The ‘Jewish Question’ Now A Global Issue

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2010


“JEWS RULE THE WORLD BY PROXY,” said the Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, in a speech to Indonesian heads of state in 2003, “they get others to die for them,” he emphasized.

Bringing the issue of Jewish control up-to-date, on January 29, 2009, South Africa’s deputy foreign minister, Fatima Hajaig, was hailed before the national human rights body for saying that “Jewish money controls the United States.”

Here is what Hajaig told a political rally in Johannesburg in mid January 2009:

“Jews control America, no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush. The control of America, just like the control of most western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money.” View Entire Story Here.

Outraged by the remarks, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies filed a complaintagainst Hajaig with the South African human rights body.

JEWISH OUTRAGE GOES GLOBALOUTRAGE TOWARDS ANYONE WHO PROFFERS VALID CRITICISM of Jewish affairs is the continual accepted response by world Jewry. But for a Gentile to be “outraged” by Jewish apartheid in Israel, Jewish genocide in Gaza, Jewry’s applause of Gazan genocide, & Jewish control of American & European political life, is to be slandered, vilified, and to have his or her job and life in jeopardy.

The latest victim of Jewry’s vilification came from the pen of Abraham Foxman of the Anti Defamation League (ADL) on January 23, 2009. Labeling the highly respected journalist Bill Moyers as an “Anti Semite” simply because Moyers censured Israel for its massacre of Palestinian children, Foxman did not blush to blow his putrid Judaic smoke into the face of this high profile Gentile figure.

And the latest human target of Jewish “outrage,” Bishop Richard Williamson, was bloodied with spiteful arrows by the entire global Jewish community beginning on January 24, 2009. Jews were offended when Williamson, a ‘holocaust denying’ bishop, was brought back into the Vatican fold after being excommunicated.

World Jewry, whose outrage was voiced by Germany’s Central Council of Jews and Rabbi David Rosen of the American Jewish Committee, (there are thousands of Jewish “councils” & “committees” ), called the move by the Roman Catholic Church “shameful,” a “mockery,” and “contemptuous of the religion of Judaism.” Now it appears that Jews are demanding of the Catholic Church a new dogma to replace the crucifixion of Christ: “Holocaustology.”

THE JEWISH QUESTION TODAYTHE PHRASE, ‘THE JEWISH QUESTION,’ originates from the title of an 1843 book, “Die Judenfrage,” by the German historian, Bruno Bauer. Bauer argued that Jews could achieve political emancipation only if they relinquished their religious consciousness. Bauer posited that since political emancipation requires a secular state, it does not leave any “space for social identities” such as religion.

But history and evolving social issues have proven Bauer quite wrong. Though political emancipation of the Jews did come about through Jewish secularism, in the end, Jews still clung to their “social identity” through attachment to their historical “religious” roots.

The Jewish Question today goes far beyond the issue of religion. The ‘Jewish Question’ that the entire world is now challenged with has to do with the tremendous power that the Jews — a self-conscious elitist group — wield in the social & political arena, globally.

Jewish control of today’s social & political life was recently summed up by the renowned historian, Mark Weber. In a recent article dealing with the relevance of Holocaust revisionism, Weber addressed the issue of Jewish Zionist power in its historical perspective:

“The Holocaust assumed an important role in the social-cultural life of America and western Europe owing to a phenomenal increase of Jewish influence and power.

The Holocaust Remembrance campaign is not so much a source of Jewish-Zionist power as it is an expression of it. For this reason, debunking the Holocaust will not shatter that power.” View Entire Story Here.

But what will “shatter” the power that the Jews wield over us in our social & political life? How is it that only 5 Congressmen opposed Resolution HR 34 passed by the US Congress on January 9, 2009, absolving the Jews of Israel of committing crimes against humanity in their recent invasion of Gaza? The entire world stands outraged by Israel’s genocide of Gazan innocents, yet US politicians seem to have no conscience whatsoever. Why?

It is because Jews with their money wield control of the careers of US politicians. If a Senator or Congressman does not cater to the Jewish Lobby, chiefly represented by AIPAC which bribes and keeps a running profile on all politicians, their careers will be terminated in the next election.

“Absolute power corrupts and power corrupts absolutely,” even corrupting the very consciences of politicians. But it is now time for the “outrage” that Jews express toward their critics be turned against them. For if we are not outraged by Jewry’s corruption of Western society’s social & political life, we have not been paying attention…

Differences between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Are The Jews Gods Chosen people?

Jew SPEW Videos….

Khazar, Ashkenazi Jews are big-mouthed, immoral people and totally self-centered hypocrites. Spiteful, up the ying-yang. Most of them are all for “Diversity,” NWO/Globalization, non-White Immigration into the White countries of the West (but never, ever in sacred Israel, of course) and having us FIGHT THEIR GD WARS for precious Israel (which they stole because they think God promised them the place).

They’ll do anything to confuse, divide and destroy the one race that most presents a real threat to them: The White Race. If you think about it, you’ll see this has always been the case.

Say one little thing about absolutely anything they, or that lousy evil country Israel ever does and they’ll scream “anti-Semite,” “Nazi,” “hater,” like the paranoid nutcases they are. Because of the Politically Correct muzzle installed on us by them, they fully expect you to keep your mouth shut no matter what they say or do.

They don’t give a damn what you think — they could care less — they’re the “Chosen Ones,” remember?

What’s worse, is that they’re not even the Israelites of the Bible. Say what? Yep, even that, too, is a lie. Go HERE and read up on the real facts of the matter. They sure as hell won’t tell you!

Just watch this hard to find video of the disgusting dyke Jewess, Sandra Bernhard, as she Jew-Spews on Sarah Palin. Read more here

No thumbnail but works fine. See it here and nowhere else!

Folks, this is typical Jew hate for White people. Figure it out — nothing but utter arrogance and hatred for the White Goyim non-stop out of their big fat mouths, 24/7!

Evidently, Dyke Bernhard, or ADL Jews, purposefully went and had all the videos of this removed wherever they could. But I did manage to find the above video at an obscure site, and captured it right before it was deleted. It looks like it was originally created as an on-line Internet ad, specifically directed at Jew elites infesting the Washington, DC area.


Jew rabbi Nachum Shiffren mistakenly tells the truth. LOL

Continually deleted from Youtube:

Feeling the hate in Jerusalem.

Liberal “anti-Zionist” Jews interview partying Israelis and so-called “American” Jew traitors visiting sacred Israel while on vacation (they love visiting their true motherland and often even serve in their army). Listen to what they have to say about Obama and Negroes. And we support these truly obnoxious people with our hard-earned tax dollars? Hell, Israel wouldn’t survive one damn year without brainwashed America paying them billions. In fact, Israel literally gets most of America’s foreign financial support.

Catch the drunk guy at the end who says he had a grandmother lost at Auschwitz — all Jews are trained from birth on how to put out that line of bull.

This video is titled “the wife of Victor Vancier” (original name of the Jewish Defense League’s head, Christian hater, Chaim Ben Pesach). I don’t know if she is or not, but she’s definitely one totally crazed, obscene JDL Jewess (note the Star of Satan around her neck). She sure scares the bejeesus out of me!

Totally obnoxious Jewish Defense League freaks causing a ruckus over something stupid on a city street. Word has it, that the funky red-haired big mouth with the bull horn is the “Mad Jewess” herself; who frequently comes here and makes the most inane comments, cursing everybody under the sun. What a total Jew byatch!

Just listen to the pornography hero, the Jew Al Goldstein (SCREW magazine), tell us what he thinks. Not only is the sick pig extremely disgusting (don’t watch if you’re sensitive to the foulest of language), but he’s obviously one arrogant Jew up the ying-yang. Note the other big porno Jews he talks about.
Sarah Silverman: I’m F–king Matt Damon. Like we care, you Jew skank?

Bob Saget’s (oh yeah, he’s a Jew) rendition of the purposefully sickening, Jew Aristocrat “joke.” They find this routine funny (it gets old, fast), but it really shows just how insanely perverted and scatalogical Jews are. Don’t watch if you can’t handle the absolute foulest language. You kiddies better not, either.

Dead Goyim. See a pair of sickingly arrogant Jews spout off about the funeral for a little old White woman (supposedly a friend, too). Jews are extremely disrespectful of anyone not Jewish (especially White Christians), but the lousy GD bastards have the nerve to scream bloody murder should anyone else dare say JACK about them. That’s how self-absorbed Jews are.

The Chief Rabbi of Arad and his followers screaming and harrassing some Israeli Christian women. These wackos are hopped-up “meshugge” (crazy) to the extreme about Christianity and Jesus. Note how these people do NOT look like the ancestry of people from this area, but Eastern European (they are the Khazar race who converted many generations ago). This is how those “meek” orthodox Jews really behave when Jews have control, like in Israel. Sorry SOBs.

Some crazy Jew rabbi telling his congregation that Jews are the greatest, smartest and most moral, kindly, etc. etc. race on the planet. These people literally tell themselves all the time that God gave only them the mandate to lead the rest of us goyim — Jews are so completely off the richter scale in the arrogance department that it’s breathtaking in scope. Note where he says they are only 15 million of them on the planet. They’ve been saying that line of bull for the last 100 years, even after they supposedly lost 6 million in the “holocaust” crap they go on and on about. These people lie so constantly and so big that White people just can’t get their heads around it. This is the actual, real-life “The Big Lie” that Herr Hitler was talking about, not what the Jews have always claimed as the Big Lie — the lying Jews have turned even this quote around on it’s head!


OK, so the censoring Jews took the last video out. Can’t be letting the Goyim get wise. But check out the above video from some crazy-haired, smug little Jewess creep telling us the entire Jewish race are the real Jesus (and even reflections of God himself). Can you believe the sheer arrogance? According to her, we have to come to the Jews for holy guidence and if not, all us Goy will end-up in the FEMA camps! Talk about some unbelievably stuck-up people.

Disgusting French Jew and his very own daughter sing in bed about the joys of incest. You would not believe the filthy Jew’s impact on morality in Europe — trust me.

Rahm Emanuel — a love song. Don’t watch this one on a full stomach!

My New Haircut — Jewish Edition. This flabby little putz thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Listen to what he has to say about the “shiksas.” These are truly arrogant and obscene people, not at all like they want you to think.

DELETED for some reason.

Jew York. Bratty, self-centered Jewess does the Jew rap! These people actually believe they are so funny and “hip?” Please. Just think about how they constantly scam America and manipulate us into wars — always killing non-Jews — not only Muslims, but Christians, too. These people could care less about anything besides their own arrogant Jewness and material possesions, while living comfortably in the West.


Deleted by Jewish Censors at Youtube. Can’t be letting the Goyim get the real deal.

The midget Jew, Robert Reich, Obamas economic advisor doesn’t want recovery jobs from Obama’s “stimulus” program to go to “White Male Construction Workers.” The proven corrupt Negro politician, Charlie Rangel, smirkingly tells Reich the Middle class won’t bother to do or say anything, since they are too busy trying to work for a living. Unbelievable!

Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

Shulamit Aloni, former israeli minister, admits that the holocaust and the “antisemite” accusation are used to manipulate those who criticize zionists.


How Three Million Germans were Mass Murdered after Destruction of the Reich

Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh.

Giles MacDonogh is a historian of wine and gastronomy, but in this book, pursuing his other consuming interest – German history – he serves a dish to turn the strongest of stomachs. It makes particularly uncomfortable reading for those who compare the disastrous occupation of Iraq unfavourably to the post-war settlement of Germany and Austria.

MacDonogh argues that the months that followed May 1945 brought no peace to the shattered skeleton of Hitler’s Reich, but suffering even worse than the destruction wrought by the war. After the atrocities that the Nazis had visited on Europe, some degree of justified vengeance by their victims was inevitable, but the appalling bestialities that MacDonogh documents so soberly went far beyond that. The first 200 pages of his brave book are an almost unbearable chronicle of human suffering.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers vanished before they could creep back to the holes that had been their homes. The majority of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who surrendered at Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but, shamingly, many thousands perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans. Herded into cages along the Rhine, with no shelter and very little food, they dropped like flies. Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour in a score of Allied countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held in Russia as late as 1979.

The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women and children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide – and mass murder.

Apart from the well-known repeated rape of virtually every girl and woman unlucky enough to be in the Soviet occupation zones, perhaps the most shocking outrage recorded by MacDonogh – for the first time in English – is the slaughter of a quarter of a million Sudeten Germans by their vengeful Czech compatriots. The survivors of this ethnic cleansing, naked and shivering, were pitched across the border, never to return to their homes. Similar scenes were seen across Poland, Silesia and East Prussia as age-old German communities were brutally expunged.

Given that what amounted to a lesser Holocaust was unfolding under their noses, it may be asked why the western Allies did not stop this venting of long-dammed-up rage on the (mainly) innocent. MacDonogh’s answer is that it could all have been even worse. The US Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, favoured turning Germany into a gigantic farm, and there were genocidal Nazi-like schemes afoot to starve, sterilise or deport the population of what was left of the bombed-out cities.

The discovery of the Nazi death camps stoked Allied fury, with General George Patton asking an aide amid the horrors of Buchenwald: ‘Do you still find it hard to hate them?’ But the surviving inmates were soon replaced by German captives – Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and even Auschwitz stayed in business after the war, only now with the Germans behind the wire.

It was Realpolitik, not humanitarian concern, that caused a swift shift in western attitudes towards their former foes. Fear of Communism spreading into the heart of Europe, and the barbarities of the Russians – who kidnapped and killed hundreds of their perceived enemies from the western zones of Berlin and Vienna – belatedly made the West realise that they had beaten one totalitarian power only to be threatened by another.

Even that hardline Kraut-hater Patton was sacked for advocating a pre-emptive strike against Russia. Building up West Germany and saving Berlin from Soviet strangulation with the 1948 airlift became the first battles of the Cold War – even if that meant overlooking Nazi crimes and enlisting Nazi criminals in the ‘economic miracle’ of reconstruction.

Although MacDonogh roundly condemns all the occupying powers, the British emerge with some credit. Apart from one Air Marshal who looted art treasures; and an MI5 interrogator nicknamed ‘Tin Eye’ Stephens who ran a private torture chamber, British hands may have been grubby, but were not deeply blood-stained. British squaddies preferred to purchase their sex privately with a packet of fags or a pair of nylons, rather than in the Soviet style.

MacDonogh has written a gruelling but important book. This unhappy story has long been cloaked in silence since telling it suited no one. Not the Allies, because it placed them near the moral nadir of the Nazis; nor the Germans, because they did not wish to be accused of whitewashing Hitler by highlighting what was, by any standard, a war crime. Giles MacDonogh has told a very inconvenient truth.


The popular image of this man, particularly in the United States, is a crude caricature…

Contrary to popular belief, Goebbels was successful as a propagandist not because he was a master of the “Big Lie,” but rather as a result of his fidelity to facts and truth. As biographer Heiber notes: “Goebbels was accordingly able to celebrate his information policy as being not only superior to the enemy’s in its monolithic character, but also of a ‘seriousness and credibility’ which ‘simply cannot be surpassed.’

The boast could be made with some justification: “Seen in the long view, Goebbels preached, the best propaganda is that which does no more than serve the truth.”

Goebbels’ frankness and even courage won him a measure of popular admiration. Writes Heiber: He understood the value of admitting reverses and even, now and then, errors; his readiness to be thus “candid” was a kind of knowledgeable wink at his audience — “Look, I take you seriously. Let’s be frank with one another” — and enabled him to ensnare them all the more. The result was that later on, after 1943, after he had borrowed … the “blood, sweat and tears” theme of Churchill, people were ready to believe in the ray of hope which he astutely let shine through the somber coloring of his speeches. [p. 134]

“As other influential Nazis began to creep into their shells,” comments Heiber, “Goebbels could dare to appear before a mob and not only gain a hearing, but even arouse faith and hope …” [p. 134]

As the war dragged on, Goebbels’ front-page editorial essays in the weekly paper Das Reich played an increasingly important role in sustaining public morale. They were widely reprinted and routinely read over the radio. “His articles in Das Reich,” acknowledges Heiber, “were indeed excellent, brilliantly written, and full of bright ideas …” [p. 235]

Heiber also notes:

Goebbels’ articles were carefully worked out more than a week before they were to appear, written in excellent, polished German, stylistically enjoyable and relatively discriminating in content; often they seemed illumined by the lofty wisdom of a great thinker. Their very titles were reminiscent of philosophical treatises: “On the Meaning of War,” “The Essential Nature of the Crisis,” “On the Work of the Spirit,” “On Speaking and Being Silent,” “The Indispensability of Freedom,” “About National Duty in War.” …It is all very well turned and very solid. These articles made an impression, and Goebbels knew it. [ p. 252 ]

Regrettably, little of what Goebbels wrote and said during the latter war years — when he was at the peak of his powers — has been translated into English.

One of Goebbels’ greatest wartime propaganda achievements was his exploitation of the Katyn massacre story. In April 1943, the Germans discovered at Katyn, near Smolensk in occupied Russia, a mass grave of thousands of Polish officers who had been taken prisoner by the Soviets in 1939, and shot by Soviet secret police in April 1940. On Goebbels’ orders, German newspapers and magazines devoted great attention to the story, giving it weeks of detailed, often front-page coverage. His astute treatment of the story contributed significantly to a major Allied political defeat — a break in relations between the Soviet government and the Polish government-in-exile. (Meanwhile, American and British officials and newspapers backed the Soviet lie that Germans were responsible for the atrocity.)

In addition to his work as the nation’s chief propagandist, during the war Goebbels took on ever greater organizational and policy-making responsibilities, playing an increasingly important role in keeping the nation’s industrial and social machinery functioning. In February 1942 Hitler entrusted him with special authority to oversee assistance to people ravaged in Allied air attacks — a post that was to assume ever greater importance as the aerial bombardment of Germany steadily escalated.

In the summer of 1944 Hitler named him “Reich Plenipotentiary for the Total War Mobilization.” Thus, during the final catastrophic months of the war Goebbels — along with Armaments Minister Albert Speer — directed Germany’s human and material resources for maximum war production, while simultaneously continuing somehow to operate the nation’s electric power and water plants, transportation and telephone systems, food and fuel supply networks, public schools, radio broadcasting and daily newspaper publishing. This organizational feat of keeping essential social and community services functioning, while at the same time maintaining and even sharply increasing armaments production — in spite of devastating aerial bombardment and an ever worsening military situation — is an achievement without historical parallel.

“We have become a people on the defensive,” Goebbels wrote in Das Reich of Feb. 11, 1945 — eleven weeks before the end. “We work and we fight, we wander, we leave our homes, we suffer and endure, and we do all this with a silent dignity which, in the end, will arouse the admiration of the entire world. Europe may well be happy that it still possesses such a people. Today this people is the salvation of Europe. Tomorrow, therefore, it will be Europe’s pride.”

His final radio address, broadcast over what remained of a tattered network, was delivered on April 19, 1945. As he had done every year since 1933, he spoke on the eve of Hitler’s birthday. Even on this occasion, when the terrible end was glaringly obvious to all, Goebbels still spoke with eloquent, controlled passion, frankly acknowledging the supreme gravity of the situation while inspiring hope. He had not lost his ability to rouse his countrymen with fervor as well as a certain seeming nobility.

“Do not let yourself be disconcerted by the worldwide clamor that will now begin,” he urged in a letter written to his stepson just days before his death. “There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.” In his final testament written just hours before he took his life, Hitler named Goebbels as his successor as Chancellor — a tribute to steadfast loyalty even to the bitter end. But Goebbels held this empty position for just a few hours. After he and his wife had their six children put to death, and with Soviet troops just a few hundred yards away, on the evening of May 1, 1945, Joseph and Magda Goebbels ended their lives in the courtyard outside the Führerbunker.

Contrary to popular belief, Goebbels was successful as a propagandist not because he was a master of the “Big Lie,” but rather as a result of his fidelity to facts and truth. As biographer Heiber notes:

Goebbels was accordingly able to celebrate his information policy as being not only superior to the enemy’s in its monolithic character, but also of a “seriousness and credibility” which “simply cannot be surpassed.” The boast could be made with some justification: Seen in the long view, Goebbels preached, the best propaganda is that which does no more than serve the truth.” [p. 254]

“Goebbels’ real lies, his conscious lies, always pertained to mere detail …,” writes Heiber. “Goebbels’ lies were more in the nature of those equivocations and evasions by which government spokesmen everywhere seek to ‘protect’ the ‘national interest’.” [pp. 134, 135]

It is also common to imagine that, however skilled, Goebbels was little more than a clever ranter who won support from his countrymen by appealing to base feelings of envy, revenge, conceit and arrogant pride. This view, which implicitly demeans Germans as a nation of emotional and mental cripples, is especially widespread in the United States. If he thinks about it at all, the typical American imagines that if he had been living in Third Reich Germany, he would not have “fallen” for Goebbels’ “obvious” lies.

Such a self-flattering view is based on ignorance. In his classic study, Propaganda (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1968; Vintage, 1973 [p. 54]), French scholar Jacques Ellul pointed out that Goebbels’ postwar image is itself a propaganda distortion:

There remains the problem of Goebbels’ reputation. He wore the title of Big Liar (bestowed by Anglo-Saxon propaganda) and yet he never stopped battling for propaganda to be as accurate as possible. He preferred being cynical and brutal to being caught in a lie. He used to say: “Everybody must know what the situation is.” He was always the first to announce disastrous events or difficult situations, without hiding anything. The result was a general belief between 1939 and 1942 that German communiqués not only were more concise, clearer and less cluttered, but were more truthful than Allied communiqués (American and neutral opinion) — and, furthermore, that the Germans published all the news two or three days before the Allies. All this is so true that pinning the title of Big Liar on Goebbels must be considered quite a propaganda success.

From The Journal of Historical Review, January-February 1995 (Vol. 15, No. 1), pages 19-21.

About the Author

Mark Weber studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich, Portland State University and Indiana University (M.A., 1977). In March 1988 he testified for five days in Toronto District Court as a recognized expert witness on Germany’s wartime Jewish policy and the Holocaust issue. He was editor of the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review from April 1992 to December 2000. He is currently Director of the Institute for Historical Review.



Enric Marco was exposed shortly before he was due to share a platform at the camp with then Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Madrid-based historian Benito Bermejo, an expert on Spain’s deportees, became interested in Marco after meeting him at a conference in 2002. Bermejo found his story especially intriguing as Enric Marco claimed to have been imprisoned in Flossenbuerg, a camp in Bavaria and an unusual destination for a Spanish deportee.

Bermejo read all the versions he could find of Marco’s past, starting with his claim that he had been an anarchist forced to flee to France from his home city of Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War had been lost.

“I was curious, interested, but then I became very perplexed.”

“[Marco’s] version of events changed each time he told it, both about the camp and how he had got there,” Bermejo told the BBC.

Benito Bermejo also found it mysterious that on the few occasions he tried to talk to him face to face, Marco did not want to discuss his experiences in Germany.

As head of the Amical de Mauthausen, Marco showed a penchant for high-octane speeches packed with horrific details of life in Flossenbuerg.

He moved several MPs to tears when addressing Congress on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2005.

Searching the foreign ministry archive, the historian found an official request from army command in Catalonia for information on Marco’s whereabouts, as he had failed to present himself for compulsory military service in 1943.

The foreign ministry replied that Marco was at that time employed by the Deutsche Werke naval shipyard in Kiel, northern Germany.

Far from fighting fascism, he had signed up as one of 20,000 Spaniards who worked for the Third Reich under a 1941 agreement between Franco and Hitler.

“So now I know that Marco was not a deportee, that he went to Germany voluntarily and that there is something strange going on,” says Bermejo.

But he still had doubts over the extent of Marco’s deception because some volunteer workers who got into trouble did end up in concentration camps.

Marco was briefly imprisoned in Kiel but never convicted, let alone sent to a camp.

For months Bermejo sought an explanation from him. Then, with the 60th anniversary event at Mauthausen days away, he sent a report to the prime minister’s office and the Amical association. And he waited.

“What more could I do? I decided that going public with what I knew would be a kind of declaration of war and very controversial at that moment.”


In a secret wartime memorandum, Winston Churchill told his advisers that he wanted to “drench” Germany with poison gas.

Churchill’s July 1944 memo to his chief of staff Gen. Hastings Ismay was reproduced in the August-September 1985 issue of American Heritage magazine. “I you to think very seriously over this question of poison gas,” the four-page note began. Britain’s wartime leader continued: “It is absurd to consider morality on this topic when everybody used it [gas] in the last war without a word of complaint from the moralists or the Church.

On the other hand, in the last war the bombing of open cities was regarded as forbidden. Now everybody does it as a matter of course. It is simply a question of fashion changing as she does between long and short skirts for women.”

Churchill’s directive bluntly stated: “I want a cold-blooded calculation made as to how it would pay to use poison gas … One really must not be bound within silly conventions of the mind whether they be those that ruled in the last war or those in reverse which rule in this.” Specifically he proposed: “We could drench the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities in Germany in such a way that most of the population would be requiring constant medical attention … It may be several weeks or even months before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas, and if we do it, let us do it one hundred per cent. In the meantime, I want the matter studied in cold blood by sensible people and not by the particular set of psalm-singing uniformed defeatists which one runs across now here now here now there.”

Churchill’s proposal, which would have meant violating the 1925 Geneva Protocol outlawing the use of poison gas, was never adopted. His military advisers argued that gas warfare would divert Allied war planes from the more effective strategy of bombing Germany’s industries and cities. Gas attacks would not be decisive, they feared, and Germany would very probably retaliate with devastating effect against Britain. Churchill complained to an associate that he was “not at all convinced by this negative report,” but he reluctantly gave in. “Clearly I cannot make head against the parsons and the warriors at the same time,” he complained in private.

The American Heritage article, written by Stanford University history professor Barton J. Bernstein, also reported that top American military officials urged the U.S. to begin gas warfare against Japan. Maj. Gen. William N. Porter, chief of the Chemical Warfare Service, pleaded in mid-December 1943 with U.S. Army superiors to initiate gas warfare against the Japanese, and on several occasions in 1945 Gen. George C. Marshall, U.S. Army chief of staff, urged using gas in the Pacific. There was some popular support for this view. The New York Daily News declared “We Should Gas Japan,” and Washington Times-Herald agreed, explaining “You Can Cook `Em Better with Gas.” But this was a minority view. About 75 percent of Americans reportedly opposed initiating gas warfare. After the war Gen. Marshall said that the main reason that gas wasn’t used was opposition from the British, who feared that a desperate German might then use it in Europe.

The United States produced about 135,000 tons of chemical warfare agents during the war, while Germany turned out about 70,000 tons, Britain about 40,000 and Japan only 7,500 tons. Although the Allies had larger stockpiles of traditional chemical agents, Germany developed far more advanced and lethal nerve gasses, most notably the devastating agents Tabun, Sarin and Soman. They were never used.

After the war a British Army chemical warfare expert concluded that Germany could have delayed the June 1944 Allied cross-channel invasion by six months if it had gas. “Such a delay,” he noted, “could have given the Germans sufficient time to complete their new V-weapons, which would have made the Allies’ task all the harder and England’s long range bombardment considerably worse.” Even in March and April 1945, when German military resistance was rapidly collapsing, Germany kept its pledge not to use gas. Hitler reportedly refused to consider using poison gas in part because of his recollection of the horror of his own gassing during the First World War, which temporarily blinded him.

Source: The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1985-86 (Vol. 6, No.4), pages 501-503.

Iraq: Depleted Uranium & Phosphorous: Massive Deformities of Fallujah Babies

Depleted Uranium & Phosphorous: Massive Deformities of Fallujah Babies

[Editor’s Note: American readers and especially military families need to comprehend the depth of criminality by the Pentagon in its decision to use depleted uranium. The Pentagon is dominated by  satanic New World Order traitors who know full well the genetic damage caused by depleted uranium  They are working towards a goal of assisting in the ultimate destruction of America and its military power in order to clear the decks for a One World government. While I’m sure a substantial percentage of Pentagon players are operating on pro-war, Rambonian testosterone, the real decision makers are NWO minions who are undermining America’s long term survival by converting the US military into Third Reich Nazis. The treason is so utterly blatant and obvious. How can so many be so blind? We, the American people, will reap the whirlwind, not the military or political leaders who are behind this treason. They will remain well hidden in underground cities while you and I die because of their treachery…Ken]

By Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail*
June 12, 2008

Depleted Uranium & Phosphorous: Massive Deformities of Fallujah Babies (June 12, 2008)

Original Title: IRAQ: ‘Special Weapons’ Have a Fallout on Babies

12du_baby.jpgFALLUJAH, Jun 12 (IPS) – Babies born in Fallujah are showing illnesses and deformities on a scale never seen before, doctors and residents say.

The new cases, and the number of deaths among children, have risen after “special weaponry” was used in the two massive bombing campaigns in Fallujah in 2004.

After denying it at first, the Pentagon admitted in November 2005 that white phosphorous, a restricted incendiary weapon, was used a year earlier in Fallujah.

In addition, depleted uranium (DU) munitions, which contain low-level radioactive waste, were used heavily in Fallujah. The Pentagon admits to having used 1,200 tonnes of DU in Iraq thus far.

Many doctors believe DU to be the cause of a severe increase in the incidence of cancer in Iraq, as well as among U.S. veterans who served in the 1991 Gulf War and through the current occupation.

“We saw all the colours of the rainbow coming out of the exploding American shells and missiles,” Ali Sarhan, a 50-year-old teacher who lived through the two U.S. sieges of 2004 told IPS. “I saw bodies that turned into bones and coal right after they were exposed to bombs that we learned later to be phosphorus.

“The most worrying is that many of our women have suffered loss of their babies, and some had babies born with deformations.”“I had two children who had brain damage from birth,” 28-year-old Hayfa’ Shukur told IPS. “My husband has been detained by the Americans since November 2004 and so I had to take the children around by myself to hospitals and private clinics. They died. I spent all our savings and borrowed a considerable amount of money.”

Shukur said doctors told her that it was use of the restricted weapons that caused her children’s brain damage and subsequent deaths, “but none of them had the courage to give me a written report.”

“Many babies were born with major congenital malformations,” a paediatric doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, told IPS. “These infants include many with heart defects, cleft lip or palate, Down’s syndrome, and limb defects.”

The doctor added, “I can say all kinds of problems related to toxic pollution took place in Fallujah after the November 2004 massacre.”

Many doctors speak of similar cases and a similar pattern. The indications remain anecdotal, in the absence of either a study, or any available official records.

The Fallujah General Hospital administration was unwilling to give any statistics on deformed babies, but one doctor volunteered to speak on condition of anonymity — for fear of reprisals if seen to be critical of the administration.

“Maternal exposure to toxins and radioactive material can lead to miscarriage and frequent abortions, still birth, and congenital malformation,” the doctor told IPS. There have been many such cases, and the government “did not move to contain the damage, or present any assistance to the hospital whatsoever.

“These cases need intensive international efforts that provide the highest and most recent technologies that we will not have here in a hundred years,” he added.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed concern Mar. 31 about the lack of medical supplies in hospitals in Baghdad and Basra.

“Hospitals have used up stocks of vital medical items, and require further supplies to cope with the influx of wounded patients. Access to water remains a matter of concern in certain areas,” the ICRC said in a statement.

A senior Iraqi health ministry official was quoted as saying Feb. 26 that the health sector is under “great pressure”, with scores of doctors killed, an exodus of medical personnel, poor medical infrastructure, and shortage of medicines.

“We are experiencing a big shortage of everything,” said the official, “We don’t have enough specialist doctors and medicines, and most of the medical equipment is outdated.

“We used to get many spinal and head injures, but were unable to do anything as we didn’t have enough specialists and medicines,” he added. “Intravenous fluid, which is a simple thing, is not available all the time.” He said no new hospitals had been built since 1986.

Iraqi Health Minister Salih al-Hassnawi highlighted the shortage of medicines at a press conference in Arbil in the Kurdistan region in the north Feb. 22. “The Iraqi Health Ministry is suffering from an acute shortage of medicines…We have decided to import medicines immediately to meet the needs.”

He said the 2008 health budget meant that total expenditure on medicines, medical equipment and ambulances would amount to an average of 22 dollars per citizen.

But this is too late for the unknown number of babies and their families who bore the consequences of the earlier devastation. And it is too little to cover the special needs of babies who survived with deformations.

(*Ali, our correspondent in Baghdad, works in close collaboration with Dahr Jamail, our U.S.-based specialist writer on Iraq who has reported extensively from Iraq and the Middle East). (END/2008)

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Depleted Uranium – NATO’s Dark Secret

The US and NATO militaries began using bullets made of DU in the 1991 Gulf War and have been using it in every major armed conflict since that time. It is used because it is extremely dense (1.6 times as dense as lead) which makes it ideal for piercing heavy armor. The U.S. used 640,000 pounds of DU ammunition just in the first gulf war alone. In the 2003 invasion they used an estimated 4,000,000 pounds.
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Some sources (There are plenty more if you are willing to do your own research):

Depleted Uranium Particles pass from nose, through optic nerves to brain:

Concentrations of DU in Bones and tissues:…

Sub-micron sized DU Particles (U.N. pdf)…

Cancer and Birth Defects caused by DU:……

DU and Gulf war syndrome:…

Depleted Uranium Downplayed & Denied by Fed ‘Research’ Advisory Gp.

By Mark Anderson <>
American Free Press (AFP)
August 6, 2007

See Video of Laura Cuozzo – The Effects of Depleted Uranimum on our Troops (April 12, 2007)

Activists blast scientists, feds for minimizing depleted uranium’s link to Gulf War Illness

DALLAS, Texas—Research on the health effects of the highly toxic weapons substance known as depleted uranium, or DU, is not high on the list of priorities of the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses, which met July 18 to July 19 in Dallas [Hilton Anatole Hotel] .

Despite this, the veterans group made DU a priority. Despite extensive reports showing the devastating effects of DU, AFP was the only media outlet at the meeting. Although this committee, mainly comprised of scientists, expressed some concern about the effects of DU—the ultra-dense radioactive component used in massive quantities mainly as kinetic-energy penetrators in various U.S. military munitions—other pursuits are taking precedence, at least at this time.

DU, used in the Balkans and currently used extensively throughout Afghanistan and Iraq, is tied to numerous cancers among soldiers and civilians, who inhale DU aerosols or ingest residue through their skin or on their food and in their water. It’s thought to have long-term effects via soil and groundwater infiltration. It as also been linked to birth defects in their offspring, including rare forms that are not usually seen in developed countries.

One prominent researcher at the Dallas meeting claimed concerns about DU and its relation to Gulf War Illness (GWI), while worthy of consideration, may be exaggerated.

“We’ll look at DU in the future if the epidemiological studies implicate it as a possible cause of Gulf War Illness,” committee member Dr. Robert Haley told AFP, just after the program concluded at Hilton Anatole Hotel. He went on to claim: “As far as we can tell, there’s no ‘Gulf War Illness’ in the second Gulf War, (from) 2003 and after.

He said GWI is a term applied to what he called an “ethereal,” or mysterious, variety of maladies that, in his view, stem mainly or solely from Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield in 1990 to 1991, when hundreds of enemy storage sites containing dangerous chemical and biological military stockpiles, and some nuclear plants, were blown up by U.S. military technicians and fighter pilots. Chemical, biological and radioactive substances were spread around the turbulent, unpredictable environment of the Middle Eastern desert.

But Gulf War I troops were also exposed to DU aerosols and particles, as well as the fallout from such demolitions, all of which are blown across the countryside, often hitting troop formations and civilian centers, especially during the region’s notoriously intense sandstorms.

DU clean-up expert Dr. Doug Rokke, a Vietnam and Gulf War veteran who did not attend the Dallas program but has attended other committee meetings, responded to Haley’s claims by saying that the immediate DU-exposure testing needed within 24 hours of contact with DU residue “was deliberately delayed and denied” during wartime. So 15 to 16 years later, the direct evidence of DU exposure in Gulf War I is gone, but the long-term health effects from DU, including cancers and myriad other problems, are still affecting many veterans.

“Respiratory problems and rashes appear right away [with DU exposure],” Rokke said. Later comes lung cancer and other illnesses.

Rokke acknowledged that exposure to sarin and other chemical agents, hazardous immunizations, pesticides and other substances all contribute to GWI along with DU. He also told AFP that the Veterans Administration’s (VA) own reports through 2006 show that there are 205,097 casualties from the current Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom operations—including 67,000-plus soldiers categorized with “ill-defined” illnesses. He said there are 1,584 with cancers, more than 21,000 with parasitic infectious diseases, and many more with various illnesses, including 36,000 respiratory and 61,000 neurological ailments, in round numbers.

“That’s nonsense,” Rokke said about the notion that GWI is limited to the first Gulf War.

According to VA figures from August 2006 obtained by AFP, of the 205,000 GIs who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, at least a third of the total have sought medical care, for such problems as malignant tumors (1,584), endocrinal and metabolic diseases (36,409), nervous system diseases (61,524), digestive system diseases (63,002), musculoskeletal diseases (87,590), and mental disorders (73,157), among many other conditions. One of the largest categories is “ill defined”—or mystery conditions (67,743). In comparison, a relatively small number (35,765) have sought VA care for injuries. Thus, figures obtained by AFP corroborate what Rokke contends.

In the first day of the committee’s hearings, held at the University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine, a general list of research priorities, which was not necessarily complete or final, was laid out. The main “areas of interest” were, in order: Epidemiological studies of the rates of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease; neuro-imaging, which covers the newest ways to look at subtle differences in brain chemistry that are hard to discern with traditional means; autonomic function; the use of animals as models for studying the effects of Gulf War exposures; the inflammatory effects on Gulf War vets of Gulf War exposures; and, among others, pre-clinical studies of the effects of Gulf War exposure on human cells.

Further down the list, the DU reference fell under the “other topic” category. Centered on studying the soldiers who were at the Camp Doha incident, the DU-related section of the research plan took into account cancer, reproductive effects, multi-symptom conditions, etc.—in comparison to veterans not exposed to DU.

The Camp Doha incident was a series of explosions that ripped through a United States ammunition depot in July 1991, showering soldiers with shrapnel. At least 50 Americans and six Britons were wounded. Injuries ranged from minor cuts to severe shrapnel wounds. The incident, at Blackhorse Camp at Doha, about 12 miles west of Kuwait City, apparently began with an electrical fire on a truck carrying 155-mm. howitzer shells. DU is used in those and many other munitions.

“If Camp Doha shows something, it moves [the DU research] up the hierarchy,” Haley said to more than a dozen researchers at the first hearing. He said an obscure group, known as the Merit Review Group, “has the final say on the science” and is the body that would re-prioritize DU research, depending on the outcome of initial studies.

Haley, who is well known in scientific circles for GWI studies on Navy Seabees, argued for a middle ground between the committee focusing on long-term research that would delay more immediate treatment for veterans with GWI.

Anthony Hardie, who works in Wisconsin’s VA office and is himself an ill Gulf War vet, called the $15 million of funding for the group as “a small pittance of appropriations” and expressed disappointment over the results of earlier phases of GWI research over the last 16 years.

“I’m deeply disappointed this is all we have,” he said, adding that too much money was spent trying to prove “there was nothing wrong.”

After day one, researcher Lea Steele remarked that the clinical application of all the research projects and techniques outlined that day are “dazzling science, yes,” but she’s worried that too many precious dollars will be eaten up in fancy research and not enough will be available to treat sick vets.

The Advisory Committee is chartered by the VA secretary. It welcomes and solicits information from physicians, scientists, veterans and the general public related to medical research about GWI.

Helpful material includes information about treatments, causes, relevant scientific studies and other promising avenues for medical research. Appropriate submissions may be sent to the committee scientific staff. The mailing address: RAC-Gulf War Veterans Illnesses (T-GW), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2200 S.W. Gage Blvd., Topeka, Kan. 66622

Mark Anderson <>

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(Issue #32, August 6, 2007)

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By John Catalinotto

A United Nations official who chairs the task force investigating the impact on the environment of the 78-day U.S.-NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia said on Oct. 14 that NATO officials had refused to cooperate regarding their use of depleted-uranium weapons.

Pekka Haavisto, task-force chairperson, said his team was unable to determine the extent of pollution caused by uranium-tipped weapons. He said NATO refused either to admit using the weapons or to cooperate with the task force.

Sara Flounders of the International Action Center denounced NATO’s refusal to cooperate. The IAC has opened a Commission of Inquiry to Investigate U.S.-NATO War Crimes Against Yugoslavia. Flounders said that “given the refusal of NATO to cooperate, the commission will have to look to Yugoslav reports of DU contamination to establish the facts.”

Depleted uranium—or DU—is the waste product of the process to collect the enriched uranium used for nuclear weapons or nuclear-power plants. It is radioactive and poisonous. And it is so dense that when turned into a metal alloy it can greatly increase the power of a shell to penetrate armor. DU was heavily used in the 1991 Gulf war against Iraq, especially against Iraqi tanks.

When the DU shell hits metal armor, it starts to burn and releases tiny particles of the radioactive metal into the air. When humans inhale or ingest these particles, the particles lodge in lungs or other organs, becoming a long-term site of radioactive contamination—a hot spot in the body.

Iraqi doctors have found high levels of leukemia and other cancers and birth defects in the areas where DU was most used during the war. In addition, about 100,000 U.S. troops have experienced symptoms categorized as the Gulf War Syndrome, which may be at least partially caused by DU.

“We did not find any evidence that depleted uranium was used against the tanks and vehicles we inspected,” Haavisto said. He admitted, however, that only a small number of tanks had been examined.

In its report, the task force says immediate action is needed to obtain information from NATO confirming “if, how and where” depleted uranium weapons were used.

NATO and Pentagon officers have publicly admitted using depleted uranium weapons during the campaign against Yugoslavia, but they claim it was only in small quantities. Yet they used the A-10 fighter-bomber extensively. This plane, known as the Warthog, can deliver thousands of DU rounds each minute against a target.

Only U.S. planes fired DU weapons in the war against Yugoslavia.

The UN report also recommends immediate action to clean up four pollution “hot-spots”—at Pancevo, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Bor. Toxic waste spills and other damage at these sites are serious and pose a threat to human health, it stated.

Haavisto, a former Finnish environment minister, said an urgent clean-up program would cost some $20 million. Yugoslav reports stress that the environmental damage is much greater and would require much more money to clear it up adequately.



A public enthronement of Satan occurred September 26, 2015. Malachi Martin had said that the last Pontiff would be under the control of Satanic forces. According to Malachi Martin, a private enthronement of Satan was completed at the Vatican in 1963, when a group of Luciferian bishops and cardinals came together and venerated Satan in the Vatican. Another ceremony venerating Satan took place on the same day in the United States, and Martin claims these ceremonies were conducted together on purpose. Martin, who was murdered, also gave clues that a public enthronement would take place at some point, as well as the fact that the last pope would be under the direct control of Satan. I suspected something might be coming during this time period (September 22-28, 2015) in which Prometheus (Lucifer) would be unveiled in some way. This happened right in front of our faces.

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Pope Francis, The Rotary Club, Masonic Signs & Wonders

originally published July 7, 2015
updated on APRIL 30, 2016

Papal Decree Banning Clergy from Rotary Club Membership
Pope Francis, Rotary Club Member Since 1999
Catholicism and Rotary – An Open Question
The Masons and Pope Francis
The Catholic Church’s Position on Freemasonry

Pope Francis is a mason

On January 11, 1951, The Vatican issued a Decree banning “members of the clergy” from belonging to a Rotary club association.  According to the Decree, lay people are permitted to join as long as they adhere to the provisions set forth in Canon Law, but priests are explicitly forbidden from belonging to Rotary or participating in their meetings.  The WILD VOICE continues to research this, but to the best of our knowledge at this time the Decree has never been officially lifted, rescinded or annulled.  We are most interested in providing true and accurate information and so now respectfully reach out and ask any qualified parties (Canon lawyers, Vatican historians, etc.) to please contact us if they are aware of any credible documentation detailing exactly on what date and by whose authoritythis Papal Decree was officially nullified or amended, if it ever was.  We will immediately update and edit this article as necessary with respect to any new verifiable information.

Here below is the full text of the Papal Decree issued on January 11, 1951.

Papal Decree – Pope Pius XII
Jan 11, 1951
First published in Osservatore Romano, Vatican City daily
(English translation below by the Archdiocese of Chicago)
“The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office:  a decree. Wednesday, Dec. 20, 1950.
“The question has been asked of this Supreme Sacred Congregation whether Catholics may be members of the association commonly called “the Rotary club.”
After ascertaining the opinion of the Reverend Fathers Consultors, Their Eminences the Cardinals, charged with safeguarding faith and morals, decreed in their plenary meeting of Wednesday, Dec. 20, 1950 as follows:
Members of the clergy may not belong to a Rotary club association or take part in its meetings; laymen are to be urged to observe the provisions of Canon 684 of Canon Law.
And on the 26th of the same month and year, His Holiness Pope Pius XII approved the resolution and ordered it published, after hearing it in an audience granted to His Excellency the Assessor of the Holy Office.
Given in Rome at the offices of the Holy Office on Jan. 11, 1951.
Marino Marani, Notary of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office.”

