The Pope and the Third Temple in Jerusalem

  Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pope third jewish temple   A Call to Everyone in the World to Send a Letter to the Pope

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI in Rome requesting him to return to Israel — without delay — the Holy Temple Menorah, the vessels, and the treasures that were stolen by the Romans and taken to Rome when they destroyed the Holy Second Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70 ce. These Temple vessels will be used by the priests of Israel in the Holy Third Temple.
We are working intensively so that the Holy Third Temple will soon be built in the lifetime of our generation. By this act we are answering the prophetic call of the G‑d of Israel to His People to rebuild His Holy House on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem now, as Israel is experiencing the climax of the time of redemption in the Holy Land of Israel.
We have sent to the Pope a call from the G‑d and People of Israel to respond without delay. After the destruction of the First Holy Temple by the Babylonians in the year 586 bce, the Persian King obeyed the call of G‑d upon him and returned the vessels of the First Holy Temple which Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, stole when he destroyed the First Temple in Jerusalem. King Cyrus encouraged the Jewish people to rebuild the Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel in Jerusalem. He even set free the Jewish people from their captivity and sent them back to the Land of Israel. The G‑d of Israel richly blessed him for this:

Thus says the L‑rd thy redeemer….Who says to Cyrus, my shepherd, who shall perform all my will: saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be rebuilt; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid….Thus says the L‑rd to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held, that I may subdue nations before him, and loose the loins of kings; that I may open before him doors and gates which shall not be shut; I will go before thee, and make the mountainous places level: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: and I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the L‑rd, who call thee by thy name, am the G-D of Israel. For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel my elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me. I am the L‑rd, and there is none else, there is no G-D beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: that they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the L‑rd, and there is none else….” (Isaiah 44:24,28; 45:1-6)

Everyone in the world is called to also send a letter to the Pope asking him to return the Holy Temple Menorah, the vessels, and the treasures to Israel without delay. Please ask your friends, family, and acquaintances to also send such a letter of request to the Pope. We have included our original letter below to the Pope for your information. The address for Pope Benedict XVI appears at the top of our letter below.
Any person who writes a letter to the Pope about this matter will be blessed by G‑d and will have an important part in the historical redemption and rebuilding of the end-time Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel in Jerusalem. If possible, please also send us a copy of your letter to the Pope to ouor address below.
Thank you so much and may the G‑d of Israel bless you richly.
Gershon Salomon, Chairman
The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement
Jerusalem, Israel

[Actual letter sent by the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement to the Pope]B’esrat HaShem
With the Help of G‑d
February 20, 2012
Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City 00120
Re: The return of the Holy Temple Menorah, Vessels and Treasures to Jerusalem
Pope Benedict XVI,
A Call to Pope Benedict XVI from the G‑d and People of Israel to Return Without Delay the Holy Temple Menorah, the Vessels and the Treasures that are presently located in the Vatican, to G‑d’s People Israel in Jerusalem.
The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement in Jerusalem, which is dedicated to the rebuilding of the Holy Third Temple on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the lifetime of this generation that is now experiencing the prophetic end-time redemption of the People of Israel in the Promised Holy Land given by G‑d to Israel in an eternal covenant, is calling you to answer the call of the G‑d and People of Israel to return to the State of Israel, with no delay, the Jewish Temple Menorah and other Temple Vessels and Treasures that were taken away to Rome by the Romans in the year 70 ce after they destroyed the Holy Temple of G‑d in Jerusalem.
As you well know, in the year 70 ce the Roman Empire occupied Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the G‑d and People of Israel, and the Land of Israel. They destroyed the Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and demolished and burned the city of Jerusalem. They robbed and took away with them to Rome the seven-branched Holy Menorah and many other Holy Temple Vessels and Treasures used by the Jewish priesthood in the worship of the G‑d of Israel in the Holy Temple. Titus, who destroyed the Holy Temple and burned it, built his Triumphal Arch in Rome on which is depicted until today the Holy Menorah and other Temple Vessels carried to Rome by Jewish captives. Since this terrible event in the history of Israel and mankind, we know very well that the Menorah, the Vessels and the Treasures that were taken to Rome have remained in the vaults of the Vatican. Travelers and visitors to the Vatican throughout history have reported seeing them.
This is G‑d’s timing to return these vessels to Israel, and you are called by the G‑d of Israel to return them with no delay to Jerusalem to be used in the Holy Third Temple that is soon to be rebuilt. Today the reestablishment of the Kingdom of G‑d and Israel by the G‑d of Israel is the most exciting fulfillment of G‑d’s end-time prophecies and promises.
The climax of this prophetic time will be according to the Word of the G‑d of Israel with the rebuilding of His end-time Holy Temple on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem soon, in our lifetime, exactly as all the prophets of Israel prophesied:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it. And many people shall go and say, ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the G‑d of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths; for from Zion shall go forth Torah, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. And he shall judge among the nations, and shall decide for many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, nor shall they learn war any more. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts has spoken it.” (Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-4)

Israel is presently experiencing the fulfillment of all the last days and end-time redemptive promises of G‑d for His People Israel. The G‑d of Israel is rebuilding in these days, together with His Chosen People Israel, His Holy Kingdom in the Promised Holy Land that He gave to His People Israel in an eternal covenant. As we said before, the climax of this prophetic time is going to be the soon rebuilding of the Holy Temple of G‑d in Jerusalem by His People Israel exactly as it was prophesied by the prophets Isaiah, Micah and all the other prophets of Israel. The rebuilding of the Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel by His People Israel will have a deep significance for all of mankind. Real peace for all the nations will come to pass only when Israel rebuilds G‑d’s Holy Temple on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and fulfills the end-time call of G‑d given to His People Israel: “Build Me a temple and I will dwell among you” (Exodus 25:8).
It is the time for you to return the Holy Temple Menorah, the Vessels and the Treasures to Israel with no delay to be used in the Holy Temple of G‑d that is soon to be built. Cyrus, the ancient Persian King obeyed the call of G‑d during the time of the redemption of the Jewish people after the destruction of the First Holy Temple and he returned the vessels from the First Temple that Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, robbed when he destroyed the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem in the year 586 bce. The G‑d of Israel blessed King Cyrus exactly as He promised to Abraham and His Seed Israel: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:3). King Cyrus was so blessed and appreciated by the G‑d of Israel for what he did that G‑d even called Cyrus “my Machiach” (in Hebrew: “my Anointed“) (Isaiah 45:1-7). King Cyrus even encouraged the Jewish people to rebuild the House of G‑d in Jerusalem, set them free from their captivity and regathered them back to the Land of Israel (Ezra 1).
You are called by the G‑d of Israel to do what the great emperor Cyrus did in his time and you will be blessed and deeply appreciated for this by the G‑d of Israel. More than this, it will be for you the greatest privilege and considered as a major historical deed that no other Pope before you had the privilege to accomplish.
You are called to appreciate the major godly redemptive event that is taking place in the Holy Land of Israel at this very special time in the history of Israel and all of mankind. The prophet Zechariah in his prophecy described word-by-word the exciting godly event that is presently taking place in Israel. In the midst of his prophetic words is the rebuilding of the Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel in Jerusalem where the G‑d of Israel will dwell again in the midst of His People Israel:

Again the word of the L‑rd of hosts came to me, saying, Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; I was zealous for Zion with great zeal, and I was zealous for her with a great fury. Thus says the L‑rd; I have returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called The city of truth; and the mountain of the L‑rd of hosts, The holy mountain. Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; Old men and old women shall yet again dwell in the streets of Jerusalem, and every man with his staff in his hand for the fullness of days. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets. Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; If it be marvelous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in these days, it will also be marvelous in my eyes, says the L‑rd of hosts. Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; Behold, I will save my people from the east country, and from the west country; and I will bring them in, and they will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and they will be my people, and I will be their G‑d, in truth and righteousness. Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; Let your hands be strong, you that hear in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets, who spoke on the day that the foundation of the house of the L‑rd of hosts was laid, saying that the temple might be built….Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: and the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to entreat the favor of the L‑rd, and to seek the L‑rd of hosts: I will go also. And many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the L‑rd of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the L‑rd. Thus says the L‑rd of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men out of all the languages of the nations shall take hold, and shall seize the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that G‑d is with you.” (Zechariah 8:1-9, 20-23)
In the year 1990 the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement dedicated and anointed a foundation stone for the Holy Third Temple to begin the process of the rebuilding of the House of the G‑d of Israel on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and to fulfill the call of G‑d to His People Israel through the prophets Zechariah, Isaiah, Micah, Haggai and other prophets of Israel. This cornerstone was brought to Jerusalem during an exciting event and is waiting to be laid on the Holy Temple Mount through an historical decision by the Israeli Knesset and government in order to start the process of the rebuilding of the Holy Temple of G‑d. The Temple Mount Faithful Movement is doing a public campaign in Israel and all over the world to make it a reality in the lifetime of our generation.

We look forward to you answering this call of the G‑d and People of Israel with no delay and to return the Holy Menorah, Vessels and Treasures of the Holy Temple of the G‑d of Israel, that are presently in the Vatican, back to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the G‑d and People of Israel, so that they can be used in the services of the priests of Israel in the Holy Third Temple that is soon to be rebuilt on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The entire world is waiting for you to answer this call of the G‑d and People of Israel with no delay. All of mankind will appreciate this historical event.
We look forward to your prompt reply.
Sincerely in the Name of the G‑d of Israel,
Gershon Salomon
Chairman, The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful MovementP.O. Box 18325, 4 Aliash Street, Jerusalem, IsraelTelephone: 02.625.1112 / FAX: 02.625.1113

  Before the Black Pope’s “War on Terror,” (2001-2020?)
                                       After the Black Pope’s “War on Terror,” (2030?)
The Pope’s Finished Third Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem,
Seat of Government for the final Pope of Rome, who,
Upon Recovering from his Mortal Sword Wound to the Head,
Will Become the Abomination of Desolation; the Beast; the Antichrist;
As foretold in the Scripture of Truth by:
the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish Prophet (Daniel 9:27);
Joshua/Yeshua (Jesus),
the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish Messiah of Israel (Matthew 24:15);

the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish “New Covenant” (Jeremiah 31:31) Apostle (Revelation 11:1)



He (the Jew)  has always placed his main dependence on cultivating friendship with kings and nobles . What cared the Jew if the people gnashed their teeth against him, so long as the king and the court were his friends? Thus there was always, even through most of the severely trying times, “a court Jew,” one who had bought by loans and held by the stranglehold of debt an entrance to the king’s chamber. Source The International Jew

The poor jew always gravitate to “revolutionarypolitics .  You have a Rothschild cousin Karl Marx becoming the Messiah of the Poor The “Russian Bolshevik Revolutionaries” were similarly financially and otherwise aided by Capitalist American Jews

Thus you have the “Court Jews‘ on the one hand and the “Revolutionary jews” on the other …….. all part of the same highly networked tribe/cult/religious group

If world leader need a nudge to do the bidding of AL Judaan the “front line options” of Bribe Blackmail and Boycott are tried first . The money media and embedded agents everywhere are usually enough for most leaders who sue for peace

Sometimes things DON’T work out  Kings and democratically elected leaders sometimes just refuse to play along They even take steps that go against the interests of the Chosen Lot. Sometimes things go wrong with the “revolutionary” Sometimes goyim don’t wage wars for Jews in time sometimes they dont respond to Jewish propaganda Usually there’s ONE INDIVIDUAL a leader or a “gentile revolutionary” or a patriotic incorruptible local leader who becomes a hindrance Jewish assassination

At this point Al Judaan looks for a “fatal intervention” commonly known as an assassination

The Talmud  doesnt just discourage murder it actively encourages murder of Gentile leaders who dont play kosher tunes with the saying Sanhedrin 59A Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog (The Best of the Gentiles must be killled)

This is by no means a recent phenomena The Sicarii (1st Century AD) were a Jewish group which used murder, kidnapping and terrorism to support their cause.   According to Josephus, who is an unfriendly source, the Sicarii would hide short daggers under their cloaks, mingle with crowds at the great festivals, murder their victims, and then disappear into the crowd

One important charateristic of these assassinations is that almost always the Jews involved have local accomplices and help The assassinations would be dangerous failures otherwise which even the superb jewish media control would not be able to contain  Thus Kennedys assassination involved elements in the CIA and Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination involved the CIA and elements of RAW (Indian Security agency) Ditto for Gen Patton’s and Robin Cooks assassination


thpattonrajiv2big cookpalme150px-Annalindh

Kennedy, Gen George Patton, Rajiv Gandhi ,Itzak Rabin 

Robin Cook ,Olaf Palme ,Anna Lindh

The assassination of President Kennedy by the CIA Mossad and the Jewish Mafia (Lansky)

