The Cover-Up: Zionist Insiders in Key Positions


The criminals who pulled off 9/11 would have never even attempted the operation if they were not completely certain that they could get away with it. Israel, as I have shown, has a long history of terrorism, particularly false flag provocations, and has to date never suffered any consequences for its wicked actions. When Jewish terrorists bombed the King David Hotel in 1946 killing nearly one hundred people, including dozens of British military officers, they got away with it. The mastermind of the attack, Menachem Begin, later went on to become the Prime Minister of Israel. When Israeli agents bombed American and British targets in Egypt in 1954 and tried to frame Egyptians for the attacks, they got away with it. When Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 killing and wounding over 200 American servicemen, they got away with it. In fact, the U.S. President at the time, Lyndon Baines Johnson, dutifully helped Israel whitewash the atrocity by going along with the insulting Zionist nonsense that the attack was just an innocent “case of mistaken identity.” Since that time, Israel has committed a litany of false flag terror attacks, hundreds if not thousands of targeted assassinations, and have murdered tens of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians and other Arabs in military assaults, yet have gotten away with all of it. These historical precedents irrefutably demonstrate that it is certainly within the power of Israel and the Jewish crime network to commit mass murder without any repercussions.

The cover up of what really happened on 9/11 was largely organized by one behind-the-scenes string puller: Michael Chertoff. Chertoff is 9/11’s leading cover up man who oversaw the official “investigation,” or lack thereof, into the attacks. In his key position as the Assistant Attorney General heading the U.S. Justice Department’s “criminal division,” Chertoff had oversight of all of the critical evidence that could prove what actually happened on that day and determine who was responsible. Instead of revealing what happened, Chertoff engaged in a concerted effort to hide and bury all of the anomalies and occurrences that didn’t fit with the narrative that the Zionist-occupied Bush administration wanted the public to believe.

It is highly relevant to point out that Michael Chertoff is not only a Talmudic Jew, he is a dual citizen of the U.S. and the state of Israel whose late mother Livia Eisen, an El Al airlines employee, participated in a secret Mossad mission to transfer Yemenite Jews to occupied Palestine in the 1950s, code-named “Operation Magic Carpet.” (Chris Bollyn, “Michael Chertoff’s Childhood in Israel,” Bollyn Official Website, Oct. 26, 2007.) Chertoff’s entire family are dedicated Jewish supremacists and zealous Zionists. His father and grandfather, who had emigrated to the U.S. from Tsarist Russia, were both rabbis and prominent teachers of the Talmud. (Chris Bollyn, “Controlled Press Hides Chertoff’s Israeli Roots,” Bollyn Website, Mar. 4, 2005.) His wife, Meryl Chertoff, served on the Board of the New Jersey branch of the Jewish hate group, the ADL of B’nai B’rith, and received an award from the group for her diligent work to advance the Zionist cause. (Huffington Post) Why in the world is a man who is a citizen of a foreign nation — a nation whose intelligence operatives were caught red-handed on 9/11 participating in the attack — allowed to head the official ‘investigation’ into this crime? To say that this would be the equivalent to putting the fox in charge of the hen house would be an understatement.

The astute Iraqi-American writer Jonathan Azaziah, in his informative study of this matter entitled “9/11: Israel’s Grand Deception,” accurately depicted Michael Chertoff as the “savior of the Israeli spy ring.” Performing his duties as a loyal ‘sayan,’ Chertoff went straight to work to hide Israel’s participation in the attacks. Chertoff and his synagogue buddy Michael Mukasey, the New Jersey judge who ensured that Larry Silverstein got a massive insurance payout on his destroyed buildings, arranged for the release of the over 200 Israeli spies and terrorists who had been arrested before, on and after 9/11, including the infamous five dancing Israelis and the ones who were arrested trying to plant explosives on the George Washington Bridge. Chertoff and his Jewish cohorts put intense pressure on the FBI to close down all investigations into the Israeli suspects. Chris Bollyn reported:

“In the days after the attacks, Mukasey and other New York judges worked behind closed doors, seeing some of the first material witnesses detained by federal authorities. This must have included a large number of Israelis, particularly the “five dancing Israelis,” who were seen celebrating as they videotaped the destruction of the World Trade Center.” (“Bush Nominates Zionist Jewish Judge Involved in Key 9-11 Judgements to Serve as U.S. Attorney General,” Gnostic Liberation Front, Sept. 17, 2007.)

israelplaneAfter months of feverish lobbying and maneuvering on the part of Chertoff and Zionist groups like AIPAC and the ADL, all of the Israeli terror suspects who were being held in U.S. jails were quietly released back to Israel. The cover up was in full swing. At 9:45 am on 9/11, all American civilian flights were ordered to be grounded by the Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. In contravention of this rule, a fully loaded flight with the Israeli airline El Al was allowed to take off from JFK airport at 4:11 in the afternoon heading to Tel Aviv, according to Wayne Madsen. The flight’s departure, says Madsen’s sources, was “authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense.” (“Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv,” Wayne Madsen Report, Mar. 16, 2010.) Who within the Department of Defense authorized this flight? Who were the Israelis onboard this suspicious flight? Were they Mossad agents? And why were Israelis allowed to fly back to Israel on 9/11, when all other airlines in the country were grounded? In a Zionist America, Israelis are given privileges that even American citizens are not afforded. For obvious reasons, Michael Chertoff was not willing to investigate the matter.

In a criminal effort to obscure the arrest of nearly one hundred Israelis in the aftermath of 9/11, Chertoff organized a massive round-up of thousands of Arabs and Muslims in the New York/New Jersey area and falsely classified them as ‘9/11 suspects’ in order to make the arrests of Israelis appear less conspicuous. (Mike Whitney, “Failing Upwards: The Rise of Michael Chertoff,” CounterPunch, Jan. 22-24, 2005.) The Jewish-owned press refused to cover the story of the Israeli arrests anyway and there was no protest from the Bush administration when they were all released. For his determined efforts to cover up Israel’s involvement in 9/11 and falsely pin the crime on Muslims, Chertoff was later appointed by President George Bush as the second director of the newly created “Homeland Security” Department — the organ that would be used to implement a police state in America. Bush heaped accolades on Chertoff, praising him as “a key leader in the war on terror.” (Ibid.)

Chertoff is the principal architect of the “Patriot Act,” the treasonous legislation railroaded through Congress immediately after 9/11 which essentially eroded the Bill of Rights and Constitution, giving the U.S. government dictatorial powers to be able to legally spy on and arrest American citizens merely on suspicion or other nebulous justifications. In the words of writer Mike Whitney, the Patriot Act was a“300-plus page blueprint for the modern National Security State; patterned to great extent on the successes of the KGB in the Soviet system.” (Ibid.) The freedom-destroying act had already been written and prepared by Chertoff and his associates long before 9/11, waiting to be picked up off the shelf and signed into law . The enemies of freedom were banking on a 9/11-style event which would create circumstances conducive to executing their insidious plans to transform America into a re-run of the communist hell of Soviet Russia. By all honest accounts, Chertoff is an anti-American, anti-gentile Bolshevik brigand and a ring leader of the Jewish crime network. He bears a striking resemblance to communist despot Vladimir Lenin, and indeed shares Lenin’s insatiable appetite for power and control over the population, whom they view as mere sheep and cattle to be herded and culled. The enormity of Chertoff’s crimes and treason against the United States cannot be quantified with mere words.

Another cardinal culprit responsible for the concealment of Israel’s hand in 9/11 is Alvin K. Hellerstein, a judge for the Federal District Court in Manhattan. He has been involved in several high-profile 9/11 related cases, including a consolidated master case against three airlines, ICTS International NV and Pinkerton’s airport security firms, the World Trade Center owners, and Boeing Co., the aircraft manufacturer. Hellerstein has done everything in his power to shield the Mossad-linked airport security firm ICTS, and its U.S.-based subsidiary ‘Huntleigh USA’ which provided “passenger screening” at several of the airports involved in 9/11, from prosecution. (Chris Bollyn, “Behind Closed Doors: Israelis Dismissed from 9/11 Trial,” Bollyn Website, June 12, 2011.) No airline or airport security company has been found negligent by his court, and not one victim’s lawsuit has made it past his byzantine rules and been granted a trial. In an effort to hurriedly sweep 9/11 under the carpet to avoid any embarrassing revelations that would inevitably emerge through lawsuits, he told the families who lost loved ones on September 11th: “We have to get past 9/11. Let it go. Life is beautiful. Life is short. Live out your years. Take the award.” (Tom Flocco, “NY judge ‘sanitizes’ 9/11 airline trials, blocks key fed witness testimony,” Flocco Official Website, June 28, 2007.)

Alvin Hellerstein has a clear conflict of interest and as such is not suitable to preside over these trials. Besides the fact that Hellerstein and his entire family are Jewish and zealous Zionists with long-standing ties to Israel, his son Joseph is a lawyer in Israel with Amit, Pollak, and Matalon, a law firm which represents the Israeli owners of ICTS and Huntleigh USA. (Chris Bollyn, “Judge Hellerstein’s Unethical Connection to Key Defendant in 9-11 Lawsuit,” Bollyn Website, May 10, 2010.) Hellerstein’s wife is a former senior officer and treasurer of AMIT, Americans for Israel and the Torah. His late sister, Helene Mullhall, made “Aliyah” to Israel. (Chris Bollyn, “Is 9-11 Judge Hellerstein Working for Israel?,” Rumor Mill News, Oct. 23, 2007.) Christopher Bollyn discovered that in 1956, a young Hellerstein was on board the same flight from Mexico City to New York City as Hank Greenspun, a notorious Jewish gangster who was heavily involved with illegally smuggling weapons to Zionist forces in occupied Palestine. Bollyn writes:

The 23-year-old Alvin K. Hellerstein traveled from Mexico City in August 1956 when the Suez Crisis was getting very hot and at a time when U.S. weapons sales to Israel were banned. Given the fact that the Israelis used Mexico City for all kinds of illegal shipments of weapons and drugs, and seeing that Hellerstein is doing everything possible to protect the Israeli defendants in the 9-11 litigation, it is fair to ask: What was Alvin Hellerstein doing in the summer of 1956 and exactly what are his ties to the State of Israel?” (Ibid.)

