The Jewish Century is over with the Election of Trump



shutterstock_519561838-600x337Donald Trump’s electoral victory unleashed pent-up tectonic energies on the unprecedented scale. The world has been changed, much more than could be expected from any election of a US president. Just a short time has passed since election day, but it appears that the New World Order has received a shattering blow. There is a great feeling of freedom in the air, as if the vote broke the chains of a generation, and we suddenly found ourselves free.

As the first sign of this new freedom, there are reports that the dreaded TTIP and TTP, the twin agreements almost imposed by Obama administration on the world, are as good as dead. Trump killed the agreements, said the Germans, and it is a very good news. Just for that, it was worth electing Trump.

Silly activists say they stopped the TTIP and TTP by their own efforts. Bunkum! Without Trump, the agreements would have been duly signed and ratified despite all the protests. Let us give him his due.

I congratulate Trump on choosing Stephen Bannon. He is so heavily demonised by the NWO forces, so fervently called “an anti-Semite”, that he’s got to be good. If Trump will persevere and keep him, it will be additional proof that Trump is fearless, that the magic of political correctness has stopped working and that the word “anti-Semite” does not ruin a career anymore.

I feel sorry for the poor guys and gals who walk the American cities proclaiming their love and fealty to Obama and Clinton. They were zombified into blind trust that the NWO regime was forever, that docile blacks, emotional latinos, delicate gays and clever Jews will always vote as they are told by smart women in pants, while the workers of Detroit would forever cringe under the whip of white male privilege. They watched too many movies and lost touch with reality, like royalists worshipping portraits of the deposed and dead king.

We were all slaves, but slaves of two kinds: slaves willing and unwilling, house slaves and field slaves of the NWO. The “Not My President” crowd are house slaves; they learned to love and obey the masters. Trump freed them, too, but they do not yet enjoy it and beg to be returned to bondage.

Europe is full of house slaves. For a generation, the only way to advance was to become a happy slave, and so they did. There are tens of thousands of happy house slaves in Sweden, who learned by heart all the slogans of the NWO, though they carried Sweden to disaster. They agreed to radical feminist rule and to migrant takeover, and all of a sudden it is not needed anymore. Now they face freedom and they do not like it.

But for us, for the field slaves, Trump’s victory is sheer bliss. We hated the slavery, and we shall enjoy freedom, and we shall see through the cheap tricks of our former slave masters who try to frighten us back into the cage.



“Now they face freedom they do not like it.”

LD:  Five Muslim refugees in Sweden recently raped a helpless woman in a wheelchair. Swedish feminists sprang to the defense of the rapists on the grounds that blaming Muslim refugees for rape was “racist”. (See here)

The New World Order is Dead

We called the old regime “The New World Order”, and we feared it would last long. It came into being sometime in the late 1960s, expanded in eighties, came to its fruition in the beginning of the third millennium, and collapsed just a few minutes before destroying the world. Within this short lifespan, the West experienced an unusual form of highly ideological governance, of futuristic enslaving of the Man, as Orwell predicted.

The majority of the population has been demonised; ordinary people who worked, had loving wives and children, went to church, were called ‘fascists’, or “privileged white males”; their traditional Christian faith was outlawed and pushed out of the public space; normal gender relations were cast in a negative light; the propaganda of homosexuality became as pervasive as the Communist propaganda in Leonid Brezhnev’s days, parents and children relations were out of sync; quite ordinary words were banned.

“Hate speech” became the leading NWO crime; “bigot”, a mild term previously applied to elderly colonels, became the worst label one can put on a man, while the mortal sins were tolerated or encouraged. “Anti-Semitism” became an unforgivable crime, and it included disapproval of the Federal Reserve, dislike of Janet Yellen, of Goldman Sachs and rejection of the New York Times. When Donald Trump spoke against international financiers, the ADL screamed “Anti-Semitism!”, though he did not mention Jews at all, for we know who are these financiers. “Greed” went out of use altogether, though it was considered the worst sin or the father of all sins. Probably “greed” became a hate word, too.

