. On August 7, 1918, the British Agent in Moscow, Mr Wardrop, sent a despatch to the British Embassy at Stockholm for forwarding to the Foreign Office in London, in which he described the Russian leaders as “fanatics and Jewish adventurers.” The Netherlands Ambassador at Petrograd sent a formal detailed report to the British Embassy in Christiana (Oslo) a month later, dated 6th September, in which he described the Bolshevik Government in Russia as being “organised and run by Jews”. The British Consul in Vladivostock telegraphed Earl Curzon in London a report from British Consul in Ekaterinburg stating “the Bolsheviks include a large non-Russian element such as Jews, the latter being especially numerous in the higher posts.” A further report from Ekaterinburg on February 6, 1919 stated [the] “Bolshevik leaders do not represent the Russian working classes, most of them being Jews.” The Rev. Bousfield S. Lombard, a military and naval Chaplain, who had been for ten years in Russia and in Petrograd throughout the Revolution, reported to Earl Curzon on March 23, 1919, that the revolution “is being carried out by international Jews” who, as businesses became paralysed (after the February Revolution), “became possessors of most of the business houses.”[33] In 2013 president Putin admitted that in the 1920s by the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jews.[34]

Vladimir Lenin‘s grandmother was a Jew. The Jew Leon Trotsky led the Red Army. The two first official heads of Soviet state as well as the first Communist leaders of Moscow and St. Petersburg were Jews. More generally, 40% of the top Red Army officers, 31% of the Bolshevik delegates at the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets, 37% of the Bolshevik delegates at the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets, and about 25% of the Party’s Central Committee in 1919-21 were Jews. When the secret police, the Cheka, was created in 1918, Jews were 19% of the investigators and 50% of the investigators employed in the department for “counter-terrorism”. In 1923 the Cheka was replaced by the OGPU. Jews that year were 50% of the governing secretariat of the OGPU and 15% of the top officials. The OGPU was replaced by the NKVD in 1934. Jews that year were 63% of the senior NKVD officials.[1]

In 1939, the year Stalin made an alliance with Hitler, he started to become suspicious about the loyalty of the Jews. This increased with the creation of Israel, a state he suspected Russian Jews might be more loyal to than the Soviet Union. Consequently various purges took place in order to reduce the Jewish influence including a shutting down of all Jewish writers organizations and theatres in 1948-52, the arrest of many Jewish writers, the shooting of 14 out of 15 of the members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, and exclusion of Jews from top bureaucratic positions. The purges stopped after Stalin died. However, measures such as maximum quotas of Jews in education and employment tried to limit the Jewish influence, at least regarding top positions. Outside of these Jews continued to be greatly overrepresented in professional occupations.[1]

Russian federation

Six out of the seven oligarchs who made large fortunes as the oil and gas industries were privatized were Jews.[1]

United States

Jews were 3.55% of the population between 1927-37[35], but said to have dropped to 2.0% by 2002.[1]


In 2000 Jews were more than a quarter of those on the Forbes Magazine list of the 400 wealthiest Americans, a third of all multi-millionaires,¨and 45% of the 40 wealthiest Americans.[1]

In 2009 they were 32% of those on the Forbes Magazine list of the 400 wealthiest Americans.[1]


A 1969 survey found that at the 17 most prestigious universities Jews were 20%-36% of faculty members. The three faculties with the highest percentages were law, sociology, and economics.[1]

A study regarding the situation in 1974 found that Jews were 50% of top intellectuals which was defined as having published in the top twenty intellectual journals. They were 56% of top social scientists and 61% of those in the humanities.[1]

The Pulitzer Prize, created by the Jew Joseph Pulitzer, is widely regarded as the most prestigious American prize for journalism and literature. Jews have won 52% of the Pulitzer awards for nonfiction.[1]


US newspapers have become largely owned by Jews.[36] Examples include the influential New York Times and the Washington Post which have been owned and largely staffed by Jews. The three largest news magazines Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report are largely owned and run by Jews. A 1982 article noted that the “The most widely read American Journals like Commentary, The Public Interest, The New York Review of Books, New Republic, and Partisan Review are either explicitly Jewish or contain a disproportionate Jewish input.”[1]

Jews founded several of the major film studio in Hollywood. They have been very prominent as both producers and stars although the last group have often changed their Jewish name.[1]

