The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

The black pope rules most of the world’s governments today !!
and now he is taking over all Arab countries !
then he will bring his Jesuit New World order.


The Satanic Demonic take over of Rome by the Jesuit Order (The Society of Jesus), Freemasonry, and the Illuminati. The Vatican is spiraling down to destruction as Holy Scriptures declares. War has been declared; we are just waiting on the moment of Rome’s destruction.

EXPOSED: Satanic Mass, Demon Possession of Vatican & Pope Francis, Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits




In 1920, Father Daniel J. Stack was appointed pastor. Like those who came before him, Father Stack was faced with the problem of accommodating a growing parish on a minimal budget. But unlike his predecessors, Fr. Stack had a new, deep-pocketed resource to tap into. By the time he arrived as pastor, Blessed Sacrament had become a popular location for movie studios. Parishioners were often used as extras and Father Stack himself was frequently used as a technical adviser to evaluate the religious accuracy of a scene. So central was Blessed Sacrament in the film community that the first professional organization for screen writers and actors – the precursor to the Writers’ and Screen Actors’ Guilds – was formed at the church.

As a result of this close community relationship, studios such as Universal, Keystone, Lasky, the Francis Ford Company and Christie Studios readily agreed to help Blessed Sacrament in any of its fundraising efforts. They provided actors and equipment free of charge for church sponsored events such as theatrical productions or festivals. The extra income earned went to general maintenance and towards a reserve that would one day help pay for a desperately needed new church school and rectory.


The Motion Picture Production Code was the set of industry censorship guidelines which governed the production of the vast majority of United States Motion Pictures released by major studios from 1930 to 1968. It was originally popularly known as the Hays Code, after its creator, Will H. Hays.

The Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association (MPPDA), which later became the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), adopted the code in 1930, began effectively enforcing it in 1934, and abandoned it in 1968, in favor of the subsequent MPAA film rating system.

The Production Code spelled out what was acceptable and what was unacceptable content for motion pictures produced for a public audience in the United States.


Ironically, Catholic bishops and lay people tended to be leery of federal censorship and favored the Hays approach of self-censorship; these included the outspoken Catholic layman Martin J. Quigley, publisher of Exhibitors Herald-World (a trade magazine for independent exhibitors). For several months in 1929, Martin Quigley, Joseph Breen, Father Daniel A. Lord S.J., Father FitzGeorge Dinneen S.J., and Father Wilfred Parsons (editor of Catholic publication America) discussed the desirability of a new and more stringent code of behavior for the movies. With the blessing of Cardinal George W. Mundelein of Chicago, Father Lord authored the code, which later became known as “The Production Code”, “The Code”, and “The Hays Code”. It was presented to Will Hays in 1930 who said, “My eyes nearly popped out when I read it. This was the very thing I had been looking for.”

Daniel Lord

Amadeo Pietro Giannini (May 6, 1870 – June 3, 1949), born in San Jose, California, was the Italian American founder of Bank of America.

Giannini and his bank helped nurture the motion picture and wine industries in California.

— The Vatican awards Knighthood in the Order of Malta to two San Franciscans, Transamerica Corporation President Amadeo Peter Giannini and American Trust Company President John S. Drum. The knighthood is the oldest and most distinguished decoration of laymen conferred by the Catholic Church. National Legion of Decency was an organization dedicated to identifying and combating objectionable content, from the point of view of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, in motion pictures. For the first quarter-century or so of its existence, the legion wielded great power in the American motion picture industry.

The Legion was founded in 1933 by Archbishop of Cincinnati John T. McNicholas as the Catholic Legion of Decency (CLOD) in response to an address given by apostolic delegate Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani at the Catholic Charities Convention in New York City. Cicognani warned against the “massacre of innocence of youth” and urged a campaign for “the purification of the cinema.”

