Judaism: Sayanim and Hasbara at Work

Sayanim at work. Copy of a page from http://www.israpundit.com, freely available on Internet, in the public domain. I’m sure they won’t mind my copy here; they claim to have come under Internet attack and to have been almost destroyed by hackers, so here’s a copy, I hope secure, of just one page. It is unaltered, apart from removing pleas for money, advertisements, simple pictures, and other junk. Dated 2013; gives a fascinating, but depressing, picture of how Jewish liars view themselves and view the goyim. Study the mutually-interlinked systems of lies, fake history, fake emotions, and simple deception systems.

I’ve left original links to the site unchanged; they may or may work: they may be removed, edited, or completely changed. Please bear in mind that vast atrocities, wars, cruelties, frauds and deception have been carried out by these simple-minded group-obsessed psychopaths and their ancestors.

Hasbara (I’m told) means something like ‘explanation’: imagine an entry in an Israeli encyclopedia, for example, or in Jewish media. Hasbarat seems to be the plural.
Sayanim (I’m told) means something like ‘helpers’ and is a collective noun for the people engaged in putting out their hasbarat lies.

Sceptics/ skeptics who find this hard to believe might like this View inside Jewish Wikipedia on English-language Metapedia, which has detailed accounts of Wikipedia’s funding origin (by porn), methods of editing, ‘rouge [rogue] admins’, and resulting quality of content.

–Rerevisionist.         [ big-lies.org ]

IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)

BUT before all that, here’s an overview of how a few thousand jews can ruin a country.
From Goran Lind, in facebook:
What Is A Sayanim ?
The Sayanim is any Jewish person, that can be called on to assist another Jew in any cause. Since birth, the Jewish people have been taught of their superiority… and need for cohesion. The Sephardic Jews are the upper level of the race, and the Ashkenazim, which constitute 95% of all Jews, are the worker parasites of the race. Since the Sephardics first converted the AshkeNAZI, they brainwashed them into the idea that the world is their enemy and their fellow Jew is a “Quiet Guardian”.Who Is A Sayanim?
Every Jewish person is expected to be a potential agent (spy/sayanim), in varying degrees.

What Will They Do?
If the Jewish people sense a potential threat, the Jewish Sayanim is authorized to commit anything from simple harassment to business ruin, and even multiple murders. The Columbine Massacre was a perfect example. The police knew there were seven people involved, but five students, two sets of parents, one employer and psychiatrists, provided alibis and corrupted evidence.

Your Jewish accountant will relay any private bookkeeping info to a Jewish competitor, your friendly Jewish pharmacist will assist your Jewish doctor to poison you, a clerk at VISA will supply your private credit information to anyone, the list is endless.

Sayanim Indoctrination Starts At Childhood:
Family Life:
Jewish children rarely are allowed to play with the gentiles. Around the house the child is constantly bombarded with the word Goy.

(goyim means cattle/animals), relates to menial occupations. The family maid, nannies, gardener, plumber, etc are referred to as “The Goy or goyim”.

Grammar School:
A public Jewish school will receive grants, and the best teachers are put in the district. 6th graders at these “Magnet schools” are the equivalent of an 8th grader at a normal school. Jewish kid’s will always be eligible for the “Gifted Programs”. Exceptional Jewish children are turned over to the Rabbi for future guidance.

High School:
In heavily Jewish communities the public schools will always have a “Gifted program”. For those with the resources, they will attend exclusive schools.

Colleges & Universities:
Here is the big payoff. Entrance into the finest schools is assured. All the larger Universities have Sayanims placed in key locations from the Dean to the Admission Officers, to the loans, and the scholarship personnel. Societies, such as Hillel, will shepherd a young Jew throughout his college career.

Jewish professors will always favor the Jewish student. Jewish students make up 30% of the Ivy League, which they credit to their extraordinary IQ’s, which is a myth. Law schools, such as Yale, can have an enrollment of 60% +.

Business World:
In any Jewish controlled company, a Jew is given first preference in job interviews. If a Jew is a businessman, he gets preferential treatment on contracts where another Jewish person is involved. Getting a bank loan is a cinch if he is a Jew.

Jews have lined all government’s offices around the planet with their people. (parasitic infestations) ! Student loans get erased if they are a Jew or Jewess. A non-Jew business competitor can have a regulatory agency put on him by these parasites. The Judicial is 40% Jewish and another 35% are minorities they control.

So What Is Expected Of A Sayanim?
The standard Sayanim routine is basically favoring other Jews in ordinary transactions, but the sayanim can be called on to protect any criminal enterprise. From the traffic court Judge to an Appellate Judge – fellow sayanims receive special treatment. The special Sayanim (200,000 of them worldwide but there are probably a lot more now) will be expected to cooperate in any Israeli Mossad (Israel’s Secret Service) enterprise including murder, sabotage and any form of Fifth Column activity (does 9/11 ring a bell?). A division of the Mossad ( Katsas) keeps records, and stays in active contact with this group, the Mossad.

The Sayanim (sleeping cells who spy/act for Mossad in the host nation they live in, sometimes pretending to be Christians, Moslems, Israelites, etc.)

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”. J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director 1924-1972, quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956).

“All Jews are provocateurs in Peacetime, saboteurs in Wartime, and subversives all the time.” 24 December at 04:05

September 19, 2013
Online battle for Israel’s hasbara
Comment posted, damage done
By Eyal Lehmann, YNET

Internet pages are fighting ring where Israel supporters try to ward off millions of pro-Palestinian posters. In hectic, viral world of talkbacks, every photo is replied, every reply is commented on, every comment has minute-long shelf life before it is challenged by rivals

On July 11, the Middle East made headlines in Italy again. Not one missile fell in Israeli territory, nor was a terrorist killed in Gaza. Still, for 24 hours, one feature did not escape the headlines on the La Repubblica website, one of the two most popular news sources in the country: “Israeli soldiers,” the website reported with a video, “arrested a five-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank for throwing rocks.” The IDF maintained that the boy was merely detained and then released back to his parents, but many Italian surfers saw enough to unholster.

“They should be annihilated,” surfer Fabrizio posted on the La Repubblica Facebook page, which attracts over 1.2 million readers. “Hitler should come back and destroy you, dirty fascists,” surfer Salvino added. Surfer Fabio posted “Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to them,” while surfer Terry posted a response reading “these are the Nazis of the third millennium, but because they have money and American friends, the Palestinians are the ones seen as terrorists.” A particularly active poster named Viviana wrote: “Israel is a murderous country! It’s committing an unprecedented ethnic cleansing! Poor Palestinians.”

Some 600 comments pile on the website; bold, poisonous, at times succinct and often not. Suddenly, someone raises a challenge. “What are you talking about?” Ehud wards off Viviana in fluent Italian. “Ethnic cleansing? Daily injury of women and children? Do you have proof or are you just firing slander? Remember reality is not black and white, and that one must always study things before taking such a stark stand.” A Palestinian named Mussa replies: “Ehud, why doesn’t Israel restore the ’67 lines instead of building in settlements, considering Palestinians have acknowledged its existence? Under what right did Israel take away my country?”

“Mussa,” Ehud replies politely, “before we can talk about borders, one real development must occur—the realization of both nations that the country will have to be shared. I’m afraid that realization has not yet taken place. Hamas crying out against Israel’s existence and Israel building new settlements both testify to that.”

Ehud Assoulin is a 26-year-old from Ramat Hasharon who has been living and studying in Rome for the past four years. “I started posting comments in Italian for Israel during Operation Cast Lead,” he said, “when Italian media was turbulent, and I saw an array of media distortions and prejudice about Israel. It made me angry on the simplest and most moral level and I felt that I couldn’t stay indifferent.”

Since then, unusual news regarding Israel set him at the computer screen: “My goal is to make Italians think and go past the ordinary and simplistic patters they are mostly captive in, to make them realize that in reality things are much more complex.”

Assoulin is one of many Israelis, Jews and Zionists abroad who take part in the most informal and quiet hasbara war in recent years: The war of comment posters.

Dubbed “Talkbacks” in Hebrew, comments first appeared in the bottom of news websites, where they were carefully screened for swear words and racism, but recently they’ve wandered to the news Facbook pages, which attracts hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers. There, under a full name and without masks, anything goes.

Now, in the Israeli-Palestinian battle for world opinion, comments are an unusual battlefield: They are the only arena in virtual space that creates a direct, real-time and active conflict between Israel’s supporters and its opponents. Here, cleaver illustrations of missiles or a screen caption of a mother shielding her children from missiles will not do; in the neurotic world of talkbacks, every photo has a reply, every reply has a comment, and every comment has a minute-long shelf life before it too is debunked by rivals. Which truth will eventually win – the Israeli one or the Palestinian one? Much of it depends on comment posters’ perseverance and their devotion to the battle of the minds.

4% write, 30% read

Dr. Tzvi Reich from the Department of Communication in Ben-Gurion University took part in a thorough international study where Internet surfing and comment posting habits were studied on 24 leading news websites in the world, from the US to France, from Germany to Estonia. He said the comment posters’ ability to control discourse compared to their size in the population is simply enormous. Studies in the world and in Israel, he said, show that only 4%-7% of news website surfers post comments, and a much larger percent reads them: 30%-40% of surfers.

“A small group of comment posters who are skilled and devoted can monopolize an article, such as a political item in Israel, and appear as a majority, or at least larger than it is,” he said. It is clear to him that comments posted on news websites have psychological effects as well: “A surfer can read a comment on an article and understand they’re in the minority and feel bad about it, like they’re on the wrong side.”

That is the exact reason why some try to show surfers “the right side”. Avishai Bitton, a 24-year-old student from Rishon Lezion, is another Israeli web warrior. As a child, he came to Israel from New York, where he lived right across from the UN Headquarters. During his military service, a while after the operation in Gaza in 2009, he went to visit family in the US and passed by a pro-Palestinian rally in the Big Apple. The chasm between the signs reading “Israel is a murderer” and his experiences as a soldier in the most moral army in the world, as he continuously calls it, jolted him. Since then, he has been there: Morning, noon, night, whenever is needed. Coffee on the table, laptop in his hands, looking for virtual battles around the world.

“There isn’t a day when I don’t visit an international news website,” he says. “Some days the world is merciful and focuses on Syria and I can sleep. But you find yourself awake at night, and it’s not just due to empathizing with the State, it’s because of wanting justice. You write ten lines in a comment just so you can go to bed at night and say, ‘I did what I could, I showed the other side of the story as much as possible.’ There were days when I spent 12-14 hours in front of news site. I got up in the morning, I sat at the computer; and only went to sleep when I could no longer write.”

Comment posters, he knows well, are cruel. Next to legitimate criticism about Israel, in the bottom of the world’s news websites, he and his peers have seen the most blatant of lies. When surfers see a Palestinian’s body, they start chanting lies: That the Israelis drink Arabs’ blood and rape women at checkpoints.

They share experiences from their latest visit to the Gaza Strip and talk about Israeli soldiers who torture children for fun while drinking and laughing. It is unclear how many of them know that other than in special operations, there have been no Israeli soldiers in Gaza for eight years. It does not matter: Comment posted, damage done. Bitton tries to beat them with words and images: Strives to expose hasbara lies by the other side, prove commenters’ ignorance, and raise questions that could dent their absolute faith.

“When you’re fluent in a language and know local customs, it gives you another perspective,” he said. “Surfers think, here is a person who is from my country and is out there and telling us what he’s experienced. Knowing Americans, for example, I don’t comment on a news item the same on the Republican Fox News website as I do on the liberal CNN website. I can appeal to emotion on Fox News since its surfers are predisposed to support Israel, CNN’s liberal readers need more logic and data. They want to know how and why; you have to show them less familiar angles.”

‘Like teaching cows to read’

The comment war suggests that maybe we do not suffer from a persecution complex; that maybe Israel is covered not proportionally to its size. Dr. Reich said that editors of news websites around the globe who took part in his study all said one issue makes their comment system spin more than any other: “Editors all over the world, from the Washington Post, from the Guardian, from Die Welt, from La Figaro, all talk about an influx of comments on any item related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“In the comments for any item, the discourse deteriorates to hate speech. Website editors described the experiences saying,’you posted an item about the Mideast? You won’t get any sleep.’ They map out organized pro-Palestinian and Palestinian communities on one side, and pro-Jewish or Jewish communities on the other, that fight between them and ravage any new item published.”

But Israelis and Jewish communities in the Diaspora are not alone in the fight. “The majority of the people writing pro-Israel talkbacks are not Jewish,” said Philip Fabian, a 32-year-old German from Berlin. “I never started to write pro-Israeli talkbacks consciously. I am a classic news-junkie, and the internet contributed a lot in developing my political conscience, starting in the post 9/11 world and the Intifada of the last decade. It made me realize the obvious shortcomings of mainstream media news outlets, especially when it comes to Israel.”

The experience he describes sounds thoroughly Israeli: “With many people, after discussing and repeating the same things again and again, you realize that you are in a loop with no way out, and you know that trying to explain Israel or anti-Semitism to them is like trying to teach a cow how to read. But sometimes, you realize some people start to change bit by bit, because they admit to themselves that you are right in some points, or because they get a point of view on things that they haven’t encountered before.”

His comment activism came at a cost: “At times, the urge to argue about Israel was very strong, and it became an extremely time-consuming activity,” he said. “I wouldn’t let go of an online argument, even late at night or even during work time, and I lost a few friends who thought I was obsessed, but I don’t regret it. Advocating for Israel introduced me to new friends.”

The most skilled comment posters know to characterize other comment posters according to their land, and describe Latin America as one of the most problematic zones for Israel: “There’s a horrible knowledge base there,” a senior comment poster said, “Sometimes people write about Israel like they used to talk about the world being flat, showing false data and ‘facts’ that make us cry and laugh simultaneously.”

Trying to set the record straight is Nissim Tarrab, a 20-year-old fromVenezuela who is studying for his bachelor in communication in Israel. Every day he logs on to the biggest Spanish news sites: From papers of his own country, to the Argentinean Clarin and the Spanish El Pais.

“There have been a lot of changes in Latin America recently, and common financial interests with Arab countries cause South American countries to side with the Palestinians,” he said. “From there it sometimes looks like Israel is a dictatorship where Arabs have no rights. I read the news in Spanish every day, and when I find a story that sheds a negative and unjustified light on Israel, I’m moved to clarify the situation based on facts.

“It’s often frustrating, and some comment posters are not worth the debate. We got used to anti-Semitic remarks glorifying Hitler and denying the holocaust, but I’ll never forget seeing comment posters who justified the Fogel family massacre, who said that Palestinians experience that everyday. I was shocked, I couldn’t understand it.”

A lost cause in the comment war is the Arab arena, but even there, it turns out, there are those who maintain the wellbeing of Zionism. A few Arab Israelis who were part of hasbara efforts during various wars refused to be interviewed, but young Saudi Hussein, resident of Riyadh, is proud of his work. He started posting comments supporting Israel four years ago.

“I admit that I used to hate Israel because of the propaganda in the Arab and Muslim world,” he said, “And I even thought any dialogue with Israelis is treason. But as time passed, my opinions changed, and the Israelis I talk to helped me see the facts.” Hussein saves Israel’s face on Arab websites and on Facebook. More than once, he said, he has received hateful comments from extreme Islamists, as he calls them, who were enraged about his support of Israel’s existence and about negative comments he made regarding Hamas and Hezbollah.

“I write that I’m a good friend of Israel and Israelis and I’m proud of it,” Hussein said. His Saudi friends are aware of his odd hobby, and he said some support him and some do not care. He is not afraid of the Saudi regime, either: “I know the red lines in my country. If you attack religious symbols like Muhammad, you’re in trouble, but if you praise Israel – there’s nothing to worry about. Many Saudis support peace with Israel, and many famous Saudi individuals, like the manager of Al-Arabiya, said wonderful things about it without anything happening.”

Hussein’s work, naturally, is especially difficult: “Lies in the Arab media are many and big, and anything negative relates to Israel. The latest lie is of course by Assad supporters, who accuse Israel of aiding Jihadists in Syria. To those who call Israel a criminal I explain that Arabs in Israel live a much better life than Arabs in Egypt,Lebanon, Syria or Jordan, and that Israel is a democratic country that doesn’t discriminate. I emphasize that Israel must blockade Gaza to protect itself from terror organizations, and that food and medicine are always being sent to the Gaza Strip.”

But it works the other way, as well. The Israeli army of comment posters is made up of idealists driven by a sense of calling who want to prove the world wrong, but some of them say they themselves sometimes are faced with complex reality, and enemy comments seed doubts in them. Some incidents are hard to justify, some killing is avoidable, and sometimes they too are convinced that Israelis can do more for peace.

“I’m generally very convicted of the importance of Zionist work,” said Assoulin, “So there isn’t a comment poster who made me question the idea that Israel is based on, but such massive exposure to opposite opinions has made me see the reality in a more balanced way. I also don’t rush to justify everything Israel does. When soldiers in the West Bank detained the five-year-old, I clarified in my comments that I think the soldiers were wrong, and focused on explaining the context, the fact that what happened was a detainment and a slap on the wrist, not an arrest, and that it’s not a game of good vs. bad.” Many comment posters also say that the building in the settlements is an action they find difficult to explain.

Copy-paste hatred

The most successful attempt to raise an army of comment posters was during Operation Cast Lead, when the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya started a round-the-clock “war room”, where 1,600 multilingual students, mostly foreign students who were studying in Israel at the time, commented on major news websites. Three teams focused on posting comments to websites in 34 languages and 61 countries, and reached, they estimate, 20 million computer screens. Other than comments in English, Spanish and Russian, they made sure to leave pro-Israeli comments on websites in Georgia, Turkey, South Korea and other arenas not considered “classic”, all in the country’s native tongue.

Avishai Bitton at IDC online comments war room
Avishai Bitton at IDC online comments war room

“The idea we worked by was that we are not official representatives of the country, but simple people writing about our personal feelings living under fire, and that’s how we achieved what we did,” said Yarden Ben-Yosef, who started the war room. “I remember that on a news site in Denmark, comment posters promoted an anti-Israeli protest, and our posters developed a dialogue with them and showed them, in Danish, the Hamas Charter that calls to destroy Israel and links to Hamas summer camps that teach Palestinian children hate. Remarkably, a comment poster who was so active in promoting the protest suddenly admitted he never saw those things before.”

The problem is, comment posters say, that on regular, days Israel doesn’t hold an army of commenters. During a military operation, a force like that may be started ad hoc, but the comment war is a long-term war and it is daily events—from the killing of terrorists depicted as innocent citizens to releasing Palestinian murderers depicted as “political prisoners”—that keep it in motion. World opinion, therefore, continues to form in the war between the wars.

IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
Firing online comments in 34 languages to 61 countries (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
Firing online comments in 34 languages to 61 countries (Photo: Oren Kochavi)

Four years ago, it was said that the Foreign Ministry was starting a division of paid comment posters to increase Israeli presence online, but the idea never took off. The Foreign Ministry explained that not only questions of cost went into the process, but questions of morals and reliability. A country that pays people, regardless of their opinion, to market it to the world, guised as independent surfers, is playing a very dangerous game.

“Even in the hasbara war, not all means are ‘kosher’, let alone if we consider ourselves to be the good side,” said Foreign Ministry’s Department of Digital Diplomacy Director Yoram Morad. “I’ve heard of programs that can flood pages with pro-Israeli messages, we could open fictitious profiles, but beyond the fact that such deceit is easily exposed these days—it’s just not the way.” Although comments are the only arena of direct conflict, the Foreign Ministry believes they are of less importance than viral posts on Facebook and Twitter or presence in the radio, television and printed press.

The keyboard fighters attest almost unanimously that in the visibility fight on comment pages, the Israeli defeat is absolute; according to numbers alone, we are David all over again, and the Arabs – Goliath. Israel is a melting pot with a huge potential of bilingual and multilingual comment posters, but in certain countries in the world, blue-and-white comments that question the news report itself or the comments on it, are mere isles in a sea of pro-Palestinian reproach.

Yarden Ben-Yosef said that in this war, numbers matter as much as words. “Even if the most intelligent writer writes a comment rich with data and historical facts, no one will read it because it’s too long. Ten pro-Palestiniancomments that simply say “murderers” or another emotional word will win the battle for the readers hearts and on public opinion, and we should strive to balance the playing field, numbers-wise.”

Avishai Bitton disagrees with him. He calls those comments “copy-paste hatred” and in that game, if you ask him, we lost before the starting shot was even fired. A billion and a half Muslims sprinkled with anti-Israeli European sentiment leave no room for several dozens of millions of Israel-supporting Jews and Christians. “I don’t deny the fact that when the layman reader sees that about 90% of comments slander Israel they tend to adopt the position, but I think we shouldn’t focus on those readers, since it’s a lost cause. We should focus on intelligent readers who are genuinely interested in the conflict, who in 10 or 20 years will be leaders in their countries. It’s better to lose a thousand students on a campus in the US but gain the sympathy of one honors student of international relations, the one who will one day be a UN diplomat and have much more impact on our fate.”

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem believes that institutional focus on comments is unrealistic, and the strategy of “pressure on the whole field” (investing in relations with pro-Israeli organizations, universities and key communities abroad) is the right way to create meaningful hasbara leverage, which will vicariously move the wheels of pro-Israeli comment posts. Until then, they’re relying heavily on independent initiative.

“We won’t find four million state workers who will post comments,” said Morad, “and that’s why Israelis need to understand that in that area, things depend on them much more than on the government. We can each do something, even if it’s educating two surfers, and the ministry’s job is to make sure there are no Israelis who wish to join the effort and find they have no one to turn to for tools and information.”

Roi Kais contributed to this report

Banned in Britian : The Zionist Conspiracy and the UK Government

Link download from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEDPOP…
Thank you Peter for the knowledge.

Entitled :- Zionist Jew converts to Catholicism and exposes Jewish Conspiracy
In this speech given in Washington D.C. at the Willard Hotel in 1961, Benjamin Freedman who was born a Jew but converted to the Catholic Faith, exposes the Zionist Jew Conspiracy and his involvement in it.

Zionist ‘Orgy Island’ Back In The News: From Prime Minister Of Israel Ehud Barak, Kevin Spacey, Mossad, Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, & Alan Dershowitz ~ The Dershowitz Sweetheart Settlement May Be Overturned!

The sweetheart deal for Zionist Orgy Island owner Epstein may be overturned

The lawsuit says the U.S. Attorney’s Office violated the federal Crime Victim’s Rights Act by failing to confer with the victims before signing a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein in September 2007.

The agreement saved Epstein from serious federal charges and extensive prison time. Edwards and Cassell are fighting to overturn the agreement.

If the agreement is overturned and Epstein faces real punishment, he just might be the type of guy who would sing like a bird to get lenient treatment in exchange for implicating bigger fish with his testimony.


What Was It All About Alfie?


If you can name it — it has likely taken place this the lavish private island off the coast of Puerto Rico which boasts a beautifully landscaped plush luxury estate complete with its own helipad, privy only to certain members of the global elite.

Owned by Jeffery Epstein, a wealthy American financier and convicted sex offender, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout among key figureheads, actors and royalty to the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and even Prince Andrew.


However, the people attending the lavish residence are likely do not go there to discuss “cutting edge scientific and medical research” as the Epstein VI Foundation would like you to believe, but rather go there to experience full-on sexual encounters with underage girls as young as fourteen.

That’s right, just like a scene out of the Hollywood blockbuster film Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise, from wild parties to prostitution, orgies and even underage sex, Little St. James reportedly has it all and is seemingly a gathering point frequented by prominent jet-setters, and it is all being exposed. The cat is out of the bag so to speak.

Back in 2005 police conducted an 11-month-long undercover investigation on Jeffery Epstein and his estate after the mother of a 14-year-old girl went to police after suspecting her daughter was paid $300 for at least one sexual act on the island in which she was ordered to strip, leaving on just her panties while giving Epstein a massage.

Although police found tons of photos of young women on the island and even interviewed eyewitnesses, Epstein was hit with a mere slap on the wrist after “pleading to a single charge of prostitution.” Epstein later served 13-months of his 18-month service in jail.

Some Of The Zionist Perverts

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak

From the updated 2015 22 page detailed 2006 probable cause Affidavit on Jeffrey Epstein:

Original 2006 Probable Cause Affidavit

  • Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel (1999-2001) – pedophile being pandered underage girls by Epstein. Former Israeli Minister of Defense and also deputy Israeli prime minister under Binyamin Netanyahu from 2009 to 2013.
  • Prince Andrew – British royalty – Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pandered Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts to Prince Andrew multiple times. The victim girls say Prince Andrew was very sexually sadistic; they despised this sick, twisted creature.
  • Kevin Spacey – actor in House of Cards. People tell me Spacey is gay and my response is “Have you ever heard of the word bisexual?” Spacey very good friends with 2 bigtime pedophiles: Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Spacey, big Hollywood star, has 3.78 million Twitter followers.
  • Alan Dershowitz – longtime friend of Epstein as well as one of his defense lawyers.Dershowitz was the one who negociated that aburd plea bargain for Epstein that gave him a 13 months (served) sentence and a 16 hour/day day pass so he could spend most of his time in his mansion. Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts has said that Epstein made her have sex with Dershowitz numerous times. The real question is how many other underage girls was Dershowitz having sex with? Virginia Roberts says Dershowitz also witnessed Epstein’s pedophilic activities.

why gif


In 2008 Epstein was hit again, this time with a $50 million civil suit after another victim, a woman, made a filing in a federal court claiming that she was “recruited” by Epstein to give him a “massage” but was essentially forced into having sexual intercourse with him for $200, which was payable upon completion.

Additionally it is important to point out that Bill Clinton has been mentioned by the press often over the years — and not just for his controversial relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but rather his friendship with Jeffery Epstein.

In fact, flight records indicate that ol’ Billy-boy would frequent the island paradise around the 2002 and 2005 era, while Hillary, Bill’s wife, was a Senator in New York.

Convicted Soviet Spy Harry Dexter White (left) and John Maynard Keynes (right) at the Bretton Woods Conference conspiring Rothschild's Private Federal Reserve 1913.


The Daily Mail wrote about one woman’s experience on the island:

‘I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor,’ one unidentified woman said in the lawsuit, which was filed in Palm Beach Circuit Court.

The woman went on to say how orgies were a regular occurrence and she recalled two young girls from New York who were always seen around the five-house compound but their personal backstories were never revealed.

Dershowitz pedophile


“At least one woman on the compound was there unwillingly” and was an actual sex slave, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman was allegedly forced to have sex with “politicians, businessmen, royalty, [and] academicians” at the retreat and was just one of “more than 40 women” that have come forth with claims against Epstein, showing the vast scale of the man’s dark operations, which aren’t limited only to ‘Orgy Island.’

perversions partners ~ jeffrey epstein alan dershowitz

Moreover Epstein was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010, amongst 400 other guests, demonstrating his close friendship with the Clinton family.

To top it all off “Prince Andrew was allegedly one of the house’s visitors. On Friday, the Duke of York was named in a federal lawsuit filed against Epstein, whom the FBI once reportedly linked to 40 young women.

Filed in 2008 in the Southern District of Florida, the $50 million lawsuit claimed Epstein had a “sexual preference and obsession for underage minor girls … gained access to primarily economically disadvantaged minor girls in his home, sexually assaulted these girls”, as reported by the Washington Post.


Abedin Hillary






woody allen
Dylan Farrow has renewed molestation allegations against Woody Allen, claiming the movie director sexually assaulted her when she was 7 after he and actress Mia Farrow adopted her.
In an open-letter to The New York Times posted online Saturday, Dylan Farrow commented about the 1992 incident. In a letter to op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof, she said she was moved to speak out because of Hollywood’s continued embrace of Allen.
“That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up,” wrote 28-year-old Farrow. “I was stricken with guilt that I had allowed him to be near other little girls.”



IRVN SILVERMANSue (far right) with her parents and sister at the opening of her father Irwin’s bank

Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You Paperback is the title of a best sellar by Sue William Silverman about her story of her father Irwin Silverman – Chief Counsel to U.S. secretary of interior 1933-53 , Silverman’s memoir is a subtle, powerful evocation of the tragedy of incest. From the age of 4 until she left for college at 18, Silverman was sexually abused by her father, a powerful government official. Although the family lived in posh surroundings, hers was literally a house of horrors: her mother often retreated to her bedroom with a series of vaguely defined illnesses while her older sister jumped at any opportunity to get out of the house, leaving Silverman alone to deal with her father’s uncontrollable rage and often violent sexual abuse. See Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You by Sue William Silverman (Sep 2, 1999)



Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit (born 4 April 1945) is a German politician, active also in France. He is currently co-president of the group European Greens–European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and co-chair of the Spinelli Group,a European parliament intergroup aiming at relaunching the federalist project in Europe.

Cohn-Bendit published a number of provocative statements regarding “sex with children” in the 1970s and early 1980s, notably in his 1975 book The Great Bazaar (Der grosse Basar) where he describes erotic encounters with five-year-olds in his time as a teacher in an anti-authoritarian kindergarten.

He has been accused as advocating pedophilia since at least 2001.This controversy re-erupted in 2013; as Cohn-Bendit received the Theodor Heuss Prize, there was a rally by anti-pedophilia activists.


Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked apart from bondage gear.Reports say he was able to identify himself to police only after a rubber ball had been removed from his mouth.

A foreign ministry official described Ambassador Tzuriel Refael’s
behaviour as an unprecedented embarrassment. Haaretz website reports that police found Mr Refael in the Israeli embassy compound where he had been found bound, gagged and naked apart from sado-masochistic sex accessories. BBC NEWS Israel recalls ‘naked ambassador’

He was also supposedly having a “relationship ” with a 14 year old boy rubber balls and all




Jeffrey Edward Epstein (born January 20, 1953) is an American financier and science and education philanthropist. He worked at Bear Stearns early in his career and subsequently formed his own firm.

In March 2005, a woman contacted Palm Beach police, concerned that her 14 year old daughterhad been taken to Epstein’s mansion by an older girl and paid $300 afterstripping and massaging him and fellating him By 2011 at least 40 girls had come forward with similar stories,some saying Epstein sexually assaulted them during the massage.

In June, 2008, after pleading to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution, Epstein began serving an 18-month sentence. He served 13 months in jail of his 18-month sentence as a convicted sex offender in the state of Florida for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.He is a registered sex offender.
On 11 March 1977, Polanski, then 43 years old, was arrested in Los Angeles for the sexual assault of 13yearold Samantha Geimer during a photo shoot for French Vogue magazine. Polanski was indicted on six counts of criminal behavior, including rape. At his arraignment he pled not guilty to all charges. Many executives in Hollywood came to his defense.

There, the 44-year-old Polanski plied her with the drug Quaalude mixed in glasses of champagne. Then, after insisting that she join him in the Jacuzzi, Polanski said: “Let’s go in the other room”.Here are some Transcripts from the trial

“Q. What did you do when he said, ‘Let’s go into the other room’? A. I was going ‘No, I think I better go home’, because I was afraid. So I just went and I sat down on the couch.

A. Then he went down and he started performing cuddliness… I was kind of dizzy, you know, like things were kind of blurry sometimes. I was having trouble with my coordination… I wasn’t fighting really because I, you know, there was no one else there and I had no place to go.”

Q. Did he ask you about being on the pill?

A. He asked, he goes, ‘Are you on the pill?’ and I went, ‘No’ and he goes ‘When did you have your period?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know. A week or two. I’m not sure’… He goes, ‘Come on. You have to remember’. And I told him I didn’t…. and right after I said I was not on the pill… and he goes… and then he put me – wait.Then he lifted my legs up farther and he went in through my anus. 

