Third Reich: One of Hitler’s goals as Chancellor of Germany was to make Germany whole again.





Hitler Begins Reclamation of Germany 

One of Hitler’s goals as Chancellor of Germany was to make Germany whole again. He was determined to regain control of lands taken from Germany by the Versailles Treaty but also to bring ethnic Germans living outside the Reich back into Germany. If his plans were to have any chance of succeeding, however, it would first be necessary for Germany to re-arm. The Versailles Treaty had limited Germany to a total of 100,000 men at arms, a pitifully inadequate military force to support his ambitions. After mulling over what to do, Hitler convened a meeting with the Army’s General Staff and members of his Cabinet on March 15, 1935 and announced his decision that Germany would openly defy the military limitations set by the Versailles Treaty and re-arm. Not a single person present objected. All enthusiastically approved.


Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels held a press conference the very next day and announced to the world that the Fuhrer had decided that Germany would reintroduce military conscription and build a new Army consisting of 36 divisions, totalling 550,000 men. This was a brazen violation of the Versailles Treaty, and an open invitation for retaliation by France and Britain.


The German leaders then waited anxiously to see how Britain and France would react. Some of the more cautious generals were worried that France might attack Germany immediately. After all, France was well armed, with the largest army in Europe and Germany would have been powerless to defend itself. But nothing happened; absolutely nothing. Hitler had gambled and won!


Hitler knew that France was struggling with internal political problems and that Britain was still in the depths of the depression. Neither country, he wagered, had the stomach to take military action against him, and he turned out to be right. Hitler also had moral suasion on his side. Any sovereign country, including Germany, has an intrinsic right to the means of self defense and of defending its sovereignty. It was obvious that Germany could not do so with a military force limited to 100,000 men. In a positive light, Hitler’s decision to re-arm Germany could be seen as the “responsible” thing for a national leader to have done.




June 1935 – Hitler re-arms Germany. Here, new recruits line up for their enlistment physicals.

But Hitler was smart enough to understand that he needed to follow up his proclamation by being conciliatory. A couple of months after the conscription announcement, he spoke before the Reichstag and declared that, “Germany wants peace…None of us means to threaten anybody.” And surely, he meant it. He wanted to reclaim Germany’s lost lands, but he did not want war.


He announced before the Reichstag a thirteen-point peace program. He said that Germany would respect all other provisions of the Versailles Treaty, including the demilitarization of the Rhineland. Germany is ready, he said, to cooperate in a collective system for safeguarding European peace. He further stated that Germany was ready to conclude pacts of non-aggression with her neighbours.


This seemed to soothe the nerves of his gun-shy neighbouring countries. This method of diplomacy set a pattern which Hitler was to follow thereafter; a forceful announcement on a Saturday (Hitler’s Saturday surprises), followed by a conciliatory speech. After each such initiative, he permitted time to lapse so that everything could settle back down before making his next move. He knew what he wanted and knew what he was doing, and he played his hand very carefully.


He let a year pass before he took his next big gamble; the reoccupation of the Rhineland. Early Saturday morning on March 7, 1936, three German Army battalions crossed the bridges over the Rhine and entered the industrial heartland of Germany known as the Rhineland. This demilitarized area, the Rhineland, included all territory west of the Rhine River, stretching over to the French border, as well as a section east of the river. The Rhineland included the cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bonn.


Hitler’s Foreign Minister, Constantin von Neurath, summoned the French, British and Italian ambassadors to his office at 10 A.M. the same morning and handed them a memorandum which stated that the German government had “restored the full and unrestricted sovereignty of the Reich in the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland.” This, of course, was also a violation of the Versailles Treaty.


At noon on the same day, Hitler appeared before a hastily called Reichstag assembly and announced what had happened. The totally surprised Reichstag members jumped to their feet in jubilation and began cheering wildly, with shouts of “heil” to the Fuhrer.


When they calmed down and returned to their seats, Hitler continued speaking. He said:

First, we swear to yield to no force whatever in the restoration of the honor of our people, preferring to succumb with honor to the severest hardships rather than to capitulate. Secondly, we pledge that now, more than ever, especially for one with our Western neighbour nations…We have no territorial demands to make in Europe!…Germany will never break the peace.”



Saturday, March 7, 1935 – German troops cross a bridge over the Rhine River and enter the Rineland.


Hitler and his generals again waited nervously to see how France and Britain would react. The German troops even had orders to immediately abandon the Rhineland and cross back over the bridges if France were to attack. But, as before, nothing happened. The French and the British did nothing. The horrors of the First World War were too fresh in their memory, and the French in particular simply did not have the stomach for another war with Germany. The British did not act because most British leaders had already come around to the belief that the Versailles Treaty was unreasonable in many aspects and most of them sympathized with Hitler’s position.


This had been a tremendous gamble for Hitler because the French, with their one hundred division army could easily have overwhelmed the 30,000 lightly armed German troops now in the Rhineland, in which case Hitler could have lost everything. Hitler was later to admit:

The 48 hours after the march into the Rhineland were the most nerve wracking in my life. If the French had marched into the Rhineland, we would have had to withdraw with our tail between our legs…


Several of Hitler’s generals were extremely fearful of the bold move, but his Foreign Minister, von Neurath, had calmly assured him, “You can risk it. Nothing will happen.” Hitler learned to ignore the trepidations of his generals and use his own judgment in such matters.


The German people in the Rhineland welcomed the troops with jubilation. The soldiers were met by German priests who conferred blessings upon them. Women threw flowers in their path. The people in Cologne went wild with joy. Inside Cologne’s magnificent cathedral, Cardinal Schulte lavishly praised Hitler for what he had done.



[Add. image — Hitler, Goebbels and Wagner near the radio during the Saarland vote, 1935. Our picture from left to right: Gauleiter of Munich-Upper Bavaria, Adolf Wagner, Reich Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler and the Reich Press Chief Otto Dietrich in front of the radio in Hitler’s private apartment at Prinzregentenplatz in Munich during the announcement of interim results of the Saarland vote on 13 January 1935.]


A few weeks later, on March 29th, another plebiscite was held. 99% of the registered voters went to the polls, and 98.8% voted approval of Hitler’s reoccupation of the Rhineland. Hitler had become the most popular man in Germany.


With this accomplishment securely in the bag, Hitler then went back to Berchtesgaden, his retreat in the Bavarian mountains, to relax while things calmed down, but also to ponder his next move, for he had many more moves to make in implementing his plan of irredentism for Germany.


Meanwhile, in Berlin and throughout Germany, preparations were underway to host the coming Summer Olympics. The Berlin Olympics would be a big opportunity for the Nazis to show off the new Germany they had created to people from all over the world.


The 1936 Olympics



Berlin won the bid in April 1931 to host the 1936 Olympic Games over Barcelona, its number one contender. The bid for the games had been won two years before the Nazis were elected into office in Germany. When the Nazis came to power, American Jewish organizations immediately demanded that some other venue be chosen for the games other than Berlin. The American Jewish Congress and the Jewish Labor Committee staged rallies to oppose America’s participation in the games if the games were not moved out of Berlin.



[Add. image — A pedestrian pauses to read a notice announcing an upcoming public meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, December 3, to urge Americans to boycott the 1936 Berlin Olympics. New York, United States, 1935.]


Avery Brundage, President of the American Olympic Committee, to his very great credit, decided, despite this pressure, that America would participate in the Games in Berlin as scheduled. International Jewry already had a propaganda campaign under way against the Nazis long before they came into office, and Brundage took the view that the attempted boycott of the Olympic Games was just another “Jewish-Communist conspiracy” against Germany, which, of course, it was. He stated that Jewish athletes were not being treated unfairly in any way by anyone. The Jews were nevertheless relentless.



[Add. image — Avery Brundage (born Sep 28, 1887) competed in the decathlon at the 1912 Olympic Games. He became president of the U.S. Olympic Association and Committee in 1929, then served as president of the International Olympic Committee (1952–72).]


The story most repeated about Hitler and the Olympic Games in Berlin, is that Hitler refused to shake the hand of the American black athlete Jesse Owens after he had won a race. This myth is widespread, and appears as fact in many journals and publications today, including, for example, in Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia.


What actually happened is that Hitler personally attended the first day of the track and field competition on August 2, 1936, and personally congratulated the German athlete Hans Wollke, who was the first German to win a gold medal in the Olympics since 1896. Throughout the rest of the day, Hitler continued to receive Olympic champions, both German and non-German, in his VIP box.


The next day, August 3, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Comte Bailet-Latour, approached Hitler early in the morning and told him that he had violated Olympic protocol by personally congratulating each Olympic winner. Hitler duly apologized and said that he would hence forward refrain from shaking the hands of the winners.


Later in the same day, when Jesse Owens won his gold medals, Hitler did not shake his hand…or anybody else’s, during the remainder of the games.


It is, therefore, utterly false to claim that Hitler deliberately chose to snub Owens. In his autobiography, “The Jesse Owens Story,” 1970, Owens recounted how Hitler had stood up and waved to him:

When I passed the Chancellor,” he wrote, “he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany.”


During the afternoon of the first day, Hitler and his entourage left the stadium early because rain threatened. In fact, it had already begun to sprinkle. Coincidentally, the American black, Cornelius Johnson, had just barely beaten his American teammate in the high jump to win a gold medal shortly before Hitler left the stadium. The anti-German propagandists reported through the International Jewish press that Hitler had “stormed out” of the stadium in a tantrum because a black man had won an event. Hitler was much too sensitive to world opinion to have left himself open to negative publicity by any such inappropriate behavior.


But the facts would never stand in the way of a good anti-Nazi story. The Jewish owned New York Times carried on its front page, “Hitler greets all medalists except Americans,” the day after the first competitive events.


The headline on the next day’s paper read, “Hitler ignores Negro medalists.” Not by coincidence, the New York Times had earlier led the movement to boycott the Berlin games. Other newspapers picked up the story. “Hitler Snubs Jesse,” read the huge, bold headline of a black Cleveland paper, Call and Post. The Baltimore Afro-American carried the headline “‘Adolf’ Snubs U.S. Lads“. These were deliberate lies. Nothing of the kind had happened.



The Baltimore African-American newspaper, August 8, 1936.


Another story spread around about the 1936 Olympics by the anti-German press was that Owens’ victory “disproved the Nazi master race theory.” If anything, the Games supported that idea, if, in fact, such an idea even existed. Germany won 89 medals, while the United States, with two and a half times Germany’s population, won 56.


That Germany claimed to be the “master race” is another myth with no basis in fact; just more anti-German propaganda from the International Jewish press. The Nazis never made any such claim (though the Jews do claim to be God’s chosen people), and Hitler never used the term, “master race,” or anything close to it to describe the German people. Hitler used the term “Aryan” to represent all the Germanic peoples of Europe, including the British, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Fins, Swiss, and all the other peoples of Europe of Germanic origin. Hitler believed that the Aryan people were culturally superior to most of the rest of mankind as manifested in all their achievements. He wrote in Mein Kampf:

All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan…


This idea was generally accepted by all Europeans at the time, and could hardly be disputed given the fact that almost all civilizational advances were accomplished by these people. The British have always considered themselves to be a superior race. The anti-German international Jewish press deliberately misinterpreted these general concepts to mean that the Germans considered themselves alone to be the “Master Race.” In fact, no such claim was ever made.


In what was to become an act of extreme irony, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then running for re-election and concerned about the reaction of the southern states, refused to see Jesse Owens at the White House. Owens was later to remark that it was Roosevelt, not Hitler, who snubbed him.


Jesse Owens was the citizen of a country whose racism would have made Hitler blush. In Hitler’s Germany, Jesse Owens could share a bus or tram ride with white people. Treated equally in all respects before the law, he could sit in a movie theater next to whites, use public toilets, dine in restaurants, and stay in hotels without any discrimination being shown towards him. There were many things he could do in Hitler’s Germany that were forbidden at home in the United States. In the United States black athletes were required to eat separately from their white fellow athletes. If they were allowed to share the same hotel at all, which was unlikely, it would be necessary for them to use the service entrance. There were no blacks on any major league baseball team and there were no black swimmers. This was in the enlightened north. In the southern states there was no possibility of a black being allowed to participate in any sport, except to compete with other blacks. For the Jewish press to have smeared Hitler and the German people in general as “racists” was hypocritical in the extreme.


Jesse Owens evidently enjoyed his time in Hitler’s Germany immensely. In Germany he received a lot of pre-Olympic media hype and the German people idolized him.

Once at the stadium, the mere appearance of Jesse Owens’ head from some pit below the stands would cause sections of the crowd to break out in chants of, ‘Yes-sa Ov-enss! Yes-sa Ov-enss!’ — Richard D. Mandell. “The Nazi Olympics.

“Some mornings at the Olympic village the athletic hero of the hour was awakened by amateur photographers who flocked outside his bedroom window to click at the athlete before he could gather poise for one of his many appearances before the mobs in Berlin.” — Richard D. Mandell. “The Nazi Olympics.

“Jesse Owens was cheered as loudly as any Aryan.” — Lawrence N. Snyder; Jesse’s coach. Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 7th, 1936.


When Jesse Owens first returned to the states, he denied that he had been snubbed by Hitler or that he had been mistreated in any way. But he learned soon enough that he could use the “snub myth” to his own advantage. In his postwar interviews, postwar public addresses, and in his “ghosted” articles and books, he began to claim that Hitler had, indeed, refused to shake his hand, and he also began to repeat the lie that Hitler “left the stadium in a tantrum” when a black athlete won a medal, because that is what people wanted to hear. As he discovered that anti-Hitler stories resonated well with American audiences, he began to exaggerate his “mistreatment” stories even further. Such exaggerations finally became the central feature of his talks as he described how emotionally torn apart he was by the “snubs” and other mistreatment by Hitler and the Nazis. The reality is that Jesse Owens was given the warmest ovation of his life by the German spectators, including Hitler.


Yet another myth still commonly believed as the result of the anti-German propaganda is that American blacks “ran away” with the gold medals during the Berlin games. It is true that Owens won four gold medals, but outside of track and field, the Germans dominated the Olympic Games of 1936 by winning more medals than all other participants combined.


These are only some of the flagrant distortions about Nazi Germany created by the International Jewish propaganda campaign. Since the victors write the historical accounts of events, Nazi Germany has been permanently smeared with these blatantly false stories.


Hitler’s “Film Expert to the National Socialist Party,” Leni Riefenstahl, made a documentary of the 1936 Olympic Games, called, “Olympia”, which nearly matched her earlier film, “Triumph of the Will”, in its propaganda value to the Third Reich. The film won many international awards.



Leni Riefenstahl shooting the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin


Germany scored a huge propaganda coup with the 1936 Olympic games, despite all efforts of the International Jewish press to denigrate it. The world was able to see firsthand “the new Germany” which had been created by Nazi rule. German hospitality won high praise from visitors from all over the world, and Adolf Hitler was seen as the man of the hour.


Despite efforts being made by international Jewry to discredit Nazi Germany in every way possible, most objective reports were favorable to Germany as a result of the Games. Frederick Birchall reported in the New York Times that the Games put Germany “back in the fold of nations,” and even made them “more human again.”



Hitler at the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympic Games.




Berlin’s Olympic Stadium


But Jewish reporters consistently took only the most sinister interpretation of everything occurring in Germany. The Jewish journalist William Shirer, for example, regarded the:

Berlin glitter on display for the world to see as merely hiding a menacing, racist, militaristic regime, … I’m afraid the Nazis have succeeded with their propaganda,” he wrote. “First, the Nazis have run the Games on a lavish scale never before experienced, and this has appealed to the athletes. Second, the Nazis have put up a very good front for the general visitors, especially the big businessmen.”


The most well intentioned and even the most praiseworthy activities of the Germans were seen by Shirer and other Jewish reporters only as a “front.”


The Jewish propaganda of that time was designed to smear and discredit Germany and the Nazis, not to present an accurate picture of actual events. Every event was deliberately twisted in the Jewish press to mean something it didn’t. Every word and gesture of Hitler or any Nazi was deliberately misinterpreted to cast them in the worst possible light. Sinister motives were attributed to every act and deed. When Hitler behaved in a courteous, considerate, statesmanlike manner, it was reported in the Jewish press that he was “wearing a false face,” and that he was “cynically manipulating world opinion for his own sinister purposes.”


Despite all that is now known to be true about the circumstances surrounding the 1936 Olympic Games, especially the personal conduct of Hitler himself, Jewish writers and historians continue, even to this day, to trot out the same old propaganda lies of the 1930s and 40s.


Shirley Povich, (July 15, 1905 — June 4, 1998) Jewish sports writer for the Washington Post newspaper.


A good example of this is an article written by the Jewish sports writer Shirley Povich for the Washington Post on July 6, 1996, titled, “Berlin, 1936: At the Olympics, Achievements of the Brave in a Year of Cowardice.” The article was written to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. (It is worth mentioning that the Washington Post is a Jewish owned newspaper, and was an enthusiastic participant in the international Jewish smear campaign against Germany during the 1930s and 40s. The Washington Post also participated in the effort to boycott the Berlin Olympic Games.) He begins his article by writing:

It is about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin that Adolf Hitler turned into a sickening pageant of Nazi propaganda, supported by submissive U.S. Olympic officials and craven American track and field coaches who, like Nazi cousins, kicked their only two Jewish athletes off the 4 x 100-meter relay team. And it is about Hitler’s snub of America’s victorious black Olympians in their triumph.”


Povich’s description of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin is simply astonishing in view of what is known to be the real story about the Games today. The Nazis were defeated and destroyed in 1945, yet half a century later the preposterous Jewish anti-German propaganda campaign continues unabated.


In the article, he repeats the lie that our “own Jewish athletes were kicked off the team, in order to placate Hitler.” He also repeats the lie that Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens and the other black American athletes. He preposterously states that Hitler “already had the killing of six million Jews in mind.” He wrote that Germany did not permit German Jews to participate in the games. That was a lie. The Jewess Helene Mayer, for example, was a member of the German fencing team.


In the article, Povich accused Avery Brundage, head of U.S. Olympic Committee, of cowardice for refusing to participate in the attempted boycott of the Olympic Games. Povich claims that prominent Catholic, Protestant, as well as Jewish individuals and groups in the United States, were loudly clamoring for a boycott, as were, he says, trade unions and civic organizations. That was not true. The campaign to boycott the Olympics was a purely Jewish campaign. Catholics and Protestants had nothing to do with it, and did not support it. Trade unions did support it, but trade unions were totally dominated and controlled by Communist Jews.


Povich states in the article that Germany was humiliated by the American black athletes. In reality, Germany, at less than half of the population of the United States, won 89 medals to America’s 56.


Povich claims that two Jews were removed from the American team simply because they were Jews. Not so! The two Jews that were removed were replaced by two blacks who outperformed them.


Povich’s article was a reiteration of the blatant anti-Nazi propaganda spewed out of the Jewish controlled media during the Nazi era, without a word of truth in it. The article totally mischaracterized events as they actually occurred, yet, his version of events has become the official history of the 1936 Olympic Games, the history taught to children in school.

The History Place - The Triumph of Adolf Hitler

The Berlin Olympics

Adolf Hitler, who was not a sports fan, had been lukewarm toward the whole idea of hosting the 1936 Olympics. It had taken some effort by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to convince him that the Olympic festivities could be exploited to advance the Nazi cause both inside and outside of Germany.

The Games had been awarded to Germany by the International Olympic Committee back in May 1931, before Hitler came to power. It was the second time the modern Olympics were scheduled to be held in Germany. The 1916 Olympics scheduled for Berlin were canceled due to World War I.



Under Goebbels’ direction, the Nazis intended to use the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin as a showcase for the “new Germany.” The Nazis also hoped to profit from the tens of thousands of souvenir-hungry tourists who would bring much needed foreign currency into the country.

The Nazi administration spent 42 million Reichmarks building an impressive 325-acre Olympics sports complex located about five miles west of Berlin. This was the same site that had been chosen for the canceled 1916 Games. The centerpiece of the new sports complex was the gigantic Olympic Stadium built of natural stone which could seat 110,000 spectators. Inside this stadium, the world’s largest, there was a special seating area built for Hitler and top Nazis.

While the ambitious Olympic construction project was underway in 1934-35, huge controversy erupted over the exclusion of Jewish athletes from Germany’s Olympic team.

The president of Germany’s Olympic Committee, Dr. Theodor Lewald, was himself ousted from this prestigious position after it was revealed his paternal grandmother was Jewish. He was replaced by a high ranking SA man named Hans von Tschammer und Osten.

Osten quickly established an Aryans-only policy in selecting Germany’s Olympic athletes. This was in keeping with numerous Nazi rules and regulations shutting out Jews from all facets of German society. Some of the Jews excluded from the Olympic team were actually world class athletes, such as tennis star Daniel Prenn and boxer Erich Seelig. They left Germany, along with other Jewish athletes, to resume their sports careers abroad. Prenn played tennis in England while Seelig moved to the United States. The Nazis also disqualified Gypsies, including Germany’s middleweight boxing champ, Johann Trollmann.

The Olympic Torch is carried along a German avenue toward the stadium in Berlin. Below: Aerial view of the massive Olympic Stadium.
Below: Hitler enters for the opening ceremony accompanied by Theodor Lewald (left) and Count Baillet-Latour.
Below: Germans inside the stadium salute their Führer.

The banning of non-Aryans from Germany’s Olympic team was condemned internationally as a violation of the Olympic code of equality and fair play. The Olympics were intended to be an exercise in goodwill among all nations emphasizing racial equality in the area of sports competition. The Nazis, however, had no interest in promoting racial equality and hoped instead to use the Olympics to show off Aryan athletes, whom they believed were naturally superior because of their race.

The Nazi attitude toward the coming Olympics brought international calls for a boycott of the Berlin Games along with requests to move the Games to another country. The biggest boycott controversy occurred in the United States, the country which had sent the most athletes to past Olympics and usually won the most medals.

For years now in the U.S., various Jewish and Christian leaders had been reading newspaper accounts of Nazi persecution of Jews, Christian churches, political dissidents, labor leaders and others. Throughout Germany by this time, Jewish athletes of all ages had been banned from city playgrounds and sports facilities, gymnastic organizations, physical education programs, public swimming pools, and even from horse racing. For many American critics of the Hitler regime, the banning of Jews from Germany’s Olympic team was the last straw.

The American Olympic Committee was headed by former U.S. Olympic athlete, Avery Brundage, who initially supported the idea of a boycott of the Berlin Olympics. He also sympathized with the hard-line position taken by leaders of America’s powerful Amateur Athletic Union calling for a boycott unless the Nazis allowed German Jews to fully participate.

The Nazis attempted to smooth things over by inviting Brundage to Germany and took him to see special training courses supposedly set up for use by Jews in Germany. Brundage was favorably impressed by what he saw and also by the extra-special VIP treatment he was given by the Nazis. As a result, Brundage returned to America and announced on September 26, 1934, that the American Olympic Committee officially accepted the invitation to participate in the Berlin Olympics.

The Amateur Athletic Union, however, was not so easily swayed. Its leader, Jeremiah Mahoney, declared that American participation in the Berlin Games meant nothing less than “giving American moral and financial support to the Nazi regime, which is opposed to all that Americans hold dearest.”

The outspoken Mahoney was supported in his position by various American Jewish and Christian leaders, along with liberal politicians such as New York Governor Al Smith. Forty-one college presidents also voiced their support for a boycott. In addition, America’s trade union leaders supported an Olympic boycott and also pushed for a complete economic boycott of Nazi Germany. They were strongly anti-Hitler as a result of the systematic dismemberment of Germany’s trade unions by the Nazis.

Responding to the mounting international pressure, the Nazis made a token gesture by allowing a part-Jewish athlete, Helene Mayer, back on their Olympic team. She had won a gold medal at the 1928 Games and was considered to be the world’s greatest female fencer. The Nazis also let the part-Jewish Theodor Lewald function as an “advisor” to Germany’s Olympic Organizing Committee.

Back in the U.S., Avery Brundage responded to his own critics by claiming the Olympics were meant for “athletes not politicians.” He succeeded in swaying a number of American athletes to his point of view. When the Amateur Athletic Union took its final vote on December 8, 1935, the boycott proposal was voted down by a razor-thin margin. The Americans would participate after all.

The U.S. Olympic team turned out to be its biggest ever with 312 athletes including nineteen African Americans and five Jews. The Nazis had given repeated assurances to the International Olympic Committee that black athletes would be treated well in Germany. The Nazis also reluctantly agreed to let foreign Jews participate.

However, some American Jewish athletes, including Harvard University track star Milton Green, chose to sit out the Olympics to protest Nazi anti-Semitism. Doing this meant passing up the opportunity of a lifetime in order to make a political statement. Jewish athletes from other countries also decided to sit out the Games as a protest, including star athletes from Austria, France and Canada.

In all, fifty-one countries decided to participate in the Berlin Games. This was the biggest number so far in the modern Olympic era. Germany had the largest Olympic team with 348 competitors. Soviet Russia had not participated in any of the Olympics thus far and was also absent from Berlin Games.

In mid-July 1936, the teams began arriving in Germany and were given the red-carpet treatment by their Nazi hosts with many lavish receptions held in their honor. Berliners had been repeatedly told by the Nazi administration to create a good impression by making international tourists feel welcome. The resulting over-friendliness of normally gruff Nazi Brownshirts and SS men seemed amusing to those who knew them better, such as foreign journalists stationed in Berlin.

Tourists entered a squeaky clean Berlin where all undesirable persons had been swept off the streets by police and sent to a special detention camp outside the city. Buildings everywhere were decorated with Olympic flags hung side-by-side with Nazi swastikas including all of the various facilities used for sporting competitions.

Berliners and tourists stroll about the Lustgarden at night amid a display of flags from participating nations. Below: An Olympic Flag is seen on the corner of Café Kranzler located upon the busy Unter den Linden.

The omnipresent ‘Jews Not Welcome’ signs normally seen throughout Germany were removed from hotels, restaurants and public places for the duration of the Olympics. Nazi storm troopers were also ordered to refrain from any actions against Jews. The virulent anti-Semitic newspaper published by Julius Streicher called Der Stürmer was even removed from newsstands. Interestingly, visitors wanting to talk to Jews in Berlin about their daily experiences or investigate Jewish life in Nazi Germany were required to contact the Gestapo first, after which they would be closely watched until they departed.

The opening ceremony of the XI Olympic Games was held on Saturday, August 1, 1936, inside the Olympic Stadium, which was jammed to capacity. Unfortunately, the Germans did not get the usual sunny ‘Führer weather’ which always seemed to accompany big Nazi events, but instead got a cloudy day with occasional rain showers. Hitler and his entourage, along with the Olympic officials, walked into the stadium amid a chorus of three thousand Germans singing the Deutschland Über Alles national anthem followed by the Horst Wessel Lied Nazi anthem.

Over 5,000 athletes from 51 nations then marched in according to alphabetical order, with Greece leading the whole parade and the host country, Germany, at the end. But even the opening ceremony was not without controversy – the question being whether athletes would give the Nazi salute to Hitler as they passed by his reviewing stand. There was some confusion over this issue, since the Olympic salute with right arm held out sideways from the shoulder could also be mistaken for the Hitler stiff-arm salute. Most countries gave either one or the other. Austrian athletes gave the Hitler salute. French athletes thrilled the German audience by giving the Hitler salute, although some French athletes later claimed it was the Olympic salute. The Bulgarians outdid everyone by goose-stepping past the Führer. The British and Americans chose a military style ‘eyes right’ with no arm salute.

The flag bearer of every nation was supposed to dip their country’s flag while passing by the Führer and the Olympic officials. The American flag bearer upset many Germans in the audience by ignoring this, adhering to the U.S. custom of only dipping to the President of the United States and no one else.

The magnificent Airship Hindenburg flew low over the stadium trailing the Olympic flag with its five rings representing the five participating continents. As a symbolic gesture, the Nazis allowed Olympics organizer Theodor Lewald to give the opening speech, which was followed by Hitler’s simple message: “I proclaim the Games of Berlin, celebrating the eleventh Olympiad of the modern era, to be open.” This was the only public utterance Hitler made during the Olympics.

Hitler’s opening proclamation was followed by the Olympic Hymn written by German composer Richard Strauss for the Games. The climax of the opening ceremony then occurred with arrival of the Olympic torch. It had been carried all the way from Olympia, Greece, by some three thousand separate relay runners over a twelve-day period. It was the first time in Olympic history this had been done.

Sporting competitions began the next day, Sunday, August 2nd, with the track and field events. During this week-long competition, the 100 and 200-meter sprints were won by Jesse Owens, an American track star from Ohio State University. He set new world records in both races. Owens went on to win four gold medals in all, setting a world record in the long jump and also helped set one in the 400-meter relay.

German broadcasters and journalists always referred to the African American Owens as “the Negro Owens.” The other eighteen African American athletes were referred to as “America’s Black Auxiliaries” as if they were not full-fledged team members.

Jesse Owens seen in the Long Jump. Below: Medal ceremony for the Long Jump – Owens with the Gold Medal for America; Japan the Silver and Germany the Bronze.
Below: Owens about to win the 100-meter race as seen in “Olympia.”

Owens became an instant superstar in Berlin. German fans chanted his name whenever he entered the Olympic Stadium and mobbed him for autographs in the street. Hitler, however, never met him. On the first day of the track and field competition, Hitler had left the Olympic Stadium as rain threatened and darkness fell and missed greeting the three American medal winners in the high jump, two of whom were black. This upset Olympic officials and they advised Hitler that either he should receive all of the medal winners or none of them. Hitler decided to receive none of them from that point onward, including Owens.

International journalists covering the Olympics took note of this and speculated it was because Owens and his fellow African American athletes won so many track and field medals, fourteen in all. Some journalists went so far as to say their victories debunked the Nazi myth of Aryan racial superiority.

Owens later said he didn’t feel snubbed by Hitler. According to Owens, at one point during the track and field competition he glanced up at Hitler in his box seat and the Führer stood up and waved to him, and he had waved back at Hitler.

Another big news controversy erupted in America when it was revealed that the only two Jews on the U.S. track team had been dumped at the last minute from the 400-meter relay race. On the morning of the race, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were informed by their head coach they would be replaced by Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe. Glickman later speculated that Avery Brundage might have pressured the American coaches to drop the Jews to avoid upsetting Hitler. As a result, Glickman and Stoller wound up sitting in the stands watching the race which they might have easily won themselves since they were superb relay runners.

Throughout the fourteen days of athletic competition Hitler maintained a deliberately low-key presence at the Olympics. This was done to please Olympic officials who did not want him to upstage the festivities. It was also a good opportunity for the Führer to appear calm and dignified among the thousands of international observers who were watching his every move. To the surprise of his top aides Hitler became genuinely interested in the various sporting matches and took great delight in every German victory.

The XI Olympic Games concluded on Sunday, August 16, with Germany as the overall victor, capturing 89 medals. The Americans came in second with 56. The Games were preserved on film by Triumph of the Will director Leni Riefenstahl. Financed by the Nazis, she brought thirty-three camera operators to the Olympics and shot over a million feet of film. It took her eighteen months to edit Olympia into a four hour film which was released in two parts beginning in April 1938.

Remarkably, the Berlin Games saw the first-ever use of television at the Olympics, although the picture reception was not very good. At the Olympic Village, where all of the male athletes lived, a large recreation building known as Hindenburg Hall had a TV room where they could watch live competitions. Seventeen other sites around Berlin also featured TV rooms.

The Olympic Village itself received rave reviews from everyone who stayed there. The 130-acre village was constructed by the German Army under the direction of Captain Wolfgang Fuerstner. It was laid out in the shape of a map of Germany and contained 140 buildings including a post office and bank. Each of the athletes’ houses contained 13 bedrooms, with two athletes per room. There were two stewards always on duty in each house who spoke the athletes’ native language. Training facilities in the Village included a 400-meter oval track and a full-size indoor swimming pool.

Fuerstner’s Olympic Village was the finest housing ever provided to Olympic athletes up to that time. However, just before the Olympics began, Captain Fuerstner received a demotion because of his Jewish ancestry. He had to endure being second-in-command at the Village which he had brilliantly designed, while his non-Jewish successor, Lt. Col. Werner Gilsa, received the credit for his accomplishment. Two days after the Games ended, Fuerstner attended a lavish Nazi banquet held in honor of Gilsa. Afterwards, the despondent Fuerstner went back to his barracks and shot himself. The Nazis tried to cover up his suicide by giving him a full military burial, claiming he had been killed in an auto accident.

Overall, the Berlin Olympics was a big success for the Nazis. Hundreds of international journalists acknowledged that Germany had put on the most lavish and biggest Olympics ever. Many thousands of tourists also left Germany with happy memories of the courtesy extended to them by the Nazis and the German people, as well as the fantastic facilities and precise efficiency of the whole event. The Nazis had succeeded in getting what they most wanted from hosting the Olympics – respectability.

During the closing ceremonies the president of the International Olympic Committee had issued the traditional call for the next Games, requesting “the youth of every country to assemble in four years at Tokyo, there to celebrate with us the twelfth Olympic Games.”

But there would be no more Olympic Games for a dozen years. The 1940 Games scheduled for Tokyo and the 1944 Games were both canceled. Instead of competing with each other on athletic fields, the youth of many countries wound up killing each other on fields of battle in a new world war – a war Adolf Hitler was already planning.

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Has Obama Abandoned Israel? What You’re Not Being Told

By Darius Shahtahmasebi of Anti Media

In 2011, linguist and foreign policy critic Noam Chomsky was asked whether he thought Obama was as bad as George W. Bush, to which Chomsky responded: “he’s worse.” Asked why, Chomsky cited Obama’s use of the U.N. veto at the Security Council level, which killed a resolution condemning settlement expansions that Israel was building in 2011.

