Who is to blame for the Migrant Crisis in Europe? By BISHOP RICHARD WILLIAMSON


“White European males abandon God?
Blacks, Muslims, females, Jews serve as His rod!”

So there is a Global Power behind the on-going flood of non-European immigrants into Europe, and religion is “decisive” in that flood – so said last week’s “Eleison Comments.” Then two questions arise – who or what is that power? And how can religion enter into such a political question?

His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson (pictured)

As to the identity of that Global Power, of whose existence the Hungarian economist was so sure without his ever being willing to identify it, there is easily accessible on the Internet (unless it has been smothered) a fascinating and frightening clip from an interview filmed in 2010, only a few minutes long, in which a Jewess claims that it is the Jews who are leading the multi-cultural transformation of Europe.

Barbara Spectre was born in the USA in 1942, graduated in philosophical studies in the USA, was active as a professional educator from 1967 in Israel, and in1999 emigrated to Sweden to join her husband who was Rabbi there of the Stockholm Synagogue.

If one watches the clip [at the end of this article], it seems evident that nobody is forcing her to reveal who is behind the transformation of Europe now taking place.

Rather she sincerely believes in that transformation and in what the Jews are doing to Europe, because she claims that the immigrant invasion will alone enable Europe to survive.

Here are her own words:

Here is a convincing answer to the question of the identity of the Global Power.

Active at university level for over 30 years in Israel, ardent Zionist and wife of a Rabbi, Barbara Spectre could easily know what Jews were planning for Europe, years before the immigrant invasion of Europe became today’s flood.

And Jewish mastery of all five elements named by the Hungarian economist as being necessary to set up a flood of immigrants makes the identification of his “Global Power” with Jewish power entirely plausible.

But why would Jews want to turn “monolithic” Europe into “multi-culti” Europe? The answer is a driving force that goes far behind and above mere politics.

Ever since the Pharisees and Scribes crucified Our Lord Jesus Christ because he was turning God’s people from theirs by race into His by Catholic faith, they have persecuted His Church for nearly two millennia (read Maurice Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church ).

Still today Jewish leaders believe in their unique God-given gifts and rights to govern the world.

Now the Old Testament did come from God, but it points straight to the New Testament which replaced it, and so the successors of the Pharisees had to twist the Old Testament into the Talmud, which is viciously anti-Christian. Therefore Talmudism is a false religion, but it has given pseudo-religious backing and power to the age-old Pharisaic drive to kill off Christianity.

Now Christ’s Church was born and bred in the Middle East, and spread rapidly all around the Mediterranean Sea, but when the Middle East and North Africa fell to Islam, then the Faith was upheld and spread world-wide mainly by Europeans, of the white race, and divided by Providence into the variety of European nations.

Thus St Francis Xavier in India begged St Ignatius to send to him European priests from Europe to act as missionaries. Hence the quasi-religious hatred of the Pharisees’ successors for the white nations of Europe, and hence the Jews’ “multi-culti” drive to dilute that white race and dissolve the “monolithic” nations of Europe.

Unless these nations turn back to God and His one true Church, His Justice risks allowing that drive to succeed, unless His Mercy interrupts it . . .

Kyrie eleison.

VIDEO (37 seconds)

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Bishop Williamson kills the holocaust religion

The “Holocaust”, or Six Million Jews murdered in German “gas-chambers” as a deliberate policy of extermination of Jews by the Third Reich in the Second World War, is a religion.

…by Jonas E. Alexis & Bishop Williamson

Richard N. Williamson is an English traditionalist Catholic bishop who has been a figure of controversy among the holocaust establishment. Thought police Deborah Lipstadt calls him a “hard-core” denier.[1] On her 2009 blog, Lipstadt declared that Williamson is “the gift that keeps on giving…I would be happy to never hear of him again.” That statement obviously underscores Lipstadt’s overarching goals for those who do not subscribe to the holocaust religion.

When Bishop Williamson questioned the prevailing notion that Jews were gassed in Auschwitz, fire-breathing dragon Abraham Foxman got straight to the point: “Bishop Williamson must unequivocally acknowledge the full extent of the Holocaust and recognise the fact of the existence of the gas chambers.”[2] Bishop Williamson is going to clear some of those issues for us here.

Alexis: Avi Weiss, senior rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, wrote an article in the Washington Post last year entitled, “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church.”[3] Weiss implicitly agrees with Israel Shamir, who writes that “the cult of the Holocaust” is actually “an adaptation of the Jewish spiritual rule for Christian minds, as it replaces Christ with Israel, Golgotha with Auschwitz, and the Resurrection with the creation of the Jewish state.”[4]

Address some of those issues for us here. It seems that people can criticize virtually anything, but the moment a person touches Auschwitz in a critical way, he is somehow an anti-Semite. No one, to my knowledge, has ever called you names for saying that the Sound of Music is a “soul-rotting slush.” Help us here.

Bishop Williamson: Of course the “Holocaust”, or Six Million Jews murdered in German “gas-chambers” as a deliberate policy of extermination of Jews by the Third Reich in the Second World War, is a religion.

Professor Faurisson, professed atheist, has written a whole article to demonstrate how one feature after another of the Catholic religion has its substitute or counterpart in “Holocaustianity”. The Jews are constantly fabricating substitute religions for Christianity, either to pull souls away from Jesus Christ, whom they have continuously hated in his Church ever since they crucified himself, or to let out their own unsatisfied need for their own Messiah.

