The Illuminati Working Method

dialecticsThe Following is not just history – it shows the timeless  working system of the Illuminati andhere: Hegel´s pre-arranged thesis – antithesis – given synthesis.

Left: Hegelian dialectics

Foreword for the below by Henry Makow, a converted Jew who lives in Canada:

hitler´s-nazi-troopsSS-Officer Hansjürgen Köhler  received the special order from Reinhard Heydrich to wrest
from the possession of Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg  the controversial information about the impregnation of  Hitler´s paternal grandmother in the house of Salomon Rothschild in Vienna, collected by previous Austrian Chancellor Dollfus from registration offices. Köhler said in 1941 that Hitler was a Rothschild – and industrial tycoon Thyssen agreed. Köhler had to flee.
A DNA study of Hitler’s relatives showed that they did not have  Aryan, but Jewish and North African genes.

The following shows how the satanic Illuminati succeeded to manipulate Germany  into the disaster so that the country could afterwards be easily manoeuvred into the NWO.

Henry Makow 19 Nov. 2012:  In the past, I have presented evidence that Martin Bormann, the man who signed Hitler’s paycheck, was a Soviet, i.e. Illuminati agent; but I was not sure if Hitler was also a conscious traitor.

The testimony of General Reinhard Gehlen, Chief of Abwehr Intelligence for Russia, suggests that he was.
After the war, Gehlen, who headed the BND (West German Intelligence Agency) was able to confirm Bormann’s treason. “During the 1950’s, I was passed two separate reports from behind the Iron Curtain to the effect that Bormann had been a Soviet agent…’

hitler-time_man_of_year_1938-1The fact that Hitler shielded Bormann confirms that he also was an active traitor. Both served the Illuminati (Masonic) bankers, i.e. the Rothschild syndicate, based in London.

The Illuminati were also behind Stalin and Communism, not to mention Churchill, and FDR. So Time Magazine mad Hitler Man of the Year 1938.

World War Two was the most egregious hoax in history. A cult of satanic (Sabbatean) Jews and Masons, financed by the Rothschild syndicate, is responsible for destroying more than sixty million lives.

Henry Makow January 27, 2016: When the Wehrmacht raced toward Moscow in the summer of 1941,  their Panzer tanks were running on fuel supplied by Stalin.

Our leaders are all Freemasons.

“The real battle is between the Illuminati and the human race. The Illuminati bankers are a relatively small group. They need humanity to destroy itself. They do this by putting their pawns in power and using the mass media to conjure the illusion of conflict.”

hitler&stalin1Stalin’s inaction despite foreknowledge of “Operation Barbarossa“, Hitler’s 1941 invasion of Russia, is one of the great mysteries of World War Two.

Like the improbable Dunkirk, where Hitler allowed the evacuation of 330,000 Allied soldiers, the explanation lies in thecollusion of the wartime leaders: Hitler, Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

The Illuminati bankers manufacture war to advance a satanic world government agenda.
The wartime leaders belonged to the (Masonic Jewish) Illuminati and were chosen to impose another catastrophe upon the human race. Their incongruous behavior was designed to ensure maximum slaughter and prolong the war.

According to author David Murphy, Stalin had precise intelligence regarding Barbarossa yet “rejected it and refused to permit his military to take necessary actions to respond lest they ‘provoke’ the Germans.” (What Stalin Knew: The Enigma of Barbarossa, 2005, p.xix)kissinger-truth

Russian intelligence had thoroughly penetrated Nazi ranks. There were hundreds of accurate reports as early as August 1940 pointing to the future Nazi invasion. 1) One of the most definitive came from spy Victor Sorge, a journalist on intimate terms with the German ambassador to Japan.
On May 5, 1941, Sorge sent Moscow a microfilm of a telegram from Foreign Minister Ribbentrop saying, “Germany will begin a war against the USSR in the middle of June 1941.” Ten days later, Sorge reported the exact date, dawn, June 22. 

For his reward, Stalin castigated Sorge as “a little shit,” a pimp and war profiteer. After Sorge’s arrest, the Japanese proposed a prisoner exchange with Russia. Stalin let the gifted spy die. Why? Because he was a witness of Illuminati collusion.ruble swastika (USSR, 1917)

Right USSR ruble 1917

2) On April 17, 1941, “Starshina” an agent in Luftwaffe Intelligence reported that bombing targets had been selected and the occupation authority organized.  On April 18, a Nazi NCO deserted with the exact hour of the Nazi attack: 4 a.m. June 22. The next day Churchill also warned Stalin of the Nazi plan. (262)

How could Stalin ignore all these warnings when the Nazis had nine Armies consisting of 150 Divisions amassed on his border? 4 1/2 German million soldiers. 650,000 vehicles.

