Holy Land: Abbas vowed to withdraw recognition of Israel if it keeps refusing to reciprocate.

Israeli minister calls Abbas ‘#1 foe’ after Palestinian leader calls for mutual recognition

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas © Mohamad Torokman
Energy minister Yuval Steinitz said Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas represents the top ideological threat to the Jewish state after Abbas vowed to withdraw recognition of Israel if it keeps refusing to reciprocate.

Speaking at a Fatah party congress on Wednesday, Abbas noted that although Palestine recognized Israel, Israel is not poised to do the same, adding that Palestine’s commitment “is not free” and eventually comes down to Israel’s decision to recognize Palestine in return.

If the latter is not happening, Palestine will mull withdrawing its recognition after all other options are exhausted, Abbas said. However, he stressed that “at the moment, we must lead a peaceful popular resistance and we want to keep our hand extended for peace.”

Abbas’ comments did not sit well with Steiniz, a long-time ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a member of his right-wing Likud party, who dubbed them “another sad joke” in an interview with Israel Radio, as cited by the Times of Israel. The minister claimed that the Palestinian leader “has never recognized Israel’s right to exist” and “to this very day rejects Israel’s right to exist.”

“Abbas is talking about stopping his recognition of Israel, but first he should start recognizing Israel,” Steiniz said, adding that “from an ideological perspective, Abbas is the number one enemy of the very existence of Israel, even more so than [former PNA President Yasser] Arafat,” as cited by the Jerusalem Post.

Arafat, Abbas’s predecessor as the Palestine leader was a living symbol of armed resistance to Israel occupation before he died in 2004. Being the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), in 1990 he agreed to enter into peace negotiations with Israel that resulted in signing of the Accords for which he was awarded a peace Nobel prize in 1994.

During his congress address that spanned for three hours, Abbas also reminded that Israel was not in effect recognized as Jewish nation-state by the UN.

“If Israel goes to the UN and is recognized as a ‘Jewish national republic of Israel,’ then they will have international recognition,” he said.

Although Palestine formally recognized the state of Israel and its right to exist under the terms of 1993 Oslo Accords that were supposed to bring an end to the years of Israeli-Arab violence and lead to “comprehensive peace settlement”, it opposes the notion of Israel as a national Jewish state, which, Abbas argues, will pave the way for the discrimination of Israeli Arabs. Being one of the Accords’ vocal proponents, Abbas took an active part in its drawing up and personally served as the signatory for Palestine.

However, in September last year Abbas hinted that Palestine might walk out from the Accords while blaming Israel of occupying its territory.

“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully its responsibilities of an occupying power”, he said addressing the UN General Assembly, calling for the review of the agreements.

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Contrary to Steinitz’s claims of Abbas rejecting Israel’s right to exist, the Palestinian leader has been known as a staunch supporter of the two-state solution and repeatedly called on reviving stalled peace talks with third party assistance. In November, Palestinian officials welcomed the initiative by France to serve as a mediator and staged a conference in Paris.

France’s Middle East envoy Pierre Vimont, who promoted the initiative, urged Israel to accept the proposal “so that everyone, at last, would think that the commitment by the Israeli government to a two-state solution is genuine, sincere and deeply based and grounded in strong convictions.”   

However, Israel called the offer “a diversion” insisting on direct negotiations, the possibility of which for long has been rejected by Palestinian officials that demanded Israel stop its rampant settlement activity first.

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How US security aid to PA sustains Israel’s occupation

US ‘security’ aid to the Palestinian Authority is keeping Palestinians occupied.

‘US military aid to Israel is not the only way in which the US subsidises the Israeli occupation of Palestine’ [EPA]


Alaa Tartir is the programme director of Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network.

Scholars and activists regularly criticise the vast amount of funds – $3.1bn– that the US funnels to Israel each year. Recently, United States President Barack Obama providedIsrael with $38bn in military aid over 10 years, making it the single largest pledge of military assistance in US history.

With the President-elect, Donald Trump, certain to continue or even increase this amount, the criticism is likely to escalate.   