People search around for explanations of what one might call the Jewish phenomenon, or the phenomenon of the Jews. Few people can rightly understand them, because few people still take seriously the divine Messiah, for whom he made them and formed them, yet who rejected him when he came, and who are deeply and divinely frustrated ever since, a frustration that cannot come to an end until they once more recognise him, and join whatever there will still be of the Catholic Church at world’s end.

As for the label “anti-semite”, as Joseph Sobran said, that does not mean anyone who hates the Jews, but anyone who the Jews hate. My own eyes were opened as to who the Jews are and what they are up to, in theory by the small book of the Argentinian priest, Fr Julio Meinvielle “The Mystery of the Jews in History”, in practice by the Zuendel trials in Canada in the late 1980’s. Hats off to brave lovers and tellers of truth, without any hatred of the Jews or of anybody else, men like Faurisson and Zuendel, even if they are not Catholics (but then the Catholic Church too has been heavily subverted since the Second Vatican Council). Such men have rendered a huge service to poor modern mankind!

Mgr Richard Williamson on gaz chambers

[1] “Denying the deniers: Q & A with Deborah Lipstadt,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, April 19, 2009.

[2] David Harrison, “Downfall of Holocaust-denying bishop,” Telegraph, February 28, 2009.

[3] Avi Weiss, “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church,” Washington Post, January 28, 2015.

[4] Israel Shamir, Cabbala of Power (Charleston, SC: BookSurge, 2007), 92.

Who Is Destroying America?

By Petrus Germanicus
(aka ‘Peter’)


Trump’s anti-Iran bashing and pro-Israel rhetoric is a genuine cause for concern. I am hoping that even with Jews in his family, Trump will begin to recognize that Jewish interests do not coincide with the interests of most Europeans or Euro-Americans. This is because Jews invariably promote policies that are “good for Jews” and bad for everyone else. This has always been the problem.

I hope Trump will come to realize, for example, that his cheerleading for Israel contradicts his policy of “America First”.

Decades ago I saw a book by a German Jewish woman in a bookstore. In those days, before I became desensitized to the anti-German hatred, these things had a greater impact on me. This woman in the book, the female narrator, had married a German who was in the National Socialist party. She’d  had children by him. From browsing through the book, I gathered that her German husband stayed  loyal to her throughout their marriage, even though his wife was Jewish and their children regarded as Jews. The German husband, like most other National Socialists at that time, was of course keenly aware of the so-called “Jewish Question”. And so having a Jewish wife and children must have been a tricky business for him.

In any case, the Jewess writing the book, instead of reciprocating her German husband’s love and loyalty toward her, chose to betray him in print by denouncing him to the world as a “Nazi”. This was what the book was all about: righteous Jewish lady turns and tears her nasty German husband apart for being a “Nazi” — after having being supported by him for several years, treated with exemplary kindness by him, and given children by him.

Instead of gratitude, spouse betrayal. One has to feel sorry for that man. He was probably aware of the profound effect his Jewish wife was having on his children.

If I mention this case here, it’s because we have a parallel situation in Donald Trump. Trump may come to recognize in time the profound effect on his daughter Ivanka of having married a Jew, Jared Kushner, and the psychological effects of being surrounded by Jewish grandchildren.

Will Trump, too, be betrayed by the Jews around him? Will be forced to do what he doesn’t want to do, under Jewish pressure?

—  §  —

As for George Soros, the archetypal Jew, it has been said: “He is trying to create a race war because, all of a sudden in the last 90 days, it’s become possible for the 99 per cent to unite around Donald Trump against the 1 per cent.”

I’m glad a minority noticed that, but it isn’t just Soros and it has been going on for years. 300lb thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin in Florida, and other black criminals have been elevated to sainthood, while whites are portrayed as the evil overlords. Thus, Black Lives Matter makes anti-white racist statements; meanwhile, blacks continue their attacks on whites (and Asians) on the streets.

And who is egging the blacks on? Answer: George Soros and his Jews.

What the tens of millions of anti-whites don’t know, amid all the anti-white Jewish propaganda in the media, is that it was American whites who let them into this country in the first place. Whites didn’t have to do that, but they did — under intense Jewish pressure that had been going on for several decades. This was when America passed the fateful Hart-Cellar act in 1965. After 1965, as a result, non-Whites began to pour into America in ever increasing numbers, with American Jews acting as cheerleaders for multiculturalism.

Letting these minorities into the country so recklessly and foolishly, in such ridiculously large numbers, was not a good idea. It was the dumbest thing America ever did. Why? Because these very same minorities have now become a major problem. They have turned against their White hosts who gave them the hospitality of a new life in a new country. These minorities now attack whites as “racists” and increasingly rape White women in “race revenge”.

They have bitten the hand that fed them.

It’s also worth noting that Soros emigrated from Hungary to the US at the exact time his fellow Hungarian Jews were killing and torturing Hungarians, until the Hungarians rose up against the Jews. Could it happen here? Certainly it could happen, though perhaps not yet.

World Jewry wields enormous power, not just in the US, but in most western countries. Right now, Hungary is the only European nation taking stringent measures to limit the number of illegal immigrants pouring into Europe. They have even gone one step further: they are now granting asylum status to other White Europeans, such as Germans and Swedes, who are fleeing from the multicultural hordes who are taking over their countries and making life increasingly impossible for them.

Watch this 6-minute David Irving clip please. It is not without relevance to the subject we have been discussing. It shows what can happen to a country that lets in large numbers of Jews: complete takeover by Jews.

Hungary, 1956 . . . America, 2056?

VIDEO : 5.55 mins

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