Did ZOG Leak “Wiretaps” of Trump to Jew US Media?

What’s this chubby Jewess ho got to do with wiretapping, you might ask? Well, besides the chance to run my rude photoshop once again, Billy Bob Clinton warned her that talking to him over the phone might be listened in on by REDACTED, but labeled “Country A” by Kenneth Starr and buried in a report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal that cost American taxpayers over 20 million dollars. People in the know say “Country A” was Israel. Read “Gideon’s Spies” by Gordon Thomas or STFU.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Guess what? The American National Security Agency (NSA) provides raw telephonic digital data to an electronic spy ops in Israel called “Unit 8200.” In fact, most of the equipment we use is sold to us by Israeli telecommunication companies outside Tel Aviv in Herzliya. They surely don’t give it away to us — are you kidding me? This gives them the power to eavesdrop on every single one of us Americans. They’ve been doing this for years as part of the “war on terror” but really even before 9/11 in a lesser capacity, mostly at the trunk level and routers collecting dialed phone numbers.

No, it’s not “wiretapping” as you might imagine it. Wiretapping implies shadowy operators attaching devices covertly to individual targets, perhaps in the basement or up in a cherry picker where the wire goes to a telephone pole. This is from the ANALOG days. FAKE NEWS wants us to picture it that way, so we ridicule Trump about him tweeting about “wiretapping.” Things haven’t been done like this in over 20 years.

Everyone talks on the phone. But did you know every conversation goes to giant server farms inside incredibly huge monolithic black buildings the NSA has in Texas and Utah? Artificial Intelligence programs monitor our conversations for certain key words like “plastics,” “explosives,” “ricin,” “polonium” and probably thousands more. They also have bots looking for specific technical terms, which “graze” at will across vast stored voice data going to or from certain countries. Just like in movie spy thrillers, they can also type names/numbers/what-have-you into a far away laptop computer screen while inside a black SUV to target individual people immediately.

Funny how they fully expect you to believe one thing and then turn around and ridicule the very same crap. Read on, fools.

Yep, all the crazy BS you see in the movies or TV is reality. It is indeed infuriating how these lousy hypocrites act all sarcastic about what Trump said, when they know this crap is totally real. Notice how they always use words like “unsubstantiated,” “unproven” and “claims” every single time they preface reports on Trump’s tweets where he said Trump Tower was “wiretapped” by Obama.

This is a common brainwashing tactic to constantly pound it into the brains of us hoi polloi so it’s ingrained in those of us with no critical thinking skills (the majority unfortunately). They know what Trump said is dangerous thinking for the masses. It also allows these media elitists to get sarcastic about Trump being a “conspiracy theory” president and tie it in with the never-ending diversity/racism BS because they can bring up the Obongo birth certificate controversy and once again accuse Trump of dissing the poor little Negroes.

The news media are the real liars and manipulators. Believe me, I know how it works.

Plus, the lying media knows Obama has resorted many times to phone surveillance on various people, including a big dust-up with Angela Merkel that forced Obama to apologize. Funny how the lefty US media has forgotten all about that event, or only alluded to it in brief, casual ways like it wasn’t all that interesting (since he’s a peep of color, Obongo is the left’s big lover boy). Well, at least until Trump brought it up alongside of Merkel in today’s (3/17) news conference. Now they got to talk about it. Effin’ hilarious.

This after FOX’s Judge Andrew Napolitano reported last night he heard from three solid sources that British Secret Intelligence (GCHQ) transcribed phone conversations from Trump Tower. This exposure caused outrage from Prime Minister Theresa May, current top Cuck for the Jews in Britain. Napolitano’s report is very believable since Obongo boy already used British GCHQ people to tap Merkel. The media knows this.

To legally listen in on a US Citizen on US soil (but not overseas), they are supposed to have a FISA judge click an “Approved” button on a computer screen somewhere (I’m told these judges are in various locations at all hours); authorizing DOJ agents on a case-by-case basis to listen directly in real time to conversations and/or transcribe them (the judges don’t really read much details on the case). As it is, very few FISA requests are ever denied.

But here’s the thing: Britain and Israel will eavesdrop in on US citizens on US soil without any FISA authorization and then collude with US ZOG compadres. This is how they bypass the system. The media will not report that, but the bastards know of it. Believe me. I can’t really talk about how I know that particular angle, but it’s true.

It’s even possible, maybe even probable, they have Israeli citizens in the IDF or MOSSAD doing monitoring work at NSA facilities right now to give them an “out” legally. If anyone says something, they can be called anti-Semitic. The traitors fully use PC to the max.

It’s known they already have Israeli IDF officers working daily at the Pentagon. They walk around like they own the place (maybe they do?). For real. Ask around and you’ll find out that’s true. Do it quietly or expect your friend getting reprimanded or worse.