However, US military aid to Israel is not the only way in which the US subsidises the Israeli occupation of Palestine. US aid to Palestinians, averaging $400m a year since 2008, split between budget support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and civilian project-based assistance, also ultimately sustains the Israeli occupation.

In the past two decades, the US has been second only to the European Union in its donations to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, having committed more than $5bn out of a total of $30bn in aid.

These funds have mostly been allocated to the PA’s security sector. Half of Palestinian public sector civil servants are employed in security. Annually, the sector receives $1bn from the PA’s budget and around 30 percent of total international aid.

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Since 2005, the US, through its office of the United States Security Coordinator (USSC) for Israel and the Palestinian territories, has worked to professionalise and enhance the effectiveness of the PA security forces as part of its state-building (under occupation) project for Palestine. Yet the central tenet of this project has been the entrenchment of security collaboration between the PA and Israel.

That the PA and Israel work together on security means that a substantial amount of aid to the PA security sector is as much for Israel as it is for Palestine. Research shows that at least 78 percent of international aid to Palestinians ends up in Israel’s economy.

US aid makes it easier and cheaper for Israel to provide security for its settlements – illegal under international law and in the eyes of the world and the US. The presence of Israeli settlers on occupied Palestinian territory is also a violation of international law. The aid thus compromises the security of Palestinians by funding the interests of their occupier. “Collaboration” under occupation in reality means dominance of the oppressor.

Security collaboration undermined our security and outsourced [the role of the occupation] to the PA security forces.

Resident of Nablus’ Balata refugee camp

It is worth recalling the words of the former head of the USSC, General Keith Dayton, who praised the “new Palestinian men” he had created by training the PA security forces. Dayton hailed these new Palestinians’ ability to restrain mass uprisings, noting that they now turn their guns not against Israel but on “real enemies” – that is, those Palestinians who resist Israel’s occupation.

Security-focused aid to Palestine therefore transforms the PA into a sub-contractor to the Israeli occupation. Simply ask any Palestinian youth in the West Bank who sought to protest against Israel’s killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in Gaza in 2014 and was stopped by PA security forces.

The vast majority of Palestinians reject PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ positionthat security coordination with Israel is “sacred.”

A resident of the West Bank’s Jenin refugee camp told me: “I don’t have a problem with the security collaboration if it is reciprocal. However, there is domination only. When the PA can ask Israel to arrest a settler to protect the Palestinian people’s security, that will be a different story.”

A resident of Nablus’ Balata refugee camp added: “Security collaboration undermined our security and outsourced [the role of the occupation] to the PA security forces.”

Both the Balata and Jenin camps are regularly targeted by the US-trained PA force to “induce law and order” through security operations. The last round took place just last week with estimates of 2,000 security personnel entering Balata camp, resulting in fierce clashes.

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Moreover, as my research shows, this “securitised” aid has made the PA more authoritarian, and, as some leading analysts have noted, has even set Palestine on a path toward a police state

Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented the PA security forces’ excessive use of force as well as assaults by police in the West Bank. The PA also limits freedom of speech as well as political participation and mobilisation.

Indeed, on July 25, two human rights organisations based in Europe filed an Article 15 submission with the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate an investigation concerning the crime of “widespread and systematic” torture of Palestinian detainees committed by PA security forces in the West Bank. The submission invites the ICC’s prosecutor to consider the issue for a possible investigation.

However, this use of force by the PA pales against that of Israel, the actor that has the real monopoly on aggression and violence in the Palestinian territories given that it is the military occupier and ultimate authority.

Inside Story – How will new US-Israel military deal affect Middle East?

In effect, most US aid to Palestine has not only prevented Palestinian efforts to secure their freedom from Israel’s occupation, but has also promoted PA authoritarianism. 

Aid to secure borders or foster internal security would be beneficial if Palestine were a sovereign state or if peace-building were actually taking place. But in the current conditions of conflict and oppression, policymakers must first find a way to a just resolution.

The US support of the PA through securitised aid also puts a heavy economic burden on Palestinians, as budgets and scarce resources are drained in favour of the security sector.

Money could be spent on infrastructure, education, and social services instead of, for example, keeping teachers’ pay at such low levels that they took to the streets in one of the largest mass protests in Palestine in recent years.