After that, Obama was famously known for placing very few limits on Israel (with the exception of blocking an arms transfer during Operation Protective Edge, for example). There was also the supposed fallout between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Obama over the Iranian nuclear agreement last year, but that agreement had nothing to do with curbing Israel’s power in the region. Anyone paying attention to the Iranian nuclear issue knows the agreement was largely symbolic and meaningless as sanctions targeting Iran have continued quite dramatically.

Just recently, the Obama administration approved the largest military package to Israel to date. Per this agreement, the U.S. will provide Israel with $38 billion worth of military aid if Israel, in turn, promises to use that money to purchase equipment from American suppliers. If there was ever any need to prove that Washington is in bed with the military-industrial machine, this deal alone kills any debate on the issue.

Israel is the largest recipient of foreign aid in the world, with the exception of Afghanistan and Iraq, which receive military funding due to the U.S. military’s long history in the countries. This aid increased under Obama. According to Colin Powell’s leaked emails, Israel also has a stockpile of at least 200 nuclear weapons, and the U.S. is well aware of this fact.

Further, since Obama took office, the population in Israel’s settlements rose dramatically from 100,000 to 600,000.

In a recent speech, as transcribed by TIME, John Kerry affirmed that no administration in U.S. history has done more for Israel’s security than Barack Obama’s:

Our military exercises are more advanced than ever. Our assistance for Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives. We have consistently supported Israel’s right to defend itself by itself, including during actions Gaza that sparked great controversy.

Time and again we have demonstrated that we have Israel’s back. We have strongly apposed (ph) boycotts, investment campaigns, and sanctions targeting Israel in international for a (ph).

Whenever and wherever its legitimacy was attacked, and we have fought for its inclusion across the U.N. system.”

This support for Israel runs deeper than most Americans are aware — to their own economic detriment. As Kerry noted:

In the midst of our own financial crisis and budget deficits, we repeatedly increased funding to support Israel. In fact, more than 1/2 of our entire global foreign military financing goes to Israel. And this fall we concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country at any time.” [emphasis added]

Last Friday, the Obama administration abstained from a U.N. Security Council resolution vote to condemn Israel’s settlement expansions. The resolution contains no enforcement provisions — it is not as if NATO is going to enforce it with a “no-fly zone.” Yet Israel warned New Zealand that its support for the resolution would be construed as an act of war and has recalled their ambassador from the country. President-elect Donald Trump has called the U.N. “sad” and has basically vowed to up the ante on U.S.-Israeli relations once he takes office.

Why? The world is almost unanimous in its verdict that Israel’s settlement expansions are illegal. The U.N. resolution merely affirms this. Sure, Obama could have vetoed it, but what difference would that make? Israel is already well under way in its complete disregard of the resolution. It is expanding the settlements, anyway. The Jewish state is still set to get its $38 billion worth of arms, they still have the Iron Dome defense system, and they still have nuclear weapons.

Further, Obama is well aware that in less than a month the United States is set to get a new president who is more than likely to provide unfaltering support for Israel. This resolution does nothing to stop that – if anything, it has only strengthened the reasoning behind Donald Trump’s approach to Israel.

If all of this amounts to the U.S.’ “abandonment” of Israel, perhaps the meaning of the word should be changed.

Let’s not forget that this is a country which is currently under investigation for war crimes, a fact that failed to give Obama pause when he pledged $38 billion in military aid.

There is only one group of people in that region who should feel abandoned.

This article (Has Obama Abandoned Israel? What You’re Not Being Told) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Darius Shahtahmasebi and

UN Resolutions Targeting Israel and the Palestinians

Israel is the target of at least 77 UN Resolutions
and the Palestinians are the target of 1.

Number of UN Resolutions Passed in CondemnationIsraelPalestinians0255075100

Category Israelis Palestinians
Israel 77
Palestinians 1

Aside from the core issues—refugees, Jerusalem, borders—the major themes reflected in the U.N. resolutions against Israel over the years are its unlawful attacks on its neighbors; its violations of the human rights of the Palestinians, including deportations, demolitions of homes and other collective punishments; its confiscation of Palestinian land; its establishment of illegal settlements; and its refusal to abide by the U.N. Charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

Donald Neff

Source: United Nations Security Council resolutions passed from 1955 through 1992 were detailed in Paul Findley’s book Deliberate Deceptions (1998, pages 192-4). Resolutions passed from 1993-2013 were accessed at

UN Resolutions Against Israel, 1955-2013

  1. Resolution 106: “…‘condemns’ Israel for Gaza raid”
  2. Resolution 111: “…‘condemns’ Israel for raid on Syria that killed fifty-six people”
  3. Resolution 127: “…‘recommends’ Israel suspend its ‘no-man’s zone’ in Jerusalem”
  4. Resolution 162: “…‘urges’ Israel to comply with UN decisions”
  5. Resolution 171: “…determines flagrant violations’ by Israel in its attack on Syria”
  6. Resolution 228: “…‘censures’ Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control”
  7. Resolution 237: “…‘urges’ Israel to allow return of new 1967 Palestinian refugees”
  8. Resolution 248: “…‘condemns’ Israel for its massive attack on Karameh in Jordan”
  9. Resolution 250: “…‘calls on’ Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem”
  10. Resolution 251: “…‘deeply deplores’ Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250”
  11. Resolution 252: “…‘declares invalid’ Israel’s acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital”
  12. Resolution 256: “…‘condemns’ Israeli raids on Jordan as ‘flagrant violation”
  13. Resolution 259: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to accept UN mission to probe occupation”
  14. Resolution 262: “…‘condemns’ Israel for attack on Beirut airport”
  15. Resolution 265: “…‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks for Salt in Jordan”
  16. Resolution 267: “…‘censures’ Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem”
  17. Resolution 270: “…‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon”
  18. Resolution 271: “…‘condemns’ Israel’s failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem”
  19. Resolution 279: “…‘demands’ withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon”
  20. Resolution 280: “….‘condemns’ Israeli’s attacks against Lebanon”
  21. Resolution 285: “…‘demands’ immediate Israeli withdrawal form Lebanon”
  22. Resolution 298: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s changing of the status of Jerusalem”
  23. Resolution 313: “…‘demands’ that Israel stop attacks against Lebanon”
  24. Resolution 316: “…‘condemns’ Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon”
  25. Resolution 317: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to release Arabs abducted in Lebanon”
  26. Resolution 332: “…‘condemns’ Israel’s repeated attacks against Lebanon”
  27. Resolution 337: “…‘condemns’ Israel for violating Lebanon’s sovereignty”
  28. Resolution 347: “…‘condemns’ Israeli attacks on Lebanon”
  29. Resolution 425: “…‘calls on’ Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon”
  30. Resolution 427: “…‘calls on’ Israel to complete its withdrawal from Lebanon’
  31. Resolution 444: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s lack of cooperation with UN peacekeeping forces”
  32. Resolution 446: “…‘determines’ that Israeli settlements are a ‘serious obstruction’ to peace and calls on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”
  33. Resolution 450: “…‘calls on’ Israel to stop attacking Lebanon”
  34. Resolution 452: “…‘calls on’ Israel to cease building settlements in occupied territories”
  35. Resolution 465: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s settlements and asks all member states not to assist Israel’s settlements program”
  36. Resolution 467: “…‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s military intervention in Lebanon”
  37. Resolution 468: “…‘calls on’ Israel to rescind illegal expulsions of two Palestinian mayors and a judge and to facilitate their return”
  38. Resolution 469: “…‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s failure to observe the council’s order not to deport Palestinians”
  39. Resolution 471: “…‘expresses deep concern’ at Israel’s failure to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”
  40. Resolution 476: “…‘reiterates’ that Israel’s claims to Jerusalem are ‘null and void’
  41. Resolution 478: “…‘censures (Israel) in the strongest terms’ for its claim to Jerusalem in its ‘Basic Law’
  42. Resolution 484: “…‘declares it imperative’ that Israel re-admit two deported Palestinian mayors”
  43. Resolution 487: “…‘strongly condemns’ Israel for its attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility”
  44. Resolution 497: “…‘decides’ that Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights is ‘null and void’ and demands that Israel rescind its decision forthwith”
  45. Resolution 498: “…‘calls on’ Israel to withdraw from Lebanon”
  46. Resolution 501: “…‘calls on’ Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon and withdraw its troops”
  47. Resolution 509: “…‘demands’ that Israel withdraw its forces forthwith and unconditionally from Lebanon”
  48. Resolution 515: “…‘demands’ that Israel lift its siege of Beirut and allow food supplies to be brought in”
  49. Resolution 517: “…‘censures’ Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon”
  50. Resolution 518: “…‘demands’ that Israel cooperate fully with UN forces in Lebanon”
  51. Resolution 520: “…‘condemns’ Israel’s attack into West Beirut”
  52. Resolution 573: “…‘condemns’ Israel ‘vigorously’ for bombing Tunisia in attack on PLO headquarters
  53. Resolution 587: “…‘takes note’ of previous calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and urges all parties to withdraw”
  54. Resolution 592: “…‘strongly deplores’ the killing of Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University by Israeli troops”
  55. Resolution 605: “…‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s policies and practices denying the human rights of Palestinians
  56. Resolution 607: “…‘calls on’ Israel not to deport Palestinians and strongly requests it to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention
  57. Resolution 608: “…‘deeply regrets’ that Israel has defied the United Nations and deported Palestinian civilians”
  58. Resolution 636: “…‘deeply regrets’ Israeli deportation of Palestinian civilians
  59. Resolution 641: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s continuing deportation of Palestinians
  60. Resolution 672: “…‘condemns’ Israel for violence against Palestinians at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount
  61. Resolution 673: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to cooperate with the United Nations
  62. Resolution 681: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s resumption of the deportation of Palestinians
  63. Resolution 694: “…‘deplores’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians and calls on it to ensure their safe and immediate return
  64. Resolution 726: “…‘strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians
  65. Resolution 799: “…‘strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of 413 Palestinians and calls for their immediate return
  66. Resolution 904: “…‘strongly condemns’ the massacre in Hebron and its aftermath which took the lives of more than 50 Palestinian civilians and injured several hundred others”
  67. Resolution 1073: “…‘calls for’ the immediate cessation and reversal of all acts which have resulted in the aggravation of the situation, ‘calls for‘ the safety and protection of Palestinian civilians to be ensured”
  68. Resolution 1322: “…‘condemns’ acts of violence, especially the excessive use of force against Palestinians, resulting in injury and loss of human life”
  69. Resolution 1402: “…‘calls upon’ both parties to move immediately to a meaningful ceasefire; calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian cities, including Ramallah”
  70. Resolution 1403: “…‘demands’ the implementation of its resolution 1402 (2002) without delay”
  71. Resolution 1405: “…‘emphasizes’ the urgency of access of medical and humanitarian organizations to the Palestinian civilian population”
  72. Resolution 1435: “…‘demands’ that Israel immediately cease measures in and around Ramallah including the destruction of Palestinian civilian and security infrastructure”
  73. Resolution 1544: “…‘calls on’ Israel to respect its obligations under international humanitarian law, and insists, in particular, on its obligation not to undertake demolition of homes contrary to that law”
  74. Resolution 1860: “…‘calls for’ an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire, leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza; ‘calls for‘ the unimpeded provision and distribution throughout Gaza of humanitarian assistance, including of food, fuel and medical treatment”
  75. Resolution 1937: “…‘urges’ the Government of Israel to expedite the withdrawal of its army from northern Ghajar without further delay”
  76. Resolution 2004: “…‘urges’ the Government of Israel to expedite the withdrawal of its army from northern Ghajar without further delay”
  77. Resolution 2064: “…‘urges’ the Government of Israel to expedite the withdrawal of its army from northern Ghajar without further delay”

UN Resolutions Against the Palestinians, 1955-2013

  1. Resolution 1435: “…‘calls on’ the Palestinian Authority to meet its expressed commitment to ensure that those responsible for terrorist acts are brought to justice by it”

The New York Times


Paula Greene, a retired nurse in Hollywood, Fla., said she believes a two-state solution is the best chance for a lasting peace in Israel. CreditScott McIntyre for The New York Times

For Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-El on Staten Island, the Obama administration’s recent confrontation with Israel was a stunning turn for a president who had enjoyed support from many members of his congregation. “The word ‘betrayed’ would not be too strong a word,” he said.

But in Los Angeles, Rabbi John L. Rosove of Temple Israel of Hollywood, who is the chairman of the Association of Reform Zionists of America, felt differently. He applauded the speech delivered on Wednesday by Secretary of State John Kerry explaining the decision by the United States not to block a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Rabbi Rosove also suggested that many American Jews were broadly supportive of the Obama administration.

“I felt Kerry was exactly right,” he said. “The people who will criticize him will take a leap and say he’s anti-Israeli, just as some American Jews are saying Obama is an anti-Semite. This is ridiculous. They recognize and cherish the state of Israel.”

The relationship between Israel and the United States, historically the Jewish state’s closest ally, has seen periods of strain and tension almost from the day of Israel’s creation in 1948. But rarely has the situation between the two countries been this stressed, with President Obama under attack not only from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but also from President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Continue reading the main story

The events of the past few days have renewed a longstanding debate over whether American Jews must always stand with the Israeli government, and under what circumstances should they criticize a friend.

“There’s a very clear values clash going on,” said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T’ruah, a rabbinical human rights organization. “On the one hand, we have a small but vocal minority of American Jews who believe that supporting Israel means supporting the right-wing agenda, the current government. And on the other, there is a larger percentage of American Jews who are committed to Israel and committed to democracy and want to see it as a safe place that reflects our values.”

This is a community that is hardly monolithic. For one thing, younger Jews are seen as less likely to identify themselves as religious or supportive of Israel, and do not share memories of the Holocaust or the wars with Israel’s Arab neighbors. American Jews are also overwhelmingly Democratic; Jews voted for Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump, 71 percent to 24 percent, according to exit polls.

Yet the most influential and vocal organizations that represent Jews in Washington tend to be more conservative and supportive of Mr. Netanyahu, who has had a combative relationship with Mr. Obama, and has made little secret of his happiness over the changing of the guard that is about to take place in Washington.

Mr. Trump has signaled that his administration would upend the nation’s policies toward Israel, promoting rather than discouraging settlement construction and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

“These days the right wing has a louder voice in Israel, and, in some ways, it also has a louder voice in America, because the people who are most actively and publicly Jewish, sectarian Jewish, share the right wing point of view, and are very pro-settlement,” said Samuel Heilman, a sociology professor of at Queens College specializing in Jewish life. “But it’s not the mainstream point of view.”


Members of a group called Jews United Against Zionism protested this week in New York in support of the Security Council resolution that condemned the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.CreditKena Betancur/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Steven M. Cohen, a research professor at Hebrew Union College and a consultant to a recent Pew study of American Jews, said that Mr. Kerry’s speech represents the viewpoints of most American Jews. “On survey after survey, American Jews are opposed to Jewish settlement expansion. They tend to favor a two-state solution and their political identities are liberal or moderate,” he said.

Some Jews said they thought Mr. Kerry’s speech, even if delivered in harsh terms, actually reaffirmed the best hope for a lasting peace in Israel: a two-state solution. “This administration has been pro-Israel,” said Paula Greene, 65, a retired nurse in Hollywood, Fla. “Like Kerry said, you can still be friends, still be allies and still have disagreements.”

But for others, even those who support a two-state solution and object to Israeli settlement policy, the decision by the United States not to shield Israel at the United Nations — which is widely viewed among many American Jews as hostile to Israel — was a mistake. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, a Democrat with a large Jewish constituency, called the Security Council action unnecessary and inappropriate, adding: “I don’t think you can solve a problem with a friend by flogging them publicly.”

The Security Council’s 14-to-0 vote a week ago condemned Israel’s construction of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a “flagrant violation under international law” and an obstacle to peace in the region. The United States chose to abstain rather than use its veto, as it has done in the past to quash resolutions it considered anti-Israel.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish movement in North America, said it was “a miscalculation in our minds. I think a majority of American Jews would agree, no matter how one feels about settlements, that the idea that the U.N. is an honest broker when it comes to Israel is laughable.”

For Shira Greenberg, a public school teacher in Florida, Mr. Obama’s rebuke of Mr. Netanyahu confirmed her worst assumptions about the president. “Throughout the whole Obama administration, people were trying to guess where he stood,” she said after morning services at her conservative synagogue on Thursday. “At this point, it’s pretty clear.”

And at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, a large and politically divided congregation, Rabbi David Wolpe said Mr. Obama had “pulled the rug out from under people who said the president’s intentions toward Israel was positive and strong.”

The public display of rancor is unsettling. “Nobody in the community can be happy when you have this public spat between the prime minister and the president, and the kind of language the prime minister has been using about the president,” said Daniel C. Kurtzer, who has served as the United States ambassador to both Israel and Egypt.

David Zwiebel, the executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, which represents ultra-Orthodox Jews, said that there is a general sense among Orthodox Jews, who tend to be more conservative, “that the outgoing administration is outgoing and should be outgoing, and it’s time for an approach that is more openly supportive of Israel.”

For all the controversy created by the vote, few Jewish leaders think there is any chance that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama might, in the next three weeks, strike the deal that has eluded negotiators for years. That said, some supporters of a two-state solution applauded Mr. Kerry for trying.

“I think it’s a question of legacy,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of J Street, a liberal Jewish lobbying group. “And you have to have the long view on this issue. Donald Trump will be president for X years. And then there will be someone else and the chances are it will go back to where we are today. And Bibi will lose someday,” he said, referring to Mr. Netanyahu. “Someday down the line this is the way it’s got to go.”

The ‘Refugee’ Crisis and the Creation of Greater Israel

It has become increasingly obvious that the flood of refugees from the Middle East is serving the jewish agenda of creating Greater Israel (Eretz Israel). In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Greater Israel is the vast tract of land supposedly promised to the Israelites by Yahweh, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.


Give the jews an inch and they will take a yard (or more).

Greater Israel is far larger than the current state of Israel, and since their current colonization efforts are being hotly contested, drastic events are needed to be able to roll over the indigenous Semites (Arabs) and install a new state.

ISIS, which previously stood for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (aka the Mossad), has already conquered a decent chunk of Greater Israel.


ISIS is receiving funding, aid, weapons, training, and recruits from the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Although there are some sensational stories coming out of the jewish press about an ISIS holocaust, the Islamic State has never had any intentions of attacking the jewish State. In fact, the military conflicts taking place in the Middle East, and in particular Syria, are all wrapped up in the plot to massively expand the boundaries of Israel. Saudi Arabia, which was founded by jews and is where Wahhabi ISIS originates, is already locked up, and Egypt has recently fallen into line, so only a few more loose ends need to be tied up.


It may not be too clear how the Islamic State fits together with the jewish State at first glance, but it is actually quite simple. I will break it down.

Here’s the plan:

  • COOMdnEUsAAnY18Get the native Muslim populations fleeing from Greater Israel by terrorizing them with US bombs, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.
  • Use jewish control over EU immigration policies to incentivize Arabs to move as far from Greater Israel as possible.
  • Create real and imagined scenarios in which jews living in Europe are persecuted by “anti-Semitic” Arabs (eg, Charlie Hebdo), and then encourage these scared jews to make “Aliyah” (move to Israel).
  • Show the atrocities of ISIS to the Western world through the jewish media and make it seem like foreign intervention in the region is an absolute necessity.
  • Encourage and fuel the clash of civilizations in all European countries, which inevitably results from the Arab deluge, and convince Europeans they should side with the progressive jews against the backward Muslims in a new crusade. Groups like the EDL were set up to do just this.
  • Use multiculturalism to weaken and inevitably destroy the European people through forced assimilation, taking out some of Israel’s biggest humanitarian critics and essentially the biggest threat to jewish hegemony.

So, as you can see, Israel benefits greatly from sending Arabs up to Northern Europe and scaring European jews into moving to Israel. It does not matter if all Arabs leave Greater Israel, as long as jews are in control.


Folks, this is how the Islamic State leads to a massive Israeli State.

For more information:

The West: Rewriting the Past


For Manlio Dinucci, the Western media’s coverage of the Berlin attack, as well as the wars in Libya and Syria, does not overly concern itself with established facts. What is happening is what the novelist George Orwell called “The Ministry of Truth”. Current affairs are broken up into small sequences, disconnected from each other so that they cannot be understood. This enables our governments to conceal their crimes.


JPEG - 35.7 kb

“The Berlin Massacre – why did the terrorist leave his documents behind?” The Corriere della Sera poses this question noting “peculiarities”. In order to answer this question, we need to peer into the recent past… but our memory of it has been completely wiped clean. [A new account] has been written by the “Ministry of Truth” which, thought up by George Orwell in his novel of political fiction, 1984, a critique of “Stalin totalitarianism” – has become a reality in “Western democracies”.

And so, the history reported in recent years is erased: the US/Nato war against Libya, decided, as the Clinton e-mails prove, to block Gaddafi’s plan to create an African currency as an alternative to the dollar and the Cfa Franc [1]; the war, launched by a covert operation authorized by President Obama, financing and arming groups of Islamists (including the nucleus of the future Isis) that previously were defined as terrorists. Then resupplied with arms through a CIA network (as the New York Times reported in March 2013) [2] when after contributing to bringing down Gaddafi, they passed into Syria in 2011 to topple Assad and then to attack Iraq (at the very moment that the al Maliki government was distancing itself from the West and drawing closer to Moscow and Peking) [3].

Deleted: the Pentagon’s Intelligence Agency document (dated 12 August 2012, destroyed on 18 May 2015) [4] affirming that “in Syria, the Western states, the Gulf States and Turkey support the forces that are trying to contain the Western areas” and, to this end, there is “the possibility of establishing a Saliph principality in Eastern Syria”.

Erased – the photographic documentation of the US Senator John Mc Cain, who when he was representing the White House on mission in Syria, meets Ibrahim al-Badri, the “caliph” at the head of Isis, in May 2013. [5]

At the same time, inspiring to Orwellian “newspeak”, the media-political language is adapted to the case at hand: terrorists are defined as such only when they serve to terrorize the Western public opinion so that it supports the US/Nato strategy. [Similarly], terrorists are defined as “opposition fighters” or “rebels” while they massacre civilians in Syria.

Using the “newspeak” of images, the tragic condition of Aleppo’s people is kept away from our eyes; Aleppo occupied by terrorist squads supported by the West, but when the Syrian forces supported by Russia begin to liberate the city, we are shown the “torture in Aleppo” everyday.

Yet out of our mind’s eye is kept the capture by the government forces, on December 16, of a command of the “Coalition for Syria”. [The latter] is formed by officials of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco – that from a bunker in East Aleppo used to coordinate terrorists in Al Nusra and elsewhere. [6]

It is against this backdrop that one may respond to the question raised in the Corriere della Sera: how, as has already happened in the Charlie Hebdo massacre and others, the terrorists forget or intentionally leave behind an identity document to be immediately identified and killed.

In Berlin, other “peculiarities” are observed: on searching the lorry immediately after the massacre, the police and secret services fail to notice that under the driver’s seat is the document of the Tunisian together with a stack of photos. Then they arrest a Pakistani, whom they release the following day for lack of evidence. At this point, one agent, with considerable expertise, is going to look under the driver’s seat where he discovers the identity document of the terrorist. Intercepted quite by chance in the middle of the night and killed by a patrol at the station of Sesto, a kilometre away from where he left the Polish lorry used for the massacre.

All documented by the “Truth Ministry”.

Anoosha Boralessa

Il Manifesto (Italy)

EI exclusive: a pro-Israel group’s plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia

(EI illustration)

A pro-Israel pressure group is orchestrating a secret, long-term campaign to infiltrate the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia to rewrite Palestinian history, pass off crude propaganda as fact, and take over Wikipedia administrative structures to ensure these changes go either undetected or unchallenged.

A series of emails by members and associates of the pro-Israel group CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), provided to The Electronic Intifada (EI), indicate the group is engaged in what one activist termed a “war” on Wikipedia.

A 13 March action alert signed by Gilead Ini, a “Senior Research Analyst” at CAMERA, calls for “volunteers who can work as ‘editors’ to ensure” that Israel-related articles on Wikipedia are “free of bias and error, and include necessary facts and context.” However, subsequent communications indicate that the group not only wanted to keep the effort secret from the media, the public, and Wikipedia administrators, but that the material they intended to introduce included discredited claims that could smear Palestinians and Muslims and conceal Israel’s true history.

With over two million articles in English on every topic imaginable, Wikipedia has become a primary reference source for Internet users around the world and a model for collaboratively produced projects. Openness and good faith are among Wikipedia’s core principles. Any person in the world can write or edit articles, but Wikipedia has strict guidelines and procedures for accountability intended to ensure quality control and prevent vandalism, plagiarism or distortion. It is because of these safeguards that articles on key elements of the Palestine-Israel conflict have generally remained well-referenced, useful and objective. The CAMERA plan detailed in the e-mails obtained by EI appears intended to circumvent these controls.

In the past, CAMERA has gained notoriety for its tactic of accusing virtually anyone who does not toe a right-wing pro-Israel line of bias. The group has even accused editors and reporters of the Israeli daily Haaretz of being “extreme” and participating in “radical anti-Israel activity.” Jeffrey Dvorkin, the former ombudsman of National Public Radio (NPR), frequently criticized by CAMERA for an alleged pro-Palestinian bias, wrote on the web publication Salon in February 2008 that “as a consequence of its campaign against NPR, CAMERA acted as the enabler for some seriously disturbed people,” citing persistent telephone threats he received in the wake of CAMERA campaigns.

Need for stealth and secrecy

Download CAMERA’s emails [PDF – 2.7 MB]

Throughout the documents EI obtained, CAMERA operatives stress the need for stealth and secrecy. In his initial action alert, Ini requests that recipients “not forward it to members of the news media.” In a 17 March follow-up email sent to volunteers, Ini explains that he wants to make the orchestrated effort appear to be the work of unaffiliated individuals. Thus he advises that “There is no need to advertise the fact that we have these group discussions.”

Anticipating possible objections to CAMERA’s scheme, Ini conjectures that “Anti-Israel editors will seize on anything to try to discredit people who attempt to challenge their problematic assertions, and will be all too happy to pretend, and announce, that a ‘Zionist’ cabal (the same one that controls the banks and Hollywood?) is trying to hijack Wikipedia.”

But stealth and misrepresentation are presented as the keys to success. Ini suggests that after volunteers sign up as editors for Wikipedia they should “avoid editing Israel-related articles for a short period of time.” This strategy is intended to “avoid the appearance of being one-topic editors,” thus attracting unwanted attention.

Ini counsels that volunteers “might also want to avoid, for obvious reasons, picking a user name that marks you as pro-Israel, or that lets people know your real name.” To further conceal the identity of CAMERA-organized editors, Ini warns, “don’t forget to always log in before making [edits]. If you make changes while not logged in, Wikipedia will record your computer’s IP address” – a number that allows identification of the location of a computer connected to the Internet.

A veteran Wikipedia editor, known as “Zeq,” who according to the emails is colluding with CAMERA, also provided advice to CAMERA volunteers on how they could disguise their agenda. In a 20 March email often in misspelled English, Zeq writes, “You don’t want to be precived [sic] as a ‘CAMERA’ defender’ on wikipedia [sic] that is for sure.” One strategy to avoid that is to “edit articles at random, make friends not enemies – we will need them later on. This is a marathon not a sprint.”

Zeq also identifies, in a 25 March email, another Wikipedia editor, “Jayjg,” whom he views as an effective and independent pro-Israel advocate. Zeq instructs CAMERA operatives to work with and learn from Jayjg, but not to reveal the existence of their group even to him fearing “it would place him in a bind” since “[h]e is very loyal to the wikipedia [sic] system” and might object to CAMERA’s underhanded tactics.

“Uninvolved administrators”

The emphasis on secrecy is apparently not only to aid the undetected editing of articles, but also to facilitate CAMERA’s takeover of key administrator positions in Wikipedia.

For Zeq a key goal is to have CAMERA operatives elected as administrators – senior editors who can override the decisions of others when controversies arise. When disputes arise about hotly contested topics, such as Israel and Palestine, often only an “uninvolved administrator” – one who is considered neutral because he or she has not edited or written articles on the topic – can arbitrate.

Hence, Zeq advises in a 21 March email that “One or more of you who want to take this route should stay away from any Israel realted [sic] articles for one month until they [sic] interact in a positive way with 100 wikipedia [sic] editors who would be used later to vote you as an administrator.”

Once these CAMERA operatives have successfully infiltrated as “neutral” editors, they could then exercise their privileges to assert their own political agenda.

In addition, Zeq suggests making deliberately provocative edits to Palestine-related articles. He hopes that editors he assumes are Palestinian will delete these changes, and then CAMERA operatives could report them to administrators so they could be sanctioned and have their editing privileges suspended.

Passing propaganda as fact

Gilead Ini’s 17 March email provides specific advice on how to pass off pro-Israel propaganda or opinion as fact meeting Wikipedia’s strict guidelines:

“So, for example, imagine that you get rid of or modify a problematic sentence in an article alleging that ‘Palestinian [sic] become suicide bombers to respond to Israel’s oppressive policies.’ You should, in parallel leave a comment on that article’s discussion page (either after or before making the change). Avoid defending the edit by arguing that ‘Israel’s policies aren’t ‘oppression,’ they are defensive. And anyway Palestinians obviously become suicide bombers for other reasons for example hate education!’ Instead, describe how this sentence violates Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. One of the core principles is that assertions should adhere to a Neutral Point of View, usually abbreviated NPOV. (The opposite of NPOV is POV, or Point of View, which is basically another way of saying subjective statement, or opinion.) So it would be best to note on the discussion page that ‘This sentence violates Wikipedia’s NPOV policy, since the description of Israel’s policies as ‘oppressive’ is an opinion. In addition, it is often noted by Middle East experts that one of the reasons Palestinians decide to become suicide bombers is hate education and glorification of martyrdom in Palestinian society …’”

In fact, there have been numerous studies debunking claims about Palestinian “hate education,” or “glorification of martyrdom” causing suicide bombings (such as Dying to Win by University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape) though this claim remains a favorite canard of pro-Israel activists seeking to distract attention from the effects of Israel’s occupation and other well-documented and systematic human rights abuses in fueling violence.

Zeq specifically names articles targeted for this kind of treatment including those on the 1948 Palestinian Exodus, Causes of the 1948 Palestinian exodus, Hamas, Hizballah, Arab citizens of Israel, anti-Zionism, al-Nakba, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian right of return.

Interestingly the CAMERA editors also target the article on the early Islamic period concept of Dhimmi, a protected status for non-Muslims which historically allowed Jews to thrive in Muslim-ruled lands while other Jews were being persecuted in Christian Europe. Pro-Israel activists have often tried to portray the concept of Dhimmi as akin to the Nuremberg laws in order to denigrate Muslim culture and justify ahistorical Zionist claims that Jews could never live safely in majority Muslim countries.

Also among the emails is a discussion about how to alter the article on the massacre of Palestinian civilians in the village of Deir Yassin by Zionist militiamen on 9 April 1948. Unable to debunk the facts of the massacre outright, the CAMERA activists hunt for quotes from “reputable historians” who can cast doubt on it. Their strategy is not dissimilar from those who attempt to present evolution, or global climate change as “controversial” regardless of the weight of the scientific evidence, simply because the facts do not accord with their belief system.

Zeq has already made extensive edits to the Wikipedia article on Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist murdered by an Israeli soldier in the occupied Gaza Strip on 16 March 2003. As a result of these and other edits Zeq has himself been a controversial figure among Wikipedia editors, suggesting his own stealth tactics may not be working.

“We will go to war”

Zeq, however, counsels CAMERA operatives to be patient and lie low until they build up their strength. “We will go to war after we have build our army, equiped it trained [sic],” he wrote on 9 April. “So please if you want to win this war help us build ou[r] army. let’s not just rush in and achieve nothing, or abit more than nothing [sic].”

Update 22 April 2008

Download additionalCAMERAemails [PDF – 1 MB]

A plan by the pro-Israel pressure group CAMERA to skew the online encyclopedia Wikipedia in a pro-Israel direction appears to have collapsed after it was exposed by EI.

On 21 April, EI published emails and action alerts posted by CAMERA staff and collaborators on a closed listserv instructing would-be editors how to game the Wikipedia system so they could impose their hard-line pro-Israel agenda undetected.

Following EI’s report, Gilead Ini a CAMERA staffer and Wikipedia editor informed members of the group that, “Because member of this group [sic] affiliated with the anti-Israel propaganda cite [sic] Electronic Intifada decided to share the content of our discussions, I will be temporarily or permanently closing access to the group, in hopes that members’ personal contact information will not be made public.”

Meanwhile, Wikipedia administrators issued a ban on Zeq, the editor who was helping CAMERA to groom new editors to subvert Wikipedia’s quality control process. Zeq has been prohibited from editing Israel-Palestine related articles and administrators were debating further action. Based on the evidence in the emails released by EI, Wikipedia administrators accused Zeq of violating fundamental Wikipedia principles and guidelines. In response, Zeq alleged that the accusations were merely the result of a “conspiracy” which he termed “The (e-mail) protocols of the elder of CAMERA [sic].” Zeq even alleged that The EI itself “may have created the story or created the group or spoofed e-mails.”

Today EI publishes additional emails that further expose the CAMERA plan. These emails also reveal that while Zeq is willing to accuse others of prejudice he may hold some himself. In one email he commends an editor whom he considers to be “anti-Islamic.” And, in an echo of the kind of anti-Semitic thinking that CAMERA sees everywhere, Zeq alleges that “the other side” – an apparent reference to Palestinians and Muslims – “is orgenized well, they control wkipedia [sic].”

