One World / New World / Jew World Government….The Path to Global Enslavement

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

A More Clearer Version of the NWO Speech of George Bush SR !
One of the Scariest Moments of History Representative



December 15, 1922 – The Council of Foreign Relations endorses World Government in its magazine “Foreign Affairs.” Author Philip Kerr states:

“Obviously there is going to be no peace nor prosperity for mankind as long as the earth remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states, until some kind of international system is created. The real problem today is that of world government.”

1928 – “The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution” by H. G. Wells is published. A former Fabian socialist, Wells writes:

“The political world of the Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate, and supersede existing governments. The Open Conspiracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist enthusiasms; it may be in control of Moscow before it is in control of New York. The character of the Open Conspiracy will now be plainly displayed. It will be a world religion.”

1933 – “The Shape of Things to Come” by H. G. Wells is published. Wells predicts a second world war around 1940, originating from a German-Polish dispute. After 1945, there would be an increasing lack of public safety in “criminally infected” areas. The plan for the “Modern World State” would succeed on its third attempt, and come out of something that occurred in Basra, Iraq. The book also states:

“Although world government had been plainly coming for some years, although it had been endlessly feared and murmured against, it found no opposition anywhere.”

Nov. 21, 1933 – In a letter to Col. Edward M. House, President Franklin Roosevelt writes:

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

March 1942 – An article in “TIME” magazine chronicles the Federal Council of Churches (which later becomes the National Council of Churches, a part of the World Council of Churches) lending its weight to efforts to establish a global authority.

A meeting of the top officials of the council comes out in favor of:

1) a world government of delegated powers;
2) strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty;
3) international control of all armies and navies.

Representatives (375 of them) of 30-some denominations assert that “a new order of economic life is both imminent and imperative” – a new order that is sure to come either “through voluntary cooperation within the framework of democracy or through explosive revolution.”

June 28, 1945 – U.S. President Harry Truman endorses world government in a speech:

“It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in a republic of the United States.”

October 24, 1945 – The United Nations Charter becomes effective. Also on October 24, Senator Glen Taylor (D-Idaho) introduces Senate Resolution 183, calling upon the U.S. Senate to go on record as favoring creation of a world republic, including an international police force.

Feb. 7, 1950 – International financier and CFR member James Warburg tells a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee:

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

Feb. 9, 1950 – The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduces Senate Concurrent Resolution #66 which begins:

“Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution.”

1952 – The World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government draws up a map designed to illustrate how foreign troops would occupy and police the six regions into which the United States and Canada will be divided as part of their world-government plan.

1954 – Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands establishes the Bilderbergers: international politicians and bankers who meet secretly on an annual basis.

1961 – The U.S. State Department issues Document 7277, entitled “Freedom From War: The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” It details a three-stage plan to disarm all nations and arm the U.N. with the final stage in which “no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force.”

1966 – Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, authors a massive volume entitled “Tragedy and Hope” in which he states:

“There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so.

I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims, and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies, but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

April 1972 – In his keynote address to the Association for Childhood Education International, Chester M. Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University, proclaims:

“Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being. It’s up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international child of the future.”

July 1973 – International banker and staunch member of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller, founds a new organization called the Trilateral Commission, of which the official aim is “to harmonize the political, economic, social, and cultural relations between the three major economic regions in the world” (hence the name “Trilateral”). He invites future President Jimmy Carter to become one of the founding members. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the organization’s first director.

There are three major economic areas in the world: Europe, North America, and the Far East (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.). If, under the pretext of having to join forces to be able to face economic competition with the two other economic regions, the member countries of each of these three regions decide to merge into one single country, forming three super-States, then the one-world government will be almost achieved. Like Fabian socialists, they achieve their ultimate goal (a world government) step by step.

This aim is almost achieved in Europe with the Single European Act (Maastricht Treaty) that was implemented in 1993, requiring all the member countries of the European Community to abolish their trade barriers, and to hand over their monetary and fiscal policies to the technocrats of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

In January, 2002, all these European countries abandoned their national currencies to share only one common currency, the “Euro”. Moreover, the Nice Treaty removed more powers from countries to give them over to the European Commission. What begun innocently in 1952 as the EEC (European Economic Community, a common authority to regulate the coal and steel industry among European nations), finally turned into a European super-state.

