I am Lawrence Murray, Alt-Right blogger, TRS columnist. AMA

Here are some questions and answers from the Reddit AMA I did on r/altright:

Which thinkers have had the greatest influence on you personally?

Well I like to think I am unique and original but to name a few authors, Lothrop Stoddard, Gregory Hood, Greg Johnson, Guillaume Faye, the goyim at TRS, and the /pol/ of a few years ago.

New to the altright and have some questions on how you guys believe. Do you think that Hitler’s “Final Solution” was a good idea? Not judging just genuinely curious. Also, do you personally believe that we should continue to fund Israel as much as we are?

I think (((they))) should have been deported, and it is an awful tragedy that the conditions of the two-front war made such schemes impossible. The only reason to ever send Israel money would be as part of a Jewish resettlement program, but even then if you had the power to enact such a program you probably wouldn’t need to bribe.

I think you mean to ask if genocide is a good thing. We have a lot of National Socialists here that don’t agree with conventional history on the holocaust. Answer: no. Dumb question.

Genocide is not something anyone should advocate for. That being said, memes that belittle the guilt narrative created by the Holocaust legend cycle are fair game.

What is your Redpilling story?

I’d say Trayvon Martin was the tipping point. As a denizen of Shekel Island I was always aware of identity groups, but learning that White people were collectively guilty and responsible for a mestizo killing some dindu that went ape on him was the last straw. The media narrative and commentary was unbelievable.

How soon do you think we can overturn the communist institutions that have oppressed us for the past century?

They really only became communistic after the 1960s. I think defunding public higher education outside of the sciences could go a long way. We really don’t need to produce any more marxist and third worldist educators or pupils. This idea that we underfund the liberal arts is just simply untrue. There is a massive glut of these people and you see them every night on television, reporting on protests, leading them, participating in them, organizing them…

What is your background in education? You seem like you have philosophy or political science degree. Also, what is a good way for us to learn more about the intellectual underpinnings of “far-right” thought, like fascism, HBD, etc? Is there any way to do this in modern academia, and what books do you recommend?

I have a bachelor’s degree. I’m less into the HBD end of things so I can’t give you much help there but in terms of fascism, the historian Stanley Payne has a good survey text on the subject. Modern academia will probably not teach you any rightist philosophy or political science from a sympathetic or neutral POV so that would be a waste of time. I did recommend some books a while ago here, everything from Hoppe to Hitler: https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/summer-reading-list/

If a gay jew baker refused to bake a cake for a Mulslim underage wedding, which side will The liberal take? SIKE!!!! ThE REAL QUESTION IS How did the jew get out of the oven? (Just kidding)

Well hold on just a minute, this is actually a very important question. Because the left generally views Jews as White and because homosexuals are no longer on the upper tier of the oppression totem, I think it’s quite clear that the Muslim wedding is entitled to that birthday cake before a White homosexual is entitled to not have his feelings hurt by people of color practicing their pre-colonial faith and customs.

What is your favorite episode of Murdoch Murdoch ?

The one where they go to Starbucks.

If you could recommend only one racialist text what would it be?

Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color. A brief commentary can be found on my “Summer Reading List” article from earlier in the current year. https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/summer-reading-list/

Who are your favorite historical non-fiction writers?

I generally read more by topic than author so I just have an eclectic bookcase. For the meme value, let’s say Hitler.

Yes, hello. Hi! Hello. Yes. Sir? Hello? Hi! I was wondering how you got into writing, was it a random decision to do an article for TRS, was Atlantic Centurion around before that? Do you have any formal training beyond high-school English or introductory college Writing Comp? If not, have you been influenced by any writers in particular, whether general literature or Greg Hood/Steve Sailer etc.?

I used to comment a lot on Alt-Right sites and my first articles were basically long-form comments/effortposts. MeowBlitz suggested I send something in to TRS and the rest is history. SWPL Imperialism was the first article I had posted there. https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/swpl-imperialism-therightstuff/ I have a bachelor’s so I did have to take a basic writing course, but I don’t think I learned particularly much from it. I do consider Hood an influence and many people tell me we are their favorite writers.

Love your stuff. I especially enjoy your writings on Esoteric Kekism and the organic spiritualism growing within the alt-right.

  1. With a lot of people in this movement being atheist or agnostic feeling turned off by modern (((Christianity))), do you think a frog meme is a suitable replacement? Do we need something more?
  2. No one could’ve predicted someone like Trump coming along 4 or 8 years ago. What do you think is in store for us in the next 8 years?
  3. Racial consciousness has certainly grown in everyday whites over the course of the Obama administration and Trump’s campaign, and will probably continue to do so as the media lambastes whites for electing Trump. Do you see this slowing down, stalling, or accelerating?
  1. All religion is just forced memes (whether from gods or men) so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If people want to embrace a karmic meme worldview centered around frog iconography and feeling schadenfreude, then that’s just the ethos of our time. Esoteric Kekism article is here for reader reference: https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/esoteric-kekism-or-kek-as-a-bodhisattva-of-racial-enlightenment/
  2. I want Trump to establish a nationalist deep state. I think the logic is that he has to if he wants to leave a legacy and truly Make America Great Again. I plan to elaborate on this in a future article but until then I’ve briefly sketched it here: https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/10/13/what-will-become-of-the-empire-visions-of-late-modernity-in-united-states/#deepstate
  3. I think it can only ramp up. The anti-White agenda combined with rising levels of diversity means that in the future all White people will be the product of deliberate racial endogamy. Cucks just don’t have enough White babies. https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/could-white-advocacy-exist-in-a-multi-ethnic-society/

What do we do to continue spreading our message now that we’re getting shoahed off of twitter?

