Shots Fired: Jew Jon Stewart Liebowitz Rolled Out to Call Trump an Anti-Semite

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2017

Of the things in life I am thankful for, one of the top things is that Jon Stewart had retired from the Daily Show by the time Trump declared his run for President.

This Jew could have been a serious problem. He had a whole lot of people who cared about what he said. He started during the Bush administration, and really picked up a lot of credibility voicing criticisms of that particular anti-racist President that resonated with a lot of people.

I think he could have probably figured out a way to attack Trump that would have been very effective. He would have had the type of viral anti-Trump clips that Jon “Current Year” Oliver was scoring during the campaign – ten fold.

So it was by the grace of almighty God that he wasn’t around.

He recently appeared on the Steven Colbert show to denounce Trump – as an anti-Semite.


Jon Stewart isn’t so sure that Donald Trump loves the Jews.

Visiting Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” Monday from his “farm,” the former “Daily Show” host launched into one of his signature monologues, slamming the president for his repeated falsehoods. Stewart called Trump out for lying about the murder rate and the size of his electoral college victory.

But Stewart’s “favorite” Trump falsehood came when the president shut down a Jewish reporter’s question about anti-Semitism. At a press conference earlier this month, Ami magazine’s Jake Turx asked Trump a question about a perceived rise in anti-Semitic acts, whereupon Trump interrupted him, accused him of lying and told him to sit down.

Trump then said, “I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

Stewart’s response? “I don’t think that’s true,” he said in an old-world Yiddish accent, after staring uneasily at the camera and scratching his neck.

“He said that to a guy wearing a yarmulke,” Stewart continued. “Donald, you’re not even the least anti-Semitic person in the clip we showed.”

I told you last week when Haaretz came out and attacked Trump as an anti-Semite that this was signaling a big push by the Jews to use that attack against him.

Then CNN did it.

Now the biggest Jew gun, Jon Stewart has done it.

This, as you know, is their final attack. They will attack you with all of their proxies first – attack you for being anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-faggot, anti-whatever – finally, they will go out as themselves and say “he’s against us – the Jews.”

Overall, it’s a good thing for us, because it allows us to explain why people hate the Jews. And it shows serious desperation on their end. They have nothing left to throw at him.

The best part is: he’s going to respond in kind.

Judea has declared war on Donald Trump. Donald Trump didn’t declare war on Judea. Donald Trump tried to be nice and reasonable with these “people.”

They’ve brought this on themselves.

Trump already called them out for hoaxing the prank calls and graveyard vandalism. Now he needs to get to the bottom of those cases. Particularly the prank calls. It should be easy enough. They are still making these calls. He just needs to make it an FBI priority to figure out who’s doing it – or, I should say (((who’s doing it))).

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