We Good Guys Now: US Air Strikes Support Hezbollah Liberation of Palmyra

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2017

For the first time in more than a century, the US military has been used to advance the interests of non-Jews.

While the Trump government has been publicly antagonizing Iran, in practice US operations in Syria have shifted away from the Obama regime’s focus on overthrowing Assad. The zenith of the previous administration’s despicable objectives came in September 2016, where 60 Syrian soldiers were murdered in a bombing run that flagrantly violated a ceasefire brokered between the US and Russia shortly before. This cowardly act – which may have in fact been a deep state “veto” on a lasting Syrian peace – allowed ISIS to overrun the strategic Deir al-Zor airport at the time.

In what can only be summarized as an affront to world Jewry and its protracted interest in having ISIS roll over its Shi’ite enemies, Trump’s air force has contributed to the Russian-Syrian-Hezbollah liberation of Palmyra.

They are publicly stating that this is not being coordinated, but it isn’t possible for three nations to occupy the same air space without coordination in a non-military scenario, much less in a bombing to ground invasion campaign.

Washington Post:

Syrian government forces recaptured the historic city of Palmyra from the Islamic State on Thursday, aided by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the Russian military and, indirectly, U.S. airstrikes.

The government victory came nearly three months after the Islamic State marched back into the town in a surprise assault that appeared to have taken the Syrian army unawares.

The Syrian army announced in a statement read on state television Thursday evening that its forces were in complete control of Palmyra after a push on the town in recent days that saw Islamic State defenses rapidly collapse.

The militants are on the retreat in multiple locations along their long, jagged front line with a variety of forces in Iraq and Syria, including in the Iraqi city of Mosul and on the outskirts of their self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa.

The offensive to retake Palmyra was supported by the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, whose fighters have been instrumental in securing President Bashar al-Assad’s survival over the past five years. A video that aired on the Hezbollah television station Al-Manar showed Hezbollah fighters camping out in the desolate mountains surrounding Palmyra and advancing on the town through the sandy, stony wilderness.

The U.S. military has denied coordinating strikes directly either with Russia or the Syrian government but has said in the past that it is striking Palmyra to prevent military equipment captured by the Islamic State from being used by the militants in battles elsewhere against U.S.-backed forces.

This is a victory for:

-Lovers and cultivators of history (Roman Ampitheater) ✓

-Civilized people who oppose ISIS ✓

-The reputation of America ✓

-World peace and stability ✓

-Jews x

American weapons have the “habit” of growing legs and walking into the hands of bad dudes, from Mexican drug cartels to ISIS. You see, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of US government guns, artillery and vehicles earmarked by John McCain for “moderate rebels” are like a pair of glasses – easy to lose in the big wide Syrian desert.

Either the American deep state is being overseen by Mr. Bean and Leslie Nielsen, or there’s a lot more going on that they’re not telling us. The Jew spearheaded campaign to keep Steve Bannon off the National Security Council suddenly starts to make sense.

In spite of this, the Trump administration is laudably rectifying the problem by blowing up all the American arms caches in ISIS territory. The Syrian civil war – which has roared on with little progress since 2011 – suddenly looks like it might have a resolution in the coming months.

This may be asking too much from Trump, but I believe a full joint investigation with the Assad government regarding the extent and nature of still opaque US military and intelligence activities in Syria over the past six years is in store when hostilities fully cease.

Jewish Aleppo-warmongers have so far been too quiet about this latest development. One guarantee however is that scores of yarmulke’s from Washington to Tel Aviv are getting their bottoms charred by steaming yiddisher kops right now. All it took was a President who didn’t want their money.

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