The assassination of Gen George Patton

The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by the CIA & Mossad

Robin Cooks assassination days after he exposed the “Al Queda”

The possible Mossad link to Olav Palme’s assassination

Possible Mossad link to Anna Lindhs assassination


bernadottePyotr Stolypin LOC 07327.jpg

Count Folke Bernadotte ,   Pyotyr Stolypin, Ernst vom Rath

The assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte by the Stern Gang

The assassination of Pyotry Stolypin by jew Dmitry Grigoriyevich Bogrov

The assassination of Ernst vom Rath by jew Herschel Feibel Grynszpan which lead to Kristallnacht

After the formation of the state of Israel assassination of hapless Palestinian leaders became state policy After Deir Yassin Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog became a very real and deadly policy Hundreds of Palestinians were killed Heres a list of 50 Palestinian leaders killed by Israel  PALESTINIAN LEADERS KILLED BY THE STATE OF ISRAEL

This list of 9 assassinated leaders and 50 assassinated Palestinian irritants to All Judaan is but a small sample of the policy of Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog

Satanic Jesuit Triumvirate: Adolfo Nicolas, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach & Pope Francis I


By Eric Jon PhelpsFebruary 8, 2014 00:19 UPDATED

Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolas 2009 angry

The three most powerful men in the world are Jesuit priests.  The order of their power is as follows:  First, “the Black Pope” and Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas; secondly, former Black Pope and Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach; and lastly, “the White Pope” and Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus Pope Francis I.  Pope Francis I is the first pope who is openly a member of the military order of the Society of Jesus.  As to national identity, Black Pope Nicolas is a Spaniard; ex-Black Pope Kolvenbach is a Dutchman; and the present White Pope Bergoglio is an Italian.   These three arch criminals under bloody oaths rule the world on behalf of Satan, “the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4).

What this means is these three men rule all the governments of the nations through the Black Pope’s perfected international intelligence community directed by the Jesuits from Rome through London and Washington, D.C.  All central banks are ruled by the agents of these men.  All the armies of the most powerful nations (US, Russia, China, Germany, etc.) are ruled by these men.  All the secret societies are ruled by these men.  All mafia families conducting every sort of organized crime are ruled by these men.  All entertainment and news outlets are ruled by these men.  There is nothing outside of their immediate temporal power, i.e., the power ruling the governments of all nations today.


The only One Who can set back their Satanic power is the Lord Jesus Christ seated at the right hand of His Father on High, and given all power in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18-20; Psalm 110:1).  The Body of Christ, being the true Church/Assembly of the Risen Son of God, also has the power to set back Satan’s “mystery of iniquity” imposed by the Jesuit Triumvirate.  For those in Christ Jesus, it is now time to act in obedience to the Word of God.  As was done by our Puritan-Calvinist fathers in Holland, Great Britain, France and America, so shall we do today.

Jesuit Rule of the Supreme Court of the United States of America


By Eric Jon PhelpsFebruary 5, 2014 21:09

SMOM, Magistral Villa, Rome, 1999

SMOM Grand Council, Magistral Villa, Rome, 1999

The diabolical and damnable Society of Jesus is in complete control of the Supreme Court of the United States via Jesuit Georgetown University.  There are now six Roman Catholics and three Jews loyal to Jesuit Pope Francis I making up “the Court.”  Two of those Jews, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, are members of the New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations overseen by the city’s Archbishop, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.  These Agents for Rome are all “Yankees;” not one is from the American South!  No Protestants or Baptists are allowed, especially Av1611 Reformation Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists!  The Chief Justice is John Roberts who, after casting the deciding vote for pro-socialist-communist/pro-cartel-capitalist “Obama Care,” immediately left the country for Malta.  There, for a job well done after betraying his “right wing” backers, Roberts was inducted into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta commanded by British blue-blood and Grandmaster, Matthew Festing.

SMOM Fra Matthew Festing 79th Grand Master 2008

Israel Warns: Europe Will be Destroyed if Anti-Israel Boycott Continues


Israel has released a threatening video, warning Europe that if they don’t stop their boycott campaign against Israel, their continent will be obliterated.

THE VIDEO, released by a pro-Israel PR firm, depicts ISIS militants destroying European cities with Jerusalem’s blessing. (ILLUSTRATION: Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel) reports:

The video was released yesterday on the Facebook social network by Hallelu, a little-known PR outfit dedicated to improving the international image of the State of Israel, and has already racked up over five thousand video views.

The minute-long video has high production values and features 3-D animation and a script with a pointed political message. The plot of the narrative is as follows:

In the opening scene, a massive boulder as large as an entire village, emblazoned with the logos of the Islamic State and the Al Qassam Brigades of Hamas, begins to roll down a hill towards a Disney-esque medieval municipality labeled “Europe”.

As it picks up momentum, a gargantuan rock-creature with a blue Star of David on its shoulder attempts to slow the ISIS-boulder’s descent, but is unsuccessful on its first attempt. The boulder rolls past a peak with an Israeli flag planted at its precipice and continues its descent down the mountain.

Looking weary but undeterred, the Jewish-or-Israeli-identified rock-creature leaps ahead of the boulder’s path and with great effort manages to stop it in its tracks. Though the rock-creature saves most of the city from being crushed to dust, the inertia of the boulder drives the rock-creature into the spire of a structure at the entrance to town, causing that one building to collapse.

In immediate response, signs saying “Boycott Israel” pop out of town’s towers and the city lets loose with a barrage of missiles aimed at the rock-creature, including a large rock inscribed with the logo “BDS” — a reference to the Boycott-Divest-Sanctions movement that targets Israel.

Though the projectile seems to cause no physical harm to the rock-creature, his facial expression turns to a grimace, and he elects to remove himself from the boulder’s path and allows it to complete its original trajectory, completely crushing “Europe”-town, before rolling right into a body of water and sinking straight down.

In the final seconds of the video, the screen goes to black and the viewer is told, “Israel is fighting your war — Support Israel,” while the heavy footsteps of the rock-creature are audible in the background. The clip concludes with a credit screen bearing the logo of the Hallelu Foundation.

The message of the video seems glaringly obvious: Islamic armies will first fight Israel, but eventually they will attempt to annihilate Europe; if Europeans don’t appreciate the way that Israel combats Islamists, and aren’t willing to accept the inevitable costs of this war of civilizations, Israel will abandon the ungrateful gentiles to their deserved fate: extinction.

Among the most-recognized names that Hallelu counts as “Foundation Members” on its website are three prominent patriarchs, columnist Ben Dror Yemini of top-selling Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Ahronot, Arabist professor Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Israel’s Bar Ilan University, and Greek Orthodox Patriarchate spokesperson Father Gabriel Nadaf.

Yemini has advocated rounding non-Jewish African refugees out of Israeli cities and into desert detention centers, in order to prevent Jewish African-Israeli women from dating them. Kedar has advocated threatening to rape the mothers and sisters of Palestinians in order to deter them from carrying out attacks against Israel. In recent years, the Israeli government carried out each of these proposed policies.

Nadaf leads efforts to draft Christian Palestinian citizens of the country into Israel’s army. A close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he was one of only six people to light torches at an official state ceremony for Israel’s “Independence Day” earlier this month. Days before the ceremony was held, it emerged that Nadaf has been accused of sexual harassment by several of the young men that he tried to draft into the IDF.

Two other Hallelu “Foundation Members” have connections to the Netanyahu government, as well. The group’s “Director of External Relations” Rena Riger was Netanyahu’s Director of Foreign Affairs while he was Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2002 to 2003. Also, “Foundation Member” Wilhelm Roth has also served as Chair of the Foreign Affairs Advisory Committee to Danny Ayalon between 2011 and 2013, when he was Netanyahu’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to Roth’s Linked In profile.

In the last year, the Netanyahu government has begun to publicly accuse Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions activists of posing an existential threat to the State of Israel, and has apportioned huge budgets to combat the phenomenon. Last month, a top ruling Likud party lawmaker, Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz, threatened BDS activists with “focussed civil elimination”. While the threat was vaguely worded, it suggested that boycott campaigners could face lethal retribution from Israel.

The first video to be published by the Hallelu Foundation, released just over a year ago, explains the group’s raison d’être.

Complaining that all previous public relations efforts by Israel were ineffectual — “we just really suck at explaining what the hell is going on here” — the clip’s narrator proposes that Hallelu be made the over-arching PR promoters of the State of Israel:

“Hallelu was founded in order to thoroughly change the way we think of hasbara [propaganda]. It intends to tell the world the true story, and has the exact plan of how to do so. At first, the Hallelu Foundation plans to become an umbrella organization for all Jewish organizations in Israel and abroad that deal with hasbara.”

The narrator goes on to explain that the group intends to not only defend Israel from charges of human rights violations, but to go on the offensive, as well: “Hallelu plans to start a series of unprecedented attack campaigns, the likes of which we’ve never seen, both in content and in range.”

Hallelu’s attack forces will target media outlets that publish negative reports about Israel’s actions, the video says. “A battery of lawyers will legally pursue any website, newspaper, TV network in Israel and abroad that will spread lies about Israel’s operations,” the narrator states. “The anti-Israel organizations will learn: they can’t write whatever they want anymore.”

Interestingly, the video also debunks one of the oft-repeated talking points of Israel’s most vocal defenders: that Boycott-Divest-Sanction activists hate Jews and target Jews just because they are Jews. “Has everyone turned anti-semite? No, they haven’t,” the narrator explains. “They do exactly what we would do in their place: they boycott, demonstrate, apply international pressure, stop tourists, investors, performing artists.”

Update: The high-quality animation component of the video was not an original creative work, but rather an enhancement of a sampled clip, nearly all of a seventy-second award-winning CG short called “A Tale of Momentum & Inertia” by Portland, Oregon animation studio HouseSpecial. Presumably, Hallelu would prefer that this fact not be widely known, and not only for reasons of legal copyright. In the original HouseSpecial animation, the massive boulder which destroys an Israeli settlement of some sort and the village “Europe” — identified as Hamas and ISIS — is actually inadvertently created by the Jewish-or-Israeli-identified rock-creature himself, when he tries to build a structure of some kind, perhaps an altar, on the top of a hill. If Hallelu’s political metaphor is then expanded to also include the introductory footage from “Momentum & Inertia” that the would-be hasbara mavens chose to cut, it would mean that in Israel’s efforts to build some kind of structure on a hill, it created ISIS and Hamas, which then destroy an Israeli settlement and the European continent.

* * *

Source: YourNewsWire

Classic Audio: Israel — Facing the Truth

Flag of Israel surrounded by U.S. flags

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following essay written by Kevin Strom was used as the text for an American Dissident Voices broadcast in 1993. Included is the original audio of that broadcast, which may be streamed or downloaded. It will serve as the first in a series of classic audio files that will be uploaded soon. Be sure to bookmark and return to National Vanguard to check for new updates!

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Listen to the broadcast (1993)

IT WAS a bright summer day on the 8th of June, 1967. The United States Navy intelligence ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, was peacefully sailing on the clear waters of the eastern Mediterranean. It just so happened that on that very day, the government of Israel was finalizing its preparations for the invasion of Syria which was planned for the following day. The intelligence ship’s full-time mission was the interception of all radio communications in the area, so a decision was made by the Israeli government that the U.S.S. Liberty presented a threat to the secrecy of their war plans. On that fateful day Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats attacked the Liberty with a merciless barrage of torpedoes, machine gun fire, rockets, and napalm. They attacked her in wave after wave, again and again and again. They blasted a 40-foot hole in the side of the ship with their torpedoes. When the Liberty failed to sink they sent in helicopter gunships and machine-gunned the lifeboats. The clear intent of the attackers was that no American be left alive. The attack took place in broad daylight and lasted for over two hours. Only when the Sixth Fleet had sent rescue aircraft did the attackers finally withdraw. All through the assault, the ship was flying a clearly visible and brand new American flag. Israeli reconnaissance planes had been tracking the Liberty for five and one half hours prior to the attack. 171 American sailors were casualties, and 34 were killed.

