Trump Doomsday Chabad Lubavitcher – Putin Doomsday Chabad Lubavitcher – John McCain Doomsday Chabad Lubavitchr – so Peace or Doomsday?

Jacob Rothschild: “The current crisis may last much less time than the cold war. At the moment the US has allies among the Russian elites, who are ready to take over the initiative. In this scenario, ordinary people will not notice anything. The course of Russia’s foreign policy will change.” Fort Russ 6 Oct. 2016   


I have previously written about Donald Trump´s origin. But here is another side of that man: As shown by his submission to Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs and his unconditional support for the Zionist state, Israel, Trump clearly shows that he part of the Judaist/Zionist world conspiracy. And even worse: Trump is swamped with Jewish faith/NWO-ideology – his wife, daughter and son-in-law are Jews.

Trump is a Chabad Lubavitcher – and thus Putin´s brother  in this Jewish Doomsday sect the purpose of which is to provoke the fulfilment of the Gog and Magog prophecy (Ezekiel 39-39) in a bloodbath (Wolfgang Eggert). This fits exactly into the pattern of the Pharisaic NWO for establishing a world war

I do have a relationship with Putin,” Trump said in one 2013 interview in Moscow.

This is from The messianic era … The prophet Ezekiel describes a climactic war, the Battle of Gog and Magog, that will occur prior to the arrival of the Moshiach (Messiah). This topic is shrouded in mystery: we are uncertain as to the identity of Gog and Magog, whether Gog and Magog are the names of nations or individuals, whether this battle will be a physical or spiritual battle, and even whether it has already occurred or not. (Smoke screen: In Ezekiel 38:2 Gog is called the prince of the land of Magog and Rosh. In newer Bibles “Rosh” and “from the extreme North” have been omitted to delude us)

According to tradition, the central personality in this war is Moshiach ben Yosef—Moshiach of the tribe of Joseph, who will be killed in the war against Gog and Magog. According to certain sources, Moshiach be Yosef will serve as Moshiach ben David’s viceroy. (ben David is a brilliant General and politician to rule the whole witha na iron sway world after the carnage – a Rothschild? The Chabadniks think,he is the late Rebbe Menahem Schneerson).

This post by Henry Makow shows that Trump is deeply engaged with the Chabad Lubavitch, the rulers of the rulers of the world. AND SO IS JEWISH PUTINThis shows why there is such a sympathy between these 2 Jews (see below) who do not know each other personally.

Converted Jew, Henry Makow 29 Dec. 2015: Right: Donald and his father Fred with Masonic/
Brotherhood of Death hand-over-hand Skull and Bones – it has a long history of use in the Ancient Mystery Religions, in apostate Judaism, in Freemasonry, and in the Occult. The ILLUMINATI elite use it to this day to symbolize key phenomena and mark significant events.

Illuminati credo:
“A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose; he himself IS the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created ONLY to serve the Jews.” Chabad Lubavitch leader, “The Great Rebbe” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Donald Drumpf:”The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me,” said Donald Drumpf. “The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.”[51]  (Excerpts by Donald Trump, the Devil’s Run for the White House

Donald’s father Fred moved in the circle of a corrupt powerful New York political fixer and power broker attorney, Abraham (Bunny) Lindenbaum. Or Bunny moved in Fred C. Drumpf’s circles. They were more than just client and attorney. The two were joined at the hip.

Illuminati i.e. satanist, Jewish power brokers, Bunny Lindenbaum & son Sandy

Bunny Lindenbaum was an orthodox and fanatical Zionist Jew. He was president of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, and the Brooklyn Jewish Center (BJC). The BJC is connected directly to United Synagogue of America, the World Zionist Congress, United Jewish Appeal, National Jewish Welfare Board, and the MOSSAD.

Bunny Lindenbaum, and his son, Sandy Lindenbaum were high priests of the secret ultra orthodox Lubavitch Movement and the Educational Institute Oholei Torah, the Flagship school of Chabad – Lubavitch .

Basically, the Chabad Lubavitch Movement is connected with the Ancient Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaic Universal Noahide Laws of Nimrodic God Baal. The Babylonian Talmudic High Priests of the Order of the Pharisaic sun god worshippers of Baal are known as the Mystical Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch.

Left, Trump’s lawyer, Sandy Lindenbaum

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1943, writing in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Pharisaism became Talmudism ... In other words, the Talmudic Lubavitchers are reborn Pharisees. Many Pharisees belonged to the Jewish occult group, the Satanic “Cabal”.[56]

According to the Chabad Lubavitch radical theology, the non Jew “infidels” must be exterminated, adding “may the name of the wicked rot.” Among them was Jesus of Nazareth.
The Chabad is working with Mossad in intelligence and criminal activities, and a source of extremist ideology to fuel Zionist crimes.

This is from Infrakshun

Today, Chabad a is the largest Jewish religious organization. The vast network of Chabad institutions have placed the movement at the forefront of Jewish communal life today.  A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement says the sect is ZIONIST in its support for Israel.

Donald’s great-grandmother, Katherina Kober, may have been Jewish.
Both of Donald´s parents died at the Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Friedrich Drumpf, Donald’s great-grandfather´s. two sisters are listed as Elisabetha Freund and Syblia Schuster – Jewish names.

Donald Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, which has a large Jewish population.
He went to Kew-Forest School, ditto.  Googling on “attended Kew-Forest” brings up mostly Jewish namesTrump’s father was on the Board of Trustees at Kew-Forest.

Ivana (Donald Trump´swife) is also Jewish, her parents´names being Knavs and Zelineck.  Her first husband was Alfred Winklemeier, a Jewish name.

Mr. Lindenbaum´s clients were major builders and landowners — among them Harry B. Helmsley, Harry Macklowe, Larry A. Silverstein, Jerry I. Speyer, Leonard Litwin, Steven Roth and Donald J. Trump; the Fishers and Tisches and Rudins and Roses. . .
All Jews  – except Trump?

Trump & Putin – both Chabad Lubavitchers

Jewish Telegraph Agency 10 Jan. 2017The Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $11,550 to three Chabad institutions.
The Israeli daily Haaretz also reported that the foundation of the parents of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner gave some $342,500 to Chabad institutions and projects over a 10-year period.

Vladimir Putin has a close relationship with Chabad Lubavitch and its Russian rabbi.

All this Jewish conspiracy is not theory. It is am ominous fact – pointing towards “The end of the World” in an “Armageddon” as described by biblical prophets (Ezekiel 38, 39, Jeremiah 25:29-on, Joel,  Habakkuk etc), Jesus Christ (Luke 21, Matth. 24) – and by historian Wolfgang Eggert – English petition – German video:

It appears from the above that even Neocon John McCain affiliated to Chabad Lubavitch and is playing his allotted provocative role towards WW3. Astounding!!
As I have so often emphasized: This is a Jewish affair: The US side is the provocative thesis – Putin is the Antithesis – both are puppets strampling as and when their mastermind in the London City pulls the strings. And he has long ago been planned to do it (the Albert Pike-William Carr plan).

2 brethren in Chabad Lubavitch = peace. Somehow, both the London City and the Chabadniks have another plan!

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