The Jewish Century is over

Yuri Slezkine described our times as The Jewish century. It appears that this Jewish century is over, with the election of Trump. The Americans collected enough courage to vote for their interest, instead of doing what they are told. This was a big surprise for the Jews who already planned to enjoy the Jewish millennium. The NWO had been built to last, but so were many other human enterprises, including the Third Reich.

Probably you did not enjoy these last years of NWO rule, unless you belong to the one per cent of the very rich and very powerful, and maybe not even then. Probably you had less security in your job and your income, probably you had to watch your mouth more diligently, probably you felt yourself out of place just by being a straight white Christian man. Perhaps you did not like that your country had been stolen from you and repopulated by foreigners. Perhaps you did not enjoy it when Lena Dunham called for your extinction. But you had no way to even object, without being called a Nazi, and that was a deadly label.

However, the Jews enjoyed the best time of their history. Whoever they accused of anti-Semitism, was expelled from public life. Chemi Shalev, an American-Jewish-Israeli Haaretz columnist, bewept these great times: “It is probably no coincidence that during Obama’s tenure, American Jews reached a pinnacle of social and cultural acceptance. Being American Jews was hip. It was cool. It was the thing to be. Pew Research Polls repeatedly confirmed that Jews were the most loved and most admired religious group in all of America.”

And what did they wish for, these most-loved and most-admired and, by the way, wealthiest Americans? “They support immigration, pluralism, multiculturalism, social reform, government intervention, separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion rights and on and on. It is easy to see, in fact, why so many of Trump’s radical supporters would view the Jews as their mortal enemies” – concludes Shalev.

Reality is more complicated than he claims. Shalev said “the Jews” wanted NWO. Perhaps this is true regarding the unelected leadership of American Jews. But a sizeable and powerful minority of Jews do not agree with “the Jews”. Some of them prefer Zionism. Zionism is full negation of everything “the Jews” want: no separation of Jewish church and Jewish state, no goy immigration. “The Jews” defend the Muslims from being registered by Trump, while Zionists register every Muslim under their rule. Until now, the Zionists and liberal Jews did not quarrel, for the Zionists organised the Jewish state, while “the Jews” told the goyim how they should live.

Now the difference caused a split: NWO enemies claimed their support for Israel and Zionism should protect them from (still dangerous) accusation of anti-Semitism. Though Zionism is evil enough, it is evil localised, in comparison with the universal evil being spread world-wide by “the Jews”. It would be better to reject both varieties, and so do many people (including those of Jewish origin). Hopefully, rather sooner than later, we shall reach the point when accusation of anti-Semitism will be met with a disinterested “Is it so?”, and this will remove the unpleasant necessity of choosing between two evils, but we are not there yet. A cautious politician chooses one evil, whatever he considers a lesser one.

In England, Jeremy Corbyn preferred anti-Zionism, but he had to pay for this indulgence by “fighting anti-Semitism”. He sacked some of his supporters, offered extra protection to Jews, but the Jews immediately attacked him. In the US, Trump and his people prefer to flirt with Zionists, and Zionists defended him against the liberal Jews. In France, too, Marine Le Pen befriended Zionists to secure her movement from the broad-fronted Jewish attack.

Zionists are willing to accept Trump and Le Pen. Zionism flourished in 1930s as a Jewish National Socialist movement; it was built to fit Jewry into fascist-dominated Europe and the Middle East. Zionists loved Mussolini and admired Adolf Hitler. They have no problem with befriending any right-wing movement (no comparison is intended). If they would build their Jewish state on a remote unpopulated island, it would be their internal matter, but their Palestine project created too many problems for others.

Zionists are problematic allies for Trump, and the neo-cons are their extremely dangerous offshoot. They should be kept as far from power as possible, for they will charge a high price for their support and lead America into new wars.

