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John Kaminski — Rebel News June 23, 2016

Like the name of your jailer and the terms of your sentence


holo hoax

Why do the Jews do what they do? Who gave them their twisted marching orders? Why do they snicker so smugly among themselves about fleecing the gullible goyim. “Dumb, stupid animals” is how Henry Kissinger — seen by the rest of the world as “the Jew war criminal” — referred to the cannon fodder American soldiers who died for Israel, the oil companies and Jew bankers everywhere.

Why is it so many people refuse to see this single group of malicious misanthropes that has poisoned civilization for two thousand years as the greatest threat to our own current well-being?

Who are we? Slaves to somebody whose scams we fail to fathom? They are parasites, perpetrating their frauds under the putrescent color of law, forever sucking the life out of us, and derailing us out of our destiny as purposeful people, honest as the day is long.

Or could it be we’re being paid — in some preconscious autoengineered way — to assist in our own demise, to accept the sweet treats life has to offer if we can swallow the lies about the lives we destroy by our complicity in these crimes? And silence is complicity.

Or it could be it’s too late to talk about this, that the forces of nature may have been altered beyond the point of safe correction that could render all these geopolitical speculations superfluous if conditions of our existence change radically. If they do, you can be sure it is the work of the Jews.

Mostly we already know the game is rigged, and to fight City Hall is to risk your life, your fortune and your freedom to live in a manner of your own choosing. But to base your life on things that you fully realize are lies, then you know your life is a lie, and disaster is sure to follow because it inevitably happens to people who live on lies.

By decades of a 360-degree barrage of propaganda convincing us the Holocaust story is true, Americans have been taught to believe millions of Jews died in World War II concentration camps.

Fraudulent constructions made by psychopaths

“Holocaust is the greatest scam ever known by the human race so far,” he says without embellishment.

A weary certitude graces his penetrating descriptions of the malignant influence of the Jews across time. These psychos have been running the same scam for thousands of years.

As a little known Romanian historian, Olariu Constantin’s spectacular research into ancient history reveals his tireless tracking of the evil machinations of a sick cult. It also describes a rich history of his own clan which provided emperors to the Roman empire when they were known as Geats, or Goths. <http://www.ariminia.ro/en/industry-hoax-part-1/>

Writing from a mostly forgotten country in a seldom spoken language, Constantin’s penetrating insights into the ancient events of history reveal a chilling clarity about the behavior of that clan of parasites which has plagued humanity back to the time when merchants keeping accounts invented the art of writing.

In particular Constantin’s accounts of the Getic peoples on the western shore of the Black Sea and their relevance to the history of the Roman empire shine as a tribute to a long forgotten nation now vanished from the card catalogue of time. Yet the ghostly visage of the mighty tribe of Geats shrouds the citizens of weary Romania, a punching bag of a country that has been abused by everyone, including its own rulers.

In chronicling the history of his forgotten forebears, the spotlight Constantin casts on the history of the Jews reveals the devil that walks the Earth wearing a yarmulke. He nails the recognizable traits and recounts the hideous history of the poisoned tribe that has sabotaged and plundered the world since the dawn of civilization.

And as we’ve been consuming Jewish News throughout our lives, it’s easy to understand why now we are almost dead as a species.

Each new modern convenience or medical breakthrough tends to make us sicker, and weaker, less competent to survive in disaster situations. Many products contain government-approved slow-acting poisons.

Explanations of current events are always faulty, slanted to protect the unnamed culprits who attack the public and always escape because their accomplices run all the newspapers, and the public remains in the dark while the crisis actors get new identities, and perhaps, with luck, and using their invisible histories, eventually run for public office.

You’ve seen this horror movie before. “An unknown newcomer becoming a political star promising fresh ideas . . .” Hand picked by the puppetmasters.

And Hillary continues to rake in toxic millions through her foundation that corporatizes treason and feeds the insatiable war machine.

As most people realize, investigating the powers that be can be problematic. Constantin calls it “a time bomb that can be life threatening.”

This doesn’t stop him from concluding:

“Holocaust is a fabrication made by USA Zionist mafia. . . with the aim of establishing an Israeli stateand extortion of fabulous sums from the German state. “

Today, all these years later, the jackals, having consumed most of the body, are still picking at the remains of the carcass.

