Bashar al-Assad agrees with Donald Trump on refugees


The Syrian President sees the truth and logic behind Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News, President Bashar al-Assad has declared his agreement with Donald Trump’s views that an open-door refugee policy can necessarily lead to terrorists coming into a country like the United States.

Assad calmly addressed the interviewer and assured him that “definitely” some of the self-styled refugees are in fact terrorists. The Syrian President went on to say the following,

“Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they (present themselves as)peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West”.

When asked to provide a number of terrorists among the refugee population, President Assad said that it is impossible to know because no one declares themselves a terrorist or allows such things to be obviously advertised. However he noted that it only takes a small number of people to commit an atrocity, noting that the 9-11 attacks in the US were pulled off by merely 20 men.

Assad refused to endorse Trump’s policies, saying that it is a matter for American voters. However Assad said that as the President of Syria it is his duty not to allow terrorists to emigrate under any circumstances.

This interview is a clear example of how President Assad is vastly more in touch with reality than many of Donald Trump’s American and European critics.

The fact that Assad remains committed to stopping terrorists escaping Syria in order by emigrating to other countries, demonstrates his commitment to the fundamental principles of respect for the safety of other states, even those which don’t respect the safety and peace of Syria.

This is the same man that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Francois Holland and Angela Merkel want out, only to be replaced either by lawless anarchy, or by a terrorist inclined Jihadi despotism. After hearing Assad’s most recent words, many people ought to hold their heads in utter shame.

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