A series of similar false-flag attacks have occurred all over the globe with the same Israeli intelligence fingerprints. As The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated, this is now the “Jew’s civilization.” We are all now individually responsible for gathering and analyzing data to arrive at the truth. Here are some resources for critical thinkers and citizen journalists:

There is great concern over America’s and the West’s relationship with the Muslim world. These three items provide a clear record of the guidance and direction The Minister has offered on these critical issues:






VIDEO: Missing Links (Israeli involvement in 9/11) Devastating Indictment

VIDEO: Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 – AE911Truth.org





Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu were among the chief architects of 9/11.
[See: How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11 – Christopher Bollyn
http://www.bollyn.com/how-ehud-barak-… ]

A de facto Zionist Jew world order already exists: Jewish control of government, banking, education and media is near total.

If – before the next 9/11 – you oppose it and a conscious critical mass of humanity is formed, it can be overthrown. If not, picture a Zionist future for your children… a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

Picture also a world without pathocratic Zionism, and the misanthropic, anti-Human, supremacist, parasitic, criminal Jewish cult of hate that bore it – a cult into which unfortunate children are from birth indoctrinated through terror.

Educate yourself about Zionist Jewish criminal history to avert such a future:

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Such brazen and often quite open conspiracy as has manipulated recent history
is only possible because it is believed impossible.


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Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World


The Jews Are a Race, Not a Religion


by Charles Coughlin

Most White people know nothing at all about the nature of the Jews. The biggest delusion is that the Jews are a “religion.” The ancestors of most Jews came originally from Kazakhstan. The term “Ashkenazi Jews” refers to Jews, who originated in central Asia (Kazakhstan). These Jews immigrated to the Polish-Lithuanian Empire in the Middle Ages (hence the large Yiddish community in Poland and the Warsaw Ghetto) and then traveled from there to Western Europe. Even though the Jews have lived among Christian Europeans for hundreds of years, they have refused all attempts to be converted to Christianity. In fact the end result of having Jews in a White nation for a prolonged period of time is widespread moral corruption and a severe undermining of Christianity. Jews play the role of an anti-Christian virus in White societies.

The Jews are not a branch of the White race. The people of Kazakhstan are a mixture of mostly Asiatic races, including primarily Turks, Central Asians (related to the Iranians or Afghan people) and Mongol invaders, who were well known for their brutality. Most likely a few Mediterranean Jews immigrated to Kazakhstan centuries ago and began a community there. The Jewish leaders may have considered the people of this area very similar in attitude and personality to the original Jewish race and intermarried with them. One legend claims that a king of Kazakhstan declared that the entire nation should become Jewish.

The most important thing to remember about Jews is that they are an alien race. The definition of a Jew in Judaic law is someone, who has a Jewish mother. How can Judaism be considered a religion if you have to be born into it? That is the definition of a race! It would be somewhat alarming to White Americans if a foreign people such as the Japanese, got together in racial meeting houses once per week to promote their racial agenda. The Jews have cleverly claimed that their racial meeting houses, synagogues, are “religious” meeting houses “just like churches.” There is a passage in the New Testament, Revelations 2:9 that says “I know the slander of those, who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” This passage correctly notes that modern synagogues have nothing to do with God and that the Jews are now an alien Mongol-Turkish-Central Asian race, not even related to the original Jews.

The Bible also speaks of Pharisees and Sadducees. The Pharisees believed in life after death and angels while the Sadducees were atheistic. Most Jews in recent decades put their trust in socialism, communism or the Democrat Party. The number of Jews, who actually believe in God, may be as little as twenty percent. Most Jews seem to look down on devout Christians as foolish simpletons, and this sentiment comes across strongly in the Jewish-controlled mass media. Every once in a while “an atheistic rabbi” will be mentioned on the news. The word “rabbi” means teacher and does not necessarily have any religious meaning. The vast majority of Jews are political leftists or Zionist imperialists, who secretly believe that their race should control the planet.

