WW II – Field Marshal Erwin Rommel


Film review, in color, of the life of an outstanding World War II military commander. Rommel is shown inspecting defense fortifications along the Atlantic coast, with his troops in North Africa, and with his family. With striking musical accompaniment


He was viewed as Hitler’s finest general, admired even by the Allies for his skills as a military leader.

But to one captured British soldier, Erwin Rommel was the man who saved his life – and gave him beer and cigarettes. Captain Roy Wooldridge, from the Royal Engineers, has told how he was introduced to the ‘Desert Fox’ after being taken prisoner in France. He had been caught during a covert night-time reconnaissance mission ahead of the D-Day landings. Without uniform or identification due to the secrecy of the operation, he was treated as a spy and told he would be shot.

But Field Marshal Rommel requested a meeting with the new prisoner and asked the Brit if there was anything he needed.

Captain Wooldridge said he replied: ‘A good meal, a pint of beer and a packet of cigarettes.’ To his astonishment he was then ushered into Rommel’s mess, where all three items were waiting for him.

Capt Wooldridge, now 95, saved the empty cigarette packet as a souvenir and will recount his adventure on Sunday’s edition of Antiques Roadshow.

He said: ‘I was told that Rommel always wanted to meet men who had been doing something unusual when they were captured.

‘I was meant to have been shot. I was told on several occasions during my interrogation that is what would happen unless I talked.

‘Hitler had issued orders that commandos were to be shot but Rommel declined to obey that instruction. Rommel saved my life. He was a very fine German and a clean fighter.’

As well as the cigarette packet, Capt Wooldridge’s Military Cross and Bar and a photo of him being presented with a ribbon to his MC by British army chief Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery will also be on display on the show.

He is told by the programme’s experts that his collection is worth as much as £10,000 – but to applause from onlookers, he responds: ‘Not for sale.’

Capt Wooldridge was awarded the MC for a death-defying mission to clear a path through a minefield in Alamein while under mortar fire, and the Bar for his role in Operation Tarbrush, the mission that led to his capture.

The operation took place during a remarkable two weeks in which he got married, met the King to receive his MC, was captured and encountered Rommel.

Capt Wooldridge, from Hendy, Glamorgan, said: ‘I was on my honeymoon in London and … there was a telegram asking me to report to my unit immediately and that Mrs Wooldridge was not to travel with me.

Reconnaissance photos had spotted these obstacles just below the waterline and they couldn’t determine from the pictures what they were.

‘They suspected they were some form of mine.’

Capt Wooldridge joined a group of four to carry out a series of covert night-time inspections – but on the last mission, they were seen by a German boat and captured.

He recalled: ‘We were taken to a house and interrogated for two weeks. They wanted to know what we had been doing but I didn’t say anything.

‘After that I was taken to a chateau and given a cup of tea and some cake. I was told to have a wash and smarten up because I was going to see someone very important.

‘I was marched into a room and there behind a desk was Rommel. I recognised him immediately because I had studied photographs of him while in the Western Desert.’

He continued: ‘Rommel asked me what I was doing in France but I didn’t say anything. He then asked me if there was anything I required.

‘I just said I could do with a pint of beer, a packet of cigarettes and a good meal. Then I was dismissed.

‘I was taken to his mess and served by his waiter and on the table was a stein [mug] of beer, cigarettes and a plate of food. I couldn’t understand it.’

Capt Wooldridge was taken to a PoW camp in northern Germany where he remained for the rest of the war.

He went on to become principal of Derby College of Art and Technology.

His wife Phyllis died 25 years ago, and he has two sons and three grandchildren.

(Daily Mail)


A German grandmother has been sentenced to ten months in jail for saying Auschwitz was a labour camp.

Ursula Haverbeck, who is a friend of Gudrun Burwitz – elderly daughter of Heinrich Himmler – was sentenced in a court in Hamburg for sedition over an interview she gave to a TV denying that Jews were murdered in extermination camps.

In the interview with the german ARD network she claimed the camp of Auschwitz in Poland was nothing more than a labour camp for jews, communists and criminals.

Haverbeck has been sentenced several times in the past for her trenchant views supporting the National Socialists. Around 30 NS activists were in court in Hamburg to support her. During her defence she said that “the Holocaust was the greatest and longest lived lie in history”.

Judge Björn Jönsson struggled to maintain his temper with the elderly woman after she said she shlouldn’t be punished for the crime again as she had already been fined twice and given a suspended sentence for previous “Holocaust denials”.

He said: “I do not have to prove the Holocaust to you, same as I do not have to prove that the earth is round. It is futile to discuss facts with people like you. A thief who steals the same thing again and again is punished again and again”.

The zionist prosecutor in the case stormed: “It is regrettable that a woman who is still so vivid in her old age wastes her energy trying to spread such a hair-raising bullshit”.

(Daily Mail)


I cannot believe the lack of responsibility showed by these film makers.

Displaying swastikas like this could easily result in another 60 trillion Jews being stuffed into pizza ovens. I agree with the many people who cried about this. We must never let another 60 trillion Jews be deposited into pizza ovens.

From Telegraph:

A gigantic Nazi banner sparked confusion and anger in Nice ahead of filming for a World War Two film.

The red flag, which featured a Nazi swastika, was hung from a government building during a pre-filming exercise in the French city of Nice.

Tourist Andrew Gentry told a local newspaper that locals reacted angrily when two men unfurled the banner on the Palais de la Prefecture.

“People started screaming… they were really agitated,” he told BBC News.

“There was nothing around to explain what was going on. The scene was just surreal.”

He added that tourists began taking selfies in front of the banner, which will be used in a film adaptation of French author Joseph Joffo’s memoir, A Bag of Marbles, about growing up during the Holocaust.

The Palais de la Prefecture defended its decision to allow the banner to be hung from its building, insisting it had informed the local community about the plans.

It said in a statement they had contacted the Jewish community in Nice, adding there was a “duty to remember” the horrors of the Nazi regime, the BBC reports.

The Prefecture will be used in the film to represent Nice’s Excelsior hotel during Nazi Germany’s occupation of the city in 1943.

SS captain Alois Brunner, one of the world’s most wanted Nazi, made the hotel his headquarters after Italy signed an unconditional armistice with the Allies.

(Daily Slave)


A number of anti-Semitic posters have been plastered across the campus of Birmingham University,

including one with the slogan “Hitler was Right”. The West Midlands Police are investigating the case. The posters were discovered by Students’ Guild Education Officer Izzy Lenga, who posted a photo to Twitter.

The poster, and others like it, have since been removed from campus by the police who are investigating the matter as a “hate crime”. They will be forensically investigating the posters, as well as examining CCTV footage and talking to students and staff in an attempt to track down the perpetrators.

The posters are part of a wider trend of increasing anti-Semitism which seems to be taking hold across the country. In Stamford Hill, London, police are investigating after graffiti saying “death to da jew” was found scrawled across a window ledge.

A spokesman from the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “This is a worrying and disturbing thing to see at a British university at a time when the number of recorded antisemitic incidents is rising, and when Jewish people are actively being targeted and killed in Europe and beyond.

“We have heard from a Jewish student organisation that they’ve had students express their discomfort and alarm at seeing a poster of Hitler suggesting support for Nazism. The reaction of the police and university must be serious and tough in order to reassure Jews and non-Jews alike that this will not be tolerated. The perpetrators of his hate crime must be found and brought to justice with zero tolerance.”

Sergeant David Cotter from West Midlands Police told the Campaign Against Antisemitism: “We take reports of hate crime extremely seriously and are working closely with the university to make it a safe place for everyone who works and studies there. This kind of behaviour is offensive and completely unacceptable and our investigation to identify those responsible is already progressing.”

Deborah Walker, Head of Communications at the University of Birmingham said: “We unreservedly condemn racist graffiti on campus. We have reported the matter to West Midlands Police and are working with them to identify those involved.

“Our University is a community of 150 nations and we are proud to be situated in a vibrant multi-cultural city. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. We are therefore actively working with a range of groups to bring people together and ensure that our university is a place where diversity is celebrated and everyone plays their part in creating a vibrant and welcoming community.”



A patriotic German politician who has a concentration camp tattooed on his back could be imprisoned.

Marcel Zech, 27, has been charged after appearing in public with a detailed drawing of the entrance to Auschwitz.

He also has the saying Jedem das Seine (‘to each his own’) written under the drawing, which was captured by a jewish photographer at pool in Oranienburg, a town 15 miles outside Berlin.

The words were emblazoned over the entrance to the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Zech, a member of a state council, faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted under strict laws which ban the display of “Nazi imagery”, according to the BBC.

He is a member of the National Democratic Party, and won a seat on the council of the state of Barnim, which is in north-east Germany and borders Poland.

Zech made the pool visit on November 21, where he was pictured with his tattoo on display.

Local police launched a manhunt at the start of this month to find the man’s identity, which led prosecutors in the town of Neuruppin to name Zech on Friday.

Zech has a criminal record for “race hate crimes”. In June this year he was ordered to pay €360 after posing as a police officer to try to learn the identities of anti-fascist demonstrators who tore down his party’s posters in his hometown.

In a 2013 court appearance he was fined €1,200 for assault. He won his council seat in 2014.

He has been seen at least once before swimming in a lake with his tattoos on show. On his stomach he has the old Reich eagle tattooed – not a forbidden symbol. On his left arm he has a black sun.

Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the domestic intelligence agency, lists him as a ‘neo-Nazi’.

He belongs to one group which provocatively buried a wooden swastika in the ground opposite the gates of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin.

Zech has so far declined to comment on the charges.

(Daily Mail)


Arriving at London in early 1938, newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy took up quickly with another transplanted American.

Viscountess Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor assured Kennedy early in their friendship that he should not be put off by her pronounced and proud anti-Catholicism. “I’m glad you are smart enough not to take my [views] personally,” she wrote.

Astor pointed out that she had a number of Roman Catholic friends – G.K. Chesterton among them – with whom she shared, if nothing else, a profound hatred for the Jewish race.

Joe Kennedy, in turn, had always detested Jews generally, although he claimed several as friends individually. Indeed, Kennedy seems to have tolerated the occasional Jew in the same way Astor tolerated the occasional Catholic.

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase). No member of the so-called “Cliveden Set” (the informal cabal of appeasers who met frequently at Nancy Astor’s palatial home) seemed much concerned with the dilemma faced by Jews under the Reich. Astor wrote Kennedy that Hitler would have to do more than just “give a rough time” to “the killers of Christ” before she’d be in favor of launching  ”Armageddon to save them. The wheel of history swings round as the Lord would have it. Who are we to stand in the way of the future?” Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”

During May of 1938, Kennedy engaged in extensive discussions with the new German Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Herbert von Dirksen. In the midst of these conversations (held without approval from the U.S. State Department), Kennedy advised von Dirksen that President Roosevelt was the victim of “Jewish influence” and was poorly informed as to the philosophy, ambitions and ideals of Hitler’s regime. (The Nazi ambassador subsequently told his bosses that Kennedy was “Germany’s best friend” in London.)

Columnists back in the states condemned Kennedy’s fraternizing. Kennedy later claimed that 75% of the attacks made on him during his Ambassadorship emanated from “a number of Jewish publishers and writers. … Some of them in their zeal did not hesitate to resort to slander and falsehood to achieve their aims.” He told his eldest son, Joe Jr., that he disliked having to put up with “Jewish columnists” who criticized him with no good reason.

Like his father, Joe Jr. admired Adolf Hitler. Young Joe had come away impressed by Nazi rhetoric after traveling in Germany as a student in 1934. Writing at the time, Joe applauded Hitler’s insight in realizing the German people’s “need of a common enemy, someone of whom to make the goat. Someone, by whose riddance the Germans would feel they had cast out the cause of their predicament. It was excellent psychology,  and it was too bad that it had to be done to the Jews. The dislike of the Jews, however, was well-founded. They were at the heads of all big business, in law etc. It is all to their credit for them to get so far, but their methods had been quite unscrupulous … the lawyers and prominent judges were Jews, and if you had a case against a Jew, you were nearly always sure to lose it. … As far as the brutality is concerned, it must have been necessary to use some ….”

Brutality was in the eye of the beholder. Writing to Charles Lindbergh shortly after Kristallnacht in November of 1938,  Joe Kennedy Sr. seemed more concerned about the political ramifications stemming from high-profile, riotous anti-Semitism than he was about the actual violence done to the Jews.  ”… Isn’t there some way,” he asked, “to persuade [the Nazis] it is on a situation like this that the whole program of saving western civilization might hinge? It is more and more difficult for those seeking peaceful solutions to advocate any plan when the papers are filled with such horror.” Clearly, Kennedy’s chief concern about Kristallnacht was that it might serve to harden anti-fascist sentiment at home in the United States.

Like his friend Charles Coughlin (an anti-Semitic broadcaster and Roman Catholic priest), Kennedy always remained convinced of what he believed to be the Jews’ corrupt, malignant, and profound influence in American culture and politics. “The Democratic [party] policy of the United States is a Jewish production,” Kennedy told a British reporter near the end of 1939, adding confidently that Roosevelt would “fall” in 1940.

But it wasn’t Roosevelt who fell. Kennedy resigned his ambassadorship just weeks after FDR’s overwhelming triumph at the polls. He then retreated to his home in Florida: a bitter, resentful man nurturing religious and racial bigotries that put him out-of-step with his country, and out-of-touch with history.

(History News Network)

HuffPo Jew Confused Why ISIS Doesn’t Threaten Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2015

ISIS has more important targets than Israel, such as autism centers in California.
ISIS has more important targets than Israel, such as autism centers in California.

Last Saturday, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi finally came out with some generic “we hate Jews” statement. This is after years of having threatened and attacked literally every group on the planet – including the Japanese – but never Jews.

In an article for Huffington Post entitled “ISIS Finally Comes After the Jews,” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach admits that he too finds it very strange it took them so long to even mention the Jews.

Something I have found so surprising throughout all these events is how ISIS and their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have hardly made even the smallest mention of Israel or the Jews. I was waiting for that inevitable day when ISIS would declare their intentions to destroy Israel and commit genocide against the Jewish people. It’s kind of a coming of age, a rite of passage for a terrorist group when the day comes that they announce their intentions to wipe out the Israelites.But the weeks and months passed and we heard not a peep.

I was not alone in noticing this. For the last few years a favorite rumor among conspiracy theorists and haters of Israel alike has been that ISIS is actually a Mossad organization, and Baghdadi is in reality a Jew. Why else have they not done anything to harm the Jews? After all, no one can deny that, barring immediate existential threats, the Jews pretty much always receive the top honors on the genocide wish lists for terrorist organizations.

Well, it might be a conspiracy theory that Baghdadi is a Jew. It might also be true. He wouldn’t have to be a Jew, however, to be either working directly for Jews or in some type of strategic alliance with Jews.

What definitely isn’t a theory that Israeli doctors treat wouldn’t ISIS fighters in Israeli hospitals.

Whatchadoin, medic????
Whatchadoin, medic????

It is also not a theory that the overwhelming majority – possibly as much as 90% – of the weaponry the US sends to Syria ends up in the hands of ISIS. They say it’s a several-years-long accident.

In October, Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma, said“Probably 60 to 80 percent of the arms that America shoveled in have gone to al-Qaida and its affiliates.”

Cool jeeps, guys!
Cool jeeps, guys!

Earlier this month, Amnesty International came out and complained that they need to pay more attention and stop accidentally arming ISIS.

The entire purpose of US involvement in Syria is to support Israel, so if Israel was bothered by this situation of the US arming ISIS, the US would probably stop doing it.

Israel also began publicly talking about restoring normal relations with Turkey immediately after it was revealed that they were transferring arms to ISIS, as well as buying their oil. Israel hasn’t told them to stop doing this as part of the terms of restoring relations. In fact, it appears that even while relations were abnormal, Israel has been knowingly buying ISIS oil via Turkey.


So, though we don’t know the behind the scenes details of the relationship between ISIS and Israel, it is safe to say they aren’t enemies, and it is safe to say this statement released against Israel was done under pressure from Moslems who are like “you’re attacking France and California, but you won’t even say the word ‘Jew’? Why is this?”



Published On 12/30/2015 | By Lee R | Jewish Problem, News

These Jews don’t know when to quit.  They are now claiming that Israel does not spy on America.  This is lol worthy.

Clearly this is a lie.  You can look at the Jonathan Pollard case and countless other reports like thisNewsweek story written by a Jew no less which proves conclusively that Israel is absolutely spying on America.

Look at the picture of the Jew named Yisrael Katz who made these ridiculous assertions.  Does he look like a trustworthy individual?  I don’t think so.

From Times of Israel:

Intelligence and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz on Wednesday maintained that Israel does not spy on the US and said it expects Washington to uphold the same standards.

The Likud minister was responding to a report in The Wall Street Journal that said the White House instructed US spies to eavesdrop on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials earlier this year in an effort to counter campaigning against the Iran nuclear deal, despite having promised to curtail listening in on foreign leaders.

The National Security Agency’s spying dragnet was cast so wide it caught conversations Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders had with US officials and Jewish American leaders. This led to what one source called an “oh shit moment,” because of fears that “the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress,” according to the report.

“Israel does not spy on the US, and we expect that our great friend, the US, will treat us in a similar fashion,” Katz told the Ynet news website. “If the information on the subject turns out to be true, Israel must file a formal protest with the American government and demand it stop all activities of this kind.”


US surveillance of Israel shows Netanyahu government ‘tried to persuade Congressmen to vote against Iran nuclear deal’

Conversations intercepted by the NSA appear to show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisers trying to convince US lawmakers to block the American-Iranian nuclear deal

US intelligence agencies discovered the Israeli government leaked details of the US-Iran nuclear negotiations and coordinated efforts with Jewish-American groups to undermine the talks, it is claimed.

The NSA – which has faced intense criticism for tapping the phone conversations of its allies in recent years – reportedly eavesdropped on the conversations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisers as the talks progressed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr Netanyahu was caught on tape negotiating with undecided congressman and senators about what it would take to get them to vote against the nuclear deal agreed in July this year.

A US intelligence official who has reportedly heard the intercepts said Israeli officials were heard asking the undecided American lawmakers questions such as “How can we get your vote? What’s it going to take”.

The officials told the Wall Street Journal that it appeared Israeli negotiators were confident they would have enough votes to block approval of the deal in Congress.

Israel used its own spies to gather information about the progress being made during the negotiations which brought Iran back into the diplomatic fold after 30 years of isolation.

Israel has said the move threatens their security as Iran is one of many countries in the Middle East who do not recognise Israeli sovereignty and has threatened to “wipe them off the map”.

Israeli officials have denied targeting US negotiators but NSA intercepts are reported to have shown the country was monitoring the talks in Switzerland.

In the transcripts of the intercepted conversations all American citizens were marked as  “US person” and US corporations were identified as “US organisation”  to protect their anonymity.

The NSA and its Israeli counterpart, Unit 8200, have had close links in the past.

The American organisation helped Israeli expand its electronic spying systems to monitor its regional enemies and the information was then shared with the US.

The two are believed to be still working together at the start of the Obama administration but revelations by Edward Snowden about American surveillance have raised tensions in recent years.


US spying on Israel reportedly ensnares members of Congress
2015-12-31 0:54

From: foxnews.com

The National Security Agency’s effort to eavesdrop on communications between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides reportedly also captured private conversations involving U.S. lawmakers and members of American Jewish groups.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the NSA’s monitoring of such exchanges raised fears that the Obama administration would be accused of spying on Congress, with one official calling it an “oh, s— moment”.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a presidential candidate, told Fox News the report just demonstrates the need for more controls on the NSA.

“I’m appalled by it,” Paul said Wednesday. “You could see how it would stifle speech if you’re going to eavesdrop on congressmen, and that it might stifle what they say or who they communicate with.”

Related: Israel has been Spying on U.S. for years

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told The Associated Press he’s already asked the NSA director and director of National Intelligence to brief lawmakers on the issue.

According to the Journal, the enhanced monitoring of Netanyahu began, with the assent of lawmakers from both parties, late in Obama’s first term out of concerns that the Israeli leader would pursue a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

The sweeping up of conversations between Israeli officials and U.S. lawmakers began in earnest earlier this year, ahead of a March visit to Capitol Hill by Netanyahu to speak out against the developing Iran nuclear deal, and continued through this past September, when the deadline for Congress to block the deal passed.

The Journal, citing U.S. officials, reported that Netanyahu’s office repeatedly attempted to learn details about changes in U.S. positions during the sensitive nuclear talks. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Derner, was described as coaching unnamed Jewish- American groups to press members of Congress, especially Democrats, to oppose the deal.

A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington described the U.S. claims as “total nonsense.”

The White House, reportedly wary of the political fallout if the spying on Netanyahu was to become public, allowed the NSA to determine what conversations should be disclosed to Obama administration officials and what should be kept secret. The Journal reported that the NSA removed the names of U.S. lawmakers from the intelligence reports it shared, and also redacted any criticism of the Obama administration.

The Journal also reported that Obama left Netanyahu off a list of world leaders who would be exempt from NSA activities after the president vowed to curtail eavesdropping on friendly heads of state in January 2014.

Among the world leaders who made the so-called “protected” list was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and most leaders of NATO nations, with the notable exception of Turkey.

The White House on Wednesday declined to comment on the specific activities detailed in the report, but defended its broader practices – while touting cooperation with Israel.

“As a general matter, and as we have said previously, we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. This applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike,” Ned Price, National Security Council spokesman, said in a statement.

“When it comes to Israel, President Obama has said repeatedly that the U.S. commitment to Israel’s security is sacrosanct. This message has always been backed by concrete actions that demonstrate the depth of U.S. support for Israel.”

Source: foxnews.com


NSA Spies Reveal Congress/Jewish Lobby Link

The Jewish lobby controls the US Congress to such a degree that the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance of the Israeli government ended up effectively spying on the House and Senate, it has emerged.

This fact is revealed within the latest so-called “NSA spying on Israel scandal,” which is currently the focus of controlled media attention.


The revelations were started by an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), titled “US Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress” (Dec. 29, 2015), where the focus was—of course—on the fact that the NSA kept up surveillance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This focus, replicated by other controlled media outlets, made out as if this NSA surveillance of the Israeli Prime Minister and Congress was a great “scandal.”

However, the controlled media coverage has deliberately underplayed the far more important revelation that the Jewish lobby is actively involved in controlling Congress through its personal agents of influence and through “Jewish-American organizations.”

According to the WSJ, the NSA—which is in charge of the electronic surveillance intelligence services of the US government—routinely keeps “certain allies under close watch,” including Netanyahu.

The WSJ said that the intelligence provided by these intercepts became a “political minefield at home” when Netanyahu took his opposition to the “Iran nuclear” deal directly to Congress. This campaign formed part of his ongoing paranoid Jewish obsession with the completely mythical Iranian “atom bomb” lies through which they hoped to incite war against Iran.

According to the WSJ, the NSA’s “targeting of Israeli leaders and officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with US lawmakers and American-Jewish groups.”

Although these “American-Jewish groups” are not named, it is clear that the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and other significant Jewish lobbies are those to which the NSA referred.

Even more significantly is the fact that the Jewish lobby’s tentacles reach into Congress itself.

Although specific Congressmen were not named, the immediate inference from the NSA surveillance falls onto the nineteen Jewish Members of the House (eighteen Democrats, and one Republican), and the ten Jewish members of the Senate. (These figures are, of course, way out of proportion to the percentage of Jews in America, but that is another topic.)

In addition, the Jewish lobby can rely on a large number of utterly slavish Judeo-Christian and evangelical members of the House and Senate to support Israel at every turn.

As a result, the WSJ said, the surveillance of both the Jewish lobby in Israel and in America soon revealed that they were all in extensive contact with US lawmakers:

Soon after, Israel’s lobbying campaign against the deal went into full swing on Capitol Hill, and it didn’t take long for administration and intelligence officials to realize the NSA was sweeping up the content of conversations with lawmakers.

The extent of this “contact” with “US lawmakers” was so massive and so penetrating that the NSA was faced with a conundrum: monitoring the activities of the Jewish lobby meant that they were in fact monitoring the entire US legislative branch of government—in other words, spying on the Jewish lobby meant spying on Congress.

According to the WSJ, the revelation that the Israeli government and the “American-Jewish organizations” were directly speaking to Congressmen to direct US policy in favor of Israel “raised fears—an ‘Oh-s— moment,’ one senior US official said—that the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress.”

The WSJ continued:

During Israel’s lobbying campaign in the months before the deal cleared Congress in September, the NSA removed the names of lawmakers from intelligence reports and weeded out personal information. The agency kept out “trash talk,” officials said, such as personal attacks on the executive branch.

Administration and intelligence officials said the White House didn’t ask the NSA to identify any lawmakers during this period.

“From what I can tell, we haven’t had a problem with how incidental collection has been handled concerning lawmakers,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He declined to comment on any specific communications between lawmakers and Israel.

Schiff is, of course, one of the nineteen Jewish Members of the House, so it is unsurprising that he “declined to comment on any specific communications between lawmakers and Israel.”

In addition, the WSJ said, NSA eavesdropping revealed how “Netanyahu and his advisers” had leaked details of the US–Iran negotiations—learned through Israeli spying operations—to undermine the attempts to make peace with Iran.

The WSJ explained further that the Jewish lobby had:

…coordinated talking points with Jewish-American groups against the deal; and asked undecided lawmakers what it would take to win their votes, according to current and former officials familiar with the intercepts.

The NSA reports allowed administration officials to peer inside Israeli efforts to turn Congress against the deal. Mr. Dermer was described as coaching unnamed US organizations—which officials could tell from the context were Jewish-American groups—on lines of argument to use with lawmakers, and Israeli officials were reported pressing lawmakers to oppose the deal.

A US intelligence official familiar with the intercepts said Israel’s pitch to undecided lawmakers often included such questions as: “How can we get your vote? What’s it going to take?”

The NSA intercepts, however, revealed one surprise. Mr. Netanyahu and some of his allies voiced confidence they could win enough votes.