The official story put out by the Israeli government was that the attack was a mistake, and an apology was issued by Israel and accepted by the US. No action was taken against Israel for attacking an American ship and killing American soldiers. A conspiracy of silence surrounded this tragedy, and few Americans have ever even heard of it. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer and Secretary of State Dean Rusk stated publicly that Israel deliberately attacked the Liberty. Rusk stated in his memoirs “I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation…. I didn’t believe them then, and I don’t believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous.” Nevertheless, the media downplayed the affair, which, had it been perpetrated by any other country than Israel, would have been a cause celebre and possible grounds for war. The controlled media told us that the attack lasted only five minutes and that it was followed by an immediate apology and offer of assistance. Survivor James Ennes, Jr., who was on the Liberty that terrible day, recently stated “The official lid on this story remains almost as tight as the day it was first applied.”

Many survivors, soldiers, scholars, and patriots have had their doubts about that official explanation, and in 1991 their doubts were confirmed. Evidence released that year by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut included an intercepted radio conversation of an Israeli pilot who communicated with his base “It’s an American ship,” and his headquarters ordered him to continue the attack. Now there is no doubt at all.

James Ennes, Jr.: One of the outspoken survivors of the attack on the Liberty.

How is it possible that so great an atrocity has been covered up? Such a cover-up would have to involve large numbers of individuals at the highest levels of the US government as well as the cooperation of the major news media in this country. Such a cover-up did occur, and an investigation of the strange relationship between the state of Israel, the United States government, and the US news and entertainment media will reveal a key to the understanding of many of the problems that currently plague our nation. Understanding this key will lift a veil from your eyes, and you’ll finally be able to see the political power structure as it really is, instead of how the commentators and network executives want you to believe that it is.

The Greatest Parasite

The state of Israel can truly be described as a gigantic, swollen parasite fastened on the American people. Most Americans are not aware of how much money is poured from the US Treasury into Israel. According to former Congressman Paul Findley, “Each year, US aid to Israel exceeds that given to any other country. Since 1987 direct economic and military aid has annually totaled $3 billion or more. In addition, financial arrangements worked out solely for Israel bring the total to about $5 billion a year. This does not include such generous programs as the $10 billion loan guarantee granted Israel in 1992. US law provides for the termination of all aid, economic and military, to any nation that develops nuclear weapons or ‘engages in a consistent pattern of gross violation of internationally recognized human rights.’ For years, the US government has been aware of Israel’s development of a nuclear arsenal and its persistent human rights violations. But no president or Congress has ever taken steps to terminate aid, as required by law, or even reduce it….”

According to information obtained by West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, the total direct aid to Israel (again not counting many special deals, loans that are never paid back, tax breaks, etc.) by the end of 1991 added up to $53 billion. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would be much higher. From 1979 on the amount of money directly given to Israel totalled $40.1 billion. The amount given to Egypt, which in a way can also be considered aid to Israel since it is essentially a payoff to the Egyptian government in return for their subservience to Israeli domination in the Middle East, is the second largest amount given to any recipient. You may be surprised to learn that the total aid given to these two countries is more than that given to all other countries combined!

Now none of these figures include special low-interest loans made to Israel, many of them guaranteed by the US government. The $10 billion in loan guarantees made by US taxpayers to Israel is just one example of these loans. Now some of you might not know just what a loan guarantee is. What it means is this: If the government of Israel can’t pay back its creditors on time, then the US taxpayer – that’s me and you, my friend – foots the bill.

According to Paul Findley, “Since 1985 all US aid to Israel has been a grant, meaning that not a penny of it has to be repaid. [And w]hen Israel pays interest and principal on loans given before 1985, it does so with US tax dollars. This curious process began in 1984 when Democratic Senator Alan Cranston of California sponsored what became known as the Cranston amendment. It stipulates that economic aid to Israel each year will be at least equal to its annual repayments (principal and interest) of its debt to the United States. In the wry words of then Secretary of State James A. Baker III in testimony before the Senate in 1992, …’we can always pay ourselves back with the money that we appropriate for Israel to do so.’

“The effect of this amendment is to guarantee that Israel will always receive enough US aid to cover its debt obligations. In actual practice, Congress always awards Israel funds far in excess of these obligations. No other country enjoys such an arrangement.”

Former Congressman Paul Findley

Not Only Money, But Blood

This great swollen parasite thrives not only on our money but on our very life’s blood itself. The Gulf War was fought primarily to protect Israel’s continued military dominance in the Middle East. Iraq was never a threat to America. But it was a potential threat to Israel. Saddam Hussein fell into a trap when US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie told him that Iraq’s longstanding claims to Kuwait were merely an inter-Arab matter, and would not draw a negative US response if acted upon. You all know what happened after Hussein fell for that trap. Perhaps you recall the absolute hysteria in the controlled media when Iraq shot a half dozen or so missiles, mostly duds, at Israel during the war. Few bothered to calculate to come up with the fact that an equivalent number of bombs and missiles were hitting Iraq every few seconds. The controlled media cynically used us by making an appeal to our patriotism and implying that anyone who didn’t go along with the slaughter wasn’t “supporting our troops.” Americans died, Americans were wounded, Americans were crippled – all for the interests of a certain foreign nation. The leading supporter of this twisted crusade in the US Congress – top Israel booster Steven Solarz.

And the gulf war is just one instance of many. Americans died for Israel in Lebanon, too. You know, Lebanon provides an interesting parallel with the Gulf War. All Iraq had to do was to refuse to instantly comply with a UN resolution demanding that they withdraw from Kuwait, and shortly thereafter a rain of bombs and missiles was falling and over 100,000 Iraqis were instantly converted into cinders as they retreated across the sand back into Iraq. But in 1982, Israel brutally invaded and occupied Lebanon. No “smart bombs” rained down on Israel. In fact, Israel still occupies southern Lebanon and hardly a peep of protest against this violation of a sovereign state’s borders is heard. Israel’s history is a history of territorial expansion and some Israeli political leaders talk openly of “Eretz Israel,” which means “Greater Israel,” incorporating much of what is now Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. What you may not know is that while Iraq committed the New World Order “crime” of failing to obey one UN resolution fast enough, Israel has steadfastly refused to obey not just one UN resolution, but an incredible 69! Israel’s actions have brought outrage from a majority of the UN’s member states on 69 separate occasions. They have condemned Israel for the destruction of Arab villages, for the murder of innocent women and children, for making war on neighboring states, for refusing to withdraw from invaded and occupied territory, for killing protesting students, for killing civilians protesting being expelled from their homes, for a transcontinental bombing raid against Tunisia, and for dozens of other violations. And on 29 other occasions, UN resolutions with real teeth in them, calling for Israel to withdraw from stolen land and allow self-determination for the Palestinian people among other things, would have been adopted but were vetoed by the one dissenting vote of the United States. When it comes to the exercising of any kind of real power against those who violate UN resolutions, it seems that some countries are “more equal than others.”

Israel gets away not only with an expansionist foreign policy, but with repeatedly and endlessly violating the most elementary human rights of her subject peoples. Although Israel’s PR men would have us believe that Israel is an island of Western values in the Middle East, the truth is quite the opposite. Paul Findley quotes former President Bush, who stated in 1992, “This is a relationship based on a shared commitment to democracy and to common values,” and then goes on to point out that “Israel practices as state policy a number of measures that are illegal in the United States and other Western countries. These include assassination, kidnapping, expulsion, detention without charges or trial, land confiscation, and collective punishment – not to mention Israel’s long-standing practice of espionage against the United States, its principal benefactor.”

How They Do It

The power of the Israel Lobby is so great in this country that former president Jimmy Carter was prompted to say, after he left office of course, that no politician dared to oppose its demands, because to do so would be “political suicide.” They take our money, we fight and die in their wars, and, since both political parties are in their pocket, the American people don’t have any choice in the matter. How do they do it?

They can do it because they are rich, they are organized, and they have the power to suppress criticism through their control of the American media. Most of all, though, they can do it because we let them.

The primary Israeli lobbying organization is called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC for short. It is unquestionably the most powerful lobby in Washington. It coordinates the activities of over one hundred pro-Israel political action committees. AIPAC has an annual budget of $15 million, with 50,000 dues-paying members, and offices in nine US cities. If a Congressman or Senator toes the Israeli line, AIPAC can direct thousands of contributions into his reelection campaign. If a representative becomes “rebellious,” however, all that cash will flow just as swiftly into his opponent’s coffers.

The New York Times, which can hardly be considered an anti-Israel institution, described AIPAC in 1987: “[AIPAC] has gained power to influence a presidential candidates choice of staff, to block practically any arms sale to an Arab country and to serve as a catalyst for intimate military relations between the Pentagon and the Israeli army. Its leading officials are consulted by State Department and White House policy makers, by senators and generals.”

At AIPAC’s 27th annual policy conference in 1986 AIPAC executive director Thomas A. Dines revealed that AIPAC’s influence was so pervasive that Secretary of State George Schultz had vowed to “build institutional arrangements so that eight years from now, if there is a secretary of state who is not positive about Israel, he will not be able to overcome the bureaucratic relationship between Israel and the U.S. that we have established.”

One State Department official was quoted as saying: “We used to have a two-track policy [in the Middle East, considering the interests of both sides]. Now only Israel’s interests are considered.”

And it isn’t just campaign money that’s involved. As readers of Who Rules America, our in-depth research report on media bias and control in America well know; forces friendly to Israel and her international interests have effective control over the major television and radio networks, and the major newspaper and magazine-publishing groups in our nation. That is the primary reason why these news sources nearly always take an internationalist, leftist, America-last position. A strong, confident, nationalist America might not be friendly to alien control over so many of our institutions, and so the media bosses do all they can to make sure such an America never comes into being again. Naturally, their services are available to ruin the political career of any who would oppose Israel, or to boost the image of Israel’s friends.

If a Congressman or Senator toes the Israeli line, AIPAC can direct thousands of contributions into his reelection campaign. If a representative becomes “rebellious,” however, all that cash will flow just as swiftly into his opponent’s coffers.

A Time to Rediscover Freedom and Independence

Today the American government and our media of entertainment and information are literally helpless prisoners of this foreign power, the power that lies behind the nation of Israel. This sad state of affairs exists primarily because most Americans are too fat and too happy to bother themselves about the future of America, too willing to take the easy road of believing the lies delivered by the smiling newscaster as he reads his script. But some of us are willing to do the research to find out what is really going on, and to take seriously the responsibility which that knowledge places on our shoulders. We say, and as long as you are willing to support this broadcast with your voluntary contributions, we will continue to say: Not one cent to Israel while a single child or old age pensioner of OUR people goes to bed hungry and cold. Not one cent to Israel while a single one of OUR able-bodied men is without a job. Not one cent to Israel while she violates our laws, kills our soldiers, and steals our military secrets. Low-interest loans, loan guarantees, and loans paid back with our own money to Israel? Hell, no! Let’s give those loans to our own people, to real traditional Americans, to our young men and women just starting out and trying to raise children who will be a credit to their pioneer ancestors, to our farmers who are losing their farms to faceless banks and corporations. Where are the low-interest loans for them? Here in rural West Virginia and maybe in your part of the country as well, roads could be paved, hospitals and schools and libraries could be built, credit could be extended to our entrepreneurs – but “money is tight.” Despite the highest taxes in history, our government is broke and we are criminally mortgaging our children’s future to pay yesterday’s debts. Under such conditions, it is the height of insanity if not treason to be sending our money to Israel.

Since Americans have been so unconcerned about their nation, and unwilling to do the hard and dirty work of maintaining control of their government and their media, a vacuum has been created. A vacuum that the special interests have been only too happy to fill. And the Israel Lobby is the mother of all special interests. The parasitic organism has grown so large and so malignant that it now cannot be removed except by radical surgery. Our political system is literally paralyzed by the parasite, so we must now look to ourselves to regain our freedom. We must awaken our fellow Americans to their peril. This effective control of our government by a foreign power is the greatest peril that our people have ever faced.

There is a new book which has provided much of the source material for my essay today. It has gathered together, in well-organized form, all the essential documentation of the power of the Israel Lobby. And it reveals the hidden side of the state of Israel, the side that the controlled media don’t want you to see. It is by former Congressman Paul Findley, and is entitled Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the US-Israeli Relationship. Deliberate Deceptions will demolish the fallacies that prop up the illegitimate power structure in America today. Congressman Findley is retired from politics and has no partisan axe to grind. It is easy to tell the truth when that truth is a popular truth. Much harder is a task like Findley’s, to tell Americans the hard truth, the difficult truth, the truth that brings down the fury of that power structure upon you. If you are a thinking American who is concerned about the dangerous downward slide of our nation in recent years, you need to read Deliberate Deceptions.