Ironically, the Ashkenazi Jews are the dominant Jewish group in Israel. They have first choice for housing and other perks while the North African Jews (the Sephardic Jews), who may have mixed Jewish and Arab (and even Black) ancestry, are treated as second class citizens. One Ashkenazi Jew found himself discriminated against in Israel for marrying a Sephardic Jew.

Jews have often been tolerated in European nations because it was believed that they would help improve trade. Jews, however, always brought along with them a seedy criminal element. Jews typically have been heavily involved in prostitution and loan-sharking. Jews also corrupt and undermine the nations that they infest.

Over the centuries, the Jews have interbred with Europeans, producing a more intelligent Jewish leadership with the same Asiatic business skill. Instead of being petty money-lenders and small time merchants, the mixed-breed Jews have created the powerful Rothschild and Warburg international banking families. The mixed-breed Jews similarly have become more sophisticated at interfering with and subverting European governments to suit their needs.

The first European nation to experience a large influx of Ashkenazi Jews was the Polish-Lithuanian Empire in the Middle Ages. This Empire was a major force in eastern Europe for several centuries (playing a similar role to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in central Europe.) In 1705, the Polish-Lithuanian Empire was devastated by the Black Plague, which was said to be carried by fleas inhabiting Jewish merchants and rats. The Jewish community grew considerably and contributed to rotting the Empire from the inside. The once strong Empire quickly lost its position in Europe and was literally wiped off the map of Europe. Russia, Prussia and Austria devoured the Empire in three partitions from 1772 to 1795. It is more than a coincidence that the first European nation invaded by these Jews in large numbers was corrupted from the inside and obliterated by its enemies.

Austria now had to face similar problems from its new Jewish subjects. Gradually an anti-Semitic press was established in Austria, which tried to resist the corrupting influence of Jews on Austrian society. As usual Jews were found to be involved in every lucrative criminal enterprise, especially prostitution and loan-sharking. Russia suffered an even worse problem with its Jews, who increasingly developed plans to murder the Russian royal family and to create an anarchist or communist revolution. Tsar Alexander II had attempted to reform Russian society by emancipating the serfs. Despite his good work, the Tsar was murdered by an early socialist terrorist group, called the “People’s Will.” The bomb-thrower, who killed the Tsar, was named Ignatei Grinevitski. Two of his terrorist associates had very Jewish names, Nikolai Sablin and Gesia Gelfman.

The Russian government then took a serious interest in the activities of the Jews. An agent of the Russian Secret Police discovered a Jewish plot called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. These Protocols spelled out a Jewish plan to subvert and control governments through Jewish control of the press, bribery, blackmail and even seduction. (Anyone remember Monica Lewinsky or Chandra Levy?) Henry Ford commented that the Protocols fit world history. The Protocols call for the Jewish-controlled press to push Gentile nations into war against any nations that remove Jews from power. The Protocols were first published in Russian in 1897. A second printing in 1905 reached Western nations. After the communist takeover of Russia, the possession of a copy of the Protocols by a non-Jew would bring the death penalty.

By the time World War One broke out, the Jews in Russia, Austro-Hungary and Prussia (now Germany) had created widespread subversive socialist and communist organizations designed to topple the governments of those countries. By 1917 the strain of World War One had weakened Russia internally to the point that communists led by Jewish commissars were able to topple the government and murder the Tsar and his family. They established a brutal communist dictatorship that oppressed Christianity and murdered twenty million people in Russia and the Ukraine by the 1930s.

In 1918 Jews in Germany called for general strikes protesting the continuing war. These strikes undermined the war effort and led to Germany’s collapse and the Versailles Treaty, which unfairly placed the blame for the war on Germany and demanded huge reparations that later ruined the Germany economy. The Austro-Hungarian Empire similarly fell apart under the strain of the war and subversive maneuvers by Jews. The Kaiser fled Germany and the heavily Jewish Weimar Republic was born. The Weimar Republic is infamous for corruption, moral degeneracy and incompetence, and the German public eventually voted it out of existence.