PS Compare the above account  with the Hasbara doctored Wikipedia (or should we say Hasbpedia ) account of the “incident” See WIKIPEDIA BEING MANIPULATED BY HASBARA

Isnt he the epitome of goodness He made sure his rape victim didnt get pregnant Now I know why they call Jews the Light of the World

General Flynn Hillary Clinton Confirms U.S. Israeli ISIS: Splitting Iraq & Syria For Israel.

Clinton Email Revelation: Destroying Syria “Best Way To Help Israel” April 4, 2016

Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Michael Flynn is not backing down from his claims that elements of the US government were aware of and supported the rise of jihadists in Syria as a means by which to overthrow its president, Bashar Assad. As the US moves ever closer to a full-out invasion of Syria the lack of media interest in Flynn’s story is reminiscent of the one-sided (pro-war) coverage of the run up to the 2003 Iraq War. More on the disturbing new revelations in a special edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report: Ron Paul Institute

Splitting Iraq Is Central To Israel’s National Banking Interest.

Promised Land Was Fulfilled And Ceased To Be After 70 A.D.

Genesis 15:18 reads: “To your descendants I give this land from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the river Euphrates.” Moses announces to the Jews in Deuteronomy 11:24, that “Every place where you set the soles of your feet shall be yours. Your borders shall run from the wilderness to the Lebanon and from the River, the river Euphrates, to the western sea.”

The formation of a “Greater Israel” using the boundaries of an ancient Biblical promise constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. To actualize the beginning and to give this scheme credence, European Jews were shipped to Palestine then segregated into a State which Rothschild named Israel through the fraudulent Balfour Agreement.

Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter, the former Israeli Minister of Internal Security, former head of Shin Bet (Shabak) from 2000-2005, and current member of the Knesset, issued an ominous speech to the Israeli National Security Research Center on May 26, 2010.Dichter told the audience:

Shin Bet head Avi Dichter admitted to the destruction of Iraq at the hands of Tel Aviv.

“We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected and planned. Iraq has vanished as a military force and as a unified country. Our strategic option is to keep it divided. Our strategic goal is to not allow Iraq to take its regional and Arabic role back. Iraq must stay divided and isolated from its regional environment. Nobody can ignore what we have achieved in this field. Iraq can never be the same Iraq before 2003.”

Not only has Tel Aviv repeatedly admitted that it has benefitted greatly from the destruction of Iraq, it has openly admitted to being the cause of its destruction, though Zionist-owned mainstream media and alternative news networks have both downplayed it.

Dichter would say throughout his speech that Iraqi oil from Kirkuk, controlled by Kurdish collaborators, would flow into occupied Palestine into the hands of the Zionists. He would also boastfully say that Israel is still active in Iraq and Zionist operatives move in the shadows to secure political and economic benefits from the puppet regime; not only from the Kurdish collaborators who have been consistently supported by Mossad since the end of the 1950s, but also from traitorous elites in Baghdad.

As evidenced by the recent developments in Iraq since the new year began, Israel is still active in occupied Iraq indeed.

Rand Paul ~ Murdoch's Political Cover

Nearly 8 years into the most inhumane, horrific and devastating occupation in modern history, and the people of Iraq still know nothing of even the smallest glimpse of peace. Not even the tiniest smidgen of rest. The people of Iraq, Muslim, Christian, Yezidi and secular alike, are exhausted from this genocide. The new year hasn’t brought them any closer to an end of this dystopian nightmare; it has brought more of the same terror, more of the same barbarism, more of the same Zionism. Zionist Alex Jones Does An Al Sharpton On The Vatican!

There are more than 2 million innocents dead due to the brutal aggression inflicted upon Iraq; again, 2 million innocent people, men, women and children, are dead due to the brutal aggression inflicted upon Iraq, an aggression exclusively designed by the Project For A New American Century, an exclusivist think tank comprised of Zionist war criminals.

While ‘leftists’ and ‘anti-imperialists’ rightfully expose the crimes of the fascist American, British and coalition armies that have ravaged the Iraqi nation, they astonishingly (and deliberately) ignore the IEDs and car bombs which have wreaked the worst form of havoc on Iraq’s people since the occupation began.

These military-grade explosives, many of which are tipped with depleted uranium, have leveled city blocks, demolished mosques, homes and other structures and murdered hundreds of thousands of people; at their peak, car bombs and IEDs were the cause of death for three out of five innocent Iraqis, 60%.

Prior to the occupation, these murderous occurrences weren’t part of Iraqi life. That is because, these explosives are the work of Mossad predominantly, the CIA and British intelligence. The occupiers have attempted to convince the people that Sunnis bomb Shia mosques, Shias bomb Sunni mosques, and Muslims bomb churches, but the Iraqi people haven’t been fooled. They are well aware that these bomb-infused false flags lead straight to the Zionist regime, America and Britain.

Those who attribute Iraq’s annihilation to ‘imperialism’ or ‘corporatism’ are ignoring the blue and white six-pointed star staring them dead in the face. Either they are too cowardly to speak the Zionist entity’s name, too oblivious to recognize the obvious, or they are paid Zionist propagandists (gatekeepers) posing as leaders of the ‘truth movement.’ Not only has Tel Aviv repeatedly admitted that it has benefitted greatly from the destruction of Iraq, it has openly admitted to being the cause of its destruction, though Zionist-owned mainstream media and alternative news networks have both downplayed it.

Greater Israel and Mossad Terrorism Defused

‘High-tech’ terrorism has been the principle agent of Israel in fracturing Iraq as a nation, destabilizing it beyond recognition from the occupation’s inception. On January 6th, 2011, the Iraqi army’s 2nd division, in coordination with the national intelligence service, seized six IEDs and two explosive belts prepared for detonation near a church in central Mosul; the ancient land of Nineveh to be exact.

Mosul is crawling with Mossad and has been since 1991, with at least 100 agents conducting operations in the Iraqi city. Nineveh, along with Arbil and several other Chaldean/Assyrian cities in Iraq’s north, are being terrorized daily by Mossad and Zionist mercenaries in a depopulation campaign. Israel wants the Christian populations eliminated because Israeli operatives of Kurdish origin have been purchasing land in northern Iraq en masse to facilitate a Zionist relocation program to transform Iraq into a part of ‘Greater Israel.’ Tel Aviv is also looking to claim ownership on religious shrines outside of the north, in the Misan village of al-Kifl, near Basra, and Babel, near the holy city of Najaf.

Israel has succeeded in confiscating the shrine in al-Kifl, partnering with UNESCO, a United Nations wing with strong Zionist ties, to build three hotels as a stronghold to surround it. These hotels will no doubt be infested with more Mossad operatives.

Mossad is using a front company called the Kurdish Lending Bank to purchase the land in northern Iraq, and it has already annexed Iraqi oil fields, residential areas and agriculturally-rich grounds which are key to Zionist profiteering.

The true Zionist plan, the ‘dream’ of Zionists everywhere, based on the exegeses of the racist rabbinical authorities governing the Israeli creature which is occupying Palestine, as well as parts of Lebanon, Syria and now Iraq, is to see their creation gloriously become Greater Israel. This creation would conquer parts of Egypt, specifically the Nile, all of Jordan, a large piece of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, a massive part of Turkey up to Lake Van, all of Cyprus, and of course, large chunks of Iraq. From the Nile to the Euphrates, the Zionist criminal network wants its tentacles to extend.

Levant Basin

The foiled January 6th attack on the Nineveh church was an extension of the murderous depopulation program that the Zionist entity has specifically employed in the northern region of Iraq, in its attempt to further its ‘Greater Israel’ scheme, and while the Mossad agents who planted the IEDs weren’t caught in this particular instance, they have been caught in Iraq before, with IEDs on their person.

The Iraqi Christian community has been a threat to the occupiers for nearly a century, playing key roles in the anti-monarchical movements, anti-Zionist movements and anti-British movements. Israel was well aware of these historical affirmations, and made it a key note to its government of puppets in America to decimate the Iraqi Christians in the early years of the occupation. Decimate them the monsters did.

In the aforementioned speech about Iraq by Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter, the former head of Shin Bet also commented sinisterly about Egypt, “Weakening and isolating Iraq is no less important than weakening and isolating Egypt. Weakening and isolating Egypt has been done by diplomatic methods while everything has been done to achieve a complete and comprehensive isolation of Iraq.”

July 2013 Citizens of Egypt Depose Installed Rothschild NWO Czar Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Zionist’s Henchmen aka; Muslim Brotherhood aka; ISIS Lost In Egypt

These statements confirm what has been obvious to activists, writers, Resistance fighters, the Egyptian people themselves and even the blindest of bats for decades: Egypt is infested with Zionism.

From the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents posing as Arabs placed bombs in several Egyptian buildings including a US diplomatic facility, to the Mossad-CIA plot known as Operation Cyanide, in which Israel would ruthlessly assault a US Navy ship, blame it on Egypt and start World War III {this failed however and resulted in the USS Liberty massacre, leaving 34 American servicemen murdered and 171 others brutally injured}, to Anwar el-Sadat’s de-Arabization of Egypt (inspired by Zionists), his reprehensible recognition of Israel as a sovereign state and his active, delighted collaboration with the Zionist entity and the United States, to the 15 Israeli spy networks that have been dismantled in Egypt since 1978, Tel Aviv has been working diligently to destabilize Cairo since its illegal creation nearly 63 years ago.

The most recent example of this Zionist destabilization was New Years Day, 2011. At least 25 Coptic Christians in al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria, Egypt were murdered, and at least 97 other innocents were wounded after a massive car bombing. Security forces of Zionist dictator Hosni Mubarak’s (a prime example of Israel’s ‘diplomatic weakening and isolation of Egypt’) regime withdrew an hour before the blast, allowing Mossad ordnance experts to plant the explosives and then vanish into obscurity. The attack was designed to incite communal war, cover up Israel’s most recent spy network being unearthed and deflect attention off of Egypt’s recent sham elections.

While the Zionist entity may have indeed silenced the mainstream media in discussing its outed spy network and Mubarak’s election rigging, its main goal of fomenting ‘sectarian’ strife followed by all-out communal war on the streets of Egypt miserably failed. Thousands of Muslims, the religious majority in Egypt, joined their Coptic brothers for Christmas Mass six days after the bombing, offering themselves as ‘human shields’ to protect all those in the church from would-be attackers. This beautiful unity is anti-venom for the Zionists’ poison spread throughout the region.

Just five days into the aftermath of Mossad’s attack on al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria is when Iraqi intelligence and the Iraqi army defused the aforesaid IEDs in Nineveh, averting an enormous disaster and preventing a plethora of bloodshed.

Avi Dichter linked Egypt and Iraq in his speech, putting the two Arab nations at the top of the Zionist entity’s list of ‘who to destroy,’ and these recent events in Alexandria and Nineveh are clearly linked as well. Israel hoped for a successful operation in northern Iraq to coincide with its success in Alexandria. Consecutive explosions in churches, in two predominantly Muslim nations, would spark worldwide outrage at Islam. This fervent hatred could be manipulated into interfaith fighting and subsequent massacres. Malevolence such as this benefits Israel and Israel only, as it is Zionist by design.

The Baghdad Cathedral Massacre Revisited

The mass murder in Alexandria and the debarred crisis in Nineveh are further connected through another event of butchery and tragedy at the hands of the Zionist entity: the Sayedat al-Najat cathedral killings in the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad at the end of October 2010.

This sheer display of barbarity left at least 58 innocents dead and at least 78 others wounded. The Zionist media and the puppet government in Iraq blamed the attack on Islamic State of Iraq, a non-existent group connected to the most infamous of fake terror groups, Al-Qaeda. But, all evidence proved this to be what it typically is, a cover-up for homicidal tactics employed covertly by the Zionist entity.

robin cook 2

The attack was initially reported by SITE Intelligence Group, a known Mossad front operated by the daughter of an Israeli spy, Rita Katz. Car bombs and IEDs, Israel’s signature weapons, were used in the assault. American helicopters shielded the Mossad operatives from above and puppet prime minister al-Maliki provided further collusion by keeping the identities of the attackers hidden. False flags were left to blame it on who else, but Muslims: Fake passports produced in an Israeli military base in Petah Tikvah were found at the scene; these passports were made to appear like they were from Yemen, a state that Zionist war criminals are looking to invade, and none other than Egypt.

Additionally, the shadowy gunmen called the ancient Baghdad church a ‘dirty den of idolatry.’ This is by no means Islamic language. This language was taken straight out of the Babylonian Talmud, a ‘dirty den’ of racism, xenophobia, obnoxious and vile filth directed at prophets respected by all faiths, real anti-Semitism against Arabs, obscene anti-Islamic slurs and rabid anti-Christian discourse that is followed strictly by the world’s Zionist rabbinical authorities. It is another display of the usurping regime’s arrogance; it thought nobody would pick up on its Talmudic terminology, and the unsuspecting masses would follow the official lie blindly. However, people are much more resourceful than Zion thinks that they are.

The Egyptian passports left at the scene set the stage for the New Years Day false flag attack in Alexandria, and the Talmudic declaration by the gunmen set the stage for future false flag assaults on Christians, their communities and their places of worship across occupied Iraq. The besiegers, who have been revealed to be Mossad, stated that all Iraqi Christians are ‘legitimate targets.’

This separationist policy is an extension of the original Zionist plan for Iraq set forth in 1982 by Oded Yinon, an Israeli foreign policy advisor who penned a menacing document for the information department of the World Zionist Organization. This piece throughly detailed the Israeli plan for fracturing Iraq through ‘sectarian’ warfare and then partitioning it into three states of Sunni, Shia and Kurd. Once Iraq is partitioned and maliciously destabilized, the lands would then be annexed as a part of ‘Greater Israel.’ The document also detailed the Zionist scheme to fracture Egypt sectarianly and ‘break it down geographically’ in the exact same fashion.

Though a Christian province for Iraq wasn’t originally written into Yinon’s disturbing plan, it is by no means out of the ordinary for the Tel Aviv usurpers to initiate the idea of creating one. Sudan, which Yinon discussed in his piece, was meant to be fractionalized as a means of weakening Egypt, and the Zionist entity has done just that, funding, arming, training and coddling the Sudanese successionist movement in the southern part of the nation to form a Christian state, disconnected from the largely Muslim north.

Following the lead of the deplorable treasonist Talabani, 16 Christian organizations in Iraq met on December 7th, 2010 to discuss the prospects of forming their own ethno-religious province, falling right into the Zionist trap. The groups met in the ‘Kurdish capital’ of Arbil, which is actually the Israeli capital of Iraq, where Mossad trains and arms the Kurdish terrorist group, PKK. PKK has openly declared its allegiance to Zionism, with its leader stating, ‘our enemies are also the enemies of Israel.’

Talabani’s recent adherence to Zionist thought is perfectly in line with his historically traitorous nature towards the Israeli regime. The Saban Center for Middle East Policy in Washington D.C., owned by Zionist billionaire and Mossad asset Haim Saban, who is close friends with Israeli criminals Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert and ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch, has been frequented by Talabani, and it is where he boasted to Saban that ‘there is no hostility between Iraq and Israel,’ and then unabashedly encouraged Israelis to invest in Iraq.

It is in part a result of Talabani’s loathsome declaration, that at least 70 Zionist firms all directly working with Mossad, operating under Arabic, English and Turkish names, are now doing business inside occupied Iraq, raking in at the bare minimum, $300 million annually from the savage occupation.

Once a prominent Resistance leader, Muqtada al-Sadr is now a traitor to the Iraqi people.

Muqtada al-Sadr: Traitor To Iraq.

The day before Mossad’s massive IED assault in the northern Iraqi city of Nineveh was prevented, Muqtada al-Sadr returned to his occupied homeland after spending four years in the Islamic Republic of Iran for religious purposes in a self-imposed exile. His reappearance in Iraq, which he says is permanent, was considered ‘triumphant,’ receiving a hero’s welcome from hundreds of supporters in Najaf.

Al-Sadr, who is known for being particularly hot-tempered, delivered an intense speech in the following days to an absolutely massive crowd of hundreds of thousands of supporters. His infamous speaking follies seemed to have dissipated, proving himself to be an exceptional public speaker, captivating his audience brilliantly. He told the crowd to resist the occupiers of their homeland by any means and to ‘reject America.’ He said that the United States, Israel and Britain are common enemies of the Iraqi people. He later repeated himself, ‘We will resist the occupier, by military Resistance and all means of Resistance,’ and further asked the Iraqi people to support the current government.

And so ends the pleasantries. The flagrant hypocrisy in Muqtada al-Sadr’s words is revolting. They are corroded with repulsive contradiction. By making these absurd statements, whatever was left of his aura of Resistance after abandoning the Iraqi people has evaporated.

By asking the Iraqi people to support the government, he is asking the Iraqi people to support America.

Support Israel. Support Britain. Not reject them. The puppet prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was placed into power by the Zionist criminal network that runs the United States, he has tortured dissidents and watched as US forces and operatives from the Zionist entity committed (and continue to commit) unspeakable crimes against humanity all over Iraq. Al-Sadr wants the Iraqi people to support a man who is buying a home in Rothschild-controlled London for 35 million pounds, while the Iraqi people in Baghdad are subsisting with less than an hour of electricity per day.

Al-Sadr is asking the Iraqi people to support President Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s Salam Fayyad, who filthily encouraged the Zionist usurping entity to invest in Iraq (i.e. bleed the Iraqi people dry), while 70% of the people do not have running water and the same percentage are unemployed. Al-Sadr also called for unity in his speech. Such a call is hollow when al-Sadr is simultaneously asking to support Talabani, a man actively engaged as a stooge in the Zionist plan to desecrate that very same unity through the partitioning of Iraq.

Muqtada al-Sadr wants the Iraqi people to support Massoud Barzani, the President of the imaginary land of ‘Kurdistan,’ a known capitalist war criminal whose family has oppressed the Kurdish people for more than five decades, raking in billions of dollars through their totalitarian-esque regime. How is al-Sadr going to ‘resist Israel’ when he supports Barzani, a traitor living under the protection of the Zionist entity?

How dare Muqtada al-Sadr ask the Iraqi people to support the puppet government of Zionist-owned Western occupiers when the average Iraqi politician makes a corrupt, unconscionable 12.9 million Iraqi dinars a month, which translates to nearly $130,000.00 every year, while at least 43% of the Iraqi population lives in the most humiliating poverty and at least 500,000 internally displaced refugees are living in squatter slums.


How exactly does Muqtada al-Sadr want the Iraqi people to employ military Resistance and reject America, when the Iraqi government is set to equip its military with $26 billion worth of American weaponry? In addition, the bullets that the Americans are using to slaughter innocent Iraqis on a daily basis (and which they will undoubtedly sell to the Iraqi government that al-Sadr wants the people to support), are being manufactured in occupied Palestine, by the vile entity of Zionism, and are being unleashed by IOF on a daily basis to murder innocent Palestinians. What kind of military Resistance is armed by the occupiers you’re supposed to be resisting?

Perhaps the most pathetic form of hypocrisy from al-Sadr, is that he is now actively collaborating with the very same personalities that persecuted his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, the same criminals that massacred his fighters with American weapons, the same traitors that jailed his commanders, tortured his soldiers and provided intelligence to the mass murderers also known as the British and American military to obliterate his Resistance.

Muqtada al-Sadr’s constituents now include the Badr Organization, controlled by the most traitorous family in all of Iraq, the al-Hakim clan, the same group that waged open warfare on Jaysh al-Mahdi (The Mahdi Army), murdering many of al-Sadr’s lieutenants and supporters, and of course, al-Sadr’s one-time sworn enemy, Nouri al-Maliki, the puppet prime minister who collaborated with the American army and Badr to wage an all-out war on Jaysh al-Mahdi, murdering hundreds of fighters and civilians and destroying infrastructure across the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, effectively eliminating the militia’s strength.

During the recent Iraqi government impasse, in which al-Maliki was vying for power against CIA-asset and another persecutor of the Mahdi Army, Iyad Allawi, it was Muqtada al-Sadr that came to the aid of his enemy, granting him support from his movement to seal al-Maliki’s sham re-election. Al-Sadr’s movement was rewarded for its support with 7 ministries and 40 parliamentary seats. The lack of dignity is abominable.

Still, there remains an alternative theory: Muqtada al-Sadr is only supporting al-Maliki to stop any further bloodshed, and that his support is predicated on all foreign troops leaving Iraq at the end of 2011. The theory is that the US ‘fears’ an ‘Iraqi Hezbollah,’ and that the Sadrist movement has gained unprecedented prominence as the only real grassroots movement in Iraq, severely threatening US influence in the annihilated nation. The theory is that if al-Maliki reneges on the agreement to remove all occupying forces, al-Sadr and his strategically placed MPs and Ministry heads will overthrow the collaborationist regime.

Though that would be an incredible development and a true victory for the Iraqi people, all evidence presented above debunks this theory; not to mention, it is an insult to compare the Lebanese Resistance, which genuinely defeated an occupier, and his eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah himself, the hope, light and dignity of all of Lebanon, who led his men to victory, with a two-faced opportunist like Muqtada al-Sadr who is now working with the occupier.

Gone is the man that resisted the occupation and inspired his brothers and sisters to give their lives for their nation. Gone is the man who directed his militia to protect schools, playgrounds, direct traffic and donate blood to their Sunni brethren who stood and resisted with them. Gone is the man who led joint Sunni-Shia protests of the Zionist occupation of Iraq in the hundreds of thousands. And gone is the man who once said, ‘I’m prepared to have my own blood shed for what is holy to me,’ in reference to the ancient land of Iraq and what has been to it by the oppressors.

Many people in Iraq have chattered about the possibility, and now Mask of Zion’s sources have confirmed that prior to Muqtada al-Sadr’s departure to Iran, he was seen traveling with security from the infamous hunter-killer private mercenary firm, Blackwater.

Erik Prince

A little known fact about Blackwater is that it was actually owned by ex-CIA agent Erik Prince’s brother-in-law Dick DeVos (through his Amway Corporation), a Christian Zionist extremist that has spent ungodly amounts of money in promotion of the ‘protect Israel for the imminent apocalypse’ death cult. Under Prince and DeVos, Blackwater became a haven for Zionist sympathizers and agents. DeVos is also deeply connected to the wealthiest of the wealthy in Detroit’s pro-Israel Jewish community. Sadr’s methods of resisting Israel are no different than those of Mahmoud Abbas, the Zionist entity’s favorite puppet.

Conclusion: Free Iraq, Expose Israel

As the anniversaries of the criminal Zionist invasion and occupation of Iraq continues, the Zionist role in Iraq’s destruction, subversion and corruption/ownership of its politicians is under-reported, non-reported, ignored, brushed off, covered up or a combination of all of the above in varying degrees.

Ignoring Zionism when discussing occupied Iraq is like ignoring Zionism when discussing the occupation of Palestine. Age-old Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger famously said, “The road to Jerusalem passes through Baghdad.”

This atrocious but telling statement has been echoed by senior US policymaker Raymond Tanter, a staunch Zionist who is affiliated with the CFR, AIPAC, WINEP, the criminal ADL and B’Nai B’Brith itself. Greater Israel is incomplete without the annexation of Iraq; international Zionism’s goals are incomplete without the destruction of Iraq and the total humiliation of its people.

Beyond the Israeli car bombs and IEDs, the Zionist entity has stamped its signature in other areas, in fact, every area which pertains to the mutilation of Iraq. Israeli interrogators from IOF operate in secret Iraqi intelligence centers, conducting torture to extract intel that could be vital to Tel Aviv. Mossad is also running interrogations in ‘black site’ prisons in Iraq, torturing innocents and offering them death or a job to work as a Zionist agent. The notorious Abu Ghraib affair was also a Zionist operation. Israeli torture tactics from the dungeons of the occupied West Bank were used on hundreds of Iraqi civilians and the army officials involved all had strong ties to the Zionist military establishment.

Paul Wolfowitz

Remember The Bush Administrations Statement About “the war will pay for itself”? It came from Paul Wolfowitz.


“There is a lot of money to pay for this that doesn’t have to be US taxpayer money and it starts with the assets of the Iraqi people. We are talking about a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon.”

Paul Wolfowitz
Deputy Secretary of Defense
testifying before the defense subcommittee
of the House Appropriations Committee
March 27, 2003

The genocidal architect of the Iraqi occupation, Paul Wolfowitz, along with his Zionist cronies Douglas Feith, Abram Shulsky and Elliott Abrams, imported Israeli ‘experts’ from Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman (Israeli military intelligence) to train US soldiers in the darkest aspects of torture and human degradation. The Abu Ghraib scandal was revealed to be a product that originated from a Pentagon subdivision called the Office of Special Plans, founded by Wolfowitz and headed by Shulsky.

The Zionist entity is behind the desecration and theft of Iraq’s priceless and precious history, from one end of the nation to the next. Mossad has executed its missions of thievery with the help of aforementioned Zionist-linked UNESCO. Israel is also the leading arms dealer for CIA-backed death squads in occupied Iraq, via its retired officer Shmoel Avivi. The puppet politicians serving as faces to disguise who really governs Iraq, were placed there by NDI-rigged elections orchestrated by supreme agent of Zionism, the evil Madeline Albirght, head of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs {NDI}.

These crimes barely scratch the surface; the acknowledgment of their existence should bring to light that the occupation of Iraq goes far beyond pointing out the obvious of Bush and Blair being war criminals.
Removing every foreign soldier, mercenary, politico and businessman, followed by the shutdown of every foreign military base and all enemy embassies would only be the first step in freeing Iraq and restoring dignity to its magnificent people, who have displayed a form of courage not known by the majority of the world due to Zionist media bias.

The next step would be to remove the puppets in power, by any means necessary, followed by the final step, which would be to eradicate all traces of Zionism throughout the nation and to vociferously reject any chance of it returning.

The end of the occupation is the beginning of freedom. The death of Zionism is the rebirth of Iraq.

Journalists, activists, emcees, musicians, poets, religious leaders, authors and others can play a major role in every step of this necessary process to restore humanity to Iraq. The role is simple: stop following alternative media demigods and speak the truth. Speak. The. Truth. Unequivocally. Exposing Israel is the groundwork needed to liberate Iraq from the relentless Zionist maniacs who have destroyed it.

Iraq doesn’t need traitors like Muqtada al-Sadr. It doesn’t need puppets and war criminals like Nouri al-Maliki. It doesn’t need treasonous Israel Firsters like Talabani and Barzani. It doesn’t need murderers like the al-Hakim family. It doesn’t need weaklings like al-Jaafari. It doesn’t need CIA lapdogs like Allawi. It doesn’t need liars like Chalabi. It doesn’t need cowards like Sistani. It doesn’t need another reign of a British-styled monarchy.

General Abdul Karim Qassem [21 November 1914 – 9 February 1963] orchestrated the July 14th Revolution that ousted the British-installed zionist monarchy in 1958

Iraq needs the strength of General Abdul Karim Qassem. It needs the wisdom of Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr. It needs the steadfastness of Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. It needs the fearlessness of Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Badri. It needs the fire of Sheikh Mahdi al-Khalissi. It needs the unity of the Sunni, Shia, Christians and Kurds that answered al-Khalissi’s call to stand together in the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920. It needs the courage of every Iraqi, from any background, who has stood up in defiance to a century of colonialism and 20 years of Zionist genocide.

The Sayedat al-Najat massacre, Mossad’s coordinated car bombings across poor Muslim neighborhoods in Baghdad that claimed over 120 innocent lives two days after the massacre and the bombing that didn’t come to fruition in Nineveh should serve as a lesson to the Muslims and Christians of Iraq: The occupation doesn’t discriminate in its bloodlust.

The occupation doesn’t ask the Iraqi that it shoots on the street if he attends mass or if he attends Jummah. The occupation doesn’t ask the Iraqi woman it rapes if she adheres to the biblical explanations of Jesus or the Qur’anic explanations of Jesus. The occupation doesn’t analyze the name of the Iraqi it tortures and stop if the name is Christian or proceed with even more iniquity if the name is Muslim. The occupation bombs mosques full of worshipers and detonates IEDs in churches full of worshipers. The Zionist occupation of Iraq just kills; it kills everything that is in its path and spreading division is its chief weapon.

Therefore, Iraq must resist division and stand united if it is to rise from its ashes of depleted uranium and white phosphorus. Victorious Resistance is a tree that grows from seeds of unity.

The enemy of Resistance is the occupying power, and it is nothing more than a mighty fortress on a vast bed of quicksand. The slightest push starts the vanishing at a speed so fast, one can forget that the might of the occupier even graced the pages of history. Iraq is the quicksand. Zionism is the fortress. And unity is the push. May Iraq rise again, stronger and more unified than ever before.

Mask Of Zion


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Carter knew Hamas was in fact created by Israel to create in the media the excuse to bomb Palestine. Really any one of us can think up this shit to get our own way by deception. Yes Carter is a Zionist.

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China Bans Petrodollar President Xi Jinping

I’m Sure President Putin & Xi Jinping Know Where The NWO Central Offices Are Located.

NWO Rothschild Offices Of The International Banking Cartel Located IN

Russia Bans Petrodollar President Putin Of Russia

what is Buddhism?must watch only religion that goes with modern science.part 1

http://youtu.be/dku88rM73zE (part 2 link)only religion that goes with science must watch you will understand ,what is real truth,
s it god who all controls or it;s up to you…….you will understand
What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. The word comes from ‘budhi’, ‘to awaken’. It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened (enlightened) at the age of 35.

• Is Buddhism a Religion?

To many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life’. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhist path can be summed up as:

(1) to lead a moral life,
(2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and
(3) to develop wisdom and understanding.

• How Can Buddhism Help Me?

Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains apparent injustice and inequality around the world, and it provides a code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness.

• Why is Buddhism Becoming Popular?

Buddhism is becoming popular in western countries for a number of reasons, The first good reason is Buddhism has answers to many of the problems in modern materialistic societies. It also includes (for those who are interested) a deep understanding of the human mind (and natural therapies) which prominent psychologists around the world are now discovering to be both very advanced and effective.

• Who Was the Buddha?

Siddhartha Gotama was born into a royal family in Lumbini, now located in Nepal, in 563 BC. At 29, he realised that wealth and luxury did not guarantee happiness, so he explored the different teachings religions and philosophies of the day, to find the key to human happiness. After six years of study and meditation he finally found ‘the middle path’ and was enlightened. After enlightenment, the Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching the principles of Buddhism — called the Dhamma, or Truth — until his death at the age of 80.

• Was the Buddha a God?

He was not, nor did he claim to be. He was a man who taught a path to enlightenment from his own experience.

• Do Buddhists Worship Idols?

Buddhists sometimes pay respect to images of the Buddha, not in worship, nor to ask for favours. A statue of the Buddha with hands rested gently in its lap and a compassionate smile reminds us to strive to develop peace and love within ourselves. Bowing to the statue is an expression of gratitude for the teaching.
• Is Buddhism Scientific?

Science is knowledge which can be made into a system, which depends upon seeing and testing facts and stating general natural laws. The core of Buddhism fit into this definition, because the Four Noble truths (see below) can be tested and proven by anyone in fact the Buddha himself asked his followers to test the teaching rather than accept his word as true. depends more on understanding than faith
what is Buddhism part 2 [science discovered ]real truth,only religion that goes with science,http://youtu.be/dku88rM73zE

Joseph Kennedy: Hardcore Antisemite, Hitler Lover

Arriving at London in early 1938, newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy took up quickly with another transplanted American.

