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Updated Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Photo: Thought-provoking picture from newly found Auschwitz album shows veteran prisoners (in striped uniforms) helping to muster new arrivals along the platform. Note: open main gate, no guns, basket of food.

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Photo right: Birkenau (Auschwitz II),
Aug 23, 1944: click for fullsize

Lipstadt’s March 2005 attempt to silence C-Span (dossier)

Photo-op at Auschwitz, January 1945: Kindly Russian soldiers pose with three
people clad in prison garb at Auschwitz

WHAT WAS ISRAEL FRANTIC ABOUT? HERE IS THE EL MUNDOINTERVIEW OF DAVID IRVING (Title: “Hitler was a simple man hoodwinked by his subordinates”) WHICH ISRAEL TRIED AND FAILED TO SUPPRESS – but which the newspaper has unsurprisingly so far omitted from its website
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More lies. Note the photo of heads and corpses, “an image of the barbarism provoked at Auschwitz extermination/ concentration camp.” But it is not Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Bergen-Belsen.

They used the same photo in 2005. Tell us if you know more about this photo. mail toReader’s letter

fake Auschwitz watch tower



An Official Polish Report on the Auschwitz ‘Gas Chambers’

Krakow Forensic Institute Confirms Leuchter’s Findings

A recent investigation by a Polish government agency has authoritatively corroborated the findings of Fred Leuchter from his detailed 1988 on-site forensic examination of supposed German wartime extermination gas chambers. The American execution expert concluded that the “gas chambers” in the former concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek were never used to kill people. (On Leuchter’s findings and the resulting international controversy, see his detailed Report, as well as The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1989 and Winter 1990-91, and the IHR Newsletter, October 1990 and January 1991.)

Concerned at the impact of Leuchter’s widely-circulated Report, the Auschwitz State Museum, a Polish government agency, commissioned the Institute of Forensic Research (Instytut Ekspertyz Sadowych) of Krakow to carry out its own investigation. The result: In a carefully worded six-page internal forensic report, the Institute’s experts essentially replicated Leuchter’s findings and implicitly corroborated his conclusions.

Consistent with Leuchter’s investigation, the Institute’s specialists detected absolutely no traces of cyanide (or ferro-ferri-cyanide compound) in most of the plaster and brick samples taken from the alleged extermination gas chambers. Traces of cyanides were detected in eight samples, seven of which were rooms in Block 3 of Auschwitz main camp where -as the Institute’s experts acknowledge – inmate clothing was disinfected by “gassing” with Zyklon.

A barely detectable trace of cyanide compound was found in the eighth remaining “positive” sample, which was sample No. 15 from the alleged homicidal “gas chamber” in Krema building II in Birkenau. Significantly, this is the only sample taken from any of the supposed extermination gas chambers that showed any trace of cyanide. The presence of an almost indetectable trace in this sample is entirely in keeping with Leuchter’s conclusion that the room from which it was taken must have been deloused with Zyklon at one time or another.

In an apparent attempt at “damage control,” the authors of the Institute’s report sought to play down or negate the significance of their own findings by asserting that any cyanide traces would have disappeared long ago under the impact of the weather and the elements. This assertion is simply not true, as Leuchter and other specialists have pointed out:

  • Precisely speaking, it is not hydrogen cyanide itself that leaves a trace, but rather the compounds that result from the interaction of hydrogen cyanide with iron and other heavy metal ions. The resulting ferro-ferri-cyanide compounds are very stable as James Roth, chief chemist of Alpha Analytical Labs in Massachusetts, testified in the 1988 “Holocaust” trial of Ernst Zündel. Even after 45 years, the compounds would not have “weathered away.”
  • It is not true that all of the alleged gas chambers were exposed to the elements, as the Institute’s experts contend. Specifically, the entire crematory facility (Krema) I in the Auschwitz main camp, including the alleged homicidal “gas chamber” there, has been completely intact since the camp was liberated by Soviet forces in January 1945. The authors of the Krakow Institute report make no effort to explain the absence of cyanide traces in this “gas chamber.” Similarly, the alleged extermination gas chamber of crematory facility (Krema) II in Birkenau is protected by the collapsed concrete ceiling, and is otherwise in its original condition.

It is worth noting that the Krakow Institute’s report did not respond at all to other compelling reasons given by Leuchter for doubting the orthodox extermination story. As he points out, for example, the alleged homicidal gas chambers he examined were not properly sealed or vented for use as killing facilities.