Vatican Decree

Pope Francis Rotary ClubRotary Club Ban Priests


Pope Francis, while he was still Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was elected to and accepted an honorary membership inthe Rotary Club in 1999.  This fact is proudly displayed on The Rotary Club website, and below you will see a copy of Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio’s letter of acknowledgement and acceptance to Juan Carlos Becciu, president of the Buenos Aires Rotary Club (along with an English translation of the text).

Pope Francis Rotary Club

Pope Francis, Rotary Club, False Prophet, Freemasonry, freemason, freemasons, The Wild Voice, Maria Divine Mercy, Rotary, club, rotarian, father, linus



Rotary International explains the relationship of The Rotary Club and The Catholic Church in a website article titled “Catholicism and Rotary” (below).  It incorrectly states that Pope Pius VI addressed The Rotary Club in 1970 (Pope Pius VI died in 1799).  We have found a speechPope Paul VI gave to conference attendees of Rotary International in Italy on March 20, 1965 (The Rotarian, June, 1965 issue), and also in Rome in November of 1970, and again in Milan, 1974.  However, there is no evidence in any of his speeches that he had actually and formally reversed the Papal Decree of Pope Pius XII forbidding priests from Rotary membership.
As the article points out, it is true that Pope John Paul II spoke to Rotary International members in Italy both in 1979 and (as part of a larger meeting with other groups) in the year 2000.  Nowhere in these speeches though does he say that the ban on Catholic priests from belonging to Rotary International had ever been lifted.  An important distinction should and must be made between giving a speech to a group of people and holding or endorsing membership in an organization.  Pope John Paul II also spoke to banking associations and space research conference attendees at one time or another, but that obviously does not make him either an investment banker or an astronaut.
Pope Francis is the first known Pope to receive and accept a Rotary Club Membership.
The article also states that The Catholic Truth Society declared that “Rotary is neither secret nor seditious“.  However, The Catholic Truth Society is only a publishing house based in London and of course holds no real Church authority to reverse a Papal Decree.
It would be only logical to assume that if indeed the Rotary Club was able to concretely demonstrate that the Papal Decree of 1951 specifically prohibiting clergy from belonging to The Rotary Club was ever officially reversed then they wouldcertainly mention it.  They don’t.

rotary masons

from ‘Catholicism and Rotary – Rotary Club of Eureka

The problem seems to have started in Spain in 1928 when a bishop laid charges that Rotary was nothing but a new Satanic organization. The church also criticized and condemned Rotary for showing a concept of life of service without reference to church teaching. Indeed, it seems that the church believed it was a secret society with quasi-religious overtones. For whatever reason, the Vatican took up the reins and in 1929 it issued a decree that “it is not expedient” for Catholic priest to participate in Rotary either as members or guest. This decree and its application was worrisome to many Catholics in Rotary not the least of which was then RI President Tom Sutton who was himself a Catholic.

Critical and at times disparaging articles regularly appeared in Catholic newspapers. Sutton’s attempts to convince the Secretary of State at the Vatican were fruitless and the anti-Rotary articles continued to be published.

The factual errors were shown to be false and by 1933 there was a mood swing in the Vatican. Priests were now allowed to use their discretion about attending or even joining Rotary. Nevertheless, one of the results of the church attitude was a slow development of Rotary in predominantly Catholic countries such as Ireland.

The uneasy peace continued until 1951 when yet another Vatican decree warned Priests that they should not join Rotary and that the faithful should be aware of seditious and suspected organizations.

But the world was changing and the decree caused an immediate angry response among others, from the then-Catholic and RI President Arthur Laqueux, and even from the Rotarian, Catholic Bishop of Fort Wayne Indiana who publicly declared the decree “quite incomprehensible.”

Fairly soon, the Vatican begin to react and by the end of the decade, the Catholic Truth Society was able to declare that Rotary is neither secret nor seditious. Gradually there was a thaw in the relationship between the church and Rotary. In 1970 Pope Pius VI addressed Rotarians in Italy and in 1979 Pope John Paul II spoke at the Rotary International convention in Rome praising many of Rotary’s humanitarian programs. Later, Pope John Paul II accepted a Paul Harris Fellowship and a World Understanding and Peace award from Rotary.

Finally, before becoming Pope Francis, then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio accepted an honorary membership in the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires.




rotary club pope francis masonOn April 30, 2016 Pope Francis greeted Rotary members at a special Jubilee audience.
According to Vatican Radio nearly 9,000 Rotary members attended the Jubilee Audience in St. Peter’s Square at the invitation of Pope Francis. Rotary kicked off the Rotarian Jubilee the day before with a conference on the challenges refugees are facing worldwide.

The conference was organized by the Jesuit Refugee Service – in partnership with Rotary, UNHCR and WFP – and entitled “Helping Refugees to Start Over”.
Mr. Ravindran, President of Rotary International, called Pope Francis a model for Rotarians, saying “he is doing exactly what every Rotarian should be doing. So we see a great synergy of thought with this Pope, and being here, receiving his blessing, I think is something quite wonderful for us.

The Jesuit Refugee Service also reported on the ‘Jubilee of Rotarians’ on their website:  “Rome, 22 April 2016 – On 29 April, at LUMSA University, Fr Thomas H Smolich SJ, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) International Director, will speak on a panel discussion hosted by Rotary International to discuss the needs and challenges of refugees as well as sustainable solutions. Fr Smolich will speak alongside Carlotta Sami, Spokeswoman of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office for Southern Europe, and John Hewko and K.R. Ravindran, General Secretary and President of Rotary International respectively, to discuss the theme “Helping refugees to start over.” The conference is the opening event of the Jubilee of Rotarians programme, organised for Rotarians from all over the world for the Year of Mercy. The programme will continue with a private audience with the Pope on Saturday, 30 April.”





Father Clovis, thewildvoiceFather Linus Clovis recently stated the following in a speech about ‘The Francis Effect’:
“I came across a quote from someone who knew him (Pope Francis) in Argentina. ‘Apparently, he loves to be loved by all and please everyone, so one day he could make a speech on TV against abortion, and the next day, on the same television show, bless the pro-abortion feminists in the Plaza de Mayo; He can give a wonderful speech against the Masons and, a few hours later, be dining and drinking with them in the Rotary Club.‘ So, how can you make a decision about a man like this, who is everybody’s friend?”


pope francis on masonic times coverIt should also be remembered that on March 14, 2013, the very day after the election of Pope Francis, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Italy gave a speech congratulating Jorge Bergoglio on his win.  The high-level mason’s words, just one day after the release of ‘Pope Francis’ onto the world seem highly improbable and even eerily prophetic to say the least:

A man of the poor and far from the Curia. Fraternity and dialogue are his first concrete words: maybe in the new Church nothing will ever be like before. It is our auspicious that the Francesco’s pontificate, the pope who ‘comes from the end of the world’ may signify the return of the Church-Word versus the Church-institution, promoting an open relationship with the contemporary world, with non believers and not through the springtime of Vatican II”. The Jesuit who is close to the last of history has the great opportunity to show the world the face of a Church that must recuperate the annunciation of a new humanity, not the weight of an institutionsheltered in defense of its own privileges. Bergoglio knows real life and will remember the lesson of one of his landmark theologists, Romano Guardini, who said truth and love cannot be separated.  The simple cross that he wore on his white vest gives us hope that a Church of the people may find again the ability to dialogue with all men of good will and with Free Masonry which, as the Latin America experience teaches, works for the common good and progress of humanity, following Bolivar, Allende and Jose’ Marti’ to mention a few. This is the ‘white smoke’ that we are waiting for from the Church of our time” – Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master, Grande Oriente d’ Italia, March 14, 2013.

It is also most curious to find Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio demonstrating this easily recognizable masonic “hidden-hand” sign while posing for a snapshot photo in 2008 in Argentina.  Masons learn this secret hand signal as part of completing the 13th Degree (“The Royal Arch Degree“) of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and knowledge of it permits the initiate to go through the ‘second veil’ during the ceremony.  Other famous masons and powerful men have often been known to exhibit this hidden-hand sign in portraits throughout history.  Some examples include:  Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte, Salomon Rothschild, and George Washington.

Pope Francis masonic hidden hand

Another very strange coincidence is that on 12.13.14 the city of Bologna, Italy erected a public light display with obvious occult significance and masonic icons partly in remembrance of the sinister P2 Masonic Lodge‘s bombing of a train station in the city in 1980.  This date, December 13, 2014 happens to also be the 45th anniversary of the day that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was ordained as a priest (12.13.69). For much more on this story, please see The Lights & Darkness of Christmas.

Pope Francis New World Order


It is beyond the scope of this article to delve into what freemasonry really is and its history with the Catholic Church.  For more on that topic please see The Church’s Enemies Within The Church.
Here is a brief synopsis of some of the Catholic Church’s recent positional statements on freemasonry:

1980The German Bishops Conference produced a report on Freemasonry with the following findings:
1)  Freemasonry denies revelation and objective truth
2)  Religious indifference is fundamental to Freemasonry
3)  Freemasonry is Deist and denies the possibility of divine revelation
4)  The sacramental character of Masonic rituals was seen as signifying an individual transformation, offering an alternative path to perfection and having a total claim on the life of a member
5)  All masonic lodges are forbidden to Catholics, including ‘Catholic-friendly lodges’

1983Prefect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the personal approval of Pope John Paul II, issues a Declaration on Masonic Associations, which reiterated the Church’s objections to Freemasonry. It states:
“The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion….” and “…the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association(s) remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden.”

1985The U.S. Catholic Conference Bishops’ Committee on Pastoral Research and Practices concludes in a letter to U.S. Bishops:
“the principles and basic rituals of Masonry embody a naturalistic religion, active participation in which is incompatible with Christian faith and practice.”

2007Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti, the regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary stated that membership in Masonic organizations “remains forbidden” to Catholics and called on priests who had declared themselves to be Freemasons to be disciplined by their direct superiors.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *
Again, in the interest of fair and truthful reporting, we eagerly invite any qualified parties (Canon lawyers, Vatican historians, etc.) to please contact us if they are aware of any credible documentation detailing exactly on what date and by whose authority the Papal Decree issued on January 11, 1951 banning clergy from membership in The Rotary Club was officially nullified or amended, if it ever was.  We will gladly edit and update this article with any verifiable information immediately upon receipt and confirmation.  Thank you.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Three Corrupt Leaders: Fear Nationalism, Impose Globalism, Doubt Validity of Brexit

three_corrupt_lackeysIn a truly bizarre statement — perhaps revelatory of Establishment plans — Obama implies that Brexit has not yet “gone through.”

OTTAWA, Ontario — President Barack Obama and the leaders of Mexico and Canada expressed fear and anger on Wednesday against the “isolationist” and anti-immigrant sentiments that have risen in Britain and been championed by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. The leaders warned against “easy solutions” peddled by “demagogues” who “feed on economic anxiety.” (ILLUSTRATION: Three corrupt lackeys)

With tensions growing over terrorism and fallout from Britain’s exit from the European Union, Obama acknowledged that Americans and others have reason to be concerned about their own future in a rapidly globalizing economy. He said concerns about immigrants had been “exploited” by politicians in the past, but he insisted he wasn’t worried Americans will follow that path.

“We should take some of this seriously and answer it boldly and clearly,” Obama said, without naming the Republican presidential candidate. “But you shouldn’t think that is representative of how the American people think.”

Gathering in the Canadian capital, the chief executives defended their calls for freer trade and open borders within the continent and beyond.

Obama claimed that globalization was largely complete. “The integration of national economies into a global economy, that’s here. That’s done,” he said.

Obama’s comments at a news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto came as the leaders sought to show unity amid growing nationalist movements in Europe and elsewhere, epitomized by Britain’s move to leave the 28-member EU.

Britain’s decision has inspired fear among the largely-Jewish operatives of the global financial system. Obama appeared to echo hitherto-unspoken Establishment sentiment when he implied that Brexit may still somehow be thwarted, saying that there would be “genuine longer-term concerns” about global economic growth “if, in fact, Brexit goes through.”

The Canadian and Mexican leaders largely echoed Obama’s calls.

“We are competitors, yes, but we have complementary economies, and that will give more development to our society,” the Mexican leader said.

 And Trudeau said the three leaders’ strategy for combatting protectionist views was to “highlight how much trade and positive agreement among our nations are good not only for the economy of the world and the economy of our countries, but it’s also good for our citizens.”

Yet it was Trump and his insistence that Americans are better served by reasserting independence that shadowed the leaders’ meetings at the annual “North American Leaders’ Summit.” Even as the three took the podium in Ottawa, Trump was threatening to pull the U.S. out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, chanting at a rally, “No more NAFTA.”

When a reporter asked the leaders to weigh in on Trump, Obama intervened, suggesting (oddly, considering his own revealing language) his counterparts should be “careful what they say.”

“I’m not saying they shouldn’t answer. I’m just — I’m helping them out a little bit,” Obama joked.

He appeared personally insulted by Trump’s claims to represent the public’s best interests, accusing the presumptive Republican nominee of wrongly purporting to be a populist. He said people like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders rightly deserve label of “populist” but that Trump is merely resorting to “nativism,” ‘’xenophobia” and “cynicism.”

“We have to call this mentality what it is: a threat to the values that we profess, the values we seek to defend,” Obama said later during a speech to Canadian Parliament, where a packed audience of about 1,000 interrupted him repeatedly with standing ovations. In another strange development, parliamentarians chanted “four more years” as Obama wrapped up his address — implying that there should be no American election.

Ahead of the summit, Canada announced it will lift visa requirements for Mexican visitors as of December 2016.

* * *

Source: Washington Post and National Vanguard correspondents

Top Berlin Rabbi: Keep EU, or We Will Be “Reverting Back to Nation States” and “There Will Soon Be Referendums Everywhere”

Rabbi-Yehudah-TeichtelJewish leader demands: “We don’t want more ‘Brexits’ or ‘exits’”; we must “keep the EU . . . because it enables us to have Jewish life in every European country.”

RABBI Yehudah Teichtal (pictured), Rabbi of the Jewish community of Berlin, called on fellow European rabbis this week to “help save the European Union” in the wake of the British vote to leave the European body.

Rabbi Teichtel met Tuesday with Thomas Oppermann, parliamentary head of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP), the second largest party in Germany, at his offices at the Bundestag. The two discussed the future of Europe and its Jewish communities, in light of the British referendum.

The Berlin rabbi told Oppermann that he has been encouraging fellow European rabbis and Jewish leaders to ‘take action’ and prevent any further breaking in the EU.

“I call upon the leaders of all Jewish communities around Europe to do whatever they can and execute all of their influence, in order to prevent any other countries from leaving the EU,” Teichtel said.

During the meeting, Oppermann expressed his worries about the continent’s political future.

“The EU means that people can move from one country to another and can settle down. If anyone believes that they should go back to their own nation and try to live for themselves, it is not the right way,” he said.

Oppermann added, “We have to cooperate, we have to work together and we have to keep this European Union. We don’t want more ‘Brexits’ or “exits” so that the people of Europe will get the feeling that we have to defend our values, our democracy, our freedom and our welfare.”

Oppermann also spoke of the importance of the relations between the Jewish communities and the EU. “It is equally important to keep the EU in good constitution because it enables us to have Jewish life in every European country, one that can develop from one country to another. Jewish life is a great enrichment to have in Europe, in Israel and all around the world,” he said. Teichtel maintains that the establishment of the EU and the multi-cultural approach it symbolizes contributes to the welfare of Europe’s Jewish communities.

He told Oppermann “the possibility of dismantling the EU and reverting back to nation states should worry all Jewish people around Europe… A strong European union is a paramount interest to the Jewish people of Europe in general and to Jewish people of Germany in particular.”

The two also discussed the rising worries among Berlin’s Jewish community in the wake of the ‘Brexit.’

“It is a worrisome sign to the strengthening of nationalism and of extreme right-wing parties and movements,” Teichtel warned. “The Jewish community in Berlin joins a great number of Jewish community leaders from all over Europe who expressed their sorrow over the UK’s decision.”

The rabbi thanked MP Oppermann for his support for the Jewish life, speaking of the politician’s “support of Jewish life… I recognize your achievements, your dedication, and your care and I want to thank you in the name of the community here. I wish that God will give you great success in all your important work.”

Earlier that day, speaking at the Bundestag, Oppermann urged Chancellor Angella Merkel to carry the negotiations “as quickly as possible, in order to provide clarity.

“Years of stalemate’ will not serve Europe’s interests”, he said. “We want fair negotiations and to continue deep and friendly relations with the United Kingdom. But there must be no rewards for nationalism and European hostility. If the message is at the end, that one can get rid of the liabilities, without losing the benefits, then there will soon be referendums everywhere.”

* * *

Source: Jewish Press

LOL: Now Germans are Calling for an Escape From the EU!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2016

merkel flag

Germans really don’t like this attitude, Mama Merkel.

Everyone is so jealous of the freedom Britain has obtained, they are calling for their own escape votes.

What was unexpected is that the Germans – whose own shill government created and runs the EU ponzi scheme – would call for an escape from their own monstrously corrupt entity!

This is what failure looks like, Mama Merkel.

It looks exactly like this.

Daily Express:

BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of “EU slavery” in the wake of Britain’s sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.

Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country’s general election in autumn next year.

A party spokesman branded Brussels a “bureaucracy monster”, before adding: “Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexitwill be top on our agenda”.

They called the vote a Dexit as it stands for a Deutschland exit from the EU.

You don’t say…

Germany leaving the EU would be the suicide of the EU though.


So I would vote for calling it “Sucidexit.”

AfD chairman Bjorn Hocke said: “I know the German people want to be free of EU slavery.”

George Pazderski of Berlin AfD Berlin AfD added: “Germans must decided on staying in the EU.

“The AfD is the only part which speaks out clearly in favour of them deciding.”

Party leader Frauke Petry, who caused controversy earlier this year when she called on German police to open fire on illegal immigrations, reacted with delight at Britain’s decision to sever ties with Brussels.

Wow, the Daily Express has worse editors than the Daily Stormer – and we don’t have editors!

Still, a really good paper though.

She said: “This is the chance for a new Europe, one which maintains partnerships and respected national sovereignties.

“The Great Britain decision to leave the EU is a signal to the Brussels Politburo and its bureaucratic attachments. If the EU does not finally leave its wrong path, and the quasi-socialist experiment of deeper political integration, more European Nations will reclaim their sovereignty the way British are

“The result would be more exits. At the very least the Brussels bureaucracy must be radically reduced and the centralist regulation craze ended.

“The time is ripe for a new Europe, a Europe of fatherlands, where we peacefully trade with each other, maintain partnerships and respect the will of the national sovereignties.

“One can only warn the German government not to fill the missing British net contribution with German tax money and thus continue the political fallacy.”


Everything is going exactly according to plan, brothers.

hitler smiles

End of WW II – Jew Shlomo Morel, UB agent and criminal against humanity

Shlomo Morel, UB agent and criminal against humanity

Salomon (Solomon or Shlomo) Morel (born November 15, 1919 in Grabowo, Poland) is a jew, who, between February and November 1945, was a member of the Communist State Security, known in polish language as Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (UB), and the commandant of the Stalinist-era concentration camp “Zgoda” in Świętochłowice, Poland. The camp held political prisoners. Most of the prisoners were civilians, including women and children. 1695 persons, out of 6000 inmates who had passed through the camp during this period, died. Morel has been accused of deliberately causing these deaths by giving low food rations, systematically torturing and mistreating prisoners, and failing to take sanitary precautions. In 1992, he fled to Israel after the Polish media had begun to publicize his case. He has refused to return to Poland, where he is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel has rejected several Polish requests for the extradition; the last one in July 2005.

Morel was the son of a baker, as the family business went badly, he moved to his aunt in Łódź where he worked as a salesman. After the war started he returned to his parents. He along with his family hid when the war broke out in order to avoid being deported to a ghetto. At this point, there are somewhat divergent accounts of Morel’s activities. According to the Polish IPN, in charge of prosecuting war criminals and the initiator of the extradition request, in the beginning of 1942 he, alongside with his brother, organized a criminal band, robbing local people. Their criminal activity ended when during one of their robberies they were captured by members of the communist Polish People’s Army. According to the IPN, to avoid punishment Morel blamed all fault on his brother, and then joined the communists partisans.

Zgoda camp was set up by the Soviet NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, after the Red Army’s ‘liberation’ of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the communist polish secret service, the notorious Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (UB). On March 15, 1945, before the war ended, Morel became a chief of the forced labor camp.

Current research shows that 1695 prisoners died due to the epidemic of dysentery, typhus and typhoid fever which resulted from hunger and bad sanitary conditions in the camp, and that Morel not only did nothing to prevent the spread of their diseases but in fact created conditions to facilitate their spread. He is charged with creating unbearable life conditions threatening of biological annihilation, specifically starvation, torture and physical and psychological abuse. As early as 1945 Salomon Morel’s superiors from the Ministry of Public Security (MBP) – Prison System Department affirmed his responsibility for the spread of epidemic and penalized him with 3 days of house arrest.

In 1998, an extradition request for Morel was rejected by Israel. A reply sent to the Polish Justice Ministry from Israeli authorities said that Israel would not extradite Morel as the statute of limitations had expired on the crimes detailed. In April 2004, Poland filed another extradition order against Morel, this time with fresh evidence, upgrading the case to “crimes against humanity.” In July 2005, this request was again formally refused. The response rejected the more serious charges as being false, and again rejected extradition on the grounds that the statute of limitations against Morel had run out, and that Morel was in bad health. Ewa Koj, a prosecutor with the Polish government-run National Remembrance Institute, criticized the decision saying:

    “How can a statute of limitations run out on crimes against humanity? There should be one measure for judging war criminals, irrespective whether they are German, Israeli, or any other nationality”.

Morel himself states that he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, dismissing the allegations as an “anti-semitic” plot; the favorite definition of whom or what jews don’t like. Just look at his face… the snout of an evil man!

 Salomon Morel



Poland needs to blame its Jews for something, inevitably we hear about the case of Shlomo Morel, who the Polish people call Salomon Morel. Mr. Morel has been accused of war crimes by Poland. This brief article will attempt to refute the claims and outline the facts of the case. As far as I know, it is the only such document to do so in the English language. I doubt anything positive about Morel has been written in the Polish language.

A Life of Loss
Mr. Morel was born in Garbow, northwest of Lublin, in 1919 and studied Torah and Talmud as a youngster. His father baked bread and the family lived in Garbow’s one brick house. Shlomo grew up a happy-go-lucky, playful boy who still put on his tefillin and said his ‘Baruch ata’s.

He was 20 when the Germans invaded Garbow. Local Polish thugs picked up his father, mother, and one brother in Christmas week, 1942, as Shlomo watched from the top of a haystack. “Where are your other sons?” said the Poles, but Shlomo’s mother wouldn’t say, and local Polish people punished her by shooting the father, then the brother, and finally her.

Surviving Against All Odds
That night Shlomo and another brother, Yitzchak Morel, hid in a mausoleum. In March of 1943, they joined the Jewish partisans. Young Yitzchak Morel was on a partisan tank — a horse-drawn sleigh — when some Poles jumped on and killed him. Despite these tragic losses, Shlomo Morel went through the war loving laughter and telling the Yiddish jokes he had heard growing up in Garbow. He always had his mandolin with him, strapped on his shoulder when he walked, its fingerboard in his fist overhead. In his other fist was his Mauser shotgun, without which any Jew in the forests of Poland would be susceptible to death from the enemy Nazis or anti-Jewish Polish locales.

In March of 1944, his partisan unit, which was led by Shmuel Jegier and, after Jegier was murdered, Frank Blaichman and Samuel Gruber, waded across the Wieprz River in March, 1944 to join the Grynszpan partisan unit. These units, of which Morel was an important part, were among the most successful in all of Europe. A remarkable number of Jewish partisans survived in the forests near Parczew, Poland, among them the young Morel. More than just survive, they were involved in cutting phone poles between Lublin and Wlodawa, attacking police headquarters and government posts in Kaplonosy and Parczew, blowing up troop and ammunition trains, hijacking German supply trucks, and killing Germans and collaborators whenever possible.

Assigned to Duty
Morel had lost his entire family, but survived the war. On his liberation, he was assigned to the Office of State Security and the camp commandant’s post at Schwientochlowice near Katowice. During the war, the location had been the site of the Zgoda Labor Camp. After the war it became a detention camp for Germans complicit in murdering Jews. Suddenly the tables were turned, and a Jew was in charge of the Germans.

Schwientochlowice Camp
What facts can be established about the camp at Schwientochlowice? There were three categories of people sent to this detention center: a – The majority of the internees at the Schwientochlowice camp were placed there under the terms of the decree of the Polish National Liberation Committee (PKWN) of Nov. 4, 1944 “on security measures vis-a-vis traitors to the Nation” of Poland; b – The remaining prisoners were interned in the camp on the basis of the “August decree” of Aug. 31, 1944 on “Fascist-Nazi criminals and traitors to the Polish Nation” and c – the law of May 6, 1945 on the exclusion of hostile elements from Polish society (1). In February of 1945, Aleksy Krut was put in charge of the camp, and Morel was appointed head of the camp in May of 1945. At this time Morel was just 26 years old and says by his own admission he had neither training nor experience in administering a prison (2).

Out of the several thousands of prisoners, only a handful were subsequently brought to justice. Documents were found indicating that several former prisoners at Schwientochlowice were convicted of crimes connected with the German occupation. One of them, a resident of Bielsko from group II on the Volksliste, received four years in prison for tormenting the Polish population during the war. Other prisoners included members of the Nazi party, including dozens from Prudnik and Glubczyce who attained the rank of Ortsgruppenleiter, or Local Group Leader (3).

The prisoners of the Schwientochlowitz camp worked in nearby factories. On August 1, 1945, there were 5,048 prisoners in the camp. Typhus spread in the prison like a wildfire. Thirty percent of the prison was wiped out by the typhus epidemic, or roughly 1,500 persons, between late July and September of 1945 (4).

Accusations and Allegations
Morel is accused of outrageous crimes against humanity for these 1,500 deaths. According to the book “Genocides by the Oppressed” by Nicholas A. Robins and Adam Jones, Morel “presided over a murderous regime founded on assaults and atrocities against German captives”. They continue: “They got Germans to beat each other, they raped German women, and trained their dogs to bite off men’s genitals at the command of ‘Sic’.” Authors Robins and Jones never mention the typhus epidemic at the Schwientochlowice detention camp. Nor do they note the fact that the Germans being detained in the camp were themselves mostly murderers and tyrants themselves.

Much of the criticism of Morel comes from the book “Eye for an Eye”, written by a Jewish man, John Sack. The main theme of the book is that Jews ran internment camps for Germans in postwar Poland. Sack’s book has largely remained off of book shelves because it is slanderous and has little truth to it. In 1995, Germany outlawed the book, calling it “anti-Semitic fodder”.

In truth, most Holocaust survivors went directly to Displaced Persons Camps throughout Europe, and sought emigration out of Europe. The idea that Jews were murderers either during or after the Holocaust in Europe is preposterous.

Poland Versus an Aging Holocaust Survivor
John Sack makes specific assertions about Shlomo Morel that simply cannot be proven. The testimonies against Morel were never enough to bring him back to Poland for trial, and given Poland’s historical anti-Semitism, it’s difficult to say whether those who were imprisoned could be reliable and unbiased witnesses. Having studied Poland during the Holocaust period and since, my best answer is: No, these witnesses could not be either reliable or unbiased.

Coincidentally, Sack’s book also contains a transcript of evidence that Morel was himself not guilty of any crimes whatsoever. In 1989, Morel was interviewed by a prosecutor in Poland, Piotr Brys, about his role in the Schwientochlowitz camp.

“Good day,” Brys began. “I’m going to interrogate you in the case concerning the camp at Swietochlowice. You can be prosecuted for perjury on the basis of Article 172 of the Penal Code, but you have the right not to answer me on the basis of Article 166, Paragraph 1.”

“All right,” said Shlomo calmly.

“Did you work at Swietochlowice?” said Brys.

“Yes. I was the commandant there.”

“You were the commandant starting when?”

“The first days of February, 1945.”

“As commandant what did you do?”

“I commanded that camp.

“Some people died at Swietochlowice. What of?”

“Typhus,” said Shlomo.

“And where were they buried?”

“At the cemetery in Swietochlowice.”

Was there a torture cell at Swietochlowice?”

“No, not that I know of,” Shlomo said.

A few weeks later Brys again met with Morel, and brought a supposed “victim” of the camp, a woman named Dorota Boreczek, who was Polish and age 15 in 1945. The camp was supposed to be for Germans.

She accused Shlomo of war crimes and was brought to identify him. When asked if she recognized the man in front of her, Mr. Morel, she replied to Brys that she did not recognize the man in front of her. When told who he was, she said to him, “You did the same thing the Fascists did!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Shlomo.

“Well, that’s what the Fascists say,” Dorota continued. “They don’t know what we’re talking about, about Auschwitz. You murdered people,” Dorota explained, getting louder. “Why did you do it? Why?”

“You’re lying,” said Shlomo.

Near him was Brys, who was listening carefully, and Shlomo stayed as serene as a Buddha, “The prisoners at Swietochlowice loved me. A guard even married me.” Shlomo married a Catholic Polish woman (5).

A few days later Mr. Morel came back with a four-page answer. He said that the prisoners at Swietochlowice were always treated well. He said that the guards didn’t shoot except on May 7, 1945, to celebrate the Allies’ victory over the Germans. He said “I recall with pity” that prisoners had died of typhus, but it said that these prisoners had brought the typhus to Swietochlowice.

The author John Sack, who was obsessed with this story prior to his death, even met with Morel. At his kitchen table, Sack accused Morel of committing crimes against humanity. Morel firmly denied the accusations.

So, there you have it. It is one person’s word against another person’s word. An old Jewish man whose family was murdered was being harassed by the Polish government — the only government in Europe where Jews have never received any restitution for crimes against them or confiscated property during the Holocaust.

Poland’s Anti-Semitism
Thus, Morel made a decision many people would have made: He left Poland and emigrated to Israel in January, 1992. At age 72 Mr. Morel was unemployed and his pension from Poland couldn’t be transferred to him in Israel. He was forced to do what many Jews have been forced to do for centuries: Start from scratch in a new country.

One of the Polish prosectors, Marek Grodzki, as well as the head of the German community in Katowice, Dietmar Brehmer, concluded that there was no evidence against Mr. Morel.

Despite this, a different prosecutor, Jerzy Rucinski, blamed Morel for the deaths of 1,583 people and Mr. Morel was indicted in May, 1995 for crimes against the Polish nation.

There is a tremendous lack of evidence that Morel was ever involved in such crimes, and the fact that there was a widespread typhus epidemic has been established, and is even verified by anti-Morel crusader John Sack himself.

In short, the case against Morel is very weak. It amounts to one person’s word against another person’s word, and would certainly fail in any court of law in the United States.

Mr. Morel was in Israel at the time, and stayed there until he passed away on February 14, 2007. He was never was extradited to Poland because Israel said the statute of limitations had expired on the war crimes.

Now, however, when a Polish person wants to highlight how evil we Jews are, they inevitably turn to the case of Mr. Morel, despite the fact that there is no substantive evidence that Morel did anything wrong.

Polish anti-Semites need an excuse to blame Jews for crimes against Poland. In Morel’s case they found an old and defenseless Jewish man who was easy to brand as a symbol of how evil Jews are to some people in Poland. A sad case indeed.

Works Cited

(1) Article 1 of this decree stated that “A Polish citizen who, during the German occupation, declared his allegiance to German nationality on the territory of the so-called General Government and voivodship of BiaÅ‚ystok … shall be subject to … detention for an unspecified period in a detention centre (camp) and compulsory work”, Dz.U [Official Journal] no. 11/44, item 54.

(2) Letter from Salomon Morel to the Regional Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish People in Katowice dated 7 XI 1992, IPN Ka, Case files…, pp 78-81, see also Oboz Pracy w Swietochlowicach w 1945 roku. Dokumenty, zeznania, relacje, listy [Labour Camp in Swietochlowice in 1945. Documents, testimonies, reports, letters], selected and edited by and with an introduction by A. Dziurok, Warsaw 2002, pp. 89-92.

(3) H. Piecuch, Akcje specjalne: od Bieruta do Ochaba [Special operations: from Bierut to Ochab],Warsaw 1996, pp. 27-28.

(4) G. Gruschka, Zgoda-miejsce zgrozy. Oboz koncentracyjny w Swietochlowicach [Zgoda, a place of doom. The concentration camp at Swietochlowice], Gliwice 1998, p. 51.

(5) J. Sack, Eye for An Eye, page 107.

(6) J. Sack, Eye for An Eye, page 113.


The War on Terror Is a Hoax


by Paul Craig Roberts
February 4, 2009

The War on Terror Is a Hoax by Paul Craig Roberts (Feb. 4, 2009)

Subject: THE WAR ON TERROR IS A HOAX – Paul Craig Roberts
Date: Feb 4, 2009 6:47 PM
To George Noory, Coast To Coast AM Radio
From Dick Fojut in Tucson, AZ <>
Followup to the Email I sent you last night after Whitley Strieber and you stressed your great fears “hate-filled” “ISLAMIC” Terrorists are about to attack us – and nuke our American cities. In the following article, Paul Craig Roberts, a Conservative (not “neo”-conservative) former official in the Reagan administration, has a DIFFERENT opinion. (Why don’t you interview Roberts sometime?)

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

If America were infected with terrorists, we would not need the government to tell us. We would know it from events. As there are no events, the US government substitutes warnings in order to keep alive the fear that causes the public to accept pointless wars, the infringement of civil liberty, national ID cards, and inconveniences and harassments when they fly.

The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that not a single neocon has been assassinated.

I do not approve of assassinations, and am ashamed of my country’s government for engaging in political assassination. The US and Israel have set a very bad example for al Qaeda to follow.

The US deals with al Qaeda and Taliban by assassinating their leaders, and Israel deals with Hamas by assassinating its leaders. It is reasonable to assume that al Qaeda would deal with the instigators and leaders of America’s wars in the Middle East in the same way.

Today, every al Qaeda member is aware of the complicity of neoconservatives in the death and devastation inflicted on Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza. Moreover, neocons are highly visible and are soft targets compared to Hamas and Hezbollah leaders. Neocons have been identified in the media for years, and as everyone knows, multiple listings of their names are available online.

Neocons do not have Secret Service protection. Dreadful to contemplate, but it would be child’s play for al Qaeda to assassinate any and every neocon. Yet, neocons move around freely, a good indication that the US does not have a terrorist problem. If, as neocons constantly allege, terrorists can smuggle nuclear weapons or dirty bombs into the US with which to wreak havoc upon our cities, terrorists can acquire weapons with which to assassinate any neocon or former government official.

Yet, the neocons, who are the Americans most hated by Muslims, remain unscathed.

The “war on terror” is a hoax that fronts for American control of oil pipelines, the profits of the military-security complex, the assault on civil liberty by fomenters of a police state, and Israel’s territorial expansion.

There were no al Qaeda in Iraq until the Americans brought them there by invading and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, who kept al Qaeda out of Iraq. The Taliban is not a terrorist organization, but a movement attempting to unify Afghanistan under Muslim law. The only Americans threatened by the Taliban are the Americans Bush sent to Afghanistan to kill Taliban and to impose a puppet state on the Afghan people.

Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine, or what little remains of Palestine after Israel’s illegal annexations. Hamas is a terrorist organization in the same sense that the Israeli government and the US government are terrorist organizations. In an effort to bring Hamas under Israeli hegemony, Israel employs terror bombing and assassinations against Palestinians. Hamas replies to the Israeli terror with homemade and ineffectual rockets.

Hezbollah represents the Shi’ites of southern Lebanon, another area in the Middle East that Israel seeks for its territorial expansion.

The US brands Hamas and Hezbollah “terrorist organizations” for no other reason than the US is on Israel’s side of the conflict. There is no objective basis for the US Department of State’s “finding” that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. It is merely a propagandistic declaration.

Americans and Israelis do not call their bombings of civilians “terror.” What Americans and Israelis call terror is the response of oppressed people who are stateless because their countries are ruled by puppets loyal to the oppressors. These people, dispossessed of their own countries, have no State Departments, Defense Departments, seats in the United Nations, or voices in the mainstream media. They can submit to foreign hegemony or resist by the limited means available to them.

The fact that Israel and the United States carry on endless propaganda to prevent this fundamental truth from being realized indicates that it is Israel and the US that are in the wrong and the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghans who are being wronged.

The retired American generals who serve as war propagandists for Fox “News” are forever claiming that Iran arms the Iraqi and Afghan insurgents and Hamas. But where are the arms? To deal with American tanks, insurgents have to construct homemade explosive devices out of artillery shells. After six years of conflict the insurgents still have no weapon against the American helicopter gunships. Contrast this “arming” with the weaponry the US supplied to the Afghans three decades ago when they were fighting to drive out the Soviets.

The films of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza show large numbers of Gazans fleeing from Israeli bombs or digging out the dead and maimed, and none of these people are armed. A person would think that by now every Palestinian would be armed, every man, woman, and child. Yet, all the films of the Israeli attack show an unarmed population. Hamas has to construct homemade rockets that are little more than a sign of defiance. If Hamas were armed by Iran, Israel’s assault on Gaza would have cost Israel its helicopter gunships, its tanks, and hundreds of lives of its soldiers.

Hamas is a small organization armed with small caliber rifles incapable of penetrating body armor. Hamas is unable to stop small bands of Israeli settlers from descending on West Bank Palestinian villages, driving out the Palestinians, and appropriating their land.

The great mystery is: why after 60 years of oppression are the Palestinians still an unarmed people? Clearly, the Muslim countries are complicit with Israel and the US in keeping the Palestinians unarmed.

The unsupported assertion that Iran supplies sophisticated arms to the Palestinians is like the unsupported assertion that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. These assertions are propagandistic justifications for killing Arab civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure in order to secure US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Paul Craig Roberts

Netanyahu: Napoleon of Global War on Terror

Benjamin Netanyahu is the Napoleon of the Global War on Terror. He pretty much invented the concept of the Global War on Terror back in the late 1970s. Will the Iran nuclear deal prove to be his Waterloo?

After the factionalism unleashed in the French Revolution created the basis for a reign of terror,  Napoleon Bonaparte took charge and transformed the chaotic conditions in his own country into a military juggernaut aimed at imperial expansion throughout Europe and deep into Eurasia. Similarly, Netanyahu was instrumental in organizing the chaos on the right after the failures of capitalism’s military-industrial complex in Indochina in the 1970s. Like Napoleon, Netanyahu seized control of the emergency and transformed the crisis into a movement for the imperial expansion of his Israeli home country on many fronts, including the expansion of its eastern frontiers and the expansion of its influence in the US Congress, NATO, and the world’s neoconservative propaganda mills.

The Israeli Emperor of Global Neoconservatism

Father and son


Netanyahu’s rise as the Israeli Emperor of Global Neoneoconservatism can be said to have started in 1979 when he had his father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, chaired the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in 1979. The elder Netanyahu had been personal secretary in the 1930s to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the extreme right-wing of Zionism. The ideological originators of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party, the militants of Revisionist Zionists fought underground for the sovereignty of the Jewish sate in the British Mandate of Palestine though tactics like extrajudicial assassinations and the blowing up the King David Hotel in 1946. This experience has given the Likudnik wing of Israeli imperialism special expertise in the media deployment of the imagery of terrorism.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 12.50.00 PMRevisionist Zionists and their Likudnik descendants have opposed Labor Zionists by advocating outright genocide rather than negotiating ploys with the indigenous Arab population in Palestine. The more radical stance of the most extreme wing of Israeli empire builders was aimed at bringing about the aggrandizement of “Greater Israel” to span the expanse from the Nile River to the Euphrates River and the Persian Gulf.

Richard Perle’s “New Break” document delivered to Netanyahu in 1996 proved in retrospect to be pretty much the road map for international neoconservatism leading to the kind of outgrowths we are currently seeing in the bankers’ tyranny in Greece, the goon show in Libya, and NATO’s alliances with the residues of Nazi governance in the Ukraine.

Perle teamed up with the Canadian neocon spin doctor David Frum to co-author in 2003An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror. Where the Israeli-American neocon directorate of the US Republican Party called in 2000 for a “New Pearle Harbor” to create the necessary shift in public opinion to realize Netayahu’s imperial plan, An End to Evil provided the instructional manual for what do next after “Mission Accomplished” on 9/11. The premier directive of the neocon think tank was to “support the overthrow of the terrorist mullahs of Iran.”

The goal of eliminating the Islamic-based government of Iran has been Netanyahu’s dominant preoccupation since he began his rise as Emperor of the Global War on Terror.  The early stages of his rise came about largely through Netanyahu’s skilful exploitation of the death of his brother Jonathan as an Israeli war hero in the Entebbe Raid of 1976.

The ambivalent success of the negotiators of the 5 + 1-Iran nuclear deal are helping to draw the world’s attention to the reality that the Islamic Republic in the heart of Eurasia is nothing like the country has been depicted by the propaganda mills of Netanyahu’s neocon media empire. The news is getting out that, from Netanyahu’s perspective, the real crime of the people and government of Iran is to have created in spite of the sanctions a fairly stable, viable and somewhat democratic Islamic society on the firm foundation of Persian civilization. In comparison to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel’s primary puppet regime in the Middle East, is quite obviously reflective of the real evil empire’s more diabolical attributes.

WAR ON TERROR: The World’s Biggest New Business



By the end of WW2, America had the largest war industry with Russia close behind. After WW2, the biggest business became the Cold War. Then it became the War on Drugs, and now it’s the WAR ON TERROR which is being turned against the American Citizens.

Here’s how it happened. Here’s what it means, and here is how it may play out as it runs its natural course until all available resources are consumed and the People will have no more of it.

YouTube – Veterans Today –


The War on Terror is a Hungry Monster, which consumes all available taxpayer funds and even much more as provided by sophisticated financial scams run by intel agencies and by the long running War on Drugs which has been operational since the mid 1960’s. This War on Drugs has been exposed to be a phony and is merely a cover to provide huge amounts of black budget funds for covert operations by American Intel.  It has also produced a massive prison system now in place with about 40% of its inmates incarcerated for minor victimless non-violent drug offenses, making private prisons a huge and highly profitable American industry in and of itself, creating a gulag type system for folks who have no need for incarceration.

This massive collection of major funds for the Secret Shadow Govt is criminal (major RICO organized crime) and has been done while simultaneously manipulating Congress and the highest courts to sacrifice the US Constitution, American Freedom and Liberty, and everything the American Founding Fathers fought to take back from England when they established a new Republic based on Liberty and Representative Govt.  Our Founding Fathers had written and passed the Constitution with the hope of preventing any more such British style tyranny from occurring in America in the future.

Sad to say that after 200 years the British are back and have successfully imbedded their tyranny into much of American Society thanks to their hijacking of our Banking System in 1913-14, control over our foreign policy via this unConstitutional central bank, and now by the creation and administration of their War On Terror.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  The Secret Shadow Govt is now acting as a franchise of the International Crime Syndicate (ICS) run out of “the City” of London Financial District, a separate country like the Vatican with its own ambassadors and police force and no taxes paid to the UK.  “The City” is the home of the Bank of England and major world insurance companies and other key financial institutions.


This massive recent expansion of the Secret Shadow Govt in response to their phony War on Terror has produced a new “creeping tyranny” in progressive increments in response to the 911 attacks they planned, instituted and covered up.  The Shadow Govt controls the Major Media which has wrongly claimed in unison that this new Global War on Terror is justified and is necessary to protect Americans from “Terrorists hiding under every rock”. Their original position that all terrorists were Muslim fanatics from the Middle East  is now morphing right before our eyes, as they are beginning to label normal US citizens as the “New Terrorists”.

So now we have a new internal police state organism, Homeland Security labeling law abiding US Citizens as actual, suspected or potential domestic terrorists.  This is what Homeland Security stated and implied in their MIAC report and other such intel reports prepared and given to police and federal law enforcement, which they never expected to be leaked. This of course is one of the BIGGEST LIES EVER TOLD, because the USG has become the world’s biggest Terrorist itself.  It’s like the pot calling the kettle black in spades.  Such duplicity is astounding, but up until recently most of the people accepted these lies as truth.


Now, thanks to the Internet and the alternative media like Veteran’s Today, the truth is being exposed and more and more people are waking up to the gross lies and duplicity of the USG and their propaganda that the major mass media dispenses by use of “talking heads” including young cutesy women with model’s figures, faces tightened by plastic surgery and presentations well coached by experts.  This has served as pretty good mindkontrol up until recently.

Now with the severe financial decay of America and the lack of good jobs for many, many of the people are waking up when they hear the truth spoken in the alternative media on the Internet (thanks Darpa for inventing the Internet and conning the Shadow Govt into financing it and building it, perhaps the greatest sales job in history and a certainly major attempt to “slay the Beast”).