Information obtained by EI indicates that while Gilead Ini claimed that more than 50 volunteers had come forward to participate in CAMERA’s plan, and the group had set its sights on creating dozens of new editors and administrators over a long period of time, fewer than a dozen were active at the time EI exposed the scheme. Because the effort was apparently in its early stages, only a handful had become active as Wikipedia editors.

Sayanim at work.

Copy of a page from, freely available on Internet, in the public domain. I’m sure they won’t mind my copy here; they claim to have come under Internet attack and to have been almost destroyed by hackers, so here’s a copy, I hope secure, of just one page. It is unaltered, apart from removing pleas for money, advertisements, simple pictures, and other junk. Dated 2013; gives a fascinating, but depressing, picture of how Jewish liars view themselves and view the goyim. Study the mutually-interlinked systems of lies, fake history, fake emotions, and simple deception systems.

I’ve left original links to the site unchanged; they may or may work: they may be removed, edited, or completely changed. Please bear in mind that vast atrocities, wars, cruelties, frauds and deception have been carried out by these simple-minded group-obsessed psychopaths and their ancestors.

Hasbara (I’m told) means something like ‘explanation’: imagine an entry in an Israeli encyclopedia, for example, or in Jewish media. Hasbarat seems to be the plural.
Sayanim (I’m told) means something like ‘helpers’ and is a collective noun for the people engaged in putting out their hasbarat lies.

Sceptics/ skeptics who find this hard to believe might like this View inside Jewish Wikipedia on English-language Metapedia, which has detailed accounts of Wikipedia’s funding origin (by porn), methods of editing, ‘rouge [rogue] admins’, and resulting quality of content.

–Rerevisionist.         [ ]

IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)

BUT before all that, here’s an overview of how a few thousand jews can ruin a country.
From Goran Lind, in facebook:
What Is A Sayanim ?
The Sayanim is any Jewish person, that can be called on to assist another Jew in any cause. Since birth, the Jewish people have been taught of their superiority… and need for cohesion. The Sephardic Jews are the upper level of the race, and the Ashkenazim, which constitute 95% of all Jews, are the worker parasites of the race. Since the Sephardics first converted the AshkeNAZI, they brainwashed them into the idea that the world is their enemy and their fellow Jew is a “Quiet Guardian”.Who Is A Sayanim?
Every Jewish person is expected to be a potential agent (spy/sayanim), in varying degrees.

What Will They Do?
If the Jewish people sense a potential threat, the Jewish Sayanim is authorized to commit anything from simple harassment to business ruin, and even multiple murders. The Columbine Massacre was a perfect example. The police knew there were seven people involved, but five students, two sets of parents, one employer and psychiatrists, provided alibis and corrupted evidence.

Your Jewish accountant will relay any private bookkeeping info to a Jewish competitor, your friendly Jewish pharmacist will assist your Jewish doctor to poison you, a clerk at VISA will supply your private credit information to anyone, the list is endless.

Sayanim Indoctrination Starts At Childhood:
Family Life:
Jewish children rarely are allowed to play with the gentiles. Around the house the child is constantly bombarded with the word Goy.

(goyim means cattle/animals), relates to menial occupations. The family maid, nannies, gardener, plumber, etc are referred to as “The Goy or goyim”.

Grammar School:
A public Jewish school will receive grants, and the best teachers are put in the district. 6th graders at these “Magnet schools” are the equivalent of an 8th grader at a normal school. Jewish kid’s will always be eligible for the “Gifted Programs”. Exceptional Jewish children are turned over to the Rabbi for future guidance.

High School:
In heavily Jewish communities the public schools will always have a “Gifted program”. For those with the resources, they will attend exclusive schools.

Colleges & Universities:
Here is the big payoff. Entrance into the finest schools is assured. All the larger Universities have Sayanims placed in key locations from the Dean to the Admission Officers, to the loans, and the scholarship personnel. Societies, such as Hillel, will shepherd a young Jew throughout his college career.

Jewish professors will always favor the Jewish student. Jewish students make up 30% of the Ivy League, which they credit to their extraordinary IQ’s, which is a myth. Law schools, such as Yale, can have an enrollment of 60% +.

Business World:
In any Jewish controlled company, a Jew is given first preference in job interviews. If a Jew is a businessman, he gets preferential treatment on contracts where another Jewish person is involved. Getting a bank loan is a cinch if he is a Jew.

Jews have lined all government’s offices around the planet with their people. (parasitic infestations) ! Student loans get erased if they are a Jew or Jewess. A non-Jew business competitor can have a regulatory agency put on him by these parasites. The Judicial is 40% Jewish and another 35% are minorities they control.

So What Is Expected Of A Sayanim?
The standard Sayanim routine is basically favoring other Jews in ordinary transactions, but the sayanim can be called on to protect any criminal enterprise. From the traffic court Judge to an Appellate Judge – fellow sayanims receive special treatment. The special Sayanim (200,000 of them worldwide but there are probably a lot more now) will be expected to cooperate in any Israeli Mossad (Israel’s Secret Service) enterprise including murder, sabotage and any form of Fifth Column activity (does 9/11 ring a bell?). A division of the Mossad ( Katsas) keeps records, and stays in active contact with this group, the Mossad.

The Sayanim (sleeping cells who spy/act for Mossad in the host nation they live in, sometimes pretending to be Christians, Moslems, Israelites, etc.)

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”. J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director 1924-1972, quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956).

“All Jews are provocateurs in Peacetime, saboteurs in Wartime, and subversives all the time.” 24 December at 04:05

September 19, 2013
Online battle for Israel’s hasbara
Comment posted, damage done
By Eyal Lehmann, YNET

Internet pages are fighting ring where Israel supporters try to ward off millions of pro-Palestinian posters. In hectic, viral world of talkbacks, every photo is replied, every reply is commented on, every comment has minute-long shelf life before it is challenged by rivals

On July 11, the Middle East made headlines in Italy again. Not one missile fell in Israeli territory, nor was a terrorist killed in Gaza. Still, for 24 hours, one feature did not escape the headlines on the La Repubblica website, one of the two most popular news sources in the country: “Israeli soldiers,” the website reported with a video, “arrested a five-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank for throwing rocks.” The IDF maintained that the boy was merely detained and then released back to his parents, but many Italian surfers saw enough to unholster.

“They should be annihilated,” surfer Fabrizio posted on the La Repubblica Facebook page, which attracts over 1.2 million readers. “Hitler should come back and destroy you, dirty fascists,” surfer Salvino added. Surfer Fabio posted “Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to them,” while surfer Terry posted a response reading “these are the Nazis of the third millennium, but because they have money and American friends, the Palestinians are the ones seen as terrorists.” A particularly active poster named Viviana wrote: “Israel is a murderous country! It’s committing an unprecedented ethnic cleansing! Poor Palestinians.”

Some 600 comments pile on the website; bold, poisonous, at times succinct and often not. Suddenly, someone raises a challenge. “What are you talking about?” Ehud wards off Viviana in fluent Italian. “Ethnic cleansing? Daily injury of women and children? Do you have proof or are you just firing slander? Remember reality is not black and white, and that one must always study things before taking such a stark stand.” A Palestinian named Mussa replies: “Ehud, why doesn’t Israel restore the ’67 lines instead of building in settlements, considering Palestinians have acknowledged its existence? Under what right did Israel take away my country?”

“Mussa,” Ehud replies politely, “before we can talk about borders, one real development must occur—the realization of both nations that the country will have to be shared. I’m afraid that realization has not yet taken place. Hamas crying out against Israel’s existence and Israel building new settlements both testify to that.”

Ehud Assoulin is a 26-year-old from Ramat Hasharon who has been living and studying in Rome for the past four years. “I started posting comments in Italian for Israel during Operation Cast Lead,” he said, “when Italian media was turbulent, and I saw an array of media distortions and prejudice about Israel. It made me angry on the simplest and most moral level and I felt that I couldn’t stay indifferent.”

Since then, unusual news regarding Israel set him at the computer screen: “My goal is to make Italians think and go past the ordinary and simplistic patters they are mostly captive in, to make them realize that in reality things are much more complex.”

Assoulin is one of many Israelis, Jews and Zionists abroad who take part in the most informal and quiet hasbara war in recent years: The war of comment posters.

Dubbed “Talkbacks” in Hebrew, comments first appeared in the bottom of news websites, where they were carefully screened for swear words and racism, but recently they’ve wandered to the news Facbook pages, which attracts hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers. There, under a full name and without masks, anything goes.

Now, in the Israeli-Palestinian battle for world opinion, comments are an unusual battlefield: They are the only arena in virtual space that creates a direct, real-time and active conflict between Israel’s supporters and its opponents. Here, cleaver illustrations of missiles or a screen caption of a mother shielding her children from missiles will not do; in the neurotic world of talkbacks, every photo has a reply, every reply has a comment, and every comment has a minute-long shelf life before it too is debunked by rivals. Which truth will eventually win – the Israeli one or the Palestinian one? Much of it depends on comment posters’ perseverance and their devotion to the battle of the minds.

4% write, 30% read

Dr. Tzvi Reich from the Department of Communication in Ben-Gurion University took part in a thorough international study where Internet surfing and comment posting habits were studied on 24 leading news websites in the world, from the US to France, from Germany to Estonia. He said the comment posters’ ability to control discourse compared to their size in the population is simply enormous. Studies in the world and in Israel, he said, show that only 4%-7% of news website surfers post comments, and a much larger percent reads them: 30%-40% of surfers.

“A small group of comment posters who are skilled and devoted can monopolize an article, such as a political item in Israel, and appear as a majority, or at least larger than it is,” he said. It is clear to him that comments posted on news websites have psychological effects as well: “A surfer can read a comment on an article and understand they’re in the minority and feel bad about it, like they’re on the wrong side.”

That is the exact reason why some try to show surfers “the right side”. Avishai Bitton, a 24-year-old student from Rishon Lezion, is another Israeli web warrior. As a child, he came to Israel from New York, where he lived right across from the UN Headquarters. During his military service, a while after the operation in Gaza in 2009, he went to visit family in the US and passed by a pro-Palestinian rally in the Big Apple. The chasm between the signs reading “Israel is a murderer” and his experiences as a soldier in the most moral army in the world, as he continuously calls it, jolted him. Since then, he has been there: Morning, noon, night, whenever is needed. Coffee on the table, laptop in his hands, looking for virtual battles around the world.

“There isn’t a day when I don’t visit an international news website,” he says. “Some days the world is merciful and focuses on Syria and I can sleep. But you find yourself awake at night, and it’s not just due to empathizing with the State, it’s because of wanting justice. You write ten lines in a comment just so you can go to bed at night and say, ‘I did what I could, I showed the other side of the story as much as possible.’ There were days when I spent 12-14 hours in front of news site. I got up in the morning, I sat at the computer; and only went to sleep when I could no longer write.”

Comment posters, he knows well, are cruel. Next to legitimate criticism about Israel, in the bottom of the world’s news websites, he and his peers have seen the most blatant of lies. When surfers see a Palestinian’s body, they start chanting lies: That the Israelis drink Arabs’ blood and rape women at checkpoints.

They share experiences from their latest visit to the Gaza Strip and talk about Israeli soldiers who torture children for fun while drinking and laughing. It is unclear how many of them know that other than in special operations, there have been no Israeli soldiers in Gaza for eight years. It does not matter: Comment posted, damage done. Bitton tries to beat them with words and images: Strives to expose hasbara lies by the other side, prove commenters’ ignorance, and raise questions that could dent their absolute faith.

“When you’re fluent in a language and know local customs, it gives you another perspective,” he said. “Surfers think, here is a person who is from my country and is out there and telling us what he’s experienced. Knowing Americans, for example, I don’t comment on a news item the same on the Republican Fox News website as I do on the liberal CNN website. I can appeal to emotion on Fox News since its surfers are predisposed to support Israel, CNN’s liberal readers need more logic and data. They want to know how and why; you have to show them less familiar angles.”

‘Like teaching cows to read’

The comment war suggests that maybe we do not suffer from a persecution complex; that maybe Israel is covered not proportionally to its size. Dr. Reich said that editors of news websites around the globe who took part in his study all said one issue makes their comment system spin more than any other: “Editors all over the world, from the Washington Post, from the Guardian, from Die Welt, from La Figaro, all talk about an influx of comments on any item related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“In the comments for any item, the discourse deteriorates to hate speech. Website editors described the experiences saying,’you posted an item about the Mideast? You won’t get any sleep.’ They map out organized pro-Palestinian and Palestinian communities on one side, and pro-Jewish or Jewish communities on the other, that fight between them and ravage any new item published.”

But Israelis and Jewish communities in the Diaspora are not alone in the fight. “The majority of the people writing pro-Israel talkbacks are not Jewish,” said Philip Fabian, a 32-year-old German from Berlin. “I never started to write pro-Israeli talkbacks consciously. I am a classic news-junkie, and the internet contributed a lot in developing my political conscience, starting in the post 9/11 world and the Intifada of the last decade. It made me realize the obvious shortcomings of mainstream media news outlets, especially when it comes to Israel.”

The experience he describes sounds thoroughly Israeli: “With many people, after discussing and repeating the same things again and again, you realize that you are in a loop with no way out, and you know that trying to explain Israel or anti-Semitism to them is like trying to teach a cow how to read. But sometimes, you realize some people start to change bit by bit, because they admit to themselves that you are right in some points, or because they get a point of view on things that they haven’t encountered before.”

His comment activism came at a cost: “At times, the urge to argue about Israel was very strong, and it became an extremely time-consuming activity,” he said. “I wouldn’t let go of an online argument, even late at night or even during work time, and I lost a few friends who thought I was obsessed, but I don’t regret it. Advocating for Israel introduced me to new friends.”

The most skilled comment posters know to characterize other comment posters according to their land, and describe Latin America as one of the most problematic zones for Israel: “There’s a horrible knowledge base there,” a senior comment poster said, “Sometimes people write about Israel like they used to talk about the world being flat, showing false data and ‘facts’ that make us cry and laugh simultaneously.”

Trying to set the record straight is Nissim Tarrab, a 20-year-old fromVenezuela who is studying for his bachelor in communication in Israel. Every day he logs on to the biggest Spanish news sites: From papers of his own country, to the Argentinean Clarin and the Spanish El Pais.

“There have been a lot of changes in Latin America recently, and common financial interests with Arab countries cause South American countries to side with the Palestinians,” he said. “From there it sometimes looks like Israel is a dictatorship where Arabs have no rights. I read the news in Spanish every day, and when I find a story that sheds a negative and unjustified light on Israel, I’m moved to clarify the situation based on facts.

“It’s often frustrating, and some comment posters are not worth the debate. We got used to anti-Semitic remarks glorifying Hitler and denying the holocaust, but I’ll never forget seeing comment posters who justified the Fogel family massacre, who said that Palestinians experience that everyday. I was shocked, I couldn’t understand it.”

A lost cause in the comment war is the Arab arena, but even there, it turns out, there are those who maintain the wellbeing of Zionism. A few Arab Israelis who were part of hasbara efforts during various wars refused to be interviewed, but young Saudi Hussein, resident of Riyadh, is proud of his work. He started posting comments supporting Israel four years ago.

“I admit that I used to hate Israel because of the propaganda in the Arab and Muslim world,” he said, “And I even thought any dialogue with Israelis is treason. But as time passed, my opinions changed, and the Israelis I talk to helped me see the facts.” Hussein saves Israel’s face on Arab websites and on Facebook. More than once, he said, he has received hateful comments from extreme Islamists, as he calls them, who were enraged about his support of Israel’s existence and about negative comments he made regarding Hamas and Hezbollah.

“I write that I’m a good friend of Israel and Israelis and I’m proud of it,” Hussein said. His Saudi friends are aware of his odd hobby, and he said some support him and some do not care. He is not afraid of the Saudi regime, either: “I know the red lines in my country. If you attack religious symbols like Muhammad, you’re in trouble, but if you praise Israel – there’s nothing to worry about. Many Saudis support peace with Israel, and many famous Saudi individuals, like the manager of Al-Arabiya, said wonderful things about it without anything happening.”

Hussein’s work, naturally, is especially difficult: “Lies in the Arab media are many and big, and anything negative relates to Israel. The latest lie is of course by Assad supporters, who accuse Israel of aiding Jihadists in Syria. To those who call Israel a criminal I explain that Arabs in Israel live a much better life than Arabs in Egypt,Lebanon, Syria or Jordan, and that Israel is a democratic country that doesn’t discriminate. I emphasize that Israel must blockade Gaza to protect itself from terror organizations, and that food and medicine are always being sent to the Gaza Strip.”

But it works the other way, as well. The Israeli army of comment posters is made up of idealists driven by a sense of calling who want to prove the world wrong, but some of them say they themselves sometimes are faced with complex reality, and enemy comments seed doubts in them. Some incidents are hard to justify, some killing is avoidable, and sometimes they too are convinced that Israelis can do more for peace.

“I’m generally very convicted of the importance of Zionist work,” said Assoulin, “So there isn’t a comment poster who made me question the idea that Israel is based on, but such massive exposure to opposite opinions has made me see the reality in a more balanced way. I also don’t rush to justify everything Israel does. When soldiers in the West Bank detained the five-year-old, I clarified in my comments that I think the soldiers were wrong, and focused on explaining the context, the fact that what happened was a detainment and a slap on the wrist, not an arrest, and that it’s not a game of good vs. bad.” Many comment posters also say that the building in the settlements is an action they find difficult to explain.

Copy-paste hatred

The most successful attempt to raise an army of comment posters was during Operation Cast Lead, when the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya started a round-the-clock “war room”, where 1,600 multilingual students, mostly foreign students who were studying in Israel at the time, commented on major news websites. Three teams focused on posting comments to websites in 34 languages and 61 countries, and reached, they estimate, 20 million computer screens. Other than comments in English, Spanish and Russian, they made sure to leave pro-Israeli comments on websites in Georgia, Turkey, South Korea and other arenas not considered “classic”, all in the country’s native tongue.

Avishai Bitton at IDC online comments war room
Avishai Bitton at IDC online comments war room

“The idea we worked by was that we are not official representatives of the country, but simple people writing about our personal feelings living under fire, and that’s how we achieved what we did,” said Yarden Ben-Yosef, who started the war room. “I remember that on a news site in Denmark, comment posters promoted an anti-Israeli protest, and our posters developed a dialogue with them and showed them, in Danish, the Hamas Charter that calls to destroy Israel and links to Hamas summer camps that teach Palestinian children hate. Remarkably, a comment poster who was so active in promoting the protest suddenly admitted he never saw those things before.”

The problem is, comment posters say, that on regular, days Israel doesn’t hold an army of commenters. During a military operation, a force like that may be started ad hoc, but the comment war is a long-term war and it is daily events—from the killing of terrorists depicted as innocent citizens to releasing Palestinian murderers depicted as “political prisoners”—that keep it in motion. World opinion, therefore, continues to form in the war between the wars.

IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
IDC comment war room (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
Firing online comments in 34 languages to 61 countries (Photo: Oren Kochavi)
Firing online comments in 34 languages to 61 countries (Photo: Oren Kochavi)

Four years ago, it was said that the Foreign Ministry was starting a division of paid comment posters to increase Israeli presence online, but the idea never took off. The Foreign Ministry explained that not only questions of cost went into the process, but questions of morals and reliability. A country that pays people, regardless of their opinion, to market it to the world, guised as independent surfers, is playing a very dangerous game.

“Even in the hasbara war, not all means are ‘kosher’, let alone if we consider ourselves to be the good side,” said Foreign Ministry’s Department of Digital Diplomacy Director Yoram Morad. “I’ve heard of programs that can flood pages with pro-Israeli messages, we could open fictitious profiles, but beyond the fact that such deceit is easily exposed these days—it’s just not the way.” Although comments are the only arena of direct conflict, the Foreign Ministry believes they are of less importance than viral posts on Facebook and Twitter or presence in the radio, television and printed press.

The keyboard fighters attest almost unanimously that in the visibility fight on comment pages, the Israeli defeat is absolute; according to numbers alone, we are David all over again, and the Arabs – Goliath. Israel is a melting pot with a huge potential of bilingual and multilingual comment posters, but in certain countries in the world, blue-and-white comments that question the news report itself or the comments on it, are mere isles in a sea of pro-Palestinian reproach.

Yarden Ben-Yosef said that in this war, numbers matter as much as words. “Even if the most intelligent writer writes a comment rich with data and historical facts, no one will read it because it’s too long. Ten pro-Palestinian comments that simply say “murderers” or another emotional word will win the battle for the readers hearts and on public opinion, and we should strive to balance the playing field, numbers-wise.”

Avishai Bitton disagrees with him. He calls those comments “copy-paste hatred” and in that game, if you ask him, we lost before the starting shot was even fired. A billion and a half Muslims sprinkled with anti-Israeli European sentiment leave no room for several dozens of millions of Israel-supporting Jews and Christians. “I don’t deny the fact that when the layman reader sees that about 90% of comments slander Israel they tend to adopt the position, but I think we shouldn’t focus on those readers, since it’s a lost cause. We should focus on intelligent readers who are genuinely interested in the conflict, who in 10 or 20 years will be leaders in their countries. It’s better to lose a thousand students on a campus in the US but gain the sympathy of one honors student of international relations, the one who will one day be a UN diplomat and have much more impact on our fate.”

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem believes that institutional focus on comments is unrealistic, and the strategy of “pressure on the whole field” (investing in relations with pro-Israeli organizations, universities and key communities abroad) is the right way to create meaningful hasbara leverage, which will vicariously move the wheels of pro-Israeli comment posts. Until then, they’re relying heavily on independent initiative.

“We won’t find four million state workers who will post comments,” said Morad, “and that’s why Israelis need to understand that in that area, things depend on them much more than on the government. We can each do something, even if it’s educating two surfers, and the ministry’s job is to make sure there are no Israelis who wish to join the effort and find they have no one to turn to for tools and information.”

Roi Kais contributed to this report

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Dr. Mads Gilbert documented Israel’s crimes in Gaza

Mads Gilbert
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Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor specialized in anesthesiology and emergency medicine, has revealed a number of crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Gaza Strip during its four wars against the coastal enclave.

Gilbert, 69, said during an interview with Anadolu News Agency that he pledged to help the needy and weak, and therefore decided to travel from one country to another to support the Palestinians, asserting that he was with the Palestinians in Beirut during the Israeli invasion in 1982 and was with them in Gaza during the years of 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2014.

The Norwegian doctor gave his testimony to what he witnessed, noting that Israel “does not change. They besiege Gaza now as they did besiege Beirut 34 years ago and prevented basic life needs from entering the city, before they started the bombings and assassinations.”

Bombing of Hospitals and Ambulances
Gilbert still remembers some details that media outlets did not speak about during the Gaza wars. He stressed that he saw how the Israeli occupation forces targeted hospitals, ambulances, killing doctors and medics, in an attempt to spread fear among the people so that they would stop defending their rights.

These attacks were intentional, he asserted. The Norwegian doctor can’t find a justification for why Israel targeted 47 ambulances during the 2014 Gaza war, noting, “Israelis know that what they are doing violates international laws and conventions, but they enjoy impunity and they always escape punishment.” This pushed Israel to bar him from entering Gaza under “security claims,” he underlined.

He feels strange that Israel justifies the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza because of weapons Hamas stores among civilians. According to him, this is “A stupid and a false claim. Weapons were not at schools targeted by Israel. Nor were they at hospitals and mosques, nor were they at thousands of houses destroyed on the head of their inhabitants.”

He believes that if the Israeli army wanted to kill fighters, it would have opened the borders and allowed civilians to leave, but the truth is that Israel and its US ally see in Gaza a fertile land to test new weapons to be sold to the world.

Harvesting Innocent Lives
Gilbert, who worked at Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip during the 2014 war on Gaza, feels sorry for the situation at Gaza’s hospitals. According to him, “The situation in Gaza’s hospitals after 10 years of siege and starvation can’t be imagined. They do not have basic surgery tools nor basic medicines, it is a humanitarian disaster that should end soon.”

In addition to his media talk about Gaza, he published a book about the last Israeli war on Gaza in 2014, in which he says Israel is harvesting the lives that doctors in Gaza work to save. “That’s why I published a book titled A Night in Gaza, in which I document the Israeli crimes during the 2014 war minute by minute and by providing photo illustrations.”

Dr. Gilbert, who has been an ardent supporter of Palestine since the 70s of the last century, continues, “After Israel doubled the weight of bombs used against Gaza five times in 2014 compared to 2009, meaning 502 tons of explosives, I can’t forget Palestinians arriving to hospitals headless, torn into pieces, and suffering from burns in the head, face and all over their bodies.”

Documenting this war was not limited to this book, he says. “I also mentioned that in my report which I wrote for the United Nations, in which I documented the impact of the devastating siege and the lack of adequate living conditions, and what Gaza has turned into due to the successive Israeli wars.”

Story of Steadfastness
“Despite Israel’s destruction of infrastructure, such as the power plant, and water tanks and buildings, during its 51-day offensive,” He said, “What draws most of the attention is the resoluteness and solidarity of the Palestinians, where the entire people serves as one family to save the lives and to heal the wounds, therefore I am committed to answering the call of duty of Palestine at any time. This is a life commitment,” he underscored.

Gilbert is celebrated in many places for his efforts to save the Palestinians and for being next to them at crucial times. He, however, does not see himself a hero, stressing, “The real heroes are the steadfast people of Gaza, who make life from nothing.”

He continues with pride, “The most I wanted to tell the world about is the heroism of these people in the face of Israeli war machines and their persistence to continue living in a place that is diminishing due to siege and wars. The real heroes are the children, women, men, doctors, medics, nurses and even the wounded people of Gaza.”

The Norwegian doctor, who heads the surgery department at University Hospital of North Norway, asks: “Where are the international laws and conventions? Why doesn’t the world move to bring Israel to account for bombing and destroying 70 hospitals in Gaza, meaning half of Gaza’s hospitals?”

“What would the reaction of the world be if it were Palestinians who did what Israel did in 2014 in Gaza,” referring to Israel’s killing of 21 doctors, 556 children, and targeting 47 ambulances.

He condemned the double-standard policy of the international community, adding, “Israel killed 2,200 people, 556 of them were children, and 200 of them were women, and it still continues to enjoy the support of the United States and the international community.”

He added, “Israel gravely violates the international law…Did the big powers give Israel the right to occupy Palestinian land? Why do these countries deprive Palestinians of the right to defend their lands in the face of Israeli occupation? Washington supports the Israeli oppression against the Palestinians and covers the crimes of the Israeli army in Gaza and the West Bank, and totally ignores the right of 9 million Palestinian refugees to return to their home in Palestine.”

Gilbert called for a greater Arab support for Palestinians, “Arabs are watching the clear American double-standard policy, e.g, Washington supports the Ukraine, for political reasons since the conflict there is with Russia, while it supports Israel despite being oppressive. Washington puts its economic, political, military, and weaponry interests above human and legal interests, which is enough to trigger the Arab anger in my opinion.”

He also criticized what he called “The European and the past colonial powers’ silence toward the Israeli crimes. Those who believe the Europeans did anything to stop the crimes of the successive Israeli governments are deceived.”

He hopes that two million people in Gaza will be given the right to life, as well as innocents in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. “All people with good hearts should support those displaced and miserable. It is our responsibility that binds us to protect what remains of humanity in this world.”

“History will disown us if we abandon our principles and our support for just causes. It is a shame and inhumane that responsible countries abandon their responsibilities and humanity for the sake of their own interests.”

The Norwegian doctor concluded by saying “If the world would stop surfing Facebook and Twitter and instead wake up to serve justice, freedom and humanity as the Tunisians did at the beginning with other Arab states (referring to Arab revolutions), the face of the world would remarkably change (to the better).”


The Washington Post

British leader Theresa May breaks with John Kerry’s condemnation of Israel

December 30 at 3:19 PM
British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned a blunt speech this week by Secretary of State John F. Kerry on the state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an unusual move that boosted Britain’s relations with the incoming Trump administration at the expense of President Obama.The rare diplomatic spat between Britain and the United States, which was met with surprise by the State Department, highlighted the fast-collapsing influence of the lame-duck White House. It also pointed to a vast reordering of international affairs expected after Donald Trump takes office in three weeks, as U.S. allies position themselves to curry favor in the new order.

The transatlantic split was particularly unexpected given that May’s government acted as a key broker between U.S. and Palestinian interests ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote last week to declare Israeli settlement construction “illegal.” British diplomats worked as go-betweens in shaping the measure to ensure that the language was acceptable to the United States, Britain’s Guardian and Israel’s Haaretz newspapers reported this week.

Kerry on Wednesday offered a harsh assessment of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that “his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by its most extreme elements.” He criticized persistent Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank as a threat to the “two-state solution” under which Israel and a new Palestinian state would coexist side by side.

Kerry: U.N. vote on Israeli settlements was about pressuring a two-state solution

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In major speech, outgoing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defends the U.S. abstention of a U.N. resolution vote that demanded Israel end settlement building, saying the vote reflected U.S. values and was intended to defend the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.(Reuters)

May’s office retorted that “we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally.” It said in an emailed statement late Thursday that “we are also clear that the settlements are far from the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long.”

The move was an olive branch both to Netanyahu and to ­President-elect Trump, who railed against the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from the vote on the Security Council resolution condemning the settlements and who has urged Israel to “stay strong” until he assumes office Jan. 20. Trump has expressed near-unconditional support for actions by the Israeli government, breaking with long-standing U.S. policy that has sought a middle ground between the two sides.

Kerry’s speech and the U.S. abstention in the Security Council vote were received warmly by Germany and France, among other European nations, which led to a stunned reaction in Washington to the message from May’s office.

“We are surprised by the U.K. Prime Minister’s office statement given that Secretary Kerry’s remarks — which covered the full range of threats to a two-state solution, including terrorism, violence, incitement and settlements — were in line with the U.K.’s own longstanding policy and its vote at the United Nations last week,” the State Department said in a statement.

British leaders have publicly embraced Trump since his victory last month, despite his urging that Nigel Farage, a lead campaigner for Britain’s exit from the European Union and a thorn in the side of the British government, be named British ambassador to Washington. Britain, which is preparing to negotiate the terms of a messy exit from the E.U., is hoping that a strong economic relationship with the United States will help smooth out the disruptions.

During his presidential campaign, Trump praised Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and took to calling himself “Mr. Brexit.”

This week, Britain’s ambassador in Washington, Kim Darroch, expressed hope that Trump and May would build “on the legacy of previous leaders such as President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.”

U.N. Security Council passes resolution on Israeli settlements

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For the first time in 36 years, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution critical of Israel’s Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory. The United States abstained. (Reuters)

Kerry’s hour-long speech Wednesday was unusual in its breadth and frankness, coming from a man who devoted
much of his energy as the top U.S. diplomat toward Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that were ultimately abandoned.

Kerry said Wednesday that Israeli settlement activity, which has accelerated in recent years, was extending far into the West Bank, “in the middle of what, by any reasonable definition, would be the future Palestinian state.”

“No one thinking seriously about peace can ignore the reality of what the settlements pose to that peace,” he said.

The speech came at a historic low in relations between Israel and the United States, the Jewish state’s staunchest international ally. The Obama administration intended the abstention on the U.N. resolution as a warning
sign to the Netanyahu government that international support would not be unconditional as Israeli settlement populations swell.

The Australian government also distanced itself Friday from the Obama administration’s stance on settlements and the U.N. resolution.

Australia supports negotiations leading to two independent states, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. But she said that Australia — which is not currently a member of the Security Council — did not support the U.N. resolution condemning settlements.

“In voting at the U.N., the coalition government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel,” the statement said.

The impending realignment of U.S. foreign policy that apparently led to the rare break between Downing Street and the White House could also be seen Friday in Russia, where President Vladimir Putin opted not to retaliate publicly against fresh U.S. sanctions and the expulsion of 35 Russian officials from U.S. territory.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had recommended Friday the expulsion of 35 U.S. officials in retaliation. But Putin appears to be banking on markedly warmer relations with Trump.

The president-elect has praised the Kremlin and expressed disbelief at an assessment by the U.S. intelligence community that hackers backed by the Russian government were responsible for the leaks of sensitive emails from Democratic Party officials in a bid to help Trump win the White House.

Carol Morello in Washington contributed to this report.


Palestinian children in Israeli detention

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Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year. The majority of Palestinian child detainees are charged with throwing stones, and three out of four experience physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation.


Israeli Mossad Assassinated Vittorio Arrigoni – Gaza Palestine West Bank +Multi Subs CC


Anti-Defamation League Lists Top 10 Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in 2016

“…a stark and sobering reminder that hatred of Jews is not history, it is a current event…”

New York, NY–(ENEWSPF)–December 30, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today issued its top 10 list of manifestations of anti-Semitism that have afflicted Jewish communities across the United States and around the world in 2016.

The past year saw the volume of anti-Semitic cyberhate elevated to unprecedented levels. The ADL list included Jewish social media users being targeted because of their faith, anti-Jewish internet memes going viral and consuming the web, the swastika remaining a hate symbol of choice, continuing Iranian and Palestinian incitement, and the threat to European Jewry.

“The various manifestations of anti-Semitism in 2016 served as a stark and sobering reminder that hatred of Jews is not history, it is a current event,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “The reality of the threat to Jewish communities around the world and to the State of Israel was reinforced time and again by rhetoric, incidents and violent assaults.”