* * *

From American Dissident Voices, October 23, 1993

Source: National Alliance

Edwin Wright: Zionist Jews Worked to Capture US Government

Edwin M. Wright (pictured) was an intelligence agent and State Department employee in the 1940s and 1950s. Though an internationalist and an advocate of a plan for bringing refugee Jews to America, he saw clearly the danger posed by Zionism. His account of Jewish crimes and manipulations makes riveting reading. His personal experiences of Jewish bullying (and even impersonation!) of Presidents and officials, vote-buying, and much more are absolutely amazing and convincing.

THE MATERIAL I gave Professor McKinzie was of a very controversial nature — one almost taboo in U.S. circles, inasmuch as I accused the Zionists of using political pressures and even deceit in order to get the U.S. involved in a policy of supporting a Zionist, theocratic, ethnically exclusive and ambitious Jewish State. I, and my associates in the State Department, felt this was contrary to U.S. interests and we were overruled by President Truman…

Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists have frequently used the Hebrew Bible as an authority for justifying a Jewish State. As late as summer 1976, Candidate Jimmy Carter stated, ‘I am pro-Israeli, not because of political expediency, but because I believe Israel is the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.’

So the Bible– and belief that it is God’s Holy Word and infallible, became a useful tool in Zionist propaganda. I take the point of view that the Bible is a mixture of Hebrew legends and myths and cannot be used as an element in U.S. foreign policy.

The Zionists were very successful in using religion for political purposes. This is prohibited by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which states the Government should recognize no ‘religous establishment.’ In the case of Zionism and Israel, the U.S. has recognized and supported a religious establishment–viz: the State of Israel which in turn discriminates against all non-Jewish religions.

Zionists, since Truman’s decision in 1947-48, have lived in a Fool’s Paradise. They assumed their control of the US government, press and public was permanent and based an ‘moral’ values — therefore, the US at all times would give Israel total support. Zionists seem to live in a dream world of their own creation and think the rest of the world should accept their dream. They seem quite incapable of facing reality.

Esther got her Gentile King drunk, then wheedled his signet ring and sent out an order to the Jews–so they slew 75,000 innocent Persians (Esther 9:16). The Book of Esther is not history. It is parody. The Ahasuerus of Esther is probably the Seleucid King Antiochus IV Epiphanes (165 B.C.) and Mordechai is probably a symbol for Judas Maccabeus. Esther represents the beautiful dream of a Messianic Jewish State. There is a lesson nevertheless in this immoral and violent story. A political marriage of any political power with Messianic Zionism is certain to produce disaster.

Time is vindicating the point of view of those State Department specialists whom Truman said he could not trust because they were ‘anti-Semitic.’

The third step in Zionism was that they must have large enough a state in order to keep the whole Jewish population there. At that time there were about fourteen million Jews, and now that meant owning a very large territory. It is not brought out in Zionist propaganda in America, but what they claim is all the territory from the Suez Canal clear north to the mountains of Cappadocia, in southern Turkey. [Statement by Herzl. Also see Numbers 34; Genesis 15:18, Joshua 13, II Samuel 8:5-6.] It includes all of Lebanon, much of Syria, Jordan, and Sinai. This is the territory they call ‘Eretz Israel,’ the land of Israel, which is mentioned in the Bible.

I might mention here that I have found Zionism very deceitful. There is a double meaning in all the words Zionists use, and [Chaim] Weizmann himself said one time, ‘Let the British or anyone else talk about Zionism and they can use our terminology, but we know what the meaning of it is. It has one meaning to us, one meaning to the Gentiles.’ They’ve always had this double-entendre in everything that they have done. Whenever they use words you have to try to find out what is the context in which they are using these words.

Domestic issues are not based on intelligence, but on self interest of a smaller group, and I think in this connection I think I should mention specifically two. One was what we called the China Lobby, a very odd and indiscriminate group of people who never were really organized, but had a tremendous influence upon government. They eventually were captured by Senator [Joseph R.] McCarthy. The other were the Zionists, who were more organized. They had been working for a long time to capture the U.S. Government; to use it for purposes of developing a Jewish state. In other words, we had two lobby groups in America who knew little about the area at all, who had certain ideological concepts of society and America. When the people from the fields reported what was unpopular to these groups, they were fired.

…when the election was coming up in 1946 in New York, the group of New York Jews called upon Mr. Truman. [Alan Taylor, op. cit. p.93] Emmanuel Cellar was the head of this committee. Rabbi Steven Wise and several others were in it. They called upon Mr. Truman and said, ‘We have just been talking with Mr. [Tom] Thomas Dewey. He is willing to come out and declare for a Jewish state, and we are going to turn our money and urge the Jews to vote for him unless you beat him to it.’ Then Emmanuel Cellar pounded upon Mr. Truman’s desk and said, ‘And if you don’t come out for a Jewish state we’ll run you out of town.’

Henry Byroade made a talk in Philadelphia in April 1954. …In it he made this statement: ‘I have some advice for both Arabs and for Jews. Israel should think of itself as a state living in the Middle East and that it must live with its Arab neighbors. The Arabs must cease to think of themselves as wanting to destroy Israel and should come to terms with Israel itself.’ …The next morning Henry Byroade got a call from Nathan Goldman, who was in California. [Nathan Goldman was president of the World Jewish Congress and many years president of the World Zionist Organization…] He used his first name and said, ‘Hank, did you make that speech in Philadelphia that was reported in the papers today?’

Byroade said, ‘Yes, I made that speech.’

He said, ‘We will see to it that you’ll never hold another good position.’

The Zionists are organized in 17 (now 31) different committees and groups in America. They are all inter-related by what’s called the Association of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. These are the presidents of the 31 Zionist organizations. All they have to do is to send in a letter to any one of them and these 31 will reproduce it in mimeograph and send it out to all their organizations. As a result of one letter you’ll get hundreds of replies coming in attacking me. This is the type of constant fear that a Government official lives under because of the mimeograph machine and the xerox machine.

Mr. Truman himself has the most remarkable of all statements in there, a memo that’s quoted, in which he says, ‘Something’s going on and I don’t know what it is. Somebody called up the President of Haiti and he said that it was I. [F.R.U.S., 1947 , Vol. V, p. 1309.] He said, “We want you to vote for the Zionist program.” As a result the President of Haiti changed his vote to satisfy what he thought was me. I don’t know who this fellow was that called him up.’

In other words, somebody impersonated President Truman and threatened the President of Haiti. There were people who used President Truman’s voice and name and he didn’t know who they were. The State Department never found out who they were, but this is the way decisions are made in Washington. I think I know who that fellow was. It was Robert Nathan, because I met Robert Nathan frequently at the U.N. I had met him out in the Middle East, and he was the one who was running to the telephone booth and calling up the President of Liberia, calling up Costa Rica, telling them, “Unless you will vote for our program, we will see to it that the American interhighway system is not built through your country.” These people assumed that Nathan and Co. were acting for America and nobody had consulted them at all. This kind of thing went on at the U.N. and in Washington and if you want the documentary proof of it, it’s in Mr. Truman’s statement.

Before I read this statement of Mr. Truman’s I’ll have to explain what the situation was. There was tremendous pressure upon the governments of other countries to vote for the partition program, which the Zionists had accepted. I was at the U.N. and was Mr. Henderson’s assistant and was there when he read some of these memos. I was reporting back to the State Department what was happening at the U.N.

There were a number of Jewish Zionists at the U.N., like Robert Nathan, Bernard Baruch, and various other people, who were calling up the chiefs of other states and saying, “Unless you vote for this partition program, the United States will not build a road in your country; will not help you in aid or will not do something else.” They were pretending they had the authority of the President of the United States to determine policy, when they were just one individual operating on their own. They had no authority, no official position, but they were using the importance of the United States as a threat against these countries.

That’s an official document. Somebody represented himself as the President of the United States to some foreign countries. This was the kind of threat that the Zionists used to change votes at that last session when finally it was voted by a small majority of two or three.

It’s very rare that a country of which no boundaries are known is recognized. There are also other questions: When you recognize a state do you recognize its claims to people outside the state? The Zionists have always claimed that the Jewish nation is wherever a Jew is, anywhere in the world. Every Jew, therefore, is part of this Jewish nation. Golda Meir repeated this when they asked her what the boundaries of Israel are. She said, ‘Wherever there’s a Jew, there is Israel. It’s not a line on a map.’

‘Constantly they kept asking me, “Why does the United States behave this way?” I couldn’t explain it to them.’

Nobody can explain it, because you’ve got to know how they buy congressional and senatorial votes through speeches; how they control the five electoral states, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc. You have to understand the weighting of the Jewish vote in America and the contribution to the party systems. By the time we explained that to Arabs they’d say, ‘But aren’t you corrupt?’

The answer is, ‘Yes, we’re corrupt.’

Read the full article at The Truman Library

Austria: Jews Forbid Long List of License Plate Number and Letter Combinations


This is hilarious, and Austrian patriots should prank the censors by coming up with 100,000 new “secret codes” that will then be forbidden too.

AUSTRIA is cracking down on personalised number plates used by neo-Nazis, by banning lesser-known codes with hidden far-right symbolism. (ILLUSTRATION: Austria was joined to Nazi Germany from 1938-1945.)

Letter combinations such as HJ or NS — denoting Hitler Youth and National Socialism — have long been prohibited on personalised plates in Austria.

Now transport officials have published a list of more than 30 more cryptic codes that have been banned.

They include number combinations such as 88, which represents “Heil Hitler”.

New legislation, which came into force on Thursday, also outlaws the use of IS or ISIS on personalised number plates in a bid to stop people showing their support for the Islamic State group.

‘No Place in Society’

“It has been forbidden to have obvious Nazi number plates since personalised plates went on sale in 1989,” a spokeswoman for Austria’s transport ministry told the BBC.

“But then we learned that the far-right scene is moving away from the more obvious codes to more hidden ones.

“So we had to change the law. Civil servants deciding if someone can choose a certain number plate now know which codes are being used by the far-right scene.”

Combinations no longer allowed include:

  • BH — Blood and Honour
  • 420 — 20 April, Hitler’s birthday
  • 1919 — meaning SS, as S is the 19th letter in the alphabet
  • WAW — White Aryan War
  • FG — Fuehrer’s Geburtstag (leader’s birthday)
  • 88 — Heil Hitler, due to where H comes in the alphabet

Only new number plates will be affected by the change in the law.

Abbreviations now outlawed include FG, which stands for “Fuehrer’s Geburtstag”, meaning “leader’s birthday”, and WP for “white power”.

Normal number plates in Austria -- as shown -- are generated automatically by region, but some motorists choose their own.
Normal number plates in Austria — as shown — are generated automatically by region, but some motorists choose their own.

Number combinations have not previously been included, but now codes such as 18 — meaning ‘Adolf Hitler’ because of where A and H come in the alphabet — are also now prohibited.

The new list was compiled in co-operation with the Mauthausen Committee, an organisation representing former concentration camp prisoners. Officials say it is not exhaustive.

Austrian Transport Minister Alois Stoeger, who pushed for the law change, has said: “National Socialist ideology has no place in our society.”

More than half a million Austrians have currently personalised licence plates, according to Austria’s public broadcaster, ORF.

The move in Austria follows similar efforts in Germany to crack down on neo-Nazi symbols.

In Germany, the law says that number plates must not offend public morals. Each state has its own list of banned combinations, and some are stricter than others.

But attempts to introduce a federal solution, similar to that in Austria, have been unsuccessful so far.

* * *

Source: BBC

German Translation Published: The Unholy War, Der Unheilige Krieg

911 AttackAS DER SCHWERTER, a patriotic German-language Web site, has published a translation of Kevin Alfred Strom’s American Dissident Voices program, “The Unholy War.” The German translation follows:

Ich schreibe diese Sendung am 11. September 2014, dem dreizehnten Jahrestag der 9/11-Anschläge. Heute wäre auch der 81. Geburtstag von Dr. William Pierce gewesen, dem Gründer der National Alliance. 1994 wies Dr. Pierce uns auf den Seiten von National Vanguard darauf hin, daß der jüdische „heilige Krieg“ gegen nichtjüdische Semiten im Nahen Osten, oft unter Einsatz von Amerikanern als Kanonenfutter, sich bis zu dem Punkt aufheize, daß amerikanische Arbeiter „aus hohen Gebäuden draußen bleiben sollten“, wie dem World Trade Center – eine Bemerkung, die sich sieben Jahre später als recht vorausahnend erwies.