Viscountess Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor assured Kennedy early in their friendship that he should not be put off by her pronounced and proud anti-Catholicism. “I’m glad you are smart enough not to take my [views] personally,” she wrote.

Astor pointed out that she had a number of Roman Catholic friends – G.K. Chesterton among them – with whom she shared, if nothing else, a profound hatred for the Jewish race.

Joe Kennedy, in turn, had always detested Jews generally, although he claimed several as friends individually. Indeed, Kennedy seems to have tolerated the occasional Jew in the same way Astor tolerated the occasional Catholic.

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase). No member of the so-called “Cliveden Set” (the informal cabal of appeasers who met frequently at Nancy Astor’s palatial home) seemed much concerned with the dilemma faced by Jews under the Reich. Astor wrote Kennedy that Hitler would have to do more than just “give a rough time” to “the killers of Christ” before she’d be in favor of launching  ”Armageddon to save them. The wheel of history swings round as the Lord would have it. Who are we to stand in the way of the future?” Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”

During May of 1938, Kennedy engaged in extensive discussions with the new German Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Herbert von Dirksen. In the midst of these conversations (held without approval from the U.S. State Department), Kennedy advised von Dirksen that President Roosevelt was the victim of “Jewish influence” and was poorly informed as to the philosophy, ambitions and ideals of Hitler’s regime. (The Nazi ambassador subsequently told his bosses that Kennedy was “Germany’s best friend” in London.)

Columnists back in the states condemned Kennedy’s fraternizing. Kennedy later claimed that 75% of the attacks made on him during his Ambassadorship emanated from “a number of Jewish publishers and writers. … Some of them in their zeal did not hesitate to resort to slander and falsehood to achieve their aims.” He told his eldest son, Joe Jr., that he disliked having to put up with “Jewish columnists” who criticized him with no good reason.

Like his father, Joe Jr. admired Adolf Hitler. Young Joe had come away impressed by Nazi rhetoric after traveling in Germany as a student in 1934. Writing at the time, Joe applauded Hitler’s insight in realizing the German people’s “need of a common enemy, someone of whom to make the goat. Someone, by whose riddance the Germans would feel they had cast out the cause of their predicament. It was excellent psychology,  and it was too bad that it had to be done to the Jews. The dislike of the Jews, however, was well-founded. They were at the heads of all big business, in law etc. It is all to their credit for them to get so far, but their methods had been quite unscrupulous … the lawyers and prominent judges were Jews, and if you had a case against a Jew, you were nearly always sure to lose it. … As far as the brutality is concerned, it must have been necessary to use some ….”

Brutality was in the eye of the beholder. Writing to Charles Lindbergh shortly after Kristallnacht in November of 1938,  Joe Kennedy Sr. seemed more concerned about the political ramifications stemming from high-profile, riotous anti-Semitism than he was about the actual violence done to the Jews.  ”… Isn’t there some way,” he asked, “to persuade [the Nazis] it is on a situation like this that the whole program of saving western civilization might hinge? It is more and more difficult for those seeking peaceful solutions to advocate any plan when the papers are filled with such horror.” Clearly, Kennedy’s chief concern about Kristallnacht was that it might serve to harden anti-fascist sentiment at home in the United States.

Like his friend Charles Coughlin (an anti-Semitic broadcaster and Roman Catholic priest), Kennedy always remained convinced of what he believed to be the Jews’ corrupt, malignant, and profound influence in American culture and politics. “The Democratic [party] policy of the United States is a Jewish production,” Kennedy told a British reporter near the end of 1939, adding confidently that Roosevelt would “fall” in 1940.

But it wasn’t Roosevelt who fell. Kennedy resigned his ambassadorship just weeks after FDR’s overwhelming triumph at the polls. He then retreated to his home in Florida: a bitter, resentful man nurturing religious and racial bigotries that put him out-of-step with his country, and out-of-touch with history.

Mail Online

How JFK secretly ADMIRED Hitler: Explosive book reveals former President’s praise for the Nazis as he travelled through Germany before Second World War
A new book reveals President Kennedy was a secret admirer of the Nazis
Embarrassingly close to visit being paid to Berlin next month by Obama
Comes one week before 50th anniversary commemorations of JFK’s memorable ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech pledging US solidarity with Europe
PUBLISHED: 11:39 GMT, 23 May 2013 | UPDATED: 15:24 GMT, 23 May 2013

A new book out in Germany reveals how President Kennedy was a secret admirer of the Nazis.
The news comes embarrassingly close to a visit being paid to Berlin next month by President Obama – one week before 50th anniversary commemorations of JFK’s memorable ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech pledging US solidarity with Europe during the Cold War.
President Kennedy’s travelogues and letters chronicling his wanderings through Germany before WWII, when Adolf Hitler was in power, have been unearthed and show him generally in favour of the movement that was to plunge the world into the greatest war in history
President kennedy
UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1920: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German statesman. (Photo by Roger Viollet/Getty Images)
Secret: A new book out in Germany reveals how President Kennedy was a secret admirer of the Nazis
‘Fascism?’ wrote the youthful president-to-be in one. ‘The right thing for Germany.’
In another; ‘What are the evils of fascism compared to communism?’
And on August 21, 1937 – two years before the war that would claim 50 million lives broke out – he wrote: ‘The Germans really are too good – therefore people have ganged up on them to protect themselves.’
And in a line which seems directly plugged into the racial superiority line plugged by the Third Reich he wrote after travelling through the Rhineland: ‘The Nordic races certainly seem to be superior to the Romans.’
The future president’s praise is now embarrassing in hindsight – a few years later he fought in War War Two against the Nazis and his elder brother Lt. Joseph Patrick ‘Joe’ Kennedy, Jr was killed.
Revealing: Presidential diaries and photographs are among more than 500 items from a collection John F. Kennedy documents and artifacts
Revealing: Presidential diaries and photographs are among more than 500 items from a collection of John F. Kennedy documents and artifacts
John F. Kennedy juggles on a street in Amsterdam during a trip to Europe,
1937 — John F. Kennedy recovers from jaundice in a London hospital in 1937. — Image by CORBIS
Tour: Kennedy recovers, right, from jaundice in a London hospital in 1937 and left juggles on a street in Amsterdam during a trip to Europe
Trip: Kennedy and one of his sisters ride camels in Egypt in 1939
Trip: Kennedy and one of his sisters ride camels in Egypt in 1939

Framed together are the Navy Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Hearttial

As a young man, the future president had desperately wanted to go into the Navy but was originally rejected – mainly due to a back injury he sustained playing football while attending Harvard.
In 1941, though, his politically connected father Joe P Kennedy used his influence to get him in to the service and he joined the Navy.
In 1942, Kennedy volunteered for PT (motorized torpedo) boat duty in the Pacific.
On 12 June 1944 he received the Navy’s highest honor for gallantry for his heroic actions as a gunboat pilot during World War II.
The Navy Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Heart were presented to Lt. Kennedy for his heroics and injuries sustained in the rescue of the crew of PT 109 during on August 2, 1943 when the motor torpedo boat was struck by a Japanese destroyer.
His back was hurt during duty and Kennedy was released from all active duty and finally retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve on physical disability in March 1945.
‘I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: I served in the United States Navy.’
John F Kennedy
Source: History.com
Other musings concern how great the autobahns were – ‘the best roads in the world’ – and how, having visited Hitler’s Bavarian holiday home in Berchtesgaden and the tea house built on top of the mountain for him.
He declared; ‘Who has visited these two places can easily imagine how Hitler will emerge from the hatred currently surrounding him to emerge in a few years as one of the most important personalities that ever lived.’

Mr Spiegel is seen in the late 1970s or early 1980s in a family photograph
‘Reluctant hero’ of Warsaw Ghetto uprising dies at 93:…
‘Nazi Town’: The German village whose inhabitants are all…
Promises: Katharina Wagner has said she will pass over her father’s letters to historians to be examined
Great-granddaughter of composer Richard Wagner agrees to…
Kennedy’s admiration for Nazi Germany is revealed in a book entitled ‘John F. Kennedy – Among the Germans. Travel diaries and letters 1937-1945.’
When World War II did arrive, the future president’s father, Joe P Kennedy, strongly opposed going into battle with Germany and made several missteps that severely damaged his political career.
He adopted a defeatist, anti-war stance and tried to arrange a meeting with Adolf Hitler without the approval of the Department of State.
The reasons for this are unclear – some speculate he was eager to do anything to avoid war because he feared that American capitalism – which he profited from – would not survive the country’s entry into the conflict.
In his role as US ambassador to Britain he also opposed providing the UK with military and economic aid.
He said in an interview ‘Democracy is finished in England. It may be here [in the US].
During the World War II, JFK’s older brother Joe volunteered for a secret mission testing an experimental drone plane packed with explosives – a weapon the Allies hoped to use as a guided missile.
On the first test flight, the explosives detonated prematurely and the plane exploded – his body was never found.
Studies: The future American president sits at a typewriter, holding open his published thesis, ‘Why England Slept’
Studies: The future American president sits at a typewriter, holding open his published thesis, ‘Why England Slept’
John F. Kennedy and his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, US Ambassador to Great Britain, board an Air France plane at Croydon Airport
John F. Kennedy and his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, US Ambassador to Great Britain, board an Air France plane at Croydon Airport
March 1939, London, John F. Kennedy and his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, US Ambassador to Great Britain, board an Air France plane at Croydon Airport. He accompanied his father to Rome, where he will be representing President Roosevelt at the coronation of Pope Pius XII
Pals: Kennedy and Lem Billings, right, who was a classmate from the Choate School and Princeton University, outside a drugstore in the mid 1930s
Pals: Kennedy and Lem Billings, right, who was a classmate from the Choate School and Princeton University, outside a drugstore in the mid 1930s
ca. 1932 — John F. Kennedy, “Dunker” the dog, and Lem Billings at the Hague, during their Europe trip. — Image by CORBIS
Travel companion: Kennedy, Dunker the dog, and Lem Billings at the Hague, during their Europe trip
The youthful president carved his own place in history when he stood outside the West Berlin town hall of Schoeneberg on June 26 1963 to declare US solidarity with the city and the continent with the immortal words; ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.’
The fact that, strictly speaking, he was referring to himself as a doughnut – a Berliner – did not diminish the wild enthusiasm for him.
But his praise of Hitler in a country still struggling to come to terms with his legacy may prove awkward for Obama who will visit Berlin for wide-ranging talks with Chancellor Merkel on June 18 and 19.
President kennedy
US President John F. Kennedy at the Schoeneberg Town Hall during his visit to Germany. The youthful president carved his own place in history when he stood outside the West Berlin town hall on June 26 1963 to declare US solidarity with the city and the continent with the immortal words; ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’
Infamous: One of President Kennedy’s speech cards carrying his famous remark ‘Ich bin ein Berline’, which he delivered in a speech that electrified an adoring crowd in Berlin
Infamous: One of President Kennedy’s speech cards carrying his famous remark ‘Ich bin ein Berline’, which he delivered in a speech that electrified an adoring crowd in Berlin
Fans: Thousands of citizens lined the main street in West Berlin as the president arrived flanked by police and bodyguards
Fans: Thousands of citizens lined the main street in West Berlin as the president arrived flanked by police and bodyguards
Farewell: President John F. Kennedy waves goodbye as he leaves Berlin for Ireland
Farewell: President John F. Kennedy waves goodbye as he leaves Berlin for Ireland
But his praise was not entirely without caveats.
‘It is evident that the Germans were scary for him,’ said Spiegel magazine in Berlin.
In the diaries of the three trips he made to prewar Germany he also recognised; ‘Hitler seems to be as popular here as Mussolini in Germany, although propaganda is probably his most powerful weapon.’
Observers say his writings ranged between aversion and attraction for Germany.
The book also contains his impressions when walking through a shattered Berlin after the war: ‘An overwhelming stench of bodies – sweet and nauseating’.
And of the recently deceased Fuehrer he said; ‘His boundless ambition for his country made him a threat to peace in the world, but he had something mysterious about him. He was the stuff of legends.’
The book editor’s believe that he was ‘eerily fascinated’ by fascism.
US President Barack Obama
Leading lady: German chancellor Angela Merkel has been named the most powerful woman in the world by business magazine Forbes for the third year running
Bad timing: The news comes embarrassingly close to a visit being paid to Berlin next month by President Obama – one week before 50th anniversary commemorations of JFK’s memorable ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech pledging US solidarity with Europe during the Cold War

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MUST SEE – The Truth about the Kennedy Assassination & Obama Told by Gadaffi

This is why the ZIONIST want Gadaffi dead A.S.A.P.

the world needs to stop Zionism ..THE ADL , ZOA , AIPAC ……

American Friends of Likud
American Gathering/Federation of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
America-Israel Friendship League
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
American Sephardi Federation
American Zionist Movement
Americans for Peace Now
Anti-Defamation League
Association of Reform Zionists of America
B’nai B’rith International
Bnai Zion
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
Development Corporation for Israel / State of Israel Bonds
Emunah of America
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Hadassah, Women’s Zionist Organization of America
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Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
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Workmen’s Circle
World ORT
World Zionist Executive, US
Zionist Organization of America


Michael Collins Piper – Who Really Won World War II? The Inside Story of the Kennedy Dynasty

Boin Dis Bitch Down; or, Great Moments in Jewish Chimpouts

A (no doubt trolling) Yahoo! Answers user offers the prompt, “Are Jews the most peaceful and caring people in the world?”

Jews have done so much to help us black folks cuz they gave us BET and the NAACP. Others, such as Tim Wise, have been actively supporting our interests, and exposing how white racists use the so-called “color-blind society” to oppress us more and keep us down. I say the Jews are the most peaceful and caring people in the world because they have been on the front line fighting for us nonwhites’ human rights in the world with their organizations, such as SPLC and ADL that expose those racist white people with their “Tea Parties” and KKK rallies.

Blackface Lives Matter
Blackface Lives Matter

Some of those who answered rightly directed the questioner’s attention to the less than tactful gestures of the Israeli war machine toward that country’s Arab neighbors. Here, however, lest this congoid-American truth seeker fall into the folly of thinking that primitive racist whites are the only people who know how to violently crunk it up and/or put some stank on direct action at the street level, is a brief but representative selection of vintage Jewish variations on that twenty-first century staple, the chimpout.

Jewish Riot in London”. [Spokane] Evening Chronicle(September 20, 1904):

LONDON, Sept. 20. The day of atonement was marked in London by serious rioting in the Jewish quarter of the East End[.] Over 2000 Jews engaged in a disturbance and nearly 300 police had to be called out before the disorder was quelled. The trouble arose over the action of the nonconforming members of a social democratic Jewish club at Spitalfields […]

The socialists openly paraded in disregard of the fasting injunction, and made a celebration with wines at the clubhouse. The orthodox Jews were angered and surrounded the clubhouse and stoned it. The socialists threw bottles at the crowd and soon the two or three narrow streets in the vicinity became choked by a fighting mob. Ambulances were called out and the doctors had many minor cases to attend to.

Finally the police quelled the disturbance, cordoned off the streets in the disturbed area and made several arrests. Excited groups of orthodox Jews, however, continued to parade the streets and the houses of several socialist Jews were stoned.

Murder of Jewish Girl by Turk Provokes Riot in Constantinople”. The Gettysburg Times (September 9, 1927):

Constantinople; Aug. 27. […] The Turkish authorities were faced with the first grave minority incident since the inauguration of the republic when thousands of Jews, following the hearse of a Jewish girl murdered by a Turk, staged a dramatic demonstration, blocking traffic for hours and repulsing the attempts of the Turkish police to establish order.

Scores of manifestants were arrested. The governor and chief of police are carrying on an investigation, while the entire Jewish colony is agitated. […]

Jews Riot in London: Protest Sale of Non-Kosher Meat as Kosher”. The Montreal Gazette (October 12, 1928):

London, October 11. – Police at Whitechapel broke up a Semitic demonstration said to have been participated in by more than 2,000 persons today.

The demonstration was in protest of the sale of non-kosher meats as kosher meat by a restaurant. In the melee, windows of the restaurant were broken by the mob, the second to storm it since the charge was first made against it.

Mounted police were forced to ride through the crowd to disperse it.

Jews Riot Among Selves: Thirty Are Wounded in Flare-Up in Poland”. The [Spokane] Spokesman-Review(September 2, 1929):

WARSAW, Poland, Aug. 31. […] Thirty Jews were wounded at a massmeeting [sic] today called by the Left Poale Zion, labor party, to protest against the Palestine massacres.

A riot broke out when speakers denounced Jewish communists for taking a stand against the Jews of Palestine and for asserting that Zionists in league with British imperialists are “attacking the Arabs”[.]

Chicagoans Riot to Greet Russian Orthodox Rabbi”. Milwaukee Sentinel (February 10, 1930):

CHICAGO, Feb. 9. [. . .] A little red-bearded man in a black round hat and formal coat stood in bewilderment Sunday in the La Salle street railroad station while 5,000 excited persons fought to touch his coat with their fingers, which they then kissed.

Several men were trampled, bruised in the maelstrom before a shock squad of thirty policemen cleared his way to an automobile.

This was the way Rabbi Joseph Itzchock Sohnayerson, noted leader of orthodox Jews, was greeted on his arrival here for a visit of three weeks. There were some official city welcomers in the crowd but they stood helpless for the thirty-five minutes it took the policemen to establish order. […]

Nazi Uniforms Causes Riot in N.Y. Jewish Area”. The [Salt Lake City] Deseret News (October 8, 1935):

NEW YORK, Oct. 8. [. . .] The sight of five men wearing Nazi uniforms in the predominantly Jewish garment workers’ district today precipitated a short lived riot.

Displaying Swastikas, the five men drove into the section in a truck advertising a Nazi rally[.] About 3,000 persons, police estimated, stormed the truck, yanked out the occupants and beat them.

The speedy arrival of police halted the riot. […]

London, 1936: Jewish rioters flee the scene of the “Battle of Cable Street”, an agitation against Mosley
London, 1936: Jewish rioters flee the scene of the “Battle of Cable Street”, an agitation against Mosley

Palestine Jews Riot As British Plan Announced”. Daytona Beach Morning Journal (May 18, 1939):

The British government in its long-awaited statement of policy on Palestine announced yesterday a plan which would restrict the proportion of Jews in the Holy Land to one-third of the total population, turn the country over to the Arab majority and absolve Britain, in the government’s view, of obligation “to facilitate the further development of the Jewish national home by immigration.”

Bitter denunciation by Jewish leaders and demonstrations against the plan by students in the all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv, Palestine followed the announcement.

Shots by British police wounded several of the demonstrators.

Bombs were exploded in some Jerusalem sections. Two Jewish employe[e]s were injured when several bombs damaged the government immigration building.

Police patrolled the streets of Tel Aviv tonight after 5,000 Jewish youths staged a demonstration. Unofficial reports said the youths, who had taken an oath to fight for Jewish independence, set furniture in British government district offices afire.

Two of their number were wounded when police fired into the crowd. A Jewish constable was reported seriously injured when the demonstrators opened fire on the policemen. [. . .]

British Mandate
Troops serving under the British mandate in Palestine had the thankless task of attempting to maintain order as Jewish extremists did their utmost to disrupt the fragile peace.

British Use Tear Gas In Jewish Riot”. The Deseret News (November 26, 1946):

HAIFA, Palestine [. . .] British troops used tear gas, fire hose and clubs today to quell an hour long riot of about 3500 Jewish refugees being transferred from their ancient immigration ship [i.e., of “return”] to three troopships. One soldier was missing and believed dead and 10 others were wounded.

Army officers said the lost soldier was struck on the head by a five pound can of UNRRA [i.e., United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration] food as he fought up the gangplank to help disembark the Jews from the refugee ship [. . .] He fell into the harbor.

Some 60,000 Jewish residents of Haifa started a strike and built bonfires atop Mount Carmel to express their support of the Jews in the harbor.

The battle was touched off when troops boarded the ship, biggest yet to attempt the dash to Palestine [. . .]

“The blighters were tossing full tins of UNRRA food at us,” a police officer said. “It was ankle-deep on the dock.”

At the height of the fight the passengers hung a huge banner over the side of the ship. It [. . .] read: “For every Jew murdered or wounded aboard this ship, you will pay in English blood. You have been warned.”

Polish Jews Riot in Protest Against Oliver Twist Film”. The [Fredericksburg] Free Lance-Star (February 21, 1949):

BERLIN, Feb. 21 [. . .] Enraged Polish Jews rioted before a British sector movie theater today and for the second time blocked a showing of the film “Oliver Twist,” which they charge is anti-semitic.

Police used clubs and fire hoses to hold back a charging crowd of about 300 demonstrators, but without much success, when the theater tried to open for the afternoon showing of the film, based on the Dickens novel.

A melee of flying fists and clubs surged up and down the Kerfuerstendamm, the street which is the center of Berlin’s artistic life. German police of the British sector had to call out all available reserves and British public safety officers on duty decided to suspend the showing once again. [. . .]

The riot broke out at about 2 p.m. [. . .]

In the milling crowd outside, a British officer was beaten. Several German policemen were bloodied. The demonstrators hurled rocks and dared police to shoot, but there was no shooting. In the shower of stones, Lyford Moore, correspondent for the American Broadcasting Company, was struck in the face.

Berlin Jews Riot Against Film By Anti-Semite”. Daytona Beach Morning Journal (February 5, 1954):

BERLIN [. . .] Students and members of the Berlin Jewish community fought with police riot squads last night in protest against a former Nazi producer’s newest film.

It was the opening night for “Stars Over Colombo,” a comedy effort by Veit Harlan. His anti-Semitic “Jew Suss” was sponsored by the Nazi government 15 years ago.

Ninety riot squadsmen rushed to the theater in the British sector after the demonstrators shut off the projection room for a time and took the stage to harangue the producer. The screening was completed after police dispersed the demonstrators.

Orthodox Jews Riot, Kill One”. The Victoria Advocate (September 2, 1956):

JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector, Sept. 1 [. . .] One man was killed and 19 persons were injured today when police clashed with young Orthodox Jews attempting to halt automobile traffic, calling it “desecration of the Sabbath.”

Pinchas Singlaowski, 60, a watchman at an Orthodox religious school died from injuries he received in the two-hour disturbance. Three of the demonstrators were arrested. [. . .]

The older men dispersed quietly, but the younger ones, reportedly members of the ultra-Orthodox Naturey Karta organization, set up roadblocks in the Romena quarter of Jerusalem’s West Side. They stoned passing taxis and other vehicles, trying to make them halt.

Witnesses said many drivers and passengers left their cars and threw stones back at the youth. Police, reinforced by firemen used clubs and fire hoses to disperse the crowd. Seven policemen were among those injured.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

Renegate Tribune

End of WW II – Allied ‘evidence’ manipulation at Dachau

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Allied ‘evidence’ manipulation at Dachau

Postby Hannover » 1 year 3 weeks ago (Thu May 07, 2015 12:34 pm)

Here we have revealing photos from:
http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news- … to/2664205It’s clear that Dachau numbers have been inflated.

That’s particularly important when realizing that most of the deaths at Dachau occurred after the arrival of US troops.

In this case we see that diseased corpses that were moved to Dachau from other camps, hence the inflation of the Dachau numbers, hence the building of a propaganda spectacle.

“May 1945: Piles of emaciated bodies lying in goods wagons at the concentration camp at Dachau, Germany, which was liberated by the American army. The bodies had been brought from other camps and consigned to the crematorium.

loading corpses onto truck:

“Men filing emaciated bodies of dead men onto flatbed truck. They are being removed from Dachau concentration camp where they were held (while living) by Nazis in WWII effort to exterminate Jewish population.”

Here’s a beauty:

“A Hungarian Jewish boy in his prison suit of blue and white stripes smiles over the barbed wire at Dachau concentraion Camp. He was expecting to be gassed in a few days time and now is saved.”

Yet the storyline says that Himmler ordered the alleged gassings stopped in Nov, 1944. And what is a Hungarian Jew doing alive in Dachau in May 1945? Hungarian Jews were allegedly sent to Auschwitz to be gassed in the summer of 1944.


Clearly staged as indicated by caption:
May 1945: A pile of corpses found by troops of the US 7th Army at Dachau concentration camp in Germany. These prisoners had been gassed and their bodies were awaiting cremation.”

Also, as is shown in Denier Bud’s ‘Buchenwald, A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil , manipulation, planting of ‘evidence’, etc. by the ‘Allies was legion.

also recommended:
http://exposing-the-holocaust-hoax-arch … -lies.html

What’s usually avoided, the healthy prisoners:



– Hannover



Alois Brunner and the “I Would Do It All Again” Lie

The announcement by the Simon Wiesenthal Center that one of their most sought-after “war criminals,” Alois Brunner—the so-called “right hand man to Adolf Eichmann—died four years ago, has brought forth the usual outpouring of Holocaust stories about how he was responsible for “deporting tens of thousands of Jews to death camps during the second world war.”


These stories have included the usual rehashing of a supposed interview he gave with the Chicago SunTimes in which Brunner was claimed to have said:

“All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil’s agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again” (“Nazi Butcher in Syria Haven”, Nov. 1, 1987).

This incredible quote has been reused time and time again, and has once again made its appearance with the latest reports of Brunner’s death.

Most media outlets—following the Holocaust Storyteller line—just repeat the quote without questioning its origin—even though Brunner denied ever saying such a thing.

So who actually conducted the interview? The article was written by aChicago Sun-Times journalist named Chuck Ashman. He claimed he had conducted a telephone interview with Brunner in Damascus, “in front of a witness.”

So who exactly was this “Chuck Ashman?”

According to an article in the Chicago Reader magazine, titled “Ashman: Adventures of anUninteresting Person,” all of Ashman’s stories were well known in the Chicago newspaper world to be “hyperbolic” and “selective in its facts.”

However, this is not the worst of it: Ashman was also a convicted fraudster who had spent time in a lunatic asylum.


According to the Chicago Reader, Ashman was a “habitual embellisher of reality, among whose many spurious claims were a law degree from the University of Tennessee and postgraduate study at Oxford University, schools that told the Press-Enterprise they had no record of him.

Most tellingly, the paper [the Press Enterprise] examined his past. At the age of 21, when an aide to Senator George Smathers, he’d been named the Miami Beach Jaycees’ outstanding young man of the year. But in 1964, seven years later, he was convicted of three counts of passing fraudulent checks. He avoided prison by pleading insanity and undergoing two years’ confinement in a Florida state mental hospital.”

After writing a whole series of outrageous stories about then Austrian president Kurt Waldheim—which were attacked by Clemens Coreth, the Austrian consul general in Chicago, in a letter to the Chicago Sun-Times in which he accused Ashman of “misrepresentation” and “malicious”insinuations—“The Sun-Times dropped him like a hot potato after finding out a few things about Ashman’s highly erratic personal and professional history,” the Chicago Reader revealed.

This “quote” therefore comes from a “journalist” who was not only a convicted fraudster, and a certified lunatic, but who was also fired by theChicago Sun-Times for making up news stories.

In fact the only correctly related interview with Brunner—who left his native Austria after the war and eventually settled in Syria—took place in July 1987. It was conducted by Austrian journalist Gerd Honsik, and published in his book Freispruch für Hitler (Burgenländischer Kulturverband, Wien, 1988).

Honsik’s book was a series of interviews with some thirty-six witnesses, including six former concentration camp inmates and several historians on the topic of the war and the alleged mass-extermination story.

Honsik actually travelled to Damascus where he interviewed Brunner in person.

Brunner as a young man, left, and in 1987, right. Picture from Honsik’s book.

In the interview, Brunner denied ever saying the infamous quote attributed to him, stating specifically that he had only said that he would “do it again” in reference to his attempts to resettle Jews outside Europe.

When Honsik specifically asked Brunner about gas chambers, the former senior SS man replied that he had “first heard about them in newspapers after the war” and had never heard of such a thing during his period of service.

Instead, he continued, he had been actively involved in the project to create a Jewish homeland in Madagascar.

It is an indication of the mass hysteria and media propaganda around the Holocaust that the word of a certified lunatic fraudster is taken to be true without question—even though Brunner denied ever making it.

* The Austrian journalist Honsik suffered the fate of many honest people in Europe. His book was outlawed, and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment for his “crime.” His book is available on the Archive.org site, free, at this link.

Posted by Peter Winter at 12:54 PM

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An Interview With JOSEF GINSBURG

by Eric Thomson

Josef Ginsburg, who wrote under the pen name of “J.G. Burg”, came to Toronto to assist Ernst Zündel’s defence effort in The Great Holocaust Trial in 1988, at which time I was able to speak to this remarkable anti-Zionist jew and to make extensive notes after each conversation. “Mr. Burg”, as he preferred to be addressed, was the author of several booklets on such favorite Zionist subjects as the so-called Holocaust, the founding of the bandit-state of Israel, the so-called “diary” of Anne Frank, German “guilt”, etc. Unfortunately, none of his works are available in English, to my knowledge and most of them appear to be out of print. I am sure the Zionists are happy about that, for my own readings of his works answered any question I might have had as to why the “Bundeszog” or Zionist Occupation Government of Germany and their jewish masters were attempting to surround “J.G. Burg” with a wall of silence. Zionist thugs had even attacked him in a cemetery where he was visiting the grave of a lady friend who had perished in a fire which “Burg” insisted had been set by the Zionists. Josef Ginsburg, who no longer needs the threadbare cover of his pen name, now that he is dead, probably put up a good fight, despite his years. He was a short, tough, wiry, agile and keenly alert man, with penetrating gaze and hawk-like features. His sharp eyes and almost haughty demeanor seemed to challenge all whom he met, as if to say: “You, there! How do you serve or thwart my purpose?” Being a jew, he often involved himself in confusing circular and/or corkscrew reasoning of the sort exemplified by Franz Kafka’s stories. When his guard was up, as it usually was, he would only answer a question with a question: “Is your name Josef Ginsburg?” “Why do you ask me that?”

Certainly, I would have received nothing but questions in answer to my questions, had I told him that I was treating our conversations as an interview and that I was secretly making notes of his statements. For anyone who did interview him, with his knowledge, it was a struggle all the way. Whenever there were witnesses, cameras, microphones and/or tape recorders in evidence, he would become very cagey and evasive. He insisted that no one take any pictures of him and he actually made a videotaped interview in which only the face of the interviewer ever appeared on camera! After this “night and fog” appearance, he demanded and received the interviewer’s promise that the interview would not be released or shown to anyone before his death. Although I did not tell him that I was taking notes, I respected Mr. Ginsburg’s wishes also in this regard.

Josef Ginsburg was exasperating, for he was an eyewitness to history, specifically the Zionist-National Socialist collaboration which Zionists have always exerted themselves so mightily to cover up. Yet, he would not reveal publicly how he had learned the truth about the Holohoax and the gas chamber lie. He would even quibble about his own identity and the political connections which caused him to be among the first Soviet inspectors of all the so-called death camps in Poland. Privately, he made no attempt to hide his Communist connections and sympathies. Yes, he had toured the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Maidanek, Treblinka, Sobibor and all the others in Poland, as a member of the official Soviet inspection team and he found no evidence whatsoever of any attempt on the part of the Germans to exterminate anyone and certainly not by means of lethal gas chambers! But by refusing to admit this in any public interview, his statements debunking the Holocaust legend were largely dismissed by journalists as ‘unauthoritative opinion’, which went unreported. That gave these prostitutes of the pen an ‘easy out’, for they were already being paid to believe in the Holohoax. If Ginsburg had been more open to them, he could have at least raised some doubts in their own minds, regardless of the rubbish their editors deemed ‘fit to print’.

