UN Reports that Israel is Apartheid State, Jews Furious

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2017

How does it feel to be called racist, Jews?

Mixed feelings here, fam.

Criticizing Jews for not being liberal enough seems like just another version of “dems are the real racists,” which is a horrible talking point.

It sure is funny though.

New York Times:

A United Nations commission said in a report on Wednesday that Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians, a politically explosive assertion that led to furious denunciations by Israel and the United States.

They actually have special sidewalks for brown people, lol.

The secretary general of the United Nations quickly disassociated himself from the report, which seemed bound to aggravate the already tense relationship between the world body and the Trump administration.

It also could provide momentum to advocates of an international movement to boycott Israel. Just over a week ago, Israel’s Parliament passed a law barring entry to foreigners who have publicly supported that movement, known as B.D.S. — boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Wow, you know, that’s a great policy. Ban entry to anyone who ever criticized your country? I think we could implement something like this.

But more generally, this criticism of Jews from a liberal standpoint is still to our advantage. Leftists who hate Jews are a lot easier to convert to our side than cuckservatives.

Before becoming a nationalist, I hated Jews because they were “racist” and “hateful” people. But then, as I realized that they were behind the push for “diversity” and anti-racism, the pure hypocrisy of it helped me rethink some of my liberal preconceptions.

Apartheid, the institutionalized oppression once practiced against the black majority in South Africa during white-minority rule, has been used increasingly by critics of the Israeli government to describe its policies toward the Palestinians in territories occupied or controlled by Israel.

Israelis, including many of those who disagree with those policies, find the term deeply offensive, describing it as a false and inflammatory analogy aimed at isolating and delegitimizing their country.

They’re deeply offended that people are noticing they’re doing the same thing they demonized the Boers for doing.

This is supposed to be a “refugee camp.” We might want to model our own camps after this.

Of course, the Jews are treating the Palestinians far more cruelly than the Boers ever did the Blacks. After all, Blacks from all over Africa swarmed to South Africa to enjoy the higher living standard there. No one is trying to get into the Palestinian camps.

Whatever the case, even the left is starting to get fed up with these Jews.

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