Are we supposed to believe that Stalin, a ruthless criminal, accepted Hitler’s “word of honor” that this troop concentration was intended for an invasion of England, and was being kept out of bomber range? (258) Stalin  refused to authorize countermeasures even after the invasion and bombing had begun saying Hitler was just testing defences!

3) In 1937, Stalin purged the Red Army, murdering Marshall Mikhail N. Tukhachevsky and decimating the officer corps. Murphy writes: “Thousands of officers with combat experience and higher education were executed, sent to the Gulag or discharged from the service. These actions …continued right up to the early days of the German invasion.” (xvi)
Significantly, the pretext for executing thousands of patriotic Russian officers was“treasonous” letters forged by Reinhard Heydrich, Deputy Chief of the Gestapo, another example of Illuminati collusion.

Left: Stalin and George Washington showing the satanic Masonic sign of Jahbulon. Stalin was Jesuit-educated   – and probably Jewish – and certainly married to a Jewess.

Moreover, for a year prior to the invasion, Stalin allowed the Luftwaffe to make hundreds of reconnaissance flights over western Russia, forbidding his air force from interfering. Why on earth would he do that?

5) In addition, Nazi Germany received millions of tons of raw material from Russia in return for armaments.
Spcification of exchanged strategic products  vital for Barbarossa follows.

6) Once under way, Hitler and Stalin took command of their respective armiesmaking disastrous decisions that may have been deliberate.

For example, by the end of July1941, Army Group Center was poised to take Moscow, only 200 kms away. But Hitler insisted that that critical panzer units be diverted to the Ukraine. It wasn’t until Oct. 2 that the offensive against Moscow was resumed, and by then the weather had turned.
Comment: The tanks stuck in mud  that froze into concrete, so to speak, in front of Moscow . “And do you know what we did then?”  a senior colleague who made  the Russia-campaign from the first until the last day asked me. “Then we ran back, as fast as we could and left our magnificent Tiger tanks.”

7) Similarly, during this diversion against Kiev, Stalin refused to allow his troops to withdraw to a defensive position. The battle ended Sept. 26 with the destruction of five Soviet armies, the capture of 665,000 men and an enormous amount of equipment.)

8) at Stalingrad Hitler sacrificed General Paulus´6. Army – although he could have saved them by withdrawing them .

Fire of Reichstaggebäude 1933 – WTC 9/11 2001.

Here is an in the meantime too short list of42 governmental false flag operations.

Are there parallels to this today?
I think so: The endless Orwellian “War on Terror” and contempt of human lives is fabricated on the same last and the same craftsmen as WWI and WWII. When there is no enemy the Illuminati create, fund, train and equip one – ISIS – by means of its western puppets  condemning ISIS – but feeding it.

The other puppet was squeezed into the Syrian war by i.a. domestic difficulties and political opposition from Illuminati-stooges/Jewish oligarchs. The result is a whirlpool where friend can hardly be distinguished from foe – the goal of the war is unclear, and the risk of a confrontation between NATO and Russia is imminent (this time over no defined goal) – the confrontation being rooted in the one-world government.

Everywhere you see the Illuminati stooges, “our” Masonic politicians, behind countless false flag operations. The goal has  remained the same: Intimidation and decimation of populations into the  Illuminati one-world government – Agenda 21.




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NWO: Swedish Army Chief: Expect War in Europe. Permanent Police State in France. Cash Being Withdrawn in Norway

Sweden´s army chief warns of WWIII in Europe within  a few years.
Infowars 27 Jan. 2016: “The global environment we are experiencing which is also demonstrated by strategic decisions [taken by politicians] leads us to the conclusion we could be at war within a few years”.
Sweden, which has not officially been at war in over 200 years, will soon be pulled into a European conflict according to an internal army document sent to soldiers and civil servants ahead of army manoeuvres next week.
Citing the situation in Sweden, the recent decisions of domestic politicians, and global instability, the chief of the Swedish army General Anders Brännström told men under his command they could expect to be fighting a war in Europe against skilled opponents “within a few years”.

False flag operations  and here in France used to introduce total police state 
Global Res. 26 Jan. 2016:  On Friday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls reaffirmed initial Socialist Party (PS) statements after the November 13 terror attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamist State (IS, or Daesh), that the current state of emergency in France must be made permanent “until we can get rid of Daesh”.

Policemen fight with activists during a protest ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference at the place de la Republique, in Paris, Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015. More than 140 world leaders are gathering around Paris for high-stakes climate talks that start Monday, and activists are holding marches and protests around the world to urge them to reach a strong agreement to slow global warming. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)

The Socialist government has the backing of most French people for the emergency measures and the wider use of nationality-stripping, opinion polls show. But leftists protest.
Photo from 29 Nov. 2015 protests against Climate summit.

