Pope Francis – Head of Masonic One-World Religion and Patron of Islam: Commandment of Baptism just as Imperialistic as Islam!

Abstract: Pope Francis is an obscure figure. He became pope through a coup d´etat by  his “mafia brethren” (as they call themselves “) who ousted Pope Benedict XVI – an equally depraved satanist as Francis. His task is to dechristianise the church from inside.

And t Francis has pushed this so far that he now refers to Jesus as Lucifer´s son. Considering the fact that  in 1963 the church enthroned Satan as its head  during the satanic Crypto-Jewish-inspired 2nd Vatican Council, that’s quite logical.
But Francis has gone one step further: As leader of the Gnostic Interfaith Movement, the one-world religion of the NWO, which is to melt together all religions in one pot with no room for exclusive Jesus Christ, he has  apparently accepted the offer of Israeli ex-President Peres from the Masonic king lodge B’ nai B’rith: To be the leader of the United Religions Initiative, a Luciferian Masonic group with highranking Illuminati henchmen, and including  Francis  since its Foundation in 1997!! 

Therefore, Francis is now the patron of Islam, chides Europeans that they do not want to receive the entire Muslim world as migrants and integrate them (which the Muslims decline!). So he wants Europe´s dechristianisation – like in the  countries that are Islamic today, but were previously Christian!

He travels to Lesvos to pray with Muslim migrants to their common God, who is not our Father of Jesus – but Lucifer, whom the Pope calls the Father of Jesus. Francis calls the migrants a gift. Allah is praised in the Qur’an for being the best deceiver – as Lucifer is, too. So  the Pope is in suitable company.

Francis now goes so far as to equate the imperialism of Islam with  Jesus´ Commandment of baptism. This poor Pope has not understood the difference: Jesus´ kingdom is spirit and not of this world . Islam is the kingdom of the sword in the name of the “Prince of the World” with so many names.

The preference of this anti-Christian Jesuit for Islam at the expense of Christ might have an explanation: Cardinal Bea told the later apostate Jesuit father, Alberto Rivera,  that the Vatican created Islam by Augustinian friars to kill true Christians in North Africa (“heretics”) and to have the Muslims conquer Jerusalem for the pope. The Quran actually reveals people with knowledge of the Bible as authors – Muhammad boasted to be illiterate!


Pope Francis brands rejection of migrants ‘an act of war’ (The Independent 10 Aug. 2015).


Dear fellow Christians: It is time to see the gigantic deception carried out under the pretence of Christianity – but in fact secretly a worshiping of Lucifer, the god of  Masonry, Pharisaism, the Catholic and other churches  and – Islam as afrancis-templarpossible offspring of the Vatican – see below.
The Delusion is the syncretic one-world religion  excluding Jesus Christ.

Left: Pope Francis with Knights Templar cross

It is all very complicated: Just take a look at what famous Bilderberg researcherDaniel Estulin has to tell: Catholicism no longer exists – it has been taken over by Masonry from the day the Black Nobility in Venice formed The Jesuits as a continuation of the Knights Templar Order, which ras dismantled in 1312. The Jesuits have their wealth administrated by Rothschild. There are much stronger forces in the Jesuit order than the white and black popes.

So in reality The Black Pope would be the grand master of the Knights Templar.

The Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ: “The Temple Order works from ever for the union of the two complementary branches of the abrahamic tree, Christianity and Islam, because this alliance is totally necessary for the accomplishment of the Parusie.”

This might explain why Pope Francis has become the patron of Islam.

FrancisI-coats-of-armsAs I have so often written Pope Francis is a Jesuit – the order which is the originator of Freemasonry and revival of the Illuminati. There areonly heathen symbols in his coats-of-arms, and he has sworn a terrible oath to kill all heretics in the most brutal way. But most of all: He is the head of a church which on 28/29 June 1963 (during the satanic, Jewish inspired 2. Vatican Concile) enthroned Satan as its head.The Vatican has elected him to destroy the Church from within. Pope Francis, continuing the  the Luciferian – Interfaith  and here  and here and here and here  and here etc. was appointed head of the one-world religion of the NWO by Shimon Peres of the King of Masonic lodges: the Jewish B´nai B´rith.

Acc. to the Koran, Allah is the best of deceivers. However, the God of Christ-hating Judaism and Masonry- who is also  Lucifer  and here and here — matches him. And so does his servant, Pope Francis!