From a Getic perspective that saw the Khazars come and go, Constantin tracks the Jewish disease back through the millennia into their ancient playbook known as the Old Testament. He writes:

To judge the situation in scales of truth, I will bring the testimony they have written about themselves when they were struck by the arrogance plague, thoughts that belong to the prophet Isaiah, we find at 49.23:

The kings will feed you and the queens will nurse you. It will bow to the ground before and lick the dust of your feet . . . 60.5 when you see these things, you will jump for joy and your heart will beat and grow, because the abundance of the sea will return to you and treasures of the nations will come to you. 60.16 You will drink the milk of nations; you will suck the king’s breast . . . 61.5 . . . you will eat the riches of ancestry, and you will boast in their glory.”

After these quotations we must understand our own destiny, but after their sayings: from the fullness of their envenomed hearts they bring us to eternal slavery of divine order because they will be able to buy the leaders of the goyim, and the crowd will be kept only under the whip, yoke and sword.[. . .]

Constantine Olariu,

Industry of Hebrew Holocaust

chapter 3, The Yiddish spirit


In the Qumran “incubator”, where they became bosses after the year 30 in our era, by chasing the Essenes (non-Semitic, but mainly of Getic origin!), they conceive a plan to assault and destroy the world: Lord Gog of the land of Magog, Assyria, moab, Edom, the sons of Set — Egyptians, the sons of Japheth (Gomer, Gog, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meschech and Tiras), Kitiens (Romans) and other “disobedient” tribes who were there on the earth. Starting the revolt in 66 A.D., the first ones passed through the sword were the Cyrenaica (Libya) province’s population of 300,000, then 200,00 in Cyprus, following others as it was “written” in their plan.

All the ideas from these writings discovered at Qumran who plan the destruction of the world and its rebuilding by Judeans as absolute masters of the world, empowered by Yahweh — lord of hell, with a single religion as Orthodox Judaism” (may be found in many manuscripts), and is significantly found in the Communist Manifesto, The Protocols of Zion and the Bolshevik ideology . . .

The passage of time has not led to abandonment of those ideas that erupted with the same fanaticism once with the Communist ideology and creation of the first state of Khazar Bolsheviks in the tsarist empire. I give a few quote . . . in order to understand the alteration of history made by the Mosaics . . .

Destroy nations that rise up against three. And let your sword cut up the meat. Bring glory to Earth . . . Silver and gold to be in your palaces. Zion rejoices. . . . Let’s enjoy Jerusalem with songs of joy. Your gates shall always be open to let in the wealth of nations. Israel rules over all.

The depth of Constantin’s thought is about as deep as contemporary mainstream media are shallow. The great art of reporting is to be telling the truth when others all around you are telling lies and making a good living at it. From this porridge of corruption, Constantin is inflexible in his perception and zeroes in on the essence of the Jews.

The great art of these great leaders is to kill non-Jews with other than Jewish hands. Jews lead the fighting from points without any danger to them.

The epithets and their classical references roll off this writer’s tongue like a list of the wounded missing in action, yet these historical glimpses reveal the origins of how Jewish manipulation of reality figured out how to entrap the world into a prison of its own construction, when the hope of heaven got obliterated by the love of money.

Far too many of us today are feeling the pain of reading puff pieces about psychotic killers painted in a heroic light. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, chief executioner on the Highway of Death in Kuwait during the first Gulf war, 10,000 surrendering troops executed, typical Jewish/American performance — war hero!

Need more pain? It is collected in the scripture of the Jewish people and followed obediently across time. Also collected in the pages of Constantin’s work, the evidence of their psychopathological crimes.

Jewish people as a whole will become its own messiah.

The objective of Judaism in the extermination of the bourgeoesie.

The giants of Communist history were all insane.

And so are today’s corrupt demagogues eagerly kneeling to kiss the shoes of the Jews and guarantee the demise of America.

The rules of Jews:

1. Only jews have the right to be called people.

2. Only Mosaics are human beings, goyim are animals.

This is the age of Mosaic Eternal Vengeance, a fresh universal alliance of infinite evil. Josef Stalin wrote about it in Pravda in 1922. The Red Army will consider its Bolshevik mission accomplished when we rule the entire globe, he said.