Donald Trump can find better Jewish allies than Zionists or liberal NWO Jews. Do not forget: many Jews (as well as non-Jews) voted for Sanders or for Jill Stein. Now Bernie Sanders is looking for a new opening, and Jill Stein is available. Both are known for their anti-NWO and moderate non-Zionist positions; they could be adopted into Trump’s administration. Sanders actually expressed his willingness to work with Trump.

Such a step was made by Menachem Begin, the Israeli right-wing leader, when he came to power in Israel in 1977. He had made Moshe Dayan, a leading figure of Labour whom he defeated in the elections, his Foreign Minister. This wise and daring step strengthened his positions immensely, and undermined Labour for many years.

Trump’s administration with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein in an important position (Secretary of State? Secretary of Commerce? Secretary of Labor?) would be immune to many attacks and accusations, and it will heal the tear in the society. It will also solve the Jewish problem of Trump and make the NWO Jews and extreme Zionists irrelevant.

Saving Europe

Though NWO excesses were bad enough in the US, they were even worse in Europe, and for West Europeans, Trump’s victory is as important for them, as nomination of Mikhail Gorbachev was for East Europeans. The US troops are still based in Europe, but the spirit is gone. Europe is about to become independent, just before the point of no return had been crossed.

The problem is that many years of American dictate obliterated native European leadership. The European politicians were trained to rule in the name of the NWO and by the US leave. The nationalist far right has ambitions, but no serious leaders of national calibre (excepting France).

A Russian-American professor compared the impending liberation of the West with liberation of the East 27 years ago: “The one party system which the West had since the collapse of the Soviet Union is over. So is the dominance of one ideology and simplistic preachy press”. Indeed, like in the Soviet days, the multiparty system had been practically dismantled in Europe.

There was no difference between “left” and “right”, as the two parties became identical, competing which one will show more fervor embracing migration, fighting anti-Semitism, denouncing white male privilege, imposing austerity, cutting social state, taking children from their parents, eliminating production jobs, restricting the church, giving more money to rich bankers, fleecing the workers and beefing up the security services and the NATO military.

This process started after WWII, as Europe was partitioned and subjugated. Western Europe has been as thoroughly colonised by the US, as the Eastern Europe had been subjugated by the USSR. The colonisers of the Western Europe, the NWO builders from America – I hesitate to call them “Americans”, for many of these people were immigrants from Europe who used the US as their tool to create One World Government. For them, 1945 victory was a great chance to crush national forces, to promote compliant politicians in sync with their plans.

After the Soviet withdrawal in 1990, the NWO people took over the whole of Europe. PC control became total, radical feminism and juvenile courts destroyed the European family, the very concept of parenthood, of fatherhood and motherhood had been delegitimized; millions of migrants were transferred into Europe to replace its population, and every objector has been called a “Nazi”.

The Germans are a special case: after the terrible air bombardments of 1945, after the intensive Holocaust education, they were infected with an exaggerated form of guilt feeling. This once proud and industrious folk had been brought down and turned into obedient slaves. Now they do not want to part with their American masters. Merkel promised Obama to keep the fire on until his return, after the years of Trump pass.

It reminds me of the Roman Empire’s retreat from Britain. Though the legions went home, the post-Roman British rulers claimed they ruled in the name of Rome. Perhaps this ruse will be played again in Europe, and new European leaders will claim they still have American imprimatur – until Europeans will find for themselves their new independent leaders.

Russians are cautious but jubilant

The Russians are happy with Trump’s victory, but they still are not sure. Could it actually happen? Do they see what they think they see? However, the advent of Trumpmania is just around the corner. If Trump will make it to his inauguration, if he will keep neocons and Washington warriors out of important positions, he will have the Russian bear eating out of his hands. And this is likely to solve many problems of the world, from Middle East to East Europe.

If Donald Trump is a belated answer to Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace initiative, he can draw the American troops home, and the Golden Age is likely to descend upon troubled mankind.

Meanwhile we should be happy with the forthcoming retreat of the transhuman agenda, with the end of liberal tyranny, with termination of mass migrations and with attempt to restore the ruined fabric of our society.