A 1980 study stated that Jews then were 30% of the “media elite”, defined as those working at the leading TV news divisions, newspapers, and news magazines. They were 46% of directors and producers of Hollywood TV and 66% of directors and producers of Hollywood movies.[1]

A 1990 article listed the top 10 entertainment companies in term of revenues and their CEOs. Eight of the CEOs were Jews.[1]

A 1994 article published the profiles of the 34 most influential media people. 48% were Jews.[1]

An article in 1999 stated that “any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studies will produce a heavy majority of Jewish names”.[1]

A 2008 article by a Jewish author noted that all the top executives of the major film studios who that year signed an open letter regarding a labor dispute with the Screen Actors Guild were Jewish. As were the president of the Screen Actors Guild and the “super-agent” who wrote a response to the open letter. The author had to “scour the trades” to find six non-Jews in high positions at entertainment companies. Five refused to be interviewed “apparently out of fear of insulting Jews.” The sixth turned out to be a Jew.[37]

Foreign policy

Jewish influence on USA foreign policy is apparent in many studies. The New York Times[38] reported at length on the International Jewish Boycott Conference, held in Amsterdam in late July 1933 with the aim of placing full sanctions on Germany in response to them democatically electing the new National Socialist Government. Samuel Untermayer of New York, President of the World Jewish Economic Federation, presided. Returning to the USA, Mr Untermayer described the planned Jewish moves against Germany as a “holy war….a war that must be waged unremittingly.” Mr Untermayer had the ear of President Roosevelt. In a report from Count Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington DC, he warned his government in 1939 of the campaign that was being organised pressing for war with Germany in which various Jewish intellectuals took part, such as Bernard Baruch, Frankfurter, a Justice of the Supreme Court, Morgenthau, Secretary of the US Treasury, and others linked to Roosevelt, some of whom held many of the highest posts in the American Government.[39]

The influence of the Israel lobby on US foreign policy has been described as enormous, for example in the book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. The authors has stated that the “situation has no equal in American political history”. In 1997 members of Congress and their staffs ranked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (only one part of the lobby) as the second most influential organization in Washington, after the American Association of Retired People but before organizations such as the National Rifle Association and the trade union organization American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.[40]

Other estimates and descriptions

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United Kingdom

Jews were 0.6% of the population (300,000) in 1931.[41] These numbers had dropped to 263,346 in 2011.[42]

Media and the BBC

The media and particularly the British Broadcasting Corporation has long entertained a disproportionate Jewish influence (see that page[43]), as has the legal profession. Other examples include:

  • Michael ‘Grade’ (real surname is Winogradsky), now ‘Lord’ Grade, joined BBC TV in 1984 as Controller of BBC One. Later he became Director of Programmes in 1986, and Managing Director Designate in 1987. The following year he became Chief Executive of Channel Four TV.He was Chairman of the BBC from 2nd April 2004 to 2006 and Executive Chairman of Independent TV Corp from 2007 to 2009. In 2011 he was made a Conservative Party Life Peer. On 19 September 2006, Grade became non-executive chairman of online food delivery company Ocado. His wife is Penelope Jane Levinson.
  • Jeremy Isaacs, son of a jeweller, worked for the BBC in the 1960s, was Director of Programmes for Thames TV 1974-1978, and was was the founding Chief Executive (1981-1987) of Channel 4, a TV channel devoted to the promotion of non-indigenous people and their ‘rights’[44] in the UK. In 1987 Isaacs became General Director of the Royal Opera House, London, until 1996. From 1990 to 1998 he acted as interviewer in a revival of the BBC series Face to Face, and between 1997 and 2000 he was President of the Royal Television Society. He is currently Chairman of Sky Arts.
  • David Abraham, Chief Executive of the UK’s Channel Four Television Corporation. He was previously Chief Executive of UKTV.