Auschwitz State Museum officials initiated this investigation rather obviously hoping that the Institute’s report would discredit Leuchter’s findings and corroborate the orthodox extermination account. And just as obviously, if the Institute’s report had, in fact, discredited the American engineer’s conclusions, the Auschwitz State Museum and Holocaust organizations around the world would certainly have wasted no time in giving it maximum publicity.

Although neither the Auschwitz State Museum nor the Krakow Institute has (so far) made this September 1990 report public, Revisionists were nevertheless able to obtain a copy of the original document. Professor Robert Faurisson in France and Fred Leuchter in the United States were quick to cite this “Polish Leuchter Report” as corroboration of the Revisionist view of the Auschwitz extermination story. (See the IHR Newsletter, April 1991.)

Published here for the first time in English, a translation of the Krakow Institute’s report follows:

First page of the September 1990 report on the forensic investigation of the alleged extermination gas chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau conducted by a leading Polish forensic institute in response to the Leuchter Report.

In the name of Prof. Dr. Jan Sehn, Krakow

Division of Forensic Toxicology
Krakow, 24 Sept. 1990
Westerplatte 9 / Code 31-033
Tel. 505-44, 592-24, 287-50
Telex 0325213 eksad
Ref. No. 720 / 90

[ rubber stamp: ]

Received at the Auschwitz State Museum,
11 Oct. 1990 / filed: I 4998

To the
State Museum in
Re: Ref. No. I-8523/51/1860/89

The Institute of Forensic Research,
in the name of Prof. Dr. Jan Sehn, Krakow,
herewith presents this

Forensic Report,

prepared by the court-approved experts
Prof. Dr. Jan Markiewicz, Dr. Wojciech Gubala, engineer Jerzy Labedz, and Beate Trzcinska, M.S.

In response to publications and court proceedings in the West, according to which Zyklon B gas was not used to kill people in the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Auschwitz [State] Museum asked us to take samples of wall plaster from the gas chambers and analyze them for the presence of hydrogen cyanide.

On the basis of an agreement in writing and by telephone, the team of experts of the Institute of Forensic Research, consisting of Dr. Wojciech Gubala and engineer J. Labedz, arrived on 20 February 1990 at the camp and Museum in Auschwitz-Birkenau for the purpose of taking samples for investigation, in order to determine the presence of hydrocyanic acid compounds.

In accordance with agreed-upon procedure, the material samples, consisting primarily of pieces of wall plaster and brick, were taken in the presence of Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator of the Museum, from the rooms of Block 3, from crematory [building] 1 in Auschwitz [main camp], as well as from crematories [buildings] 2, 3 and 5 in Birkenau. Wall plaster samples were also removed from Block 11 in Auschwitz [main camp] in the presence of Piotr Setkiewicz, M.S., an employee of the Museum.

Altogether, 22 samples were removed, including two control samples from a distant place where contamination with HCN [hydrocyanic acid] would not be possible.

Of the 20 samples removed, ten were taken from rooms in Block 3 in Auschwitz [main camp] (from rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4) where inmate clothing was disinfected with Zyklon B. According to our information, these rooms were white- washed during the war years. In some spots, a blue or dark blue stain shows through.

Five samples were also taken from the ruins of the gas chamber of crematory [building] 2 in Birkenau, as well as one sample each from the ruins of crematory [building] 5 and the wall of crematory [building] 1 in Auschwitz [main camp]. No samples were taken from the ruins of crematory [building] 4, because the 30-40 centimeter high wall structure there was reconstructed after the war.

In addition, the above-mentioned employees of the Institute of Forensic Research were given an envelope containing about 150 grams of human hair (marked PMO II-6-476), which had been obtained by a Museum employee, as well as four pieces of pulverized horse hair material [“wlosianki”] which had likewise been obtained by an employee of the Museum (marked PMO II-6-477 to 480).

Individual samples of the secured material (wall plaster, brick, hair and horse hair material) were reduced to small particles and placed in a micro-diffusion chamber. These samples were then treated with sulfuric acid and exposed to diffusion for 24 hours at room temperature in a Conway chamber. The resulting vapors and gases were absorbed in a sodium-hydroxide solution.

After this diffusion process was completed, the samples were subjected to color intensity analysis using pyridine-pyrazolone reagent, and the resulting color intensity was measured with a spectrophotometer (630 nm).

The corresponding concentration of hydrocyanic acid compound was measured against the calibration curve, which had been calibrated from an appropriately prepared sample of a known concentration.