We have the greatest minds in the world thinking about this. Bigly. For now, try to get back in. Don’t ghettoize except as a last resort.

Loved your stuff on esoteric Kekism. Can we expect more articles on this in the future? What do you think about the neo-pagans?

If I feel moved to maybe. I’m not sure I have anything to add. In general I write pretty sparsely on religion since I’m not a particularly religious person. Neo-pagans are interesting attempt at resisting universalism/globalism/judaization but I won’t say more than that lest I trigger a storm of autism.

How should we address figures in the alt-right who defend Jews individually and collectively and actively counter-signal those who confront the Jewish question head-on? If there can be no compromise with the Jews, how can there be compromise with folks who wish to compromise with the Jews? Note that I draw a distinction between those who don’t talk about Jews and those who actively defend them and seek to include them in the movement, the latter being the potentially problematic group. Do you think that after the Trump win, there is a need to “clean house” and solidify an unapologetic counter-semitic agenda, or should we continue the “big tent” position until it reaches a breaking point?

Oh gawd hi hello sir. I think anyone defending collective Jewish inclusion has a serious problem with ethnonationalism. I could certainly see there being a category of individual persons ‘righteous among the semites’ but if that’s your focus you aren’t putting your own tribe first and that just defeats the entire purpose of the Alt-Right as a project. Israel honors the contributions of goyim to the foundation of their nation, but it doesn’t tolerate a large foreign goy presence. They just thank them for their help. Take a page from the zionists, they are doing something right. I think I agree with Bannon actually about how we’ve “always got to be to the right of you on this.” He was referring to Asian immigration to California and the tech sector, but really this principle should be applied universally. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/steve-bannon-disgusted-asian-ceos-silicon-valley_us_582c5d19e4b0e39c1fa71e48 See also, The Utility of Extremism: https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/the-utility-of-extremism/

What can you recommend for momcore types? How should I ease church groups and hunting rednecks into this? What core tenets of the Alt-Right are best to start them on? Also are there any podcasts that don’t cuss? They don’t like that.

I don’t know that a lot can be done for middle-aged people other than watching the left and its helots overplay their hand and go ape on national television. Also a lot of people are really not aware of how anti-white the education industry has become. Get some reactions from student newspapers and the msm to the posting of pro-European/pro-White fliers on campus and spread those around. These people really hate us and practice a lot of shameless double standards. Older White folks really love the idea of fairness and reciprocity so that should rub them the wrong way. I have a pretty well-circulated article on the seven pillars of the Alt-Right here that you can probably adapt some points from. https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/the-fight-for-the-alt-right-the-rising-tide-of-ideological-autism-against-big-tent-supremacy/Here is a repository of links and further commentary: https://atlanticcenturion.wordpress.com/what-is-the-alt-right/

Do you think it’d be possible for an actual white nationalist to run for the presidency now that the left call everyone a racist?

Not a chance. Best peaceful path forward is a nationalist deep state.

I grew up without a father figure and as I get introduced into the Alt-Right I realize that I have no real idea on what masculinity is or what it is to ‘be a man’. Where would be a good place to learn about this without it being dragged into PUA/degenerate type garbo?

Stop asking shitposters what it means to be a man and read a biography of Theodore Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson.

What is the best Monster Girl?

Gonna have to say spider. Endless supply of ropelike material for the Day of the Pranks.

Also published at Atlantic Centurion.

Last Cuck Standing: Glenn Beck Says Alt-Right is “Truly Terrifying”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2016

Ah, I remember the days of the Alt-Right. I was a part of it, if I recall.

So long ago though – my memory is foggy.

I feel as though I’ve been a Republican my whole life.


Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck said Tuesday that the alt-right movement is “truly terrifying,” adding that while leading Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon gave a voice to white nationalists.

“He has given a voice and power to that group of people,” Beck told Anderson Cooper on “AC360.” “You don’t empower people like that. You just don’t. It’s not smart.”

The alt-right movement has been accused of white nationalism, racism, misogyny and anti-Semitism. In July, Bannon told Mother Jones that his site had become “the platform for the alt-right.”

Beck refused to say whether Donald Trump should rescind Bannon’s appointment as the chief strategist and senior counselor within his administration.

“We have to have a discussion aside from politics about this small group of people and how this European and really pro-Russian nationalism is seeping into our country,” Beck said.

Beck believes the majority of Trump voters are not part of the alt-right movement, but says “they are being influenced without knowing it.”

Shocking that Glenn Beck is still getting news interviews. Apparently, they can’t get anyone else to go up there and say this stuff.

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