John McNicholas was born in Kiltimagh, County Mayo, the youngest of children of Patrick J. and Mary (née Mullany) McNicholas. In 1881, he and his family emigrated to the United States, where they settled in Chester, Pennsylvania. He received his early education at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Chester, and then attended St. Joseph’s Preparatory College in Philadelphia.

Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School, founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1851, is a Catholic, urban, college preparatory school for young men. The school is operated by the Society of Jesus.



UHM: THE JESUITS ARE THE ANCIENT KNIGHTS TEMPLAR SYMBOLISMBy: The Unhived Mind – 30 March 2013 we watch the very beginning of the movie ‘The Saint’ starring Val Kilmer then we see we are presented straight away with the view of a Catholic orphanage named after Ignatius Loyola one of the founders of the Jesuit Order from the Kingdom of Aragon.

We then immediately start to see the subliminal symbolism of the ancient Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.The Jesuit Order has its origins back as the Knights Templar. There were many Knights Templars but the Pope only sparred a small amount of Templars. These Templars were allowed to go to the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and become the Order of the Calatrava since they were not allowed to be called Knights Templar. These then were connected with the later Order of the Montessa. Both of these orders exist today and are now controlled by the Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. The same King Juan Carlos who carries the most powerful Templar title called the ‘King of Jerusalem‘ known as the ‘Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem‘. A title which gives him complete power over the Middle East and North Africa, do a study of his powerful Union for the Mediterranean headed in Barcelona Spain and also based in Malta. King Juan Carlos heads the powerful Bourbon bloodline which is the second oldest monarchy behind only the Japanese Emperor. King Juan Carlos dominates the Commonwealth Crown and second layer of the Papal Tiara.The Jesuits created the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati when they were suppressed by the Pope in 1773 for being even too evil for the already evil beast Vatican. Since then they have commanded the Illuminati which has been the front to cover the Jesuit power that hides behind both the Illuminati and the Catholic Church for ultimate deception. The Jesuits have mastered the Vatican for hundreds of years and now we see their open power as a Jesuit Pope has taken the thrown and fleeced Cardinal Angelo Scola of his pontiff position just as the Jesuits removed Ratzinger prior to the need of a Conclave.Take a look at the logo of the Jesuits and you will see the IHS of the ancient Knights Templar. How much more do you need before you will see through these soldiers of Lucifer? They created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which is the more open Knights Templar of today and an order that was created by the Jesuits in order to destroy all other forms of Templarism aka Freemasonry. Many have heard of Albert Pike the Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite, but not many know that he was handled by the very powerful Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ the same handler of Brigham Young of the Mormon cult.

Central Intelligence Agency agent, Everette Howard Hunt said on camera that “the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency in the World“. Will you argue with Everette and many others like Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler? This is the most powerful order in the World and they have maintained their power for two-hundred years and to this very day as you can now see with this new evil Jesuit Pope Francis Ist the admirer of the wicked Borja family. The same Kingdom of Aragon, Borja family who created the Jesuit Order. The area surrounding the Vatican is the Borgo named after the Borja’s. The Jesuits are feared by all and especially their The Entity division. Welcome to finally finding out who runs this World. The cat is finally out of the bag, the illusions are gone. If the Catholic Church feared and fear the Order then should we not be petrified of these soldiers? It is time we counter the Council of Trent since it has not been dissolved and still stands. The Council of Trent curses Protestants with over a hundred curses of death. Do you think this new Pope will be of worth to humanity? Think again his loyalty is to the Jesuit Order and only the Jesuit Order, he serves his General, Adolfo Nicolas SJ at the Curia Generalizia.



by: The Unhived MindNo one controls the Jesuit Order except its Superior General and his Assistancy at the Curia Generalizia. Emperor Juan Carlos is not an Emperor as was once known he is just a leadership figure head of the New unHoly Roman Empire. The Jesuits command the House of Bourbon, the Jesuits reinstalled the House of Bourbon. Juan Carlos of Spain was born in Rome and trained by the Jesuits. Those who have the power are the masterminds of education and the occult mystery schools which means the Jesuit Order. Those on the inside know all too well about the Jesuit Order’s power over these mystery schools.

