#Hoaxgate: Israeli Authorities Didn’t Want to Investigate Bomb Hoax Calls

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

In cultivating the second biggest hoax in history, organized Jewry made sure a question about the “JCC Bomb Threats” and “alarming rates of anti-Semitism” would get to Sean Spicer or Donald Trump almost every day.

Trump’s balls were so busted, he even made a special mention of it during his first speech to Congress – as if anyone in America cared about someone making crank calls to Jews. The White House press pool was barely distinguishable from the patrons at a Brooklyn Chinese food joint on Christmas, even as everyday Americans had real issues they wanted to know about.

Now suddenly, the press has totally lost interest.

Don’t they want the President’s comment on the huge breakthrough in what was hyped-up as an organized anti-Semitic conspiracy that required greater political speech restrictions and more tax payer money for Jews? Don’t they want him extradited? Were there accomplices? What was his motive?

Instead, the “Fourth Estate” is not touching this with a ten foot pole.

It’s quickly becoming clear why.


The Jewish Israeli-American arrested this week on suspicion of making a host of bomb threats on Jewish institutions worldwide has been making such cyberattacks for two years, but only recently was his capture given high priority, according to police sources.

The sources attributed the turnabout to pressure from United States President Donald Trump. A few weeks ago, after Trump announced that the FBI would do everything in its power to catch the perpetrator, the agency sent 12 investigators from its cybercrime unit to Israel to assist the Israeli investigation.

The 19-year-old was arrested in the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Thursday by cybercrimes unit of the Israel Police, seizing computers and other items investigators say helped the suspect evade detection.

The police have not yet heard the teen’s story, as he is maintaining his right to remain silent. Police sources said he has so far refused to talk about anything except the fact that he is sick. Police also haven’t yet succeeded in breaking into his computers, but expect to accomplish this in the next few days.

We can gauge two things from this report. Number one, the state entity representing Jewry on the world stage apparently wasn’t taking this as seriously as Jews in America were pretending it was, which goes to show that this was nothing but a political circus all along. The fact that Donald Trump had to send 12 FBI agents to go and pressure the Israelis to investigate is a big deal, because it reveals a tactical complicity by Zion at the very least.

They knew the culprit was in Israel, and did nothing because of the large amounts of moral clout Zionist fifth columns like the Anti-Defamation League were getting out of this hoax. This case gave them an excuse to trot out the bald-faced “Holocaust survivor” sociopaths to tell their bogus anti-German campfire stories, to push the US government to give them more money for their recreational facilities and to gaslight the goyim by invoking guilt for supporting Donald Trump.

Millions of dollars were raised by Gentile dupes and ass-kissers to help “protect” Jews from bomb threats they were making themselves. They’re not going to get their money back.

And number two, it shows that a lot of people knew the bomb threats were coming from Israel for a long time, yet Jews and their mastiffs in the press kept pretending the culprits were me, Andrew Anglin, weev and Donald Trump. This is a textbook anti-white blood libel, a microscopic version of the science fiction cult of Holocaustology.

This is just what we can prove from the trickles of information being leaked in Jew for Jew media. It’s not hard to piece together the probability that the accused, Michael Kaydar, was working as part of an organized group with the full knowledge – perhaps even support – of the Israeli government.

In fact, it’s hard to believe any other explanation. Which is why Trump must push to have this Jew extradited and tried in the United States.

It doesn’t matter that the mainstream media is trying to make this disappear. The Goyim already know.


Why Do People Still Deny The Holocaust?

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