Sourced from the Truthseeker
(first published at The Unz Review)
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Benjamin Fulford: November 28, 2016

PizzaGate Definitive Factcheck: Oh My God.

Is PizzaGate real, sort of real, or blown out of proportion? Researcher Megan ( gave all of this an independent look on her own, in case I was seeing connections that were not there. Sadly, I’ve perhaps been too tame in my coverage here- these are totally sick people. NO doubt in my mind. None whatsoever. My God.

Need more proof? Great 5 minute PizzaGate report from another popular channel-…

Intelligent ‘anti-Semitism’ for thinking Gentiles

The end of the Ashkenazi world


The Holocaust and accelerating pace of assimilation have transformed the Diaspora into a set of independent Jewish enclaves vibrant in spiritual life but completely lacking any national cohesion.


If a jew were to travel the world from Pinsk to Shanghai or from New York to Buenos Aires in the late 19th or the early 20th century, he would have no difficulty finding a community (either at the destination or at numerous locations on the way) not very different from the place he came from. Most of the fellow Jews he would meet at those distant and geographically spread out cities, towns and villages would be speaking his native or slightly varied Yiddish, would dress similarly, might be from the same region of the Russian Pale of Settlement or even have common relatives. For these people the Jewish world was the Ashkenazi world, where Yiddishkeit and Judaism were indistinguishable.

That created the feeling of nationhood unparalleled in the Jewish history of the past few millennia and provided the spiritual fuel for the political movement of its national self-determination, later called Zionism.

That world is almost completely gone and its last vestiges are dissipating in front of our eyes. The family aspect of nationhood, the personal closeness of one member of the collective to another has vanished.

The Holocaust and accelerating pace of assimilation have transformed the Diaspora into a set of independent Jewish enclaves often vibrant in terms of spiritual life but completely lacking any national cohesion or awareness outside of the host country.

This transformation is not without a precedent.

Such was the status quo of the Jewish world prior to the Emancipation (not to deny the idea of nationalism, even if not foreign to Jews, was inspired by its European counterparts). Hence, the cries of the end of the Diaspora or Jewish world in general are, to say the least, premature if not totally misplaced.

The Jewish world is changing dramatically. That is true and objective reality. What is needed now is to understand the root causes of the situation and adapt to the new reality without unnecessary panic and self-defeating fear of change.

THE FAMILY bonds provided the fuel for the feeling of the Jewish nationhood. The news of the pogroms in Tsarist Russia or Hebron made a Jew in New York, Paris or San Paulo feel personal pain. His fellow Jews were persecuted and massacred. It could well be his immediate family, close relatives or people he personally knew that were affected. The last expression of that phenomenon was the fight for the freedom of the Soviet Jewry (though definitely pursued with less vigor than the previous public campaigns as the processes weakening the bond were well in play by that time). One did not have to argue for the righteousness of the Jewish cause to fellow Jews.

One did not have to explain the political or social context of the events. As one does not have to explain a fellow family member why another one needs to be defended no matter what and under any circumstances. The Jews would rally to the cause in great numbers and contribute lavishly. The people in need of their help were concrete and identifiable.

The leaders of the community (both in the Diaspora and in Israel) would take this attitude for granted.

Alas, the world is changing and so are the Jews. The Holocaust destroyed those personal connections. Assimilation has completed the “disengagement.”

Yiddish is long gone as the Jewish lingua franca. Assimilation has exacerbated the situation by introducing a large number of Jews by “the choice of their spouses” (not to diminish their sincerity and the complexity of the decision). All of these factors have widened the existing gap between the Diaspora and Israel. While mainstream Israel is creating a very national secular culture deeply rooted in history, both far and near, the Diaspora is shifting away from its near national identity and rethinking Judaism in terms of universal values such as tikkun olam. That in conjunction with the Israel’s outdated assumption of the “family bond” creates a situation of cultural misunderstandings and outright hostility.

