Jewish Telegraph Agency Apologizes for Falsely Reporting that Eric Trump’s Wife is Jewish

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2017

Well, this is a relief.


Is Lara Trump, the pregnant wife of Eric Trump, Jewish?

The answer, it turns out, is no.

Though media outlets (including JTA) widely reported that she is Jewish, she is in fact not a Jew, a White House Press Office representative confirmed to JTA on Tuesday. The representative declined to give her name.

Following a Monday announcement by the couple that they were expecting a baby boy, it seems Jewish media outlets went into a bit of a baby frenzy.

The false impression that Lara Yunaska Trump, a former personal trainer and producer for CBS’s “Inside Edition,” is Jewish seems to trace back to a 2014 article in the New York Post that said the couple wed under “a crystal-embellished chuppa” (with Jewish brother-in-law Jared Kushner officiating). It’s not clear what Jared did, or whether canopy was, in fact, inspired by Jewish custom, but following the publication of that article, Jewish media outlets (along with some anti-Semitic ones) referred to her as Jewish., a website that traces the ancestry of celebrities, debunked the claim in July — reporting Lara instead to be of Slovak, English, German, remote Swiss-German and Dutch heritage — but that didn’t put the rumor to rest.

At JTA, we should have checked before running with the unsubstantiated information.

I never thought she was Jewish to begin with. There was only one link, but shills spammed it everywhere.

Not at all surprised to see that the Jews themselves put this out as disinformation.

At this point, anyone who is talking about Donald Trump being a part of a Jewish conspiracy is of a Somalian-tier intellect, or suffering from paranoid delusions. Or both.

By the way, I want to salute all of the people who were saying that way back when who have swallowed their pride and gotten on the victory train.

Everyone had doubts at some point. But those doubts are gone now. Trump is the real deal, 100%. A man of the people. He is fighting for us. We see him out there, every day, fighting for us.

Jews will say anyone is Jewish to confuse nationalists. Before I posted my DNA, people accused me of it. It’s a low-level type of strategy, but it isn’t intuitive for a lot of people to understand.

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