The following is ADL’s list of the worst manifestations of anti-Semitism at home and abroad:

(1) Jewish Journalists Harassed and Threatened
(2) Anti-Semitic Incidents Rise Post-Election; Swastika Remains Symbol of Choice
(3) Echoes Symbol Targets Jews on Twitter
(4) The Rise of the “Alt-Right”
(5) European and Latin American Jewish Communities Confront Anti-Semitism
(6) Campus Anti-Semitism Remains a Concern
(7) Anti-Semitic Incitement from Palestinian Leadership
(8) Iran: World’s Leading State Sponsor of Anti-Semitism
(9) Terror Groups Continue to Promote Anti-Semitic Narratives
(10) Anti-Semitism Remains a Staple Across Arabic Media

Jewish Journalists Harassed and Threatened in Election-Year Onslaught

Journalists, especially Jewish journalists, received thousands of harassing messages and even death threats as they covered the presidential campaign. The abuse included anti-Semitic graphics, pictures of journalists with their photos superimposed on Holocaust victims, and other disturbing memes. After a four-month investigation, an ADL data analysis found that Twitter was awash with anti-Semitic rhetoric, with more than 2.6 million tweets containing language frequently found in anti-Semitic speech. ADL’s Task Force on the Harassment of Journalists identified 800 journalists who had been targeted with more than 19,000 anti-Semitic tweets on Twitter.

Anti-Semitic Incidents Rise Post-Election; Swastika Remains Hate Symbol of Choice

A disturbing trend of anti-Semitic and other bias attacks took place in communities across the country following the 2016 presidential race. From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, the use of the swastika, including racist and other anti-Semitic graffiti, vandalism and reports of assaults and harassment proliferated. The wave of swastika vandalism was particularly prevalent in New York State. College campuses, religious facilities and homes were particular targets nationwide.

Echoes Symbol Targets Jews on Twitter

The triple parentheses – or stylized (((echo))) symbol – was a new tactic used by white supremacists and anti-Semites to identify and target Jews on Twitter and other social media platforms. This was a serious manifestation of online hate that allowed extremists and haters to highlight names perceived as Jewish and single them out for harassment both online and off. Google subsequently removed an app that was enabling the echo campaign: an anti-Semitic “Coincidence Detector” browser extension. It was removed after ADL and others notified Google that the app was in violation of the company’s terms of service. In the intervening months, many Jewish and non-Jewish journalists and others around the world co-opted the symbol by using it around their own names on Twitter.

The Rise of the Anti-Semitic “alt-right”

The “alt right,” a loose network of white nationalists actively engaged themselves and moved from the fringes into mainstream consciousness. The term “alt right” came into more general use over the last year as white supremacists became more a focus of media during the 2016 presidential campaign. Extremists and their online supporters, including those associated with the alt right were emboldened by the notion that their anti-Semitic and racist views were becoming part of mainstream society. A number of white supremacists on the alt right publicly voiced support for major presidential candidates, with some endorsing Donald Trump.

European and Latin American Jewish Communities Confront Violent Anti-Semitism

Murderous anti-Semitic attacks continued around the world in 2016. In Uruguay, David Fremd, a 54 year-old Jewish businessman, was stabbed to death by a man shouting “Allah Akbar.” The assailant later told authorities that he “killed a Jew following Allah’s order.” Jews were also stabbed or threatened with knives or axes in France, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In Germany, a man was pushed onto a subway track, but escaped before the train arrived. His assailant said, “I did it because he is Jewish. Next time I’ll do it right.” Additionally, reports have indicated that over 100 Jews were physically assaulted around the world this year. A local Jewish club in Santa Fe, Argentina was threatened with a bomb. A bottle with cement inside and a message in Arabic that read “This is a warning, the next one explodes” was sent through the closed windows of the institution, which at the time was empty.

Campus Anti-Semitism Remains a Concern

The tenor on many university campuses remained an issue of concern for Jewish and pro-Israel students in 2016, particularly when anti-Israel bias crossed the line into anti-Semitism. At UNC Charlotte, a student displayed a Nazi Flag from his residence hall window, and the campus community’s reaction was swift and supportive of those affected. Several college campuses across the country suffered a wave of anti-Semitic fliers that began printing from their network-connected printers. In addition, dozens of white supremacist fliers were posted at colleges across the country after the presidential election. In New York, several swastikas were found over a few month period at a community college. A best-selling author canceled her talk following pressure from the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) campus group to reject the invitation due to Brown University Hillel’s involvement in the event. After the talk was canceled, anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled in a dorm hallway. These are just a few examples of how anti-Semitism surfaced in an academic setting this past year. While the majority of Jewish students feel comfortable and unthreatened across the country, the issue of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on campus remained a very real concern in 2016.

Anti-Semitic Incitement from Palestinian Leadership

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made conspiratorial anti-Israel allegations in a speech before the European Parliament that were reminiscent of age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes.  Abbas propagated a false and malicious story of “certain rabbis in Israel have said very clearly to their government that our water should be poisoned in order to have Palestinians killed,” and further alleged that Israel is the cause of all global terrorism, claiming, “Once the occupation ends, terrorism will disappear, there will be no more terrorism in the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world.”

Iran: World’s Leading State Sponsor of Anti-Semitism

July 2016 marked the first anniversary of the Iranian nuclear agreement with the international community. In the wake of the deal, however, the regime did not tamp down its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. The regime remains a belligerent actor that continues to further its support for global terror and promote anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. In front of the world’s largest global stage at the United Nations, President Hassan Rouhani made a series of accusations including blaming “Zionist pressure groups” for “having” Congress recently pass legislation to the detriment of Iran. A gallery in Tehran held a Holocaust cartoon contest with support from government ministries. For years, Iranian leaders have lodged accusations of Jewish control over the U.S. government, financial institutions and media. This past year was no different.

Terror Groups Continue to Promote Anti-Semitic Narratives

Terrorist groups across the globe continued to push anti-Semitic narratives as part of their attempts to incite violence. ISIS videos from this past summer demonstrated how the terrorist group exploits anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments to encourage violent attacks in the West. For example, a propaganda video released by ISIS showed images of alleged brutality by Israeli soldiers, while a narrator criticizes other religious leaders who have argued against the killing of Jewish civilians, and contrasted those moderate views with ISIS’s assertion that all non-Muslims who are not subordinated by ISIS can be killed. As is often the case in Islamic extremist propaganda, most of the reactions of media groups associated with terrorist organizations to the results of the U.S. presidential election included anti-Semitic stereotypes, alleging Jewish control of U.S. politics, saying that the president is a “mule for the Jews” and referred to the American People as “slaves of the Jews.” Domestically, the arrest of an Arizona resident served as a reminder of the link between terror and anti-Semitism. Mahin Khan, who was arrested on July 1 for allegedly plotting to bomb a DMV on behalf of ISIS and the Pakistani Taliban, planned to attack a local Jewish Community Center.

Anti-Semitism Remains a Staple Across Arabic Media

Whether on traditional or social media, anti-Semitic expressions infecting the Arab public discourse around various issues were chillingly observed. A review of the Arabic language social media in 2016 revealed a continuing pattern of demonization of Jews and conspiratorial accusations about a Jewish responsibility behind the violence and carnage in many parts of the Arab world including in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya. Along with such anti-Semitic statements over social media, there was a torrent of offensive images of Jews and Judaism found in the print media with in caricatures depicting Jews in a highly offensive manner. Various opinion pieces also went as far as to claim that the Jews poisoned Islam’s prophet.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.


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Dr. William Pierce on the ADL

In late September, the ADL released a report stating the National Alliance is the “most dangerous organized hate group in America.” But it is the ADL which is the true hate group. It earns its living: selling hate. It makes its money by persuading Jews and wannabe Jews that they are in great danger — but if everyone will just send them a nice, fat check today, the ADL will protect them. The ADL deliberately makes the National Alliance sound scary. Their press releases tend to be deceptive and are written in a way calculated to lead to misinterpretation. Then, if the newspapers exaggerate things even more, why so much the better.

One of the ADL’s fondest projects is “combating hate speech.” “Hate speech,” of course, is whatever they find offensive or dangerous to their interests. The ADL is especially concerned about the propagation of what they consider dangerous ideas over the Internet and has been working with software developers to develop censorship programs which can be installed on any computer, so that computer users cannot find any Politically Incorrect material on the Internet. But lobbying to stamp out the Bill of Rights isn’t the ADL’s only activity. They’re also the largest and most effective private espionage organization in America — in which guise they have committed more criminal acts than the National Alliance has been “linked” to.

ADL and Jim Rizoli


Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After WWII

(Part I)

“There is not one German who has not murdered our fathers. Every German is a Nazi. Every German is a murderer.” Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel[1]

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Ho Chi Minh

We have seen in previous articles how the word “Holocaust” itself has progressively become a potent weapon in the ideological war.

But the Holocaust establishment has worked tirelessly over the past few years to ensure that this weapon is spread across the world, including Asian countries.

Last January, the New York Times had an article entitled, “Raising Asian Awareness of the Holocaust.”[2]

Throughout the entire article, nothing was said about Stalin’s extermination programs, which eventually were responsible for the death of millions upon millions of Russian peasants.[3]

Nothing was said about Mao’s slaughter houses and execution programs, which killed at least 45 million people;[4] nothing was even remotely mentioned about China’s eugenic program, which literally obliterated millions of innocent lives,[5] and about Vietnam’s communist regime, which brutally massacred millions of people.[6]

In the twentieth century alone, many Asian countries were infected by the communist virus, which ended up killing at least fifty million people just in Asia alone.

What the New York Times ended up saying indirectly was that Asia does not have enough “Holocaust” problem; Asia, which is where this writer currently resides, needs to consider the only Holocaust in recent memory: Nazi Germany. In short, the new doctrine is pretty straightforward: Thou shalt have no other gods before the Jewish “Holocaust”!

Birds of a feather flock together

If the New York Times wanted Asians to have a good history lesson, they certainly should have mentioned Stalin and others as well. That certainly betrays their prejudice.

Moving on to the Middle East, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has recently called the “Holocaust” “the most heinous crime” in modern history. It seemed that he was trying to appease the Israelis, who didn’t even acknowledge the apology.  In response, Benjamin Netanyahu declared,

“Instead of issuing statements designed to placate global public opinion, (Abbas) needs to choose between the alliance with Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of Israel and denies the Holocaust, and a true peace with Israel.”

President Abbas perhaps didn’t know what happened to the Germans after World War II, our topic in this article.

Then we have Steven Spielberg recently saying that “Mass graves don’t have to open up before we act…It took me years of directing sharks, aliens, and dinosaurs before I felt ready to tackle the Holocaust.”[7]

After the release of Schindler’s List, Spielberg founded the Shoah Foundation Institute at the University of Southern California. If you think Spielberg is going to help found a similar institute for the innocent Russians, Chinese, and Germans who died after the war, think again.

 raping German womenAfter World War II, 12 to 14 million German people—including women and children under the age of sixteen—were brutally driven from their homes.[8] Some historians place the figure as high as fifteen million.[9]

During the expulsion, thousands lost their lives from starvation, disease, and ill-treatment. Some died in wagons without food, water, or heating during long trips; others collapsed by the roadside. The death estimate is between 500,000 and 1.5 million.[10] Other historians estimate that the figure amounts to 2 million.[11]

Moreover, thousands upon thousands of children were separated from their families.[12] Historian R. M. Douglas notes that many of these issues are not discussed among popular historians and even ignored in some scholarly circles.

“Today, outside Germany, they are almost completely unknown. In most English language histories of the period they are at best a footnote, and usually not even that.

“The most recent (2009) edition of Mary Fulbrook’s excellent History of Germany 1918-2008 disposes of the episode in a single uninformative paragraph…The Cambridge Illustrated History of Germany is typical in not according the expulsions even a single mention.”[13]

Historian Pertti Ahonen likewise declares that “The political dimensions of the expellee problem in the Federal Republic form a particular of neglect” and the accurate history of the expellees remains

“poorly investigated, especially on the federal level, despite the obvious importance of the newcomers’ political integration for the Federal Republic’s stability.”[14]

orderlySome historians dismiss these accounts as “wild expulsions,” while others defend the position that the Allies were justified in brutally turning out the Germans.[15] Some historians, such as Keith Lowe, have even gone on record saying that the brutality and vengeance against German civilians “tended to be a small-scale affair.”[16]

This was not the case. While Lowe concedes the fact that German women were brutally raped and other shameful acts were committed on women in places like France, Italy, Denmark, Holland,[17] he prefaces these facts by saying that they were done on a minor scale, which seems to be contradictory. He writes,

“The sexual nature of the rituals themselves is also significant. In Denmark the women were frequently stripped naked during their head-shaving ceremonies, and their breasts and backsides painted with Nazi symbols.

“In many areas of France women also had their bare bottoms spanked, and their breasts daubed with swastikas.”[18]

But the “sexual nature” cannot be “significant” if it was done on a minor scale or that it was limited to a small area. Then Lowe knocks himself out by saying

“it is difficult to judge, at a distance of some seventy years, whether these women deserved to be punished in this way, in an alternative way, or not at all.”

He cites British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden saying that “those who had not been through the ‘horrors of occupation’ had no right to pronounce upon what a country does.’”[19] Lowe’s analysis here is so morally untenable as to hardly deserve a rebuttal—on what grounds, then, can he condemn Nazi Germany?

Keith Lowe

There is much to be learned from his book Savage Continent. He argues quite rightly that after the war German children faced enormous discrimination in the nation in which they were born. For example, the Norwegian daily newspaper, Lufotposten, wrote of the German children who were growing up in the country:

“All these German children are bound to grow up and develop into an extensive bastard minority in the Norwegian people. By their descent they are doomed in advance to take a combative stance.

“They have no nation, they have no father, they just have hate, and this is their only heritage. They are unable to become Norwegians. Their fathers were Germans, their mothers were Germans in thought and action. To allow them to stay in this country is tantamount to legalizing the raising of a fifth column.”[20]

The war brought unwanted baggage to the German civilians, and ethnic German children who grew up in places like Norway faced tremendous pressure, including rejection by their own family.[21] This has had a detrimental effects on generational children who, according to a 2001 study,

“suffer higher death rates, higher divorce rates and worse health than the rest of Norway’s population…They are also significantly more likely to commit suicide than their peers.”[22]

Norman Davies states,

“For every European who was involved in the fighting of the Second War, there were at least ten civilians who were not directly involved but who nonetheless were forced to suffer the painful consequences of international conflict.”[23]

Douglas argues that the expulsions, along with rape on a massive scale, were meticulously “carried out by troops, police, and militia, acting under orders and more often than not executing policies laid down at the highest levels.”[24]

For example, when a Czechoslovak soldier carelessly discharged his weapon, wounding himself, Germany civilians were to blame and at least nine of them were executed.[25]

Similarly, twenty local Germans were shot because “an SNB officer accidentally blew himself up in Bruntal while handling a grenade.”[26] Even before the war was over, ordinary Germans were destined to pay the price of World War II. In January 1945, the Soviets torpedoed German cruiser Wilhelm Gustloff, which was carrying about 9,000 refugees, “4000 of whom were children.”[27]

savage-continentAfter the war, the Allies re-established concentration camps for national and ethnic Germans.

“Many of the Sudeten German Social Democrats who were put in concentration camps by the Germans for being anti-Nazi when liberation came were transferred to Czech labor camps merely because they were of German origin.”[28]

For example, “Hrnecek personally took revenge on his former captain in the Ceske Budejo-vice police force by pole-hanging the man for four to five hours while having him ‘beaten with cow-hide horsewhips’ until he fainted, and resuscitating him by pouring water over him.”[29]

Similar torture in those camps happened almost every night, which resulted in an increase of suicides among the prisoners.[30]

“Many ex-Nazi concentration camps like Majdanek or Theresienstadt—and even the camp at Auschwitz—never went out of business, but were retained in operation as detention facilities for ethnic Germans for years after the war.”[31]


the former Konzentrationslager of Boleslawiec (Bunzlau), a subcamp of Gross-Rosen in Poland, held approximately twelve hundred boys aged between twelve and fifteen, who were used as forced labor on road-building projects.

“Of the ninety-five inmates of the children’s camp at Ceske Kridlovice in Czechoslovakia during the month of July 1947, a third were under six years of age.”[32]

Similar reports have surfaced—in other concentration camps such as Mirosov, many prisoners were “younger than fourteen years of age; forty-five of them were below the age of six.”[33]

Those camps represented “a system of organized and ferocious maltreatment of internees, with the stated intention of completing in five months what the Nazis had failed to accomplish at the camp in five years.”[34]

By June 1945, ordinary Germans were forced out of their homes and made to walk hundreds of miles with no food and water. One survivor wrote,

“Many weak and sick people, old folks and children had to be left on the road dead. It was a lamentable procession of utmost misery…Heaven only knows how often we were plundered by Poles or Russians and how many times the women were assaulted again and again.”[35]

Sexual torture happened on a large scale, so large in fact that Douglas called it “ritualized sexual humiliation and punishment suffered by female inmates.”[36] One particular woman, Johanna Janisch, was raped “some twenty times by Red Army soldiers,” and contracted gonorrhea as a result.[37]

Between May and August 1945, some places “functioned as a sexual supermarket,” whose detainees, ethnic Germans, were brutally raped.[38] At Potulice, one of the largest Polish camps for Germans,

“the sexual humiliation of female prisoners had become an institutional practice by the end of 1945.”[39]

German old women and children flee west-1945

In Czechoslovakia, torture by the Revolutionary Guards included “exposing women’s body parts and burning them with lighted cigarettes.”[40] The male detainees sometimes “were compelled to perform sexual acts upon each other.”[41] (Sounds like a precursor to Abu Ghraib.)

Reports given by the Belgrade embassy in 1946 concurred.[42] In contrast,

“Women survivors of German concentration camps have recalled that, notwithstanding the unrestrained brutality that pervaded most other aspects of daily life, rape or other forms of sexual maltreatment at the hands of their guards was an extremely rare occurrence, and severely punished by the authorities if detected.”[43]

Adrian Kanaar, a British military doctor, actually witnessed the brutal torture which the Allied forces inflicted on ordinary Germans. He later wrote that he was willing to face court martial for raising public awareness with regard to the Germans and declared that the Allied forces had established “a tyranny…which is as bad as the Nazis.”[44]

Ignacy Cedrowski, the camp physician at Potulice between 1945 and 1948, lost his family during the Nazi era and was a survivor of Auschwitz. He was appalled at how the Allied forces were treating the Germans.[45]

John Colville, a former private secretary of Winston Churchill, noted the same thing, adding that “concentration camps and all they stand for did not come to an end with the defeat of Germany.”[46]

Yet even after all these events, the vast majority of the ordinary Germans remained servile.[47] Catholic priest Josef Neubauer, who was in one of those camps until November 1945, wrote:

“On June 27, 1945, I was suddenly ordered to the guard-room. There I was made to strip completely naked and was beaten with sticks and fists. As a result, one of my ribs was broken and my teeth were knocked out.

“I then received at the hand of my two tormentors another 50 strokes with a length of steel cable, the thickness of my thumb, on my stomach, back, chest and buttocks. I was made to count the blows myself. At the end of this beating, my entire body was bleeding.

“I told my tormentors that I forgave them and that God should not count it as a sin against them. They were baffled by this statement of mine and from that moment onward left me in peace.”[48]

Victor Gollancz

Western responses to those atrocities have been appalling. The life of Johannes Kostka, a German prisoner of war in a British camp in Egypt, is a case in point.

By the end of 1947, Kostka wrote a letter to the U.S. Office of Military Government in Frankfurt about his wife Gertrud, a detainee in the Southwestern Polish town of Bielsko-Biala. Kostka was separated from his wife for four years and finally got a letter from her, which he passed on to the U.S. agencies.

His wife was pregnant as a result of rape and had contemplated suicide. The United States passed the letter to the British embassy in Warsaw, but in the end both countries decided to drop the issue. The British embassy finally declared that “we propose that [the case] should be dropped.”[49]

Moreover, in most of the camps, the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations were prevented from providing assistance. There was no organization working on the behalf of the detainees, despite the fact that their mistreatment was widely known (though only a few Americans knew about it).[50]

(This is similar to what we are seeing with respect to Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian children.[51]) When the war was over, the vast majority of polls in Britain, France, and the United States made no distinction between “ordinary Germans” and “Nazis.” Not only that,

“some carried [the] perception…that it was appropriate even that children pay the price for Nazi misdeeds.

“When the London-based National Peace Council issued a call in September 1945 for Britons to accept reduced food rations so that expellee women and children might be fed, a correspondent to the Daily Herald condemned those among his countrymen who still harbored ‘tender feelings towards this race of murderous white savages.’”[52]

Some Allied officers such as Goronwy Rees ascribed to similar views.[53] A few voices, such as Jewish publisher Victor Gollancz, made it clear that if ordinary Germans were going to be held accountable for what happened in Nazi Germany, then the United States and Britain must collectively be responsible for what was being done to the German civilians. Other voices within the Christian community, most particularly the Church of England, protested against the massive expulsions of the Germans.[54]

In August 1945, when the British arrived on German shores,

“A convoy of trucks pulled into the village, and the Tommies took over from an easygoing US infantry division. Within hours, the British had ordered everybody in the centre of the village to pack their belongings and leave.

“Bad Nenndorf was heaving with refugees from the bomb-ravaged ruins of Hanover, 18 miles to the east: hundreds of people were given 90 minutes to pack some food and valuables, and get out.

“‘We thought everyone would be allowed back in a few days,’ recalls Walter Münstermann, now a retired newspaperman, but then a 14-year-old.

“‘Then the soldiers started putting barbed wire fences around the centre of the village, and slowly we began to realize that this was going to be no ordinary camp.’”[55]

Bad Nenndorf, the place where the prisoners were kept and tortured, “became known as das verbotene dorf—the forbidden village.”[56]

berlinInstead of crying out only against Nazi concentration camps, popular history books should decry all concentration camps, Nazi as well as Soviet, where millions of non-Jews were sent during and after World War II.

The fact that the Holocaust establishment rarely discusses these issues tells us that they are only interested in propagating ideologies as opposed to real history.

The time to move to the next chapter of history and discuss what happened after the war is long overdue. Serious historians cannot live in fear anymore and cannot afford to follow an ideology as opposed to real history.

Noted British historian Giles Macdonogh writes that after the war,

“In most cases it was not the criminals who were raped, starved, tortured or bludgeoned to death but women, children and old men.”[57] It proved to be devastating, “particularly for civilians.”[58] The Red Army

“raped wherever they went. They even raped Russians and Ukrainians. The worst and most aggravated rapes were perpetrated against the women of the enemy—first the Hungarians, then the Germans.”[59]

MacDonogh notes that raping women was probably viewed as “a form of vengeance against these ‘superior women and the best way to humiliate them and their menfolk.”[60]

Historian Alfred Maurice de Zayas likewise notes that “one of the aberrations practiced by the soldiers was to take victims, mostly female, strip them naked and nail them to barn doors in cruciform fashion. This one particular atrocity features prominently in many eyewitness reports.”[61] Road signs read, “Soldier: you are in Germany, take revenge on the Hitlerites.”[62]

Historian Antony Beevor says that the Soviet propaganda of hatred towards the Germans started in 1942.

“Every opportunity had been taken to drum in the scale of German atrocities in the Soviet Union. According to a French informant, the Red Army authorities exhumed the bodies of some 65,000 Jews massacred near Nikolayev and Odessa, and ordered them to be placed alongside the road most used by troops. Every 200 metres a sign declared, ‘Look how the Germans treat Soviet citizens.’”[63]

The political department of the 1st Ukrainian Front declared, “We were constantly trying to step up hatred towards Germans and to stir up a passion for revenge.”[64]

General Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky, who “used to recite poetry with humorous panache” to Ilya Ehrenburg, told his soldiers when they reached East Prussia in January, “Soldier, remember you are now entering the lair of the fascist beast!”[65]

Anthony Beever

This is not a surprise at all, for Ehrenburg was the author of the novel The Unusual Adventure of Julio Juarenito and his Pupils, in which we find the phrase, “Murders must be committed for the well-being of mankind.”[66]

When a person of some reputation in Great Britain declared that Ehrenburg needed to abandon his “lust for revenge,” Ehrenburg wrote back,

“My mother is religious too, and in the name of religion she asks, ‘kill the Germans with my blessings…One must not pity a wild beast…rather, one must destroy it.”[67]

When Ehrenburg actually saw what the Red Army was doing to the Germans, he “was deeply shaken on a visit, but it did not make him moderate his ferocity in print.”[68] A Soviet soldier remembered,

“There was a big slogan painted up in our canteen, ‘Have you killed a German yet? Then kill him!’ We were very strongly influenced by Ehrenburg’s appeals and we had a lot to take revenge for.”[69]

Historian Richard Bessel declares that the soldiers “unleashed an orgy of wanton destruction…There could be no motive for such destruction other than revenge against a now helpless German population.”[70]

Ilya Ehrenberg

In his last article of the war, Ehrenburg wrote,

“Germany is dying miserably, without pathos or dignity. Let us remember the pompous parades, the Sportpalast in Berlin, where Hitler used to roar that he was going to conquer the world.

“Where is he now? In what hole? He has led Germany to a precipice, and now he prefers not to show himself…Germany does not exist; there is only a colossal gang.”[71]

A talented propagandist, Ehrenburg delivered lectures at the Frunze military academy, condemning what the Red Army was doing and “blaming it on the troops’ ‘extremely low’ level of culture.”

When it came to rape, Ehrengurg’s only defense was that Soviet soldiers “were not refusing ‘the compliments’ of German women.”[72]

Certainly the Red Army took Chernyakhovsky’s and Ehrenburg’s message seriously, as they went out to put churches and civilian buildings to the torch and raped women in West Prussia and Pomerania; many of the victims committed suicide afterwards.[73] One testified that she had been raped thirteen times.[74]

Other crimes against civilians in Pomerania were widespread during the first week of occupation.

“Near the Puttkamers’ village, an elderly couple were chased into the icy waters of a village pond, where they died. A man was harnessed to a plough, which he was forced to drag until he collapsed.

His tormentors then finished him off with a burst of sub-machine-gun fire. Herr von Livonius, the owner of an estate at Grumbkow, was dismembered and his body thrown to the pigs. Even those landowners who had been part of the anti-Nazi resistance fared little better.

“Eberhard von Braunschweig and his family, assuming that they had little to fear, awaited the arrival of the Red Army in their manor house at Lubzow, near Karzin. But his reputation and numerous arrests by the Gestapo did him little good. The whole family was dragged outside and shot.”[75]

When Chernyakhovsky died, Marshal Vasilevsky took over, and was told about the looting and damage that the Red Army was doing. After a moment of silence, “Vasilevsky, perhaps the most intelligent and cultivated of all Soviet commanders,” said, “‘I don’t give a [expletive]. It is now time for our soldiers to issue their own justice.’”[76]

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The German civilians, those “fascist beasts,” had to pay a terrible price for the Soviet’s perception of what the Nazis had done. One playwright of the time, Zakhar Agranenko, wrote:

“Red army soldiers don’t believe in ‘in-dividual liaisons.’ Nine, ten, twelve men at a time—they rape them on a collective basis.”[77]

“Burn their homes to the ground and enjoy the flames. These were the messages that permeated the last years of the war. Marshall Zhukov’s orders to the First Belorussian Front on the eve of the January 1945 offensive into Poland did little to dampen the Soviet soldier’s lust for revenge:

“‘Woe to the land of the murderers,’ the orders stated. ‘We will get our terrible revenge for everything.”[78]

One of the Red Army Field Postal Service letters stated:

“And now we take our revenge on the Germans for all their despicable acts committed against us. We’re being allowed to do what we please with the German scoundrels. German mothers shall rue the day they gave birth to a son. May German mothers now feel the horrors of war firsthand.

“What they wanted to do to other people they will now experience themselves! We spend the night in their houses and drive the Germans out into the cold, just like they did to us. There are only old people and children in Germany, very few girls. But we kill them all anyway.

“Now we’re meeting up with German civilians, and our soldiers are making good use of German women. There are plenty of women around, but they don’t understand a word of Russian. But that’s even better because you don’t have to talk them into it.

“Just aim the Nagan [pistol] and shout, “Lie down!”…take care of your business and be off…Our boys have already tried out all the German women.[79]]

Norman Naimark notes that although the reasons for raping and torturing German women were many, one of the primary reasons was that the Russians were directly motivated by vengeance.

Rape “was not fundamentally motivated by sexual needs,” Naimark argues, but “is a crime of violence.” To say that “war breeds rape” does not explain the fact that not only did the Soviets rape women on a massive scale, but that long before they came to Germany, they propagandized “more reason for revenge.”[80]

“Throughout the Soviet press, the idea was widespread that the Germans—women on the home front included—would have to ‘pay’ for their evil deeds.”[81]

The social history of rape was largely “unknown to the Western zones.”[82] “It was not untypical for Soviet troops to rape every female over the age of twelve or thirteen in a village, killing many in the process…The reports of women subjected to gang rapes and ghastly nightly rapes are far too numerous to be considered isolated incidents.”[83]

bobOn February 26, 1945, the Soviets captured one German village and “systematically plundered” it. “Virtually all of the women were raped. ‘The screams of help from the tortured could be heard day and night.’”[84]

When the Soviets finally overtook the city of Budapest, one observer, Julius Hay, noted,

“It was impossible to spend a day or even an hour in Budapest without hearing of brutalities committed by [Russian] soldiers.”[85]

At other occasions, “Hungarian girls were locked in Soviet quarters on the Buda side of the city, where they were repeatedly raped and sometimes killed.”[86] In the city of Rostock, “women and girls were raped in the presence of their children and parents.”[87]

During these circumstances, the German police could do little to stop the violence, since the Soviet soldiers would not hesitate to shoot any police who intervened. Naimark notes that

“the police archives are filled with complaints about the [German police’s] inability to protect German women from rapists ‘in the uniform of the Red Army.’”[88]

 On a few occasions, women would resist the rapists, but they ended up “brutally beaten or killed as a result.” On other occasions, when the attacker was alone, some Germans did not hesitate to show strong resistance:

“In one such instance, a group of young people who beat up a Russian soldier attempting to rape a German girl were arrested by the police for being alleged Werewolves—members of the underground Nazi youth.

“In another, a German policeman was shot and killed while trying to stop the rape of a woman. In the third, the Ministry of International Affairs operations group arrested a German policeman who had seized the Russian rapists.”[89]

There were a number of Russian officers who “were terribly ashamed of the behavior of their compatriots,”[90] and there were a few soldiers punished for their crimes,[91] but that happened only on rare occasions. Raping and plundering were commonplace.

And no one was spared. German women were even raped at transportation centers and railway crossroads, where railway officials could do little to stop the situation.[92] Farmers “who refused to turn over goods to the Soviets or who resisted rape attempts were shot and sometimes killed. Isolated farm houses were broken into and the women were raped.”[93]

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a young captain in the Red Army during that time, and he strongly opposed brutal abuse against women and the German people; for that he was sent to the Gulag. He wrote in 1945:

“Yes! For three weeks the war had been going on inside Germany and all of us knew very well that if the girls were Germans they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction.”[94]

Rape, “from 1945 to the end of 1946 or the beginning of 1947…became a part of everyday life in the remote villages of Burgenland and Lower Austria.”[95]

Moreover, there seemed to be no age limit, for there were reports that “women as old as eighty” were also victims of the Red Army.[96] And women were raped numerous times; at least one woman by the name of Wanda was raped 128 times.[97]

One sixteen-year-old girl, who had been repeatedly raped, “drowned herself in the Stau Lake.”[98] Nuns were not spared either,[99] and some were reported to have been raped as many as fifty times.[100] Naimark notes that even when German women

“entered bunkers and cellars where Germans hid from fierce fighting, Soviet soldiers brandished weapons and raped women in the presence of children and men. In some cases, soldiers divided up women according to their tastes. In others, women were gang-raped.

Generally, the soldiers raped indiscriminately, not excluding old women in their seventies or young girls.”[101]

Antony Beevor recounts the same thing. After three days, “the women tried to kill the children and themselves by cutting all their wrists, but evidently they had not known how to do it properly.”[102]

When rape was the norm, consequences followed:

“Women committed suicide after the event; many contracted venereal diseases; others became pregnant and had to seek abortions.”[103]

Soldiers were punished for raping women “only if they caught venereal disease from victims, who had usually caught it from a previous rapist.”[104] Today, some Soviet historians, as Antony Beever puts it,

“still produce evasive circumlocutions. ‘Negative phenomena in the army of liberation,’ writes one on the subject of mass rape, ‘caused significant damage to the prestige of the Soviet Union and the armed forces and could have a negative influence in the future relations with the countries through which our troops were passing.”[105]

Abortions, which were illegal in Germany at the time, were done under extreme conditions.

In concentration camps, men and women were forced to perform sexual acts:

“Men and women were stripped naked and forced to perform sadistic acts on one another or eat excrement; girls had to press burning banknotes between their legs. There were many small children in the camp. Some of these were later taken away and given to Polish foster parents.”[106]

Like in our modern day, Jews who stood up against such immorality were severely punished. “When the Ukrainian Jewish intellectual Lev Kopelev tried to intervene to save a German woman from a group of rampaging soldiers, he was accused of ‘bourgeois humanism’ and imprisoned for nine years.”[107]

East Prussia was the first German territory that the Red Army visited. “In the course of a single night,” writes MacDonogh, “the Red Army killed seventy-two women and one man. Most of the women had been raped, of whom the oldest was eighty-four. Some of the victims had been crucified.”[108]

Russian soldiers broke into at least one hospital operated by surgeon Hans Lehndorff and robbed

“his patients of their watches, beating up anyone who stood in their way. One of the attackers, ‘a really young fellow, suddenly burst into tears because he had yet to find a watch. He struck three fingers in the air. He was going to shoot the people if he did not get one at once.’ They found him a watch.”[109]

Watches were so important to them because of their “inability to master anything technical,” and it was considered as “an inexhaustible chapter.”[110] They not only stole watches, but

“all the bicycles they could find. [One woman] saw them take them up to a street near the Hasenheide where they practiced riding them. They sat ‘stiff on the saddles like champanzees in the zoo.’ They frequently fell off before they mastered the use of the two-wheeled beast. Many bicycles were broken in the process and the wreckage strewn over the street.”[111]

The next day, “swarms of soldiers attacked the population as they ventured out of the warrens they had inhabited during the long siege. They were beaten, robbed, stripped and, if female, raped.”[112]

Given those horrible circumstances, “a very large number of [the populace] took their own lives to escape the indignity of Soviet revenge.”[113] The soldiers quickly contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

When that happened, they would burst into hospitals and “demanded treatment at gunpoint.”[114] But nothing dimmed their undying hatred towards the Germans:

“Those who lived in the villages of East Prussia fared no better than the townsfolk. A witness who made it to the west talked of a poor village girl who was raped by an entire tank squadron from eight in the evening to nine in the morning. One man was shot and fed to the pigs.

