The Jewish Sexual Humiliation of Allison Williams

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2017

I am interested in the fact that so many Irish Catholics in the United States shill for the Jews. I have a detached view of this. I am myself a quarter Irish. And some of my favorite people are more Irish than me. However, the pattern is so staggering, that I can’t help but be curious.

What I want to point out is that while the Irish are used by the Jews, the Irish are not benefiting from it, beyond on the superficial material level. They put these Irish out there to mock and humiliate them.

In fact, the willingness of Irish Catholics in America to serve the Jews seems to result in worse treatment of them.

Case-in-point is newsman Brian Williams, who was used to push Jewish fake news and then thrown away like a used condom when he was caught. He was not the one responsible for any of the fake news he was pushing – he was just a handsome goy frontman for Jewish news producers.

Most humiliating is what they have done to Williams’ daughter, Allison.

Allison Williams, a lovely blue-eyed Irish Catholic girl, stars in the Jewish show “Girls” on HBO, created by the filthy Jewess Lena Dunham, where she partakes in sickening sex scenes with Jews.

This is a way to debase and humiliate her, and, by proxy, the entire white race.

Recently, a scene featured her being defiled by the hideous Jew Alex Karpovsky.

Images from the scene are shocking, and they actually seemed to have filmed it to purposefully show the hook of the Jew’s nose in profile, contrasted with her sculpted Aryan profile.

We are reminded of this.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, people on the internet reacted to the sex scene with visceral disgust.

It’s hard to put into words for those not awake to the Jewish problem, but what you have in this sex scene is something akin to the facehugger in Aliens.

Infamously, Allison had analingus (a rimjob) performed on her by the Jew Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

This was the first time analingus had been shown on television.

Bizarrely, she said in an interview – an interview she did alongside her father – that she called her parents to ask them for advice on the scene. Her father said he watched it.


How do you tell your family. Are you like, “Dad, sit this one out”?
No, also because of my wiring, I was like, “Any advice? What do you guys think in terms of what adhesive I should use?” I got some advice from my parents, because they too are veterans of the show, so their thinking has changed as well. I’d get a call from my mom and she’d be like, “Maybe if you took a thong and cut it away from the sides but you stuck it on in the front and the back it could work.” I was like, “Mom, I like your thinking.” Just your regular dinner conversation! We’re changing as a family; it’s lovely. 

Brian Williams
She’s always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it’s acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt. 

Now, the Jews have put her in the bizarre horror film “Get Out” about a black man being persecuted by suburban white racists.

She plays the lover of the Negroid.

Her parents are evil and murderous white racists in the film.

So, in serving the Jews, she has been brutally humiliated, in a sexually degrading way.

The Irishman and servant of the Jews Gavin McInnes was similarly sexually humiliated when his Jewish producer Ezra Levant told him to stick a dildo up his ass on TV.

I want to make it clear that I don’t think the over-representation of Irish in Jew-servant positions is indicative of a problem with the Irish. Indeed, this is an exclusively American issue, and I think it clearly stems from the Irish having the position of “outsider” due to Catholicism. As it were, Italians are also greatly overrepresented in these public Jew-servant positions.

On the whole, this speaks to the way Jews exploit any existing group dynamics which may present a conflict and use that to turn people against one another. The protestant-Catholic divide is an obvious conflict, which, in order to create a functioning nation, must be dealt with delicately with a cultural mind towards integrating the two groups, with the ultimate end of melding them, or at least reducing differences, generation by generation.

Instead, Jews take the fact that someone is different and exploit that to get people in the society to go to war against themselves.

Both Irish and Italians can and have integrated anywhere where they was an active attempt to do so. Mainly this happened where there was not a Catholic community, and so they converted. That is ideal.

I remember talking to my own grandmother about her own full-blooded Irish mother, and saying “well, she would have been raised Catholic then, no?” She replied “no, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been…” This response indicated that she viewed the idea as offensive and anti-social, given that it would have went against the cultural norms of our Southern Ohio zeitgeist.

The lesson here is that Irish are not benefiting from this continued role as outsider. I have given the example here of Brian Williams and his daughter, but there are many more such examples. For instance, Catholic girls appear to be overrepresented in pornography (there hasn’t been a study on that that I can find, but I’ve watched several of these documentaries about the porn industry and in them most of the girls talked about their Catholic upbringing).

More importantly, their entire society – American society – is being destroyed. They are not benefiting from a destroyed society. They also have to live here, and despite this opposition role, they are regular white people who are no more comfortable in this Jewish hell than Anglos or Germans.

There are probably a lot more Ireland Irish reading this than American Irish, so I want to point out that this has nothing at all to do with Ireland, and is exclusively an issue involving Irish-Americans. As I say, it is not an issue of the people themselves, but an issue of a lack of full assimilation, which has led to a loophole for the Jews to exploit in recruiting Catholics to serve as their footsoldiers.

Meanwhile, in Swedisota…

The Irish and Italians are not the only white ethnic group in America where one can see a behavior pattern that is harmful. Minnesota, which has remained basically 100% Scandinavian, has engaged in a social program mirroring that of their homeland, bringing in tens of thousands of Somalians.

This also speaks to the need for us to bury these cultural “roots” in foreign ethnic mindsets, and create a genuine Americanism with a genuine American race. The concept of the “proposition nation” has held us back from making this happen.

Rome went through an almost identical process, due to the exact same thing: multiple white ethnicities existing in the same geographical area, under the same government.

I was happy with my DNA results, as it showed that I am not some kind of specific European ethnicity, but a mix of European ethnicities – something which can only be called “American.”

Though it is interesting to think about roots, ultimately, America should be working to become a real nation, where the people have a homogeneous identity.

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