Israel HAS Killed Americans From The Crew Of The USS LIBERTY To Rachel Corrie!”

(1:06:25) Israel HAS Killed Americans From The Crew Of The USS LIBERTY To Rachel Corrie!”

Rachel’s Life & Legacy

Inspired by Rachel’s passion, we support grassroots efforts for peace and justice globally.


Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on 16 March 2003, while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.



Symbols Of Rachel Corrie’s Murder
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Rachel Corrie Trial In Israel

Please visit this page for developments in the ongoing civil trial in Israel regarding Rachel’s killing.


Rachel’s Emails from Palestine

In this section, we’ve posted Rachel Corrie’s emails and journals from Rafah, as well as journals and other writing, and dated them the day they were written. You can find them below by date. Rachel Corrie was killed while defending a Palestinian family’s home from an illegal demolition by an Israeli military bulldozer. Since then, her words about peace, justice and human dignity have echoed in theaters and public readings around the globe in numerous formats.

Rachel’s emails, sent home during her time in Rafah, and selected other writings are available to the public and public readings are encouraged.

Fifth Grade Press Conference on World Hunger

By Rachel Corrie, aged 10 (1990)

I’m here for other children.
I’m here because I care.
I’m here because children everywhere are suffering and because forty thousand people die each day from hunger.
I’m here because those people are mostly children.
We have got to understand that the poor are all around us and we are ignoring them.
We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable.
We have got to understand that people in third world countries think and care and smile and cry just like us.
We have got to understand that they dream our dreams and we dream theirs.
We have got to understand that they are us. We are them.
My dream is to stop hunger by the year 2000.
My dream is to give the poor a chance.
My dream is to save the 40,000 people who die each day.
My dream can and will come true if we all look into the future and see the light that shines there.
If we ignore hunger, that light will go out.
If we all help and work together, it will grow and burn free with the potential of tomorrow.

January 2003


Loss of Liberty: The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

THE USS Liberty was a United States Navy Technical Research and Intelligence ship that was attacked by numerous Israeli Air Force jet aircraft and Israeli Navy torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, which was during the Israeli “Six-Day War.” The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (officers, seamen, Marines, and one civilian) and wounded 170 crew members as the Israeli forces did their best to sink the ship.

At the time, the ship was in protected international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, which was about 26 miles northwest of the Egyptian city, El Arish.

Both the Israeli and the U.S. governments conducted inquiries and issued reports that concluded that the attack was a “mistake” due to Israeli “confusion about the identity” of the ship, despite the fact that the Liberty was the one and only ship of its kind in the world at the time.

Destroyed USS LibertyU.S. diplomats and intelligence officials continue to dispute the “official findings,” saying the Israeli attack on the Liberty was not a mistake. It remains the only maritime incident in U.S. history in which U.S. military forces were killed and which was never investigated by the U.S. Congress.

Over the years, there have been numerous documentaries produced on this incident, but Loss of Liberty was one of the very first to be made, and because of that has interviews with more of the actual survivors of the Israeli attack than any other documentary to date.

* * *

Source: West Virginia radio man

The USS Liberty: Every American Needs to Know

Despite what Donald Trump and all other kosher puppets say, Israel is not our greatest ally and never has been.

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