Many citizens now starting to view Homeland Security as the New American Gestapo because of their police state appearance and tactics, and the sexual groping done by their evil step child the TSA, which so far has not prevented any terrorism but has done a great job wasting more taxpayer money, nearly ruining the airline business and effectively intimidating passengers and sexually molesting old women and children inside their pants and diapers.  And recent attempts to put MKultra mindkontrolled patsy amateurs on airline passenger aircraft to fool and scare the public have been exposed as poorly thought out and enacted American Intel operations.


Bottom line is that the Shadow Govt has used their 911 inside job/stand-down attacks to falsely justify the greatest buildup inside the Secret Shadow Govt in history, and most view this now as a clear indicator that the Shadow Govt is now declaring a full spectrum war against the Americans which includes:                      1) Homeland Security ordering reinforced portable, armored road stop booths, ordering of 450 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point pistol ammo and another 250 million rounds of .223 AR ammo to be used against the people;    2) deployment of the US military and foreign troops (claimed to be for training purposes only, yah right);   3) construction of numerous Internment camps and defense contracts requiring the ability to build hundreds of such camps within a 72 hour window when ordered;   4) deployment of air born remote controlled armed drones to spy and attack;   5) use of regional Fusion Centers, NSA and special new FBI sections to tap of all phones and communications, including the Internet;   6) and massive deployment of TSA to mainstream USA, and bus and train transportation, shopping centers and sporting events where they will continue to sexually grope the public, teaching them to be good subservient serfs and accept their sexual assaults and destruction of the US Constitution as normal.

It is expected by some experts that this new war against the American Citizen will start out as psyops and low intensity warfare, then progressing to full scale “in the streets”, house to house combat until the people are completely disarmed and subjugated, unless the Shadow Govt is exposed and stopped before it can do so, especially if those in its ranks rebel in mass which is more likely than not.  The Shadow Govt officials fear this possibility and are making provisions to import foreign troops to assist, to be explained and rationalized as training exercises.

If the Shadow Govt is NOT planning for a full spectrum war inside the USA against the people, why then have they activated Northcom, created Homeland Security as a Stasi/Gestapo type organization, why the extreme military buildup inside the USA, the militarization of the police, the passage of unConstitutional draconian laws such as the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, the NDAA 2012, and many more?  Why the onslaught against all American freedoms from all sides?  So far the Shadow Govt has not justified any of these insane, criminal measures other than to say they are necessary to protect us from FOREIGN TERRORIST, and now the newly arising Domestic or potential or suspected Domestic Terrorists (which darn near includes most law abiding Americans but only exists in their imaginations). Obviously such continued provocations can produce the war they are gearing up for now, but they may get much more than they expect if they continue, because it may turn out to be that their greatest opposition will develop deep inside their own systems by highly trained and skilled individuals who have the ability to take control over their sophisticated weapons systems no matter what protections they have in place and turn them against the Shadow Govt and the Beast.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

This massive expansion of the Shadow Govt was explored by Washington Post Reporters Dana Priest and William Arkin and reported in a July 19, 2010 article about which several videos were made for Television.  Their reporting seemed to suggest that the Shadow Govt was a new phenomenon of 911, when actually 911 was used as an excuse for a massive expansion of what had been constructed gradually beginning in 1947.

This out of control, hungry, resource addicted monster, the War on Terror is perhaps best described as the “Beast”.  It has captured the control centers of American politics and defense via the Secret Shadow Govt and is now in the process of consuming all available financial resources.  This outrageous out of control asset stripping of the American people and destruction of their Constitutional Rights is likely to continue until absolute social and environmental limits are reached.


This new post 911 War on Terror is essentially being run by the Secret Shadow Govt, which is controlled by the a Global Federation of  large international corporations with interlocked, interconnected Directors.  The main business agent for this Global Federation is the Secret Shadow Govt.  Some experts refer to this Global Federation as the International Crime Syndicate (ICS), others call it the “World Moneychangers” and others call it simply “the Beast” or the “the City of London” which refers to the private financial district of London which is actually a separate country with its own ambassadors, like the Vatican.


The main goal of the Shadow Govt appears to be to use numerous evil machinations to create major societal problems that are so large that only big Govt can provide solutions.  This in turn creates massive primal fear in the populace which strongly motivates them to give up rights and pay more taxes to be kept safe by the USG which has been in a continual and exponential growth pattern ever since the start of WW2.

This claim of the USG to be working to provide solutions to huge societal problems actually appears to be quite a hypocritical fraud because there is substantial evidence to show that the Shadow Govt is actual the entity likely to be responsible for creating the American society’s biggest problems and major instabilities, such as illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional foreign wars, major economic, job and poverty problems, and the problem of so-called  “international terrorism”. And this is done to provide massive increases in the size, wealth and power of the Shadow Govt for the benefit of those super-elite deviants who control it.

And now the Shadow Govt has used the “War on Terror” as a means to covertly declare war on the American people, assaulting our basic freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution from every angle possible. The reason our Founding Fathers wrote and passed the US Constitution was to prevent a centralized, Federal Govt from making indecent assaults on our basic freedoms and liberty.  The Second Amendment was included to serve as the final insurance clause which hopefully would never have to be used to fight an over-reaching illegal, unConstitutional regime attempting to unConstitionally hijack America.


Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) used to say, “Any Govt that is big enough to provide for all your needs is likely to be strong enough to take everything you have and probably will”.  It has been alleged by numerous experts that the Shadow Govt’s main goals are to generate massive societal problems which provide an excuse to create a larger central and global govt as solutions, with the additional purpose a bigger defense establishment and perpetual but controlled war. It is interesting to note that the drug problem seemed to grow exponentially with the advent of LBJ’s great society and massive increases in folks becoming dependent on welfare accompanied by massive welfare programs.

Could LBJ’s Great Society program have been used to provide money to urban communities to be spent on USG provided illegal drugs and then funneled back to American Intel as a form of secret, off-the-books financing for black ops and “beyond black” programs, thus massive amounts of secret money collected from the illegal drugs brought in by American Intel at the direction of the Shadow Govt?


Exhaustion of resources by the defense industry is of course what occurred at the end of the cold war in the Soviet Union when East German Soldiers lost their motivation to shoot wall-runners (social limits were reached) and the Soviet Union went essentially bankrupt, having to restructure and form joint ventures with the western oil companies and large international corporations in order to survive, signaling their potential entry into the NWO Global system run out of “the City” of London.

Certainly America now seems to be reaching economic exhaustion due to this massive asset stripping by the Shadow Govt under the War on Terror and misappropriation of such funds for black ops and “beyond black” projects. Of course numerous military and intel experts believe that the Shadow Govt created, funded and operated their Global War on Terror through cutouts such as Al Qaeda (AKA  Al Cia Duh), the US and other militaries, and large private mercenary forces fighting as US Surrogates.

Even Secretary of State Ms. Clinton admitted as much during a moment of apparent rapprochement and “public sweetness”, something she is not generally known for.

YouTube – Veterans Today –


There is fairly good evidence which has surfaced that this UFO panic at the time of Roswell crash recovery provided the impetus to create the Secret Shadow Govt. Later the Shadow Govt was used as a base for all sorts of criminal and anti-American mischief such as the illegal and unConstitutional provoking of unjustified wars for war profiteering, illegal weapons and narcotics trafficking, and use of so-called “national security” as a false cloak to cover every type of crime imaginable.

And all these covert operations were designed to increase the size and power of the Shadow Govt. including the size and scope of American intel (over 80% of which is now privatized), the large Wall Street Banks and the Defense Industry (of which about 40% of our combat troops are now alleged to be privatized mercenaries with very high pay and exempt from the US Military Code of Justice).

Some experts now refer to this global interlocked international corporate conglomerate run out of “the City” of London as “the Beast” and view it as the illegitimate stepchild of the British financial system which goes all the way back to the Opium Wars, American Skull and Bones (i.e. the Russell Trust which made millions off of the opium trade), perhaps the Pilgrim Society too.

As the world-wide British Empire declined militarily it found surrogates to fight its wars and became even stronger financially than ever before.  It exerted its basic financial control over the world systems of trade and manufacturing as well as the illegal global drug and weapons trade, which has provided a significant piece of all the action of this worldwide criminal syndicate, some call the ICS, the International Crime Syndicate, which makes the Mafia look like amateurs.  They don’t call the Draco Beast “perfidious Albion” for nothing.  Its specialty is eliciting puppet conflicts through surrogates to keep folks distracted while it steals everyone blind.


During WW2, the American Defense Industry grew at an extremely rapid pace, became the largest industry in history and it provided huge profits to its owners and the large Wall Street Banks financing it.  The coordinated efforts of all Americans to support the war effort further promoted the war industry over and above all other industries, allowing it to assume a prominent controlling role in American Society along with the large Wall Street Banks run out of “the City” of London Financial District, which some students of the esoteric call the Great Dragon or Draco (notice the logo for “the City” of London Financial District signifying their DRACO heritage).

Note the Two Dragons in the Coat of Arms for “the City” of London Financial District, some call these Dracos signifying the Great Dragon. Draco was appointed ruler of Athens in 700 BC and set in place what are now referred to as “draconian laws” which were excessively harsh.  For example a person stealing a head of cabbage was executed.

“And Draco himself, they say, being asked why he made death the penalty for most offenses, replied that in his opinion the lesser ones deserved it, and for the greater ones no heavier penalty could be found.”
Plutarch Life of Solon

It is most interesting that this Draco symbol is displayed to represent the City of London.  Perhaps there is a message in this?  Maybe David Icke got this one at least partly right?;read=141899

Coat of Arms for the City of London Financial District with the two Dragons








After WW2, the large American defense contractors were soon withering on the financial vine and the defense industry and the large Wall Street Banks went into crisis planning mode as panic set upon them.  They had become financially dependent on war.  Those super-elites at the top of these hierarchies met in secret and quickly decided that they would have to manipulate world events to create a continuing, perpetual need for their products and services in order to survive and remain financially vital.

Unfortunately for the American taxpayer, various political, banking and industrial back channels via certain international secret societies were utilized to negotiate certain ground rules with the new enemy, World Communism.  If this had become generally known, many top US officials inside the USG, Pentagon, the defense industry and Wall Street would have been tried for Treason and Sedition, because that’s what it was and these are potentially quite serious Capital offenses.

At the close of WW2, the Nazi Party, now revitalized and rich beyond measure on confiscated, gold, silver, diamonds and Swiss Bank accounts, was able to use the Cold War and the Shadow Govt via Operation Paperclip to stay covert while it bought up controlling interests in over 700 large international corporations including banking, heavy industry, oil, weapons and pharmaceuticals. This imported Nazi Intel had a critical part in convincing these top officials of the USG and the defense establishment that a new cold war was be fought immediately to stop the onslaught of World Communism.

Of course US imported Nazi intel folks such as Gehlen, Mueller, Skorzeny and Mengele were secretly integrated into the defense establishment inside America and quite easily convinced the defense establishment and Congress that the Soviet Union was far more advanced with their war technology than first believed. The Nazi Intel claim that they had a ready-made spy network deeply embedded inside the Soviet Union was quickly accepted and provided a strong foothold from which to further con and manipulate American Intel into accepting their direction during the cold war, thus enticing the Defense establishment and Congress to provide more and more penetration into the USG and top defense hierarchies.

It has been hypothesized that this quick integration of Nazi Intel into American Intel and its hijacking by them was fostered by deep contacts with those behind the Nazi system in the first place that were prominent controllers of the USG and later the Secret Shadow Govt. This massive post WW2 Nazi Intel influence exerted on the USA has led some to view the Shadow Govt as essentially an expression of the FOURTH REICH, while some researchers believe the opposite,  that Fourth Reich is the expression of the entity that spawned the Shadow Govt. in the first place, the World Money Changers or “the Beast” of “the City”.

A very big secret has been that the large Wall Street Banks and certain Congressional leaders were enticed and “greased” one way or the other, legally or illegally by highly paid, connected lobbyists and certain Globalist oriented Non-Profit Foundations had conned Congress into making loans to Communist Russia and China for agricultural products and tractor motors among other manufactured products.

This was all part of a new NWO strategy formed in these American think tanks to “globalize” the world into a one world Govt, thereby conforming to the intentions of “The City” of London Financial District.  Of course this was investigated and reported to a special committee of Congress (The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee, 1954, now available as a pdf text on the Internet for free) but the results gained no traction in the press or within any Major American Media, essentially leaving the American public out of the loop.


As this absorption of the Nazis into to the USG was occurring a strange counter-intuitive series of events began. Here’s how it happened.  Those in the highest positions of Wall Street’s largest banks along with the top officials of American Defense establishment, Congress and the Shadow Govt decided that the only way to keep their war industries built up during WW2 viable after the war was to fight a “Cold War” with World Communism using conventional weapons and some “low intensity” perpetual war.  Sort of like the Spanish civil war, use controlled perpetual wars to test new equipment, to dirty up the troops by placing them in highly compromising, extremely stressful situations with inadequate back up and let them attrit while keeping the supply lines going and the consumed equipment and supplies replaced for a continued war profits, and all without triggering a complete nuclear exchange (WW3).

Strange “partial alliances” developed in secret between “the City”, the American Shadow Govt, the surviving but secret Nazi Party, the Vatican, Israel, Russia and China which in essence formed with “the City” as its nexus and created world-wide penetration of the Draco beast (the Great Dragon) and its power and influence exerted against most governments.  Some have called this the “hidden Hand”.  President Woodrow Wilson made the following comment about “the Beast”:

“There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocking, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” (Woodrow Wilson, 1913)

And strangely enough it is now believed by numerous researchers that American intel and the American Defense establishment actually abandoned Chiang Kai-shek  and put Mao in power in China. And there is substantial reason to believe that the large Wall Street Banks and a certain International law firm actually financed both the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, and the Nazi takeover and much of its industrialization in the 1930’s.

This of course presents a very curious question: why would those controlling the USG put Mao in power in China and promote Communism and the very enemy they would later fight in the cold war, a war that was plenty hot for individual American Intel who tangled with the Russians inside the USA and all over the world.  The answer seems counter-intuitive but is true  nonetheless. The major Wall Street Banks built up the Soviet Union and China in order to have an enemy to fight a perpetual war with, actually a bifurcated war both hot (limited combat) and cold (spy wars i.e. intelligence gathering, human compromise ops and espionage and counter-espionage).


During this process of forming the Secret Shadow Govt and American War Machine after the 1947 UFO flap at Roswell,  the Secret Shadow Govt became the biggest business agent in the world for the “Beast”, serving as the main tax collector from which massive funds were collected and then distributed to various private defense industries in order to fight the cold war and the controlled perpetual wars on behalf of “the City of London”.  The defense industry lobbyists were so successful in obtaining resources from the American People via Congressional actions that they gradually created an insatiable addiction to ever increasing needs for taxpayer dollars which even then were massive and yet became far short of expectations.

This necessitated other forms of capital acquisition including massive financial frauds and schemes such as Enron, the Keating Five S & L scandal, etc, and illegal international arms peddling and narcotics trafficking. Thus this American Defense Industry and its related wall street banking arm became an insatiable financial monster which was so addicted to ever increasing funds for black ops and special “beyond black” projects, that it consumed all available resources, and then proceeded to design new one’s such as the housing mortgage bubble scam and other related asset stripping schemes.

The Shadow Govt decided that in order to keep this hungry new monster fed they would have to take instructions from the British Empire’s use of the Opium Trade in China (which led to the Boxer Rebellion/Opium Wars) and their continuing use of illegal narcotics trafficking. Thus one important solution selected to keep this hungry new monster fed was to start a massive illegal trading business in illegal arms and narcotics which would provide off the books money for secret contracts, deep cover black ops, “beyond black” projects and some very nice unaccounted personal spending money too (considered a normal perk for certain segments at the top of American Intel).

This “off the books” i.e. unaccounted money allowed the building of vast beyond black underground bases, ultra high tech psychotronic (ie mindkontrol weapons), anti-gravity craft able to travel to outer space, the “other side of the Moon” and Mars, secret orbital space bases, spy systems and space based weapon systems, and plenty of grease or baksheesh to keep politicians and officials cooperating.  Should that incentive fail, other means of human compromise and use of “heavy muscle” could be utilized to gain compliance or problem solutions.


And yet even then this was not enough money for the numerous new and very expensive “beyond black” deep underground base construction projects of the Shadow Govt.  Their planners had to come up with a new scheme to capture more and more taxpayer money, and it became clear in their secret meetings that in order to do this some drastic new measures would have to be taken.  Workable excuses (cover stories) would have to be created to  “justify” the creation of new foreign wars to bring large profits into member corporations.  The Middle East was identified as a strategic situation because there were new efforts by certain countries to form new trading blocks and to remove the US Petro Dollar as the basis for trade and use as the world reserve currency.

Those who want to learn more about the origins of the  International Crime Syndicate (ICS) can study the “Hanseatic League”, the “Teutonic Knights” and “Teutonic Zionism” (which is technically German as in Nazi and which is not a religion but an esoteric, occult movement to capture and control the whole world via certain interlocked international secret societies).


The man who is rumored to have done much to aid this hijacking of the USG and American Intel on behalf of the Beast (aka The International Crime Syndicate, ICS) was James Jesus Angleton of the CIA, long suspected of being a Soviet mole who aided the ICS in many Treasonous ways.  His expertise is rumored to have been the fine art of human compromise operations, including honey pots and pedophile take down ops, all of which are alleged to have captured the Vatican’s high command structure on behalf of these certain interlocked secret societies.

Angelton was also rumored to have been a main player in the assassination of JFK and the individual who cleaned out J. Edgar Mary’s home after the “shellfish/toothpaste incident” and loaded all the secret files he kept at his home into his white station wagon he drove over to J. Edgar Mary’s house upon his death. Naturally the Beast was very grateful for Angelton’s work on their behalf over many years and this is indicated on his gravestone.

Once again the Shadow Govt planners decided they need to feed the monster even more.  So another war with Iraq entered the planning stage and Saddam was accused of having weapons of mass destruction.  And of course the US DOD neglected to reveal that they had approved the sale of biological products to Saddam which could be cloned into biowarfare agents.

But it was decided that before the Sheeple would accept another new Middle East war another even more strategic move was necessary. It was decided that the Shadow Govt would plan, institute and cover up a significant Terror Event inside America  which were serve as a rallying support to for entering a new war in Afghanistan and then a second War in Iraq.  The rest is history and the Shadow Govt’s false flag/stand down attacks on 9-11-2001  murdered 3,000 innocent people in a publicly televised spectacle.  Of course this was all televised in order to invoke a maximum terror response with the public.

And the 911 attacks were wrongly blamed on Osama bin Laden (AKA “Tim Osman”, long term CIA asset who helped arm the Mujahedeen to defeat the Russians and who died in Afghanistan in 2001 of Marfan’s disorder).  Afghanistan was attacked and invaded by the US military in early October of 2001, after blaming Afghanistan for harboring “Tim Osman” when neither Tim or Afghanistan anything to do with the 911 attacks.   And allegedly the real but hidden reason for this Afghanistan war effort was to garner the 100+ billion dollar a year opium crop which has not been successfully accomplished with American Soldiers guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan.


Some Taliban factions were attacked, some were impersonated by cutouts, some were hirelings labeled as Al Qaeda (translated as “the list”), and many referred to them as “Al Cia Duh” because they were considered private mercenaries of the CIA, set up to institute numerous false flags like the British MI-6 special ops captured after impersonating Iraqi rebels and trying to blow up buildings in Iraq.

This additional war like the second Iraq war was wearing thin and the American Taxpayers were pretty much fed up.  That is the main reason they flocked to vote for Presidential candidate Obama and rejected McCain.  But alas as so many before him, Obama appeared to be trapped by the same forces controlling every president since JFK, by the Shadow Govt and its stepchild the huge multi trillion dollar private defense industry.

President Obama did however decrease major combat roles of the US Military in Iraq in December of 2011, but transferred more troops into Afghanistan and increased the role of anonymous killing from the sky by Drones, which actually has murdered a significant number or innocent civilians along with some intended Afghan rebels.  These rebels actually comprise a somewhat heterogeneous collection of separate but pugilistic tribes, most of whom are fighting off the foreign invaders once again (this time American Soldiers and Mercenaries hired by the USG), but who have long histories on NOT getting along with each other due to fierce regional and tribal differences.


It is now becoming clearly apparent to many of the people who are waking up that the USA can no longer afford to fight these Mideast wars which were actually unprovoked and have been illegal and unConstitutional from the very start. It is also becoming clear that the use of Depleted Uranium is a war crime  which have harmed many American Soldiers and civilians too. And it is also becoming clear to many that those sadists at the top of the Shadow Govt that ordered torture committed a crime against humanity.


The new strategy which the Shadow Govt planners have come up with is to continue to promote an international war on Terror and use it as an excuse to pass draconian (as in “the City” of London ie “Draco”) new laws which set the basis for a new War on Terror inside the continental USA fought a new civil war between the USG and the people who have woken up and refuse to be disarmed and enslaved.  In order to start this needed civil war, the Shadow Govt appears to be planning on using these new Draconian (unConstitutional) laws to provoke the American People to fight. These resisters will then be labeled “domestic terrorists” , “suspected domestic terrorists” or “potential domestic terrorists”.

Drones, MJTF and foreign troops under Nato will probably be deployed against them.  Notice that Israel is attempting to enter a prominent role in Nato.  Can you see a connection here to the Dracos inside the City of London, the world financial cutouts for the real power which lies inside Germany, the Vatican, and the Shadow Govt?  “The City” of London (i.e. the Beast or the Dragon Draco) is the Nexus for it all of this and the Shadow Govt is now its main business agent. It is now obvious that the real terrorists are those who run the “Shadow Govt” and “the City”. And it is also obvious that the Beast is not racial, ethnic or tied to any single country but rather is an international occult based entity alleged to based in “the City” and that it uses individual nation states as its cutouts to do its dirty work. The Beast is very crafty and uses many counter-intuitive strategies to empower its cutouts and prevent serious opposition such as the “holocaust” which is actually from the old English signifying “fiery sacrifice”.


YouTube – Veterans Today –


This will likely be attempted by stacking the Supreme Court with Globalist minions (they already have four so far, so only one more is needed).  It can also be attempted by the President signing and the Congress approving an international or UN Treaty to restrict small arms ownership which is what President Obama has allegedly promised his advisors, even though such a measure is completely unConstitutional.  Why would the Beast be so motivated to disarm the American People?  It’s very simple.

The pitchforks and guillotines of the French peasants are to the ruling super-elites that control the Shadow Govt what the crack of the rifles in Dealey Plaza are to the American politicians who feel tempted to fight the Beast. Both produce terror and are used to maintain the imposition of Terror on all the people in order to dominate them and intimidate them into giving up all their rights and liberties (i.e. to become good serfs on the Global Plantation).


These master criminals can potentially then be charged, arrested, and convicted and punished under their own Draconian Laws. This could occur with the numerous setting up of State based Grand Juries to charge any members of the Shadow Govt who have committed Treason and Sedition (there would likely be quite a few no doubt) and these folks would be charged for trying to destroy the USA Republic and its sovereignty in order to fold its remains into a NWO Globalist One World System (the Tenth Amendment could be used as the basis to do this).

This means that before the people remove these unConstitutional laws they can use them to capture, bag, tag, imprison in an offshore black site and torture these master criminals into confessing everything, all without any legal representation (this was their idea in the first place).  What’s good for the goose may be even better for the gander if the masses follow the Beast’s draconian rulebook.

Actually, any Congress person who voted for the Patriot Acts or the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 has likely committed gross dereliction of duty at a minimum and most likely Treason and Sedition, whether they realize it or not.  Gross dereliction of duty requiring impeachment because most of these Congress critters who signed the Patriot Acts do not even know what they signed because they were not allowed to see the Secret provisions which were only been read by a few with high national security credentials, and only a few of these folks leaked what’s in there to a trusted aides only.


It has been rumored that these secret provisions entail deployment of foreign troops inside America on behalf of the US Military, special targeted assassinations by Homeland Security sniper squads against those labeled “domestic terrorists” or “suspected or potential domestic terrorists”, use of Internment camps with forced vaccinations and with isolation for those who are “red Listed” i.e. judged unable to be “re-educated” and provisions for their removal to offshore black prisons sites for torture and termination.

We can’t find out if these rumors are true since the public does not have access to these secret clauses in the Patriot Act. How tragic it is that most of our Congress persons have been so mindkontrolled that they would pass any law without knowing what specifically it contains line for line, especially a law that directly threatens the American Republic and the lives of millions of innocent American Citizens who want the US Constitution and Rule of Law followed.


The War on Terror is the world’s biggest new business and has devastated the American and world economy by using the large Wall Street Banks and various sophisticated intel operations and Defense schemes to strip almost all American assets.  The Shadow Govt is now reaching exhaustion of any further available financial assets to strip (thus reaching environmental limits) and certainly the People have about had enough of this RICO crime and Terror inflicted on them.

The real Terrorists are the few at the top of the Shadow Govt Hierarchy and “the City” and as these folks are becoming exposed the anger of the peasants appears to now being directed their way and the first stage of this has been the massive peaceful street protests against the Wall Street Banksters, labeled as the 1% .   The massive popularity of Rep. Ron Paul’s ideas on restricted and small Federal Govt, States’ Tenth Amendment Rights and individual freedom and liberty is further evidence many of the people have about had enough of the Shadow Govt’s Terror and Tyranny.

Preston James is the pseudonym of a Ph.D. in social psychology, who has become an expert on psy-ops, “false flag” and covert operations by the US government

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After WW II: “Good War…Better Peace”: How the Allied Forces Raped and Sodomized Germany

“Some Germans were forced to…eat their own excrement as well as that of others. Many were drowned in open latrines. Hundreds were herded into buildings and burned to death or sealed in caskets and buried alive.”

Commentary by Jonas E. Alexis


The recent World War II movie Fury (starring Brad Pitt and Shia Labeouf) is not as hard-core as Inglorious Basterds, but it does contain enough poison to pollute the historical landscape. The movie begins with the following inscription:

“In World War II American tanks were outgunned and out armored by the more advanced German tanks. US tank screwmen suffered staggering losses against the superior German vehicles.”

If you have been living on a steady-diet of Hollywood, you would almost certainly think that the above statement is true. You would also think that Hitler aspired to invade America. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The sad point is that the historical record is available to anyone. For example, David Irving has some of his books online for free! And those books are largely based on archival documents. If Irving seems to be too wild for those Hollywood directors, they can check out R. H. S. Stofi’s meticulously researched study: Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny. Stofi is not some crank out there. He is a professor emeritus at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. It would behoove those directors to at least be fair to the decent Germans who brutally suffered and miserably died after World War II.

Here is another bold lie from Fury:

“It is April 1945…In desperation Hitler declares total war, mobilizing every man, woman and child…”

What we are being told somewhat implicitly here is the Jewish version of World War II: Every man, woman or child is responsible for Nazi Germany. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen ridiculously argues exactly that in his demonstrably fraudulent book Hitler’s Willing Executioners.[1] It is no surprise, then, that the Allied sexually humiliated and brutally raped virtually every man, woman and child they encountered shortly after the war.

In this March 18, 2015 photo Klaus Schmitz, a son of a United States WWII soldier, talks during an interview with The Associated Press about his father and his life in post WWII Germany at the Allied Museum in Berlin, Germany. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Hollywood has been brainwashing people for far too long, and it is high time that we turn the floor to historian Thomas Goodrich, a gentleman whose book Hellstorm has been meticulously detailed, researched and documented.

You see, Hollywood will never tell us what happened to the poor German civilians after the Allied invaded Germany because that would literally destroy the “Holocaust” project. Goodrich dissects the issue like a good surgeon. If readers would like to get angry, then it is almost certain that Goodrich is going to get them very angry.

Furthermore, if you used to call the Allied forces “the good guys,” then you probably will change your mind after you sift through the following article, which is just a taste of what the Germans actually went through. We all hope that you will get a glimpse of the other side of the Allied forces.  Goodrich was kind enough to send me a copy of his book in the fall of last year. He also has been generous to send me this trenchant article, which is taken from his book. No praise can be too high for Hellstorm.

As I was ready to publish this article, the Associated Press came out with an article which seems to vindicate what Goodrich has written:

“When Paul Schmitz was a little boy, he never understood why kids in his tiny German village taunted him as a ‘Yank’ and beat him up. He was a teenager by the time he found out: His father was an American soldier his mother had a romance with in the final days of World War II.

“Schmitz was born about five months after Victory in Europe Day, when the Allied forces defeated Nazi Germany 70 years ago Friday. It would be the start of a life as an outsider, burdened by fear, discrimination and loneliness. He is one of at least 250,000 children of German mothers who got pregnant by Allied soldiers from the United States, Great Britain, France or the Soviet Union as the Third Reich crumbled.”

“Now many of those children have embarked on quests to find their fathers. ‘I was a child of shame, a child of the enemy, even though it was the Americans who liberated us,’ says Schmitz, a shy 69-year-old with a friendly round face. ‘All my life I had a yearning for my father, but until recently I was too afraid to actively search for him.’

“Schmitz decided to start looking for his dad 10 years ago, among hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Germans who have launched searches for their Allied soldier fathers in recent years…Schmitz talks haltingly about his difficult life as a fatherless boy in post-war Germany. His eyes well up recalling the hardships he faced in a conservative rural area close to the Belgian border.”

Can you think of a single museum dedicated to people like Schmitz? If yes, then the Dreadful Few are making some progress. As Ilya Ehrenburg would have put it, the only good German is a dead German.

If you think that Schmitz is just an isolated case or that it was wrong for the Allied forces to literally humiliate the Germans, then read the following article very carefully.


…by Thomas Goodrich 


Thomas Goodrich

And so, with the once mighty German Army now disarmed and enslaved in May, 1945, and with their leaders either dead or awaiting trial for so-called “war crimes,” the old men, women and children who remained in the dismembered Reich found themselves utterly at the mercy of the victors. Unfortunately for these survivors, never in the history of the world was mercy in shorter supply.

Soon after the Allied victory in Europe, the purge of Nazi Party members from government, business, industry, science, education, and all other walks of German life commenced.

While a surprising number of Nazis were allowed—even compelled—to man their posts temporarily to enable a smooth transition, all party members, high and low, were sooner or later excised from German daily life.

In theory, “de-Nazification” was a simple transplanting of Nazi officials with those of democratic, socialist or communist underpinnings. In practice, the purge became little more than a cloak for an orgy of rape, torture and death.

 Because their knowledge of the language and culture was superb, most of the intelligence officers accompanying US and British forces into the Reich were Jewish refugees who had fled Germany in the late 1930s. Although their American and English “aides” were hardly better, the fact that many of these “39ers” became interrogators, examiners and screeners, with old scores to settle, insured that Nazis— or any German, for that matter—would be shown no mercy.

One man opposed to the vengeance-minded program was George Patton.

“Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and [Bernard] Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working … ,” wrote the general in private. “I am frankly opposed to this war-criminal stuff. It is not cricket and it is Semitic….I can’t see how Americans can sink so low.”

Soon after occupation, all adult Germans were compelled to register at the nearest Allied headquarters and complete a lengthy questionnaire on their past activities. While many nervous citizens were detained then and there, most returned home, convinced that at long last the terrible ordeal was over. For millions, however, the trial had but begun.

“Then it started,” remembered Anna Fest, a woman who had registered with the Americans six weeks earlier.

Such a feeling of helplessness, when three or four heavily armed military police stand in front of you. You just panic. I cried terribly. My mother was completely beside herself and said, “You can’t do this. She registered just as she was supposed to.”

Then she said, “If only you’d gone somewhere else and had hidden.” But I consider that senseless, because I did not feel guilty. . . . That was the way it went with everyone, with no reason given.

Few German adults, Nazi or not, escaped the dreaded knock on the door. Far from being dangerous fascists, Freddy and Lali Horstmann were actually well-known anti-Nazis. Records Lali from the Russian Zone:

I am sorry to bother you,” he began, “but I am simply carrying out my orders. Until when did you work for the Foreign Office?”  “Till 1933,” my husband answered.

 “Then you need fear nothing,” Androff said…. “We accuse you of nothing, but we want you to accompany us to the headquarters of the NKVD, the secret police, so that we can take down what you said in a protocol, and ask you a few questions about the working of the Foreign Office… .”

We were stunned for a moment; then I started forward, asking if I could come along with them. “Impossible,” the interpreter smiled. My heart raced. Would Freddy answer satisfactorily? Could he stand the excitement? What sort of accommodation would they give him?

“Dont worry, your husband has nothing to fear,” Androff continued. “He will have a heated room. Give him a blanket for the night, but quickly, we must leave. .. .”

There was a feeling of sharp tension, putting the soldier on his guard, as though he were expecting an attack from one of us. I took first the soldier, then the interpreter, by their hands and begged them to be kind to Freddy, repeating myself in the bustle and scraping of feet that drowned my words. There was a banging of doors. A cold wind blew in. I felt Freddy kiss me. I never saw him again.

Leni Riefenstahl

“[W]e were wakened by the sound of tires screeching, engines stopping abruptly, orders yelled, general din, and a hammering on the window shutters. Then the intruders broke through the door, and we saw Americans with rifles who stood in front of our bed and shone lights at us. None of them spoke German, but their gestures said: ‘Get dressed, come with us immediately.’ This was my fourth arrest.”

So wrote Leni Riefenstahl, a talented young woman who was perhaps the world’s greatest film-maker. Because her epic documentaries— Triumph of the Will and Olympia—seemed paeans to not only Germany, but National Socialism, and because of her close relationship with an admiring Adolf Hitler, Leni was of more than passing interest to the Allies. Though false, rumors also hinted that the attractive, sometimes-actress was also a “mistress of the devil”—that she and Hitler were lovers.

“Neither my husband nor my mother nor any of my three assistants had ever joined the Nazi Party, nor had any of us been politically active,” said the confused young woman. “No charges had ever been filed against us, yet we were at the mercy of the [Allies] and had no legal protection of any kind.”

Soon after Leni’s fourth arrest, came a fifth.

The jeep raced along the autobahns until, a few hours later …I was brought to the Salzburg Prison; there an elderly prison matron rudely pushed me into the cell, kicking me so hard that I fell to the ground; then the door was locked.

There were two other women in the dark, barren room, and one of them, on her knees, slid about the floor, jabbering confusedly; then she began to scream, her limbs writhing hysterically. She seemed to have lost her mind. The other woman crouched on her bunk, weeping to herself.

As Leni and others quickly discovered, the “softening up” process began soon after arrival at an Allied prison. When Ernst von Salomon, his Jewish girl friend and fellow prisoners reached an American holding pen near Munich, the men were promptly led into a room and brutally beaten by military police.

With his teeth knocked out and blood spurting from his mouth, von Salomon moaned to a gum-chewing officer, “You are no gentlemen.” The remark brought only a roar of laughter from the attackers. “No, no, no!” the GIs grinned. “We are Mississippi boys!” In another room, military policemen raped the women at will while leering soldiers watched from windows.

After such savage treatment, the feelings of despair only intensified once the captives were crammed into cells.

“The people had been standing there for three days, waiting to be interrogated,” remembered a German physician ordered to treat prisoners in the Soviet Zone.

“At the sight of us a pandemonium broke out which left me helpless…. As far as I could gather, the usual senseless questions were being reiterated:

“Why were they there, and for how long? They had no water and hardly anything to eat. They wanted to be let out more often than once a day…. A great many of them have dysentery so badly that they can no longer get up.”

“Young Poles made fun of us,” said a woman from her cell in the same zone. “[They] threw bricks through the windows, paperbags with sand, and skins of hares filled with excrement. We did not dare to move or offer resistance, but huddled together in the farthest corner, in order not to be hit, which could not always be avoided. . . . [W]e were never free from torments.”

“For hours on end I rolled about on my bed, trying to forget my surroundings,” recalled Leni Riefenstahl, “but it was impossible.”

The mentally disturbed woman kept screaming—all through the night; but even worse were the yells and shrieks of men from the courtyard, men who were being beaten, screaming like animals. I subsequently found out that a company of SS men was being interrogated.

They came for me the next morning, and I was taken to a padded cell where I had to strip naked, and a woman examined every square inch of my body. Then I had to get dressed and go down to the courtyard, where many men were standing, apparently prisoners, and I was the only woman. We had to line up before an American guard who spoke German. The prisoners stood to attention, so I tried to do the same, and then an American came who spoke fluent German. He pushed a few people together, then halted at the first in our line.

Were you in the Party?”

 The prisoner hesitated for a moment, then said: Yes.” He was slugged in the face and spat blood.

       The American went on to the next in line. 

Were you in the Party?”

 The man hesitated.

 “Yes or no?”


   And he too got punched so hard in the face that the blood ran out of his mouth. However, like the first man, he didn’t dare resist. They didn’t even instinctively raise their hands to protect themselves. They did nothing. They put up with the blows like dogs.

     The next man was asked: “Were you in the Party?”



No, he yelled, so no punch. From then on nobody admitted that he had been in the Party and I was not even asked.

As the above case illustrated, there often was no rhyme or reason to the examinations; all seemed designed to force from the victim what the inquisitor wanted to hear, whether true or false. Additionally, most such “interrogations” were structured to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible. Explained one prisoner:

The purpose of these interrogations is not to worm out of the people what they knew—which would be uninteresting anyway—but to extort from them special statements.

The methods resorted to are extremely primitive; people are beaten up until they confess to having been members of the Nazi Party…. The authorities simply assume that, basically, everybody has belonged to the Party.

Many people die during and after these interrogations, while others, who admit at once their party membership, are treated more leniently.

“A young commissar, who was a great hater of the Germans, cross-examined me… ,” said Gertrude Schulz. “When he put the question: ‘Frauenwerk [Women’s Labor Service]?’ I answered in the negative. Thereupon he became so enraged, that he beat me with a stick, until I was black and blue. I received about 15 blows … on my left upper arm, on my back and on my thigh. I collapsed and, as in the case of the first cross-examination, I had to sign the questionnaire.”

“Both officers who took our testimony were former German Jews,” reminisced a member of the women’s SS, Anna Fest.

While vicious dogs snarled nearby, one of the officers screamed questions and accusations at Anna. If the answers were not those desired, “he kicked me in the back and the other hit me.”

They kept saying we must have been armed, have had pistols or so. But we had no weapons, none of us….I had no pistol. I couldn’t say, just so they’d leave me in peace, yes, we had pistols. The same thing would happen to the next person to testify….

[T]he terrible thing was, the German men had to watch. That was a horrible, horrible experience…. That must have been terrible for them. When I went outside, several of them stood there with tears running down their cheeks. What could they have done? They could do nothing.

Not surprisingly, with beatings, rape, torture, and death facing them, few victims failed to “confess” and most gladly inked their name to any scrap of paper shown them. Some, like Anna, tried to resist.

Such recalcitrance was almost always of short duration, however. Generally, after enduring blackened eyes, broken bones, electric shock to breasts—or, in the case of men, smashed testicles—only those who died during torture failed to sign confessions.

Alone, surrounded by sadistic hate, utterly bereft of law, many victims understandably escaped by taking their own lives. Like tiny islands in a vast sea of evil, however, miracles did occur. As he limped painfully back to his prison cell, one Wehrmacht officer reflected on the insults, beatings, and tortures he had endured and contemplated suicide.

I could not see properly in the semi-darkness and missed my open cell door. A kick in the back and I was sprawling on the floor. As I raised myself I said to myself I could not, should not accept this humiliation. I sat on my bunk.

I had hidden a razor blade that would serve to open my veins. Then I looked at the New Testament and found these words in the Gospel of St. John: “Without me ye can do nothing.”

 Yes. You can mangle this poor body—I looked down at the running sores on my legs—but myself, my honor, God’s image that is in me, you cannot touch. This body is only a shell, not my real self. Without Him, without the Lord, my Lord, ye can do nothing. New strength seemed to rise in me.

I was pondering over what seemed to me a miracle when the heavy lock turned in the cell door. A very young American soldier came in, put his finger to his lips to warn me not to speak. “I saw it,” he said. “Here are baked potatoes.” He pulled the potatoes out of his pocket and gave them to me, and then went out, locking the door behind him.

Horrific as de-Nazification was in the British, French and, especially the American Zone, it was nothing compared to what took place in Poland, behind Soviet lines.

In hundreds of concentration camps sponsored by an apparatus called the “Office of State Security,” thousands of Germans—male and female, old and young, high and low, Nazi and non–Nazi, SS, Wehrmacht, Volkssturm, Hitler Youth, all—were rounded up and imprisoned.

Staffed and run by Jews, with help from Poles, Czechs, Russians, and other concentration camp survivors, the prisons were little better than torture chambers where dying was a thing to be prolonged, not hastened. While those with blond hair, blue eyes and handsome features were first to go, anyone who spoke German would do.

Moments after arrival, prisoners were made horrifyingly aware of their fate. John Sack, himself a Jew, reports on one camp run by twenty-six-year-old Shlomo Morel:

I was at Auschwitz,” Shlomo proclaimed, lying to the Germans but, even more, to himself, psyching himself like a fighter the night of the championship, filling himself with hate for the Germans around him.

“I was at Auschwitz for six long years, and I swore that if I got out, I’d pay all you Nazis back.” His eyes sent spears, but the “Nazis” sent him a look of simple bewilderment. . . . “Now sing the Horst Wessel Song!” No one did, and Shlomo, who carried a hard rubber club, hit it against a bed like some judge’s gavel. “Sing it, I say!”

    “The flags held high . . . ,” some Germans began.    

    “Everyone!” Shlomo said.

   “The ranks closed tight...”

    “I said everyone!”


    Shlomo cried to the blondest, bluest-eyed person there. “I said sing!” He swung his rubber club at the man’s golden head and hit it. The man staggered back.

“Our comrades, killed by the Reds and Reactionaries… .”

 “Sonofabitch!” Shlomo cried, enraged that the man was defying him by not singing but staggering back. He hit him again, saying, “Sing!”

Are marching in spirit with us…”    


 “Clear the street for the Brown Battalions… .”

Still louder!” cried Shlomo, hitting another shouting man.    “Millions of hopeful people… .”    

“Nazi pigs!”

 “Are looking to the swastika… .”

Schweine!Shlomo cried. He threw down his rubber club, grabbed a wooden stool, and, a leg in his fist, started beating a German’s head. Without thinking, the man raised his arms, and Shlomo, enraged that the man would try to evade his just punishment, cried, “Sonofawhore!” and slammed the stool against the man’s chest. The man dropped his arms, and Shlomo started hitting his now undefended head when snap! the leg of the stool split off, and, cursing the German birchwood, he grabbed another stool and hit the German with that. No one was singing now, but Shlomo, shouting, didn’t notice.

The other guards called out, “Blond!” “Black!” “Short!” “Tall!” and as each of these terrified people came up, they wielded their clubs upon him. The brawl went on till eleven o’clock, when the sweat-drenched invaders cried, “Pigs! We will fix you up!” and left the Germans alone.

Some were quite fixed…. Shlomo and his subordinates had killed them.

The next night it was more of the same . . . and the next night and the next and the next. Those who survived the “welcoming committees” at this and other camps were flung back into their pens.

“I was put with 30 women into a cell, which was intended to accommodate one person,” Gerlinde Winkler recalled.

“The narrow space, into which we were rammed, was unbearable and our legs were all entangled together. . . .

“The women, ill with dysentery, were only allowed to go out once a day, in order to relieve themselves. A bucket without a cover was pushed into the cell with the remark: ‘Here you have one, you German sows.’  The stink was insupportable, and we were not allowed to open the little window.”

“The air in the cells became dense, the smell of the excrement filled it, the heat was like in Calcutta, and the flies made the ceiling black,” wrote John Sack.

Im choking, the Germans thought, and one even took the community razor blade and, in despair, cut his throat open with it.”

When the wretched inmates were at last pried from their hellish tombs, it was only for interrogation. Sack continues:

As many as eight interrogators, almost all Jews, stood around any one German saying, “Were you in the Nazi Party?”

Sometimes a German said, “Yes,” and the boys shouted, “Du schwein! You pig!” and beat him and broke his arm, perhaps, before sending him to his cell. . . .

But usually a German said, “No,” and the boys … told him,        “You’re lying. You were a Nazi.”

  “No, I never was.”

  “Youre lying! We know about you!”

  “No, I really wasn’t—”

“Du lugst! You’re lying!” they cried, hitting the obstinate man. “You better admit it! Or you’ll get a longer sentence! Now! Were you in the Nazi Party?”

No! the German often said, and the boys had to beat him and beat him until he was really crying, “I was a Nazi! Yes!”

But sometimes a German wouldn’t confess. One such hard case was a fifty-year-old….

Were you in the Party?”

  “No, I wasn’t in it.”

  “How many people work for you?”

  “In the high season, thirty-five.”

  “You must have been in the Party,” the boy deduced.

  He asked for the German’s wallet, where he found a fishing license with the stamp of the German Anglers Association. Studying it, he told the German, “It’s stamped by the Party.”

  Its not,” said the German.

   Hed lost his left arm in World War I and was using his right arm to gesture with, and, to the boy, he may have seemed to be Heiling Hitler. The boy became violent.