Every time you see a TV person (anchor/reporter/whatever) making jokes about Trump’s wiretapping claims, you’re looking at a giant hypocrite bastard. All these “talking heads” know exactly what’s really going on, but also know what not to talk about. In fact, they are told specifically not to talk about US and Israel electronic intelligence capability, or risk being fired immediately, with ZERO severance packages and no hope of getting a career furthering job elsewhere.

It’s so bad the hypocrisy, I want to scream at the TV, but simply sooth myself by imagining the day when all these traitor rats are wearing orange prison jump suits and cleaning out the johns at newly-built concentration camps.

I was laughingly joking the other day with a technician on the phone when I said something about a foreign country (not Israel) which I quickly knew I should not have. It was something trivial (it was kind of funny), but I can’t repeat it here because they could cross reference. And I can guess with reasonable certainty, the conversation was flagged by AI, put into a que for a real human operator to later review the digitized clip. Hopefully, he discarded it as nothing, but then again I don’t really know.

Now it sounds like I’m paranoid to say they might “cross reference” my wordage over the phone with what I write here. But trust me, they can and I’m not at all being paranoid. Those Artificial Intelligence programs are extremely powerful and can create a connection web or “cloud” with just a few variables typed or linked in, just to profile my cute little White tushie.

That being said, I’m reasonably sure they already know who I am. Fortunately, my “extremist” rhetoric is perfectly legal (for now). That could change overnight. I realize that.

Getting back to Israel. I have heard various things “on the down low” that have led me to fully conclude US Jewish “journalists” have constant contact with fellow Jewish Israeli intelligence assets and governmental authorities.* Imagine the BS for them to act like it’s so terrible that Trump appointees had stupid little glad-handing meetings with Russian ambassadors in Capitol Hill offices. Total hypocrites.

Now you might go “well, they are probably right-winger Likkud-niks who are probably all for Trump.” Just think about that for a minute. Here’s our media going haywire about Russians and Putin, but not a word about right-winger Jews in Israel. Get the BS?

But Jews love to pass on secret knowledge like they are big 007 agents for the Jewish cause. Except for Motherland Israel State Secrets, politics and ideologies have nothing to do with it. It gives them woodies just being “the Jew in the know” — especially among fellow Jews, or some hot little media babe they might get to nail. Fooling the Goyim at the same time gives such Jew boys that special Jew thrill. Screwing with Putin and making him look like the baddie is another big motive. Jews across the board hate Putin, big time. Putin is always a fair target.

In fact, there could be a Jew (US or Israeli, same thing) someplace right now laughing his pimply Jew boy ass off about his thumb drive hand off to that Wikileaks associate guy in a Washington, DC park causing all kinds of media ruckus to this day. Just think about the non-stop gibbering spewing back and forth in the lefty media — because they just can’t stand the fact Hillary lost to rude boy Trump.

The DNC server mail and Podesta’s email releases were the work of one publicly unknown and still free source, but Wikileaks has vehemently said time and again that it wasn’t supposed Russian actors like Guccifer 2.0 — who might only be a fatboy troublemaker hacker (of which they are many) — and they know exactly who this guy or gal was and where he or she works in America. Notice how the media conveniently forgets to tell us that. The media doesn’t really know if the Russians did it, contrary to what the lefty Hillary-loving media wants you to think.

Thinking that’s BS means you’re a giant, blubbering idiot. Hell, you’re just the kind of idiot Jews love screwing over.

And another thing, there’s plenty of Jews in Israeli government service who are leftys and also want to see White lands (America and Europe) flooded with non-White immigration, so they are against Trump for his populist immigration talk. Hell, there’s plenty of such backstabbing lefty Jews working at the NSA and the CIA right at this moment (the real “DEEP STATE”).

Hell, one of the creeps might even be reading this sentence at the same time you are.

Actually, it could even be a Bibi Netanyahu-approved Zionist Israel MOSSAD operation. These lousy Jews certainly have surveilled Trump to get enough dirt on him for use later on — just in case Trump gets any big truly patriotic ideas about Israel (let’s hope he does) and perhaps cutting down on the moolah they suck out of fooled America by the minute. Jews always try to get ammunition in advance of having to use it. The punks have been doing this for time immemorial. Think about it.

The worse thing all this reveals is that Trump may be something of a “TITULAR” head and doesn’t even know it. Not that I’ve become a big lefty or anything.

In fact, the skinheads calling the US government “ZOG” is indeed more or less correct. When I first realized that back during the last decade of the last century (for real), my head swam. About the only thing I would change is “OCCUPIED” to “OWNED” since “occupied” implies force and these little faggot punks are totally weak physically so they have to resort to financial and career control (for now). Remember that.

These dirty Deep State Jews most definitely have America by the short hairs. Noooo doubt about it. Israel is truly “the whore of Babylon.”

*Whenever you see CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (a supposed liberal Jew who used to work for Zionist AIPAC) talk to Elise Labot (French Jewish ancestry) about something, you’re looking at the propaganda arm of the “Nation State” of International Jewry in action.

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