We also need to take a serious look at how this aid is allocated. A recent unpublished report by The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) that I was able to obtain, provides little-known statistics that quantify the aid-reliant PA security sector.

The DCAF report shows that there are 83,276 security sector personnel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. By all international standards this is a very high number, with the ratio of security personnel to the population as high as 1 to 48. By comparison, in Afghanistan, another conflict country, the ratio is 406 policemen per
100,000 people, according to the data from Interpol, and 5.8 active soldiers per 1,000 people based on military balance statistics from the International Institute for Strategic Studies think-tank.

Using the same data sources, in the US, the ratio is 260 policemen per 100,000 people and 4.6 active soldiers per 1,000 people. Yet in Palestine a high ratio of security personnel to the population is
meaningless in terms of providing better security for Palestinians. The main source of Palestinian insecurity is the Israeli occupation, which is supported by the Palestinian security sector.

The main source of Palestinian insecurity is the Israeli occupation, which is supported by the Palestinian security sector.

Moreover, out of the 83,276 security sector personnel, 65,463 receive a salary from the PA and 17,813 are paid by the Hamas de facto government in Gaza, the report shows. The PA, mainly drawing on international aid, pays the salaries of 31,913 security employees in the West Bank and 33,550 personnel in the Gaza Strip.

Not only did the PA spend almost a third of its total 2014 budget on security ($1bn), but 78 percent of it went on salaries, wages, and benefits. Similarly, in the Gaza Strip, 78 percent of the $261m allocated to the security sector in 2014 went on salaries and wages.

As an additional twist to this story, it should be noted that the security personnel paid by the PA are actually banned from working for the Hamas government given the enmity between the PA-ruled West Bank and Hamas-ruled Gaza (although Israel remains the actual occupying power in both parts).

The PA is therefore paying more than $40m each month to keep its security employees in Gaza on a leave of absence. Absentees in the security sector have added some $4.8bn to the PA’s wage bill over the past 10 years. Neither PA officials nor Hamas leaders have addressed this issue; instead, they continue to maintain the political divide that has been so harmful to the Palestinian quest for freedom and equality for the past decade.

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According to the DCAF report, the PA has 232 brigadier-generals and Hamas has 80. In comparison, the US Army has 410 brigadier-generals in total (133 in the Army, 110 in the Navy, 36 in the Marine Corps, and 131 in the Air Force). Surely, even in the best-case scenario of a security sector actually advancing Palestinian security, this skewed proportion of high-ranking and highly compensated officers makes no sense.

The report’s figures are valuable not only because they are rare, but also because they provide evidence for policymakers to assess critically the effectiveness of this flow of aid. The DCAF statistics should be considered in a rethink of policy regarding aid to Palestine if the US is serious about seeing peace in the region.

Such a rethink should not direct less aid to Palestine or abandon the PA security sector. This would increase the already high levels of unemployment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

The task should be to reconfigure the duties of the PA security forces so that they challenge the policy that favours the security of Israelis over that of Palestinians and are more accountable to the Palestinian people they are intended to serve.

Some may argue that redirecting aid in this way will lead to even greater violence between Palestinians and Israelis as well as among Palestinians themselves. It would not if it were underpinned by a real effort to secure a just peace, including an immediate end to the military occupation.

The truth is, military occupation and authoritarian rule can never bring security. A better allocation of aid alongside an investment in a just peace is the path to real and sustainable security.

Dr. Alaa Tartir is the programme director of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, a post-doctoral fellow at The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), and a visiting research fellow at the Centre on Conflict, Development, and Peacebuilding (CCDP),Geneva, Switzerland. 

Follow Alaa Tartir on Twitter: @alaatartir.

Source: Al Jazeera

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

The United States has had three coups if you count the first one as being Jekyll Island in November of 1910. Those first coup plotters met at Jekyll Island and secretly wrote the law that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. All of the bankers who met in secret were Rothschild agents. This included Paul Warburg of the Rothschild dominated Kuhn Loeb bank. Nelson Aldrich who was a Senator married into the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers were created by the Rothschilds as were J P Morgan, the Harrimans and the Bush family. Senator Aldrich was head of the National Monetary Commission created by President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had become President after the Jews had successfully assassinated President McKinley. They previously had assassinated President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was Jewish. But I prefer not to count these earlier assassinations as coups. The remaining members of the Jekyll Island Six were Treasury Department employees. who did what they were told to do.