I told him that he should tell them that he was a Communist and a member of the Soviet inspection team (“our gallant Soviet allies”), for in Soviet Canuckistan, alias Canada, that would be tantamount to sainthood. The word of a Communist jew “simply must be true” and the only rebuttal available to the Zionist Holocaustorians would be (a) to prove that he was not a Communist or (b) not a jew. But Josef Ginsburg would not go all out, as he saw it, to set the historical record straight. To this day it is a mystery to me why he wanted to ‘pull his punches’ or “hide his candle under a bushel”, as the jew-book says. Perhaps he feared for his life, although he and his work were no secret whatsoever to the Zionists and their German Occupation Government stooges, for he lived in Germany and could be contacted through a small publishing firm there. Maybe he thought they could not locate him if he concealed his real name and background. He behaved as if he feared to compromise his ‘security’, no matter how illusory that security appeared to me and others.

Josef Ginsburg’s motive for attacking Zionism by stating historical truth was indeed very jewish: he feared that jews were endangering their survival by putting all their political eggs into the Zionist basket. He saw in Communism, as his fellow jews had seen in Christianity and Capitalism, a protective cloak of universalism in which the body of jewish tribalism would thrive, much like certain maggots thrive beneath the protective skin of a living host, as they feed off the host’s blood, I opined, for the similarity was obvious. Ginsburg saw the Zionist drive to particularize jewish, as opposed to Gentile, interests as extremely dangerous. I certainly agreed with him on this point and I asked him why the Rothschilds, the International Zionists par excellence, had funded Theodor Herzl’s Territorial Zionist efforts, which, if successful, would serve to identify, separate and isolate the jewish population from the rest of the world. “The Rothschilds had to do it,” said Ginsburg, “because it is so ordered in their family compact.” I asked him what he meant by that, thinking of A. Conan Doyle’s “The Musgrave Ritual”. “Each heir to the Rothschild fortune must read the compact and agree to fulfill its provisions, to the best of his ability, during his lifetime,” he said. “There is no argument with the terms of the compact, regardless of any perception of danger or undesirability on the part of the heir. The family compact has the force of law.” “But,” I said, “the state of Israel is very much a danger to the interests of world jewry.” “I agree with you,” said Ginsburg. “The Rothschilds may also agree with you, but they must carry out the orders which have been in effect for many centuries. They have no recourse.”

Although jews have not only survived, but thrived, prospered and conned their way to conquest via such fallacious ‘universal creeds’ as Christianity and Capitalism, Ginsburg was convinced that ‘Communism was the only way to go’. I mentioned Jabotinski’s group, from which came the founders of Israel, as being a bunch of Communist-Zionists. “That is a contradiction in terms,” he said, “for true Communism is internationalist and all-inclusive. It cannot be nationalist and therefore exclusive. That is why I call the Territorial Zionists who founded the state of Israel ‘Zionazis’ and that is why people like Ben Gurion, Levi Skolnick, alias Eshkol and Golda Meyersohn, alias Meir, got along so well with the German Nazis, especially after their little Kristallnacht show which they deemed necessary to scare their fellow jews out of Germany, hopefully to settle in Palestine.”

“You bring up this recurrent theme of German Nazi-Zionazi collaboration,” I said. “This is a fairly new concept to me.” “And rightly so,” he said, “for that is just the way the Zionazis who control the media want their collaboration to be: secret. Eichmann was one of their weak links. That’s why they had to kidnap him from Argentina and murder him in Israel. They locked him in a glass box in the courtroom, supposedly for his protection, but really to keep him from hearing the real questions and giving real answers. Eichmann was a fool. He did not even know that he had a dangerous secret, for he had done nothing wrong. He should have kept his mouth shut and gone into hiding when he heard about the Zionazis’ murder of his jewish counterpart, Joel Brandt, in Israel.” “So, innocence can be deadly,” I said. “Yes,” he agreed, “the guilty know why they should cover their tracks and they know how to do it.” “So what was Eichmann’s role in German Nazi-Zionazi collaboration?” I asked. “He worked with Joel Brandt and others to smuggle jews out of Europe and into Palestine, against the wishes of the British who governed the territory under a mandate.” “Would Eichmann have known about the Ha’arev or Transfer Agreement which allowed jews emigrating from Germany to take their wealth with them in the form of German-made goods?” I asked. “Another reason for his judicial murder,” said Ginsburg.

“You mentioned earlier that the Zionists and the Nazis collaborated on the drafting of the so-called Nuremberg Race Laws,” I said. “Yes,” he said, “one of the Zionist collaborators was Rabbi Leo Baeck, who now lives in London, England.” “What did Baeck do?” I asked. “He helped the Nazis define who was a jew and who was a German and he suggested the adoption of the yellow, six-pointed star as the symbol of the jewish nation.” “You mean that this symbol was not previously used to signify judaism?” I asked. “Oh, it was a jewish symbol, just as it was a Babylonian symbol. The six-pointed star was used by many different people. The German Condor Legion used it as a badge of rank in Spain during the Fascist War from 1936 to 1939. Your American police often use the six-pointed star. But as late as the 1930s, “The Lion of Judah” was used to symbolize jewish nationality. You may remember the British newspaper story which appeared in March, 1933, headlined “Judea Declares War on Germany.” “Yes,” I said. “Well, the article carried a frieze-like strip of lions and swastikas across the front page which symbolized ‘Germans versus jews’. No six-pointed stars!” he exclaimed. “I remember the article,” I said. “Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Congress declared a boycott of all German goods. Did this mean that there was a conflict between the Territorial Zionists and the International Zionists?” “No,” he said. “The Zionists were only making sure that German foreign trade would remain under their control, as they had done with Germany in World War I. They made the blockade and broke it themselves. No one else was allowed to do that, so it was really a Zionist monopoly of German trade.” “What, in your opinion, was the reason for the Zionist ‘declaration of war’ on Germany in 1933, only a month after Hitler’s election as Chancellor?” I asked.”The Zionists (and all other jews, I thought) never do anything for only one reason,” he said. “Their declaration of war was given with at least a twofold purpose. One reason was their hatred of Hitler’s economic program and his intention of nationalizing the Bank of Germany, which was owned by the Rothschilds, as are all so-called national banks today.” “So you agree that the Rothschilds and their bankster stooges control the creation of money for the entire world,” I said. “Yes,” he smiled grimly. “Their ‘tekla mekla’ money is created out of nothing and they charge interest on it!” “What would be another reason for the Zionists’ declaration of war on Germany?” I asked. “To conceal their collaboration with the Nazis,” he said. “What were some major points of Nazi-Zionist collaboration?” I asked. “First, was the creation of a Zionist state in German-controlled territory. Second, was the German Government’s assistance for jews to leave Germany, preferably to enter Palestine illegally. Third, was Zionist assistance in supplying Germany with foreign exchange and goods, even during World War II.” he said. “But why would the Zionists support Germany, when they wanted the Allies to win?” I asked. “The Zionists did not help Germany sufficiently to win the war, but only to make a profit and maintain their influence with the Germans,” he said. “Zionazi Ben Gurion bragged that he was fighting London and Berlin.” “You said that the Germans helped the Zionists to build a state within German-controlled territory,” I said. “Yes,” said Ginsburg. “Zionists were given such jurisdiction in transit/training camps like Theresienstadt and they also established autonomous zones in parts of occupied Poland and Russia, as well as ruling over the ghettos of Polish cities like Warsaw, Lublin and Crakow.” “Is it true,” I asked, “that the Germans taught jews such trades as carpentry, bricklaying, machine tooling, plumbing, farming, animal husbandry, auto mechanics, etc.?” “Yes,” he said, “they did. The Germans also helped the Zionists to have their own money, banks, postage stamps, post offices and police, all of which were recognized by the German authorities.” “It is so different from the Hollywood version of German-jewish relations which the Zionists want us to believe,” I said. “Was there, in your experience, sufficient jewish suffering during World War II to call it a ‘holocaust’?” I asked. “Oh, there was jewish suffering,” he said, “but nothing to compare with German suffering!” “Was jewish suffering due to German policies?” I asked. “Indirectly,” he said. “The jews suffered most under the Zionists, especially in the ghettos and the autonomous areas. A jew could be thankful if he were in a German camp like Auschwitz, for at least he would be fed as long as supplies lasted and he would receive medical treatment.” “What was going on in the Zionist-ruled districts that caused jewish suffering?” I asked. “It was a catastrophe!” he said. “The Zionist administration was so criminal and corrupt that essential supplies, such as food, clothing and medicines wound up in the hands of black marketeers and speculators. There were shocking scenes of jewish children begging and starving outside jewish restaurants, while fat jewish diners looked out at them with indifference and jewish policemen strolled by, unconcerned!” “What about the autonomous areas, where there was open land?” I asked. “That was even worse!” he declared. “True, there was farmland and woodland, tools, implements and simple housing, wells and streams, but rich jews who had previously relied upon Gentile laborers and servants could not fend for themselves. Once again, jewish criminals stole the German food supplies, so even the rich jews suffered and died under Zionist misgovernment.” “In regard to hoarding, speculating and black marketeering, you had mentioned Simon Wiesenthal,” I said. “Yes,” he said. “The Gestapo had a department called the Stachel (barb), composed of jewish agents who spied on fellow jews who were hoarding and black marketeering. The agent received a reward in the form of a percentage of the value of any contraband he discovered. Wiesenthal was such an agent.”

JOSEF GINSBURG on how to make a jew tell the truth:

Jew-wise Gentiles know about the “jews’ oath” or Kol Nidre prayer, which all devout jews say every year to absolve them from telling the truth in the year to come. But there is a way to make a religious jew tell the truth, according to Josef Ginsburg, who was himself the son of an orthodox rabbi. “First, all Christian symbols must be cleared from the room. Then, a Hebrew bible and a rabbi must be present. The jew must don a skull cap and take a rabbinical oath which nullifies the Kol Nidre anti-oath oath.” After this procedure, Josef Ginsburg claimed that “99.5% of all the sick holocaust stories would become truthful silence!” Jews are not otherwise bound to tell the truth, because their courtroom oath (as well as their pledge of allegiance) is deemed by them to be of no account, whatsoever!

oathby Tanstaafl
Jewish morality

Reports claim Mossad plotted to cause infertility in Egypt


Reports in the Egyptian media claim that Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, has plotted to cause infertility in Egypt. According to Al-Ahram newspaper, Supreme State Security Criminal Court investigations of Bashar Abu Zaid, the Jordanian who is accused of spying on Egypt for Israel, have revealed an Israeli plot to market a hair product which endangers reproductive abilities.

The newspaper claims that Mossad agent Ofir Harrari told Abu Zaid to set up a company to import the Israeli-produced “Kereatine”; Abu Zaid would have been the only agent for that product in Egypt. The Court’s investigations discovered, it is claimed, that the product causes infertility in both men and women.Al-Ahram also reported that Mossad asked the Jordanian spy to open telecom companies in Sudan and Libya to allow Israel to monitor communication traffic in both countries.

Abu Zaid has, it is alleged, confessed to receiving $35,000 for his work as a spy. This included $4,000 for a report he produced about the spread of the Egyptian Army and Interior Ministry officers on Egypt’s streets after the January 25 Revolution.

Egypt uncovers Israeli spy cell attempting to recruit Syrians and Lebanese


Egypt’s top prosecutor has revealed the existence of a spy cell in Egypt for which two Israelis and an Egyptian have been charged with spying for Israel and harming Egyptian national interests. While the Israelis are on the run, the Egyptian has been held in custody pending his trial. Counsellor Dr. Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, the Attorney General, noted that the spy network tried to recruit spies from Syria and Lebanon; some observers believe that this was an attempt by Israel to recruit Syrian and Lebanese citizens to spy on Hezbollah and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Syria.

The three men were named as Tarek Abdel Raziq Hussein Hassan, a 37 year old Egyptian businessman, and Eddie Moshe and Joseph Demor, both Israeli citizens. Counsellor Mahmoud brought the case before an emergency criminal trial in the state security criminal court. It is expected that Cairo Court of Appeal will determine where the case will be tried upon receipt of the full dossier from the Supreme State Security Prosecution Service.

In its indictment, the Prosecution Service said, “The three defendants have been in touch with people working for a foreign state (Israel) for the purpose of harming the country’s national interests during the period from May 2008 until the first of August, 2010 inside and outside Egypt.” It is alleged that “the Egyptian Tarek Abdel Razek agreed, while abroad, with the Israelis to work with them for the benefit of Israeli intelligence, and to provide them with reports and information on some of the officials working in the communications field in order to single out potential candidates for cooperating with Israeli intelligence in order to harm Egyptian interests.”

The prosecution has cited the act of carrying out a hostile action against two foreign countries (Syria and Lebanon) that would expose Egypt to the risk of cutting political ties. The Egyptian defendant is alleged to have been paid $37,000 for his efforts.

Although the case was reported by some Egyptian newspapers the issue had gone quiet, with no comment from either Egypt or Israel. An official of Mobinil, the Egyptian mobile communications company, denied what had been published in the Voice of the Nation, which claimed that officials of the company were involved in the spy ring. In a statement issued by the company, the anonymous spokesman said that the report is “a reformulation of old news published some years ago, concerning making international calls illegally using mobile phone lines related to networks operating in Egypt”. He denied that the people named in Voice of the Nation work for Mobinil and that investigations are taking place with employees of the company.

The Iranian-owned Arabic language satellite channel Al-Alam was the first to broadcast the story of the spy ring but did not mention when the arrest took place or what the nature of the alleged spying activities was. Other media sources claim that the investigation found that international telephone calls made by senior Egyptian officials were made accessible to Israel’s spy agency, Mossad. The defendants, it is claimed, were trained in the use of the necessary communications equipment by two Mossad operatives; sources named the two as Iver Al-Hariri and Abraham Jadon. News sites in the region have reported that the Israeli spy network has been operating in Egypt for “many months” and that it is linked to other cells in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip; the defendants were, it is claimed, recruited through the Internet.

Army Invades Palestinians Agricultural Lands In Northern Gaza

31 MAY
11:36 AM

Several Israeli military vehicles and tanks invaded, on Tuesday morning, Palestinian agricultural lands, north of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the coastal region, and fired many rounds of live ammunition.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency said four Israeli tanks and two armored bulldozers advanced more than a hundred meters into the Palestinian lands, and bulldozed some of them.

Israeli tanks used fired several smoke bombs during the invasion, and while the bulldozers were uprooting the invaded lands.

The Israeli army conducts daily invasions into Palestinian lands, in border areas in the northern and eastern parts of the coastal region, and prevents the villagers from entering them.

On Tuesday at dawn, Israeli navy ships opened fire on Palestinians fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters, in different parts of the coastal region, causing damage to at least two boats.

Alfred Schaefer Speaks With Henry Hafenmayer About “Holocaust” And Other Deceptions

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In the video above, Alfred Schaefer speaks with Henry Hafenmayer, a German man from the former East Germany, about some of the big lies dominating human consciousness, especially the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII. The conversation is very insightful and powerful. I encourage you to take the time to watch the entire video.

Alfred appeared as a guest on The Realist Report (Subscribers Only segment is here) back in April. He has produced a number of excellent YouTube videos, and has a keen insight into the way in which the masses are deceived and manipulated by the media and weaponized terms such as “racist”, “conspiracy theorist”, and “anti-Semite”. Check out his YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

Jews Fret Trump Candidacy Allowing Marginalized & Demonized Ideas Into Political Discourse

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Let’s be perfectly clear up front: Donald Trump is no “anti-Semite,” i.e., someone who openly recognizes the power and influence of the organized Jewish community and their anti-White, nation-wrecking agenda. Trump is also not a “racist,” i.e., someone who affirms the biological reality of race and understands its central importance in history, cultural and economic development, crime statistics, and related matters.

He is, however, allowing people with highly demonized ideas and political perspectives to inject them into mainstream political discourse. This alone has fundamentally altered American politics, hopefully permanently. And the organized Jewish community and leftist political establishment, not to mention the traitors and cuckolds in the GOP and Conservative, Inc., are not at all happy with this development, as I’ve pointed out here in the past.

The Jewish Daily Forward has published yet another article dealing with this subject, quoting a number of prominent Jewish ethnic activists fretting about how their monopoly on mainstream political discourse is being eroded and undermined thanks to Trump’s candidacy.

Screenshot (173)

We’re gonna take our country back, folks,” Donald Trump tells an army of white soldiers as he battles, and ultimately kills, Barack Obama and two prominent American Jews in a clumsy parody of the movie “300.” The clip , which features recordings of actual statements made by Trump and has over half a million views on YouTube, is only one example of the large volume of anti-Semitic content produced by white supremacist Trump supporters.

Through statements and policy proposals tinged with racism — such as advocating a ban on Muslims entering the country, and saying many Mexican immigrants are drug dealers and rapists — Trump has become a favorite of white nationalist groups and provided an unprecedented platform for their views.

While other politicians – notably Pat Buchanan, a Republican presidential candidate in 1992 and 1996 who made statements questioning the scale of the Holocaust – have espoused racist beliefs, none of them are on the same level as Trump in terms of extremist supporters, said Mark Potok, an expert on extremism at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights advocacy group.

“Donald Trump has electrified the radical right in the United States – they think he is absolutely the cat’s meow. Trump comes closer to representing their own positions than any other politicians in memory,” Potok said. […]

“Donald Trump’s disavowal of David Duke is a day late and a dollar short – it seemed pretty clear that he did not actually want to do it,” Potok said. “Trump is playing a game in which he has worked hard not to too strongly disavow the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who like him so well.”

The denunciation would not affect white nationalist support for Trump, Potok predicted.

“In the white supremacist world, many people have pointed out that he simply has to disavow them to stay in the mainstream at all. They’re not upset in the least,” he said. […]

Trump also refused to distance himself from supporters who had sent anti-Semitic death threats to a Jewish journalist who profiled his wife.

Trump’s lack of disapproval has allowed Duke and white nationalist groups move from the fringes of the political discourse toward the mainstream.

“One of the interesting things is that white supremacist and white nationalist groups have usually been pretty marginalized in our public discourse,” Montgomery said. “Trump’s candidacy has been energizing them and bringing them out of the woodwork.” […]

Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, was also quoted in the article. “There have been bigots who have run for political office before; however, we have not seen the mainstreaming of this kind of intolerance at this stage in the game in our collective memory,” Greenblatt told the Forward.

Regardless as to what you think of Trump, one thing is certain: he has turned the tables on the political establishment and fundamentally altered the political discourse in America. That is why his candidacy is so important. He has injected so many marginalized ideas into mainstream public discussion, and has opened up space for even more marginalized ideas to gain traction.

At best, Trump is a civic American nationalist who wants to enforce America’s immigration laws, bring back American manufacturing and industrial jobs, and put American interests first when it comes to foreign and trade policy. And that’s fine – it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Even more importantly, he has thoroughly exposed the corrupt political establishment, challenged the dishonest mainstream mass media (both of which are of course are entirely dominated by Jewish interests), and pushed the Overton Window in a direction that favors those of us with “racist” and “anti-Semitic” perspectives. That alone is a revolutionary development, and I aim to take full advantage of it.

ADL: Trump Is NOT Adolf Hitler

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As regular readers here are well aware, radical leftists and a number of Jewish intellectuals, journalists, “comedians,” and activists (including “Holocaust survivors”) have equated Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, the irrationally maligned and demonized leader of National Socialist Germany who, in reality, was the most righteous statesman in modern Western history, and represented the greatest threat to the “New World Order” agenda during the 20th century (hence, his childish demonization, which is still going on today!).

Go to a Trump rally and try to talk to some of the anti-Trump protesters – they will call you a “racist” and a “White supremacist,” and eventually equate Trump with Adolf Hitler.

In an effort to clarify the matter, the Anti-Defamation League, a pillar of the organized Jewish community that works tirelessly to advance exclusively Jewish ethnic interests (while cleverly masquerading as a “civil rights” organization fighting for everyone’s interests), made a powerful revelation in the New York Daily News yesterday – apparently, Donald Trump is not the second coming of Adolf Hitler, as many Jews and radical, anti-White leftists would have us believe.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the current National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote an interesting Op-Ed laying out the ADL’s case, arguing that it is wrong for people to “appropriate” the fake “Holocaust” narrative as well as the hysterical demonization of Adolf Hitler for their own political purposes. The organized Jewish community, Greenblatt is essentially arguing, has a monopoly on these fake narratives of history, and too many people are inappropriately equating Trump to Hitler.

Screenshot (138)

On many occasions in recent years, the Anti-Defamation League I lead has spoken out as politicians, celebrities and other public figures tried making a point about a controversial subject by invoking the Holocaust. The analogy has shown up inappropriately in countless discussions of public policy because it is the most available historical event illustrating right versus wrong.

Abortion? It was said to be an “ongoing Holocaust.” Iran’s nuclear program? A Holocaust in the making. Gun control? The Holocaust could have been prevented if Jews had had guns. Muslim extremists? They are Nazis. In each and every case, we argued that whatever the justice of the cause, it was wrong to appropriate the Holocaust.

Misplaced comparisons trivialize this unique tragedy in human history — particularly when public figures invoke the Holocaust in an effort to score political points.

Now, in the high political season, the analogy to Adolf Hitler is again in the air. It is appearing from sources both on the left and the right who seek to criticize Donald Trump. The United States circa 2016 is Germany in the 1930s, they say.

Those exercising the impulse to equate Trump with Hitler have ranged from liberal comedian Bill Maher to right-wing commentator Glenn Beck to comedian Louis C.K. All are likening Trump to the Führer.

When Trump asked supporters at a rally to raise their hands, some saw shades of Nazis heiling Hitler. Most recently, comedian Sarah Silverman appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show dressed as the Führer himself.

As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, I’m sorry that this needs to be said, but:Although the candidate has said a number of disgusting things, the comparison to Hitler is far too facile — so facile that it is dangerous. […]

Greenblatt goes on to regurgitate all of the typical slanders and lies about Hitler endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the mass media, entertainment industry, and mainstream educational establishment, eventually contending that “while Trump’s stereotyping and bullying are truly troubling, he is not Hitler.”

He concludes:

The candidate’s ideas need to be called what they are: bigoted, revolting and simply un-American. It is this behavior that we hope candidates and all people regardless of their political affiliation call out at every instance. It is time that this campaign shift from reckless name-calling toward a responsible discussion of the issues and the future of our country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are truly living in a very interesting and revolutionary period of American history.

Out of all of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump has been the most clear and articulate on the major public policy issues, at least as far as I can tell. In fact, Trump is the only one that is engaging in responsible discussion of the many, many issues facing our once great nation, most especially our disastrous immigration situation. His “discussion of the issues and the future of our country” is most certainly responsible, legitimate, and rational – and the millions of people supporting Trump recognize this basic fact.

What has the Jews, and the political establishment in general, in a tizzy is the fact that Trump is not a spineless, cowardly traitor willing to sell out to the powers that be that have wrecked America. Trump is independent, he is a rogue political operator, and he is throwing a major wrench in the Jewish agenda to destroy America with massive Third World immigration, globalization, and political correctness. Trump stands proudly and boldly against all of these anti-White, anti-American agendas.

Greenblatt is correct: Trump is no Adolf Hitler. Trump is not (explicitly) a racial realist or an “anti-Semite” (i.e., one who understands the destructive nature and power of the organized Jewish community). Simply stated, Trump is a civic American nationalist, a defender of the U.S. Constitution and rule of law, and a man who recognizes the corrosive effects of political correctness and corruption in America. Trump genuinely wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and his public policy proposals and criticisms of the political establishment in America are certainly a step in that direction.

I wonder if the radical, anti-American protesters disrupting Trump’s rallies and doing everything in their power to prevent him from taking the White House will heed the ADL’s words, and stop equating Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?

Jewish Mind Control Programming

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The headline says it all:

Picture 1

British three-year-olds have been told “the non-Jews” are “evil” in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed.

Documents seen by The Independent show children are taught about the horrors of the Holocaust when they are still in kindergarten at the Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London.

A whistle-blower, who wished to remain anonymous, has shown The Independent a worksheet given to boys aged three and four at the school. In it, children were asked to complete questions related to the holiday of 21 Kislev, observed by Satmer Jews as the day its founder and holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, escaped the Nazis.

The document refers to Nazis only as “goyim” – a term for non-Jews some people argue is offensive.

Emily Green, who used to teach at the same Beis Rochel girls’ secondary school and now chairs the Gesher EU organisation which supports ultra-Orthodox Jews who want to leave the community, said she used to teach at Beis Rochel, part of the Satmer Hasidic sect.

“It’s not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers, teaching, their whole ethos,” she said.

Describing it as a form of “indoctrination”, Ms Green added: “Psychologically, you become so afraid of the world out there after being taught how dangerous and bad and evil non-Jews are, that it makes it harder to leave.”

Independently translated from Yiddish for The Independent, the worksheet’s first question reads: “What have the evil goyim (non-Jews) done with the synagogues and cheders [Jewish primary schools]?” The answer in the completed worksheet reads: “Burned them.”

Another question asks: “What did the goyim want to do with all the Jews?” – to which the answer, according to the worksheet, is: “Kill them.”.

“It doesn’t explicitly refer to the Holocaust,” the source said. “It’s a document that teaches very young children to be very afraid and treat non-Jews very suspiciously because of what they did to us in the past.

“It’s not a history lesson – you can’t say that. It’s a parable that is actively teaching the children extremism, hatred and a fear for the outside world.” […]

This is trauma-induced, fear-based mind control programming at its finest. Is it any wonder why Jews are so hostile to non-Jews, and are constantly conniving to scam, defraud, and otherwise exploit and take advantage of their goyim neighbors?

The fact that Jewish children are taught that non-Jews (goyim) are evil, that they should be viewed with suspicion and hostility, and that non-Jews have a long, on-going history of persecuting and murdering Jews should not surprise us. All of this is well documented and should be common knowledge at this point. Mainstream leaders in the Jewish community, such as the late Ovadia Yosef, the former chief Sephardic rabbi of Israel, have a long track record of expressing very supremacist, anti-goyim opinions, which are often endorsed and internalized by Jews around the world. Yosef, for example, once openly declared that non-Jews’ only purpose in life is to serve the Jewish people. According to Jewish supremacists like Yosef, we are merely slaves and servants to the Jews.

Again, this is mainstream thinking in the organized Jewish community and Jewish state of Israel. Indeed, the Jews’ holy book, the Talmud, expresses similar sentiments, and even goes further in many cases. (“Kill the Goyim by any means possible,” for example, or “Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” This is what the Talmud teaches. No kidding – go read about it.)

What I found interesting about The Independent article cited above was the way in which the organized Jewish community conducts trauma-induced, fear-based mind control programming on their children. Jewish children are traumatized with horror stories, virtually all of which are entirely false or outrageously exaggerated, about their alleged persecution, abuse, and even murder by non-Jews. Jews are taught non-Jews have committed unspeakable atrocities against Jews over the centuries (epitomized by the purported Jewish “Holocaust” during WWII – an entirely fictional historical narrative), and are on the verge of committing even more atrocities in the near future. Of course, all of these alleged atrocities committed against Jews by non-Jews are entirely irrational, crazed manifestations of blind Jew-hatred. The poor, innocent Jews have never done anything wrong in their entire history as a people, Jewish leaders would have us believe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With their control of the mass media and Hollywood, coupled with their major influence in academia and education, the Jews have been able to conduct these trauma-induced, fear-based mind control-type programs against not only their own children, but mass audiences of non-Jews around the world. In my opinion, the various “Holocaust” movies produced by Hollywood are nothing more than trauma-induced, fear-based mind control programs – and they are very effective. The masses who watch these movies (Schindler’s List, for example, or The Devil’s Arithmetic) are traumatized by the images and dialogue of the film, which creates fear, thus enabling certain ideas to literally be implanted in their minds (i.e., Nazis are bad, Jews are always innocent victims, racial consciousness is bad and will lead to another “Holocaust”, etc.).

This is why Jewish propaganda is so effective. They understand psychology. They understand how to use media and education to implant ideas in our minds that are not easily dislodged, let alone questioned.







Every few weeks or so, a reader will ask for comment on the persistent false allegation of Adolf Hitler having been a secret agent of the Rothschild bankers. Dismissing the claims as retarded rubbish with a few sentences of clarification is generally all it takes to reassure Hitler fans that there is no cause for alarm. All one has to do is look at the level of never-ending red-hot hatred that is still being levelled at Hitler. Seventy years after Germany’s defeat in World War II, he continues to be vilified by the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) for one simple reason — to scare people into a “never do that again” frame of mind. The Great One was true blue — the real deal — the genuine article.

Contrary to the idiotic claims of patriotards and assorted trolls who are known to pose as “anti-Globalists,” Hitler shut down the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild — a very peculiar action for a “Rothschild agent”, eh?

Nazis free Rotschild seize bank - The Daily News, Perth, Friday 8 April 1938, page 2Nazis Seize Rothschild Fortune - Sydney Morning Herald, NSW, Saturday 23 September 1939, page 15

1 – The Daily News, Perth, Friday, 8 April, 1938, page-2

VIENNA, — Whether ex-King Ed ward of England, the Duke of Windsor, had anything to do with it is not announced, but his Jewish friend, Austrian banker, Baron Louis Rothschild, was released today by the Nazis. But the Rothschild Bank is confiscated.

The Duke made a personal plea to Hitler for the release of Rothschild and others three weeks ago. But he was given a rebuff. Hitler replied, ‘regretting his inability to comply with the request.’

2 – The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 23 September 1939

LONDON, Sept. 22. (A.A.P.)

The fortune of Mr. Julius Rothschild, a member of the well-known ‘ Jewish banking house, has been confiscated by the German Government, states a message from Berlin.

This un-sourced nonsense about Hitler the British-Rothschild agent doesn’t even merit the time that it takes to rebut it. But because more than a few truthers have bought into this lunacy and continue to repeat this lie (promoted by advertising salesmen such as Alex Jones, among others) — what follows is a ‘put-up-or-shut-up’ refutation of the major points of the “Hitler-worked-for-the-Rothschilds” fairy tale and its lesser variant “The-Rothschilds-funded-and-manipulated-Hitler.”



Claim: Hitler tried to make deals with the British. He should have known that England would ally itself with Russia rather than against it. This proves that Hitler was a Rothschild agent and false opposition.

Rebuttal: The English ruling class was NOT monolithic. Hitler’s outreach was to the reasonable elements — not to scum such as Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden.

There were powerful men in Britain that were resisting the drive to World War II with Germany. Men such as former Prime Minister David Lloyd George, King Edward VIII (later demoted to Duke because he was an open admirer of Hitler), the 5th Duke of Wellington, Lord Halifax, and even Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain — the “appeaser” who was maneuvered into war by the traitors in his own Party. It was those type of Englishmen that Hitler was trying to forge an alliance with — not the Rothschild Jews and their Freemason stooges!



Claim: Hitler attacked a subsidiary of the New World Order (the USSR) instead of its heart, the City of London. This proves that Hitler was a Rothschild agent and false opposition.

Rebuttal: Again, the reason that Hitler did not invade England was because he held out hopes for making peace. When Stalin provoked Hitler’s preemptive invasion of Russia in 1941, the invasion of England was then out of the question, logistically speaking. Hitler’s hesitation to invade Britain had nothing to do with protecting the Rothschilds.


Claim: Hitler was part-Jewish.

Rebuttal: Hitler’s “part jewishness” is a recurring claim for which there is zero evidence.