As mentioned above, rather than discuss the extent of the American-Jewish lobby single loyalty to Israel, the controlled media has tried to scandalize the fact that the NSA was monitoring the Jewish lobby’s subversion of the American policy-making progress.


This blatant diversionary tactic takes on added meaning when the long Israeli history of spying against America is considered, which was most recently exposed when the WSJ itself revealed that NSA intercepts showed that the Jewish state was spying on American negotiations at the Iran nuclear conferences in Europe.

Those who accuse the Jewish lobby of “dual loyalty” are mistaken. It is not a question of “dual loyalty” at all—as this implies some loyalty to the US or other nations.

In reality, the Jewish lobby has a single loyalty—to Israel, and Israel alone, and Jewish racial unity, at the expense of every other nation.


This is Netanyahu’s horror: “An open unleashing of raw racism that has always been a part of Israeli society”

If the Holocaust taught us anything, it is not to remain silent as a government directs hatred at an entire people


This is Netanyahu's horror: "An open unleashing of raw racism that has always been a part of Israeli society"(Credit: AP/Debbie Hill)

Last month, I wandered the former ghettos of Warsaw and Bialystok and visited the haunting memorials of Treblinka, all places where my family members lived their last moments. I clutched in my hands copies of one of the desperate letters from my great grandmother, hand-redacted and stamped with swastikas; lists of the dead; and smiling photos of my dad’s aunts, uncles and cousins, on a busy downtown street, blissfully unaware of the tidal wave of destruction coming their way.

Yet, everywhere I traveled, I was confronted with the traces of a truth that I had known but somehow hadn’t fully understood—that Hitler wasn’t only intent on eliminating Jews. Nazism was based on a perverse racial hierarchy that placed Aryans at the top, and Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals at the bottom, and which also marked millions of Slavic “sub-humans” for extermination and enslavement. It was a state-sponsored system that was central to the logic of extermination that led to the Nazi genocide.

Which is why Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent comments before the World Zionist Organization claiming that the Palestinian Mufti was the person responsible for the idea of exterminating Jews were so remarkably ahistorical and dangerous.

Netanyahu’s shameless exploitation of the Shoah to stoke fear of Palestinians doesn’t just create the strange consequence of taking Hitler off the hook for murdering six million Jews. It contributes to state-sponsored demonization and dehumanization of the Palestinian people, a form of incitement that essentially says anything goes when it comes to punishing Palestinians.

In some ways, this seemingly all-time low should come as no surprise. Netanyahu knows the best defense is a good offense, so in order to build power and distract from Israel’s unconscionable policies towards the Palestinians, he has built an entire career on the art of strutting victimization. After all, picking the wounds of a traumatized people to maintain power is easy in a country literally built from the ashes of genocide.

But the truth is Israeli governments have always justified all kinds of horrific policies, from stealing land to imprisoning children, by blaming the victim.

The irony, of course, or perhaps it’s no coincidence, is that for so long, it has been a truism that one is simply forbidden to raise any comparison whatsoever between Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. And it’s true, nothing can compare to the enormous killing machine the Nazis created whose only goal was to efficiently murder as many “inferior people” as possible.

But Nazism was not only the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka. It was based on a system of biological superiority. And when I first heard older leftist Israeli Jews who had been refugees from Hitler’s policies say they recognized some similarities in modern day Israel, I was too shocked to process it. But over time, for me, those linkages have become inescapable, and I have come to believe that remaining silent about them only increases the likelihood of them worsening.


Fort Knox Gold Now In Israel?

Monetary Reform Articles, Federal Reserve Articles

Fort Knox Gold Now In Israel?
By Brother Nathanael Kapner December 30, 2015 ©


THE KEY TO THE VAULT in Fort Knox is in the hands of the Jewinfested Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury.

The issue regarding who counts the gold bars at Fort Knox was raised when Ron Paul, worried that the gold was gone, penned a bill in 2011 requiring the bars be audited.

During a Congressional hearing of his “The Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2011,” Paul suggested that the (Jew-controlled) Federal Reserve of New York, which has 5% of the US gold reserves, has the ability to secretly’swap’ gold with other countries. (The bill died soon after the hearings.)

And this would be a matter of course in how the Jews, who issue and charge interest on America’s money, operate.

For just like trillions of the 2008 bailout money were sent to Jew-ownedHarley Davidson Financial Services and countless foreign bodies by the Fed, one must question if Fort Knox still has 5,000 metric tons of gold the US Treasury claims it has.

It’s an international affair that the Jews run.

For synonymous with the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury are all the central banks throughout the Western world and the ultimate source of money creation: the Rothschild Dynasty.

Why else do Jews have leadership positions in all the major financial institutions that operate in ’sovereign’ western governments?

Is it any coincidence that the vice-chairman of the Fed, Stanley Fischer, is a dual-citizen of Israel and Jewmerica?

With synagogue buddies in high places, Israel has all the money it needs for weapons of mass destruction.

AND WHAT BETTER security that insures Jewry’s world domination than to possess 5,000 metric tons of gold ingots?

If there is some gold in the vaults of Fort Knox, the ingots are likely gold-plated tungsten.

But we do know that Israel has lots of nukes, built from stolen US bomb grade uranium.

Is Israel also storing stolen American gold?

When enough people demand that Congress pass a new Gold Reserve Transparency Act, then we’ll find out where our gold really is.

But don’t hold your breath. A Judenfrei Congress happens only in our dreams.


Saudi Arabian Mufti: ISIS-Daesh Militants Are ‘Israeli Soldiers’

21st Century Wire says…

Here’s very interesting comment from the Saudi Grand Mufti – implicating Israel in the terrorist conclave currently infesting Syria and Iraq.

He’s not far off the mark when you consider the amount of reports that have been surfacing recently which detail Israel’s involvement in supporting al Nusra and ISIS terror brigadesattempting to destabilize and over thrown the governments in Israel’s neighboring countries.

Not surprisingly, however, the Grand Mufti failed to call out his own government, Saudi Arabia, and its intelligence and ‘third party’ efforts to finance and arm the militant Sunni jihadist fighting groups in Syria, Iraq and beyond.

The truth is, in the upper echelons of statecraft, both Israel and Saudi Arabia are as thick as thieves. Both use their spare cash to manipulate the US political system, as well as share many common attributes (both countries aspire to run pure religious and tribal states, aside from cheap migrant labor of course) and they both care little for Christians in the region (Israeli actions are responsible for millions of Arab Christians fleeing the regions out of Palestine and Lebanon), and both would like very much to see Shi’ite Muslims out of the Middle East completely.

Come on Mufti, if you are going to spill the beans, then spill them all…


Sputnik News

Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh urged increased Islamic cooperation against Daesh, claiming that the militant group was a “part of the Israeli army.”

The Mufti’s statements followed remarks attributed to secretive Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 24-minute audio recording released last week. In the recording Al-Baghdadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a US ‘puppy’ and threatened to turn Israel into a “graveyard,” saying Daesh has “not forgotten Palestine for a single moment.”

During a telephone interview with the Saudi Gazette, Al Sheikh spoke in support of an Islamic anti-terrorism military alliance and vowed to defeat the Daesh extremists, claiming that the actions of the violent religious group are heretical and un-Islamic.

“They cannot be considered as followers of Islam,” he said. “Rather, they are an extension of Kharijites, who rose in revolt against the Islamic caliphate for the first time by labeling Muslims as infidels and permitting their bloodletting.”

As for al Baghdadi’s pledge to attack Israel, the 72-year old Al Sheikh said that it was a lie and that Daesh jihadists were part of Israeli army.

“Actually Daesh is part of the Israeli soldiers,” he stated, asserting an alliance between the Israeli army and Daesh militants.

The pronouncements by both Al Sheikh and al-Baghdadi make it obvious that Israel remains a politically charged issue in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia on December 15 announced the formation of a coalition to counter terrorism, created by Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Muhammed bin Salman. Member states include Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Gulf Arab and several African states.



The God  chosen People



Europa ad Rubiconem – Europe awake!

Johannes Scharf


The images of terror which we saw after the heavy attacks in the French capital are absolutely shocking indeed – but the events that took place were not at all a surprise! Nor was it a surprise that in the aftermath of the attacks it was discovered that most of the terrorists were French and Belgian citizens – born and raised in Europe. The existence of a fifth column is – and has been for a long time – ignored by the ruthless kind of politicians who hold power in most European countries, with the notable exception of Hungary. One need not be a prophet to foresee other terrorist attacks which will be quite similar to those of Paris.

At the same time we are shocked by other images: images of hundreds and thousands of so called “refugees” pouring into Germany and into Europe as a whole. A large number of the illegal immigrants don’t even try to lie about why they are here and for how long they are willing to stay: forever! Who would have predicted the terrific speed all this is happening with ten years ago – who would have even five years ago? Everywhere in Germany the indigenous population is peu à peu being replaced by people from the Middle East and Africa right now; everywhere in Germany? Yes, everywhere! That Western German cities such as Bochum, Mannheim, Cologne or Pforzheim had already been half lost to the unarmed invaders called immigrants. It was all obvious for any person not walking blindfolded through the streets. But now we are doomed to witness the conquering and sacking of regions which are so far still mostly populated with Germans: Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern just to name three. Our elites don’t even want us to have reservations in which we can preserve our cultural and biological heritage in peace and security!

After Marjan Parvand, an employee of media company Ard-aktuell, and left-wing Jewish activist, Anette Kahane, the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, had claimed that there was a “White problem” and had blustered about the unfortunately still too numerous “bio-German” men in Eastern Germany not too long ago, they are probably having multiple orgasms at this time since their dream of a multi-coloured Eastern Germany is about to come true. On August 24, 2015 the newspaper “Die Welt” (The World) headlined: “Refugees should be sent especially to the German East – In the depopulating East more, not fewer migrants should settle.” Here Anetta Kahane, one of the hate mongers mentioned above, shall be cited on the final solution of the German question: She said that in the East of the country there were yet less than 1% visible minorities and one could therefore state that this part of the country has remained White. “Not just ‘free of foreigners’ but white. Until today it is strenuous, difficult, hard and sometimes impossible to convince the local authorities that this condition is a problem they ought to tackle.”

All-White areas are a “problem” to be solved. I repeat myself: One does not want us to have enclaves exclusively for our own people and culture! This sort of anti-white attitude of mind is racism par excellence!

When about four and a half years ago aboard a container vessel I wrote the dystopian novel “Das Kreuz des Südens – Exodus aus Europa” (Southern Cross – Exodus out of Europe) describing how Europe is facing a catastrophe due to massive immigration of non-Europeans. However, in my novel, in 2033 New Zealand’s new government welcomes all Whites who are willing to settle and make a contribution to the country. When writing the novel, I had by no means predicted such a dramatic speed at such an early time. And whenever I watch the news or see pictures and headlines of mainstream newspapers I get the feeling that all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players (Shakespeare) in a drama quite like Jean Raspail’s novel The Camp of the Saints. The only thing that has in fact changed is that we are not worried about one million Indians arriving in Southern France (like in Raspail’s novel) but we have to instead cope with many millions of Africans and Arabs. The German mainstream magazine “Der Spiegel” (The Mirror) stated that from September 5 to October 15, 2015 alone, 409,000 new migrants have been registered — in one and a half months. And those were only the “refugees” that had been registered! These ruthless politicians didn’t even try to trick the people nor did the immigrants have to build a wooden horse in order to get in or anything of the kind. Angela Merkel just invited them – and they came … There’s a Russian saying as follows: Wherever the devil doesn’t want to go himself he sends a priest or a woman. With our Federal President Joachim Gauck (pastor) and Chancellor Angela Merkel the devil is hedging his bets to play it safe!

Unfortunately there are a high percentage of German academics who tend to ignore the ugly facts about immigration of non-Europeans. It is more than just ignorance though. In many cases it is a special mind-set which includes a vicious form of self-hatred. They don’t care whether their grandchildren will live in a White neighborhood in which they will be able to communicate among each other in their native language. This self-hatred is for a large proportion rooted in the commemorative culture of the holocaust. Dr. Eduard Peter Koch hit the nail right on the head when he called this phenomenon a psychological autoimmune disease — a disease that infects academics more often infected than it does hard working people who left school at the age of seventeen and got started with an occupation that had nothing to do with Yad Vashem.

The narrative of Auschwitz had and has an enormous influence on Germans to the effect that it weakens and silences them immediately whenever it is mentioned – and even if it is not! A very similar phenomenon is observable in most White European countries inside and outside of Europe: For instance in France and Great Britain the process of coming to terms with the past regarding colonialism has a very negative impact on their will to survive, whereas in America teachers, professors, and the media bloviate about Black slavery and killing the Native Americans with the same effect. If only these guilt-inducing narratives didn’t exist. But of course these narratives don’t simply come out of nowhere. They are weapons utilized against us by our hostile elites. They are deployed against us intentionally; they are integral to enabling the dispossession of Europeans.

It’s seemingly a paradox that the high speed of this mass invasion could be an advantage for Europeans eventually. Although it is an urban legend that a frog tossed into a pot of boiling water will try to get out immediately, whereas a frog that was placed in the very same cooking device will happily boil to death if the temperature is being increased successively – this may indeed be true for people. Step-by-step changes in the environment have for the most part been ignored, sometimes not even noticed. Since mass immigration on today’s scale affects pretty much everyone who isn’t living out in the wilderness as a hermit like Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds this could – for a lot of people – be a clarion call for action. Not everyone is diseased with guilt in the manner described above. The ones who aren’t will revolt sooner or later – hopefully not too late! Majorities are not a necessity – a critical mass is. And a critical mass may be as low as five to ten percent, but that others will follow as the “storm breaks loose”(Theodor Körner)!

In a lot of countries majorities will soon be meaningless anyway: the indigenous people of Europe are already outnumbered in many cities by immigrants – holding the citizenship of their host countries or not, living in Europe for one, two or three generations. The next generation Britons will be a minority on their entire Island and the French and Dutch aren’t better off really. Also our transatlantic cousins in the US will be a minority in 2042 or earlier.

And let’s focus on Sweden for a second: In this small and pleasant country where robbery and theft amongst Swedes was nearly unknown, the rate of rapes has risen by 1400%! And yet again Sweden has “welcomed” more immigrants than any other country in Europe in relation to its population (9.6 million) since the crisis emerged. But it seems that now finally they have reached the limit of their capacities for hosting and coddling newcomers. The Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson and Morgan Johansson have both urgently appealed to refugees on their way to Scandinavia to stay wherever they are in Europe because the Swedes cannot guarantee that they would be able to provide shelter for them. The Prime Minister of Sweden called upon other countries in Europe to meet their responsibilities.

This sounds quite familiar. This is exactly what Angela Merkel who is leading the pack has been saying for quite some time – after she was the one who presented a motivation for millions of Arabs and Africans to leave their home countries. Obviously, these politicians are trying to make a disastrous and politically untenable situation manageable, as well as deflecting the responsibility (and guilt) onto European countries with a bit more common sense. Let’s hope Viktor Orban et al. stand their ground, and hope for a nationalist victory in France or elsewhere.

But the migrants keep coming. So long as there are richer and poorer countries in the world — which will be the case as long as there will be different peoples and races on this planet! — there will be mass immigration if the borders of wealthier countries are not being actively defended. If people can conquer and pillage at will without facing resistance, I wonder why soldiers still carry weapons! One could look at the so called refugee crisis in a rather biological way: in that case it would appear to be quite similar to osmosis, the movement of a solvent across a semi-permeable membrane toward a higher concentration of solute. It was first observed by Jean-Antoine Nollet, a French clergyman and physicist, in 1748. Hence unhindered immigration would last until the standards of living would be about the same in Afghanistan and Denmark! As we already know, this will never become the case as long as mainly Danish people still inhabit Jutland and Afghani tribes continue to inhabit Afghanistan. Arthur Kemp in his book March of the Titans imagines a scenario where Aborigines populate China as the Chinese population is simultaneously declining (which of course is very unlikely): “If all Chinese people on earth had to disappear tomorrow, then fairly obviously, Chinese civilization and culture would disappear with them. It is this startlingly obvious principle which determines the creation and dissolution of civilizations – once the people who create a certain society or civilization disappear, then that society or civilization will disappear with them. If the vanished population is replaced by different peoples, then a new society or culture is created which reflects the culture and civilization of the new inhabitants of that region.” 

It should have been quite obvious before reading Kemp’s book that neither Nigeria nor Afghanistan will reach the standard of living of Japan or New Zealand. Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance – Genes, Race and Human History hits the bull’s eye when he writes that the “forces of natural selection that work within a society have been equally significant [as between societies]. Agrarian economies have kept people striving at the edge of starvation for millennia, the condition in which Darwin perceived that natural selection would favour even the slightest survival advantage. Under these Malthusian conditions, the ratchet of wealth – the ability of the rich to raise more surviving children – slowly diffused the social behaviours required for modern prosperity into the wider society.” Disregarding these facts will inevitably lead the world into the sort of catastrophe we are so keen to prevent, not only in the interest of our children and grandchildren, but in the interest of every single race, tribe and people on this planet!

“Caesar ad Rubiconem” the Romans said when Julius Caesar stood at the River Rubicon which separated the Roman province Gallia cisalpina from the Italian heartland. By crossing it with troops on January 10, 49 BC, the prelude to the civil war with Pompey began. The historian Frances Titchener tells us – and it is obvious from the Roman comander’s Commentarii Belli Civilis – that Caesar didn’t take the river crossing lightly: “He knows that if he marches on Rome with his armies, then he is a public enemy, and that he will either have to win, or die” (Titchener, To Rule Mankind and Make the World Obey). As he is about to cross the river, he is said to have used a gambling metaphor to declare that the deed they were performing was of great moment. Suetonius quotes him with the words “iacta alea est” (the die has been cast). The horrors of mass immigration have brought upon us the constraint to either take a stand against this madness and insanity or to be doomed to perish in the long run! The question today is: will there be a downfall and decay of our race or aReconquista and renaissance? Europeans must awake or submit to a long, slow genocide!


Björn Höcke: Speech in Erfurt, 18 November 2015


This is Europa – The Continent of the Gods





Prolific writer and author, Michael Collins Piper, demolished the mindless myths perpetuated about Hitler being an agent of Zionism and “Jewish bankers” in his outstanding book The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme — A Panoramic Overview Of The Historical, Religious And Economic Origins Of The New World Order (pp. 88-90):

“For the moment however, we must make a critical digression, to explore the much-discussed relationship between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement. This has been the subject of so much misinformation and deliberate disinformation, much of it spread by well-meaning folks who don’t understand the “big picture.”


While there are those who have correctly pointed out that–during the early years of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler–the German government actually collaborated with elements of the Zionist movement in Germany and elsewhere, this point has been largely misunderstood and misconstrued. Some more naive and excitable folks have declared this to be proof that “Hitler was a Zionist” and that the entire purpose of the creation of the Third Reich was setting in place the Holocaust so that a Zionist state could emerge from the ashes of the dead. This is quite a lively thesis, but one which essentially relies on a lot of imagination coupled with a fantastic and fanciful dependence upon a wide variety of forces and events–not necessarily connected–falling into place in order to achieve the final goal: a Zionist state.

While the National Socialist regime in Germany did initially form some loose collaborative efforts with Zionists in Europe and Palestine, seeing this as an ideal way to convince and persuade Jews to leave Europe, these ties disintegrated as the Germans recognized, during wartime, that collaboration with anti-Zionist Arabs in North Africa and the Middle East was far more productive for German goals. So while there is truth that the Germans did collaborate with the Zionists, the matter has been largely overstated by persons who are unwilling or simply incapable of looking at the much-larger–and far more important–geopolitical picture.


Let it also be said that many of those who have adopted the stance that “Hitler was a Zionist” often tend to be individuals–however well-meaning they may be–who use that term to “prove” that they aren’t “anti-Semitic,” as if to say, “Well, even though I’m a critic of Israel, I’m not ‘like Hitler’ since, after all, it was Hitler who helped bring about the state of Israel.”

Those who tout this line fail to understand that the Jewish Power Elite and the Zionist movement scoff at this stance and consider anyone who even flirts with this theory to be just as bad as those others who are outright, open critics of Israel, Zionism and the Jewish agenda.

The most responsible studies of German-Zionist collaboration can be found in the work of Lenni Brenner, an Orthodox Jewish-born american Marxist, whose Zionism in the Age of Dictators and his later volume, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis correctly put the matter in context. This has stopped sensationalists from twisting the truth.

There is also the legend that “The Jewish bankers” or “The Zionist bankers” (used often interchangeably) financed Hitler. Not true. James Pool, in his authortative work, Who Financed Hitler?, demonstrates quite to the contrary.

In one instance, a Jewish financier in Germany did give money to the Nazi Party–prior to the rise of Adolf Hitler–but those funds were designed to help Hitler’s intra-party opposition to stop Hitler. But despite this fact, some “patriots” still say that “The Jews Backed Hitler.”


Many of those who worship at the altar of this nonsense cite a flagrantly-fraudulent document of shadowy origins entitled Hitler’s Secret Bankers, ostensibly written by one “Sidney Warburg,” one of those “Jewish bankers.” But this document, as we’ve said, is a fraud.

The late Dr. Anthony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler has promoted this theory, based in part on the Warburg travesty and has given further institutionalization to this mythology–truth be damned.


American banks and corporations did work with the Hitler regime, usually a continuation of previous financial arrangements going back decades, but this was not part of any grand conspiracy to bring Hitler to power. The claim that the Bush family was integral to the rise of Hitler is another myth. Kevin Phillips–no admirer of the Bush dynasty–examines the actual circumstances surrounding the Bush-Hitler scenario in his book, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush and puts the facts in proper perspective.

Another nonsensical claim–that Hitler and most of the top Nazis were actually Jews or part Jewish–has its primary origin in a virtually impenetrable and quite bizarre work entitled Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel.

Sadly, in the age of the Internet, this volume, which most of those who quote it have never actually read, has been widely touted, even by a handful of otherwise responsible souls who want to believe, it appears, that Hitler was part of “the Jewish conspiracy.”


A talented American writer, Martin Kerr, has written an authoritative study, “The Myth of Hitler’s Jewish Grandfather,” which can be found on the Internet, which examines all of the theories and meanderings on this topic and lays the theory to rest. But, again, that doesn’t stop the sensationalists from saying “it must be true: Hitler was a Jew and a Zionist.”


While all of this has been a distinct digression, it’s been a necessary one, precisely because there is so much misinformation and deliberate disinformation regarding the relationship between Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and the Zionist and Jewish agenda that has littered the Internet and published works throughout the last half century.

So, unfortunately, in order to bring history into accord with the facts, it is critical to address the nonsense.”



Published On 12/30/2015 | By Lee R | News, World News

The Jewish cowards are literally pissing their pants over Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” getting republished in Germany.  The book hasn’t been republished in Germany for 70 years due to false Jewish claims that Hitler turned them into lampshades.

Everybody should read it.  Hitler’s observations of the Jewish problem in the 1920s is no different than what we see today with them.

Hitler was a man of logic and reason.  This is largely what allowed him to lead Germany into a period of greatness during the 1930s.  He was not the monster that the Jews have claimed him to be.  In fact, he was the very opposite of that.

From AFP:

The copyright of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” expires Friday, with plans by several publishers for annotated reprints sparking fierce debate over how one of the world’s most controversial books should be treated seven decades after the defeat of the Nazis.

The southern German state of Bavaria was handed the copyright of the book in 1945, when the Allies gave it the control of the main Nazi publishing house.

For 70 years, it refused to allow the anti-Semitic manifesto to be republished out of respect for victims of the Nazis and to prevent incitement of hatred.

But “Mein Kampf” — which means “My Struggle” — falls into the public domain on January 1, meaning that the state of Bavaria can no longer challenge reproductions or translations of the inflammatory work.

Germany’s Jewish community leader Josef Schuster said “the despicable propaganda pamphlet ‘Mein Kampf’ should remain banned” although he did not oppose a scholarly version with explanations for educational and research purposes.


Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper

Two days ago, Michael Collins Piper, aged 55, died in a hotel room

maxresdefault…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Two days ago, Michael Collins Piper, aged 55, died in a hotel room.  Collins led the war against AIPAC and the ADL and the Kosher mafia when others now considered “experts’ knew nothing at all.  News quickly spread about his “heart condition” and how he died of natural causes.  Then again, Abe Foxman is still  alive and Netanyahu’s attic portrait is oozing hideousity.

I believe Piper was likely murdered.  Moreover, I also believe his heart condition was induced as well.  I believe this for reasons, reasons like Michael Hastings and John Wheeler and John O’Neill and Serena Shim and Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb and Roland Carnaby.

I believe it when I find someone who had become vulnerable, an easy target and easy “example”, and someone having a Wikipedia done by the Mossad like the one below:

Michael Collins Piper is a political writer, conspiracy theorist,[1] and talk radio host living in Washington D.C.. He is a regular contributor to the American Free Press, a newspaper backed by Willis Carto noted for its antisemitism, White separatist and White nationalistthemes. Piper’s books and articles have also been featured by a wide-ranging and eclectic variety of websites, ranging from “left” to “right” including America First Books, anti-SemiticVeterans Today, PressTV, the racistneo-naziVanguard News Network and the website of Holocaust denierDavid Duke.

Piper was described on his website as a political “progressive in the LaFolletteWheelertradition.”[2] He is the author of books such as The High Priests of War, in which he criticizes the neoconservatives in the Bush administration, and Final Judgment, where he claims that the IsraeliMossad was responsible for the assassination of U.S. PresidentJohn F. Kennedy.

He has been attacked by many Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Middle East Media Research Institute(MEMRI), some of which have called him a promoter of antisemitic conspiracy theories and aHolocaust denier.[3]

Carefully timed to his death is a distasteful concerted attack on him in Wikipedia that traces back to Israeli intelligence.  Those who produced this smear/bio, well outside any Wikipedia guidelines are also regularly tied to cover ups like Charlie Hebdo, the Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook.

It is best to assume Piper was murdered.  He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down.  This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found.

I’ve been to this dance before.

