MAX CUCK: French Presidential Candidate Says Colonization was a “Crime Against Humanity”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Wow I haven’t seen someone cuck like this since Jeb married the maid.



Emmanuel Macron, the centrist French politician who is surging in the polls two months ahead of the presidential election, has been forced to defend himself after criticizing his country’s colonial past.

Macron, 39, was asked to clarify previous comments on colonization during an interview with Algerian television, broadcast on Tuesday night – a sensitive issue in a country that fought a bloody war to earn its independence from France.

“Colonization is a crime. It’s a crime against humanity. It’s truly barbarous and it’s part of a past that we need to confront by apologizing to those against whom we committed these acts,” Macron said.

“At the same time, we must not sweep this past under the rug…There’s a fitting phrase that is said about Algeria: ‘France established human rights in Algeria. It simply forgot to abide by them,’” the politician added.

Nationalist Marine Le Pen, who is polling highest of all presidential candidates, but predicted to lose to Macron if they face off in the second round, said his remarks were tantamount to treason.

“Is there anything more serious when you want to be President of the Republic than to go abroad to accuse the country you want to lead a crime against humanity?” she asked rhetorically during a Q & A with her supporters, posted on Facebook, accusing him of having “contempt for France.”

Firstly – polls are fake. We know the media fakes polls (see: 2016 presidential election).

But look – “colonialism was evil” is the worst meme of all. It is an unsustainable meme.

Colonialism was mostly driven by Christians who wanted to help people by bringing them civilization. And civilization was brought. The problem was that when decolonization happened, the natives were incapable of sustaining civilization, and this led to extreme poverty. And no, I guess living in some jungle eating fruit naked isn’t “poverty,” so technically colonization led to poverty. But it was in fact decolonization that caused the poverty, not the initial act of colonization.

So, I mean, if these people were arguing that colonized people should have been allowed to continue to live without civilization – that would be an acceptable, valid argument, and in hindsight, probably most Nazis would say it’s correct.

But that is not the argument they are making. They are claiming that they can’t do civilization properly because hundreds of years ago they were colonized, which is just utter nonsense.

Some colonies have done very well after decolonization. Particularly those inhabited by yellow Asians.


Hong Kong

Some former colonies didn’t do that well when whites packed their bags.


Colonization was an attempt to bring civilization to the uncivilized. Some places civilization took, some places it did not. What the natives did with it is on them – not us.

It’s like if you give two people a people a beautiful Miyabi Birchwood chef’s knife for Christmas.

One person uses it to cut some lovely lamb cutlets up and cook a beautiful meal, the other uses it to slit the throats of all their family members before slitting their own throat.

In the latter case, who is at fault?

Is it:

  1. The knife’s fault?
  2. Your fault?
  3. The fault of the person you gave the knife to for using it the wrong way?

(Hint: there is an objectively right answer, and it’s one of those three.)

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