NWO update – Benjamin Fulford March 13, 2017. World Freemason Gathering to appoint World Leadership

Benjamin Fulford March 13, 2017

Obama´s Attorney General and Soros Affiliated: Go for Riots, Blood and Death in the Streets. George Soros openly Smashing the US and Europe

Obama is organizing chaos in the USA to oust Trump. Behind him is George Soros´”Purple Revolution” as I have previously written. Of course, Soros is Rothschild´s agent – and his task is to split the US in a civil war.

New York Post 11 Febr. 2017  When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy,”it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.


 Brussels wants to return 1 million immigrants (propaganda) for of course, this can not be   because of the unilateral EU human rights, which only slightly apply to native Europeans – but all about immigrants.  Furthermore, several EU commissioners have clearly stated that they want this immigration EU / NATO ships even operating in the Mediterranean Sea as ferry boats for millions of migrants to Europe, as I have shown.  George Soros´ immigration plan   is openly to punish the EU, especially Germany, because Germany did not want to be  the paymaster of a fiscal EU for Rothschild loans / interest rates in southern Europe

Katholisches  9 March 2017:  Brussels would do well to declare that not only the criminal organizations are to be combated, but also George Soros  politically motivated charity  and his  galaxy od do-gooders.

It is  a galaxy, which has from the philanthropes of the 1980s, just on past 20. Sept. received the assurance of further investments worth 500 million dollars (I described this).   to promote “the arrival of the migrants”– investment designed to undermine the European migration policy and jeopardize the sovereignty of Italy and other EU countries.

AIMMIGRAZIONE: FIRENZE; RILASCIATI 60 PERMESSI TEMPORANEINSAmed Febr. 6, 2015: The main objective of the IPRIT project (regular migratory routes in Italy) is the sponsorship of informed and deliberate immigration, as well as effective cooperation in the management of human flows from countries boasting of having sent over half a million migrants to Italy, such as from Tunisia and Morocco. The initiative is financed by the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

The first to see this was the head of Frontex, 1 Fabrice Leggeri, who recently criticized the tendency to help the migrants “ever closer to the Libyan coasts”. Leggeri said that such behavior encourages smugglers and migrants to use “unsuitable boats which are not highly seaworthy and are equipped with ever smaller water and fuel reserves”.

The words of Leggeris are an explicit indictment of the relief efforts financed by Soros in the Mediterranean.

Behind the operations are of ships with large tonnage.
Sea Eye, a Federal German federal organization that operates a larger vessel of 26 meters in length and a smaller rescue vessel, declares that all future European plans for the transfer of migrants into  camps in Libya and Tunisia will be combated.

An article published on the website of the Maltese organization Moas by a journalist, who was a guest on the ship, Topaz Responder, describes the course of an operation with all the illegal tricks. The article reports the inclusion of 650 migrants “on the night of the 21st to the 22nd November 20 kilometers off the Libyan coast”, which were then brought to Italy, not respecting the sovereign Libyan  22km zone.

Anyone who still will not see the great Coudenhove Kalergi racial Mixing Plan repeated by Nicolas Sarkozy – but is blabbering  “conspiracy theory” is an accomplice of the downfall of Europe.

Russian Oligarch Rybolovlev Saved Trump Financially. Courier of the Tsar Putin to President Trump?

As I have already described, the King of Jews, Vladimir Putin, is surrounding himself with many Jewish oligarchs. And Dmitri Rybovlovlev is no. 119 on Forbes´ list of the world´s richest Jews (see Eastern Europe).  Bloomberg View lists Rybolovlev as Russia´s 9. richest man and writes that THESE MEN ARE PUTIN´S HOSTAGES.

The Daily Mail 11 March 2017: Now, for the first time, material is emerging that is quite different from the distasteful and unproven suggestions of seedy sex sessions in Russian hotels, the so-called ‘Kompromat’, or compromising material allegedly held by Russian secret services.
Close scrutiny of The Donald’s business history now suggests that if there is a real concern about Russian connections, it may instead lie in hard financial facts and figures.