Let’s take the Wikipedia alone.  114 contributors did this smear job, most of them don’t exist, dead IP addresses, here is one of them:

fff_188This is an admitted “Israel lover” who smeared Michael Collins Piper but Wikipedia put the work of an admitted psychotic out of reach, sanctified though it violated every tenet of whatever standards Wikipedia claims to have.

Attempts to add substance or balance to the Wiki were immediately removed but the garbage stayed, on a page that is earmarked to be continually monitored but one where there is no mention of controversy nor is there any question of the wild and unsubstantiated libelous insanity it carries.

We might want to take a second or two to discuss Wikipedia.  Were it not for an army of Tel Aviv and Haifa housewives who work off their welfare payments writing smears and playing the toad in chatrooms and comment boards, the rest of Wikipedia is quite something.

Notwithstanding there are great contributors on technical issues, and we thank those, the average “Wiki-editor” spends his life in his mother’s basement masturbating and chatting about dungeons and dragons.

Michael Collins Piper was culled from the herd, killed because he had no support, no powerful friends and a shrinking following.  Collins, Bollyn and others worked for Willis Carto, a man who got much very right, by my estimation at least, and some things right also, but things I am not so comfortable with.  As a sanctified “Northern European” who actually visits real places, there is a reason that Norwegians, Swedes and Germans are often quite miserable people.

Anyone who thinks they know Germany who calls it by that name, “Germany” obviously knows nothing at all about a nation stuck together less than 150 years ago.  My grandmother was born in “Germany” when that nation was one year old.  When we don’t know history, we make it up.

Is there  “Jewish conspiracy” and did the holocaust really happen?  No sane person doubts a “Zionist conspiracy” and, as for the holocaust, based on the efforts to silence any investigation, scientific or otherwise, I think we know where that one is going.

Collins is dead.  They will murder more, but let them head into Lebanon first and meet with Hezbollah again.

Religion: we live in a world in which GOD IS DEAD

The horror in men’s eyes

Were we forced to kill them,
or did we do it willingly?

[LD]   This is Kaminski at his eloquent best. I hope he will therefore forgive me for adding an endnote — “The Role of Religion in our Struggle against the Jews” — in which I am forced to take issue with his sweeping condemnation of religion as the source of all evil. On the contrary, I think it is godlessness — or a soul-sapping nihilism — that is the source of our collective malaise. If we are sick with “the sickness unto death”,  it is, I strongly believe,  because we live in a world in which GOD IS DEAD. 


Do you like to kill? Did you get off on Shock & Awe? Do you think killing 600,000 people in Libya was just about the right amount for a typical deployment of a No Fly Zone? Are you glad you practice a religion that urges you to murder folks who don’t think like you do? If you were a refugee, would you desire to kill those who tried to help you because their lives were so much easier than yours?

Have you taken the time to reflect on soldiers who come back home and kill themselves? Have you known any of them? And have you observed that wistful vacancy in their eyes reflecting regret beyond redemption, or noticed their unwillingness to talk about what happened to them, as their raw emotions fester and curdle inside them just before they explode?

How do you feel about a country in which men who are called “our best and brightest” kill themselves because of the crimes they are forced to commit? What kind of country is this? Is this a country at all?


Unlike those soldiers who commit suicide, most Americans are revolted by the thought that they are responsible for the untold millions of people who have been killed by their government for reasons that have never been fully or honestly explained. These forlorn souls simply sing the songs the politicians teach them and solemnly salute the flag that even today signifies death in just about every country in the world.

You might actually be one of these feckless drecks — untrustworthy in all situations —  who don’t give a damn about what your government is doing. Consequently you believe your indifference makes you immune from the guilt. After all, these terrible things are not your fault, you reason. There’s nothing I can do about it, you say, so I don’t worry about it.

People like this are not the type to notice their freedoms disappearing one by one, and surely haven’t figured out that their indifference has made all these erosions possible. I have no desire to meet the God they pray to.

Those who understand the visceral horror of war have a rattling recollection of the cries of the dying, and the hand, directly or not, they have had in those deaths, even if they never toted a gun or fired a shot in anger. And after many frustrating years watching the body counts go higher with each passing war, they know one other thing, too.

It is most unlikely that there will be a successful coalition to save the world from the predators. All the various plans to eradicate evil in the world and improve the morality of mankind are destined to blow away, just like the acrid smoke of a 16 millimeter gun firing at targets so far away you can’t see the bodies as they explode when the shell hits. You only know they’re dead for sure when you photograph the blood splattered terrain days later.

Everyone is too sure of themselves to listen to the reasons of anyone else. We’ve devised our own political perspectives, and no one can tell us that we’re wrong. Certain of the way we see the world, certain of the facts we have learned, and certain that the justifications of others simply don’t measure up to our own divinely inspired analyses, there can be no placing of trust in others when our own lives and the fate of the world depends on the decisions that must be made.

The reason that opposition to centuries-old Jewish co-optation of the world is futile is that all Jews, liberal or not, are all on the same page, whereas those who have actually perceived the danger that the Jews present to the continued existence of the human species, definitely do not have identical mindsets. They all have different ideas about what to do, and what’s going to happen to them when they die.

The Jewish psychopaths who are strangling all nations that are not their servants have no such dissension in their ranks. They are all on the same page, now and forever. They may betray each other, but they will never betray their goal. Greed needs no elaborate rationale. Co-conspirators in corruption don’t quibble over the minor points of swindling techniques.

In this conscienceless kosher solidarity lies the great advantage of the predators. They care only about the bottom line, and care nothing about the blood that needs to be spilled to attain it. Everyone and everything may be sacrificed to its attainment. Only a supreme effort by the targets of this project — us — can prevent it from happening, and judging by our feeble efforts thus far — handicapped by hypocritical religions and fickle demagogues — this will not happen.

The Jewish disease that has corrupted all aspects of human existence is way too far advanced to be neutralized and corrected without a complete revision of human society. Restoration of the public’s control of currency is central to liberating humanity from the tyrannical abuse of Jewish bankers and their bought-and-paid for governments.

Free people thus far are only a dream, and not an actual reality in the real world.

Everyone in the world will succumb and become robotized, synchronized to the behavioral lunacy of those who believe they can create a better human than God has fashioned. Eventually there will be no room for either God or actual humans.

Those who oppose the evil forces of predation and profit possess no solidarity of purpose compared to the Jews. Futile talk of honor and honesty, of spirit and sanity, gain no advantage over the generations trained in swindling, torture and graft. People with consciences have always been poor. The unprincipled rich have run the world since the dawn of time, and each day, more and more people see and practice the advantages of tricking others out of their life’s savings.

There are few Davy Crocketts left in the world.

It takes a creed to thwart that rapine impulse, or at least the memory of good parents frowning at your unacceptable behavior.

The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion, as the practitioner of one creed always disparages the believer of another, and coalitions become impossible when divine specificities are invoked, and collide violently. That’s why religion is an obstacle rather than a facilitator.

Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny that grips the world and threatens to end all life on this planet. People would rather die practicing their arcane rituals rather than live adopting creative, matter-of-fact strategies to delegitimize and neutralize the tyrants, many of whom are cloaked in priestly garb and uttering pious platitudes that in times of real crisis mean absolutely nothing, and often are the paid agents of the tyrants, who reduce their taxes if they cater to the government’s whims.

I always thought that goal would be to unite everyone in fear and loathing of the Jews, once everyone realized the inestimable damage devious Jews have caused across the centuries.

The Jews have turned America into a poisoned and pornographic pigpen, have stolen virtually all the money Americans have ever earned, have stolen all the property Americans have ever owned because Jewish banks own all the banks and hence all the mortgages (by which they make homeowners pay 10 times the selling price), have turned the American medical profession into a murder for hire operation with its toxic drugs that don’t cure anything and unnecessary medical procedures that diminish people’s health, have created all these onerous taxes on the poor while dodging taxes themselves with their nonprofit think tank scams, and have surrounded every politician in America — especially including presidents — for the past hundred years (actually it started with Alexander Hamilton, a Jew, sucking up to George Washington, and ruining the republic from the very start), and worst of all, have sabotaged and polluted American education and entertainment down to the worst, most retarded level so that practically no dumbed down American nowadays can perceive what these disingenuous kosher psychopaths have done to our fellow citizens and are doing to everyone in the whole world.

And that is just the very short list of how the Jews have impacted the USA and the world. Fact is, Jews have turned America into a savage nation utterly without honor whose word cannot be trusted and whose citizens are at grave risk from the pathological criminals who run their so-called government. In all fairness, perhaps the word of America never could be trusted, if its sordid dealings with the native Americans are any indication.

Our Jewish controlled government murders doctors who try to make people healthy and journalists who try to reveal criminality of the perverts who control the pinnacles of power. Some famous people believe that the highest level of power in the world is one which thrives on the sexual abuse and torture murder of children. Those who try to expose these Satanic practices wind up suicided.

Bribery, blackmail and murder are the legacy of the Jews. They are happy to see families destroyed by homosexuals and drug dealers because it will increase the likelihood that destitute alienated individuals whose family networks have all been shattered have nowhere to turn, except to the government dole, where the Jews will ultimately control your body, mind and soul.

But then, that’s just my humble opinion. Most of the rest of the world, whose minds are filled to the brim with Jewish propaganda force fed by politics, media, entertainment, schools, and style trends, believe that Jews are merely another insignificant ethnic group, humorous and generous, who are trying to overcome their artificial phobia about German work camps.

Eventually, everybody who searches for the truth arrives at the realization that a vast network of powerful Jews controls everything that goes on in the world, and to insist otherwise means you haven’t done the requisite homework. It means you don’t know what you’re talking about, no matter how sophisticated, urbane and educated you consider yourself to be.


In any case, most people are too afraid to confront the Jewish monster head on. The penalties are too real, the risks too great. Jewish weaponry, both physical and psychological, is simply too daunting. A worldwide network of spies and informers guarantees no threat to Jewish hegemony can ever form in secret. And people generally are cowards, with prudence taken to embarrassing extremes as tolerance of evil inexorably eats away at the psychological foundation of America.

But there is another way. It is something you have always known, something you have concluded based upon what you have seen happening in the world.

The Declaration of Independence declares we have a right to abolish a government that no longer serves our needs. It also says we shall follow Earth’s laws and Nature’s ways. with no room for kings, churches or monarchs. We thanked the natives who taught us these lessons by killing 20 million of them.

Only through thoroughly understanding how our legal system has been manipulated by the wealthy elite can we understand how we have been kept in chains. And more importantly, how we can break those chains.

There have been a number of changes made to our original Constitution during the past two centuries that have resulted in a criminal conspiracy against the American people. The only way to save ourselves from the predators who have taken control of the world is to understand what they have done, and through unanimous outrage, reverse these crimes and punish the perpetrators.

The government is involved in criminal conspiracies that prevent free elections, keep us from examining public documents, and conducts foreign wars that are of no benefit to the United States without the approval of either Congress or the people. These are all crimes against the people, and only three of the thousands of crimes illegally inflicted on the American people by corrupt public officials.

The president and the government are allowed to break laws while the American people are often convicted or intimidated into accepting prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.

But to listen to Judge Anna von Reitz in Alaska or Arnie Rosner:

it is the elected officials in America who are the real criminals because of the past actions creating the United States corporation, which abrogate Constitutional requirements about public officials that should lead to charges of treason for every elected official in America. Rosner writes:

There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

What most people have been identifying as their representatives of “government,” is really comprised of impostors. Impostors, impersonating the lawful government agencies, agents and officers—of the people’s lawful government.

Since about the early 1860’s most if not all legislative activity has been conducted in fraud and is therefore null and void.

Everything since about the 1860’s is null and void. It does not lawfully exist.

The American people have not had any lawful government operating on the lawful delegated authority of the governed since that time.


Of course, in all of our strivings toward creating some kind of sane justice in a world gone mad, we must remember one very frightening thing about the new, twisted reality that confronts us today.

And that is the people we are trying to fight for, the ones who say they want freedom in a country that espouses liberty and justice for all but won’t lift a finger to help achieve it, are a real danger to all of us who seek the truth about the forces of evil that rule our world today.

Because they are immersed and brainwashed by the false reality put forth by the Jewish media poisoners, they are very likely to turn us in to the insane authorities when we go around saying 9/11 was an inside job, no one was killed at Sandy Hook, or the Holocaust that Jews go around weeping crocodile tears about and putting people in jail for never really happened they way Jews say it did.

So realize you can really damage yourself by seeking out the truth, and then also realize that if you don’t try to shine a light on these true facts of history that have been perpetrated against all sincere peoples, then you are part of the problem as a participant in the campaign against freedom and for the totalitarian Jewish crackdown on liberty against all the free peoples of the world.

As the clock strikes midnight on a new day, and soon a new year, we must resolve to work toward the day when we no longer will be afraid to speak the truths we believe, a day when honest men will rule the world, having successfully avoided those who tried all these years to silence them, and kill them.

Will you become one of those silent corpses who was always afraid to speak of what all of us will soon know? In that case you will have been responsible for the failure of freedom and the death of liberty.

And then you will know what those soldiers who came home and killed themselves knew, and experience the horror in men’s eyes when they beheld an innocent child they killed who never needed to die.

Then of course, you will know that it is the United States of America that has finally died, and you helped it happen.

There is an alternative. And now you know what it is.

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The Role of Religion in Our Struggle Against the Jews

John Kaminski writes:

“The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion, as the practitioner of one creed always disparages the believer of another, and coalitions become impossible when divine specificities are invoked, and collide violently. That’s why religion is an obstacle rather than a facilitator.

Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny that grips the world and threatens to end all life on this planet. People would rather die practicing their arcane rituals rather than live adopting creative, matter-of-fact strategies to delegitimize and neutralize the tyrants, many of whom are cloaked in priestly garb and uttering pious platitudes…”

With all due respect to Kaminski, a frequent and extremely popular contributor to this website, I must disagree with these anti-religious sentiments for several reasons.

Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, has been the greatest counteracting force against organized Jewry for centuries, keeping the Jews firmly in their place at all times. Historians of Christianity, especially Dr E. Michael Jones in his monumental 1200-page masterpiece “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” , have proved beyond all shadow of doubt that the Catholic Church was the last bastion against Jewish encroachments, fighting malign Jewish influences and Judaic heresies tooth and nail for well over a thousand years.

The early Church Fathers were all, without exception, virulently antisemitic and had no bones about accusing the Jews collectively for the crime of deicide. Most notable among these antisemites, all of them canonized by the Church, were  St Augustine, St Ambrose of Milan, St Cyprian, St John Chrysostom and St Jerome. The Jews, they insisted, had killed Christ and could on no account be accepted into the community until they had confessed their crime and apologized for it. The Jews adamantly refused to do so and went one step further: they gloatingly rejoiced at the idea, which they set forth in the Talmud, that Christ was burning in hell forever under mounds of excrement.

Unfortunately, the Protestant Reformation, cunningly engineered by the Jews, was the first nail in the coffin of Christianity. It was a near fatal wound. For this we have to give thanks, ironically, to the greatest antisemite of the time, the Catholic monk Martin Luther. Jewish infiltration of the Catholic Church continued. The results were soon felt: an increasingly corrupt and decadent Church led by crypto-Jews — including Jewish popes pretending to be Christians. ‘Reforms’ introduced under Vatican II (1962-1965) were the final nail in the coffin.

The Catholic Church, effectively taken over by the Synagogue, was now a mere shadow of what it had once been. If Christ were to be born today, he would be poisoned in the Vatican or have his brains blown out by an Israeli sniper.


The world would be an infinitely worse place today if all of us were to give up our religious beliefs and become atheists instead, given that more millions (100 million-plus) have died under atheistical Communism in the 20th century than at any other time in history.

If all the shabbos goyim who aid and abet the Jews in their malignant agenda today had been true Christians (or Buddhists or whatever), they would not be able to join forces with the Jews and become their loyal lackeys in rapacity. Good men with high principles don’t become bandits. To become arch-villains like Bush and Blair, both of them nominally good Christians, you first need to be thoroughly marinated in the vat of corruption. To be a willing agent for the Jews, you first need to be Jewified.

It is precisely because most Western nations are now morally bankrupt, devoid of every vestige of true  religious piety, that they have fallen under the yoke of organized Jewry. If the Jews have triumphed over us, it’s because they have succeeded so spectacularly in “Jewifying” us. This they have managed to do by the mind contamination of the masses through almost total media control.

This is not to say that Kaminski is in any way wrong to knock “religion”, so long as it is understood that it is organized religion in its most corrupt manifestations that is to blame, not religion in its purest essence. How can the God man who said, “Be ye therefore perfect” be preaching an erroneous or dangerous doctrine? If men were to follow this simple injunction of Christ and achieve moral perfection, how could they possibly become the slaves of evil  and the minions of the Jews? It wouldn’t be possible.


Israel bans novel on Arab-Jewish romance from schools for ‘threatening Jewish identity’


Move comes despite the fact that the official responsible for teaching of literature in secular state schools recommended the book for use in advanced literature classes, as did a professional committee of academics and educators.


Israel’s Education Ministry has disqualified a novel that describes a love story between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man from use by high schools around the country. The move comes even though the official responsible for literature instruction in secular state schools recommended the book for use in advanced literature classes, as did a professional committee of academics and educators, at the request of a number of teachers.

Among the reasons stated for the disqualification of Dorit Rabinyan’s “Gader Haya” (literally “Hedgegrow,” but known in English as “Borderline”) is the need to maintain what was referred to as “the identity and the heritage of students in every sector,” and the belief that “intimate relations between Jews and non-Jews threatens the separate identity.” The Education Ministry also expressed concern that “young people of adolescent age don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”
The book, published in Hebrew by Am Oved about a year and a half ago, tells the story of Liat, an Israeli translator, and Hilmi, a Palestinian artist, who meet and fall in love in New York, until they part ways for her to return to Tel Aviv and he to the West Bank city of Ramallah. The book was among this year’s winners of the Bernstein Prize for young writers.
A source familiar with the ministry’s approach to the book said that in recent months a large number of literature teachers asked that “Borderline” be included in advanced literature classes. After consideration of the request, a professional committee headed by Prof. Rafi Weichert from the University of Haifa approved the request. The committee included academics, Education Ministry representatives and veteran teachers. The panel’s role is to advise the ministry on various educational issues, including approval of curriculum.
According to the source, members of the professional committee, as well as the person in charge of literature studies, “thought that the book is appropriate for students in the upper grades of high schools – both from an artistic and literary standpoint and regarding the topic it raises. Another thing to remember is that the number of students who study advanced literature classes is anyhow low, and the choice of books is very wide.”
Another source in the Education Ministry said that the process took a number of weeks, and that “it’s hard to believe that we reached a stage where there’s a need to apologize for wanting to include a new and excellent book into the curriculum.”
Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s office said: “The minister backs the decision made by the professionals.”
Two senior ministry officials, Eliraz Kraus, who is in charge of society-and-humanity studies, and the acting chair of the pedagogic secretariat, Dalia Fenig, made the decision to disqualify “Borderline.”
At the beginning of December, the head of literature studies at the ministry, Shlomo Herzig, appealed their decision, but his appeal was recently denied.
“The hasty use, as I see it, of the disqualification of a work of literature from the body of work approved for instruction and included in literature curriculum doesn’t seem acceptable to me,” Herzig wrote to Fenig. “In all my all too many years as head of literature studies, I don’t recall even a single instance that a work of literature recommended by a professional committee by virtue of its authority, after thorough and deep discussion, was not approved for use by the chairman of the pedagogic secretariat.”
Herzig cites a portion of Fenig’s first letter of opposition to the book, which noted concern that it would encourage romantic relations between Jews and Arabs. “The acute problem of Israeli society today is the terrible ignorance and racism that is spreading in it, and not concern over intermarriage,” Herzig wrote. “The idea that a work of literature is liable to be the trigger for romanticizing such a connection in reality is simply ridiculous.” He added that he would expect the Education Ministry to be “a lighthouse of progress and enlightenment and not be dragged along by empty, baseless fears.”
“The most horrible sin that comes to mind in teaching literature (and other subjects) is eliminating all or some work which we don’t favor out of ethical considerations. In such a situation, there is no reason to teach literature at all. If we would have wanted our students to study only ‘respectable’ and conservative works, we would be left without a curriculum, or with a list of shallow and dull works of literature. Stellar international works such as ‘Crime and Punishment’ (the murder of elderly women), ‘Anna Karenina’ (betrayal and adultery), ‘Macbeth’ (the murder of a king and all of his relatives and members of his household) would not [get close] to a literature curriculum in an ethical literary ‘respectable’ world.”
Herzig asked for a rehearing of the issue at the pedagogic secretariat, which Fenig is temporarily heading since Bennett dismissed the previous chairman, Dr. Nir Michaeli. The post of chairman is considered one of the senior positions at the Education Ministry. The rehearing, in which Herzig and members of the professional committee members took part, didn’t reverse the decision to disqualify the book.
On Tuesday, Fenig sent another letter in which she explained the reasons for her decision. She noted that “in the Israeli reality of the Jewish-Arab conflict,” the book “in some classes” could “create the opposite result from what the work is seeing to present,” but dedicated most of her comments to concern over contact between Jews and Arabs.
“The work is contemporary and therefore presents the reader in a very tangible and powerful way with the dilemma of the institutionalization of the love while he [the reader] doesn’t have the full tools to weigh the decisions of such a nature,” Fenig asserted. “The story is based on a romantic motif of impossible prohibited/secret love. Young people of adolescent age tend to romanticize and don’t, in many cases, have the systemic vision that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”
Fenig added: “Works of literature are very powerful. And critical discussion to be held in class, if it is held, will not stand up to the very powerful message in the work that what was right and good was fulfilling the love between Hilmi and Liat.”
She predicted that many parents in the state school system would strongly object to having their children study the novel and would view it as a violation of the relationship of trust between parents and the school system. “It should be remembered that the choice of studying the work is the teachers’ and not the students’. Intimate relations and certainly the open option of institutionalizing [a relationship] through marriage and having a family, even if it doesn’t come to fruition in the story, between Jews and non-Jews is perceived among large segments of society as a threat to a separate identity.”
Rabinyan’s previous publications – “Our Weddings” and “Am Oved” – are taught in schools. According to the author, “It’s a great honor that my creations pierce the souls of young people and affect them. I would be happy if Israeli literature teachers were given the authority to choose whether to teach ‘Borderline’ as well.”
She added, “I write novels for adults and ‘Borderline’ also tells the story of intelligent adults. The hero of the story grew up and developed within the borderlines set by Israeli society, among the Jewish majority, the Arab minority and the Palestinian neighbors. Her difficult choice, to turn away from love, is the choice of a young woman whose main Zionist identity is deeply ingrained within her. There is something ironic in the fact that the novel that deals with the Jewish fear of assimilation in the Middle East was eventually rejected by this very fear.”
The Education Ministry said, “Professionals discussed the topic of including the work in the curriculum. After carefully examining all the considerations, and after weighting the advantages and disadvantages, the professionals decided to not include the work in the curriculum for five-unit literature studies,” referring to advanced literature classes.
Literary works that also told the stories of Jews who marry outside the faith include Haim Bialik’s “Behind the Fence,” Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Slave,” Shmuel Yosef Agnon’s “The Lady and the Peddler” and Sami Michael in “A Trumpet in the Wadi.” All were and some still are taught in schools.


UK – Male Victim to discuss campaign to combat sex abuse with Chief Rabbi


“I’ve been inundated with communication since I’ve spoken out. Some of it has been positive but other people have attacked me from airing my community’s dirty laundry.”


A leading campaigner against child sex abuse in the Orthodox community is expected to meet Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to discuss a global initiative to tackle the problem.

Manny Waks said the meeting would take place in the new year.

Mr Waks, who himself was abused while studying at yeshiva in Melbourne, Australia, said: “I know Rabbi Mirvis
has been very vocal in speaking out about this issue and I’m looking forward to getting him involved more.

“At the moment there are independent advocacy groups campaigning against the issue of abuse and tackling it, but it is a global problem.

“From what happened to me in Australia to what has happened in England and the United States, there needs to be some sort of group or umbrella that we can all come together under.

“We need to make sure that within our institutions there are the right procedures in place if someone is being abused and comes forward.”

Mr Waks said he had reported his abuse privately to the yeshiva leadership on several occasions, but they declined to deal with the matter.

He said that was the first of their many mistakes.

“When I came out as an abuse victim my community ostracised me and there was no procedure to help.

“Since I came out there have been positive changes. There is a leadership who are putting in the right processes to challenge it but it needs to be a unified response.”
When Mr Waks went public in 2011 with the revelation that he was a victim of child sex abuse, he said his world unravelled.

“You don’t talk about sex in the community so how are you meant to talk about abuse?
“When I told people in my community about the abuse they said ‘we are dealing with it, don’t take it anywhere else’

“I’ve been inundated with communication since I’ve spoken out. Some of it has been positive but other people have attacked me from airing my community’s dirty laundry.

“It became a battle. I was being intimidated day in day out.”

Mr Waks criticised what he called the pattern of “attacking the victim of abuse and not addressing the issue” within Orthodox communities.

He said: “It tore my family apart. My wife couldn’t walk down the street.

“I left the community, but for my parents who stayed they were subjected to vitriol and hatred.”

Since he came out about his abuse he has witnessed three court cases and convictions of paedophiles, including one extradition; a Royal Commission hearing into actions of the yeshiva; the resignation of senior rabbis; and parents in the community seeking a new governance structure for their school.

Despite his success, he warned others against the extreme “toll” that going public had on him.
He said: “It came at a great personal cost and I wouldn’t suggest to anyone who hasn’t got the support network around them to do it.”

Mr Waks who was leading one of three session on abuse scheduled at this year’s Limmud conference, urged people who have suffered abuse or are still suffering to “seek justice.”

He said: “It doesn’t have to be public but go to the police report it and seek therapy it is not something you can face on your own.

“I felt the need to confront my past, to go public, and raise awareness, it was powerful for me. But I don’t
know if I’ll ever have closure.”

International Jewry Defeats Canadian Publisher in Landmark Case


• How soon before “hate squad” hits U.S. writers, thinkers?