Jean Monnet, a French socialist economist and founder of the EEC, had this in mind when he said: “Political union inevitably follows economic union.” He also said in 1948:

“The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step towards the creation of a United World.”

As regards the North American area, the merger of its member countries is well under way with the passage of free trade between Canada and the U.S.A., and then Mexico. In the next few years, this free-trade agreement is supposed to include also all of South and Central America, with a single currency for them all.

Mexico’s President Vucente Fox said on May 6, 2002, in Madrid:

“Eventually, our long-range objective is to establish with the United States, but also with Canada, our other regional partner, an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union.”

1973 – The Club of Rome, a U.N. operative, issues a report entitled “Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System.” This report divides the entire world into ten kingdoms.

Pope Benedict XVI calls for a New World Order

Pope Benedict XVI calls for a new world order.

EU Calls For ‘New World Governance’

Video shows Sarkozy and Barroso calling for a “New World Order”, “New World Governance”, “New Global Order”.

The EU and globalists are determined to use crisis’ to setup the final stages of what they call the “New World Order”.

CNN: “Barroso outlined no specific proposals but said a solution needed to be based on transparency, responsibility, cross-border supervision and global governance”

Least we forget with a crisis there is always a silver lining. for the elite few. historically against the general publics interests and rights. The current banking chaos lead the global banking elites profits being guaranteed by the tax payers and lends to global leaders calling for a restructuring and centralisation of the global financial system and currencies.

European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny said a tri-polar global currency system is developing between Asia, Europe and the U.S. and that hes skeptical the U.S. dollars centrality can be revived.

Biden: The ‘affirmative task’ before us is to ‘create a new world order’

Vice President Joe Biden calls for the creation of a “new world order” at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington on April 5, 2013. By Nicholas Ballasy… For media inquiries, contact –

Abstract: As  Illuminatus  Pres John F. Kennedy put it in 1961 the task of the United Nations is to rule the whole world, all the armies and nuclear arsenals are to disappear – except a UN army, to maintain the order of this new world order – and to safeguard the Illuminati total domination of the world .

This was the intention with the League Peoples conceived by Rothschild´s Round Table  and implemented by by his agent, Jewish Jesuit, Edward M. House.

Two other Freemasons and Jews, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Rothschild agent, Winston Churchill, planned  the UN in 1941. In 1945, it was launched. As a discussion club of the great powers, the UN has prevented big wars – and initiated many smaller ones.

Shamelessly,  EU superlodge Masonic errand girls and boys are publicly  showing their belonging to this small undemocratic clique behind the UN.

The UN is the political reconstruction of the Tower of Babel. These Luciferians – whose New Age religion has leavened the UN by Luci(fer)´ s Trust – have built their one-world in a pyramidal way – and the pyramid / ziggurate is the Illuminati symbol that the fellow travellers repeatedly show with her hands.

In 1950, EU Father Churchill called  publicly for this one-world state of his Illuminati masters. Two prominent UN bureaucrats have said that no one comes into the NWO, unless he swears to serve Lucifer. This is true of Freemasonry and the UN.

UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon praises the Rockefellers, who gave the UN the site in New York for the UN building and continually provide the UN with money – to promote this political pyramid in the interest of looting the peoples by their and Rothschild´s corporations as well as taxes (CO2-tax, CO2 stock-exchanges, direct national taxpayer money for the United Nations. Rockefeller and Rothschild merged in 2013).

In many ways, we can now summarize and find the many accomplishments of the UN. It has made a great leap forward towards his goal: to be the administrative bureaucracy of the no longer secret world-government clique. The UN now has a world police (peacekeepers), a World Court in The Hague and a quasi-world Parliament (Assembly annually). It is working hard at a 2-chamber UN Parliament – strongly supported by the EU.

However, the decisions for the world are taken by very few men – in the London City, the Vatican, which is closely linked to the London City, as well as in Jerusalem (Chabad Luba-vich and the Zionist Masonic King Lodge, B ‘nai B’rith).
There are 33 sections in the logo of the United Nations – and 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – not by accident.