Thus a huge percentage of the Jewish Diaspora are only Jewish spiritually, but not nationally. Moreover, that identification is conditional on their marriage, residence and work schedule. It is a brand to be discarded or put aside upon a new one being introduced. That personal or emotional component required by any national identification is gone.

Curious anecdotes are being published in the Jewish press of some North American congregations intentionally eliminating Yiddish words from the communal vocabulary (such as “Good Shabbos” and “Good Yontef”) in order not to offend newcomers with cultural references foreign to them. There is no better admission by the leadership itself that the old Ashkenazi world is relegated to the history books and folktales.

Can the Ashkenazi “miracle” be recreated? Can we repair the breaking bond? Can we instill the national identity into the new generation of the Diaspora Jews? Short of a catastrophic event, the answer is a resounding “no.” It is not possible (at least not for the vast majority) as it is impossible to love strangers with the same force and passion with which one loves family. However, the spiritual connections must be strengthened. These new Jews may not completely or at all identify with the struggle of Jewish self-determination, but could be persuaded and educated to sympathize with it. Israel needs to understand this new reality and invest heavily in educational outreach to the Diaspora. The Diaspora itself should start investing in quality Jewish education if it has a desire to survive.

However, by itself these are oft-repeated empty words. The educational effort as it is practiced nowadays primarily based on Tikkun Olam and reading of Lubavitcher folk tales reminiscent of the early Soviet propaganda for village folk will bring no positive results. Only creative teaching of Jewish history and traditions, devoid of backward, Orthodox revanchist thinking can bring appreciation of the spirit that has driven the nation for centuries.

Clinging to the old outmoded approaches without admitting the reality can only fasten the disaster of total “separation.”

We should also be cognizant of the fact the center of Jewish civilization has moved from the Diaspora to the Land of Israel. In the postmodern world a nation can only preserve and develop its culture by the right of self-determination. Anyone who argues otherwise is more concerned with other (not necessary less lofty) goals than the future of Jewish people. The old Ashkenazi world is dead. It is time to embrace the reality and create the future as we have always done.

The author lives and works in Silicon Valley, California. He is a founding member of San Francisco Voice for Israel.

Incest: Good for the Jews

Einstein Nuclear-explosion-mushroom-cloud_2560x1600

Make sure you read this on an empty stomach. You have been warned.

Genetically, Ashkenazi Jews are freaks. For most of Jewish history in Europe, cherem-wielding rabbis and an unwelcoming Gentile world made inbreeding a far more appealing option than intermarriage. As a result, Ashkenazim became what scientists call an “endogamous group,” which is another way of saying that they have been sleeping with their cousins for a thousand years. And because endogamous groups often develop distinctive genetic profiles, nothing gets a population geneticist hotter than incest. Ashkenazim aren’t the only group that has kept outsiders out of the gene pool. Most other such groups, however, are isolated, rural populations, like the Amish or the inhabitants of Australia’s Norfolk Island. Ashkenazim are the best-studied group of cousin-kissers on the planet because they’re convenient. A scientist doesn’t need to trek out to the boonies to do her research when she’s got a million Ashkenazi Jews outside her door in the same city where she lives and works.

So endogamy and cosmopolitanism go a long way towards explaining why Jewish DNA has been the source of a gobsmacking number of important genetic findings. Unfortunately, the news coverage of those findings has focused primarily on the negative: genes that predispose us to Tay-Sachs disease, breast cancer, intestinal disease…and the list goes on.

But not all the startling stories hiding in Ashkenazi DNA are bad. Freakishness has its benefits. Some of our genetic eccentricities are more Übermensch than sissy-pants, more Schwarzenegger than DeVito.

Here’s a brief tour through four of the happier genetic quirks discovered about the Ashkenazi wing of our tribe in recent years.