The same race of Asiatic Jews, who destroyed the Polish-Lithuanian Empire and then Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary, began immigrating from eastern Europe to England, France and America. New York City quickly filled up with Yiddish Jews, who then spread to all the other major American cities. America had a significant and increasing Jewish population going back to the 1850s. By 1913 the Jews had established enough political clout to create the Federal Reserve banking system, which effectively put the entire U.S. money system in the hands of Jewish bankers. Following that event, America was pushed into two world wars, which America got nothing out of. A Great Depression devastated America only sixteen years after the Jews took over our money system.

The Jewish role in politics grew even stronger after the Federal Reserve was established. The immigration floodgates were opened for Yiddish Jews, who massively increased the Jewish population of America during the 20s and 30s. The extremely corrupt Franklin Delano Roosevelt surrounded himself with Jewish advisors and was one of the biggest collaborators with the Jews ever. President Bill Clinton, another extremely corrupt Democrat President, also surrounded himself with Jewish advisors, lawyers and interns.

Today the Jews have large populations in all White nations. The United States has the largest population of Jews in the world. The result has been a rapid deterioration in morality and dramatic increase in political corruption. Traditional Christian values have been replaced with Jewish values, which support homosexuality and moral relativism. The Jews are aware that White people have in the past successfully overthrown their puppet governments. In response to this, the Jews are deliberately pushing the concepts of “diversity” and “tolerance” hoping that White people will racially mix with Blacks, Mexicans and Asians, producing a less intelligent population with no racial heritage. The Jews meanwhile will not interbreed with other races to any significant extent “for religious reasons” and emerge as the most intelligent surviving race ruling a vast brown dung heap of racial mongrels.

There is a clear path of destruction, starting with the Polish-Lithuanian Empire, which was wiped off the map. Then the nations, who overran that empire, Russia, Prussia and Austria were poisoned by Jewish socialists, who helped murder two Tsars and overthrow all three empires during World War One. Finally, the Jews invaded the United States. We are being forced to support Israel no matter what atrocities they commit against Palestinians (and we have become targets of terrorism become of Israel’s criminal behavior.) Our monetary system has been controlled by Jews since 1913. Christian morality has been suppressed and replaced with Jewish immorality. The Jewish-controlled media pushes homosexuality and race-mixing on a daily basis to destroy the White race. We can either learn from history and remove the Jews from power or join a list of destroyed empires, from which the Jews have built their fortunes.

1) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


The Most Monstrous MEME in All History

Old Palestinian man walks past the cruel Zionist “separation” wall in Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born and later fought the Sanhedrin’s (Jewish high priests) oppressions of the poor. The contempory wall behind the old man sports a poster of a mocking Jew from a French “art” project, almost certainly of a Eastern European (Ashkenazi) descent — bitterly ironic since this Palestinian man is probably more “Israelite” than the “Jews” in the posters. The Palestinians are now being victimized by the very same evil belief system, or “MEME,” that Jesus once was.

“No population remains pure over a period of thousands of years… But the chances that the Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Judaic people are much greater than the chances that you or I are its descendents.”

— Ashkenazi Jew, Professor Shlomo Sand in the book “When and How the Jewish People was Invented.” The Ashkenazim are the Eastern European Jews, mostly a Turkish/Hunnish (often called Mongol) race called “Khazars.”


First off, let’s make this one thing perfectly clear. When you see the word “Jew” around here, technically I mean “Talmudic Khazars.” Sound complicated? Yeah, it does, but it shouldn’t. These people use the confusion about this on Whites to hide behind. It’s easy for them to do, especially since they actually believe they are the Jews of the Bible — so it doesn’t take much acting to play the part if you’ve been raised to think that from the get-go!