“Another woman tried to take the last train from Mohringen, but it was derailed and the passengers proceeded on foot, only to run into the Russians. She describes these soldiers breaking into a farmhouse and finding an Iron Cross, Second Class.

“The owner of the decoration and his wife were taken out and shot in the back of the head. The narrator herself was raped around twenty times the night she was captured, but there was worse in the store. She was carried off by two officers and seven men, whom she suspected were deserters, or temporarily estranged from their unit.

“They lodged her and eight other females, including a fourteen-year-old girl, in a house in the forest, where they raped them for a week. Their ordeal came to an end only when the GPU, the secret police, found the house. The woman was then taken to Insterburg and shipped beyond Stalingrad to the north-eastern Urals.

“She was in a carriage with fifty women for three weeks. During that time she had only two hot meals. The guards gave them salted herrings.

“They were so thirsty that they licked the condensation off the window panes. Five of the women had died by the time they reached their destination. They were suffering from typhus, dysentery and facial erysipelas.”[115]

german corpses after the war

 Once the Russians had done all they could to denigrate the Germans, they set the city on fire. “Once the fun was over the remaining citizens were assembled for forced marches to camps. Anyone who was too old or too ill was shot there and then, either in their beds or in the gutters.”[116]

The Russians moved on to other cities, committing the same horrible crimes. In Pomerania, the women knew about the Russian rapists. “To protect them- selves,” MacDonogh tells us,

“the women covered themselves with ashes to make themselves look old, hobbled around on crutches or painted on red spots to feign disease. In a village near Greifenberg, in the western part of East Pomerania, the squire’s wife Kathe von Normann took the precaution of removing her false front tooth to make herself look older, and dressed herself in peasant costume.

“The older women adopted the same attire. It rarely worked—the Russians were none too choosy anyhow, and the victims ranged in age from tiny children to great-grandmothers.”[117]

In Danzig,

“it was open season for the Russian soldiers once again. They raped, murdered, and pillaged. Women between the ages of twelve and seventy-five were raped; boys who sought to rescue their mothers were pitilessly shot.

“The Russians defiled the ancient Cathedral of Oliva and raped the Sisters of Mercy. Later they put the building to the torch. In the hospitals both nurses and female doctors were subjected to the same outrages after the soldiers drank surgical spirit.

“Nurses were raped over the bodies of unconscious patients in the operating theatres together with the women in the maternity ward. Doctors who tried to stop this were simply gunned down…

“Many Danzigers took their own lives. The men were rounded up, beaten and thrown into the concentration camp at Matzkau. From there 800 to 1,000 were despatched to Russia twice daily.”[118]

Similar things happened in other cities such as Silesia, where

“in one appalling incident thirty women were driven into a barn and raped. When one refused she was shot. The local Soviet commander heard about the atrocity and went to the barn and shot four of his own men.”[119]

One mother “went with her heavily pregnant sister to see a Russian doctor, believing that he would be a civilized man. They were both raped by the medic and a lieutenant, even though she herself was menstruating. The soldiers raped every female they found; one twelve-year-old girl complained of the terrible tearing they had caused her.”[120]

Can the Holocaust establishment really discuss Nazi Germany while ignoring all these facts? Unless those rabble rousers can come to terms with those historical events, we should not listen to their daily moaning, which begins to get on people’s nerves.

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The Fall of the Holocaust Lie and the Rise of Truth and Reason

We are in a life and death battle to define reality. We have the knowledge. Replacing the toxic lies with the truth, that is a key to achieving lasting peace in the world.

monika2Monika Schaefer…by Jonas E. Alexis & Monika Schaefer


Alexis: It seems that many people are beginning to realize that they have been scammed and lied to by the Holocaust establishment for decades. As “Canada’s most notorious Holohoax heretic,” you have recently been playing a major role in waking some people up. What has been your experience over the years?

Schaefer: Beyond Jasper, I am receiving a lot of supportive messages. These are coming from all across Canada, the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is absolutely heart-warming, and gives me great hope. There are very many people who are truly and fully awake, and I do believe that this awakening is happening at an exponential rate right now. That is what my brother keeps saying, and I think he is right.

People have shared moving stories with me—stories which were triggered by the similarity of their experience to mine as a little German girl in Canada. For example, a story of an 8 year old daughter, who loses all her friends the day after the movie Holocaust was shown on TV, and who had swastikas and the word “Nazi” painted all over her desk in school. Those experiences are never forgotten. They are life altering.

One of the most common retorts to questioning the holocaust narrative, is “What about the survivors?” Or “I have met survivors – do you doubt them?”

That always seems to settle it. No further comment can be made. Period. They talked to survivors, and that proves the holocaust.

Okay, I have a holocaust survivor story to share with you too. We had a gentleman in Jasper for many years who had been in Auschwitz, therefore a direct holocaust survivor himself. Fred and his wife Gertrude – they were dear friends of mine, both deceased now. And I am not trampling on their memory, in case someone wants to accuse me of that – it’s another common tactic to shut us up.

I made a special point of inviting Fred and Gertrude to my home for dinner to give us “the talk”. I still fully believed in the holocaust, and I was being conscientious and doing the right thing, making sure my daughter learned all about it, and we also had visitors from Germany, a woman with her daughter. They were extremely interested in this. The children were around 11 and 12.

I wish now that I had recorded the talk. I didn’t, but here are my memories of it. After a lovely dinner, we cleared the dishes and prepared to listen. The talk was read. It was easier that way, they explained. It was quite general, but some specifics that were emphasized were that Fred never hated the Germans; in fact, he married one. He was polish and I don’t think he was Jewish – I am not sure. He stressed that there were many non-Jews in camp.

At the end I remember feeling a bit of a let-down, because there wasn’t anything in the talk which confirmed the holocaust horrors. There were no descriptions of gas chamber facilities in the camp, like “watched people being filed this way or turn left or right, or no talk of smoke, or anything like that.” No, the talk was very general about conditions of the war, and why he was incarcerated (I recall something about working with the underground, maybe a newspaper…I am not quite sure).

On another occasion, Fred sang a song which had been composed for him in Auschwitz by another camp inmate. I remember being so surprised. There had been music in the camp.[1]

I am not saying that Fred was confirming or denying anything about the official story. There was nothing there that could be interpreted one way or the other, and it would not have occurred to me to question what he believed or didn’t believe happened there. The holocaust was self-evident and we all knew it happened, right?

I would surmise that probably Fred came to believe the stories, just like my parents had come to believe the stories. But Fred did not describe specific horrors because he had evidently not seen them. He always spoke about how grateful he was to Canada for treating him so well and taking him in. He gave back to the community in spades. He volunteered a lot.

I want to reiterate, I have the utmost respect and love for Fred and Gertrude. After my video came out, friends in Jasper asked “What about Fred and Gertrude?” If anybody should think for one second that I am trampling on their memory, that would be just as absurd as the notion that I trampled on my parents’ memory by my apology to them.

Earlier, I brought up psychological warfare and weaponized language. I want to come back to that. And I want to add the legal dimension in this story.

There is this almost impenetrable barrier that has been engineered into people’s brains by a lifetime of indoctrination, lies, deceptions, weaponized control words, and our own good qualities used against us. By nature, most people have compassion, empathy, and trust. But our natural instincts to help our kinfolk have been suppressed by the welfare state, the “social safety net”.

Now these suppressed instincts are being exploited, especially in Europe, Germany in particular, so that in effect we and our cousins in Europe are contributing to our own demise. The massive flood of migrants into Europe, mostly into Germany, are being taken care of by countless volunteers in villages and towns all across the country. This is getting into a large topic that would take another few hours to discuss, but I did want to touch on that, because it is all related. It is about the final attempt to destroy Germany and Germans.

So what about the laws?

Now, even if there was NO evidence proving that we are being lied to, no physical, forensic, documentary, photographic, memory evidence whatsoever, the REACTION to dissent – that alone should be enough to cause any clear-thinking person to have grave concern about the story. To my way of thinking, the ferocious, character-assassinating assault on dissidents is evidence that there is something to hide.

In Germany it seems to be the worst. Political prisoners is something that we always thought only happened in evil dictatorships or communist countries far away. Not so. German citizens get extradited back into the country to be thrown in jail for peaceful expression of their views. No violence, no incitement to violence, just speaking about a historical event with their dissenting conclusions, and not only are those people going to jail, their lawyers go to jail! I am sure you all have heard about Sylvia Stoltz, the lawyer who defended Ernst Zundel. She went to jail. Then after she got out, she went to jail again after giving a speech about freedom of speech in Switzerland.

I have intelligent friends and family members who do not seem to comprehend this aspect of it. To me, the legal repression alone should be enough to cause alarm about this whole fishy business. What are they hiding and why are they hiding it?

About my brother, Alfred Schaefer, the producer of the video in which I make an apology to my mother. His home was raided on August 18, 2016. I will read you excerpts from a couple of his email messages. You will see, he is doing very well. He sees this as a “spectacular opportunity to deal the thought-crime division a real blow”. He mentioned that normally a raid on thought criminals is conducted with a heavily armed SWAT team of 8 or 9 officers with sirens blazing and much fanfare at 3 am. That is a psychological warfare trick to intimidate. They didn’t do that.

Quote from Alfred:

“Today has been a bit of an unusual day but it makes me very happy when I realize the potential that can be gained by the events as they have unfolded. While I was in the shower this morning the doorbell rang. My wife, Elfriede, opened the door and had to let in a man and a woman who were from the criminal police.

“After coming out of the bath room, I greeted the Gentleman and asked him what it is he desires in our house. I wanted to convey to him that I had nothing to hide and have no fear. He told me that he has an order to search our premises because I have been accused of incitement to hatred.

“I put on my clothes and then they showed me the paper which made me very happy. The evidence against me is a video with the title, ‘Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust’. It really will be interesting how they will define ‘incitement to hatred’ out of that, an apology to Mom. I think they just shot themselves in the foot.

“Then they told me I could get a witness if I wanted to and I told them, yes I do. I went to the neighbour who happened to be about ready to leave and he came over, extremely gentlemanly and polite. The incredible luck is the fact that his name is Haro GRAF von Luxburg, he comes from royalty. These people are truly nobility in every sense of the word. When he had to leave for the office his adult son Alexander took over and he was every bit as dignified and professional as was his father. The police proceeded to go through every thing you can imagine and then took all my computers and all kinds of papers and went off.

“Seldom have the ducks been better aligned than they are right now. We all wanted to take this to the next level, and they have done it for us. I am eternally grateful that one of the tribesmen followed Bnai Brith’s plea to take me down.

“I have never in my life seen a better opportunity to embarrass these thought police that this now offers us. The fact that the witness name on the ‘search’ papers was GRAF VON Luxburg will make the accuser uncomfortable. Plus, they took so much stuff from me, that they all will learn a lot when they go through it. I told them that it is all OK, they are only following orders and I am very happy that they will not shoot me, as would have been the case in the Soviet Union under the same tyranny, so I am, indeed, very lucky. I told them I have many other videos that they may also want to check out.

“So, now I will have to change my daily routine a little and see how this develops. The timing was absolutely perfect, just cleaned away the studio, and ding dong, they were there. A week earlier would have been bad. The fact that we just got up the “Dissident Speaks out” and ”Dissidenten Reden Klartext” is supremely fantastic.

“The German version has been sent to every single judge in Germany and so many more people. If I had to write a script for a raid that fits my liking, I could not have written a better script than the one that just played out. Let’s leverage every single bit of this as focused and positively as we possibly can.”

I personally have had a wonderful life, never having suffered the brutality of war, at least not directly. I grew up in a Utopian Ideal. It made us particularly vulnerable to the lies – having trusted and believed. We were taught that we have Government by the people of the people for the people…  We were taught we had total freedom of speech and that the wars were fought against the “bad guys” so as to protect our freedoms that we cherish so much. So when the teachers told us things, and when the media told us things, why would we not believe them?

It is natural for children to believe the grown-ups. Combine that natural trust with all those wonderful things we were taught about our country, which sure did feel like a Utopia – it was a wonderful time growing up in the 60s and 70s in Canada. That all made us a most vulnerable people to being “brain-washed” which we now like to call mind-contaminated. Brainwash sounds clean. That is not right. Our brains were contaminated by the toxic brew of lies.

I am new to this awakening and I was solidly entrenched in the mind-contaminated state, so, there is hope for others to come out of that state too. We just have to figure out the best way to reach people. And different approaches will work for different people.

Personally I think the legal implications of dissent, that aspect is what I think is the key to getting through the mental barriers that people have. Surely most people still have some part of their brains functioning with enough clarity that when we point out the absurdity of legislating thought, legislating what questions we can ask about our history, legislating away the evidence, will they not see through this?

This is unique about the Holocaust – this persecution of holocaust dissidents. That alone – should tell any clear-thinking person that there is something to hide. Even if you did no research about the actual event, this persecution should tell you there is something wrong with the story! In fact, there are just a very few people in Jasper who have stated that the treatment I have received has caused them to become curious, and it might just make them look, and do some research.

My life has changed, no question. Some of the things that have happened are indeed very hard, very negative. They say ignorance is bliss – if I had not gone through that door, then I would just be carrying on doing what I was doing before – which believe me – I was having a good life. Playing and teaching music, growing food, going hiking, generally having a grand time.  Some might wonder why I would be happy for this awakening when look what it has done to my life.

I have absolutely no regrets. I am so happy to have gone through that door and learned the truth, because formerly, nothing really made sense. The world did not make sense. Even running in elections, which was fun at first because of the stimulation – and it gave me a platform from which to speak – but even that became a frustrating experience, not because I didn’t win, but because it is a broken system.

I am so glad that I no longer suffer from the induced mental illness, the contaminated state of mind brought on by the toxic lies.

This is the “top game” in town and we are in it. And actually it is not a game. It is as serious as it gets. It is the most high stakes struggle of our times. We are in a life and death battle to define reality. We have the knowledge. Replacing the toxic lies with the truth, that is a key to achieving lasting peace in the world.

The learning curve is still steep – there is much to learn. Like the layers on an onion, the layers of deception just keep peeling off. Yes, the truth is horrifying in many ways, and yet it is much brighter on the side of truth. And the truth is a relief in many ways!

World War 2 had many victims, and many of them were Jewish. There is no doubt about that. But how and why they died, and of course the numbers, that is another question. There was no order given to exterminate the Jews.

Now, even the curators of the Auschwitz state museum revised their numbers downward by 2.9 million. What are we to make of that? There has been no reckoning with that revision. There has also been no reckoning with the admitted propaganda lies of shrunken heads, soap and lampshades made from the bodies of Jews. And finally, there has been no reckoning with the massive amount of evidence demonstrating that we have been lied to about who did 9/11.

Only with truth can we achieve peace. Only by confronting the lies can we bring down the monstrosity of deceptions which bring us endless wars and endless destruction and endless turmoil. There is light and hope for a decent future.

Alexis: Great conclusion. Our paths are not that different. I remember very well when I stumbled upon these issues back in the summer of 2009. I had just finished reading a 1200-page book written by a prolific scholar that I admire, and he basically destroyed everything I previously believed about the ideological forces behind all the major revolutionary movements and subversive activities in Europe and America.[2]

I was still skeptical after I read the book, so I bought most of the historical sources and scholarly documentations the writer cited in order to prove him wrong. I thought to myself, “Maybe he misquoted or misrepresented or mischaracterized the sources to advance his case.”

Well, he didn’t, and I couldn’t prove him wrong! The sources were irrefutable and his conclusions were based on logical deduction and inference to the best explanations. I pursued further research in order to see if he was at least wrong on some of his citations. I found out again that he was absolutely correct. During that whole process, I kept asking myself: “Should I continue to believe a categorical lie, or should I follow the evidence and embrace it?” Plato’s statement about the truth began to make some sense to me as I was completing my research:

“And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?”[3]

If truth is that which corresponds to the way things really are, then we can do nothing less than to earnestly search after it—no matter where it is and in which direction it may point us. One can say that this is why Solomon declares: “Buy the truth, and sell it not.” No matter how much it costs or what consequences it may bring to our lives, truth is not just better than falsehood: it is real freedom in the most radical sense, and people who love the truth will submit their will and appetite to it.

After over year of exhaustively studying the subject, I could not see how the Neoconservative/Neo-Bolshevik/Zionist/Khazarian ideology corresponds to the way things really are. It eventually became increasingly difficult for me to reconcile Zionism, Neoconservatism—and other “isms” which the Dreadful Few have concocted over the centuries—with logic, reason, and history. It also became obvious to me that the metaphysical nature and byproducts of those “isms” always amount to death, chaos and suffering.

Those “isms” didn’t just have problems. They were ontologically problematic—not only for Europe, but for the entire planet as well.

Who would have thought that the Bolshevik Revolution would morph into Maoism, which itself ended up liquidating at least 40 million people in China?[4] Who would have thought that the Bolshevik ideology would again be transported to America via the Neoconservative movement?[5] Who would have thought that the same diabolical movement would end up destroying countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?[6]

28-year veteran of the C.I.A. and academic Paul R. Pillar has recently argued that under the banner of “war on terror,” America is still “searching for monsters to destroy.” He says, “The notion that a ‘war on terror’ has a discernible end involves at least as many problems as the idea that it had a clear beginning.”[7]

As a result, Pillar continues, “Certain policies and practices were adopted that could make sense only if seen as temporary wartime expedients.”[8] One of the visible manifestations of this “war on terror” is the destruction of Iraq, which Pillar admits was fueled by the Neoconservative ideology,[9] which we all know by now is a Jewish ideological movement,[10] and which Paul Craig Roberts has recently said is a threat to the political order.[11]

The sad part is that while the Neoconservatives ideologically aspire to destroy one country after another in the Middle East, they also seek to silence people who want to honestly talk about these serious matters in a rational way. But the last three years alone have shown us that those people cannot attack historical truth and win. In fact, there has been an abundance of historical studies on how the Dreadful Few and their marionettes deliberately destroyed Germany after World War II.[12]

This seems to show that both Hegel and Solzhenitsyn were right all along: truth and reason will triumph in the end. Hegel called it “the cunning of reason.” This “cunning of reason” could not be seen directly by those who hate truth and reason. This “cunning of reason” will come out even through the actions of those who are fighting against it.

Moreover, this “cunning of reason” “fulfills its ulterior rational designs in an indirect and sly manner. It does so by calling into play the irrational element in human nature, the passions.”[13] This is not just a platonic or abstract idea which may not actualize in the real world; it is guided by “divine providence,” which is “wisdom, coupled with infinite power, which realizes its ends, i.e., the absolute and rational design of the world…”[14]

In short, the wicked passion of agents of the New World Order will ultimately bring about truth and reason in an indirect way, which will ultimately bring an end to the New World Order itself. So, the “cunning of reason” is guided by Logos. That is encouraging, and there is no need to be living in despair.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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[5] Numerous scholarly studies have been done on this very specific issue, but a brief summary, see Francis Fukuyama, “After Neoconservatism,” NY Times, February 19, 2006.

[6] Hollywood has just released the movie Imperium, which portrays those who criticize the war in Iraq or even Zionism as “white supremacists”! So, what we need to worry about in 2016 is not Neoconservatism or subversive movements but some fringe and disbanded groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Alliance. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays an undercover FBI agent disguising as a white supremacist in the film, declared: “There’s something very exciting about doing a job you feel is potentially really important and is contributing to an important conversation.” Jason Chester, “’We were the most apologetic bunch of skinheads’: Daniel Radcliffe reveals discomfort at using racist language on set of neo-Nazi thriller Imperium,” Daily Mail, August 18, 2016.

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Those Outraged Over the UN Resolution Should be More Concerned with Israel’s Nukes Aimed at Us!

Dr. Patrick Slattery
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2016

The response to the recent vote in the United Nations Security Council over Israeli settlements has caused quite an uproar, which as usual completely misses the relevant points.

The political “right” in the United States has pretty much roundly condemned the Obama administration over not exercising its veto power to block what was otherwise a unanimous vote by the UNSC. Not just the Neocucks, mind you, but even paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan penned an article that, while not exactly condemning the UN resolution, used it as an example of why we should get out of the United Nations. This tacit support of Israel’s position by Buchanan was backed up by his calling war criminal Netanyahu “Bibi” and referring to Israel by the feminine pronoun “she,” which is something that we English speakers don’t do when referring to countries.

On the other hand, it is ridiculous to either praise or criticize Obama for “bitch-slapping” Netanyahu over this vote. Obama spent his entire eight years in office bending over backwards (forwards, more like it) for Israel. He completely shut his eyes to the murderous bombing of Gaza during the month of his inauguration, he signed on to the biggest-ever military give away package to Israel, did Israel’s bidding in fomenting civil war in Syria, and forced Iran into a very unfair nuclear deal that completely ignores Israel’s nuclear arsenal that poses an existential threat to the rest of the world.

See no evil monkey Obama not seeing Israeli missiles

The text of the resolution is extremely tame, merely stating that Israel should abide by international law. Try to find anything anti-Semitic or unfair in the text of Resolution 2334. But is contains no enforcement mechanism, just a request that the Secretary-General to report to the Council every three months. So despite the outrage on the part of Jews and Zio-cucks, the passage of the resolution is hardly a victory worth celebrating, although the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement might hail the development. (Oh, I forgot, we are not allowed to use the world “hail” anymore. That would make us Nazis.)

The largely Jewish-led BDS movement gets people to measure victory or defeat by the number of Jewish housing units that are built in East Jerusalem or the West Bank. We are then encouraged to define our allies, who are the good guys and bad guys, by this measure. This turns many liberal Jews into “allies.”

But the real issue is that Israel has amassed hundreds of nuclear weapons and the missile, bomber, and submarine systems to deliver them to European capitals and even American cities. Yet thanks to the BDS movement, liberal Jews who support Israel’s capacity to genocide Europeans with these weapons are somehow our allies.

NOBODY is talking about Israel’s nuclear menace, even as we are putting our entire foreign policy behind protecting Israel from a non-existent Iranian nuclear menace. Israel has a Samson Option, whereby it would nuke European (and other) capitals should it be faced with regime change. Given that Jews effectively control the US and Europe, if Jewish power in these countries is “regime changed” would that trigger the Samson option?

This is the situation that President Trump will be faced with. Many of us, myself very much included, have been banking on an assumption that despite all his pro-Israel rhetoric, despite his two Jewish children-in-law, Trump understands the Jewish problem and the threat that Israel poses to the world. If for no other reason, my faith in Trump is due to the unprecedented level of Jewish hostility towards him.

But also remember that he has on numerous occasions indicated that he does not show his hand regarding military actions. He has said this while criticizing the Obama administration for allegedly announcing its plans for fighting ISIS in advance. One would hope that Trump has plans to deal with Jewish power that he is not revealing.

My hope, vain as it might be, is that Trump is throwing Israel a bone by moving the embassy to Jerusalem, which is as meaningless a pro-Israel gesture as Resolution 2334 is a meaningless anti-Israel gesture. He will also allow Goldman Sachs Jews to continue running the Wall Street casino, at least for the time being. By doing so, he may not win the support of many Jews, but he will keep the support of evangelicals and military types on the right, whose deprogramming will take some time. He may also avoid a Fed/Wall Street sabotaging of the economy this way.

This would allow him to address the demographic threat posed by immigration. If he cannot make substantial progress on immigration, then we may never again be able to elect a president who supports the interests of white people.

If Trump can score some economic victories and deport the worst criminal aliens, he could acquire the political capital he needs to get Congress to revise the legal immigration system, which needs to do away with birthright citizenship for anchor babies and become much more restrictive on immigration in general. These legal changes have to be in place before he can even contemplate mass deportations for otherwise law-abiding illegal aliens. This is because mass deportations will deplete political capital and many of those deported will be able to come back legally if the legal system is not already changed.

But getting back to Israel. I have every sympathy for the Palestinians who are being ethnically cleansed by Israel, but we really need to be focused on the fact that traitors in the United States and Europe have for decades been equipping Israel with the weaponry needed for Israel to keep the planet hostage to Jewish overlords in the diaspora. At some point, Trump or a successor will have to put military contingency plans in place so we can find a way to neutralize this threat.

Lest We Forget–Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats


The New York Times

Last Wednesday night, as he stood on a hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot and watched the bombardment of Gaza on the plain below, a Danish newspaper reporter snapped an iPhone photo of about a dozen locals who cheered on their military from plastic chairs while eating popcorn.

Allan Sorensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent for Denmark’s Kristeligt Dagblad, then uploaded the image to Twitter with a sardonic caption that described the macabre scene as “Sderot cinema.”

The image of the Israeli spectators was taken after 9 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the reporter said, about the same time that what was intended to be a “precision strike” from Israel’s military killed at least eight of their Palestinian neighbors, seated in similar plastic chairs at a beachside cafe in Gaza, waiting to watch the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands.

As his image reverberated around the social network, where it was shared more than 10,000 times, the reporter was surprised by the response. It was, he said in a telephone interview from Israel, “nothing new.” Similar scenes, of Israeli spectators gathered on the high ground above Gaza to view the destruction below, were documented in a Times of London article and a video report from Denmark’s TV2 during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

Explaining that he has also previously witnessed Palestinians cheering news of bombings that killed Israelis, Mr. Sorensen said that in a war, “this is what happens.” Civilians and fighters on both sides, he said, “go through a process of dehumanizing the enemy.”

Despite the willingness of some residents to stand in the open watching the war unfold, Sderot is well within range of rockets launched by Islamist militants in Gaza and has been hit in recent days.

When he was a candidate for the American presidency in 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama visited the town and saluted “the brave citizens” of Sderot while standing in front of a collection of spent rockets that had been fired at them from Gaza. He was also presented with an “I Love Sderot” T-shirt that channeled the dark humor of the residents, with the image of a heart on its front pierced by a rocket.

While some partisans of Israel on Twitter accused the Danish reporter of fabrication, the same scene, captured in photographs by several other journalists in recent days, was also witnessed by Mr. Sorensen’s colleague Nikolaj Krak, who wrote: “The hill has been transformed into something that most closely resembles the front row of a reality war theater. It offers a direct view of the densely populated Gaza Strip. People have dragged camping chairs and sofas to the top of the hill. Several sit with crackling bags of popcorn, while others smoke hookahs and talk cheerfully.”

When the bombs find their targets, Mr. Krak reported, “cheers break out on the hill, followed by solid applause.”

Mr. Sorensen, who stressed that he has “a complete understanding of what the people of Sderot have been going through for 14 years,” attributed the particularly vitriolic response to his Twitter report to the climate in Israel since three young religious students were kidnapped and murdered in the occupied West Bank last month. The journalist called the “extreme incitement to violence from very right-wing Israeli groups unprecedented” in the many years he has been reporting from the region.

An Israeli blogger, David Sheen, reported that a far-right rally in Jerusalem on Monday was marked by calls to kill Arabs and send Jews opposed to the bombardment to Gaza.

The US Information War on Syria and beyond

In Syria and elsewhere the US government has increasingly resorted to the tools of ‘information war’ to manipulate the political narrative in order to advance its agenda. The campaign of disinformation concerning recent events in Aleppo is a case in point. That the US government is now pressing ahead with legislation to suppress critical voices is a clear indicator that its priority is to achieve total information dominance.


The U.S. establishment is not happy. They are not content with largely dominating media narratives on Syria and other critical foreign policy issues; they want total dominance.

Thus we now have the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act signed into law on December 24 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2017. The bill will mandate the U.S.Secretary of State to collaborate with the Secretary of Defense, Director of National Intelligence and other federal agencies to “create a Global Engagement Center to fight against propaganda from foreign governments”.

The bill directs the future Center to be formed in 180 days and to share expertise among agencies and to “coordinate with allied nations”.

This bill was initiated in March 2016, before widespread allegations of “Russian hacking” began. Hillary Clinton voiced strong support for the bill:

“It’s imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy, and innocent lives.”

Irony: USA is the Major Purveyor of Propaganda

This bill is remarkable because the US government and agencies appear to be major purveyors not victims of propaganda and disinformation. 

A good recent example is the accusations of Russian hacking at the Democratic National Committee and Clinton private email servers to “influence’ the U.S. election.

Despite the widespread accusations, here is little or no no public evidence in support of this and much to contradict the claims. An analysis by veteran intelligence professionals leads to the conclusion this was a leak, NOT a “hack”, and allegations of hacking the election are “baseless”.

On top of that, there is now a credible source , a former UK Ambassador, who says he received the Clinton email data from a disgruntled DNC staffer and delivered the data to Wikileaks.

The accusation that the US election was influenced by Russian hacking appears to be an example of what they claim to oppose: fake news and disinformation for political purposes.

There is a long history U.S. disinformation and propaganda. Former CIA agents Philip Agee and John Stockwell documented how it was done decades ago. 

For the past ten years there has been increasing emphasis on using supplied, trained and paid “activists” and “independent journalists” along with social media to spread false stories and news and to undermine or discredit journalists who challenge the orthodoxy.

Disinformation, fake news and propaganda are no longer the province of the CIA; it’s managed by the State Department using staff and contractors.  The new bill to “counter foreign propaganda” will provide tax payer money and escalate this aspect of the information war.

Propaganda and Disinformation on Syria

Syria is a good case study in the modern application of information warfare. In her book “Hard Choices”,  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote that the U.S. provided

“support for (Syrian) civilian opposition groups, including satellite -linked computers, telephones, cameras, and training for more than a thousand activists, students and independent journalists.”

A huge amount of money has gone to “activists” and “civil society” groups in Syria as well as in the USA and west. These groups have shaped and manipulated public opinion. The fact they are recipients or contractors of one or more governments directly involved in trying to overthrow the Syrian government has generally been ignored or hidden.

In North America, representatives from the Syrian “Local Coordination Committees” (LCC) were frequent guests on popular media programs such as DemocracyNow.

The message was clear: there is a “revolution” in Syria against a “brutal regime” personified by Bashar al Assad.

It was not mentioned that the “Local Coordination Committees” have been primarily funded by the West, specifically the Office for Syrian Opposition Support which was founded by the United States Department of State and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

More recently, news and analysis about Syria has been conveyed through the filter of the White Helmets, also known as Syrian Civil Defense.

The White Helmets were stated to be neutral, non-partisan, civilian volunteers courageously carrying out rescue work in the war zone. In fact, the group is none of the above. It was initiated by the US and UK using a British military contractor and Brooklyn based marketing company. While they may have performed some genuine rescue operations, the White Helmets is primarily a media organisation with a political goal: to promote NATO intervention in Syria.

The manipulation of public opinion using the White Helmets and promoted by the NY Times and Avaaz petition for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria is documented here.

The White Helmets hoax continues to be widely believed and still receives uncritical promotion but is increasingly being exposed as the creation of a “shady PR firm”. White Helmet individuals have been used as the source for important news stories despite a track record of deception.

Recent Propaganda: Blatant Lies?

As the armed groups in east Aleppo recently lost ground and then collapsed, Western governments and allied media went into a frenzy of accusations based on reports from sources connected with the armed opposition. CNN host Wolf Blitzer described Aleppo as “falling” in a “slaughter of these women and children” while CCN host Jake Tapper referred to “genocide by another name”. The “Daily Beast” published the claims of the Aleppo Siege Media Center.  They titled it “Doomsday is held in Aleppo” and claimed the Syrian army was executing civilians, burning them alive and “20 women committed suicide in order not to be raped.” 

These sensational claims were widely broadcast without verification.

In fact, the news and reports on CNN and throughout Western media were coming from highly biased sources and many of the claims can be accurately described as propaganda and disinformation. 

As one indication, the Aleppo Media Center was created by the “Syrian Expatriates Organization” (SEO) based on K Street in Washington DC, the base of operations for Public Relations and Marketing firms. 

In sharp contrast to the wailing and dubious reports of CNN and most western media, RT and other media outlets have broadcast videos and interviews showing popular celebrations at the “liberation of Aleppo”.

Jan Oberg of Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research has published a powerful photo essay describing his eye witness observations in Aleppo including the happiness of civilians from east Aleppo reaching the government controlled areas of west Aleppo.

Dr. Nabil Antaki, a medical doctor from Aleppo, describes the liberation of Aleppo in an interview titled “Aleppo is Celebrating, Free from Terrorists, the Western Media Misinformed”.

The first Christmas celebrations in Aleppo in four years are shown here, replete with marching band members in Santa Claus outfits.

Journalist Vanessa Beeley has published testimonies of civilians from East Aleppo. The happiness of civilians at their liberation is clear.

Contrary to the mythology of rebel “liberated zones” , there is persuasive evidence the armed groups were never popular in Aleppo. American journalist James Foley described the situation in 2012 like this:

“Aleppo, a city of about 3 million people, was once the financial heart of Syria. As it continues to deteriorate, many civilians here are losing patience with the increasingly violent and unrecognizable opposition — one that is hampered by infighting and a lack of structure, and deeply infiltrated by both foreign fighters and terrorist groups.

The rebels in Aleppo are predominantly from the countryside, further alienating them from the urban crowd that once lived here peacefully, in relative economic comfort and with little interference from the authoritarian government of President Bashar al-Assad.”