Two more rabid Jewish-Zionist lawyers, Kenneth Feinberg and Sheila Birnbaum, were brought in to persuade 9/11 victims’ families not to pursue any lawsuits against the airlines, the U.S. government, and most especially the Israeli Mossad-run security firm ICTS. Feinberg was appointed by the Attorney General John Ashcroft to be the ‘Special Master’ of the 9/11 “victims compensation fund,” working on the issue for 33 months entirely pro-bono. (“Compensation Czar Kenneth Feinberg,” TIME Magazine, Oct. 23, 2009.) This entity provided lump sums of cash to the families of the victims of 9/11 in exchange for binding promises that they wouldn’t file any lawsuits against the government or parties involved with the events of 9/11, such as the airlines and airport security companies. Little did they know that their own government was fully complicit in the attacks, assisting Israel. Feinberg managed to persuade 97 percent of the victims’ families to take the money in exchange for renouncing their right to sue the 9/11 criminals, awarding $7 billion in total compensation money. Feinberg was notoriously corrupt in his practices — one family member of a 9/11 victim called him “patronizing, manipulative and at times, even cruel.” (“Countering loss with compassion and money,” Los Angeles Times, Nov. 30, 2011.)

Sheila Birnbaum was a lawyer for the Jewish-dominated law firm “Skaddan, Arps,” which Jonathan Azaziah has described as “a Zionist fifth column in the United States that is loaded to the brim with Hebrew-speaking, dual-citizen Zionist attorneys hellbent on assisting ‘Israeli’ companies in raising capital outside of the Zionist entity.” (“The 9/11 Delusion: Israel’s False Flag, Jingoism And Inhumanity,” Mask of Zion, Sept. 17, 2011.) She served as the ‘special mediator’ for the cases of the 3 percent of victims’ families who decided not to take Feinberg’s bribes and seek justice for their lost loved ones through the courts. (“The 9/11 Victim Settlements: A Chat With Skadden’s Sheila Birnbaum,” Wall Street Journal, Mar. 13, 2009.) In this function, Birnbaum used heavy-handed tactics to brow-beat many of these families into abandoning their quests for justice, acquiescing to the cash award from Feinberg’s corrupt compensation fund. This treasonous team of corrupt attorneys, lawyers and judges — unified by their Jewish heritage and Zionist ideology — worked in lock-step to suppress the truth about 9/11.

Another central aspect of the cover up entailed the criminal destruction of the steel of the collapsed World Trade Center towers to prevent studies from being undertaken that could determine what actually caused their unfathomable collapse at nearly free-fall speed. Two companies were involved in hurriedly processing and shipping over 300,000 tons of WTC steel to smelters in China and India: Metals Management and Hugo Neu Schnitzer East. Metals Management was owned by the Zionist Jew Alan D. Ratner. (“World Trade Center scrap sails for India, China,” Rediff, Jan. 21, 2002.) Hugo Neu Schnitzer East is a New Jersey scrap metal company that was established in 1947 by the German Jew and Rothschild agent Hugo Neu. Christopher Bollyn dug up some rather interesting connections between this company and Israeli firms specializing in producing the explosive substance nanothermite that was found in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers, writing:

“Today, Hugo Neu is invested in an Israeli venture capital fund called the Agua-Agro Fund. The Agua-Agro fund is managed by Nir Belzer, a senior manager and co-founder of Israel’s Millenium Materials Technologies Funds with a man named Oren Gafri. From 1979 to 1989, Gafri served as an executive of the Israeli Aircraft Industries Ltd (IAI), Bedek Division, as the Manager of Materials and Process, in charge of the Chemical, Metallurgical, Composite and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities, Labs and R&D. He trained at Israel’s Nuclear Research Center (Dimona) in the Negev Desert. Gafri is a specialist in energetic nano-composite coatings exactly like the one that pulverized the 220 acres of concrete floors in the World Trade Center. Belzer and Gafri’s MMT Fund is invested in several companies that produce such coatings. These connections are certainly not entirely coincidental.” (“Hugo Neu and the Giuliani Partners Who Destroyed the Steel of 9/11,” Bollyn Website, April 18, 2011.)

Hugo Neu’s managing director was Robert A. Kelman, a Zionist Jew. Two other Zionist Jews from Belgium, Jehuda Saar and Nathan Fruchter, were placed in the company to manage its international trading division. They worked closely with Marc Rich, the notorious Jewish fugitive, financial gangster and Mossad spy who was indicted for countless crimes, but was later pardoned by the Zionist puppet Bill Clinton. Bollyn explained the significance of these associations in this way:

“Marc Rich has long worked for the Mossad and with the Bush family. The Marc Rich foundations are managed by a high-level Mossad agent named Avner Azulay. The Saar-Fruchter international trading division at Hugo Neu was the Mossad network through which the 300,000 tons of steel from the World Trade Center were “recycled” in Asian steel mills. The steel was cut up into small pieces about two meters long before being sent to Chinese and Indian steel mills, which means that the steel evidence from the Twin Towers was being destroyed in the scrap yard of Hugo Neu before it was loaded onto ships bound for China.” (“Who Destroyed the 9/11 Evidence?,” Bollyn Website, Dec. 25, 2010.)

Overseeing and approving all of this criminal destruction of evidence was the mayor of New York City on 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, a servile stooge of Jewish interests. A hawkish supporter of Israel, Giuliani once said jokingly that he is a“half Israeli citizen now,” due to his frequent visits to that nation to pander to Zionist politicians. (“Giuliani Meets With Israel’s Olmert,” New York Times, June 18, 2007.) Groomed by Jewish billionaires and surrounded by Zionists, Giuliani served as nothing more than window dressing for the Jewish crime network. To appease his Jewish handlers, he falsely asserted that since 9/11 the “vast majority of Americans feel an increased kinship with Israel.” (The Jewish Voice and Opinion, April 2007.) A central figure who took a leading role in the so-called “clean up” process of getting rid of the steel rubble of the WTC was Richard J. Sheirer, Rudy Giuliani’s right-hand man who he called the “man behind the curtain” of his administration. New York Magazine dubbed him the invisible “man behind the mayor,”pulling Giuliani’s strings from behind the scenes. (Amanda Griscom, “Man Behind the Mayor,” New York Magazine, Oct. 15, 2001.) A New York board of Rabbis named Sheirer a “Jewish Knight” after Rudy Giuliani and several other top NYC officials were knighted in England. (The Jewish Week, Jan. 18, 2002.) When, on the 1st of January, 2002, Michael Bloomberg took over for Rudy Giuliani as Mayor of New York City, Sheirer stayed over into the new administration to continue to manage the removal of the WTC steel from Ground Zero, saying he was doing so “to finish what I started.” (Ibid.) Bloomberg is, of course, a Jewish-Zionist kingpin with a net worth of $25 billion, the tenth richest man in America.

The final and most imperative aspect of the cover up was the U.S. government’s sham official report on the attack. The Bush administration held off a whopping 411 days before finally establishing a rigged ‘commission’ on the 27th of November 2002, to whitewash what happened. Called the “9/11 Commission,” this group of government insiders were paid to lie to the American people about what really happened on 9/11. The 9/11 commission’s budget was a measly $14 million, hardly enough money to investigate the biggest case of mass murder on American soil. Compare that figure with the $40 million budget that was allocated to an investigation of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky! Something is seriously wrong with that picture. The commission’s report, titled the “9/11 Commission Report,” was a work of pure fantasy, riddled with errors, innuendo, speculation, distortions and lies. In a televised interview, Michael Scheuer, a 22-year veteran of the CIA and former chief of its ‘Bin Laden Unit,’ told Judge Napolitano of Fox Business News that the 9/11 Commission Report is a “whitewash and a lie from top to bottom.” (“U.S. Army & CIA – 9/11 Commission A Cover Up From Top To Bottom,” YouTube) Out of the ten primary 9/11 commission members, three are discernibly Jewish: Jamie Gorelick, John Lehman, and Richard Ben-Veniste. Of the seventy-eight staff workers at the commission, at least twenty of them can be identified as Jewish by name, including the “Executive Director” Philip Zelikow, the “General Counsel” Daniel Marcus and the “Deputy for Communications” Alvin S. Felzenberg. (“National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States,” Official Website) The most important and influential of the Jewish staff members on the commission was undoubtedly Philip Zelikow. In his key position as the “Executive Director” of the group, Zelikow was the leader of the pack who was responsible for selecting would and what would not be included in the final report.