Furthermore, the term “Judeo-Christianity” is a complete non-sense word because Judaism since those long ago days has really been the worship of something called the Talmud — which is NOT the same Old Testament of the Bible (the Torah displayed in Synagogues is merely symbolic, a totem no longer even read). And the word “anti-Semite” is a oxymoron as well, since the majority of Jews are actually descendants of a non-Semite people from the steppes of Eurasia — far from the Semitic peoples of the Middle East! The actual word “Jew” did not even exist until the 1700’s! This messed-up situation is due to a long-ago transfer of a religious “Meme” (more below).

The majority of “Jews” in the US and Israel, are a non-Semitic people, a bastardized, mixed-up Hunnish/Turkish group called the Khazars of the Caspian-Black sea area, who long ago converted to Judaism (usually described as Mongol/Turkish). Eventually, to get rid of remnants of them, Christian Russia forced them into an area of southern Poland and Russia called the Pale of Settlement. Some of them did migrate and travel into Germany and back again (which accounts for the German in the Yiddish language). They also moved into other Eastern European areas like Hungary and Romania. From these places, they immigrated into America in the late 1800’s. We now see how that’s turned out for this country as a whole.

These Khazars did not convert to the same Judaism of the people of Moses (the Old Testament), but to a power control system created by the High Priests of the Levites and the Pharisees of Jeruselum — the very same group who turned Jesus over to the Romans, according to the New Testament. The arrogant Talmud however, can’t even allow credit for that evil act to go to the Romans, bragging that it was the Pharisees themselves who executed Jesus; by strangling him in the same Golgatha trash heap where the word for hell comes from.

That same, often hateful, Talmud even says that “Yeschua Hanotsri” (Jesus of Nazerine), sometimes obliquely referred to as “the magician from Egypt,” now boils in a vat of excrement in hell (Gittin 57a).

Today’s so-called “Jews” are over 85% a mixed race of eastern European and southern Russian people called “Khazars,” who have inherited the Pharisee’s control and belief system called the Talmud. When you see photos of Orthodox Jews next to Palestinians in Israel, you will distinctly notice just how much they stick out like a sore thumb in this part of the world — foks, these are not the same Israelites of the Christian Bible!


It’s important to understand that the Talmud was a set of books created by the descendants of the Pharisees and Sadducee’s of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. In fact, this kind of rabbinic thinking was exactly what Jesus was fighting against during his short ministry on earth. The Pharisees sought to control every little thing in the Israelite’s lives and if you did something against or didn’t do something they had a tiny rule about, than you committed a sin against God! Call them the ultimate in control-freaks.

In addition to this, the priestly class of the Levites believed all other nations and peoples should be utterly destroyed (all the smoting of men, women and children, even livestock, etc. etc.); that only the Judahites (besides the small tribe of Benjamin to survive to that point) were favored in God’s eyes (the Chosen people stuff). These Jews would one day inherit the entire world. This incredibly violent streak against other surrounding peoples and religions was codified (see Deuteronomy and Numbers) and passed down to today’s world. Ask the Palestinians and Lebanese all about it.

This is the real evil that Jesus, John the Baptist and the mystery cult of the Essenes (Dead Sea scrolls) were up against. The Pharisees and Sadducees were, at this point, a part of the Edumean (Edomites) power structure (Herod Antipas came from them). The High Priests had long since corrupted the law of Moses (if he ever even existed) for their own benefit. This group acted as tools, or puppets, of the more militarily powerful Roman overlords and worked to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor people of the countryside — those that only wanted to follow God’s basic commandments and live in peace, without getting taxed to death. Some things never change!

Jesus was a peaceful, non-violent revolutionary against these evil Roman tools, the Edumean Pharisees. That is until he went into the Temple area on the day before Good Friday and saw all the money changer’s tables and scam operations of those who sold animals for sacrifice. The sight of that turned him ballistic on the spot — he knew these money-grubbers were in cahoots with the High Priests and that sent him into a rage.

