Zionists Celebrate The Death Of Gaza Children


So let’s see if we get this one straight once and for all. These people criticize terrorism and persecution when they are the ones who terrorize and persecute! The only REAL Holocaust was the one they created in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, before that in France during the French Revolution, and later with the Germans and today with Palestine and the entire Middle East and South America with their ‘communist ideologies’.

If they were ever persecuted was because they stand for terror and atrocities, that is their god and that has been their way of life throughout the centuries. They are the ones who should be kicked out of every nation who truly wants peace. Revolting to have to listen to them. Truly revolting! 


VIDEO: Trump Is The Swamp

Only the very blind can believe in Trump and the problem is that is most of the American public does. This shows there null knowledge of history, geopolitics, and most of all, how brainwashing works. 

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