Catholic Family News 10 Nov. 2014: At a private audience with Pope Francis this September 4th, Peres “proposed the founding of a United Religions organization   to fight terrorism”.
In an interview with the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, Peres said he wanted toestablish an international body representing the world’s major religions, as “an unquestionable moral authority” able to intervene in conflicts, “a UN of religions”.

peres-b´nai-b´rithShimon Peres receives the B´nai B´rith Europe medal of merit

Furthermore, he said, Pope Francis would be the best leader for the United Religions Organization because “perhaps for the first time in history the Holy Father is a leader who’s respected also by different religions and their representatives”.

“The pope listened, showing his interest, his attention and encouragement”. But, “the pope made no personal commitment,” telling Peres that the Pontifical Councils for Interreligious Dialogue and for Justice and Peace are the offices “suitable” for supporting or following such initiatives. Their presidents would “consider this proposal carefully,” said Fr. Lombardi
The Masonic one-world religion of the New World Order, in the making for over 150 years, materialized in June 1997 as the URI. Peres´visit was carefully prepared.

URI (The United Religions Initiative) and Pope Francis
The Remnant 11 Apr. 2014: There is this strangely underreported connection between Pope Francis and a global organization called the United Religions Initiative (URI).
Pope Francis, while still Cardinal Bergoglio, was reportedly a friend and supporter of the San Francisco-based URI, which has regional offices in 83 countries and seems to have as its ultimate objective the establishment of the One World Religion, whereby Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists, Bahá’is, Sikhs, Hindus, Zoroastrians, New Agers, Wiccans, representatives of aboriginal religions, etc., would set aside all doctrinal differences or claims of religious supremacy in order to engender universal peaceful coexistence.
In 2007, URI celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  “Little did we know,” writes an enthusiastic Maria Eugenia Crespo of URI in Argentina that “one of our esteemed participants and friends, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, would be named Pope just five years later! Felicitations, Papa Francis!”

The URI works closely with the United Nations, and it has received funding from i.a.  George Soros and Bill Gates, a Federal agency (the United States Institute of Peace), and organizations (the Rudolf Steiner Foundation and the Luci(fer)s Trust  that promote various forms of Theosophy, an anti-Christian, New Agespiritual movement. “We can’t afford fundamentalists in a world this small,” says Francis.If the URI vision prevails, Christian evangelism based on the unique, saving identity and acts of Christ would be ruled out.

Could this provide context for Pope Francis’ famous quip “Proselytism is solemn nonsense. It makes no sense!”?
Comment: This reveals Francis as Non-Christian. For Jesus´ last words were: “
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Behind the URI are Bishop William Swing, Bishop of the Episcopal Church, a USdenomination of the Church of England, the Illuminati WEF, the Earth Charterfounders  (Gorbachev, Stephen Rockefeller, Maurice Strong), Ted Turner, the Ford Foundation, Dee Hock (founder of the Visa card, which is now managed by Rothschild), and Maurice Strong (Canadian billionaire – co-author of the Earth Charter and the man behind the Agenda 21).

And Francis excels in his Lucifer Mission
The Guardian 17 May 2016Islam and Christianity share an inherent “idea of conquest”, and those who refer to Europe’s roots as Christian often veer into colonialism, Pope Francis has said in a wide-ranging interview about the the migration crisis and the ability of Christians and Muslims to live together harmoniously.


The pope alsohailed the election of Sadiq Khan in London,saying that a Muslim mayor personified the idea of integration within Europe.

The pope said it was a “fair and responsible” to ask whether Europe had the capacity to accept millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. But he said it was more important to ask why there were so many, pointing to war, the unfettered free market, unemployment, the arms trade, underinvestment in Africa and income inequality.


He appeared to reject any link between Islamic extremism within Europe and Islam itself. Instead, he condemned the way in which migrants were “ghettoised” rather than integrated into society (- which the Muslims by no means want!).

He said integration was even more necessary today than in the past because of the “grave problem” of Europe’s declining birth rate, saying a “demographic emptiness is developing”.

Antichristian Pope denying that God is  Almighty


When he was asked why he never referred to Europe’s roots as Christian – he has often spoken of Europe having a multicultural identity – Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, said he spoke of “roots” in the plural because there were so many.

“When I hear talk of the Christian roots of Europe, I sometimes dread the tone, which can seem triumphalist or even vengeful. It then takes on colonialist overtones,” he said.

“Christianity’s contribution to the culture was of service – of “Christ in the washing of the feet” – and not a “colonial enterprise”, he said.


When Francis was asked by La Croix whether fear of Islam was justified in Europe, he said people’s real fear was of Islamic State.