By Victor Thorn —

November 12, 2015 will forever stand as anembarrassing day for the Canadian legal system. On that date, jurors found publisher Arthur Topham guilty of what they deemed “the incitement of hate.”

Less than a week later, on November 17, AMERICAN FREE PRESSreached out to activist, radio talk show host, and political candidate Paul Fromm, who in the past has defended Topham in the pages of AFP among other alternative newspapers.

As a staunch advocate of free speech, Fromm attended every minute of Topham’s landmark two-week trial.

Fromm told AFP: “Arthur Topham is a 68-year-old British Columbian publisher who ran since 2002 a website called ‘Radical Press.’ His problemsbegan in 2007 when Topham started running articles critical of Zionism. Soon, the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai B’rith International filed complaints under British Columbia’s hate squad section of the criminal code, particularly those associated with Internet censorship.”

When asked for specifics, Fromm explained, “Topham posted The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Eustace Mullins’s Biological Jew, andDouglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion. He also satirized rabid Zionist Theodore Kaufman’s book, Germany Must Perish!, which served in 1941 as a blueprint for Germany’s destruction.”

As a form of parody, Topham altered the title to Israel Must Perish and replaced “Germans” with “Jews” in the text.

Not only were criminal charges filed against Topham in 2012, but law enforcement agents convinced his Internet service provider to disconnect all online access to his website.

During Topham’s trial, star witness Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli expert on Jewish identity politics, provided poignant testimony on his behalf.


• How soon before “hate squad” hits U.S. writers, thinkers?



Dear Radical Readers and Friends of Freedom of Speech Everywhere,

On behalf of my wife Shastah and myself I would like to thank everyone who has been standing with RadicalPress.com over the past year and longer in my ongoing struggle to defend the legal right of all Canadians, as stated in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to be able to express their thoughts and viewpoints on the Internet and in other media without fear of being attacked and persecuted by the government of Canada via the use of Sec. 319(2) of the Criminal Code.

This past year saw the case move to the actual stage of trial which commenced in the B.C. Supreme Court, Quesnel, Canada on October 26, 2015 and ran until November 12, 2015 when the jury of 8 women and 4 men found me guilty in Count 1 and not guilty in Count 2 of the identical charge that I did “willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code.”

As a result of this peculiar and strange ruling the stage has been now set for the continuation of myCharter challenge to Sec. 319(2) in the coming new year. The time when this challenge will occur is yet to be determined but the week beginning January 25, 2016 will see a date fixed for the Constitutional argument to be heard.

In the event that my Charter argument fails to convince the Supreme Court that Sec. 319(2) is in violation of Sec. 2b of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms then I will then have the right to appeal the decision of the court on Count 1 that was handed down November 12, 2015.

There were a number of extenuating circumstances that arose during the actual trial which will, of necessity, come to the forefront in the appeal and portend a strong case for having the decision tossed out and a not guilty decision rendered. Space here doesn’t allow for any elaboration on the process but the new evidence will be forthcoming in the new year.

As of today I am still raising money in order to purchase the transcripts from the trial. Not only does the legal process in this country unfairly work against the individual through unjust legislation such as Sec. 319(2) of the criminal code but when forced to defend oneself against such specious forms of “thought crime” laws the costs incurred are then further exacerbated by the state in the form of  the victim having to pay exorbitant costs for the transcripts of the proceedings in order to continue on with their defence.

As  it now stands the transcripts will cost me $7,500.00 to purchase from the sole contractor to the Attorney General’s office in B.C. JCWord Assist Ltd. The amount of support and funding for this onerous and ridiculously unfair process of procuring the transcripts has been overwhelmingly positive and to date we have already raised over $7,000.00 toward this end. I am deeply appreciative and humbled by this generosity on the part of supporters world-wide who’ve found it in their hearts to help me out. The transcripts are vital to my defence and will prove extremely useful in the days ahead as this battle to retain our right to freedom of speech continues to unfold in the Supreme Court of Canada.

The transcripts though are not the only expenses that I face and therefore I am forced to continue to ask for financial assistance and will likely do so until the process wends its way to a final outcome. It’s for this reason that I must therefore append my donation “shingle” to this Christmas greeting as well.

As the new year approaches I am filled with hope, strength and an unwavering determination to carry on with this fight until the odious sections of our legal system that make it a criminal act to speak one’s mind are defeated and repealed once and for all.

The world today stands at the brink of despair and hope. Never has there been a more urgent time in our history for the people to be able to stand up and speak out for their basic human rights in order to defend their nation against the incredibly powerful and deceptive actions of their respective governments and media; political bodies and complicit agencies who have shown themselves, over and over, to be working against the fundamental rights of the individual in order to broaden the scope of their control and propaganda now being forced upon the minds and hearts of people around the globe all at the behest of special interest groups who wield, altogether, untold amounts of unwarranted power and influence over nation states worldwide.

2016 bodes well in terms of providing the impetus to speak out and be heard. Let us pray that vigilance and discernment will be the watchwords in the days ahead and that we will retain our basic rights and continue to live freely and in peace and harmony with all of humanity.

May God bless the peacemakers and all who strive for justice and truth!


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”


Alex Jones, Robert Spencer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Pamella Geller Are All Zionist Whores

Robert Spencer, who styles himself a “leading scholar of Islam,” is one of the most dishonest and weirdest Zionist writers I have ever encountered since I started doing research on these issues.


“Don’t look at the screen behind me. It’s a secret.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Listen to this. Since the so-called war on terror has started, “casualties have increased by 4,500 percent”![1]There is more:

“Between 2007 and 2011, almost half the world’s terror attacks took place in Iraq and Afghanistan—two countries under active occupation by the United States.”[2]

The big questions are simple: Who is causing all these casualties? Who are the real culprits? Muslims? Hezbollah? Assad? Iran? North Korea? Japan?

Well, according to the prevailing vision, the United States and its allies (Israel and Saudi Arabia) have virtually nothing to do with this. They are the good guys fighting terrorism and spreading democracy and freedom.

That thesis is a bold lie from start to finish and has lost its moral and political ground when evidence after evidence showed that Israel, the United States, Turkey, and ISIS have been going to the same night club and cocktail parties and exchanging ideologies for years.

But why aren’t other so-called alternative media deconstructing this lie and telling their viewers the whole truth? Why aren’t people like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson seriously looking at those issues?

Why do those useful idiots continue to look at the Syrian refugee crisis as the real problem when those same useful idiots are not willing to examine the people who caused the so-called crisis in the first place?

Why aren’t Zionist whores like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer looking at this situation objectively? Why is Spencer in particular playing into the hands of his oppressors?

"Whoring for Zionism pays well. Yahoo!"

Spencer, who styles himself a “leading scholar of Islam,”[3] is one of the most dishonest and weirdest Zionist writers I have ever encountered since I started doing research on these issues. His recent Zionist propaganda, TheComplete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, contains a torrent of factual errors that will probably fill Grand Canyon two miles deep. I can only address one here and provide a refutation of Spencer’s overarching perversion of history and truth.

Spencer begins his book by saying that that ISIS is “embarking upon a reign of terror unmatched in recent memory—rivaling the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.”[4]

First of all, I am really confused here. Haven’t we been told ad nauseam that the Holocaust was unique?

Jewish scholar Jacob Neusner declared that “the Holocaust…was unique, without parallel in human history.”[5] Daniel Goldhagen made similar claims in his dishonest book Hitler’s Willing Executioners.[6] French Jewish historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet espoused similar views.[7]

Many Jewish writers indirectly advocate this form of doctrine in one way or another. For thought-police Deborah Lipstadt, downplaying the “uniqueness” of the Holocaust is to be a Holocaust denier.[8]

German historian Ernst Nolte made the mistake of comparing the Holocaust to other crimes that have committed in history, such as Stalin’s extermination of the Russian people, the Armenian genocide, and Pol Pot’s crimes against humanity. For this, Lipstadt labeled him a Holocaust denier. Historian Joachim Fest defended Nolte on historical and rational grounds, and received the same treatment.[9]

So, should we call Robert Spencer a Holocaust denier? Where is Deborah Lipstadt when you need her?

Second, is Robert Spencer willing to trade whatever honesty he had for public ridicule? Is he willing to sell his intellectual soul by comparing Stalin’s war of extermination to ISIS’ terrorist crimes?

Obviously Spencer has chosen to dump the scholarly literature and has gone to the Zionist slaughter house. In other words, he has been committing historical and intellectual suicide because he has been programmed by essentially Talmudic categories, which is to say that he has to abandon the truth whenever it doesn’t fit his ideologicalweltanschauung.

A little bit of history here. By 1937, two years before Hitler came to power, Stalin had already starved and executed as many as ten million peasants.[10] This period in history—from 1929-1937—is known as the Red Holocaust.[11]

By 1938, a total of 9.7 million perished, and from 1939 until 1953, another 9 million lost their lives.[12] From 1937-1939, Stalin executed 50,000 clergymen alone.[13] Stalin’s terrorism began as early as 1918, when

“he ordered the execution of all suspected counter-revolutionaries. Stalin burned villages in the countryside to intimidate the peasants and discourage bandit raids on food supplies a decade before he became Red tsar.”[14]

Even after World War II, Stalin did not stop terrorizing the peasants.[15] Minority groups such as the Greeks, Germans, Turks, Orthodox Christians, Lithuanians, and Vlasovites also fell prey to Stalin’s ethnic cleansing.[16] Can those crimes be even remotely compared to what ISIS is doing in the Middle East?

Spencer, like other Zionist whores, can never bring himself to the fact that the Israeli regime, the United States, Turkey, and ISIS are one big family. Throughout his book, he cites the Independent and the Telegraph to buttress his point.

But will Spencer address articles by the Daily Mail and the International Business Times which independently link Israel to al-Qaeda and ISIS?[17] Will he address Seymour M. Hersh’s recent bombshell in the London Review of Books?[18] Will he discuss former C.I.A. officer Philip Giraldi’s claim that Israel and the United States are accomplices in spreading ISIS?[19]

Will Spencer be man enough to address the fact that the Syrian rebels have and perhaps still are being treated in Israeli hospitals?[20] Doesn’t he know that Israel supported the Syrian rebels from the beginning?[21] Doesn’t he know that there is basically no big different between the Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda or ISIS?[22]

Doesn’t Spencer know that the so-called Syrian rebels, as USA Today itself put it in 2013, “pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda”?[23] Doesn’t he know that “Hamas,” according to Avner Cohen (a Jewish scholar and Israeli official who has written prolifically on Israel’s nuclear bomb[24]), “is Israel’s creation”?[25] Doesn’t Spencer know that Israel has been a terrorist state from its inception?[26]

Readers should know that Spencer will never address those issues historically and objectively precisely because that would be the death knell of his essentially Talmudic pursuit. This is one reason why Jewish Neocon and thought-police David Horowitz, whose parents were members of the Communist Party USA during the Great Depression, has given Spencer great accolades. It was Horowitz who declared in his memoir that:

“For nearly two hundred years, Jews have played a disproportionate role as leaders of the modern revolutionary movements in Europe and the West…By carrying the revolution to its conclusion, socialists would usher in a millennium and fulfill the messianic prophecies of the pre-Enlightenment religions that modern ideas had discredited.

“Through this revolution, the lost unity of mankind would be restored, social harmony would be reestablished, paradise regained. It would be a tikkun olam, a repair of the world.”[27]

Horowitz ended up carrying this revolutionary banner during the Iraq war. He said of the invasion:

“[T]his is a war whose aims and purposes make it very hard to understand how anyone who is a supporter of human rights, or who believes in freedom, could be against it. In four years, George Bush has liberated nearly 50 million people in two Islamic countries.

“He has stopped the filling of mass graves and closed down the torture chambers of an oppressive regime. He has encouraged the Iraqis and the people of Afghanistan to begin a political process that give them rights they have not enjoyed in 5,000 years…”[28]

According to this premise, sending a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people is liberation.[29] Destroying virtually an entire country is a virtue.[30] Damaging the brains of at least 360,000 U.S. veterans is a great thing.[31] As former U.S. Colonel and noted historian Andrew Bacevich writes:

“Apart from a handful of deluded neoconservatives, no one believes that the United States accomplished its objectives in Iraq, unless the main objective was to commit mayhem, apply a tourniquet to staunch the bleeding, and then declare the patient stable while hastily leaving the scene of the crime.”[32]

"I was publicly critical of the university president’s paid trip to Israel…I am presently struggling to generate the funds to pay the costs of court-transcripts for the appeal that has been filed."

Spencer cannot address those issues because Horowitz will kick him out of FrontPage Magazine and call him an anti-Semite. Horowitz’s FrontPage is a Jewish propaganda machine which perpetuates wars in the Middle East, demonizes Muslims, and distracts serious Christians and ultimately all Goyim.

One can safely say that Spencer, like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, have been paid to dance like puppets. They are all Pamela Geller turned upside down. The only difference is Geller is Jewish. In her endorsement to Spencer’sComplete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, Geller writes,

“If sanity still prevailed in our government and media, this book would be required reading for all elected officials and journalists.”

Spencer obviously returns the favor. Geller, Spencer says,

“has shown me by example how to maintain a healthful perspective and joy in life amid constant vilification and ongoing threats of blood and death. If there is any justice and historical memory, free people of successive generations will celebrate and laud her as one of the unsung heroes of this generation, a foremost champion of freedom in this rapidly darkening age.”

What we are seeing here is that birds of the same feather flock together. As the Jewish Week itself has reported, Geller has already been recognized—but not for intellectual ability but for “frolicking in a bikini and posing in a skin-tight Superwoman outfit.”

I sympathize for decent people who have ignorantly plunked down the money to support those Zionist whores. Those whores are like medicine men delivering cheap products to their clients. It just doesn’t cost them much to put a sledge hammer on Muslims and lump them together as if they are the real perpetrators. But to scholarly and logically document the real villains who continue to inflict vengeance on much of the West will cost you much: your career and perhaps your life.

Norman Finkelstein lost his career when he challenged Alan Dershowitz. Finkelstein, to this very day, can never get a serious teaching position in the United States. Eminent climatologist and physicist Denis Rancourt, as we have already seen, lost his job at the University of Ottawa after teaching for twenty-five years! Rancourt recounted:

“I was publicly critical of the university president’s paid trip to Israel. I invited Palestinian speakers into my classrooms to talk about Gaza, and geopolitical analysts who were critical of Israel.

“These moves led to condemnation of me in the Zionist mainstream media, and to discipline, which was overturned. In 2008, a new university president – Allan Rock – who is a staunch and unconditional supporter of Israel and who had been Canada’s Zionist ambassador to the UN, became immediately motivated to fire me, tenure or not, and irrespective of my popular courses and my large science research funding.

“With the help of an entire team using specially-hired union-busting lawyers, after contriving for years including intensive covert surveillance of me using a hired-student spy to monitor my every spoken and written word and my every activity on campus and at other university campuses, the university finally settled on the false pretext for dismissal of alleging that I had improperly assigned high grades to all 23 students in an advanced physics course.

“They needed a ‘clean’ pretext that they hoped would be supported by public opinion and that would not bring out all of their dirt.

“When public opinion and some mainstream media sided with me instead, a high-profile Zionist columnist at the New York Times suddenly wrote not-one but two articles to discredit me, and was invited to Canada to falsely defame me, regarding my teaching, on a trend-setting Canadian TV talk show whose producers are Zionists.

“Even after I was fired, as I continued to be publicly critical of the institution, the university funded a large defamation lawsuit against me which, after almost four years, has entirely washed-out my personal savings, and over which I was ordered to pay a total of legal costs and damages in excess of one million dollars, that I can never pay.

“I am presently struggling to generate the funds to pay the costs of court-transcripts for the appeal that has been filed. My funding campaign is endorsed by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association, which also has a campaign that condemns the university’s unlimited funding of the lawsuit against me using public money.”

Alex Jones will never interview people like Rancourt. Jones in particular will say a few truthful things here and there, but when it comes to examining the deep issues and even the people who are sending the West into a hellish existence, he will back off or call them “The Left” or “Globalist” or something weird.

Jones and Watson keep talking about the “war on Christmas,” but they could never get off their comfortable chairs and do a little scholarly research to see the true visage of the people who are waging a war on Christmas.[33] Jewish scholar Joshua Eli Plaut explicitly writes in his study A Kosher Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to Be Jewish that

“Jonathan Sarna, a preeminent historian of American Jewry, argued that American Jews have a ‘Christmas problem.’”[34]

Plaut declares that American Jewry wants to “coop the Christmas season by reshaping it to reflect uniquely Jewish ideas, concerns, and practices and by developing a variety of strategies directed toward neutralizing Christmas in America.”[35] Plaut continues,

“Befitting their status as one of America’s most successful constituent groups, Jews have reshaped Christmas and challenged society to broaden the December season to recognize festivities sponsored by secular and minority groups.

“Writing in 1990, Jonathan Sarna argued that Christmas is one barrier that Jews cannot overcome in their quest to be regarded of equal status with their American neighbors who celebrate Christmas.”[36]

Plaut has seen the Jewish subversion of Christmas in his own life:

“In 1995, during my tenure as the rabbi of the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, a local public school advisory committee, which included residents of the Jewish faith, advised the local public schools board to eliminate the public celebration of Christmas in the Vineyard Haven public school.”[37]

This sentiment is echoed by another Jewish scholar by the name of Benjamin Ginsberg:

“Religious symbols and forms of expression that Jews find threatening have been almost completely eliminated from schools and other public institutions. Suits brought by the ACLU, an organization whose leadership and membership are predominantly Jewish, secured federal court decisions banning officially sanctioned prayers in the public schools and crèches and other religious displays in parks and public buildings.”[38]

Jewish columnist Burt Prelutsky wrote in 2005 that the war on Christmas is spearheaded by “my fellow Jews. When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the American Civil Liberties Union, at the forefront.”[39]

Even in Israel, Benzi Gopstein, The head of Lehava, tells us that “Christmas has no place in the Holy Land.”[40] For Gopstein, Christians are “blood-sucking vampires” who ought to be removed from Israel “before they once again drink our blood.”[41]

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism and the Coalition Against Racism declared that Gopstein’s statement “was not made in a vacuum but in the context of many acts of violence against Christian clergy in recent years.”[42] Jews have been spitting on Christians in Israel for more than a decade.[43] This has been the historical conflict during centuries![44]

Why can’t Alex Jones expose the real powers that be here? Well, obviously he loves his money and perhaps popularity. For Jones, it seems to be that the almighty dollar is more interested and sacrosanct than the whole truth. St. Paul tells us that “For the love of money is the root of all evil,” and Jones is a modern manifestation of that statement. Let us keep in mind that Jones’ net worth is $8 million.

Jones certainly would not want to lose that chunk of money if he happens to expose the real people who are pushing the New World Order. With his bombastic and annoying voice, he makes people who are advocating for guns look foolish.

Jones can now rouse a naïve audience behind him by simply mixing a little bit of truth in a torrent of falsifications or deceptions. His recent headline should obviously make an astute observer laugh:

Obama has been working with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.”

Once again, let us suppose that this dumb idea is true. Does Jones mean to tell us that he doesn’t know that the Israeli regime has been working with ISIS since the war in Syria has started? Why is this shaman cunningly forging deliberate deceptions to seduce millions upon millions of viewers?

If you are an Alex Jones fan, be smart. Use your critical thinking skills. If you have been pouring money on his show business, think again. Psycho-analyze Jones thoroughly. He is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.

Jones wants your money, which is his “precious.” And to get that money, he will always mix a little bit of truth in a river of fabrication, strong enough to distract you from focusing on the main issue. What he usually does he that he would interview a prominent politician and journalist like Donald Trump and Seymour Hersh to get people’s attention.

If you are a Trump fan, then you more than likely will respond, “Well, Jones is doing great.” If you have read Hersh’s recent article, “Military to Military,” then you probably will say that Jones wants the complete truth.


The fact is that what Jones is not telling you should be frightening. If you plan to continue to watch his puppet show, do more research and ask him deeper questions. If you plant to support him with your money, at least consider your family first. Viewers like you deserve to know the whole truth, and Jones is hiding it because that is how he gets his publicity stunt.

Jones’ supporters work too hard to pay the bills, to put food on the table, and to save a few dollars to support him and Watson and Spencer.

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Jews: “No Limit” on Invasion—Except in Israel

The head of the “Jewish community” in the German state of Thuringia has officially warned Germany against putting any limit on the number of Third World invaders pouring into Europe—while at the same time supporting Israel which builds walls to keep them out, crams successful invaders into concentration camps, and then deports them all.


According to a report in the Focus news service, Reinhard Schramm, the officially elected head of the Jewish community council in Thuringia, has “again warned against any ceilings on the number of refugees to be received in Germany,” and that “any limit” on the number of invaders would “undermine the right of asylum.”

Speaking during a recent Hanukkah celebration in Erfurt, Schramm said that “Asylum is a right irrespective of religion or origin, and there is no limit to it.”


He added that he was not concerned about anti-Semitism being imported along with the Muslim flood, saying that this could be dealt with through “linguistic, humanistic and vocational training, and the further strengthening of dialogue between Muslims and Jews.”

In Israel—the Jews-only country which Schramm and his community council fanatically support—there is no such “toleration” for invaders, and all non-Jews are specifically barred by law from settling, either as refugees or ordinary immigrants.

Those Third Worlders who do manage to smuggle their way into Israel past its border fences and army-patrolled borders, are promptly arrested and placed in concentration camps prior to deportation—back to Uganda, no matter what their actual country of origin might be.

According to a recent report in the Times of Israel, one of the invader concentration camps, Holot, has now reached capacity.

The concentration camp, which the Times of Israel coyly describes as a “detention center for migrants and asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally” now contains over 3,300 Third Worlders.


The Times of Israel added that the former interior minister Silvan Shalom was about to expand the size of the facility, but that, following his decision to “leave political life amid the numerous sexual harassment allegations against him,” the expansion plans have now been put on hold.

The Jewish state—which controls immigration by race, DNA, and biological ancestry, and which legally bars non-Jews from settling in the country—has officially received some 47,000 illegal immigrants, almost all from Eritrea and Sudan.

The Times of Israel boasted that the “influx has slowed dramatically of late, as Israel has sealed off its border with Egypt more effectively”—meaning that Israel erected a huge concrete barrier wall to stop the invasion—exactly the policy that Schramm and the “Jewish community” opposes for Germany.

The Times of Israel added that since 2009, less than 0.15 percent of “asylum seekers” had been granted asylum in Israel, a figure which is the “lowest rate in the Western world.”

Schramm, the controlled media—and the organized “Jewish community” in Germany and the rest of the world—is completely silent about the manner in which Israel deals with Third World invaders.

It is the old rule once again: one law for the Jews, another law for the non-Jews. Jews can have racial laws, and have an ethnically homogeneous nation, but any Europeans who seek that same right are attacked and smeared by the controlled media and the “Jewish community.”


Satanic Jews Torture 50,000 Chickens on the Streets of NYC Every Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2015

It is a bit shocking that the systematic torture of animals by Jews doesn’t send up more red flags among normal people.

Animal rights activists are finally starting to talk about it.

This is from an animal rights site, an article from September; Yom Kippur takes place in mid-October.

The Dodo:

Yom Kippur is right around the corner — and tens of thousands of chickens are about to be sacrificed in a highly controversial ritual.

“It’s a carnival of cruelty,” Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns (UPC), told The Dodo.
In the practice of kapparot, supplicants swing a live chicken around their heads three times while saying a prayer that translates to: “This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This chicken shall go to death and I shall proceed to a good, long life and peace.” The chicken is then slaughtered and, traditionally, donated to the poor.

Not many Jews practice kapparot, and an even smaller portion use a live chicken, as a bag of money is an accepted alternative. But the practice has drawn intense scrutiny both from within the Jewish community and without, particularly in places like Brooklyn and the Bronx where there are a large number of practitioners.

“I’ve actually stood out there on the street with these birds,” said Davis, who’s witnessed the event in New York for the past several years and will be in the city to protest on Sunday and Monday. “It’s just a horror. The birds are starving, they’re dehydrated, they get no food … and practitioners are just grabbing them out of their crates and swinging them and chanting about how they’re transferring their sins to the chicken.”

“And then there’s this mass slaughter, illegally, in the streets,” she added.

Despite the chant, the practice is anything but peaceful for the birds. They start their lives in close confinement at factory farms, then are carted in on packed trucks by the thousands — 50,000 for Manhattan alone, according to Davis. They go without food or water on the journey, and then are dumped onto the sidewalk where they’ll spend more days waiting without nourishment or shelter.

“They’re there now,” Davis said. “And they’re just sitting there cramped in transport crates. They don’t have any food or water. They can’t even move.”

A bunch of friggin monkeys, man. Arabs don’t even do this. And when Blacks torture animals, there is usually money involved, rather than some desert voodoo nonsense.


The Concept behind Zionism

Lets We Forget–The ‘difference’ between Judaism and Zionism


‘When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will give you a land filled with large, flourishing cities that you did not build, houses filled with wealth you did not earn, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant…


…And when the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there…

You shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…






… You shall save nothing alive that breathes…


…You shall make no agreements with them…


…nor show them any mercy…


…You shall destroy their altars…

…Break down their images…

…Cut down their groves…


…And burn their graven images with fire…

And therefore their goods shall become your plunder…



…While their houses become a desolation…

…They shall build houses, but not inhabit them…

…And they shall plant vineyards, but not drink the wine thereof…

…Foreigners will build your walls…


…And their kings will serve you…

obamaperesobamaisraelObama's State of the Union Address--We will stand steadfast with Israel

…The gates of your cities will always remain open, day and night, so that the Gentiles may bring you the wealth of their nations…

…And their kings led in triumphal procession before you…


…For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly destroyed…

IMG_33919649868779 IMG_11052308644001

…For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God…






…And He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”


Ed note–these are just a small sampling of the various verses found in the Old Testament, called by the Jews the Torah. They are not the words of Netanyahu, Herzl, Ariel Sharon or any of the modern founders of the Jewish state.

Rather, they are the words of the Old Testament ‘prophets’ such as Moses, Zephaniah, Isaiah and others who preached the supremacist, violent basis of Jewish behavior that is on clear display right now before the world.