The Results

Of the ten samples taken from the rooms of Block 3, where Zyklon B disinfection was carried out, traces of hydrocyanic acid compounds were found in seven of the samples in a concentration of nine to 147 micrograms per 100 grams of the sample material, calculated on the basis of the curve calibrated with potassium cyanide.

Concentration of Cyanide in the analyzed material:

Sample number
as per the procedure
of 20 February 1990
Concentration of Cyanide
expressed as potassium cyanide
(micrograms per 100 grams of material)
Sample No. 1 17
Sample No. 2 9
Sample No. 7 19
Sample No. 8 35
Sample No. 9 101
Sample No. 10 132
Sample No. 11 147
Sample No. 15 6
Note: No cyanide was found in any of the other samples.

Each sample that showed a positive result was then subjected to infrared spectrophotometric analysis in a Digilab company model F TS 15 B spectrophotometer. In five samples analyzed with this technique, the presence of cyanide was detected corresponding to spectral bands with frequencies of 2000 to 2200 cm. [1]

In each of the five “positive” tested plaster samples,a more or less distinct blue deposit could be detected. This kind of deposit, which is known as Prussian blue, may result from the interaction of cyanide with iron-based compounds.

Of the samples taken from crematories 1, 2, 3, and 5, only sample number 15 showed almost indetectably small traces of cyanide compounds (6 micrograms per 100 grams of wall plaster). This sample was taken from a column that stands in the middle of the gas chamber of crematory [building] 2 in Birkenau.

The analysis of the hair and hair weave produced a negative result. The result of the analysis of the two control samples was also negative.

On 18 July 1990, Dr. W. Gubala returned to the former Auschwitz concentration camp and took seven further samples from the wall plasters where the presence of hydrocyanic compounds had been detected by chemical analysis. These material samples were once again subjected to the analysis procedure described above, and once again the results were positive.

The hydrocyanic acid (HCN) that is released from the Zyklon B preparation is a liquid with a boiling point of about 27 degrees Celsius. It has an acidic character, ath therefore forms compounds with metallic salts, which are known as cyanides. The salts of alkaline metals (such as sodium and potassium) are water soluble.

Hydrocyanic acid is a very weak acid, and accordingly its salts dissolve easily in stronger acids. Even carbonic acid, which is formed as a reaction of carbon dioxide with water, will dissolve ferro-cyanide.

Stronger acids, such as sulfuric acids, easily dissolve the cyanides. The compounds of cyanide ions with heavy metals are longer lasting. This includes the already mentioned Prussian blue, although this will also slowly dissolve in an acidic environment.

Therefore, one can hardly assume that traces of cyanic compounds could still be detected in construction materials (plaster, brick) after 45 years, after being subjected to the weather and the elements (rain, acid oxides, especially sulfuric and nitrogen oxides). More reliable would be the analysis of wall plaster [samples] from closed rooms which were not subject to weather and the elements (including acid rain).

The analysis of the wall plaster taken from the rooms of Block 3 did indicate the presence of hydrocyanic acid compounds, although only in very small amounts. This result is a confirmation of the fact that in these rooms of Block 3, preparations of hydrogen cyanide such as in Zyklon B were used for disinfection.

The discovery of hydrocyanic acid compounds in samples of material which had been subject to the elements can only be accidental.

The macroscopic and microscopic examination of the hair weaves (PMO-II-6-477 to 480) showed hair in the woven material with the properties of human hair, as shown in photos 1, 2, and 3.

[Photos not reproduced here]

The Experts:

Prof. Dr. Jan Markiewicz

Specialist for Technical Testing
Engineer Jerzy Labedz

Director of Toxicology
Dr. Wojciech Gubala

Senior Assistant
Beata Trzcinska, M.S.

[rubber stamp]

Dr. Markiewicz Responds

In late April, IHR Associate Editor Mark Weber wrote to Dr. Jan Markiewicz, director of the Institute of Forensic Research, to ask for a comment on his agency’s September 1990 report. He was specifically asked to comment on the significance of his institute’s report in light of Leuchter’s 1988 investigation and report. A copy of the April IHR Newsletter, which told about the Krakow Institute’s investigation and report, was mailed along with Weber’s inquiry. In a letter dated June 7, 1991, Dr. Markiewicz responded:

I received your letter with enclosure on 16 April 1991. I agree with you that a commentary should necessarily be affixed to our report of 24 Sep. 1990, which is called for by the straightforwardness of information, so essential to any scientific studies. Our Institute of Forensic Research is a scientific-research establishment attached to the Ministry of Justice. Investigations of material evidences are carried out in it independently of the parties to the suit and expert opinions are expressed in civil and criminal cases for the purposes of the administration of justice.