Zelikow was a Bush administration insider, serving on the President’s transition team in early 2000. From 1989-91, Zelikow served with Condaleeza Rice on the National Security Council, and in 1995 they wrote a book together. From 1996-98, Zelikow was Director of the Aspen Strategy Group which also included Condaleeza Rice, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz as members. In his book “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation,” author Philip Shenon pointed out that Zelikow had a clear conflict of interest, in that he wrote a policy paper in 2002 for the Bush administration advocating a maniacal strategy of “pre-emptive” warfare. On CSPAN’s Book TV, Shenon bolstered the case that Zelikow had been intimately involved in formulating policy for the White House and thus was not suitable to serve as the director of the inquiry into 9/11, noting:

“Zelikow was the author of a very important document issued by the White House in Sept. 2002 that really turned military doctrine on its head and said that the United States could become involved in pre-emptive war, pre-emptive defense, that we could attack a nation that didn’t pose an immediate military threat to this country. And obviously in September 2002, it sure appeared that document was being written with one target in mind: Iraq.” (Shenon: Zelikow Designed Bush Administration’s Pre-Emptive War Doctrine In 2002,” Think Progress, Mar. 10, 2008.)

In his book Shenon discerned that “[t]he appointment of Zelikow to head the inquiry into America’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks was akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.” One area of Zelikow’s expertise is ‘public mythology.’ While at Harvard, Zelikow wrote about the use and misuse of history in policymaking.

“Prof. Zelikow’s area of academic expertise is the creation and maintenance of, in his words, ‘public myths’ or ‘public presumptions’ which he defines as ‘beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known with certainty) and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.’ In his academic work and elsewhere he has taken a special interest in what he has called ‘searing’ or ‘molding’ events (that) take on ‘transcendent’ importance and therefore retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene. . . . He has noted that ‘a history’s narrative power is typically linked to how readers relate to the actions of individuals in the history; if readers cannot make the connection to their own lives, then a history may fail to engage them at all.’” (“Rape Story – Phillip D. Zelikow… 911 Myth Maker,” Rense, Oct. 12, 2007 / “Thinking about Political History,” Miller Center Report, Winter 1999, pp. 5-7)

In a set of circumstances that even Orwell could never have imagined, the author of the 9/11 Commission Report was a specialist in how to misuse public trust and create myths to shape the perception of the masses around a predetermined political agenda! Stunning, but it gets better. In 1998, Zelikow co-authored a paper with former CIA director John M. Deutch, a Zionist Jew. Entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism,” Zelikow and Deutch prophetically envisioned a “transforming event” rather like Pearl Harbor, that would “divide our past and future into a before and after” and would result in police state measures being enacted. Zelikow wrote:

“…the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force.” (“Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger,” Foreign Affairs, volume 77, issue 6, November/December 1998, pages 80-94.)

Ever since this 1998 paper, everything has evolved exactly as Zelikow had predicted it would! As the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, Zelikow conceived the myth that has blinded so many people and created so much hatred, carnage, chaos and destruction — the myth of Al-Qaeda, bin Laden and Muslim culpability for 9/11. As Zelikow has implied, the post-9/11 world depends entirely on “public myths” — fairy tales invented by society’s Jewish supremacist supervisors who perpetuate the illusion of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. As we shall see later on in these pages, these mythical stories and illusory inventions that are presented to the public as ‘authorized history,’ are an indispensable ideological weapon of International Jewry with which to subdue their gentile host population and march them into endless wars with their enemies, wherever they may happen to be in the world.

New York City, an enclave of Jewish financial, media and political power, was the perfect staging ground for a Mossad false flag operation with the courts, banks, city councils, mayor’s office, governor’s office, World Trade Center, and even the scrap yards, in their hands. Jews are so dominant and influential in New York, noted MSNBC, that “even non-Jewish mayors take counsel from rabbis.” (“Bloomberg — America’s first Jewish president?,” MSNBC, July 6, 2007.) Did it happen merely by chance that at every critical juncture of the 9/11 ‘investigation’ we find Jews who possess affectionate attachments with Israel standing firmly in the way of truth and justice? A political cover up of this magnitude required a supremely organized and influential network of individuals, united around a common goal and motivated by a common interest. That network is a Jewish network and the goal that they ferociously pursue is Zionism — Jewish hegemony in the Middle East.

The Terrorism Industry: A Kosher Racket

Much like “the Holocaust© industry,” the terrorism industry is a perfidious kosher racket for Jewish economic and political gain. Statistics show that more Americans die each year as a result of peanut allergies, bee stings, accidental drownings, deer accidents and lightning strikes than from terrorism. You are more likely to be killed in a car crash or by a tornado than by the hand of a terrorist. (Paul Joseph Watson, “Peanuts Kill More Americans Than Terrorists,” Prison Planet, Jan. 5, 2007.) So why have we been inundated with hype, hysteria and fear mongering about terrorism?

Since 9/11 Western statesmen have claimed to be engaged in a struggle against terrorism which has been dubbed the “war on terror.” The primary aim of organized terrorism is to terrorize populations and governments into acquiescing to their political demands through the use of violent force. The only way this can be achieved, is by generating a sufficient amount of fear to make people believe that their lives are significantly threatened by potential terrorism. This false fear of terrorism is what is needed for the terrorists to succeed; without the fear of terrorism they are essentially disarmed. If Western governments were actually trying to win a ‘war on terror’ then they would do everything possible to alleviate people’s fear of terrorism by pointing out that an individual is more likely to be struck by lightning than killed in a terrorist attack. But that’s not what Western leaders are doing; instead they have consistently attempted to psychologically intimidate their own populations by hyping “terrorist threats,” fear mongering about “weapons of mass destruction” and predicting mushroom clouds over large cities.

Anyone of average intelligence should understand by now that there is no “war on terror,” as our traitorous leaders tell us, but only the illusion of one. The governments and politicians who claim to be fighting a war against terrorism are the greatest terrorists and killers of all. How can people who commit terrorism on a grand scale, like the governments of the U.S., Britain and Israel, claim to be trying to eradicate terrorism in the world? The Orwellian hypocrisy of this narrative requires a special kind of depravity on the part of its purveyors.

The Jewish-owned mass media would have us believe that modern terrorism is a uniquely ‘Islamic’ phenomenon. According to a study released by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “the terrorist threat posed by radicalized Muslim-Americans has been exaggerated.” (“Study: Threat of Muslim-American terrorism in U.S. exaggerated,” CNN, Jan. 6, 2010.) Not only has it been exaggerated, it is an outright Zionist media deception. The Zionist big lie of the ‘Islamic terrorist threat’ has been obliterated not only by the facts about Jewish terrorism already presented in this work, but by the FBI’s own statistics on terrorism as well. The FBI’s stats on terrorist incidents in the United States by group from 1980 to 2005, shows that 5 percent of terror attacks were committed by communists, 6 percent by Muslim extremists, 7 percent by Jewish extremists, 24 percent by radical leftists, 42 percent by Latinos and 16 percent is listed as ‘other.’ By the FBI’s own records, radical Jews commit more acts of terrorism in the U.S. than radical Muslims! (“All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t,” Loon Watch, Jan. 20, 2010.)

So why aren’t the American media and government warning us of the dire threat of Jewish, Latino and leftist terrorism? Why have they misled us to believe that all terrorists are Muslims? The media is clearly pursuing a Zionist agenda to demonize Muslims who just happen to be the enemies of Israel. The terrorism statistics that the FBI has produced are not even accurate when it alleges that Muslims are responsible for 6 percent of the terrorist acts in America from 1980 to 2005, because all of the major terror attacks on U.S. soil that have been blamed on Muslims were actually committed, either in part or exclusively, by Israeli intelligence with the help of the “Sayanim” network. All of the big ‘Muslim’ terror events have been false flag operations and most of the minor ones — or incidents that were supposedly ‘prevented’ from taking place by authorities — were created and set-up by the FBI itself! Since 9/11 the FBI has consistently tried to frame Muslims and, by utilizing informants and provocateurs, incite Muslims to commit terrorism. (“Are the feds planting terrorists?,” RT America, Mar. 23, 2010 / “FBI Cooked Up DC Bomb Plot?,” The Alyona Show (RT America), Oct. 28, 2010 / “Unplugged: FBI Creating Terrorists?,” The Alyona Show (RT America), Nov. 30, 2010.) According to a report put out by the RAND Corporation, since September 11, 2001, not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by an ‘Islamist’ bombing or assassination. (“RAND report: Threat of homegrown jihadism exaggerated, Zero civilians in U.S. killed since 9/11,” Loon Watch, May 08, 2010.) Since no Muslims are actually perpetrating acts of terrorism in America, the FBI has endeavored to entrap young American Muslims in sting operations in order to perpetuate the myth of Islam as the “perennial and existential threat of our times” and to justify the Zionist agenda of a “war on terror.”

The mass media would have us believe that ‘Al-Qaeda’ operatives are lurking behind every corner ready to strike. Let’s have a closer look at some ‘Al-Qaeda’ people. On January 11, 2000, the Indian “Bureau of Civil Aviation Security” (BCAS) had issued a top secret circular warning of a possible hijack attempt on a Bangladesh Biman aircraft originating out of India. The following day, eleven men dressed in Islamic garb were detained by Indian authorities as suspected hijackers before boarding a flight headed to Bangladesh. It turned out that all eleven men were — despite their attempt at disguising themselves as Islamic preachers — Israeli nationals of Afghan origin, evidently recruited by Mossad for a secret mission. “It is not unlikely for Mossad to recruit 11 Afghans in Iran and grant them Israeli citizenship to penetrate a network such as Bin Laden’s. They would begin by infiltrating them into an Islamic radical group in an unlikely place like Bangladesh,” said intelligence analyst Ashok Debbarma. Israel exerted intense pressure on the Indian government to secure the release of the eleven Mossad assets posing as Islamists. (Subir Bhaumik, “Aborted Mission: Investigation: Did Mossad Attempt to Infiltrate Islamic Radical Outfits in South Asia?,” The Week (India), Feb. 6, 2000.) Of course, there was no Western media coverage of this Mossad mishap in India.