Yes, you still need to use condoms. But a significant proportion of Ashkenazi Jews have a mutation in a gene called CCR5, and the most common strain of HIV uses the protein produced by CCR5 to climb inside people’s cells. The mutation prevents HIV from exploiting that protein to gain access. If you get two copies of the mutant gene, then most strains of HIV will have little to no chance of getting into your cells. If you get one copy, you’re still less likely to contract HIV, and, if you do, your prognosis is better.

The number of Ashkenazi Jews who have the mutation varies among different Jewish subgroups. According to a study conducted at the Center of Neurogenetics in Paris, a whopping 45 percent of Litvaks (Jews from Lithuania) have at least one copy of the mutation. Ethiopian Jews, on the other hand, don’t have it at all.

Population geneticists aren’t sure why Jews have the mutation in such high numbers. Some of the microbes responsible for Europe’s plagues may have used the same protein, and, as one theory goes, the plagues hit Jews harder than most other European populations, leaving us with a genetic advantage today. Wearing the same heavy clothes every day and never bathing may have had its benefits.


Shicker iz a goy, shicker iz a goy, shicker iz er, trinken muz er, vahl er iz a goy!” That racist old Yiddish ditty translates: “The goy is a drunk! The goy is a drunk! He has to drink, because he’s a goy!” Classy stuff.

Jews made a mint in Europe by distilling alcohol and selling it to Gentiles, and then we sang songs about what drunks they were. But it turns out Gentiles really are more likely than Jews to become drunks, and it’s not because young Jews learn how to drink responsibly by quaffing Manischewitz at the Seder table, or any of the other old, folk explanations.

Twenty percent of Ashkenazi Jews have a genetic mutation on chromosome nine that causes an unpleasant reaction to alcohol—headaches, nausea, flushing—which in turn makes heavy drinking and alcoholism less likely. This mutation is almost nonexistent among non-Jewish Europeans, but common among Asians.

It’s a model minority thing, apparently.


It’s not cause you’re not a slut, that’s for sure. The low incidence of cervical cancer among Jewish women has been a longstanding mystery to scientists. People used to think that a circumcised penis was like a magic wand, protecting Jewish women from a nasty cancer that was far more common among non-Jews. That partly explains why American Gentiles started doing like the poor biblical boys of Shekhem and slicing off their foreskins. Once all these Gentiles started circumcising their kids, the bad news came in: Low rates of cervical cancer have nothing to do with circumcision.

The low incidence of human papilloma virus (HPV) among Jewish women may partly explain their low rates of cervical cancer. And scientists have recently discovered that a genetic mutation called p53-D12 predisposes some women to cervical cancer; that mutation is rare among Jewish women.


“The world is riddled—riddled!—with dumb Ashkenazi Jews,” as Leon Wieseltier reminds us. Too true, Leon. But with the tribe’s lineup including Freud, Einstein, and Speed Levitch, and Ashkenazim possessing an exceedingly high mean IQ, Jews have more than their share of smarties. They’ve also got more than their share of neurological disorders such as Tay-Sachs and Gaucher’s disease. According to a recent study at the University of Utah, there’s a connection: The same genes that cause diseases such as Tay-Sachs and Gaucher’s can also help make you a little Einstein.

The genes in question promote the growth of brain cells. Basically, if you get two of those genes, your brain cells will be afflicted by the kind of extreme and disordered cell growth associated with Tay-Sachs. Get only one of those genes and the cell growth within your brain is enhanced, meaning your grandma will never shut up about you at the mah-jongg table. Or so the Utah researchers argue.

The theory attempts to answer the question of what causes higher rates of intelligence among Jews. And as the theory’s premise is clear and testable, we’ll know for certain in a few years whether it’s the right answer. As to the question of why the gene is there in the first place, it’s all conjecture from here on in.

Some think it’s because our smartest guys became big Talmud chachams and got the girls, while the smartest non-Jewish Europeans became priests and spilled their seed into bed sheets. Or, others postulate, maybe it’s because Jews had to pursue talky, cognitively taxing professions because they weren’t allowed to own land or join guilds. Whatever the explanation may be, Jews got the smahts, baby.


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