The Overall Narrative on Syria

Analysis of the Syrian conflict boils down to two competing narratives.

One narrative, pervasive in the West,  is that the conflict is a fight for freedom and democracy against a brutal regime. This description has been promoted in the West and Gulf, in those countries which have been fuelling the conflict from the start. This narrative is also put forward by some self-styled “anti-imperialists” who seek a “Syrian revolution”.   

The other narrative is that the conflict is essentially a war of aggression against a sovereign state. The aggressors include western NATO countries plus Gulf monarchies, Israel and Jordan.

Censorship and domination of western media is so thorough that one rarely hears the second narrative. This is true of much of the liberal and progressive media as well as the mainstream.

For example, listeners and viewers of the generally progressive TV and radio program “DemocracyNow” have rarely if ever heard the second narrative described in any detail. DemocracyNow news has frequently broadcast the explanations of Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and others associated with the US position. They have rarely if ever broadcast the explanation and viewpoint of the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, the Syrian Foreign Minister, or countless analysts inside Syria and around the world who have written about and follow events there closely.

DemocracyNow has done repeated interviews with proponents of the “Syrian revolution” and never with analysts who say this is a war of aggression. This, despite the fact that many prominent international figures see it as such.  For example, the former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua and former President of the UN General Assembly, Father Miguel D’Escoto, has said,

“What the U.S. government is doing in Syria is tantamount to a war of aggression, which, according to the Nuremberg Tribunal, is the worst possible crime a State can commit against another State.”

In many areas of politics, the public affairs program DemocracyNow is excellent and challenges mainstream media. However in this area, coverage of the Syrian conflict, their broadcast is biased, one-sided and echoes the news and analysis of mainstream western corporate media. This shows the extent of domination of foreign policy news that already exists.

Suppressing and Censoring Challenges

One of the primary purposes of the new “Global Engagement Center” will be to “counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation.” 

This is another remarkable development because there is already widespread censorship and “countering” of alternative analyses of critical international issues.

In an article titled “Controlling the Narrative on Syria”, Louis Allday describes the criticisms and attacks on journalists Rania Khalek and Max Blumenthal for straying from the “approved” western narrative on Syria. Some of the bullying and abuse has come from precisely those people, such as Robin Yassin-Kassab, who have been frequent guests in liberal western media.

Recently Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett returned to North America after being in Syria and Aleppo. She conveyed a very different image and criticised biased media coverage of the Syrian conflict. She pointed to Western media broadcasting claims without credible sources or evidence. Bartlett appeared at a United Nations press conference. and then did numerous interviews across the country during a speaking tour.   During the course of her talks and presentation, Bartlett criticised the White Helmets and questioned whether it was true that Al Quds Hospital in opposition held East Aleppo was attacked and destroyed as claimed.

Snopes is a useful website which has exposed many urban legends and false rumours. Unfortunately they have many internal challenges and have become inconsistent in their investigations.

In an examination titled “White Helmet Hearsay” Snopes’ writer Bethania Palmer says claims the White Helmets are “linked to terrorists” is “unproven”. She overlooks numerous videos, photos, and other reports showing White Helmet members celebrating Nusra/Al Qaeda battle victories, picking up the bodies of civilians executed by a Nusra executioner, and alternatively being rebel/terrorist fighter with weapons but later wearing a White Helmet uniform. The “fact check” barely scrapes the surface of public evidence.

The same writer did another shallow “investigation” titled “victim blaming” regarding Bartlett’s critique of White Helmet videos and what happened at the Al Quds Hospital in Aleppo. Bartlett suggests that some White Helmet videos may be fabricated and include the same child at different times. Photographs appear to show the same girl being rescued by White Helmet workers at different places and times. While the similarity in appearance is clear, it is uncertain whether or not this is the same girl.

The Snopes writer goes on to criticise Bartlett for her comments about the reported bombing of the Al Quds Hospital in East Aleppo in April 2016.  A statement at the website of Doctors Without Borders says the building was “destroyed and reduced to rubble”. This is clearly false since photos show the building with unclear damage.

Five months later, the September 2016 report by Doctors Without Borders says the top two floors of the building were destroyed and the ground floor Emergency Room damaged yet they re-opened in two weeks.

The many inconsistencies and contradictions in the statements of Doctors Without Borders resulted in an open letter to them. In their last report Doctors Without Borders (MSF) acknowledges that

“MSF staff did not directly witness the attack and has not visited Al Quds Hospital since 2014”.

Bartlett referenced satellite images taken before and after the reported attack on the hospital. These images do not show severe damage and it is unclear whether or not there is any damage to the roof.  This was the basis for Bartlett’s statement. 

In the past week, independent journalists have visited the scene of Al Quds Hospital and report that that the top floors of the building are still there and damage is unclear.

The Snopes’ investigation about Bartlett’s statement is superficial and ignores much larger issues of accuracy and integrity.  Instead it appears to be an effort to undermine the overall eye-witness observations and analysis provided by a journalist who is challenging the mainstream narrative.

The Coming New McCarthyism?

U.S. propaganda and disinformation on Syria has been overall effective in misleading much of the population. Most Americans are unaware how many billion tax payer dollars have been spent on yet another “regime change” attempt. Many liberal and progressive news outlets have failed to challenge the propaganda and disinformation on Syria. It has been left to RT and a host of smaller media outlets to challenge the government and mainstream media.

The passage of HR5181 “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation”, suggests that the ruling powers seek to escalate suppression of news and analysis which runs counter to their narrative. 

Despite their current dominance in the media and information arena, that is not enough. They seek to further squelch opposing voices. The bill calls for “countering” and “refuting” what they deem to be propaganda and disinformation. A slush fund of $20M is provided to hire or reward “civil society groups, NGOs, journalists and private companies “ who participate in the campaign.

Progressives need to prepare for the escalation of the information war. 

Rick Sterling is an independent investigative journalist. He lives in the SF Bay Area and can be reached at

YEAR IN REVIEW: 2016 Top Ten Conspiracies

Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

It’s that time of year again. As events become more complex – with new stories seemingly folding into one another, the task of unraveling and deciphering plot lines becomes even more difficult. As with previous years, 21WIRE has has been there for all the biggest news stories, both domestically and internationally. As new scandals unfolded, we tracked the media coverage and followed their narratives, before assembling the puzzle pieces together to determine where the criminal and power elite interests converge. All this, to arrive at the real story which was lurking somewhere behind the obvious headlines. 

As we saw previously in  2015, there were many high-profile incidents and stories which didn’t make the list – like the western media’s inverted coverage of the Liberation of East Aleppo and the BREXIT vote, along with the Oregon Standoff, the untimely death of Justice Anton Scalia, the Zika Virus, Twitter’s Bana of Aleppo and Dusty Boy. These could’ve easily been included in this year’s conspiratorial omnibus, but were omitted because we only had room for ten main conspiracies.

Like 2015 before it, 2016 was also the year of the ‘Active Shooter’ – a term which has been adopted by the media, but which was once reserved exclusively for drills. Is this where drills blend with live events? This is worth thinking about, especially after we saw a number of false starts and other strange Active Shooter incidents at LAX AirportJoint Base Andrews in Maryland, and at Ohio State University (said to be an ‘active shooter,’ but was later changed to a ‘knife attack’) – all hyper-sensational media-driven events in their own right. Similarly, there was the case of the New York City and New Jersey Bombers which happened at the very same time the US had waged a brutal airstrike campaign in Syria that killed over 70 Syrian troops, but also just happened to also coincide with the UN General Assembly in NYC, where President Obama was delivering his “War on Terror” addresses to the international community. Then suddenly, the Big Apple went on ‘high terror alert.’ Perfect theatre? These were just a few of the spectacular, and highly improbable events that drove western news cycles over the past year.

Below is our Top Ten list of conspiracies from 2016 – a year which featured some of the most improbable, if not impossible people, places and situations. Another incredible year…


10. Dallas Cop Killers – On July 8, 2016, we were told that 5 police officers were shot dead and six others were wounded in Dallas, Texas, when a lone gunman sniper opened fire during a “Black Lives Matter” protest. We’re told that this spontaneous street protest was against the recent police shootings of two black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in the cities of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota respectively. Dallas, lone gunman, shades of JFK? Shades of COINTELPRO and GLADIO? Add to that, mysterious sniper(s) in building firing at crowds and police during a George Soros sponsored street protest, and this sounds much closer to the Maidan in Kiev in 2014 than it does JFK in ’63. Either way, this had all the intrigue and ingredients for a first class conspiracy, designed to sow chaos and political division. Oh, and there were multi-agency active shooter drills talking place around the exact same time – shades of San Bernardino. As is normally the script, the Dallas Shooter had three names, Micah Xavier Johnson, and he was ex-military. According to authorities, somehow he managed to acquire and hit all of his targets – from a great distance and with no help from a spotter, or a second shooter. Normally, this would be impossible, but for the US media, it was just another Daily Shooter. That’s not all – after he was finally cornered, rather than arrest him and question him, Dallas police decided to send in a robot with a pound of C4 explosive in its hand – which was then detonated, blowing up Johnson. Case closed (or so we’re told). Just another improbable Hollywood plot made real on CNN?

NOTE: In 2017, look out for more Soros and Democrat Party-backed flash mobs, and expect them to increase in violence, and then expect the police to respond in kind – and there you have it: the perfect storm. Loser: street mobs. Winner: the police state. 


9. Double Bombing in Brussels – Brussels, Belgium – home of NATO and the European Union – went into full lockdown mode following an apparent double terror attack that occurred at the Brussels main airport and nearby Maelbeek metro. According to early reports, the apparent ‘ISIS-linked’ bombers, revealed to be brothers, allegedly blew themselves up in a double-suicide bomb attack. However, according to Belgian officials the two brothers were originally stated to have been at the airport together but both “were actually at two different locations and that one huge bomb left by a third terrorist failed to detonate at the airport.” Now that’s a little strange, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here, move along…  Then Brussels authorities issued a notice for an individual seen pushing luggage through the airport, along with the two other suspects now said to be dead. All three were allegedly seen on CCTV footage at the airport. What was most interesting about this event is that the mainstream media derived most of its ‘evidence’ of an “ISIS-linked attack” from al Qaeda’s news agency (yes, they have one, and the western media take everything they say as pure gospel), an organization called AMAQ, who, naturally, says it was an ISIS attack. Case closed, right? Time for a glass of prosecco with Anderson at the local night club? As a confusing chase for additional suspects ensued, the identity of the two terror suspects named in connection with the Brussels attack were alleged uncovered by DNA records according to Belgium officials. Another suspect was then named Najim Laachraoui, (alleged bomb-maker in the Paris attacks last November) presumed to be on the loose but died as a result of his part in the airport attack. The UK’s Telegraph reported, that the Bakraoui brothers named in the Brussels twin terror attacks, were already “known wolves” to US officials before the Paris Attacks, and had been placed on a watch list. What about the NATO photographer, who just happened to be on the scene, only “a few feet away from the blast” and survived unscathed, but with Pulitzer Prize photos in hand. Good job. More actors, and the plot suddenly becomes cloudy and impossible to analyze. Again, case closed. Interestingly enough, earlier in October of 2015, SputnikNews reported that massive NATO drills were set to take place in Belgium and other member countries. The most notable media blunder was the mainstream media’s faked CCTV footage from inside the Brussels airport – as they used video captures from a terror attack at Moscow International airport in 2011. Oops.

Oh, we forgot to mention Mason Wells, a Mormon missionary, who allegedly survived three separate terror attacks since 2013 – Boston, Paris and Brussels. Casting call!


8. Germany Going GLADIO? – This one was mailed-in right before the New Year. 2016 was a busy year for Angela Merkel, with a long string of German ‘terror’ events that plagued the embattled nation already on high alert over the seemingly engineered Migrant Crisis in Europe. The most significant attack in terms of mass media coverage occurred at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market. The alleged perpetrator Anis Amri, was watched by authorities for months leading up to apparently committing the terror atrocity. The highly propagandized attack, supposedly “ISIS-inspired” produced yet another ‘Known Wolf‘ scenario. It was revealed that Tunisian-born Amri was inextricably tied to a terror cell completely known to security services. Directly after the attack, rather than focus on a forensic investigation, Germany instead launched its own draconian fake news witch-hunt  instead of focusing on the forensic anomalies witnessed in the Berlin attack. In recent years, there’s been a pattern of multiple suspects often witnessed or said to be involved in other terror-related events. Berlin was a near carbon copy of the truck attack in Nice, France which took place in the summer time – another symbolically charged ‘ISIS-pledged’ attack for the holiday season, further polarizing the perceptions of terrorism but with a Christmas-religious tinge, while also providing a much-needed media smoke screen over Syria’s Liberation of Aleppo. Again, shades of GLADIO. Early on, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière suggested that Amri was not the driver of the stolen Polish bound semi-truck, and held a Pakistani suspect named ‘Naveed B’, searching in vane for additional suspects. It was finally revealed that Amri had been living in three different locations in Germany, primarily in Berlin – as he was said to have had pending charges for assault as well as dealing drugs in a park, and had met with “Germany’s top ISIS recruiter.” Sounds prefect. Case closed. But is it? During the 2015 Paris attacks, 21WIRE outlined the curious connections between these various terror incidents, like when one of the Charlie Hebdo suspects, Said Kouachi, just happened to leave his ID inside the getaway vehicle – just like Amri did in this Berlin Attack. Just another coincidence. Because that’s what terrorists do – they leave their ID’s on the seat. In October, authorities revealed a previous plot to attack Germany making a link between the recent attacks in Berlin, Brussels & Paris. Don’t expect the media to follow-up on any of these anomalies, because as we said before – it’s case closed. Move along…


7. Istanbul Airport Bombing,’ followed by Turkey’s ‘failed’ Coup d’etat – Tension in Turkey led to a ‘Gladio Summer‘ of sorts, as key geopolitical questions emerged in the aftermath of the Istanbul Atatürk Airport attack that was followed 9 days later on July 15th with a heavily choreographed failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. On July 6th, a coordinated assault at one of the world’s busiest airports left 44 people dead, injuring between 239-250 others, apparently carried out by three suicide bombers. It was one of the first such events where the public were actually able to see the suicide bomber detonate his vest on CCTV camera. It was certainly a harrowing sight. The Istanbul attack mirrored many aspects of the Brussels airport bombing from early 2016. As details of the attack dripped out from various international media outlets, we were told that authorities first exchanged gunfire with gunmen who opened fire after failing to pass through standard airport security barriers. The three men then separately detonated bombs in two different terminals, and as well as just outside an airport exit nearby a parking structure. An unnamed senior official with the Turkish government stated that the Istanbul airport attackers were believed to have arrived from Raqqa, Syria, about a month earlier and that ‘ISIS leadership’ were involved in the attack. Oddly, only a day prior to this major attack, the US State Dept. issued a travel warning for Turkey, citing imminent ‘terrorist’ activity. Did someone have prior knowledge, or was this merely a coincidence? More interesting still, in less than two days, investigators determined that the Atatürk Airport attack was known to be set in motion a month earlier, which led some critics to suggest that Turkish and other intelligence officials had sat on the intel, somehow allowing it happen. Incredibly, in less than 72 hours, investigators managed to name the organizer of the attack – a one-armed ‘Chechen separatist’ named Akhmed Chatayev), and had known the whereabouts of the alleged suspects for at least a month. Certainly, nothing to see here – definitely, move along. And then came the great coup. In public, Erdogan blamed it on the exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen (living in a compound in Pennsylvania) and his alleged CIA handlers, but in private, who really knows what really happened . The whole 24 hour event was a festival of media disinformation, leading one to consider the very distinct possibility that this was a staged event designed to draw out Erdogan’s opposition. Based on what followed, this could be the case. Erdogan instituted a Stalin-like purge for the ages – expelling some 50,000 ‘disloyal’ Turks from the ranks of police, military, the judiciary, education and the civil service. Meanwhile, Erdogan is playing nice with Moscow, while Turkey invades Syria 4 weeks later in August, all the while ISIS continues to create havoc in Syria and Iraq.

Never a dull moment with the Sultan in charge.


6. Nice Truck Attack – Like Berlin, the spectacle of someone, especially a jihadi terrorist, driving a truck through a crowd of people – well, it just doesn’t get any scarier than that. A brand new fear to add to an already growing list of terror scenarios. The symbolism was stunning – with the alleged attack taking place on Bastille Day in France, and at one of its most exclusive beach front attractions along the Promenade d’ Anglais in Nice on the Mediterranean. French officials reported that 84 people were killed, as Mohamed Lahouij Bouhlel, a 31 year-old French man of Tunisian descent drove an HGV lorry at high speeds through a crowd of revellers. His ID was discovered after authorities shot the suspect dead at the scene. Case closed, right? As it turns out, the driver was another ‘known wolf’ – a delinquent father of three, and a violent career petty criminal – well known to police and authorities. With no interest in religion, Bouhlel did not fit into to any ‘terrorist’ profile at all. So what profile does he fit into? Interestingly, Bouhlel had a long criminal wrap sheet, allowing French authorities and media to quickly assemble his terror-criminal profile immediately following the truck assault. Was he an informant, or taking part in a terror drill? Did the drill go live? As it turns out, there were terror drills conducted around the same time as the incident, including live simulations complete with make-up and hyper-real scenes of victims. But the most incredible fact about this event might be what was reported in the UK Telegraph at the time – that French Police had removed police vans blocking the road just one hour before the truck attack. Just another coincidence, we suppose….


5. Wikileaks: The Podesta Emails – We’re told that back in March 2016, the personal Gmail account of the former White House chief of staff and the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, John Podesta, was hacked somehow – and a trove of his emails ended up on WikiLeaks, who then published over 20,000 pages of emails in October and November 2016 – right before voters would decide the next US President. The digital intrigue was off the charts. Perhaps the most explosive item in the email dump received the least amount of media coverage – Hillary Clinton’s knowledge that her well-healed donors from the Gulf were also supporting ISIS. In an RT Exclusive interview conducted by award-winning filmmaker John Pilger, WikiLeaks editor and founder Julian Assange described what he believes is “the most significant email in the whole collection” – that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [Islamic State, IS, ISIS] and other radical Sunni groups.” Clinton herself admitted as much, saying in one exchange that, “While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” wrote Hillary Clinton. This clearly revealed how the Clinton Foundation knowingly accepted millions of dollars in ‘charitable’ donations from the same Gulf states which both Secretary Clinton and President Obama knew were funding ISIS, Al Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria) and known takfiri terrorist fighting organizations. It would have been devastating, if only the media had decided to cover it. Instead, the email probe morphed into a grand conspiracy that Vladimir Putin had somehow hacked the US election in order to get his secret buddy Donald J. Trump into the White House. Meanwhile, down in the bowls of the internet, another spin-off conspiracy was formulating, about the Podesta brothers running an alleged secret child sex ring in out of the basement of a Washington DC pizza restaurant – dubbed #PizzagateHowever, the phenomenon now known by its hashtag #Pizzagate has since set a number of tertiary events into motion. Is there a real story hidden amongst the debris of this online explosion? Is it possible that ‘open source investigators’ were being led into a virtual cul-de-sac and thus missing the real story? It wasn’t long before the establishment media declared Pizzagate as officially out of control and used it as the battle cry to institute forced censorship of the internet under the guise of a “fake news” crisis.  Suddenly, no one was looking any longer at the real contents in the Podesta Emails. Was Pizzagate a convenient red herring? Very possible…


4. Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub Shooting – The alleged terror attack at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub was dubbed the “largest mass shooting in American history,” but it proved to be anything but a standard open-and-shut case. In less than 24 hours, investigators determined the incident to be an “ISIS-related” attack, even prior to any actual forensic analysis of the crime scene. It was yet another designer Daily Shooter event meant to evoke an emotive, polarized and highly politicized response, rather than a rational and reasoned one. Over the past three years, 21WIRE has dedicated a great deal of time to deconstructing the active-shooter paradox in America, and the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando proved to be one of the most elaborate events to date. We’re told that the tragic attack on the Orlando nightclub was carried out by an international security firm employee turned ‘radicalized’ gunman – but there was much more to the story. The purported Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter29-year old Omar Mateen, an Afghani-American was also a ‘known wolf’  having been placed under a terror watch list for 10 months (and interviewed multiple times by the FBI 2013-2014).We then learned that in addition to working for one of the largest security firms in the US since 2007, G4S Secure Solutions (a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security), Mateen was also featured as an actor in two documentary feature films, including a short interview in a major Hollywood documentary called The Big Fix in 2012, a film that examined the BP oil spill at Deep Water Horizon. Indeed, Mateen was also featured in another documentary called Love City Jalalabad (2013), a feature supposedly depicting progressive Afghani youth and a quest for social change, created by the abstract artist/filmmaker George Gittoes. If those film credits were not enough, it turns out that security firm G4S was a major client of a mass casualty staging company called Crisis Cast. The truth is often stranger than fiction and the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting was no exception. The heavily-stylized company CrisisCast, seemed to be a revamped version of the Visionbox Crisis Actors project (a crisis actor production emerging after the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting), with a professional team of actors, elaborate film crews, expert producers and theatrical effects makeup squads mimicking real-life injuries (additional prosthetics) – delivering a “simulated” crisis-like reality to the public, later to be managed accordingly through their public relations division via various forms of social media. It seemed as if the media sought to draw viewers away from the incomplete Pulse nightclub story line – failing to explain the connection of a crisis staging company (CrisisCast) to that of the alleged shooter’s security company G4S, as well as other visible media connections discovered, including actors and models like Luis Burbano, Shawn Royster Santiago, Patience Carter, Mateen, Francesca Hunt and Brian Mitchell. Add to all that, witnesses gave varied accounts – there was talk of multiple shooters, and even no shooting within the interior of the nightclub. There were also mismatched tweets and Facebook posts displaying inaccurate time frames from newly dubbed crisis celebrities like Clint Lampkin, whose story just didn’t add up. Also, from being a committed Jihadist, it turns out that Mateen was gay and had been at the club many times in the previous year. At this point, all bets are off. Other bizarre narratives overlapping within the Orlando shooting saga revealed that Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, was slated to run for the presidency of Afghanistan and had been allied with Taliban leadership. The elder Mateen also met with Washington’s most powerful agencies and leaders and with CIA connections. You’d think the US media would be interested in this part of the story, but no. Mateen’s apparent crime confession via a crisis negotiation call, smacked of another rewrite in the Pulse shooting saga, an event that displayed elements of foreknowledge and planning beyond that of a lone wolf-cum-known wolf. Another strange thread was a man known as ‘Alfonso’ reported dead in three separate terror related events (the Pulse nightclub shooting, EgyptAir flight MS804 and the Instanbul airport attack) by major media and social media, yet the man in question was reportedly alive and well. Could be just a coincidence. The improbable Alfonso stage play brought to mind another recent triple-performance actor of sorts – Mason Wells, a young Mormon missionary we covered earlier – who just happened to be at three separate high-profile terror events. Wells is said to have allegedly attended and survived 3 separate terror attacks since 2013 – Boston, Paris and Brussels. However, the most shocking aspect,revealed after the Orlando shooting, revolved around the FBI’s official transcript which failed to account for any of the shootings said to have occurred within the Pulse nightclub, with no mention of individuals being shot at or reportedly shot at in the FBI’s own narrative. It was as if authorities left out the biggest piece of the Pulse shooting puzzle.

Again, repeat after us: “Nothing to see here, move along…!” 


3. The White Helmets – When you watched any coverage of Syria, or Aleppo in the US mainstream media, or in the Guardian newspaper, chances are you would be looking at images and video supplied by a supposed ‘search and rescue’ NGO called the White Helmets. The legend goes something like this: “These unarmed and neutral White Helmets are being targeted (by the evil Assad and the Russians) for saving lives in Syria… These former tailors, bakers, teachers and other ordinary Syrians banded together to save their fellow human beings…” You might read that and think, “Wow, that sounds great. Where can I donate?”  Well, it turns out that this merry band of men are neither politically neutral (extremist linked, with connections to Al Nusra and other terrorist entities fighting under the west’s fungible ‘moderate rebel’ banner), or a grassroots NGO. As of October 2016, the White Helmets have received at least $120 million in funds from the US, UK, EU states, and Qatar. They claim to have saved over 70,000 lives in the last 3 years, although no one can substantiate their lofty claims. However, CNN loves them, and the BBC loves them, Democracy Now! loves them, The Guardian loves them, and the New York Times love them – and so do ISIS, Al Nusra Front, Nour al-din al-Zenki and the gaggle of other Western and Gulf-backed terrorist groups running still amok in Syria. Still, many of their videos appear to be completely ridiculous, and staged for the cameras. The wheels truly came off the White Helmets road show when they shot themselves in the foot by taking part part in the Mannequin Challenge – and exposing their staging techniques in the process. This in turn led others to question whether or not the group might have been recycling children in their photos and videos for the purpose of promoting their ‘Barrel Bomb’, ‘No Fly Zone’ and ‘regime change’ propaganda which US media outlets like CNN just can’t get enough of.


 2. The ‘Russian Hack’ Hoax – In 2016, the entire US Mainstream Media, the Democratic Party – and even the White House, had all predicted that Hillary Clinton was ‘a lock’ and would “win by a landslide.” When that didn’t happen, all hell broke loose. They desperately needed a scapegoat to deflect away from their failure. In the end, Donald Trump stormed to victory in the biggest political upset in US history, leading his GOP party to a historic landslide win – across the board both nationally, and state governor races as well. The ‘Russian Hack’ story also served another purpose: it got the Democratic Party off the hook for its own vast institutional party corruption shown in both the DNC Leaks and the Podesta Emails. The original Russian Hack story was created after the DNC Leaks in the summer, apparently because Clinton campaign operatives saw an opportunity to attach Donald Trump to Putin, after both Trump and Putin had made somewhat conciliatory remarks about each other. Obama and the Clinton camp saw this as an opportunity to position Trump next to Russia, and thus damage the Trump brand. It works, albeit briefly, but was eventually over shadowed by Clinton’s own mounting scandals – from her illegal ‘home brew’ email server, to the Clinton Foundation’s ‘pay to play’ scandal. President Obama tried to spin-up the act in October by pushing the Trump-Putin narrative to the level of bromance saying at an Oct 20th Clinton rally in Miami, “If you’ve made a career out of idealizing Ronald Reagan, then where were you when your own party’s nominee for president was kissing up to Vladimir Putin?”  The White House then went on to spearhead an ‘intelligence assessment’ that claimed Putin hacked the US election for Trump. During the final Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton even crowed on national TV how no less than “17 US intelligence agenciesaka the “Intelligence Community” – all agreed that Russia did it. Still, the same networks who have been in complete melt-down mode after helping to over-inflate the Clinton Campaign (and even helping Clinton cheat in the presidential debates) are still pumping-up the convenient Putin did it theory. Three months later, Americans are still waiting to see any real evidence to support Obama and Clinton conspiracy theory. Still waiting for Godot…

All this, coming right before a new Trump Administration, and if Washington and the EU have to decide whether or not to renew economic sanctions against Russia for yet another year, or whether to ramp-up ‘defense’ spending across the NATO landscape. Suffice to say, we all know what the answer to those will be.


1. Fake News – The other fall-out from the Clinton election meltdown was the mainstream media’s engineered ‘fake news’ crisis. After blaming their loss on FBI director James Comey and Vladimir Putin, the liberal establishment came up with another conspiracy theory for losing – that a handful of bogus Hillary and Trump articles circulating on Facebook and Twitter had supposedly  derailed the Clinton campaign, again tipping the election to Trump. No doubt, there were a number of actual fake news articles – many of which were traced back to teenagers in Macedonia making a fortune off of hapless Americans who love to click on sensational looking headlines (out of a morbid curiosity, we’re sure). But to suggest that these bogus web posts swung the election away from Hillary? This is a new level of collective insanity for sure. So is the Establishment in all its forms – the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the Democratic Party – all of whom were backing Hillary’s presidential run – now accusing ‘the internet’ (i.e. any alternative media sites and blogs) for distorting the election, and even drawing up politicized Blacklists of websites which should be policed? This harkens back to the days of the ‘Red Scare’ and Senator Joe McCarthy, waging communist witch-hunts in the 1950’s. 21st Century Wire was also included on the first big blacklist published in the LA Times by a ultra-liberal, hysterical academic from Merrimack College, and then syndicated all over the globe. Other well established news sites were also on the list, placed alongside known satire sites and actual fake news sites. Here the Establishment is waging information warfare – by throwing a variety of people into one big basket – labelling everyone with their own derogatory term of ‘fake news’. This is a very dangerous conspiracy – just think of how many amazing stories we’ve had at 21WIRE this year. Think of how many questions we’ve asked which the mainstream would not. Think of how many times we’ve scooped the entire mainstream media. Now imagine if Google and Facebook decided to bury all of these so that people could not view them through search engines or social media news feeds. That’s what’s happening now. It’s Orwellian, and yet, that’s exactly what the great and the good intend to do – shut out any opposing opinion by giving it a sloppy label like ‘fake news.’ Add to to this, the possibility of other ‘cyber’ crisis events used to revive state control of the internet through bills like SOPA, ACTA and others. What they will never admit is that their own system of psychological baiting and misinformation is exactly how the mainstream media sells its own fake news on a daily basis. They accuse the alternative or independent media of doing the very thing which they do, while generating billions of dollars in revenue for themselves – and influencing public opinion – most notably with the Syrian War over the past 5 years. What else has the western media coverage been, but actual fake news? The West have funded, built and employed their own agencies exclusively on the side of the “rebel” terrorist opposition – like the ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,’ the ‘White Helmets‘ and ‘Aleppo Media Center,’ all producing fake news which is then rebroadcast on western mainstream outlets like CNN, NBC and the BBC. It’s a very efficient system – brilliantly designed to alter public perception and bring public beliefs in line with whatever the US State Department, or the British Foreign Office is preaching at that moment. That’s real fake news.

This biggest failure of the mainstream media is their own inability to police themselves,  portraying a level of partisan dishonesty that has destroyed their own credibility in the eyes of voters and the public at large. If the mainstream media was actually doing real journalism and not just regurgitating whatever government talking point memos land on their editorial desks, or taking as gospel what retired military ‘experts’ and ‘former CIA operatives’ (also paid by the networks) tell news anchors like Wolf Blitzer – then there would be no need for an ‘alternative media.’ Who’s watching the watchers? We are.


Listen as host Patrick Henningsen talks with special guest Shawn Helton, investigative journalist and Associate Editor at about ‘Top Conspiracies of 2016′ – another year and another slew of incredible stories globally:


2016 has gone to the dogs: Good riddance to a bad year


This is the year that added insult to injury, as disagreement translated into indecency, and arrogance bred incivility.

Helped by Russia, Iran and various militias, the Assad regime destroyed much of Syria  under the pretext of fighting terrorism, writes Bishara [Reuters]
Helped by Russia, Iran and various militias, the Assad regime destroyed much of Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, writes Bishara [Reuters]



Marwan Bishara is the senior political analyst at Al Jazeera.

The dogs of war have peed all over this year’s calendar. Every month. Every week. Every day.

Entire cities and communities have been ravaged by indiscriminate bombing, violence, destruction, as more and more people abandoned their lives for the unknown.

Certainly, 2016 was one of the worst years in decades, perhaps not as bad as 1916 – one of the 20th century’s worst – but the Middle East is in the midst of its own World War I after more regional and global military powers  jumped in.

“Never again” has happened again and again, but the international community did little more than bicker, complain or perhaps condemn. Worse, the world has grown numb to the horrors of the greater Middle East.

The tragic image of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, sitting in an ambulance after being pulled from a building hit by an air strike in Aleppo, less than a year after three-year old Aylan Kurdi was washed ashore in Turkey, made it clear that nothing will make a difference.

Five thousand more refugees drowned in the Mediterranean in 2016. And the lucky ones, like the hundred thousand-plus refugees who crossed the Red Sea from the Horn of Africa this year, have actually found refuge in war-torn Yemen!

And something else happened in 2016; something that didn’t figure in the long lists of the end-of-the-year reviews; something that went beyond violence, beyond suffering. It’s the year that added insult to injury, as disagreement translated into indecency, and arrogance bred incivility. It’s the year of lies and post-truth.

A year of insolence

The Jewish Talmud lists a number of signs that that signal the end of times. For example, chutzpah or insolence will increase, the truth will be hidden, and the face of a generation, that is to say, its leaders, will be as the face of a dog.

Coincidentally, I’ve been hearing a lot of barking in recent times, coming from the most likely and, indeed, the most unlikely places.

The Talmud’s face of a dog appearing on the horizon, like Shakespeare’s “let slip the dogs of war”, comes when leaders wreak havoc on the world. And just as dogs march ahead of their master, but are in fact being led from behind, so the leaders will only appear to be leading; in reality they will be following the whims of the masses and their worst instincts.

There are countless examples of such arrogance, recklessness and myopia. Here are three specific examples of chutzpah in 2016.

‘The Syrian people have triumphed’

Five years after people accumulated victories in the struggle for freedom and justice in the Arab world, they now only count their losses.

The tide began to turn three years ago when the regimes cracked down on popular upheavals with impunity, choking the spirit of the Arab Spring amid mounting foreign meddling. It started with Libya and Syria, followed by Egypt and Yemen, and shows no signs of ebbing this year.

As moderates lingered in jails and cemeteries, moderation gave way to extremism, which in turn became the new norm that would come to shape 2016. New extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and al-Qaeda took to the fore, destroying all that was left from the Arab Spring.

READ MORE: 2016 – The year the world stopped caring about refugees

The “birth pangs of a new Middle East” have continued to grow, but there is little evidence of the birth of a new Middle East.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Syria. Helped by Russia, Iran and various militias, the Assad regime destroyed much of the country under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

As the Syrian death toll rose to several hundreds of thousands, Bashar al-Assad, who in 2011 claimed that Syrians would never rise against the regime, boasted against the backdrop of falling Aleppo: “The Syrian people have won.”