Lobby groups

Jews head up numerous far-left lobby groups and often hold influential positions.[45] Nepotism plays a role. An example is the registered charity Index on Censorship(founded with the innocent-sounding title of “The Writers and Scholars Educational Trust”), chaired by the Jewish journalist David Aaronovitch, who writes for, amongst other organs, The Daily Telegraph newspaper. He has appointed Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive. She was previously with the so-called think-tank Demos, and was former London Bureau Chief for the news agency Reuters. In addition she was previously ‘Head of Communications’ for Camfed, a non-profit organisation working in girls’ education.[46]

A further example involving significant influence through left-wing lobby groups, politics, and the legal profession, is the Jewish barrister Anthony Lester, a left-wing socialist but who now sits in the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrat Life Peer. In the 1960s and 1970s Lester was directly involved with the drafting of race relations legislation in Britain. During these periods, he acted as the chairman of the legal sub-committee of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination and was a member of several organizations working for racial equality such as the Society of Labour Lawyers, the socialist Fabian Society, the Council of the Institute of Race Relations, theBritish Overseas Socialist Fellowship and the National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants. In 1968, he co-founded with another Jewish left-wing journalist Jim Rose[47] the Runnymede Trust, the far-left think-tank, and was its chairman 1991-3. He was a special advisor to Roy Jenkins at the UK Home Office in the 1970s, and moved with Jenkins from the Labour Party to found the Social Democratic Party in 1981. On 29 June 2007, Lester was appointed by socialist Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a special advisor on constitutional reform to the Secretary of State for Justice. He is a member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights. Lester is also a patron of the Family Planning Association, previously called the National Birth Control Committee. He represented the FPA in a contentious case in Northern Irelandwhere it was widely claimed that the FPA were trying to use strategic litigation to introduce liberalised abortion laws.

Legal profession

Another seriously bad influence in the legal profession (in addition to Anthony Lester) is the communist Stephen Sedley (corrupted surname), son of Solomon Seletsky, a Jewish immigrant and life-long communist who, in the 1940s, founded the firm of lawyers of Seifert and Sedley with another Jew, Sigmund Seifert. Sedley himself became a barrister and was involved in cases which broadened the scope of Judicial Reviews and established the modern procedure for a Judicial Review in the High Court of England. He was employed in ground-breaking court cases in relation to employment rights, sex and race discrimination, prisoners’ rights, coroners’ inquests, immigration and asylum and freedom of speech – all the usual left-wing causes. He became a Queen’s Counsel in 1983 and was appointed a High Court Judge in 1992, serving in the Queen’s Bench Division. In 1999 he was appointed to the Court of Appeal as a Lord Justice of Appeal. He was a Judge ad hoc of the European Court of Human Rights and an ad hoc Member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Sedley recently called for far more than 20,000 “refugees” and “asylum seekers” to be admitted annually into the United Kingdom.[48]

Commercial world

Jews own the controlling interests in Marks and Spencer (Marks swindled Spencer out of his share but kept his name in the title so that it would sound English), Tesco, the supermarket chain founded by Jack Cohen, and Sainsbury’s supermarket chain. Jewish brides married into this family[49] and it is as a result today Jewish. The Life Peer Lord Sainsbury is a socialist and gives donations to the Labour Party.

Jewish criminals in the commercial sphere abound. William Stern (born Vilmos György Stern in Budapest, Hungary,[50]) was the businessman most notable as the owner of the British Stern Group of companies. When it collapsed in 1973, Stern became Britain’s biggest bankrupt with debts of £118 million.[51][52][53] The uninsured losses sustained by thousands of investors led directly to the creation of Britain’s first Policyholders’ Protection Act.[52][54]

In 1993 Gerald Ronson, a relation of Malcolm Rifkind and Leon Brittan[55] and proprietor of Heron International (by the early 1980s Heron was one of the largest private companies in the United Kingdom, with assets of over £1.5 billion, but the company was over-extended and by the 1990s had almost collapsed with debts of £2.4 billion owed to 89 banks and 15,000 bondholders), Larry Parnes, the stockbroker, and Ernest Saunders (real surname Schleyer) of Guinness, and Robert Miller of Dunsdale Securities, were all in prison for multi-million pound frauds.[56] Jack Lyons, convicted with Ronson & co, had escaped to Switzerland.


Jews have been prominent in promoting degenerate art in the United Kingdom[57], promoting the works of Henry Moore and Francis Bacon amongst others, with “art” from Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific region.

Politican donors

  • David Abrahams, a Jewish property developer is a notable donor to the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. His father was a former Marxist and local government councillor for the Labour Party.
  • Lord Sainsbury has provided the Labour Party with millions of pounds in funding.[58]


A frighteningly disproportionately large number of Britain’s politicians have also been Jewish.