In a letter of 17 May 1989 the then Director of the State Museum at Auschwitz, Mr. Kazimierz Smolen, asked me to make “an analysis of plaster samples from the walls of the gas chambers for the presence of hydrogen cyanide.” In connection with the question posed in that letter I qualified the chances of detecting hydrogen cyanide in such samples as nearly none. As a chemist engaged in forensic chemical toxicology for 45 years, I am familiar with the properties of this volatile substance. Hence my reply. Anyway, I stated that, if only such investigation was considered to be expedient, I was ready to undertake it. As my partner in further talks and possible study I named Dr. Wojciech Gubala of the Forencis Toxicological Laboratory of our Institute. At the same time I referred to the expert appraisal made by Dr. Jan Robel in this Institute in 1945, closely connected with the problems in hand …

Having communicated by phone with the Management of the Museum at Auschwitz, Dr. Gubala went there together with his co-worker, Mr. Jerzy Labedz on 10 Feb. 1990. Both these workers were taken round the Camp territory by the curator, Dr. Franciszek Piper, and toward the end of their visit by Mr. Piotr Sethkiewicz and they took samples of plaster in places indicated to them, in compliance with the wish expressed by the Director earlier. I was not informed then about the so-called “Leuchter’s Report” or about the publications coming out at that time, and nor were my co- workers. Their investigations and results are known to you from the expertise the copy of which is in your possession. I’d like to mention that the Management of the Museum did not inform us about the copying of this expert appraisal and its propagation.

Now, in the light of letters and publications coming to us from different countries, I have arrived at the conclusion that our investigations aiming at the confirmation, if possible, of the use of cyanic preparations in the rooms that survived whole or only in the form of ruins, were rather preliminary in nature and incomplete. We are bent on widening and deepening these investigations and have already been preparing for them. It is only now when suitable materials from literature have become accessible to us that we see the purpose and sense of such studies. Naturally, we shall publish their results and make them accessible to you and your Institute.

The IHR is naturally gratified by Dr. Markiewicz’s open-minded and cooperative attitude, which serves the cause of honest scholarship and historical truth.

We are pleased that the Krakow Institute will continue its investigation into this very important aspect of the Auschwitz extermination story, and we appreciate his pledge to keep us informed of the results.

In response to a couple of issues raised in this letter:

  • As Dr. Markiewicz mentions — and as Dr. Faurisson and others have repeatedly stressed — hydrogen cyanide is indeed a volatile substance. However, this point is not directly relevant to the investigations conducted by Leuchter or the Krakow Institute. In contrast to the volatility of hydrogen cyanide, the ferro-ferric-cyanide compounds (“Prussian blue”) produced as a result of the interaction of hydrogen cyanide and iron are remarkably stable, as authoritative chemistry reference works confirm.
  • The IHR is familiar with the 1945 forensic report referred to by Markiewicz in his letter, and more will be said about it in a forthcoming issue of the Journal.

[A letter similar to the one sent by Weber to Dr. Markiewicz was also sent to the Auschwitz State Museum. So far, though, no response has been received to that inquiry.]

From The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1991 (Vol. 11, No. 2), pages 207-216.


Holocaust Or Holohoax? 21 Amazing Facts

Written by Cigpapers

Photos and captions by Watt Tyler

In British Schools, and constantly on British television, we are bombarded with the alleged murder of 6 million jews by the Germans during World War Two. This is commonly referred to as “The Holocaust”. This alleged historical event is also thrown at anyone objecting to mass immigration in to White Nations as proof of the absolute evil  of White Nationalism.The alleged holocaust was also the official reason for setting up the Sate of Israel on May 14th 1948 – if the alleged holocaust was proved not to have happened then the State of Israel would have no legal basis.


In most European Countries even disputing any detail of this alleged historical event is a very serious criminal offence, which can result in up to 20 years imprisonment. In France this can be served in solitary confinement if the authorities believe there is any chance of re-offending.


Even though this blog in no way denies “The Holocaust”, or disputes any of the alleged details of any of the different versions, we did list 21 amazing facts about it here:

1. International Committee of the Red Cross Records:

The International Red Cross was stationed in all German labour, internment, concentration and prison camps throughout World War Two. The Red Cross were never given access to any Russian camps before, during or after World War Two. At his trials in Canada, during the 1980s and 1990s, Professor Ernst Zundel finally got the Red Cross to release their records from the German camps despite strong Israeli objections. The  Red Cross records seem to suggest that there were no gas chambers, and a total of 271,301 died during World War Two in these camps, mostly from typhus.