He grabbed the man’s collar, hit the man’s head against the wall, hit it against it ten times more, threw the man’s body onto the floor, and, in his boots, jumped on the man’s cringing chest as though jumping rope. A half dozen other interrogators, almost all Jews, pushed the man onto a couch, pulled off his trousers, and hit him with hard rubber clubs and hard rubber hoses full of stones.

The sweat started running down the Jews’ arms, and the blood down the man’s naked legs.

Warst du in der Partei?”


    “Warst du in der Partei?”

“Nein!” the German screamed—screamed, till the boys had to go to Shlomo’s kitchen for a wooden spoon and to use it to cram some rags in the German’s mouth. Then they resumed beating him. . . . The more the man contradicted them, the more they hated him for it.

Shlomo Morel

After undergoing similar sessions on a regular basis, the victim was brought back for the eighth time.

By now, the man was half unconscious due to his many concussions, and he wasn’t thinking clearly. The boys worked on him with rubber and oak-wood clubs and said, “Do you still say you weren’t in the Party?”

  “No! I didn’t say I wasn’t in the Party!”

  “You didnt?”

  “No!” said the punch drunk man. “I never said it!”

  “You were in the Party?”


The boys stopped beating him. They practically sighed, as if their ordeal were over now. They lit up cigarettes….

  “Scram,one said to the German.

The man stood up, and he had his hand on the doorknob when one of the boys impulsively hit the back of his head, and he fell to the floor, unconscious.  

   Aufstehen, du Deutsches schwein. Stand up, you German pig,” the boys said, kicking him till he stood up and collapsed again. Two boys carried him to his cell and dropped him in a corner….

Of course, the boys would beat up the Germans for “Yes”es as well as “No”s. In Glatz, the Jewish commandant asked a German policeman, “Were you in the Party?”

 “Of course! I was obliged to be!”

“Lie down, the commandant said, and six weeks later the boys were still whipping the German’s feet.

Some torture sessions lacked even the pretense of an examination. Remembered Eva Reimann:

My cell door opened. The guard, who, because of the foul smell, held a handkerchief to his nose, cried, “Reimann Eva! Come!” I was led to a first-floor room.

He shouted at me, “Take off your shoes!” I took them off.  “Lie down!” I lay down. He took a thick bamboo stick, and he beat the soles of my feet. I screamed, since the pain was very great. . . .

The stick whistled down on me. A blow on my mouth tore my lower lip, and my teeth started bleeding violently. He beat my feet again. The pain was unbearable….

The door opened suddenly, and, smiling obligingly, a cigarette in his mouth, in came the chief of the Office, named Sternnagel. In faultless German he asked me, “What’s wrong here? Why do you let yourself be beaten? You just have to sign this document. Or should we jam your fingers in the door, until the bones are broad. . . ?

A man picked me up by the ankles, raised me eight inches above the floor, and let me fall. My hands were tied, and my head hit hard. . . . I lay in a bloody puddle.

Someone cried, “Stand up!” I tried to, and, with unspeakable pain, I succeeded. A man with a pistol came, held it to my left temple, and said, “Will you now confess?” I told him, “Please shoot me.” Yes, I hoped to be freed from all his tortures. I begged him, “Please pull the trigger.”

After barely surviving his “interrogation,” one fourteen-year-old was taken to the camp infirmary. “My body was green, but my legs were fire red,” the boy said.

“My wounds were bound with toilet paper, and I had to change the toilet paper every day. I was in the perfect place to watch what went on….

“All the patients were beaten people, and they died everywhere: at their beds, in the washroom, on the toilet. At night, I had to step over the dead as if that were normal to do.”

When the supply of victims ran low, it was a simple matter to find more. John Sack:

One day, a German in pitch-black pants, the SS’s color, showed up in Lola’s prison. He’d been spotted near the city square by a Pole who’d said, “Fascist! You’re wearing black!”

At that, the German had bolted off, but the Pole chased him a mile to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, tackled him by a gold mosaic, hit him, kicked him, and took him to Lola’s prison.

Some guards, all girls, then seized the incriminating evidence: the man’s black pants, pulling them off so aggressively that one of the tendons tore. The man screamed, but the girls said, “Shut up!” and they didn’t recognize that the pants were part of a boy scout uniform. The “man” was fourteen years old.

The girls decided to torture him [with]. . . . fire. They held down the German boy, put out their cigarettes on him, and, using gasoline, set his curly black hair afire.

At the larger prison camps, Germans died by the hundreds daily.

You pigs!” the commandant then cried, and he beat the Germans with their stools, often killing them. At dawn many days, a Jewish guard cried, “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier!” and marched the Germans into the woods outside their camp.

Halt! Get your shovels! Dig!” the guard cried, and, when the Germans had dug a big grave, he put a picture of Hitler in. “Now cry!” the guard said. “And sing All the Dogs Are Barking!” and all the Germans moaned,

 All the dogs are barking,

All the dogs are barking,

Just the little hot-dogs,

Arent barking at all.

 The guard then cried, “Get undressed!” and, when the Germans were naked, he beat them, poured liquid manure on them, or, catching a toad, shoved the fat thing down a German’s throat, the German soon dying.

Utterly unhinged by years of persecution, by the loss of homes and loved ones, for the camp operators, no torture, no sadism, no bestiality, seemed too monstrous to inflict on those now in their power.

Some Germans were forced to crawl on all fours and eat their own excrement as well as that of others. Many were drowned in open latrines. Hundreds were herded into buildings and burned to death or sealed in caskets and buried alive.

Near Lamsdorf, German women were forced to disinter bodies from a Polish burial site. According to John Sack:

The women did, and they started to suffer nausea as the bodies, black as the stuff in a gutter, appeared. The faces were rotten, the flesh was glue, but the guards—who had often seemed psychopathic, making a German woman drink urine, drink blood, and eat a man’s excrement, inserting an oily five-mark bill in a woman’s vagina, putting a match to it—shouted at the women . . . “Lie down with them!”

The women did, and the guards shouted, “Hug them!” “Kiss them!” “Make love with them!” and, with their rifles, pushed on the backs of the women’s heads until their eyes, noses and mouths were deep in the Polish faces’ slime.

The women who clamped their lips couldn’t scream, and the women who screamed had to taste something vile.

Spitting, retching, the women at last stood up, the wet tendrils still on their chins, fingers, clothes, the wet seeping into the fibers, the stink like a mist around them as they marched back to Lamsdorf.

There were no showers there, and the corpses had all had typhus, apparently, and sixty-four women . . . died.

 Not surprisingly, the mortality rate at the concentration camps was staggering and relatively few survived. At one prison of eight thousand, a mere 1,500 lived to reach home. And of those “lucky” individuals who did leave with their lives, few could any longer be called human.

When a smattering of accounts began to leak from Poland of the unspeakable crimes being committed, many in the West were stunned.

“One would expect that after the horrors in Nazi concentration camps, nothing like that could ever happen again,” muttered one US senator, who then reported on beatings, torture and “brains splashed on the ceiling.”

“Is this what our soldiers died for?” echoed a Briton in the House of Commons.

Added Winston Churchill: “Enormous numbers [of Germans] are utterly unaccounted for. It is not impossible that tragedy on a prodigious scale is unfolding itself behind the Iron Curtain.”

While Churchill and others in the West were expressing shock and surprise over the sadistic slaughter taking place in the Soviet Zone, precious little was said about the “tragedy on a prodigious scale” that was transpiring in their own backyard.

Among the millions imprisoned by the Allies were thousands of Germans accused of having a direct or indirect hand in war crimes. Because the victorious powers demanded swift and severe punishment, Allied prosecutors were urged to get the most damning indictments in as little time as possible. Unfortunately for the accused, their captors seemed determined to inflict as much pain as possible in the process.

“[W]e were thrown into small cells stark naked,” Hans Schmidt later wrote. “The cells in which three or four persons were incarcerated were six and a half by ten feet in size and had no windows or ventilation.”

When we went to the lavatory we had to run through a lane of Americans who struck us with straps, brooms, cudgels, buckets, belts, and pistol holders to make us fall down. Our head, eyes, body, belly, and genitals were violently injured.

A man stood inside the lavatory to beat us and spit on us. We returned to our cells through the same ordeal. The temperature in the cells was 140 Fahrenheit or more. During the first three days we were given only one cup of water and a small slice of bread. During the first days we perspired all the time, then perspiration stopped. We were kept standing chained back to back for hours. We suffered terribly from thirst, blood stagnation and mortification of the hands.

From time to time water was poured on the almost red-hot radiators, filling the cells with steam, so that we could hardly breathe. During all this time the cells were in darkness, except when the American soldiers entered and switched on electric bulbs … which forced us to close our eyes.

Our thirst became more and more cruel, so that our lips cracked, our tongues were stiff, and we eventually became apathetic, or raved, or collapsed.

   After enduring this torture for several days, we were given a small blanket to cover our nakedness, and driven to the courtyard outside. The uneven soil was covered with pebbles and slag and we were again beaten and finally driven back on our smashed and bleeding feet. While out of breath, burning cigarettes were pushed into our mouths, and each of us was forced to eat three or four of them.

Meanwhile the American soldiers continued to hit us on eyes, head, and ears. Back in our cells we were pushed against burning radiators, so that our skin was blistered.

 For thirteen days and nights we received the same treatment, tortured by heat and thirst. When we begged for water, our guards mocked us.

When we fainted we were revived by being drenched with cold water. There was dirt everywhere and we were never allowed to wash, our inflamed eyes gave us terrible pain, we fainted continuously.

Every twenty minutes or so our cell doors were opened and the soldiers insulted and hit us. Whenever the doors were opened we had to stand still with our backs to the door. Two plates of food, spiced with salt, pepper, and mustard to make us thirstier, were given us daily. We ate in the dark on the floor. The thirst was the most terrible of all our tortures and we could not sleep.

  In this condition I was brought to trial.

During the Nazi war crimes trials and hearings, almost any method that would obtain a “confession” was employed. Eager to implicate high-ranking German officers in the Malmedy Massacre, American investigator Harry Thon ordered Wehrmacht sergeant Willi Schafer to write out an incriminating affidavit:

Next morning Mr. Thon appeared in my cell, read my report, tore it up, swore at me and hit me. After threatening to have me killed unless I wrote what he wanted, he left.

A few minutes later the door of my cell opened, a black hood encrusted with blood, was put over my head and face and I was led to another room. In view of Mr. Thon’s threat the black cap had a crushing effect on my spirits…. Four men of my company … accused me, although later they admitted to having borne false testimony. Nevertheless I still refused to incriminate myself.

Thereupon Mr. Thon said that if I continued to refuse this would be taken as proof of my Nazi opinions, and . . . my death was certain. He said I would have no chance against four witnesses, and advised me for my own good to make a statement after which I would be set free. . . . I still refused.

I told Mr. Thon that although my memory was good, I was unable to recall any of the occurrences he wished me to write about and which to the best of my knowledge had never occurred.

Mr. Thon left but returned in a little while with Lieutenant [William] Perl who abused me, and told Mr. Thon that, should I not write what was required within half an hour, I should be left to my fate. Lieutenant Perl made it clear to me that I had the alternative of writing and going free or not writing and dying. I decided for life.

Another Landser unable to resist the pressure was Joachim Hoffman:

[W]hen taken for a hearing a black hood was placed over my head. The guards who took me to my hearing often struck or kicked me. I was twice thrown down the stairs and was hurt so much that blood ran out of my mouth and nose.

At the hearing, when I told the officers about the ill treatment I had suffered, they only laughed. I was beaten and the black cap pulled over my face whenever I could not answer the questions put to me, or gave answers not pleasing to the officers….I was beaten and several times kicked in the genitals.

Understandably, after several such sessions, even the strongest submitted and signed papers incriminating themselves and others.

“If you confess you will go free,” nineteen-year-old Siegfried Jaenckel was told. “[Y]ou need only to say you had an order from your superiors. But if you won’t speak you will be hung.”

Despite the mental and physical abuse, young Jaenckel held out as long as he could:

“I was beaten and I heard the cries of the men being tortured in adjoining cells, and whenever I was taken for a hearing I trembled with fear…. Subjected to such duress I eventually gave in, and signed the long statement dictated to me.”

Far from being isolated or extreme cases, such methods of extorting confessions were the rule rather than the exception. Wrote author Freda Utley, who learned of the horror after speaking with American jurist Edward van Roden:

Beatings and brutal kickings; knocking-out of teeth and breaking of jaws; mock trials; solitary confinement; torture with burning splinters; the use of investigators pretending to be priests; starvation; and promises of acquittal. . . . Judge van Roden said:

All but two of the Germans in the 139 cases we investigated had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard operating procedure with our American investigators.”

He told of one German who had had lighted matchsticks forced under his fingernails by the American investigators to extort a confession, and had appeared at his trial with his fingers still bandaged from the atrocity.

In addition to testimony given under torture, those who might have spoken in defense of the accused were prevented. Moreover, hired “witnesses” were paid by the Americans to parrot the prosecution’s charges.

When criticism such as Utley’s and van Roden’s surfaced, and even as victims were being hung by the hundreds, those responsible defended their methods.

“We couldn’t have made those birds talk otherwise… ,” laughed one Jewish “interrogator,” Colonel A. H. Rosenfeld. “It was a trick, and it worked like a charm.”

[1] For a critical examination of that thesis, see for example Norman Finkelstein and Ruth Bettina Birn, A Nation on Trial: The Holdhagen Thesis and Historical Truth (New York: Holt, 1998). No reputable historian takes Goldhagen seriously anymore. Albert S. Lindemann himself declares that Goldhagen’s “tirade” is “motivated by goals other than impartial search for the truth.” Goldhagen, Lindeman continues to say, presents “outrageous descriptions of anti-Semitic hatred while avoiding analysis or explanation of it, leaving it as mysterious and unrelated to Jewish action. Albert S. Lindemann, Esau’s Tears: Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997), 39, 506-507

Crimes Against Germans When WW2 Ended

The merciless revenge perpetrated on the entire German civilian population of Eastern Europe during the closing stages of the war, and for many months after, took the lives of over 2,100,000 ethnic German men, women and children. For generations these Germans had lived and toiled in areas that today are part of central and Eastern Europe. Around fifteen million of these Volksdeutsche were driven from their homes and ancestral lands in Poland, East Prussia, Silesia, Ukraine, Belarus and Serbia and forced back into the Allied occupied zones of Germany. This was the greatest forcible evacuation of people in European history. It is estimated that of the eight million Germans expelled from Poland around 1,600,000 died in the process. In Czechoslovakia, memories of the Lidice massacre inspired acts of revenge against German soldiers and civilians. Soldiers were disarmed, tied to stakes, doused with petrol and set alight. Wounded German soldiers in hospital were shot in their beds, others were hung up on lamposts in Wenzell Square and fires were lit beneath them so that they died the gruesome death of being roasted alive. These ethnic Germans lived in fear of the Russians but no one thought that the dreadful fate which awaited them would not even emanate from the Soviets at all but from their own neighbours, the Czechs!
Thousands of innocent German residents were murdered in their homes by the Czechs, others were forced into interment camps where they were beaten and maltreated before being expelled. Bishop Beranek of Prague declared: ‘If a Czech comes to me and confesses to having killed a German, I absolve him immediately’. The Americans, utterly blind to the political consequences of allowing the Soviets to liberate Czechoslovakia, halted at the Karlsbad-Pilsen-Budweis line. The Sudeten Germans now had no protection from the torrent of bestiality vented on them by the Czechs. In Brno, 25,000 German civilians were forced marched at gun-point to the Austrian border. There, the Austrian guards refused them entry, the Czech guards refused to re-admit them. Herded into an open field they died by the hundreds from hunger and cold before being rescued by the US 16th Tank Division on May 8th 1945. In the Russian occupied zones of Eastern Europe and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of civilian men and women, Poles, Czechs, Romanians and Germans, were transported to the Urals in the Soviet Union and used as slave labourers until released in the late 40s. Mostly ignored by the world’s press, the unimaginable suffering experienced by the expellees is largely unknown outside Germany, yet it was systematically carried out in a brutal fashion as official Allied policy in accordance with the decisions formulated at Yalta and Potsdam.
Around the small Bavarian village of Postberg (Postoloprty) in the province of Saazerland on the Bavarian-Czech border, hundreds of German men, women and children were shot to death during the Czech ‘ethnic cleansing’. All German civilian residents in the province were rounded up by Czech soldiers and communist partisans and marched to a collection point in Postberg. There they were interned and beaten, many were executed. On September 17, 1947, a number of mass graves were discovered in and around Postberg. Thirty-four bodies were found in the village itself, another four nearby at Weinberg and twenty-six in an old sandpit at Schuladen. At Lewanitzer, 349 corpses were unearthed and another 103 bodies were exhumed from another mass grave. Ten corpses were found in a sand pit at Kreuz along with another 225 bodies in a mass grave at the local school.
At the military barracks five bodies were found and seven were buried under house No. 74. During investigations only one Czech, Vojtech Cerny, admitted to participating in the shooting and killing of four Germans. In all, a total of 763 Germans were murdered. A law, passed by the Czech authorities (The Benesch law: No115/1946) stated that all Czech crimes against Germans were not legible to penalty.



Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans

“I see you white guys are here discussing our Jewish masters. Before I say anything, my Jewish handlers are telling me to tell you to ‘put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.’ Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain…”

By Pat Healy

Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain — while I, the great EL RUSHBO speak to you peons from ON HIGH…like the voice of GOD himself disguising indoctrinationas news, commentary and entertainment.

Welcome to the EIB Network

Hello folks, and welcome to the EIB network where I — God’s gift to radio, will enlighten you with jew-spin. Sure, I’ll Lie For 400 MIL

That’s right folks – they pay me 400 millionJewish Federal Reserve Notes to act as a propaganda tool in support of the Jewish Nation. Who pays me you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

A Well Kept Secret

An Israeli woman by the name of Orit Gadiesh…used to work in “Israeli Intelligence”…actually the rumor is that she’s MOSSAD…well — she’s the CEO of a company called Bain Capital Partners in Boston.

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications — and I work directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks. Bain acquired Clear Channel in 2006.

One of Israel’s Propaganda Arms

You didn’t know that a Foreign Power is exercising control over your mass media?

Most of you probably are unaware that through Clear Channel alone, the Jewish Nation effectively controls the content of Kosher messages sent out to more than 154 million people, or 75% of the 18+ U.S. population.

My Kosher bosses own over 800 radio stations reaching more than 97 million listeners every week.

And folks, Premiere Radio Networks, who syndicates me also syndicates over 90 other Kosher radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio stations affiliations reaching over 190 million listeners a week. And all of that is just CLEAR CHANNEL. There’s a whole lot more Kosher Media than that. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The enormity of control that the Jewish Nation exerts on you is almost unimaginable.

Foreign Control Of Media Presents Huge National Security Problem

Anyway, Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli national with direct ties to the Israeli Intelligence community — and as you know — propaganda is real important to those Israeli Intelligence types.

They pay me lots of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to:

1) Channel your anger away from Israel and Jews,
2) Get you to associate “patriotism” with support for a foreign nation — Israel, and
3) Package it all up in a “Conservative” message base that is specifically targeted at YOU.

My Jewish Propaganda Job

My job is all about propaganda and focusing your anger about the Jewish agenda on everything but the Jews.

Sure, I’m allowed to play the “Left” vs. “Right” angle, “Conservative” vs “Liberal,” “Republican” vs “Democrat,” and even to some extent I can talk about “Affirmative Action” and “Illegal Immigration”….but NEVER Jews except to tell you to “Put a foreign country before your own and support Israel.”

I’ll even read cue cards saying “Israel is the only Democratic Nation in the Middle East” and “Israel just wants peace”….stuff like that.

I can’t say anything truthful about the Jews or their true agenda.

They would immediately cut off my supply of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes if I did that.

My Listeners

My listeners are generally good people. The backbone of America — who know “something’s wrong with this picture” and look to me for answers.

So I make sure to frame their concerns within the confines of The Jewish Agenda.

Lenin didn’t say “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it” for nothing. You sure won’t be hearing me tell you on my show that Lenin was also a Jew…or that Trotsky was a Jew…or that Marx was a Jew. Those are subjects I won’t go near with a 10 foot pole. That would be almost as bad as if I opined that perhaps the official story of the Holocaust might be somewhat flawed.

You will NEVER hear me make any such statements EVER.

In fact, if you’re not quite sure about where my loyalties lie, get a pad and pencil and the next time you listen to me – write down every time I say something critical of either “Israel” or “Jews.”

I gotta admit folks, you people out there who listen to me on a regular basis…and support me……..well, you’re retards. Makes me laugh to think about it.

What do I care as long as I get my pile of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes?

Right — I don’t care. Nobody’s ever going to accuse me of being a “patriot.” That’s for sure.

I only care about me and what those notes can do for me. How else could a portly guy like me get an 18 year old hottie to give him oral sex on his own private jet?

Consider that the next time you’re flying coach.

Foreign Control of Banking and Financial Systems Present Huge National Security Problem

That brings up an interesting subject folks….listen – open up your wallet and take out a bill and look at it. I’ll wait while you do that…………… Ok.

Look at the top margin on the front.

What does it say? It says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.” It doesn’t say “UNITED STATES NOTE”, does it? No.

Hold on, a caller is asking: “Rush, why are you calling Federal Reserve Notes Jewish”? Caller, I know this may come as a shock to you but the Jewish Federal Reserve is run by Jews. And Jews, as you know, are devoted to the Jewish Nation — Israel. Case in point: Ben Shalom Bernanke. Shalom, caller.

So what exactly is the origin of that note? Who issued it and under what authority? It says right on there that the United States Government did NOT issue that note.

The FEDERAL RESERVE issued that note. Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve is “Federal” in name only. Just like “Federal Express,” it’s a private entity. Yes, the Private Jewish Federal Reserve issued that note. How did that happen — magic?

Jewish Magic

Ever hear of “Jewish Lighting”? Well, there’s also such a thing as “Jewish Magic.” Jewish Magic is when a group of foreign International Bankers bribe members of congress and the President (Woodrow Wilson, in this case) to enact a law giving a private group of Jewish bankers the exclusive right to “create” your money and lend it to your government for repayment plus interest.

Oh…and the interest rate for repayment is set by those same Jewish bankers. Is that awesome or what, folks?

Can you imagine the kind of power that a situation like that would entail for that group of Jewish bankers? Just imagine the implications of that kind of power.

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson could imagine the implications of that kind of power — as he said:

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin.”

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

How did Jefferson know that? Because that was the whole reason the Revolutionary War was fought. The Jewish Bank of England was in control of the British government and saw the colonies as a nice addition to their financial portfolio.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Hang on folks…a caller asks “Rush, why are you calling the Jewish Bank of England Jewish?” Ok caller, the Bank of England is a “Rothschild” bank. Rothschild means “Red Shield” in German.

Rothschild is an assumed name taken by a Jewish banker named Meyer Amschel Bauer — who founded the Bank of England (among others). Gotta know your history folks…get with the program.

Not About Tea

So why the war? I’ll give you a hint: the Revolution wasn’t about TEA.

The colonies started printing their own money — and that’s a big Jewish no-no. It deprives them of their power over you. That’s the same thing Hitler did to resurrect the German economy.

Anyway, we’ve had this Jewish Federal Reserve thing since 1913. So how does it work again?

It goes like this: The Jewish Federal Reserve banks literally “create” money by simply making a “book entry”. That’s right — they just write down a number…and that amount of money is “created.”

Then, they lend it to the US government with a promise to repay it plus interest.

That’s what “debt-based” currency is. It’s based on your “debt” to the Jews and your “interest” payments to the Jews.

Folks, you’re looking confused. Do you need to re-read that? Go ahead if you need to.

Ok, a caller want’s to know what the alternative is. Go ahead caller: “Rush, first I want to say what an honor it is to grovel before you within earshot of millions of listeners. Thank you so much for taking my call.” Yes, caller the pleasure is all yours. Go ahead with your question. “Well, Rush…if the Jewish Federal Reserve is so bad…what’s the alternative? I mean, we need money — right? What’s the difference if the Jews manage our currency?”

Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve Bank is only one head of the Hydra. There are others. But to simplify the problem for you, what it all boils down to is “Profit Motive” and “Private Agenda.”

Privatized Jewish Monopoly

The problem is this: Jewish corruption bribed away the right to print/create our currency to a Jewish Banking cabal in 1913. They can arbitrarily set the value of your currency at will.

This Jewish Banking group is a private profit-seeking entity. Privatization can be a good thing when mixed with “market competition”. However, in this case, this private Jewish Banking group has a “Monopoly” with no competition, has it’s own profit motive and is aligned with the interests of a foreign nation….The Jewish Nation.

Other than that — it’s great.

Private Monopoly Control and Manipulation

Private monopoly control and manipulation of the National Currency should NEVER be allowed.

Does it matter? Maybe not now…because the Jews literally “own” your Congress. But, the issuance of currency should ONLY be in the hands of government. NEVER private individuals.


Profit motive and agenda….that’s why. In this case it’s even worse than just “profit motive.” Here we are facing the furtherance of the agenda of a foreign nation…The Jewish Nation.

Due to the fact that many people are catching on to The Jewish Magic Trick at this point I could even see a possibility that the so-called, “Federal Reserve Bank” could, in fact, be “ended” for political reasons.

So, naturally, the authority to issue currency would be returned to the government where is should have always been.

Will that solve the problem?


Why not?

Because, this same Jewish cabal literally owns your Congress. How many Jews, plus sell-outs populate your Senate? Start counting them. I’d bet at this point …….. all of them are either a Jew or a sell-out worshipper of The Jewish Nation.

How many Jews are on your Supreme Court right now? 4 of 9. Let’s say they get one more Jew on there. Then it will be the Jewish Supreme Kosher Court.

So, now you understand why they also control your media…right? Media control helps get certain people elected…and ensures that others don’t.

So what will fix this?

We have to “Press the Reset Button”….”Flush the Toilet”…..”Start Over.”

Otherwise…………more of the same.

Bottom line: We have to remove Jews and Jewish Influence from the equation.

Folks, this situation is WORSE than if the Armed Forces of the United States were under the direct control of some guy in Brooklyn — rather than the President of the United States. It’s actually worse because through the subversion of our money system — the Jews have taken control over the entire government — not just the military (which they are using to further their own agenda).

Interest-Based Jewish Capitalism

Ain’t collecting interest great?

Did you know that collecting interest is a sin under Islam? It’s called “Riba.” It’s a sin because it leads to “interest slavery.” A great evil — the weight of which you live under right now.

So now you know why you’re being programmed to believe that Islam is “evil.” It sure is evil, especially if you’re a Jewish Banker. Islamic banks are forbidden to charge interest.

Yes, the Jewish Bankers just get deluged with money from essentially nowhere. Isn’t that awesome?

I guess that’s why they call them the “chosen” people. Long story short, with all that money they have subverted governments, manipulated economic depressions, acquired assets, and even hired propaganda tools like me.

Interest Slavery

Under Hitler, Germany did away with “interest slavery.” They kicked out the Jewish Bankers and started printing their own money — based on….nothing.

Nothing at all but the confidence of the German worker. They forbade “unearned income” and made “work” mandatory…hence the German phrase “Arbeit macht frei” — which means “work liberates” or “work will set you free.”

Work Will Set You Free

Once their economy and their currency were under their control, in 5 years Germany went from a destitute nation to the world’s most powerful economy. Simply by reforming its money and banking systems.

You’re not allowed to know about that. Just the Holocaust. That’s all you need to know about Hitler’s Germany. The Holocaust, “death” camps, gas chambers and the suffer-hink. Never mind if it’s not true. All you need to know is that Jews are “victims”.

Shadow Government

A caller is asking “Rush, what does this Jewish Federal Reserve thing have to do with niggers?” Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve System is your Shadow Government.

The JEWISH STATE a.k.a. Israel

Those Jews are pulling all the strings here. They even tell me what to say and when to say it…at least when I’m on the air.

Collective Guilt Campaign

This Jewish Shadow Government implemented the “collective guilt campaign” in post WW2 Germany which sought to individually charge each and every white German with this really big whopper of an atrocity called the Holocaust.

Don’t Worry – They Raped Her Afterward. She “deserved” it.

Why Collective Guilt?

The Collective Guilt Campaign was designed as an attempt to get the remaining German people to disassociate from National Socialist Germany. The Campaign sought to equate Nationalism and self-preservation as somehow “evil.”

We’ve All Seen The HOLOCAUST Pictures

Then those clever bastards guilted and coerced the rest of the world into allowing them to create a Jewish Nation. That’s what I call chutzpa!

During the final months of the war, the Germans were not ABLE to supply the camps (or German civilians) with food or medicine. Lots of people died of TYPHUS — including German civilians.

How about the US CIVIL WAR prisoners held at ANDERSONVILLE. Were civil war soldiers being “HOLOCAUSTED”?

Were typhus victims in Togo-Benin, West Africa, Bangladesh and Haiti, recently — “HOLOCAUSTED”?

The same game-plan of “collective guilt” was then used against each and every individual white American in the United States during the Jew/Communist “civil rights campaign” for the Slavery of negroes.

Never mind that the center of Slavery in the US was Newport, Rhode Island and that essentially ALL of the slave traders were Jews. The slave traders were Jews, the slave ship owners were Jews and the slave ship crews were Jews.

Never mind that the Jews didn’t free the slaves — white men freed them.

Never mind any of that — you as a white person are guilty.

Why Collective Guilt Again?

Because it worked the first time.

So Team Jew is out there running the same play over and over. So far, your defense has been rather lackluster. From up here in the stands, it looks like your team doesn’t even seem to know that a game is being played at all. It’s almost as if your coaching staff is working for the other side.

Hell, even I can see this and I never played sports at all because my rotund physique would have put me at too much of an advantage.

But I sure do watch a lot of niggerball — so even I, El Rushbo, know when a team keeps running the same play.

Team Jew

Caller, go ahead: “Um — Rush, so basically Team Jew keeps running the same play on us? So, why don’t we recognize it and plug the hole?”

Caller, in order to recognize the play — you first have to recognize that you’re in a game and facing an opponent — right caller?

Well, Team Jew is doing everything it can to cover the fact that they even exist. They’re trying to be “invisible.” This is why you get fired for connecting the dots between, say, banking and Jews — media and Jews — or government policy and Jews.

Ever notice that Jews commonly change their names to non-Jewish sounding names? That’s one of their devices to attempt to become “invisible” to you. You see caller — Team Jew doesn’t want you to know they’re there. But they are there — and they’re scoring points on you. Look at ’em go.

You know the saying: “Fool me once — shame on you… fool me twice — shame on me”…right? The reason they used it again on White Americans was because it worked on White Germans. And you White Americans are genetically similar to your brother Germans.

The aim of the Collective Guilt Campaign with respect to the Negroes was to get white people to disassociate with their own heritage — because it is somehow “evil.”

Catching on yet?

This was done to damage white European solidarity. You are reaping the benefits of all that today…especially in places like Detroit. Visit Detroit sometime…it’s the American Haiti.

Slavery is alive and well TODAY in SHITTY AFRICA. It took WHITE MEN to end slavery in the civilized world. That’s right…WHITE MEN.

Endgame: Communism & Jew Control

Essentially, the goal is to crash the current system and replace it with Jew-run communism as they did in Soviet Russia. Some people call that the “new world order.” Call it what you will, but cultural Marxism (aka, political correctness) and communism go hand in hand.

Karl Marx’s real name was Mordecai — his father was a Rabbi. He was just another Jew that changed his name so that his Jewishness was “invisible.” Didn’t want to be THAT obvious, especially since most of the chief instigator of the so-called “Russian Revolution” were….you guess it — Jews. That Jewish cocksucker worked to promote an underclass uprising against white leadership — sold the whole thing as “freedom” from “oppression” just so the Jews could jump in and run things. People became even less free and far more oppressed….all to the benefit of the Jew.

The object was to replace the white leadership with JEWISH leadership — and rape the nation.

In fact, the whole underlying motive behind “multi-culturalism” is the removal of white leadership — replacing it with JEWS. And then, rape the nation.

Remember what I said about Team Jew running the same plays on you? The play they run to subvert nations is as simple as one, two, three…

One: Promote the “underclass”.
Two: Remove white leadership, and
Three: Replace with Jews (or ethnic puppet, if necessary)…

Get it?

And they’re doing the same thing here — and in all white nations. The reason why they’re importing all the mud people is because they constitute an “instant underclass” — just add water. Because they’re congenital underachievers, they are easily led towards communism. As the population of the “underclass” rises — your chances of survival diminish.

It’s all about Jews destroying white civilization to the benefit of Jews. That’s what they’re trying to do.

We are opposed around the world by a Ruthless and Monolithic Jewish Conspiracy…

BTW, “Covet Means” is code for: Banking and Finance. This includes the IMF and World Bank. See “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for how they “expand their sphere of influence.”

The Jewish Conspiracy combines:

Scientific, and
Political operations.

Do not underestimate the enormity of this problem


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Poland after WW II – Swietochlowice /Zgoda Camp Extermination camp for Germans and Poles

Swietochlowice was set up by the Soviet NKVD – forerunner of the KGB – after the Red Army’s liberation of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the Polish secret service, the notorious UB.  Stalin’s policy was to put Jews in charge of camps. Their experiences during the Nazi Holocaust would mean that Germans and Poles held there could expect little mercy. More than half of the 3,000 prisoners at Swietochlowice were murdered or died there, according to PAP. [1998] Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

Adam LeBor

The Indepedent | December 29, 1998

An extradition request by Polish authorities for an alleged former commander of a Stalinist-era detention camp now living in Tel Aviv has been rejected by Israel.

Salomon Morel is wanted by the prosecutor’s office in the southern Polish city of Katowice. He is charged with crimes against humanity while he was commander of the Swietochlowice camp where more than 3,000 prisoners, mainly Germans, but also including several citizens of allied and neutral nations, were held during 1945.

A reply sent to the Polish Justice Ministry from Israeli authorities said that Israel would not extradite Mr Morel. Officials said the crimes with which he is charged are not perceived in Israel as genocide, and so are subject to the statute of limitations, the Polish news agency PAP reported.

The demand by Polish authorities for Mr Morel’s extradition is the second attempt this month to bring back former Communist officials. The Polish military prosecutor in Warsaw recently issued an arrest warrant for Helena Brus, formerly Wolinska, now married to an Oxford don.

During the 1950s Ms Wolinska worked as a military prosecutor in Warsaw, issuing arrest warrants. Many of those detained under her orders were later hanged. Both Mr Morel and Mrs Brus are Jewish.

Swietochlowice was set up by the Soviet NKVD – forerunner of the KGB – after the Red Army’s liberation of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the Polish secret service, the notorious UB.

Stalin’s policy was to put Jews in charge of camps. Their experiences during the Nazi Holocaust would mean that Germans and Poles held there could expect little mercy. More than half of the 3,000 prisoners at Swietochlowice were murdered or died there, according to PAP.

Dorota Boriczek, a camp survivor, remembers Salomon Morel as a barbaric and cruel man who, with his colleagues, was responsible for many killings of inmates. “I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal man. He was young then. He would come in at night. We could hear the cries of the men then. They would beat them and throw the bodies out of the window,” Mrs Boriczek, now 68 andliving in Ludswigberg, Germany, told The Independent.

“I was taken there when I was 14, with my mother. I still don’t know why we were there and I still want to know. They told us when we arrived, ‘You are here, and you are here to die, although nobody will shoot you, because ammunition is too expensive’.”

Conditions in the camp were horrific, said Mrs Boriczek, who has begun a legal process in Katowice to try to find out why she was sent to the camp.

“There was nothing to eat, a hunger that you cannot imagine. We were lucky to have a piece of bread once a day, nothing else, and water. Both my mother and I had typhus. We were separated and I didn’t know she was alive. I had a high fever and when I opened my eyes, I was sleeping next to a lady from Switzerland. I slept with her under one blanket. I was happy that she was dead, because that meant I could have her blanket.”

Mr Morel, born in 1919, lost much of his family in the Holocaust before joining the partisans, in his case a Jewish military unit, according to John Sack, the American author of An Eye for An Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945.

In 1995, 50 years after her imprisonment at Swietochlowice, Mrs Boriczek saw Mr Morel in the Katowice prosecutor’s office. She said she felt more pity than hatred.

“I hated him all my life and then when I saw him I saw an old, fat man. I could see he was ill. I would even have given him my hand. I asked him why he did these crimes. He told me I was lying and everybody loved him.”

Mr Morel refused to speak to The Independent. A man in Tel Aviv who identified himself as Mr Morel’s son said his father did not talk to journalists.


In May, 1995, after a six-year investigation, the Provincial Commission (in Katowice) for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, reported on the concentration camp at Swietochlowice, first reported in An Eye for an Eye.  The Commission said,
    “The camp commander, Salomon Morel, was undoubtedly responsible for not preventing the mass deaths of at least 1,583 people. No matter what they were detained for, the use against them of methods resembling those used in the concentration camps by the Nazis isn’t acceptable. These were extermination methods. For them, the full responsibility rests with Salomon Morel, who not only didn’t prevent them but who personally used them.Corroboration


“It didn’t happen,” said the Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress on 60 Minutes in November 1993.

But already 60 Minutes had found corroborating evidence for An Eye for an Eye. “We went to Poland,” said Correspondent Steve Kroft, “to conduct our own interviews with former prisoners at Swietochlowice, sixteen in all, including eight we found independently of John Sack or the German Federal Archives. And we heard the same stories over and over again.”

And that wasn’t all.  According to Kroft,

There’s evidence…beginning with this report of the British Foreign Office, written in 1945, which says, “Prisoners at Swietochlowice who do not die of starvation or aren’t beaten to death are made to stand up to their necks, night after night until they die, in cold water.”  A similar report can be found in the U.S. Congressional Record from 1946.

In the attic of the town hall of Swietochlowice, we found 1,580 death certificates for prisoners at the camp, many of them signed by Commandant Solomon Morel. And a Polish prosecutor…told us he’s gathered enough information to charge Morel with beatings, physical and moral persecution, and driving prisoners to commit suicide…

We found out later that Morel…talked to the former Director of Archives at Yad Vashem, the pre-eminent Holocaust archive in Israel. According to Dr. Shmuel Krakowski, Morel called and wanted to be interviewed by Yad Vashem, saying that he was the commandant of a prison camp after the war and that he killed Nazis for revenge.

Since then, the revelations in An Eye for an Eye have been corroborated by The New York Times, by newspapers and newsmagazines in Germany, by scholars in the United States and the United Kingdom, by the archives of the Soviet secret police, in Moscow, and by the Commission for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Polish Nation.

In November 1994, the former foreign editor of The New York Times wrote in a full-page story in the Times,

Polish authorities are investigating murder charges against Solomon Morel, a former secret police officer who served in the Communist resistance during the war.  In the spring of 1945 he was put in charge of what had been a Nazi concentration camp at Swietochlowice, near Katowice.

Mr. Morel, who is Jewish, lost both parents and his two brothers during the war.  Witnesses at the camp he commanded after the war have charged that he had hundreds of German civilians tortured and beaten to death, and killed some with his own hands…

He fled to Israel in 1993 and now lives in Tel Aviv.

The Times carried interviews with two Swietochlowice survivors, with the widow of a third survivor, and with John Sack.

In the spring of 1995, when An Eye for an Eye became a best-seller in Germany, German newspapers and newsmagazines hired historians to go to the German Federal Archives, in Koblenz, to double-check it.  The book is “watertight,” wrote the historian for Sueddeutsche Zeitung.  “The facts stand,” wrote the historian for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The scenes and dialog are at times outspokenly brutal.  Nevertheless they are true.  Most of the scenes, as I myself was able to establish in Koblenz, are cited word-for-word from the eyewitness reports in Koblenz.

“The dialog is not invented, as critics conjecture,” wrote the historian for the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, who also double-checked in the Federal Archives.

For six years, scholars in the United States have backed up An Eye for an Eye. In November 1993, Antony Polonsky, Professor of East European Jewish History at Brandeis, wrote,

I read this extremely gripping and compelling account of the appalling events which accompanied the end of the war and the expulsion of the Germans…in one go.  It was impossible to put down…

In my view, only two questions need to be raised.  The first concerns the motivation of the author, and here I am convinced that Mr. Sack has tried, as he himself writes, to tell “something more than the story of Jewish revenge: the story of Jewish redemption.”

The second is whether the story is true and what it is based on.  Here, too, I am satisfied that the author is a serious researcher…The book is in fact a major contribution to our understanding.

In February 1997, three days after John Sack was “disinvited” to speak at the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Istvan Deak, Distinguished Professor of History at Columbia, spoke at a conference at UCLA, a conference co-sponsored by UCLA’s Center for Jewish Studies.  Deak called the Office of State Security in Poland “a bastion of Jewish communists” and said,

There were many Jews among the new leaders.  [They] controlled the Ministry of Interior and the dreaded Ministry of State Security, as well as nearly all department[s] in this and other organs of state security…

The misdeeds of the almost entirely Jewish-led Polish political police–torture, murder, the forging of electoral results, deportations, etcetera–were notorious.

Deak cited An Eye for an Eye and said of it,

Documents on the Jewish torture and murder of German civilians, including women and children, in Polish concentration camps make for horrendous reading.

More corroboration came from Professor John Micgiel of Columbia and Professor Arno Mayer of Princeton, the author of Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?

The revelations in An Eye for an Eye became an accepted part of European history in May 1997, on the publication of Europe: a History by Professor Norman E. Davies of Oxford.  Davies wrote,

Popular knowledge in [Poland] has always insisted that the notorious communist Security Office (UB) contained a disproportionate number of Jews (or rather ex-Jews), and that their crimes were heinous. But few hard facts were ever published, and the stories were dismissed with distaste.

Recent disclosures, however, have broken the taboo. They are all the more convincing since they were made by a Jewish investigator on evidence supplied by Jewish participants, and in the spirit of Jewish redemption.

The study…concludes that in 1945…three-quarters of the local agents of the UB were of Jewish origin; that ex-Nazi camps and prisons were refilled with totally innocent civilians, especially Germans; and that torture, starvation, sadistic beatings, and murder were routine. The number of deaths inflicted by the communist regime on the German population is estimated at 60,000 to 80,000.

In this light, it is difficult to justify the widespread practice whereby the murderers, the victims, and the bystanders of wartime Poland are each neatly identified with specific ethnic groups.

In 1998, scholars reported finding in the Russian Federal Archives, in Moscow, a report from Lieutenant General Nikolai Sielivanovsky, the Russian secret police adviser to the Ministry of State Security, in Warsaw, to Lavrenti Beria, the chief of the Russian secret police, in Moscow. Sielivanovsky wrote, “In the Ministry of State Security, Jews hold fifty percent of the leadership positions.”

Sielivanovsky didn’t state if by “Ministry” he meant the Ministry in Warsaw or the Ministry in all of Poland or if by “leadership positions” he meant the top two leaders or the top two thousand leaders. In other contexts “leadership positions” meant the directors in Warsaw, the directors and their deputies in every department in Warsaw, and the directors and their deputies in all of Poland’s provinces. That would be fewer than one hundred people and possibly fewer than fifty people.

John Sack wrote in An Eye for an Eye that most Jews in the Office of State Security listed themselves as Christians, not Jews.  He also wrote that Jews started leaving the Office “as early as June, 1945,” that “hundreds of Jews escaped from the Office” by September, 1945, and that “all but a scattering of Jews returned to the Torah and Talmud and fled from the Office by December, 1945.” Sielivanovsky’s report was dated October 20, 1945.

In May, 1995, after a six-year investigation, the Provincial Commission (in Katowice) for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, reported on the concentration camp at Swietochlowice, first reported in An Eye for an Eye.  The Commission said,

The camp commander, Salomon Morel, was undoubtedly responsible for not preventing the mass deaths of at least 1,583 people. No matter what they were detained for, the use against them of methods resembling those used in the concentration camps by the Nazis isn’t acceptable. These were extermination methods. For them, the full responsibility rests with Salomon Morel, who not only didn’t prevent them but who personally used them.

The district attorney for Katowice indicted Morel for crimes against the Polish nation. He sent policemen to Shlomo’s apartment, but Shlomo had fled to Tel Aviv. In December, 1998, the district attorney asked the Minister of Justice in Israel to extradite him, but the Minister replied that the statute of limitations for Shlomo’s crimes had expired in November, 1965. Interpol issued an international warrant for Shlomo, and he must now be arrested if he travels anywhere outside of Israel.


The bodies out of the window,” Mrs Boriczek, now 68 andliving in Ludswigberg, Germany, told The Independent. [1998] Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss









Dorota Boriczek, a camp survivor, remembers Salomon Morel as a barbaric and cruel man who, with his colleagues, was responsible for many killings of inmates. “I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal man. He was young then. He would come in at night. We could hear the cries of the men then. They would beat them and throw the bodies out of the window,” Mrs Boriczek, now 68 andliving in Ludswigberg, Germany, told The Independent. [1998] Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

Salomon Morel

The Commandant

KROFT: [On tape: Steinberg] Elan Steinberg is Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress. He and his organization have been extremely critical of Sack’s reporting, citing a lack of documentary evidence and questioning the memories and motives of former prisoners.