These verses, and the many more just like them, are the basic building blocks of both Judaism and Zionism and are the religious justification used by the Jews and their supporters worldwide for the types of human sacrifice we are seeing take place in killing fields such as Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc.

Despite the noise deliberately created by those out to confuse Gentiles concerning the violent, psycopathic nature of Torah Judaism and who claim that this ‘Holy’ religion is distinct and different from Zionism, nothing could be further from the truth, and until the world begins to deal with this spiritual sickness in a rational, moral way, the holocaust of the Gentile world will continue.

Hatha Yoga

As mentioned above, some schools have attempted to “own” or co opt hatha yoga for their own purposes (such as raj yoga), but classical hatha yoga stands as a complete system on its own. Hatha yoga in the west is greatly misunderstood as being merely a system of physical exercises or a fitness system. It is much more than that.

For example asanas are designed to remove energy blockages (restrictions of the flow of prana), emotional hindrances (kleshas), dysfunctional tendencies (vasana), negative feedback loops, old programming, and past karmic propensities. When these obstructions are removed, then the evolutionary co-creative energy is freed up to do its natural work — we come into our natural “Self” or previously inhibited “Buddha Nature”.

My own personal practice has focused on medieval Hatha yoga which incorporates Tantra, Kundalini, Kriya, and Sahaj Yoga as well as many of the above yogas. Other schools of yoga will try to incorporate some of the Hatha Yoga techniques in subservience to their main practice.

Most orthodox schools do not understand that classical Hatha Yoga is a complete practice by itself which incorporates meditation and laya yoga practices as well as asana. pranayama, kriya, bandha, and mudra. Thus hatha yoga is not merely physical exercise, acrobatics, or a performance sport, but rather a very refined life affirming and nature affirming spiritual discipline.

Aum: Copyright J.B. Hare 1999, All Rights Reserved



Bill Cosby Finally Charged; Dozens of White Women Have Accused Him of Drugging and Rape Over Many Decades


EDITOR’S NOTE: As Kevin Alfred Strom stated recently, the real motivation for Cosby’s crimes is a totally taboo topic in the Jewish-controlled media. Think about it: Did Bill Cosby really have to drug and rape anyone to have sex? No. He was married to a cultured and shapely mulatto woman all through the period when these rapes took place, and she bore him children. And this was Hollywood in the anything-goes era of the Sexual Revolution. There were surely any number of ambitious starlets and high-price harlots of all races who would have given rich, famous Bill Cosby all the sex he could handle and more. And I don’t doubt he took advantage of that degeneracy.

But sex with a willing White woman was apparently not enough for Bill Cosby. If these accounts are true, and I believe they are, he wanted to rape White women, and these were nearly all White women, not just sexually possess them. He wanted to violate them against their will. White women — all manipulated or forced or drugged — all taken against their will. Taken against their will because that’s the way Bill Cosby wanted it. It was exactly the way Bill Cosby wanted it.

* * *


FOR YEARS, women — dozens of them — have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, with incidents dating back to the 1960s. Now, for the first time, Cosby is facing criminal charges in connection with one of those accusations, Montgomery County prosecutors in Pennsylvania announced on Wednesday.

Prosecutors charged Cosby with aggravated indecent assault in connection with an alleged sexual assault in early 2004, First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a morning press conference.

Aggravated indecent assault is a second degree felony.

“Today, after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim,” Steele said. Prosecutors launched a new investigation into the allegations against Cosby after new information about the case emerged in July, he said. The 12-year statute of limitations to file felony charges in connection to those allegations expires in January.

Attorneys for Cosby said that they would “mount a vigorous defense.”

“The charge by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office came as no surprise, filed 12 years after the alleged incident and coming on the heels of a hotly contested election for this county’s DA during which this case was made the focal point,” Cosby’s attorneys said in a Wednesday afternoon statement released to several media outlets, including CNN.

“Make no mistake, we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge and we expect that Mr. Cosby will be exonerated by a court of law.”

According to the criminal complaint, Cosby faces three counts of the indecent assault charge: assault without consent, assault when the complainant is unconscious or unaware that penetration is occurring, and assault when the person impairs the complainant.

[‘You are a very sick man’: Bill Cosby’s accuser and the full details from the criminal complaint]

Reporters waited for hours outside the small courthouse in Elkins Park,where Cosby arrived in a black-and-white hooded sweater on Wednesday afternoon for his arraignment.

Cosby’s bail was set at $1 million, and he posted the required 10 percent of that amount on Wednesday. …

* * *

Source: Read the full article at the Washington Post


Ghosts Frighten Nonwhite Invaders in Sweden

Nonwhite invaders living in an invader camp in GrännaForsa, southern Sweden, have demanded that they be moved to a new center because ghosts are haunting them, local media have reported.


The invaders said that their children had alerted them to the fact that their house was definitely haunted.

“The children told us a few days ago, and then we adults saw it as well,” an invader name Hamid Alojaili told the Smålandsposten newspaper.

“We are sure the building is haunted,” Alojaili said. “Doors are opening by themselves and there is no one outside,” he said in English in a video interview.

Also, many people are “getting the feeling” that they are not alone even in the bathroom. The fire alarm starts without any reason, they say, and the children cry every night, even though the adults try to calm then.

“This is not about nightmares,” Alojaili said. “We would rather stay in tents than in the house in Gränna Forsa “because it’s too dangerous to be there.”

“This was surprising. We had no indications that there would be problems with ghosts before,” said Swedish Migration Agency manager Magnus Petersson.

Among other things that the invaders complained about were flickering lights, and noises in the plumbing system, he said, adding that 35 of the 58 people living in the invader house came to the agency’s office in the nearby town of Alvesta earlier this week, demanding to be relocated.

Some of them returned to the shelter at the end of the day after being told there were no ghosts, and that no alternative housing was available. Others however refused, and took the train to Malmo.

“I know that in their faith there is a different view on spirituality,” he said. “We were responsive to them but somewhere you have to use your common sense and believe in science.”

Stefan Johansson, a co-owner of the facility, said it was built in the nineteenth century and was long used as a home for disabled people. He said there are natural explanations for all the things that have spooked the invaders.

“It’s an old house and the doors maybe are a bit crooked,” he said. “Sometimes there are cracking noises in the pipes.” The flickering lights were caused by glitches in electrical switches, he said. “We have explained all this to them. How much of it they took in I don’t know,” Johansson added.

One of the children, he said, saw “something sit at a table,” but when he tried to look what it was, it dropped under the table and disappeared.

It was apparently of no help when staff at the center told the invaders that there was indeed a ghost at the house, but that it was a “good ghost” which helped to “clean up” after them.

The full interview, in English, with the invaders as carried on Sweden Radio, can be heard below:


US Planned to Obliterate Civilian Populations in 1,200 Cities — Almost All of them White

target4Cold War plan was prepared in the summer of 1956 and made available this week

FIRST CAME Moscow and Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), with more than 300 targeted sites or Designated Ground Zeros (DGZs) in those two cities alone. Then there was Warsaw and Beijing, and an astonishing 1,200 other cities.

This was the list of targets drawn up “systematic destruction” by US nuclear strikes at the height of the Cold War, and declassified more than fifty years later.

The list reveals that the priority for any operation launched by the US was airfields and installations, as they wanted to be able to destroy any chance the Soviet Union had of itself attacking America.

But included in each city are specific areas — a detail that to this day remains classified — that the US intended to target because of their dense human populations. This tactic was apparently at odds with international rules of war that prohibit specific targeting of civilians.

The 700-page document, Strategic Air Command (SAC) Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959, was produced in the summer of 1956 and made available this week by the National Security Archive, located at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Scholars who published the document said they believed it was the most comprehensive Cold War nuclear target list ever to be made public.

“One of the most interesting things is the amount of minute detail,” senior analyst William Burr told The Independent.

“The priority was installations. But there were also target areas of human population. We still don’t know precisely where…. But it is chilling.”

The document says that the nuclear bombing operations would expose nearby civilians and “friendly forces and people” to high levels of deadly radioactive fallout.  


Moreover, the authors developed a plan for the “systematic destruction” of Soviet bloc urban-industrial targets that specifically and explicitly targeted “population” in all cities, including Beijing, Moscow, Leningrad, East Berlin, and Warsaw.

* * *

Source: Read the full story at The Independent

Racially-Aware Russian Deputy PM Rogozin Banned from Entering Ukraine


Rogozin’s response: “The time will come when they will meet me with flowers.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rogozin is famous for saying “There is an enormous distance between Europe and the Third World. There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the White, northern hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. This is very serious. If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union, and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one.”

* * *

THE SECURITY SERVICE of Ukraine has declared Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin (pictured) persona non grata in Ukraine, said the press Secretary of the SBU, Elena Gitlyanskaya, to RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“Rogozin has been denied entry into Ukraine”,  —  said Gitlyanskaya.

Gitlyanskaya said that the entry of Rogozin is prohibited by law “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”. The document says that the entry to Ukraine may not be resolved in the interests of national security.

However, in response to the request, the online edition of “Apostrophe” reports that the SBU announced a ban on the entrance to Ukraine of MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke.

Translation: SBU has banned entry to Ukraine of Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Rogozin. Will Wait. The time will come when they will meet me with flowers.

* * *

Source: Fort Russ

The U.S. versus the World, A Majority of One, A Minority of 192 UN General Assembly Resolutions. “Put Your Vote Where Your Rhetoric Is”

the US continues to vote in opposition to many, if not most of the resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly,

The United Nations and the Houla Massacre: The Information Battlefield

For decades, and again this year, the United States votes “no” on most United Nations General Assembly resolutions supporting meaningful disarmament and economic justice. 

In fact, it has a consistent record of votes contradicting its professed rhetoric of concern for peace and human rights, as the UN General Assembly votes to adopt resolutions crafted to address the urgent need for disarmament, and for a more equitable global economic architecture. 

US Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz has supported the adoption of many of these resolutions, and his voice, along with the majority of the member states of the developing world has gone unheeded. 

The huge and growing economic inequality both within and among nations is contributing to global destabilization, deadly conflicts, terrorism, the refugee crisis, now threatening to disrupt the core of Europe itself, and an escalation of barbaric violence which threatens to turn the clock of civilization back to the stone age. 

Nevertheless, the US continues to vote in opposition to many, if not most of the resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly, where the developing world holds a majority of votes, and the US vote does not hold veto power,  as it does in the Security Council, and cannot therefore prevent the adoption of these resolutions.   

The resolutions, however, have no enforcement power, as do Security Council resolutions.  The US “no” vote is, however, a barometer of how and where it will use its influence to obstruct or prevent actual implementation of these resolutions in any meaningful way, in those venues where the US does have decisive influence.  While paying lip-service to “democracy,” “human rights,” etc., the US “no” vote in these numerous developing world sponsored resolutions betrays its actual contempt for these values in any meaningful sense.

An examination of this year’s voting patterns in the UN General Assembly’s First, Second and Third Committees illustrates this pattern, which is a greater indicator of the causes of the stalemate or paralysis at the United Nations than has been the inaction at the UN Security Council, so deplored by the US-NATO faction.

For almost 10 years, China and the Russian Federation have co-sponsored a treaty in the First Committee on Disarmament, on the “Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space.”  The US has consistently opposed this treaty, and on November 3, 2015, in the First Committee 70th session Plenary Meeting, Resolution A/C.1/70/L.47 on “No First Placement of Weapons in Outer Space,” was adopted by a majority vote of 122 member states, including China, Russia, the DPRK, Iran, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria and a majority of other member states.  China’s vote is consistent with its declaration that it will not be the first to initiate a nuclear attack.  The US voted “no” on this resolution, along with only 3 other states, including Ukraine and Israel, which is alarming, since it indicates that the US reserves for itself the “right” to place its weapons in outer space, despite the fact that most other nuclear states, including India, Pakistan, China, the DPRK and The Russian Federation have eschewed the “right” to place weapons in outer space.

The related resolution A/C.1/70/L.3 entitled:  “Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space” has an equally interesting recorded vote, with 173 UN member states voting “yes,” including all states which supported the resolution on “No First Placement of Weapons in Outer Space,” and the US, Israel and Palau abstained.  It seems probable that, although most nuclear weapon states pledged not to be the first to place weapons in outer space, and the US reserved to itself the “right” to be the first to place weapons in outer space, the US is hedging its bets, and in the event that another state first places weapons in outer space, the US reserves to itself the “right” to engage in an arms race in outer space.

The very idea of placement of weapons in outer space, or an arms race in outer space, is insane, yet this is consistent with the US military doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance,” which asserts the US right to “Control of land, sea, air and outer space.”

On November 5th, the First Committee adopted Resolution A/C.1/70/L.18 on “Implementation of the Declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace.”  The resolution was adopted by a majority of 116 member states, and opposed by only four countries, the US, UK, France and Tuvalu.  As usual, the EU abstained, voting as a bloc.  This voting pattern reflecting diametrically opposed interests was similarly repeated throughout the entire spectrum of UN General Assembly resolutions from disarmament to development.

On November 23, at the Third Committee Plenary, Resolution A/C.3/70/L.30 “Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order” was adopted by a majority vote of 121.  The US which espouses the rhetoric of “democracy” more than any other state, voted “no.”  The European Union, voting as a bloc, also voted “no” in opposition to most countries of the developing world, including China, the Russian Federation, the DPRK, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Argentina, etc.

On November 24, the Third Committee adopted Resolution A/C.3/70/L.37/Rev.1 on “The Right to Development.”  The resolution was adopted by a majority vote of 136.  Only 4 nations voted “no,” including the USA, the UK, Canada and Israel.

On November 23, the Third Committee Plenary adopted Resolution A/C.3/70/L.58 on the “Use of Mercenaries as a Means of Violating Human Rights and Impeding the Exercise of the Right of Peoples to Self Determination.”  The resolution  was adopted by a majority vote of 121.  The US, Ukraine and most of the Europeans voted “no,” which is an appalling revelation of their willingness to adopt unscrupulous measures to suit their perceived “interests,” or the interests of their ruling “elites.”

This is merely a sampling of the voting record of the US and often the EU, which reveals their readiness to violate the economic, social, civil and political rights of the “developing world,” which comprises the majority of member states belonging to the United Nations.  Scrutiny of the majority of resolutions adopted by the General Assembly’s First Committee on Disarmament, Second Committee on Economics, Third Committee on Human Rights reveals the same pattern of the US and EU consistently voting in opposition to the will and the interests of the developing world, many of whose states are former colonies of the EU states, and are currently in a form of “debt bondage” to the US and the West, trapped by IMF demands for “structural adjustment,” “conditionalities,” and other onerous and exploitative arrangements.

These UN General Assembly Resolutions without enforcement mechanisms merely express the gross contradiction between the “interests” of the West’s “1%” and the needs of the huge populace of the other “99%” of humanity.  As the income inequality increases, as described by French economist Thomas Piketty and US Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, these voting patterns will most probably continue unchanged, absent a global insurrection to eliminate the gross injustice in the distribution of power and resources that is currently entrenched, globally, and which the huge disparities in these votes reflects.

Carla Stea is Global Research’s Correspondent at UN headquarters, New York 

Spying on Netanyahu

Dems scoff as House GOP looks into NSA spying on Israel and Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) arrives in the House Chamber prior to his address to a joint meeting of Congress ion Capitol Hill in Washington, March 3, 2015. © Joshua Roberts
The Republican chairmen of two committees of the House of Representatives say they are looking into reports that the National Security Agency spied on Israel and US lawmakers, but ranking Democrats in Congress have expressed less concern.

“The House Intelligence Committee is looking into allegations in the Wall Street Journal regarding possible Intelligence Community (IC) collection of communications between Israeli government officials and members of Congress,” Representative Devin Nunes (R-California), the committee’s chairman, said in a statement.

In parallel, Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and sub-committee Chairman Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) also contacted the NSA seeking more details.

“These reports raise questions concerning the processes NSA employees follow in determining whether intercepted communications involved members of Congress, and the latitude agency employees have in screening communications with members of Congress for further dissemination within the executive branch,”they said in a joint statement.

Not all members of Congress are so keen to learn more, however.

One congressman even said the Wall Street Journal’s Tuesday report alleging that the NSA had spied on the secret lobbying efforts of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to undermine the Iran nuclear deal with US legislators was “much to do about nothing.”

Representative Eliot Engel (D-New York), the top Democratic member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill, “I’m not surprised. I kind of think the report is much to do about nothing,” admitting that he secretly talked with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer on two occasions in the lead up to a vote regarding the Iran deal.

“I assume that everything I say — someone is listening. I am careful that what I say in public is what I say in private,” Engel said. “I don’t know what this really tells us.”

Representative Adam Schiff (D-California), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the Wall Street Journal, “From what I can tell, we haven’t had a problem with how incidental collection has been handled concerning lawmakers.”

When it comes to surveillance, Republicans and Democrats, in general, have often acted in bipartisan fashion or are quick to compromise, but with the Wall Street Journal report widely suspected to be a leak approved by the White House, the issue is more polarizing.

“The Committee has requested additional information from the IC [intelligence community] to determine which, if any, of these allegations are true, and whether the IC followed all applicable laws, rules, and procedures,”Representative Nunes said in his committee’s statement.

The former holder of Nunes’ chairmanship, Pete Hoekstra, a Republican from Michigan, joined the call for investigations into the NSA and Obama administration for what he speculated may be an “unprecedented abuse of power.”

US officials told the Wall Street Journal that President Obama maintained that a “compelling national security purpose” necessitated the eavesdropping on Netanyahu, his staff, and other Israeli officials who were committed to blocking the US-led diplomatic efforts of six nations.

When Netanyahu came to Washington to give a speech to Congress slamming the Iran deal, officials claim Obama did not specifically authorize snooping on the Israeli president’s meetings within the Capitol.

“We didn’t say, ‘Do it.’ We didn’t say, ‘Don’t do it,’” a senior US official told the Wall Street Journal.

The White House did, however grant the NSA the power to take action on the information as it saw fit, according to the Journal.

The House committees looking into the spying authorization may press intelligence or administration officials as to reveal why this was done. So far, National Security Council spokesman Ned Price has been vague with reporters.

“We do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. This applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike,” Price said.

What could also be of interest is what has been redacted from the NSA’s reports. Lawmakers’ names and“trash talk” about the White House were both censored, according to the Journal’s report.

While Israel officially denies it spied on the Iran deal or offered special deals to Congress for votes, the Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister, Yisrael Katz, and Immigrant Absorption Minister, Ze’ev Elkin, have both come out strongly against the Obama administration’s alleged surveillance.

“If the information that was published is shown to be true, Israel should submit an official protest to the American administration, and demand that it stop all activity of this sort,” Katz told Arutz Sheva.

“Precisely on the background of the spying, in opposition to the official declaration that they stopped listening in on friendly states, their stubbornness on the case of (Jonathan) Pollard, the limitations on him and the refusal to bring him to Israel seem even more unacceptable,” Elkin told the Israeli network.

Netanyahu’s administration has not commented, nor has the White House, and as the incident pertains to the national security of both countries, it remains to be seen how far the House committees will be able to get in their efforts to uncover more.

Anti-Islam Movement -PEGIDA anthem topples Adele’s ‘Hello’ from #1 spot on German Amazon music charts

© Fabrizio Bensch
A wordless anthem from the far-right European anti-Islamization PEGIDA movement has become so popular on Amazon’s German site that it temporarily grabbed the number one spot from British pop star Adele.

The “Gemeinsam sind wir stark – Die PEGIDA-Hymne” (“Together we’re strong – the PEGIDA hymn”), produced by Peggy Sounds on the movement’s first anniversary spent about four days in Amazon’s top 10 bestselling singles. On December 30, the tune finally became #1.

Some commentators mocked the anthem for its absence of lyrics, saying that this is all PEGIDA’s platform is about. Others said the €1.29 price tag is excessive and it is better to buy something more substantial, like a kebab.

And although the PEGIDA hymn published on YouTube got likes/dislikes in proportion 1:6, Amazon users have been voting with their pocket books, buying the music.

The PEGIDA movement was launched in October 2014 in the East German city of Dresden as an anti-migrant protest group, and soon its regular Monday rallies against the so-called “Islamization” of Germany, the “unregulated influx” of migrants and other policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel started attracting thousands of people. The largest rally to date was held in October in Dresden, and attracted some 20,000 people as the movement celebrated its anniversary. As of now, the movement numbers tens of thousands of members in several European countries, where it stages marches through major cities under anti-Islamization and anti-immigrant slogans.

In January 2015, the movement found itself mired in scandal after a provocative selfie was published online of PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann posing with a Hitler moustache at a barber’s shop. Later, Saxony’s Sächsische Zeitung newspaper published Bachmann’s original photo (without a mustache), claiming the first picture was forged.


Post-anniversary PEGIDA rally draws over 10,000 ‘anti-Islamization’ protesters in Dresden

Supporters of the anti-immigration rightwing movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) march during their weekly gathering in the historic part of Dresden, Germany October 26, 2015. © Fabrizio Bensch
More than 10,000 PEGIDA activists took to the streets of Dresden in the wake of the latest plan to establish an additional 100,000 places in refugee reception centers in the EU and the Balkans.

The movement continues to speak out against the uncontrolled refugee flow and what it perceives to be the “Islamization” of Europe.

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) supporters gathered for a “great evening stroll” to convene at the theater square, Sachsische Zeitung reported. Activists accompanied by police marched with flags and a placard depicting Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing hijab.

More than 12,000 people gathered together, according to organizers. Lutz Bachmann, the founder of the anti-immigration movement based in Dresden, opened the rally. Speaking to the crowd he discussed direct democracy and the government’s refugee policy.

The nationalist PEGIDA demonstration was met by around 1,500 counter-protesters, although police kept the two sides separate so as to avoid clashes. More than 450 officers were deployed in the city to keep security under control.

Germany has experienced a wave of Islamophobic and anti-migrant violence in recent months after it started to emerged as the main destination for refugees fleeing conflict zones in Syria and elsewhere.

Monday’s protest comes exactly one week after thousands of PEGIDA supporters flooded central Dresden to mark the one-year anniversary since the organization’s founding. The latest rally also follows a 17-point action plan announced on Sunday, established after an extraordinary meeting at the European Commission. It includes the creation of 100,000 places to accommodate migrants along the route from Greece to Germany.

Despite strong protests from local residents, the city government has allowed the refugees to move into a former school building in Dresden.


The Fracturing of the European Union


It is 70 years since large parts of Europe lay in ruins. Great power aspirations, nationalism and fascism made the continent the focus of two world wars, which together claimed nearly 100 million victims. Now, these same tendencies are spreading once again.

Everywhere in Europe, the ruling elites are moving sharply to the right. They are boosting military spending, taking part in the imperialist wars in the Middle East and Africa, sealing up borders and inciting xenophobic sentiments against refugees. They are developing authoritarian forms of rule and building up a police state in order to suppress growing social tensions.

After the attacks in Paris, the Socialist Party government imposed a state of emergency for three months, stationed thousands of soldiers on the streets and deployed the military’s only aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf to bomb Syria. The beneficiary of this policy has been the right-wing National Front, which became the strongest party in the first round of the recent regional elections.

In Hungary and Poland, governments openly profess their admiration for the authoritarian regimes of the 1920s and 1930s.

In Germany, leading politicians and academics demand that the country again take on the role of a “hegemon” and “disciplinarian” in Europe and aspire to be a major power in the world, as if the crimes of the Nazi regime never happened. The austerity policies that Berlin has imposed on the economically weaker EU members for years have aggravated social and political tensions throughout Europe.

Even the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who otherwise is a political follower of the German chancellor, criticized Angela Merkel in the Financial Times this week for pushing economic policies that are fanning the flames of populism and damaging incumbent governments across the continent—and are based on double standards favoring Germany and hurting Italy. Governments in Warsaw, Athens, Lisbon and Madrid had lost their jobs because they followed the policy of fiscal discipline without true growth, Renzi complained.

Numerous recent comments in the media focus on the potential break-up of the EU under the pressure of growing contradictions and tensions.

Reuters correspondent Paul Taylor writes under the headline “Europe’s year from hell may presage worse to come”: “The crises of 2015 have threatened to tear the Union apart and left it battered, bruised, despondent and littered with new barriers.”

EU Parliament President Martin Schulz warned in Die Welt that no one can say “if the EU will exist in this way in a decade”. The alternative, he writes, is “a Europe of nationalism, a Europe of borders and walls. That would be devastating, because such a Europe has led our continent in the past repeatedly into disaster.”

An editorial in the Süddeutsche Zeitung even demands a “Plan B” in the event that the EU breaks apart. The main danger comes less from Greece and the refugee crisis or an exit of Britain than from “neo-nationalism”, the newspaper states.

While these and other comments warn of a break-up of the EU and the possible consequences, they do not answer the question of why nationalism and militarism are flaring up again in Europe. Indeed, they do not even pose the question.

Contrary to the claims of official propaganda, the EU has never overcome the conflicts that made Europe the center of two world wars. The EU does not unite the peoples of Europe, but has always been a weapon of the most powerful economic and financial interests against the working class at home and international rivals abroad. It is a hotbed of nationalism, inequality, dictatorship and war.

The EU is living proof that it is impossible to unite the continent on a capitalist basis. The defence of capitalist private property and the free movement of capital and profits, which are the focus of the EU treaties, inevitably have the consequence that the most powerful corporations in the EU set the tone and the strongest states impose their will on the weaker. Instead of alleviating national and social contradictions, the EU exacerbates them to the extreme.

The enlargement of the EU into Eastern Europe a decade ago did not bring democracy and prosperity. The new members have served the major European corporations as a source of cheap labor. Their welfare programs are being destroyed, wages kept low and unemployment high, while a small corrupt elite enjoy prosperity.

The EU, and especially Germany, took advantage of the financial crisis of 2008 to dictate unprecedented social cuts in the name of fiscal consolidation. In Greece, which was made an example, the average standard of living declined by 40 percent in a few years.

The EU and its members have responded to the growing social tensions with militarism and increased repression. The real or supposed danger of terrorist attacks have served as a pretext for further anti-democratic measures.

