Angelina Jolie´s Perverse Luciferian Illuminati Initiation – Two sides of one Medal

Volunteer Marxist Feminist Aids: Promiscuous Sex with Muslim Refugees and Racist Warning against Blonde German Girls. Angelina Jolie´s Perverse Luciferian Illuminati Initiation

I have so often written about the Marxist, liberal feminists and here led by Super-Mason Angela Merkel   being the main cause of our societies welcoming our conquerors, the mass immigration of young Muslim men from low IQ countries.

The political correctness and these feminists are offshoots of the 68 sexual revolution of the Jewish communist Frankfurt School, whose aim is the enslavement of humanity in its Jewish ruled one-world government called Agenda 21 and here.

Here is a likely explanation for these women´s lust
The Daily Mail 22 Sept. 2016: “The British volunteer women ‘going to the jungle (Calais) for sex with migrants’ – whistleblower claims some aid workers have ‘multiple partners in a day’
It is alleged some volunteers are suing the camp as ‘a free for all festival’racial-mixing
Some aid workers said the allegations should have been kept private.

It was claimed that female volunteers were more likely to have sex with male migrants than any other combination.
One volunteer was described as having ‘a bad reputation’ for sleeping with male refugees and was asked to leave the camp”.

But alas. Since February, Europe has lost its soul and (Communist) values, building “fortress ” Europe, not letting so many potent young Muslim men in any more, as leftistDeutsche Welle´s Barbara Wesel laments.

BBell Pyramidelow from the West Balkan summit in Vienna: Merkel has now turned her downward pyramid hand sign hallowing  the mother goddess into an upward directed one hailing the Illuminati pyramid from the top of which her Masonic messiah, Lucifer, mating the mother goddess, is  to illuminate the sea of peoples (Isaiah 14:12-14)


Although most of you are atheists, you probably do remember the Torah´s story aboutEve in Paradise. She was easily tempted by/copulated with the serpent and in her turn copulated with  Adam.

Now this myth is pre-Abrahamic lore from heathen Mesopotamia – and by most of us seen as such. But to the Illuminati/Masons, it is dead serious: They see the serpent as the “Good” god who had man rebel against the “evil” God, the Creator.

HOTTMAJESTYTWELVE William Cooper:  “Very simply the Luciferian philosophy is, “Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the bonds of ignorance by an unjust and vindictive God in the Garden of Eden. They were set free from their chains (Evolution through “Primordial Knowing”) by Lucifer (Prometheus) through his agentSatan in the guise of a serpent (ancient symbol of Wisdom) with the gift of Intellect (Fire). Through the use of his intellect man will perfect the race (Anglo/Aryan) and will himself become God – promise of Satan to Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:5).” Any religion, church, organization, or People who believe they are God, will become God, or are becoming God is practicing the Luciferian philosophy of the Mystery Schools, and are acting in furtherance of the conspiracy.


Right: Prometheus in front of the Rockefeller Centre in New York. It was no coincidence that Freemason Putin held the recent Winter Olympics with plenty of Illuminati symbolism at Sochi: According to legend,  as punishment for  bringing  man fire,  Prometheus was chained to a rock there, where  an eagle is hacking his liver for all eternity!!

The Luciferian philosophy is a metaphor for the development of the perfected man (Marxist/Leninist) through the process of evolution by learning how to dominate and control nature (called science). The result (they say) will be the apotheosis of the raceof mankind and the elimination of all who cannot make this paradigm shift in the coming New Age.
The Soviet Union was the most perfect expression of illuminist secular humanist philosophy that has ever been presented before the eyes of an ignorant but gullible public.
Now they strive for enslavement of the human race in the new utopia. This will be brought about through deception, manipulation, and psychological operations which make up the art of illusion called magic.

Now this sex sickness is not just for fun: It´s part of Coudenhove Kalergi´s and Nicolas Sarkozy´s NWO racial mixing plan.

The Marxist feminists are even racists, working  to spread multiculturalism and the demonization of the Old World Order:
Stern 22 Sept. 2016 qbabyfamilieuotes a psychologist named Köttig (Unfortunately, the original article seems to have been deleted) in the Pharmacy Journal Baby & Family): “Dangerous are people who do not consider themselves quite populist, but  who, nevertheless, found themselves at Pegida´s Monday demonstrations, railing against war refugees and electing AfD.

How are dangerous  women and children to be recognised? The editorial team has diligently collected attributes: “unremarkable, blond, cute, engaged”according to the text that is  recognitionfeatures of right-wing extremists and their children.
The danger with right-wing parents, however, is that they would like to take over offices in the parents’ council or similar bodies.
The “Baby and Family” will finally provide concrete advice for parents who are cosmopolitan and good.

The text actually issues warning against girls with “accurately braided  braids  and long skirts”. That would already be a warning and a “reference to rightist parents”.
A hallmark that  is called serious: No American logos on clothing.
They sometimes attract attention  only after a long time, for instance because they are very quiet and very obedient.” So, good children do not appear to be what they once were”. 

To help promote this deception Hollywood and the MSM are indispensable
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is separating from star Brad Pitt. It is the  headlines  of the media these days. And how important!

YourNewsWire 24 Sept. 2016: It has long been claimed that Hollywood stars and other celebrities need to join their Luciferian and here and here secret society in order to establish their career in the cutthroat business and make it to the top.
It is well-known that Jewish-owned Hollywood is glorifying Satan – so that the head of theSatanist Catholic Church,  Pope Francis, has engaged Hollywood actors to help him win the World for Satan/Lucifer.

It is well-known that Hollywood, which is owned by Jews,  glorifies Satan. So, the head of the Satanic Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has engaged Hollywood actors  to help him win the world for Satan / Lucifer.

Here is how feminists in Jewish owned Hollywood are won to work for the god of the NWO of their Jewish/Pharisaic
YNW brings a video secretly taken when Jolie was 23 years old. In it she describes to friends how she and others were initiated into the order of the Illuminati.
She explains that she killed a snake as a sacrifice and was tattooed as part of the initiation ritual. During the Illuminati ritual you are tied up, raped, and tortured by other members. 

Indeed, Lucifer is at large in the Illuminati — NWO of the Pharisees and their offshoots, the Masons.

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