  • Herbert Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel (1902), Liberal cabinet minister & leader
  • Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading (1904), Liberal cabinet minister & Viceroy of India. The only British Jew to be elevated to a Marquessate.
  • Alfred Mond, 1st Baron Melchett (1906)[59][60]
  • Edwin Samuel Montagu (1906).
  • Frank Goldsmith Conservative M.P. for Stowmarket (1910).[61]
  • Trebitsch Lincoln (1910).
  • Sir Percy Alfred Harris, Liberal MP (1916).
  • Arthur Samuel, Conservative M.P. (1918).
  • Manny Shinwell, Baron Shinwell (1884–1986) (1922), Labour cabinet minister & Chairman.
  • Leslie Haden-Guest, Labour MP.
  • Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha (1893–1957), Liberal National cabinet minister.
  • Harry Louis Nathan, 1st Baron Nathan of Churt (1929) Liberal, later Labour MP.
  • Barnett Janner (1931), Labour MP.
  • Dudley Joel (1931), Conservative MP.
  • Sydney Silverman (1935) Labour MP 1935.
  • Lewis Silkin, 1st Baron Silkin (1936), Labour cabinet minister.[62]; father of John Silkin and Samuel Silkin.


  • Herschel Lewis Austin [1911-1974] (1945), Labour MP, Stretford and Urmston, Manchester.
  • John Diamond, Baron Diamond (1945), Labour cabinet minister and SDP leader in the House of Lords.[63]
  • Maurice Edelman (1911–1975) (1945), Labour MP.
  • Harold Lever, Baron Lever of Manchester (1914–1995)(1945), Labour MP.
  • Ian Mikardo (1908–1993) (1945), former Communist and a Labour MP.
  • Phil Piratin (1945), Communist Party MP.
  • Samuel Segal (1945), Labour MP and later Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords.
  • Leslie Lever, Baron Lever, Labour (1950).
  • Sir Gerald Nabarro (1950), Conservative MP.
  • Sir Henry d’Avigdor-Goldsmid (1955).
  • Sir Keith Joseph, Conservative cabinet minister and Life Peer (1956)[64]
  • Sir Philip Goodhart (1957), Conservative MP and minister.
  • Leo Abse (1958), solicitor and Labour MP & social reformer responsible for the repeal of the Homosexual Act in parliament.
  • Myer Galpern (1959), Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means.
  • John Silkin (1963), Labour cabinet minister.>ref>JYB 1986, pps:186 & 269.</ref>
  • Joel Barnett (1964), Labour cabinet minister and Life Peer.[65]
  • Edmund Dell (1964), Labour cabinet minister & founding chairman of Channel Four, established for minorities.
  • Reginald Freeson (1964), Labour minister.[66]
  • Robert Maxwell (1964), Labour MP for Buckingham, later proprietor of the Daily Mirror newspaper.
  • Samuel Silkin, Labour cabinet minister and Life Peer (1964).[67]
  • Paul Rose 1964-79 Labour M.P. and Opposition frontbencher.
  • Eric Moonman (1966), Labour MP.[68]
  • Robert Adley (1970), Conservative MP.
  • James d’Avigdor-Goldsmid (1970), Conservative MP.
  • Sally Oppenheim-Barnes (1970), Conservative MP.[69]
  • Michael Fidler, Conservative MP.
  • Greville Janner (1970), Labour MP, now Life Peer.
  • Toby Jessel (1970), Conservative MP.
  • Sir Gerald Kaufman (1970), Labour MP and cabinet minister.
  • Sir Anthony Meyer (1970), Conservative MP, sometime a leadership candidate.
  • Harold Benjamin Soref (1970-4), Conservative MP, and a leading member of the Conservative Monday Club.
  • Neville Sandelson, Labour & SDP(1971).
  • Sir Clement Freud (1973), Liberal MP
  • David Weitzman, Labour MP.