It was noted earlier that Ahmad Ajaj, who is alleged to have been a major ‘Al-Qaeda’ kingpin that is said to have been involved in planning the 1993 WTC bombing, was a Mossad asset recruited out of an Israeli prison. In December of 2002, shortly after 9/11, Likud leader Ariel Sharon claimed that Al-Qaeda had established a foothold in the Gaza strip. (“Israel says al-Qaeda active in Gaza,” BBC News, Dec. 5, 2002.) Three days later Palestinian police uncovered a phony ‘Al-Qaeda’ cell in Gaza that had been set up and created by the Mossad. (“Israel ‘faked al-Qaeda presence’,” BBC News, Dec. 8, 2002.) In June of 2004, an Israeli Jew named Mera Doutvsky was caught trying to organize terror attacks in the Philippines under the umbrella of ‘Al-Qaeda.’ (Aris Ilagan, “In Baguio City: Israeli terror suspect falls; cops eye link to al-Qaeda,” The Manilla Bulletin Online, June 14, 2004.) In October of 2008, the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, announced that his security forces had arrested a group of ‘Islamist’ terrorists with established links to Israeli intelligence and that the arrests were connected with an attack on the U.S. embassy in Sanaa which killed at least 18 people. (“Yemen Seizes ‘Israel-linked’ Cell,” BBC News, Oct. 7, 2008.) Mike Rivero of has shown in his article titled “Fake Al Qaeda,” that every major personality whom the media has labeled an ‘Al-Qaeda’ kingpin have had long-standing connections with the American CIA, British MI6 or Israeli Mossad, usually operating as double agents for these terror agencies. Evidently, the ‘terrorists’ whom we are being told to fear are nothing more than double agents, useful idiots, dupes and patsies for the Jewish-Zionist conspirators behind the New World Order.

It gets better. An American named Adam Gadahn supposedly converted to Islam at age 17, renounced his U.S. citizenship, made a voyage to Pakistan, and is now a “senior operative, cultural interpreter, spokesman and media advisor for the Islamist group Al-Qaeda.” (“Adam Yahiye Gadahn,” Wikipedia) He has appeared in several ‘official’ Al-Qaeda videos preaching ‘Jihad’ against the United States. For these activities, Gadahn has been indicted for treason and has earned himself a top spot on the FBI’s “most wanted” list with a $1 million bounty for his capture. (“AZZAM THE AMERICAN: The making of an Al Qaeda homegrown,” The New Yorker, Jan. 22, 2007.) There is one huge problem with this story: Adam Gadahn is not an Arab, but a Jew whose real birth name is Adam Pearlman! Not only is he Jewish, his grandfather Carl Pearlman was a prominent Zionist activist from California who served on the board of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, was the first local chairman of the “Bonds for Israel” campaign and also the chairman of the “United Jewish Welfare Fund.” (Peggy Lowe, “Radical conversion: How a man with O.C. roots turned toward al-Qaida,” The Orange County Register, Nov. 18, 2009.) Dr. Carl Pearlman, according to his Jewish colleague Dr. Mel Singer, “had a very strong feeling for Israel” and “felt very sincerely and deeply that he wanted that country to survive.” It was when he was living with his Zionist ADL-affiliated Jewish grandfather that Adam Pearlman abruptly “converted” to Islam and moved to Pakistan. (Peggy Lowe, “Radical Conversion, Part 3: Meeting up with extremists,” The Orange County Register, Nov. 17 2009.) Gadahn actually acknowledged all of this in one of his ‘official’ Al-Qaeda videos, perhaps in a desperate attempt to retain his credibility and cover. In the video Gadahn says, “Your speaker has Jews in his ancestry, the last of whom was his grandfather.” He affirmed that his grandfather was, in his words, “a zealous supporter of the [Israeli] usurper entity, and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations.” Gadahn continued, “He used to repeat to me what he claimed are the virtues of this entity [Israel] and encouraged me to visit it, specifically the city of Tel Aviv, where relatives of ours live.” (“American al Qaeda member acknowledges Jewish ancestry,” CNN, June 13, 2009.)

So, what is Gadahn’s purpose? I suspect that he is a Mossad double agent tasked with perpetuating the myth of Al-Qaeda’s responsibility for 9/11, and to more generally to make Muslims look bad, evil and ‘scary.’ In one video, Gadahn says the followers of Osama bin Laden “love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions and slitting the throats of the infidels.” (The Orange County Register, Nov. 18, 2009.) This type of wild rhetoric is designed to bolster Jewish propaganda about the threat of ‘Islamic extremism,’ portraying Muslims as bloodthirsty killers and terrorists. There is simply no logical explanation for Gadahn’s miraculous overnight conversion from Zionism to Islamism. His activities as an Al-Qaeda spokesman cannot be interpreted as anything other than a propaganda show that serves the interests of Zionism.

Another ‘kosher jihadist’ who has received a lot of media attention was a New York City taxi driver calling himself ‘Yousef al-Khattab,’ the founder of a radical ‘Islamist’ website called “Revolution Muslim.” (“Revolution Muslim,” Wikipedia) On his website, Al-Khattab posted numerous provocative photographs of himself dressed in camo gear, wielding a long knife and generally looking like a ‘menacing Muslim.’ He caused a media frenzy after a contributor to his website made numerous threats against the producers of the comedy show “South Park” over that show’s depiction of Muhammad wearing a teddy bear costume. Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, this wannabe ‘Jihadist’ was born into a Jewish family in New York. In 2000 he moved to Israel as a Jewish settler and attended an Orthodox Rabbinical school, converting to Islam shortly thereafter, or so he claims. (“U.S. Based Revolution Muslim Website Spreading Messages of Hate,” FOX News, Mar. 26, 2008.) It is difficult to believe that these two kosher clowns — Pearlman and Cohen — could depart from their Jewish upbringing and shake off their Zionist indoctrination so abruptly, becoming full-blown Islamic activists in such a short time-span. It just doesn’t smell right. The Jewish-owned media has given these two characters an inordinate amount of attention, which they only do with people whom they control and can use to advance an agenda. Pearlman and Cohen are not really ‘jihadis’ who decided to join forces with the likes of Osama bin Laden; rather, they are Jewish hucksters working to give Muslims a bad name and to perpetuate the myth of the ‘Al-Qaeda threat.’

The source for most of the videos released by ‘Al-Qaeda’ is IntelCenter, a U.S. based private intelligence organization that claims to “monitor terrorist activity.” (“IntelCenter,” Wikipedia) Since 9/11, the company has conveniently produced frightening images of Osama bin Laden and other Zionist media “bad guys” just when public opinion is flagging. IntelCenter is owned and run by Ben Venzke, a Zionist Jew. The company is an offshoot of IDEFENSE, which was staffed by senior PSYOP officer Jim Melnick, another Jew, who had previously answered directly to U.S. Secretary of State and war criminal, Donald Rumsfeld. Melnick is the president of the group “Friends of Russian Jewry, Inc.” Neal Krawetz, an expert computer analyst, presented evidence at a 2007 BlackHat Security Conference in Las Vegas that so-called ‘Al-Qaeda’ tapes are routinely digitally doctored. Krawetz’s most telling discovery came in the form of a detail contained in a 2006 Al-Qaeda tape of Ayman al-Zawahiri showing that the IntelCenter logo and the ‘evil Islamic logo’ of As-Sahab (the alleged media arm of Al-Qaeda) were added to the video at the exact same time. (Paul Joseph Watson, “Analyst: Al-Qaeda Videotapes Digitally Doctored,” Prison Planet, Aug. 2, 2007.)

Another principal source for many scary ‘Al-Qaeda’ videos is the shady organization known as S.I.T.E. Intel Group, which is owned and operated by two fanatical Zionist Jews, Rita Katz and Josh Devon. The flaccid credibility of this Jewish-run group has been noted by researchers. Veterans Today chief editor Gordon Duff opined:

Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing? Rita Katz. Who gets us bin Laden tapes? Rita Katz. Who gets us pretty much all information telling us Muslims are bad? Rita Katz? Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primary source for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA. What is her qualification? She served in the Israeli Defense Force. She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “helps” her with her information. We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind. A bartender has more intelligence gathering experience. […] How is it that a Jewish owned group like S.I.T.E. can outperform the world’s best and brightest in the intelligence field and be the first to know that a group like al-Qaeda is getting ready to release another tape?” (“Gordon Duff and Brian Jobert: Is Israel Controlling Phony Terror News?,” Veterans Today, Dec. 30, 2009.)

To say that Katz has a ‘conflict of interest’ is an understatement. Born into a wealthy Jewish family in Iraq, her father was tried and executed as an Israeli spy by Saddam Hussein in the wake of the Six-Day War. Katz and the rest of her Zionist family escaped to Israel where she served in the Israeli Occupation Forces and received a degree from the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1997, evidently bringing her Zionist ideology with her. (Benjamin Wallace-Wells, “Annals of Terrorism: Private Jihad,” The New Yorker, May 29, 2006.) In addition to inventing lies and propaganda about the “Islamist threat,” the racist Jews at S.I.T.E. are now monitoring White nationalists and patriots, calling their new kosher propaganda project: “Monitoring Service: White Supremacist Threat.” (“Zionist Jew “SITE” Now Tracking White Americans,” INCOG MAN, Jan. 20, 2012.)