During the 2008 financial crisis,  some areas such as Miami fared better and that’s where Trump had a significant asset – the Maison de l’Amitié, for which the records show he had paid $41 million (£32 million) four years earlier. In the summer of2016, bulldozers have then levelled lÁmitié with the ground!!

It was widely reported that Wall Street had stopped lending to Trump and now the charismatic property developer was embroiled in legal action against Deutsche Bank, one of the few international banks that would do business with him.
Trump owed it £32.5 million.

Then, a buyer turned up for his Florida mansion in the shape of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, a 41-year-old former cardiologist who had secured the rights to Russia’s vast potash fertiliser reserves after the collapse of the Soviet Union – and sold them in 2011.
Rybolovlev, whose formerly state-owned company Uralkali accounted for 30% of the world’s fertiliser sales, is fabulously wealthy.

Russian Jewish Oligarch Rybolovlev and his daughter

Trump had already slashed the asking price by nearly a quarter. Having already expressed an interest two years earlier, Rybolovlev was agreeing to pay Trump $95 million (£48 million) for the house in June 2008, according to US property records.

This was viewed as a surprisingly high price in a crashing market – and the most that had ever been paid for a single house in America

For Trump, it was a potentially life-saving cash injection that let him stave off Deutsche Bank and avoid having to dump his very best New York buildings –Trump Tower and 40 Wall Street – at firesale prices.

Rybolovlev could well afford the loss. Since disposing of Uralkali, he has i.a. bought Monaco Football Club, yachts, private jets and trophy houses around the globe –including an £18 million mansion in Hawaii
Rybolovlev also – reportedly – bought 9.7 per cent of the Bank of Cyprus for £190 million, becoming its largest single investor – where Trump´s Secr. of Trade, Wilbur Ross was co-chair.

Did Dmitry Rybolovlev’s ties to Donald Trump end with the rescue –deliberate or fortuitous – of the Trump property empire in 2008?

The oligarch has a private Airbus A319 whose registration M-KATE  allows it to be tracked online.
M-KATE is normally based in Moscow or Switzerland, but made numerous flights all over the US from August 2016 through November 2016, the peak season for last year’s presidential campaign – right at the moment when American intelligence agencies believe Moscow was supposedly hijacking the election on Trump’s behalf (No proof).
According to flight logs from respected plane logging sites FlightRadar24 and PlaneFinder, as well as photos of planes on the ground during the campaign, M-KATE showed up at the very same cities, and the very same (otherwise unremarkable) airports where Trump happened to be – Charlotte, North Carolina, Concord, North Carolina, Las Vegas and Miami.

Indeed, early last month – on Friday, February 10 – M-KATE flew from Switzerland to Miami, where the President was due to party with hedge fund mogul Stephen Schwarzman. Why would Rybolovlev’s plane scurry back and forth from Moscow to odd destinations such as Charlotte and Concord, or to Las Vegas, New York and Miami, precisely when Trump and his team were in the neighbourhood? Was Rybolovlev some sort of Putin emissary, a go-between for Trump and Moscow?
The flights remain a genuine enigma; there are no eyewitness reports that the two men actually met or indeed of who was on the plane. It is not unknown for jets to be chartered out.
A White House spokesman denied contact between the two men.’
Rybolovlev’s New York spokesman Brian Cattell denied the widespread speculation about the Russian oligarch’s Florida property dealings. Mr Rybolovlev has never met Donald Trump.’
The president´s son Donald Trump Jr told a Manhattan real estate conference in 2008: ‘Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.’

No one knows, apparently, but Mr. Rybolovlev is an old business partner of Trump´s – and it is very unlikely theat the 2 men never met, considering the absurd real estate deal in 2008.

Acc. to Bloomberg, Rybolovlev is one of Putin´s oligarch Jews, enriching themselves and Putin at the cost of the Russians.

The behaviour of Rybolovlev´s airbus during the election campaign is very peculiar.

In that case all the better, in my opinion. I find it reassuring that the 2 mightiest men of the world are in dialogue with each other. For as long as they talk they do not shoot at each other.





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