“In Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia we must eradicate, eliminate Daesh, it is a total and global war that we face with terrorism. …We will have to live for decades or for many years with this menace or this threat and that’s why it’s a war. There are many generations that will have to live with this and the crisis will have to be managed in north Africa and the Middle East.”

The biggest Norwegian bank, DNB ASA, to entirely abolish cash for its clients
DWN 27 Jan. 2016: In an interview in the newspaper VG (Verdens Gang),  Trond Bentestuen,   head of the the biggest Norwegian bank DNB ASA, said the bank is completely doing away with  cash for its clients. “Norway does not need cash.”Interesting are the details of his reasoning: Bentestuen said: “60% of the money in circulation in Norway, is beyond our control.” He said it was reasonable to assume that this money is circulating in the money laundering.When  astonished VG asked,  if this means that 30 billion NKr thus seep into the underground economy the banker admitted that it is only partly a matter of black money. Bentestuen: “A portion of that money is with people in their mattress. This money we do not see.
“With this statement Bentestuen gives an indication of what lies behind the cash-elimination: The banks have come under pressure due to the global economic crisis and will secure access to the assets of the bank clients.


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Top Psychiatrist: Angela Merkel Dangerous, without Sense of Reality, Narcissistic, Incorrigible, just before a Mental Breakdown

That something is mentally wrong with with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor,  is probably clear to most of us already. Now a top psychiatrist expresses his view on her case.

merkel-666-2Macedonia Online 26 Jan. 2016:  Top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”.

The Huffington Post 30 Jan. 2016:  Psychoanalyst Hans-Joachim Maaz:  Like so many powerful people, Merkel suffers from  hubris, making her immune to criticism.
Many saw her as the most powerful woman in the world; in this position, she accepts no criticism of her course, any more. Her rigid attitude is seen  both in her speeches and in her posture.

The psychoanalyst sees Merkel thus becoming a “danger” to Germany. And – in a parallel to CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who recently suffered a dizzy spell during a speech – he sees a coming “mental breakdown” if she continues to “stubbornly” adhere to her  course.

“I would describe her behaviour as completely irrational”.
Her behaviour is becoming more defiant. As Merkel currently behaves – irrationally and not clearly –  fears arise that she has lost touch with reality.
Merkel is the prototype of people highly praised and highly pushed. At the same time there is in her a narcissistic basic problem.

She  never was a leader, she always reacts and does not act. This testifies touncertainty and self-worth deficit, which is the case with many powerful people.
She makes  emotional decisions. This she had not been doing for years. The problem arises when recognition is suddenly dropped and turns into criticism, as it is now the case with Mrs. Merkel. We also know this with Stars in show business: The loneliness,perhaps alcohol and a mental breakdown follow.

Huff.: Do you see this risk with Merkel?

Yes, why would it be different with her from many others in powerful positions? In the current situation, it is, in fact, to be feared that a psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent.

Huff .: But what keeps  Merkel from responding to the criticism? Finally, now,  half the country has turned on her – not to mention her own party. How does she stand it?

In such a case, psychotherapists speak of mental armour. People who have a deep inner need or emergency, must repress criticism radically. They do not allow any outside criticism and cut themselves off also from their inner perception and their own feelings.

The result is emotional and lack of empathy in order to protect themselves. A person who is less armoured responds to criticism. Merkel sticks stubbornly to her “we can do that“.

Huff.: After all you have described, Merkel will likely not change her course. Do you, therefore, hold the current situation and Merkel’s “narcissism” dangerous to Germany?

Yes, the behavior of Mrs. Merkel is dangerous because it contributes much to the fact that the community is splitting, because she insists on positions that are no longer accepted by a growing number of citizens.

Huff.: And you believe that Merkel will give up her position in the end or voluntarily move out of the chancellery?

I do not believe that. The comparison is perhaps hard, but Merkel just reminds me of Erich Honecker as he steps into the plane to Chile and raises the fist of the Red Front.
To say it is wrong questions one´s  whole previous life. Narcissists cannot do that.

What this psycho-analyst says, is probably what we have all felt instinctively. But it’s good to have it confirmed by an expert.

However, I see another perspective: The lady is a brainwashed Freemason (Rotary Club) and remote-controlled.
One has merely to take a look at her hand sign (at the top she shows the 666 mark of the Jewish Messiah/Antichrist) and her mimic-less  mask face  – and one  immediately senses, this is a Robot at work.

Something suggests that Merkel is Jewish – and part of the Talmudic or Zionist conspiracy to exterminate Germany.

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Mama Merkel got right with her Holocaust and now there is kebab ficki ficki Mama Merkel got right with her Holocaust and now there is kebab ficki ficki all over Jewmany —

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