Shakedown: Jews Demand $50 Million from Goy to Protect Themselves Against (((Goy)))

Diversity Macht Frei
March 8, 2017

Normally in a protection racket, the extorting party threatens someone then offers them protection (for payment) against the threat they themselves made. The Jews have now raised this to a new level. First, they threaten themselves then get someone else to pay them for protecting themselves against themselves. In a way, you have to admire Jewish ingenuity.

We can now see that the wave of threats against Jewish community centres was, in reality, a fund-raising scam. None of these threats have been acted on. Some of the stories about vandalised graveyards have already fallen apart. When the police investigated one incident, they found that a gravestone the Jews said had been vandalised had actually fallen down due to neglect and old age.

The media has been happy to run with these scam stories and the Jews are now demanding $50 million of taxpayer cash to fund security for themselves and Muslims.

The Orthodox Union is backing a bipartisan letter circulating in the Senate that calls for doubling security funding for non-profits, citing threats to both Jewish and Muslim institutions.

“At a time when children being evacuated from daycare centers in response to repeated bomb threats and mosques are deliberately being set on fire, we must ensure that all organizations that face these threats have the support they need,” says the letter to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly authored by Sens. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

“It is simply unacceptable to not act.” It proposes more than doubling the amount allotted the Non-Profit Security Grant Program from $20 million to $50 million.


In Britain, it has been shown that these taxpayer-funded security guards at Jewish institutions then become a source of increased “hate incident” reports. Of course they have to justify their own existence. In turn, the increase in “hate incident” reports leads to calls for more funding for Jewish security. It is a perfect, self-perpetuating scam.

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