Anti-Defamation League Indirectly Admits Trump “Anti-Semitism” Screeching is Purely Political

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2017

Yesterday, we wrote about how this media-hyped Jewish cemetery incident was probably self-inflicted and definitely being used to browbeat President Trump. No actual National Socialist would ever desecrate a symbol of honor like the Swastika by putting it on Jewish sites, nor waste our time and freedom doing something silly like giving Jews ammunition by kicking over some tombstones. But the 501(c)(3) violating anti-Trump opposition party known as the Anti-Defamation League nevertheless succeeded in getting a one sentence verbal concession from Trump.

Since the Daily Stormer published its criticism of the political abuse of some headstones being overturned, the number of international mainstream media stories related to this in just 8 hours has swelled from 36 to approximately 150. Even something called the Jamaica Observer has made a mention of what amounts to petty property vandalism where the motives have not even been established by police. Still, it is coupled with demands for Trump to “take action” across the Judenpresse.

Gas the goyim – End free speech now!

The ADL’s real intention in donning this disguise of an aggrieved minority is not to keep Jews and their property physically safe, but to promulgate the idea that Donald Trump is obliged to violate the US constitution and personally shut down the growing number of news publications and journalists that aren’t afraid to call out Jews when they engage in unethical behavior.

Jewish hostility towards us, the Fourth Estate, is disturbingly anti-American. Here is a textbook example of how they’re trying to utilize this “anti-Semitism” red herring against journalism and President Trump.

Anti-Defamation League:

In light of bomb threats aimed at Jewish institutions, anti-Semitic fliers posted at campuses, the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, and the lashing out at a Jewish reporter by President Trump, anti-Semites are having a field day. Each time a Jewish person or institution is targeted, anti-Semites believe they are winning the battle against what they allege is Jewish domination of the country.

Most recently, anti-Semites alleged that Jews themselves are behind the numerous bomb threats to Jewish institutions as a way to garner sympathy for being a victim and that the Jews are using the cemetery desecration to force President Trump into making a statement about anti-Semitism.

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin wrote on his website, The Daily Stormer on February 21, “When I see these bomb threats, I just assume it is Jews doing it. You see how it fits right into their narrative of victimhood under Trump.”

Writing about the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Erik Striker of The Daily Stormer alleged, “It’s obvious that this isn’t about some 100 year old gravestones being tipped over, this is about bending Trump to the Jewish will through media onslaught.

Other anti-Semites responded to President Trump’s attack on the media and indicated that it was controlled by the Jews. John Friend, an anti-Semite who runs “The Realist Report” website, used the echoes hate symbol to indicate that the media is controlled by Jews. He wrote, “God bless Donald Trump for exposing the filthy, lying (((mainstream mass media))) – it’s about time someone stood up to them!”

Anti-Semites are increasingly emboldened by the current political climate in which anti-Semitism seems to be normalized.

For many years Jews normalized vitriol against white people in the media and in academia, which has culminated in thousands of murders, rapes and assaults against ordinary white folks that don’t even know what’s happening. Jews like Noel Ignatiev and Jesse Benn outright put out calls for violence, and the ADL either stays silent or approves.

White like you goyim, while I’m calling for you to be physically harmed. When I’m calling for your freedom of speech to be stripped though, then we’re two different groups.

Yet, here we are, telling Jews “hey, stop telling people to kill us and then expecting Trump to create an ‘anti-Semitism task force’ to drag us away into the night for thought-crimes.”

According to the latest survey by Pew, Jews are the “best-liked” group in America. At the same time, the FBI records Jews being the victim of more than half of all “religiously motivated hate crimes” – Jews are only 2% of the US population (Muslims are also just 2% and report far fewer hate crimes, although they seem to be trying to ape Jews in manufacturing fake ones more recently). The culprits, of course, are not usually caught.


These numbers don’t add up. I could understand an increase in people attacking the property or verbally insulting Muslims, Asians, even Mexicans, as these groups are visible outsiders. The idea that Jews are targeted for “hate crimes” more than Muslims in the United States, even though Jews are reported to be the most popular ethno-religious group, is frankly absurd.

Someone is lying here. The ADL knows America isn’t 1930s Romania like they want people to think, which is why the germ of what their polemics emphasize revolves around political detractors (Anglin, Duke, myself) when ordering Trump to “tackle anti-Semitism.” This is just another cynical power play.

The more Trump gives them, the more emboldened and demanding they will become. No matter what Trump says or does about “anti-Semitism” over the next four years, the ADL – all of its donors and members – will be financing and supporting his opponent in 2020 regardless of who it is. If he appeases these lobbyists, he gains nothing, but will lose his millions of Alt-Right supporters.

Do the right thing President Trump, tell these liars to sit down and shut up!

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