Brainwashing Whites for Racial Destruction

While they promote Whites not to breed, they also promote Third Worlders to come into our lands with big families and babies. This is obviously brainwashing of our race by Big Jew corporate media — no doubt whatsoever any more.

By Phillip Marlowe

When I saw these two magazine covers over at DAILY STORMER and INFO STORMER, I knew I had to run it over here and try my best to explain the situation to fellow Whites. Just look at those two covers for Time and National Geographic above, for crying out loud! Total Jew NWO brainwashing of White people (blacks already hate us no matter what) into committing racial suicide.

Oh yeah, the whole business of White Genocide is absolutely real. The media acts like it’s nothing but “conspiracy theory,” while at the same time openly and obviously brainwashing Whites into going along with it. They’ve been up to this in various subtle and not so subtle ways for decades. This is “the why” you have ANTIFA marxists and crazed White women (right) out demonstrating for open borders, black victimhood, radical feminism and against Trump — Der Fuehrer!

Little do these leftists realize it, but they are actually working as “useful idiots” or foot soldiers to our race’s destruction and the globalist NWO rats behind it all. That’s why you see the media report positively on their street antics, demonstrations and black militancy like “black lives matter.” The media is really on their side, while filthy rich Jews like George Soros, Susan Sandler, Hollywood Jews, et al. financially fund such anti-White, socially destructive organizations. In the end, it’s all a “color revolution” by the stinking Jews to make our lands safe for Jewry.

See below “continue reading” button for more magazine covers that are just as bad as the above. Wake up to these leftist rats in the Jew media!

In fact, subscriptions to Jew rags like Time, Newsweek and New York Times have dropped precipitously in the last decade as more and more regular Whites recognize something is just not right. Even local papers are now losing boatloads of subscribers. It’s both because of the Internet and what they learn while on the Internet. Think about it.

Now comes word the lefty media has been using paid Chinese BOT operations to jackup online hit numbers. New York Times (or JEW York Times) and Washington Post (or Washington COMPOST) websites have to artificially pump up traffic stats to look good for potential advertising. But they have made Alexa numbers for country-based visitations blocked from view. Ironic since China censors web views of these sites for the regular slanty-eyed citizen. Go HERE for more info.

It’s highly embarrassing for richly paid, Armani suit-wearing Jew media punks to realize their mega shekel brainwashing operations are now being ignored by a general public awakening to the lies and bull crap. Good! Heil Hitler mofos.

The leftist media has been brainwashing us Whites for years:

The lefty media has been openly brainwashing the White race for decades now. The young who march in the streets against Trump today are a culmination to a long-running Jewish left-wing”Agenda.” This has all been planned, people.

Here’s a typical recent example of the leftist media protecting blacks using visual trickery. It’s from an Associated Press (AP) report on Ron Lewis, a black Affirmative Action army general caught spending tens of thousands of US taxpayer dollars for lap dances in expensive titty bars. AP feeds are picked up all across the country for readers. For years, lefty editorial people at places like AP make specific decisions to outright censor or obfuscate black criminal behavior from general White understanding. They actually go away for special training on ways to do it. Notes on photo are mine.


I remember years ago seeing a Time magazine cover promoting illegal immigrants with a shot of a brown hand intertwined with a White. Angrily, I called Time magazine to unsubscribe and the phone receptionist punched me through to the blue collar people down in mailing. Totally ridiculous.

The guy downstairs (as I imagined he was) droned on they would merely send out the magazine to me automatically, but that I should simply not renew in a few weeks when my subscription ran out. I eventually told him if I ever saw another copy in my mailbox again I would sue them for political harassment. That got his attention. I never got another.

Around about this time, I came to the conclusion a silent brainwashing campaign was being done to the White race of the West, prepping us for future Jewish Communist/Talmudic control of our lands. Eventually, Christianity will be turned into a bland, “one size fits all” Unitarian form under government control and PC white-washed of any anti-sodomite and anti-Jew biblical references (Jesus said many things they don’t like). God will truly become the Big Jew eye in the sky.

Jesus would at first be relegated to mere prophet, then worship of Him eventually outlawed after they “discovered” manufactured historical materials to turn Him into a pariah. Knowing the long efforts of Jewry to infiltrate the Vatican (now mostly accomplished), I could easily see this happening.

Hatred of Jesus Christ has always been a big, big motive of demonic Jewry.

But first our race needed to be turned into a spat-upon minority so we didn’t have enough power to resist the final, more obvious stages. These dirty Jew rats really had been working towards the day they had global control — or at least of the formerly White part of the planet.

It would be a lot like George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four” only he got the date wrong. Orwell’s firsthand experience with Catholic priest and nun-killing Jewish communists during the Spanish Civil War clued him in to the real evil Jew mindset behind all the BS. His book was indeed a warning to future generations of White people. He even gave the secret antagonist in his book a really Jewish name (Emmanuel Goldstein). Of course, they’ll call you a big racist Nazi boy should you dare point that out.

But Orwell wasn’t the only one who figured out the deal back then. Plenty of others before and since have been warning our race.

No, your regular Jew is not getting secret instructions from Jew headquarters. The point is, they don’t have to.

These naturally subversive creeps merely work across the board to promote “diversity” and social mores that corral our race, while at the same time build up and bring in other races. Us mating with other races will simply destroy us in a mere generation or two. They also promote various forms of immorality that distract us and destroy our family life; all the while making them fabulously rich — so they can live high on the hog without working any manual jobs. Oy vey, what’s not to like?

This is why you have relatively low on the totem pole Jews busy promoting immigration, like that phony cool guy wearing retro ’60’s glasses, immigration attorney and democrap Michael Wildes (right), who they put on FOX news quite often. Funny how FOX does things, huh?

Total Jew boy Wildes represented Melania Trump’s immigration efforts. Jews like this guy get filthy rich working both ends of the “schtick.”

Wildes might at first sound like a conservative supporter of Trump’s immigration policies, but if you pay close attention to exactly what he says on TV, you’ll notice he’s really promoting immigration of more Third Worlders down the road. They call it “pluralistic” and they each know exactly what strings to pull to milk White people’s emotions. These Jew rats are verbally quite clever.

They actually have such Jews like this all over the TV channels spewing liberal BS. Just pay attention!

Actually, Jews all know they have America by the short hairs. Globalist Central Banking (the Federal Reserve); Kosher taxing of our purchases (not on just groceries, either); circumcision of our babies (so Jews won’t be so easily ID’d); control of media, education and many key parts of the US government and foreign affairs. America has long been Zionist Israel and the Jewish people’s big MacDaddy and damned if they are ever going to let that change.

Hell, you can see this in the media all the time — every time you turn around, the media has some new Nazi Hitler documentary or movie! It’s crazy.

Once you get the big plan of where they are taking our countries, everything suddenly makes sense. The Jewish “Agenda” is so diabolical that one may even suspect with plenty of good reason, Satan himself is behind it!

Just stop and think here for a minute: What if I am right? Oh, I know you’re telling yourself, this INCOG freak is a big nutcase. Nothing to see here. But ask yourself: What if he is right? “PC” has perfectly camouflaged these creep’s evil plans — say one thing even about the possibility and all your pals will start screaming “Nazi!” like you’re the big baddie. The Jews have been behind this all from the start.

These evil Jews simply must be stopped. The more they destroy our race, the worse it will get. All you have to do is imagine a country where us Whites are a minority and militant, White-hating blacks are spitting in our faces every minute and us not being able to do one GD thing about it. It’s almost that bad now.

Just imagine it.

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