Claim: Hitler failed to see that America had already succumbed to total Rothschild control. He should therefore have known that America would enter the war and knocked Britain out before the Americans could arrive.

Rebuttal: Like Britain, America’s political class was not monolithic. The anti-war, anti-FDR forces in America were still very strong. Included among them were men like Charles Lindbergh and Joseph P. Kennedy.

 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Noentanglements.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/K_F48oaOskI/hqdefault.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.history2u.com/fdr_infamy_speech.jpg

Claim: Hitler was financed by the same London and NYC-based Masonic Jewish bankers he was railing against.

Rebuttal: Can anyone show us a receipt? Seriously, there is not one shred of evidence that the Rothschilds or their front men “financed” the rise of Hitler’s NSDAP. Hitler’s money came from German businessmen fearful of Communist takeover, Russian emigres / Royalists who fled the Bolsheviks, and regular Party members, disgruntled veterans and NSDAP supporters.



Claim: Companies like Ford, Woolworth, Kodak, Alcoa and IBM; and Wall Street investors like Prescott Bush did business with ‘Nazi’ Germany.
Rebuttal: So what?! Many American firms and individuals did business with Germany after it became a united Constutional Monarchy (1871-1918) — and continued to do business with Germany when it became a left-leaning socialist democracy (1919-1933) — and continued to do business with pre-war Germany after Hitler and his NSDAP were elected into power (1933-1941). Why wouldn’t they? If a local cigar shop imports and re-sells Cuban cigars, does that make the owner a Castro “collaborator” or a Communist? How bloody flippin’ stupid!


Claim: Jewish banking legends Paul and Max Warburg supported Hitler’s NSDAP through a large chemical company called I.G. Farben and its American subsidiary. I. G. Farben helped finance the NSDAP while Max served on its board and Paul served on the board of its American subsidiary.

Rebuttal: Means nothing! The Warburgs were neither CEO’s nor Presidents at I.G. Farben; but only single board members out of many others. The origination of their terms on various corporate boards preceded Hitler’s rise. Paul actually died one year before Hitler was even elected. We should also point out that many German firms that did not have a Warburg sitting on their board also supported Hitler! In short, I.G. Farben backed Hitler in spite of the Warburgs, not because of them.

Claim: In such and such a book, Professor so and so from such and such University reveals that Hitler blah — blah — blah — blah — blah — blah.

Rebuttal: To the easily-impressed, junk historians citing the un-sourced garbage of other junk historians may sound like a statement of credibility; but it is not! Fools quoting fools in an endless circle-jerk proves nothing. At some point, one needs to produce original source documentation or multiple credible witness in order to support an accusation. We do not see any of that in any of the articles claiming that Hitler was an agent of the bankers.

Claim: Hitler’s role was to smoke out all opposition to the New World Order and lead it to destruction.

Rebuttal: Apart from there being no evidence to support this horrible hypothesis, this opinion itself is nonsensical. If the deliverance of Germany into the hands of Satanic World Government was truly Hitler’s goal, then all he had to do was allow the failed Wiemar Republic to continue imploding. Had Germany fallen to Bolshevism in the early 1930’s (which it certainly would have were it not for Hitler’s dynamic leadership) it would have been “game over” for all of Europe.

Claim: Inconsistency in regard to Hitler’s behavior was due to his “multiple personality disorder.”

Rebuttal: “Multiple personality?” Based on what data??? Based on what medical records?



Claim: Young Hitler visited London in 1912, where he was brainwashed and programmed at the Tavistock Institute.

Rebuttal: (palm to face — deep sigh) Hard evidence, please — not ‘he said that she said that he said’.



Claim: In May-June 1940, when England lay prostrate after their exodus from Dunkirk. Hitler had an opportunity to tear out the heart of the Globalist Jewish money monopoly. Instead he allowed 330,000 British and Allied soldiers to escape at Dunkirk — proof that he was their agent, not their nemesis.

Rebuttal: Viewed through the lenses of 20/20 hindsight , Hitler’s mercy at Dunkirk was a blunder. But to go from there all the way to “Hitler was a Rothschild agent” is the equivalent of talking 2 and 2 and hastily coming up with 5. What devotees of the Rothschild-Hitler School of illogic may not know is that after Dunkirk (May 1940), there was a bitter divide among members of Churchill’s War Cabinet. A faction led by Lord Halifax was willing to sit-down with Mussolini of Italy (who was still neutral) and hear the details of a peace offer from Germany. The conflict is known as “The War Cabinet Crisis” — and it almost ended Churchill’s war before it could really heat up. (Details Here)

It was the presence of reasonable Englishmen such as Halifax, coupled with Hitler’s sincere desire to avoid further bloodshed, that stayed Hitler’s hand. That’s called honor, not treason.





Given that the moronic myth of Hitler-Rothschild is so devoid of logic, so utterly unsubstantiated, and so easily debunked — one has to wonder why such claims continue to be peddled by some in the “truth movement”. There are three categories of people promoting this rubbish:

1. False opposition/ Zionist trolls

2. Hitler-phobics

3. Sincere dupes of categories 1 & 2

The false opposition explanation for the Hitler-Rothschild lie is self-explanatory. There are those – the usual suspects (cough cough) – who, in an attempt to steer truth-seeking “conspiracy theorists” away from the greatness and goodness of Hitler, would have us believe that Hitler was a traitor working for the N.W.O. / Illuminati. They are deliberately poisoning the well of truth. It’s that simple.

The Hitler-phobia phenomenon, on the other hand, is not the work of false opposition agents. Rather, it is motivated by the fear of “going all the way” by embracing the undeservedly toxic name of the “evil” Adolf Hitler. These weak-willed (and ad-revenue dependent) truthers will passionately (and sincerely) rail against the Globalists and their evil agent FDR, and the evil Communist Stalin. But they need to come up with a plausible-sounding explanation for Hitler’s fight against the very same Globalists that they hate so much.


You see, they can’t say that the Globalists were suddenly “the good guys” during World War II — but nor can they bring themselves to admit that Hitler was “the good guy” fighting Globalism either. Perish the thought! It quite a pickle for these timid types (John Birch Society, Alex Jones, etc). What to do — what to do?

The ‘Hitler-was-in-bed-with-the-Globalists’ Fairy Tale solves this little problem. As the manufactured argument goes, the Globalists and Hitler were both “bad guys” who double-crossed each other! It’s a very safe middle-ground for the 1/2 truth movement — but it’s a lie/error that 100% truthers should be aware of, and stay far away from.





The Telegraph

Hess, Hitler & Churchill by Peter Padfield, review

Nigel Jones is impressed by a gripping study of Rudolf Hess’s mysterious wartime peace mission

5 out of 5 stars

Rudolf Hess, whose 1941 flight to Britain has long puzzled historians

Rudolf Hess, whose 1941 flight to Britain has long puzzled historians Photo: AFP

On May 10 1941 a beetle-browed man in a Luftwaffe flying-suit, unusual for a pilot because he was already middle-aged, belted himself into a twin-engined Messerschmitt Bf 110 aircraft specially equipped with extra fuel tanks for a long flight, and took off from the airfield at Augsburg, southern Bavaria.

Rudolf Hess, deputy Führer of Nazi Germany, and oldest friend and confidante of Hitler himself, had embarked on the strangest mission of the Second World War. But exactly what that mission was, who ordered it, and why, has been the subject of furious debate and conspiracy theories ever since. Peter Padfield, a veteran historian who has immersed himself in the Hess story for decades, here provides the closest we are likely to get to definitive answers.

Hess’s flight proved even longer than he could possibly have imagined. His strange odyssey would last for 46 years, leading him via a Home Guard hut, the Tower of London and several MI5 safe houses in England and Wales to the dock at Nuremberg, and thence to Berlin’s Spandau jail. There, as “Prisoner No 7” – in reality the prison’s sole inmate – he would strangle himself with a light flex, aged 93, in August 1987.

Hess helped the conspiracy theorists because he was, by any standards, a very rum cove, standing out as notably eccentric even among the weirdos, thugs and lunatics comprising the Nazi hierarchy. Born in Egypt, Hess conceived an excessive devotion to his fatherland that led him to fight heroically for Germany as both a soldier and airman in the First World War. In the chaos that followed the war, Hess attached himself to Hitler with a devotion that never wavered.

At the same time Hess fell under the influence of the Haushofers, a father and son team whose theory of geopolitics slotted into Hitler’s idea that Germany must expand eastwards and conquer the Eurasian land mass. Once the Nazis attained power, from lost sheep Hess became the regime’s lone wolf.

He had no ministry of his own to build a powerbase and, derided by his rivals and colleagues, acted chiefly as Hitler’s gofer and warm-up man at public rallies.

Padfield proves that Hess was targeted by MI6 as the weakest link in the Nazi chain of command. Through the Haushofers and other intermediaries, he was persuaded in the midst of war that a powerful “peace party” in Britain would welcome him as an emissary bearing terms for a compromise deal to oust the belligerent Churchill and allow Germany a free hand to turn its attention to attacking Russia.

There is no doubt that powerful interests in Britain – including a clutch of dukes, bankers, royalty, leftist pacifists and open fascists – regarded Russia as a greater menace than Germany; believed that Britain had lost the war by 1940; and despised Churchill as an irresponsible warmonger.

Padfield doubts whether these peaceniks were an organised party, but thinks the spooks duped Hess into believing they were, and that he in turn talked Hitler into authorising his peace mission, on the understanding that it was deniable: he could be written off as mad if the mission failed, which is what happened.

Hess, therefore, was lured into his fateful flight on the very eve of Barbarossa – the invasion of Russia. Reflecting a perennial Nazi misunderstanding of British society – which they thought was run by aristocrats like the Mitfords – Hess’s aim was to reach Dungavel, a hunting lodge of the Duke of Hamilton, who Hess had been led to believe was a leader of the peace party. The duke was actually absent commanding the RAF squadron at Turnhouse near Edinburgh which should have shot down Hess’s plane. Hess flew too low to be detected by radar, but bailed out when he ran out of fuel after failing to find Dungavel.

Hess spent the rest of his long life in custody in Britain, Nuremberg and finally Berlin, alternately feigning madness, attempting suicide and teasing his captors. Padfield briskly and forensically dismisses the conspiracy theorists, proving that the prisoner of Spandau was the real Hess, not a body double, and that he took his own life and was not murdered.

However, Padfield is the first to admit that mysteries remain. Successive governments have been unwilling to admit just how close Britain came to making peace with Hitler during the darkest days of the war. Vital files on Hess have been weeded out or remain closed, and we are unlikely to ever know the full truth. Until we do, this grippingly readable book gives the fullest and most convincing exposition of one of the 20th century’s strangest stories.

Hess, Hitler & Churchill by Peter Padfield (Icon, rrp £25) is available from Telegraph Books (0844 871 1515) for the special price of £20 plus £1.35 p&p


Hitler’s Testament: A Historic Final Statement to the WorldA day before his death in his beleaguered command center in central Berlin, Adolf Hitler summoned Traudl Junge, his youngest secretary, for an important task. Standing at a large table in the conference room of the cramped underground concrete bunker complex, he paused a bit before he began dictating “My Political Testament,” a declaration that would be his final words to the German people, as well as a statement for coming generations.

First page of ‘My Political Testament’

It was about two a.m. on Sunday morning, April 29, 1945, when the 25-year-old secretary began taking down his words in shorthand. Hitler made almost no editing changes before she went to work typing out three copies of the historic document, as well as an accompanying “Private Testament” he had also issued. It took her about two hours to complete the task.

Above them was raging the Battle of Berlin, one of the greatest military clashes of all time. The German capital was now encircled by enemy forces, and some Soviet troops were advancing into the city center. Hitler’s underground command center was under direct and heavy artillery shellfire, while above ground the Reich Chancellery building was already in ruins.

Just nine days earlier Hitler had marked his 56th birthday. He had been Germany’s chief executive for twelve years – six and half years of peace, and five and half years of war. Months of irregular and inadequate sleep, oppressive nervous tension, no exercise, bouts of terrible pain, and the after-effects of an assassin’s bomb blast nine months earlier, had all taken a severe toll on his health. Although physically he was a wreck, his will, resolve and mental powers were still intact. All those who were with him during the final weeks of his life later testified that Hitler remained mentally alert until the end.

The phrasing, tone and rhetorical style of the Testament – which is unquestionably authentic — are entirely characteristic of Hitler’s speeches and writings throughout his career.

In this final declaration, Hitler expresses gratitude to all those who had given him their trust and support, especially during the terrifying ordeal of war. He also explains why he had decided to end his life in his Berlin command post.

In Hitler’s view, military commanders who order soldiers to defend a given position to the death are ethically obliged to set an example themselves, either by dying in battle or by taking their own lives. Following the calamitous conclusion of the Battle of Stalingrad, he had expressed contempt for the behavior of the German commander, von Paulus, who surrendered (and then later served as a Soviet propagandist). Von Paulus should have taken his own life, said Hitler, thereby showing the same level of manly resolve that dozens of Soviet commanders in similar situations had already exhibited.

Hitler rejected repeated pleas to flee from the beleaguered German capital. “I will never leave Berlin,” he vowed. “I’ll defend the city to my last breath!” He added: “I should already have made this decision, the most important in my life, in November 1944, and should never have left the headquarters in East Prussia.” And even if he did break out from the encircled city, he pointed out, “We would merely flee from one frying pan to another. Am I, the Führer, supposed to sleep in any open field or in a farmhouse, and just wait for the end?”

Hitler also made it clear that although he was willing to die in battle, he feared that he might only be wounded and then taken prisoner, which would mean humiliating captivity and execution. Strengthening his decision to die by his own hand was the news of the fate of his friend and ally, Benito Mussolini. Shortly after being taken prisoner, the Italian leader was simply murdered, and his battered corpse was then put on public display to gratify a hysterical mob.

Moreover, Hitler felt responsible to Eva Braun who, in spite of his pleadings, insisted on sharing her fate with his. The two had loved each other for years, and he consented to marry just before their deaths. As they both knew, countless German women taken captive by Soviet troops were being brutally raped and murdered.

In his Testament, Hitler also sought to explain why things had turned out so calamitously, and he anticipated accusations that would be made against him in the years ahead.

With regard to the charge that he had launched the most destructive military conflict in modern history, Hitler insisted that neither he nor anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939 – and certainly not a general or global conflict. He recalled his proposals for a peaceful resolution of the dispute with Poland, which was the immediate cause of conflict. The sincerity of his desire for peace in 1939, and his fear of another world war, has been affirmed by a number of scholars, including the eminent British historian A. J. P. Taylor. (It was, of course, the declarations of war against Germany by Britain and France on Sept. 3, 1939, with secret encouragement by US President Roosevelt, that transformed the limited German-Polish clash into a larger, continent- wide war.)

Hitler also referred in his Testament to his numerous proposals for peace and mutual limitations of armaments, which the leaders of France, Britain and other powers had rejected. Among the offers spurned by London and Paris was, for example, the German leader’s comprehensive plan of March 31, 1936, that proposed demilitarization of the entire Rhineland region, a western Europe security agreement, and mutual prohibition of incendiary bombs, poison gas, heavy tanks and heavy artillery.

In his Testament, Hitler also seems to anticipate the accusation that he was responsible for mass killings of European Jews. He did not try to deny or whitewash what has become known as “the Holocaust,” but – to the contrary – took responsibility for the grim undertaking, and sought to justify it.

He insisted that “international Jewry” bore a collective responsibility for inciting and provoking the Second World War, a cataclysm in which, he emphasized, millions of Germans and other Europeans had suffered and perished, many in the most painful and horrific ways. He pointedly recalled the stern warning made in his Reichstag address of Jan. 30, 1939. “Today, I will once again be a prophet,” he said on that occasion. “If international finance Jewry inside and outside Europe should once again succeed in plunging the nations of the world into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”

So important did he regard that “prophecy” that he referred to it later in several major speeches during the war years. In his address of Nov. 8, 1942, for example, he said: “Another power, too, which was very strong in Germany has meanwhile been able to learn from experience that the National Socialist prophecies are no mere phrases; it is the main power to which we owe all this misfortune: international Jewry. You will recall the Reichstag session at which I declared: If Jewry imagines by any chance that it can bring about an international world war for the extermination of the European races, the result will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of Jewry in Europe. They have always derided me as a prophet. Today countless numbers of those who laughed at that time, laugh no longer.”

In light of all that, Hitler suggests in his Testament, he had decided that Jews living in lands under his control would not be permitted to “sit out” the terrible global conflagration, but instead – and as he had repeatedly and publicly warned — would be made to atone for their collective guilt, “even if by more humane means.” Although he does not explain this ambiguous phrase, understandably it has been regarded as an indirect reference to large scale killings of Jews by poison gas or perhaps by shooting.

Hitler concludes with a call for “merciless resistance” to “international Jewry,” which, he warns, is a grave danger for all humanity.

One indication that he addressed his Testament not just to the Germans of his own era, but to people of all nations many years in the future, is the absence of any criticism or even specific mention of any enemy leader or nation (except “international Jewry”). Hitler makes no mention by name of Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, the Soviet Union or the United States, as if anticipating an era many years ahead when those men, as well as the USSR and the USA, would no longer exist.

— Mark Weber, June 2013

My Political Testament

More than thirty years have now passed since 1914 when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the first world war, which was forced upon the Reich.

In these three decades, my life and all my thoughts and deeds have been motivated solely by my love for and loyalty to my people. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions that have ever confronted mortal man. In these three decades I have exhausted my time, my working strength, and my health.

It is not true that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish origin or who worked for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the control and limitation of armaments, which posterity will not be able to disregard forever — for the responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be laid on me. I have furthermore never wished that after the first disastrous world war a second should arise against England, much less against America. Centuries will pass away, but out of the ruins of our cities and monuments the hatred will continually grow anew against the people that is ultimately responsible, and for whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its helpers!

Three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I again proposed to the British ambassador in Berlin a solution to the German-Polish problem – one similar to the solution that had been applied in the case of the Saar territory involving international supervision. That proposal likewise cannot be denied. It was rejected only because the leading circles in English politics wanted the war, partly on account of the hoped-for business opportunities, and partly prompted by the propaganda organized by international Jewry.

I have also left no doubt that, if the nations of Europe were once again to be treated as mere objects of commerce, to be bought and sold by these international conspirators in money and finance, then the people that is really guilty of this murderous conflict will also be held accountable: Jewry!

Moreover, I left no one in doubt that this time millions of European children of the Aryan nations were not going to starve, and millions of grown men were not going to suffer death, and hundreds of thousands of women and children were not going to be burned and bombed to death in cities, without the real guilty ones having to atone for their guilt, even if by more humane means.

After six years of war, which in spite of all setbacks will ultimately will go down in history as the most glorious and valiant expression of a nation’s will to life, I cannot forsake the city that is the capital of this Reich. Given that the forces are not sufficient to hold out any longer against the enemy offensive here, and that our own resistance is gradually being weakened by men who are as deluded as they are lacking in initiative, I wish, by remaining in this city, to share my fate with those millions of others who have also accepted to do so. Moreover I do not wish to fall into the hands of an enemy who requires a new spectacle organized by the Jews for the amusement of their incited masses.

I have therefore decided to remain in Berlin and here of my own free will to choose death at the moment when I believe the headquarters of the Führer and Chancellor itself can no longer be held. I die with a joyful heart, mindful of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, our women at home, the achievements of our farmers and workers, and the efforts, unique in history, of our youth that bears my name.

That I express my thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart is just as self-evident as my wish that you should therefore on no account give up the struggle, but rather continue it against the enemies of the Fatherland, no matter where, true to the principles of the great Clausewitz. From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own solidarity with them unto death, will in any case arise from German history the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thereby of the realization of a true national community.

Many of the most courageous men and women have decided at the end to unite their lives with mine. I have begged and finally ordered them not to do that, but instead to take part in the further struggle of the nation. I beg the leaders of the armies, the navy and the air force to strengthen by all possible means the spirit of resistance of our soldiers in the National Socialist spirit, with special reference to the fact that I myself, as founder and creator of this movement, have also preferred death to cowardly abdication or even capitulation.

May it, at some future time, become a matter of honor for the German officer — as is already the case in our navy — that the surrender of a district or of a town is impossible, and that these leaders especially here must go forward as shining examples, faithfully fulfilling their duty unto death.

Second Part

Before my death I expel from the Party the former Reich Marshal Hermann Göring, and deprive him of all rights which he may enjoy by virtue of the decree of June 29, 1941, and by virtue of my Reichstag declaration on September 1, 1939. In his place I appoint Grand Admiral Dönitz as Reich President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Before my death I expel the former Reichsführer-SS and Interior Minister Heinrich Himmler from the Party and from all government posts. In his place I appoint Gauleiter Karl Hanke as Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police, and Gauleiter Paul Giesler as Reich Interior Minister.

Göring and Himmler, quite apart from their disloyalty to me personally, have done immeasurable harm to the country and the whole nation by secret negotiations with the enemy, which they have conducted without my knowledge and against my wishes, and by illegally attempting to seize state power for themselves.

In order to give to the German nation a government made up of honorable men, who are duty-bound to carry on the war by all means, I appoint as leaders of the nation the following members of the new cabinet: [ list omitted ] …

Although some of these men, such as Martin Bormann, Dr. Goebbels, and so forth, together with their wives, have joined me of their own free will and did not wish to leave the Reich capital under any circumstances, but have been willing to perish with me here, I must nevertheless ask them to obey my request, and in this case put the interests of the nation above their own feelings.

By their work and loyalty as colleagues they will be just as close to me after death, as I hope that my spirit will linger among them and always go with them. May they be hard but never unjust; above all, let them never allow fear to influence their actions, and set the honor of the nation above everything in the world. Finally, may they be mindful that our task, that of building a National Socialist State, represents the work of the coming centuries, and imposes on everyone an obligation always to serve the common interest and to subordinate his own advantage to this end. I call on all Germans, all National Socialists, men, women, and all soldiers of the Armed Forces, to be loyal and obedient unto death to the new government and its President.

Above all I enjoin the leaders of the nation and their followers to scrupulous observance of the laws of race, and to merciless resistance to the universal poisoner of all peoples, international Jewry.

Berlin, April 29, 1945, 4:00 a.m.

Adolf Hitler


Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Wilhelm Burgdorf
Martin Bormann
Hans Krebs


This translation of Hitler’s “Political Testament” is by Mark Weber. The German text, as well as various English-language translations (not always entirely accurate), have been published in many books and posted on many websites.

An authoritative text of the German original is published, for example, in the official 42-volume record of the Nuremberg Tribunal (IMT “blue series”), Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal, Volume 41, pages 547-554. (Document Streicher-9)

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Do you still believe that during WWII, jews were put in concentration camps, tortured and needed to be saved by the Allies from the evil dictator terrorist called Hitler? Did you know that this was the main propaganda the Zionist lobbies who controlled the Allies countries (USA, France, Britain), used to gain a support from citizens to their governments in order to destroy Germany?

Now you know the truth, about all these lies, do you still believe what your Zionist government says today in media that the reasons to invade foreign countries is to save their people from dictators?

You know also who benefited from WW2, and which lobbies pushed for it, think again, what was the reason of WW2, and how we can learn from this big event? Hitler who destroyed the Jewish central banking in Germany, succeeded in creating six million Jobs in 2 years.

Hitler founded the “workers front” to erase the unions and give the workers a just salary. He also created the “Kraft durch Freude” ministry. Making it possible for workers to go on holiday in KdF facilities. He also helped create the KdF-Wagen (today known as the VW Beetle) and a savings project to make the car affordable for every one by saving up 5 Marks per week. The slogan for this project was “Fünf Mark die Woche musst du sparn’, willst du einen Wagen fahrn’”. Under Hitler the social status of the worker was lifted dramatically and at the same time the whole economy could grow because there was no risk of strikes.

He made laws to ban Jewish lobbies from media, education and politics. Germany became the super power of Europe after have been destroyed and been the poorer country post WW1
These women, lived the poverty and miseries of post WW1, when people started committing suicide or prostitution, because they were homeless and poor as a result of the sanctions of the allies and the dept made by the Jewish bankers and the treaty of Versailles.

But Adolf Hitler, after cleaning Germany from the Jewish lobbies & gangs by creating these laws, made his people rich and happy. That’s why WW2 was provoked by the Jewish Rothschild international bankers, using the tools such as USA and Britain and France, also Russia. They wanted to take back the German central banking and add Germany to their slave countries list.

Sir Arnold Wilson, a British M.P. who visited Germany seven times after Hitler came to power.


“Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and is considerably inferior to that in Great Britain,” wrote Wilson. “Tuberculosis and other diseases have noticeably diminished. The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants. It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth. Even the poorest persons are better clothed than was formerly the case, and their cheerful faces testify to the psychological improvement that has been wrought within them.”

look at how happy the German people were in NSDAP Germany ! They loved their country and they loved their leader, Hitler ! He was not a ‘evil dictator’ !

“Stop believing the propaganda!!. They didn’t destroy Hitler’s Germany because he was killing Jews. He wasn’t killing them, he was deporting them (with good reason). They destroyed him because he rejected the Jewish backed central banking cabal that loans a nation it’s own money at interest. A system that was responsible for financially eviscerating Germany. A group of people who utterly betrayed a German nation who had treated them extraordinarily well during the first world war.


They destroyed Hitler’s Germany because of the existential threat he posed to this banking system. By removing this financial parasite from his country, within 5 years, Germany went from the darkest depths of the depression to the pinnacle of prosperity.” The Jewish Rothschilds and collective Race where behind creating and funding Communism and its collective take over. The Jews were using Communism to take Germany over with and bring it under their control as they where doing everywhere. Hitler and his government ended the Jewish attempts to take Germany from within and aided other Nations in stopping the Jewish take over, even by military force such as in Spain.

To destroy his Nation and National Socialist System and invented the big lie of the holocaust.
World War II never ended, no peace treaty was ever signed, Germany has no Constitution, and that Germany is STILL occupied territory. It’s not Germany anymore, it’s “Jewmany”.And given its “occupied” status, Germany remains hostage to the tyranny of world Jewry.

Arguably, Hitler is one of, if not the greatest national hero in history. I am certainly quite tired of 70+ years of persecution and persistent hate propaganda perpetuated by the zionist msm toward Hitler and the German people, especially since it is totally unfounded and based on lies and then along comes fools piling on more hatred upon hatred based on a bunch of pseudo-science that nobody can explain.

Why Hitler hated Jews?


Lies about Hitler
Lies about WW1
Who is responsible for World War2
oops 6 million Jewish Holocaust 1899..
oops 6 million 1939-45
Dear Brethren,

Why Hitler hated Jews?

Lies being taught;

Hitler was denied admission by Jews in art school.

Hitler was illegitimate child of a Jewish father who had raped his mother.

Hitler’s mother dies due to negligence of his Jewish doctor.

Young Adolf contracted Syphilis from a Jewish prostitute.

Hitler was insulated by Jewish writer kafka or his relatives etc

Jews are richer than him.

Now the truth; 

Hitler hated Jews for being enemies of the State and put them in concentration camps the same way FDR or USA had put all Japanese in concentration camps during WW2. Hitler or Germany did not kill any Jews. 6 million were found alive, well fed and were liberated by allied troops from Work Camps / hidden factories in Germany as reported by New York Times Dated May 20, 1945 i.e. 20 days after death of Hitler. See here.
The reason why Jews were considered enemies of the State was for their role in humiliation and defeat of Germany in WW1. In November 1918 German armies were still in French and Belgian territory, Berlin remained 450 miles from the nearest front, and the German armies retired from the field of battle in good order. Britain and France were too war-weary to contemplate an invasion of Germany with its unknown consequences. No Allied army had penetrated the western German frontier, Western Front, and on the Eastern Front, Germany had already won the war against Russia, concluded with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. In the West, Germany had come close to winning the war with the Spring Offensive. – Quote of Adolph Hitler “when out of the cool nights the Allied soldiers already seemed to hear the dull rumble of the advancing storm units of the German army, and with eyes fixed in fear and trepidation awaited the approaching judgment, suddenly a flaming red light arose in Germany, casting its glow into the last shell-hole of the enemy front: at the very moment when the German divisions were receiving their last instructions for the great attack, the general strike broke out in Germany in all of its armaments factories thus depriving the German army of crucial arms and ammunition. It strengthened the enemy belief in victory and relieved the paralyzing despair of the Allied front-in the time that followed, thousands of German soldiers had to pay for this with their blood. The instigators of this vilest of all scoundrel tricks were the aspirants to the highest state positions of revolutionary Germany were Jews and Unions led by Jews.

An illustration from an 1919 Austrian postcard showing a caricatured Jew stabbing the German Army in the back with a dagger. The capitulation was blamed upon the Bolsheviks, socialists, the Wiemar Republic, and especially the Jews. (1919) for their role in defeat and later the selling out the Germany.

9th November, 1918 Germany surrendered and German King Kaiser Wilhelm II was abdicated. On the Abdication of King Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolph Hitler in his famous biography “MIEN KAMPF” says :- “In November the general tension increased-and then one day, suddenly and unexpectedly, the calamity descended. Sailors arrived in trucks and proclaimed the revolution; a few Jewish youths were the ‘leaders’ in this struggle for the ‘freedom, beauty, and dignity’ of our national existence. None of them had been at the front.”
The sailor’s revolt was led by Jews.

Freemasonry is a Jewish brotherhood. The craft masonry is nursery of Masonry. Actual masonry begins with higher degrees. Any Freemason could immediately realize the connection of these three words ‘freedom, beauty, and dignity’ to Freemasonry which became the War cry of ‘Revolutionaries’ which ended the World War One. ‘Star of David’ is Jewish symbol and could be seen at all Masonic lodges.

The Imperial Naval Command in Kiel under Admiral Franz von Hipper, planned to dispatch the fleet for a Final battle against the British Navy in the English Channel. The sailor’s revolt started on the Schilling Roads off Wilhelmshaven, where the German fleet had anchored in expectation of a planned battle. During the night from 29 to 30 October 1918 some crews refused to obey orders. On board of three ships from the Third Navy Squadron sailors refused to lift anchor. On board of the battle ships from the First Navy Squadron SMS “Thüringen“ and “Helgoland” outright mutiny and sabotage occurred. As of 4 November delegations of the sailors scattered out to all larger cities in the country with the cry of ‘freedom, beauty, and dignity’. Already by 7 November the revolution had seized all larger coastal cities as well as Hanover, Brunswick, Frankfurt and Munich. In Munich a Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council forced the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III, to abdicate. And for all practical purposes War was over.

General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff was Chief of German Army staff during World War 1. After the war he wrote a book blaming Freemasonry for Germany’s defeat.

A 1924 right-wing German political cartoon showing Philipp Scheidemann, the German Social Democratic politician who proclaimed the Weimar Republic and was its second Chancellor, and Matthias Erzberger, an anti-war politician from the Centre Party, who signed the armistice with the Allies, as stabbing the German Army in the back

It was Jewish desire for world domination and to end all empires ruled by Christian’s kings / Monarchs who were not Freemasons (members of Jewish secret society).  In the book, General Ludendorff wrote;-

“Masonry brings its members into conscious subjection to the Jews…… it trains them to become venal Jews…. German Masonry is a branch of organized international Masonry, the headquarters of which are in New York…. there also is the seat of Jewish world power…. Freemasons wore aprons to conceal the fact that, being Jews, they had been circumcised.”