The economic factor of the terrorism industry almost solely benefits Jews and Israel. This kosher racket is an enormous swindle designed to provide World Jewry with an inexhaustible source of cash flow to their coffers in Tel Aviv, the Jewish crime capital. The liberal Jewish writer Naomi Klein revealed in her book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” that Israel saved its economy after the dot-com crash in 2000 by conveniently taking all of its chips and investing them in “anti-terror” security right before 9/11, an industry which has since ballooned into a multi-billion dollar enterprise as a result of the events of that day. On pages 542 and 550 of her book, Klein writes:

“The reasons for Israeli industry’s comfort level with disaster are not mysterious. Years before U.S. and European companies grasped the potential of the global security boom, Israeli technology firms were busily pioneering the homeland security industry, and they continue to dominate the sector today. The Israeli Export Institute estimates that Israel has 350 corporations dedicated to selling homeland security products, and 30 new ones entered the market in 2007. […]

With the most tech-dependent economy in the world, Israel was hit harder by the dot-com crash than anywhere else. The country went into immediate free fall, and by June 2001, analysts were predicting that roughly three hundred high-tech Israeli firms would go bankrupt, with tens of thousands of layoffs. The Tel Aviv business newspaper Globes declared in a headline that 2002 was the “Worst Year for Israeli Economy Since 1953.”

The only reason the recession was not even worse, the newspaper observed, was that the Israeli government quickly intervened with a powerful 10.7 percent increase in military spending, partially financed through cutbacks in social services. The government also encouraged the tech industry to branch out from information and communication technologies and into security and surveillance. In this period, the Israeli Defense Forces played a role similar to a business incubator. Young Israeli soldiers experimented with network systems and surveillance devices while they fulfilled their mandatory military services, then turned their findings into business plans when they returned to civilian life. A slew of new start-ups were launched, specializing in everything from “search and nail” data mining, to surveillance cameras, to terrorist profiling. When the market for these services and devices exploded in the years after September 11, the Israeli state openly embraced a new national economic vision: the growth provided by the dot-com bubble would be replaced with a homeland security boom.

Josh Nathan-Kazis, a writer for the Jewish daily Forward, reported on how Jewish organizations and groups have gobbled up Homeland Security ‘anti-terrorism’ grants, since they started the program back in 2005. In his report he noted that:

“Jewish institutions throughout the United States will receive $9.7 million in federal anti-terrorism grants this year out of a total of $10 million allocated to not-for-profit institutions by the Department of Homeland Security. … A full 97% of the available funds in the Non-Profit Security Grant Program for 2012 have been allocated to Jewish organizations, compared with 73% that went to Jewish groups from 2007 through 2010. In 2011, Jewish groups received about 80% of NSGP funds. The NSGP has disproportionately benefited Jewish groups since 2005, when it was first instituted. […] In her interview with the Forward, [U.S. Homeland Security Chief Janet] Napolitano said that she saw no problem with the overwhelming proportion of NSGP funds going to Jewish groups.”(“Jewish Groups Grab Huge Share of Grants Almost All Homeland Security Grants Go to Jewish Non-Profits,” The Forward, July 5, 2012.)

On December 22nd, 2001, Richard Reid allegedly attempted to cause an explosion on a flight from Paris to Miami by mixing and then igniting explosives hidden in his shoes. The “shoe bomber” only managed to light a few matches before being subdued by passengers and arrested. (“Shoe bomber: Tale of another failed terrorist attack,” CNN, Dec. 25, 2009.) The Israeli firm ICTS, the same Mossad front company that controlled security at 9/11 airports, was in charge of security at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris where Reid was allowed to board his flight. According to Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley, the entire debacle was a political sham cooked up by the Mossad to stoke up Western fears of ‘terrorism’ shortly following 9/11. (“Underwear Bomber Redux – Was Mutallab An Israeli “Secret Weapon”?,” Signs of the Times, Feb. 01, 2012.) On Christmas Day, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit with explosives hidden in his underwear. Umar’s makeshift bomb contained the same combination of explosives as Reid’s, and as he attempted to detonate them he too was easily subdued. ICTS International also controlled security at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and once again they deliberately allowed a “terrorist” to board an aircraft. Gordon Duff has conclusively shown that the ‘underwear bomber’ incident is another phony terror plot organized and directed by the Israeli Mossad. (“Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism: Mutallab’s father is no ordinary ‘banker’,” Veterans Today, Dec. 31, 2009.) American Free Press writer Victor Thorn exposed the alleged ‘underwear bomber’ as a bumbling patsy whose father, a wealthy Nigerian banker, was in bed with the Mossad and other elite Zionist political forces in the Western world. Thorn writes:

“‘His explosives couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.’ These were the words relayed to me during a Jan. 2 interview with military analyst and counterinsurgency specialist Gordon Duff in regard to the attempt of Christmas Day underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab [sometimes referred to as Abdulmutallab] to ignite 80 grams of the explosive PETN on a flight destined for America. He also explained how the patsy’s country of origin, Nigeria, is clandestinely controlled by the Israeli army and Mossad. These entities train the military, sell weapons, run the airports, and wield power over DICON (Defense Industries Corporation). Furthermore, Mutallab’s father is a Mossad partner and Israel’s No. 1 contact in Nigeria. As the former CEO of his country’s most influential bank and the man who ran their national arms industry, Mr. Mutallab also harbors extremely close relationships with the U.S. ambassador and CIA chief in Nigeria. […]

Another significant detail is being neglected by mainstream media sources. The firm in charge of security at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is the Israeli-owned International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS). They’re also the same outfit responsible for all three airports used by “Muslim hijackers” on 9-11. ICTS also handled security for London’s bus system during their 7-7 “Muslim bombing,” while doing the same at Charles de Gaulle Airport when “shoe bomber” Richard Reid boarded a plane in Paris on Dec. 22, 2001. When a Michigan passenger, attorney Kurt Haskell, reported that a “well-dressed” Indian man arranged for Umar Mutallab to perform a “walkaround” without a passport in Amsterdam, ICTS was one of only a few entities that could have permitted this security breach to take place. […]

Of course, the American public is being misled again into believing that this “lone nut” terrorist sneaked through the system (no-fly lists, airport scrutiny etc) due to mere incompetence, similar to what occurred on 9-11. Yet Israeli intelligence provided security at the Amsterdam Airport, where Mutallab boarded a plane with no passport; the NSA is equipped to electronically eavesdrop anywhere around the world; the Mossad is tied to Yemen, Nigeria and India; while the suspect’s father opened up banking and arms contacts in the Middle East while harboring an extremely close relationship with American and Israeli intelligence. What we’re being fed is another propagandized cover story that is intended to keep ratcheting up Orwellian-style trauma and fear, all the while further spreading our global “terror war” to Yemen and the African continent.” (“Mossad Tied to ‘Underwear Bomber’,” American Free Press, Jan. 18, 2010.)

Besides the propagandistic effect this would have to legitimize the Jewish-led ‘War on Terror,’ the underwear bomber incident further revealed the Jewish economic objectives behind these phony staged terror events. Immediately following the incident, the Jewish-owned mass media bombarded us with frantic rhetoric advocating the need for new security measures to be implemented in airports to protect us from ‘terrorism.’ The new security measures primarily involved the introduction of “full body scanners” at all international airports worldwide. Before boarding a flight, passengers are now subjected to a full-body image scan. Michael Chertoff, the Jewish-Zionist architect of the 9/11 cover up as well as the Orwellian ‘Patriot Act,’ was waiting at-the-ready with his ‘full body scanner’ technology, promoting these horrific, intrusive, cancer-causing devices as essential to protect Westerners from the likes of ‘crotch bombs’ and other hidden explosive contraptions. Chertoff made his sales pitch for these dangerous devices all over mainstream media, including ABC News’s “World News Tonight,” “Fox and Friends,” CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” CNN and Bloomberg TV. (“Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience ,” Huffington Post, Nov. 23, 2010.) In 2009, Chertoff founded the Chertoff Group, a security consulting agency. In an interview with CNN’s Campbell Brown, Chertoff admitted that some of his clients manufacture full-body scanners. (“Chertoff and Company – The Cover Up (Body Scanners),” YouTube) Chertoff’s consulting firm “represents OSI Systems, one of two companies licensed to sell full-body scanners to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).”(“Body Scanners Create Profits for Chertoff and Others,” All Gov, Nov. 23, 2010.) Cashing in on ‘terror scares’ has become a lucrative business for Jewish bigwigs like Michael Chertoff and other parasitical profiteers. The ‘underwear bomber’ was not a manifestation of Muslim grievances with the United States, but a manufactured hoax — a set-up designed to provide more justification for the build-up of a global Zionist police state, a “New World Order” slave society under Jewish domination. (“Zionist ‘Thugs’ Behind America’s Police State,” YouTube)

The very conception and implementation of the ‘war on terror’ agenda has Jewish origins and Zionist motivations. This fact was made abundantly clear in a statement that was issued by the treacherous Anti-Defamation League on September 17, 2001, vehemently supporting President Bush’s call for a “war on terror.” ADL National Directors Glen A. Tobias and Abraham H. Foxman published the following self-incriminating statement:

“We join all Americans and people of good will around the world in expressing outrage at the horrific terrorist attacks on our nation. Our country and our world will never be the same, and we are only beginning to understand the enormity of the threat and the challenges that lie ahead. Our first and greatest priority must be to recognize that our enemy is evil to the core and, if not deterred, has the means to cause even greater destruction. The world is looking to America once again to be the beacon of freedom that will take the lead, with support from every corner of the globe, in turning back this enemy. President Bush and his Administration have risen to the occasion and we stand firm with them, offering our full support in the difficult time ahead.