1974 –

  • Leon Brittan, Life Peer as Baron Brittan of Spennithorne (1974-1988) (1974), Conservative cabinet minister, EU Commissioner.
  • Ivan Lawrence (1974–1997) Conservative MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, member of the Conservative Monday Club.
  • Nigel Lawson (1974-1992), Life Peer as Baron Lawson of Blaby, Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer.[70]
  • Millie Miller (1974-1977), Labour MP.
  • Sir Malcolm Rifkind (1974-2015), Conservative Party MP and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. In 1986 he was one of those who framed the new Public Order Act which, in section 5, criminalised free speech (including use of “insulting words”).
  • Alfred Dubs (1979-1987), Labour MP and Life Peer.
  • David Winnick (1979-present) Labour MP for Walsall North.
  • Alexander Carlisle (1983-1997) Liberal MP for Montgomery.
  • Harry Cohen (1983-2010), Labour MP for Leyton and Wandstead.
  • Edwina Currie (née Cohen)(1983-1997), Conservative MP and cabinet minister.
  • Michael Howard (1983-2010), Conservative cabinet minister & Leader of the Opposition from 2003 to 2005.
  • Phillip Oppenheim (1983-1997) Conservative MP for Amber Valley.
  • Robert Sheldon (1964-2001) Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne.
  • David Sumberg (1983–1997) Conservative MP for Bury South.
  • Michael Fabricant (1992-present) Conservative MP.
  • Barbara Roche (née Margolis) (1992-2005), Labour minister.
  • Margaret Hodge (née Oppenheimer)(1994-present), Labour Minister of State for Industry and the Regions.
  • John Bercow (1997-present), Conservative MP, Speaker of the British House of Commons.
  • Louise Ellman (1997-present), Labour MP.
  • Fabian Hamilton (1997-present), Labour MP.
  • Evan Harris (1997), Liberal Democrat MP.
  • Oona King (1997-2005), Labour MP (1997–2005), second negress MP (Jewish mother), niece of Miriam Stoppard.
  • Oliver Letwin (1997-present), Conservative Party MP and was a shadow cabinet member. Chairman of the Policy Review & Chairman of the Conservative Research Department. Also employed by Rothschild’s Bank.
  • Julian Lewis (1997-present), Conservative MP for New Forest, and former Conservative Party Central Office bureaucrat.
  • Ivan Lewis (1997-present), Labour Minister of State for Health.
  • Gillian Merron (1997-2010), Foreign Office Minister.
  • Jonathan Djanogly (2001-present) Conservative MP for Huntingdon.
  • David Miliband (2001-2013), Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Labour MP for South Shields and former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (June 2007 – May 2010) and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (May 2006 – June 2007). Brother of Ed Miliband and son of leading Marxist theorist and former communist Ralph Miliband.
  • Lynne Featherstone (2005-2015), Liberal Democrat MP.
  • Susan Kramer (2005-2010) Liberal Democrat candidate for Richmond-upon-Thames.
  • Ed Miliband (2005-present) Leader of the Labour Party (25 Sept 2010 – May 2015), former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (Oct 2008 – May 2010), Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Brother of David Miliband and son of leading Marxist theorist and former communistRalph Miliband.
  • Lee Scott (2005-2015), Conservative MP.
  • Grant Shapps (2005-present) Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield. Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party.
  • Brooks Newmark (2005-2015) Conservative MP for Braintree.
  • Luciana Berger (2010-present) Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree.
  • Michael Ellis (2010-present) Conservative MP for Northampton North.
  • Robert Halfon (2010-present) Conservative MP for Harlow.
  • Zac Goldsmith (2010-present) Conservative MP for Richmond.
  • Ruth Smeeth (2015 – present) Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent North.
  • —————————————————-

Jesuits 1890 – Masters of Jewish Elite – Created Zionist Tool: Antisemitism. Jewish NWO Elite Infiltrating and Using Masonry to Destroy Christianity and the West

The Order (of Jesuits) controlled the infamous House of Rothschild since no later than the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, after which Jesuit-led Crusade the Rothschild family was surnamed the “Guardians of the Vatikan Treasury (1830).” Eric Jon Phelps, „Vatican Assassins”, 3rd Ed., p.90.


The following is a paradox and must be seen as Hegelian dialectics, since The JewishRothschild bankers from the start of the Illuminati worked with the Jesuits to establish theIlluminati order, using Adam Weishaupt who had been raised by the Jesuits for that purpose. And acc. to Baron von Knigge, Weishaupt built the Illuminati order on Jesuit principles and remained a Jesuit in disguise. This order took over control of the Masonic lodges at Wilhelmsbad in 1781.

The Jesuits were the originators of  NWO´s  Freemasonry – not least via the Rosicrucians. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Knight of St. John) and all of his 5 sons were Masons.  The Jesuits were from the very start a Crypto-Jewish organisation – one purpose being to destroy Europe through revolutions – and they still have that purpose. The Jesuits control the House of Rothschild – and the EU.