The Romans later themselves had quite enough of the stiff-necked, intransigent Jews and in 70AD and later in the Hadrian destruction of 130AD, they laid waste to Jerusalem, razing the Second Temple and kicking the corrupted Jews out. Most Jews in the countryside just hunkered down and tried to continue on with their lives (later to become the Palestinians). But the High Priest class, the Pharisees, escaped to places like Alexandria, Egypt and Baghdad, Babylonia because these were city dwellers, not country people (this was the real Diaspora). They took with them all their painful Talmudic control systems and books. Talk about baggage!


Reverend Ted Pike discusses the Khazar history in his movie “The Other Israel.”

The Jews had always been in Baghdad, ever since the days of enslavement by Nebakanezer (another Matrix movie parallel) and the High Priests found harbor in this left-behind Jewish community. There, they finished the Babylonian Talmud in 499 AD, incorporating many bizarre beliefs of the surrounding non-Jew cults.

Many scholars who study the Talmud have remarked on occult superstitions found in the Talmud. Some actually believe that it contains Satanic or Molech worship (an early G-d of the people in that part of the world), human sacrificial rites (including the Blood Libel). All this may account for Jewish behavior and the state of today’s world:

“Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees and the patrimony of Babylon, from whence the Talmudic and kabbalistic traditions of Judaism ultimately derive. Orthodox Judaism’s other major sacred book, the Kabbalah, is filled with astrological teachings, fortune-telling, gematria, necromancy and demonology…Orthodox rabbis place curses, cast spells and imagine they have powers greater than God, derived from their study of the Sefer Yezriah, a book of Kabbalistic magic.”

Michael Hoffman, “Strange Gods,” p.81

These Babylonian Tamudic priests had trade route contact with other Jews who migrated westward to Egypt, like the famous Jewish rabbi, Maimonides of Alexander, who stole the concept, or meme of Legos (“the Word”) from the White Greek Stoics or philosophers. This back and forth transmission of ideas among various Talmudic rabbi groups moved further west and north into the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). These were the Sephardic Jews, who were indeed Semitic and, to some degree, genetically the real descendants of the tribes of Moses.

Eventually, the beliefs of the Pharisees and Levite High Priest class in Babylon influenced the Khazars, due north of them near the Caspian sea and converted them to the Talmudic version of Judaism in the 8th Century AD. The Khazars were a mixed race of Huns, Turkish people and some Slavs, but mostly were Asiatic and completely different from the Semitic races of Abraham to the south and west.

It is an inarguable and historically-proven fact (like the Schechter and Kievan Letters) that these people converted to Rabbinical Judaism around 740AD, under King (called Bek) Bulin and his grandson, Obadiah. This was not, as some would try to tell you, a mere off-shoot of the minor Karaite sect, nor was it only confined to the ruling class. It was due to real Hebrew influences on a large population from a variety sources, such as Crimean Jewish outposts, Radanhite Jewish merchants and religious refugees from the Christian Byzantine and Muslim Persian empires.

The Babylonian Talmud was adopted as the “holy books” for a race that never, ever lived in the holy land.

Actual remnant Hebrews did come into Khazaria and interbred with the locals over time. This accounts for the presence of some Semitic DNA in today’s Ashkenazi Jews but also reveals a bottle-neck, or what is called a “Founder Effect” — at precisely the number of generations ago that this conversion took place (more below).

The transfer of the Talmudic Meme: This is the course of the belief and control system of the Pharisees, expelled from Jerusalem by the Romans (“the Diaspora”), and later became the religion of the semi-asiatic Khazar kingdom. This satanic meme resulted in the Ashkenazi Jews that now plague the Palestinians and the rest of the world today. The early Christian meme, followed similar outward path into the Roman and Byzantine worlds via Turkey (like with Paul of Tarsus), but the Byzantine world smartly outlawed any kind of Jew from civil service, intermarriage and education. All of this would eventually come back in a round-about fashion to haunt Christianity — oh yes, it would.


With the transfer of the Talmudic control system to the Kingdom of the Khazars, what we see is the movement of an idea or concept — a meme — from one racial group to another. The various religions of the world can be considered the ultimate “Memes” in human history.