“It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel (28:19,20), where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest,” he said.
Far fetched. This poor pope has not grasped that Jesus´kingdom is spirit and not of this world, while the kingdom of Islam is that of the sword on behalf of the “prince of the World” (John 14:30).

He said the co-existence between Christians and Muslims was “still possible”, pointing to his native Argentina, pre-war Central Africa, and Lebanon as models.
Comment: In Agentina few Muslims are living – in Lebanon they are being mobbed out – in Mali and Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya  they are being killed.

On Whitsun Day 2014, an Interfaith  Charade made the Papal one World religion  official in the garden of the Vatican, an Imam praying to Allah (Lucifer) for victory over the infidels. The pope said all humans are brothers. Jesus and the Holy Spirit were not mentioned!

When asked about the role religion ought to play in society and government, Francis strongly backed the separation between church and state, saying states “must be secular”, although they also needed strong laws guaranteeing religious freedom”.

He then expressed a “modest critique” of France, saying the country’s laws exaggerate laïcité – the separation between church and state.

Islam created by the Vatican? Is this the reason for Francis favouring Muslims, dropping Christ? 
I do not know if the following is historically correct: It is maintained that the Catholic Church founded Islam to conquer Jerusalem from the Jews for the pope – and to destroy true Christians in North Africa.

pope-welcomeOn 17 April 2016,  Pope Francis not only visited Muslim refugees in Lesbos – he prayed with them to their common God – who is not the Father of Jesus Christ, since Allah says he has no son (Koran sura 112:3) – and Francis sees Lucifer as Jesus´father (video above)!!  Acc. to the Koran, Allah is the best deceiver – and so is Lucifer. Thus the pope in in the right community! And he took 12 of them with him back to Italy – which is human trafficking!

It is based on an apostate Jesuit priest named  Alberto Rivera:“What I’m going to tell you is what I learned in secret briefings in the Vatican when I was a Jesuit priest, under oath and induction”. Rivera was nearly killed by the Jesuits.
“A Jesuit cardinal named Augustine Bea showed us how desperately the Roman Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century. Because of its religious history and its strategic location, the Holy City was considered a priceless treasure”.

It is maintained that Augustine monks wrote the Koran for illiterate Muhammad

Augustine  notoriously killed the Donatists and all “heretics” who did not share his bizarre opinion on the original sexual sin and unbreakable predestination.

Acc. to Augustine, most people are predestined to eternal perdition, so it is indifferent if they are killed by the sword of the Roman army , which very influential Augustine ordered to kill them, or by plague”. For only the chosen few (Augstine) were saved. It could only be seen on the Judgment Day if people were chosen ones or not, no matter whether they were baptized or lived by Jesus´commandments or not.  This philosophy dominated the Catholic Church for 1400 years! This is contrary to Christ´s teachings, who said “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).
Voltaire said the Illuminati French Revolution was a protest against Church tyrant Augustine.
So no wonder, if Augustine´s monks would be able to construct Islam.
In fact, Muslims see Augustine as the bridge from paganism via Christianity to the “only true religion, Islam”!!!

In fact the Koran mentions Jesus time and again as “the word”, “Spirit” “Jesus Christ Sura 3:45)” “creator out of mud” Muhammad is mentioned 4 times – Jesus 25 times. The only woman mentioned (and frequently) in the Koran is the Virgin Maria! Besides, twisted Bible tales are given time and again. This can only be due to the Koran coming from Bible knowers

However, Islamic generals grew so strong that they fostered their own plans.
Nevertheless, the connections between the Vatican and and Islam seems to have been maintained:
Eric Jon Phelps: Both Romanism and Islam are identical religions in substance and practical outworking. Both religions have:
1. A center city: Rome and Mecca;
2. A primary language for religious texts and worship: Latin and Arabic;
3. Dictatorial religious leaders: Pope and Caliph (presently absent since 1922);
4. Holy Wars: Crusades and Jihads;
5. Common enemies: primarily all racial and religious Jews and especially non-papal, Bible-reading Christians;
6. Religious “Holy Men:” Priests and Imams;
7. The goal of “converting the world” by argument or by the sword;
8. The basic belief of “works salvation” as defined by the whims of religious leaders;
9. A fanatical predisposition for the possession of the Old City of Jerusalem and Temple Mount when it belongs of Biblical right to the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites;
10. A fanatical hatred for the true Lord Jesus Christ/Risen Son of God.