60 Minutes – November 24, 1993 © 1993 by CBS News

STEVE KROFT: It’s the stuff of fiction: a Polish Jew who loses his entire family to the Nazis during the Holocaust finds himself, at the end of World War II, running a prison camp for Germans and Nazi collaborators, and with an opportunity to exact a terrible and very personal revenge.

While it may sound like a novel or a made-for-TV movie, in fact that much of the story is true. But did Solomon Morel actually exact that revenge, brutalizing German prisoners under his command? Or did he and others fantasize it? That’s the subject of an emotional historical debate and an ongoing investigation by the Polish government.

[On tape: Solomon Morel in Israel] Solomon Morel is an old man now and in poor health, living in Israel alongside thousands of Holocaust survivors. As a young man, he saw his parents arrested and led off to be executed. He lost brothers, aunts and uncles, and more than thirty cousins to the Nazis. During the war, he fought the Germans alongside the Russians on the eastern front.

[On film: a battle in World War II] But he won’t talk about what happened after Soviet tanks finally drove the German army out of Poland. [On film: Russians with German prisoners] One of the first orders that went out was to round up all remaining Germans, Nazi sympathizers and collaborators, and put them into some of the same prison camps the Germans used during the war.

[On tape: Kroft at the former concentration camp at Swietochlowice] This is all that’s left of one of them, Swietochlowice. It was built by the Germans as part of the Auschwitz complex, where more than two million Jews died during World War II.

But by February of 1945, the tables had turned. The prisoners at Swietochlowice were Germans. [Photograph: Morel in 1945, in uniform] And their commandant, their jailer, was Solomon Morel, a Polish Jew.

How did a Jew end up in the Polish secret police, running a prison camp for Germans? [On tape: Auschwitz] Most Polish Jews, more than three million of them, were dead at the end of World War II, killed at places like Auschwitz and Treblinka. And many of those who survived fled as soon as the war was over.

[On tape: Kroft and John Sack in Swietochlowice city] But according to journalist and author John Sack, who’s been working on the story for more than seven years, some Polish Jews, like Morel, were drafted into important positions in Stalin’s secret police.

[On tape: Kroft interviewing John Sack] Why did Stalin want Jews running the secret police in Poland?

JOHN SACK: He didn’t trust the Poles. He thought the Poles were going to be loyal to Poland, not to Russia, not to the Soviet Union. He thought the Jews had no loyalty to Poland. And that was true.

KROFT: Why would they have loyalty to Stalin?

SACK: I don’t know if they had loyalty to Stalin. They just wanted revenge. They wanted vengeance. That’s why they did it.

[On tape: Sack at Swietochlowice] This would be the main gate.

KROFT: And according to Sack — a respected journalist, the author of seven books, and himself a Jew — Solomon Morel took his revenge.

[Photographs: Swietochlowice in 1945] During the ten months that Morel ran the prison camp at Swietochlowice, more than 1,500 people died there. Not just German soldiers but Polish civilians, women, teen-agers, people from families of German origin or under suspicion of Nazi sympathies. Most died from neglect and disease and, according to Sack, many from brutal and sadistic beatings, [Photograph: Morel in 1945, in uniform] administered by Solomon Morel and his prison staff.

SACK: He wanted to do to the Germans what they did to him. That’s what he said.

On the first night at Swietochlowice, when the first contingent of Germans arrived, at about ten o’clock at night he walked into one of the barracks and he said to the Germans, “My name is Morel. I am a Jew. My mother and father, my family, I think they’re all dead, and I swore that if I got out alive, I was going to get back at you Nazis. And now you’re going to pay for what you did.”

KROFT: How do you know he said this?

SACK: One man who was there told me the story, and he remembered it very, very specifically.

KROFT: Describe the rest of that night, and tell me about Solomon Morel at Swietochlowice.

SACK: I suppose he thought that these people — he could picture these people possibly being the ones who killed his mother and father. At that point, he picked up a stool, a four-legged stool, and he just started smashing the Germans with the stool. Just went around beating them on the head, beating them on the chest.

KROFT: [On tape: Sack, writing] Sack’s reporting was based on face-to-face interviews with survivors, and on twenty-one affidavits from former prisoners at Swietochlowice [On tape: affidavits in the German Federal Archives] that have been on file collecting dust in the German Federal Archives.

After the war, the rest of the world didn’t want to hear about the suffering of Germans. So it was left to the German government to investigate what happened to more than two million of its people who died in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries immediately after the surrender. Sack came across the affidavits while researching a book on Jews in Poland after the war.

KROFT: [On tape: Alojz Richter] But we went to Poland to conduct our own interviews with former prisoners at Swietochlowice, sixteen in all, including eight we found independently of John Sack or the German Federal Archives. And we heard the same stories over and over again.

[On tape: Richter walking with Kroft] Alojz Richter was a teen-ager when the war ended. He says he was taken to Swietochlowice when his mother and brother were arrested. He claims they were just farmers, not Nazi collaborators, and he says he remembers Solomon Morel.

ALOJZ RICHTER [Through interpreter]: We had to lie down, and the commandant, Morel, would trample on us with his boots and kick us in the head.

KROFT: Did people die from the beatings?

RICHTER [Through interpreter]: Many of them, many of them.

KROFT: [On tape: Gerhard Gruschka] Gerhard Gruschka, a former schoolmaster, now retired in Germany, says he was only fourteen when he was taken to Swietochlowice. [Photograph: Gruschka, age fourteen] He told us he had been forced into Hitler Youth, and expelled for failure to attend meetings. He, too, remembers Morel.

GERHARD GRUSHKA [Through interpreter]: I can clearly remember Morel, definitely Morel, beating people to death. I can confirm this even after fifty years. He took stools by the legs and used them to beat people over the head. He would do that until skulls were so badly smashed that people were left dying.

KROFT: [On tape: Kroft and Dorota Boreczek at Swietochlowice] Dorota Boreczek told us it wasn’t just beatings that prisoners at Swietochlowice died from. When we brought her back to what’s left of the camp, she talked about deplorable conditions, about malnutrition and near starvation.

DOROTA BORECZEK: The grass, it was no grass because we had so a big hunger that the prisoners were eating the grass. It was not a little bit of grass.

KROFT: [On tape: Kroft and Boreczek] Dorota was a girl of fourteen, the daughter of a wealthy Polish family, when she was brought to Swietochlowice with her mother. What she remembered and feared the most was a dark concrete hole called the bunker.

What was the bunker?

BORECZEK: For prisoners. I suppose who did something wrong. And they went there and nobody left it. Not alive.

KROFT: [On tape: Boreczek laying flowers on the bunker’s site] The bunker, Dorota says, was filled with rats and near-freezing water. Some prisoners were forced to spend the night there holding onto a metal bar.

Many people died there?

BORECZEK: Many people.

ELAN STEINBERG: The problem is, when you investigate something as serious as this, you can not rely on eyewitnesses who, even with the best of intentions, with the best of intentions, can give you misleading information.

KROFT: [On tape: Steinberg] Elan Steinberg is Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress. He and his organization have been extremely critical of Sack’s reporting, citing a lack of documentary evidence and questioning the memories and motives of former prisoners.

STEINBERG: You better be damn sure you have your evidence there. Because if you don’t, you’re not simply blackening his name, you’re blackening history and you’re insulting the memory of six million martyrs.

KROFT: You’re obviously very sensitive about the story.

STEINBERG: Yes, of course.

KROFT: You prefer to see 60 Minutes not do it.

STEINBERG: I’d prefer to see 60 Minutes do it right. And if the story isn’t there, you don’t do it.

KROFT: [On tape: the gate at Swietochlowice] In fact, there’s evidence the story is there, [Photograph: report of the British Foreign Office] beginning with this report of the British Foreign Office, written in 1945, which says, “Prisoners at Swietochlowice who do not die of starvation or aren’t beaten to death are made to stand up to their necks, night after night until they die, in cold water.”

[On tape: U.S. Congressional Record] A similar report can be found in the U.S. Congressional Record from 1946.

[On tape: death certificates] In the attic of the town hall of Swietochlowice, we found 1,580 death certificates for prisoners at the camp, [On tape: Morel’s signature] many of them signed by Commandant Solomon Morel.

[On tape: Polish prosecutor, writing] And a Polish prosecutor, with a special commission investigating what went on at the camp, told us he’s gathered enough information to charge Morel with beatings, physical and moral persecution, and driving prisoners to commit suicide. His superiors in Warsaw have told him to keep investigating.

[On tape: Kroft walking to Morel’s front door] And we also went to Tel Aviv to try and talk to Morel about the allegations. But after agreeing to an interview, he changed his mind.

[On tape: Morel’s daughter opens door] We’re from 60 Minutes.

When we went to his apartment, his daughter said he no longer wanted to talk to us about Swietochlowice.

[On tape: Morel walking in Tel Aviv] We found out later that Morel did talk to someone about what happened at Swietochlowice. He talked to the former Director of Archives at Yad Vashem, the pre-eminent Holocaust archive in Israel. According to Dr. Shmuel Krakowski, Morel called and wanted to be interviewed by Yad Vashem, saying that he was the commandant of a prison camp after the war and that he killed Nazis for revenge. Dr. Krakowski told us Morel made himself out to be some sort of a hero, [Photograph: Morel, wearing uniform] and he dismissed Morel’s story as aJewish fantasy.

KROFT: [On tape: Steinberg and Kroft] You find it implausible that a Polish Jew who lost his entire family during the war and the Holocaust, who suddenly finds himself at the end of the war in charge of a prison camp with Nazi prisoners, would exact revenge?

STEINBERG: I’ll say something I shouldn’t. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t.

KROFT: I think many people share your view.

STEINBERG: Who of us cannot feel for somebody that has lost their family? Who of us does not feel that they would seek revenge? On the other hand, what has been remarkable is that we, as a civilized society, have refrained from that kind of revenge. And that has been the rule.

KROFT: [On tape: Sack and Kroft] Why are you so sure that Solomon Morel did this for revenge and did it as a Jew? [Sack shakes his head, no] Isn’t it just as easy to believe that he had lost his family during the war, and that he just snapped?

SACK: Yes, yes. I can believe that. Absolutely. If I were his defense attorney, I would plead temporary insanity; if I were his jury, I would buy that argument, I would acquit him. It doesn’t have anything to do with his being Jewish; it’s the opposite of his being Jewish. Everything Jewish in him cried out against that and said, “Don’t do this, this is wrong.”

STEINBERG: [On tape: Steinberg and Kroft] Here you have a situation where the Holocaust is placed on its head. Here you had a Jew, representing all Jews, if you will, running a concentration camp, wreaking his revenge upon the Nazis. And you’ve built up a very nice symmetry here. Nazis killed Jews, then Jews killed Nazis. Fine, things are a wash.

Well, first of all, it didn’t happen that way. And secondly, what you have is a kind of relativism which not only distorts history, but is in itself a crime against history. And I think that’s really the issue hire.

KROFT: [On tape: Kroft and Sack walking in Swietochlowice city] As John Sack found out, no one was interested in printing it. It was rejected by virtually every magazine and publishing house in New York as too controversial, sensational or inappropriate. And that was only one of the problems Sack encountered reporting the story.

SACK: People would not talk to me. People told other people, “Don’t talk to John Sack.” People talked to me, and they lied to me. One person talked to me for two-and-a-half years and then said, “I don’t want you to write this. If you write this, I will stop you, I will stop you!” People said they would sue me. People said they would kill me. Solomon said he would kill me.

KROFT: Why have you pursued it?

SACK: It’s my job as a reporter and as a Jew to tell this story. And if I know about it and I don’t report it, then I am guilty too.

KROFT: [Photograph: “The Wrath of Solomon” in the Village Voice] Sack finally got his story published last spring in New York’s Village Voice, and it’s part of a new book called An Eye for An Eye.

Your critics say the danger of this story is that when it’s told, it plays right into the hands of the Holocaust revisionists, the people who say the Holocaust didn’t happen, that the Holocaust wasn’t that bad.

SACK: The Holocaust was worse than people thought. We’ve all known that the Germans killed six million Jews. [On tape: Auschwitz] Now we know that also the Germans brutalized a couple of hundred Jews, brutalized them so badly that they became like the Germans themselves. What happened in these camps, what happened to Solomon Morel, is another effect of the Holocaust. It would not have happened if it weren’t for the Holocaust.

KROFT: [On camera: Kroft] Regardless of what Solomon Morel told Yad Vashem, the Holocaust archive in Israel, he’s told the special commission investigating what went on at Swietochlowice that he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, dismissing the allegations as an anti-semitic plot.square

Hear John Sack, author of Eye for an Eye, deliver the keynote speech at Cincinnati 2000, Real History, September 22-24, 2000 [Information]


Swietochlowice (Zgoda) camp

Obama Administration Approved Gulf of Mexico Offshore Hydraulic Fracking During 2014 Deepwater Horizon Disaster


Hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) technology has been widely used to maximize oil-and-gas production in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years, and the government allows offshore drillers to dump fracking chemicals mixed with wastewater directly into the Gulf, according to documents released to Truthout and the Center for Biological Diversity under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

From 2010 to October 2014, the Obama administration approved more than 1,500 permit applications for offshore drilling plans that included fracking at hundreds of wells across the Gulf of Mexico, according to the documents. An unknown number of permit applications have yet to be released, so the scope of offshore fracking in the Gulf is likely larger.

During this time regulators issued more than 300 “categorical exclusions” to exempt drilling plans that included fracking from complex environmental reviews. The use of categorical exclusions has been under heavy scrutiny since 2010, when the media learned that BP’s drilling plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig was categorically excluded from review in the months before a deadly explosion on the platform caused the worst oil spill in United States history.

Federal records show that regulators approved several drilling plans involving fracking in the Gulf of Mexico even as the Deepwater Horizon disaster unfolded and oil from a broken well spewed into the Gulf for weeks on end.

“The Deepwater Horizon disaster should have been a wake up call that we need to move away from offshore drilling,” said Kristen Monsell, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, in an interview with Truthout. “But now the federal government is rubber-stamping practices like fracking without doing any environmental review or notifying the public, and it’s just another disaster waiting to happen.”

Hydraulic fracturing involves pumping water, chemicals and sand underground or under the seafloor at high pressure to break up rock and release oil and gas. Offshore fracking techniques are often used in the Gulf to reduce the amount of sand and grit in produced oil and improve its flow path out of the well, according to regulatory documents.

Sometimes, acids such as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid are also used to dissolve undersea rock formations and increase the flow of raw fossil fuels. Hydrofluoric acid is one of the most dangerous chemicals used in any industrial process and can cause severe burns on human skin and form a poisonous vapor cloud when heated, according to the Environmental Defense Center, which has studied offshore acid treatments.

Regulators point out that offshore fracking and “acidizing” are much smaller in scale than the unconventional onshore fracking techniques that sparked a controversial oil-and-gas boom across the US. However, environmentalists are concerned about the offshore operations’ potential for accidents, and about the fracking chemicals that are routinely dumped overboard along with wastewater and other fluids.

The release of documents to the Center for Biological Diversity and Truthout marks the first time that details on the scope of offshore fracking in the Gulf have been made available to the public. In the past, officials at the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), one of two federal agencies that oversee offshore drilling, told Truthout and other investigators that the agency does not specifically keep track of fracking in the Gulf. The Center sued BSEE for failing to respond to FOIA requests, and last year BSEE agreed to compile and release the information.

Is Offshore Fracking Safe?

Environmentalists have been sparring with BSEE and its sister agency, the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM), over offshore fracking since a 2013 Truthout investigation revealed that the technology had been in use off the coast of California. The agencies claim offshore fracking has a good safety record and little impact on the environment, but environmentalists say there is not enough research and data to back that claim up.

The Obama administration set up both agencies in the aftermath of the BP spill to improve oversight of offshore drilling and put an end to cozy relationships between federal regulators and the industry. BSEE was put in charge of enforcing environmental standards, but a recent report by the Government Accountability Office found that the agency has since made “limited progress in enhancing its enforcement capabilities” and failed to develop guidelines for basic functions such has handing out warnings and fines to offshore drillers.

After facing legal challenges from environmental groups, BSEE and BOEM agreed in February to place a temporary moratorium on offshore fracking in Pacific waters while regulators prepared a formal environmental assessment of the practice. The assessment found that offshore fracking does not have a “significant impact,” and the moratorium was lifted last month despite protests by environmentalists, who called the assessment “flawed.”

In March, 30 scientists from across California sent a letter to BSEE and BOEM urging regulators to extend the moratorium, pointing to independent analysis that found “significant data gaps” on fracking in the Pacific. Even the agencies’ own analysis admits that there is a “lack of toxicity data” on chemicals used in the fracking process, but regulators concluded that the chemicals don’t cause much harm because they are diluted by wastewater and the ocean.

Internal agency communications released under FOIA show that regulators have been actively studying offshore fracking since the practice came under scrutiny by activists and the media. For example, a series of emails from 2014 show BSEE and BOEM officials discussing the need to update research on offshore fracking chemicals. They also discuss the Blue Tarpon, a large ship or “stimulation vessel” that pumps fracking and other fluids into oil and gas wells in the Gulf.

“It’s clear from some of the documents that [federal regulators] didn’t even know that [offshore fracking] was happening at all,” Monsell said. “Which is frightening and appalling — that our own government was allowing to the industry to frack at will without doing a environmental review or notifying the public or anything.”

Regulators are now studying fracking chemicals and have dedicated an increasing amount of space to offshore fracking in recent environmental statements required by federal law, indicating that their understanding of the practice is growing. These documents, which clear the way for continued drilling and fracking in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, provide a glimpse of what the government’s oversight of fracking actually looks like.

Fracking Chemicals Dumped Overboard

Every year, fossil fuel companies are allowed to dump into the Gulf of Mexico billions of gallons of the seawater, brine and chemicals that flow back from oil and gas wells. These include fracking chemicals and naturally occurring radioactive substances from deep under the seafloor.

The offshore oil and gas industry dumped 20 billion gallons of this “produced water” into the Gulf in 2014 alone, and nearly half of it was dumped in waters less than 60 meters deep, according federal environmental statements. In 2010, nearly 23 billion gallons went overboard, mostly into shallower waters.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that these fluids be treated to meet certain criteria before being dumped from offshore platforms. Most of the oil and diesel must be removed from the wastewater, and operators are required to visually inspect the surface of the Gulf and take note if a sheen appears. There are also toxicity limits, and operators must conduct toxicity testing either quarterly or annually, depending on how much wastewater goes overboard.

Chemicals used in the offshore fracking process, which are similar or even identical to those used onshore, can be dumped overboard as long as they are “commingled” with the produced water and not included on a federal list of “priority” pollutants, according to the EPA’s wastewater discharge permit. Operators are not required to report the discharge of fracking chemicals when they are diluted in produced water, so it’s unclear how much is dumped into the Gulf on a regular basis.

It’s also unclear exactly what the chemicals are. Federal regulators refer to a 2001 study that lists chemicals commonly used in offshore fracking and well stimulation, including corrosive acids, biocides, “foamers” and “defoamers,” surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. At least nine of these chemical products contain hazardous substances such as hydrofluoric acid and ammonium chloride. However, the industry has made major advances since 2001, and federal regulators admit that this list needs to be updated. Last year, BOEM launched a $400,000 study to update the list and compile a “descriptive inventory” of all the chemicals used during offshore drilling in the Gulf.

“That’s horrifying, especially considering that commonly used fracking chemicals include some of those that are most the toxic in the entire world with respect to aquatic life,” said Monsell, who added that the EPA’s discharge permit should be updated to at least require operators to report the chemicals they dump overboard, a policy currently in place in the Pacific.

Public affairs officers for BOEM and BSEE in the Gulf region did not respond to requests for comment from Truthout.

BOEM plans to use this study to analyze the risk that offshore fracking chemicals would pose to the environment in the event of a spill, and to evaluate how the chemicals may be impacting water, sediment and wildlife in the Gulf. While this appears to be a step toward more robust regulation, environmentalists say that the agency’s scientific record should have been updated years ago.

“While the federal government shouldn’t be allowing oil companies to frack our oceans at all, it certainly can’t sit idly by without any understanding of the effects of the toxic chemicals being dumped into the ocean,” Monsell said. “And [federal law] specifically requires that environmental analysis occur before decisions are made and before actions are taken, not after.”

Meanwhile, offshore fracking will continue in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere as regulators play catch-up with their chemistry. Monsell and other environmentalists are currently turning their attention to the Arctic waters of Alaska, where they say that a Texas company’s proposal to extend a large “multi-stage frack” under the Cook Inlet is threatening endangered beluga whales.

Copyright, Truthout. Reprinted with permission.

Mike Ludwig is an investigative reporter at Truthout and a contributor to the Truthout anthology, Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? Follow him on Twitter: @ludwig_mike.

NWO – The fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan and the Battle of Armageddon of World War III LordiscomingTV

Revelation 3:9 clearly points out that there are some people who are not Jews but claim that they are Jews. It is obvious that these people are fake Jews. Besides, the Bible says these people are not only liars but also a synagogue of Satan. The people of God do God’s work. The Synagogue of Satan , of course, do Satan’s work.
The Bible says that there is really the synagogue of Satan. So, are you interested to know who these people are and what they are doing for Satan in the world today? Satan imitates God’s plan in the world. Satan chooses the fake Jews as its people from whom a false messiah will be elected. The false messiah will successfully sit on his throne in Mount Zion of Jerusalem and rule the earth for three and half a years after the Battle of Armageddon of World War 3. Its reign is short because Satan, the beast, the false prophet and the synagogue of Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire when Jesus Christ comes.



The Holocaust Is a Jewish Big Lie:
Birdman’s Not-Quite-95 Theses on the Holocaust

A Modern-Day Diet of Worms Intended to Give the Holohoaxers and Their Jewish-Asskissing Retinue of True Believers a Bit of Indigestion

By John “Birdman” Bryant


Note: Recently there has been an essay making the rounds of the Net entitled ’95 Theses on the Holocaust’. As JBR Yant remarked, there is nothing so inspiring as to see a good thing done poorly, and for this reason I have created my own list of Holocaust Theses, tho I have chosen not to bore the reader by trying to round out a count of 95 by digging up a bunch of marginal ones. In spite of this, however, I believe that the 55-or-over theses that are found here will keep the reader sufficiently entertained to justify his lucubrative effort during that period while he is trying to get the prunes and bran muffins to work.

Jews accuse Hitler of using, if not inventing, the Big Lie technique, but what Hitler actually did (in Mein Kampf) was to accuse the JEWS of using it. And of course Hitler was right: Not only did the Jews tell a Big Lie when they accused Hitler of doing so, but they told another one when they invented the Holocaust.

Reason 1 the JBL (Jewish Big Lie) continues: The Holocaust is a cash cow for Jews and Israel. False sympathy for Jews has given Israel hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and the US, and has provided large incomes to individual Jews who have capitalized on the Holocaust with their novels, ‘memoirs’, films, plays, speaking tours and the like. It may be truly said that the Holocaust is the golden calf on the gentile leg that the Jews have been pulling for more than 60 years.

Reason 2 the JBL continues: Many countries in Europe, as well as Canada and Australia, have laws against denying the OJV (Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust). There can be only one reason for these laws: Supporting a lie that is a cash cow for Jews, and preventing criticism of Jews. If the OJV were true, it would not need legislative support. Only lies need such support.

Reason 3 the JBL continues: The Holocaust is a secular religion in a secular age that keeps Jews drawn together and makes them easier for the Big Jews to manipulate.

Reason 4 the JBL continues: Once you start lying, you can’t stop without admitting that you were lying, and if the Big Jews do that, then Jew-Deism — the worship of The Chosen — actually The SELF-Chosen — by Jews and Christian idiots will collapse, and instead of the Chosen People, the Jews will become the Frozen People.

Reason 5 the JBL continues: Jewish scholars such as Yehuda Bauer of Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, have admitted that some of the most important features of the OJV are false, including the story that soap was made from the fat of Jewish bodies, and lampshades from Jewish skin. And yet in spite of these grudging admissions, the falsehoods remain firmly in place because Jews suppress the findings of Holocaust revisionists.


The notion that Auschwitz was a ‘death camp’ is ludicrous #1: You don’t build swimming pools, organize orchestras, have a camp hospital, print camp currency and establish a brothel for inmates who are going to be killed.

The notion that Auschwitz was a ‘death camp’ is ludicrous #2: You don’t hang guards for abusing prisoners who are going to be killed, as the nazis did.

The notion that Auschwitz was a ‘death camp’ is ludicrous #3: High nazi muckamucks don’t send around memos, as Himmler did, declaring that the death rate in the camps ‘absolutely’ must be reduced when the inmates are there to be killed.

The notion that Auschwitz was a ‘death camp’ is ludicrous #4: Auschwitz was a huge industrial center which manufactured products critical to the German war effort. Shipping people to an industrial center in order to kill them is the height of absurdity.


The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #1: The nazis were desperate for labor, so why would they kill the very thing they were desperate for?

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #2: The ashes from such a huge collection of bodies would have inundated the surrounding countryside.

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #3: A calculation of how long it would take to incinerate such a mass of bodies would have made the operation last well into the next century.

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #4: There weren’t even 6 million Jews in Europe at the time.

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #5: The World Almanac gives Jewish population figures over the war years which show an INCREASE OF JEWISH NUMBERS. Hey, but it’s an old Jewish trick, like the one Jeezez did with the loaves and fishes, right?

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #6: In 1995, the plaque outside Auschwitz was changed to read 1.1 million deaths rather than 4 million, but according to Jewish mathematicians, 6 million minus 3 million is still 6 million. Hey, those big numbers can be tricky!

The notion that the nazis killed 6 million Jews does not pass the smell test #7: On two different occasions long prior to WW2, Organized Jewry claimed that ‘6 million Jews’ had perished due to ‘evil gentiles’. Clearly, the Six Million is a notion originating in Jewish mystical texts which has no basis in reality.


The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #1: Zyklon B could not possibly have been used to gas anyone in the slow-evaporating form that it came in. It would have taken HOURS.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #2: Zyklon B was in a form intended for use in clothing de-lousing chambers. Lice spread typhus, a big killer in war, and this de-lousing saved the lives of many lousy Jews. (Did I say that? I must be an ANTI-SEMITE! Forgive me, O Yahweh!)

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #3: Zyklon B could not possibly have been used safely to gas Jews — it is an explosive gas, and the spark from a match or cigaret would have blown the ‘gas chamber’ to smithereens.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #4: The idea that Jewish ‘trusties’ pulled Jewish bodies apart after gassing is ludicrous — the gas trapped in the clothing would have killed the trusties in about 30 seconds.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #5: The ‘gas chambers’ which have been shown to tourists for years were built by the Soviets, and the head of the Auschwitz museum admitted this.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #6: Nothing about ‘gas chambers’ was ever mentioned in the memoirs of any of the participants in WW2, including Eisenhower, De Gaulle and Churchill.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #7: Arno Mayer, generally accepted by establishment historians as the premier historian of the Holocaust, declared in his book Why Did the Heavens Not Darken that evidence for the existence of gas chambers was both ‘rare and unreliable’.

The notion that the nazis killed people in gas chambers does not pass the smell test #8: The pictures of emaciated corpses which we have all seen are not products of gassing, but STARVATION — starvation which occurred because there was no food for the laborers toward the end of the war. In this context it is notable that, when the camps were ‘liberated’, Eisenhower insisted that the liberators ‘get it all on film’ because ‘someone in the future would deny that all this happened’. Needless to say, nobody denies the existence of ‘all this’, namely, the walking (and non-walking) skeletons that populated the Camps — the revisionists just deny that ‘all this’ proves that the nazis were in the extermination business. In fact, ‘all this’ proves that the nazis WEREN’T in the extermination business — if you are going to exterminate people, you don’t build housing for them and then wait for them to starve to death — instead, you do like Eisenhower did to the surrendered German soldiers, and put them in an open enclosure with no food or water. (Did somebody say that Ike was a war criminal? Why, that’s heresy!!!)


The Nuremberg trials were a farce #1: The Nuremberg laws were ex post facto laws, but ex post facto law is not only grossly unfair, but it is specifically banned by the US Constitution, and yet an American Supreme Court justice (Jackson) was the chief prosecutor.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #2: Nazis were treated brutally and often tortured to get ‘confessions’. They were not allowed reasonable legal counsel, access to documents, or any of the other amenities that are standard in Anglo-American law. And yet, even in such strained circumstances, they were still sometimes able to put American prosecutors to shame, as Goering did.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #3: Following the trials, the transcripts of the proceedings were often doctored to cover up embarrassments, as proved by the inconsistency of the audiotapes with the transcripts.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #4: A trial is supposed to be unbiased, but there was nothing unbiased about the Nuremberg trials. Most of the ‘Americans’ were actually European Jews who had gained American citizenship, but returned to Germany in order to get revenge on the nazis.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #5: The nazis were condemned, and many hanged, for acts for which the allies were also guilty, yet no one other than nazis were tried for ‘war crimes’. Furthermore, the nazis were not allowed the ‘tu quoque’ defense, ie, not allowed to defend themselves by bringing up the fact that they did nothing more than what the Allies did.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #6: Julius Streicher was condemned to hang by the Nuremberg tribunal, and yet Streicher was not even a participant in the nazi government. His ‘crime’ was to publish a crude antisemitic newspaper and be an early supporter of Hitler. But hey, I guess all those cartoons of big noses really get to the Jews after awhile…

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #7: Wood, the hangman who dispatched the condemned nazis and a probable Jew, insured that the hanging would be brutal. Not only did he make the ropes short so that the condemned men would strangle rather than dying by neck-break, but he made the holes in the floor so small that the faces of the hanged men would be mauled as they dropped thru.

The Nuremberg trials were a farce #8: No Hitler order or anything of the kind has ever been found for extermination of the Jews, altho it is well-documented that Hitler said that the final solution to the Jewish Question should be postponed till after the war. The result is that Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg has claimed that there was a ‘meeting of the minds’ on the Holocaust without there ever being any specific declaration, ie, the Third Reich accomplished its alleged ‘extermination’ via TELEPATHY!


Jews denounce the presumed genocide of Jews by the nazis, and yet are busy doing exactly that to the Palestinians. It is a psychological truism that guilty parties often accuse others of exactly what they (the guilty) are guilty of. If anyone deserves to be gassed, it is the Jews.

Jews denounce the presumed genocide of Jews by the nazis, and yet Jews practiced genocide on the Germans, as detailed by James Bacque in his chronicle of Jew Eisenhower’s postwar internment camps. They also advocated it in the book ‘Germany Must Perish’, a book written in the WW2 period by a Jew named Kaufman, and popularized by the sycophantic praise of Jewish book reviewers.

Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis, and yet the major acts of brutality in the Camps were carried out by kapos — Jewish trusties whose position gave them the power of life and death over inmates.

Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis, and yet Israel is the only ‘Western’ country that permits torture, altho the influence of the Jewish lobby and such ‘legal experts’ as Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz has virtually legalized it in America.

Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis, but deaths among American POWs held by Germany in WW2 occurred at a lower rate than in the American population as a whole. Hey, a break from all that fatty American food was just what Our Boys needed!

Jews denounce the brutality of the nazis, yet during WW2, Jewish guerrillas sunk a ship which was full of Jews bound for Palestine in order to blame it on the British and create more sympathy for Jewish immigration to Palestine, an area which was then under British control. Several similar cases of Jews killing their own for political purposes in WW2 have been reported.

Jews make much of the ‘blood libel’ which accuses Jews of killing gentile children and using their blood for cooking — an accusation which is not without evidence; but Jews have in fact engaged in the greatest of all blood libels by accusing Germany of the Holocaust.

One of the greatest Jewish Holocaust legends of WW2 was the story of Anne Frank, the scion of a rich Dutch Jewish family. As it happens, however, her ‘diary’ upon which the legend was based was of questionable authenticity — it was at least partly written by her father — and in particular disguised the fact that — far from ‘hiding’ from the nazis — Anne’s father was actually making a good living by supplying the nazis with food goods. For her part, Anne died in a concentration camp of typhus — probably one of those lousy Jews.


The books of Elie ‘The Weasel’ Wiesel provide much of the fodder for the OJV, and yet this slick Jew, whose speaking fee is $25,000 a pop plus limo, is a notorious liar. For example, he claimed to have been liberated from more than one concentration camp, to have walked around Babi Yar where he saw the ground spurt ‘geysers of blood’, and to have been knocked a full city block by a NY taxicab.

Elie the Weasel denounces the Germans for their behavior, and yet when he was liberated from confinement in a concentration camp, he chose not to wait for the Soviets, but rather to go west in the company of his captors. I guess he must have really loved all that torture.

Elie the Weasel was responsible for the ‘Holocaust’ moniker as a result of his claim that he saw Jews being thrown into pits and burned alive. Somehow, this story has now been quietly forgotten, along with others about boiling and electrocution, in favor of ‘gas chambers’.

Jews are never ending in their condemnation of ‘hate’, particularly as represented by the Holocaust, and yet Elie the Weasel has claimed in one of his books that every Jew must hate the Germans.


The Third Reich cooperated with Jews to get them to emigrate to Israel. Zionist newspapers were allowed to be published, and under the Ha’avara, or Transfer Agreement, special areas were set aside in Germany to train Jews in the skills they would need in Israel, and Jews were given special financial privileges in the matter of taking their wealth out of Germany.

Jewish zionist guerrillas offered the Third Reich a military alliance during WW2.

Many Jews fought for the Third Reich, including 70 generals and many lesser types. Hitler himself was one-quarter Jewish, and in fact the grandson of a Rothschild.

The Third Reich was the recipient of significant financing by Jews.

The notorious Yellow Star, which Jews were required to wear in Germany, and which supposedly identified Jews for extermination, was actually something proposed to the nazi authorities by the Chief Rabbi of Berlin.

The only nation which has forbidden marriage between Jews and gentiles besides nazi Germany is Israel.


Jews had a significant role in building the atomic bomb, which was then used to create a genuine holocaust of Japenese victims. Isn’t it funny that we never hear much about this very real holocaust, but we are subjected to a never-ending stream of weeping and wailing over a false one?

The only real holocaust in Germany was the firebombing of German cities by the British. In particular, ‘Bomber’ Harris incinerated Dresden, a city of no military importance, but one filled with civilian refugees, which killed upwards of a quarter million people.

Hitler made a good offer of peace to Britain in 1940. If Jew Churchill had accepted, the Holocaust couldn’t have happened — not that it did.

It is essential that the truth about the Holocaust be known, because the Holocaust is both the key and the Achilles heel of Jewish power over gentiles. If the Holocaust Lie collapses, then so does Jewish power.

Gentiles will stop telling unpleasant truths about Jews when Jews stop telling unpleasant lies about gentiles.


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Fred Leuchter - 25 - Map of ountries with Holo Denial Laws
[Image] Eighteen, mostly European countries that ban telling the truth about the so-called “Holocaust”.

NEW FINDINGS AND DECEPTION – The Jews Don’t Rule The New World Order



Proof Ashkenazim Jews Have Always Been Racial Separatists

With some exceptions among individuals, and with the exception of commercial transactions, Jewish communities in pre-war Poland largely functioned as insular, self-absorbed, elitist, and self-positioned “strangers” in Polish society. The gulf between Polish Christians and Jews was enormous; in pre-Holocaust Poland, for example, the intermarriage rate between Poles and Jews was only one per cent. This ethnic isolation was self-imposed by Jews from the earliest times of their residence in Poland. Most Jews consciously chose not to assimilate into Polish society, many could not even speak Polish, and few had friendly relationships with the non-Jews around them.

“In prewar Poland,” notes Wladyslaw Krajewski, a Polish Jew, “… the majority of Jews did not regard themselves as Poles. Growing up for the most part in Jewish environments, they observed only the Jewish customs and religion, spoke only Yiddish at home, and generally spoke Polish poorly.” [Krajewski, 96-97] Norman Salsitz describes growing up in a Jewish community in a Polish town and discovering that many Jews did not even know what the Polish flag looked like. [Salsitz, N., 1992, 73] In 1936, Jewish voting patterns in Poland (in their self-governing kehillah organizations) revealed a 38 percent vote for the Bund party (a group emphasizing a Jewish, as opposed to Polish, identity), 36 percent vote for Zionist lists (the return to Israel group), and religious Orthodox (religiously anti-Gentile) and “middle-class” groups at about 23 percent. [Gitelman]

Jewish self-segregation was the norm for most Jews of Eastern Europe. “Jewish separatism,” notes Jewish author Eva Hoffman about Poland, “was also an active choice, and it also had its consequences. It meant that Jewish individuals and communities cultivated their own alienness, and that although they were willing to engage in contractual relations with the Poles, they did not wish to enter into a shared world with them.” [Hoffman, 63]

Jewish fear of and disdain for Christians is reflected in this account by the best known Holocaust polemicist, Elie Wiesel, here describing his childhood in Romania:

[Christian] rituals held no interest for me; quite the contrary. I turned away from them. Whenever I met a priest … I would avert my gaze and think of something else. Rather than walk in front of a church with its pointed and threatening belfry, I would cross the street. To see was as frightening as to be seen; I worried that a visual, physical link might be created between us … All I knew of Christians was their hate for my people [Jews]. Christians were more present in my imagination than in my life. What did a Christian do when he was alone? What were his dreams made of? How did he use his time when he was not engaged in plotting against us?” [Wiesel, 4-5]

Reflecting similar disdain for Christians, one of Jewish novelist Max Shulman’s characters in Potatoes are Cheaper recalls: “If [my mother] happened to see [a nun] on the street, she made a circle three times, said Shma Yisrael, and ran to kill a chicken.” That isn’t really fiction. Jewish mistrust of Christians and of Christian symbols often expressed itself as a literal physical revulsion, as Moshe Rozdial’s account of his grandmother illustrates:

If I could be really honest, growing up around holocaust survivors, especially grandparents who had been part of village life in Poland, my clearest memory of anything that relates to churches was the way my grandmother would spit three times, you know, tu! tu! tu!, like in Fiddler on the Roof, to ward off evil spirits, every time she would walk past a church steeple. The cross has really been more a burden to Jews, than for Christians to bear. For my Bubbe, my grandmother, it represented the wrath of Satan, swooping down on a helpless people when they were not vigilant to warding off the evil eye. She saw Nazism as just another version of Christianity, hordes of Aryan barbarians, swooping down with their broken cross, to do the work that the church had laid the foundation for, for a thousand years.

I remember walking down the street with my hand in hers, feeling that tug and knowing, almost instinctively that if I look up I’d see a cross atop a roof, as she reflexively crossed the street to avoid walking directly in front of the church. Muttering, Nevelah! Nevelah! Do you know what that means? The impurity of the dead. Any dead thing. Any dead thing, that by Jewish law, could not be touched in any way, so as not to be defiled by spiritual purity. That’s what Bubbe thought of the crucifix and ultimately, the church … She’d spit three times, more if she was in a dark mood, and walk out of her way to avoid the site. The dead Jew on the cross was a Nevelah to her, a presence that has always defiled her life, Jewish life. A symbol of death and human corruptness, to my people. I know it’s not politically correct to say these things to you. We Jews are always watching our tongues, when it comes to Christianity.

A yeshiva student, Rachmiel Frydland, recounts how it was growing up Jewish in the pre-war town of Chelm: “I had no contacts with Christianity at all. On the way to school we passed a Roman Catholic church and a Russian Orthodox church, and we spat, pronouncing the words found in Deuteronomy 7:26, ‘ … though shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.’ Why should we say such horrible words? The [Christian] people looked so pious. They came from surrounding villages to worship, and they never bothered us.” [Frydland, 55]
[Needless to say, the venerable Jewish tradition of spitting before Christian Churches and in the presence of the Cross did not endear Jews to their Christian neighbors. For further information, see (off-site) Israel Shahak’s Spitting on the Cross. (Irmin)]

Abraham Sterzer grew up within a Jewish community in Eastern Galicia. “Our rabbi,” he says, “insisted that we Jewish children spit on the ground and utter curses while passing near a cross, or whenever we encountered a Christian priest or religious procession. Our shopkeepers used to say that ‘it was a Mitzveh (blessed deed) to cheat a Goy (gentile).’” [Piotrowski, 39] Anna Lanota recalls that her Jewish community in Poland “had a somewhat unfavourable attitude toward other nations — maybe even contemptuous. There prevailed the feeling that we were the chosen people.” [Piotrowski, 39] The first prime minister of modern Israel, David Ben-Gurion, once recalled his childhood among non-Jewish children in Poland: “Somebody would perhaps throw a stone, or start an argument, and very often it was the Jews who started first. We used to get the upper hand.” [Kurzman, 50]

Jewish commentator Elias Tcherikower describes the nature of Jewish shtetl (Jewish community) culture in Eastern Europe:

Jews were not regarded, nor did they regard themselves, as Russians or Poles who differed in religion and occupational concentrations from the majority population … Jews constituted an autonomous, isolated, self-enclosed, and collectively responsible social entity. The goings-on in the outside world certainly impinged upon the Jewish community, but were regarded as being as the same order as natural events; most often, as natural catastrophes. There was, relatively speaking, little social interaction that mattered between Jew and non-Jew. What was of significance was what went on in the Jewish world, in the world of the shtetl … Above all, the shtetl was a community of rigid religious orthodoxy … The shtetl’s frame of reference was the Jewish community. Outside was the world of the goy, the alien … Loyalty to this hostile, alien world was nonexistent. [Neusner, 4-6]
As Jewish Holocaust survivor Nechama Tec notes about traditional Jewish separatism, self-imposed estrangement from non-Jews, and resistance to assimilate into Polish culture (which had virtually insurmountable consequences when any Christian Pole sought, at constant risk of his or her life, to hide Jews from the Nazis):

In 1939, of all the European countries, Poland had the highest concentration of Jews. They made up 10 per cent of the country’s population. As the largest community of Jews in Europe, Polish Jews were also the least assimilated. They looked, dressed, and behaved differently from Polish Christians … In prewar Poland, more than half the Jewish children attended special Jewish schools. Enrollment in religious school, in turn, discouraged mastery of the Polish language. Thus, in answer to a 1931 census inquiry, the overwhelming majority of Jews mentioned Yiddish as their native tongue (79 per cent) and only 12 percent gave Polish as their first language. The rest chose Hebrew. Jews and Poles lived in separate and different worlds, and their diverse experiences made for easy identification. It has been estimated that more than 80 percent of the Polish Jews were easily recognizable, while less than 10 percent could be considered assimilated. [Tec, 12]

Jewish anthropologist Samuel Heilman notes that the Hasidic ultra-Orthodox literalist movement, founded in the eighteenth century, became the dominant Jewish world view in Eastern Europe. “In several generations,” he observes, “[the Hasidic movement] absorbed huge numbers — perhaps a majority — of the region’s Jews.” (Heilman refers here to the “region” of Eastern Europe, including Podolia, Volhynia, Galicia, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.) [Heilman, 21] In 1992 Heilman wrote a book about the Hasids in Israel (whose ancestors were from Eastern Europe) and, even there, the Hasidic movement’s profoundly separatist and ethnocentric world view is still reflected by 11- and 12-year olds in the Hasidic school system. Showing a school class a map of Israel, Heilman recounts:

I asked each boy if he could tell me what lay to the east, the south, the north, and the west [of Israel], each time pointing my pencil to the area in case they did not know the bearings of the compass. Again, no one knew … Next I asked each boy to tell me the names of the surrounding countries, without necessarily specifying where they were in relation to Israel. In response, one boy began to list cities in Israel … Perhaps the most revealing answer came from one youngster who, in reply to the question of what bordered on Israel, confidently answered that Israel was surrounded by chutz la’aretz. Chutz la’aretz is the Hebrew expression that most Israelis use to refer to the rest of the world. Literally, it means “outside of the Land (of Israel),” abroad. In this boy’s mind the world was neatly divided. Just as there were goyim and Jews, so similarly there was Israel and chutz la’aretz … It struck me that in the world they inhabited, the information I had asked them was simply not important. They had a different map of the world … The large territories were not Russia, Germany, or Poland. They were named after cities of importance to the hasidim of Zvil: Apta, Lublin, Mezerich, Berdichev, Chernobyl. Cities had become countries.” [Heilman, 233]

Stephen Bloom’s 2001 book about an ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave (the Chabad Lubavitchers, founded in Lithuania) in Postville, Iowa, gives a clear example of what relations must have been like between many Jews and Poles and Eastern Europe before the rise of the Nazis. Jews in the Iowa town, Bloom reports, do not want to touch Gentiles, they resist eye contact with them as they walk down the street, they have no knowledge or interest in Gentile life around them, they appear “obnoxious and imperial” to local people, they cheat local merchants, and they use oil in their candelabras because oil, which doesn’t mix with other liquids, symbolizes Jewish separateness from all non-Jews. “Wherever we go,” one Chabad leader said, “we don’t adapt to the place or the people. It’s always been like that and always will be like that. It’s the place and the people who have to adapt to us.” “Postville people, by and large, were tolerant,” says Bloom, “… [but the Hasidic Jews] were downright rude. They seemed to go out of their way to be obnoxious, especially when it came to business dealings … At first, the locals welcomed the Jews, but even the simplest offer — a handshake, an invitation to afternoon tea — was spurned. The locals quickly discovered that the Jews wouldn’t even look at them. They refused to acknowledge even the presence of anyone not Jewish.” [Bloom, passim]
As Norman Salsitz notes about his Jewish youth in Poland:

Most Poles were devout Catholics, and we Jews followed in the path of orthodox Judaism. Poles who were Catholics were automatically Poles; Poles who were Jewish were never referred to as anything but Jews. In look, in dress, in behavior, there was usually no mistaking the Pole and the Jew. Then, too, Poles all spoke Polish, Jews mostly Yiddish … Acquaintances among Poles and Jews were common, indeed nearly inevitable in a town the [small] size of Kolbuszowa; but close friendships were practically nonexistent. [Salsitz, 242]

“The Poles never thought of us as Poles,” says prominent Yiddish novelist Isaac Bashevis Singer, “and we didn’t either.”
Poland was invaded by the Nazi war machine in 1939 and totally overcome and decimated in a matter of weeks. The Nazi blitzkrieg consisted of 1,800,000 soldiers, 2,500 tanks, over 2,000 aircraft and naval warships. Three million Polish Christians died during World War II, a figure equal to that of Polish Jews who perished. 40% of the national wealth was destroyed, 10% of the non-Jewish population was killed. How were Poles to save Jews when they had first to struggle for their own lives and families?

