$596 billion budget, 800 plus bases. The massive US military machine summed up in this Infograph

The US military machine and its global presence in charts.

Trump’s budget for 2018, proposes cutting lots of stuff, from the EPA to the NEA and even small cuts at NASA.  One of the few departments that will not see any cuts was the US Department of Defense.

In 2015, Politico estimated that there are 800 U.S. bases abroad. The cots to maintain this massive military global footprint runs up to $100 billion annually.

The Visual Capitalist has summed up the huge US military machine the Infograph and accompanying charts below…


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If the proposed budget ultimately passes in Congress, the DoD would be allocated an extra $54 billion in federal funding – a 10% increase that would be one of the largest one-year defense budget increases in American History.

To put the proposed increase in context, the United States already spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined. Meanwhile, the additional $54 billion is about the size of the United Kingdom’s entire defense budget.

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Internationally, there are under 200,000 troops that are stationed in 177 countries. Here are the top 20 countries they are stationed in…

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WikiLeaks has released an email exchange between employees of Stratfor, the US-based global intelligence company, which reveals Israel and Russia made a deal to swap access codes for defense and surveillance equipment.

According to the leaked document, Israel gave Russia the “data link codes” for unmanned aerial vehicles that the Jewish state sold to Georgia, and in return, Russia gave Israel the codes for Tor-M1 missile defense systems that Russia sold Iran

In a document by a Stratfor employee dated February 2009 she says that she had met with a “Mexican source/friend” who told her that Israel and Russia had contracted a deal several years ago as part of which Israel provided Russia with codes of UAVs it had sold to Georgia. In exchange Moscow provided the Israelis with the codes for Iran’s Tor-M1 aerial defense systems.

The document suggests that the deal was signed before the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008 during which Russian forces invaded Georgia. At the time it was reported that Georgia was using Israel-made weapons.

It can also be understood from the document that the Georgians had at one point realized that their UAVs were compromised and were looking for a replacement for the Israeli made drones.

The Mexican source also addressed the S-300 aerial defense systems which Israel and the West have spent years trying to dissuade Russia from handing over to Tehran. The source said that Israel and Turkey were collaborating very closely in regards to the system and that since Russia sold them to Greece – Turkey’s longtime rival – Ankara has been busy trying to crack their codes.

He added that Ankara shared intelligence with Israel to make sure it has an edge over Iran should it get the systems from Russia.

There are a number of issues here.  First of all, Stratfor is by our estimation a “sockpuppet” organization which like Israel’s DEBKA, puts out fake news mixed with open source intelligence as a disinformation operation closely aligned with InfoWars, Breitbart and Fox News.  We have just conjugated the world “fake.”

The Georgia UAV story is itself outlandish.  Israel’s Elbit UAV’s at the time, and I got to play with these, were hobby shop material at best.  The Georgia gambit by Israel in 2008 was made possible when George Tenet left the CIA in 2004.  Tenet, whose background on the Middle East proved poor at best, did have the top guy on Georgia and the region with him, Paul Joyal.  I had a chance to review the war and its outcome with Tenet and Joyal, then private citizens, whose version of events is frightfully different than the one WikiLeaks refers to.

You see, and we are only guessing such as we do from time to time, when an outfit like Stratfor needs to get information or better expressed “disinformation” into the mainstream, and knowing Stratfor is not a “big deal,” the only way they do could that is to get themselves “hacked” by Wikileaks, who can use the phony persecution narrative of Assange hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy to sell their otherwise shopworn wares.

What is amazing is that an petty outfit like Stratfor is able to reprocess crap disinformation from almost a decade ago into current events through WikiLeaks. Even more amazing isn’t that Stratfor is being burned by Israel again as an asset but that Israel is also burning WikiLeaks as an asset too.

Attempt II

The next story from YNet is even odder: (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4196367,00.html)  Please note that this story is from 2012 and predates the 5+1 agreement of 2015.

WikiLeaks: Israel destroyed nuclear facilities in Iran
Anti-secrecy group releases email by US-based global security firm linked to CIA, citing Israeli intelligence source who claims Israelis destroyed all Iranian nuclear infrastructure on ground weeks ago
Israeli commando forces destroyed, with the help of Kurdish rebels, all of Iran‘s nuclear infrastructure on ground, an email by a US-based global security analysis company released by WikiLeaks on Monday claims.