Merkel´s Will Ignored. Her Best Muslim Friends would like to “Sultanize” Europe. Mrs, Erdogan Praising Harems

merkel-erdogansMerkel´s and Turkey´s  Gotham plan  to exchange Syrian refugees and migrants in Greece with Syrian refugees in Turkey in return for free passage of potentially 80 mio. Turks into the EU and acceleration of Turkey’s EU membership has provoked annoyance in the EU.

Against this backdrop, the message of theDeutsche Welle am 1 März 2016  stating the  German government has forbidden its two ships in the Aegean to return refugees / migrants to  Turkey  – but commanding them to deliver such passengers in Greece – is to be seen. Behind it are circles in the Federal Government – against Merkel’s will.
Thus, Angela Merkel is probably no longer the mistress of the house!

The Migrants are by no means to be returned. They are precious to the Masonic superlodges and their masters. The migrants come here to delete the white race  in the name of  Allah – as prescribed by EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Sarkozy.
Louis Farrakhan, Sr. is the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam (NOI). He served as the minister of major mosques in Boston and Harlem, and was appointed by the longtime NOI leader, Elijah Muhammad, …

The Balkan borders are now by and large barred for Muslims, but nevertheless, the EU Parliament is furious at Merkel´s and Turkey´s plan to open up for the Turks into the EU. It seems Merkel has missed that it is not so much the effeminate men in Europe who  are suddenly raging against Islam – but the masculinized so far welcoming Marxist feminists  who govern Europe and the media.
Not because they know the horrors of the Koran un Hadith – but because after 4 decades of utter blindness it has  finally become clear to them that women in Islam have no power, contrary to women´s ruling power  in the EU.
Here is a little more these Marxists-ladies could think about:
FILE - In this Saturday, June 6, 2015 file photo, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan salute supporters as he addresses an election rally in Ardahan, Turkey. The Turkish first lady has praised the Ottoman harem as an educational center that prepared women for life, in the latest in a string of controversial remarks by Turkish dignitaries on women’s roles. Her words were reported in several newspapers on Thursday, March 10, 2016. (AP Photo, file)The Daily Mail 12 March 2016:  At a speech delivered during a meeting on the mothers of Ottoman rulers, Emine Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that contrary to western perceptions, the harems were ‘schools and educational establishments’ for women where they organised their charity work and were prepared for life.
The comments were made as Turkey forces a deal that could let its 77 million citizens come to continental Europe without needing visas, in return for taking back all migrants landing in Greece.
The report highlighted criminal cases against journalists and writers, intimidation of media outlets and changes to Internet law.

Mrs Erdogan’s description of harems will add to concerns that the Muslim nation’s attitude to human rights and the treatment of refugees will make the deal illegal under international law. An EU report published in November said Turkey’s commitment to joining the EU was ‘offset’ by domestic actions that ‘ran against European standards’. Last Friday Turkish police raided the offices of Zaman, a top-selling newspaper critical of the government

moderate islam

While harems did provide women with an education, teaching them calligraphy, decorative arts, and music, many of them were kept as slaves.
Her comments came just one day after her husband caused outrage in a speech to mark International Women’s Day, when he said a woman was ‘above all a mother’ (Horrible!!).

Erdogan has previously upset women’s right advocates by saying that men and women are not equal, and labelling birth control a ‘treason’.

mosques-are-our-helmetsThe government frequently faces criticism for its handling of women’s issues, including the failure to stem high rates of violence and low female participation in the workforce.

Violence committed by domestic partners is 10 times more likely in Turkey than in other European countries, according to the U.N.

HaremThe harem was the women’s quarter in a Muslim household. The Imperial harem contained the combined households of the Queen Mother, the Sultan’s favourites, and the rest of his concubines – women whose main function was to entertain the Sultan in the bedchamber.

Sultan-erdoganMany of the harem women would never see the Sultan and became the servants.
Many of the concubines and odalisques of the Imperial harem were reputed to be among the most beautiful of women in the Ottoman Empire. Young girls were sent to the sultan’s court, often as gifts from the governors.

They were usually bought from slave markets after being kidnapped or sold by impoverished parents.
The most gifted odalisques were presented to the Sultan as his personal maids-in-waiting.

The most powerful women in the harem were the Valide Sultan and the Kadins. They were the Sultan’s favourite women. Tradition allowed only four principal Kadins but unlimited number of concubines. Kadins were equivalent in rank to that of a legal wife, and were given apartments, slaves, and eunuchs.

Concubines could be considered an equivalent to the modern version of a ‘one night stand’- presented to the Sultan and after that one night, they might never see the Sultan again unless the girl became pregnant with a male child.

Eunuchs who would guard over the harem women tended to be male prisoners of war or slaves, castrated before puberty and condemned to a life of servitude.

According to the Koran, it is lawful for a man to have  3-4 wives  (sura 4: 3) – the Prophet was allowed to have  many more (Sura 33: 50,51). Women inherit half as much as men (sura 4:11). If a woman is guilty of lewdness she is to be locked up in the house until she dies (sura 4:15).
If a woman is disobedient – she is to be punished (sura 4:34). A woman is the property of a man: First of her father – later of her husband.
Muhammad married Aisha when, she was 9 years old. So what was allowed for the beautiful model of Muslims (sura 33:21) is allowed for Muslims.

So, Marxist feminists: This is the Sharia law you are inviting for your daughters.
A splendid future awaits your sons, while you enslave your daughters – voluntarily giving up what you have been fighting for over the past 100 years. Evil tongues would call your naïvity stupidity.


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Satan´s 10 Commandments

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