In a letter to the US State Department dated November 22nd 1944 The Red Cross, who were stationed in all the camps, stated : “We have not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners.”

Offical Red Cross records.

2.United States Airforce Aerial Photos Of Camps:

From 1942, until the end of World War Two, the United States Airforce performed low flying, low-speed photography of all the alleged “death camps” to obtain evidence of what was going on. This followed jewish claims in the West that a mass murder was occurring. All these photographs were released in 1979 when they were declassified. None of these photographs show any sign of mass murder or disposal of millions of bodies.

No USAF aerial photos show any mass murder in the camps.

3. Western Allies Never Liberated Any Death Camps With Gas Chambers:

None of the Western Allies ( Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, France etc. ) liberated any camps that had gas chambers, or other systems of mass murder in them. All the alleged death camps with gas chambers were liberated by the Russians. Consequently any alleged evidence of death camps and/or gas chambers was forthcoming solely from Soviet Russia.  The Western Allies liberated a total of 12 main camps and the Soviet Russians 8 main camps.

Western Allies never liberated or inspected any death camps or gas chambers.

4.The Leuchter Report:

One of the pieces of evidence Professor Ernst Zundel produced at his trials in Canada was the “Leuchter Report” compiled by Fred Leuchter on his commission. Fred Leuchter is the World’s foremost expert on gas chambers, and holds the patents for nearly all the gas chambers used for executions in the World. He has also personally built, or supervised the building, of all gas chambers in the USA and most in the rest of the World.

img759After inspecting the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Leuchter concluded they were unsuitable for use as gas chambers due to their lack of airtight doors, lack of a gas extraction system and general shoddy build. He also chemically analysed the walls for ferrocyanide ( produced when Zyklon-B reacts with brick walls ) and concluded there was none – the Auschwitz authorities took the same tests with the same results and now admit there was no gas chamber in Auschwitz.


5. The British Secret Service Monitored All Concentration Camp Deaths:

Using some of the World’s first computers the British Secret Service had cracked the German top-secret Enigma code and had access to most German Military communications by 1942. Sir Frank H. Hinsley, in his book British Intelligence In The Second World War ; It’s Influence On Strategy And Operations, stated “The returns of Auschwitz mentioned illness as the main cause of death but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.” The numbers of dead in the decoded messages tallied exactly with Red Cross and German Military records of the time. The British Secret Service also monitored various atrocities carried out by the Germans across the rest of Europe – why would the Germans report these to Berlin but not the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz and other camps?

The British Secret Service were monitoring all German Military and Police communications by 1942.

6. The French Resistance Denied The Holocaust:

During World War Two Germany invaded France and occupied Northern France from 1940 to 1944. A secret army of French Patriots known collectively as “The French Resistance” fought the German occupiers in various ways. A large number of French Resistance members were imprisoned, tortured and executed including their leader, and French National hero, Jean Moulin. After World War Two French resistance members were released from various German concentration camps, including Auschwitz and other alleged death camps. On their return to France they all gave horrific accounts of their treatment by the Germans, and were full of hatred for them because of the events of World War Two. However they all denied any knowledge of gas chambers and a mass murder programme in the concentration camps.

French Resistance leader Jean Moulin

7. The Gas Chambers Of World War One:

It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans, and their allies, were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However after the end of the War Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda and no such gas chambers had existed. He also apologised publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them.

During World War One it was falsely claimed that the Germans were gassing prisoners.

8. Amounts Of Zyklon-B Used At The Camps:

Zyklon-B was the trade name for of a cyanide-based pesticide  invented in the early 1920s. It was used in Germany, before and during the Second World War, for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery.  Zyklon-B consisted of diatomite, in the form of granules the size of fine peas, saturated with prussic acid. In view of its volatility and the associated risk of accidental poisoning, it was supplied in sealed metal canisters. One of the co-inventors of Zyklon-B, the chemist and businessman Bruno Tesch, was executed by the British in 1946 for his role in the alleged Holocaust.

In the concentration camps it was used for sanitation and pest control. There were disinfectant chambers, in all the camps, where inmates clothes were disinfected to combat typhus and other diseases. When you break down the amount of Zyklon-B used in all the camps, those not alleged to have gas chambers and those alleged to have gas chambers, the amount per inmate is very similar. This means the alleged death camps would have had to have had a secret supply for the “gas chambers”.