I think you need to go over the Secret Oath and other Jesuit facts which state they want rid of the Monarchy and Government etc as is whats happening today. All Kings are to be subordinated to the Jesuit Order or die, its as simple as that. The Order of the Garter does not control the City of London Corp and it certainly has not been under the control of the Most Venerable Order of Saint John which only came into existence in the 19th Century. The control over the City of London Corporation comes by the Ad Providam Papal Bull and the Order of Malta aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta on behalf of its Cardinal Grandmaster for the Holy See. Prior to 1312 the area was mastered by the Knights Templar from 1215 onwards. To understand the control over Great Britain you have to understand that it is completely run from the City of London aka New Jerusalem which is sovereign. When one understands this and how the Vatican has dominated the region for over a thousand years then you can see through the true command in that region.

The British Monarchy have zero power over the City and never will. Whilst the Order of the Garter is powerful within England, it has no say in the comings and goings of New Jerusalem. One person stands in the way of Juan Carlos and his power and thats Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV the current controller of the Canton of Geneva and the Doria family connected head of the House of Savoy. Both these two powers serve the Jesuit Order and its Holy See Temporal Power. No Kingship or Emperor is of greater power than the Temporal Power and the office of the Holy See. The World has always been dominated by the Priesthood in conjunction with its Kingships it created and grants along with its merchants using its Vatican Canon Law based UCC/Admiralty Law (Roman Civil law). Ask yourself who coronated Elizabeth Mary II as the Queen of England and it was the Bishop of London and his command of the Anglican Church which I believe is the true power over the Church not the Archbishop of Canterbury which I see as a diversion front. A front might I add manned by a devious Temporal Coadjutor by the name of Rowan Williams who has lectured at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome run by the Jesuits. He has also prayed in the belly of the beast Vatican and kissed the fishers ring of the Pope showing his complete subordination to the Holy See.

King Juan Carlos never came of power until 1975 which was twelve-years after the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Notice he came into power on November (11) the 22nd the same dating that Kennedy was slaughtered years before. This is the symbolism of Judas and also Saturn’s reaping judgment and the light of Lucifer tied to death and chaos. Kennedy was slaughtered by the Vatican power structure in conjunction with its control base as the City of London Corporation commanding the British Government. Kennedy was connected in the end with the non-aligned Nations and many of these detested all sides of the same Roman Empire coin. Kennedy could not be allowed to challenge the banking system of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The economy is what rules the World for the merchants and their masters the Priesthood. This is the exact same reason Gaddafi was executed in the fashion he was by the French DGSE and with no trial etc being held unlike Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak. Ask yourself why?

If you challenge the Livery pirate merchants the Mercers then you will be executed its as simple as that. We are not talking about merely changing from one useless currency to another useless currency (Federal Reserve notes to Euros). We are talking about changing an entire economic system in a region and pulling away from Imperialist domination by New Jerusalem that’s using fractional reserve banking to enslave nations and people through debt-instruments in a hidden state of bankruptcy . These type of actions by Kennedy and Gaddafi are dramatic acts of war which will not be tolerated in the slightest by the Roman Empire. So you seen what happened to Libya by the hands of the allied military and Al-Qaeda rat rebels ruled by the Union for the Mediterranean under the City of London Corp and Juan Carlos of Spain.

Eric Jon Phelps was trying to get a very important Jesuit book translated highlighting their desire for the global domination we see to this very day and their hatred of kingships. Kingships today hold no real power any longer and that is fine for the time being with the Jesuits who made it this way. Eventually there will be no need for kingships at all and thats the plan. These bloodlines are to be mixed so they are all as one on one frame so to speak as we can see more and more with all these scions. You will have just one simple structure which will be the Priesthood and then these bloodlines within societies like today and nothing more and all answering to the Priesthood. You will be below this level as you always have been. The choice for the monarchies is death if they attempt to rebel. This is why you will not see Prince Philip dare to turn the UK MOD weapons on New Jerusalem that sit supposedly to protect the Olympic Games. It would be his most perfect opportunity to start a conflict with the Vatican but he dares not because this black Prince is merely a subordinate pawn of this much greater Priesthood power. In order words they do exactly as they are told.