General Ludendorff blamed Freemasons for bringing America into the World War I, helped by the Jesuits, B’nai B’rith and the Grand Lodge of New York! This, he stated, was done to destroy Austria Hungary, a Catholic world power. Had it not been for Freemasonry, Germany would have won the war — Franz Ferdinand and Czar Nicholas II were killed because they were not Freemasons, Kaiser Wilhelm and King Ludwig II were forced to abdicate their thrones because they were not Freemasons — “Destruction (Annihilation) of Freemasonry through Revelation of its Secrets!”

The book sold like hot cakes with over a million copies sold. See here for secrets of Freemasonry;


Germany Had actually won World War 1 but for stab in the back by German Jews and Freemasons a secret society seeking new world order or world domination by Jews.
You can forgive an enemy but you cannot forget or forgive the Traitor within.



Before engineering the strike in armaments factories and leading and inciting sailors revolt before final battle and while Germans at the front battling enemy, Jews had taken over everything in Germany as early as 1917. Excerpts from Ch VII Mein Kampf;-

Back Home Jews had taken control of everything.

“But in Munich conditions were far worse. After my discharge from hospital, I was sent to a reserve battalion there. I felt as in some strange town. Anger, discontent, complaints met one’s ears wherever one went.. Government offices were staffed by Jews. Almost every clerk was a Jew and every Jew was a clerk. I was amazed at this multitude of combatants who belonged to the chosen people (Jews) and could not help comparing it with their slender numbers in the fighting lines.

In the business world the situation was even worse. Here the Jews had actually become ‘indispensable’. Like leeches, they were slowly sucking the blood from the pores of the national body. By means of newly floated War Companies an instrument had been discovered whereby all national trade was throttled so that no business could be carried on freely Special emphasis was laid on the necessity for unhampered centralization. Hence as early as 1916-17 practically all production was under the control of Jewish finance.

This kind of behaviour affected me very deeply. In it I could see only a clever Jewish trick for diverting public attention from themselves to others. While Prussians and Bavarians were squabbling, the Jews were taking away the sustenance of both from under their very noses. While Prussians were being abused in Bavaria the Jews organized the revolution and with one stroke smashed both Prussia and Bavaria.
1918 Jews assassinate Russian Czar Nicholos II and took over Russia. Hitler did not wanted communism to spread in Germany.


Under Treaty of Versailles/WW2, Jews cut Germany in pieces and gifted it to other nations. A piece of Germany – Alsace-Lorraine was gifted to France, a piece of Germany – Eupen and Malmedy was gifted to Belgium, a piece of Germany – Northern Schleswig was gifted to Denmark, a piece of Germany – Hultschin was gifted to Czechoslovakia, a pieces of Germany – West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia was gifted to Poland, several pieces of Germany – Saar, Danzig and Memel were brought under league of Nations Some of this land was gifted to Poland and some made into new states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The American President, Woodrow Wilson, was advised at Versailles War Conference by Jew Bernard Baruch, The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, was “advised” by Alfred Milner, Rothschild employee, and Jew Sir Phillip Sassoon – direct descendant of Rothschild, The French leader, Georges Clemenceau, was “advised” by Jew Georges Mandel, the interpreter was another Jew named Monteux; the Military Adviser Jew called Kish. Mr. Lloyd George and others were hazy about geography. Their Jewish secretaries, however, were very much on the spot on such matters. These Jews met at 6 p.m. in the evenings; and worked out details for World War 2 that mapped out the decisions for the following day’s conference of the “Big Four”.

The total sum due to be paid by Germany as war reparations were decided by an Inter-Allied Reparations Commission at 269 billion gold marks (the equivalent of around 100,000 tonnes of pure gold). Germany was held responsible for World war 1 when it came to aid Austria, though it was England and France who had attacked Germany thus starting the World War.

Under the War Treaty/Dictate of Versailles Poland was gifted a “corridor” to the Baltic Sea, along with large areas of West Prussia that were populated by Germans. This “corridor” completely separated East Prussia from the Reich, making trade and communication difficult or impossible. During Allied discussions on the peace treaty, Lloyd George, the then British Prime Minister, tapped this spot on the map and probably echoed the words of his secretary said an evening before; “This is where (we have planned) the next world war will begin!” Unknown to Hitler this was how International Bankers had planned 2nd World War to begin 20 years earlier on 28th June 1919.

The National Socialist Party of Adolf Hitler gained 17,300,000 votes in the election and gained 288 seats in the Reichstag. On 30 January 1933 Hitler was legally appointed Chancellor of the German Reich by President Von Hindenburg. On 24 March 1933 the Reichstag elected by 441 votes to 94 to give full emergency powers to the new Reich Chancellor and the corrupt Weimar Republic ceased to exist.

On that same day, 24 March 1933, on the front page of the London Daily Express appeared the main headlines: “Judea declares war on Germany:  Jews of the entire world unite”,and followed with:

‘The Israelite people of the entire world declare economic and financial war on Germany. The appearance of the Swastika as the symbol of the new Germany revives the old war symbol of the Jews. Fourteen million Jews stand as one body to declare war on Germany. The Jewish wholesale dealer leaves his business, the banker his bank, the shopkeeper his shop, the beggar his miserable hut in order to combine forces in the holy war against Hitler’s people.’


Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organization, wrote in the January 1934 issue of Mascha Rjetach:

‘For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany’s total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews.’

Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938:

‘Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.’

Bernard Lechache wrote in The Right to Live (December 1938):

‘It is our task to organize the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.’

The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland printed on 13 September 1939:

‘The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination.’

The Toronto Star (26 February 1940) printed a declaration of a Rabbi Perlberg, Director of the British section of the Jewish World Congress:

‘The Jewish World Congress is in a state of war with Germany for seven years.’

The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940:

‘When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.’

1933 Jews declare war on Germany as soon as Hitler took over as chancellor.



Inspite of above declaration of war by Jews against Germany, Hitler never had any intention of killing any Jew. He never ordered they be killed. Rather Hitler favored creation of Israel and immigration of Jews to Palestine and also offered them free transportation. However Rabbi Abba Hillal Silver of Cleveland and Rabbi Stephen wise of New York assailed the decision on the ground that it will make Jews a pauperized salesmen of German made goods (see New York Times Dt January 15, 1939).
In view of stiff opposition by Rabbi Abba Hillal silver and Rabbi Stephen wise FDR could not so anything. Advisor of FDR Jew Bernard Baruch was against immigration of German Jews to Palestine without declaration of Independent Jewish state of Israel.

France violated treaty of Versailles when it invaded Ruhr in 1923.

Saar Region; January 13th 1935, 100% of Saar region voted to rejoin Germany. No shot is fired.

Rhineland 1936; 100% of Rhineland welcomed German forces with jubilation and sense of freedom. No shot is fired.

Austria 12th March, 1938. 99% of Austrians voted for unification with Germany in the plebiscite. No shot is fired.

30th September 1938, Plebiscite is called for but it is not taken as 100% population was German. This is how the “Munich Agreement” came about. No shot is fired. It resulted not from threats and extortion by Hitler, but rather an agreement by all parties that the Sudeten Germans rightfully belonged “Heim ins Reich” (back home in the Reich.)

In March 1939 both the Slovaks and the Ruthenians declared independence, whereupon the Poles invaded Czechoslovakia and occupied the Olsa Region, which was populated by Poles. The Hungarians did the same, occupying the border areas that were populated by Hungarians. Hitler makes no attempt to occupy these regions as it was the wish of the people of those regions as where they wanted to go or be independent as with Slovakia and Ruthenia. Since Czechoslovakia had ceased to exist, its President Hacha flew to Berlin on 15 March 1939 and placed the remainder of his country under the protection of the Reich. He was afraid that Poland and Hungary would follow the Czech example and divide the Czech regions among themselves. The Reich then formed the Protectorate of Bohemia and Maeren, which provided for exclusive Czech administration in all areas except military and foreign policy. No shot was fired.

Wars are financed by debt. Whosoever controls the debt makes immense profits for itself during wars. Wars means profits for international bankers. Hence people cannot be allowed to choose their own destiny. People cannot be allowed to choose peace over war. Jewish International bankers decided to put an end to the proposed four power conference which would allow plebiscite in all German dominated areas.

On 7 November 1938, a few weeks after the Munich Agreement and shortly before the journey to Paris of the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, the Polish Jew, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan murdered the German Third Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris. The five bullets fired put an end to the efforts being made to extend the importance of the Munich Agreement and the revision of the Treaty of Versailles by allowing plebiscite in all German dominated areas.

Night of 7-10 November, 1938, KRISTALLNACHT was merely a direct outcome of above cold blooded killing. It had nothing to do with Hitler. Shop windows were broken in anger.

In 1941, long before there was any assembling of Jews for the supposed extermination camps, a Jew, Theodor N. Kaufman, wrote Germany Must Perish. Kaufman set out a plan for the total destruction of the German population by a very simple method: the mass sterilization of all German men and women between the age of puberty and sixty years. He described the construction of the organization for doing this. This book was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for the total destruction of German industry and the enslavement of the German race.
Inspite of his hate for Jews for their involvement for wrongful surrender of Germany in World War-1 and its subsequent plunder by Jewish Bankers, Hitler never ordered Jews to be killed. They were put in factories to work as the Plaque said “Work will set you free”. There was no Holocaust. 6 million Jews were killed by Jewish media in its own media, year after year since 1895, when 6 million Jewish Holocaust was decided as FINAL SOLUTION of getting their home land Israel. see here the history of how many times 6 million Jews Holocaust has happened year after year every year in media;-


(1899-1910) http://lovkap.blogspot.com/2010/09/ooops-6-million-jewish-holohoax-russia.html

(1911-1921)  http://lovkap.blogspot.com/2010/09/ooops-6-million-jewish-holohoax-central.html

(1930-1939) http://lovkap.blogspot.com/2010/09/oops-6-million-jewish-holohoax-1932.html

(1940-1945) http://lovkap.blogspot.com/2010/09/ooops-6-million-jewish-holohoax-1940.html
Conclusions are drawn by the facts, not by the Author. Object of these articles is to bare the truth hidden from you by Politicians.





.It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet and to learn where it came from, who invented it and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.

The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden during the 1920’s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party.


The term “Nazi” is a variation of the nickname that was used in reference to members of Heidens’ SDP at the time, “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin” and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy.”

So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves.
One should also see why it would be used and popularised by the Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.

It should immediately become apparent that, if there is no such thing as a “Nazi,” except in the propaganda which was invented and spewed by this man, then it follows logically, that there is also no such thing as a “Neo-Nazi” either. Those who would describe themselves as such are as ignorant as those who say they hate “Nazis” – they are equally deceived.


Further, again, if there was no such thing as a “Nazi,” (or of the conspiratorial suggestion of the purported etymology of ‘Na-Zi’) then there was no political party merger between the National Socialists and the Zionists, as suggested by those who believe everything is a ‘Conspiracy’ – they have also been deceived by the “Alternate Media’s” intentional confusion… Co-intel created to keep us misdirected and divided, thus paralysed from direction and action.

“Know the difference. A National Socialist is a construct of the NSDAP and Hitlerism. A ‘NAZI’ is a j0o construct created and promoted by j0oZ and their media. A National Socialist would consider a ‘NAZI’ a degenerate and would imprison it.” ~ S.D.

Indeed, I highly suspect that some of those who promote “Neo-Nazism” are really just agents whose job it is to keep the spectre of evil “Nazis” alive, and to effect the demonisation of all those who would dare question the whole history about Hitler, the National Socialists and WWII that we have all been foolishly sold.

Further study at, Justice-4-Germans:

Photograph:Conrad Heiden, Jewish Journalist and member of the SDP - proponents to the NSDAP
[Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) was an influential Jewish journalist and historian of the Weimar Republic and “Nazi” eras, most noted for the first influential biographies of German dictator Adolf Hitler. Often, he wrote under the pseudonym “Klaus Bredow.]



Exclusive – Saudi Arabia is building an embassy in Israël

| 29 MAY 2016


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun the construction of a gigantic embassy in Israël, probably the most important in Tel-Aviv.

Officially, the two states do not maintain diplomatic relations because of the expulsion by Israël of the majority of its Palestinian population in 1948 (al-Nakba).

However, the Quincy Pact, signed between President Roosevelt and King Abdelaziz in 1945, and renewed by President Bush and King Fahd in 2005, stipulates amongst other things that the Kingdom would not oppose the Jewish homeland in Palestine (future state of Israël) [1].

It was not the United States, but King Abdallah who financed the Israeli operation «Cast Lead» against the Gaza Strip in 2008-09 [2]. This rapprochement put an end to the «Periphery doctrine» according to which Tel-Aviv sought to unify the non-Arab actors in the region (Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia) against the Arab countries.

President Shimon Peres spoke by video link before the Gulf Security Council, in November 2013. The members of the Council were not able to ask him their questions directly, but via the intermediary of Terje Rød-Larsen [3].

Currently, the two countries are fighting a war together in Yemen, from a command centre in the non-recognised state of Somaliland [4]. The common “Arab” Defence Force reproduces the concept of the Baghdad Pact, which was also under the military command of a non-member state (in this case, the United States).

They are planning together several operations for the exploitation of oil reserves in Yemen and the Horn of Africa [5].

King Salmane has nominated Prince Walid Ben Talal (5th world fortune with Citigroup, Mövenpick, Four Seasons) as the Kingdom’s next ambassador in Tel-Aviv.

Pete Kimberley


News > World

‘Free Palestine’ Speech Gets UK Teen Kicked from Competition

  • Extract for Mohamad’s speech, “Birds not bombs” | Photo: YouTube / Middle East Monitor

Published 30 May 2016

The girl’s winning speech insulted others by spreading pro-Palestine “propaganda,” according to the organizers.

A 15-year-old girl was kicked out of a speech competition on Sunday for “propaganda” after delivering a winning speech on the rights of Palestinians and Muslims.

UK to Impose ‘Severe Penalties’ for Boycotting Israeli Goods

The Speak Out Challenge, the largest youth speaking event in the world, disqualified British-Palestinian Leanne Mohamad after receiving a complaint about her speech, which went viral after her regional win.

In her speech, Mohamad described the onslaught against the rights of Palestinian children, who she said are accorded less protection than dogs. Her baby cousin, she said, passed away a few weeks ago because he was denied medical attention in the occupied territories.

She also widened her speech to attack Islamophobia, saying, “ Islam is perfect, but I’m not. So if I make a mistake, you blame it on me, and not on my religion, because terrorism has no religion.”

The complaint, according to the Jewish Chronicle, came from Edgar Davidson, who blogs against supposed anti-Israel bias in the United Kingdom and runs the satirical Free Palestine Now site.

“ Why is it called a ‘Speak Out Challenge’ when I am then silenced?” Mohamad later tweeted, complaining of the litany of abuse she has faced on social media.“Absolutely appalled to receive such hateful messages from adults on Twitter. I’m 15 years old,you should be ashamed,” she tweeted.


The judging panel “unanimously” eliminated Mohamad from the final rounds because she ostensibly violated two roles, according the Speakers Trust, which trains students for the competition:

Palestinian Poet Under House Arrest for her Poetry

“There are two fundamental rules that are made explicit during the training: the speech must have a positive and uplifting message—in fact this is one of the core terms of the agreement with the Jack Petchey Foundation (and) a speaker should never inflame or offend the audience or insult others and this, by definition, means that propaganda is ruled out absolutely from the outset,” the group said in a statement.

Mohamad, who ended her speech by waving a Palestinian flag and calling for a “Free Palestine,” has since had her remarks removed from YouTube and the Speakers Trust website.



30 May 2016 – 10:10 AM
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Venezuela: Pro-Govt Supporters Being Killed in Record Numbers


Venezuelan authorities are conducting an internal investigation into the assassination of retired Army Major General Felix Velasquez, which is the latest case in a surge of killings targeting pro-government public officials and activists.

A man holds a poster of Henrique Capriles in protest of Maduro

Chavista Military Official Assassinated by Cops From Opposition-Held Municipality

In recent months, Western mainstream media outlets have remained silent regarding the violence wagedagainst government supporters, left-wing activists and public servants, which many believe is an attempt to undermine the future of the Chavista movement in the country.

High Profile Assassinations

May 2016: Retired Venezuelan Army Major General Felix Velasquez was shot dead while driving his car in Caracas. Venezuelan police are investigating the crime to clarify the true motives of the assassination. So far, two suspects have been detained. According to Interior Minister Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, the two suspects are policemen from the opposition-held Caracas borough of Chacao.

March 2016: Marco Tulio Carrillo was “shot repeatedly” outside his home in Trujillo. Carrillo was the mayor of the La Ceiba municipality, and a member of President Nicolas Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Two suspects have been arrested to due their involvement with the murder.

March 2016: Socialist legislator Cesar Vera was shot in Tachira state. Vera was a member of the Great Patriotic Pole, a political coalition of parties aligned with the PSUV. A member of a Colombian paramilitary group was arrested in connection to the murder.

March 2016: Two Venezuelan police personnel were killed after a protest in a Tachira university turned deadly.

March 2016: Haitian-Venezuelan political leader and solidarity activist Fritz Saint Louis, 54, was shot dead in his home by masked gunman on Saturday evening.

January 2016: The well-respected journalist and prominent Chavista Ricardo Duran was murdered outside his home in Caracas. One suspect was arrested in connection to his murder.

March 2015: Local council member Dimas Gomez Chirinos, 47, was shot dead alongside his 20-year-old son, Eli David Gomez in the western state of Falcon, Venezuela. Gomez was also a member of the ruling PSUV. Three suspects were arrested in connection to the brutal killing.

May 2014: Rafael Celestino Albino Arteaga, 44, Vargas state chief of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), was shot dead by an unidentified male assailant in a shopping mall in the western city of Maracay.

April 2014: Major Otaiza, a friend and ally of the late president Hugo Chavez, was shot dead outside the capital, Caracas. Otaiza was named direction of national intelligence early in Hugo Chavez’s presidency. Following his death, Venezuelan Police arrested seven people in connection with the murder of the former public official.

February 2014: The high-profile killing of Robert Serra (27), a legislator of the PSUV, and the National Assembly’s (AN) youngest parliamentarian, was found dead in his Caracas home. In December 2013, Otaiza was elected as a local counselor for the PSUV in the Libertadores area. An investigation revealed that Serra’s assassination was planned by paramilitary leader in Colombia, Padilla Mendoza.

February – June 2014: Violent opposition protests, known as the Guarimbas, formed part of the widespread violence, which left 43 dead, over 870 injured and about 2,500 arrested. However, around half of the deaths were deemed to have been directly caused by opposition violence.

The 5 Biggest Puppets of the United States in Latin America



The New York Times published an editorial Monday gloating about the alleged demise of the “left” in Latin America.


The editorial lamented the loss of influence of Washington over the region but expressed hope that with the recent electoral setback in a few countries, U.S. elites could reclaim their dominance over the hemisphere.

“The shifting political landscape has opened the door for a new generation of leaders to chart a different course for Latin America. That offers the United States an opportunity to jump-start its relationship with several neighbors that have historically regarded Washington as neglectful, imperial — or both.,” read the Times editorial.

But in order to sink their claws back into Latin America, U.S. elites need the help of domestic leaders to do their bidding.

Here are the five biggest puppets of the United States in Latin America.

1. Enrique Peña Nieto

Peña Nieto and Obama. | Photo: AFP

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has faithfully and dutifully fulfilled the wishes of the United States elites, implanting a series of neoliberal reforms, such as opening up the country’s oil sector to transnational companies.

Pemex No Longer to Be Main Producer of Oil in Mexico

Peña Nieto’s government has not been afraid to resort to repression and disappearances in order to implement its agenda.

The Mexican security forces has been implicated in a number of human rights violations, including the forced disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa teachers’ training school, which drew widespread condemnation.

The situation seems to be only worsening, recent reforms passed by the Mexican Senate allowing the military to spy on and raid the homes of private citizens, a move that has been called serious step backwards for human rights.

Peña Nieto’s stained record did not stop the Obama White House from inviting the Mexican president to Washington in early 2015, showing once again that U.S. economic interests trump human rights.

2. Mauricio Macri

A man holds up an image depicting Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, with the U.S. national flag painted on his forehead. | Photo: Reuters

After over a decade of leftist rule, Argentines voted in a right-wing administration led by Mauricio Macri that has presided over a massive rollback in social gains.

Argentine Workers Call for General Strike Against Macri

It is no coincidence that the Macri government is one of those praised by the New York Times editorial board.

More than 154,000 workers have been fired or suspended since President Mauricio Macri took office in December 2015 and unemployment is now seen as the number one worry for Argentines.

Meanwhile, human rights advocates claim the government is slowly dismantling all human rights policies.

5 Facts Prove Macri Dismantling Human Rights Gains

The Macri government announced its intention to re-establish bilateral defense relations between the two countries after a freeze in military ties in recent years.

Military cooperation with the U.S. is a sensitive topic in Argentina, as the military dictatorship there was shown to have initiated links with U.S. intelligence and security.

In many ways, Macri is the battering ram for U.S. interests in the region. One of Macri’s first moves, before even taking the oath of office, was to call for sanctions against Venezuela.

3. Michel Temer

Michel Temer | Photo: EFE

The unelected government of Michel Temer in Brazil, imposed after the country’s Congress ousted President Dilma Rousseff, was also praised by the New York Times for being “open to expanding cooperation with the United States.”

WikiLeaks Reveal Brazil’s New Coup President Is ‘US Informant’

Temer may very well be forced to work more closely with the United States as his government has become increasingly isolated in South America, with only Macri openly expressing support for his government.

Washington is working diligently to create a right-wing bloc in the region, which is why the first trip by the coup government’s foreign minister was to Argentina.

Together, Brazil and Argentina would like to restore South America’s Mercosur bloc to its original purpose as a neoliberal bludgeon.

4. Juan Manuel Santos

Obama and Santos. | Photo: Reuters

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has won praise for his efforts to negotiate an end to his country’s five-decade-long armed conflict. The U.S. Department of State has been an active part of negotiations as a result of years of direct military interference in Colombia.

Whereas Colombia’s South American neighbors are motivated to support to peace process out of an interest to see the region truly become a “zone of peace,” the United States wants to see peace for entirely different reasons.

Paz Colombia: Santos, Obama Announce $4.5B Plan Colombia 2.0

Colombia is a resource-rich country, and transnational mining and hydrocarbon companies are eager to gain access, which wasn’t possible as long as the armed conflict raged on.

Santos knows this and although land reform was a major part of peace negotiations, he made sure the promises made to the rebels did not go too far as to threaten U.S. interests.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have been calling for a constituent assembly to form part of peace efforts, a new constitution for a post-conflict Colombia. Here too Santos has steadfastly refused, knowing a new constitution could undermine his efforts to ensure a post-conflict Colombia remains a business-friendly country.

5. Horacio Cartes

Obama and Cartes. | Photo: AFP

Though it often is ignored by most media outlet, Paraguay occupies an important role in regional politics, a fact not lost on the United States government.

In 2008, Paraguay joined many of its neighbors in electing a leftist and anti-imperialist president in Fernando Lugo.

This of course did not sit well with elites who immediately began conspiring to secure his ouster. Sure enough, in June 2012 Lugo was ousted through a parliamentary coup not alike the one that just took place in Brazil.

Current US Ambassador to Brazil Served in Paraguay Prior to 2012 Coup

The coup in Paraguay is now seen as a test run for a similar plot against its much larger neighbor Brazil. In fact, the present U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde previously served as ambassador to Paraguay in the lead up to the 2012 coup.

Lugo was eventually replaced by President Horacio Cartes, a man who faithfully follows the edicts from Washington and has provoked the ire of the country’s workers peasants, and students.


Washington’s coup-making strategy: from Brazil to Venezuela

| ROME (ITALY) | 30 MAY 2016

JPEG - 61.6 kb

What is the connection between the following pairs of societies that are geographically, historically and culturally quite distinct:
• Kosovo and Libya/Syria,
• Iraq and Afghanistan,
• Ukraine and Brazil/Venezuela?
[The answer]: Being caught up in the US global strategy, illustrated by the Pentagon’s map.

The whole world is divided into “areas of responsibility” each entrusted to one of the “six US unified combatant commands”:
• the North Command covering North America;
• the South Command covering South America;
• the European Command covering the region comprising Europe and Russia;
• the African Command covering the African continent;
• the Central Command covering Central Asia and the Middle East; and
• the Pacific Command covering the Asia Pacific Region.

In addition to the six geographic commands are three centres [responsible] for operations anywhere in the world:
• the Strategic Command in charge of nuclear forces;
• the Command for Special Operations; and
• the Command for Transport.

Heading the European Command is a general or admiral appointed by the US President. This general/admiral automatically assumes the office of the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

Nato is therefore slotted into the Pentagon’s chain of command. Thus it forms an essential part of the US strategy. This means eliminating any State or political or social movement that threatens the US’s political, economic and military interests. For the US, while still the biggest world power, is losing ground faced with the emergence of new state and social actors.

This strategy has many tools of implementation: from open war – see the air, sea and ground attacks in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – to the covert operations led both against these countries and other countries, most recently in Syria and Ukraine. For these operations, the Pentagon has special forces, around 70,000 specialists that “operate daily in another 80 countries around the world”. It also has a shadow army of contractors (mercenaries): the, Foreign Policy [1] provides evidence that in Afghanistan, the Pentagon has about 29,000 mercenaries, that is, three for every US soldier; in Iraq there are around 8,000, two for each US soldier.

As well as Pentagon mercenaries are those of the tentacled Intelligence Community. These include the CIA and 15 federal agencies.

The mercenaries are doubly useful. They can assassinate and torture, without responsibility being attributed to the US. Furthermore, once they have killed, the names do not appear on the list of the deceased. Furthermore, the Pentagon and the secret services have groups that they arm and train, such as the Islamists used for attacks in Libya and Syria and neo-Nazis, used for the coup d’etat in Ukraine.

Another instrument implementing this strategy is [the use of] “non government organizations”. Such organizations, endowed with massive funds, are used by the CIA and the State Department to carry out internal destabilization under the cover of “defending the rights of civilians”.

The action of the Bilderberg group [2] is similarly contextualized. Judge Ferdinando Imposimato denounces this as being “partly culpable for the strategy of tension and disaster” in Italy [3]. The same goes for the “Open Society” of “investor and philanthropist George Soros”, architect of the “colour revolutions”.

To carry out its coup-creating strategy, Washington today is eyeing Brazil to undermine Brics, and Venezuela to undermine the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. To destabilize Venezuela – the South Command indicates in a document that has been divulged [4], that it has to cause “a scene of tension that allows combining action on the street with a measured commitment of armed violence».

Anoosha Boralessa

Il Manifesto (Italy)

TTIP tensions escalate in email exchange between EU, US – report

As the US and EU continue to secretly debate the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), talks aren’t only taking place behind closed doors. Frustrations are also being aired online, according to emails obtained by Politico.

An email sent on Friday and obtained by the website shows the European Commission warning the 28 EU ambassadors in Brussels that there will be no TTIP deal unless Washington changes its approach to negotiations.

The document focuses on agriculture, one of the most contentious of the 27 chapters currently under negotiation in TTIP talks.

The email expresses the Commission’s concern that “the EU has not seen substantial progress in areas of significant importance to EU agriculture, such as geographical indications, wine and non-tariff barriers.”

It goes on to state that “the US Administration does not yet seem to be in a place where it can reciprocate the EU’s efforts in TTIP and to start delivering on matters of EU interest.”

The email, written from the office of European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, was agreed upon by several Commission departments, and President Jean-Claude Juncker’s office was aware of it being sent to the EU ambassadors, according to separate emails seen by Politico.

Friday’ email came in response to what the Commission referred to as a “somewhat unusual email correspondence”received on Wednesday from Washington’s ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner, that criticized Hogan for making a“series of misleading statements in the press” with a list of the remarks.

READ MORE: Merkel’s TTIP policy is ‘wrong:’ German Vice Chancellor criticizes US-EU free trade deal

In a somewhat ironic statement considering the now public nature of his email, Gardner also said that “while differences of opinion are natural, especially on tough issues like agriculture, they should be aired privately, rather than in the public arena.”

He went on to express Washington’s position that “EU tariffs are 2-3 times as high as US tariffs and EU non-tariff barriers have virtually eliminated many of our key exports.”

However, an internal Commission briefing shared with EU ambassadors and obtained by Politico shows that the European Union has its own concerns over the possible removal of tariffs.

The document cites “substantial gains for US agriculture if tariffs and some non-tariff barriers are fully removed by the EU side. In the applied scenarios the US is a clear winner in trade in agricultural products in TTIP.”

The TTIP has been controversial since it was first proposed. Backers, including US President Barack Obama, stress that it would create the world’s largest free-trade zone, claiming the more integrated marketplace would help small businesses by opening up markets and making customs processes easier. They also say it would reduce trade tariffs on products.

However, many Europeans say the TTIP would place corporate interest above national interest, stressing that international corporations would be given power at the expense of small and medium-sized businesses. The secrecy surrounding the talks has also come under fierce criticism.

In order for the TTIP to come into force, all 28 EU member states and the European Parliament would have to ratify it – a possibility which seems increasingly unlikely. Negotiations on the deal have so far consisted of 13 rounds of talks over the course of three years.

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Memorial Day Ignores Millions of US Imperial Victims


The day commemorates lost lives of US servicemen and women sent to war for the wrong reasons – from the 18th century to today, notably America’s so-called War of Independence, its Civil War, WW I and II and all subsequent wars of choice.

America’s only enemies in the past 70 years and throughout at least most of its history were and remain ones it invents.

It could have been a model peaceful nation had it chosen a different path. Instead, its history reflects unbridled militarism, endless wars of choice, related violence and chaos, contempt for rule of law principles, along with unparalleled barbarism and viciousness – while vital homeland needs increasingly go begging.

America’s privileged class lets others do its fighting and dying, innocent youths to conflicts based on Big Lies.

Terrorists and hired gun mercenaries are used as imperial foot soldiers, militarism and war-profiteering today greater than ever from Pentagon waste, fraud and abuse, along with rape and destruction of one country after another.

America’s wars rage in more theaters simultaneously under Obama than any of his predecessors – against countries threatening no others.

Who honors the millions of US imperial victims – slaughtered, maimed or displaced? Who respects the loss their surviving family members sustained?

America is a rogue gangster state, waging endless wars on humanity for profit and dominance, wanting all nations turned into US vassal states, wanting dominion over planet earth, its resources and people.

We’re at a critical stage in world history. The possibility of another world war should scare everyone.

If launched with today’s super-weapons, they’ll be no more Memorial Days to commemorate!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”http://www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.htmlVisit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 

The Jew World Order – what is it?

Dissecting The joo World Order

John Stadmiller, veteran radio broadcaster and owner of the Republic Broadcasting Network, reads an essay written by Zander C. Fuerza (ZCF) entiled “The Jew World Order Unmasked”.

These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet’s resources. David Icke coined it the “Totalitarian Tip-Toe,” because “they” are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.

As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.

The shadow forces behind the NWO agenda

Somewhere near the very top of the pyramid, an extremely elitist organisation known as the Council of the 13 families orchestrates all of the major world events. As the name suggests, the Council consists of the top 13 most influential families on Earth.

An increasingly number of people is becoming aware that 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an “elite” 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% “elite” and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

(Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us).

The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful – visible – bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillions!

They exercise their power through the world banking empire, which is almost entirely owned by them.

The most important institutions that work hard to establish the NWO and completely enslave our species, are:

  1. The City of London (finance, controlled by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the UK
  2. The US Federal Reserve (finance – private bank, owned by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the USA
  3. The Vatican City (indoctrination, deception and scare tactics) – NOT part of Italy
  4. Washington D.C. (military, mind programming, brainwashing and depopulation) – NOT part of the USA

All of the above institutions function as individual states, operating under their own laws, hence there is no court of law on Earth that could ever prosecute them.

