GERMANY – Growing German far-right increasingly blaming immigration on Jews




German Jewry is beginning to worry about anti-Semitism again, and according to a local source, it’s long past due time that they did.

In an exclusive interview with a peace activist from Germany, learned this week that the threat to Jews in the country is rising steadily.

Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazi groups are increasing in popularity, albeit with their initial banner raised against the flood of refugees and migrants streaming into Germany from across Europe.

The activist, a German visitor to Israel, told on condition of anonymity – is that a backlash is beginning among the German population which is starting to blame its “migrant population” on “the Jews.”

It has taken a while, but Joseph Schuster, president of the country’s Central Council of Jews also expressed the community’s concern in an interview published Saturday in the Sueddeutsche Zetung.

“The political mood in our society is clearly drifting off to the right,” Schuster told the newspaper, noting rising tensions over the steady flow of migrants into the country. Although Schuster told the paper he does not believe the Jews will immediately leave en masse, he did warn that many will “consider” it.

“It must be clear to the people that come to us that anti-Semitic behavior will not be tolerated,” Schuster said. He called on the government to teach the migrants – most of whom are Muslims – to recognize the State of Israel in their cultural integration courses “because among the refugees is a significant proportion of Arab people who have grown up with anti-Jewish and anti-Israel stereotypes.”

While it is true that many attacks on Jews in Europe over the past several years have been traced to Muslim immigrants, that has by no means ever been the source of anti-Semitism on the continent. Adolf Hitler was Austrian, not Syrian. Let’s not confuse the two.

According to the German source there have been weekly anti-migrant demonstrations by German native-born citizens in Leipzig for months already. On the secular New Year, when parties were going “full blast” the central downtown area was “empty, spooky, with no police coverage whatsoever because all the police were out dealing with attacks.

This New Year’s Eve, gangs of young migrant men sexually assaulted countless young women in mass attacks in Cologne and other German towns, according to France24 and myriad other international media. Last year Germany absorbed 1.1 million migrants and the nation’s citizens are reportedly livid with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy for the refugees.

“That night saw hundreds of assaults – it was the first time the media could not hide the facts about migrant violence and German violence in response,” the source said.

Riots were also been carried out by an extremist group known to international police as the neo-Nazi “football hooligans.” The group has branches throughout Europe – in Sweden as well as in Germany.

In Leipzig two weeks later they seized the opportunity to start a rampage during a march by supporters of the anti-migrant Pegida movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.) The local Pegida group in Leipzig is known as Legida.

“Merkel take your Muslims with you and go,” read one of the placards at a Legida protest.

Also in January, at least 250 neo-Nazis traveled by car to the Leipzig suburb of Connewitz from “all over the state of Saxony,” according to the World Socialist Web Site, which described a scene of “fascist terror.”

According to a report posted by the Peipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ), the “horde of neo-Nazis” were “goose-stepping” through the district and then began a “rampage of violence” with large stones they had clearly brought with them.

Another eyewitness said the mob was “armed with baseball bats and axes. They broke numerous windows, stormed into a Turkish restaurant and threw tables and benches through the windows into the street.”

The source who spoke with confirmed the report of the goose-stepping neo-Nazis. “I have seen the marches, and I have also seen the coverage,” the source said. “It is all true.”

Police said in the report that dozens of windows were shattered, fireworks ignited, and cars set ablaze. “The destruction was evidently planned,” according to the report. There were 211 arrests.

It was labeled by historian Sascha Lange, an expert on the resistance groups in the Third Reich, as the “biggest attack by right-wing extremists on shops and houses in Leipzig since the November Pogrom of 1938.”

More ominously, the report added that “it cannot be ruled out that [the riots] were carried out with the knowledge of the security forces or were even initiated by them.”

The source warned “Germans are extremely polite and most would never tell a Jew they are not welcome. But if you are blond and blue-eyed and are at a party on a Friday night, thenafter a few drinks it is a good idea to listen to what they are saying when they feel no Jews are around.”


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Operation Gladio, Jew Inc’s Private Armies of Thugs That Set Off False Flags

The man that starts talking around 2:15 about both of his kids being killed by a bomb blast at the 1980 Munich Oktoberfest is one of many nameless victims of these violent assholes. They haven’t stopped, they just change locations to places like Paris, Boston and San Bernardino.

Back then, the horror was blamed on the USSR’s involvement in the Cold War. These days, the violence is blamed on Muslim jihadists by the Jew MSM while the bankers steal everything in sight and the Jews cement their grip over the ME.

Like the video says, many aspects of those attacks remain a mystery, especially who was doing the shooting and bombings. It’s no mystery, it’s our governments setting off this terror, at the behest of Israel and the Jew owned ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks.

When some of this Operation Gladio was going off in Europe and scaring the crap out of Europeans, Jew Inc was terrorizing the indigenous Palestinians into fleeing their native homeland so the Khazar parasites could steal their homes, factories and land.

Now days, these vicious thugs are party neutral here in the USA, serving both wings of the ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel’ party, the Dems and Repubs.

Clinton-Bush Hardliner Attacks Congress for Blocking Invasion of Syria

The “War on Terror” is a Massive Zionist Fraud

The Holocaust™ was the Big Lie and Jew fraud of the 20th Century and the 9/11 False Flag is the Big Lie and Jew fraud of the 21st Century.

UPDATE: Operation Gladio in Occupied Palestine

Israeli rabbi: Israeli soldiers can rape Palestinian women

The permission came as an answer for this question: “Is it allowed in our days for an Israeli occupation soldier, for example, to rape girls during a fight, or is such a thing forbidden?”

ZOF Storm Troopers want their rape of Palestinian girls sanctified by some rabid Rabbi. These sick fucks got their asses kicked by Hezbollah men, so they butch up by raping little girls.

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