As we gird ourselves for this new war on terrorism, we know that confronting terrorists is particularly difficult because they have no government and do not abide by any laws or code of moral decency. Therefore, we need to recalibrate the existing balance between security precautions and individual liberties. As we move forward, we must protect our civil liberties, which make us who we are, at the same time that we provide law enforcement with new tools to safeguard our security. We have every right to protect ourselves and our nation, even if doing so requires us to submit to more expansive searches of person and property and perhaps other new limitations on our daily activities.” (“ADL Supports President Bush’s Call for War on Terrorism,” ADL Official Website, Sept. 17, 2001.)

Using 9/11 as a pretext, the ADL essentially advocated the creation of a police state in America that would be implemented by their proxies and servants at the helm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is hardly surprising that the ADL has been the prime entity engaged in special ‘training’ of American police and law enforcement nation-wide. The ADL’s ‘special relationship’ with American law enforcement and intelligence agencies should be troubling to any American citizen who enjoys their freedom. Few Americans are aware that in 1993 the ADL was caught red-handed directing a massive spying operation against American citizens and organizations, particularly those that they perceive to be ‘enemies’ of Jewish-Zionist political and economic aims, passing on this illegally obtained information to the Israeli secret service. (“The Anti-Defamation League’s Spy Scandal of 1993,” Focal Point Publications) Reporting on this scandal for The Spotlight, Michael Collins Piper revealed:

“Police sources have revealed that the information they have uncovered suggests the ADL has been maintaining secret files on more than 950 political groups, newspapers and labor unions and on a minimum of 12,000 people. (The 12,000 figure, however, is based only on the number of names discovered in the West Coast offices of the ADL. The ADL has offices all over the United States, suggesting that the individual files kept by the ADL are much more numerous, perhaps as many as 1 million people nationwide.) The Los Angeles Times reported on April 9 that the ADL may face a total of 48 felony counts for not properly reporting the employment of its spy Bullock. According to the Times, the ADL disguised payments to Bullock for more than 25 years by funneling $550 a week to a Beverly Hills, California attorney, Bruce I. Hochman, who turned the money over to Bullock.” (“ADL spying exposed nationally,” The Spotlight)

The ADL is, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than the public relations arm of the Zionist state of Israel and the global Jewish crime network. It was established in 1913 by the supremacist Jewish-Masonic society known as B’nai B’rith in response to the public hanging of Leo Frank, a criminal Jew who raped and murdered a little girl named Mary Phagan. The ADL has, ever since its creation, operated as an attack dog for criminal Jewish interests, attempting to slander, defame, vilify, silence and suppress all critics of Zionist misconduct and opponents of Jewish domination. (See:“The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith,” Google Video / “The Ugly Truth About the ADL,” Executive Intelligence Review)

Much to the chagrin of the ADL, awareness of Israeli-Zionist-Jewish involvement in international terrorist spectacles has been steadily growing, thanks in large part to the internet. As a means of propaganda, Jews have been using terrorism to manipulate the minds of the Western public. They use these acts of terror to sway public sentiment toward Israel and away from Israel’s enemies – the Muslims, the Arabs and the Palestinians; molding our minds to view their enemies as our enemies. ‘Al-Qaeda’ is a Jewish propaganda invention — an illusion. All of the terrorist acts attributed to ‘Al-Qaeda’ are the work of Jewish theater, a Hollywood stage production for non-Jewish consumption. Phony terrorism blamed on Muslims is an effective method of distraction that the Jewish media uses to redirect the world’s attention from the ongoing slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians by the Jewish state. The constant hype and hysteria about ‘Islamic radicalism’ is all a clever diversion from the Jewish rape of Palestine and other ongoing Jewish atrocities in Middle East. Thus we see that the Israeli false-flag assault of 9/11 served two primary purposes for International Jewry:

1) To galvanize American public opinion to support wars of aggression against Israel’s Arab and Islamic enemies in the Middle East, kick-starting the preplanned ‘clash of civilizations’ between the West and Islam.

2) To provide a pretext for the build-up of a Jewish-led police state in America (and the broader Western world), which is being used to quell any and all dissent against the insane Zionist desire to conquer the Middle East and thereby the world.

Netanyahu: Evil Inventor of the “Global War on Terror”

The ideological framework of the malignant ‘Global War on Terror’ doctrine of destruction has its genesis in the Likud Party in Israel and its hard-line Zionist terrorist leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. (“The Origins and Development of the War on Terror Doctrine and its Future Prospects,” Shamsali, Sept. 08, 2002.) The true origin of this monstrous ideology traces back to a little-known organization with offices in Jerusalem, New York and Washington, D.C. called the “Jonathan Institute,” an Israeli propaganda outfit created in 1979 by Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu. The group is named after his dead brother Jonathan who was killed in the Israeli raid on Entebbe Airport in Uganda in 1972. The former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin — who was at one time a commander of the Jewish terrorist group Irgun — was also a key figure with the Jonathan Institute, giving the opening address at the group’s 1979 conference in Jerusalem. (Edward S. Herman and Gerry O’Sullivan. The “Terrorism” Industry: The Experts and Institutions That Shape Our View of Terror. New York: Pantheon, 1989, pp. 104-6) The primary function of the group was to organize conferences crafted around promoting the spurious idea that Yassir Arafat, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the broader Arab and Muslim world, represent a global ‘terrorist threat.’ Netanyahu and his Zionist conspirators emphasized that the “Western democracies” must take steps to extinguish this so-called ‘threat’ posed by Muslim nations and organizations. (Ibid.)

Countless high-ranking American and British intelligence officials, politicians and media figures attended the two conferences put on by the Jonathan Institute in 1979 (in Jerusalem) and 1984 (in Washington). Netanyahu and his ‘institute’ essentially endeavored to recruit influential Westerners in media, government and military to promote a clash of civilizations between the West and the Islamic world for the benefit of Zionist Jews and their deranged dream of a “Greater Israel.” The 1984 conference produced a widely reviewed book edited by Netanyahu entitled Terrorism: How the West Can Win and established Netanyahu as a leading international voice in the “war against terrorism,” a war for the destruction of Israel’s enemies. The institute also effectively publicized its espoused doctrine of “pre-emptive retaliation,” the Israeli policy of killing those designated as ‘terrorists’ before they can act. (Ibid.)

Netanyahu has written and edited numerous books promoting his warped ‘War on Terror’ creed such as‘International Terrorism: Challenge and Response‘ (1981), the aforesaid ‘Terrorism: How the West Can Win‘ (1987), ‘Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat the International Terrorist Network‘ (1995), and other paltry works of Zionist nonsense. The foundation of Netanyahu’s crazed worldview ultimately lies with his Revisionist Zionist upbringing. His father, BenZion Netanyahu, was a disciple and former senior aide of Vladimir “Ze’ev” Jabotinsky, the militant extremist founder of “Revisionist Zionism” and the Irgun. (J. Goldberg, “From Peace Process To Police Process,” The New York Times, Sept. 14, 1997.) BenZion ensconced his son in the militant doctrine of Jabotinsky, guiding him in the principles of Jewish supremacy and the Zionist dream of a “Greater Israel.” On July 8, 2007, Bibi Netanyahu was the keynote speaker at an event at the Jabotinsky Institute to mark the 67th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Irgun. In July 2006, at a conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of the King David Hotel bombing, Netanyahu gave a disgraceful speech blatantly defending that act of terrorism and mass murder by the Irgun, calling the unprovoked attack a “legitimate military action” and praising the Jewish terrorists who masterminded the atrocity. (Tom Segev, “The spirit of the King David Hotel,” Haaretz, July 23, 2006.) The Irgun, a murderous Zionist terrorist group dedicated to creating a ‘Greater Israel,’ is the political parent of the Likud Party which Benjamin Netanyahu currently heads. All of this exposes Netanyahu’s big talk of ‘fighting global terrorism’ as a facetious farce.

The New York offices of “American Friends of the Jonathan Institute” is, perhaps not coincidentally, located amazingly close to the Twin Towers at 277 Broadway Street, 801 New York, NY. (“9/11 Israeli soldiers guard Netanyahu’s Jonathan Institute,” The Information Underground, Mar. 17, 2010.) Even more significant is the alleged financial ties between Larry Silverstein, the Zionist leaseholder of the WTC, his good friend Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jonathan Institute. French writer Thierry Meyssan claimed that Larry Silverstein was the treasurer of Netanyahu’s Jonathan Institute and Netanyahu’s electoral campaigns. (Thierry Meyssan, “L’Effroyable imposture 2, Manipulations et désinformations,” Voltaire Net, Mar. 09, 2010.) If true, this establishes yet another direct connection between Silverstein and the criminal Israeli politicians and groups that created the “war on terror” charade.