In 1989 Stephan Korbanski, the last surviving leader of the Polish Underground State during German occupation, wrote a book complaining that “the charges leveled by the Jews against the Poles for allegedly sharing responsibility for the Holocaust by not preventing the slaughter of the Jews are groundless, unfair, and slanderous. An individual or a nation can be blamed for denying help which could be given, but not for failing to do the impossible.” [Korbanski, vii]

Meanwhile, while the Poles were invaded and occupied from the West by Germany, communist Russia attacked from the East. Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland resulted in the confiscation of everything from banks to sawmills. Churches and other religious centers were closed or destroyed. Over a million Poles were deported, mostly to Asiatic Russia. Among the deportees, some 500,000 ended up in labor camps where many died. Members of Poland’s religious and political infrastructure were executed; Stephan Korbanski notes that up to 100,000 Polish political prisoners were murdered by the Soviets by mid-1941.

Korbanski, as a leader of the Polish underground, and others began to report to the outside world what was happening in Poland, including the situation of the Jews. They even had a Jewish liaison in the Warsaw ghetto. Members of the Polish “Home Army” even made a number of attempts to blow up the walls and open the Jewish Warsaw ghetto, but were repelled by German defenses. [Korbanski, 57]

In a review of Korbanski’s book by David Engel, a Jewish professor at New York University, Korbanski’s first-hand account of the suffering of the Polish people) was summed up with these final sentences: “Mr. Korbanski will never have to deal with the problems raised by the book; he passed away shortly after it was released. How sad that the final work of a man with so much to his credit is a splenetic diatribe, falling at times far below acceptable scholarly standards to the level of gutter literature.” [Engel] What especially grates Engler is this kind of comment from Korbanski:

“The [Jewish] consensus which emerged (in the early periods of Nazi occupation) was the unanimous belief that only total submission to all the Nazi orders and industrious work for the Germans might offer chances of survival until the end of the war. The [Jewish] watchword was: “This is not our war; it’s the war of the Poles against the Germans.” All the Jewish problems were to be dealt with by the Jewish Council (Judenrat), headed by former Polish senator Adam Czerniakow and formed by Germany themselves. That doctrine of submissiveness remained in force for two years, during which the Jews in the ghetto did not ask the Poles for any help or weapons.” [Korbanski, 44]

Korbanski’s frank indictment the Jewish communists who filled the secret police agencies post-war Poland would also be offensive to anyone who accepts the myth of eternal Jewish victimhood. Korbanski writes:
To realize his plan of seizing total control of Poland, Stalin formed two teams: one to satisfy appearances and the Western Allies, the other to actually rule Poland. The first was headed by the Polish communist Warda Wasilewska and the other by Jacob Berman, who knew Stalin well. The choice of Berman was connected with his Jewish origins, which exonerated him from suspicion of Polish patriotism and advocacy of Poland’s independence. Stalin regarded the Jews as cosmopolites, whose loyalties would be to Zionism rather than the country of their residence. [Korbanski, 73]

The principal instrument of Berman’s power was his total control of the Ministry of State Security, which began — under Stalin’s instructions — to liquidate all centers of Polish opposition, often by simply murdering persons suspected of advocating Poland’s independence. [Korbanski, 74]

Jewish historians Pawel Korzec and Jean-Charles Szurek also “admit [that] the Jewish youth and proletariat played an important (‘although not exclusive’) role in the apparatus of oppression.” [Bartoszewski, 18] One Jewish veteran, Wladyslaw Krajewski, of the earlier pre-World War II Communist Party (KPP), estimated that half of its leadership was of Jewish origin. [Krajewski, W., 94] With Jews representing about 10% of the Polish population that was mostly Catholic with relatively little interest in communism, “in the large cities the percentage of Jews in the [Communist Party] often exceeded 50 per cent and in the smaller cities, frequently over 60 per cent. Given this background, [the] statement that ‘in small cities like ours, almost all communists were Jews’ does not appear to be a gross exaggeration. [Schatz, 96]

In Warsaw about 65 per cent of the Communist membership was Jewish. In 1930 “Jews constituted 51 percent of the [Communist Union of Polish Youth], while ethnic Poles were only 19 percent. (The rest were Bylerussians and Ukrainians).” [Schatz, 96] In 1932 Jews were 90 percent of the International Organization for Help to Revolutionaries. [Schatz, 97] They were also 54 percent of the communist field leadership, 75 percent of its propagandists, and “occupied most of the seats” of the Central Committee of the Communist Workers’ Party and Communist Party of Poland. In pre-World War II Poland, many communist activists were jailed. Polish researcher Andrzej Zwolinski found that “in Polish court proceedings against communists between 1927 and 1936, 10 percent of those accused were Polish Christians and 90 percent were Jews.” [Piotrowski, 36] [Schatz, 97] Not surprisingly, the formal positions of the Polish Communist Party included a “firm stand against anti-Semitism.” [Schatz, 100]

Furthermore, the symbolism of three very high level Jewish officers — Minc, Berman, and Zambrowski — in the oppressive institutions of post-war Communism “became a lasting part of anti-Semitic vocabulary.” [Schatz, 206] “All three communist leaders who dominated Poland between 1948 and 1956, [Jacob] Berman, Boleslaw Bierut, and Hilary Minc, were Jews.” [MacDonald, 63] As the Catholic Primate of Poland, Cardinal Hlond, noted in 1976, ethnic Polish anti-Jewish sentiment was now “due to the Jews who occupy leading positions in Poland’s government and endeavor to introduce a governmental structure that the majority of Poles do not wish to have.” [Schatz, 207]

Stephan Korbanski also notes that the Soviet Communist secret police team assembled by Berman [whose brother Adolf was chairman of the Jewish Committee in Poland till 1947, when he immigrated to Israel] at the beginning of his rule were all Jewish — Vice Minister Natan Grunsapau-Kikiel (Roman Romkowski) [who once interrogated Korbanski], and other high officials like General Julius Hibner (David Schwartz), Anatol Fejgin, security police chief Joseph Swiatlo, Joseph Rozanski (Goldberg), “Colonel Czaplicki,” and Zygmut Okret. These were not the only Jewish officials who oppressed Poles in the name of communism. Victor Klosiewicz, a member of the Communist Council of State, has stated that “it was unfortunate that all the department directors in the Ministry of State were Jews.” [Korbanski, 78]

“Jacek Rozanski,” notes Polish author Jacek Borkowicz, was “director of the Investigative Department of the Polish State Security Ministry” and was “sentenced in 1955 to five years imprisonment” — a later trial in 1957 sentenced him to fifteen years — for “using inadmissible means of persuasion during interrogations … Son of a prominent Warsaw Yiddish-language journalist (on the pro-Zionist ‘Hajnt’), Rozanski was a dedicated communist who … maintained his Jewish identity until the end.” “All the detainees described [Rozanski] as an exceptionally cynical and sadistic psychopath who liked to torture prisoners needlessly,” notes Jewish author Michael Checinski, “… Rozanski’s Jewish origin was then common knowledge, in spite of his Polonized name.” [Checinski, 80]

Checinski notes the post-World War II case of Semyon Davidov who held the relatively modest post of head of Soviet advisers in Poland. But no serious operational decisions on any question pertaining to political provocations or police terror could ever be taken without Davidov’s consent. On the one hand, Davidov and his personal network supervised the activities of the Soviet advisers in all the mainstays of real power in Poland (the armed forces, security service, party apparatus, state administration, and industry). But he also was responsible for overseeing the entire Polish apparatus of terror. [Checinski, 51]

Abel Kainer (a pseudonym of Stanislaw Krajewski, a Polish Jew) adds:

The archetype of the Jew during the first ten years of the Polish People’s Republic was generally perceived as an agent of the secret political police. It is true that under Bierut and Gomulka (prior to 1948) the key positions in the Ministry of State Security were held by Jews or persons of Jewish background. It is a fact which cannot be overlooked, little known in the West and seldom mentioned by the Jews of Poland. Both prefer to talk about Stalin’s anti-Semitism … The machinations of communist terror functioned in Poland in a manner similar to that used in other communist ruled countries in Europe. What requires explanation is why it was operated by Jews. The reason was that the political police, the base of communist rule, required personnel of unquestionable loyalty to communism. These were people who had joined the Party before the war and in Poland they were predominately Jewish. [Korbanski, 79]

“The feeling that Jews are oppressors probably sounds absurd to many westerners,” wrote Stanislaw Krajewski, under his own name. “The only sense it has derives from the Jewish participation in the oppressive rule in Poland, and in particular the fact that a lot of Jews looked favorably at the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland in 1939.” [Krajewski, 50] Most Poles, on the other hand, did not look favorably at Soviet occupation. In their eyes World War II was a struggle on two fronts — in the West against the Nazi fascists, and in the East against the Russian communists.

Even a Jewish scholar/polemicist like Robert Wistrich, who expresses astonishment that one-third of West Germany after World War II still felt that anti-Semitism was primarily caused by “Jewish characteristics,” concedes that after the Polish communist seizure of power in 1948 there were indeed a number of Jews like Jakob Berman, Hilary Minc, and Roman Zambrowski, who did play key roles in the party, the security services, and economic planning. No doubt they were considered by Moscow as being less susceptible than the Catholic majority to Polish nationalist feelings, though in the eyes of many Poles they were little better than agents of a foreign, semi-colonial power … the anti-communist underground was convinced that Jews were deliberately betraying Poland. [Wistrich, 271]

In communist Poland, according to Pinek Maka, the Jewish Secretary of Security for Silesia, the number of Jewish officers in the dreaded OSS (the secret police organization) was 150 to 225 (as much as 75% of the total) — merely in his own jurisdiction. [Sack, 175] Another Jewish OSS officer, Barek Edelstein, estimated that 90% of the Jews of Kattowitz disguised themselves with Polish names. Josef Musial, the Vice Minister for Justice in Poland in 1990, suggested that most officers in the OSS throughout Poland had been Jewish. [Sack, 183]

In 1992 Shlomo Morel, a Jew still living in Poland, was interrogated by Polish authorities who were looking into his past as the commandant of a brutal post-World War II communist concentration camp for Germans and nationalist Poles. “Shlomo went home, wrote a cousin in Israel, asked him for $490, and the next month, in January 1992, took the first plane that he could to Tel Aviv,” leaving his Catholic wife behind. [Sack, 166] In an interview with Jewish journalist John Sack, Morel advised him that he must not write about the story of Jewish dominance and brutality in the OSS “because it would increase anti-Semitism.” [Sack, 169] Israel, despite its professed mission to bring war criminals to justice, has persistently rejected Polish requests for Morel’s extradition.

After World War II, writes Richard Lukas, “Jews in [Polish] cities and towns displayed Red flags to welcome Soviet troops, helped to disarm Polish soldiers, and filled administrative positions in Soviet-occupied Poland. One report estimated that seventy-five per cent of all the top administrative posts in the cities of Lwow, Bialystok, and Luck were in Jewish hands during Soviet occupation … The entire character of the University of Lwow changed during the Soviet occupation. Prior to the war, the percentage of students broke down as follows: Poles, 70 per cent; Ukrainians 15 per cent; Jews 15 per cent. After the Soviets, the percentage changed to 3 per cent, 12 per cent, and 85 per cent, respectively.” [Lukas, 128]

“The evidence,” observed Jewish commentator Aleksander Smolar, “is overwhelming: large numbers of Jews welcomed the Soviet invasion, implanting in Polish memory the image of Jewish crowds greeting the invading Red Army as their liberator.” “Thousands of Polish survivors’ testimonies, memoirs, and works of history,” notes Polish scholar Tadeusz Piotrowski, “tell of Jewish celebrations, of Jewish harassment of Poles, of Jewish collaboration (denunciations, manhunts, and roundups of Poles for deportation), of Jewish brutality and cold-blooded executions, of Jewish pro-Soviet citizens’ committees and militias, and of the high rates of Jews in the Soviet organs of oppression after the Soviet invasion of 1939.” [Piotrowski, 51]

Testimony to the Jewish Polish response to the Soviet invasion of Poland includes the following Jewish accounts, from the archives of the Yad Vashem Holocaust organization in Israel:

*”When the Bolsheviks entered the Polish territories they displayed a great distrust of the Polish people, but with complete faith in the Jews … they filled all the administrative offices with Jews and also entrusted them with top level positions.” [from the town of Grodno]
*”I must note that, from the very first, the majority of positions in the Soviet agencies were taken by Jews.” [from the town of Lwow]

*”The Russians rely mainly on the Jewish element in filling positions, segregating, naturally, the bourgeois from the proletariat.” [from the town of Zolkwia]

*”A Jewish doctor recalled how local Jewish youths, having formed themselves into a ‘komsomol,’ toured the countryside, smashing Catholic shrines.” [near the town of Jaworow]

*”Whenever a [pro-Soviet] political march, or protest meeting, or some other sort of joyful event took place, the visual effect was always the same — Jews.” [from the town of Lwow] [Piotrowski, 49]

As Piotrowski notes, these comments have been edited out of an English translation of the source volume, originally published in Polish.
“The victims of the reign of terror imposed by Stalin and carried out by his Jewish subordinates,” says Stephan Korbanski, “during the first ten years of the war numbered tens of thousands. Most of them were Poles who had fought against the Germans in the resistance movement. The communists judged, quite correctly, that such Poles were the people most likely to oppose the Soviet rule and were therefore to be exterminated. The task was assigned to the Jews because they were thought to be free of Polish patriotism, which was the real enemy.” [Korbanski, 79] Korbanski then goes on to name and detail 29 more Jewish officials (beyond the ones earlier mentioned) of the communist elite that held positions in suppressing Polish nationalism.

“In places like Gleibwitz,” writes John Sack, “the Poles stood against the prison walls as Implementation tied them to big iron rings, said, ‘Ready! Aim! Fire!,’ shot them, and told the Polish guards, ‘Don’t talk about this.’ The guards, being Poles, weren’t pleased, but the Jacobs, Josefs, and Pinteks, the office’s brass [of the Office of State Security] stayed loyal to Stalin, for they thought of themselves as Jews, not as Polish patriots … Stalin … had hired all the Jews on Christmas Eve, 1943, and packed them into his Office of State Security, his instrument in the People’s Republic of Poland. [Sack, 139]

All this, of course, as well as the Poles’ own struggle for survival under Nazi rule, the role of Jews in the brutal communist oppression of Polish nationalism, and the self-imposed Jewish estrangement from Polish society, is part of the unscholarly “gutter literature” of which the likes of David Engel speak.

In 1984, a Polish journalist, Teresa Toranska, had this interchange with Jacob Berman, the despised Jewish former “Minister of State Security” in post-war communist Poland:

Berman: “I was against too large a concentration of Jews in certain institutions … it wasn’t the right thing to do and it was a necessary evil that we’d been forced into when we [communists] took power when the Polish intelligentsia was boycotting us…
Q: In 1948-49 you arrested members of the [Polish] Home Army Council of Aid to Jews, the ‘Zegata’ … Mr. Berman! The security services who were all or nearly all Jews arrested Poles because they had saved Jews during the [Nazi] occupation, and you say the Poles are anti-Semites. That’s not nice.

Berman: … It was wrong that that happened. Certainly it was wrong … It was a small group, but very dedicated, and it took enormous risks to look after Jews during the war.” [Toranska, 321]

Toranska also talked to Roman Werbel, a prominent Jewish communist ideologue and editor of major Polish communist journals, who discussed the implications of the brutality wrought by Jewish security officers upon Poles in fomenting anti-Semitism: “Beating causes degradation not only in the person who is beaten, but in the person doing the beating as well. So it’s better to shoot someone than to beat him … There are principles you have to stick to in beating, however Johnny has to be beaten by Johnny and not Moshe … I can see now that there were too many Jews in the security services.” [Toranska, 109]

Jewish apologist Michael Checinski (whose world view of Poland is fed by the omnipresent anti-Semitism model, whereby even in the act of oppression of Poles, Jews are themselves considered victims of an anti-Jewish plot concocted by an anti-Semitic communist regime) argues that while by coincidence or evil design, Jewish officials were often placed in the most conspicuous posts; hence they could easily be blamed for all the regime’s crimes … Jews — and especially those with Jewish names or striking Semitic features — could be placed in the most controversial posts (for example, those dealing with Church affairs or the campaign against the political underground) and thus deflect antiregime feelings into anti-Semitism. This policy was implemented not only in Poland, but throughout Eastern Europe, where the new [communist] governments, ruling only with the military support of the Soviet army, were seen by their own peoples as puppets. [Checinski, 62-63]

In 1999, the government of Poland was still seeking to try a Jewish woman, Helena Brus (now living in England), who in the post-World War II communist regime was Poland’s chief military prosecutor. Polish investigators, noted the Jerusalem Report, say “that Brus … played a key role in the trial and execution of a hero of the Polish resistance, General Emil Fieldorf … The anti-Communist Fieldorf, hanged after a one-day trial in 1953 but posthumously pardoned in 1989, was an intelligence officer in the underground Polish Home Army in World War II.” [Winner, 37]

In 1994, the New York Times discussed the case against Marcel Reich-Ranicki, a well-known German Jewish literary critic who had emigrated from Poland. “He was forced to admit his involvement with the Polish secret police from 1944 to 1950,” says Carol Oppenheim, “after his name turned up on the front page of a Warsaw newspaper publishing excerpts from a secret Polish intelligence archive.” [Oppenheim, 39]

“Hundreds of Jews,” writes John Sack, “were operating in all of Poland and Poland-administered Germany … Many [officers of the OSS] were Jewish boys but few used Jewish names … The talk was in Yiddish, mostly … About three out of four of the officers — two hundred rowdy boys — in the Office of State Security in Kattowitz [Poland’s large industrial city] were Jews … They used names like Stanislaw Niegoslawski, a name that belonged to a [Polish prisoner].” [Sack, passim]

Despite all the historical conflicts between Poles and Jews, some Poles did rescue Jews during the German occupation. In fact, more than 2,500 Christian Poles were executed for aiding Jews, and over 2,000 Polish Christian citizens are honored as Righteous Gentiles at Israel’s Vad Yashem. (This does not include the many that cannot be formally documented.) “Every Polish Jew who survived in occupied Poland,” notes Eva Hoffman, “(rather than in the Soviet Union), did so with the help of individual Poles and of organizations set up for the purpose of aiding Jews. This was help offered at enormous risk, since sheltering Jews carried with it the penalty of death.” [Hoffman, 7] But few Jews want to hear about Christians who saved Jewish lives. Rabbi Harold Schulweiss, who has lectured on the subject to many Jewish audiences, notes that: “By and large, in most audiences, I found a resistance to my message. What was my obsession with ‘them’ [Poles] they seemed to ask.” [Cerami] (Even Liwa Gomulka, a Jew and the eventual wife of post-World War II Polish communist head Wladyslaw Gomulka, “refused to see an old Polish woman who had hidden her during the Nazi occupation and had come to her for some small favor.”) [Checinski, 143]

So where were the Jews, before things got worse for them, who saved a Polish life, in any way in those times? Where is just one? As Norman Davies notes, “to ask why the Poles did little to help the Jews is rather like asking why the Jews did nothing to assist the Poles.” [Davies, 264; emphasis added]

There are many profound Holocaust-era facts that the Jewish community vehemently strives to bury. While on the one hand the Jewish polemicists wield the “We Shall Never Forget” injunction about their Holocaust, the facts of Jewish-created mass murder are forcibly covered up. In 1993, for instance, Jewish journalist John Sack published the results of his interviews with 23 Jewish OSS (the communist secret police in post-war Poland) officers and 55 family members or friends of Jewish members of the dreaded OSS. The book, not surprisingly, has been subject to a concerted and massive censorial effort. Sack was shocked with what he found in his seven years of research on the subject: 60,000-80,000 Germans and Poles were murdered in Jewish-run concentration camps, “more than the number of [Jews] who died at Belsen and Buchenwald.” [Sack, 14]

“Jews,” says Sack, “were sometimes as cruel as their exemplars at Auschwitz, and they even ran the organization that ran the prisons and … the concentration camps for German civilians in Poland and Poland-administered Germany … The Jews who committed [atrocities] covered them up … I learned that in 1945 they killed a great number of Germans: not Nazis, not Hitler trigger men, but German civilians, German men, women, children, babies, whose ‘crime’ was just to be German … The Germans lost more civilians [this way than] … the Jews themselves lost in all of Poland’s pogroms. So I had learned, and I was aghast to learn it.” [Sack, x]

Sack notes Jewish torturers sticking toads down peoples’ throats, whippings, and some victims buried alive in potato sacks. A hundred non-Jews at the Myslowitz concentration camp, for instance, were murdered each day; the death rate in some Jewish-controlled camps was 80%. [Sack, 110, 206]

In the 1980s, Sack paid a visit to Yad Vashem to search for information about the hundreds of Jews who ran the murderous post-war concentration camps, under the auspices of the Office for State Security, for Germans and anti-communist Poles. Virtually all former Jewish OSS members have successfully hidden their pasts and many moved to America. One even became the “vice-president of the United Synagogues of America and a chairman of the United Jewish Appeal.” [Sack, 151]

Yad Vashem’s repository, writes Sack, “had fifty million pages, five, on the average, per [Jewish] man, woman, and child, a mile-long tunnel of pages, all indexed, all catalogued, so I was surprised it had nothing at all on the Office of State Security [of Eastern Europe] or the Jews who had run it.” The director of the Holocaust center told Sack the facts he had thus far uncovered were “imaginary”: “‘Impossible!’ the Director said … [He glowered] at me as though he would choke me, a man who might someday write that the Jews sometimes killed the Germans [and Poles] when all the fifty million pages said it was the other way around.” [Sack, 148]

Sack’s investigation at Vad Yashem did turn up, however, the intriguing fact that the vice-chairman of this vast Holocaust propaganda post had himself served as an officer in the notorious OSS. He had even been a torturer, a “heavy-handed interrogator” at the Neisse concentration camp. “I was terrible,” he told Sack. “But better not to speak about this.” [Sack, 148-149]

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The preceding text is excerpted and edited from When Victims Rule, online at Jewish Tribal Review. The title is editorial.

The segregated Jewish-Palestinian bus lines offered by the Afikim bus company in the West Bank have caused quite the stir recently, but this division has already been effective in Hebron for years.

The city’s Palestinian residents are no strangers to blocked roads, limited movement and restricted passageways. Nineteen years after the massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs, Israel is expanding the segregation which is now reaching new heights.


Related Stories:

  • Separate but equal bus lines?


Security forces have recently tightened retrictions on Palestinian movement in one of the streets in the al-Salaymeh neighborhood leading to the Cave of the Patriarchs which has two barriers, Ynet has learned.


Jewish residents are allowed to cross the road by vehicle, but Palestinians are now only permitted to cross by foot or by bicycle.


Video: B’Tselem

In September, security forces placed a fence along the road; dividing it into two – on one side, a road and on the other side, a narrow pedestrian walkway. Palestinians have been directed to walk along the narrow, unpaved passageway.
ההפרדה בחברון. זה הצד של היהודים ופה זה ערבים" (שלום עכשיו)

Separation in Hebron (Photo: Peace Now)


A video by B’Tselem shows the fence being erected and police preventing the passage of Palestinian pedestrians on the road. A Border Guard officer is seen directing a Palestinian man to the path, claiming that the paved road is intended “for Jews only”.

“This side is for Jews and that’s for Arabs,” he is heard saying. Asked about the separation, the officer replied, “Those are the rules.” In another instance, a Border Guard officer told a Palestinian that “The law says you have to go to the other side. This side’s for Jews and that’s for Arabs.”

Some of the area’s Jewish residents expressed their astonishment at the building of the fence and its location. A Kiryat Arba resident who prays at the Cave of the Patriarchs on a regular basis admitted that “it was hard to find someone here who opposes this, but let’s just say, deciding to put the fence here, where it is located, is a bit strange.

“In any case, the large mass of Muslim worshippers comes from the other side of the cave, so apart from maintaining separation between Jews who come here and Arabs who pass by, I have no explanation for this.

“I guess the army is planning something for days in which the cave is bustling, so they will use the fence to allow a more secure entrance.”

Building Walls

One of the combat soldiers who serves in the area also found the new guidelines odd, remarking that “aside from causing them to walk behind the fence, it has no special importance. Maybe on the days of mass prayer it will help regulate movement.”

According to him, “What we were told is not to allow them to pass in the direction of the cave square, where the Jews walk. The truth is that most choose not to pass that way anyway and it is even a bit annoying to tell them each time to pass behind the fence. What happens is that they intentionally do things to push our buttons or to protest and we bring them back, it’s a kind of silly cat and mouse game”.

Peace Now said in response, “No PR campaign will erase the shame and disgrace created by the reality in the territories. With settler pressure, the government continues building walls and fences of racism and officially promotes a policy of separation between Jews and Arabs.”


B’Tselem noted that “Unlike the case of buses, where separation has only now been introduced, in Hebron, this is the official policy and the army has recently started intensifying it.”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the fence serves a security role and is intended to prevent uncontrolled entrance into the Cave of the Patriarchs.


Itamar Fleishman contributed to this report



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The Jews have now worked for centuries to undermine our freedoms and they will certainly not stop now.

This article is right when it says that International Jewry will never recognize any countries sovereignty. The Jews have now worked for centuries to undermine our freedoms and they will certainly not stop now. 

“The Inherent Dangers of Today’s EU Referendum and Its Aftermath,” Source:


There are grave inherent dangers lurking beneath the surface of today’s EU referendum — regardless of whether the British people decide to leave the EU or remain, and, again, regardless of whether or not the vote is manipulated by the Jew World Order.

As they’re fond of saying, if typically in other contexts, this one’s too big to fail — even if the situation calls for a staged retreat by way of an apparent win by Britons choosing to leave the totalitarian European Union.

If the Remain side wins the day, the JWO will, of course, broadcast to the world that it’s now been decided by democratic vote. If, on the other hand, the Brexit side wins, you can rest assured that the Jew World Order will do everything they can — much as it did when organized Jewry declared war on Germany in March 1933 — to bring the British people to their knees, at whatever cost to we the people.

Don’t believe it? Look to what they did in 1932-33 when the Ukrainians resisted Soviet collectivization.

The Jew World Order will never, irrespective of any vote, recognize the British people’s sovereignty.

And remember, always, that the JWO controls all of our central banks and, thereby, our economies. Not to mention the multinational corporations who will gleefully sacrifice what seems to be in their short-term interest for the far larger, far more profitable, goal of helping the Jew World Order to solidify the EU bloc of their one-world tyranny.

Deliberately crashed economies be damned!

The history of the past century-plus has been forged out of the Jew World Order’s incessant scheming and warring as a means to bring Europe — and, eventually, the world — under one-world totalitarian communism:

The Bolshevik revolution. World War I. The Treaty of Versailles. The League of Nations. World War II. The rigged Nuremberg trials, founded upon confessions extracted, literally, by ball-breaking torture — followed, oddly yet tellingly, many years later by the full-scale production of the Holohoax. The United Nations. The Vietnam War, designed to plunder, divide and degrade Americans by forcing them to fight a war the JWO enemies in their midst (Henry Kissinger, et al.) were not going to allow them to win. And right up through the staged Jew World Order event of 9/11, giving us a new phony JWO enemy, this time a crypto-Jew named Osama bin Laden. Leading, without a moment’s notice (or criminal investigation), straight into the perpetual War of Terror which set the Jew World Order stage for the shredding of the American Constitution, the ushering in of the American police state, 7/7 here in Britain — yet another Jew World Order staged terror event — and, further, the raping and pillaging of all Western countries as a means to wage unceasing genocidal wars against the Jew World Order’s other enemy, Muslims.

And here we see that age-old magic trick of the satanic Jew World Order — get their enemies on all sides to wage ceaseless war against one another, so that they, alone, rise to victory. Against all of humanity.

(Note to Muslims: You’ve been slandered over recent decades like only the Germans have, now, for 100-plus years. Get off your knees, quit responding to every JWO terror event by insisting upon Islam’s peaceful nature, and start naming, publicly and vehemently, the true JWO perpetrators — our shared enemy. Like us in the West, you need to man up. But remember, no matter how difficult this might be to take onboard given the direct part we’ve played in turning the Middle East into a bloodbath, we Americans, Britons and Westerners, generally, are not your enemies. We’ve been set up by the JWO to fight wars against you that arenot of our, the people’s, making.)

All to say that the Jew World Order isn’t going to let Britain, by way of any apparent democratic process, forgo the communist totalitarian fate that’s taken them more than a century to begin, finally and, this time, with finality, to stitch together.

Far more fundamentally, this is, in a way, yet another false battle, another false dichotomy, that the Jew World Order has instilled in our minds.

Why do I say this?

Because, either way — no matter which side truly wins at the polls today, and no matter which side is declared the winner (these two outcomes might well not be one and the same) — the Jew World Order will still reign over us.

The far larger war — the Jew World Order’s 1 percent against the 99 percent of non-JWO humanity — will still be raging behind the scenes. Whether or not we of the 99 percent recognize that we’re even in a war.

Therefore, as I keep saying, folks, and will keep saying … It’s now or never! 


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are welcome to republish it, as long as the author bio and this CC text are included, and all links remain intact. Thank you!

Sean M. Madden is co-founder of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

Shat Upon by Jews and Shovelled up by Traitors!

My rant for today

It may have escaped some people’s attention that our lands have been overwhelmed by an immigrant invasion. It was instigated by Jews like George Soros, helped along by government traitors such as mad Angela Merkel, and lied about by other overpaid Judas political traitors, who get elected by falsely claiming to cut down on immigrant numbers. It’s my opinion that rather than relying on this false promise we should be formulating a plan to repatriate all non-white Europeans to whence they came. Cutting down is a falsehood and the Jewish elite and their goy minion helpers know it.

Unless we the people get off our arses, drag ourselves away from the TV and demand change, we are in deep shit. If we are not already.

We want the invaders gone, but we also deplore sending our military to bomb Islamic countries, creating refugees and expanding Israel’s influence and territory. We the people demand that our armies be returned home to protect our borders.

It’s said by some that the Brexit from the EU is a victory for freedom and democracy. Maybe so, but it seems that nothing has changed for the people. Not one immigrant has packed their bags and some banks are moving their operations out of Britain. Maybe we would be better off without them anyway.

As the politicians and media argue amongst themselves on who will be the next leader, one wonders if it’s all just one massive psy op to fool the people, set us against each other for voting on opposing sides, blaming Brexit for our woes. Plus it is just creating more chaos in this circus charade called democracy.

As the country awaits news of its replacement political leaders to rescue us, one wonders if the next puppets were already chosen at the last Bilderberg meeting. Probably a paedophile or murderer who can easily be blackmailed into creating more misery or even taking us into WW3. All for the psychotic Jewish elite.

Two friends who celebrate their jewish roots

I have to admit I didn’t think that Brexit would win the vote, but when I heard the result I was over the moon. However, as days go by I’m more and more skeptical. Why does the country wait for another shill politician to come to our rescue? The people need to realise that only we can make the necessary changes. We need to wake up from our brainwashed slumber and demand that the Jews, Muslims and non-white invaders be driven from our lands forever. Only then can we rebuild our lives and countries and restore sanity.

We are not “racists”. We speak the truth, even it offends. A “racist” is one who wishes to harm others because of their colour differences. That’s not us. We only want to take back our countries, which our forefathers built.

No longer will we be shat upon by Jews and shovelled up by traitors!

We DEMAND freedom of speech and thought. We will no longer accept rapefugees in our lands. We will not tolerate the feminisation of young men and masculinisation of women. We question the validity of dangerous medical drugs, vaccinations pedalled as “cures” by evil Monsanto, and medical mal-practices that ultimately lead to ruined health and even death.

We scorn lefties who encourage immigration and mixing of the races. We find it unacceptable for our own homeless to have to sleep in cold doorways and on park benches. No longer should we tolerate foreigners taking jobs and creating unemployed families who have to rely on meals from food banks and charities.

We are told “keep clam and carry on”. But the opposite is true. We need to get mad, really mad! No positive change was ever made by blind conformity.

The Jewish elite and their goy traitors must and will be put on trial for their crimes against humanity, for their false flag events., for  the lies of the holocaust, for polluting of our sky with chemtrails, for the creation of “racial offences” and political correctness, for the teaching of perverted sex in schools to the very young and innocent, for a legal system that protects the guilty and punishes the victim, for encouraging  the breakdown of families and much, much more. It is all straight out of the Frankfurt School and the protocols of the Jewish elite.

All that is controlled by the Jewish elite and their goy traitors must go. From corrupt parliament to border control, from the health industy to the work place.

We will rebuild our world with sanity and fairness and the will traitors perish.

That ends my rant for today. Pie in the sky? Perhaps, but thank you for reading it.-

We Are Their Slaves!

It is now only too clear that Americans have lost their country. The Jews are our masters and we are their slaves. What can we do about it?

An abridged adaption by Lasha Darkmoon of a recent article by Video Rebel,
with sincere apologies to the author for the changes  I have made to his original text.

“9/11 was good for Israel.”

It was 9/11 that finally revealed to us the extraordinary chutzpah of our Jewish masters.

That the Israelis did 9/11 with the help of Jewish collaborators in PNAC and AIPAC has become all too apparent to the cognoscenti. The hidden criminality behind this event has been cleverly covered up by our Jewish owned media.

9/11 was a definite declaration of war against America by Israel. 

The Israelis wired World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 for demolition. Tower 7 was never struck by a plane. Yet it fell down in 6.5 seconds.

The BBC was told by the Rothschild-owned Reuters news agency that WTC 7 had collapsed an hour before it did. America was still on Daylight Savings Time but Britain had just left Summer Time, so a confused BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 fully 24 minutes before it happened in New York.

Knowing that your government can kill the President and blow up buildings with Americans inside, as in Oklahoma City and in New York, helps to restrain hostile criticism of the government. People are nervous and say to themselves,“If they can kill 3000 innocent Americans for Israel and get away with it, what chance do I have?”

9/11 unleashed America’s “War on Terror” against various Muslim countries unable to accept direct invasion and conquest by Israel. This was America doing Israel’s dirty work for it. Israel claims all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The War on Terror is simply a process allowing Jews to gain control of non-Jewish lands.

The War on Terror has cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars to date. 9/11 was used to justify military actions that have killed and maimed millions of people in the Middle East. Some of these people were Christians, but the majority were Muslims. Their descendants and friends, the one who survived the initial carnage, have been radicalized as a result. They now have every reason to seek revenge against their aggressors — the ones who perpetrated 9/11 and then used it as an excuse to plunder Islamic lands. 


The Great Global Reset is designed to make America so weak and so poor that they will be incapable of resisting their Jewish lords and masters on Wall Street, in the City of London, and in Israel. If they are lucky, Americans will be able to find jobs as mercenaries, helping to kill people for Israel around the world.

The Last Global Reset occurred at Bretton Woods in July of 1944. It is ironic that the United States was represented by the Jewish Communist Harry Dexter White. He was appointed to that post after after two different sources had denounced him as a Soviet spy. He was denounced by a third source in 1945 but was subsequently appointed by President Truman to be the first US director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What does that tell you about Truman? It tells you that Truman had fallen under the yoke of the Jews: that he had become little more than a Jewish puppet.

In 1944 the US was given the monetary keys to His Majesty’s Jewish Empire, otherwise known as the British Empire. Prince Charles has admitted his family originally came from Transylvania. I was impressed by  a documentary on the British royal family which  revealed that the royals also had German Jewish roots.

Queen Elizabeth I and the African slave trade figured prominently in that video. The facts it provided were compelling. 90 percent of the ships running slaves to the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonies were Jewish owned. The video went on to discuss Queen Victoria and the opium trade, including the two Opium Wars she fought against China.

But again, a curious fact emerged: the profits of these wars went mostly into the capacious pockets of Jewish bankers and traders.

The same can be said of the Boer war. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government managed to kill tens of thousands of women and children in concentration camps in South Africa. But the spoils of the war did not go to the 300,000 gentile soldiers.

The gold and diamond mines went to the Jews. Not much has changed. In 2014, black police killed 34 unarmed miners who were demanding a justified pay rise. Jews still own the mines. They own the black police, too, who take orders from the Jews to kill their fellow blacks.  


What Bretton Woods did was transform His Majesty’s Jewish Empire into America’s branch of Judaism Incorporated. The US did have some prosperity after the war because their planes had reduced German and Japanese cities to rubble. But the primary cause of America’s illusory prosperity after the 1960s was the ability to print dollars and to buy things from overseas for free. We could buy cars, electronics, food, raw materials, oil, clothes and everything else in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes—IOU notes—that were essentially worthless.

The Chinese and the Russians have served notice that this ability to make others work for free will come to an end very soon. They formed the BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South, Africa) which by now has probably more than 120 nations supporting them. They also formed alternatives to the IMF and the World Bank. The Obama administration impotently tried to stop allies from joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The British, Germans and Australians all joined.

At the last minute the US tried to sign up, but China said they were too late. Ah, too bad! The fox was denied entry to the hen house!

The Russians and the Chinese have also set up their own ratings agencies and their own interbank transfer system to replace SWIFT. In short, they have immunized themselves from American sanctions. Very soon, American presidents will not be allowed to boss the world around like bullies.

The Russians and the Chinese have also formed a military alliance called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This includes Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran and several smaller nations. NATO member Turkey has observer status.

nirabh-photo_20140701072904.jpg b

As I have said before, China has applied for the yuan to become the fifth currency in the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies which presently includes the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen. Prior to September 15th the Chinese have to open their gold bullion vaults to international inspection.

And how about Fort Knox being opened to international inspection? It would be nice to know if the US dollar is backed by anything substantial.

The Chinese, by all accounts, are reported to possess at least 10,000 metric tonnes of gold. In addition, they have trillions of dollars in cash and US Treasury bonds. But they will also need that to bail out their rather corrupt corporations. According to an estimate from Jim Rickards, who is a consultant to the CIA and the Department of Defense:

When the Chinese sell US Treasury bonds en masse to pay off their bad corporate debts, Americans will see the dollar plunge to abysmal levels, making imported goods cost 500% more.

So this is where we are right now: in the eye of the storm.


The Talmud has told the Jews that they have the right to rob non-Jews as soon as Jewish leaders take control of the government. Non-Jews, we are told repeatedly in the Talmud, are little more than cattle; we are here on earth only for Jewish exploitation. The Federal Reserve, which is run by Jews, has $1.6 trillion in fraudulent mortgages it had to buy to keep Jewish financial criminals from going to jail.

You will have no pensions and savings when you retire because the Jews gave themselves permission to steal your money. That is why we have a Patriot Act which took away our freedom and gave Judaism Incorporated the right to detain us without trial, to torture us, and even to kill us.

This is not agitprop. These are verifiable facts.

The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) closed 57,000 manufacturing plants and sent 12 million jobs overseas. New measures are being introduced right now to reduce our sovereignty to zero and turn us into a nation of slaves.

I have been warning for years that hyperinflation in America will not start until the dollar is devalued. That should begin later this year. Hyperinflation will destroy all welfare benefits, including food stamps. And that means nationwide food riots.

It was also by design that we have a black President who has flooded the country with Latino immigrants, many of whom have gang tattoos and extensive criminal histories. Meanwhile, border guards are required to let these thugs into the country, no questions asked.

It seems this Zionist-controlled government actually wants crime—an unprecedented crime wave—so as to justify the imposition of an Israelified police state. They are deliberately creating havoc and confusion in order to “protect” us from the havoc and confusion they have created.

I have believed for more than 30 years that Wall Street wants a race war. And they will get a race war, with blacks and Hispanics against whites. White American men can expect to be gunned down in the streets any time soon. As for white women, they should get ready for gang rape on an unprecedented scale — as in post-war Germany, when 2 million German women were raped by Allied forces. 

Nationwide food riots will give cover to targeted assassinations and mass imprisonment of political dissidents, eccentric intellectuals, and anyone capable of independent thought.

The next obvious step would be genocidal germ warfare. They have advanced to the point where they can release toxic viruses to target specific races.

The Jewish war against America did not begin on 9/11. It began much earlier. We are under the iron heel of the Jews. Their wage slaves. Their debt slaves. Their mind slaves. Mesmerized by the media they control. Coarsened and stupefied by their movies. Emasculated and demoralized by the pornography with which they have infected even our children.

We wear the chains the Jews have forged for us. 




Jews Fanning Feminism To Destroy Our Race – “I call upon all Goy women to submit to raping by immigrants for Jewish anti-Fascism”

Posted on by INCOG MAN

Mercedes Reichstein wants Germany Bombed againTrigger Warning: Fanning the Flames of Feminism to Take Focus From Jewish Culpability


Almost no one likes radical feminists. You know the caricature – they are aggressive, loud, often fat, with garishly colored hair, and always blaming men for all of their problems. Yet how many of you actually know some of these women in real life? Perhaps if you are on a college campus, you will be seeing more of this than the average person, but I still doubt it is nearly the problem we are led to believe.jew feminist cartoon inset

While many women (and men) have internalized some of the feminist agenda, I contend that the “in your face” feminism is largely a jewish construct, intended to further drive a wedge between the sexes so that we can be easily divided and conquered. While we are busy blaming each other for petty issues, claiming the patriarchy is responsible for this, or feminism ruined that, our enemies rub their hands and count their shekels.

Due to the manufactured gender war, in addition to welfare that rewards minorities and single moms, White birth rates have been decreasing. This would not be such an alarming concern if the third world, particularly Africa, was not exploding in numbers due to our tax money being used for aid and intervention. Still, this would not be so bad if these massive populations were not being shipped and welcomed into our countries by “our” governments, with this ramping up drastically in the United States and Europe over the past few years.


If we could properly identify the criminal cabal responsible, we would actually be able to solve the issues at hand, reverse the trends, and set ourselves back on course to a fruitful future. However, there is an active and elaborate campaign to shift the blame to anyone but the true culprits, with feminism (and by extension females in general) now taking the heat for the unfolding travesty. Many people, including women, are now advocating to repeal women’s right to vote, since their participation in the democratic process is what got us to this sorry state.

Here’s how the narrative goes:

  • Women wanted the “empowerment” of becoming part of the work force (aka wage slaves) so they could neglect motherhood and engage in promiscuousity.
  • Women have a nurturing instinct (like cat ladies) so they forced us to pay for all the blacks and browns in our countries and around the world.
  • Women have emasculated our men, but now seek to be raped by the virile invader, who they have invited into our countries through their control. Angela Merkel is always used as the proof.
  • Women have no in-group loyalty and are actively seeking the destruction of the White race.

RABBI JEW REFUGEES INSETConveniently missing from this narrative is the role that jews played at every step. It has already been well-established the jewish involvement in 20th century feminism, continuing right up until the present day with George Soros and others, but this fact is almost never mentioned in the videos and articles that point out feminist absurdity.

Let’s go through a few recent examples to show how feminist agitation has been used to shift the attention away from the incriminating words of jewish supremacists like Gregor Gysi, Barbara Lerner Spectre, and Noel Ignatiev. Paul Joseph Watson loves to harp on those fat, ugly feminists, and recently released a video titled Top Feminist Says Put Men in Concentration Camps, but don’t expect him to mention jews any time soon. Elegon, a youtube user that sounds like a young girl, is neglecting how jews caused the wars in the Middle East, advocated for the “refugees” and literally opened the borders of Europe, and instead claims feminists caused the crisis in her new video titled How Feminists Supported Rape by Causing the Migrant Crisis, which has a lot of thumbs up. And of course there is the notorious Black Pigeon Speaks video titled Why Women Destroy Civilizations, which went viral and was shared by many of the activists within our own ranks.