Conclusion: The “works salvation” cult of the Roman Papacy secretly created and rules the “works salvation” cult of Sunni Islam through both the Masonic leaders  and here of Sunni Islam as well as the people enslaved to the doctrines of Islam. Sunni/Wahhabi Islam is a lean, mean killing machine in the full employ of the White Pope of Rome directed by the Black Pope—the Jesuit Superior General.
Acc. to Daniel Estulin there are much stronger forces than the Black Pope.

This man is named Adolfo Nicolas Pachon is called the most powerful person in the world.
The Jesuits are the originators of Masonry

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Rockefeller-Insider Reveals NWO Plan for Social Engineering/Total Standardization: New Order of the Barbarians

On 16 June 1989, the New York Times brought the obituary of Dr. Richard day quoted below.

What Dr. Lawrence Dunegan refers to below is a prediction of a future unknown in 1969, when the speech was given. It was the year after the Jewish Frankfurt School´s satanic communist  sex  revolution. It may is the vision of that revolution – and at the same time it is the insider vision of a prominent Rockefeller puppet (leader of “the notorious, abortion-murderous Planned Parenthood” of the NWO, which is reducing the US´white population as mass immigration of colured people is promoted.

Much of what follows is the Program of the Wise Elders of Zion – edited in 1903. Acc. to Rabbi Marvin Antelman (To Eliminate the Opiate, p. xviii), the Warburgs, Rothschild and Rockefeller were behind them.

Overlords of Chaos: The New Order of Barbarians is the transcript of three tapes of reminiscences made by Dr Lawrence Dunegan, of a speech given on March 20, 1969 byProf. Richard Day (1905-89), an insider of the “Order,” recorded by Randy Engel in 1988.

Richard-dayDr Lawrence Dunegan claims he attended a medical meeting on March 20, 1969 where Dr Richard Day(left), at the time Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and was previously theMedical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, gave a speech to colleagues and students on what was in wait – to prepare them for it. 

Somewhere in the introductory remarks he insisted that nobody have a tape recorder and that nobody take notes. Dunegan did take notes, however.

Dr Dunegan (died 2004) wrote: The speaker was predicting changes that would be brought about in the future.
The speaker was on the inside (“We”), admitting that, indeed, there was an organized power, force, group of men, who wielded enough influence to determine major events involving countries around the world.

I believe you will be impressed with the degree to which the things that were planned to be brought about have already been accomplished.
There is a timetable; and it was during this session that some of the elements of the timetable were brought out.

We plan to enter the 21st Century with a running start. Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now . . .”

nwo-cultHe said: “Some of you will think I’m talking about Communism. Well, what I’m talking about is much bigger than Communism!”
At that time he indicated that there is much more cooperation between East and West than most people realize.

He went on to say that people who really influence decisions are names that, for the most part, would be familiar to most of us. He went on to say that they were not primarily people in public office, but people of prominence who were primarily known in their private occupations or private positions.

His purpose in telling our group about these changes that were to be brought about was to make it easier for us to adapt to these changes.

Frequently he would say: “There is just no other way !”


1) People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent.”

2)Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people; and second, is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”

3)The major religions of today have to be changed because they are not compatible with the changes to come. The old religions will have to go. Especially Christianity. Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily.

interfaith1The Luciferian – Interfaith  and here  andhere and here and here  and here etc. is the new one-world religion, headed by Jesuit antichrist pope Francis

Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world. It will incorporate something from all of the old ones to make it more easy for people to accept it, and feel at home in it. Most people won’t be too concerned with religion. They will realize that they don’t need it. Comment: And the Lucifer will have achieved his goal.

4) In order to do this, the Bible will be changed. It will be rewritten to fit the new religion. Gradually, key words will be replaced with new words having various shades of meaning. Then, the meaning attached to the new word can be close to the old word. And as time goes on, other shades of meaning of that word can be emphasized, and then gradually that word replaced with another word. The idea is that everything in Scripture need not be rewritten, just key words replaced by other words. And the variability in meaning attached to any word can be used as a tool to change the entire meaning of Scripture, and therefore make it acceptable to this new religion.Most people won’t know the difference; and this was another one of the times where he said:”… the few who do notice the difference won’t be enough to matter.”

church-freemasonry5)  ” … some of you probably think the churches won’t stand for this [and he went on to say] The churches will helpus!”

6) As regards education, he indicated that kids would spend more time in schools, but in many schools they wouldn’t learn anything.We think we can push evolution.
“By pushing kids to learn more, he seemed to be suggesting that their brains would evolve, that their offspring would evolve – sort of pushing evolution.

