‘Israeli apartheid’ report – Palestinians bestow highest award on UN official who resigned. Truth first!

Palestinians bestow highest award on UN official who resigned in ‘Israeli apartheid’ report scandal

Palestinians bestow highest award on UN official who resigned in ‘Israeli apartheid’ report scandal
The UN official who resigned this week over the Israeli “apartheid regime” report has been awarded the highest Palestinian honor. Tel Aviv immediately slammed the move as an act of diplomatic war, saying its an “outrageous” decision to honor the former UN official for her “libel”.

President Mahmoud Abbas had personally called Rima Khalaf, the former chief of Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) to notify her about receiving the Palestine Medal of the Highest Honor in recognition of her “courage and support” for the Palestinian people, Wafa news reported.

الرئيس يهاتف الدكتورة ريما خلف ويقرر تقليدها أعلى وسام فلسطيني تقديرا لشجاعتها

The series of events began when UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres asked ESCWA to take down the report, which was published on the ESCWA website Wednesday. Khalaf was forced to resign her post after she refused to comply with Guterres’ request to take down the controversial study which accused Israel of being guilty of “policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid” against the Palestinian people.

On Friday, the UN affiliate removed the document from its website.

As she resigned Khalaf, told reporters that she still stands by the research, calling it, the “first of its kind” from a UN agency that sheds light on the alleged Israeli “war crimes.”

Announcing the award for her uncompromised principles on Saturday, Abbas’ office stressed that the Palestinian people “appreciate her humanitarian and national position.”

Israeli officials and public figures welcomed Khalaf resignation, with the Israeli UN ambassador calling it long overdue. Supporters of the Palestinian cause viewed her resignation as a tragedy.

“We … extend our deep appreciation to Dr. Rima Khalaf whose resignation from her post as UN ESCWA Executive Secretary should have never been accepted by UN Secretary-General Guterres,” the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization said, according to Wafa.

“We will continue to remain grateful to Dr. Khalaf for assuming a principled and courageous stand on behalf of the people of Palestine,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority condemned the erasing of the report from the UN agency’s website.

“The Palestinian government denounced the removal of the report, which accused Israel of apartheid, emphasizing Israel’s continuous imposition of the apartheid regime upon the Palestinians in the occupied territories,” spokesperson Tareq Rishmawi said on Sunday.

Pres Abbas’s decision to give the highest honor to Rima Khalaf, the former UN official who issued a fake report about Israel, is outrageous.

Angered by the news of the award, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, tweeted that honoring Khalaf for her “libelous and false” ESCWA report was an act of “diplomatic war on Israel.”

This is yet another proof that Abbas not only supports extremist elements but that he also wages a diplomatic war on Israel.

“Pres Abbas’s decision to give the highest honor to Rima Khalaf, the former UN official who issued a fake report about Israel, is outrageous,” Gendelman said. “This is yet another proof that Abbas not only supports extremist elements but that he also wages a diplomatic war on Israel.”

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The innocent imprisoned. Movement restricted. Trade suffocated. Homes demolished. Human rights abuses are rife in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

We do not take a position on issues of statehood.

We stand with those demanding that all sides respect human rights, and that perpetrators of human rights abuses are brought to justice.

Jews Force Top UN Figure to Resign After Release of Israeli Apartheid Report

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

A Jordanian UN diplomat who oversaw a committee on race relations in Israel found that it practiced Apartheid against native Palestinians. She’s now being forced to resign.

Enlightenment figures in France and Britain believed that the reason Jews had lived in Europe so long without integration was lack of the franchise and citizenry. Two-Hundred years later we now know that holding Jews up to the same standards as everyone else is like garlic to a vampire, and the second you pull those cloves back, they come at you with the fury of 10,000 hells.

Yes, it’s a double-standard, but what do you expect from history’s double-dealers? To that, the Jews respond, “what are you going to do about it?”

The Hill:

A United Nations diplomat stepped down Friday after refusing to withdraw a report accusing Israel of practicing apartheid against Palestinians, reported.

Jordanian diplomat Rima Khalaf, who headed the U.N.’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, said U.N. Secretary General António Guterres urged her to retract her commission’s report after it sparked outrage in Israel and the U.S., according to The New York Times.

Khalaf stood by the report despite the pressure.

The United Nations is known for being “liberal,” it is a bastion of globalization that pushes every Jew agenda possible – albeit not as efficiently as private plutocrats do. With that said, the United Nations must maintain its fraudulent image of being a world forum for grievances, or else everyone will just pull out and it loses its moral authority. Israel – which is a rogue state that flaunts international law all the time – is obviously one of the most common complaints. Symbolic resolutions are passed, but unlike UN attacks on Iran, Serbia or Russia, there aren’t any meaningful consequences or attempts to bring any Jewish war criminals to justice.

As for the Apartheid resolution, how could supporters of Israel even deny that? What do you call a nation that segregates schools by race, practices racial eugenics against Ethiopian “Jews” who they use for manual labor and cannon fodder, and is the only nation I know of that has miscegenation laws, even backing vigilantes on the street to go out and enforce them?

Gee, that sounds a lot like what Steven Stealberg presents the “Nazis” and Southerners as doing. The German and redneck villains in Hollywood films are not based on any real historical precedent, it’s nothing but Jews projecting what they do when they physically outnumber Gentiles.

For centuries, Jews were able to cling to a moral high ground. Many otherwise intelligent people even believed them when they would talk about human rights and the equality of man. Today, after the founding of Israel, the whole world knows they are duplicitous sociopaths who use the language of peace and empathy to advance war and sadism. That is the one gift from Zionism.