Furthermore, the Rothschilds are said to transfer US tax money to the Vatican! – where a Black and White Jesuit  Pope now rule.

Vcity-of-london_smalleterans Today 27 Jan. 2015: For too many years, Judaics have been able to deflect any appropriate criticism about their dysfunctional tribal behaviours and the anti-social actions of Israel by invoking the false charge of anti-Semitism and honest discussion on how the social virus of Malignant Judaic Tribalism emerged from World Zionist (WZ) Propaganda originating in the City of London from the Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters

La Civiltà Cattolica  is a periodical published without interruption by the Jesuits in Rome since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journal´s articles are the collective responsibility of the entire “college” even if published under a single author’s name. It is the only one to be directly supervised by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See and to receive its approval before being published. 

La Civiltá Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961, 23 October 1890 

P. 18. The crowning achievement, which, with the help of the masonic sects, has increased modern Jewish power a hundredfold, is the Universal Israelitic Alliance , founded in Paris by Crémieux; it extends all over the globe, conferring on the various groups of Hebrews scattered to the four winds the vigour of the entire body of Israel. Its founder was therefore correct in calling it…an instrument of domination so powerful that it governs the world. Its organization is simple. It is ruled by a sanhedrin that has sixty members, bears the title of a Central Committee, resides in Paris, and communicates with the local committees.

criticize-2-320x232P.19: It is certain that in the past century, Judaism didn´t shrink from interfering in Freemasonry, nor using its customary diabolical finesse from imbuing it with its spirit, directing it towards its goals, uniting itself with it, and making itself its mainspring, in order to rise as high as was not to be hoped even in a dream.

Fighting Christianity the primary goal
P.20: In order to arrive at this apex of domination, which was always and still is the superstitious goal of Judaism, the Israelite rabble understood quite well that there was a formidable obstacle in its way… we mean the Christian religion, the basis of all of the institutions and laws from which for centuries had proceeded the regulation of civil order. But in order to set about suppressing the Christian religion, and especially Catholicism, they had to make their assault through foreign troops, and to bring the fort to ruin in the name of liberty.

amschel-mayer-von-rothschild-thumbmayer-carl-rothschildLeft: Amschel Mayer Rothschild with the Cross of the Masonic Order of St. John/Knights of Malta.
Right: Mayer Carl Rothschild with the Masonic Octagon and the cross of the  Knights of Malta.

Thus, it was necessary to undermine this granite pedestal and the entire edifice of Christianity. And they have set to work upon this venture by placing themselves at the head of the occult world through Masonry, which is subject to them.
Meanwhile, the bonds uniting modern Judaism to Freemasonry have become
so evident that it would be naive to doubt them.

Tboaz_jachinwo copper, brass or bronze pillars, Boaz and Jachin  stood in the porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem.
Our lodges are a representation of King Solomon’s Temple”. More about their Cabbalistic meaning.

Today it is known how much of its own ideas thetalmudic Cabbala has introduced into the rites,the mysteries, the symbols, and the allegories of the masonic degrees. It is known that the Jews not only intermingle with all of the lodges and, where they are particularly numerous, fill them with members of their kind, but moreover constitute several supreme lodges or those directing all the others, to which have access only such people who are of Israelite blood and religion. Thus it is thought to be sure and perfectly certain that the entire structure of Masonry is controlled by a Hebrew sanhedrin whose power has no other limits than those of the infamous sect.

Because of which one of France´s most respected periodicals has justly written that
today, Judaism and Masonry apparently can be reduced to an identical formula: since Judaism governs the world, one has necessarily to conclude that either Masonry has become Jewish, or Judaism has become

All that is Judaism is comprised of a love and a hate: the insatiable love of gold,auri sacra fames , and the inextinguishable hatred of Christ. All of therabbi-ginsburgpredominance, overt and covert, of Freemasonry has to serve the furious Jewish eager for felling the Christian power.

P. 23: Celebrating, in 1889, the first 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution, the Grand
Orient Lodge of Paris held a World Congress.
On what point did most of the speakers dwell for their auguries, or better, their prophecies? Here it is: That the Christian world, 100 years after the upheavals of 1789, was lying in death´s agony and, by the year 2000, would be finished off; that the destruction of monarchies and religious in those countries still immune to the benefits of 1789 ecstasies was imminent.