A crystal clear illustration that Netanyahu is the evil villain behind this agenda came in the form of aspeech he delivered in front of the U.S. House of Representatives immediately following the 9/11 attacks on the 20th of September, 2001. In the speech, Netanyahu vehemently implored the U.S. to launch “pre-emptive” military strikes against “Iran, Iraq, Syria, Taliban Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority, and several other Arab regimes, such as the Sudan,” adding that he’d also like to see“Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, Hizbullah and others in Syrian-controlled Lebanon, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the recently mobilized Fatah and Tanzim factions in the Palestinian territories” destroyed by the United States military. The common denominator of all of the countries and groups listed by Netanyahu as targets of his war of terror is that they are all opponents of and threats to Israel, of course. Netanyahu’s demented rant evolved into all-out fear mongering, predicting biological and nuclear attacks that could kill hundreds of thousands of American citizens if the U.S. government did not take immediate action against the aforementioned states. Speaking about his psychopathic desire for the U.S. to conquer the Middle East for Israel, Netanyahu proclaimed:

I have absolute confidence that if we, the citizens of the free world, led by President Bush, marshall the enormous reserves of power at our disposal, harness the steely resolve of a free people, and mobilize our collective will – we shall eradicate this evil from the face of the earth. … The time for action is now. Today the terrorists have the will to destroy us, but they do not have the power. There is no doubt that we have the power to crush them. Now we must also show that we have the will. Once any part of the terror network acquires nuclear weapons, this equation will fundamentally change and with it the course of human affairs. This is the historical imperative that now confronts all of us all. …

This is the great mission that now stands before the free world. That mission must not be watered down to allow certain states to participate in the coalition that is now being organized. Rather the coalition must be built around this mission. It may be that some will shy away from adopting such an uncompromising stance against terrorism. If some free states choose to remain on the sidelines, America must be prepared to march forward without them, for there is no substitute for moral and strategic clarity. I believe that if the United States stands on principle, all the democracies will eventually join the war on terrorism. The easy route may be tempting, but it will not win the day.

On September 11, I like everyone else was glued to a television set, watching the savagery that struck America. Yet amid the smoking ruins of the twin towers, one could make out the Statue of Liberty, holding high the torch of freedom. It is freedom’s flame that the terrorists sought to extinguish. But it is that same torch so proudly held by the United States that can lead the free world to crush the forces of terror and to secure our tomorrow. It is within our power. Let us now make sure that it is within our will.”

In 2001, Netanyahu was videotaped at his nephew’s Barmitzvah, in which he was casually discussing politics with relatives. Unaware that he was being recorded, Netanyahu bragged about his ability to deceive and manipulate American presidents, telling them that “America is a thing you can move very easily, move in the right direction.” (“Netanyahu In 2001: ‘America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily’,” Huffington Post, July 16, 2010.) Commenting on the video, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy disparagingly expressed the view that Netanyahu is “a man…who thinks that Washington is in his pocket and that he can pull the wool over its eyes.” (“Tricky Bibi,” Haaretz, July 15, 2010.) Netanyahu’s belief that he has Washington “in his pocket” was confirmed when on the 24th of May, 2011, Netanyahu delivered an ignominious speech before a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress, during which he received an outrageous twenty-nine standing ovations! (“Israeli Prime Minister Gets 29 Standing Ovations in Congress, Sends Message to White House,” ABC News, May 24, 2011.) The slaves of Zion who inhabit the kosher brothel known as the U.S. Congress couldn’t have done a better job at selling their country down the river for the benefit of a foreign power. “America” is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave, but the land of the hopelessly enslaved!

American intelligence sources have reported that Netanyahu is considered an extreme threat to U.S. national security. Netanyahu visited convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in his North Carolina prison cell and lobbied vigorously for his release. Netanyahu was actually overheard by an ex-CIA agent telling a group of his supporters: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” (W. Madsen, “The demise of global communications security: The neocons’ unfettered access to America’s secrets,” Online Journal, Sept. 21, 2005.) Netanyahu has claimed that both he and his father both ‘predicted’ the events of 9/11 in the early 1990s. (“Netanyahu claimed to have predicted WTC attacks,” The Jerusalem Post, Sept. 11, 2011.) It would be more accurate to say that Netanyahu and his father ‘planned’ 9/11 and then ‘predicted’ the successful outcome of their own demonic plot. As the emissary of Vladimir Jabotinsky in the United States, Netanyahu’s father played an instrumental role in co-opting both the Democratic and Republican parties, crafting them into slaves of Zion. (Maidhc Ó Cathail, “Benzion Netanyahu and the Origins of Bipartisan Support for Israel,” The Passionate Attachment, May 11, 2012.)

It is impossible to believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is not a central player in the September 11th attacks. He had intimate connections to Israeli intelligence, a close friendship with Larry Silverstein, and a shared ideology with the neoconservative Jews in the Bush administration. He openly gloated that 9/11 was “good for Israel” and “swung American public opinion” in favor of Israel. It is an unvarnished, inescapable fact — Netanyahu is the mastermind of 9/11 and the “Global War on Terror,” and is therefore directly responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of innocent people! One question remains: When and how will he pay for his devilish deeds?

Neoconservatism: A Treacherous Guild of Jewish Imperialists

It is impossible to understand 9/11 and the illegal wars that followed without examining the diabolical intrigues of what are known as the “neoconservatives.” This tightly-knit network of ‘intellectuals’ and political lobbyists are first-class warmongers. They were the driving force behind the genocidal U.S. war against Iraq and are still today aggressively advocating for new wars against Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East. The neocons are, at their very core, a racist cult of psychopathic Jewish supremacists. This mendacious Jewish clique formed a dangerous Zionist fifth-column inside the United States, burrowing their way into the highest echelons of power in the White House and the Pentagon, during the Bush administration. Operating as de-facto agents of the Israeli government, these Zionist schemers were tasked with harnessing the deathly Golem of American military might in the service of Israel. To the detriment of the world, especially Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians, these evil sociopathic criminals succeeded in their wicked objective of dragging the U.S. into several senseless wars of conquest in the Middle East, needlessly causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. The former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad once stated that, “The Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” A glance at the neoconservative warlords and their hidden Jewish agenda validate his every word.

The Jewish origins and agenda of neoconservatism, much like the Jewish origins and agenda of Communism, is a carefully guarded secret that has been hidden from the general public. No mainstream history text dares to mention this fact — almost no prominent professors of political science are willing to broach it for fear of being labeled ‘anti-Semitic.’ The movement itself was born and codified in the United States in the early 1960s. Several Jewish-Marxist intellectuals and agitators of the Trotskyite camp – ideological disciples of the Jewish-Communist theorist and mass murderer Leon Trotsky — conceived this malicious doctrine of death. Like its counterpart Bolshevism, Jewish extremists have used neoconservatism as a carnivorous tool of destruction to root out the enemies of the Jews and Zionism in the Middle East. Metapedia, the Alternative Encyclopedia, surmised that,

“Neoconservatism is a political ideology with origins in the Marxist Trotskyite movement that has played a critical role in formulating American foreign policy, especially since the 9/11 attacks. The ideology represents the embrace of Zionism and is totally focused upon the racial supremacy and group interests of Jews and the Israeli state. Neoconservatism can be seen as a strategy replacing the previous Jewish objective of Marxist world revolution.” (“Neoconservatism,” Metapedia)

Author Michael Collins Piper explained that the neocons are nothing more than“Trotskyite communists of the old school who re-tooled and re-configured their own philosophy in order to adapt it to the needs of the modern period.” (“The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within,” American Free Press, (2006), p. 28.) Gal Beckerman, a Jewish writer for the Jewish publication The Forward, put it this way:

Acknowledging the Jewishness of neoconservatism has always triggered the red, flashing lights of antisemitism, especially since the start of the Iraq War…. But there is some truth to the suspicion. If there is an intellectual movement in America to whose invention Jews can lay sole claim, neoconservatism is it. …it is a fact that as a political philosophy, neoconservatism was born among the children of Jewish immigrants and is now largely the intellectual domain of those immigrants’ grandchildren.” (“The Neoconservative Persuasion: Examining the Jewish roots of an intellectual movement,” The Forward, Jan. 06, 2006.)

Notable among the ideological founders of neoconservatism were Irving Kristol, Irving Howe, Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, Norman Podhoretz and his wife Midge Decter, Max Shachtman, Albert Wohlstetter, and Leo Strauss. All Jews, avid Marxists and staunch Zionists, this coterie of crooks formulated a duplicitous plan for the infiltration and subversion of the “right-wing” of American politics, launching a ‘putsch’ to neutralize the conservative movement and Republican Party, shaping them into a wing of Zionism. Benjamin Ginsberg, a Jewish political scientist and professor at Johns Hopkins University, pointed out the communist roots of the neoconservatives, noting that “the neocons are internationalists. Many neocons were at one time liberal Democrats or, in some cases, even Socialists or Marxists.” (Ginsberg, Benjamin. The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1993. p. 231.) He also keenly observed their essentially Jewish ethnic motivation for shifting from the left to the right side of the political spectrum, attributing it to tribal loyalties and concern for the well-being of Israel:

“One major factor that drew them [the Jewish neocons] inexorably to the right was their attachment to Israel and their growing frustration during the 1960s with a Democratic party that was becoming increasingly opposed to American military preparedness and increasingly enamored of Third World causes [e.g., Palestinian rights]. In the Reaganite right’s hard-line anti-communism, commitment to American military strength, and willingness to intervene politically and militarily in the affairs of other nations to promote democratic values (and American interests), neocons found a political movement that would guarantee Israel’s security.” (Ibid.)

Ginsberg revealed that the ‘conservative’ philosophy espoused by these Marxist Jews was nothing more than a mask — a facade that provided a convenient smokescreen for their real Zionist motivations:

“A number of Jews ascertained for themselves that Israeli security required a strong American commitment to internationalism and defense. Among the most prominent Jewish spokesman for this position was Norman Podhoretz, editor of Commentary Magazine. Podhoretz had been a liberal and a strong opponent of the Vietnam War. But by the early 1970s he came to realize that continued American support for Israel depended upon continued American involvement in international affairs – from which it followed that American withdrawal into [isolationism] represented a direct threat to the security of Israel. This was one major reason that Podhoretz broke with liberals…” (Ibid., pp. 204, 231.)