Zyklon-B granules came in sealed tins.

9. The Nuremberg Trials 1945 to 1949:

The Nuremberg Trials were held in the German City of Nuremberg from 1945 to 1949. These Trials were held by the victorious Allies ( France, Britain , USA and Soviet Russia ) with the Germans as defendants. They were the worst sort of show trials with the main Judge being Nikitchenko, who had presided over Stalins’ show trials of 1936 to 1938 in the Soviet Union. The Court came up with ridiculous findings like jews being turned in to lampshades and even soap, these claims are now discredited and even the jews admit they were untrue.

The Chief Justice of the United States Harlan Fiske Stone called the Nuremberg trials a fraud. He said “Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg,” he wrote. “I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a Court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.”

The Nuremberg Trials - the ultimate Soviet show trial held under the Allies.

Associate Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas charged that the Allies were guilty of “substituting power for principle” at Nuremberg. “I thought at the time and still think that the Nuremberg trials were unprincipled,” he wrote. “Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and clamor of the time.”

According to British General Montgomery, the Germans had only one sin : They lost the war.

President John F Kennedy in his book,  Profiles in Courage, criticised Nuremberg as a show trial.

Out of 139 German witnesses who testified that the Holocaust had occurred, the British Medical Officer recorded that 137 had “damage to their testicles that is beyond repair”. A number of Germans had died under interrogation by the Allies. There was also the threat of sending Peoples’ families to Soviet Gulags.

The Nuremberg prosecutors - Kempner, Rapp, Niederman - all Jews.

10. The Concentration Camp Crematorium:

One of the main problems with the 6 million jews being murdered claim was disposal of the bodies. It was claimed at Nuremberg that they had been disposed of in the camp crematorium. There were crematorium in each camp, but they simply didn’t have the capacity. Each crematorium oven could burn a body in about one and a half hours, meaning a maximum capacity of 16 bodies every day or just less than 6000 bodies per year per oven. The camps had between four and twelve ovens each giving 24,000 to 72,000 bodies per year maximum at each camp – this still wouldn’t be possible as you can’t run these ovens non-stop without the metal fracturing. Even double or triple loading wouldn’t help as this increased the time to three hours for two bodies or four and a half hours for three bodies. Also bodies aren’t totally reduced by this process and usually leave the pelvis and thigh bones which need crushing with special machinery – no such machinery was found at any of the camps. There is also the problem of fuel as each body would need about 40 kilograms of coke to burn – there is no record of the massive amount of coke required being supplied.

Each oven could only burn less than 600 bodies per year if working non-stop which isn't possible without fracturing the metal.

11. The Liberation Of Belsen Concentration Camp Film:

The whole World has probably seen the film of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp, it is horrific to say the least. Human skeletons are walking round with dead bodies covering the ground. This film was shown Worldwide at the time to show the evil of Nazi Germany.  However Belsen was liberated by the Western Allies, and was never alleged to have had any gas chamber or be part of a systematic mass murder programme. The victims are in fact all dying from typhus which is confirmed by German Military, Red Cross and British Military medical records – this is never pointed out whenever this film is shown. Ironically the deaths were mostly due to a lack of Zyklon-B, at the end of the war with Germany collapsing, leading to a mass typhus outbreak in the camp.

British Military sign warning of typhus outbreak at Belsen concentration camp shortly after liberation.

12. No Film Or Photographs Of Any Gas Chambers:

The Nazis were technology freaks, to say the least, and filmed and photographed virtually everything they did during World War Two. Hitler even had executions of his political enemies filmed so he could watch them with his cronies. However there has never been a single photograph or film found of any of the alleged gas chambers in operation. The Nazis did film, and photograph, themselves committing many atrocities across occupied Europe so it seems unlikely they wouldn’t film the alleged gas chambers. All the films we are shown of gas chambers are Hollywood recreations made after the war.

Hitler and his cronies demanded film of virtually everything happening in Nazi occupied territory but no film of gas chambers was ever found.

13. Sir Winston Churchill Never Mentioned The Alleged Holocaust:

In his monumental six volume The Second World War Sir Winston Churchill, British wartime Prime Minister, never makes any reference to gas chambers or a planned mass extermination of European jews. This is despite the fact he goes in to great detail about virtually every facet of World War Two including many atrocities committed by the Nazis. The same can be said about Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe. After the Second World War, with the Cold War starting, Churchill stated “I think we slaughtered the wrong pig here” a clear reference to the fact Britain would have been better helping Germany defeat Soviet Russia, or at least staying out completely.