Früher am heutigen Tag sprach ich mit einem Mann, der völlig frustriert von Amerikas jahrzehntelanger Verwicklung in nahöstliche Kriege und von den terroristischen Rückwirkungen, die das nach sich zieht – und angesichts einer der frommen „Wir müssen uns 9/11 erinnern“-Botschaften des Establishments – mit der Äußerung herausplatzte: „Wir können am besten gedenken, indem wir jeden einzelnen von dem verdammten Moslemungeziefer vom Antlitz der Erde tilgen!“

Ich antwortete: „Und dich dazu zu bringen, daß du das denkst, ist genau der Grund, warum dieser Terrorakt ausgeführt wurde. Ich stimme schon zu, daß die Einwanderung nichtweißer Moslems gestoppt und dann umgekehrt werden sollte. Sie sind nicht kompatibel mit unserer Rasse oder Zivilisation. Aber diejenigen, die in ihren Heimatländern bleiben, sollten in Ruhe gelassen werden, und die schändlichen Morde an ihnen und die Invasionen in ihren Heimatländern, alles ausgeführt im Interesse von Israel, sollten sofort gestoppt werden.“

Ich erläuterte auch kurz, daß es eine israelische Verwicklung in die 9/11-Anschläge gab – die herbeigeführt oder allermindestens zugelassen und gefördert wurden, mit dem ausdrücklichen Zweck, einen neuen Krieg anzufangen – mit den Vereinigten Staaten auf eine Seite und Israels vermeintlichen Feinden auf der anderen.

Mein frustrierter Freund wischte meine Erläuterungen beiseite und sagte, die Israelis wären ihm auch scheißegal, und von ihm aus sollten wir Atomwaffen einsetzen, um den ganzen Nahen Osten zu einer Glasplatte zu machen.

Ich verstehe seine Frustration und seinen Zorn. Familienmitglieder und Freunde von ihm sind in dieser anscheinend endlosen Serie von Kriegen gestoben – der längsten in unserer Geschichte, ohne Ende in Sicht. Es gibt zweifellos Millionen von Amerikanern, die genauso fühlen. Aber ohne auch nur ein Grundverständnis davon, wie sie durch Tricks und Manipulation dazu gebracht wurden, jemand anderes’ „heiligen Krieg“ zu führen, sind sie machtlos, etwas gegen ihre erbärmliche Knechtschaft zu tun, eine Knechtschaft sogar bis in den Tod.

Hören Sie also zu – und gewinnen Sie etwas Verständnis.

Der Mossad, Israels Geheimdienst, beschattete die Terroristen von 9/11 – und ermutigte sie wahrscheinlich und kontrollierte sie in gewissem Ausmaß – und warnte nie das amerikanische Volk. Haben Sie von dem Spionagering der „israelischen Kunststudenten“ gehört? Wahrscheinlich nicht, obwohl es möglicherweise der größte Spionagering ist, der jemals auf amerikanischem Boden geschnappt wurde – insgesamt etwa 200 Agenten. Der Spionagering wurde hochgenommen, und viele seiner Agenten, die Informationen über das amerikanische Militär, die Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) und andere Regierungseinrichtungen und Gebäude gesammelt hatten, wurden geschnappt. Es wurde später enthüllt, daß ein volles Drittelder gefangenen israelischen Spione in denselben Gemeinden in Florida und New Jersey wohnten wie die 9/11-Entführer – und daß fünf von ihnen in den Monaten unmittelbar vor den Anschlägen in derselben Straße wohnten wie Mohammed Atta.

Es ist wichtig zu betonen, daß das nicht irgendeine spinnerte Verschwörungstheorie ist: Dies ist die Art von Verhalten, das Geheimdienste und Geheimpolizeibehörden normalerweise praktizieren – es ist das, was sie tun. Ein riesiger Prozentanteil der „wegen Terror Verhafteten“ des FBI sind zum Beispiel Regierungsagenten, die Gruppen radikaler Moslems infiltrieren und dann finanzieren, sie anspornen und zu illegalen Handlungen verleiten, oft mit von der US-Regierung selbst gelieferten Waffen, für die die unglücklichen Sündenböcke die Agenten oft bezahlen, wenn die Handschellen und Kameraverschlüsse gleichzeitig klicken. Zu jedem beliebigen Zeitpunkt haben nicht nur das FBI und die CIA und MI5, sondern auch, da können Sie sicher sein, der Mossad Dutzende oder Hunderte teils echte, teils falsche radikale Gruppen, die sie „führen“. Diese gekaperten Gruppen stehen nicht nur unter nahezu totaler Überwachung, sondern auch unter einem bedeutenden Maß an tatsächlicher Kontrolle. Sie werden nicht nur für Schauprozesse benutzt, um zu zeigen, daß die Behörde „den Terror bekämpft“, sondern können leicht als Sündenböcke bei der Begehung gewalttätiger oder anderer illegaler Taten benutzt werden, die die Behörde selbst nicht zu begehen wagt, aber dennoch als Teil irgendeines breiteren Planes ausgeführt haben will.

Am 21. Dezember 2001 reichte der investigative Reporter Carl Cameron vom Fox News Channel einen Bericht über die Verhaftung von sechzig israelischen Spionen durch das FBI und andere Ermittler der Regierung, die die Ereignisse des 11. September untersuchten, ein, von denen einige verdächtigt wurden, vorab von den Anschlägen gewußt zu haben. Dem Bericht zufolge waren über 140 Geheimdienstagenten des jüdischen Staates, von denen viele sich als „israelische Kunststudenten“ ausgaben und manche als Straßen- und Kioskverkäufer, in einer früheren Phase der Ermittlungen verhaftet worden, die vor dem 11. September begannen. Diese 200 israelischen Spione wurden als nur die Spitze des Eisbergs einer „sehr aggressiven“ israelischen Geheimdienstoperation gegen die Vereinigten Staaten betrachtet – eines der größten Spionageringe in der amerikanischen Geschichte. Laut Geheimdokumenten, die Cameron gesehen hatte, drangen die „Kunststudenten“, die den Verkauf originaler Gemälde zu Billigpreisen als Köder benutzten, in Militärbasen, die Drug Enforcement Administraion, das FBI und Dutzende von Regierungseinrichtungen, Geheimanlagen und sogar in die Privatwohnungen von Polizeibeamten, Geheimdienstpersonal und Richtern ein. In mehreren Fällen wurde bewiesen, daß diese angeblichen „Kunststudenten“ unter großen Kosten aus Israel eingeflogen zu werden pflegten, bei der Landung in den Vereinigten Staaten ein Auto mieteten und dann direkt zum Haus eines US-Regierungsbeamten fuhren, das Haus unter dem Vorwand des Verkaufs von Gemälden betraten – und dann, wenn das vorgetäuschte Verkaufsangebot vorbei war, dabei beobachtet wurden, wie sie das Wohnviertel verließen, ohne an die Tür eines einzigen anderen Einwohners in der Nachbarschaft zu klopfen. In zahlreichen anderen Fällen wurden die Israelis dabei beobachtet, wie sie um geheime Regierungsgebäude herumwanderten oder diese betraten, von denen manche so geheim waren, daß sie aus Landkarten entfernt worden waren, in isolierten Gegenden lagen und sogar ohne Straßenadresse waren – Gebäude, von denen nicht einmal die Einheimischen wußten, daß sie in Wirklichkeit geheime Regierungseinrichtungen waren.

Mr. Cameron zitierte einen höheren Beamten, der sagte: „Beweismaterial, das diese Israelis mit 9/11 in Verbindung bringt, ist als geheim eingestuft. Ich kann Ihnen nichts über Beweismaterial sagen, das gesammelt worden ist. Es ist als geheim eingestufte Information“, und unter Verweis auf das Fehlen jeglicher offizieller öffentlicher Erklärungen zu dieser Geschichte sagte er: „Ermittler in der DEA, in INS und FBI haben alle Fox News gesagt, daß es als Karriereselbstmord betrachtet wird, israelischer Spionage nachzugehen oder sie auch nur anzudeuten.“

Nach einer Beschwerde der proisraelischen Lobbygruppe AIPAC killte das stark jüdische Management bei Fox News die Story, und Besucher auf der Seite von Fox Web erhalten jetzt nur eine Meldung: „Diese Story ist nicht mehr verfügbar“, wenn sie darauf zuzugreifen versuchen. Sie ist gelöscht worden, sogar aus ihren Archiven. Glücklicherweise brachen ein paar mutige Reporter beimSun-Sentinel in Florida und bei der französischen Zeitung Le Monde die Verdunklung dieser Geschichte.

Seit dieser Zeit haben sich Beweise angesammelt, daß einige in Israel vorab wußten, daß die Anschläge stattfinden würden, und nichts taten, um sie zu verhindern oder die amerikanischen Opfer zu warnen. Odigo, eine israelisch-amerikanische Instant-Messaging-Firma, bestätigte, daß zwei israelische Arbeitnehmer Botschaften erhielten, die sie zwei Stunden zuvor vor den unmittelbar bevorstehenden Anschlägen warnten, bevor die Flugzeuge abhoben. Die Firma sagt, daß die Angestellten der Firma erst von den Nachrichten erzählten,nachdem die Anschläge stattfanden, zu welcher Zeit Odigos Reaktion eine Kommunikation mit israelischen Sicherheitsdiensten war. Falls der unbekannte Informant ein Moslem war, warum wurde keiner der Hunderten von Moslems gewarnt, die im World Trade Center arbeiteten? Falls der Informant kein Jude war, warum wurden israelische Arbeitnehmer für den Erhalt der Warnung ausgewählt?

Bei einigen der verhafteten israelischen Spione wurde entdeckt, daß sie den beschuldigten 9/11-Entführern anscheinend dicht gefolgt waren, einschließlich Mohammed Atta. Mehr als ein Drittel der israelischen Agenten operierte in Gemeinden in Florida, wo zehn der neunzehn Entführungsverdächtigen wohnten – und zu fliegen lernten. Fünf israelische Agenten wohnten sogar in derselben Straße wie Atta in Hollywood, Florida – der Stadt, wo Atta und drei andere Terrorverdächtige eine Zeitlang vor den Anschlägen wohnten, was die Vermutung stärkt, daß Israel die 9/11-Verschwörer beschattete und von ihren Aktivitäten und Plänen wußte. Im Wissen um all dies tat Israel nichts, um die Amerikaner vor der unmittelbar bevorstehenden Katastrophe zu warnen, und berechnete möglicherweise den enormen Propagandawert der Anschläge dafür, das amerikanische Rindvieh zu einer Stampede zu bewegen, um die semitischen Feinde der Juden im Nahen Osten abzuschlachten, angefangen mit den Taliban und eskalierend zu einem vage definierten „Krieg gegen den Terror“, wobei als „Terror“ definiert wird, daß man eine Regierung frei von jüdischer Oberaufsicht hat oder will.

Nicht lange nach dem 11. September änderte sich die Einstellung des FBI gegenüber dem größten Spionageskandal seit Jahrzehnten abrupt. Plötzlich waren Enthüllungen über israelische Spionagetätigkeit mehr als nur „Karriereselbstmord“ – sie wurden zu einer Bedrohung für die Kriegspläne der Zionisten im Nahen Osten. Genauso plötzlich waren die Verdächtigen in keiner Gefahr mehr, wegen Spionage angeklagt zu werden, und man sagte uns, daß sie bloß wegen „routinemäßiger“ Regelwidrigkeiten bezüglich Visa und Einwanderung festgehalten würden. Die Gesamtsumme ihrer Bestrafung: sie wurden zurück nach Israel geschickt. Der für diese Entscheidung direkt verantwortliche Mann: Michael Chertoff.

Chertoff hat eine interessante Geschichte – er ist am berühmtesten als George Bushs Chef der „Homeland Security“ – aber wenige wissen, daß er Doppelstaatsbürger von Israel und den Vereinigten Staaten ist und einmal Anwalt von Dr. Magdy Elamir war, einem moslemischen Verdächtigen in einem Geldtransferschwindel um Nuklearmedizin mit direkten Verbindungen zu Al Kaida, und der auch verdächtigt wurde, Terroristen zu finanzieren. Und noch weniger wissen, daß gegen Elamir – Chertoffs ehemaligen Klienten – und seinen Bruder im Jahr 2001 vom US-Justizministerium wegen Terror ermittelt wurde, daß man sie aber davonkommen lassen hat, während Chertoff dort Vize-Justizminister war. Chertoffs Aufgabe nach 9/11 war, die israelische Verwicklung zu vertuschen und so gut wie möglich alle Beweise dafür zu verschleiern. Auf seinen Befehl wurden die Ermittlungen zur Verbindung der Kunststudentenspione zu den Terroranschlägen gestoppt und ihre Anklagen einfach auf „Visaverstöße“ heruntergesetzt, worauf sie einfach nach Israel zurückgeschickt wurden.