P.25: During the first revolution, the clergy were reproached with their 4 billion; and today, nobody wonders to see that the fortune of one single family of Hebrews
(that of the Rothschilds), which has come in order to plunder us completely within a little more than sixty years, amounts to this same sum

P. 30:  But as long as Christianity doesn´t shed the political yoke of Masonry, it will be vain to propose and discuss possible solutions for liberation.

The author then takes on certain terrible Pharisaic/Talmudic principles behind the NWO.
I am sorry to say that the Talmud  and here confirms these allegations.

Henry Makow 22 Febr. 2015: In order to distract society from the real enemy gnawing at its heart, the central bankers have always created a series of phony enemies and unnecessary wars.
For example, Intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, MI-6 and Mossad) are responsible for 90% of “terrorism.” They created and finance(d)  ISIS and Islamic extremism as a bogeyman. Anti-terror measures (militarization of police, NSA surveillance, etc.) protect the credit monopoly, not the public. The emergent police state ensures that the “debt” is honored and interest paid. The people are collateral on trillions of dollars of “debt” i.e. the money supply.

In order to maintain the fraud, the bankers share the spoils with a whole class of society. First, they enlisted many of their fellow Jews. Then, millions of Gentiles under the rubric of Freemasonry (Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Satanism.) They enlisted thecorporations, which they control. Education, the media and politicians complete the list of traitors.

gaiaThe central bankers promote mass migration, miscegenation, globalism, feminism, homosexuality, diversity and pornography to divide, destabilize anddegrade society. “We corrupt in order to control,” Giuseppe Mazzini wrote. Thus they undercut the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.)

Look at who promotes the “terrorist” scam and you see a society fundamentally subverted, a society in which the “ruling” class is in fact a colonial administrationconspiring against the general public. Most wars are fought to protect, consolidate and expand the bankers’ fraudulent money monopoly.
In denial, society suffers from a “Stockholm Complex.” We hope our financial masters won’t wreak too much havoc if we play along with their delusions. Unfortunately,placating the banksters will result in more terrorism and war. If the past is indeed preface, our prospects are not good.

The Rothschilds are administrators of the immense wealth of the Jesuits. They are blamed for the evil plans imposed upon mankind by the Jesuits by the hands of the Rothschilds – so it seems (video)

I see the above Jesuit attack on the Jews in general and Rothschild – Jesuit-close partner in the Illuminati NWO in particular as the start of a Jewish-governed, strategic  antisemitism as a   1) Jewish tool to to force Jews to Palestine, as formulated by Theodor Herzl in 1897 after the 1. Zionist Congress. Furthermore, this Jewish generated antisemitism, which has a 2000 year-old-story, after the writing of the hateful Talmud, has been further 2) elaborated by the Jews to subjugate us by a perpetual, unreasonable guilt feeling, not least after WWII staged by the Rothschild  and Rockefeller Zionists via their financing of Hitler and their ownership to their money machine, the IG Farben. 

john d. rockefellerJohn D Rockefeller was the biggest shareholder of IG Farben. But also Rothschild´s FED and Paul Warburg was on the American Board of IG Farben, while his brother Max was on the German board:Jews in cooperation with Nazis – Theodor Herzl´s idea.

This corporation ran the Jewish Labour camp of Auschwitz where Jewish slaves producing synthetic  petrol and rubber for Hitler – on licence from Rockefeller´s Standard Oil! It did motivate the Jews to go to Palestine – the purpose of WWII.

But antisemitism has an important role: To keep the tribe together – not least in Israel: It is much too dangerous for Jews out there – only in Israel are you safe! – says Netanyahuafter Attacks on Jews in Paris and Copenhagen. But how long?
For the tools of the Jewish Elite, the Masons, the Pentecostal “Promise Keepers” and theLubavitch Chabad have already planned Israel´s demise in War acc. to the biblical Doomsday Prophecies..

The Number of 6. mio. Jews killed in the Holocaust is an unproven number – is, in fact, a friend-of-a-friend storystarting in the Year  1900, shortly after the 1. Zionist Congress.

According to the Jewish World Almanac, the world population of Jews increased (!) between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000 – although 6 mio. were said to have been killed in the Holocaust, which is now Jewish Religion.

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