British secret services, not Russia, assassinated Boris Berezovsky

Introduction — Sept 10, 2016

The following report makes perfect sense. Especially in the light of reports that Prince Phillip ordered the assassination of Princess Diana. The claim, made by Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed, has never been conclusively proved but Diana reportedly told a fashion designer friend Roberto Devorik that Prince Philip:
“really hates me and would like to see me disappear.”
She also told Devorik of her fears that of being killed in a fake accident:
“They will do it when I am in a small plane, in a car when I am driving, or in a helicopter,” she is reported to have said.
We’ll leave readers to decide on the authenticity of those reports but they fit in with what follows. Ed.

The Sun: British secret services, not Russia, assassinated Boris Berezovsky

Jonas E. Alexis — Veterans Today Sept 10, 2016

Boris Berezovsky. Click to enlarge

The Sun has recently published that Russian Jewish oligarch and mathematician Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who was accused of looting the Russian economy and who died in 2013,

“was assassinated by British spies after threatening to expose photographs dubbed ‘royal porn’ allegedly featuring a young Prince Philip. The pictures, said to show the Duke of Edinburgh at Thursday Club parties, were rumoured to have been taken by his photographer friend Baron Nahum in the 1950s.”[1]

The claim came from Russian intelligence expert Gennady Sokolov. Sokolov claimed that Berezovsky was planning to make peace with Russia and to “return to his motherland.” Is that a plausible theory?

Well, keep in mind that Berezovsky was in good company with the British oligarchy and was working day and night to see the fall of Vladimir Putin. He declared in an interview with the BBC back in 2005 that

“I’m sure that Putin doesn’t have the chance to survive, even to the next election in 2008. I am doing everything in my power to limit his time frame, and I am really thinking of returning to Russia after Putin collapses, which he will. Today my number one priority in life is politics. I enjoy that. And I am sure that if I decide to continue to participate in Russian political life, I shall participate in power.”[2]

We are told that

In January 2006, Berezovsky stated in an interview to a Moscow-based radio station that he was working on overthrowing the administration of Vladimir Putin by force….

“On 13 April 2007, in an interview with The Guardian, Berezovsky declared that he was plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin by financing and encouraging coup plotters in Moscow: ‘We need to use force to change this regime. It isn’t possible to change this regime through democratic means. There can be no change without force, pressure.’

“He also admitted that during the last six years he had struggled hard to “destroy the positive image of Putin” and said that ‘Putin has created an authoritarian regime against the Russian constitution…. I don’t know how it will happen, but authoritarian regimes only collapse by force.’”

Savile and the Duke of Edinburgh at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile carried out many of his crimes. Click to enlarge

By 2012 or 2013, Berezovsky seemed to have left the sinking ship (the British oligarchy) and was planning to return to Russia. He seemed to have been willing to betray the power structure, which was a great risk in itself. Leaving the sinking ship was an unpardonable sin to the oligarchs, who were willing to move heaven and earth to protect the legacy of Prince Philip. Sokolov claimed that Brezovsky was also in the process of exposing Prince Philip. Sokolov declared:

“My sources suggest there are grounds to believe that Berezovsky – then exiled in Britain – had bought the so-called ‘Royal porno collection’ from its previous owner in Russia…he may have seen it as part of his ticket to become a British citizen, out of reach of the Moscow authorities.”[3]

Sokolov also said:

“Later, Her Majesty’s secret services disposed of the oligarch because they did not need him any longer. Or, perhaps more likely, they feared or discovered that wily Berezovsky had made copies of the sensational photographs which he was preparing to push into the wrong hands.”[4]

“Sokolov says he has seen the pictures, and they are ‘certainly embarrassing,’ noting that the Russian spy who copied them referred to them as his ‘Royal porno collection.’ He also claimed the pictures would end the monarchy if made public.”

If Sokolov is correct, then we have another piece of evidence which clearly suggests that the Zionist Mafia and their lackeys have been deliberately perpetuating false information about Russia. They told us ad nauseam that it was the Russian government that actually disposed Berezovsky. In March 2013, Forbes declared:

“Luke Harding, former Russia correspondent for The Guardian, just produced an article which strongly suggests, but never outright states, that Boris Berezovsky was murdered by the Russian secret services.”[5]

There seems to be a paradigm shift here. If Sokolov is right, then the Zionist Mafia and their marionettes have a lot of rethinking or reprograming to do. They will have to come up with another lie in order to delude the masses.

The simple question is this: will the Guardian and Forbes apologize to the Russian people and decent Americans who actually bought the story that Russia was involved in the death of Berezovsky? If they are not willing to release an apology, what does that tell us about them trying to pin Russia and Vladimir Putin as the evil empire?

[1] Will Stewart, “WAS OLIGARCH KILLED OVER ‘PRINCE PHILIP PORN PICS’? Boris Berezovsky was assassinated by British secret services because he had highly embarrassing photos of Prince Philip, author sensationally claims,” Sun, September 7, 2016.

[2] “Losing power: Boris Berezovsky,” BBC, September 27, 2005.

[3] “UK spies murdered runaway tycoon Berezovsky over Prince Philip ‘porn pics’ – Russian intel expert,” Russia Today, September 8, 2016.

[4] Stewart, “WAS OLIGARCH KILLED OVER ‘PRINCE PHILIP PORN PICS’? Boris Berezovsky was assassinated by British secret services because he had highly embarrassing photos of Prince Philip, author sensationally claims,” Sun, September 7, 2016.