The first day of those meetings actually occurred in a private railway car on the evening of November 22, 1910. When the Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system in 1913, they took over the country. Not all coups involve tanks in the streets. It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews.

All three of America’s coups involved Israel. I have defined an Israeli as anyone of Jewish descent who is loyal to Israel. There was no state of Israel in 1910 but there was an ongoing criminal enterprise which could be called Judaism Incorporated. Any educated person whose thoughts have not been contaminated by the Jews should view Israel as the enemy of all mankind.

Today I want to focus on the assassination of JFK as we are now facing the 51st anniversary of our President’s murder without being allowed to conduct a criminal investigation. Voltaire said you know who has power because you are not allowed to criticize them. We could rephrase that in today’s world by saying we know who owns the government by determining who has not been arrested for stealing money by the billions.

The following is from a video made by Michael Collins Piper. He has connected all the dots in the Kennedy assassination and tied them to Israel.

Mordecai Vanunu was the original whistleblower. In 1986 he told the world that Israel had nuclear weapons and published photos of the secret Dimona works in the British press. He said Prime Minister Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because the President opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Ben Gurion resigned in protest over JFK’s Israeli policies. Vanunu also wrote a letter in 1997 saying that there was even a link between the assassination of Kennedy and Israel’s launching of the 1967 war.

Michael Collins Piper wrote Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination. Michael Collins Piper in this book argued that the Israelis killed Kennedy. Vanunu endorsed Piper’s book.

The Oliver Stone movie JFK was the kosher version of the assassination. Piper does not dispute that Clay Shaw had connections to the CIA. But the film neglects Shaw’s connections to the heart of the Israeli nuclear program. He was also on the Board of Directors of Permindex, a Swiss assassination bureau. Permindex is  an Israeli front and was not run by the CIA as Oliver Stone had said. A primary shareholder in Permindex was the Banque De Credit International of Geneva, founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, an arms procurer and financier for the Mossad. That bank was used by Meyer Lansky to launder hot money. Permindex was owned by CMC of Rome, which was founded by a Hungarian Jew named George Mandel who had deep connections with Israel and the Mossad. Mandel was the first man to start rumors about Auschwitz being a death camp. The Chairman of the Board at Permindex was Louis Bloomfield, a Canadian Jew and close associate of Edgar Bronfman. He also had long standing connections with the Rothschilds dating back before WW II.

The Stern family funded Clay Shaw’s defense. They can be traced back to the Purple Gang of Detroit. The Stern family owned WDSU radio and TV stations in New Orleans. Prior to JFK’s assassination they ran stories on Lee Harvey Oswald denouncing him as a member the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. They did not tell the people of New Orleans that this an FBI front group. This gave Oswald the cover of being a Leftist while spying on American liberals. The Stern family was heavily invested in the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, which was the source of Israel’s first nuclear bomb. NUMEC also dumped nuclear waste in Pennsylvania.

Piper said Clay Shaw might have had more to do with CIA-Mossad attempts to assassinate Charles De Gaulle than he did with the assassination of President Kennedy.

Ed Asner played Guy Bannister, the private detective, in the movie JFK. Bannister was a good friend of Kent and Phoebe Courtney. Bannister and the Courtneys were active in conservative politics. But the Courtneys did frustrate the work of people on the Right that the Anti-Defamation League did not like. Joe Pesci played David Ferrie in the movie JFK. He was a pilot and a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Bannister, Ferrie and Oswald spied on Leftists in New Orleans. Guy Bannister also was a friend of A. I. Botnick who was the head of the New Orleans ADL office. The Courtneys, Bannister, Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald were actively spying on Leftists in New Orleans for the ADL and Botnick.