Sir Winston Churchill - realised too late that Soviet Russia was more of a threat than Nazi Germany.

14. Star Witness To The Alleged Holocaust Elie Wiesel:

One of the star witnesses to the Auschwitz allegations is Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was born in Sighet, Romania on September 30th, 1928. Wiesel has given evidence at various trials around the World on his alleged experiences in German camps during World War Two. Wiesel is a well-known writer of fiction with over 40 published books. However it is his autobiography of Auschwitz, Night ,  which has come under scrutiny. Firstly, Wiesel claims the bodies were disposed of by a secret Nazi method of using bodies to burn bodies – if this was scientifically possible wouldn’t they just use this method to burn the bodies? Secondly Wiesel claims that his concentration camp number  A7713 was tattooed on his left arm like all inmates, however video evidence shows no such tattoo and he has never explained where his tattoo went. Thirdly his camp number, A7713, was assigned to a different prisoner and there is no record of him at Auschwitz despite all camp records being recovered after the War. Fourthly in all his different accounts of Auschwitz Weisel never mentions any gas chambers. Fifthly Wiesel makes bizarre claims about mass graves that would shoot fountains of blood up in to the air, this is also scientifically impossible. Sixthly Wiesel claims he spent three weeks in the Auschwitz Camp hospital with an infected leg – would a death camp bother curing prisoners? There are many other major discrepancies to his claims, and a read of his book Night is recommended.

For a more precise look at Elie Wiesel and why his allegations don’t stand up to any scrutiny please visit:


Elie Wiesel without his tattoo.

15. Fake Photographic And Film Holocaust Evidence And The Ever Changing Numbers:

The first time fake evidence was used was during the Nuremberg Trials. This however became an industry in its own right after 1945, with large rewards paid to investigators for “finding” Holocaust evidence. At the time a lot of this evidence was very cutting-edge, but under modern scrutiny it simply doesn’t stand up.

Modern forensic techniques have exposed a lot of

New systems of examining photographs and film have exposed large amounts of it as totally fake, other evidence has been exposed as coming from completely different sources e.g. The Russian Gulags.


As evidence has emerged discrediting large parts, if not all, of the alleged Holocaust narrative the jews have been forced to constantly change the numbers in their claims. They have, however, constantly stuck to an overall total of 6 million jewish deaths, even though this makes no mathematical sense as the component numbers are revised downwards. This hasn’t led to a partial refund of the damages paid to Israel by Germany based on the 6 million figure.


16. The Balfour Declaration, World War One And 6 Million Jews:

During World War One the British Government had agreed with leading jews that they would support a jewish homeland in Palestine in exchange for the powerful jewish lobby in America getting the USA to join the Allies. This led to the Balfour Declaration being made by the British Government promising the jews a homeland in Palestine.


After World War One the British Government were unable, or unwilling, to make good on this promise. From 1919 onwards the jews claimed 6 million jews in Europe were under threat from extermination unless they got a homeland in Palestine. This was 14 years before the Nazis came to power and 24 years before the alleged Holocaust started.

The jews have been waving the 6 million figure around since at least 1914 and maybe even earlier - the number seems to have a special signicance to them.

17. Holocaust Denial And The Holocaust Deniers:

In most parts of Europe questioning any aspect of the findings of the Nuremberg Trials is a very serious criminal offence on par with rape, murder or armed robbery. In France you can receive up to 20 years in prison, which may have to be served in solitary confinement. Even where it is not illegal questioning the official Holocaust narrative will probably cost you your job, family, house etc.

Despite this a lot of top writers, academics, historians and scientists have questioned the official Holocaust narrative or denied it entirely. Professor Ernst Zundel was put on numerous trials around the World, had his house firebombed, received death threats, his family broke up, was deported from several countries and eventually was imprisoned for five years in Germany. No other historical event can attract this type of punishment for questioning the official narrative.

Despite these threats, the official narrative is constantly exposed as being a lie and the jews have to constantly change their claims when faced with irrefutable evidence of their lies.


18. The Main Stream Media And The Alleged Holocaust:

The Main Stream Media never question the official narrative of the holocaust, and go on an all-out attack on anyone who does. They have created the term “Holocaust Denier”  for anyone who doesn’t believe, or dares to question, the official narrative. “Holocaust Denier” is one of the multicultural buzz-words like “Fascist/Nazi/racist/homophobe” designed to denigrate the person described as such,  and lead to “pack-attacks” by the media, politicians and the general lefty PC crowd. However bear in mind that around 96% of the Western World’s media is controlled by jews and/or zionists. You will notice that the jews/zionist are willing to keep running newspapers/TV channels and other media outlets at a financial loss simply to keep control of the MSM.