As much as I don’t like aggressive feminists, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim that they have the power to send trillions of dollars around the globe in foreign aid, to initiate the movement of tens of millions of Africans and Arabs from their home countries to Europe, and then throw the gates wide open and roll out the red carpet with lots of great incentives. Sure, there were some women out on the streets advocating for refugees (not knowing any better), but most of the pictures we are shown to prove how much women hate their own people have been recycled over and over, while some others have been photoshopped to make them even more damning. In other cases, groups such as Femen and Pussy Riot are paid for their agitation.

While there are legitimately some European women who are acting against the interests of their own people, almost all of them are doing so because they have been brainwashed by jewish poison, just like our men have been. We hear all about the role feminists have played in the invasion of Europe, but why has there been almost no mention of the role of “anti-fascist” (anti-White) men? Unlike the feminists, they are actually out on the streets trying to cause severe bodily harm to those of us who advocate for our ethnic interests.

Or maybe we should just blame all of our problems on the faggy beta males who go out and hold up signs?

This is the problem of focusing on the machinations of jewish power instead of confronting it head-on, since we will always be able to find new symptoms to chase after. It is like chopping off the head of a hydra, with two new heads growing back in the place of one. In the old Greek legend Heracles certainly had to sever the heads that were attacking him, but he knew he needed to cut down the one immortal head to kill the monster.

Additionally, only dealing with the machinations will force us to continue blaming and fighting our own people in a losing battle. Left vs. Right, Men vs. Women, Young vs. Old, etc. Hopefully you can see that fueling these conflicts will get us nowhere, especially with regards to men and women fighting each other, since harmonious relations between the sexes is the only thing that will keep our people moving into the future. We cannot fall into the jewish tra, where a small minority of White men is pitted against the rest of the entire world, including our very own women. Without any understanding and support from and for our women, we are bound to lose.

Our governments are acting against our best interests, our countries are being invaded, our women are being raped, and instead of doing something about it, many of our people are just watching Trump rallies and blaming women for the collapse of our world. WAKE UP!

Jews own and run our media, banks, politicians, academia, and top corporations. They are committing genocide against us.

It’s really that simple.

"I call on you to submit to raping for World Jewry!"

I call upon all Goy women to submit to raping by immigrants for Jewish anti-Fascism

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Eric Hunt – The Shoah: The Biggest Hoax of the 20th Century?


There were more than 500,000 Jews in Germany in 1933, with 30% of them living in the city of Berlin, 40% living in other large German cities, and the rest scattered in small towns throughout the country. More than half of them owned or operated businesses.

When you look back at Jewish history, there had been long cycles of Anti-Semitism and recovery. They were sure that Hitler was a passing phase and things would eventually get better. Most German Jews thought of themselves as Germans who happened to be Jewish and saw no reason to have fear. In the previous two hundred years, they had made tremendous progress and some had fully assimilated and a few even converted. They saw themselves as patriotic citizens of Germany and even in the face of Nazism, thought the world was still logical and they were safe. It also took many resources to leave Germany as is told in this story:

They ask why didn’t you run away before? Before the borders were closed? Before the trap snapped shut? Most Jews remained. To emigrate one needed not only a lot of money but also a “bridgehead” in the country of destination: relatives or friends willing to offer sponsorship and/or hospitality. They frontiers of Europe were practically closed, and England and the Americas had extremely reduced immigration quotas. Yet greater than this difficulty was another inner, psychological nature. This villiage or town or region or nation is mine. I was born here, my ancestors are buried here. I speak its language, have adopted its customs and culture; and to this culture I may even have contributed. I paid its taxes, observed its laws. I fought its battles not caring whether they were just or unjust. I risked my life for its borders, some of my friends or relations lie in the war cemeteries. I do not want to nor can I leave it; if I die I will die “in patria [the fatherland]”; that will be my way of dying “for the patria”.

Primo Levi, The Drowned and the Saved, pp. 163-164

About one-third of the German Jews left before the Holocaust. Many of them were public figures: writers, actors, scientists, and a few prominent businessmen. Most of them did not go far and stayed in Europe, expecting to return to Germany when things calmed down. Within a few years, the Holocaust caught up with them in the nearby countries of France, Poland, Holland, and Belgium. By the time they realized they needed to leave Europe, there was no place to go. Immigration to Palestine was limited between 1933 and 1938. Some also tried to head to the United States, but the United States immigration laws kept the numbers small. In 1924, the United States passed the Johnson Immigration Act which restricted the number of immigrants coming to the United States from any country. The names of German Jews were placed on a list and by 1939, the waiting period was four to five years. France, Britain, Holland, and Belgium were considered good waiting places until the United States would take them, but by early 1939, they were filling up and also closed their borders.

One of the most famous examples of countries closing their borders is the story of the Voyage of the St. Louis. The Hamburg-America Line sold visas to 907 Jews for $150-$300 dollars each so they could leave Germany and sail to Cuba. Cuba was a popular destination for German Jews since it was away from Europe and it was very close to the United States. 734 of these people were already on the U.S. quota waiting list. In addition to the exit visas, they paid about $150 for a landing certificate in Cuba. On May 5, 1939, the president of Cuba signed Decree No. 937, making all the landing certificates invalid. Though the Hamberg-American Line knew this, no one on board the St. Louis was aware of this problem. On May 27th, the ship entered the port of Havanna, but they were not allowed to land. They stayed in the Cuban Harbor for 5 days while trying to negotiate a deal to let them enter. The St. Louis made front page headlines in all the world’s major papers. Eventually, the ship at to turn back to Europe. When they were about halfway back to Germany, France, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands each agreed to accept some of the passengers. Of the 907 passengers, it is estimated that 250 eventually died under Nazi occupation.

Why did the United States and other countries turn their back on the Jews of the St. Louis and other refugees? There were many reasons. Anti-Semitism, fear that some refugees might be Nazi agents, fear that refugees would take jobs from American workers and lower wages, fear that resources from the country would be stretched. One other reason was that there were only 500,000 Jews in Germany, but there were millions more in Poland, Hungary, Austria, and other countries. If the United States opened their borders to the German Jews, wouldn’t other countries force their Jews to leave, too? Could any nation take so many immigrants so suddenly without ruining itself? The Jews of Europe had no way out.

Eric Hunt is a filmmaker whose documentaries include “The Last Days of the Big Lie,” “The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax,” and “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth.” Hunt is with us to talk about the important research and work he has contributed in exposing the “greatest hoax of human history.” He has not only examined the “testimonies” and “evidence” of the so-called extermination program of the National Socialists in Germany during the 1930s/40s, but has also studied the propaganda that has been released to perpetuate this story. Eric talks about the ever-changing death toll numbers at Treblinka and Majdanek, and he points to other serious holes in the official narrative where gas chambers disguised as shower rooms are credited for the homicide of millions. We get into the specifics of disinfection facilities that were using Zyklon B to deal with the deadly typhoid epidemic that was sweeping through war-torn Europe, and evidence that suggests Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibór were not extermination camps, but rather work camps and transfer stations created to generate manpower and deal with the disease and violence of wartime. In the members’ hour, Eric touches on the methodology of wartime propaganda and the media monopoly that has existed since pre-WWI. We explore the horrific emotional garbage that is fed through the mainstream to perpetuate rumors of human lampshades and soap, fire pits of babies, and a Hitler that wanted a world of blue-eyed and blond-haired slaves, among other ridiculous atrocities. Later, Eric details his film, “The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax,” which debunks the British Zionist archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls’ fraudulent “investigation” of Treblinka. We end with a look at more of the indoctrinated guilt related to past deeds of Europeans that continues to be exploited for the reinforcement of new wars waged on behalf of Israel.

Sorry Mom I was Wrong About the Holocaust







Sorry Mom - 2112 Monika Shafer playing violin


Hello! I’m Monica Shafer. I was born and raised in Canada, first generation Canadian citizen of German heritage. My parents both came from Germany. They immigrated to Canada in 1951 and ‘52, respectively.

There was a bit of a disconnect between what I experienced in the home life and what I felt outside the home. I love the rich German traditions and culture that I grew up with and yet, I felt ashamed of my Germanness when I was at school, or outside with my friends. I learned very quickly to hide my heritage.

It started in the first week of school. Day one, I wore my beautiful little dirndl, a traditional German dress and on day two, children were taunting me:

Oh you forgot to take off your apron! Ha ha ha!” as they were running away, or “Heil Hitler! Ha ha!”, again taunting me.


Sorry Mom - 2113 German woman in traditional dressess

[Image] German women wearing dirndl. A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany, especially Bavaria; Austria; and the South Tyrol, based on the traditional clothing of Alps peasants.


I didn’t exactly know the meaning of that, but I knew it was not friendly. They were being cruel. That was very clear to me.

I’m reminded, just now, of the plight of the indigenous peoples of North America. They were also made to be ashamed of their culture.

I would like to share with you now a deep regret that I have for something which I would like to apologize to my parents for, but cannot, because they are no longer alive.


Sorry Mom - 2116 Quotation Ver 2


Many years ago, I reproached my mother. You see I had been thoroughly indoctrinated as we all were. The stories seemed to be all around us, in school, in television in the very air, and the evilness of Adolf Hitler was as deep and diabolic as imaginable.


Sorry Mom - Wyatt Mann - What Did Johnny Learn in School Today


I said to her, to my mother:

Why didn’t you, your friends, your folk, your family. Why didn’t you do something to stop these bad things from happening! Stop Hitler and stop these death camps! You should have done something! You must have known!

I was really upset, my reproach was bitter. She listened and she paused and very quietly and in a sad tone of voice, she said:

We didn’t know about any of that. We just did not know. We did not hear about anything like that!

Well, now I know why she did not know. It is, because these things did not happen! It is only since the last couple of years, since about 2014, that I have begun to understand that this is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history! Everything has been turned upside down on its head!

Yes, there were detention camps. Nobody denies that there were camps! And yes, the prisoners were kept against their will. Again, nobody denies that. But these were work camps. The prisoners of the camps were being kept as healthy and as well fed as was possible in those terrible war years. They needed to be kept healthy. How else could they perform the work? It was war, and so the camps were basically armaments factories. And how much sense does it make, by the way, to have a hospital in a death camp?


Sorry Mom - DUM cartoon

[Image – Click to enlarge]


There were no gas chambers there. The only gas that was used was to get rid of the lice! Lice carried typhus and typhus was a deadly and rampant disease. So they had to delouse the clothing to keep the people healthy. Now, why would they do that if the goal was to just exterminate the Jews? Makes no sense. That is the “Six Million Lie”, as I now like to call it, in a nutshell.

There is so much more to learn about this, and this is all readily available now in 2016 thanks to the digital age with, or without the “thought laws”.

Back to my family. What a relief it is for me to learn that my parents and grandparents were not part of a people that suddenly became monsters overnight! The reproach which I directed at my mother, I wish I could apologize to her for this. I am, in effect, apologizing to her now, to her spirit. I would like to invite you to find out more by searching the following titles that had such a meaningful and healing influence on me.

Thank you.









Search Titles


Questioning the Holocaust – Why we Believed

Ursula Haverbeck on the, Greatest Problem of Our Time.

Off Your Knees Germany! Ernst Zündel




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Sorry Mom - COVER



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Version 3: June 19, 2016




UK – Crypto jew Sadiq Khan ‘concerned’ about Jews after Brexit!



Sadiq Khan ‘concerned’ about Jews after Brexit!

Sadiq Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London and his wife Saadiya pose for photographers after casting their votes for the London mayoral elections at a polling station in south London Britain May 5, 2016. (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)On Sunday, speaking at an Iftar (end of daily fasting) event at the Finchley Reform Synagogue (FRS) in north-west London, Pakistan-born London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that he was ‘concerned’ about the rise of antisemitism in the city as result of Brexit victory. This was Sadiq Khan’s third Iftar at the synagogue that was attending by 200 people mostly Jews and Muslim immigrants from Somalia including some MPs belonging to ‘Labour Friends of Israel’.

Responding to Sandy Rashty, a reporter with Jewish Chronicle about the safety of Jewish community in London after UK’s withdrawal from European Union, Khan said: “One of the things I have said to the government – because London is unique to the rest of the country, we are the capital city and we are the only region in England who voted to “remain” – it is really important when it comes to negotiating the new deal with the EU, (Mayor) London has a seat around the table.”

Khan also said he is aware of the concerns raised by Rabbi Menachem Margolin, of the European Jewish Congress, who warned that Britain’s exit from the EU could lead to a spike in antisemitism, a move that was deeply worrying for Jews across Europe.

When it comes to the new deal we negotiate with the EU, whatever that may be, to see if we can negotiate things that keep us safe. So for example, if we are out of the EU, we will no longer be a member of the European Arrest Warrant treaty. So we have to negotiate with the other 27 countries a treaty. It’s really important,” Sadiq Khan said.

How ironic – most of European nations are controlled by the powerful Jewish lobby groups while 15 of those nations have passed laws against denial of the ‘six million died’ myth.

Khan also acknowledged that an economic slump could undermine community cohesion; noting an increase in racial abuse after the vote. According to severalreports over hundred of hate and incident occurred after the Brexit vote – mostly against Muslims and Christians – but not a single against Jews.

Khan also accused his Labour party leadership for not doing enough to fightantisemitism within the party.

During his campaign, MP Sadiq Khan told the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ that he is ‘shocked’ to learn that many Muslims still believe in the conspiracy theory thatIsrael was behind 9/11 terrorism.

One has to admit Sadiq Khan is a shrewd politician considering his country of birth, Pakistan has refused to recognize the Zionist entity since 1948, and a great majority of 2.7 million British Muslims are pro-Palestine. During his political career, he never visited a mosque, never made a statement in support of Palestinian, supported same sex marriage, and tried his best to be accepted as amoderate Muslim. No wonder, he is not ‘concerned’ about the safety of his fellow Muslims – but worried about the safety of 300,000 British Jews.

London-based journalist and political commentator Hafsa Kara-Mustapha calls Sadiq Khan, a Muslim Zionist.

UK – Jews fear for future of kosher slaughter following Brexit vote

britain england

JTA – A group working to safeguard kosher slaughter in Britain warned of uncertainty surrounding its mission following the British vote to exit the European Union.

A spokesman for Shechitah UK said Tuesday that he fears losing the European Union’s protections of “faith communities” or seeing kosher slaughter put to a vote in Parliament that might be influenced by critics of Jewish and Muslim techniques for slaughtering animals.

“While some European countries have implemented domestic legislation against shechitah and there was a danger that a wider precedent would be set,” Shechitah UK spokesman Shimon Cohen told JTA, Britain’s government “has always been guided by the European Union and the European Commission has put great emphasis on protecting faith communities.”

But if Britain leaves, Cohen said, its government “would either have to ask parliament to adopt” EU regulations that exempt faith communities from certain regulations “or come up with its own law. Either way, if it goes to a vote in the House of Parliament, it’s a numbers game and the risks are very high.”

Shechitah, the Hebrew word for kosher slaughter, and the Muslim variant of the practice are facing attack in Europe because they are deemed by many to be cruel to animals since stunning is prohibited prior to slaughter.

Other opponents of ritual slaughter resent its proliferation following the arrival to Europe of millions of Muslims from the 1950s onward.

However, EU membership does not necessarily enshrine shechitah, as member states are free to dispense with the exemptions from  EU regulations.

Opposition to schechitah led to a ban by the Netherlands in 2010, but it was overturned by the Dutch Senate in 2012. Also, the Polish parliament banned the practice in 2013, though the prohibition has since been partially overturned. The practice is currently illegal in two EU member states – Sweden and Denmark – as well as three other non-EU countries in Western Europe: Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. EU members Finland, Austria and Estonia enforce strict supervision of the custom that some Jews there say make it nearly impossible.

In the debate leading up to the Brexit vote, advocates of remaining argued that staying in the EU assured protection for religious liberties. Supporters of an exit took the opposite view, citing legislation limiting religious freedoms on the continent.

NWO in The UK: Freemasonry and the British Monarchy

Freemasonry and the British Monarchy

  Why the Queen of England Pretends to be a Christian 

   by Jeremy James ~     Source article HERE

…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2

June 4, 2012


Please ignore the British sp

A single bloodline connects the royal families of Europe. They see themselves as an exclusive and superior breed – genetically, morally and intellectually. For centuries they have used wars, economic sabotage and extensive political intrigue to advance their cause. Now that a federal Europe is finally taking shape, they are anxious to extend their reach even further and create a New World Order. They are far closer to achieving this aim than most of us would imagine.

The groundwork was laid in the 17th century. By creating two global super-powers – first the British Empire and then the United States of America – they were able to mould large parts of the world in accordance with their totalitarian doctrine. Through their world-wide system of secret societies, business monopolies andfamily connections, as well as their stranglehold on the international banking system, they have been able to infiltrate the political structure of virtually every country in the world and install client or puppet regime of one kind or another.

Democracies do not impede their activities in any significant way since each democracy, whether large or small, is really a system of rotating puppets. In fact, democracies are often their preferred system of governance since they reinforce the illusion that a free and popular consensus is directing each country.

Note from Berit: Few have affirmed this revolutionary agenda more clearly than Carrol Quigley, the history professor at the Foreign Service Schools of Georgetown University whom soon-to-be President Clinton honored in his acceptance speech at the 1992  Democratic Convention. Quigley wrote:

“The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been how to make the two Congressional parties more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea acceptable only the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so the that American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”  [Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time,  The MacMillan Company, 1966, pps. 1247-1248]

World empire by stealth

Using these invisible levers of power, the Elite have been able to play one country against another and bring about further change, all in conformity with their long-term plan to establish a One World Government. For example, they created the state of modern China by subjecting her various provinces to over one hundred years of drug trafficking, criminal intrigue, military invasion, widespread famine and civil war, with the result that today, after tens of millions of innocent people have been murdered, and many more imprisoned and tortured, they have an obedient serf economy which they are now using to destroy America.

Picture of George VI,

father of Queen Elizabeth II,

in Masonic regalia

Nearly half of American industry has been’ outsourced’ (given away) over the past 30 years, most of it to the totalitarian, Marxist police-state known as China. This enables the Elite to undercut wages in each sector to such a degree that American industry simply cannot compete. And when a nation can’t compete commercially with her principal rival and potential enemy, she is well on the road to destruction.

This paper is not about the coming collapse of the United States, or even the confederacy of super-rich families which control the world, but merely the religious affiliation of just one member of one super-rich family – Queen Elizabeth II of England. While this may seem a very modest topic by comparison, it actually sheds great deal of light on the Ruling Elite, their disturbing agenda, and their remarkable capacity for duplicity and deception.

The Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England

The Elite are not atheists or agnostics, as they often pretend. Neither are they Christian, as some of their most prominent members would have us believe. Rather, they are profoundly committed to the old religion. This is the ancient system of pantheism, Gnosticism and idolatry which rejects the LORD God of the Bible and is generally identified in the public mind with the worship of pagan deities. In short, the people who rule this world are not simply indifferent to Christianity, but reject it completely.

Officially, the Queen is a member of the Church of England, an Anglican convocation similar to the Lutheran church in Germany or the Episcopalian in the United States. She was baptized at five weeks by the Archbishop of York in Buckingham Palace on 26 May, 1926. Under British law, as reigning monarch, she is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. All members of the British royal family are officially affiliated with the Anglican Church, but not one of them has ever been known to testify to the atoning power of the blood of Christ. Indeed, it is doubtful whether any influential member of the British ruling class is a Bible-believing Christian.

The Anglican Church is the official state religion or Established Church of England. Having been under the covert control of the ruling elite almost from its inception, it is the principal means by which true Christianity in England has been suppressed. Through its empty formalism and shallow doctrines, its seasonal ritual and genteel pageantry, it offers a comforting substitute for true Biblical Christianity. In order to keep the commoners and lower classes in thrall, the nobility themselves profess to be Anglican and participate in certain annual services.

Behind the scenes, however, the ruling elite have for centuries been freemasons, atheists or Unitarians. They all reject the deity of Christ. The Anglican church has long been primarily a system of social control whereby the rich and powerful maintain their privileged positions and at the same time imbue the masses with the mindless patriotism that is needed to run an Empire.

Paganism and the Royal Family

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, was initiated into Freemasonry at Navy Lodge No 2612, London, on December 5, 1952:

“Present at the initiation were the Earl of Scarborough, grand master…and Geoffrey Fisher, archbishop of Canterbury. The lodge has many ties with the royal family as King Edward VII served as its first master in 1896 when he was Prince of Wales. King George VI…served as master when he was Duke of York. In 1928 H.R.H. Duke of Kent…was master and later became grand master of the Grand Lodge of England.” – William Denslow,10,000 Famous Freemasons, 1957.

There is more than enough information on record to prove beyond all doubt that the British royal family is not Christian but pagan. The Prince of Wales  – the Queen’s eldest son [Charles] – is a well-known advocate of New Age philosophy and paranormal science. Numerous members of the royal family down the years, including Queen Victoria, attended séances where professional mediums channeled ‘messages’ from demonic source. They have also availed routinely of the services of psychic healers and paranormal advisors. Prince Charles himself was counseled for many years by the shamanic fantasist, Laurens van der Post.

We will shortly demonstrate that the Queen too is a non-believer. Her membership of the Anglican church is immaterial. What matters is whether or not she openly professes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that she has accepted him into her heart as Lord and Savior. The evidence clearly shows that she has not.

It may seem strange that the official head of the Church of England is a not a Christian, but it is doubtful whether any senior cleric in the Church of England is a Christian. It is virtually impossible to advance into a position of influence in the English system of social-political control without being a Freemason, a Unitarian or someone who has otherwise demonstrated his or her rejection of both the deity of Christ and the authority of Scripture. There are bound to be exceptions, of course, but they are few and have little practical bearing on how the system operates.

For example, we have already noted that the Archbishop of Canterbury was present at the induction of Prince Philip into Freemasonry, while the current incumbent, Rowan Williams – like each of his predecessors during the 20th century – rejects the account of Creation given in the Bible, and has even expressed the view that it should not be taught in schools as an alternative to Evolution.

In Her Own Words

Instead of drawing on secondary sources or informed reports, we will confine ourselves to the Queen’s own words. Among the best primary sources of evidence about her real beliefs is the set of Christmas Messages that she has delivered annually since her coronation in 1952.

Given that these messages are delivered on a major feast day in the Christian calendar, by a professing Christian, to a primarily Christian audience, one would expect at least some of them to give a clear endorsement of her Christian faith. There are 59 messages in all, comprising a total of 43,000 words, and yet nowhere in any of them do we find a clear reference to the deity of Christ. In fact, as we shall shortly see, we find the very opposite, namely a consistent portrayal of Jesus as nothing more than a well-meaning, peace-loving idealist who wanted to make this world a better place.

It is truly remarkable that, over a sixty year period, the official head of the Anglican Church has failed to make even a single statement that would demonstrate her belief in the most basic doctrine of Christianity, namely the deity of Christ.

Before we proceed to examine her words in detail, we need to consider the general attitude of the British aristocracy toward the person of Christ. As we have seen, this has been shaped in the main by Freemasonry, Gnosticism, and Unitarian theology, all of which deny his deity, his substitution atonement, and the inerrancy of the Bible. They regard him merely as a good man who had a talent for healing and preaching.

The Unitarian/Masonic Christ is very similar to the New Age Christ, a guru-type figure possessing a more elevated or spiritual state of consciousness than the average man.

For centuries Freemasons have stealthily but aggressively promoted a humanistic message which they express as two principles with universal application – the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. By this they mean that all men, regardless of their religious affiliation, are of equal spiritual standing, both in relation to each other and in relation to God. As it happens these same beliefs also figure prominently in the New Age movement.

Taken together these principles are proclaiming that the Bible is wrong when it makes an absolute distinction between believers and unbelievers, between those who are saved and those who are lost. Freemasonry and the New Age movement completely reject original sin, the fallen state of man, and the need for redemption through the saving blood of Christ. In their view, man is not lost but continually evolving through experience into a higher spiritual state.

 The Queen’s definition of Christ

From a study of her Christmas Messages we find that the Queen’s portrayal of Christ differs little, if at all, from the Masonic/New Age Christ, namely, a holy man – and nothing but a man – who tried to teach the people of his time the importance of kindness and tolerance, that we are all one human family, and that we should live together in peace and harmony. This definition places him on a par with men like Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer, Bishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama. And as flattering as this might seem to the average atheist or humanist, it is an appalling distortion of reality.

The first point to note is that, although she was (and still is) the official head of the Established church in England, the Queen made no reference whatever to Christ by name in her annual Christmas Messages during the first 20 years of her reign! Not one. Why not search the file yourself to confirm this? A complete compilation of the Queen’s Christmas messages may be found at:

The same material is also available in serial form on her official website: Perhaps her advisors realized that such an attitude was bound eventually to attract adverse attention. In any event, she finally made her first reference in 1973:

“Christ taught love and charity and that we should show humanity and compassion at all times and in all situations.”

When read in context, this otherwise innocent statement can be seen to sit neatly with the Masonic brotherhood-of-man philosophy:

“I believe that Christmas should remind us that the qualities of the human spirit are more important than material gain. Christ taught love and charity and that we should show humanity and compassion at all times and in all situations…. A lack of humanity and compassion can be very destructive – how easily this causes divisions within nations and between nations. We should remember instead how much we have in common and resolve to give expression to the best of our human qualities, not only at Christmas, but right through the year.” (1973)

Two years later she made her second reference to Christ, but this time she didn’t even bother to refer to him by name:

“We are celebrating a birthday – the birthday of a child born nearly2,000 years ago, who grew up and lived for only about 30 years. That one person, by his example and by his revelation of the good which is in us all, has made an enormous difference to the lives of people who have come to understand his teaching.” (1975)

Note that the teaching of Christ is described as “his revelation of the good which is in us all”. But this is completely false! The Bible teaches the very opposite. Christ came to save man from his wretched, fallen state and not to reveal “the good that is in us all” – since the Bible clearly teaches that there is none! [“I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells…” Romans 7:18]

It is ironic that, in the same breath, she refers to people “who have come to understand his teaching”, and yet she doesn’t seem to understand it herself.

Note the blasphemous incorporation of the Ark of the Covenant. Both through his words and through his actions, Christ confirmed the basic message that runs through the entire Bible, namely, that man in his natural state [apart from Christ] is a fallen, sin-filled being, blindly headed for eternal damnation. So which philosophy is the Queen actually citing, that of the Bible or that of Freemasonry?

Two years later she made another brief reference to the person whom her words were meant to honour. This too was in the ‘holy man’ mould:

“Christians have the compelling example of the life and teaching of Christ and, for myself, I would like nothing more than that my grandchildren should hold dear his ideals which have helped and inspired so many previous generations.” (1977)

Note that it is his ideals that she holds dearnot his deity, his resurrection, or his redemption of mankind.

The Masonic Parliament of Man

 The Duke of Kent, Grand Master of the Freemasons of England and Wales since 1967.  Note theMasonic apron, which is always made of lamb’s skin, a blasphemous parody of the Lamb (Christ).  

Following a brief reference to “the birth of the child who transformed history and gave us a great faith” (1979), she quoted liberally in 1980 from a peculiar poem by Tennyson which referred to “the” Christ. This is highly suggestive since Tennyson was also the author of a poem,Locksley Hall, which was well known (and well understood) by the luminaries of Victorian England.

They knew that Tennyson rejected Christianity and drew his inspiration exclusively from pagan authors. These included the pantheist, Baruch Spinoza, and the eminent occult philosopher, Giordano Bruno. He was also a member of an exclusive secret society at Cambridge, known as the Cambridge Apostles, which was audaciously non-Christian in outlook.

Locksley Hall contains one of the most celebrated statements of the Masonic vision of a New World Order:

For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be;
Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain’d a ghastly dew
From the nations’ airy navies grappling in the central blue; …
Till the war-drum throbb’d no longer, and the battle-flags were furl’d
In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.

He envisaged a parliament of man, a federation of the world. These words have been quoted many times by top Freemasons and key players in the long-range plan to create a unified World Government, a parliament of man. Tennyson’s poem was greatly admired by leading architects of the New World Order, Winston Churchill and Harry Truman, while Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in America in the 19thcentury and a high-ranking member of the Ruling Elite, wrote in Triumphant Democracy (1893):

“The Parliament of Man and the Federation of the World have already been hailed by the poet, and these mean a step much farther in advance of the proposed reunion of Britain and America.”

Note his final words – a step much farther in advance of the proposed reunion of Britain and America.

Reunion of Britain and America? Yes, and more, as Carnegie says, a step much farther in advance of that. So when a reigning British monarch quotes a poem by Tennyson, we should pay close attention. Here are the verses she quoted (from Ring Out, Wild Bells):

“Ring out false pride in place and blood,

The civic slander and the spite;

Ring in the love of truth and right,

Ring in the common love of good …

Ring in the valiant man and free,

The larger heart, the kindlier hand,

Ring out the darkness of the land,

Ring in the Christ that is to be.”

Given that Tennyson had no regard for Christianity, the Christ figure to whom he refers is clearly not Biblical. Christians seldom, if ever, put a definite article before Christ because there is only one Christ, but Freemasons, gnostics and pagans often refer to ‘the Christ’ since they regard it as a cosmic or celestial office separate from the one who holds it.

In their occult philosophy, the Freemasons envisage the future incarnation in human form of their Angel of Light – known variously as Apollo, Horus, Helios, Lucifer, etc– whom they will enthrone and honour as their Messiah in their long-planned federation of the world. This is “the Christ that is to be” in Tennyson’s poem, though born-again Christians will recognize him as the Antichrist.

Did the Queen realize the significance of this? Given that the royal family has been a patron and protector of Freemasonry in Britain for generations, it would astonishing if she didn’t. Her consistent espousal of the brotherhood-of-man-fatherhood-of-god philosophy demonstrates her familiarity with the tenets of Freemasonry, which includes a belief in the arrival of a Messiah-type figure once the New World Order has been established. (This is the true meaning of the catchphrase, ‘If you build it, he will come,’ from the sugar-coated occult movie, Fields of Dreams.)

The Masonic Trivialization of Christianity

Her Christmas Message the following year, 1981, included the following:

“Our Christian faith helps us to sustain those convictions. Christ not only revealed to us the truth in his teachings. He lived by what he believed and gave us the strength to try to do the same – and, finally, on the cross, he showed the supreme example of physical and moral courage. That sacrifice was the dawn of Christianity and this is why at Christmas time we are inspired by the example of Christ as we celebrate his birth.” (1981)

Even though she takes a seemingly bold step and mentions the cross, it is immediately neutralised by two references to Christ as an ‘example’. According to Masonic philosophy, the Cross of Calvary achieved nothing. As the Queen says, it was just an example of exceptional moral courage and something that should inspire us. This is a patent trivialization of Christianity, where the whole basis of our faith is reduced to a courageous symbolic act, an inspiring example, but certainly not the atoning work of the incarnate Son of God for the sins of mankind.

The following year, Her Majesty took the opportunity to inject even more Masonic philosophy into her message. In three short paragraphs she managed to depict Christianity as just one of many “religious groups” in the world today and to equate the Christian message with “the Commonwealth” – meaning the common weal or common good:

“At this time of the year, Christians celebrate the birth of their Saviour, but no longer in an exclusive way. We hope that our greetings at Christmas to all people of religious conviction and goodwill will be received with the same understanding that we try to show in receiving the greetings of other religious groups at their special seasons.”

The poet John Donne said: ‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’ That is the message of the Commonwealth and it is also the Christian message. Christ attached supreme importance to the individual and he amazed the world in which he lived by making it clear that the unfortunate and the underprivileged had an equal place in the Kingdom of Heaven with the rich and powerful. But he also taught that man must do his best to live in harmony with man and to love his neighbors.” (1982)

The brotherhood-of-man-fatherhood-of-god philosophy is clearly evident in these paragraphs. Freemasons and members of the New Age movement are fond of Donne’s little phrase, “No man is an island”. It fits perfectly with the parliament of man idea in Freemasonry and the all is one principle that features so prominently in the New Age movement.

Note also the careful way she distances herself from Christianity and any suggestion that she might actually be a Christian – “At this time of the year, Christians celebrate the birth of their Saviour, but no longer in an exclusive way.” The latter words, “but no longer in an exclusive way”, are designed to reinforce the idea that truth is not exclusive to Christianity but may be found in many different religious traditions.

Again, with shameless candour, a central tenet of Freemasonry is fed to the nation on prime-time television by the official head of the Anglican church. The common spiritual source of all religious traditions was again emphasized in the year 2000 when she said:

“This spirituality can be seen in the teachings of other great faiths. Of course religion can be divisive, but the Bible, the Koran and the sacred texts of the Jews and Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, are all sources of divine inspiration and practical guidance passed down through the generations.” (2000)

If she was really a Christian the Queen would know that the Koran and the religious writings of the Hindus and Buddhists were not divinely inspired. She would also know that they reject outright the divinity of Christ. So, on a feast day that is supposed to recognize and honour the incarnation of Christ in human form, she boldly asserts the broad equivalence of all religious traditions, including those which reject the deity of Christ.

In an earlier Message (1986), she described Jesus as merely a simple person from lowly background who managed to affect the course of history:

“Christmas is a festival for all Christians, but it is particularly a festival for children. As we all know, it commemorates the birth of a child, who was born to ordinary people, and who grew up very simply in his own small home town and was trained to be a carpenter. His life thus began in humble surroundings, in fact in a stable, but he was to have a profound influence on the course of history, and on the lives of generations of his followers. You don’t have to be rich or powerful in order to change things for the better and each of us in our own way can make a contribution.

“The infant Jesus was fortunate in one very important respect. His parents were loving and considerate. They did their utmost to protect him from harm. They left their own home and became refugees, to save him from King Herod, and they brought him up according to the traditions of their faith.” (1986)

His deity is completely erased. Instead we are presented with the image of a little boy who, because he was greatly loved by his mummy and daddy and raised “according tithe traditions of their faith”, succeeded in doing something useful with his life.

Note how the Old Testament, the Word of God, is described merely as “the traditions of their faith.” This humanistic depiction of Christ was repeated in 2001:

“As a boy he learnt his father’s trade as a carpenter. He then became a preacher, recruiting twelve supporters to help him…His great emphasis was to give spirituality a practical purpose.” (2001)

So, there it is, the royal description of Jesus – a carpenter-preacher with a talent for highlighting the practical side of religion, a former child refugee who recruited twelve supporters and acquired generations of followers. In short, an unlikely social reformer who managed to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people. She could hardly have been more patronising without provoking adverse comment. In fact, it is a mark of the shallowness and hypocrisy of Anglican Christianity that such a demeaning portrait of Christ by the nation’s monarch could even be televised.

The Good Samaritan

Over a sixty year period the Queen mentioned only one episode from the Bible (other than the nativity) in her Christmas Messages, but she did so on three occasions – in1985, 1989 and 2004. This is the parable by Jesus of the Good Samaritan which tells of a traveler who stopped and helped an injured man by the roadside, and even brought him to a hostel to recover, while two respected members of the community passed him by and failed to offer any assistance.

The parable is presented by the Queen as though Jesus was endorsing the brotherhood-of-manfatherhood-of-god philosophy. When taken out of context and given a Masonic slant, it seems to confirm that salvation is contingent upon good works and human conduct. However, a professing Christian with only a rudimentary knowledge of Scripture will know that this interpretation is false. There is nothing man can do of himself to save himself from the devastating consequences of original sin.

The ‘love’ taught in Freemasonry and the New Age movement is not he love we find in the Bible. Scripture teaches – in the strongest possible terms – that God’s love cannot touch and redeem man in his sinful, fallen state without the atoning work of Christ, and yet this is precisely what Freemasonry and the New Age movement reject!

The Queen confirmed her Masonic perception of love when she said:

“But these technical skills [invention, scientific progress] are not enough by themselves. They can only come to the rescue of the planet if we also learn to live by the golden rule which Jesus Christ taught us– “love thy neighbour as thyself”.” (1989)

Here she is discussing environmental issues such as pollution of the rivers and seas. Incredibly, she equates the ‘love’ needed to ‘rescue’ the planet with the love that Jesus was speaking about, a love which has no meaning – and no power – when divorced from his divinity and obedience to his Word.

Jesus did not teach ‘the golden rule’ of Freemasonry, as the Queen implies; rather he taught the commandments and precepts of the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. These are vastly different from, and in fundamental conflict with, the morals and dogma of Freemasonry, a philosophy that flagrantly rejects the saving blood of Christ and his atoning sacrifice on the cross.

Man as an Animal Species

We are not dealing here with the simplifications that are sometimes necessary when presenting a message to a large and diverse audience. Rather, we are dealing with a very deliberate re-statement of Christianity along Masonic and New Age lines. If you still doubt this, then consider the following comment from the same Christmas Message:

Coat of arms of the United Grand Lodge of England

“It’s not very difficult to apply that story [the Good Samaritan] to our own times and to work out that our neighbours are those of our friends, or complete strangers, who need a helping hand. Do you think they might also be some of the living species threatened by spoiled rivers, o some of the children in places like Ethiopia and Sudan who don’t have enough to eat?” (1989)

Prince Philip once stated during a televised documentary that humans are a “plague”on the planet. This implies that humans are just one of the many animal species living on earth today. It is obvious from her remark that his wife subscribes to the same materialistic philosophy. However, true Biblical Christianity completely rejects the popular idea that humans are an animal species. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. He is not an animal of any kind, but a unique creation.

Animals cannot sin, only man can sin. This is why Freemasonry, the New Age movement, and atheistic humanism subscribe so strongly to the theory of evolution or any similar theory that portrays man as just another animal species. If man is just an animal then he cannot sin, and if he cannot sin then he cannot be judged by God.

I am reminded here of an exhibition in central London in 2009 which was housed in he former church of the Holy Trinity, Marylebone. The event included an unusually blasphemous exhibit as its centre piece, namely a life-size waxen figure of a gorilla nailed to a large wooden cross. Despite receiving lively coverage in the national media, this obscene effigy – which was described in the press as a ‘crucified ape’ –was not condemned or even criticized by any prominent Church leader in Britain.

But should we be surprised? After all, the Masons, atheists and evolutionists who control the Anglican Church regard man as just another animal species. A Masonic restatement of the Christian Message One of her most Masonic, New Age and ecumenical renderings of the Christian message was given in 2001 when she quoted the words of a well-known hymn, but failed to include the most important part:

“I believe that the Christian message, in the words of a familiar blessing, remains profoundly important to us all: Go forth into the world in peace be of good courage, hold fast that which is good, render to no man evil for evil, strengthen the faint-hearted, support the weak, help the afflicted, honour all men.”

These words are from a benediction in the 1928 version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. While they are certainly edifying, they cannot be considered “the Christian message” in any meaningful sense. So what’s missing? See for yourself. Here is the complete version:

“Go forth into the world in peace. Be of good courage. Hold fast that which is good. Render to no man evil for evil. Strengthen the faint-hearted. Support the weak. Help the afflicted. Honor all men. Love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Ghost. And the blessing of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be upon you and remain with you forever. Amen.”

Since the British royal family, like their counterparts across Europe, reject the deity of Christ, they also reject the Scriptures. They do not believe in the Triune God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel [Mark 12:26], but in a different god entirely. The Anglican benediction has no distinctively Christian element without the words which they Queen chose to omit. Her version does nothing more than encapsulate the interfaith morality and brotherhood-of-man philosophy of Freemasonry.

The version read on television by the Queen would be perfectly acceptable to a Hindu, Buddhist, or Moslem. Indeed, it would be acceptable even to an atheist or a humanist. So, to portray it as “the Christian message” is incredibly disingenuous, if not deceitful. She repeated her view that Christianity is in essence an ideology when, the following year, she said:

Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Christ over two thousand years ago, but it is much more than that. It is the celebration of the birth of an idea and an ideal.”

This is Masonic to the core. The birth of the Son of God, the Saviour of mankind, is reduced to “an idea and an ideal.” Marxism is an idea and an ideal. Humanism is an idea and an ideal. And yet the Queen sees fit to place Christianity on the same plane. It beggars belief. Here are just a few more occasions when she expressed a similar view:

“I wished to speak of it from New Zealand this Christmas Day because we are celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace, who preached the brotherhood of man.” (1953)“ …the essential message of Christmas is still that we all belong to the great brotherhood of man. This idea is not limited to the Christian faith. Philosophers and prophets have concluded that peace is better than war, love is better than hate and that mankind can only find progress in friendship and co-operation.” (1968)

“The scriptures and traditions of the other faiths enshrine the same fundamental guidance. It is very easy to concentrate on the differences between the religious faiths and to forget what they have in common – people of different faiths are bound together by the need to help the younger generation to become considerate and active citizens.” (2006)

“Perhaps it was because of this early experience that, throughout his ministry, Jesus of Nazareth reached out and made friends with people whom others ignored or despised. It was in this way that he proclaimed his belief that, in the end, we are all brothers and sisters in one human family.” (2007)

In The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manley Palmer Hall, who is widely respected by Freemasons as one of their supreme authorities, stated:

“The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as a Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth.”

Masons reject Christ as “the way.” As Hall says, “the name means little.”

However, as every true Christian knows, this is one of Satan’s greatest lies. The Word of God tells us that salvation is found only in the name of Jesus Christ:

 “And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ…” (1John 3:23); “…for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Here is how the Grand Lodge of Louisiana stated the Masonic position in their secret handbook:

“To the altar of Freemasonry all men bring their most votive offerings. Around it all men, whether they have received their teachings from Confucius, Zoroaster, Moses, Mohammed or the founder of the Christian religion – just so long as they believe in the universality of the fatherhood of God and universality of the brotherhood of man – meet upon a common level. The Jew returns to his synagogue, the Mohammedan to his mosque and the Christian to his temple – each better prepared for the solemn duties of life by the associations in this universal brotherhood.” – Louisiana Monitor, 1980 [Emphasis added]


 Sun God: Helios-Apollo:The lamb skin apron worn by the Grand Master, the Duke of Kent depicts the Masonic sun god.

So, under the pretense that she is a Christian, the Queen is preaching the philosophy of  Freemasonry. The fact that her messages are couched in Christian terminology is irrelevant. Freemasonry does this all the time, packaging and disguising its ancient occult beliefs in a deceptive, vernacular form.


Christians need to understand that the people who rule this world are NOT Christian – though they often pretend to be. They worship another god and loath Christianity, Christ, the Cross of Calvary, the blood of the Lamb, the Resurrection, and the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. They are busily preparing the scenario set out in the Book of Revelation, where their ‘messiah’ or godman takes on human form and rules over the entire earth.

In order to make this possible they are working hard behind the scenes to create a unified global system of governance (‘If you build it, he will come’). Since their messiah has no power against Christ, they are also determined to radically reduce the number of true believers, chiefly by getting professing Christians to adopt a soft, New Age version of ‘Christianity’ which has no power to save.

The Power Elite controls much of Europe and North America through Freemasonry. However, many national and world leaders pretend to be Christian in order to retain the confidence of the public. Most Presidents of the United States during the past hundred years or so was a high-ranking Freemason or a member of a secret occult society.

For example, both George Bush senior and George Bush junior pretended to be Christians when in fact they were initiated members of the Society of the Skull & Bones, a dark Luciferian fraternity based at Yale University. The god of Fremasonry is Lucifer, the Light Bearer, the beguiling ‘angel of light’ face that Satan presents to his acolytes. The British like to refer to him as Helios or Apollo, the sun god of Greek mythology

The Queen of England may or may not adhere to all of the beliefs and doctrines of Freemasonry, but her Christmas Messages are profoundly Masonic. She clearly rejects the deity of Christ and cannot be regarded as a Christian. In reality, she is a senior member of a pagan ruling caste that is gradually bringing the world ever closer to a One World Government and a One World Religion.

The Third Reich: ‘Crystal Night’ 1938: The great Anti-German spectacle


‘Crystal Night’ 1938: The great Anti-German spectacle

Ingrid Weckert

“Crystal Night” is the name that’s been given to the night of 9-10 November 1938. In almost all large German cities and some smaller ones that night, store windows of Jewish shops were broken, Jewish houses and apartments were destroyed, and synagogues were demolished and set on fire. Many Jews were arrested, some were beaten, and some were even killed. The “Reich Crystal Night” (Reichskristallnacht) was one of the most shameful events of National Socialist Germany. Although the Jews suffered initially, the greatest harm was ultimately done to Germany and the German people.

Even people who are sympathetic to National Socialism cannot understand how this event could have happened. Julius Streicher, the so-called “number one Jew baiter” [note 1] for example, was shocked when he first learned about the demonstrations and destruction the next morning.

The all-important question is: Who was responsible for the incident? It is generally accepted, especially by contemporary historians, that the Nazi gang organized and carried out the pogrom, and that the chief instigator was Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels. The truth of the matter is that Adolf Hitler was so disgusted by the incident that he forbade anyone from discussing the matter in his presence. Dr. Goebbels complained that he would now have to explain this terrible affair to the German people and the world, and that he simply did not know what kind of credible explanation to give. If he had actually been responsible for the Crystal Night, he surely would have had a well-prepared explanation. The explanation he gave on the morning of the 10th was extremely unconvincing and was generally not believed by the German public. During my study of this subject, which resulted in my book on the Crystal Night, Feuerzeichen, I found many facts which do not agree with the generally accepted thesis. On the contrary, the evidence which I have found gives a completely different picture.