With the refugee crisis, the consequences of imperialist wars in the Middle East and North Africa have returned to Europe. The refugee issue has further polarized Europe. While large sections of the population react with solidarity, the ruling circles have unleashed a furious campaign against refugees, building up border fences and fighting each other.

The dangers arising from the break-up of the EU are very real. New wars and dictatorships, even within Europe, loom. This danger cannot be prevented by defending the EU, but only in a relentless struggle against it and the capitalist system upon which it is predicated.

The only way to unite Europe in the interests of its peoples, to use its vast resources in the interest of all and to prevent further wars, is through the United Socialist States of Europe. Only the independent mobilization of the European working class on the basis of a socialist programme can halt the impending disaster.

Peter Schwarz

Judaism and Zionism are insaparable

Can we really separate Judaism from Zionism?

By Ibrahim Alloush



Any which way you look at it, Judaism and Zionism cannot be really separated from one another.  Zionism is not a misinterpretation of Judaism, it is rather the distilled essence of mainstream Judaism.  When Marx shredded Judaism to pieces in his On the Jewish Question, the term ‘Zionism’ wasn’t even in circulation.  Marx considered Judaism, as representative of what he called the ‘practical Jew’, a parasitic predatory ideology that befits capitalism in its decaying phase.


And regardless of what Judaic racial teachings drawn from the Torah and Talmud might claim, Judaism is essentially doctrine and practice, not a race or nationality.  Therefore, being born of Jewish parents is not the same as being part of Judaism.  It follows that the critique of Judaism does not imply hostility to some mythical “Jewish race”, since Judaism is neither race nor nationalism.


Indeed, Judaism is the culture of parasitic predation that was incubated in the isolation of Ghettos.  It’s also marked by its supra-national character, sniffing down upon any national allegiance.  Hence, it’s no wonder that globalism brought with it the globalization of the Hollowcause as a post-modern secular fetish.  Globalization is essentially about the hegemony of non-productive financial capital, and usury, so globalization meant that the world was also turning Jewish.  It’s also no wonder that anti-Judaism, as secular anti-Zionism or as anti-Jewish religious fundamentalism (be it Christian or Muslim) has become a staple of national liberation movements worldwide.


As Arabs, we cannot be unaware of the fact that the two basic tenets of Zionism are to be found in Judaism.  The concept of ‘divine promise’ where Yahweh allegedly doles out our Arab Palestine to the Jew is the first of these tenets justifying the usurpation of Palestine .  The second of these tenets is of course the concept of ‘chosen people’ where the Jew is granted privilege over the goyim, that is, non-Jews.


Israel Shahak in his Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the Weight of Three Thousand Years provided ample evidence showing how the brutality practiced by occupation forces and Jewish colonists against Palestinian Arabs was sanctioned by religious law from Rabbis on the basis of scriptures calling for the abuse and mistreatment of the goyim.


For more on this, please go to:

Zionism and Judaism: Jewish law and relations with non-Jews



Therefore, one truly cannot possibly separate Judaism and Zionism, especially if one is Palestinian Arab.  And more and more, the two cannot be separated if you’re a world citizen being engulfed by globalism, that is, the hegemony of non-productive capitalistic exploitation, therefore, Jewish mores.


Consequently, ‘anti-Zionism’ should be left to the politically-correct, because being truly anti-Zionist necessarily entails being anti-Judaic.


Moreover, it’s true that anyone, Jewish or not, who supports the right of ” Israel ” to exist, and who justifies the power of Jewish elites in his country or worldwide is essentially pro-Zionist.  It’s also true that there would have been imperialism even if there were no Zionism, and that Zionism would not have thrived so well without imperialism.   Yet all that does not affect the main point here which is that Zionism and Judaism cannot possibly be separated from one another.



“How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me?” – Moses

Judaism is the Jewish paganism established by Moses (Jew). While some Jewish traditions (e.g. scapegoating and various other ritualized animal sacrifices, forced circumcision of children) predate Moses, going back to such figures as Abraham (Jew), Isaac (Jew) and Jacob (Jew) (a.k.a. Israel, hence “Israelite”), Moses consolidated Jewish identity via instructing his followers – most notably Joshua (Jew) and Caleb (Jew) – in Zionist terrorism. In Egypt, he innovated and successfully applied infiltration warfare methods collectively known as Passover, relying on crypto-Jews embedded in enemy territory to selectively and invisibly attack (via biological weapons and covert assassinations) non-Jews and their property while leaving Jews and their property unharmed. In Palestine, he innovated and successfully applied divide-and-conquer tactics against several non-Jewish states, turning them against each other so that Jews eventually took over the entire region. This style of warfare continues to be used today by Zionist agents. All of Judaism is, in essence, mental training to facilitate Zionism. In Hitler’s words: “The great trick of Jewry was to insinuate itself fraudulently amongst the religions with a religion like Judaism, which in reality is not a religion. Simply, the Jew has put a religious camouflage over his racial doctrine. Everything he undertakes is built on this lie.”

This is not to say that Judaic theology must necessarily be disregarded by anti-Zionists. Many of the greatest anti-Zionists in history have believed in the existence of the creator god Yahweh, but have identified him as the Devil. As a matter of fact, Moses had most difficulty fighting not those who disbelieved in Yahweh’s existence, but with Amalek who “knows his Master and consciously rebels against Him”.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

“The Kabbala defines man … as “the creature who, in his turn, creates,” in double opposition to God, — the Non-Created Who creates — and to the whole non-human living world, “creatures who do not create.”” – Savitri Devi

The first-person full name of the Jewish god is “I Am That I Am”, in relation to which Yahweh (meaning “He Is”) is a third-person contraction. All derive from the root “hwh” meaning “to create”. This name is the essence of the Jewish racial consciousness: being as the motive of being, creation as valuable in itself, survival at all costs – that is to say, thoroughgoing naturalism and undiluted will to power (Jews themselves describe it as “optimism”). Fundamental to Judaism is thankfulness to exist in the world, instead of fury. “I Am That I Am” is the unconditional, unrelenting affirmation of Jewish existence and Jewish identity; the creator god bearing such a name refuses to entertain any notion of doubt regarding either his value or the value of his creation.

In Judaism is no wish for salvation from worldly existence, but only the will to achieve, as an undying Jewish race, permanent dominion (Zion) within the world. Jews are the Chosen People of Yahweh in this sense: they have consciously chosen to continue Yahweh’s process of creation from the inside of the creation. As Jesus perfectly accused them: “You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father you will do.” Jews responded by having Jesus crucified.


“The motivating force of Judaism is always material gain.” – Alfred Rosenberg

There is no concept of moral evil in the Judaic worldview, but only the concept of sin, which is defined not in moral terms but in terms of disobedience to the laws of Yahweh as will lead to ruin for the disobeyer and/or the Jewish tribe as a whole. Judaism categorically condemns asceticism, considering it rebellion against Yahweh. (On this we agree, which is why we do it!) Rabbinical literature summarizes Jewish materialism better than we ever could: “Man will have to give account in the future for every lawful enjoyment offered to him which he has ungratefully refused.” Judaism merely criticizes intemperance, on the grounds that excessive momentary indulgence tends to jeopardize longer-term profit.

Thus Judaism never appeals to conscience, but always to pragmatism. An action is sinful not when it oppresses others, but when it leads to weakening of the Jewish tribe. An action is lawful not when it delivers others from oppression, but when it leads to strengthening of the Jewish tribe. Altruism is taught in Judaism, but the rationale behind it is not a feeling of empathy but rather a calculation of reciprocity, so that altruism is encouraged either as a means to improve rapport between Jews (thereby strengthening the Jewish tribe) or as a means to improve Jewish reputation among non-Jews (thereby strengthening the Jewish tribe). Mohammed exposed this after observing that Jewish charity and apparent Jewish acts of kindness were always performed before spectators, in contrast to his own (and Jesus’) teaching of anonymous charity and secret kindness. Jews repsonded by having Mohammed poisoned.

“The Jew … felt obliged to let as many people as possible know how deeply the sufferings of the masses grieved him and to what excesses of personal sacrifice he was ready to go in order to help them. With this manifestation of innate modesty, so typical of the Jew, he trumpeted his virtues before the world until finally the world actually began to believe him. Those who refused to share this belief were considered to be doing him an injustice. … Attention may be called to the fact that, in spite of his proclaimed readiness to make personal sacrifices, the Jew never becomes poor thereby. He has a happy knack of always making both ends meet.” – Adolf Hitler

Does It Matter Who the Israelites Are (Or What They Call Themselves)?

“Judaism has made itself into a new absolutism to impose and apply to any past or future contingency.” – Miguel Serrano

The Tabernacle is the most profound symbol in Judaism. It is explicitly described as a portable shrine of Yahweh, structured as an inner chamber containing the Ark of the Covenant and an outer chamber featuring a sacrificial altar. Thus worship of Yahweh is not limited to a particular time or place or people, but is a transferable idea dependent solely upon structure.

In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of Jewish tribalism. At the same time, oddly enough, some Gentiles are starting to believe that their ethnic groups are the real Israelites instead of Jews, and other Gentiles are attempting to revive other tribalist religions. What is going on?

We invite everyone to consider the possibility that Yahweh has decided to hedge his bets. No doubt Jews have carried the Tabernacle a long way and with tremendous success, but now with Zionism exposed it would be sensible for Yahweh to make Covenants with Gentiles also, so that they can pick up the Tabernacle in case Jews drop it. The more sides Yahweh can simultaneously back (under many different names if need be), the more secure his power. So long as tribalism lives on, Yahweh continues to rule the world via those who consider themselves Chosen People whose interests take precedence over those of everyone else’s, whomever they may be.

As the voice of Amalek, our instructions to the world are simple. If you spot a Tabernacle anywhere within your own soul, destroy it at once. Following this, prepare to be attacked by those who have refused to destroy it from within theirs.


Circumcision (Brit Milah in Judaism) is misunderstood (click audio link below). ClipsNBlips wishes to demystify the tradition –

Circumcision: 2 Methods of Oral Suction (Metzitzah)


Rare footage visit to kosher slaughterhouse


When Jewish Chameleons Boast.


Famous Jews who changed their names


Why I Left Judaism




Jewish Lobby’s Iran Lies Exposed by IAEA

The Jewish lobby’s endless whining over Iran and “atom bombs” have been definitively exposed as outright lies by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) final report on Iran’s nuclear industry.


The IAEA report, titled “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues regarding Iran’s Nuclear Programme” was issued last week in Geneva by that organization’s Board of Governors.

The report found that there was absolutely no evidence that Iran had even contemplated a military nuclear weapon for well over twelve years—exactly like that country’s government had claimed all along, and which the Jewish lobby and Israel had said was untrue.

Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues regardin

In a statement issued on the IAEA website, Director General Yukiya Amano said that his organization “assesses that a range of activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device were conducted in Iran prior to the end of 2003 as a coordinated effort,” and that other activities which might have been linked to that program could have taken place up to and including 2009.

However, the report said, these specific activities—such as the development of explosive bridgewire (EBW) detonators, which “have characteristics relevant to a nuclear explosive device”—are commonly used in non-nuclear applications.

As the report says on page 14: “The Agency acknowledges that there is a growing use of EBW detonators for civilian and conventional military purposes. The Agency also assesses that the multipoint initiator (MPI) technology developed by Iran has characteristics relevant to a nuclear explosive device, as well as to a small number of alternative applications.”

Another program component identified as having continued after 2003 included the “computer modelling of a nuclear explosive device prior to 2004 and between 2005 and 2009.” But, as the IAEA report goes on to state in its very next sentence, “The Agency also notes the applicability of some hydrodynamic modelling to conventional military explosive devices.”

Finally, the report concludes, “The Agency has found no credible indications of the diversion of nuclear material in connection with the possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme.”

In other words, Iran does not and never did have an “atom bomb,” or was ever even close to having one.

Furthermore, Iran formally abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003, and has never resuscitated it.

The Jewish lobby, in America and Israel, has been claiming nonstop for years that Iran is on the verge of building an “atom bomb” to use against Israel.

A 2009 US State Department diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks described Benjamin Netanyahu telling a visiting Congressional delegation that Iran was “probably one or two years away” from developing weapons capability.

Another diplomatic cable from the same year showed Netanyahu telling another delegation of American bootlicking politicians in Jerusalem that “Iran has the capability now to make one bomb,” and even that they “could wait and make several bombs in a year or two.”

Netanyahu told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg in a 2010 interview that “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs,” adding, “that’s what is happening in Iran.”

In 2012 Netanyahu said in closed talks reported by Israeli media that Iran is just “a few months away” from attaining nuclear capabilities.


Also in 2012, Netanyahu gave a speech at the United Nations in which he said that Iran would have the ability to construct an atom weapon within a year, and he used a printout of a cartoon bomb to illustrate his point.


The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations—the most senior formal Jewish lobby in America, comprised of all secular and religious Jewish groups in the US, maintains a special section on its website devoted exclusively to discussing the “Iranian atom bomb” myth.


The Jews’ most powerful political lobby in America, the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC),also maintains a section of its website devoted to “Stop[ping] Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons.”

Finally, the controlled media, always subservient to the Jewish lobby, also plays its role in telling the general public about Iran’s “atom bomb program” at every possible opportunity.

It therefore comes as no surprise to see Israel and the Jewish lobby having hysterical fits of anguish and denial over the final IAEA report on Iran.

The report’s conclusion—long known by any objective observer not under the Jewish spell—thoroughly exposes Israel and the organized Jewish lobby as deliberate, calculating, manipulative liars.

If the Jewish lobby had had its way, American soldiers and military force would have been used against Iran on the pretext of that country having “weapons of mass destruction,” just as they did in Iraq—and who knows how many more American soldiers would have been maimed or died fighting for these Jewish lies.

* It should also come as no surprise to learn that the only nation in the Middle East which does have weapons of mass destruction—including atom bombs, and chemical and biological weapons—is Israel. Furthermore, Israel is the only country in the region not to have signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

In other words, Israel does exactly what they and the Jewish lobby accuse Iran of doing—another example of one rule for Jews, and another rule for everyone else.


Iran’s Mythical “Atom Bomb” and the Real Rogue Nuclear Weapons State: Israel

Media attention on the agreement reached in Switzerland this past weekend—which will see limitations put on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program—has ignored the real elephant in the room: the only rogue nuclear weapons-armed state in the Middle East which has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Israel.

There is also no doubt that the fuss over Iran’s nuclear program—and the ridiculous claims that it is making an atom bomb—are the product of the Jewish lobby in America which has an inordinate influence over American domestic and foreign policy.

This is also reflected once again in the news that American lawmakers are now trying to introduce legislation to undo the Geneva Agreement because it is too lenient on Iran—a move which exactly repeats the demand of the Israeli government and the Jewish lobby inside America.

Israeli Prime MInister Netanyahu lies before the U.N. about Iran's mythical "atom bomb."
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lies before the U.N. about Iran’s mythical “atom bomb.”

The facts of the Iranian nuclear energy program are in the public domain, and are completely contrary to the hysterical lies which the Israelis and their lobbies have put out.

These are the facts about Iran’s nuclear program:

1. According to all the official International Atomic Energy Agency reports, Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and has no weapons grade Enriched Uranium (EU).

2. Atomic weapons grade material requires at least 80 percent EU—the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 had this level of enrichment.

3. The highest level of EU which Iran possesses is 20 percent.

4. Contrary to the hysterical claims put out by the Israeli government, the Jewish lobby, and their compliant servants in the controlled media, there are well-established peaceful uses for 20 percent EU.

5. Light water reactors—the world’s most commonly used nuclear power generating system for electricity, typically use uranium enriched to 3 or 5 percent.

6. Twenty percent enriched uranium is used in Research Reactors—which serve as a source for neutrons.

Research reactors are non-power generating and the neutrons produced are used for neutron scattering, non-destructive testing, analysis and testing of materials and the production of radioisotopes.

The latter product-radioisotopes—are used in smoke detectors, have numerous agricultural applications and food irradiation, pest control, archeological dating and a host of medical uses which include bone imaging, diagnostic information about the functioning of a patient’s organs, radiotherapy, and literally “tens of millions of nuclear medicine procedures.”

7. The claim that Iran’s 20 percent EU has no use “except for a weapon” is therefore, an outright lie.

8. In terms of the Geneva Agreement, Iran has even offered to place all of its 20 percent EU under strict supervision.

9. All official US intelligence reports, from 2007 to the present day, confirm that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. In the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, the Director of National Intelligence of the United States assessed that Iran had ended all “nuclear weapon design and weaponization work” in 2003.

This was confirmed in 2012, when a new report, which “represents the consensus of 16 US intelligence agencies,” indicated that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.

In summary then, there is absolutely no evidence that Iran either has a nuclear weapon, is busy building one, or even has an intention or capability to build one.

Why then, observers might well ask, the fuss?

The answer can be found in the reaction to the Geneva deal by the former head of Israeli Military Intelligence and now director of the Israeli “Institute for National Security Studies” think tank, Amos Yadlin.

He was quoted by the Times of Israel as saying that the real objective of Israel is the destruction of Iran, no matter what:

“The fall of this regime before it gets the bomb should be our objective,” Yadlin was quoted as saying.

In other words, the reason for “American” hostility towards Iran is not based on the clearly mythical “atom bomb” lies, but simply because Israel regards Iran as an enemy.

Because the Jewish lobby is so powerful in America, this hostility towards Iran is therefore reflected in “American” foreign policy—in exactly the same way that the US was dragged into the Iraq War on behalf of Israel, and exactly the same reason why America was attacked on September 11, 2001.

Final evidence that a “fear of nuclear weapons” is just an excuse for hostility towards Iran, comes with the reality that the only nuclear-weapon armed state in the Middle East is Israel.

The Jewish state is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty—unlike Iran—and has dozens of nuclear weapons at is Dimona facility in the Negev desert.

Dimona, where Israel's nuclear weapons were made.
Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear weapons were made.

Mordechai Vanunu, a former Israeli nuclear technician, provided explicit details and photographs to the London Sunday Times of Israel’s nuclear weapons program in which he had been employed for nine years. (Vanunu, who broke with Judaism, was subsequently kidnapped by the Israeli Secret Service in Italy, and spent 18 years in jail in Israel.)


Laboratory model of Israeli nuclear weapons core, taken by Mordechai Vanunu.
Laboratory model of Israeli nuclear weapons core, picture taken by Mordechai Vanunu inside Dimona   

According to the Federation of American Scientists, “[B]ased on plausible upper and lower bounds of the operating practices at the reactor, Israel could have thus produced enough plutonium for at least 100 nuclear weapons, but probably not significantly more than 200 weapons.”

If the spread of nuclear weapons was the only reason America wanted to stop Iran’s nuclear program, then there should in theory be sanctions and opprobrium over Israel’s already existing stockpile. But there is none—and the controlled media play their part in ignoring and even suppressing information about the real rogue nuclear state in the Middle East.

Unlike Iran, Israel has actually also threatened Europe with nuclear attack.

In the book, The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, by Seymour Hersh, it was revealed that Israeli bombers  with nuclear warheads would be used to strike European capital cities if Israel ever fell.

The “Samson Option” of the book’s title refers to the biblical Jewish figure Samson, who pulled down the roof on his enemies after being blinded.

This “Samson option” was explained in public by Martin Van Creveld, the Jewish professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, this way:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

“Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

The reasoning is of course stupefying: what type of illogical hatred would motivate Jews to want to nuke European cities if Arabs overran Israel?

Al of this is ignored and covered-up by the controlled media in its presentation of the Iranian nuclear issue—but, thanks to the Internet, their ability to censor the news has broken down.

Everyone can see the elephant in the room—and it is obvious who and what it is.


Why Israel Is A Threat To World Peace


Occult Forces: Our Ongoing Struggle with Freemasonry

Masonry is based on Judaism.  Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?

Source: The Jewish Tribune, New York, Oct. 28, 1927, Cheshvan 2, 5688, Vol. 91, No. 18.

There is a conspiracy against us, folks. For many of us, once we started to unravel the conspiracy a bit, we came upon the hidden hand of Freemasonry. Much has already been said on the topic, but most gatekeepers in the alternative research community refuse to make the connection to judaism, which is rather obvious.

The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish.

Source: Manual of Freemasonry, by Richard Carlile.

Upon coming to power, the National Socialists of Germany immediately set out to eliminate this criminal cabal from the country, in all of its manifestations. The purge against Freemasons was large and severe. Similar actions were taken in other “fascist” countries. Considering the tens of millions of lives that had already been lost to this jewish disease, these actions could even be considered restrained.

hidden hand

Hitler explained how Freemasonry had been used as a weapon against nationalists and why it must be stopped:

To strengthen his political position he [the Jew] tries to tear down the racial and civil barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step. To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance—and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across. The governing circles and the higher strata of the political and economic bourgeoisie are brought into his nets by the strings of Freemasonry, and never need to suspect what is happening.

Only the deeper and broader strata of the people as such, or rather that class which is beginning to wake up and fight for its rights and freedom, cannot yet be sufficiently taken in by these methods. But this is more necessary than anything else; for the Jew feels that the possibility of his rising to a dominant role exists only if there is someone ahead of him to clear the way; and this someone he thinks he can recognize in the bourgeoisie, in their broadest strata in fact. The glovemakers and linen weavers, however, cannot be caught in the fine net of Freemasonry; no, for them coarser but no less drastic means must be employed. Thus Freemasonry is joined by a second weapon in the service of the Jews: the press. With all his perseverance and dexterity he seizes possession of it. With it he slowly begins to grip and ensnare, to guide and to push all public life, since he is in a position to create and direct that power which, under the name of ‘public opinion,’ is better known today than a few decades ago.

While the international world Jew slowly but surely strangles us, our so-called patriots shouted against a man and a system which dared in one corner of the earth at least, to free themselves from the Jewish-Masonic embrace and oppose a nationalistic resistance to this international world poisoning.

The general pacifistic paralysis of the national instinct of self preservation begun by Freemasonry in the circles of the so-called intelligentsia is transmitted to the broad masses and above all to the bourgeoisie by the activity of the big papers which today are always Jewish.

The prohibition of Masonic secret societies, the persecution of the supra-national press as well as the continuous demolition of international Marxism, and, conversely, the steady reinforcement of the Fascist state conception, will in the course of the years cause the Italian Government to serve the interests of the Italian people more and more, without regard for the hissing of the Jewish world hydra.

It has been suggested that the treason committed by top brass in the German military, which played a large role in “Allied” victory, was due to a Masonic plot. The Judeo-masonic hydra had its heads (or tentacles) all over the country. This is why we need to get past the many heads and go straight for the heart.


The United States Holocaust Museum (oy vey!) has an interesting summary of how the “Nazis” dealt with Freemasonry, from which the following is excerpted:

Nazi propaganda continued to link Jews and Freemasons; Julius Streicher’s virulent publication Der Stuermer (The Assault Trooper) repeatedly printed cartoons and articles that attempted to portray a “Jewish-Masonic” conspiracy. Freemasonry also became a particular obsession of the chief of Security Police and SD, Reinhard Heydrich, who counted the Masons, along with the Jews and the political clergy, as the “most implacable enemies of the German race.” In 1935 Heydrich argued for the need to eliminate not only the visible manifestations of these “enemies,” but to root out from every German the “indirect influence of the Jewish spirit”—“a Jewish, liberal, and Masonic infectious residue that remains in the unconscious of many, above all in the academic and intellectual world.

Throughout the history of film, jews and their masons have had unquestionable dominance, but for a short period of time anti-jewish and anti-Mason films were produced. A good example is Occult Forces from 1943.


From Metapedia:

Forces occultes is a French dramatised documentary about freemasonry from 1943, particularly exposing its cronyism, corruption and duplicity. The film was directed by a former member of the Grand Orient of France for eight years, Jean Mamy and thus includes authentic footage of Masonic initiation ceremonies. After the Second World War was over, the people involved in creating the film were persecuted as an act of revenge; the producer Robert Muzard was sentenced to three years, the writer Jean Marquès-Rivière was condemned to death in his absence, while the producer Jean Mamy was executed at the fortress of Montrouge.

In the film, a young politician Pierre Avenel, set in the French Third Republic is sick of the narrow party-political game in parliament which is degenerating the country; he criticises the capitalists for their greed and the communists for their manipulation of the masses for their own self-seeking ends. Naive and looking for solutions, he is approached by freemasons, who tell him that their organisation is about “progress” and upstanding “morality”, so he joins the lodge. There he finds a strange world of intimidating oaths and pledges to serve the brotherhood.

Remember that this film was made as a horrific war was raging across Europe.

If a “helping hand” is ever offered to you, and you realize there is a hidden hand involved, it would be best to decline the offer.



White Awakening: Activating the Agents of Change

Today much debate surrounds the European community and the pro-White cause regarding how best to stimulate change within the Western world. I would argue that awakening those who will inevitably drive change is of paramount importance, as it will be from this small, superior gene pool that tomorrow’s leaders and challengers to the state will come from. It is the elite from every society who mold and shape future paradigm’s; manipulating reality thus creating, achieving and putting things into motion, becoming unstoppable. And it is we Aryans who are the true elite of society, unlike the false gods of today’s democracies, as seen via corrupt politicians, dishonest bankster’s and other unclean filth masquerading as Homo sapiens. For example, one simply needs look to the German communist, Angela Merkel, who has invited the third world into Europe to understand the danger of allowing lunatics into power.

One must always remember the masses are naturally inert, awaiting input from a stimulus, such as the mass media or various politicians and authority figures (for example, the church); and it is these chosen gods who motivate and steer the masses in the wrong direction. Those of us who have been appointed a different path via Natural Law (and Nature’s wisdom) have a job to do and it is simple,  yet seemingly infinitely difficult, and it is to awaken as many individuals as possible whom are asleep within the strict confines of the inanimate herd, thereby cultivating and motivating said leaders, intellectuals and patriots for the pro-White cause. Be the stimulus, be the cause, create discomfort for the enemy, as you speak the truth and only the truth! Never, ever lie, as lying suggests weakness and fear, further empowering the enemy. Do not embolden the enemy, but speak plainly and in a forthright manner. Never forget the enemy is but a cockroach in a dirty and dark room. Be the light!