TUNAbolish_US-Constitutionhanks to an evolution in international  (UN) law – which now governs the relations between individuals and transnational corporations and organizations – the idea of national sovereignty has eroded in many ways.
The complexity of international law – and the undemocratic way in which it comes into existence – is a grave threat to the freedom of all Americans. (Wall Street Daily 18 July 2014).  

Maybe the role of the United Nations was most precisely expressed  by
Pres. John F.Kennedy  in his speech to the UN general Assembly on 25 Sept. 1961   (Kennedy was out of one of the 13 Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines):  “The program to be presented to this assembly for general and complete disarmament under effective international control…would achieve…a steady reduction in force, both nuclear and conventional, until it has abolished all armies and all weapons except those needed for internal order and a new United Nations Peace Force”.
Thus, the Illuminati would have a completely free hand.

The UN is the political heart of the New World Order.
The UN Charter text was conceived by Mason and Jew Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, discussed between him and Jew and  Mason, Winston Churchill on 14 August 1941 (The Atlantic Charter) and signed by these two on 29 Dec. 1941 (Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill ”Declaration by United Nations” – later joined by Stalin and China).

In 1946, in Zurich, Churchill proclaimed: “We must build a kind of the United States of Europe”! “Let Europe arise!”  Therefore, he  – alongside with Coudenhove Kalergi– is called  father of the EU.

Now, Churchill was a bought agent for and funded by the Rothschilds and Jew Cassel  and here.

The UN is striving to become the real one-world government with a 2 chamber parliamentarian system – strongly supported by the EU Parliament.

The UN has played an important role as the venue of politicians to discuss their controversies, preventing or starting wars. The UN Blue Helmets were used as peacekeeping go-betweens in the foci of the world.
However, since the NATO unilaterally enforced its role as the UN´s military arm, the role of the Blue Helmets has been strongly reduced.

What does the sign, Illuminatus Lord Jacob Rothschild is making with his Hands mean?

Superlodge Masons like Angela Merkel are the bricks used to finish the building of the Illuminati Pyramid, the Tower of Babel.

Here the Illuminati pyramid dominates at a UN meeeting – and all world leaders wear a pyramid on their lapels , except Obama.

Merkel shows the significance of this triangle: The Lucifer´s Illuminati-Pyramid.When it points downward  it symbolizes the Great Mother Goddess, Lucifer´s wife.
– Video brought by
The Daily Mail 23 July 2016.

UK´s Theresa May belongs to the same cathegory of Illuminati-errand-girls  as Angela Merkel acc. to  The Daily Mail 23 July 2016. The Daily Mail writes:  ‘The pyramid is an important Illuminati symbol showing their few ruling the many on the bottom type power structure,’ the illuminatiRex website states.’The pyramid sign is seen by many researchers to be THE sign of the Illuminati.’”

theresa-may-illuminata And Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, EU Commission president, makes the same Illuminati sign, pointing downwards to Hell.




tower of babel

The Pyramid refers to the Tower of Babel – the concerted endeavour of mankind under King Nimrod to build a tower reaching into heaven. God stopped it, giving people different languages – and nations (Gen. 11:1-9).
The Illuminati, whose  God and here and here  is Lucifer /- Baal,

defy the creator by rebuilding the Tower of Babel in the sense of a one world government – gathering all nations under Rothschild/Jesuits´sway without sovereignty remaining. When their UN has achieved that, the capstone will fall onto its correct site, Lucifer´s / Horus´all-seeing eye will disappear – and the fallen star from Heaven, Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-14),  will illuminate the sea of peoples from the top of the pyramid.



The US 1-dollar bill with the Pyramid of  the back side of the Great Seal of the USA is to remind every American every day to finish the building of the Order of the New World. This completed New World is the United Nations. The Seal  is an admonition from Mayer Amschel Rothschild to his (1. National Bank) New World.