Memes are:

  • An idea that, like a gene, can replicate and evolve.
  • A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.
  • A cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one generation to another by nongenetic means (as by imitation); “memes are the cultural counterpart of genes.”

Today’s Jews go completely haywire over the whole Khazar business and hate it when us Gentiles talk about it (as usual, calling us “anti-Semites” or “Nazis,” if we dare) — because it logically calls into question their “ownership” of Palestine, the raison d’être of that outlaw State of Israel, as well as them wearing the precious mantle of being called “Israelite” and a “Chosen One.” This is one of the biggest “forbidden” subjects in history. They vigorously denounce it all as too “fantastic” to have occurred. But is it?

In fact, this kind of transfer of religious ideas from one racial stock to another has happened many, many times in history. Look at how Christianity diffused through-out the Roman Empire at the exact same time as the Talmud moved elsewhere. See how White Northern European peoples later accepted Christianity and turned against the Catholic church, evolving their own contrasting version (Protestant). Make note of Shinto Buddhism of Japan, which later formed the backbone to a Supremacist and Militarist ideology that had much to do with the origins of WWII. The correlations are many.

And it’s not at all unbelievable crazy man talk. Let’s say you were born into a society 1300 years ago that had no books, magazines, photos or TV. You had nothing to go on but what your parents, your fellow yurt dwellers and the neighborhood local leaders (rabbis) told you. It would only take a few generations for everyone to believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites, or whatever religious group.

Although it can be described as Judaism, the Talmudic meme is not the same religion of Moses or the Israelites. It’s the anally compulsive mind-set of the Pharisee class, those that controlled every aspect (the dogmatic Halakhah Law) of the Jew’s life, keeping themselves in power. This same rigged game is played out to this very day, where untold numbers of rabbis live the lives of the indolent Talmudic “scholars,” not working and breeding large Jew families.

The Talmudic Khazar Jews have always been more comfortable living segregated in the cities — such as Brooklyn, NY — where the orthodox (Hasidic) men study the Talmud all day and don’t hold jobs contributing to America as a whole. Those that do work, usually ply Jewish trades like diamond merchants or scam ops like the Kosher rackets (which you pay into all the time and don’t know it), right along with the more secular-looking Jews who go out and practice usurious banking tactics on the surrounding Goyim populations.


What’s really bad is that a giant part of it concerns you but you don’t have a clue. Oh yeah. They believe that only by corralling you under political control (the NWO), and by forcing you to follow their special commandments for non-Jews, will G-d make the Jews one with him and bring back the rest of secular Jewry to the Talmudic code. This is called the “Seven Laws of Noah,” but secretly includes another 66.

Modern-day Talmudists also believe that us non-Jews are really “Amalek,” the eternal enemy to the Jews. The last mention of this was in the Bible 500 years before Christ. Today, almost all Christians have no idea they may belong to this secret enemy army of Jewry. You may actually be under a death sentence, just for being born! And they call us racists? Michael Hoffman explains “Amalek” here in this video link. The Amalek document he discusses in the video: Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment.

Although many Jews claim to be Atheists, the Talmudic mind-set is still a big over-all part of  of  Jewdom because of a real life “Supremacy” in how they think of themselves as a racial group, vis a vis the rest of the planet’s citizens. But it’s not YAHWEH whom they worship, but the Talmudic meme of Judaism that says they are mini G-ds themselves. Call it the overall gestalt of the modern day Jews:

“The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

 – Herman Wouk, “This is My God.”

One way to see all this going on is to ask yourself this: Why do you not see the Talmud ever mentioned in the mainstream media, like in History Channel religious documentaries? Sure, you have the Torah (Tanach, or Old Testament) talked about, but never the Talmud. Oh, they might briefly mention the Zohar (Kabbalistic occult Jew gibberish), orMidrash (overly-imaginative rabbis dreaming up more crap about the old crap), but never the Talmud!

They simply wish to keep this whole subject in the dark with the Goyim masses because they don’t want our curiosity piqued and for us to dwelve deeper. The subject matter has obviously been made taboo for the mainstream media.