The producer of JFK was the Israeli spy Arnon Milchan who sold nuclear triggers to Israel.  A J Weberman, an Israeli citizen, was the first to say that District Attorney Jim Garrison had an unpublished manuscript that charged Israel was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

John King offered Jim Garrison a judgeship to stop his investigation of Clay Shaw. King was a business partner of Bernie Cornfeld whose Investors Overseas Service was a 2.5 billion dollar fraud. It was a subsidiary of Permindex and was linked to Tibor Rosenbaum and the Mossad.

The London Jewish Chronicle denounced President Kennedy’s UN delegation position that displaced Palestinians had the right to return to the land that Israel had illegally taken from them during the 1948 war. The Jewish Chronicle published this in London on November 22, 1963.

Adlai Stevenson, a former Presidential candidate, was the American UN ambassador at the time. Stevenson’s son was also a Senator and opposed Israel’s excesses. He was critical of Israel sinking the USS Liberty in the 1967 war, which killed 34 American sailors.

Lyndon Johnson said he wanted the USS Liberty to sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean even while the Israelis were attacking the ship. LBJ was sleeping with a former Irgun terrorist, Mathilde Krim. Her husband was one of LBJ’s many Jewish advisers.

A JFK researcher once wrote that Piper was on to something in his research linking Israel to the assassination of President. But he said that we had to proceed with caution. Because to be accused of anti-Semitism is about the same as being accused of being a child molester.

Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General in 1963. He gave the American Zionist Council, the predecessor to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), 72 hours to register as a foreign lobby. They formed AIPAC and waited for President Kennedy to be murdered so their legal problems would go away.

Frank Sturgis was an anti-Castro operative who was caught up in the Watergate burglary. He was an Israeli mercenary during the 1948 war. Cuban Intelligence believed Sturgis was in charge of communications for one of the JFK hit teams on November 22, 1963.

Meyer Lansky was key to the establishment of both Las Vegas and the state of Israel. The casinos launder the CIA’s Black Ops money along side Jewish mob money. The real crime boss of Chicago was Meyer Lansky’s partner Hyman Larner. Larner was closely connected with Israel and the Shah of Iran. Lucky Luciano wrote in his biography that his old friend and partner Meyer Lansky took over the mob from him. Sam (Santo) Trafficante of Tampa and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans were both lower level local bosses who were far out ranked by Lansky.

The Bronfman family bought Texas Pacific, an oil company. The Crown family of Chicago who had been part of organized crime bought General Dynamics. The late Sir Edgar Bronfman was given 240 million US dollars a year by organized crime for the right to export heroin from Canada into the US. He was allowed to write this down on his tax returns, which legitimatized his take from the heroin trade. This allowed him to at one time buy 20% of the combined assets of DuPont-Conoco. The Bronfman family has branched out into water privatization through Vivendi, which was exploited of the poor in Third World countries.

Lee Harvey Oswald tested negative for gunshot residue. Piper believes Oswald was in front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository when JFK was killed. There is a photo, which could be of Oswald standing in front of the building. Judyth Vary Baker, a medical researcher, worked with Oswald at the Riley Coffee Company of New Orleans, which was a CIA front run by a retired FBI agent. She was a child prodigy who developed cancer cells in mice that Oswald took to Dr Mary Sherman at LSU to be put in vaccines for Americans. Dr Mary Sherman died under mysterious and to date unsolved circumstances. Ed Haslam wrote a book called Dr Mary’s Monkey about this neglected part of Oswald’s life. Judyth Vary Baker also wrote about her affair with Oswald.

Jack Ruby was connected to two people who were involved in smuggling nuclear triggers to Israel. One was Lawrence Meyers. Piper had corresponded with James Earl Ray. Ray’s brother published a book saying that the Bronfmans and Israel had nothing to do with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. A US intelligent agent helped put the book together.

Piper does not mention that JFK was assassinated on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings to found the Federal Reserve Bank. That meeting on November 22, 1910 could be considered the first Jewish coup. America’s second Jewish coup was of course the JFK assassination. And the third occurred on 9-11-2001 when Israel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions.

There have been many books written that prove JFK was not killed by a lone assassin. But Michael Collins Piper the first to connect all the dots and trace them back to Israel.

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This is the most recent copy of the video of Michael Collins Piper’s JFK lecture. It has been taken down several times from several sites.


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