The multitude of Secret Societies in existence today, operate as branches of a mega corporation, which is owned by the Council of the 13 families.

Even though they have been handsomely rewarded for their work, the members of these secret societies are not members of the “elite” bloodlines, they don’t know who their masters are and they have no idea what the real agenda is.

The brainwashing

Another mass-enslavement tool that they are using against us, is the so called educational system. Schools are no longer what they used to be and children are learning to memorize without thinkingand obey without questioning.

In fact, this established educational system is extremely expensive to keep operational and obsoletein the age of the internet.

“Why obsolete?” you may ask. Because the internet gives us free access to almost infinite amounts of information.

So why are we still paying huge amounts of money for governmental education? Because the world’s “elite” require that our children learn conformity and inside-the-box thinking.

What can we do about it?

Mankind’s faith is hanging in the balance right now, as the control of the NWO octopus spreads. On the one hand, we are very close to our complete enslavement, while on the other hand, we could easily crumble to the ground their pyramid of power, by simply uniting against their deception in apeaceful revolution of minds, hearts and souls.

I’ve asked myself for years what is their greatest weapon of enslavement. Is it poor education combined with constant indoctrination? Is it the fear generated by religion? Is it the fear of being punished (jailed or killed) by the system, or is it the invisible enslavement of the monetary system?

In my opinion, all of the above combined had a huge impact on our society and the way we think, buttheir biggest weapon is hands-down the financial system!

Currency slaves

The financial system has stealthily enslaved our species and now we are being used as currency slaves. We work from 9 to 5 every day, in boring and depressing environments, not stimulated by anything creative or constructive.

In most cases, the sole motivation for going to work, is the next paycheck — and no matter how hard we work, we never seem to have enough money.

Have you ever wondered why mega-corporations (reaping $billions/year in profits) pay dozens of millions to their CEOs and as close as possible to the minimum wage to the rest of the employees?

This has been carefully designed, because a person that is constantly “on the edge,” will never have time for self-education, introspection and — eventually — spiritual awakening.

Isn’t this our main purpose on Earth? To become spiritual beings (and by spiritual, I obviously don’t mean religious) and complete the incarnation cycle?

“They” don’t need educated people, who are capable of critical thinking and have spiritual goals. No, this kind of people are dangerous to the establishment!

“They” want obedient “robots,” just intelligent enough to operate the machines and keep the system running, but stupid enough never to ask questions.

Money is the eye of the “devil”

All of the world’s biggest problems have their roots deeply embedded in the financial plague: wars are profitable, diseases are profitable, Earth’s plundering is profitable, human slavery and inhumane working conditions are profitable.

Our leaders have been corrupted by money and mankind’s collective mission on Earth has been hijacked by money.

So why do we need the financial system, in the first place? Actually, we don’t need it (at least, not anymore). The planet doesn’t charge us a cent for using its natural resources and we have the technology to extract them without physically working a day.

Must-read related article: The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the British Crown and the Vatican Rule the World

The solution

More to the point, there are brilliant minds “out there” discussing the concept of a resource based economy for decades. One example is mister Jacque Fresco, a brilliant industrial designer and social engineer, who spent most of his life designing the future.

The cities proposed by Mr. Jacque Fresco will be built by autonomous construction robots and will be eco-friendly & self-sustainable, earthquake & fire proof. Learn more here.

Other people are already discussing the transition plan towards the economy of the future, where money are no longer required and all individuals will be offered the best conditions to reach their highest potentials — all for the benefit of our species, as a whole.

So, my question is: are we ready to embrace the future and escape the control of the “elite” in a world without money, or are we going to allow the New World Order to happen?

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com

WW2 The Genocide Of The Germany “Other Losses”

Please visit Dennis Wise for more WW2 revisionist history. It’s time to tell the truth.

Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

The untold story of Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager). Full documentary, plus additional background information, and a memorial for the victims. A German language film, translated to English, re-edited, narrated, and published by Justice for Germans: http://justice4germans.com
Part 1 The ‘Rheinwiesenlager’ German language documentary translated into English, with additional information and interviews (50 minutes)
Part 2 Deanna Spingola reads a chapter from her book dealing with the subject of these camps and provides additional background information regarding the perpetrators and their policies (30 minutes)
Part 3 A Memorial March for the victims of these camps held in Remagen, Germany in 2011, also translated / narrated in English (10 minutes)
NOTE: The theme song (in the opening segment) is called “Recurrence” by J. Belenger and included with his permission.
Website: http://justice4germans.com/

Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:42PM
The photo shows papers of the World War II era.
The photo shows papers of the World War II era.

Freshman US Senator Tom Cotton already has two claims to fame. First he wrote a letter to Iran in an effort to sabotage his own President’s diplomatic efforts and start a war. And then he set an all-time record by invoking Hitler in less than one minute during his first Senate speech.

Sen. Cotton thus stands condemned under Godwin’s Law, which states that whoever mentions Hitler first automatically loses the debate. “Playing the Hitler card” is widely reviled. Yet people like Cotton cannot resist the temptation.

Why has the demonization of Hitler—and of anybody one wants to demonize through comparisons to Hitler—become such a massively overused, utterly shopworn cliché?

In Western culture, Hitler is everybody’s favorite villain. And while the German dictator’s transformation from historical figure to avatar of ultimate evil is partially based on fact, it is primarily the product of a mythological process. Scholars who study the creation of myths, legends and folktales can easily see the distortions in mainstream Western accounts of World War II, “the Good War,” enshrined in the collective imagination as a struggle of pure goodness against diabolical evil.

Today, as Senator Cotton and his neoconservative colleagues push for World War III, it seems increasingly likely that the West’s self-serving World War II mythology will lead us into a war far more destructive than anything humanity has yet experienced. For that reason, everyone who supports peace should be working to demythologize World War II.

The so-called “Good War” was not a metaphysical good-versus-evil battle. It was a power struggle between empires. The British ruled the most powerful empire of the first half of the twentieth century, and they orchestrated World War I in an effort to pre-empt the rise of the number two power, Germany. World War II was really just unfinished business from World War I. So in effect, there was only one World War with two distinct phases (1914-1919 and 1939-1945) and the British, not the Germans, were the primary instigators.

Other imperial potentates, including leaders in the US, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Japan and China, also played self-serving, power-seeking roles. There were no good guys, except maybe the pacifists like Eugene Debs, who was sentenced to ten years imprisonment (and ran for President from prison) for opposing US involvement in World War I; or those like Robert Maynard Hutchins and Charles Lindberg, who bravely stood against the treasonous deceptions that pushed the US into World War II.

Western schoolchildren are taught that World War II was the supreme example of a just and necessary war. Yet in his book Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War, Patrick Buchanan offers strong evidence debunking this notion.

Leaders lionized as heroes by the Western mythographers—people like Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt—were, in reality, less than heroic. A case could be made that Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, alongside Hitler and Mussolini, stand as the worst mass murderers in human history. (Stalin’s crimes against his own people dwarfed Hitler’s.)

Churchill and Roosevelt were responsible for firebombing German and Japanese cities and roasting alive their civilian populations. The ISIL video of a Jordanian pilot being burned to death, presented to the world as proof of terrorist villainy, gives a hint of what was done to more than one million innocent civilians in such cities as Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo. Imagine more than a million people suffering the fate of the pilot in the ISIL video! The British-American campaign to mass murder civilians by firebombing had no military purpose. It was sheer sadism.

Even worse were the American, British and Russian rapes and massacres of Germans after the war. Tom Goodrich’s book Hellstorm offers bone-chilling, nausea-inducing descriptions of the shameful holocaust the occupiers perpetrated against a defeated and helpless German population. Millions of German women were raped—not just by Russians on the Eastern front, but also by Americans on the Western front. (The de facto US official policy of mass-raping the women of defeated and helpless populations is probably the single biggest reason why most American World War II veterans would maintain shame-faced silence when asked by family members about their experiences in the war—a phenomenon well known to all Americans who have had fathers, uncles or grandfathers who fought.)

When we hear the phrase “World War II death camps” most of us think of Hitler. But what about those of US General Dwight David Eisenhower? The American General, who later served as President, massacred more than a million German prisoners of war by herding them into huge barbed-wire enclosures, providing no food, water, or shelter, and allowing them to die of exposure and starvation. By contrast, Hitler’s treatment of American and British prisoners-of-war was scrupulous and humane.

The Allies’ ethnic cleansing of the German Reich was conducted with similar brutality. Millions of German civilians were murdered, forced from their homes and driven to their inevitable deaths through deprivation of food, fuel and shelter.

All in all, more than 70 million human beings were murdered during World War II, the vast majority of them civilians. Virtually all of the 50 million civilians slaughtered during the “Good War” were killed purely because they belonged to a particular ethnicity. Germans were roasted alive in Dresden because they were Germans; Japanese were firebombed in Tokyo, and incinerated with nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because they were Japanese. The whole war, not just the Nazi crimes against Jews and Gypsies, was a holocaust—an episode of mass ethnocide.

The above descriptions cannot even come close to doing justice to the evil and brutality of World War II. Yet Americans, Westerners, and even Russians (who have somewhat better reasons, given Hitler’s plans for the “Slavic races”) all remember World War II as a heroic episode in their history. Western leaders use World War II myths, inflated on the Hollywood big screen, as justification for pursuing policies of murderous aggression. In their eyes, anyone who gets in their way is “another Hitler.”

Since World War II the US has murdered roughly 60 million innocent people all over the world, and ruined the lives of hundreds of millions more, in CIA and military “interventions.” (The 60 million figure comes from Chomsky and Vltchek’s book On Western Terrorism; for some of the details, read William Blum’s book entitled Killing Hope.) This so-called American Holocaust of post-World War II crimes, like the holocaust of African slaves and the holocaust of Native Americans, dwarfs the Nazi holocaust against Jews, gypsies and communists.

We Westerners are free to grossly underestimate the number of victims of our own holocausts. But anyone who argues that significantly fewer than six million Jews were killed by the Nazis risks imprisonment. Is “holocaust denial” illegal because the revisionist arguments cannot be successfully countered using logic and evidence? Or are these laws and prosecutions simply the neurotic symptom of a West that demonized the Nazis in order to cover up its own crimes, and conceal its own guilt?

Whatever the merits or demerits of holocaust revisionism, it is clear that we need something much larger in scale: We need an epic wave of World War II revisionism to sweep away the whole self-congratulatory feel-good myth written by the victors, and reveal the horrific truth.

If we are bamboozled by myth, we cannot know history. And as Santayana suggested, those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.


Nuremberg - Harwood 001






Other War Crimes Trials:


a New Look


[Part 2]



Richard Harwood






Introduction ……………………………………….. 1


Facts & Figures …………………………………… 1


The Scene is Set …………………………………. 3


The Occupation …………………………………… 5


De-Nazification …………………………………… 7

— The Role of the OSS ……………………………. 9


Belsen ………………………………………………….. 11


The International Military Tribunal … 11

— Jackson’s Speech ………………………………. 18

— Psychology of Defendants …………………. 19

— The Defendants ………………………………… 19

— The Witnesses …………………………………… 29

— The Sentences …………………………………… 34

— The Executions ………………………………….. 34

— The Imprisonments ……………………………. 34


The American Military Tribunal ……….. 35

— AMT4 …………………………………………………. 36

— AMT6 …………………………………………………. 37

— AMT7 …………………………………………………. 39

— AMT9 …………………………………………………. 40

— AMT10 ………………………………………………… 41

— The Prosecution …………………………………. 44


Trial of Manstein …………………………………. 45


Dachau Trials ………………………………………. 48


Trial of Eichmann ……………………………….. 51

— Eichmann the Zionist …………………………. 54


Recent German Trials ………………………… 55


Italian Trials ……………………………………….. 56


Criticism of the Trials …………….………….. 57

— The Charges ………………………………………. 57

— The Court ………………………………………….. 58

— The Defendants …………………………………. 58

— The Hidden Aspect …………………………….. 59



A The Katyn Massacre ……………………….. 59

B Bombing of Civilians ……………………….. 61

C The ‘Repatriations………………………….. 64

D Palestine …………………………………………… 66

Bibliography …………………………………………. 69



Cover photo shows the funeral pyre set up in a Dresden street of some of the 135,000 civilian victims of Allied bombing of that German city.

© 1978

All Rights Reserved

Printed & published by Historical Review Press, Chapel Ascote, Ladbroke, Southam, – Warks., England




1. These notes and Version History (see below) do not appear in the original book. They are here to explain what is not original to the book and what is additional material. For example the layout is not original, the book is formatted with two columns, while this version has a standard “one column” format.


2. This version contains footnotes (the original did not) and additional images, indicated by [Add. Image] that did not appear in the original book.


3. Page numbers in square brackets, e.g.  [Page 3] refer to the original book. If a page number falls within a sentence in the original it has been moved here to  the end or beginning of the sentence, or paragraph.


4. The English spelling “Nuremberg” is used throughout the text here, while the original book uses the German spelling.


5.  …. ]


Version History

Ver 2: Aug 6, 2014 – Added additional images and footnotes to Setting the Scene.

Ver 1: Aug 3, 2014 – Added additional images and footnotes to Introduction andFacts & Figures.






The execution in 1976 of British and American mercenaries in Angola for ‘war crimes’ has brought back to public attention this peculiar and disturbing subject.[1]
During the Angolan trial, the judges intervened at several points to restrain the defence counsel from putting its case too well. The court could not tolerate any evidence which might help the accused criminals, they said.


The British press whined hypocritically about this travesty of justice. Yet the simple-minded Angolans were only doing as their European mentors had taught them: the Angolan trial was virtually a carbon-copy of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg in 1946. All the ingredients were there: the pretence of justice, the restrictions on the defence, the presumption of guilt before the trial had even started, the supervision of an international tribunal, the hysterical accusations of prosecution witnesses etc., etc. It is easy for the press to complain about the standards of ‘justice’ in a backward and far-off land in darkest Africa. But it is not so easy for them to criticise a series of trials for which we were responsible, at least in part, and which have gone down in history and subsequent protocol agreements, as legal precedent.


We are subject to no such restrictions. In this short volume, we hope to examine as thoroughly and objectively as possible the vexed subject of the trials at Nuremburg, and in so doing make some contribution to a rational understanding of this aspect of recent history which has, along with other events, been grotesquely twisted by the enemies of truth. One such example is the allegation that six million Jews were gassed as part of an official extermination programme on the part of the German government of the Hitler era and which formed one of the major charges against the Nazi leaders at Nuremburg.


Nuremberg - Harwood 008

[Add. Image] Aerial view of Nuremberg “Palace of Justice” in Winter 1945-46


Nuremberg - Harwood 009

[Add. Image] 1945-46 The Court House – “Palace of Justice”.


Nuremberg - Harwood 011

[Add. Image] On guard at the “Palace of Justice”.



[1] See PART 1







In the United States,  the chorus of demands for the trial of the Nazi leaders developed mostly out of the hate mongering campaign operated by various official and semiofficial propaganda agencies. At the beginning of the war, the American people regarded the ordinary Germans as quite pleasant people who had been railroaded into the war by that tyrant Hitler. Such a corporate view would not tolerate Washington’s plans for a mass-murder of German civilians through day and night bombing raids. Nor would they accept the degradation and humiliation of the Germans after the Nazis’ defeat.


Early on in the war, the main protagonist of frenzied, anti-German hatred was Sir (later Lord) Robert Vansittart, [1] the British diplomatist. In a series of radio broadcasts of fantastic fury in 1941, Vansittart wove a paranoid picture of “German evil and viciousness” which stretched back two thousand years. He compared Germany to the shrike or butcher-bird, which preys on its weaker neighbours. President Roosevelt, whilst officially disassociating himself from Vansittart’s way-out hate-mongering, was sufficiently impressed with his approach that he sent tapes of Vansittart’s British radio hate speeches to William B. Donovan, [2] Co-ordinator of Information, and later chief of the OSS (the fore-runner of the CIA), to be used as American radio propaganda.


Vansittart’s hymn of hate against Germany was soon taken up and echoed on the other side of the Atlantic too. A writer by the name of Theodore N. Kaufman [3], in Germany Must Perish (Argyle Press, Newark, 1941) insisted that the Nazis were “merely mirrors reflecting the centuries-old inbred lust of the German nation for conquest and mass murder.” It was the “German people” who were “responsible” for the war and hence “must be made to pay.” To rid the world of these “war-lusted souls” Kaufman advocated the “eugenic sterilisation” of 48 million Germans. By such a policy he estimated that “Germanism” could be extinguished in two generations. Meanwhile, German PoWs could,  after sterilisation, be placed in “labour battalions” while the Reich itself could be partitioned among its deserving neighbours. Kaufmann even illustrated his tract with a hand-drawn map, showing France stretching as far as Erfurt, Holland trebling its size to reach almost to the gates of Berlin, and Poland and Czechia (?) dividing what is now East Germany equally between them. All this was the more remarkable in that Kaufmann’s rant was written and published before the USA entered the war!


Nuremberg - Harwood 024

[Add. Image] Kaufmann’s map of a post war dismembered Germany


As the war progressed, the hate campaign was stepped up too, and the first official demands for bloody revenge started to be made. Early in 1943, the former US ambassador to Germany,  James W. Gerard, [4]urged that when the Allies conquered Germany they hang 10,000 Prussians as a starter. Joseph E. Davies [5], a confidant of Roosevelt’s and a former ambassador to the USSR,  said that the Germans should be treated like insane asylum inmates for two or three generations and, as if to justify his hate, confidently predicted that the Germans would begin using poison gas and bacteriological warfare very shortly. A New Jersey radio station ran a competition to select the best replacement word for ‘kindergarten’, because it was borrowed from the German language. A prominent judge and a newspaper publisher agreed to act as adjudicators.


But the greatest hate-generation source of all was the Writers’ War Board [6], a quasi-governmental agency set up early in the war by Roosevelt’s adviserMorgenthau [7]. Morgenthau selected as WWB director Rex Stout [8], an author of third-rate detective stories and other pot-boilers. Stout in turn hand-picked other writers of sensationalist, popular fiction to contribute their talents to the Board. Members received no compensation for their efforts, but the government paid for overheads such as secretarial staff and office expenses. The Board worked closely with the Office of War Information, the propaganda off-shoot of the OSS.


Two weeks after the Allies’ Casablanca conference, the Board swung into action with an article written by Stout in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, rather appropriately entitled “We Shall Hate or We Shall Fail”. [9] Stout asserted that four generations of German leaders had been guided by the “adoration of force as the only arbiter, and skulduggery as the supreme technique in human affairs.” Hatred of the Germans, he wrote, was necessary “to establish the world on a basis of peace.” Obviously the American public was not yet ready for such paranoia, for the editor of the Times was deluged with letters in opposition to Stout. Several church groups made official protests.


[Page 3]


Stout’s campaign was rabidly supported by Clifton Fadiman, [10] who at that time was the book review editor of the New Yorker weekly magazine. Fadiman, who was Stout’s right-hand man on the WWB, used his magazine position to promote more anti-German hatred. Fadiman noted that there was “only one way to make a German understand and that’s to kill them, and even then I think they don’t understand.” (original grammar).


The WWB also “advised” radio stations and even arranged programmes and wrote speeches. One of the Board’s most prominent front-men, Quentin Reynolds [11] the war correspondent and Collier’s magazine columnist, announced on the popular radio programme “America’s Town Meeting of the Air[12] that hatred was a “healthy” emotion, and that the mental disease of Germany could not be cured — “you must kill.” On another edition of the same programme, on 30 September 1943, the British hate-monger Lord Vansittart was the principal guest, along with Richard M. Brickner, the author of a book Is Germany Incurable?[13] which the WWB was promoting. Bruckner, introduced as a “noted psychiatrist”, proposed the incarceration in institutions and labour battalions of large numbers of “paranoid-tending” Germans. They would be treated as “typhoid carriers”; their children would be taken away from them and placed in foster homes. Later in the war, the programme presented Louis Nizer, [14] the author of yet another book on What to Do with Germany, [15]  who proposed that death penalties should be demanded not only of about 5,000 high Nazi officials,  but also of 150,000 subordinates and civil servants. Every German officer above the rank of colonel, along with members of the Reichstag, and many others, would be tried. Hundreds of thousands of Germans would be given jail sentences ranging up to life, which they would serve in labour battalions. But this alone would not cure the German “lust for war”, he asserted. All heavy industry must be removed from Germany in order to prevent any ideas about a new war. On the same radio programme, Samuel Grafton, a syndicated columnist, also urged the permanent exiling or imprisonment without trial of at least 10,000 “members of the leading Nazi circles”.


Both “America’s Town Meeting of the Air” and its sister programme “America’s Forum of the Air” were heavily influenced by the WWB. Stout not only selected many of the speakers on programmes relating to Germany but was also able to influence the choice of subjects and titles. Some of this influence was wielded indirectly through a WWB offshoot, the Society for the Prevention of World War III, [16]  which preached even greater vindictiveness than its parent body. The Society was also controlled by Stout, and was financed privately byRobert Woods Bliss, [17] a former US ambassador to the Argentine; funds being channelled through the leftist Brookings Institute in Washington. Oddly, the Society’s main target in America was the Council for a Democratic Germany,  a group of anti-Nazi German refugees who hoped to restore democracy and reconstruct Germany as soon as possible. Stout made sure that the Council got little publicity, and publicly condemned efforts to “salvage Germany ”.


But the most amazing example of the WWB’s power was its ability to actually re-write history, in exactly the same way that Winston Smith used the “Memory Hole” at the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984. In order to promote the idea of German war guilt, it was necessary to overturn the historical verdict on World War I. Most historians conducting research into the origins of the first war had by that time concluded that exclusive blame could not be allocated to Germany or any participant. Their collective findings were reflected in the 1930 edition of theEncyclopaedia Britannica, where an 8,000-word article on War Guilt elaborated on this view. First the WWB softened up public opinion for the project re-writing, with an article by Stout in the NYT Book Review. Stout complained, at some length, that those who “excused” the Germans of First World War guilt were “fatally deceiving their countrymen”. That the Times should give such prominent space to the dismissal of the collective conclusions of most, serious, historians, by a writer of cheap detective novels, is an indication of the power the WWB wielded. But there was more to come. The revisionist view of history first voiced by Stout was echoed and reechoed by innumerable government officials,  newspaper editors and media men: Germany had again become solely guilty of starting World War I; after all, they had started five wars in 80 years, hadn’t they? In its 1944 edition, theEncyclopaedia Britannica cut out the 8,000-word article, and substituted a brief note saying there was not sufficient space for adequate treatment of the subject of War Guilt. History had been re-written.


Although the WWB was officially restrained from making political attacks, the Board was still able to “draw attention to” certain points in its mail-outs. The Board regularly monitored the radio comments of independent broadcasters, and attempted to silence anyone who was too soft on Germany by putting pressure on the programmes’ sponsors. Commentators such as Fulton Lewis Jr. who were attacked in material mailed out by the Board, and who protested to the Office of War Information, were told that the Board was not a governmental agency and hence not under its control.


One of the best-known broadcasters who took the WWB’s hate- Germany line wasWalter Winchell [18] (real name Isadore Lipschitz). Winchell’s views on Germany were expressed to millions of listeners in terms of “a rattlesnake never deserves another chance”.


July 1944 saw the appearance of an influential book Time For Decision, by the then recently-retired Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles. [19] Welles wrote that even at this late stage in the war, the Germans were already making plans for a third world war. The book was awarded a prominent review in the New York Times, the reviewer commenting that the obvious solution to this danger would be for Germany to be deprived of all its heavy industry, since “no one need fear an agricultural, small-crafts economy”. Naturally, the book also received heavy WWB promotion.


Films too were grist to the WWB mill. Hate films proliferated depicting shining American heroes pitted against brutal Nazis. When The North Star [20] showed German army doctors bleeding children to death to top up their blood-banks, Timemagazine hailed the picture as the “most successful attempt to show a sickening German atrocity in credible terms.” Hollywood did not forget box office receipts either, and many of the hate films were heavily flavoured with sex, much of it of the sadomasochistic variety.


Academics and educators joined in the baying for German blood. Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of the (Communist-infiltrated) Carnegie Endowment for “International Peace” and former president of Columbia University, said that when the war ended Germans could not be regarded as anything but convicted criminals. In a statement circulated by the WWB, he asserted that for a generation Germans could not be accepted as equal citizens of the post-war world. Several educationalists proposed that all Axis schoolteachers who had willingly stayed at their posts throughout the war should be discharged and “forever barred from teaching again”. But the most preposterous suggestion of all — from any source — came from an eminent anthropologist, Dr. Ernest A. Hooton of Harvard University. He proposed to dilute the German stock (and thereby “adulterate the Nazi strain”) by a process of outbreeding, i.e. miscegenation. This would be accomplished by sending Czechs, Austrians and others into Germany,  where they would settle and interbreed with the German people. Men of the German army would be kept out of their native land while the “outbreeding” was going on, probably by being put into forced labour in formerly occupied countries. (Astute readers will of course realise that this plan was eventually to involve ethnic groups much more exotic than the “Czechs” and “Austrians” and it was not only the Germans who would be made to suffer this dreadful fate, as the residents of towns and cities throughout Britain are only too aware.)


By January 1945, WWB material was being sent to 3,500 writers, 1,150 army information services, 2,600 industrial newspapers and 270 comic strip editors. Syndicated editorials were sent to 1,600 daily newspapers. Radio scripts went to 750 local radio stations.


The all-out effort to induce hate had worked. As the war ended, a packed meeting at Carnegie Hall (arranged by Stout’s Society) welcomed the demand by St Louis Post Despatch editor Joseph Pulitzer [21] that punishing the guilty would require the execution of approximately a million and a half Germans. The guilty, “with no differentiation as to their degree of guilt” should be shot.






[1] Robert Gilbert Vansittart, 1st Baron Vansittart GCB, GCMG, PC, MVO (25 June 1881 – 14 February 1957), known as Sir Robert Vansittart between 1929 and 1941, was a senior British diplomat in the period before and during the Second World War. He was Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister from 1928 to 1930 and Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office from 1930 to 1938 and later served as Chief Diplomatic Adviser to the British Government. He is best remembered for his opposition to Appeasement and his hardline stance towards Germany during and after the Second World War.


Nuremberg - Harwood 019


Nuremberg - Harwood 020

Strong opposition to Germany


Vansittart was also involved in intelligence work. He was opposed to the appeasement of German aggression. In 1940, Vansittart sued the American historian Harry Elmer Barnes for libel for an article Barnes had written in 1939 accusing Vansittart of plotting aggression against Germany in 1939. During the war, Vansittart became a prominent advocate of an extremely hard line with Germany. His earlier worries about Germany were reformulated into an argument that Germany was intrinsically militaristic and aggressive. In Black Record: Germans Past and Present (1941), Vansittart portrayed German history from the time of ancient Rome as a continuous record of aggression. Nazism was just the latest manifestation. Therefore, after Germany was defeated, it must be stripped of all military capacity, including its heavy industries.





[2] William Joseph (“Wild Bill”) Donovan (January 1, 1883 – February 8, 1959) of Irish descent, was a United States soldier, lawyer, intelligence officer and diplomat. Donovan is best remembered as the wartime head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, during World War II. He is also known as the “Father of American Intelligence” and the “Father of Central Intelligence”.


Nuremberg - Harwood 021


After the war ended, Donovan reverted to his lifelong role as a lawyer to perform one last duty: he served as special assistant to chief prosecutor Telford Taylor at several trials following the main Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in Germany.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Donovan



[3] Theodore Newman Kaufman (Sometimes known as Theodore Nathan Kaufman, born 1910 in Manhattan, died October 1980 in East Orange, New Jersey) was a Jew who published “Germany Must Perish!” in 1941, which called for the genocide of Germans.


Nuremberg - Harwood 022


Nuremberg - Harwood 023


In 1939, Kaufmann was chairman of a shadowy group called the “American Federation for Peace”. He was reportedly friends with Roosevelt speech writer Sam Rosenman. The German press of the time misinterpreted this to mean Kaufman was an FDR adviser himself, which was not true.


Germany Must Perish


In late 1940, he began writing “Germany Must Perish”, the booklet he is most known for. It was published in early 1941, and inspired anger in Germany.


The open call for genocide in the tract is neither metaphorical not subtle, as he makes very clear:


Since the fang’s poison and its deadly power rests not in the body but in the war psyche of the Germans, one can ensure the prosperity and security of mankind only by finally extinguishing this soul and the rotten body that houses it, removing it finally from the world. There is no other choice: Germany must perish!

Not only must there be no more German wars in fact, there must not even remain the slightest possibility of one ever again occurring. A final halt to German aggression, not a temporary cessation, must be the goal of the present struggle… [Germany] must be prepared to pay a Total Penalty. And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty: Germany must perish forever! In fact  —  not in fancy.” ( — From “Germany Must Perish”, by T.N. Kaufman)

On 26. September 1941 Kaufman said in an interview he gave to The Canadian Jewish Chronicle:[6]


I believe, that the Jews have a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast federation. ‘Union Now’ is the beginning of this. Slowly but surely the world will develop into a paradise. We will have perpetual peace. And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation, because they have the most to gain. But how can you get peace if Germany exists? The only way to win an eternal peace is to make the punishment of waging war more horrible than war itself. Human beings are penalized for murder, aren’t they? Well, Germany starts all the wars of magnitude. Let us sterilize all Germans and wars of world domination will come to an end!


Quote from Germany Must Perish:


GERMANY MUST PERISH! By word of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal. Sterilization is not to be confused with castration. It is a safe and simple Operation, quite harmless and painless, neither mutilating nor unsexing the patient. Its effects are most often less distressing than vaccination and no more serious than a tooth extraction. Too, the Operation is extremely rapid requiring no more than ten minutes to complete. The patient may resume his work immediately afterwards.

Even in the case of the female the Operation, though taking longer to perform, is as safe and simple.

Performed thousands of times, no records indicate cases of complication or death. When one realizes that such health measures as vaccination and serum treatments are considered as direct benefits to the community, certainly sterilization of the German people cannot but be considered a great health measure promoted by humanity to immunize itself forever against the virus of Germanism. The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only …

Source:  http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Theodore_N._Kaufman



[4] James Watson Gerard (August 25, 1867 – September 6, 1951) was a United States lawyer and diplomat.

Under President Woodrow Wilson, he served as the American Ambassador to Germany[2] from 1913 to 1917.


Nuremberg - Harwood 025

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_W._Gerard



[5] Joseph Edward Davies (November 29, 1876 – May 9, 1958) was an American lawyer and diplomat. He was appointed by President Wilson to be Commissioner of Corporations in 1912, and First Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in 1915. He was the second Ambassador to represent the United States in the Soviet Union and U.S. Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg. From 1939 to 1941 Davies was Special assistant to Secretary of State Hull, in charge of War Emergency Problems and Policies. From 1942 through 1946 he was Chairman of President Roosevelt’s War Relief Control Board. Ambassador Davies was Special Advisor of President Harry Truman and Secretary of State James F. Byrnes with rank of Ambassador at the Potsdam Conference in 1945.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_E._Davies


Nuremberg - Harwood 026

Nuremberg - Harwood 027

[Add. Image] Davies (L) and (T) Davies with Stalin, May 1943


Within eight months of taking office, Roosevelt took steps to recognize the government of the Soviet Union – something refused by every prior president since the communist revolution.  While ordering the FBI to give the closest scrutiny to “comical” (according to Nisbet) German-American Bund in New York, Roosevelt ignored the myriad communists within his own administration.