Of the Essene disciples, presumably the Geats and ancient forebears of today’s Romanians, Constantin writes:

Only two things they can do of their own free will: to give help and do acts of mercy. They are permitted to offer assistance to those who deserve it, when they stand in need, and to bestow food on those in distress. To them, swearing is worse than perjury, saying that he who cannot be believed with swearing to God is already condemned.

The thrust of all of Constantin’s historical work, which has a breadth of knowledge across the many centuries, is this.

If Holocaust turns out to be false, it collapses the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Israel.

Then we shall know that anybody who still believes what the Jews says about their losses in World War II is actually working for the Jews and against the freedom of all peoples struggling to escape the worldwide clutches of kosher mercenaries cynically claiming to be acting according to law.

Recognizing the hoax of the holocaust shows everyone you are no longer under the spell of Jewish propaganda, and that the whole edifice of our government and society is a sadistic sideshow circus in which every fondest wish you can ever have will be granted, except for freedom, of course, which is the price you pay every day to keep from going to jail.

In case you were wondering, you pay it to the Jews.

Please visit http://www.ariminia.ro/en/

Further verification

Ursula’s message in English

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.









John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.


“How I escaped from the gas chamber” and other lies told by Irene Zisblatt

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Last night, I watched a new documentary entitled The Last Days of the Big Lie which you can see on the Internet here.  The title is a spoof of Steven Spielberg’s Academy award winning documentary entitled The Last Days.

Irene Zisblatt is prominently featured in the new documentary, as she tells the story of how she escaped from a gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Remarkably, Irene tells her story without showing any emotion.  If I had narrowly escaped from a gas chamber, I would not be able to tell the story without crying like John Boehner.   Irene shows no hatred of the people who persecuted her, nor does she even blame them; she exhibits no emotion at all.

For 50 years, Irene kept quiet about her time in Auschwitz-Birkenau, but in 1994, after Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List came out, she decided to tell her story. In 1995, she was interviewed for 3 hours by Jennifer Resnick while her testimony was videotaped for Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. Part of this interview is shown in the new documentary.

As a result of her Shoah interview, Irene was chosen as one of five Hungarian survivors to be featured in Spielberg’s documentary, The Last Days, which was released in 1998. A book, also entitled The Last Days, was published in 1999.  I saw the movie and also bought the book.

The photo above shows Irene Zisblatt in 2009, as she addresses students from Fairland High School, telling them about what happened to her at Birkenau and other Nazi camps. She is pointing to the spot under her arm where her tattoo was removed in an experiment done by Dr. Josef Mengele.

Other survivors of the Holocaust had numbers tattooed on their left forearm, but not Irene.  She was tattooed under her arm, like the SS men who were tattooed with their blood type.   Dr. Mengele himself did not have an SS blood type tattoo, so why was he concerned with ways to remove a tattoo?

Irene Zisblatt wrote a book, published in 2008, entitled The Fifth Diamond. The title refers to a necklace with four diamonds, set into a pendant, that she wears around her neck when she speaks to American school children about the Holocaust. As a survivor, Irene is the Fifth Diamond.

In the documentary The Last Days, Irene tells about how her mother gave her the diamonds before the family was sent to the Auschwitz death camp. She managed to keep them through all the time that she was in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and on a death march out of another camp, by swallowing them before being searched, excreting them, cleaning them and then swallowing them again. She said in her Shoah interview that she sometimes cleaned her diamonds “in the soup we were going to get.”

In the documentary, we hear Irene tell about why her mother gave her the diamonds.  Her mother told Irene that she might need them to bribe someone for bread so that she would not starve to death.  Apparently Irene never went hungry in the camp and she was able to keep all of her diamonds.  How were the rest of the family members planning to survive if Irene had all the diamonds?  Irene does not explain this.

Irene was from the small resort town of Polena in the Carpathian mountains; when Irene was a child, Polena was in Hungary. There were 62 Jewish families in the town; her father owned a business, but they had no electricity in their house, according to Irene. This was not unusual in those days; many towns in Eastern Europe had no running water and no electricity.  Irene now lives in a nice house in Florida, where her interview for the Shoah Foundation was filmed.

After Germany invaded Hungary on March 19, 1944, Irene and her family were put into the Miskolc ghetto. Irene was 13 years old when she was put on a train from the Miskolc ghetto to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp during the deportation of the Hungarian Jews in May 1944. She says that she was immediately separated from her family and she was the only one of her 40 family members to survive the gas chambers.