-= The Unhived Mind

The Order of the Garter is an elite medieval Chivalric organisation, whose members wear a uniform bearing the red cross of England upon a white shield, an emblem which dates back to the Knights Templar. The Order of the Garter was officially founded 40 years after the persecution of the Templars began, when the knights were driven underground.

The English Templars spent 40 years in the wilderness, until they reached their New Jerusalem with their restoration as the Order of the Garter.

Remember John Coleman told you:

[i]”When doing research on the Order of St. John of Jerusalem some years ago, I visited Oxford to talk with one of the Masters who is a specialist on ancient and modern British traditions. He explained that the Knights of the Garter are the inner sanctum, the elite of the elite of Her Majesty’s Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with whom she shared some secrets of state and from whom she receives advice.”[/i]

Remember it is these same bloodlines which claim to be the descendants of King David. King Juan Carlos claims to be the rightful heir to the King of Jerusalem.

These are the Venetian bloodlines, the Roman Emperor bloodlines, the Black Nobility. It is correct to call King Juan Carlos the (Un)Holy Roman Emperor. The Roman Emperors were always more powerful than the Popes or the Jesuit Order. The crusades were all about these Jewish bloodlines seeking to have one of their bloodline rule the world as the King of Jerusalem. The Knights Templars were created during the reign of the first King of Jerusalem Baldwin I, who’s reign began on the 25th December 1100.

Think about it, Eric Jon Phelps has done a huge disservice to the truth movement, knowingly or unknowingly.

The Jesuit Order is merely a front organisation for King Juan Carlos who claims the title of King of Jerusalem and is the head of the Aragon Templar bloodline continuum, the same templar bloodlines which claim descent from the Merovingians and from the Jews which killed and rejected Jesus and going back to the Jews of the Babylonian captivity. The Jesuit Order and Freemasonry are both controlled at the top by these bloodlines who are the Illuminati.

Remember that people use to know that wars were just done for the Kings? Remember the Hapsburgs vs Bourbon rivalry?

At the Congress of Verona there was a quintuple alliance between the Five major world power families, the Hapsburgs of Austria-Hungary, the Hohenzollern of Prussia (Germany), the Romanov of Russia, the Saxe-Coberg Gotha of Britain and the Bourbon of France.

100 years later the Hapsburg, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated and we have World War 1.

After WW1 the Hapsburgs, Hohenzollern and Romanov Empires were all destroyed leaving behind the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (who had changed their names to Windsor because of the Anti-German sentiment) and the Bourbon who had relocated to Spain.

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha had been the English Templars ruling Freemasonry and Bourbon had been the Aragon Templars ruling the Jesuits.

The Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem in 1961 meant that Freemasonry controlled by Elizabeth Windsor had been subordinated to the Knights of Malta, to the Vatican, to the Jesuit Order to the Bourbon bloodline now headed by King Juan Carlos!

This is why just 2 years after this date you have a demonstration of the takeover of power by King Juan Carlos and his Jesuits with the assassination of JFK.

This is why you’ve then seen the fast destruction of the United States, Britain and the Commonwealth nations from that period on.

The bourbons now want the French Monarchy, Roman Empire and Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem restored so there bloodline can once again rule as the Emperor of France, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Jerusalem!

King Juan Carlos’ official title states he is the [b]King of the …Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea[/b]



King Juan Carlos is Knight of The Equestrian Order , Massive involvement in The Mediterranean Union and Europian Union , Knight of the Order of The Garter , Knight of Malta , Knight of The Constantinian Order , Member of The Golden Fleece , Emperor of Israel

King Juan Carlos – KNIGHT OF MALTA – Farnese Papal Bloodline

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