A Call for Action on Memorial Day – sinking an unarmed American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty.

A Call for Action on Memorial Day

On the eighth of June, 1967, in a vicious and cowardly act of war, the state of Israel attempted to sink an unarmed American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty. The two-hour attack occurred in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea at the height of the Six-Day War.

Israel’s intention – by way of deception – was to kill all the sailors on the Liberty, sink the vessel, and claim that Egypt – Israel’s principle enemy in the war – committed the carnage. The outrage would enrage the American public, who though already embroiled in the disastrous Vietnam conflict, would demand that we join our friend and ally, Israel, in their great struggle for a free and prosperous (and ever expanding) Jewish Republic.

The Israeli government planned and carried out their bloodbath with great chutzpah. Fighter jets armed with rockets and machine guns ripped much of the Liberty to pieces. A torpedo boat tore a 40-foot hole through her hull. Napalm dropped on her deck from the sky, frying sailors alive like burnt offerings. In all, thirty-four men were murdered and one hundred seventy-three injured, many severely.

When then President Lyndon B. Johnson and his Secretary of Defense, Robert H. McNamara, got word of the attack – which was still in progress – they took the side of the Israelis, ordering that the US navy fighter planes that were on their way to help the Liberty be called back.

Yet, despite the best efforts of the Israeli military, and despite collusion at the highest levels of the United States government, both with the attack itself, and the subsequent cover-up, the Liberty, miraculously, did not sink, and many of the sailors survived.

On Memorial Day, while we remember the valiant men who fought, killed, and died in American wars. We should also ask why we entered those wars and “police actions,” (particularly those of the present century and the last century) and what as a people have we gained from all that bloodshed and destruction. Freedom? Liberty?

And a related question: why do so few Americans, even those who were already adults in 1967, know about the attack on the Liberty?

On this Memorial Day – Monday, May 30th – tell your friends, family, and neighbors at gatherings about the horror that befell the USS Liberty at the hands of the Israelis, and about the traitors in our government who did their best to hide the attack from the American people.

Use social media, post on comment sections, call radio talk shows-internet and terrestrial, local and syndicated-who will have live hosts on Monday.

Make this Memorial Day the day that the truth about the USS Liberty becomes well-known to America and the world.

Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty Revisited

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