Jew SPEW Videos….

Khazar, Ashkenazi Jews are big-mouthed, immoral people and totally self-centered hypocrites. Spiteful, up the ying-yang. Most of them are all for “Diversity,” NWO/Globalization, non-White Immigration into the White countries of the West (but never, ever in sacred Israel, of course) and having us FIGHT THEIR GD WARS for precious Israel (which they stole because they think God promised them the place).

They’ll do anything to confuse, divide and destroy the one race that most presents a real threat to them: The White Race. If you think about it, you’ll see this has always been the case.

Say one little thing about absolutely anything they, or that lousy evil country Israel ever does and they’ll scream “anti-Semite,” “Nazi,” “hater,” like the paranoid nutcases they are. Because of the Politically Correct muzzle installed on us by them, they fully expect you to keep your mouth shut no matter what they say or do.

They don’t give a damn what you think — they could care less — they’re the “Chosen Ones,” remember?

What’s worse, is that they’re not even the Israelites of the Bible. Say what? Yep, even that, too, is a lie. Go HERE and read up on the real facts of the matter. They sure as hell won’t tell you!

Just watch this hard to find video of the disgusting dyke Jewess, Sandra Bernhard, as she Jew-Spews on Sarah Palin. Read more here

No thumbnail but works fine. See it here and nowhere else!

Folks, this is typical Jew hate for White people. Figure it out — nothing but utter arrogance and hatred for the White Goyim non-stop out of their big fat mouths, 24/7!

Evidently, Dyke Bernhard, or ADL Jews, purposefully went and had all the videos of this removed wherever they could. But I did manage to find the above video at an obscure site, and captured it right before it was deleted. It looks like it was originally created as an on-line Internet ad, specifically directed at Jew elites infesting the Washington, DC area.


Jew rabbi Nachum Shiffren mistakenly tells the truth. LOL

Continually deleted from Youtube:

Feeling the hate in Jerusalem.

Liberal “anti-Zionist” Jews interview partying Israelis and so-called “American” Jew traitors visiting sacred Israel while on vacation (they love visiting their true motherland and often even serve in their army). Listen to what they have to say about Obama and Negroes. And we support these truly obnoxious people with our hard-earned tax dollars? Hell, Israel wouldn’t survive one damn year without brainwashed America paying them billions. In fact, Israel literally gets most of America’s foreign financial support.

Catch the drunk guy at the end who says he had a grandmother lost at Auschwitz — all Jews are trained from birth on how to put out that line of bull.

This video is titled “the wife of Victor Vancier” (original name of the Jewish Defense League’s head, Christian hater, Chaim Ben Pesach). I don’t know if she is or not, but she’s definitely one totally crazed, obscene JDL Jewess (note the Star of Satan around her neck). She sure scares the bejeesus out of me!

Totally obnoxious Jewish Defense League freaks causing a ruckus over something stupid on a city street. Word has it, that the funky red-haired big mouth with the bull horn is the “Mad Jewess” herself; who frequently comes here and makes the most inane comments, cursing everybody under the sun. What a total Jew byatch!

Just listen to the pornography hero, the Jew Al Goldstein (SCREW magazine), tell us what he thinks. Not only is the sick pig extremely disgusting (don’t watch if you’re sensitive to the foulest of language), but he’s obviously one arrogant Jew up the ying-yang. Note the other big porno Jews he talks about.
Sarah Silverman: I’m F–king Matt Damon. Like we care, you Jew skank?

Bob Saget’s (oh yeah, he’s a Jew) rendition of the purposefully sickening, Jew Aristocrat “joke.” They find this routine funny (it gets old, fast), but it really shows just how insanely perverted and scatalogical Jews are. Don’t watch if you can’t handle the absolute foulest language. You kiddies better not, either.

Dead Goyim. See a pair of sickingly arrogant Jews spout off about the funeral for a little old White woman (supposedly a friend, too). Jews are extremely disrespectful of anyone not Jewish (especially White Christians), but the lousy GD bastards have the nerve to scream bloody murder should anyone else dare say JACK about them. That’s how self-absorbed Jews are.

The Chief Rabbi of Arad and his followers screaming and harrassing some Israeli Christian women. These wackos are hopped-up “meshugge” (crazy) to the extreme about Christianity and Jesus. Note how these people do NOT look like the ancestry of people from this area, but Eastern European (they are the Khazar race who converted many generations ago). This is how those “meek” orthodox Jews really behave when Jews have control, like in Israel. Sorry SOBs.

Some crazy Jew rabbi telling his congregation that Jews are the greatest, smartest and most moral, kindly, etc. etc. race on the planet. These people literally tell themselves all the time that God gave only them the mandate to lead the rest of us goyim — Jews are so completely off the richter scale in the arrogance department that it’s breathtaking in scope. Note where he says they are only 15 million of them on the planet. They’ve been saying that line of bull for the last 100 years, even after they supposedly lost 6 million in the “holocaust” crap they go on and on about. These people lie so constantly and so big that White people just can’t get their heads around it. This is the actual, real-life “The Big Lie” that Herr Hitler was talking about, not what the Jews have always claimed as the Big Lie — the lying Jews have turned even this quote around on it’s head!


OK, so the censoring Jews took the last video out. Can’t be letting the Goyim get wise. But check out the above video from some crazy-haired, smug little Jewess creep telling us the entire Jewish race are the real Jesus (and even reflections of God himself). Can you believe the sheer arrogance? According to her, we have to come to the Jews for holy guidence and if not, all us Goy will end-up in the FEMA camps! Talk about some unbelievably stuck-up people.

Disgusting French Jew and his very own daughter sing in bed about the joys of incest. You would not believe the filthy Jew’s impact on morality in Europe — trust me.

Rahm Emanuel — a love song. Don’t watch this one on a full stomach!

My New Haircut — Jewish Edition. This flabby little putz thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Listen to what he has to say about the “shiksas.” These are truly arrogant and obscene people, not at all like they want you to think.

DELETED for some reason.

Jew York. Bratty, self-centered Jewess does the Jew rap! These people actually believe they are so funny and “hip?” Please. Just think about how they constantly scam America and manipulate us into wars — always killing non-Jews — not only Muslims, but Christians, too. These people could care less about anything besides their own arrogant Jewness and material possesions, while living comfortably in the West.


Deleted by Jewish Censors at Youtube. Can’t be letting the Goyim get the real deal.

The midget Jew, Robert Reich, Obamas economic advisor doesn’t want recovery jobs from Obama’s “stimulus” program to go to “White Male Construction Workers.” The proven corrupt Negro politician, Charlie Rangel, smirkingly tells Reich the Middle class won’t bother to do or say anything, since they are too busy trying to work for a living. Unbelievable!

Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

Shulamit Aloni, former israeli minister, admits that the holocaust and the “antisemite” accusation are used to manipulate those who criticize zionists.


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