Jewish genetics: Obfuscated for the Goyim

One of the most common arguments (like in the heavily Jew-edited Wikipedia) against the Khazar business was a Hebrew University DNA study* done on the Paternal “Y” haplotype of male Jews which disproved the matter, but that’s a totally false description of the study.

In fact, the Y chromosome study confirmed that a influx did occur from a Central Asian source into present day Ashkenazim Jews. It indicated something called the “Founder Effect,” where a haplotype gene called R-M17 from a very small group of Middle Eastern men must have interbred within this Central Asian gene pool in the distant past and henceforth became a distinct part of Ashkenazim today. This was undoubtedly the Jewish traders and Talmudic rabbis who came up from Babylon and interbred with the Khazars during the conversion period of the 8th century (700-800AD). See Nature article PDF here.

In a book written by David Keys in 2000, he discusses this very thing and correlates it to historical evidence. Some important excerpts from Keys’ book:

“DNA tests on Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews have revealed the possibility that at least one key section of the latter community may have genetic evidence of a potentially large-scale or even mass conversion which must have taken place sometime after around A.D. 700… the only known mass conversion within that time frame and in that geographical area was that of the Khazars in the eighth century… What seems to have happened is not only a potentially large-scale conversion of non-Jewish people, almost certainly Khazars, to Judaism, but also the adoption of Levite (Assistant Priest) status by a substantial number of the Khazar converts… A tenth-century letter of recommendation from the Jewish community of Kiev to Jewish communities outside Khazaria was signed by Jews with traditional Turkic nameswhose almost certainly Turkic Khazar ancestors had adopted second names… indicating that they saw themselves as descendants or close associates of the ancient tribe of Levi… Adoption of Cohenic or ordinary Levitical status by converts was and is expressly forbidden by rabbinical law, so the Khazars had to develop a mythic national history that gave them the right to Levitical status. They claimed that they were the descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel and were not converts at all but merely returnees to Judaism. Furthermore, the tribe they claimed ancestry from was that of Simeon, the brother of the founder of the tribe of Levi….Probably it was the old pre-Jewish Khazar priests — the qams — who at the conversion had become Levites en masse…” (excerpts from pages 99-100)

David Keys. Catastrophe: An Investigation Into the Origins of the Modern World. New York: Ballantine Books, 2000. Keys summarizes the genetic findings of M. G. Thomas, Karl L. Skorecki, H. Ben-Ami, Tudor Parfitt, Neil Bradman, D. B. Goldstein,“Origins of Old Testament Priests.” in the magazine, Nature 394 (July 9, 1998): pg. 138-140. (you have to purchase the Nature article)

Note very carefully here the information in Key’s summary above, that the Turkish Khazars took the names of the Levite priesthood, who must have passed down the violent racial ideology and separatism from the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy against any neighbor or stranger — the other races living nearby.

This whole shebang is part and parcel of the Zionists in today’s world, and is at the root of all the evils now plaguing America and our geopolitics. The closer you study this whole matter, the more that this will become readily apparent to you and is at the root of what is called: “The Jewish Question.”

The “Y” haplotype report,* cited by Wikipedia as proof the Jews are really ancient Israelites (any other evidence is always carefully ignored by embedded Jew editors). In reality the report says the question remains unresolved on Ashkenazim Jews, who are the majority of today’s Jewish population. Here I quote directly from it:

“To address the degree to which paternal gene flow may have affected the Jewish gene pool, we estimated approximate admixture levels in our Jewish samples from Europe. This question remains unresolvedin particular for the Ashkenazi community.”Page 5 here

Many other scientists considered the sample data in this Y study as statistically extremely questionable in the first place, combining far too many countries, like Britain, Germany and Russia, all of which could not exclude Sephardic DNA, undoubtedly incorporated over the past centuries. The testing also had far too few samples of DNA (less than 60!) to begin with. Another big problem was that it centered around the paternal (male) gene; while Jews are now a maternal race (the priestly class was originally paternal long-ago), meaning you’re not considered Jewish if your mother wasn’t.