The jews and zionists control about 96% of the Western World's media.

19. There’s No Business Like Shoa Business:

“Shoa” is the term used by jews and zionists to describe the alleged Holocaust. After the Second World War Germany was forced to pay trillions of Dollars in compensation to set up Israel, and is still paying to this day. There are now second and third generation, the children and grandchildren of alleged Holocaust victims, who receive compensation from the German Government and various German Corporations. The American Government also use this as an excuse to give billions of American taxpayers’ money to Israel, although the real reason behind these payments is the strength of the Israeli lobby in America.

As early as 1941, two years before the alleged Holocaust was even meant to have started, the World Jewish Congress had been demanding that the Germans pay for the resettlement of jews in Israel as reparations.


20. The Census of Jews Worldwide Figures:

Here are some census figures of jews living Worldwide to consider:

World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 — 15,630,000, “In 1925 a census of Palestine gave a total of 115,151 Jews”
World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 — 15,630,000
National Council of Churches 1930 — 15,600 ,000
March 24, 1933, jewish newspaper Daily Express — 14,000,000 jews worldwide
World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 — 15,316,359, [“The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee”
World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 — world jewish population = 15,753,633
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — world jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 — 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population — 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population — 15,748,091
World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849 — 15,192,089, “Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion”
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population — 15,690,000
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population — 15,713,638
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 — 15,300,000
World Almanac, US News & World Report, 1983 population of jews — 16,820,850
World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646: World Jewish Population — 14,117,000
World Almanac & Book of Facts, 1989: World Jewish Population –18,080,000
World Almanac & Book of Facts, 2001: World Jewish Population — 13,200,000

World Almanac 1933

World Almanac 1948

21. Inmate Facilities At Auschwitz:

With two very different witness versions of what was going on in the camps, let’s have a quick look at the facilities available to inmates to see if that can clarify matters. The jews have now admitted there wasn’t any gas chambers in Auschwitz following the two sets of scientific tests, but there were some facilities that certainly were in Auschwitz and can still be seen today.

A free dental service available to all inmates - specialist dentists were brought in for intricate work.

A walk-in clinic and hospital for inmates.

Dr. Carl Clauberg the World famous Berlin surgeon who was called in for difficult inmate cases.

Camp kitchen -one of the largest service buildings in Auschwitz, with state-of-the-art cooking facilities. There were twelve of these throughout the camp. * The caloric content of the diet was carefully monitored by camp and Red Cross delegates.

Camp religious facilities made available on a rotating basis to every denomination for religious services.

A camp theatre where live plays were performed by camp inmate actors.

Up to 16 camp orchestras with every conceivable instrument available for inmates - there was also free tutoring by music teachers.

A camp library where inmates could borrow books from forty -five thousand volumes available.

Camp complaints office where inmates could register complaints or make suggestions. Camp Commander Hoess had a standing order that any inmate could approach him personally to register a complaint about other inmates such as “Kapos” and even guards.* A system of strict discipline for guards and also for inmates, with severe punishment being handed out against those found guilty (for even slapping an inmate)

Auschwitz marriages took place because worker inmates fell in love and married their inmate partners.

The camp sauna for inmates.

The camp brothel, just inside the main gate was a building used during the war as a brothel for the inmates.

A camp swimming pool for use by the inmates, where there were walkways with comfortable benches for inmates to relax in the shade of the trees. Swimming galas were held during the Summer months.

The Aushcwitz University where inmates could take various courses. Professors from nearby Universities often visited to give lectures.

Genuine photograph of inmates leaving for Auschwitz - notice the train is a passenger train not the Hollywood cattle train version.

These are the facilities that are still standing and can be inspected by any visitor. Other facilities that are now overgrown, or have been knocked down, included a soccer field, fencing area, handball court, camp canteen, cinema and maternity ward that delivered over 3,000 live births without losing a single mother or baby.

This blog in no way denies the alleged Holocaust, or questions any of the different versions of it from the last 68 years. However here is some further reading and videos:

You must watch this 2 min video


Cigpapers Freedom Of Information Act Requests:

The claim that 6 million jews were murdered by the Germans during World War Two is on the British School’s National Curriculum and is publicised by the BBC on a near daily basis. The following Freedom Of Information Act Requests were recently submitted to find out where they obtained their information:


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