Two future choices will inevitably lie before us, as the world is brought to the brink of ruin and thus damnation. One path leads to that of International Socialism (communism and world jewry) and the other path to National Socialism (Nationalism and caring for one’s brethren). They are naturally diametrically opposed to one another, like oil and water. There cannot ever be another way forwards again, as all other paths besides that of National Socialism (democracy, libertarianism, anarchism, capitalism, christianity, et. cetera) are unnatural and therefore wrong. International Socialism is a jewish paradigm based upon the lowest of vibrations, such as malice, greed and envy, being a concept invented wholly by the jew to advance jewish interests. Be not the eternal jew, but embrace your grand Aryan ideals and become what you are truly meant to be; a free man or free woman reaching towards the loftiest heights that only the Aryan mind can attain, whilst being grounded of healthy and wholesome stock and deeply cognizant of your destiny, that of blood and soil. Democracy is dead, having breathed its last dying gasps upon a bloodstained field, having been struck down by the blackest spear of the cruelest night. Democracy was a noble concept, but was doomed to fail from the start, as mob rule or rule by the masses can only be too easily manipulated. Perhaps, a generation or two can withstand the machinations of Le Happy Merchant, but the jews are entirely Saturnian in nature and thus will simply bide their time, weaving black spells amongst Roman ruins; wailing and thrusting upon the feminine, creating above and so below via sex magic rituals, awaiting that moment to entrap the unwary. Anyway, I for one would never willingly submit to rule by evil, weak and ineffectual men (or women) who have not achieved via meritocracy. Also, it is fact that the false elite fear and hate those they rule over, thus the draconian laws in use throughout the Western world. For example, Holohoax laws are used to further subjugate White Europeans, forcing those within many European countries to take the knee before their jew and masonic overlords.

The true elite (our natural Aryan Aristocracy), on the other hand, fears nothing and no one, as we rule by Natural Law (by right), following Nature’s rules and wisdom as the old tribes of Europe did millennia ago. Eventually, most White men and White woman of the fittest European stock will awaken to the warm, loving embrace of National Socialism, and thus become truth, the catalyst required for permanent world change. Finally, I believe the military and police are full of such individuals; individuals who value beauty, nobility and order, which are virtues of the fittest Aryan stock. These men and woman will eventually step into line, throwing off our judaeo-masonic shackles which bind us all, as they acknowledge a life under International Socialism would be unbearable to the extreme, as this anti-life paradigm annihilates all that is natural and thus good. Our time will come and you must be awake, aware and ready to act, thereby fulfilling your true destiny. An ancient destiny, which ties and binds us all in blood and soil, free from tyranny and oppression, as free as our ancient forefathers, who walked amongst the cold, windswept lands, long before the too numerous alien races made their way into our European homeland.


Getting Played: The Illuminati Card Game

The first Illuminati Game was created by Steve Jackson, who was inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s 1975Illuminatus! Trilogy. The first iteration of the game went on the market in 1982, with expansion packs released over the next few years. An introduction to the rulebook for the Illuminati Expansion Set 1 (1983), written by Robert Shea, states:

Maybe the Illuminati are behind this game. They must be—they are, by definition, behind everything.

In 1994 Jackson released the Illuminati: New World Order, the collectible card game, which has garnered significant attention since its release, since many events depicted on the cards seemingly came to life in the “real” world. Either Steve Jackson had access to Doc Brown’s Delorian, was able to peer into the future, was a member of the Illuminati and had access to their future plans, or maybe it’s all a “coincidence”.


For example, a few years after the game was released, Princess Di was murdered in Paris.

Sure, this could be a coincidence, but I used this example to show how cards can be played together.

The strongest example of predicting future events is seen with the 9/11 terror attacks.

illuminati cards

Pretty uncanny, right? Or maybe I am just being one of those “conspiracy theorists”..


In order to control the conspiracy theories and growing dissent, they have their own men controlling the opposition.


What are we supposed to think when these game cards just seem to match up to reality time and again?

First there was the BP oil spill..

oil spill from illuminati card game

.. and then the Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by a tidal wave.


There is a card that seems to show the backlash Obama has been receiving for his unpopular policies. There was even a story from earlier this year about Kenyan leaders threatening to have Obama pelted with rotten eggs if he preached the virtues of buttsex in their country.


Some people are even saying that a card resembling Donald Trump indicates he might be assassinated, but perhaps it is saying that Donald might be the one sending out the hit squads.


One of the biggest shake-ups in the alternative media has been over the issue of the flat earth and NASA fakery.


People laugh, but the Flat Earthers know something.

As the debate over the shape of the planet was raging, blacks at Missouri were raising a ruckus, while cuckolded America did everything possible to make them feel better.

While this was going on an event took place on Friday the 13th in Paris.

The terror attack was allegedly carried out by Jihadists, which many people are accepting, but others are claiming it was a Mossad job, causing yet another rift.

Still others are suggesting that it was an elaborate hoax..


.. carried out by the jewish media masters to further the aims of Greater Israel.

I will leave it up to you to form your own conclusions as to what this all could mean and what the purpose of this “game” really is.

Kyle Hunt

Kyle Hunt is the publisher of the Renegade Tribune and the founder of Renegade Broadcasting, where he hosts The Solar Storm. He also organized the 2014 White Man March and created the film adaptation of Hellstorm.


Jew Attacks “Dirty Goy” Christian on University Campus (9-minute video)

We will be back in harness tomorrow with more serious political commentary after the Christmas break. 

Meanwhile, here is a must-watch video of a psychopathic, homosexual, atheistical Jew having a hissy fit on campus at the University of California, Berkeley. He blames Christianity and White people for everything he doesn’t like. If anyone belongs in a mental institution, it’s this raving lunatic. 

9-minute video

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NEO – Will the World Survive Obama’s Last Year?

We have come a long way from our Founding Fathers who warned us to always be away of what our government was really doing or we would suffer for it… by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  … with New Eastern Outlook, MoscowAmerica used the scum of the earth to attack Ukraine, under the black flag of "pursuing our interests"[ Editor’s Note: As we come to the close of 2015, it has been an exceptionally busy year for us. Despite the victories against the neoConzies, where we beat them by getting the Iran nuclear scam exposed for what it was — a complete fraud to set the stage for a war against that country — the Obama administration has kept several undeclared wars going.Ukraine had turned into the slam dunk disaster that we forewarned about at the beginning of the Maidan CIA coup. Although all of the hoax claims of Russian aggression have been shot down in flames, no one at the State Department nor the US NATO command, nor the White House, has jumped off a bridge to make some moral restitution to the American people and the world.

But even worse, America’s institutions, have stood down completely from standing against the foreign policy insanity. This includes virtually all the veterans associations, where weaning them off their focus on benefits and their love of fluff stuff is like pulling teeth.

We find more interest among common citizens for fighting against the political criminals in the US power structure than we do in the military structure, where playing it safe seems to be their top priority. More than a few rubber stamp every aggressive foreign policy announcement with joy, similar to winning a modest lotto.

Frankly, they don’t see it as their job. They are philosophically AWOL, and have not suffered any negative publicity for it, so they see no reason to change. The church community is in the same boat… “not our job, man”, despite the huge moral issues at stake, with American foreign policy having become the biggest killer on the planet, and yet there is no real rage.

This puts all of us here at home at huge risk — those who are willing to fight — because it is proven that when “they” come for us, we can expect nothing from our American institutions, in terms of fighting back. They will keep their heads down to focus on their own skins, and yet wave tiny flags and chant “God Bless America” on cue whenever asked toJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  December 27, 2015 –

Mr. Hope and Change

Why does the world have to be concerned about American politics? The answer is simple, if you are going to die in your home with your family torn to pieces around you, chances are it will be America killing you.

Americans are quite aware of this and although the majority don’t approve of America’s insane foreign policy, the right wing Republican Party, the “opposition” not only does, they don’t think Obama is doing enough killing and certainly not in enough places.

So, the world is stuck living and dying under the shadow of Washington politics, with Obama’s frightening policies representing the “moderate” point of view and, in the wings a dozen madmen await, promising American armies across Africa and the Middle East, American hegemony in the Far East and nuclear annihilation for anyone who objects.

Is this really how it is? The answer, which is a resounding “yes,” is only history repeating itself. You see, best information out there, leaked detailed investigative reports from the US government indicate that 9/11 was staged by an international cabal. Yes, Saudi Arabia was involved.

When these documents were sent from Russia in May of 2014, citing not only Saudi Arabia but a very different “cabal” of political and financial leaders — American, Canadian, Israeli and South African, backed by rogue groups in the CIA and Pentagon and backed by Saudi and Israeli intelligence — sent from Russia and published in Veterans Today only (after being refused by CNN), no one heard what they wanted to hear.

There were no Islamic extremists, no bin Laden, only the secretive and powerful, names like “Bronfman” or “Netanyahu.” Nobody was hiding in caves, not the real perpetrators, same as today with ISIS, the terror group run from boardrooms in Zurich and London, not from tunnels under Mosul.

Four horsemen of the apocalypse

Why we take a look at this now is that Bush-era history may well be repeating itself. His brother Jeb is a presidential frontrunner; Donald Trump, a total unknown may be elected as well, and so many others, all working for the shady Koch Brothers and Israeli gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, are looking for a world war.

All have one thing in common, war with Russia, a worldwide police state with universal surveillance and what is less understood, environmental collapse that will inexorably lead to world depopulation.

What we also need to look at, why I hesitantly mention 9/11 and the proven facts, nuclear weapons planted under the “triple towers,” arrests of Mossad teams across New York, radio jammers that block first responder communications, suspects flown out of the country, two planeloads of Saudis and Israeli…we are seeing it all again.

Now it is called “ISIS,” the exact same marriage of Israeli and Saudi intelligence, with Erdogan thrown into the mix, working hand in hand with the CIA and Pentagon, caught over and over commanding ISIS units, supplying their weapons and pouring in cash from what is now exposed by Russia to be a massive oil trade that everyone knew about all along.

Not only are the players the same for ISIS but the Ukraine as well, for Boko Harum, for al Shebab in Kenya and East Africa, for the new expanded war in Afghanistan and a new terror war now sweeping across Europe and into the US as well.

But then, what does this have to do with American politics? What does it have to do with Obama?

Can American Survive Bush Three - From a National Security View?

Seven years ago, Obama came on the scene addressing world Muslims, offering peace, offering Americans justice and a new direction. In America, Obama’s domestic policies have led to relative economic successes, while Obama and the Democratic Party have fought for worker’s rights, health and education and a return to voting rights.

Under Obama’s watch, however, police murders have either increased or have begun being reported after years of silence, we don’t know which is true, the “Arab Springs” have thrown a hundred million people into a political disaster – now clearly a CIA plot – and the Cold War is back on, based on another Mossad/CIA plot in Ukraine.

What is, or at least seems to be insane, are the moves in the opposite direction as well, the nuclear agreement with Iran and the recent Syrian accord with Russia, to name a few.

Thus, we have Obama and Kerry one moment spouting the most obvious and clumsy lies and following genocidal policies, particularly toward Iran, Syria, Russia and China, while only a short time later coming to the bargaining table with competent and rational initiatives.

This is pure schizophrenia.

There is no question that Russia has been pushed into drawing a line in Syria against American aggression. Whatever anyone says, particularly how Obama is failing to fight ISIS, those who voice the most concerns about ISIS are those who helped found ISIS and continue to support that terrorist group. We are talking not only Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey but America’s Right, the same people who helped stage 9/11 in order to create an atmosphere of fear.

As a minor aside, we ask a simple question: “What is the difference between the power mad NSA (National Security Agency) that intercepts world communications and Google Corporation?”

The answer to this is simple, “none.”

Thus, where in seven years, Obama failed to bring America into the light, pushing the world into a New Cold War and Europe into a period of political insanity not seen since August 1914. The same tired players — the American political gangsters, the McCain and Romney cartel, tied to Mexico’s Salinas family, the Adelson empire out of Macao and the Rothschild-Rockefeller “Federal Reserve Cartel” that controls world currency and banking — wield the real power.

This is what we are really seeing, an America ruled at an overt level by scamsters and criminals, oil, defense, insurance, nuclear power and coal, hand in hand with drug cartels and powerful families like the Walton/Walmart group.

Behind this, there is no “America” as such, only a thin “front” for channeling military power into the hands of worldwide organized crime, more than “multi-generational,” more like “millennial.”

Empire of Chaos Preparing For More Fireworks in 2016

By Pepe Escobar


In his seminal ‘Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization,’ Bryan Ward-Perkins writes, “Romans before the fall were as certain as we are today that their world would continue forever… They were wrong. We would be wise not to repeat their complacency.”

The Empire of Chaos, today, is not about complacency. It’s about hubris – and fear. Ever since the start of the Cold War the crucial question has been who would control the great trading networks of Eurasia – or the “heartland”, according to Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861–1947), the father of geopolitics.

We could say that for the Empire of Chaos, the game really started with the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953, when the US finally encountered, face to face, that famed Eurasia crisscrossed for centuries by the Silk Road(s), and set out to conquer them all.

Only six decades later, it’s clear there won’t be an American Silk Road in the 21st century, but rather, just like its ancient predecessor, a Chinese one. Beijing’s push for what it calls “One Belt, One Road” is inbuilt in the 21st century conflict between the declining empire and Eurasia integration. Key subplots include perennial NATO expansion and the empire’s obsession in creating a war zone out of the South China Sea.

As the Beijing-Moscow strategic partnership analyses it, the oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos are bent on the encirclement of Eurasia – considering they may be largely excluded from an integration process based on trade, commerce and advanced communication links.

Beijing and Moscow clearly identify provocation after provocation, coupled with relentless demonization. But they won’t be trapped, as they’re both playing a very long game.

Russian President Vladimir Putin diplomatically insists on treating the West as “partners”. But he knows, and those in the know in China also know, these are not really “partners”. Not after NATO’s 78-day bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Not after the purposeful bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Not after non-stop NATO expansionism. Not after a second Kosovo in the form of an illegal coup in Kiev. Not after the crashing of the oil price by Gulf petrodollar US clients. Not after the Wall Street-engineered crashing of the ruble. Not after US and EU sanctions. Not after the smashing of Chinese A shares by US proxies on Wall Street. Not after non-stop saber rattling in the South China Sea. Not after the shooting down of the Su-24.

It’s only a thread away

A quick rewind to the run-up towards the downing of the Su-24 is enlightening. Obama met Putin. Immediately afterwards Putin met Khamenei. Sultan Erdogan had to be alarmed; a serious Russian-Iranian alliance was graphically announced in Teheran. That was only a day before the downing of the Su-24.

France’s Hollande met Obama. But then Hollande met Putin. Erdogan was under the illusion he fabricated the perfect pretext for a NATO war, to be launched following Article 5 of the NATO Charter. Not by accident failed state Ukraine was the only country to endorse – in haste – the downing of the Su-24. Yet NATO itself recoiled – somewhat in horror; the empire was not ready for nuclear war.

At least not yet. Napoleon knew history turns on a slender thread. As much as Cold War 2.0 remains in effect we were, and will remain, just a thread away from nuclear war.

Whatever happens in the so-called Syrian peace process the proxy war between Washington and Moscow will continue. Hubristic US Think-Tank Land  can’t see it any other way.

For Exceptionalist neocons and neoliberalcons alike, the only digestible endgame is a partition of Syria. The Erdogan system would gobble up the north. Israel would gobble up the oil-rich Golan Heights. And House of Saud proxies would gobble up the eastern desert.

Russia literally bombed all these elaborate plans to ashes because the next step after partition would feature Ankara, Riyadh – and a “leading from behind” Washington – pushing a Jihadi Highway all the way north to the Caucasus as well as Central Asia and Xinjiang (there are already at least 300 Uyghurs fighting for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.) When all else fails, nothing like a Jihadi Highway plunged as a dagger in the body of Eurasia integration.

In the Chinese front, whatever “creative” provocations the Empire of Chaos may come up with, they won’t derail Beijing’s aims in the South China Sea – that vast basin crammed with unexplored oil and gas wealth and prime naval highway to and from China. Beijing is inevitably configuring itself by 2020 as a formidable haiyang qiangguo – a naval power.

Washington may supply $250 million in military “aid” to Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia for the next two years, but that’s mostly irrelevant. Whatever “creative” imperial ideas would have to take into account, for instance, the DF-21D “carrier killer” ballistic missile, with a 2,500 km range and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

On the economic front, Washington-Beijing will remain prime proxy war territory. Washington pushes the TPP – or NATO on trade pivoting to Asia? It’s still a Sisyphean task, because the 12 member nations need to ratify it, not least the US featuring an extremely hostile Congress.

Against this American one-trick pony, Xi Jinping, for his part, is deploying a complex three-pronged strategy; China’s own counterpunch to the TPP, the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP); the immensely ambitious “One Belt, One Road”; and the means to finance a tsunami of projects, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – the Chinese counter-punch to the World Bank and the US-Japan-controlled Asian Development Bank (ADB).

For Southeast Asia, for instance, the numbers tell the story. Last year, China was the top ASEAN partner, to the tune of $367 billion. This will grow exponentially with One Belt, One Road – which will absorb $200 billion in Chinese investment up to 2018.

Heart of Darkness – revisited

Prospects for Europe are nothing but bleak. French-Iranian researcher Farhad Khosrokhavar has been one of the few who identified the crux of the problem. A jihadi reserve army across Europe will continue to feed on batallions of excluded youth in poor inner cities. There is no evidence EU neoliberalcons will be fostering sound socio-economic policies to extract these alienated masses from the ghettos, employing new forms of socialization.

So the escape route will continue to be a virus-like version of Salafi-jihadism, sold by wily, PR-savvy profiteers as a symbol of resistance; the only counter-ideology available on the market. Khosrokhavar defined it as the neo-umma – an “effervescent community that never existed historically”, but now openly inviting any young European, Muslim or otherwise, afflicted by an identity crisis.

In parallel, on our way into a full 15 years of the endless neocon war against independent states in the Middle East, the Pentagon will be turbo-charging an unlimited expansion of some of its existing bases – from Djibouti in the Horn of Africa to Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan – into “hubs”.

From sub-Saharan Africa to Southwest Asia, expect a hub boom, all of them merrily hosting Special Forces; the operation was described by Pentagon supremo Ash “Empire of Whining” Carter as “essential”; “Because we cannot predict the future, these regional nodes – from Moron, Spain to Jalalabad, Afghanistan – will provide forward presence to respond to a range of crises, terrorist and other kinds. These will enable unilateral crisis response, counter-terror operations, or strikes on high-value targets.”

It’s all here: unilateral Exceptionalistan in action against anyone who dares to defy imperial diktats.

From Ukraine to Syria, and all across MENA (Middle East and North Africa), the proxy war between Washington and Moscow, with higher and higher stakes, won’t abate. Imperial despair over the irreversible Chinese ascent also won’t abate. As the New Great Game picks up speed, and Russia supplies Eurasian powers Iran, China and India with missile defense systems beyond anything the West has, get used to the new normal; Cold War 2.0 between Washington and Beijing-Moscow.

I leave you with Joseph Conrad, writing in Heart of Darkness:

“There is a taint of death, a flavor or mortality in lies….To tear treasure out of the bowels of the land was their desire, with no more moral purpose at the back of it than there is in burglars breaking into a safe….We could not understand because we were too far and could not remember, because we were traveling in the night of first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign – and no memories…”





NWO – Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Aleister Crowley on the cover of the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Ban

As we have seen, any categorical and metaphysical denial of the moral order will inexorably lead to radical deceptions and sometimes covert operations.

Freemasonry, as a secret society and judaizing movement, is not only part of those deceptions but is congruent with Jewish magic and mysticism.[1] Only those in the upper echelon actually know what is exactly going on. As Jones documents,

“The deeper the adept penetrates, the more Talmudic are the mysteries revealed to him. The Rosicrusian, for example, is taught the inscription INRI which was nailed to the Cross means not Iesus Nazarensis Rex Iudeorum, but rather the ‘Iew of Nazareth Led into Iudea,’ a reading which deprives Christ of his divinity and reasserts the Talmudic calumny that Christ was a common criminal who deserved to be executed:

“‘As soon as the candidate has proved that he understands the Masonic meaning of this inscription INRI, the Master exclaims, My dear Brethren, the word is found again, and all present applaud this luminous discovery, that—He whose death was the consummation and the grand mystery of the Christian Religion was no more than a common Jew crucified for his crimes.’

“To be initiated into the higher degrees of Freemasonry, the adept must agree to become an assassin of the assassin of Adoniram. He must be willing to assassinate Christ and his representatives on earth.

“The revolutionary intent of Freemasonry becomes clear when the adept is informed that he must be willing to kill the king. Mystical Masonry is synonymous with Revolution. ”[2]

Quoting Barruel, Jones writes,

“When the adept sallies forth from the cavern with the reeking head, he cries Nekom (I have killed him)….

“The adept is informed that till now he has only been partially admitted to the truth; that Equality and Liberty, which had constituted the first secret on his admission into Masonry, consisted in recognizing no superior on earth, and in viewing Kings and Pontiffs in another light than as men on a level with their fellow men, having no rights to sit on the throne, or to serve at the altar, but what the people had granted them.”[3]

Kinsey and Kenneth Anger at Croley's Abbey of Thelema

What a coincidence that Aleister Crowley, a 33rd degree mason who ended up having a master effect on pop music, who held “group orgies” as part of his regular rituals (including small children), and who ended up influencing sex perverts  such as Alfred Kinsey,[4]also performed similar rituals. During one particular ceremony, he blasphemed Christ and intoned his own malediction:

“Lo, Jesus of Nazareth, how thou art taken in my snare. All my life long thou hast plagued me and affronted me. In thy name—with all other free souls in Christendom—I have been tortured in my boyhood; all delights have been forbidden unto me, and that which is owed to me they pay not—in thy name.

“Now at last I have thee…the Slave-God is in the power of the Lord of Freedoom…Give thou place to me, O Jesus; thine eon is passed; the Age of Horus is arisen by the Master the Great Beast that is a man…

“I To Mega Therion therefore condemn thee Jesus the Slave-God to be mocked and spat upon and scourged and then crucified.”[5]

Some scholars would point out that “Rosicrucianism played an important role in the formation of Freemasonry.”[6] If that is the case, then we have another piece of evidence on our hands which clearly indicates that a marriage between Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism is almost unavoidable.

Denis Diderot

Both Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, at their eventual root, sought to denigrate and attack Christ and this was very important during the French Revolution. Since that was the case, again the marriage between the French Revolution and Jewish movements were two sides of the same coin.

Isaac M. Wise wrote in 1866 that “Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”[7]

There are some scholars on the other end of the spectrum who would argue that Freemasonry played little or no part in the French Revolution, despite the fact that it was widespread and was embraced by the philosophes. R. R. Palmer somewhat ascribes to that position. He writes,

“The Masonic lodges provided a kind of international network of like-minded people. Their existence facilitated the circulation of ideas. But the lodges took no orders from any headquarters, their members never acted as a group, and their very taste for elaborate mystification made them innocuous if not ridiculous in real political life.”[8]

The French Revolution, as we have seen, belies this claim. To reemphasize, the Encyclopedists were almost exclusively Freemasons and had one abiding principle: to attack the moral order in all its areas and to replace it with their own agenda, which they called “Reason.”

The Encyclopedists really wanted to cross the sexual Rubicon. For example, Diderot’s 1748 novel Les Bijous Indiscretswas “midly pornographic…”[9]

Moreover, if the “Masonic lodges provided a kind of international network,” and the Encyclopedists were intellectually and politically agitating the masses and anyone who would listen to take actions in the Revolution, it is irrational and irresponsible to say that Freemasonry played little role in political life.

Isaac M. Wise

Jewish historian Margaret C. Jacob ascribes to a somewhat more irresponsible view of the Masonic lodges. She writes that the lodges did not seek to create revolution, but

“sought to inculcate civic virtue. They placed a great emphasis on living by laws and constitutions, on voting and oratory, and on charitable works.”[10]

There were indeed some Catholics who were members of the Masonic lodges, and there are even some sodomites who have crept in over the years,[11] thanks to the sexual undercover work of Wilhelm Reich.[12]

But the Catholic Church in general has always opposed Freemasonry from its inception largely because they view it as a dark, secret, and anti-Christian activity, which only a select few are allowed to know.

In 1738, the Pope condemned Freemasonry because it was perceived to be not only anti-Christian but subversive.[13] Of course Freemasonry does mention a form of “brotherhood” for the initiates, but the higher one goes, the more things change and the more he learns about the ideas that lurk beneath the surface.

Jacob can see that Freemasonry played at least some role in the French Revolution, but she still cannot explain the fact that the revolutionaries were almost all Freemasons. To cite again philo-Semitic historian Will Durant, the Masonic lodge

bijous“served as a refuge for deists and as a center of political intrigue; it became a channel of English influence, and prepared the way for the philosophers.”[14]

If Masonic lodges “provided members with an opportunity to orate, to vote, to pay dues, and to abide by rules and constitutions,”[15] why did hundreds of Catholic priests who did not agree with the Masonic revolution have to die?

Why did “executions” actually “become a daily ritual, producing a Reign of Terror” which left more than thirty thousand people dead between 1793 and 1794?[16] Scholar Michael Allen Gillespie writes,

“the Reign of Terror had an extraordinary impact on the intellectual elite of its time, shattering their faith that reason could rule the world, that progress was inevitable, and that the spread of enlightenment would usher in an age of peace, prosperity, and human freedom.

“The Terror convinced them that when universal reason came to power it wore a devil’s mask and opened up the gates not of heaven but of hell.”[17]

I would slightly disagree with Gillespie here. The Reign of Terror was not based on reason but on essentially Masonic principles, which ended up using universal reason as a pretension.

As we have already seen, the philosophes who were committed to the Enlightenment project were overwhelmingly freemasons—and Voltaire was no exception.