‘Lies like a dog’

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Donald Trump was elected US president. Those who were disappointed by Barrack Obama’s under-reach are infuriated by the president-elect’s overreach.

His incitement against Muslims is unprecedented, advocating a ban on Muslim travel to America and the creation of a registry for American Muslims by Homeland Security.

Trump has already made friends and allies from among some of the most notorious racists in the United States and beyond and has brought a number of Muslim and Arab haters to the White House as senior advisers.

2016 doesn’t signal the end of times. There’s still lots of time to do the right thing, to follow our moral compass, not our fears, celebrate hope and birth, and reverse this year’s embrace and even reward for insolence, indecency, and incivility.

A bragger who “lies”, according to The Washington Post and New York Times, Trump boasted to know more about ISIL “than the US generals”, and that only he “can protect America”, but then he argued it’s best to leave it to the Russians and Syrian regime to finish the job. The job as described above.

Even before entering the White House, Trump has been making allies with the likes of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as well as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. Even President Assad reckons they’ll be allies.

And to top it all, after claiming that he would be neutral on Israel and Palestine, Trump promised to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and assigned his campaign advisers, the ultra-Zionists David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, as diplomatic envoys to Israel and to the “peace talks”. The latter once served as a guard at an Israeli settlement.

So now the commander-in-tweet, who boasted of being the only one capable of resolving the conflict, threatens to punish the United Nations for approving a resolution condemning the illegal Israeli settlements and vowing to stop US disdain of Israel.

‘Declaration of war’

OK, just to be clear, if anyone disdained anyone in this relationship, there is an overwhelming international consensus, except in Israel, that it is Netanyahu that has treated Obama with disdain, not the other way around.

Despite “unprecedented” US military and intelligence cooperation with Israel; despite granting it a record package of military aid of $38bn over the next 10 years; despite vetoing the UN Security Council resolution condemning the Israel illegal settlement in 2011 – the only veto the US used at the council on that year; and despite blocking all diplomatic pressures on Israel at various international forums, Netanyahu persisted in railing against and humiliating the Obama administration.

Otherwise, known as “biting the hand that feeds you”.

OPINION: Israel’s never-ending crimes – It’s not just settlements

Nowhere was this clearer than when he colluded with Republican leaders of Congress to speak out against US diplomacy on the Iran nuclear deal. The president was informed only hours before Netanyahu’s speech.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials have chastised their US counterparts as if they were the representatives of a banana republic. One called Obama’s politics anti-Semitic, and John Kerry a man with the brain of a 12-year-old.

But the Secretary of State has been unrelenting. And this week he delivered a long speechdefending US abstention during the Security Council vote on the resolution condemning the illegal Israeli settlement.

The 14 out of 15 majority in favour of the resolution was followed by an almost unprecedented cheer and applause. But the Obama administration has had to defend itself non-stop under a barrage of attacks and disinformation by Israel and its friends, including the most vocal, Donald Trump.

After all, in the words of one Israeli minister, supporting such a resolution is tantamount to supporting the 9/11 attacks, or, as Prime Minister Netanyahu menaced his New Zealand counterpart, it’s “declaration of war” on Israel. A declaration of war! Oh, what chutzpah!

The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on

Syrian, Iranians, Russians and others have little or no choice. Insisting on better leadership has proved deadly. But what about Americans and Israelis! What is their excuse?

Yes, there is a lot of insolence out there, but rest assured, 2016 doesn’t signal the end of times. There’s still lots of time to do the right thing, to follow our moral compass, not our fears, celebrate hope and birth, and reverse this year’s embrace and even reward for insolence, indecency, and incivility.

OPINION: What went wrong? A withering West

Say goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Wishing only that next year will be the year when ethics guide politics, not the other way around. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But isn’t that what we do on New Year’s Eve?

Remember, as I always say: “In the end, everything will be OK. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”

The dogs bark, but the caravan must go on.

PS: Dear dog lovers, The New York Times columnist and author of The Year of Voting Dangerously, Maureen Dowd, commented in her October 8 piece, Donald Goes to the Dogs: “Given that Trump has dubbed so many women dogs, there’s poetic justice in comparing him to one … But it’s not fair to compare Trump to a dog. Dogs are awesome.” Her words, not mine.

Marwan Bishara is the senior political analyst at Al Jazeera. Follow him on Facebook.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.

Nearly 100 journalists killed worldwide in 2016: IFJ

Iraq and Afghanistan deadliest countries for journalists in 2016 as IFJ deplores continued impunity for killings.

In November Colombians paid tribute to the many journalists who lost their lives in the country over the years [EPA]
In November Colombians paid tribute to the many journalists who lost their lives in the country over the years [EPA]

Ninety-three journalists and media staff were killed around the world in the course of their work in 2016, with Iraq and Afghanistan the deadliest countries, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has said.

The IFJ said on Friday the number included those killed in targeted attacks, bomb blasts or caught in the cross-fire. A further 29 died in plane crashes in Colombia and Russia.

Though the number is lower than previous years, the IFJ warned against complacency and continued impunity. Justice has been served for just four percent of journalists killed worldwide.

Countries with the highest numbers of media killings
Iraq: 15

Afghanistan: 13

Mexico: 11

Yemen: 8

Guatemala 6

Syria: 6

India: 5

Pakistan: 5

Source: IFJ

“Any decrease in violence against journalist and media personnel is always welcome but these figures… leave little room for comfort and reinforce hopes for the end of the security crisis in the media sector,” IFJ president Philippe Leruth said in a statement.

“There cannot be impunity for these crimes.”

Regionally the Middle East was deadliest with 30 killings, followed by Asia-Pacific with 28, Latin America with 24, Africa with eight and Europe with three, the watchdog said.

IFJ said it was aware that there many more journalists who had disappeared through the course of the year.

“The numbers could be higher if it weren’t for lack of credible information on these missing cases and for the self-censorship by journalists in some countries to avoid drawing the unwelcome attention of crime barons,” added IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger.

“There is therefore urgency in pressing governments to investigate all forms of violence, including killings and disappearances in a speedy and credible manner to protect the physical integrity and professional independence of journalists.”

‘Self censorship’

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), based in New York, said in a report earlier in December that impunity fostered acts of self-censorship. Many journalists were being intimidated into exile or being to forced withdraw from the field completely.

The CPJ cited the independent Pakistan Press Foundation who in in November said:“Threats and violence have forced many journalists to move from these danger zones and to leave the profession or to resort to self-censorship, particularly in conflict areas.”

The CPJ said Syria was the deadliest country for journalists in 2016, followed by Iraq and Yemen.

The number of journalists who have been killed in Syria since the war began in 2011 is now at least 107.

 According to media reports, Daily Eleven newspaper investigative reporter Soe Moe Tun was killed in the early morning of 13 December 2016 in Myanmar [EPA]


In October, Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans was killed while covering a Libyan government offensive against ISIL in Sirte [EPA]


Pavel Sheremet was assassinated in July in a targeted car bomb attack in Kyiv. Ukraine, in late July [Reuters]


Relatives carry the body of Abdiasis Ali Haji, a Somali radio journalist who was killed by unknown gunmen in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu in September [Reuters]


Afghan journalist Nematullah Zaheer was working for Afghan television station Ariana News when he was killed by a roadside bomb [Reuters]

Source: News agencies


Iraq’s strongmen 10 years after Saddam Hussein

Since the execution of the deposed leader, the country has witnessed the emergence of a number of powerful figures.

Hashmat Moslih, Mohsin Ali | 29 Dec 2016 22:38 GMT | Iraq, Middle East, ISIS, UN, War & Conflict

Infographic: Iraq’s Strongmen 10 years after Saddam Hussein Execution [Al Jazeera]

Source: Al Jazeera

Cease-fire Agreement in Syria Signed by the Jihadists with the Exception of Al-Qaeda and ISIS-Daesh


Voltaire Network — a cease-fire agreement has been concluded in Syria. So announced the Russian president, Vladamir Putin, in the presence of his Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense [1]. Russia and Turkey are its guarantors. The Islamic Republic of Iran participated in drawing up the agreement but is [now] staying quietly in the background.

Three documents have been signed by the Arab Syrian Republic and seven rebel groups representing more than 60,000 jihadists:

1. Faylaq al-Sham (4,000 combatants)
2. Ahrar al-Sham (16,000 combatants)
3. Jaysh al-Islam (12,000 combatants)
4. Suvar agi-Sham (12,000 combatants)
5. Jaysh al-Mujahidin (8,000 combatants)
6. Jaysh Idlib (6,000 combatants)
7. Jabhat al-Shamiyah (3,000 combatants)

The three documents are:

  • A cease-fire (which does not apply to al-Qaeda and Daesh) over the entire territory starting this evening (Thursday 29 December 2016), at midnight local time.
  • Measures aimed at respecting the truce and deploying Russian forces.
  • The conditions for peace negotiations which will take place at Astana (Kazakhstan). Iran and Egypt will be included in these negotiations and the United States will be able to join them once President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in (that is after 20 January 2017). Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar and the United Nations will be consulted.

The agreement shatters the unity of the jihadists, [splintering them] into two groups: in one camp, are those who will pursue the objectives of Nato and who have refused to sign it; and in the other camp are those who have accepted to give up arms.

In sponsoring this agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey – a Nato member– has abandoned its ambition to become the leader of the Sunni world and has distanced itself from the United States.

The National Coalition of opposition forces and the revolution announced its support for this agreement.

At the beginning of the month, Qatar withdrew from the war against Syria. It has become a shareholder of Rosneft, the biggest company in the world and has aligned its energy policy to Russia’s.

This agreement has been under discussion for two months. The parties that oppose it – notably Israel and the United Kingdom – have tried to scupper it by assassinating the Russian ambassador at Ankara, then by bombing the Russian embassy at Damascus on 28 and 29 December.

The United States, France and the United Kingdom are not participating in this cease-fire. Washington has been accused by President Erdogan of continuing to support Al-Qaeda and Daesh, something which the US ambassador to Ankara has denied. However on 23 December, the outgoing president Barack Obama signed a fiscal defense law authorizing the delivery of arms to the “opposition” (sic) in Syria.

Saudi Arabia, which has not commented on the agreement, announced coming to the aid of Syrian refugees. The Kingdom should distribute humanitarian aid, exclusively from the mosques that it has set up in the refugee camps.

President Putin has ordered his Defense Minister to reduce Russian military presence in Syria. However, Russia will continue to take action against terrorism (al-Qaeda and Daesh).

The war against Syria has cost the lives of at least 300, 000 Syrians. It was planned by the United States and its NATO partners and financed by the Gulf Monarchies.

‘If you’re so sure’: Israeli opposition suggests referendum after calls to annex West Bank

‘If you’re so sure’: Israeli opposition suggests referendum after calls to annex West Bank
Israeli MPs from the Zionist Union have suggested holding a referendum on the status of the West Bank to let the people decide if it should become a part of a single Jewish state or a future State of Palestine after a pro-settlement minister called for annexation.

Isaac Herzog, the chairman of the Zionist Union, a center-left political alliance in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, on Friday proposed to decide the fate of the West Bank in a plebiscite following a controversial poll released earlier. The poll showed that almost 40 percent of Israelis would favor the annexation of the entire West Bank. While the majority still would not mind the establishment of the Palestinian state alongside the Jewish one, only 30 percent agreed to accept it within 1967 borders.

In turn, the survey was prompted by remarks of Israeli hawkish politicians in the aftermath of the adoption of a UN resolution that denounces Israel’s rampant settlement activity on the occupied territory of the West Bank as having “no legal validity.” The resolution called on Israeli government to stop endangering the possibility of a two-state solution and immediately cease the settlement activity.

READ MORE:2-state solution ‘only way’ for lasting peace between Israelis, Palestinians – Kerry

Israel’s education minister, Naftali Bennett, who is the leader of the nationalist Jewish Home Party, earlier suggested annexing large parts of the West Bank after US President-elect Donald Trump’s administration comes to power.

“Bennett, if you are so sure [the Israeli public favors annexation], let’s do a referendum now and decide whether we are heading to one or two states, without your mockery and arrogance,” Herzog said on Friday.

Another MP from the Zionist Union, Eitan Broshi, also slammed Bennett for his inflammatory remarks in the aftermath of the poll’s publication.

READ MORE: Netanyahu: Kerry’s speech ‘biased’ against Israel, obsessive about settlements (VIDEO)

“If Bennett and his friends on the extreme right who have taken over the government believe their program has a majority – they are invited to help me in the coming days promote a decisive referendum on this issue,” Broshi said, as cited by

Broshi noted that the results of the poll have clearly confirmed the “support for the two-state solution and opposition to a bi-national state crosses party lines.”

Speaking to Israel’s Channel 2 on Thursday, Bennet said that “Israeli government policy will be to annex Ma’ale Adumim,” an urban Israeli settlement with population of some 37,000 people, as soon as the incoming US administration moves into the White House, according to the Times of Israel.

The education minister argued that the current Israeli government must follow in the footsteps of former Israeli PM Menachem Begin, under which Israel unilaterally annexed the Golan Heights in 1981.

Bennet specified  that although he is not championing the idea of full annexation, his proposal is “to annex the areas where Israelis live, and [give] autonomy where they [the Palestinians] live.”   

The poll, published by Israel radio and carried out by the pollster Rafi Smith on Wednesday, suggested that 39 percent of the Israeli population would opt for a one-state solution with Israel annexing West Bank than for an internationally endorsed two-state option, The Times of Israel reported. The option, however, might have caused confusion between the respondents as it did not elaborate if the Palestinians will enjoy full democratic rights on par with Israelis.

The second option, while also implying the annexation of the vast territories in the West Bank illegally occupied by Jewish settlers, also left room for establishment of an Arab state which should also include East Jerusalem. The partial annexation was endorsed by 31 percent of Israelis.

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Blood-chilling VIDEO: IDF soldier seen shooting injured ‘Palestinian attacker’

Blood-chilling VIDEO: IDF soldier seen shooting injured 'Palestinian attacker'
Shocking footage has emerged online apparently showing an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian lying on the ground. The victim had reportedly been injured in retaliation for a stabbing attack before being cold-bloodedly shot in the head.

While the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier is given medical treatment and proper care, and seems to be conscious, the Palestinian is lying on the ground immobilized. Both the Israeli servicemen and the medical staff can be seen ignoring the man until the ambulance leaves.

Seconds later, an IDF soldier reloads his weapon, approaches the Palestinian and fires a headshot at his victim. No one tries to prevent the soldier from killing the man, and the shot causes no reaction from bystanders. Armed Israelis are seen walking around as if nothing has happened.

The Palestinian could be seen moving his head at the beginning of the video, clearly indicating he was still alive before he was shot.

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Israel risks sliding toward apartheid

Back-to-back speeches from the US and Israel. 02:23

Story highlights

  • David Andelman: One-state solution could reduce Palestinians to a permanent underclass
  • Jewish minority would be ruling Muslim majority, with the world siding with oppressed majority, he writes

David A. Andelman, editor emeritus of World Policy Journal and member of the board of contributors of USA Today, is the co-author, with the Count de Marenches, head of the DGSE, of “The Fourth World War: Diplomacy and Espionage the Age of Terrorism.” Follow him on Twitter @DavidAndelman. The views expressed in this commentary are his own.

(CNN)Israel, and by extension the United States, are poised at the entrance to a dangerous path. The model democracy of the Middle East risks transforming into a global pariah on the scale of South Africa when it was in the depths of its apartheid nightmare.

After decades of Arab-Israeli diplomacy, the idea of a one-state solution looms anew, as conservative elements in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition see the arrival of Donald Trump and his new ambassador to Israel as an opportunity to push their agenda.
If it is realized, it would reduce Israel’s Palestinian population to a permanent underclass and mean, in the not-too-distant future, that a Jewish minority would be ruling a Muslim majority, with the world on the side of the oppressed majority.

David A. Andelman

The United States would be its only friend and ally — relegating Washington to a role equally isolated from mainstream opinion throughout the region and far beyond.
This seems to be the role that President-elect Trump is carving out for America, and the role that Netanyahu is skirting perilously close to for Israel.
Trump’s ambassador-designate, David Friedman, the President-elect’s longtime friend and bankruptcy lawyer, has spent much of his career advocating and raising money for the one-state concept. His arrival in Israel will only reinforce the dramatic shift toward the more extreme parties in Netanyahu’s ruling coalition that now seem to be calling the shots.
It was not always this way. Three months after taking office, on June 14, 2009, just 10 days after a recently inaugurated President Barack Obama gave his landmark Middle East speech at Cairo University, Netanyahu, in a televised speech to his people, embraced a two-state solution.

Keyes: Israel committed to two-state solution

Keyes: Israel committed to two-state solution 07:45
Over the next eight years, Israel has solidified its position as one of the world’s most technologically innovative countries, a bastion of democracy surrounded by an ocean of autocracies or theocracies.
Five years ago, World Policy Journal used a basket of indicators to identify Israel, alongside Finland and Singapore as the world’s three most innovative countries. At the time, Israel had the largest number of startups in the world outside the United States — 3,850, or one for every 1,844 Israelis, according to the Israel Venture Capital Research Center. It had more companies listed on America’s tech-heavy Nasdaq than the entire European continent.
The pace has only accelerated since then. More importantly, today Israel has more than 250 research units owned by or doing business for multinationals, the vast majority American companies such as IBM, Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco and HP.
All of which makes Israel uniquely vulnerable. If Israel pursues the one-state solution, integrating ever larger stretches of Palestinian territory and population, while disenfranchising the people who live there, demographic realities will all too quickly make Jewish people a minority in their own country. Already, Israel’s own census bureau shows a virtually equal number of Jewish and Arab people sharing the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. And Arab people, largely Palestinians, are expected to outnumber Jewish people by 2020.

Israel plans more settlements

Israel plans more settlements 07:07
Neither choice of what would follow under a one-state scenario is particularly appealing. John Kerry described the alternatives in his Wednesday speech: “If the choice is one-state, Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.”
But Kerry did not go far enough in painting the horrors that would result from Israel’s efforts to maintain a Jewish-ruled state, for this Jewish minority would be controlling an increasingly unruly and oppressed majority. The world, apart from the United States, will no longer be on its side.
At this point, the South Africa example is most instructive. Recall the state of that country as the campaign to abolish apartheid built up steam — a privileged white minority ruling a black majority in a violent and brutal system. Economic and trade sanctions gradually beginning to strangle this nation that had historically been Africa’s most prosperous. The arrival of worldwide consumer boycotts, campaigns to sell off stock of any company doing business with this pariah state.
Recall the list of American companies currently operating in Israel; they would find themselves vulnerable to boycotts and sanctions. Their departure would quickly back Israel into a corner even more isolated than South Africa.
Inevitably, a Palestinian Nelson Mandela would emerge — a symbolic freedom fighter who Israel would have to demonize or imprison. I served as speechwriter to Mandela during his first visit to the United States after his release from prison. He was lionized from New York to Los Angeles and confided in me that he had no doubt his suffering was key to the end of apartheid in his country.
But if apartheid was toxic merely to South Africa, a one-state solution and a globally blacklisted Israel threatens to be toxic to the entire Middle East. Already, the United States has been marginalized in the latest Syrian ceasefire and peace process — with Turkey and Russia taking the lead. An apartheid system in Israel would risk leaving Russia to assume its long-sought role of dominance across the region, a position as peacemaker that would leave it paramount.
On the outside, nose pressed against the glass, would stand a newly powerless United States, with only a single, deeply ostracized friend in the region.
The text of the latest Security Council resolution calls on all UN member states “to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967” — language that Netanyahu fears could lead to a surge in boycott and sanctions efforts. The resolution passed the UN Security Council 14 to 0 — with countries from Britain and France, to Russia, China, New Zealand, Egypt, even Ukraine, voting to approve.
Trump has set the US on this perilous path — hardly one that would seem calculated to end with the Middle East peace he hopes to broker. His initial statements in support of Netanyahu, along with a series of tweets, have been accompanied by the designation of Friedman as his new ambassador.
As it happens, Ronald Reagan, who dined with Friedman’s father, Rabbi Morris Friedman, in 1984 — his son, David seated at his side — was not seduced by the one-state solution. Today, most liberal Israelis also recognize this concept for what it is — an impossible dream.
The United States must seek to pull the region back from the brink and come to a similar realization.

US Supreme Court: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is RESIGNING From The Post

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Trump Calls for Ginsburg’s Resignation


Published On 12/30/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Vladimir Putin responded to the new round of American sanctions from the Barack Obama regime by inviting American children to the Kremlin for a party. He announced that he has no intention of retaliating against the United States for the actions of the childish ape.

This was probably the best thing Putin could have done. He has made Obama look like the shallow fool that he is. These sanctions are utterly retarded. They’ll be immediately undone when Trump takes office and weren’t enacted based on any credible evidence.

Obama’s actions over the past few weeks have been that of a child. He has done everything possible to create a foreign policy mess for Trump to deal with. All because he can’t handle the fact that the American electorate rejected his policies.

Hopefully this hated and failed loser will exile himself back to Africa with his ugly husband Michael. I doubt we’ll be that lucky though.

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Israelis charged with running international organ traffic ring

Intelligent ‘anti-Semitism’ for thinking Gentiles

2 (additional)


Patients allegedly paid $180,000 for a kidney; illegal transplants carried out in Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, Philippines

Times of Israel

Charges were filed Monday in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court against two men accused of running a major international organ trafficking operation that would match Israelis in need of transplants with foreign donors for a price of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Roini Shimshilashvili and Albert Murdakhayev were charged with multiple counts of trafficking in organs, brokering organ trafficking and conspiracy, according to a court statement. A third man, identified as doctor Zachi Shapira, was charged with multiple counts of assisting in organ trafficking.

According to the indictment, Shimshilashvili and Murdakhayev were part of a similar ring in which they would escort patients to transplants. After that was broken up in 2014, they branched out on their own.

The two men allegedly found prospective donors from the former Soviet Union who matched sick Israelis. The donors would be paid to donate their kidneys to the Israelis, “who paid sums of up to $180,000 in most cases,” the court heard. It was not clear how much the donors were paid.

Shapira would check to see that the donors were medically suitable and matched the prospective recipients.

In the last two years, the ring reportedly arranged for 14 transplants in four countries; Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand and Philippines.

After finding a donor, the patient would be escorted to meet the donor, where they would be briefed on a cover story about being relatives or friends, before they approached the hospitals where the transplant would take place.

In many countries it is illegal to take a payment for a kidney donation in order to prevent traffickers from preying on the poor.

To disguise their actions, the suspects allegedly set up a firm that claimed to provide logistical support for an Albanian company that did carry out organ transplants, the court heard, adding that patients signed fictitious contracts whereby the firm specifically stated that it did not locate donors.

The prosecution asked the court to hold the men without remand.

Several Israeli organ trafficking rings have been broken up in recent years, with operations from Brazil to Turkey. In 2014, a former soccer player for Hapoel Beersheba, Uzi Shmueli, was arrested in Cyprus on similar suspicions. Shmueli allegedly headed a crime ring that lured struggling young Israeli women, mostly from the south of the country, to Turkey and paid them NIS 20,000 (some $5,750) for a kidney.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a letter from Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Walter Rothschild to be read before the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a letter from Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Walter Rothschild to be read before the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

It announced British support for Jewish immigration into the Palestinian Mandate. The Zionist Federation had promised the British government they could mobilize Hollywood and other assets to push America into WWI on the side of the Axis. America entered WWI on April 6, 1917. The Balfour Declaration was made on November 2, 1917. It was widely viewed in Europe as a thank you for American Jewish support for America’s entry into WWI.

The Balfour Declaration was considered a major step towards the creation of the Jewish state of Israel.

The fallout however, was not good for European Jews. Germany had been a safe haven for Jews for hundreds of years. Jews were thriving so much so, that the average Jewish income was significantly higher than that of the average German. Germans felt the Jewish community as a whole had betrayed them. German Jews quickly became stigmatized as disloyal, draft dodgers, war profiteers, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, European Jews soon felt the sting of betrayal from Britain. In the 1930′s the German government offered to move European Jews to the Palestinian Mandate. The National Socialist regime encouraged Jews to obtain Palestinian passports and argued that Jews would be much happier living in a country of their own in the Middle East. The German government promised the Arabs in the Palestinian Mandate free Volkwagon trucks and construction supplies to pacify them. Ideological Zionists living in the Mandate embraced the idea and some even openly supported the National Socialist regime.

Britain immediately capped the number of Jews who could move to the Palestinian Mandate to only 15,000 a year, so they would not change the balance of power.

In 1940, the National Socialist regime sent the first wave of Jews to the Palestinian Mandate. The first convoy was three ships full of Jews from Prague, Danzig, Vienna, and Tulcea, Romania. The British immediately blockaded the ports and declared that the Jews were illegal immigrants. The Jews were all arrested by the British army and placed in quickly erected concentration camps. Once WWII started many Jews tried to reach the territory to avoid being sent to Nazi run concentration camps. Britain captured tens of thousands and imprisoned them in concentration camps in the Palestinian Mandate, Cyprus, and Mauritius. The British concentration camps looked the same as the dreaded camps run by Germany, Croatia, and Romania. When inmates arrived at the British camps they were forced to strip naked and then sprayed with DDT.

In 1944, the government of Hungary collapsed. The arrow cross party seized control of Hungary to keep the Hungarian army fighting on the Eastern front. To pay for the Hungarian army, Jewish owned property in Hungary was seized. The National Socialist regime made another major attempt to send Jews to the Palestinian Mandate. They had Turkish cooperation to transport Jews to the territory by train. One train was even filled up with Hungarian Jews and ready to leave, but the British said the Hungarian Jews would be refused. The passengers were ordered to switch trains to be sent to concentration camps in Poland. At that time Britain knew full well that the IRC was the sole provider of food and supplies to the camps and it was only a matter of time until access would be cut off due to the advancing red army.

What is even more shocking is that after the Allies and the IRC began liberating the concentration camps, Britain continued to imprison Jewish refugees who tried to enter the Palestinian Mandate. Many survived WWII in concentration camps, only to be imprisoned by the British.

The main British concentration camp was in Atlit, north of Haifa. Many Jews were imprisoned in Atlit before being transported to Cyprus or Mauritius. Over 70,000 Jews were imprisoned there between 1940 and 1945. The camp was shut down when it was attacked by Zionist guerrillas in 1945. Yitzhak Rabin allegedly masterminded the operation, but he did not lead it.

It took a very violent guerrilla war and major acts of terrorism to convince the British to give up the Palestinian Mandate after WWII was over.

by Jason Swartz

Salomon Morel
[back] Swietochlowice camp

[Commandant of Swietochlowice which was set up by the Soviet NKVD – forerunner of the KGB – after the Red Army’s liberation of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the Polish secret service, the notorious UB.]Salomon Morel, passport photo taken in 1993. Morel was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity

[1998] Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

[1993] The Commandant

[1994] Poles Review Postwar Treatment of Germans


See the photographs

Swietochlowice was set up by the Soviet NKVD – forerunner of the KGB – after the Red Army’s liberation of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the Polish secret service, the notorious UB.  Stalin’s policy was to put Jews in charge of camps. Their experiences during the Nazi Holocaust would mean that Germans and Poles held there could expect little mercy. More than half of the 3,000 prisoners at Swietochlowice were murdered or died there, according to PAP. [1998] Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

In May, 1995, after a six-year investigation, the Provincial Commission (in Katowice) for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, reported on the concentration camp at Swietochlowice, first reported in An Eye for an Eye.  The Commission said,
    “The camp commander, Salomon Morel, was undoubtedly responsible for not preventing the mass deaths of at least 1,583 people. No matter what they were detained for, the use against them of methods resembling those used in the concentration camps by the Nazis isn’t acceptable. These were extermination methods. For them, the full responsibility rests with Salomon Morel, who not only didn’t prevent them but who personally used them.Corroboration

Dorota Boriczek, a camp survivor, remembers Salomon Morel as a barbaric and cruel man who, with his colleagues, was responsible for many killings of inmates. “I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal man. He was young then. He would come in at night. We could hear the cries of the men then. They would beat them and throw the bod

Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

Adam LeBor

The Indepedent | December 29, 1998

An extradition request by Polish authorities for an alleged former commander of a Stalinist-era detention camp now living in Tel Aviv has been rejected by Israel.

Salomon Morel is wanted by the prosecutor’s office in the southern Polish city of Katowice. He is charged with crimes against humanity while he was commander of the Swietochlowice camp where more than 3,000 prisoners, mainly Germans, but also including several citizens of allied and neutral nations, were held during 1945.

A reply sent to the Polish Justice Ministry from Israeli authorities said that Israel would not extradite Mr Morel. Officials said the crimes with which he is charged are not perceived in Israel as genocide, and so are subject to the statute of limitations, the Polish news agency PAP reported.

The demand by Polish authorities for Mr Morel’s extradition is the second attempt this month to bring back former Communist officials. The Polish military prosecutor in Warsaw recently issued an arrest warrant for Helena Brus, formerly Wolinska, now married to an Oxford don.

During the 1950s Ms Wolinska worked as a military prosecutor in Warsaw, issuing arrest warrants. Many of those detained under her orders were later hanged. Both Mr Morel and Mrs Brus are Jewish.

Swietochlowice was set up by the Soviet NKVD – forerunner of the KGB – after the Red Army’s liberation of southern Poland. The camp was later handed over to the Polish secret service, the notorious UB.

Stalin’s policy was to put Jews in charge of camps. Their experiences during the Nazi Holocaust would mean that Germans and Poles held there could expect little mercy. More than half of the 3,000 prisoners at Swietochlowice were murdered or died there, according to PAP.

Dorota Boriczek, a camp survivor, remembers Salomon Morel as a barbaric and cruel man who, with his colleagues, was responsible for many killings of inmates. “I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal man. He was young then. He would come in at night. We could hear the cries of the men then. They would beat them and throw the bodies out of the window,” Mrs Boriczek, now 68 andliving in Ludswigberg, Germany, told The Independent.

“I was taken there when I was 14, with my mother. I still don’t know why we were there and I still want to know. They told us when we arrived, ‘You are here, and you are here to die, although nobody will shoot you, because ammunition is too expensive’.”

Conditions in the camp were horrific, said Mrs Boriczek, who has begun a legal process in Katowice to try to find out why she was sent to the camp.

“There was nothing to eat, a hunger that you cannot imagine. We were lucky to have a piece of bread once a day, nothing else, and water. Both my mother and I had typhus. We were separated and I didn’t know she was alive. I had a high fever and when I opened my eyes, I was sleeping next to a lady from Switzerland. I slept with her under one blanket. I was happy that she was dead, because that meant I could have her blanket.”

Mr Morel, born in 1919, lost much of his family in the Holocaust before joining the partisans, in his case a Jewish military unit, according to John Sack, the American author of An Eye for An Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945.

In 1995, 50 years after her imprisonment at Swietochlowice, Mrs Boriczek saw Mr Morel in the Katowice prosecutor’s office. She said she felt more pity than hatred.

“I hated him all my life and then when I saw him I saw an old, fat man. I could see he was ill. I would even have given him my hand. I asked him why he did these crimes. He told me I was lying and everybody loved him.”

Mr Morel refused to speak to The Independent. A man in Tel Aviv who identified himself as Mr Morel’s son said his father did not talk to journalists.

Polend End of WW II – Zgoda Labour Camp

Camp Zgoda, main gate – monument

Memorial plate





‘Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton

“Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who supports Hillary Clinton and insists that Donald Trump is being manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russians and Iranians in Syria should be killed covertly to “pay the price.” 

Full story — (here)

“What they need is to have the Russians and Iranians pay a little price,” Morell said. “When we were in Iraq, the Iranians were giving weapons to the Shia militia, who were killing American soldiers, right? The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price.”

Morell said the killing of Russians and Iranians should be undertaken “covertly, so you don’t tell the world about it, you don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say ‘we did this.’ But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”

 — Mike Morell on the Bildeberger Charlie Rose Show. 


With the beginning of the President Trump-President Putin “bromance” just weeks away(inauguaration Day is January 20), what appears to be a horrible act-of-terrorism has struck the heart of Christian Russia on Christmas Day. We had warned of such an 11th hour escalation aimed at driving a wedge between the U.S. and Russia before Orange Man is inaugurated. As the Church Lady of old Saturday Night Live fame would say: How conveeenient!
 How conveeeenient that just as the Establishment’s media campaign to mock and undermine the Putin-Trump alliance is heating up, the bulk of the Red Army choir is wiped out in “an accident.”
Because so many well known and recognizable personages were aboard the doomed airplane, and also because the Russians have been very quick to cite “technical failure” as the probable cause of the crash, we calculate that this was not a fake false-flag using fake identifies and crisis actors. No, this was the “real deal” and we declare, with 99% certainty, that it was a deliberate act-of-war intended to bait Putin.

Image result for russian plane crash christmas day

Candles are placed around a photo of the crashed Tu-154 in memory of victims

The aircraft bound for Syria carried many members of the world-famous military band known as theAlexandrov Ensemble — internationally known as the Red Army Choir. The choir was headed to Syria to entertain Russia’s forces on New Year’s Eve. The plane crashed into the Black Sea, close to the coast of U.S. ruled Georgia, moments after takeoff. The cause of the crash is under investigation, although initial Russian news media reports indicated it was a technical failure rather than terrorism.

Passengers on the flight, which originated in Moscow and stopped in Sochi to refuel, were traveling to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in Syria. The band planned to serenade Russian personnel in Syria on New Year’s Eve. Three journalists from Channel One, Russia’s main television station, were on the plane, as were journalists from the Zvezda and NTV television networks. Dr. Yelizaveta P. Glinka, a prominent and popular Russian philanthropist, was also on board.