Roosevelt was often warned:


Three ambassadors, William Bullitt, Admiral Standley, and Averill Harriman tried to warn him; so did such Russian experts as George Kennan, Loy Henderson, and Charles Bohlen.  To no avail. (P. 12)


…on one point, these men were agreed: The Soviet Union was not a fit ally for the United States and was America’s most dangerous enemy in the postwar world. (P. 13)


Roosevelt didn’t like the counsel of experts; instead he turned to “amateurs,” as Nisbet describes them:


Harry Hopkins, Joseph Davies, Admiral Leahy, General Marshall, [and] his Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins…. (P. 13)


Davies was named Ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1937.  Within weeks of his arrival, the entire professional diplomatic staff considered a group resignation in protest of Davies’ “invincible ignorance of Soviet history and Soviet barbarism.


Within months of Davies’ arrival, he ordered the breakup of the Russian division and the scattering of its most complete library on Soviet history and life in the Soviet Union. (P. 16)


Upon Davies’ return to the United States, he published his book “Mission to Moscow,” impolitely referred to by some as “Submission to Moscow.”  The book was immediately made into a movie for the American audience. (P. 16)


Mission to Moscow is a book by the former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Joseph E. Davies and a film based on it directed by Michael Curtiz in 1943. The 1941 book sold 700,000 copies.

The movie chronicles the experiences of the naive second American ambassador to the Soviet Union and was made in response to a request by Franklin D. Roosevelt. According to its own producer the film was “an expedient lie for political purposes”. It was later scrutinized by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.


Do you think Roosevelt didn’t realize he had a know-nothing ambassador to Moscow?

Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/05/bionic-mosquito/fdrs-bff/





Two days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., proposed organizing the nation’s writers as civilians “under arms” to promote the war effort. A month later, a group of prominent American authors formed the Writers’ War Board, a private association partially supported by government subsidy. The board coordinated more than 2,000 writers in diverse activities including slogans, poster contests, syndicated articles, poems, radio plays, dramatic skits, government publications, books, advertisements, and war propaganda.

Source: http://www.ushmm.org/exhibition/book-burning/war.php


In T’was a Famous Victory by Benjamin Colby (1974) – Chapter 11.


“Propaganda of the Writers War Board for a Carthaginian peace pervaded the entire field of communications. Its influence reached into editorial offices high and low, into the radio networks and into the movies. The board was a supplier and clearinghouse of hard-peace propaganda for editors, writers and broadcasters, arranging radio programs, providing speakers and ghost-writing magazine articles signed by prominent persons. It organized claques for hard-peace articles and books which it approved, while impugning the motives of writers who challenged its thesis and working assiduously to disparage their product. Organizations and individuals who proposed postwar reconstruction of Germany were attacked viciously. At the same time it sought constantly to promote trust in the aims of Soviet Russia. A large advisory council of well-known writers was set up as window dressing, but these knew little of what the actual operating group was doing.”



Nuremberg - Harwood 029


[7] Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (May 11, 1891 – February 6, 1967) was the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Morgenthau was born into a prominent Jewish family in New York City, the son of Henry Morgenthau Sr., a real estate mogul and diplomat, and Josephine Sykes.


Nuremberg - Harwood 031

Nuremberg - Harwood 030


In 1944, Morgenthau proposed the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany, calling for Germany to be dismembered, partitioned into separate independent states, stripped of all heavy industry and forced to return to a pre-Industrial Revolution agrarian economy. The Morgenthau plan is thought by a few to have been devised by Morgenthau’s deputy, Harry Dexter White, who was later accused of being a Soviet agent. At the Second Quebec Conference on September 16, 1944, Roosevelt and Morgenthau persuaded the initially very reluctant British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to agree to the Morganthau plan, likely using a $6 billion Lend Lease agreement to do so. Churchill chose however to narrow the scope of Morgenthau’s proposal by drafting a new version of the memorandum, which ended up being the version signed by the two leaders. The gist of the signed memorandum was:


This programme for eliminating the war-making industries in the Ruhr and in the Saar is looking forward to converting Germany into a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in its character.


Source: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Henry_Morgenthau,_Jr.



[8] Rex Todhunter Stout (December 1, 1886 – October 27, 1975) was an American writer noted for his detective fiction. Stout is best known as the creator of the larger-than-life fictional detective Nero Wolfe, described by reviewer Will Cuppy as “that Falstaff” of detectives.




Nuremberg - Harwood 032


During World War II, he worked with the advocacy group Friends of Democracy, chaired the Writers’ War Board (a propaganda organization), and supported the embryonic United Nations. He lobbied for Franklin D. Roosevelt to accept a fourth term as President. He developed an extreme anti-German attitude and wrote a provocative essay, “We Shall Hate, or We Shall Fail”, which generated a flood of protests after its January 1943 publication in The New York Times. The attitude is expressed by Nero Wolfe in the 1942 novella “Not Quite Dead Enough”.


During the later part of the war and the post-war period he also led the Society for the Prevention of World War III which lobbied for a harsh peace for Germany. When the war ended, Stout became active in the United World Federalists.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Stout



[9]  Source: http://www.nerowolfe.org/pdf/stout/activism/war-time/1943_01_NYTimes_We_shall_hate_or_we_shall_fail.pdf


Nuremberg - Harwood 033


[10] Clifton Paul “Kip” Fadiman (May 15, 1904 – June 20, 1999) was an American intellectual, author, editor, radio and television personality. Author of the book “Books are Weapons in the War of Ideas” (1942)


Nuremberg - Harwood 034


In early 1942 American book publishing executives were meeting to figure out how they could contribute to the war effort on an industry level resulting in book publishers, libraries, and book sellers coming together to form the Council on Books in Wartime (CBW). From its beginning, the CBW’s efforts worked with the coordination and support of the US government’s Office of War Information.


Fadiman’s book title was also used in the logo for the CBW.


Nuremberg - Harwood 036

[Image] The Council on Books in Wartime logo designed by Alanson Hewes.



[11]  Quentin James Reynolds (April 11, 1902 – March 17, 1965) was a journalist and World War II war correspondent.


As associate editor at Collier’s Weekly from 1933 to 1945, Reynolds averaged twenty articles a year. He also published twenty-five books, including The Wounded Don’t Cry, London Diary, Dress Rehearsal, and Courtroom, a biography of lawyer Samuel Leibowitz. He also published an autobiography, By Quentin Reynolds.


Nuremberg - Harwood 036b


[12] America’s Town Meeting of the Air was a public affairs discussion broadcast on radio from 1935 to 1956, mainly on the NBC Blue Network and its successor, ABC Radio. One of radio’s first talk shows, it began as a six-week experiment, and NBC itself didn’t expect much from it.


Broadcast live from New York City’s Town Hall, America’s Town Meeting of the Airdebuted on Thursday May 30, 1935, and only 18 of NBC’s affiliates carried it. (“George V. Denny,” 1959) The topic for that first show was “Which Way America: Fascism, Communism, Socialism or Democracy?” (Overstreet, 15) The moderator was George V. Denny Jr., executive director of the League for Political Education, which produced the program. Denny moderated the program from 1935 to 1952 and had a major role in choosing weekly topics. Denny and the League wanted to create a program that would replicate the Town Meetings that were held in the early days of the United States. (“Boston Symphony,” 1936)


But during World War II, Denny repeatedly encountered what he had most sought to avoid: angry audience members who didn’t want to listen to other viewpoints and who wanted to criticize, rather than debate. Worse still, some audience members expressed isolationist and anti-Semitic views. Denny struggled to maintain the show’s openness and objectivity, but it became increasingly difficult to do so.







Nuremberg - Harwood 037


[13] Richard m. Brickner, M.D’s book “Is Germany Incurable?


Nuremberg - Harwood 038



Nuremberg - Harwood 039


[14] Louis Nizer (February 6, 1902 in London – November 10, 1994 in New York City) was a noted Jewish trial lawyer and senior partner of the law firm Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon in the United States. He published the Germanophobic hate booklet “What to Do with Germany?” (1944). He represented many celebrities in a variety of cases, among them Quentin Reynolds in his successful libel suit against columnist Westbrook Pegler, and the broadcaster John Henry Faulk against AWARE, a national organization that had labeled him a communist.


After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he authored the foreword to theWarren Commission report that investigated JFK’s murder and the conspiracy theories that still surround it.


Nuremberg - Harwood 040


[15] What to Do with Germany?” (1944) by Louis Nizer


Nuremberg - Harwood 041


Download: https://archive.org/details/whattodowithgerm00nizerich



[16] The Society for the Prevention of World War III was an organization set up in the U.S. in 1944 during World War II that advocated a harsh peace for Germany in order to completely remove Germany as a future military threat.


The Organization was a spin-off of the Writers’ War Board, with both headed by (anti-German) novelist Rex Stout and the organization’s monthly publication mainly republishing material produced by the War Board.


It succeeded in hardening attitudes towards Germany both in the media and in the government, but by 1948 it had failed in its overall mission, with JCS 1067 rescinded and the Marshall Plan helping Germany, along with the rest of Europe, back on its feet.


Prominent members


Rex Stout (In charge, also leading the Writers’ War Board, government funded and with very close ties to the Roosevelt administration); William L. Shirer(Member of board of directors); William H. Hale (Member of board of directors);Mark Van Doren; Clifton Fadiman; Christopher La Farge; Douglas Freeman; Walter Johnson; Emil Ludwig; Lewis Mumford; Allan Nevins;Louis Nizer; Quentin Reynolds; Walter Wanger; James P. Warburg;Darryl Zanuck.



Nuremberg - Harwood 042



[17] Robert Woods Bliss (5 August, 1875 – 19 April 1962) was an American diplomat, art collector, philanthropist, and one of the cofounders of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection in Washington, D.C.


Nuremberg - Harwood 043

War service


Bliss returned to the State Department following the entry of the U.S. into World War II, as a consultant (1942–1943), special assistant to U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull (1944), and consultant to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius (1944–1945). Robert Bliss was instrumental in arranging for a series of important diplomatic meetings to take place at Dumbarton Oaks (see below) in the late summer and early fall of 1944. Known as the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, these meetings hosted delegations from China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The delegates deliberated over proposals for the establishment of an organization to maintain peace and security in the world, and their outcome was the United Nations Charter that was adopted in San Francisco in 1945. Bliss retired a second time from government work in November 1945.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Woods_Bliss



[18] Walter Winchell (April 7, 1897 – February 20, 1972) was an American newspaper and radio gossip commentator.


Nuremberg - Harwood 044


Winchell, who was Jewish, was one of the first commentators in America to attack Adolf Hitler and American pro-fascist and pro-Nazi organizations such as theGerman-American Bund. He was a staunch supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal throughout the Depression era, and frequently served as the Roosevelt Administration’s mouthpiece in favor of interventionism as the European war crisis loomed in the late 1930s. Early on he denounced American isolationists as favoring appeasement of Hitler, and was explicit in his attacks on such prominent isolationists as Charles Lindbergh, whom he dubbed “The Lone Ostrich”, and Gerald L. K. Smith, who he denounced as “Gerald Lucifer KKKodfish Smith”.


The most controversial part of Winchell’s career were his attempts, especially after World War II, to destroy the careers of personal or political enemies. A favorite tactic was to accuse them of being communists or of sexual impropriety.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Winchell



[19] Benjamin Sumner Welles (October 14, 1892 – September 24, 1961) was an American government official and diplomat in the Foreign Service. He was a major foreign policy adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and served as Under Secretary of State from 1937 to 1943, during FDR’s presidency.


Nuremberg - Harwood 046


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumner_Welles


Nuremberg - Harwood 045



[20] The North Star (also known as Armored Attack in the US) is a 1943 war film produced by Samuel Goldwyn Productions and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.


The film is about the resistance of Ukrainian villagers, through guerrilla tactics, against the German invaders of Ukraine. The film was an unabashedly pro-Soviet propaganda film at the height of the war.


In June 1941 Ukrainian villagers are living in peace. As the schools break up for vacation, a group of friends decide to travel to Kiev for a holiday. To their horror they find themselves attacked by German aircraft, part of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. Eventually their village itself is occupied by the Nazis. Meanwhile men and women take to the hills to form partisan militias.


Nuremberg - Harwood 047


The full brutality of the Nazis is revealed when a German doctor (Erich von Stroheim) uses the village children as a source of blood for transfusions into wounded German soldiers. Some children lose so much blood that they die. A famous Russian doctor (Walter Huston) discovers this and informs the partisans, who prepare to strike back. They launch a cavalry assault on the village to rescue the children.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_North_Star_(1943_film)



[21] Joseph Pulitzer II (1885-1955) proprietor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, son of the Hungarian-American-Jewish newspaper proprietor Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911). Pulizter II’s mother, Kate Williamson Davis (1858-1927), was an Episcopalian. 1


Nuremberg - Harwood 048

Pulitzer II was among the delegation of journalists invited in the Spring of 1945 by General Eisenhower to tour the captured Nazi camps in Germany and witness the horrors of the Nazis themselves. Following his return to the States he spoke at theSociety for the Prevention of World War III rally at Manhattan’s Carnegie Hall on May 22, 1945. His comments were reported in The New York Times the following day:

After urging that the groups that he held responsible for the horrors (“General Staff, Gestapo, SS and Industrialists”) that he had witnessed should receive fair but speedy trials, and any who were found to be innocent should be acquitted, Mr. Pulizter declared that the rest “should be put out of this world with Army bullets through their heads.

It is difficult to get any accurate figures on the numbers involved,” Mr. Pulizter said. “The War Department for some reason has been reluctant to release information on the subject. But I estimate that somewhere between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 is a reasonable figure. Possibly 1,500,000 may be the final total.” 2


Pultizer II’s biographer Daniel W. Pfaff reveals that this wasn’t the first occasion that Pulizter had called for the mass slaughter of Germans. Pfaff writes that in an August 17, 1944 letter to the editor of the editorial page of his newspaper the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ralph Coghlan:


he had said he was convinced that it would be necessary to execute large numbers of Germans “and then put the German people on parole and keep them on parole for at least one or probably two generations.” 3

In an December 26, 1944 letter Pultizer urged his editor Coghlan to take:


the strongest, toughest, most remorseless attitude towards all Germans until the day arrives when they have had their German bestiality educated and whipped out of them. Economic opportunity for Germans in our own self-interest after the war, yes; but gentle, sentimental consideration in the meantime, no.” 4


1. Daniel W. Pfaff, Joseph Pulitzer II and the Post-Dispatch: A Newspaperman’s Life, US PA: Pennsylvania State University, 1991, p.16.

2.Urges Executions of 1,500,000 Nazis,The New York Times, May 23, 1945. online archive ; facsimile.

3. Joseph Pulitzer II and the European War,” by Daniel W. Pfaff, American Journalism Vol. VI (issue no. III), 1989, p.156 ; Pfaff, A Newspaperman’s Life, opt cit., p.266.

4. Pfaff, AJ v.VI, op cit. pp.155-156 ; Pfaff, A Newspaperman’s Life, opt cit., p.266.

Source: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1000474/

JEW SHOCK: Uncover Jewish Lies

(1 of 3)

Information on so-called Jews and their activities has been censored for centuries. Join the movement to understand Jews! This is an introduction and overview to the entire subject of how to learn about Jews. –Part 1: Discovering Jews for the first time – education – history of France, Poland, England, Scotland – Bank of England – Bible – Boer War and Hilaire Belloc – Cuba, LBJ – book reviews – Talmudic material – rationalism – big-lies.org/jews and its information — Note: Part 1 to conform to Youtube’s requirement. Eventually all four parts will be uploaded in once 50-minute file. — Note: based on a phone-in with Fakeologist.

Includes Kevin MacDonald and evolutionary biology; David Irving libel trial; evolution of whites and monogamy, unimportant play, intensity of belief; religions and conversion; possible human types – big, cunning, Alpine, and a more recent parasitic type; jadar & joff sites; two tiers of money. NOTE will be made into one single file in future.


Information on so-called Jews has been censored for centuries. Join the new movement to understand Jews! How to keyword added 14 July.
*18+ certificate from Youtube. I’m unsure why. I asked them, not as a challenge, but I don’t expect they’ll reply*

Jew Mongol Khazar Netanyahu
Netanyahu and his father.
Why so-called ‘Jews’ may be referred to as ‘Turco-Mongol’.


c 1000 – c 1500 Expulsions of Jews.

This very much shortened list is from Frank Britton’s booklet, the source probably being the Encyclopaedia Britannica of the time:
ENGLAND: Jews expelled in 1290 by Edward I. Not permitted to re-enter till 1655. (SCOTLAND an exception)
FRANCE: Expelled in 1306 by Philip the Fair. A few were permitted to return but were again evicted in 1394. Jewish settlements remained in Bordeaux, Avignon, Marseilles, (from where they were evicted in 1682) and in the northern province of Alsace.
SAXONY: Expelled in 1349.
HUNGARY: By 1092 the Jews were in control of Hungary’s tax collections. In 1360 they were expelled but later returned. In 1582 they were again expelled from the Christian part of Hungary.
BELGIUM: Expelled in 1370. A few settled there again in 1450, but no large numbers came till 1700.
SLOVAKIA: Ousted from Prague in 1380. Many settled there again after 1562. In 1744 Marie Theresa expelled them again.
AUSTRIA: Expelled in 1420 by Albrecht V.
NETHERLANDS: Expelled from Utrecht in 1444.
SPAIN: Expelled in 1492.
LITHUANIA: Expelled in 1495 by Grand Duke Alexander. They later returned.
PORTUGAL: Expelled in 1498.
PRUSSIA: Expelled in 1510.
ITALY: Expelled from Kingdom of Naples and Sardinia in 1540.
BAVARIA: Banned permanently in 1551.
SCANDINAVIA: Jews were not permitted to enter Sweden until 1782. None were permitted to enter Denmark before the 17th century and they were not allowed in Norway after 1814.
The exception was POLAND, very likely because of large Khazar presence there after the Khazar conversion, and Turkey, ditto: ‘Largely as a result of the concessions of the Polish crown which began with the Statute of Kalisz, Poland became known throughout Europe as the “paradisus Judeorum,” the paradise of the Jews. … who … inevitably headed east toward Poland, taking their language, “juedische Deutsch,” or Yiddish with them.’
Important note: Jewish policy is essentially parasitic, and a hit-and-run strategy is an example of this. It’s possible some ‘expulsions’ were in fact Jews moving, taking loot with them, and falsely claiming to have been thrown out. The invention and enforcement of paper money altered this strategy. But something of this sort is shown in modern Europe; where Jewish strategy is to ruin e.g. Belgium, France, and Sweden, then move out, claiming to have been driven out.


Israelis to Profile Non-Jewish Faces for DHS

Non-Jews in America could soon be lined up for extra scrutiny, strip searches and even arrest because of algorithms provided to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security by an Israeli company—FACECEPTION—link the structure of their faces to potential terrorist activity! (I say non-Jews because we all know it is impossible for Jews to be terrorists!)


The Israeli company’s claims, and the apparent facile willingness of DHS to accept them, bring to mind the discredited science of phrenology, physiognomy and Lombrosianism by which physical features provide a direct indication of criminal activity. (Certainly these can be indicators—in context—like a large bulbous or hooked nose might be an indicator in the case of a destitute debtor being evicted onto the street in the dead of winter, a fat pedophile spokesman for a food chain who rapes little boys, or poor elderly blacks being cheated out of burial insurance money by a perpetrator who then absconds to a foreign country in the Middle East.)

See Lombrosian:

(Law) of or relating to the doctrine propounded by the Italiancriminologist Cesare Lombroso that criminals are aproduct ofhereditary and atavistic factors and can be classified as a definiteabnormal type

Think of the large data base that must be required to even hope to make such associations. Now imagine the facial characteristics of an “enemies list” consisting of thousands being entered into that database. It would be impossible to detect the specific “terrorist” characteristics without a painstaking examination of its code, which the company would not allow and which the government would not undertake, in part because it is too inept to do so and in part because dual-loyalist Congressmen would “chew their asses out” for interfering with a sacred Israeli company.

It’s a not-so-closely guarded secret that both the U.S. and Israel possess missiles that are capable of targeting individuals by facial recognition, hence the proclivity of many combatants to now wear balaclavas or ski masks. What this means is that databases of actual individuals to be targeted must already exist someplace and these could be injected into such a predictive database either during or after (or by governmental hackers.)

Ursula Haverbeck Talks about the “Holocaust®” in English

Ursula Haverbeck wants an answer to a simple question. Following the events in Paris, the Je Suis Charlie campaign called for the protection and promotion of freedom of opinion and speech. In the same spirit, Ursula Haverbeck points out that with mainstream historical authorities now accepting that Auschwitz was not the scene of the murder of millions of Jews in homicidal gas chambers, there is no established “scene of the crime”. She has challenged official bodies including ministers of the various German states to provide an answer – to define the scene of the crime. They have so far failed to do so, and she must therefore conclude that there is no substantiation to the official history of Auschwitz.

Excerpt from Auschwitz – Media lies or the truth at last? by Lady Michelle Renouf.https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts…

Ich bin Ursula – Je suis Faurisson

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Talk on the Core Mindset that Will Save our People and overthrow the Jewish Racist Globalists!

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Talk on the Core Mindset that Will Save our People and overthrow the Jewish Racist Globalists!

Dr. Duke started the show by recapping the news about the Trump rally that was besieged by aggressive demonstrators in Costa Mesa, California. Then he brought on Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, who talked about the success of Jewish tribalists in pushing the political “mainstream” towards Jewish interests.


They then went on to talk about whether Jews are a race. Andrew Anglin pointed out that after Darwin, there was a great deal of interest in the biology of race, and attention was being focused on the non-European origins of Jews in Europe. Jews like Franz Boaz countered by attacking the idea of race itself, not because they saw scientific truth in this position, but because they saw denying the existence of race as being good for the Jews.

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German Philosopher Giant Martin Heidegger Blamed Jews for “Self-Destructing” in Holocaust®

In a startling revelation in his so-called “Black Notebooks,” one of Germany’s leading philosophers of the 20th century, Martin Heidegger, blames the Jews for the Holocaust. 

According to article in last week’s Italian daily Corriere della Sera by Heidegger expert Donatella Di Cesare, “The Shoah was an act of self-destruction by the Jews.

This is the view that emerges from the new volume of Heidegger’s Black Notebooks.”

Heidegger wrote during the Holocaust in 1942 that the “community of Jews” is “in the age of the Christian West – the age of metaphysics – the principle of destruction.” He wrote further: “Only when what is essentially ‘Jewish,’ in the metaphysical sense, combats what is Jewish, is the peak of self-destruction in history reached.”

Heidegger, a towering figure in the school of continental European philosophy who died in 1976, was the rector at the University of Freiburg and summarily dismissed Jewish professors at the outset of the Nazi movement in the 1930s.

He was a member of the NSDAP.

The German-American Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt, a former student and lover of Heidegger, had defended him as a leading light in modern philosophy.

Speaking with The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Efraim Zuroff, the chief Nazi-hunter for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said, “The latest findings regarding Heidegger’s views of the mass murders of European Jews clearly reveal a total lack of understanding of the criminality of the annihilation of the Jews by the Third Reich.”

Zuroff,who heads the Jerusalem office of the Wiesenthal Center, added, “It also makes one wonder to what degree Hannah Arendt was influenced by him in the Eichmann trial. It makes research by Bettina Stangneth in her book Eichmann before Jerusalem: The unexamined life of a mass murderer” all the more important.

She conclusively proves that Arendt misread Eichmann.”

Arendt (1906-1975) wrote in her book Eichmann in Jerusalem that the Nazi official was merely a faceless bureaucrat.

According to her critics, she failed to grasp the lethal anti-Semitism that animated his behavior and world outlook.

The Auschwitz survivor and Austrian-Jewish journalist Jean Amery slammed Arendt for her work.

Di Cesare wrote that the Shoah for Heidegger is “presented as playing a decisive role” in a main tenant of Heidegger’s philosophy of the history of being.

After analyzing Heidegger’s newly discovered writings, she found that, “In this sense, the extermination of the Jews represents the apocalyptic moment when that which destroys ends up destroying itself. As the peak of ‘self-destruction in history,’ the Shoah makes possible the purification of being.”

Heidegger, as an anti-technology proponent, saw the Jews as the embodiment of a technological world that he loathed. He plays down the Holocaust and at times denies the existence of extermination camps in his notebooks.

(Jerusalem Post)

Ten thousand incensed Jews swarmed into New York City’s Central Park where the man they hated most planned to speak in the “free forum area.”

The huge mob was swollen with overwrought people loudly screaming for his blood. They brandished lead pipes and pieces of broken pavement in the best Old Testament traditions of free speech. No one really expected him to show up in the face of such demented numbers, so the frothing Chosen turned the event into an anti-Nazi celebration.

They clapped and sang “Havanaglia” and performed round-dances in the street. But at the height of their vengeful hysteria, at the appointed time, a big man standing tall and alone in the very midst of the insane rabble threw off his long, concealing overcoat. As if by black magic, Rockwell appeared in full Stormtrooper uniform in the eye of an emotional hurricane, surrounded by enemies too stunned to move. Incredibly, he began to taunt them, deriding them to their camel-faces as cowards and fugitives from lunatic asylums.

He had shown up , he said, at their request, so let’s see how tough they really were. No one made a move against the formidable ex-U.S. Navy Commander. He strutted smiling among them, ridiculing their false promises to prevent his New York speech. It was a very personal confrontation between Aryan man and his Jewish opposites, between racial matter and anti-matter. An explosion was inevitable.

The Jews Go Nuts

Only by degrees did the Hebes belatedly psych themselves up to sufficient hysteria. In a convulsive, screaming lunge they fell on Commander Rockwell. But he had the psychological advantage of a larger-than life personal courage. In an utterly one-sided battle too incredible for anyone who has not actually witnessed or fought through such a moment, he bashed and throttled his way into the shrieking crowd. The grasping, spitting devils fell on all sides, as the lone hero of the White race cut a path of blood and broken bones across New York City. They never knocked him off his feet and he never tired of splitting enemy jaws.

Alarmed and inspired by such Herculean bravery, a squad of policeman crashed into the howling throng swinging night sticks. Kosher casualties mounted rapidly, as the cops obviously relished their sport. They blazed a path of splattering gore to the ever-battling Rockwell, and escorted him over the blubbering bodies of fallen Jews. He emerged with only a few cuts and minor bruises. Even his uniform was in relatively good shape.

The Commander’s Early Life

George Lincoln Rockwell had come a long way from his birthplace in central Illinois, on March 9th, 1918. To be sure, his youth was far removed from the battlefields of New York City. He yearned to become a successful commercial artist, an ambition fulfilled when he won first prize in a national competition for the Cancer Foundation. But the Second World War changed his plans forever. Volunteering as a U.S. Navy pilot even before America’s official entry into the conflict, he was persuaded to believe with millions of other betrayed Americans that Adolf Hitler was getting ready to take over Coney Island and the Statue of Liberty. Decorated by war’s end for combat duty against German U-boats, he re-enlisted for the Korean War, rising to the rank of Commander.While stationed in Iceland, he met and married a beautiful Nordic woman, with whom he raised a family in the 1950’s.

But since the end of World War Two, Rockwell had grown increasingly troubled by the deteriorating condition of Western Civilization, the antidote for which he finally discovered in Mein Kampf. Aware at last of his real destiny, he founded the American Nazi Party, fulfilling a prophesy the Führer made shortly before his death:

“The fight against the Jews will not be renewed first in Europe, but in the United States. Within twenty five years, the Americans will have begun to come to their senses about the Jewish Question.”

The Fight Renewed

But in 1958, the American people were too complacent and self-satisfied for White Revolution. The nigger riots, economic chaos, cultural rot and Vietnam era treason of the 60’s still lay before them. In spite of Gentile apathy, Rockwell’s activism blasted to their consciousness through the “Paper Curtain”, as he referred to the Jewish boycott in the newsmedia of all information about National Socialism.

Years of unrewarding sacrifice finally bore fruit with Black demonstrations onto Midwestern White working class neighborhoods. Riding the crest of popular resentment against forced integration, Commander Rockwell addressed large assemblies of his fellow White Americans, who for the first time showered him with the gratitude he deserved. “The Jews are Through in “72!”, an often repeated slogan of the times, represented the high hopes then expressed for his bid for the presidency of the United States.

Rockwell’s popularity near the close of the decade was such that he seemed bound to win the highest seat in the land someday. That, tragically, was also the consensus of the Jew System, and he was assassinated under circumstances still shrouded in mystery, in Arlington, Virginia.

Who was George Lincoln Rockwell?

Destiny certainly chose the ideal man to represent the postwar National Socialist Movement. Six feet, four inches tall, ruggedly handsome, athletic, alert and quick-witted, he was the quintessential American folk-hero in the same mold, physically at any rate, as John Wayne or Clark Gable, with a similar charismatic appeal the American soul most responds to. Indeed to some observers, he resembled a cross between James Garner and Tyrannosaurus Rex, particularly when in combat. Yet, for all his dynamism, he was a doting father figure and an absolutely loyal friend.

In the highest traditions of National Socialist leadership, he constantly hurled himself unhesitatingly among the enemy, who never failed to outnumber him. When the first Viet Cong flag was publicly paraded by a Yiddish Communist through the streets of Boston in 1956, Rockwell launched himself into the Marxist demonstration of traitors and fools to tear it down and go to jail for the kind of selfless patriotism no one else dared. As he said modestly of himself on such occasions, he was only trying to undo in a small way the damage he had done to National Socialism as a deceived American in World War Two.

Rockwell’s Legacy

The enemies of the White race would like to pretend that George Lincoln Rockwell never existed. Certainly, they have done everything possible to expunge his name from American history. But their efforts continue to fail. His image and deeds are forever engraved in the hearts and memories of millions who lived through the turbulent decade of the Sixties. His writings and recorded spoken words continue to educate and inspire new generations of racial patriots.

Much as we mourn his passing, even after twenty five years, we know he did not die before his time, as does no man. It is, after all, the fate of the greatest heroes not to die peacefully of old age, but to fall in their prime under the hatred of their enemies. Only in this manner may they live on forever in the folkish consciousness of our race.

George Lincoln Rockwell made every living National Socialist and those yet unborn incomparably richer for his having lived. He single-handedly lifted our banner from the ashes of Berlin into the skies of America. He represented our Idea in so personable, professional and winning a fashion, he made us proud to be a part of his struggle. We are honored to accept his legacy. In his name, sanctified by the blood of self-sacrifice, we shall use it to the fullest advantage!

A man’s life is his noblest work. And if his work is carried on by those who survive him, he is not truly dead. Through us, Rockwell lives!

The people of Riga, Latvia, joyfully welcome German troops as liberators from Soviet oppression, July 1, 1941. From the weekly German wartime newsreel, “Deutsche Wochenschau.”


As this German wartime newsreel reports, young men across Europe volunteer for military service in the pan-European armed front against Soviet Bolshevism.

Scenes from Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and Spain. German troops liberate Latvia’s capital, Riga. Corpses of Latvians killed by Bolsheviks are shown.

Jews are rounded up and forced to work. German forces break through the “Stalin line” fortifications. In the tremendous “double battle” of Bialystok-Minsk, more than 300,000 Soviet prisoners are captured. German forces take Minsk, capital of Belarus, which the Soviets set on fire before retreating. German weekly newsreel, “Die Deutsche Wochenschau,” of July 16, 1941 (No. 567). With English subtitles (not entirely accurate). Runtime: 34:07 mins.