Zu einer weiteren und noch verdächtigeren israelische Geheimdienstoperation in Verbindung mit den Ereignissen von 9/11 gehörten die „tanzenden Israelis“ und eine als Fassade dienende „Umzugsfirma“ in israelischem Besitz namens Urban Moving Systems.

Nur ein paar Minuten nachdem das erste Flugzeug im World Trade Center einschlug meldete eine Einwohnerin von New Jersey, daß sie eine Gruppe von Männern mit „nahöstlichem Erscheinungsbild“ sah, die den Anschlag von einem hohen Aussichtspunkt aus beobachteten, lachten, freudig tanzten, sich abklatschten und Feuerzeuge entzündeten, wie es Fans bei Rockkonzerten tun. Einmal wurde gemeldet, daß sie auf ihrem Lastwagen standen, der das Logo von Urban Moving Systems trug. Nachdem sie geschnappt wurden, stellte sich heraus, daß sie alle Israelis waren, die illegal hier arbeiteten, und daß „Urban Moving Systems“ eine Tarnfirma des israelischen Geheimdiensts war, die auch etwa 500.000 Dollar an US-Regierungskrediten für 2001 und nur für 2001 erhalten hatte. Ihr Eigentümer, Dominik Suter, floh sofort nach Israel, und der Inhalt des Dutzends von Festplatten, das in seinem Büro zurückblieb, ist von der Regierung als geheim eingestuft worden.

Diese Männer filmten und fotografierten den Anschlag, und Bilder, die von der Polizei aus ihrer Kamera entnommen wurden – von denen eines einen Verkehrsüberwachungshubschrauber zeigt, dessen Zeitschiene bekannt war – beweist, daß sie ihre Beobachtung innerhalb von Minuten nach dem Einschlag des ersten Flugzeugs begonnen hatten, wenn nicht vorher. Als sie von der Polizei angehalten wurden, nahmen sie sofort an, daß die Anhaltung etwas mit 9/11 zu tun hatte, und äußerten etwas in der Art von „Wir sind Israelis. Wir sind nicht Ihr Problem, die Palästinenser sind Ihr Problem.“ In ihrem Lastwagen waren Karten vom Stadtzentrum von New York City, auf denen bestimmte Gebäude hervorgehoben waren, einschließlich Aussichtspunkten sowohl nördlich als auch südlich der Türme, von denen sowohl der erste als auch der zweite Einschlag am leichtesten beobachtet und dokumentiert werden konnte. Spuren von Sprengstoff wurden in dem Wagen entdeckt. Später wurde ein ähnlicher Transporter voller Sprengstoff angehalten, bevor er sein offenkundiges Ziel, die George Washington Bridge, erreichen konnte, während gleichzeitig ein anonymer Telefonanruf die Polizei auf die Existenz noch eines weißen Transporters aufmerksam machte, wobei dieser unglaublicherweise das Bild eines Flugzeugs auf der Seite aufgemalt hatte, das in die Zwillingstürme kracht. Berichten zufolge war es ein „unschuldiger Umzugstransporter“, der an eine Gruppe „ethnischer Nahostler“ vermietet war.

Kurz danach wurde in Tennessee eine weitere mit Israel in Verbindung stehende Gruppe verhaftet, die dort versuchte, falsche Identitätsausweise gemäß den damals laxen Führerscheingesetzen dieses Bundesstaates zu besorgen, und einer der Gruppe hatte am 5. September ausgestellte Bescheinigungen, die ihm Zugang zu gesperrten Wartungsbereichen des World Trade Center verschafften.

Wiederum wurden unter Michael Chertoffs Aufsicht alle diese geschnappten israelischen Geheimdienstagenten nach Israel entlassen, nachdem sie wegen einfacher Einwanderungsverstöße angeklagt worden waren.

Meine Damen und Herren, wir stehen am Rande eines universalen Krieges. Der uralte Konflikt zwischen den Semiten des Nahen Ostens und den teilweise semitischen Juden wurde am 11.09.2001 in etwas zu uns gebracht, bei dem die Beweise darauf hindeuten, daß es eine Operation war, die geplant wurde, um die Vereinigten Staaten in einen Krieg gegen Israels Feinde zu verwickeln. Der Zweck der Operation war, das amerikanische Volk wütend zu machen, sodaß wir solch einen Krieg unterstützen würden. Dieser Krieg hat sein diesem Datum angedauert und sich gesteigert. Es ist kein Krieg gegen einen bestimmten Staat oder eine bestimmte Nation. Es ist kein Krieg, an dem wir als Volk irgendein Interesse haben. Und es ist nicht wirklich ein Krieg gegen den Terror, obwohl es ein Terrorkriegist. Es ist einfach ein unerklärter Krieg zur Abschlachtung von Israels Feinden, in ziemlich der gleichen Art, wie die Juden die Abschlachtung ihrer Feinde fröhlich in ihrer Thora beschreiben.

Unter der Regie der jüdischen Machtstruktur zerschlugen wir Afghanistan und den Irak und setzten dort Marionettenregierungen ein. Wir taten dasselbe in Libyen und versuchen dasselbe in Syrien. Wir ermorden weiterhin unzählige Tausende mit unseren Drohnen am Himmel über mehreren nicht kriegführenden Nationen. Weil Rußland gegen „unsere“ Kriegspläne ist, ertönt die jüdische Propaganda nun gegen diese Nation, was möglicherweise einen noch tödlicheren Konflikt erahnen läßt.

Dies ist ihr Krieg, nicht unserer. Laßt die jüdischen Vorherrschaftsstreber ihre eigenen Kriege führen und ihre eigenen Grenzen schützen. Richten wir statt dessen unseren Reichtum und unsere Energie und die Leben unserer jungen Männer auf den Schutz unserer eigenen Bollwerke und jener der europäischen Zivilisation selbst, die sehr des Schutzes bedürfen. Richten wir auch unsere Energie darauf, das Verständnis und die Fähigkeit zu gewinnen, um die Fesseln der Erde zu zerreißen und unsere eigene Aufwärtsevolution zu dirigieren. Das sollte unsere Sache sein, nicht zu sterben, damit der reichste Stamm der Welt auf irgendeinem Sand im Nahen Osten herumkommandieren kann, der ihnen von ihrem primitiven, imaginären Wüstengott versprochen wurde. Definiert die Staatsbürgerschaft neu auf rassischer Basis – wie es die Gründerväter taten – und verbannt beide Seiten in diesem Todesspiralenkrieg von unseren Küsten.


Source: As Der Schwerter

Englsh ICH BIN URSULA Ursula’s Message in English


Germany Still Occupied: Ursula Haverbeck Sentenced to Ten Months for Doubting Jewish “Holocaust” Stories

by Michael Walsh and National Vanguard staff

IS THERE neither honor nor a modicum of courage in today’s Germany? What other nation on earth would sentence an 87-year old lady to ten months in prison for expressing an opinion? Today marks Germany’s deepest humiliation.

On Thursday, 12 November 2015, Mrs, Ursula Haverbeck (87) was sentenced to ten months in prison without parole by the magistrate Björn Jonsson (48) at the District Court of Hamburg.

She had expressed publicly, during the so-called “Auschwitz trial” of Lueneburg against Oskar Gröning (94) in the spring of 2015, that she ands many others do not believe in the criminally-defined “historical fact” of the so-called “Holocaust” or in the supposedly “established historical fact” that there had been, in the German concentration camps such as the camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, “gas chambers” for the systematic mass killing of Jews.

In her view, all the scientific evidence speaks against these quasi-legally imposed “obvious facts.”

Mrs Haverbeck does not accept the verdict of the judge and will file an appeal. The verdict against Ms. Haverbeck will therefore not be imposed immediately.

* * *


87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck  (pictured) has been sentenced to imprisonment in Germany for doubting that people were “exterminated” by “gassing” in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.

The defendant, in good spirits, reiterated her doubts in the courtroom. She arrived without a lawyer, and defended herself. Some fifty of her supporters crowded the courtroom and the hall outside.

She was accused of giving an interview to the German magazine Panorama in which she stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but a labor camp. The mass murder of Jews had not taken place, she said.

unnamed2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.HQKuUsBy4nHaverbeck, former chairwoman of the now-banned freethought association, “Collegium Humanum,” told the judge,”Here, I stand.”

Turning to the prosecutor she asked, “How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?” Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed, was rejected by Judge Jönsson who stated: “It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.”

The German government prosecutor maintained that the defendant’s “fanatical delusion” had not abated and that, despite her advanced age, Ursula Haverbeck must be sentenced to 10 months in prison without parole. The judge agreed and the sentence was imposed.

In 2009, Haverbeck was fined thousands of dollars in the District Court of Bad Oeynhausen, for having given offense to Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.

German Jewess Charlotte Knobloch deeply offended
German Jewess Charlotte Knobloch deeply offended

* * *

Source: Renegade Tribune

FBI: Weiner Sexting Computer Found to Contain Questionable Hillary Clinton Emails


Probe into War Hag’s emails reopened by bureau

THE FBI is now reopening its probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails after discovering more of the Democratic candidate’s emails on the computer of Jewish politician Anthony Weiner (pictured), who is the target of another FBI investigation relating to his illegal “sexting” of a 15-year-old girl.

The FBI is investigating whether there is classified information in new emails uncovered during the sexting investigation of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides.

FBI Director James Comey told Congress in a letter that the emails prompted investigators to take another look at whether classified information had been mishandled, which had been the focus of its recently closed, criminal probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server. Comey couldn’t guarantee that the latest investigation would be finished before Election Day.

Comey did not provide details about the emails, but a U.S. official told media outlets that the emails emerged through the FBI’s separate sexting probe of Weiner, who is separated from Clinton confidant Huma Abedin. She served as deputy chief of staff at the State Department and is still a key player in Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Federal authorities in New York and North Carolina are investigating online communications between Weiner and a 15-year-old girl. The U.S. official was familiar with the investigation but was not authorized to discuss the matter by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The disclosure came less than two weeks before the presidential election and thrust a political liability for Clinton back into the headlines that her campaign thought had been resolved and had begun to recede from the minds of voters. The FBI said in July its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server was finished.

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Comey should immediately provide more information to voters.

“It is extraordinary that we would see something like this just 11 days out from a presidential election,” Podesta said in a statement. “The director owes it to the American people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining.”

Comey stressed in his letter that the FBI could not yet assess “whether or not this material may be significant,” or how long it might take to run down the new investigative leads.

“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation,” Comey wrote. “I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

It was unclear what the emails contained, who sent them, or what connection they might have to the yearlong investigation the FBI closed in July without recommending criminal charges. The FBI probe focused on whether Clinton sent or received classified information using a server in the basement of her New York home, which was not authorized to handle such messages. Abedin was interviewed by the FBI as part of its investigation.

Comey said in July that his agents didn’t find evidence to support a criminal prosecution or direct evidence that Clinton’s private server was hacked.

Podesta said he was confident the new information will not produce any conclusions different from the one the FBI reached in July.

Comey, who has talked often about the FBI’s need to be accountable to the public, promised extraordinary transparency about the investigation and during intervening months has authorized the release of investigative files from the case, which are normally kept confidential.

That stance also left Comey, a career federal prosecutor who has served under both Republican and Democratic administrations, open to criticism from leaders in both parties that he was trying to influence the outcome of the presidential race.

Clinton campaign supporters were already suggesting the FBI director was putting a thumb on the scale. Had he waited until after Nov. 8 to announce the discovery of the new emails, however, Comey would surely have faced criticism for sitting on major news until after the new president had been selected.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the department learned about the FBI letter from news reports and did not get any notification from the FBI. Toner pledged the department would “cooperate to the full extent that we can.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz declined to comment beyond reiterating President Barack Obama’s support for Clinton. …


Speaking to cheering supporters at a rally in New Hampshire, Trump used Comey’s new letter to attack Clinton.

“We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office,” said Trump, who has pledged to “lock up” his political rival if elected. “Perhaps finally justice will be done.”

* * *

Source: MovieTVTechGeeks

Huma Tragedy: Whole Bitch is Burning Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2016


This has been the greatest weekend of my life.