On the loss of key choir members, the article quotes the grandson of a famous Russian composer:

“The best members of the ensemble died. All the best soloists, the whole choir. Everything will collapse now. The best ones are gone.”

A file picture shows members of the Russian Red Army Choir

The Red Army choir and Dr. “Liza” Glinka (Image 2 with Putin) — huge names in Russia, lost over the Black Sea.

The heavy moral burden that the New World Order warmongers are placing on Putin’s shoulders parallels the outrageous provocations of Hitler during that fateful pre-war years of 1937-1939. In the interest of protecting the greater good (by avoiding war), The Great One was also compelled topretend that the “spontaneous” blowing-up of the Hindenburg Air-Ship in Jersey was due to “static electricity.” And oh how hard it must have been for Him to “look the other way” as gangs of Polish ultra-nationalists and Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered ethnic Germans trapped in Poland’s “Danzig Corridor!” The evil-doers kept pushing and pushing and pushing until Germany could take no more and justifiably invaded Poland to liberate the captive Germans there.

This type of relentless baiting is exactly what “they” are doing to Vlad the Bad. “Fortunately” for Russia, they only have to endure one more month of this crap before Orange Man can arrive andhopefully begin the process of cleaning out the warmongering rats from the bowels of the CIA and the Pentagon. Let’s hope Putin’s patience can hold out that long.

Evil — just plain evil.  A Tupolev-154

Image 1: (May 6, 1937) The Hindenburg mysteriously explodes just as the photographers arrived to witness its mooring in New Jersey. For the sake of peace, Germany quickly went along with the “official explanation.”

Image 2 & 3: Now its Russia’s turn!



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Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how the bulk of the Russian Red Army choir was wiped out in that plane crash over the Black Sea.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don’t think it was a crash. It was probably Islamic terrorism.


Sugar: You’re half-right Boobusss — which is a huge improvement for you. It wassn’t a crassh, but it wassn’t ‘Isslamic terrorisssm’ either.

 Editor: Exactly! NATO and/or the CIA are behind this, maybe Mossad too.



The Communist Holocaust© in Eastern Europe

As school children we are force-fed tales of the fictional Holocaust, but we learn nothing of the real crimes of the red terror. Why? Because jews were the victimizers and White Europeans were the victims.


Published On 12/29/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Look at these filthy subhuman kike rats celebrating White genocide. They openly encourage White genocide by promoting race mixing.

These two Jews look like they were spawned from the pits of hell. I mean look at the nose on that bitch. Total vermin. If anybody has additional information on who these two kikes are, I’d love to have it.

If you need convincing that Jews are the enemy of the White man, just watch the incoherent rambling from these pigs.

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Published On 12/29/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Looks like Pizzagate researcher David Seaman is exposing himself as a Jew shill. His Pizzagate videos were actually quite good but now that Israel has become a major focus of the news cycle he has put out a pro-Israel video regurgitating the same talking points you hear from Zionists on Fox News.

Then after putting out that video, he put out another video complaining about people calling him a shill for his pro-Israel stance while whining about anti-Semitism. He also seems to out himself as a Jew at around the 7:00 mark.

Now that this character has gained a following for his Pizzagate stuff, he’s trying to mislead his audience into supporting the evil Zionist regime of Israel and Jews. This is not acceptable from any so-called “alternative” media figure.

A major trolling effort should be undertaken against him. Start by leaving comments on his YouTube videos. Especially the two I’ve embedded here.

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A Sour Holiday Season for Neocons


By Robert Parry

America’s extended Christmas holiday season, stretching through much of November and all of December, has not been a happy time for Official Washington’s dominant neoconservatives and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks.

First, they had to lick their wounds over the defeat of their preferred U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton; then they had to watch as their “moderate” Syrian rebel proxies and their Al Qaeda allies were routed from east Aleppo; and finally they watched in disbelief as the Obama administration permitted passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.


Thousands of anti-government demonstrators take to the streets in Syria on Friday; no immediate reports on casualties.


Welcome to Greater Israel under Zionist Stooge Donald Trump

The tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump


. . . even more so than under Barack Obama

“The new foreign policy will,
more than under Barack Obama and George W. Bush,
be driven in significant part by Israeli interests.”


While the presidential campaign was still in progress it was possible to think that there might be some positive change in America’s broken foreign policy. Hillary Clinton was clearly the candidate of Washington Establishment hawkishness, while Donald Trump was declaring his disinclination for democracy and nation building overseas as well as promoting détente with Russia. Those of us who considered the foreign policy debacle to be the most dangerous issue confronting the country, particularly as it was also fueling domestic tyranny, tended to vote on the basis of that one issue in favor of Trump.

On December 1st in Cincinnati, president-elect Donald Trump made some interesting comments about his post-electoral foreign policy plans. There were a lot of good things in it, including his citing of $6 trillion “wasted” in Mideast fights when “our goal is stability not chaos.” And as for dealing with real enemies, he promised to “partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism…” He called it a “new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past” adding that “We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.”

Regarding the apparent inability of governments to thoroughly check out new immigrants prior to letting them inside the country, demonstrated most recently in Nice, Ohio and Berlin, Trump described how “People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East — we have no idea who they are, where they come from what they are thinking and we are going to stop that dead cold. … These are stupid refugee programs created by stupid politicians.” Exaggerated? For sure, but he has a point, and it all is part and parcel of a foreign policy that serves no actual interest for people who already live in the United States.

But, as so often with Trump, there was also the flip side. On the looney fringe of the foreign and national security policy agenda, the president-elect oddly believes that “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” So to reduce the number of nukes we have to create more of them and put them in more places. Pouring gasoline on a raging fire would be an appropriate analogy and it certainly leads to questions regarding who is advising The Donald with this kind of nonsense.

Trump has promised to “put America first,” but there is inevitably a spanner in the works. Now, with the New Year only six days away and the presidential inauguration coming less than three weeks after that, it is possible to discern that the new foreign policy will, more than under Barack Obama and George W. Bush, be driven in significant part by Israeli interests.

At least Obama had the good sense to despise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that will not be true of the White House after January 20th. Trump’s very first telephone conversation with a foreign head of government after being elected was with Netanyahu and during the campaign, he promised to invite Bibi to the White House immediately after the inauguration.

The new president’s first naming of an Ambassador-designate to a foreign nation was of his good friend and bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman to Israel. Friedman had headed Trump’s Israel Advisory Committee and is a notable hard liner who supports the Israeli settler movement, an extreme right-wing political entity that is nominally opposed by existing U.S. government policy as both illegal and damaging to Washington’s interests. Beyond that, Friedman rejects creation of a Palestinian state and supports Israel’s actual annexation of the West Bank.

U.S. Ambassadors are supposed to support American interests but Friedman would actually be representing and endorsing a particularly noxious version of Israeli fascism as the new normal in the relationship with Washington.

Friedman describes Jerusalem as “the holy capital of the Jewish people and only the Jewish people.” Trump is already taking steps to move the U.S. Embassy there, making the American government unique in having its chief diplomatic mission in the legally disputed city. The move will also serve as a recruiting poster for groups like ISIS and will inflame opinion against the U.S. among friendly Arab states in the region. There is no possible gain and much to lose for the United States and for American citizens in making the move, but it satisfies Israeli hardliners and zealots like Friedman.

—  §  —

The Trump team’s animosity towards Iran is also part of the broader Israeli agenda.

Iran does not threaten the United States and is a military midget compared either to nuclear armed Israel or the U.S. Yet is has been singled out as the enemy du jour in the Middle East even though it has invaded no one since the seventeenth century.

Israel would like to have the United States do the heavy lifting to destroy Iran as a regional power. If Washington were to attempt to do so it would be a catastrophe for all parties involved but that has not stopped hardliners from demanding unrelenting military pressure on Tehran.

Donald Trump is not even president yet but he advised Barack Obama to exercise the U.S. veto for the resolution condemning Israeli settlements that was voted on at the United Nations Security Council on Friday, explaining that “As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations. This puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.”

This is a straight Israeli line that might even have been written by Netanyahu himself. Or by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which fumed “AIPAC is deeply disturbed by the failure of the Obama Administration to exercise its veto to prevent a destructive, one-sided, anti-Israel resolution from being enacted by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In the past, this administration and past administrations have rejected this type of biased resolution since it undermines prospects for peace. It is particularly regrettable, in his last month in office, that the president has taken an action at odds with the bipartisan consensus in Congress and America’s long history of standing with Israel at the United Nations.”

Ah yes, the fabled negotiations for a two state solution, regularly employed to enable Israelis to do nothing while expanding their theft of Arab land and one wonders how Trump would define what is “fair to the Palestinians?” So we are already well into Trump’s adoption of the “always the victim argument” that the Israelis have so cleverly exploited with U.S. politicians and the media.

Not content with advising Obama, Trump also reportedly took the Palestinian issue one step further by directly pressuring the sponsoring Egyptians to postpone any submission of the resolution. Expecting to have a friendly president in the White House after January 20th, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi complied on Thursday but the motion was reintroduced by New Zealand, Venezuela, Senegal and Malaysia on the following day. The resolution passed with 14 yes votes and a courageous U.S. abstention after Obama finally, after eight long years, developed a backbone.

Unfortunately, Trump’s interventions suggest that nothing critical of Israel will be allowed to emerge from the U.N. during his term of office. Referring to the U.N. vote, he said that “things will be different after January 20th.”

The United Nations resolution produced an immediate reaction from Israeli Firsters in Congress and the media, led by Senator Chuck Schumer and the Washington Post. The Post featured a lead editorial entitled The Obama Administration fires a dangerous parting shot and an op-ed The United States just made Middle East peace harder by no less a redoubtable American hero than Eliot Abrams. Look in vain for any suggestion of what might be construed as an actual U.S. interest in either piece.

It is all about Israel, as it always is.


“It is all about Israel, as it always is.”

—  §  —

The problem with Israel and its friends is that they are never satisfied and never leave the rest of us Americans alone, pushing constantly at what is essentially an open door. They have treated the United States like a doormat, spying on us more than any ostensibly friendly nation while pocketing our $38 billion donation to their expanding state without so much as a thank you. They are shameless.

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer has been all over American television sputtering his rage over the United Nations settlements vote. On CNN he revealed that Israel has “clear evidence” that President Obama was “behind” the resolution and he announced his intention to share the information with Donald Trump. Every American should be outraged by Israel’s contempt for us and our institutions. One has to wonder if the mainstream media will take a rest from their pillorying of Russia to cover the story.

For many years now, Israel has sought to make the American people complicit in its own crimes while also encouraging our country’s feckless and corrupt leadership to provide their government with political cover and even go to war on its behalf. This has got to stop and, for a moment, it looked like Trump might be the man to end it when he promised to be even-handed in negotiating between the Arabs and Israelis. That was before he promised to be the best friend Israel would ever have.

Israel’s quarrels don’t stay in Israel and they are not limited to the foreign policy realm. I have already discussed the pending Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a bipartisan effort by Congress to penalize and even potentially criminalize any criticism of Israel by equating it to anti-Semitism. Whether Israel itself wants to consider itself a democracy is up to Netanyahu and Israeli voters but the denial of basic free speech rights to Americans in deference to Israeli perceptions should be considered to be completely outrageous.

And there’s more. Israel’s government funded lawfare organization Shurat HaDin has long been using American courts to punish Palestinians and Iranians, obtaining punitive damages linked to allegations regarding terrorist incidents that have taken place in Israel. Now Shurat HaDin is using our courts to go after American companies that do business with countries like Iran.

Last year’s nuclear agreement with Iran included an end to restraints on the Islamic Republic’s ability to engage in normal banking and commercial activity. As a high priority, Iran has sought to replace some of its aging infrastructure, to include its passenger aircraft fleet. Seattle based Boeing has sought to sell to Iran Air 80 airplanes at a cost of more than $16 billion and has worked with the U.S. government to meet all licensing and technology transfer requirements. The civilian-use planes are not in any way configurable for military purposes, but Shurat HaDin on December 16th sought to block the sale at a federal court in Illinois, demanding a lien against Boeing for the monies alleged to be due to the claimed victims of Iranian sponsored terrorism. Boeing, meanwhile, has stated that the Iran Air order “support(s) tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.”

So an agency of the Israeli government is taking steps to stop an American company from doing something that is perfectly legal under U.S. law even though it will cost thousands of jobs here at home. It is a prime example of how much Israel truly cares about the United States and its people. And even more pathetic, the Israel Lobby owned U.S. Congress has predictably bowed down and kissed Netanyahu’s ring on the issue, passing a bill in November that seeks to block Treasury Department licenses to permit the financing of the airplane deal.

The New Year and the arrival of an administration with fresh ideas would provide a great opportunity for the United States to finally distance itself from a toxic Israel, but, unfortunately, it seems that everything is actually moving in the opposite direction. Don’t be too surprised if we see a shooting war with Iran before the year is out as well as a shiny new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem — to be built on land stolen from Palestinians, incidentally.

Trump might think he is ushering in a new era of American policy based on American interests but it is beginning to look a lot like the same old situation but only far worse — and Benjamin Netanyahu will be very much in the driver’s seat.



“The tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump.
Benjamin Netanyahu will be very much in the driver’s seat.”
— Philip Giraldi


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Conway says Trump will have a ‘much stronger relationship with Israel’

President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming counselor said Thursday that Trump “does believe it’s time to move on and look forward to the next administration.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Kellyanne Conway discussed the US sanctions imposed on Russia. Russia has responded to the sanctions by threatening to retaliate and has said the move was done to hurt the incoming administration.

“We have complicated relations with Russia. We have for decades as the United States,” Conway said. “President-elect has made it clear that he is willing to work with countries who want to work on big solutions together.”

Conway also discussed the relationship between the US and Israel saying, “You will see President Trump having much stronger relationship with Israel.”

Conway said Israel is America’s greatest friend and that “we want our friends in Israel to know that help is on the way.”

“You see this flurry of activity by a tough President Obama as he exits the office,” Conway said. “You can’t put daylight between the US and Israel.”

“We do wonder about the rush to do all these things the next couple of weeks by the Obama administration,” Conway added.

“January 20th will be here quickly and it’s very important to all of us,” Conway said of the Trump administration taking office. “I think it’s important to America that you see that peaceful transition of power from administration to administration. “

Who Is Donald Trump ? The Occult Side To Donald Trump’s Past


This video is mirrored from The Black Child youtube channel and is made and owned by The Black Child. I don’t own anything ! It’s under Fair use with purpose to educate and inform the public.

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For him to be a billionaire and not be in the occult would be a first in history, no way you making that kind of money in Satans kingdom

Basics of Hegelian Dialectic – Control both sides ! Trump is fake/controlled opposition, just another pawn in The Game, just another Satan’s Muppet !

I guess the pictures of Donald Trump flashing the pyramid, and the 666 hand signs means nothing, they’re just coincidences, right !? And the flashing of the double Devil horn hand signs just means ROCK ON ! … right !? LOL :-))

Trump’s ‘Mad Dog’ Military Policy


Fake Jewish Philosopher Tells “Anti-Semites, Skin-Headed Intellectuals” to Leave France

Diversity Macht Frei
December 29, 2016

Fake “French” philosopher (((Bernard-Henri Lévy))) has a new book coming out called The Genius of Judaism.

Jews are not a “chosen people,” Lévy explains, but a “treasure” whose spirit must continue to inform moral thinking and courage today.

From the publisher’s blurb, in which BHL is ridiculously described as “Europe’s foremost philosopher”, it sounds like a typical Jewish ethno-activist tome in which we Gentiles are told how almost everything good in our society comes from the Jews (“He reveals the overlooked Jewish roots of Western democratic ideals”) while anyone who dares question the value of the Jewish contribution to our civilisational well-being is attacked (“Lévy offers a fresh, surprising critique of a new and stealthy form of anti-Semitism on the rise as well as a provocative defense of Israel from the left.”)

Like many Jewish intellectuals he asserts that Jews have a duty to disrupt the societies and cultures they live in while simultaneously attacking as “bigots” and “haters” any Gentiles who dare to point out that Jews tend to disrupt the societies and cultures they live in, or claim that such disruption is undesirable.

The Genius of Judaism is a breathtaking new vision and understanding of what it means to be a Jew, a vision quite different from the one we’re used to. It is rooted in the Talmudic traditions of argument and conflict, rather than biblical commandments, borne out in struggle and study, not in blind observance. At the very heart of the matter is an obligation to the other, to the dispossessed, and to the forgotten, an obligation that, as Lévy vividly recounts, he has sought to embody over decades of championing “lost causes,” from Bosnia to Africa’s forgotten wars, from Libya to the Kurdish Peshmerga’s desperate fight against the Islamic State, a battle raging as we speak.

BHL is doing a round of interviews and events to promote his new book.

BHL: Judaism is not an “identity”, it’s an “otherness” and a relationship to the universal.

Interviewer: Is there thus a difference in kind between the affirmation of the Jewish religion and the affirmation of other religions?

BHL: My thesis is, indeed, that Judaism is not a religion.

Interviewer:…for you, there is no major impossibility in being Jewish and French?

BHL: I know that a certain number of my fellow citizens are asking themselves if they should leave France. My conviction is that it’s not for them, but the antisemites, these “skinhead intellectuals” [crânes rasés de la pensée, literally “skinheads of thought”] to leave it.


It’s worth recalling just how ridiculous BHL’s claim to be a philosopher is. This article is from 2010.

Mr Lévy, who in France goes simply by his initials BHL, has been doing the media rounds to promote his new work, On War in Philosophy. In his book, which has received lavish praise from some quarters, the open-shirted Mr Lévy lays into the philosopher Immanuel Kant as being unhinged and a “fake”.

To support his claims, he cites a certain Jean-Baptiste Botul, whom he describes as a post-War authority on Kant. But the chorus of approval turned to laughter after a journalist from Le Nouvel Observateur pointed out that Mr Botul does not exist: he is a fictional character created in by a contemporary satirical journalist, Frédéric Pagès.

Alarm bells should have rung given that Mr Pagès, a journalist with Le Canard Enchaîneé, a satirical weekly, has penned one book under the Botul pseudonym entitled The Sex Life of Immanuel Kant.

He has even given rise to a school of philosophical thought called Botulism – a play on words with the lethal disease – and has created a theory of “La Metaphysique du Mou” the Metaphysics of the Flabby.

But Mr Lévy missed the joke, citing Mr Botul from a “series of lectures to the neo-Kantians of Paraguay” he supposedly gave after the war, in which he said that “their hero was an abstract fake, a pure spirit of pure appearance”.


Bernard-Henri Lévy is not a philosopher. He is a buffoon.

A Tale of Two Googles: Holocaust® Denial vs Islamic Terrorism Recruitment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2016

I’ll just leave this here.

NBC News:

Google is weeding out the hate after coming under fire for allowing a neo-Nazi site to appear as a top result when someone searches for whether the Holocaust happened.

As of Monday, users reported that they no longer saw a white supremacist site appear at the very top of the results, mixed in with sites for Jewish museums and ones that show the Holocaust was real.

“Understanding which pages on the web best answer a query is a challenging problem and we don’t always get it right,” said a Google spokesperson, who did not explicitly mention the controversy.


Google is refusing to censor the rants of al-Qaeda terror preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who reportedly influenced the attackers who committed the 7/7 London bombings.

Dubbed the “pied piper of Jihad,” al-Awlaki’s hateful teachings are easily searchable using Google’s enhanced search function and are believed to have inspired jihadist terrorists and radicalized many more.

When users search al-Awlaki’s name, Google’s autocomplete function – which uses algorithms based on what others have searched before – suggests they view his “quotes” and “lectures,” the Times reports.

An easily found downloadable PDF urges: “Martyrdom operations; we must refrain from calling it what the West labels it, ‘suicide bombings,’ since suicide is haram in Islam; and shahada [martyrdom] is not suicide.”

Israel’s never-ending crimes: It’s not just settlements

Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide but done so with absolute transparency.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement in front of a new Jewish settlement construction site, in the Occupied West Bank [Reuters]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement in front of a new Jewish settlement construction site, in the Occupied West Bank [Reuters]


Stanley L Cohen is an attorney and human rights activist who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa.

Last week, the world stood fixated at a largely symbolic gesture by the United Nations in which it found the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank of Palestine to be illegal. Or did it?

Although the UN Security Council, with rare uniformity, chastised Israel for flouting the law of occupation, the resolution, crafted with ambiguous lawyerly precision, left experienced thinkers on the subject debating just what it means.

In its most ambitious read, some would argue it appears that the decree concerned the occupation as a whole, and swept within its prohibitive reach all settlement activity since 1967 when Israel seized the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Arab-Palestinian control.

Others view its advisory language as helpful through its continued embrace of the time-tired two-state solution and its apparent call for a return to the status quo ante of some 15 years ago when illegal settlements had not as yet swallowed much more than 60 percent of the West Bank.

In its least appealing landscape painting, it would appear that the resolution seemingly bestows upon already completed settlements de facto legitimacy and addresses only that part of the building glut currently under way or planned for tomorrows yet to come.

To make matters worse, despite its gratuitous dicta, the resolution remains very much a toothless declaration without any enforcement mechanism whatsoever – essentially relying upon a sudden burst of Israeli conscience to reverse a steady march of indifference to international law that has led Israel’s way since the very first day it was manufactured from stolen land in Palestine.

Defiant Netanyahu

Predictable in immediacy and urgency, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw his weekly tantrum, accusing the world of a dark conspiracy organised by the soon to be ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, who on his way out of the door after years of obsequious obedience to Israeli will, has suddenly discovered that it’s OK to say no … well … maybe … or perhaps, to its glaring intransigence.

But then again, it’s kind of hard to take seriously “pressure” exerted by a country that has just enriched Israel’s military coffers and occupation to the tune of $38bn.

Not satisfied with the echo of his own vitriol, Netanyahu was just beginning. Next, he singled out Senegal – one of the most impoverished countries in the world and a mover of the resolution – for economic reprisal. Its offence is having the temerity to believe in the rule of law and being housed in the international building with flags of 193 nations and the State of Palestine that sits overlooking the East River of New York City.

Netanyahu told the world just what he thinks of the UN and its resolution when he announced plans to proceed with the building of thousands of new housing units in Jerusalem in particular.

“Israel will not turn its other cheek,” Netanyahu proclaimed as he went on to prophesy a “plan of action” against the UN directly. Not long thereafter he suspended working ties with the UK, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand, those countries that supported the resolution.

Like a dark lord

Netanyahu should quit while he’s ahead, but he just can’t. There is no incentive. Like the hundreds of earlier resolutions critical of Israeli policies, as worded, the most recent condemnation by the UN can do little more than cry out for justice in the night from a state built from the marrow of genocide.

I get “bombast”, “brash” and, at times, even “bully”. However, it’s the two-legged beasts that feed on the innocent I do not. Netanyahu is very much that kind of beast – an ogre who lives in a world surrounded by dark, deadly thoughts. With delusion his ally, dishonesty his friend and death his messenger, he thumbs his nose at the world as his reign of state terror consumes more and more civilian victims guilty of no offence other than breathing the air that surrounds them and seeking a free life.

When the history of our times is written, an honest accounting will no doubt add Netanyahu’s wicked shadow – and that of his predecessors – to the list of fiends that have seen the world as little more than a playground within which to use their toys of death and despair – always, of course, for the right reasons and always, of course, against the meek and defenceless among us.

The sum total of Israel’s efforts these past 68 years is nothing short of the deliberate infliction upon Palestinians, as a cognizable group, conditions of life and death calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part.

In the world of Joseph Stalin, induced famine was the prime weapon of choice, though mass execution and exile helped him dispose of tens of millions he viewed as “enemies of the people”.

To Henry Kissinger, the world, particularly Indochina, was very much a small chess game. Civilians were mere pawns ripe for sacrifice through hi-tech weaponry, including biological and chemical warfare, to enforce his worldview at any cost. Millions lost their lives to his cerebral game board.

To Pol Pot, struggle was little more than purification, erasing through starvation, overwork and execution a quarter of his people whose sole crime was to see life through a prism that collided with his own – no matter how soft their view or backward his sight.

In Rwanda up to half a million women were sexually assaulted, mutilated or murdered, along with an equal number of male Tutsis, as enemy agents of the Hutu state – machetes and rape induced Aids to the plentiful weapons of preference.

Slow-motion genocide

These are but a few of the extremes of genocide, those rare cases we are told noted mostly for mass murder, systemic rape or group starvation – the worst of the worst. Yet, genocide does not demand of us an immediate mountain of bodies or an explosive rage of terror for international law to take hold.

As it turns out, in what increasingly seems to be more than mere passing coincidence, the legal definition of “genocide” enacted by the UN General Assembly was born in 1948, the very same year as Israel – which has since gone on to become both expert at its application and legendary in its denial.

In relevant part, under the applicable Convention, genocide means “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) killing members of the group; (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; or (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. Each and every one of these types of genocide has been perpetrated by Israel, seemingly with almost proud boast, and no accountability, for almost 70 unbroken years.

One need not rest upon obtuse historical footnotes to find abundant, indeed systemic, acts of extermination carried out by Israel since 1948 against Palestinians – very much a cognizable “national, ethnical, racial or religious group” as those terms are contemplated and commonly understood and applied under international law.

OPINION: Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the Palestine saga

Beginning with its mass expulsion, rape and murder at the onset of the Nakba (the Catastrophe) Israel has devoted itself to 68 years of non-stop genocide coming up for air only periodically to retool or to change the nature of its weaponry of choice.

What started out with the expulsion, at gunpoint, of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral homeland set in motion a refugee stampede that has grown to more than seven million displaced and stateless people, providing the world more than a disturbing glimpse of what was to come decades later in Syria.

Never-ending violence

Over the years, Israel has found diverse ways to kill more than 400,000 Palestinian civilians and injure or cripple two to three times as many, including tens of thousands of women and children. Whether by tank fire, rockets, or cluster or phosphorus bombs, it has given new meaning to the evil of willful group slaughter.

In its thirst to ethnically cleanse all of Palestine of its remaining inhabitants, it has made use of starvation, in violation of Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, as a method of war targeting foodstuffs, crops and livestock throughout the occupied territories.

In particular, it has destroyed more than a million olive trees which not only serve as an essential mainstay of Palestinian culture but, along with hundreds of thousands of razed fruit trees, constitute key products of a Palestinian national economy largely in various states of ruin.

In Gaza, Israel has targeted hospitals, schools, daycare centres, multi-storey apartment complexes, UN Relief and Works Agency shelters and mental health clinics with a deadly proficiency that would make historic war criminals blush with envy.

It has laid waste to thousands of its hardscrabble built homes and left upwards of a hundred thousand Palestinians internally displaced, indeed homeless – leaving many families at a breaking point.

INTERACTIVE: Palestine Remix

For the survivors of the Gaza killing fields, Israel has made life unbearable over the past decade though a criminal embargo that not only guarantees insufficient caloric intake, fresh water and medicine, but denies to its 1.8 million survivors building materials essential for the reconstruction of its beleaguered, and largely levelled, infrastructure.

Not satisfied with physical pain alone, with cruel, wanton abandon, it is no stretch to find that its master plan has consciously induced levels of post-traumatic stress disorder unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Given all these palpable elements of ethnic cleansing, it is reasonably projected that Gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020 thereby once again driving several million traumatised refugees out on to the road of an uncertain and dangerous diaspora.

To describe Israel’s Gaza strategy as anything but one intended to cause “serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group” is to deny a very public and systematic orgy of punishment meted out to Palestinian civilians on the basis of group identity and dynamic – and nothing more.

In the West Bank, Israel’s calculus of pain and punishment is largely a difference without a distinction: one that varies in form but not intent or ultimate goal.

Not satisfied with the 531 villages and localities it depopulated and completely eradicated during the early days of the Nakba, since 1967 Israel has stolen, resettled and annexed almost all of the West Bank, including much of East Jerusalem, in clear violation of Article 4 of the Geneva Conventions which prohibit an occupation force from doing little more than erecting limited bases for its own security needs in occupied land.

During this criminal land grab, it has approved, indeed subsidized, the building of illegal housing for some 800,000 – largely immigrant – settlers at the same time it has destroyed almost 50,000 Palestinian structures, largely homes, many of them ages-old, rendering tens of thousands of its indigenous population homeless, often destitute or dependent upon the largesse of already overcrowded housing of family or friends.

A Palestinian man sits in a refugee camp following the displacement in Nakba []

Unaccountable as always

None of these facts about Israel’s sordid and deadly history can be dispatched as the product of mere hyperbole or unsupported hearsay.

Claims of Israeli genocide have been substantiated time and time again by a host of independent human rights organisations and NGOs, with no axe to grind, and include findings from respected groups from within Israel, itself.

In point of fact, from its arrogant perch, Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide but done so with absolute transparency as if to say to the rest of the world: there we did it, and we are well beyond the reach of international law.

Make no mistake about it, the sum total of Israel’s efforts these past 68 years is nothing short of the deliberate infliction upon Palestinians, as a cognizable group, conditions of life and death calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part.

OPINION: The UN settlement resolution is too little and too late

In the presence of overwhelming evidence of premeditated Israeli genocide, to argue otherwise is to reduce the dark, evil and systematic deeds of Stalin, Kissinger, Pol Pot and the Hutu state to little more than a collection of misunderstood happenstance.

Yes, Mr Prime Minister, you should quit while you are ahead. Today, Israel stands charged with violations of the law of occupation. Tomorrow, it might very well, indeed should, find itself seated in a well-deserved international dock on trial for genocide.

Stanley L Cohen is a lawyer and human rights activist who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.

Blood-chilling VIDEO: IDF soldier seen shooting injured ‘Palestinian attacker’

Blood-chilling VIDEO: IDF soldier seen shooting injured 'Palestinian attacker'
Shocking footage has emerged online apparently showing an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian lying on the ground. The victim had reportedly been injured in retaliation for a stabbing attack before being cold-bloodedly shot in the head.

While the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier is given medical treatment and proper care, and seems to be conscious, the Palestinian is lying on the ground immobilized. Both the Israeli servicemen and the medical staff can be seen ignoring the man until the ambulance leaves.

Seconds later, an IDF soldier reloads his weapon, approaches the Palestinian and fires a headshot at his victim. No one tries to prevent the soldier from killing the man, and the shot causes no reaction from bystanders. Armed Israelis are seen walking around as if nothing has happened.

The Palestinian could be seen moving his head at the beginning of the video, clearly indicating he was still alive before he was shot.

Extrajudicial killing in broad daylight, Hebron, March 2016

British Prime Minister rebukes US Secretary of State Kerry, over Israel statements

British Prime Minister Theresa May On Her First Day In Office on July 14 2016.

British Prime Minister Theresa May On Her First Day In Office on July 14 2016

A spokesperson for the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, issued a strongly worded rebuke to the US, Thursday, regarding the issue of Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and the American response to it.

At a Downing Street briefing the spokesperson outlined to press the differences between Mrs May’s view of the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the position outlined by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in a speech on Wednesday, according to media reports.

The spokesperson maligned Kerry’s speech as too focused on settlements and criticised Mr Kerry’s description of the composition of the Israeli government as the “most Right-wing in history”.

Watch John Kerry’s full speech


According to media reports Mrs May’s spokesman stated:

We do not… believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing on only one issue, in this case the construction of settlements, when clearly the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is so deeply complex …

and we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally. The Government believes that negotiations will only succeed when they are conducted between the two parties, supported by the international community.





Mr Kerry’s speech on Wednesday came in the aftermath of the passing of a resolution at the UN Security Council that harshly criticised Israel for building illegal, Jewish-only, settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank, which the US elected not to veto and the UK (along with every other member of the security council) voted for.

Netanyahu ‘snubs Theresa May’ over UK’s role in UN settlements vote 

Photo published for Israel's Netanyahu 'snubs Theresa May' over UK's role in UN settlements vote

Israel’s Netanyahu ‘snubs Theresa May’ over UK’s role in UN settlements vote

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to have snubbed Theresa May over the UK’s support for a UN resolution condemning the building of settlements in occupied Palestinian territ…

Since then the response by both Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu and incoming president-elect Donald Trump has been a blistering defence of Israel, including a series of diplomatic snubs by the former and inflammatory tweets by the later.

not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!

Further media reports suggest that a planned forthcoming meeting between Netanyahu and May has been cancelled as a direct response the UK’s vote and against the backdrop of rumours that the UK delegation at the UN had been intimately involved in crafting the resolution behind the scenes.

UK officials say they were behind UN settlements vote — report 

Photo published for UK officials say they were behind UN settlements vote — report

UK officials say they were behind UN settlements vote — report

While Israeli officials point finger at Obama, London official says move part of new strategy by PM May

The spokesperson went on to explain the UK’s position:

The British Government continues to believe that the only way to a lasting peace in the Middle East is through a two-state solution. We continue to believe that the construction of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is illegal.

While, in comments to The Telegraph, a spokesperson for the US State Department described American surprise at Mrs May’s response:

We are surprised by the UK Prime Minister’s statement given that Secretary Kerry’s remarks – which covered the full range of threats to a two state solution, including terrorism, violence, incitement and settlements – were in-line with the UK’s own longstanding policy and its vote at the United Nations last week.


It is generally understood that Mrs May hopes to promote a favourable relationship between the UK and the incoming Trump administration, particularly in the context of “seismic” changes in the World order during 2016, as the current UK ambassador to Washington recently outlined in a newspaper article.

My piece in @WashingtonPost looking back on a seismic year for the UK and US. And how we will move forward together. 

Photo published for After a seismic year, America and Britain must move forward together

After a seismic year, America and Britain must move forward together

2016 was the year that voters in both countries spoke loudly and clearly.



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