DOCUMENTARY: Britain’s Hidden Child Abuse – London Orthodox Jewish Community

All these people know how to do is lie. The Talmud allows them to rape kids, oh! but they talk about ‘the Jewish faith’?! Faith in what we should ask? Gold? or Cash? or maybe both?! Who are they trying to fool?!

They control everything in our world, courts, elections, religion, our ways of entertainment, schools, universities, medicine, etc. They ‘judge’ us when we ‘go against the law’, and it is usually because they infiltrate our society and bribe or persuade people to do wrong. But, they can never be judged by non-jews. Why do we continue to let them run our lives? Nothing good was ever accomplished by cowards. The course of humanity needs true patriots, but I guess they have also taken that away from us as well! Haven’t they?! If you are truly against this, before complaining again, take a look at what you are doing to help fight it.  

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