Donald Trump Ignores Evil German Dictator’s Request for a Handshake

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2017

Donald Trump looked like a man waiting for his wife to finish shopping in his meeting with the head of the Iron Croc Shoe (the totalitarian Jew deferring childless catladies who run Northern and Central Europe). The defeat of one of their own in the 2016 German election has left them shaken, yet conversely, desperate to qualify themselves to the alpha male Donald Trump.

I praise President Trump’s great patience. Seeing as he is a man with German ancestry, he was able to maintain his composure when forced to be in the presence of a genocidal maniac who is ruthlessly oppressing her own people in order to satisfy the Jewish exterminationist prescriptions of the (((Morgenthau Plan))) and Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish! 

The same Kikes who cheered for Justin “Cuckboi” Trudeau’s passive-aggressive handshake with Trump are now shrieking about this.

Huffington Post:

President Donald Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday made history ― only for all the wrong reasons.

In their first joint appearance, Trump chose to sit silently alongside Merkel, ignoring a reporter’s suggestion that they shake hands.

Trump eclipsed that uneasy moment later in the afternoon when they held a joint press conference. Trump joked that he and Merkel “have something in common,” since former President Barack Obama allegedly wiretapped both of them. Merkel could barely conceal her bemusement.

It is not hard to see why Trump and Merkel’s meeting was uncomfortable. As a candidate, Trump lambasted Merkel for welcoming refugees, and he is now hoping to reduce the U.S.’ trade deficit with Germany.

Compare this to Barack Obama’s personal relationship with Hagela Merkel. Whenever these two got together, it looked just like a German female sex-tourist just reunited with her Kenyan boy-toy.

Aside from violating the human rights of Germans, the Merkel dictatorship is willfully housing scores of ISIS terrorists. A state acting as a domicile for terror groups was the justification given for invading Afghanistan, the United States should at the very least apply an economic embargo on Germany while supporting anti-Merkel rebels. If that doesn’t work, then preparing a military option should begin now.

If you think a war with Germany today would be as catastrophic as the two World Wars, you’d be wrong. The Iron Croc Shoe may look relentless, but it has one major weakness: a man touching them.

Getting the Pentagon and military R&D to train an elite unit of handsome muscle men to pretend to flirt with the 57 year old stone faced feminist high command would devastate their government and allow our tanks to roll right in unopposed. Here is German Defense Minister Ursula van der Leyen with Hugh Jackman as a test case.

From shoulder pad wearing bulldyke:

To feinting damsel:

The Daily Stormer Editorial Board reiterates its call to President Trump to economically strangle the illegitimate and brutal German state, and begin providing armored vehicles and surface to air missiles to its local nationalist opposition.

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