In 1973, Irving Kristol, the Marxist-Zionist Jew who has been called the “godfather of neoconservatism,” let slip his real agenda when he said:

“Senator McGovern is very sincere when he says that he will try to cut the military budget by 30%. And this is to drive a knife in the heart of Israel… Jews don’t like big military budgets. But it is now in the interests of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States… American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel.” (Congress Bi-Weekly, a publication of the American Jewish Congress, 1973.)

Irving Kristol was quite frank in his pro-Zionist view that the U.S. should support Israel even if it is not in America’s national interest to do so. He once said that,

“Large nations, whose identity is ideological, like the Soviet Union of yesteryear and the United States of today, inevitably have ideological interests in addition to more material concerns…. That is why we feel it necessary to defend Israel today, when its survival is threatened. No complicated geopolitical calculations of national interest are necessary.” (Seltzer, Irwin. Neoconservatism. Atlantic Books, 2004, p. 36.)

Norman Podhoretz, a Marxist-Zionist Jew and early progenitor of the neoconservative philosophy, admitted that the safety and hegemony of Israel is at the heart of neoconservative thinking. In his own memoir he confessed:

There was, to be sure, one thing that many of even the most passionately committed American Zionists were reluctant to do, and that was to face up to the fact that continued American support for Israel depended upon continued American involvement in international affairs – from which it followed that an American withdrawal into the kind of isolationist mood that prevailed most recently between the two world wars, and that now looked as though it might soon prevail again, represented a direct threat to the security of Israel.”(Norman Podhoretz, “Breaking Ranks: A Political Memoir,” Harper & Row, 1979.)

Prime among the early theoretical forebearers of neoconservatism was Leo Strauss, another Marxist-Zionist Jew. Strauss taught political science at the University of Chicago and was an influential teacher of many of the top neocons who would later go on to usurp the Bush administration and orchestrate the war against Iraq. Stauss’s political philosophy was Machiavellian in nature, whereby he advocated the perpetual deception of the public by those in power. Noam Chomsky has argued that Strauss’s theory is a form of Leninism, in which society should be led by a group of elite vanguards whose job it is to protect liberal society against the dangers of excessive individualism, and by creating inspiring myths to trick the masses into believing that they are fighting against evil. Journalist Seymour Hersh opined that Strauss endorsed noble lies, “myths used by political leaders seeking to maintain a cohesive society.”(“Selective Intelligence,” The New Yorker, May 12, 2003.) As a youth growing up in Germany, Stauss embraced political Zionism and became an activist for the movement. At age 17, Strauss became a dedicated disciple of the extremist Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky. (“Leo Strauss: Strauss and Zionism,” Wikipedia) The connection with Jabotinsky is a common theme among the neocons and the murderous Israeli politicians with whom they are intimately associated.

In addition to all of the Jewish-owned mass media outlets that have given the Jewish neocons a platform to disseminate their hateful propaganda, they established a vast and harrowing conglomeration of magazines, journals, periodicals and think-tanks with which to promote and advance their pernicious policies of war and aggression. Some of their publications include:

Commentary Magazine (founded in 1945 by the American Jewish Committee; neocon godfathers Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz served as editors)

National Review (founded in 1955 by Zionist agent William F. Buckley)
The Weekly Standard (founded in 1995; chief editor is William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol)
The New Republic
The National Interest (founded by Irving Kristol in 1985)
The Public Interest

Kevin MacDonald is a professor of psychology at the University of California-Longbeach, who has authored several books, viewing Jews and Judaism as an evolutionary group strategy. He produced a list of the most prominent Pro-Israel and neocon groups in the U.S. in his well-written study entitled “Understanding Jewish Influence”. These organizations include:

AEI: American Enterprise Institute—A neoconservative think tank; produces and disseminates books and articles on foreign and domestic policy;
AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee—The main pro-Israel lobbying organization in the U.S., specializing in influencing the U.S. Congress;
CSP: Center for Security Policy—Neoconservative think tank specializing in defense policy; formerly headed by Douglas Feith, CSP is now headed by Frank Gaffney; the CSP is strongly pro-Israel and favors a strong U.S. military;
JINSA: Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs—Pro-Israel think tank specializing in promoting military cooperation between the U.S. and Israel;
MEF: Middle East Forum—Headed by Daniel Pipes, the MEF is a pro-Israel advocacy organization overlapping with the WINEP but generally more strident;
PNAC: Project for the New American Century—Headed by Bill Kristol, the PNAC issues letters and statements signed mainly by prominent neocons and designed to influence public policy;
SD/USA: Social Democrats/USA—“Left-neoconservative” political organization advocating pro-labor social policy and pro-Israel, anticommunist foreign policy;
WINEP: Washington Institute for Near East Policy—Pro-Israel think tank specializing in producing and disseminating pro-Israel media material;
ZOA: Zionist Organization of America—Pro-Israel lobbying organization associated with the more fanatical end of the pro-Israel spectrum in America;

A 2003 documentary produced by the BBC called “The War Party” offers great insight into the behind-the-scenes machinations of the Jewish neocons in Washington. In the film, British reporter Steve Bradshaw follows around several high-profile neocons in the run-up to the war in Iraq. He attended some of their meetings and conducted one-on-one interviews with the biggest players in neoconservatism, including numerous high-ranking Bush administration officials who were devout neocons. In the film, a number of top neocons brag about their successful usurpation of the Bush administration and American foreign policy; some even admitted the Jewishness of the movement. Richard Perle, who headed the powerful “Defense Policy Board” in the Pentagon under Bush, acknowledged that “the President of the United States on issue after issue has reflected the thinking of neoconservatives.” Bill Kristol, a Jewish neocon kingpin who is the son of Irving Kristol and editor of The Weekly Standard, boasted that “George Bush’s current foreign policy is basically a neoconservative foreign policy.” Meyrav Wurmser, a neocon Jewess who founded the Zionist propaganda outlet “The Middle East Media Research Institute” (MEMRI), was obliged to confess: “Yes, many of us [neocons] are Jewish… Most of us, all of us in fact, are Pro-Israel.” Neocon Jew Eliot Cohen, a member of the Defense Policy Board in the Pentagon under Bush, complained that in Washington the term ‘neoconservative’ is often used as a euphemism for ‘Jew.’ “Well sometimes the word neoconservative is used when what they really would like to say is ‘Jew’… and as a Jew I find it offensive,” said Cohen.

A look at the roster of the “Project for the New American Century” group proves this notion to be correct; ‘neoconservative’ can accurately be considered synonymous with ‘Zionist Jew.’ This hawkish neocon think-tank was founded in 1997 by two Jewish neocon kingfish, Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. In the tradition of his father, PNAC’s founder Bill Kristol let slip the real Zionist objectives behind his subversive lobbying activities. Despite his disingenuous rhetoric about “global crusades for democracy,” Kristol’s chief concern is the power and well-being of Israel. He told the Jerusalem Post (27th July 2000): “I’ve always thought it was best for Israel for the US to be generally engaged and generally strong, and then the commitment to Israel follows from a general foreign policy.” A look at the authors and signatories of any given PNAC document show an abundance of Jewish names, some of which are: Mark Gerson (PNAC project director), Randy Scheunemann (PNAC project director), Charles Krauthammer, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Eliot Cohen, Dov Zakheim, Paula Dobriansky, Aaron Friedberg, Peter W. Rodman, Michael Goldfarb, Stephen P. Rosen, Midge Decter, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz, Kenneth Adelman, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Robert B. Zoellick, Donald Kagan, John Lehman, and so on. (“Project for the New American Century: Persons Associated With PNAC,” Wikipedia) In total, at least half of PNAC’s members and signatories were Jewish. The non-Jewish members all had long-standing ties with the Jewish lobby, serving as nothing more than useful tools for Jewish intrigue. There have been a number of corrupt non-Jews who have achieved prominent status within the ranks of the neoconservatives. On the participation of non-Jews in the movement, Kevin MacDonald intelligently observed that,

“As with the other Jewish intellectual and political movements, non-Jews have been welcomed into the movement and often given highly visible roles as the public face of the movement. This of course lessens the perception that the movement is indeed a Jewish movement, and it makes excellent psychological sense to have the spokespersons for any movement resemble the people they are trying to convince. That’s why Ahmed Chalabi (a Shiite Iraqi, a student of early neocon theorist Albert Wohlstetter, and a close personal associate of prominent neocons, including Richard Perle) was the neocons’ choice to lead postwar Iraq.” (“Understanding Jewish Influence III: Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement,” The Occidental Quarterly)

So this is just another part of the deception. In order to sell their ideas to the gentiles whom they are trying to trick, they recruit non-Jews to promote their objectives. Jews have mastered this deceitful stratagem. Its usage can also be noticed with the advent of Bolshevism in Russia, where non-Jew Stalin served as the figurehead for the Jewish-dominated regime of the USSR. In America, Organized Jewry always select a subservient Gentile frontman to serve as President of the country; that way, when things go south, the puppet non-Jew is left holding the bag, while his coterie of Jewish advisers generally avoid any serious scrutiny. The Jewish-owned press also helps to create the illusion that the President of the USA actually has control of his own ship, when in reality he is nothing more than a lowly pawn on the grand Jewish chessboard.