Yet here the Jew stands, above the masses of people on both the Left and the Right closing in on him. The only thing standing in between the Jew and the people is the circle of plutocrats sending the folk off in the other direction.

They were able to get a powerful diplomat to resign, but how much more can this genitally mutilated Satanic power weather?

Europeans ‘would revive gas chambers if they weren’t ashamed’ – Erdogan

Europeans ‘would revive gas chambers if they weren't ashamed’ – Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again compared Europe with the Nazis saying that they “would revive gas chambers” if they weren’t ashamed. He also fired a personal broadside at Angela Merkel, accusing her of “Nazi practices.”

Europe’s “masquerade ball” is over, Erdogan said at yet another demonstration in Istanbul on Sunday, where he rallied support for a ‘Yes’ vote in Turkey’s upcoming constitutional referendum.

Saying the “struggle” against his country has reached a new level, Erdogan slammed European nations, particularly Germany and the Netherlands, for their “Nazi regulations” as they revealed “the hatred they have accumulated for years against our country, our nation or even against all Muslims on TV screens and newspaper headlines every day.”

Erdogan then dropped the hammer, “If they weren’t ashamed, they would revive the gas chambers,” he added as quoted by the Hurriyet Daily News.

The Turkish president then turned his sights on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “When we call them Nazis they [European politicians] get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity. Especially Merkel,” Erdogan said as cited by AFP.

“Merkel. She backs [the Netherlands] too. You too are practicing Nazi practices. To whom? To my Turkish brothers and sisters in Germany,” the Turkish leader also said as quoted by the AP.

He used an informal form of “you” in Turkish.

Erdogan declared that the current policy of a number of European states is based on fear of Turkey’s power. “They [European states] do not have the urge to hide their intentions and cannot hide the discomfort they feel from Turkey, which is growing stronger,” Erdogan said, as cited by Reuters.

Turkey summons German ambassador over Kurds’ rally

The comments come as the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador to express Ankara’s anger over a Kurdish rally held in Frankfurt on Saturday. The Turkish president’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin also called Germany’s actions “a worst example of double standards.”

“The German ambassador was invited, summoned, to the Foreign Ministry and this [rally] was condemned in the strongest way,” he said as reported by Deutsche Welle.

The spokesperson added that the “scandalous” event in Frankfurt shows that European countries are in fact actively campaigning against Turkey’s constitutional reform.

“It is unacceptable to see the symbols and slogans of the [outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party] PKK [at a rally in Frankfurt] while Turkish ministers and politicians are barred from meeting with their fellow citizens,” Kalin told in an interview to CNN Turk.

Around 30,000 Kurdish supporters took to the streets in Frankfurt on Saturday to denounce the Turkish president and the upcoming referendum which seeks to expand his presidential powers.

Scheduled for April 16, the plebiscite proposes amendments to the constitution that will make Erdogan the sole executive head of state, with the authority to choose his own cabinet ministers, enact laws, call elections, and declare states of emergency.

Turkish officials have been seeking meetings with Turks living in Europe ahead of the referendum hoping to get the support of the strong diaspora — in Germany alone, there are 1.5 million people with Turkish citizenship. But these plans did not go down well with the European authorities.

In early March, Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag pulled out of a scheduled visit to Germany, after a small town in German south-western region of Baden-Wurttemberg denied him the chance to address his countrymen.

The city of Cologne canceled a similar event, where Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci was due to speak. Ankara also summoned the German ambassador at that time.

Pro-referendum rallies were also canceled in Austria and Switzerland, while the Netherlands barred a plane carrying Turkey’s Foreign Minister from landing ahead of an event in Rotterdam. This provoked an angry reaction in Turkey, who accused the EU of “selective democracy and xenophobia.”

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Israeli minister threatens to destroy Syrian air defenses

Israeli minister threatens to destroy Syrian air defenses
The Israeli defense minister threatened to destroy Syrian air defenses after they shot at Israeli warplanes, which violated Syrian airspace and bombed targets on Syrian soil.

“Next time, if the Syrian aerial defense apparatus acts against our planes, we will destroy it,” Avigdor Lieberman told Israeli Public Radio on Sunday. “We won’t hesitate. Israel’s security is above everything else; there will be no compromise.”

He was referring to the Friday morning raid of the Israeli Air Force, the latest of several reported over the past few years, in which Israel claimed it targeted weapons bound for the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah. Israel says it has to protect itself from advanced weapons which the militants try to obtain from the Syrian government.

Syria shot surface-to-air S-200 missiles at the Israeli planes as they were flying back from the night mission. Damascus claims it shot down one of the planes, while Israel denies it.

The Israeli media said one of the Syrian missiles was intercepted by Israel’s Arrow air defense system. It was the first time Israel officials have confirmed combat use of the advanced anti-missiles, which are originally meant to intercept heavy long-range ballistic missiles.

The Israeli military is investigating whether the decision to fire Arrow interceptors against the Syrian anti-aircraft missiles was justified, according to Haaretz.

The former prime minister and defense minister, Ehud Barak, said Saturday that the involvement of the system forced Israel to acknowledge cross-border military activity.

“It could be that with more thorough thought, it wasn’t worth firing,” Barak said at a community lecture in Be’er Sheva.

“We have usually tended to reserve what would be called ‘room for denial’ for Syrian President [Bashar] Assad,” he added.

While Israeli acknowledgment of an intervention in Syria is rare, it is not unprecedented. Last April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed for the first time that an attack on dozens of Hezbollah targets in Syria was indeed conducted by Israeli warplanes, as speculated by the media.

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