Students would have to decide at a younger age what they would want to study and get onto their track early, if they would qualify. Studies would be concentrated in much greater depth, but narrowed. You wouldn’t have access to material in other fields, outside your own area of study, without approval.
People would be very spezialized.

General Brock Chisholm, the first Secr. General of Rockefeller´s WHO:  “For many generations we have bowed our necks to the yoke of the conviction of sin. We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachrs ..it has long been generally accepted that parents have perfect right to impose any points of view, any lies or fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates, or faith on their defenseless children. …gently put aside the mistaken old ways of our elders if that is possible. If it cannot be done gently, it may have to be done roughly or even violently….”

7) “ some books would just disappear from the libraries.”
This was in the vein that some books contain information or contain ideas that should not be kept around. And therefore, those books would disappear.
Another area of discussion was laws that would be changed so that e.g. gamblingwould be increased.”Why should all that gambling money be kept in private hands when the State would benefit from it?”

8) Drug use would be increased. There was a statement made at the time: “Before the earth was overpopulated, there was a law of the jungle where only the fittest survived.”

9) More jails would be needed. Hospitals could serve as jails (Known from Communist Russia, but also from today´s West for cantankerous NWO critics). Some new hospital construction would be designed so as to make them adaptable to jail-like use.

10) He was very active with population control groups, the population control movement. He said the population is growing too fast. We will outgrow our food supply and we will over-pollute the world with our waste.

People won’t be allowed to (License required!) have babies just because they want to or because they are careless. Most families would be limited to two. Some people would be allowed only one. That’s because the zero population growth [rate] is 2.1 children per completed family.

11) He said sex must be separated from reproduction.   The strategy then would be to increase sex activity, but in such a way that people won’t be having babies.

Contraception would be very strongly encouraged.  And, contraceptives would be dispensed in the schools (Common Core) in association with sex education – this use then to be carried over into marriage.
“Abortion will no longer be a crime. Abortion will be accepted as normal“… and would be paid for by taxes for people who could not pay for their own abortions.

12) Homosexuality also was to be encouraged. “People will be given permission to be homosexual.”

13) More women will work outside the home. More men will be transferred to other cities, and in their jobs, more men would travel. Therefore, it would be harder for families to stay together. and it would to make people less willing to have babies.

euthanasia-300x22514) The old are no longer useful. They become a burden. They should be ready toaccept death. An arbitrary age limitcould be established.
The young would become agreeable to helping Mom and Dad along the way, provided this was done humanely and with dignity. There could be like a nice, farewell party, a real celebration. Mom and Dad had done a good job. And then after the party’s over they take the “demise pill.
Comment:  (But of coursen David Rockefeller is now 101 years old – and the old war criminal , Henry Kissinger, about 93!!!)

15) Medical care would be connected very closely with one’s work, but also would be made very, very high in cost so that it would simply be unavailable to people beyond a certain time

badge-student-nurse16)  Anybody moving about in a hospital would be required to wear an identification badge with photograph and … telling why he was there … employee or lab technician or visitor or whatever.

17)Doctors are making entirely too much money. They should advertise like any other product.”

18) He said there would be new diseases to appear which had not ever been seen before. Would bevery difficult to diagnose and be untreatable – at least for a long time. Some years later, as AIDS ultimately developed. I now think that AIDS probably was a manufactured disease.

Georgia_Guidestones-e1289416857266georgia-guidestones-befor_-new_square_19)We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute. Letting people die of cancer was a good thing to do because it would slow down the problem ofoverpopulation.

Left and below: The Georgia Guidestones are an Illuminati/Masonic admonition to surviving mankind after a global disaster.

20) “There is now a way to simulate a real heart attack. It can be used as a means of assassination.” Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish this from the real thing.

21) He said something about about proper diet would be widely available, but most people – particularly stupid people, who had no right to continue living anyway- they would ignore the advice and just go on and eat what was convenient and tasted good.

athletic22) He went on to say that more people would be exercising more. “People will be running all over the place.
And this was in reference to athletic clothing and unnecessary equipment. This would be made more widely available and glamorized,

23) Public eating places would rapidly increase.
” … we think that we can push evolution faster and in the direction we want it to go.”

Now decide for yourself how far this program has been implemented.
This is social engineering par excellence!
You and I are just pieces in a central diabolical  game in which we are being led  into total standardization. 
It is about time we wake up and see it so that we can skip our roles in that deadly game.

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