According to her story in the book entitled The Last Days, Irene’s father was born in 1908, so he was 36 years old in 1944, young enough to be selected for work at Birkenau. In the selections upon arrival at Birkenau, everyone older than 45 or younger than 15, was sent immediately to the gas chamber. Irene says that her entire family was gassed in Gas Chamber #2 on the day that they arrived, including her parents who were of working age.

Remarkably, Irene was not gassed, along with the rest of her family members, even though she was only 13 years old at that time.

The photo above is from the Auschwitz Album, a series of photographs taken by the Germans in May 1944.  In the background, one can see the chimney of Krema II on the left side.  Krema III is shown on the right side, about one inch from the edge of the photo.  Krema III is also shown in the photo below. Note the ten-foot-high fence around the building and the railroad tracks just outside the fence.  In her Shoah interview, Irene Zisblatt claimed that she was thrown over the fence around Krema III and into an open railroad car.

The photo above was taken by me in 2005; it shows how the fence posts curve over and barbed wire is strung over the top of the posts.

In her story of her escape from the gas chamber, Irene says that, when she was taken to the gas chamber, the room was full and she got stuck in the door.  An SS man had to fling her out of the doorway in order to shut the door.

Irene hid in the rafters until a young boy came to rescue her.  He wrapped her in a blanket and threw her over the fence around Crematorium III, into an open railroad car that was waiting on the tracks.  The train was bound for the Neuengamme camp where prisoners were being sent to work in a factory.

There are no open railroad cars shown in the photos taken in 1944 at Birkenau, but there were open cars on the “Death Train” at Dachau, which are shown in the photo below.

Irene says that she was around 4 feet tall and weighed 60 lbs. at the time that she was thrown over the 10 ft. fence into a railroad car.  This would have been quite a feat, but not necessarily impossible.

Could Irene’s story of her escape from the gas chamber possibly be true?  I don’t think so, and here’s why:  When prisoners were taken to the gas chamber at Birkenau, they entered through the undressing room, where they took off their clothes.  Irene says that she was naked when she got stuck in the gas chamber door, but she does not mention that she entered through the undressing room.  If there were too many prisoners taken to the gas chamber that day, Irene would have been stuck in the door into the undressing room, not in the gas chamber door.  The photo below shows a model of the gas chambers at Birkenau.

In the photo above, the undressing room is on the left and the gas chamber is on the right.  The photo at the bottom of the picture shows the cremation ovens that were on the ground floor. The Sonderkommando prisoners, who carried the bodies out of the gas chamber for burning, lived in the attic space above the ovens.

In her video taped Shoah interview, Zisblatt told about being selected for an inspection by Ilse Koch who was looking for “unblemished skin” in order to make leather lampshades. Ilse Koch was the infamous wife of Karl Otto Koch, the Commandant of Buchenwald. Zisblatt and several other girls were allegedly sent on a train to the Maidanek camp in Lublin where Ilse Koch was expected to arrive, but she never made it.

So what’s wrong with this story?  Ilse Koch wanted tattooed skin for her lampshades, not the unblemished skin of a teenaged girl.  There were plenty of criminals at Buchenwald who had tats, and she didn’t need to go all the way to Poland to find subjects for her lampshades.

Irene pronounced the name Koch like a native German speaker; she also referred to the Majdanek camp as Maidanek, the German name.

You can hear more of Zisblatt’s incredible lies here.

ELBERG LAWSUIT .Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, Caught on Tape Lying About The holocaust

Hunt, 25, who was convicted last year in the attack on Wiesel in San Francisco in 2007, claims Zisblatt’s new book “The Fifth Diamond: The Story of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt” is a fraud, according to the Sun-Sentinel.The lawsuit, filed on Oct. 6 in Broward Circuit Court, alleges that “Zisblatt blatantly stole other Jewish people’s experiences during World War II and passed them off as her own in order to further the Jewish political agenda and profit off of these fantastical tales.”Hunt, who is representing himself in the suit, adds that “the defendants must not go unpunished for tormenting Gentiles and instilling hatred in Jews using such hideous lies.”Zisblatt appeared in Spielberg’s 1998 documentary “The Last Days.”

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