After he was initiated into the Nine Sisters Lodge of the Freemasons, the chairman of the lodge made a speech with respect to Voltaire’s initiation, saying,

“We swear to help our brothers, but you have been the founder of an entire colony which adores you and which overflows with your benefactions…You, much beloved brother, have been a Freemason before you received the degree…and you have fulfilled the obligations of a Freemason before you promised to keep them.”[18]

In other words, according to the chairman, Voltaire’s revolutionary ideology was consistent with Freemasonry even when Voltaire was not aware of it. In fact, Voltaire constantly received positive accolades from the Lodge.[19] Why?

Because Voltaire, according to Will Durant’s own assessment, was weakening the Church’s political power.[20] And this was fully congruent with the Masonic lodge.

Some, like Jacques-Rene Hebert, “followed Voltairean rationalism, encouraged the desecration of churches, and set up the public worship of the Goddess of Reason” by 1793.[21]

palmerEric Hobsbawn can talk about a “fairly coherent social group” that gave the French Revolution “effective unity,” including Freemasonry,[22] and moves on to say, “If there was a flourishing religion among the eighteenth century elite, it was rationalist, illuminist and anti-clerical Freemasonry.”[23]

According to this premise, it simply does not make sense to say that Freemasonry had no effect on the French Revolution. In the end, Jacob had to admit that Freemasonry had some role in the revolution:

“Unquestionably, the Masonic lodges and prominent Freemasons did play a political role in the revolution, but it would be naïve to imagine that they conspired to bring it about. History simply does not work that way.

“Yet…it would be naïve to imagine that Masonic lodges…possess no discernible political ideology and interest.”[24]

If they did not conspire to bring it about, who was the culprit? Or does Jacob try to tell us that the revolution happened by itself?

When the French Revolution broke out, the Masonic Encyclopedists who presumably preached “Reason” and Liberte, L’egalite, and Fraternite had to persecute the Catholics who opposed the Revolution in the first place.

This “fraternity,” as it turned out, was only all-inclusive so long that one did not stand in opposition to the fraternity. Barruel had to flee to London in order to save his skin.

About 8,000 to 10,000 Catholics also had to take refuge in Protestant England. Both Edmund Burke and King George III made great efforts to rescue Catholics in France during that period.[25]

Jacob treats Barruel’s work as “paranoia,” but cannot help to use it as a way to “approach” the study of “European history.”[26]

collaborationFreemasonry seems to have lain dormant after the French Revolution among intellectual revolutionaries, but it got its reprisal in the twentieth century—this time during World War II. One individual who was doing research on this very subject was noted French historian Bernard Fay.

Fay was educated at Harvard, became a professor of history at College de France, and eventually became the general administrator of the Bibliotheque Nationale.

Fay began to search the archives in order to give a detailed account of Freemasonry and how it was largely the backdrop of the French Revolution. Not only that, Fay saw that Freemasonry was having a come-back in his own time. Fay was what one might call an “archivist,” that is, he believed in documented evidence.

Fay’s account here is taken from Barbara Will. Building her argument from Jacques Derrida’s premise, Will faults Fay for what Derrida called “archive fever.”[27]

Summoning Derrida to build her case proves to be detrimental to Will’s cause, because Derrida did not believe in objective truth. For Derrida, archives can never lead to truth—on the contrary, archives “work against stable or positivistic knowledge or historical meaning.”[28]

“The archive,” Derrida tells us, “always works…against itself.”[29] If they always do, then why do we have them? Well, for Derrida, archivists are compulsively “sick” because they seek knowledge in archives.[30] Once again following Derrida’s premise, Will writes,

“And as someone who staked his entire career on archival knowledge, Bernard Fay also succumbed to the fever that would work against this knowledge, leading his career down ever more paranoid and delusional paths.”[31]

Bernard Fay

The only way that Derrida could come up with these ridiculous ideas was because he was following the ideological tenets of postmodernism, which is Jewish in its intellectual orientation. As such, he had to dismiss any document that might lead one closer to the truth.

As Jones puts it, “Political correctness was the final expression of the Talmudic redefinition of American discourse which had begun in the ‘70s under the direction of Jewish critical theories like [Stanley] Fish and Derrida.”[32]

After Derrida delivered a lecture at Johns Hopkins University on deconstructionism, postmodernism began to take shape not only in academia but in culture as well. Lawrence D. Kritzman, Brian J. Reilly, and Malcolm DeBevoise tell us,

“With this paper [La structure, le signe, et le jeus dans le discourse des sciences humaines] the incipient movement was effectively launched: for the first time the elements of the poststructuralist program were laid out as part of an inquiry that was utterly different from the one that had prevailed under the name of structuralism in the strict sense.”[33]

Derrida was a revolutionary, and he made no apology when he wrote:

“It is true that my interest in literature, diaries, journals in general, also signified a typical, stereotypical revolt against the family.

“My passion for Nietzsche, Rousseau, and also Gide, whom I read a lot at that time, meant among other things: ‘Families, I hate you.’ I thought of literature as the end of the family, and of the society it represented, even if that family was also, on the other hand, persecuted.”[34]

derrida (1)Literature, then, was for Derrida a weapon with which he could attack ultimate truth. He put it quite bluntly:

“If the philosophical question seemed at least as necessary to me, this is perhaps because I had a presentiment that there could be sometimes an innocence or irresponsibility, or even an impotence, in literature.

“Not only can one say everything in literature without there being any consequences, I thought, no doubt naively, but at bottom the writer as such does not ask the question of the essence of literature.”[35]

If postmodernism/relativism is true, then there is no need for historical scholarship, for any “text” is relative to all other “texts,” though they may pronounce completely contradictory statements.

Furthermore, since no ultimate truth exists in the end, one statement is as valid as another. Consistent with this frame of mind is the idea that there is no need to sift fact from fiction, truth from error; astronomy is no better than astrology, chemistry is no better than alchemy.

Will would have made a much more historically rigorous point had she not relied on Derrida’s self-defeating philosophy to draw some of her conclusions. As Professor R. V. Young of North Carolina State University put it, “Rather than a frontal assault on metaphysics, Derrida proposes subversion from within.”[36]

Sarah Hammerschlag

Similarly, late French philosopher Maurice Blanchot implicitly argued that Derrida’s Deconstructionism is rabbinic in its ideological orientation. This led scholar Sarah Hammerschlag to say, “This rabbinic reading could be intended to remind Derrida that he may be closer to Judaism that he would expect.”[37]Hammerschlag moves on to declare that

“Judaism, as it signifies in modernity, develops a particular political and ethical importance in his thought: it appears as one of the key sites through which he highlights his concerns with the problems of negotiating between political/philosophical claims to universality and structures of exclusivity…being Jewish becomes the very site at which the very possibility of such an opposition can be deconstructed.

“Moreover, he sees being Jewish as the key site and the source for deconstruction itself: ‘Being-Jewish would be more than and the other than the simple strategic or methodological lever of a general deconstruction, it would be the experience of deconstruction itself, its chance, its menace, its destiny, its earthquake.”[38]

ChurchillWills writes that Fay began to cooperate with Nazi Germany, which eventually took the lives of hundreds of Freemasons. Yet whenever Fay declares something that seems to contradict her thesis, she doesn’t believe him. She writes,

“Fay would later claim that he hid the volume [archival documents about freemasonry] from Nazi seizure; at his trial, he even brought forward evidence from a French Freemason thanking Fay for having ‘done excellent work’ in saving Masonic archives from the occupying forces.”

Yet even then, Will declares that “it is also interesting to speculate about other motives driving Fay—this historian of Freemasonry turned ideologue and inquisitor—to hoard Masonic archives in his private home.”

In order to make this point, Will admits that she had to step “outside of history for a moment.”[39]

It is conceivable that Nazi Germany would persecute Freemasons, for Hitler himself was anti-mason.[40] Propaganda against Freemasonry was quite rampant in the Third Reich.[41]

Put simply, both Derrida and Will are not interested in archival documents, even though Will quotes some archival documents in her book (only to prove her points), which make the story even more ambiguous. According to Will’s account,

“According to information presented at Fay’s 1946 trial, six thousand Freemasons were directly questioned or placed under surveillance over the course of the war, 989 were deported to concentration camps, and 549 were killed, either by firing squad or through deportation.”[42]

She admits, however, “No document exists that directly links Fay to these deportations or killings; whatever involvement he had in the system that facilitated these actions was steps removed from their terrible final outcome.”[43]

Some would tend to lean toward the view that Fay was an anti-Semite, but Will again writes,

“Fay had enough Jewish friends before and during the war—including, of course, Gertrude Stein…The list of Fay’s Jewish supporters at his trial reinforces this claim, as do attestations by even the most critical of his colleagues. One Jewish friend, Denise Aime Azam, was vocal enough in her support of Fay to call him her protector during the war.”[44]

Will agrees that Fay was not an anti-Semite.[45] But Will seems to find it puzzling that Masonic members around that time were largely Jews, and Fay was radically anti-Masonic.[46] As a result, Will declares,

“Beyond a few chosen exceptions, the Jews and their unhappy fate mattered little to Bernard Fay. They were casualties of the ‘cleaning-up operations’ required to purge France of a century and a half of democratic decadence.”[47]


The French Revolution and its bloody aftermath clearly indicated that Winston Churchill’s bold declaration was more plausible than he ever imagined, that the West ultimately faces two opposite but powerful worldviews: the divine and the diabolical.

The diabolical worldview is based on the rejection of the divine plan, and both are at war with each other. This ideological and cosmic war, which historically began at the foot of the cross, will continue until the end of history, and we just happened to be in middle of this war.

Moreover, the diabolical worldview has a long list of devoted disciples. As Churchill himself put it,

“From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

“It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”[48]

Churchill also said that

“Of all the tyrannies in history, the Bolshevist tyranny is the worst, the most destructive, and most degrading. Bolshevism is not a policy, it is a disease…

“Civilization is being completely extinguished over gigantic areas while Bolsheviks hop and caper like troops of ferocious baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”[49]

Katy Perry's Dark Horse

At the metaphysical and categorical level, it is either the implications of Logos or Talmudic/diabolic thought that will eventually dominate the West.

We are seeing this in pop music as well, where the principles that make up the Illuminati and Freemasonry have already been embraced by people like Jimmy Page, late Jim Morrison of the Doors, David Bowie, Sting, Daryl Hall, Marilyn Manson, Prince, late Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. New Masonic puppets like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Rihanna are no exceptions.[50]

In the political realm, the subversion of the West has been going on in a subliminal way. For example, neo-Bolsheviks subvert America and in the process America, through Wall Street bankers and the CIA, began to subvert other countries and even America with drugs, torture, and other destructive means.

Countries such as Guatemala, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan were and perhaps still are, in the words of Peter Dale Scott of the University of California, “CIA clients.”[51]


Talmudic/Zionist/neo-Bolshevik thought represents the end of the West and every reasonable person must stand in opposition to its political and historical ideology precisely because it leads to bondage, double standard, and, in one word: chaos.

This has created a stir in countries such as France and Jewish journalist Alissa J. Rubin of the New York Times has lamented that despite the fact that the Zionist establishment has isolated people like Dieudonne, the anti-Zionist movement is garnering millions of support across the globe.

Rubin, who struggled mightily to string two rational thoughts together in her article, accused Dieudonne of “inventing an inverted Nazi salute known as the quenelle to satirize the French elite,”[52]but Rubin cannot explain the fact that at this current moment, the Zionist establishment has allied with Fascists and neo-Nazis to destroy Russian forces in Ukraine.[53]

Once again the current situation in Ukraine is a classic example of how Jewish revolutionary movements seek to subvert the West. Journalist Patrick L. Smith rightly declared that

“You need a machete these days to whack through the thicket of misinformation, disinformation, spin, propaganda and straight-out lying that daily envelopes the Ukraine crisis like kudzu on an Alabama telephone pole. But an outline of an outcome is now faintly discernible.”

It should not be a surprise that “A new poll suggests Americans have very little appetite for any real involvement in the crisis in Ukraine.”[54]

Charles Krauthammer

But, according to a new order from Washington entitled “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine,” we learn that the government can seize the assets of “any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States” if he/she dares to criticize our government’s involvement in Ukraine.

How could that happen in America? Well, the neo-Bolsheviks such as Max Boot and Michael Austin have wasted no time in screaming their lungs out for more conflict with Russia.[55] Tom Rogan, a neocon mush-head, has declared without any serious thought that

“We have to do what we should have done at first: Provide troops to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty.”[56]

For neo-Bolshevik Charles Krauthammer, the United States ought to stop Russia in the following ways (and don’t forget, the American taxpayers will provide the funds):

  1. Send the chairman of the Joint Chiefs to the Baltics to arrange joint maneuvers.
  2. Same for the four NATO countries bordering Ukraine — Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.
  3. Urgently revive the original missile-defense agreements concluded with Poland and the Czech Republic before Obama canceled them unilaterally to appease Russia.
  4. Extend the Black Sea maneuvers in which the USS Truxtun is currently engaged with Romania and Bulgaria. These were previously scheduled. Order immediate — and continual — follow-ons.
  5. Declare that any further Russian military incursion beyond Crimea will lead to a rapid and favorable response from NATO to any request from Kiev for weapons. These would be accompanied by significant numbers of NATO trainers and advisers.[57]

It looks like Washington was paying attention to Krauthammer, as they are beginning to wage a frontal attack against Russia. Did you know that a cyber weapon has already infected computer networks in Ukraine?

Did you know that the Financial Times itself compared the act with Stuxnet, the malware that was developed by the Zionists in Israel and America which eventually bugged Iran’s computers?[58]  This program

stuxtnet“could shut off civilian power or water supplies, cripple banks or even blow up industrial sites that depend on computer-controlled safety programmes. The malware has infected networks run by the Kiev government and systemically important organisations. Lithuanian systems have also been disproportionately hit by it.

“Ouroboros has been in development for nearly a decade and is too sophisticated to have been programmed by an individual or a non-state organisation, according to the applied intelligence unit at BAE Systems, which was the first to identify and analyse the malware.”[59]

We know for certain that Stuxnet was created by the U.S. and Israeli governments, and it took millions of dollars to get it going.[60] Moreover, we know that Russia or Iran did not attack Ukraine using malwares. So who is the culprit? You be the judge.

Did you know that U.S. assistant secretary of state for European and Asian Affairs was handing out pastries to anti-government protesters in Kiev?[61]

Did you know that Israel has also been involved in the situation in Ukraine?[62] Did you know that hundreds of American soldiers have already been patrolling Kiev? Did you know that the U.S. sent its warship Destroyer to the Black Sea? Yet, as Israel Shamir points out, it is Russia that is the invader, not the U.S.!

How would you feel if a representative of North Korea or China or Russia or Iran or Japan starts passing out pastries to anti-government protesters in Washington? Would not the government go up in flame and perhaps declare war against that country?

Sarah Harrison

Churchill again noted in 1920 that “the most passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people” by the Bolsheviks. We are currently repeating history.

The people who wanted to overthrow the political order in Russia in 1917 have been dead for a long time, but their ideological grandchildren want to finish the job they had started.

Twentieth-century neoconservatism is in many ways a series of unfortunate events which inexorably lead to the ideological foundation of the French Revolution and then Bolshevism: blood, torture and murder (including sexual murder and sodomy) in the metaphysical and practical sense.

Because of the neoconservative ideology, at least 360,000 U.S. veterans probably have brain injuries.[63] All of those horrors have happened in the name of “democracy.”

But if anyone challenges that form of “democracy,” he or she is to be labeled a threat and sometimes even a terrorist. Sarah Harrison of the Guardian for example cannot even return to England (the land of her birth) because she used to work with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.[64]

In that sense, neoconservatism and the Masonic ideology of the French revolution converge in a subtle way, since both worldviews end up producing the same fruit and since both worldviews were being manipulated by people of identical ideologies.

Bolshevism was just an updated version of the subversive ideology which Jewish revolutionaries were spreading across the Soviet Union. And neoconservatism is another “clean” version of Bolshevism. The grandchildren of the Bolshevik revolution have been proposing the most passions of revenge in the belly of the Russian people at this present time.

Those grandchildren can deliver their neo-Bolshevik message through the entire media outlets (most specifically in theWashington Post, the New York Times, TV chat shows, etc) almost simultaneously. Paul Wolfowitz for example used the Washington Post to say that the U.S. should arm the Syrian rebels/jihadists.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Jewish-Zionist Neocons Behind Iraq PlightMany of the grandchildren of the Bolshevik Revolution now work at think tanks such as National endowment for Democracy (NED), the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Council on Foreign Relations,the Brookings Institution, etc. As journalist Robert Parry points out,

“Neocons played key behind-the-scenes roles in instigating the Feb. 22 coup that overthrew a democratically elected president with the help of neo-Nazi militias; the neocons have since whipped Official Washington into a frenzy of bipartisan support for the coup regime; and they are pushing for a new Cold War if the people of Crimea vote to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

“A few weeks ago, most Americans probably had never heard of Ukraine and had no idea that Crimea was part of it. But, all of a sudden, the deficit-obsessed U.S. Congress is rushing to send billions of dollars to the coup regime in Kiev, as if the future of Ukraine were the most important issue facing the American people.”

As a matter of fact, snipers who killed both civilians and police officers in Ukraine were actually paid by the U.S. The CIA also has a hand in which the situation in Ukraine is loused up.

Moreover, “Russia has received numerous requests from Ukrainian civilians to protect them from radicals, including those from the Right Sector group, and has promised consider them, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement says.”

This has sent shockwaves across the Western world precisely because it is the most blatant double standard ever concocted. Paul Craig Roberts has called it “the stench of American hypocrisy.”[65] For example, when John Kerry and others denounced Russia for meddling in Ukraine, Seumas Milne of the Guardian powerfully pointed out,

“That the states which launched the greatest act of unprovoked aggression in modern history on a trumped-up pretext – against Iraq, in an illegal war now estimated to have killed 500,000, along with the invasion of Afghanistan, bloody regime change in Libya, and the killing of thousands in drone attacks on Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, all without UN authorisation – should make such claims is beyond absurdity.

bolshevik-revolution-1917“It’s not just that western aggression and lawless killing is on another scale entirely from anything Russia appears to have contemplated, let alone carried out – removing any credible basis for the US and its allies to rail against Russian transgressions. But the western powers have also played a central role in creating the Ukraine crisis in the first place.

“The US and European powers openly sponsored the protests to oust the corrupt but elected Viktor Yanukovych government, which were triggered by controversy over an all-or-nothing EU agreement whichwould have excluded economic association with Russia.

“In her notorious ‘fuck the EU’ phone call leaked last month, the US official Victoria Nuland can be heard laying down the shape of a post-Yanukovych government – much of which was then turned into reality when he was overthrown after the escalation of violence a couple of weeks later….

Fascist gangs now patrol the streets…. Neo-Nazis in office is a first in post-war Europe. But this is the unelected government now backed by the US and EU. And in a contemptuous rebuff to the ordinary Ukrainians who protested against corruption and hoped for real change, the new administration has appointed two billionaire oligarchs – one who runs his business from Switzerland – to be the new governors of the eastern cities of Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk.

“Meanwhile, the IMF is preparing an eye-watering austerity plan for the tanking Ukrainian economy which can only swell poverty and unemployment.”[66]

Yet in a subtle attempt to box people to say that Putin’s actions are quite similar to those of Hitler, here is what a Poll does:

“Do you think Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea today are similar to what Hitler did in Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938? Would you consider it ‘appeasement’ for the U.S. and other western democracies not to take strong action to defend Ukraine?”[67]

These are some of the loaded questions which actually give the respondent no chance to think outside the neo-Bolshevik/Zionist matrix. It’s like asking a person, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

obama_putinThe Jewish Telegraphic Agency declares that Putin has been extremely friendly to Jewish groups and organizations in Russia,[68]but that does not stop the neo-Bolsheviks to call him every name of the book.

They don’t like Putin probably because he made the historical point last year that 80-85 percent of the first Soviet government was Jewish.[69]

Since then, Zionist rabble rousers have tried very hard to oust. But again there is more to the conflict than meets the eye and ear. As Conn halliman points out,

“WikiLeaks has revealed a secret cable describing a meeting between French and American diplomats that suggests that [a plan to blackmail Russia]has been in the works since at least 2009.

“Titled ‘A/S Gordon’s meeting with policy makers in Paris,’ the cable summarizes a Sept. 16, 2009 get-together between Philip Gordon, then assistant U.S. Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and French diplomats Jean-David Levitte, Damien Loras, and Francois Richier. Gordon is currently a special assistant to President Obama on the Middle East.

“While the bulk of the cable covers an exchange of views concerning Iran, the second to last item is entitled ‘NATO’s enlargement and strategic concept.’ At this point Levitte, former French ambassador to the US from 2002 to 2007, interjects that

Propaganda in the media

“‘[French] President [Nicholas] Sarkozy was ‘convinced’ that Ukraine would one day be a member of NATO, but that there was no point in rushing the process and antagonizing Russia, particularly if the Ukrainian public was largely against membership.’”

“Gordon goes on to paraphrase Levitte’s opinion that, ‘the Bucharest summit declaration was very clear that NATO had an open door and Ukraine and Georgia have a vocation in NATO.

“Levitte is currently a fellow at the conservative Brookings Institute.”

Keep in mind that the Brookings Institute is a neoconservative think tank funded by the Israeli mogul Haim Saban, who declared that “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”[70] Saban, who has a “remarkable ability to cultivate, charm, and manipulate people,” had closed ties with Israeli officials such as Shimon Peres.

“At a conference last fall in Israel, Saban described his formula. His ‘three ways to be influential in American politics,’ he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.

“In 2002, he contributed seven million dollars toward the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee—one of the largest known donations ever made to an American political party. That year, he also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C.

“He considered buying The New Republic, but decided it wasn’t for him. He also tried to buy Time and Newsweek, but neither was available. He and his private-equity partners acquired Univision in 2007, and he has made repeated bids for the Los Angeles Times.

“By far his most important relationship is with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2002, Saban donated five million dollars to Bill Clinton’s Presidential library, and he has given more than five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

“In February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major policy address at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, co-sponsored by the Saban Center.”[71]

Sarah Palin

Somehow the neo-Bolshevik world expects Russia to stay silent on this Ukraine crisis. As researcher Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich points out, Russia and China seem to pose a threat to global domination, and the shadowy figures have to curb both countries in order to propound world domination.

And you may want to hold your breath: Sarah Palin thinks that the United States should nuke Russia!

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke,” said Palin. She continued to propound the dumb idea that the U.S. can no longer play the nice guy with Russia because it allowed some“very, very bad dudes [to] gain ground.”

For Dick Cheney, the U.S. should start training the Ukrainians militarily! Max Boot of Commentary added that “We need to make clear that Russia will pay a price for transgressing the most basic norms of international conduct.”[72]  Similarly, Condoleezza Rice, who should know better by now, recently wrote in the Washington Post,

“We should reach out to Russian youth, especially students and young professionals, many of whom are studying in U.S. universities and working in Western firms. Democratic forces in Russia need to hear American support for their ambitions. They, not Putin, are Russia’s future.”[73]

In order to propound the same old ridiculous idea, Rice, who has monkeyed with the lives of precious people in the Middle East and decent Americans in the past, continues to argue that if Iraq and Syria have been flooded by “extremists,” it is because the United States has failed to deal rigorously with “dictators like Bashar al-Assad,” along with his allies such as Iran and Russia.[74]

Rice has probably learned this lie from the Jewish neoconservatives, who are “tightly allied with Israel” and who actually sent a letter to Obama saying that Washington ought to overthrow Assad and substitute a Zionist puppet in his stead.[75]

Here are some of the names of the Jewish and other neoconservatives who sent the letter to the president: Max Boot, Paul Bremer, Elizabeth Cheney, Eric Edelman, Jamie Fly, John Hannah, William Inboden, William Kristol, Michael Ledeen, Clifford May, Robert McFarlane, Martin Peretz, Danielle Pletka, John Podhoretz, Stephen Rademaker, Karl Rove, Randy Scheunemann, Dan Senor, James Woolsey, Dov Zakheim, and Radwan Ziadeh.

Rice’s oxymoronic behavior and sycophantic babbling have never ceased to amaze me. Many decent people in Iraq cannot even perform a decent wedding ceremony without being blasted by car bombers.[76] I guess she would call that “democracy.”

Recently, the Syrian rebels/jihadists have captured nearly one hundred civilians, including women and children. Last month, 12 Syrian nuns were abducted in a town where the rebels were working. But according to Rice’s logic, Assad has to be blamed for that, too.

As former CIA officer and scholar Paul R. Pillar has pointed out,

“Al-Qaeda in Iraq was born, nor reborn, as a direct consequence of the Bush administration’s war in Iraq. It didn’t exist there before, and since the U.S. invasion it never went away. Now, in the form of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS), it has become as well the most extreme participant in the violence in Syria.”[77]

Has the intellectual caliber of the so-called Republican Party sunk that low? If the U.S. economy is really “screwed up,”to use Paul Craig Roberts’ words, if the “middle class is dying,” as economist Samuel Rines put it, how is it that these people still want perpetual wars when the debt exceeds $ 100 trillion?

Michelle Bachmann recently declares in her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that “our movement at its core is an intellectual movement. We are based on the greatest ideas ever conceived in the mind of man.”

Palin, Bachmann, and Rice cannot have a rational and coherent thought on their heads because they have been paid big bucks to say dumb things. Aren’t they all New York Times bestsellers—selling lies at the expense of the American people?

Moreover, do these people understand that “ethnic Russians account for about 20 percent of Ukraine’s population and nearly 60 percent of the population in Crimea”?[78]

In other words, if Ukraine goes down the tube, Russia will soon be next. Therefore Putin would be a complete idiot if he stays silent on the situation. The United States had already imposed an embargo on Russian officials who got involved in the confrontation.[79]

To sum up, the Masonic ideology which operated behind the scene in the French Revolution has taken a new garb in the twenty-first century, but the end result is always blood and sexual ideology under the name of “democracy” and “freedom.” Perhaps St. Peter was right when he stated thousands of years ago:

“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage” (2 Peter 2:19).

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