Cha-Ching: Evangelical Rubes Raise $100,000 for Jews Who Despise Them

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2017

Which way, Christian Man?

Since the Department of Homeland Security was founded, Synagogues and Jews-only racially-segregated recreation centers have been able to fleece $110 million dollars in free money from the American taxpayer. On top of that, a number of Congressmen are pressuring General John F. Kelly’s DHS to give Jewish groups another $50 million dollars to “protect them” from calling in bomb threats on themselves.

But apparently, that isn’t enough. A group of Cross-Cucks in one of the nation’s poorest states has raised $100,000 dollars, not to feed the hungry or help the elderly, but to hand it over to the richest and most powerful ethnic group in America for no reason.

This new hustle of scrawling phony swastikas and kicking over your own tombstones has become a more lucrative 21st century version of “Jewish Lightning.”


A group of high-profile evangelical Christian ministries in Birmingham has announced a plan to raise $100,000 toward security upgrades at the Levite Jewish Community Center, which has been the target of four bomb threats this year.

“We want to help in any way we can,” Scott Dawson, founder of Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, told today. “It just seems like the right thing to do. I think we can raise $100,000. I’m trying to get pastors to take up an offering to help them.”

Dawson said leaders of the Jewish community expect the cost of security upgrades to be as much as $1 million and are hoping for support from the community.

Apparently, a large proportion of the children at this Alabama Jewish school are not Jewish. This stinks of yet another racket, since I’m sure the “Levite Jewish Community Center” charges a hefty tuition. If you live in a major city with a real Jewish Schul, call them up and ask them if you could register your non-Jewish child, the person on the line will do everything in their power to ensure you know you and your child aren’t welcome.

When you do it to them, it is the purest form of evil. However, it’s okay for them to do it to you, because of the trillions who were gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler. If that logic doesn’t make sense to you, you have to go to prison. 

At Levite JCC, it’s hard to think they teach the Evangelical children what Jews really believe about Jesus, since that would mean a lesson on how the Messiah of Christianity was a failed magician who is boiling in excrement in hell. This is a scheme to swindle money from stupid Goyim in exchange for brainwashing kids to grow up and become the next Rick Wilson.

A hundred million Evangelicals could die in battle fighting Palestinians (including the Christian ones) for Zion, and Jews will still mock and disenfranchise them all along the way. The only two issues Christian churches tell their members to fight for are abortion and gay marriage, and – as former Vice President Joe Biden proudly stated – Jews are 100% behind the legalization of both.

Jews hate, but respect Muslims, because Muslims fight back. Jews hate and disrespect Christians, because when Satan’s con artists put their boots on their neck, they fall to their knees and turn out their pockets to give $100,000 from the collection plate.

 Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

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