As a side note, the Y-chromosone report found only the barest amounts of “semitic” genetics for the so-called Ethiopian Negro Jews, imported into Israel back in the 1970’s because of all the King Solomon and Bethsheba biblical stories. Most of those Negroes have long since left, because of real racism against Negroes in Israel. They also didn’t have the same Talmudic background (Solomon was long before the Khazars); so the current day Talmudic Israelis actually forbade them from performing sacred rites in Israel, as well as not allowing intermarriage with “White” skinned Israelis, or even much else beyond manual labor.

Ashkenazim Jews are absolutely the biggest race hypocrites, ever!

But the most important truth that negates all these angry Jews against the whole Khazar history and Middle Eastern DNA question, isthat it just does not matter! That’s right, the Jews as a whole are really expressing that Supremacist Talmudic meme, which is at the heart of the matter now facing the White race!

This meme has had disastrous effects on the world: Geopolitics (Zionism, War, Iraq, 9/11 and other Mossad perfidious acts), the Geo-Economy (Central Banking, fiat money, immigration, the coming New World Order), inner racial hate for Muslims and the White people of the Western World (Islamofascism, the Holocaust Hoax, media slanders, “Multiculturism,” race and victimhood politics).

Whether they are this or that back then, makes little real difference when you take in the here and now!

So, let’s restate the issue here. The Ashkenazim Jews are not the original Israelites of the Bible, but usually believe themselves to be and want the surrounding Gentile populace to think so. They are a separate racial group, one that may look something like Whites and uses that fact against us when convenient or not, if that’s good for them, too. This race is based on a sometimes bizarre and hateful religious meme called the Talmud, created by the descendants of the Pharisees who had Jesus executed. This is NOT the same as the Old Testament Torah, like they want you to believe. And last, but certainly not least, today’s Jews that may not appear religious in outward behavior, have ingested the superiority meme promoted by the Talmudic Jews and pretty much all think they are “God’s Chosen people!”

— Phillip Marlowe


*The major sponsor for the “Y” Haplotype study was the Hebrew University, based in Jerusalem. They obviously had a built-in bias going back to Zionist history creation in the last century, or even before:

Sand suggests that the denial mechanism was rather orchestrated and very well thought out. The Hebrew University decision in the 1930’s to split Jewish History and General History into two distinct departments was far more than just a matter of convenience. The logos behind the split is a glimpse into Jewish self-realisation. In the eyes of Jewish academics, the Jewish condition and Jewish psyche were unique and should be studied separately. Apparently, even within Jewish academia, a supreme status is reserved for the Jews, their history and their self-perception.  As Sand insightfully unveils, within the Jewish Studies departments the researcher is scattering between the mythological and the scientific while the myth maintains its primacy. Yet, it often gets into a stalling dilemma by the ‘small devious facts’.  — Gilad Atzmon review HERE.

My blog page above on this: The Wandering Who?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Two Hundred Years Together: From the Beginnings in Khazaria

Arthur Koestler’s 13th Tribe on-screen images, downloadable Free PDF Here

Khazaria.com: Resource for Turkic and Jewish History

Go find and read: “The Jews of KHAZARIA” by Kevin Alan Brook (Jew) published by Jason Aronson, Inc. in 1999. This book explains in great detail where they really came from and where they went. The whole subject is something Jews often talk about among themselves but do not want us Goyim to even know the least thing about it.

TED PIKE’S “THE OTHER ISRAEL” KHAZAR SECTION WAS DELETED BY JEW ADL YOUTUBE MONITORS! The Jews don’t want this history to become common knowledge. The whole video may be watched on Google embedded above (for now). The small segment (below) on the Khazars was undoubtedly taken down by ADL Jews on the bogus excuse “terms of use violation.” Watch the embedded video above (58 minutes but worth it) and ask yourself “why?”


Download PDF

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