Memorial Day: NEVER FORGET The 53 Jew Dead

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERSArt by “A. Wyatt Mann,” colorized and type added by INCOG MAN several years ago.

By Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

Some claim that Jews only start wars for goyim but don’t fight in them.

This is a truly vicious anti-Semitic canard.

Sure, Jews may start a bunch of wars, but they most definitely fight in them as well, valiantly. How could, according to the Jewish Daily Forward, 53 of the 6,800 American born soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan (about 1/13 of 1% of the total) have been Jewish if it were otherwise?

You might be thinking that more Jews should’ve volunteered for these wars, considering every single one of them views them as good for Israel, their Jewish homeland, and considering it was Jewish Neocons who started them to push a Jew agenda. This is a very insensitive way of thinking. Have the Jews not suffered enough? It’s not easy to brave a war after already going through a debilitating trauma such as the Holocaust, which ispassed down to baby Jews through stress hormones in Jewish breast milk.

Try having your family turned into bars of soap and then see if you’re up for a war to defend your homeland, you heartless goyim.

On Memorial Day 2016, the Forward salutes the Americans who have died in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — and reminds readers of the dozens of Jewish servicememebers [sic] who perished. Here is a look back at how we have covered their wrenching stories.

Of the more than 6,800 Americans who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since fighting began nearly 15 years ago, we know that 53 called themselves Jews. The Forward profiled 37 of those Jewish servicemen and women in February 2011 and 13 more in September 2012; since then, three more have died and have been identified as Jewish by such groups as the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

Did you catch that? Dozens, goyim! Dozens of them have died for your freedoms, even after a Holocaust, you ungrateful goyim!

It’s hard to even imagine what our country – our world, even – would look like today if it weren’t for these 53 Jews laying down their lives in the name of freedom.

Make sure you have a moment of silence for our 53 fallen Jewish comrades this Memorial Day.

Nay, not just Memorial Day, but every day.

Whatever you do: never forget the 53 dead Jews.


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