The Paki slut Huma is saying she had no knowledge of the emails being on the Jew husband’s jailbait monitor.

CBS News:

In another twist to the investigative saga over Hillary Clinton’s private emails, CBS News has learned that Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide and longtime confidant, says she has no knowledge of any of her emails being on the electronic device belonging to her estranged husband, disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner.

A source familiar with the investigation told CBS News that the computer where FBI investigators found the latest trove of emails belonged to Weiner, not Abedin. The two separated earlier this year, following news of Weiner’s continued sexting practices.

As of late Saturday, investigators were still trying to obtain a warrant to examine Abedin’s own emails, and no one within the FBI is believed to have actually read them yet.

The emails in question were first discovered after the FBI began their investigation of Weiner, who was placed under scrutiny in September because of a sexting scandal involving a minor.

Earlier this year, Abedin, under oath in a sworn deposition, said she had given up all relevant electronic devices she had used for emails relating to her work at Clinton’s State Department.

An attorney with Judicial Watch, the conservative-leaning watchdog group, asked Abedin during a deposition in June, “How did you go about searching for what records you may have in your possession to be returned to the State Department?”

“I looked for all the devices that may have any of my State Department work on it and returned — returned — gave them to my attorneys for them to review for all relevant documents. And gave them devices and paper,” Abedin said in response.

CBS News reported earlier this week that even Comey’s superior, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who presides over the Justice Department, disagreed with Comey’s decision to inform Congressional leaders about the case’s latest developments.

Lynch’s representatives cited long-standing practices not to comment on ongoing investigations, along with specific DOJ guidance to be particularly cautious of doing so during charged election years.

Comey sent the letter to House and Senate committee leaders despite Lynch’s recommendations.











Seriously though, I am going to restate my belief that Comey acted under pressure from the agents themselves. I don’t know how they were able to exert more pressure on him than Clinton, Obama and Lynch already were, but that has to have been what happened. Or rather, it is the single most likely option.

I also don’t know how much it had to do with the Weiner laptop. I think that is just the out they gave Comey.

Still though.

You gotta give the man credit.

Here’s a real WaPo headline from today.


Compare to a July 6th piece by the WaPo editorial board.


Whatever his reason for doing it: respect.

It probably isn’t a very good reason. But who knows, maybe it is.

Maybe he had a vision from God.


Anyway. I don’t know. Who cares? I don’t care.

By the by, it’s being reported that they had the laptop for two weeks before he announced on Friday.

It isn’t surprising that Huma would have the juiciest documents. I am starting to think that she is basically functioning as Hillary’s handler. She appears to be incredibly intelligent and ambitious for a brown person. And she is always right there, isn’t she?

Trump is pushing for Huma to be dropped, which would presumably cause Hillary to lose it completely. Even if she isn’t her handler, she is at the very least her empowering girlfriend, who is with her through thick and thin, and definitely acting as her “brains” in that she is advising every decision she makes.

Pence is also involved in the “dump Huma” push, calling for her to release the emails herself.

Obviously she’s not going to release the emails, but it’s a very good troll. Because people are led to ask “but why tho?”

Weiner as Jewish Spy Angle

A lot of people have been putting forward the idea that Weiner could have been a Jew-Israeli spy, which is why he would have had the emails on his own laptop. I understand the thinking there, but it seems to me relatively unlikely. Well, it’s unlikely that the reason the emails were on his computer is that he’s a Jewish spy. It might not be unlikely that he’s a Jewish spy, at least in some capacity, but we have no evidence to that effect.

Basically, Hillary was extremely careless with her online security, and the Mossad would have had access to the emails either way. They have access to basically everything already – the only private company that will hack the iPhone is an Israeli company.

It could make sense that Weiner was going through his wife’s email because he’s a weird obsessive Jew. Or it could make sense that she used his computer when they were traveling together for any number of reasons and he just never deleted the emails. Or it could have been her computer that she gave him because his broke. All sorts of things are possible.

The bottom line, however, is that this is basically a hoax anyway.

This is pretty much proved by the fact that they’re claiming they haven’t even seen the emails, as they don’t have a warrant to open them yet.


The Justice Department and FBI officials are working to secure approval that would allow the FBI to conduct a full search of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedein’s newly discovered emails, sources familiar with the discussions told CNN.

Government lawyers haven’t yet approached Abedin’s lawyers to seek an agreement to conduct the search. Sources earlier told CNN that those discussions had begun, but the law enforcement officials now say they have not.

Either way, government lawyers plan to seek a search warrant from a judge to conduct the search of the computer, the law enforcement officials said.

The issue is complicated because the computer is considered to belong to Anthony Weiner, her estranged husband, and the case may raise spousal privilege legal protections for Abedin.

Government lawyers hope to secure the warrant to permit investigators to review thousands of emails on a computer Abedin shared with Weiner, officials said.

It’s really, really hard to believe they would drop this bomb just because of “uh well this computer has emails we haven’t read which maybe could possibly pertain to the Clinton investigation, so we’re just gonna like, make sure she loses the election by announcing this right now.”

I don’t think that the Weiner laptop was the real game-changer. I think it’s an excuse to change the game, by people we don’t know for reasons we may never know.

Whatever the case:

Praise Kek.


We have sewn his will into these tubes.

And we shall reap the juicy bounty of an America made great again.

Hail Victory.


People believe wrongly that the “Holocaust” is based on an enormous body of “irrefutable evidence.” Those who deny it happened must be either insane, or nearly insane—and driven by only the foulest of motives. The exact opposite is the case. It is the Holocaust claims which are, in fact, driven by a fanatical Jewish campaign of systematic and wholesale lying—and hardly any evidence at all. What little “evidence” there is turns out to be bogus or totally irrelevant. Holocaust revisionists are the true “whistleblowers” who deserve the greatest respect for what they continue to endure in their pursuit of Truth. America pretends to care about “human rights” but has no problem with the imprisonment of revisionists in Germany and elsewhere, even of revisionists who were in the US seeking political asylum for merely speaking against the most monstrous hoax ever.

What is not addressed in any depth here is the major reason for why people believe in the hoax. My guess is that people believe the hoax because they want to believe. It fills some deep emotional need—perhaps to overcome a sense of inferiority compared to the Germans, or to somehow join the dominant group in society. The exact answer is beyond any understanding of this writer—but it is an enormously important question nonetheless in the same way that one should try to understand why people believe in religion. Holocaust belief is a kind of new religion—as irrational and ridiculous as any other religion but enormously appealing. For those who have not totally lost their minds, the following reasons for rejecting the hoax may have meaning.

1) There are NO autopsy reports of any Nazi gassing victims from any western doctors. Although there were many thousands of corpses available in German concentration camps by the end of the war and although at least 1,000 autopsies were performed, none showed any evidence of death by poison gas or poison. Dr. Charles P. Larson made those autopsies to find proof of gassings but found nothing. No other western doctors ever claimed to have found any forensic medical evidence of gassings either. So, what indicators of gassing were the doctors looking for? Larson gives no answer but the simple fact is that if there had been gassings with carbon monoxide or cyanide, the indications would have been extremely dramatic and readily visible. The corpses would have been bright cherry RED. The Soviets had supposedly performed autopsies (on red corpses from CO) to support their diesel gas van claims at the Kharkov and Krasnodar trials in 1943—but those trials were such obvious shams that almost no one takes them seriously today.

2) Except for two poor quality photographs allegedly taken near Krema 5 at Birkenau (see Pressac), there are NO photographs that are even alleged to be of corpses of Nazi gassing victims from any German concentration camps. Both photographs were obviously retouched and clumsily, especially one naked female in the foreground with flailing arms. They also fail totally to show any signs of hypostasis. Some darker areas should have been evident even in black-and-white photos.

The photographs that are endlessly shown from Belsen, Dachau and elsewhere—and misused deliberately—have nothing to do with gassings. The captions for those photos from any number of news or government sources clearly fail to even claim they are of gassing victims. For nearly everyone else, however, those photos are “undeniable proof that the Holocaust really happened, even with poison gas.” The evidence from trials and confessions is largely unknown by comparison. The deaths shown were caused, in nearly all cases, o-n-l-y by natural causes brought on by the Allied terror bombing and strafing of civilians and civilian targets. One example of the catastrophic Allied bombing was the attack on the electric power station that powered the water supply to Bergen-Belsen shortly before the camp was taken over by the British at the request of the Germans. Without water for drinking or bathing, people suffer terribly and cannot possibly wash lice feces from their bodies either. The ongoing typhus epidemic with its episodes of fevers as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit was made far worse because of the lack of water to rehydrate victims after their fever episodes. The inevitable dehydration caused, no doubt, many of the deaths. Similar horror pictures of emaciated corpses or sick people can be taken in any hospital anywhere in the USA today—even without the addition of terror bombing. Just remove the pajamas and bedsheets of those who have died. A pile of naked victims of cancer, or AIDS, or hepatitis or any number of other diseases looks no better than a pile from Bergen-Belsen.

Was FDR starved and tortured before he died on April 12, 1945? He died less than one month before the end of the war that he had done so much to bring about. Although his funeral casket was paraded through Washington with a great outpouring of public sorrow, his corpse was totally hidden from view. There are NO pictures of his remains. Why? No doubt his naked remains would NOT have looked any better than any of the corpses at Belsen. FDR could have been tossed into any of the open pits without drawing any attention at all. From the pictures we have of FDR at the Yalta Conference in February of 1945, he was little more than skin and bone already at that time, two months before his actual death. FDR died in America after receiving the best medical care and nutrition available anywhere. Poetic justice? Yes, of course!

3) There are NO German documents to identify any gassing victims. For those who think otherwise, let the USHMM, or the ADL, or anyone else provide such a document.

4) For “overwhelming” Holocaust evidence, what one is given aside from photos of people who died from natural causes is anecdotal rubbish. So-and-so was last seen being sent to the “left,” or “right,” (it doesn’t even matter) usually by Dr. Mengele (with a “conductor’s baton” and wearing a “monocle” according to Elie Wiesel: Night, page 29 in Bantam paperback—just like Erich von Stroheim) and never seen again—but, sometime later (half-an-hour, or so) smoke was seen rising from the chimney of the crematoria just down the road and, therefore, darling so-and-so must have been gassed. That is as good as it gets, folks. An inconvenient fact for the Jewish liars who told such tales is that according to a CIA report,“ The Holocaust Revisited,” Feb 1979, page 11: “Although survivors recalled that smoke and flame emanated continually from the crematoria chimneys and was visible for miles, the photography we examined gave no positive proof of this.”That is an understatement because the CIA had more than fifty high resolution photos from large format negatives taken by US reconnaissance aircraft when gassings were supposedly most frequent, every day during the summer of 1944 (4 April through 13 September 1944). The CIA experts could NOT find the slightest trace of smoke from any crematoria. Clearly, the “eyewitnesses” LIED.

5) There are NO German documents that speak of gassing. For those who think otherwise, let the USHMM, or the ADL, or anyone else provide such a document.

6) Elie Wiesel and many tens of thousands of Jewish “survivors” c-h-o-s-e to leave Auschwitz and go west by January of 1945 with the very same people who had supposedly been murdering them by the thousands every day for years. How is that possible if Auschwitz had been any kind of “extermination camp?”

According to Night, just before Auschwitz was to be “liberated” by the Soviets, both Elie and his father trekked west with the Nazis in a terrible winter on foot by their own choice. They had both chosen, in effect, to c-o-l-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-e with the Nazis and work (no free ride waiting in a Gasthaus) to defend the Reich. Some of Wiesel’s exact words in Night, paperback edition (Bantam Books, 1960) page 78 are:

“The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. ‘Well, what shall we do, father?’ He was silent. ‘Let’s be evacuated with the others,’ I told him.”

7) Claims about how Nazi gas chambers functioned are wild, fantasmagorical speculation based on torture, intimidation and perjury, especially by Jews—and not on any German documents, or scientific evidence, or on any other gassings ever in the entire history of the world. As to the use of torture on German defendants—Rudolf Hoess, former commandant of Auschwitz, who appeared as a “witness” at Nuremberg was definitely “tortured” and his Jewish torturer Bernard Clarke even admitted it later in the book LEGIONS OF DEATH by Rupert Butler, pages 236-38.

8) The most thoroughly stupid gas chamber claims were those that insisted Diesel exhaust was the source of carbon monoxide to murder nearly two million Jews in the so-called Aktion Reinhardt Camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor), and in “gas vans” in Russia. This writer can take credit for the fact that those claims are finally being abandoned (very quietly, of course) by some leading “Holocaust scholars,“ at least in Germany:—Achim Trunk and Peter Witte.