The Story We Are Given

The generally accepted sequence of events, according to most writers on the subject, is this:

In early October 1938 the Polish government announced that all Polish passports would become invalid at the end of the month unless they received a special stamp before then, obtainable only in Poland. This measure was meant to rid Poland effectively for all time of all Polish Jews living in foreign countries, most of whom were in Germany. Many of the approximately 70,000 Polish Jews living in the Reich at the time had arrived after the First World War. Of course, the German government now feared that it would have to permanently accept these 70,000 Jews. The German government tried to negotiate this issue with the Poles, but they flatly refused.

On 28 October, just two days before the deadline, German police rounded up between 15,000 and 17,000 Polish Jews, mostly adult males, from across the Reich and transported them to the German-Polish border. The deportees traveled in regular German passenger trains with more than adequate space. Contrary to some claims, they were not crammed into cattle cars. The deportees were well provided with food and medical care. Red Cross personnel and medical doctors accompanied them on the trains.[note 2]

The Polish border officials were surprised when the first trainloads arrived at the border, and they let the Jews enter Poland. At about the same time, the Polish government was deporting German Jews back to Germany. The next day, 29 October, the Polish and German governments suddenly agreed to stop the deportations of their respective Jewish populations to each other’s countries. The deportations were completely halted that night.

Among the Polish Jews deported was the family of Herschel Feibel Grynszpan (Gruenspan), a l7-year-old then living Paris. What followed next is generally reported either incorrectly or very one-sidedly. On 7 November Grynszpan went to the German Embassy in Paris and shot Embassy Secretary Ernst vom Rath. It is said that Grynszpan did this because he was furious over the deportation of his family. The truth about his motivation is very different. It is also claimed that the German population, upset by the news of vom Rath’s death on the 8th, organized anti-Jewish demonstrations, destroyed Jewish stores, and demolished or set on fire all the synagogues in Germany. Demonstrations and destruction did take place, but the truth is that they were not organized by the German people and did not affect most of the synagogues in the Reich. Finally, it is claimed that the Crystal Night was the beginning of the extermination of the Jews in Germany. This is entirely false.

German-Jewish Relations Prior to the Crystal Night

Before explaining how the events surrounding the Crystal Night differ from what is generally believed, I must first give some background information about the peaceful years in Germany after Hitler came to power in 1933. Anyone who is aware of the true situation in Germany during the Third Reich era recognizes that the Crystal Night episode was quite extraordinary. It was a radical aberation from the normal pattern of daily life. The outburst was not in keeping with either the official National Socialist Jewish policy nor with the general German attitude towards the Jews. The Germans were no more anti-Semitic than any other people. In fact, Jews who had to leave other European countries preferred Germany as a place to live and work.

Within the National Socialist-Party itself there were two distinct anti-Semitic factions. One was scholarly and one was vulgar. The scholarly faction was centered around the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Question. It published several journals and gave lectures to civic and political groups. Its activities were consistent with the policy of peacefully removing the Jews from Germany and resettling them elsewhere. The SS was totally committed to this policy and rejected vulgar anti-Semitism. The vulgar anti-Semitic faction tried to influence popular feeling. The chief exponent of this approach was Julius Streicher, who published the unofficial monthly Der Stuermer. It used crude caricatures to portray Jews in the most horrible way in an effort to convince readers that the Jews were as evil as Satan. For years the motto “The Jews Are Our Misfortune” appeared on the front page of every issue. Der Stuermer often employed improper and undignified means to make its point.

German National Socialism basically regarded the Jews as non-German aliens who had proven themselves destructive to any nation that permitted them to dominate. Therefore, the only way to prevent further problems was to separate the Jews from the Germans. In other words, they had to emigrate. On this point the National Socialists and the Zionists were in full agreement. Although the Jews made up less than one percent of the total German population in 1933, they had power and influence in finance, business, cultural affairs and scientific life far out of proportion to their small numbers. Jewish influence was very widely regarded as harmful to German recovery after the First World War. No legal measures were taken against the Jews in Germany until after the international Jewish “Declaration of War” against Germany, as announced, for example, on the front page of the London Daily Express of 24 March 1933. This “declaration” took the form of a worldwide boycott of German goods. A week later there was an officially sanctioned boycott of Jewish shops and stores throughout Germany. This action was in direct response to the international Jewish boycott of German goods already in effect. However, the German response was a rather absurd affair and it was therefore limited to a single day, the first of April 1933. Hitler and Goebbels privately recognized that the German counter-boycott was a failure and would only turn people against the new government. Furthermore, this one-day action came on a Saturday, the Jewish sabbath. Religious Jews took malicious pleasure at the discomfort of the Jews who normally kept their stores open on Saturdays and were now, in effect, forced by the government to obey the Jewish law against work on the sabbath. The National Socialist regime thereafter sought to diminish Jewish influence and power by strictly legal means. The first German law which could be considered anti-Jewish was dated 7 April 1933. Although the legal status of the Jews was restricted, each and every Jew knew what his legal rights were and to what he was still entitled. There were no secret or extra-legal measures against the Jews.

Ironically, it was precisely the official discrimination policy against the Jews which reduced the effectiveness of anti-Semitic propaganda to almost nothing. The Germans are a generally fair-minded people. When Germans saw their Jewish neighbors being treated unjustly, they considered that far worse than the dangers which the Jews supposedly represented simply because they were Jewish. Furthermore, the examples of Jewish criminality and perversion described in Der Stürmer were widely regarded as exceptions to normal Jewish behavior. The average German was convinced that the Jews whom he knew personally were completely unlike the criminal types sometimes described in newspapers. In my home town of Berlin most of the doctors and lawyers were still Jewish. And even the public health officer for children in the district of Berlin where my family lived was a Jew who kept this job throughout the war. I still remember one day when my mother returned from her Jewish doctor. She told us that she hadn’t been able to see him because he was no longer there. He had been taken away-hauled off the previous night. My mother was very upset. A crowd of people had gathered outside his house. They were all shocked, and they discussed the injustice of this measure quite openly. My parents later talked about what had happened, and they both agreed that the doctor had never really done anything wrong. Their reaction was typical. A few days later our family pediatrician, who was also Jewish, was likewise taken away.

At the time I did not know what it meant to be taken away. It was only many years after the war, when I started reading the Holocaust literature, that I learned that I was supposed to believe that to be taken away meant deportation to a concentration camp and probable death. But like so many thousands of others, these two doctor families were not exterminated. One summer day in 1973, as I was walking through the streets of the German quarter in Tel Aviv, I came upon the name plates of both doctors on the doors of two houses. I immediately tried to visit them and found out that both families had migrated to Palestine in 1939. Although one of them had died in the meantime in Israel, I was able to speak to the other. He remembered my father very well and explained that when he and his family were arrested, they were taken to a camp and given the choice of either signing a document declaring their intention of emigrating from Germany or being taken to a labor camp. He and his family chose to emigrate. In fact, most German Jews survived the anti-Semitic measures quite well. That does not mean that those measures were not unfair to individual Jews, but they could usually manage to live with them.

The Haavara Agreement

As already mentioned, the main goal of Germany’s Jewish policy was to encourage the Jews to emigrate. After the beginning of the international Jewish boycott against German goods in March 1933, the Jewish community in Palestine contacted the German government and offered a break in the boycott as far as Palestine was concerned provided it was combined with Jewish emigration from Germany. As a result, the “Haavara” or “Transfer” agreement was signed by the Germans and Jews in May 1933. [note 3] The Jewish community thus concluded an extremely beneficial agreement with the National Socialist government only a few months after its formation. This agreement was a crucial phase in the creation of the State of Israel. When I made this claim in my book Feuerzeichen, which appeared in 1981, some readers considered it outrageous. [note 4] But then this same claim was made in The Transfer Agreement, a book by Edwin Black published in 1984. The final paragraph of his book concludes with the statement that the continuing economic relationship between the Jewish community of Palestine and National Socialist Germany was “an indispendable factor in the creation of the State of’ Israel.” [note 5]

The Haavara agreement made it possible for any Jew to emigrate from Germany with practically all of his possessions and personal fortune provided that Jews could deposit all of their assets in one of two Jewish-owned banks in Germany which had branch offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Upon arrival in Palestine they could withdraw their assets according to the terms of the agreement. The German capital of these two Jewish banking firms was guaranteed by the German government. Even after the war these assets were fully available to the Jewish owners or their representatives If a Jew did not wish to emigrate immediately he could transfer all of his personal assets to Palestine where they would be safeguarded by a trustee while he remained in Germany for an indefinite period with emigration as his eventual goal. In the meantime his personal fortune was safe outside of Germany.

Even poorer Jews who did not possess 1,000 English pounds were able to emigrate to Palestine with credits provided through the Haavara. The British authorities generally required minimum assets of 1,000 pounds for each immigrant to Palestine if he was not entitled to a so-called worker’s certificate. Only a limited number of these certificates were available and they were issued only to persons with special job skills. In addition, Jews emigrating to Palestine were exempt from the so-called “Reich flight tax,” which all emigrating Germans normally had to pay. However, the Jewish companies which arranged the transfers charged the emigrants a fixed percentage of their total assets. The Haavara agreement remained in operation until the end of 1941 when the United States entered the war.

National Socialist Ethical Standards

I am always amazed whenever I read books about the Third Reich published after the war. Most give an almost totally false impression of the reality of the Third Reich. The Germany of Adolf Hitler was not the Germany described by such books. It was quite different. I was brought up during the Third Reich. Along with my entire generation, I received an education of the highest ethical standards. We were brought up to love and respect our country and people. We were taught to be proud of its great history. The heroes of Germany’s past represented our great ideals. They spurred us to honesty and responsibility in our own lives. In my opinion, the youth of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was the finest of all Europe and perhaps of the entire world.

The same ethical standards applied to the SS and SA. The SA stormtroopers were not sophisticated men. They usually preferred to use their fists before using their heads, but they acted according to the ideals which they had been taught: honor, faithfulness, honesty and devotion to their people and country. They were not at all the sadistic beasts portrayed by so-called historians. It was their faithfulness and gallantry which saved Germany from chaos and Communism. It is sheer stupidity to describe the SA men as blood-thirsty killers, as is widely done today. Although some individual SA men may have committed acts of brutality, it is nonsense to blame the entire organization or the whole German people and its government for such behavior. Individual SA men were indeed involved in the Crystal Night incident. But far fewer actually participated than has been claimed. Of the 28 SA Groups which existed in Germany at the time, the available evidence identifies only three as having actually received orders to join the anti-Jewish demonstrations.

What Really Happened During the Crystal Night

Now let us look at what really happened during that fateful night.

After 1945 any harm ever done to any Jew in National Socialist Germany has been described in great detail in many publications and combined with other.stories to give exaggerated figures which have then become the so-called “historical truth.” How strange it is then that despite the passage of more than forty years, no one has established the true extent of the damage done to the Jews during the Crystal Night. All one can learn from history writers is that “all” synagogues were demolished and that “all” shop windows were destroyed. Aside from this vague description, one is given almost no details.

On the basis of the so-called “historical truth” about the Crystal Night, the President of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann, had the chutzpah in 1952 to claim 500 million dollars from German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer as reparation payment for the damage done during that November night. When Adenauer asked Goldmann for his justification for this enormous request, Goldmann replied: “You find the justification yourself! What I want is not the justification but the money.” [note 7] And he got his money! Goldmann may have interpreted the willingness of the German Chancellor to pay a half billion dollars as proof for the claim that all synagogues had been destroyed. Why else would Germany be so foolish as to pay for something which never happened? All the same, the “historical truth” that “all” German synagogues were destroyed is a lie.

In 1938 there were approximately 1,400 synagogues in Germany, of which only about 180 were destroyed or damaged. Furthermore, Jews owned approximately 100,000 shops and department stores in Germany in 1938. Of this number, only about 7,500 had their windows broken. These figures show just how much the so-called “historical truth” differs from what actually happened. The damage and destruction that did actually occur was, of course, a terrible shame, but the exaggerations, especially by German historians who use them to condemn their own people, are also a shame.

History writers tell us that during the Crystal Night all the Jews were frightened, meekly accepted whatever happened to them and watched the destruction of their property with no resistance. The contrary is true. While going through the files on this subject, I found many documents which report precisely just the opposite of what is claimed. The fact is that in many cases Jews and their German neighbors fought together against the attackers, pushing them down staircases. Street mobs were beaten up and chased away in more than one case. Police and Party officials were generally on the side of the Jews. Some Jewish community leaders went to police stations the next morning and asked the police to investigate the damage done to their synagogues. The resulting police reports are still available in the files today.

Also contrary to what we have been told, most Jews were not directly affected by these events. In Berlin, for example, all of the teachers and pupils of the city’s largest Jewish school, which served the entire Berlin area, appeared in their classes the next morning without having noticed anything unusual during the previous night. Heinemann Stern, the Jewish principal of that school, wrote in his postwar memoirs that he noticed a burning synagogue on his way to the school on the morning after the Crystal Night, but he thought it was just an accidental fire. It was only after he arrived at the school that he received a telephone call informing him of the destruction of the previous night. He then went on with his classes of the day and only during the first recess did he take the trouble to inform the entire student body about what had happened. [note 8]

How can such evidence be reconciled with the claim by Herman Graml, a prominent German historian and associate of the Munich Institute of Contemporary History, who wrote: “Every single Jew was beaten, chased, robbed, insulted and humiliated. The SA tore the Jews from their beds, mercilessly beat them in their apartments and then … chased them almost to death … Blood flowed everywhere.” [note 9] Is it conceivable that thousands of Jewish children would be have been sent to school by their parents on the morning after that fateful night if the attacks against Jews had been so horrific or extensive? Would any parents have let their children go to school if they had thought there was even the slightest danger of them being attacked by roving gangs of SA men? I think the answer is clearly no! Deplorable things did indeed happen which were bad enough, but the fantasies of modern historians and history writers such as Graml are simply inexcusable.

The Grynszpan Story

It was Herschel Feibel Grynszpan (Gruenspan) who initiated the entire Crystal Night affair by shooting the Secretary of the German Embassy in Paris, Ernst vom Rath. History writers tell us that the 17-year-old Grynszpan was merely a poor Jewish boy who had been driven to despair by the injustice done to his family and who, in his deep depression, shot the young German diplomat. The fact, however, is that Grynszpan had not shown any previous interest in his family’s fate. He had wanted to be free of them and had gone to Paris to live on his own.

When the French police asked Grynszpan why he had shot vom Rath, he gave several contradictory explanations:

Version 1: He did not mean to kill vom Rath. He had wanted to kill the German ambassador but because he did not know the ambassador personally, he shot vom Rath instead by mistake.

Version 2: He had only wanted to kill himself, but wanted to do so directly beneath a portrait of Adolf Hitler. In this way he hoped to become a symbol for the Jewish people, who were being murdered daily in Germany.

Version 3: He had not intended to kill anyone. Although he had a pistol in his hand, he did not know how to handle it properly and it simply went off accidentally.

Version 4: He could not remember what had happened while he stood in vom Rath’s office. All he remembered was that he was there, but did not remember why.

Version 5: He couldn’t understand the question at all. He must have had a complete blackout because he no longer remembered anything.

And finally, version 6, which he gave several years later to German officials: Whatever the French police had written down about his reason was nonsense. The true story is that he used to procure young boys for the German embassy secretary because vom Rath had been a homosexual. And he shot vom Rath because he had not been paid for his services. This is the only explanation which he later retracted during interrogation. However, none of these explanations is correct.

The true story is far less heroic. Grynszpan had left his family in Hannover, Germany, in 1936 after finishing elementary school but without graduating. His father had been a piece-work tailor who had moved from Poland to Germany after the First World War. Herschel had a reputation for disliking work and he hung out at the homes of his uncles in Brussels and Paris. In February 1938 his Polish passport expired and the French government refused to renew his residence permit. As a direct result, his Paris uncle insisted that Herschel leave his home because he was afraid of getting into touble with the law. And now the story begins to get extremely interesting. Although Grynszpan had no job or money (his uncle refused to support him), he was nevertheless able to move into a hotel. His hotel happened to be just around the corner from the offices of an important and influential Jewish organization, the International League Against Anti-Semitism, or LICA. The questions which now arise are: Who supported him after February 1938 and who paid for his hotel room? Although he had no apparent means of support or even valid identity papers between February and November 1938, Grynszpan was nevertheless able to purchase a handgun for 250 francs on the morning of 7 November 1938 and then, about an hour later, go to the German Embassy and shoot vom Rath.

Grynszpan was arrested at the scene and was taken to a police station. Although he was a totally obscure Polish Jew with no money and no apparent supporters, nevertheless one of France’s most famous lawyers, Moro Giafferi, appeared at the police station a few hours after the shooting and told the police that he was Grynszpan’s attorney. Nothing could possibly have appeared about the shooting in any newspaper before his arrival. How then could Moro Giafferi have possibly known about the shooting? Why was he so eager to defend this young foreigner? And finally, who was going to pay his attorney fees? As it turned out, Giafferi took good care of Grynszpan during the following years. Before the Grynszpan case could come before a French court, the war broke out. After the Germans occupied France, he was turned over to them by the French authorities. He was taken to Germany where he was interrogated many times, but no trial ever took place. Moro Giafferi, who had moved to Switzerland in the meantime, still managed to take good care of Grynszpan.

Many German officials were actively interested in the case. They wanted Grynszpan brought to trial, but this never happened. Rumors circulated. A trial date was scheduled but then postponed again and again and again. Whenever any official asked why Grynszpan had not been brought to trial, he was given a different answer each time. The veil of mystery surrounding this case was lifted only slightly many years after the war when a note was discovered among the many hundreds of pages in the Grynszpan file. This single short note stated simply that the trial against Grynszpan would not take place for “other than official reasons.” [note 10] It gave no further explanation. Although the National Socialist regime supposedly committed the greatest imaginable crimes against the Jews, the murderer Grynszpan survived the war and returned to Paris. Why to Paris, where he could still have been arrested and tried for murder? But instead he received a new name and new identity papers there. [note 11] From whom? Who was in Paris to help him and once again take such good care of him?

Incidentally, the Grynszpan family also survived the war. The young man’s father, mother, brother and sister were deported to Poland as a result of the Polish passport affair and shortly thereafter were somehow able to emigrate to Palestine. Amazingly enough, this took place at a time when immigration to Palestine was limited to persons who possessed at least 1,000 English pounds in cash. Grynszpan’s father, a poor piece-work tailor, certainly never had a fortune of 4,000 English pounds. Many years after the war the father testified at the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem that he and his family had to give up all of their money except for ten marks per family member when they arrived at the German-Polish border in October l938. [note l2] How did they ever raise the 4,000 English pounds only a short time later for their migration to Palestine? Who organized their move?

Perhaps the answer to all of these questions is … Moro Giafferi! He was not a sorcerer, but someone even more powerful: he was the legal counsel of the LICA. The LICA was founded in Paris in 1933 by the Jew Bernard Lecache and operated as a militant propaganda organization against real or imagined anti-Semitism. Its main office is still in Paris at the same address it was at in 1938. (Now known as the LICRA, it unsuccessfully sued Robert Faurisson a few years ago.) Moro Giafferi was well worth the fees LICA paid him as its legal counsel. He apparently enjoyed spectacular scenes. He had already achieved international renown at a mass meeting in Paris following the Berlin Reichstag fire of February 1933. Without knowing at all what had happened, he nevertheless delivered a spiteful speech against National Socialist Germany in which he accused Hermann Göring of setting the fire. In February 1936 Giafferi hurried to Davos, Switzerland, where the Jew David Frankfurter had shot and killed Wilhelm Gustloff, the head of the Swiss branch of the German National Socialist Party. During the subsequent trial it was clearly established that Frankfurter had been a hired murderer with backing from an unidentified but influential organization. All clues pointed to the LICA, but with Moro Giafferi as his defense counsel, Frankfurter remained silent about who, if anyone, had hired him. Amazingly enough, Frankfurter’s answers to questions about the shooting showed the same pattern as Grynszpan’s answers almost three years later after Giafferi arrived to help following the shooting of Ernst vom Rath.

Who Could the Provocateurs Have Been?

Like a medal, the Crystal Night has two sides. One side lies in the shining glare of historical research while the other remains in the shadows. Until now no one (at least as far as I know) has tried to examine the hidden side.

In the wake of the Crystal Night, almost everyone wanted to know who the culprits were. Dr. Goebbels had to give an official explanation which was, in effect, that the German people had been so enraged by the murder of Ernst vom Rath that they wanted to punish the Jews and therefore started the pogrom. But Goebbels did not really believe this story himself. To several persons he expressed his suspicion that a secret organization must have instigated the entire affair. He simply could not believe that anything so well organized could have been a spontaneous popular outburst.

One must understand the broad popularity of the National Socialist regime at that time to realize how incredibly difficult it was to imagine that any secret, well organized opposition movement could have instigated such a pogrom. We now know about some of these so-called resistance organizations. But at that time such well-organized opposition groups seemed preposterous, so overwhelming was the popularity and self-confidence of Hitler and the National Sociatist government. Although the National Socialists were probably more aware of the danger of Jewish power and influence than anyone else, they nevertheless totally underestimated it. In a real sense, they were far too naive. One consequence of this enormous popularity and self-confidence was that the Party leaders themselves simply could not imagine that it was not one of their own colleagues behind the whole affair. Among the Party leaders fingers were being pointed in all directions. Apparently to avoid internal wrangling and the harm that this would do to their public image, an investigation to determine the instigators never took place. Hitler believed that Dr. Goebbels, his closest confidant and the one man he could never abandon, had been the instigator.

The only persons actually punished were individual SA men who had participated directly in the pogrom and been accused in German courts of murder, assault, looting or other criminal acts by Jewish or German witnesses to these crimes. But before any of these cases ever actually came to trail, Hitler issued a special decree ordering the postponement of all such cases until after the accused individuals were first prosecuted by the Supreme Party Court, an internal court concerned with discipline within the National Socialist Party organization. The most severe punishment which the Court could impose was expulsion from the Party. In this way the Party hoped to remove any guilty members from its own ranks before they appeared as defendants in the criminal courts. In February 1939 the Chief Judge of the Supreme Party Court, Walter Buch, reported his findings to Hermann Göring. From an examination of the Buch report as well as many documents from some of the thousands of trials of so-called Nazi criminals held after the war, and corroborating testimony by thousands of defendants and witnesses, I have been able to gain a detailed and accurate understanding of what actually happened during those fateful days and nights of November 1938.

Already on 8 November 1938, one day before the Crystal Night, strange persons who had never been seen there before suddenly appeared in several small towns in Hessen near the French-German border. They went to mayors, Kreisleiters (district Party leaders) and other important officials in these towns and asked them what actions were being planned against the Jews. The officials were rather startled by these questions and replied that they didn’t know of any such plans. The strangers acted as if they were shocked to hear this. They shouted and complained that something had to be done against the Jews and then, without further explanation, they disappeared. Most of those who were approached by these strangers reported the incidents to the police or discussed them with friends. They usually regarded the strangers as crazy anti-Semites and promptly forgot about the incidents — until the next evening. Some of these apparently crazy individuals really outdid themselves. In one case two men, dressed as members of the SS, went to an SA Standartenführer (Colonel) and ordered him to destroy the nearby synagogue. To understand the absurdity of this one must know that the SS and SA were completely separate organizations. A real SS member would never have tried to give orders to an SA unit. This case shows that the strangers were foreigners who did not even understand the distinctions of German authority. The SA Standartenführer rejected the demands of the self-styled SS men and reported the incident to his superiors.

When the provocateurs realized that their efforts were not working with local officials, they changed their tactics. Instead they tried to incite directly the people in the streets. In another town, for example, two men appeared at the market place and began making speeches to the people there, trying to incite them against the Jews. Eventually some people did indeed storm the synagogue, but by then the two provocateurs had, of course, disappeared.

Similar incidents occured in several towns. Unidentified strangers suddenly appeared, gave speeches, started throwing stones at windows, stormed Jewish buildings, schools, hospitals, and synagogues, and then disappeared. These unusual incidents had already started on the 8th of November, that is, before Ernst vom Rath was dead. His death was only reported late on the evening of the 8th. The fact that this strange pattern of incidents had already begun one day earlier proves that the death of vom Rath was not the reason for the Crystal Night outburst. Vom Rath was still alive when the pogrom began.

And this was only the beginning. Well organized and widespread incidents began on the evening of 9 November. Groups of generally five or six young men, armed with bars and clubs, went down the streets smashing store windows. They were not Jew-hating SA men, enraged over the murder of a German diplomat. They operated too methodically to have been motivated by anger. They carried out their work without any apparent emotion. Nonetheless, it was their destruction that encouraged certain other individuals from the lowest social classes to become a mob and contimue the destruction. There is another mysterious aspect to all this. Several district and local Party leaders (Kreisleiters and Ortsgruppenleiters) were awakened from their sleep in the middle of the night by telephone calls. Someone claiming to be from the regional Party headquarters or the regional Party propaganda bureau (Gauleitung or Gaupropagandaleitung) would ask what was happening in the official’s town or city. If the Party official answered “Nothing, everything is quiet,” the telephone caller would then say in German slang that he had received an order to the effect that the Jews were going to get it tonight and that the respective official should carry out the order. In most cases the Party leader, disturbed from his sleep, did not even understand what had happened. Some simply dismissed the call as a joke and went back to bed. Others called back the office from where the telephone voice had pretended to be calling. If they managed to reach someone in charge, they were often told that nobody knew anything about such a call. But if they reached only a lower official they were often told: “Well, if you got that order, you’d better go ahead and do what you were told.” These telephone calls caused considerable confusion. All this came out months later during the trials conducted by the Supreme Party Court. The Chief Judge concluded that in every case a misunderstanding had arisen in one link or other of the chain of command. But when they were confronted with apparently genuine orders to organize demonstrations against the Jews that night, most of the Party leaders had simply not known what to do.

The pattern of seemingly sporadic anti-Jewish incidents in small towns, followed only later by a carefully planned outburst in many large cities throughout Germany, clearly suggests the work of a centrally organized group of well-trained agents. Even shortly after the Crystal Night, many leading Party officials suspected that the entire affair had been centrally cordinated. Significantly, even Hermann Graml, the only West German historian who has written in detail about the Crystal Night, carefully distinguished between provocateurs and people who were simply carried away by their emotions and spontaneously took part in the riot and destruction. Without providing the slightest shred of real evidence, Graml claims that the provocative agents were directed bv Dr. Goebbels.

Munich on the Ninth of November

While all this was happening across the Reich, a special annual commemoration was being held in Munich. Fifteen years earlier, on 9 November 1923, a movement led by Adolf Hitler, Erich von Ludendorff (a leading First World War General), and two major figures in the Bavarian government tried to depose the legal government and take responsibility themselves as a new national government. The uprising or putsch was put down and 16 rebels were shot down next to the Feldherrnhalle, a famous old monument building in central Munich. Accordingly, the 9th of November had been commemorated every year since 1933 as the memorial day for the martyred heroes of the National Socialist movement. Adolf Hitler and the Party veterans, as well as all of the Gauleiters (regional Party leaders) met every year in Munich for the occasion. Hitler would usually deliver a speech to a select audience of Party veterans at the famous Buergerbraeukeller restaurant on the evening of the 8th. On the morning of the 9th Hitler and his veteran comrades would reenact the 1923 “March to the Feldherrnhalle.” On the evening of the 9th the Führer always held an informal dinner at the Old Town Hall (“Alte Rathaus”) with old comrades as well as all the Gauleiters. At midnight young men who were about to enter the SS and the SA were sworn in at the Feldherrnhalle. All of the Gauleiters and other guests participated in this very solemn ceremony. After it was over they left Munich and returned to their homes throughout the Reich.

It is clear that the 8th of November date was chosen very cleverly. The annual commemoration ceremony of that day insured that almost all of the Gauleiters would be away from their home offices when the anti-Jewish demonstrations began. In other words, the actual decision-making responsibilities that were normally carried out by the Gauleiters were temporarily in the hands of lower-ranking individuals with less experience. Between 8 and 10 November, subordinate officials stood in for the Gauleiters who were either in Munich or en route to or from the annual commemoration there. This temporary transfer of decision-making authority is very important because it contributed to much of the subsequent confusion and thus helped the provocateurs. Another contributing factor was the fact that no one expected any trouble. At that time Germany was one of the most peaceful countries in the world. There was no reason to expect any kind of unrest. It was only during dinner at the Old Town Hall that the first sporadic reports of riot and destruction reached Munich from some of the Gauleiter’s home offices. At the same time it was learned that Ernst vnm Rath had died in Paris from his wounds.

What Was Goebbels Doing?

After the dinner was over, the Führer left at about 8 p.m. and returned to his apartment. Dr. Goebbels then stood up and spoke briefly about the latest news. He informed the audience that vom Rath had died and that, as a result, anti-Jewish demonstrations had spontaneously broken out in two or three places. Goebbels was renowned for his passionate and inspiring speeches. But what he gave that evening was not a speech at all but only a short and very informal announcement. He pointed out that the times were over when Jews could kill Germans without being punished. Legal measures would now be taken. Nevertheless, the death of vom Rath should not be an excuse for private actions against Jews. He suggested that the Gauleiters and the head of the SA, Viktor Lutze, should contact their home offices to make sure that peace and order were being maintained. It’s very important to understand that Dr. Goebbels had no authority to give any orders to the others present.

As fellow Gauleiters they were colleagues of equal rank. Anyway, what he said was apparently considered so reasonable that the others agreed and did what he suggested.

You may have heard the widespread allegation that Goebbels started the Crystal Night pogrom with a fiery speech on that evening of 9 November. This widely accepted story is false. The following facts will clarify this point:

  1. As Gauleiter for Berlin, Dr. Goebbels had no authority outside of his Berlin district. Although he was also the Propaganda Minister of the German government, this did not give him any authority over Party officials. Furthermore, he had no authority whatsoever over the SA or the SS.
  2. Of all the National Socialist leaders, Dr. Goebbels would have understood better than anyone else the immense damage that an anti-Jewish pogrom would cause for Germany. On the morning of 10 November, when he first learned about the extent of the damage and destruction of the previous night, he was furious and shocked at the stupidity of those who had participated. There is substantial evidence for this.
  3. How could a speech given after 9 p.m. on the evening of 9 November have possibly incited a “pogrom” which had already begun the day before when the first provocateurs appeared at municipal and Party offices to persuade officials to take action against the Jews?
  4. Although we do not know exactly what Dr. Goebbels said in his supposedly fiery speech, we do know what the Gauleiters and the SA commander did after the speech had ended: they went to the telephones and called their espective home offices to order their subordinates to do everything necessary to maintain peace and order. They emphasized that under no circumstances must anyone take part in any demonstrations. These telephone instructions were written down at the home offices by whoever was on duty. The orders from each Gauleiter were then passed on by telex to other offices within the Gau or district. These telex messages are still in various records files and are available to anyone who wishes to examine them.

Orders to Stop the Pogrom

While the Gauleiters were calling their home offices, the head of the SA, Viktor Lutze, ordered all of his immediate subordinates, the SA Gruppenführers, who were together with him in Munich, to call their home offices as well. Lutze ordered that under no circumstances could SA men take part in any demonstrations against Jews, and that furthermore the SA was to intervene to stop any demonstrations already in progress. As a result of these strict orders, SA men began to guard Jewish stores that very night wherever windows had been broken. There is no doubt about this order by Lutze because we have the postwar court testimony of several witnesses confirming it. The SS and the police were given similar orders to restore peace and order. Himmler ordered Reinhard Heydrich to prevent all destruction of property and to protect Jews against demonstrators. The telex communication of this order still exists. It is in the files of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. However, during the Nuremberg trial this telex order was presented in three different forms, with forged amendments to change the original meaning. In my book Feuerzeichen I undertook to restore the original text.

Adolf Hitler joined the midnight celebration at the Feldherrnhalle. It was only after he returned to his apartment about one o’clock in the morning that he learned about the demonstrations which had been taking place in Munich, during which one synagogue had been set on fire. He was furious and immediately ordered the police chief of Munich to come see him. Hitler told him to immediately stop the fire and to make sure that no other outrages took place in Munich. He then called various police and Party officials throughout the Reich to learn the extent of these demonstrations. Finally, he ordered a telex message sent to all Gauleiter offices. It read: “By express order from the very highest authority, arson against Jewish businesses or other property must in no case and under no circumstances take place.” Synagogues were not specifically mentioned, apparently because Hitler was still unaware of the burning of synagogues, apart from the one in Munich.

How Did the SA Get Involved Despite the Orders from Its Own Leaders?

How was it possible that in spite of all these emphatic orders, so much damage and destruction could have been done and that so many SA members could have participated? According to the records, at least three of the 28 SA Groups did not obey the orders of SA chief Lutze. Instead, they sent out their men to destroy synagogues and Jewish buildings. In effect they did precisely the opposite of what Lutze had ordered. What actually happened is clear from the testimony and evidence presented at postwar trials against former SA men accused of participating in the riot. The trials, held between 1946 and 1952, were based to a large extent on the report of SA Brigade 50 chief Karl Lucke and begins with these words: “On 10 November 1938, at 3 o’clock in the morning, I received the following order: ‘By order of the Gruppenführer, all Jewish synagogues within the Brigade district are to be immediately blown up or set on fire’.” Lucke then included in his report a listing of synagogues which had been destroyed by members of his Brigade. This report has been cited by the prosecution at the Nuremberg Tribunal and by practically all of the consensus historians ever since as proof that the SA was given orders to destroy Jewish stores and synagogues.

The contradiction between the orders actually given and the statement made in the Lucke report requires a detailed explanation. On 9 November the leader of SA Group Mannheim, Herbert Fust, was in Munich together with the other SA Group leaders and the SA Chief of Staff, Viktor Lutze. When Lutze ordered the Group leaders to contact their home offices to stop all anti-Jewish demonstrations, Fust, along with the other SA leaders, did just that. He called his office in Mannheim and passed on the orders he had received from Lutze. The man who was on duty that night at the Mannheim SA office telephone and who received Fust’s order confirmed that he understood it and then hung up. But he never passed on the order he had received. Instead, he transmitted precisely the opposite order. The normal procedure would have been for the man on duty at the telephone to immediately call the deputy group leader, Lucke, who was in nearby Darmstadt. But instead he called SA Oberführer (senior colonel) Fritsch and asked him to come to the office. Fritsch had a reputation for not being particularly clever. When he arrived, the man who had received the telephone call showed him a small paper slip with a few notes on it which said that the synagogues within the Mannheim SA Group district were to be destroyed. The man who had received the call explained to Fritsch that the order had just arrived from Munich. Slow-minded as he was, Fritsch did not know what to do and called the local Kreisleiter (district Party leader) and his deputy. These two men then arrived at the SA office and discussed the situation, while at the same time the telephone duty man notified other SA leaders, but still not the deputy Group leader Lucke. In the meantime the small paper slip disappeared and the SA men now arriving at the headquarters met only the Kreisleiter, who told them about the order which he thought had come from Munich. No one asked for any further confirmation. The SA men then left to begin the destruction. Hours later, when the whole action was almost finished, the telephone guard finally called Deputy Group Leader Lucke and passed on the false order. He also informed Lucke that the action had already been going on for several hours. Since it was almost all over by this time, Lucke also neglected to ask for confirmation of the order. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning. Lucke then alerted the Standartenführer of his Brigade and carried out the destruction within the Darmstadt district.

At 8 o’clock the next morning Lucke sat down and wrote the report which was later cited at the Nuremberg Tribunal. In fact, as already shown, there was no order to commit arson or carry out destruction against any Jewish property from the Gruppenführer in Munich, but only from the telephone guard. Who he was remains a mystery. During the postwar trials against members of this SA unit, none of the judges asked for the name or identity of this telephone guard. This mysterious man was very probably an agent for those who were actually behind the entire Crystal Night Affair.

The Fine Imposed on the Jews

Early in the morning following the Crystal Night, Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels announced in a radio broadcast that any action against Jews was strictly prohibited. He warned that severe penalties would be imposed on anyone who did not obey this order. He also explained that the Jewish question would be resolved only by legal means. As already mentioned, German government and Party officials were furious about what had happened. Hermann Göring, who was responsible for Germany’s economy, complained that it would be impossible to replace the special plate glass of the broken store windows because it was not manufactured in Germany. It had to be imported from Belgium and would cost a great deal of precious foreign currency. Because of the Jewish boycott against German goods, the Reich was short of foreign exchange currency. Göring therefore decided that because this shortage was caused by the Jews, it was they who would have to pay for the broken glass. He imposed a fine of one billion Reichsmarks on the German Jews. This fine is always mentioned by anyone who writes about the Crystal Night. But historians and history writers invariably neglect to explain the reason for the fine.

It was certainly unjust to force Jews to pay for damage which they had not caused. Göring understood this. However, in private he justified the fine by citing the fact that the 1933 Jewish declaration of war against Germany was proclaimed in the name of the millions of Jews throughout the world. Therefore they could now help their co-religionists in Germany bear the consequences of the boycott. It should also be pointed out that only German Jews with assets of more than 5,000 Reichsmarks in cash had to con- tribute to the fine. In 1938, when prices were very low, 5,000 Reichsmarks was a small fortune. Anyone with that much money in cash would certainly have had far more wealth in other assets and could therefore well afford to pay their assessed portion of the fine without being reduced to poverty, despite what history writers have maintained.

The Consequences of the Crystal Night

It is often said that the Crystal Night incident was the official start of the German “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” This is quite true, but “Final Solution” did not mean physical extermination — it meant only emigration of the Jews from Germany. Immediately after the Crystal Night, Hitler ordered the creation of a central agency to organize the emigration of the Jews from Germany as rapidly as possible. Accordingly, Göring set up the Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration (“Reichszentrale fuer die juedische Auswanderung”) with Reinhard Heydrich as director. This agency combined the various government departments which had been involved with Jewish emigration. It simplified official procedures for Jewish emigration, but its work was severely hampered by the unwillingness of almost all countries to admit Jews. The only country to which Jews could still easily emigrate was Palestine, provided they possessed one thousand pounds sterling each, as required by the British authorities there.

Despite the favorable terms of the Haavara or Transfer Agreement, only a few German Jews were willing to emigrate to Palestine. In those days Palestine was only at the beginning of its development. It was still an agrarian country with very little industry. It was only after the arrival of thousands of German Jews with their capital and experience that industrial development really began there. The Jews in Germany were generally employed in trade, industry, or the professions. There were little or no oppor tunities for them in Palestine. For example, there was virtually no financial structure in Palestine in the 1930s. There was no money market, no stock exchange, and no investment banking. How could businessmen operate in such an environment?

Because so few Jews wanted to migrate to Palestine, special efforts were made to open the doors of other countries, but this proved very difficult. Prosperous nations did not want Jewish immigrants and poor countries were very unattractive. In the summer of 1938 an Inter-Governmental Refugee Committee was established with the American lawyer George Rublee as its director. In January 1939 (that is, after the Crystal Night), Rublee and the German government signed an agreement by which all German Jews could emigrate to the country of their choice. Interestingly enough, it was the father of a future American president and the father of a future German president who nearly torpedoed this agreement: Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Britain, and Ernst von Weizsaecker, State Secretary of the German Foreign Office and father of the current president of the Ger- man Federal Republic. Adolf Hitler personally intervened in the negotiating process and saved the agreement by sending Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht to London to negotiate with Rublee.

Rublee himself later called it a “sensational agreement” — and it was indeed sensational. Special arrangements between the Inter-Governmental Committee and governments of individual countries would guarantee the financial security of the migrating Jews. Training camps would be established to prepare emigrating Jews for new jobs in their future homelands. Jews in Germany who were more than 45 years old could either emigrate or remain in Germany. If they decided to remain, they would be exempt from discriminatory restrictions. They would be able to live and work wherever they wanted. Their social security would be guaranteed by the Reich government, the same as for any German citizen. As Rublee later noted, there were practically no incidents against Jews during the time between the signing of the agreement and the outbreak of war in September 1939.

The Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration, which was organized shortly after the Crystal Night, was based on the provisions of the Rublee plan. A parallel Jewish organization, the Reich Union of Jews in Germany (“Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland”), was established. Its task was to advise Jews on all questions of emigration and to act on behalf of Jews with the Reich Central Office. The two agencies worked closely together to facilitate Jewish emigration as much as possible. In addition, the SS and certain other National Socialist organizations worked with Zionist organizations to facilitate Jewish emigration. Jewish groups greatly appreciated the cooperation of the SS. For example, the SS established training centers where prospective Jewish emigrants learned new job skills to prepare them for their new lives.

With the help of the Transfer Agreement and the Rublee plan, hundreds of thousands of Jews migrated from Europe to Palestine. In September 1940 the Jewish news agency in Palestine, “Palcor,” reported that 500,000 Jewish emigrants had already arrived from the German Reich, including Austria, the Sudetenland, Bohemia- Moravia, and German-ruled Poland. Nevertheless, after 1950 it was claimed that the total number of Jewish emigrants to Palestine from all European countries was only about 80,000. What happened to the other 420,000 Jews? In 1940 they probably had no idea that later on they were supposed to have been “gassed”!


I have tried to point out just a few unmentioned aspects of the Crystal Night issue which, in my opinion, give a picture of what actually happened that is entirely different than the one generally accepted. I am convinced that neither the German government nor the leaders of the National Socialist Party instigated the Crystal Night. Ultimately it was not the Jews but the Germans who suffered most as a result of this event. Even persons sympathetic to National Socialism are still appalled when they think of the Crystal Night. Many are under the impression that murder and arson were quite common under National Socialism and that no Jew could be sure of his life or property. Nazi Germany was supposedly a country without any civil rights. The Crystal Night incident was indeed one of the darkest episodes of German history in the era of 1933 to 1945. But based on all of the available evidence, these demonstrations were neither thought up nor organized by German Party or government officials. In fact, they were completely suprised and shocked when they learned of the riot and destruction. The pogrom must have been thought up and organized by those who actually benefited from it and who wanted to create havoc in Germany.

Who could they have been? If we keep in mind the deep involve ment of the Jewish organization LICA in the murder of vom Rath, we may ask: Could the Jews themselves have hoped to benefit from a pogrom? In the aftermath of the Crystal Night, the world press became overwhelmingly sympathetic to the Jews, which is precisely what they wanted above all else. The Zionists in particular counted on worldwide support in their struggle against England, which then ruled Palestine as a British mandate. Jewish immigration to Palestine was strictly limited at that time by the British because of vehement Arab opposition to the arrival of ever larger numbers of Jews. As a result, the number of Jewish immigrants dropped in 1938 to the lowest level since the beginning of the century, when the Zionist mass migration to Palestine began.

To stabilize the situation, the British formulated a partition plan dividing Palestine into Arab and Jewish portions. Despite serious reservations, the Jews agreed to the plan, but the Arabs did not. They responded with an uprising known as the Arab Revolt. In March 1938 the British government sent Sir Harold MacMichaels as High Commissioner to Palestine. He succeeded in suppressing the uprising, but to appease the Arabs he promised to urge his government to abandon the partition plan and halt further Jewish immigration. MacMichaels returned to London in October 1938 to discuss his proposals with the British parliament. The scheduled date for the final decision was 8 November 1938, the day on which the Crystal Night violence actually began.

German Embassy Secretary Ernst vom Rath had been shot just one day earlier, on 7 November. The conspirators no doubt hoped that vom Rath would die immediately, in which case the anti-Jewish demonstrations would probably have also started on the 7th. Could someone have hoped that a pogrom in nearby Germany would influence the British to change their Palestine policy? Or that it would induce the outside world to exert pressure on Britain to open Palestine to the Jews who were being so terribly treated in Germany? I cannot give any definite answers. I can only speculate as to who conspirators behind the Crystal Night really were and as to their motives. To me it seems entirely plausible that certain Jewish groups were involved. The LICA was almost certainly involved in the murder of vom Rath. In any case, the Crystal Night incident was not an expression of the will of the German people. Nor was it organized by Dr. Goebbels or any of the other German leaders. On the contrary, it was carefully organized by people who worked in the shadows.


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From The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1985 (Vol. 6, No. 2), pages 183-206. This item was first presented at the Sixth IHR conference, February 1985, in Anaheim, California.

About the Author

Ingrid Weckert is the author of a detailed examination of “Crystal Night” and German-Jewish relations during the 1930s that was published as a book in Germany in 1981 under the title Feuerzeichen, and in the USA in 1991 under the titleFlashpoint. At the end of the Second World War Weckert was a teenager in devastated Berlin. After Gymnasium graduation she studied theology, including Judaic studies, in Switzerland. She deepened her understanding of the history and character of the Jewish people during numerous visits to Israel. Frau Weckert lived for years in Munich, where she worked as a librarian, and then devoted considerable time to historical research and writing.

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