[5] Mark Adomanis, “Was Boris Berezovsky Murdered? The Evidence Strongly Suggests No, But Luke Harding Says Maybe!,” Forbes, March 26, 2013.


Rudolf Hess was Murdered by British Agents in Prison to Stop him Revealing War Secrets

Claims that Rudolf Hess was murdered under orders from the British to stop him revealing wartime secrets have been revealed in a police report which has only just seen the light of day after 25 years.

According to the documents, a doctor who was treating the NS Party deputy leader supplied Scotland Yard with the names of two British agents who were suspected of the murder, but the force was advised to stop its investigations. The report by Detective Chief Superintendent Howard Jones, which has now been released under the Freedom of Information Act, provides details on the inquiry into surgeon Hugh Thomas’s claims.

It was written two years after Hess’s death in 1987 after the force was called in following claims by Mr Thomas that the man sent to Spandau Prison in then-West Berlin was not Hess but an imposter sent by the National Socialists in 1941.

Allied authorities said Hess hanged himself with an electrical cord in Spandau jail on August 17, 1987, at the age of 93.

But Mr Thomas said the real Hess was in fact killed by two British agents dressed as members of the U.S. forces amid speculation he was about to be released due to a veto by the Soviet Union, The Independent has reported.

The report cites how Mr Thomas ‘confidentially imparted’ the names of the two alleged suspects which he had received from a former member of the SAS.

Mr Jones wrote: ‘[Mr Thomas] had received information that two assassins had been ordered on behalf of the British Government to kill Hess in order that he should not be released and free to expose secrets concerning the plot to overthrow the Churchill government.’

Despite not finding ‘much substance’ to the murder allegations, Mr Jones ordered an investigation.

According to The Independent, the Crown Prosecution Service received a copy of the report in 1989. Within six months the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time, Sir Allan Green, advised the investigation should not continue.

Hess was an early confidant of Hitler, who dictated much of Mein Kampf to him while imprisoned during the 1920s.

He eventually rose to become deputy NS leader, and was captured in 1941 during a solo flight to Scotland on an apparently unauthorised peace mission.

He was later convicted in the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War ended.

At the Nuremberg trials after the war, Hess was found innocent of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”, but sentenced to life imprisonment for “crimes against peace and conspiracy to commit crimes against peace”. His appearance in Britain in 1941 has been the subject of much debate over the years.

In March last year a declassified report revealed for the first time the stark scene in which Hess was said to have killed himself and his alleged suicide note. But the report of the investigation into Hess’s death, released last year under Freedom of Information, only deepened the mystery surrounding his final moments.

Royal Nazi Salutes: A Telling Freeze-Frame Moment in History

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For July 18, 2015

Young Queen Elizabeth flaunts Nazi salute

There is a tsunami of bogus analysis in the media today on this Royal Hitler-lovers story. All mainstream sources deliberately missing the point (which is, of course, their job).
Because I have not read any kind of similar reflections relating to the 1933 Royal Nazi salutes reproduced in today’s ‘Sun’, this blog might as well offer the following:
1933 was only 15 or 16 years after the assassination of the Czar’s family by the Wall-Street-funded Bolshevists in Russia/The Soviet Union.
The Czar was a cousin to the British Royals.
If the House of Windsor did not understand what was going on at the time, it is certain that by 1933 they had got the message*. The winners of WW1 were clearly the international financial cartel that had mysteriously managed to start the war (we still cannot be sure how they kicked off this otherwise pointless catastrophe).
Germany had the Allies on their knees in 1916 then suddenly the USA (up to that point determinedly non-interventionist) had come in on our side while simultaneously Palestine had been promised to the Jewish people.
The Zionist project was airborne. Funds and, hence, logistical support dried up for the German army and we know most of the rest.
Many of the European old order understood that international finance was now in control and if one wanted to remain alive, even if you were Royalty, the only viable option was to do as they say.
Elements in the British and other European aristocracies did not like this one bit.
When Hitler took over Germany and created its economic miracle these people, including many of the Czar’s cousins in England, looked to Hitler to restore the old order.
Their hopes were short-lived.
International finance won WW2** also. The British Royals and the entire European aristocracy knew very well that their only future lay in making themselves submissive partners to these covert masters of the earth.
The truth is something extremely close to the above.

This picture of the Royal Nazi salutes is a very telling freeze-frame-moment from our history.

*   The Protocols of Zion had been published in the UK 12 years before 1933. Lord Northcliffe, part-owner and writer for The Times and The Observer demanded an investigation into the document. Within months Northcliffe was dead and the POZ declared a ‘forgery’.
Douglas Reed who had worked for Northcliffe, met him in Switzerland shortly before he died and described him as a frightened man who had in Northcliffe’s own words “made powerful enemies”.
** “Germany’s unforgiveable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out the the world trade system and to build uo an independent exchange system from which the world-finance could not profit any more….we butchered the wrong pig.”
Winston Churchill (The Second world War – Berne 1960)
“We made a monster, a devil, out of Hitler. Therefore, we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilised the masses against the Devil himself so we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way could we have pointed out to our people that the war was only an economic preventive measure.”
-US Foreign Secretary James Baker (1992)


Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the unlikely connections they had to the Rothschilds and British Royal Family are explored in a mind bending interview with Greg Hallett. WWII and the rearrangement of global power in the 20th century, the Royal Almanac of Gotha, and the continuing conspiracy of power and bloodlines through the modern day is illuminated. Fake heirs and body doubles–from Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, to Prince William and Prince Harry are revealed, plus the future technology being used now to keep the masses oppressed is laid out in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

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