From the Canberra Times 13 Oct. 1950


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks on the eighty-fifth anniversary of the donation by John D. Rockefeller to endow the League of Nations Library, in Geneva, 10 September 2012
Ban ki-Moon also thanked the Rockefeller Family for its donation of the entire United Nations campus on the East Side of Manhattan for the Building of the UN.

I am deeply grateful to the esteemed members of the Rockefeller family and the Rockefeller Foundation for continuing the noble tradition of supporting (totally undemocratic) international organizations devoted to peace.
The Rockefeller Foundation is a shining example of global philanthropy.”

Is it, really?








The Marano-Jewish Rockefellers were always the Azhkenazi-Jewish Rothschilds´  right arm.

In 2012, Rothschild and Rockefeller merged into an uncanny hydra.

The UN Goals is Communist one-world government.
We already live in the G20 one world government acc. to former EU Council president van Rompuy 2009

Today, we can see the works of the Rothschild/Rockefeller UN to enforce the NWO.
1) One-World Government Global Agenda 21 and here  to change every detail in our lives – world Communism.
2) Brainwashing our youth  and here into obedient world citizenship withouglobal-citixenshipt
identity and souls – using the SatanicCommon Core educational system.
Here is Rockefellers system for global social education.
3) Homosexuality
4) Lucifer´s Trust´s Satanism to eradicate the teachings of Christ – andhere.
5seal-the-deal) Global warming lie
for the purpose of one-world government and general
taxpayer-looting and here and here – and tocompete with religion.
6) Racial miscegenationwar on the white race  and here – and destruction of
European culture  by promotion of endless mass emigration to Europe   of   Muslims
(UNESCO´ Rabat Commitment 2005 – implemented by the Danish foreign ministry as part of The Euro-Mediterranean Process and here  – to become the Union for the Mediterranean paving the way for unlimited mass immigration into the EU.
The UNFPA advocates accepting refugees. Bilderberger and Trilateral CommissionerPeter Sutherland, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, advocates destroying European population homogeneity through unlimited mass immigration.
7) Internet censorship

What is the real meaning of the UN?
Bibliothecapleyades: Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco on April 25, 1945 and completed a UN charter consisting of 111 articles.

A copy of a top secret document has been smuggled out of the Executive Office Building in Washington DC.


Parts of it are as follows:

On transfer of sovereignty to the United Nations,those who do not conform to United Nations authority will be considered RESISTERS and declared ENEMIES OF THE GOVERNMENT. Publi.c statements in support of the old ways and favoring continued United States nationalism will be considered ENEMY DOCTRINE

The PURPOSE of the build up of World Wars was to create a NEED for PEACE so that a UNITED NATIONS may be needed and then created as a (Hegelian) SOLUTION for establishing peace between nations.

A WORLD body of GOVERNMENT with a WORLD COURT and a WORLD POLICE to keep nations in place and to concentrate power into a few people’s hands. Whose hands?

This soon became the League of Nations and then finally The United Nations. If you look at things from a historical perspective, the U.N. today has implemented or is  implementing all the planks of Adam Weishaupt’s Manifesto from 1776. In 1848, Karl Marx wrote – paid by his cousin Nathan Rothshild – the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, which he copied from an article written by Adam Weishaupt in 1797. This article was named “How to change a Republic into a Democracy.” It is the foundation of what communist ideology is all about.

WUN-logohen George Bush took us to war in the Persian Gulf, he stated boldly that he didn’t need the approval of Congress anymore to declare war because he had a U.N. Mandate

There are 33 sections to the United Nations inner emblem logo (and 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Masonry).

The UN´s Luciferian character
United Nations Robert Muller is a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and associated with the Luci(fer)´s Trusta self-confessed Luciferian New World Order leader. Muller is one of the foremost leaders in the New Age/New World Order Movement whose #1 goal is to produce Antichrist so he can rule the newly formed global government (from his coming temple in Jerusalem).

Secr. general of the UN, Ban- ki-Moon is preaching Buddhism to heal the Earth.

TIlluminati-UNhe UN is an occult Luciferian Illuminati product. Right, the Illuminati pyramid with te missing capstone is seen from inside.

The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World summarizes the official U.S. plan fortransfer of all U.S. military assets to the United Nations – run by the US.

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