The final straw for the mass murder by diesel HOAX may have been an essay in the Journal of Forensic Science, September 2008 entitled “Diesel Fumes Do Kill.” On page 1206: “Lastly, an extensive literature review produced no scientifically reported cases of fatal CO poisoning attributed to diesel fuel exhaust. …in the medical examiner arena, lethal CO poisoning from inhalation of diesel fumes from any make or model of on-road vehicle is virtually unheard of and contemporary literature foes not report it.” Although the report concludes that the authors had discovered one case of such poisoning, their research was critically flawed by their failure to properly treat the blood chemically to counter the effects of decomposition which had occurred in the corpse. The fact that death from diesel exhaust is possible has never been denied by this author. The report shows, however, that diesel exhaust as a source of lethal concentrations of CO is absurd for exposures of less than several hours. A recent Filing before the US Court of Appeals explains the medical issues on pages 14-20 and 32. It seems the Kentucky court had prior to this ruled wrongly against the trucking firm and the truck manufacturer more out of a desire to protect Kentucky institutions than anything else.


The emerging alternate claim that gasoline exhaust was used instead of diesel exhaust is even more stupid. Deaths from gasoline engine exhaust would have definitely been from carbon monoxide because of the extremely high percentages of CO present before the advent of catalytic converters and environmental concerns. But for the so-called “Holocaust,” the “eyewitnesses” ALL failed to even mention any of the stunningly bright cherry red coloring that appears on nearly all corpses of people who died from carbon monoxide or from cyanide. Were the “eyewitnesses” all color blind? Of course, not. They simply lied—ALL of them!

There is one important exception, however, and that is a Dr. Theodore Friedrich Leidig of the Kriminal Technisches Insititut (KTI) who supposedly claimed to have seen an experimental gassing of Russian POWs in a gas van at Sachsenhausen resulting in red corpses. Such a story would have also been perfectly consistent with earlier Soviet claims made in 1943 during the Kharkov and Krasnodar show trials (with red corpses from CO) about homicidal gas vans but with diesel engines. By the end of the war, the Soviets had simply moved their homicidal gas van hoax to Germany itself. Leidig was smart enough to know, apparently, that any competent forensic doctor could not possibly be so stupid as to claim such corpses (from gasoline engine exhaust) were anything but red. No doubt, there were some accidental gassings from the widespread use of producer gas vehicles (18% to 35% CO) throughout the war and that is what probably was involved here—if there is any truth to Leidig’s claims at all and nothing more sinister than that. A forensic pathologist like Leidig would have been expected to determine the cause of death precisely. After the war, such incidents were so useful for supporting the hoax and Soviet propaganda, especially in connection with Sachsenhausen which was under Soviet occupation in East Germany. Why would the Soviets change their story about how the Nazis committed mass murder? It had worked so well for them before. Just drive the same message with some “evidence” from Leidig. The Sachsenhausen gassing van claim was essentially the same Soviet claim as had been made by the Soviets in 1943.

9) The numbers of “Holocaust survivors” are enormous—even today. The numbers are well into the hundreds of thousands even sixty years after the war. In 2003 an Israeli demographer, Sergio Della Pergola, stated in an official Israeli report that there were 1.092,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors alive in the world in 2003. Those huge numbers imply that there were many millions of Jewish “Holocaust survivors” alive at the very end of the war. Moreover, many YouTube videos from “survivors” give personal details about how fiendish Nazis kept multitudes of Jews alive for many months, even years inspite of a supposed policy of extermination. Why would the Nazis have done that if they were trying to “exterminate” the Jews? Did they want hundreds of thousands of Jewish “eyewitnesses” to help hang them after the war? The alleged crematoria-gas chambers at Birkenau, for example, were in full, open view of nearly every inmate there. Why even bother with concentration camps if the goal is to exterminate people?

10) The “six million” number itself is pure Jewish mythology—with a life entirely of its own. The number had been used repeatedly long before Hitler. Read the research from Eric Hunt and Don Heddesheimer. The magic number had been used repeatedly already in the nineteenth century—as early as October 31, 1869—as a metaphor for perceived or future persecution of Jews by the Czar, or whomever.

11) Carbon Monoxide was used throughout German-occupied Europe as an inexpensive, alternative fuel (Holzgas or Generatorgas–“Producer Gas” in English) to drive more than 500,000 motor vehicles. It was made from woodchips and scrap wood, dead branches, twigs, etc. (available almost everywhere including the remotest backwoods of eastern Poland) by burning the wood with a restricted air supply in special gas generators, usually mounted at the backs of trucks and buses. The performance was terrible but at least the vehicles could function—and the cost of the fuel was minimal. The concentration of CO produced in this way varied from 18% to 35% and was extremely lethal. It was also flammable, even explosive. Its use required careful training and licensing and safety precautions by the drivers of all such vehicles. The gas would have also been ideal for mass murder since it was far more deadly than gasoline engine exhaust (only 7%–12% CO). Ironically, this technology has never been implicated in any of the Holocaust gassing scenarios anywhere. Any danger of explosion in a likely homicidal gas chamber would have been easily eliminated by simply running water through the shower nozzles which the gas chambers also contained, supposedly.

Given the desperate shortages of fuel and raw materials throughout the war, especially in German-occupied Europe, the use of diesel or gasoline engines as a source of carbon monoxide should be seen as one of the dumbest ideas imaginable. No doubt, people do dumb things but surely after a few gassings with engine exhaust, someone would have tried to find something better. The diesel engines even had trouble starting, according to Kurt Gerstein, and that supposedly influenced Rudolf Hoess to use Zyklon-B instead in Auschwitz. Well, why use an engine in the first place when the fuel everyone was urged and eventually even required to use by law as an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel was itself far more toxic—and as cheap as dirt? Why, indeed? If the engine exhaust for mass murder claims persist, one should also condemn the Nazis for being the most technically ignorant mass murderers in all of human history. Can anyone who knows the facts about what was happening in technology during the war, really believe the Germans were that dumb? Are historians capable of recognizing the inherent technical absurdity of the gassing claims, especially for the so-called Aktion Reinhardt camps? Probably not!

12) Cyanide gas from Zyklon-B was used ONLY to keep people alive. It had been used worldwide, even in the US in New York City of all places, since the 1920’s to fumigate ships, railroad cars, buildings and everything that might be harboring dangerous pests such as rats and lice. Its lifesaving use in German concentration camps such as Auschwtz was and still is marked by the brilliant Prussian Blue staining of the brick walls near to where it was used—even on the exteriors of the exterior brick walls which have been subject to more than half a century of weathering. But, but, but—where people were supposedly gassed to death by the thousands with the same substance every day, there is NO trace of blue staining at all.

Cyanide escapes from Zyklon-B granules s-l-o-w-l-y unless the gas is forced out, preferably with warm air. Zyklon-B was made to work that way. Since no such forcing of cyanide is even alleged, (the fans were supposedly turned ON o-n-l-y after the victims were all dead) the ONLY way that anything like the mass execution times of as few as three minutes could possibly have occurred (Vrba-Wetzler Report of 1944) would have been by using enormous amounts of Zyklon-B, at least ten times more than the amounts needed to simply kill the victims over several hours. Such huge quantities of Zyklon-B would have given at least as much opportunity for cyanide to penetrate the surrounding stucco-covered brick walls as at the delousing stations. For people familiar with Zyklon-B and how it was actually used, the solution to the dilemma would have been obvious. Simply insert a mesh basket with Zyklon-B granules almost anywhere into the warm air ductwork which the mortuaries all had–and turn ON the blowers to force warm air through the granules and through the mortuaries during the actual mass execution. That is how standard DEGESCH Zyklon-B fumigation chambers worked in Dachau and in hundreds of locations throughout German-occupied Europe. In this way, at least 90% of the Zyklon-B would have also been saved—and the deadly cyanide gas would have been dispersed quickly to all parts of the gas chambers. Pockets of cyanide-free air where victims might crouch to escape the deadly gas would have been impossible. The hoax defenders are trapped by the fact that all of the self-described “eyewitnesses” claimed the fans were turned ON only a-f-t-e-r everyone was dead. The “eyewitnesses” obviously LIED and the Zyklon-B gassing stories are rubbish!

13) The use of crematoria in German concentration camps is portrayed as shameful, even criminal, when, in reality, it is no more deplorable than the use of crematoria anywhere in the USA today. From page 78 of the linked source, left: “The average time for a cremation cycle of newer retorts is around 2 h or less, not counting the preheating of the chamber or the cooldown.”Cremation is, in fact, the recommended way to dispose of corpses generally to prevent the spread of many contagious diseases through ground water. If the purpose had been to merely dispose of evidence of mass murder, cremation makes no sense at all since one of the main purposes of cremation is to r-e-c-o-v-e-r at least a small portion of cremains to be returned to family members in urns. For disposal of bodies without any recognizable cremains, i-n-c-i-n-e–r-a-t-i-o-n as applied to ordinary garbage is far more effective since any human cremains will be thoroughly mixed with other waste. The fuel required is also far less. In Auschwitz-Birkenau, for example, large incinerator ovens were located in the crematory buildings also but it has never even been alleged that those ovens were ever used to incinerate corpses. Cremation was also used on Ellis Island and delousing chambers were used on nearby Hoffman Island.

14) Large Zyklon-B gas chambers for fumigating entire railroad trains, several railroad cars at a time, were strategically located in eastern Europe. Some known locations are Posen and Budapest, More than likely, Auschwitz-Birkenau also had such a gas chamber for railroad cars but there is no known proof of this yet. In any event, all such gas chambers would have been ideal for mass extermination. Intended victims trapped inside cattle cars could have easily been pulled into such chambers. The railroad cars after gassing could have been removed with corpses and disposed of in any number of ways later on. But, although such a technology would have been obvious to anyone familiar with Zyklon-B and how it had historically been used worldwide to fumigate hundreds of thousands of railroad cars, even in the USA—it has never been implicated anywhere in the Holocaust mythology. How could the fiendish Nazis not have thought of applying this superb technology?


Carbon monoxide was supposedly used to murder two million Jews in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor and elsewhere—more than twice as many as were supposedly killed with cyanide from Zyklon-B. So, where were the piles or pits of bright Cherry RED corpses? Corpses of CO poisoning are well known to be bright Cherry RED with only rare exceptions. But the supposed “eyewitnesses” never, ever, even mentioned such unforgettable spectacles. On the contrary, they insisted that the bodies were either “blue” (Kurt Gerstein, for example) or “unremarkable.”

The image above is probably the best of many available today showing what corpses from cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning look like. This stunning image is from the Textbook of Maritime Medicine. “Fig. 10.9.2:Bright red lividity on the dorsal side of the body as the expression of lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Livor mortis is bright red in cases of carbon monoxide or hydrocyanide poisoning (or in cases where the corpse is kept in cold storage). Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that arises, for example, from incomplete fuel combustion. Thus it is always necessary – primarily for self-protection – to consider or exclude carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly when bodies with bright red lividity are found in engine rooms, after engine room fires (automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system!) or in boiler houses.” 

Piles of corpses have been misused to condemn Germany—but, it has NEVER been claimed in any western trials that any of the corpses were RED in color. So, what about all those “eyewitnesses” to alleged mass gassings of millions of Jews with carbon monoxide (from diesel or gasoline engines) in the Aktion Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor) and even Chelmno? What about those piles, even mountains, of naked corpses that countless people were supposedly able to see? Wouldn’t the “eyewitnesses” have noticed that spectacular coloring? Of course, they would have been stunned. They would have remembered it years later for any of the countless, anti-Nazi war crimes trials if they were not simply lying. What they “remembered” at best were simply the black-and-white photographs that we are all programmed to remember. Readers should confirm for themselves the dramatic coloring by Google-searching on the internet for “images” linked to “cherry red lividity.”Were all of the “eyewitnesses” color-blind? Of course, not! They were simply telling whatever came into their heads, even the clumsiest of lies, to support the hoax and completely exonerate themselves, if possible. They knew what was expected of them. Although the reference materials of that era made it clear (text without color photos) that corpses from cyanide or carbon monoxide poisoning would be “cherry red,” that had no effect in the countless, farcical trials of NS era defendants. What mattered was that the hoax be embedded on paper and that the Germans as a people be guilty forever. It was like “original sin”with an anti-German twist. Nonetheless, those clumsy lies also carried within them the time bombs for the hoax’s total destruction today.

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