Trump pushed FBI to nab Israeli-American threatening to bomb Jewish centers in America


With a brief introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: I received an extremely important email from my friend Lobro yesterday and I am publishing it exactly as he wrote it, without any additions or subtractions. What is it all about? It is about the Jewish attempt to whip up anti-Semitism — a favorite Jewish pastime, it would seem.  If there are no threats to kill Jews or bomb synagogues coming from the goyim, especially from hate-crazed Islamofascist Muslims, then Jews must step forward from the shadows and threaten to carry out horrendous acts of terrorism against their fellow Jews. That’s the game.

As we all know by now, the number of Jews caught vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and scrawling swastikas on walls is growing by the day. This is the best and most efficient way, it seems, to give the impression that the entire world is ganging up against Jews and planning a second Holocaust: by getting Jews themselves to issue the death threats and, if necessary, attack and kill other Jews.

So here we have in Israel a young man who has been caught doing just that.

He has been doing it over the internet, issuing cyber threats from Israel against Jewish centers in America. Hundreds of threats over the last two years.

President Trump has been accused of not doing enough to stop the rising tide of anti-Semitism in America. Meanwhile Jewish organizations in America have been complaining non-stop about anti-Semitism, which has led to the banning of hundreds of revisionist books on Amazon, not to mention a huge increase in funding for Jewish synagogues, schools and community centers so as to turn them into fortresses. Lots of security guards for Jews, it would appear, all at the expense of the gentile tax payer.

For two years, we learn, no one knew where all these cyber threats against Jews were coming from. It was suspected they were coming from Israel but not necessarily from a Jew. It could be an Arab. Anyway, since Trump was being accused of being “anti-Semitic” and doing nothing to “protect” Jews, what he did was this:  he sent a delegation of FBI investigators to Israel with the instruction: “Catch the sonofabitch who is doing this!”

The Israelis had done nothing for two years to catch this guy. They were either too incompetent  or they weren’t too keen on catching him. Maybe they weren’t too keen on catching him for two reasons: (a) because he was doing a darn good job stirring up anti-Semitism and that’s exactly what Jews want, a thriving atmosphere of anti-Semitism in which they can go on playing the ‘Antisemitic Card’ and claiming victim status; (b) because of the possibility that the cyber terrorist should turn out to be a Jew — which of course would be a source of huge embarrassment to them.

OK, so the FBI investigators fly into Ben Gurion airport and start hunting for the sonofabitch who is causing all these problems. And guess what? They catch him in two weeks. And — surprise, surprise! — he turns out to be a JEW!

The Israelis? They experience a holocaust of six million blushes. Caught with their pants down.

President Trump, congratulations! You done it, sir! And now the plot thickens as damage control sets in…

Several new facts emerge.

First, the cyber terrorist is allegedly in his teens. Maybe he’s 19, going on 20. We don’t know how old he is for sure because we haven’t seen his passport or checked his birth certificate. We have to accept Israel’s word for it that the terrorist is a “teenager”, because Israelis don’t lie. We all know that. The fact that this guy is allegedly in his teens is obviously a mitigating circumstance.

Shucks, he’s too young to know what’s he’s doing!

Hey, he’s just a kid, so stop being so nasty and calling him a “terrorist”! He’s just a vulnerable Holocaust survivor whose grandparents — or was it his great grandparents? — died at Auschwitz, so please don’t be “anti-Semitic” and start accusing this poor mentally disturbed youngster of terrorism. Show some consideration, OK?

Yep, so that’s the next step in damage control.

The youngster  has “mental issues”, we are told. He is not responsible for his actions. There is even talk of a “brain tumor”. I guess a thousand Israeli psychiatrists are ready to sign documents certifying that the young man, who was smart enough to play cat-and-mouse games on his computer with top US security experts, is a schizophrenic who hears voices. Or maybe he’s suffering from Asperges syndrome, which gives him diminished responsibility. The young man refuses to speak or answer questions. The Israelis refuse to name him or offer a photograph. They are bending over backwards to protect him and make out he’s a victim of circumstance, a boy with mental problems who deserves our deepest sympathies.

Meanwhile, Trump has vindicated himself by getting the FBI to nab this evil sonofabitch — who is tugging at the world’s heartstrings by making out he has a brain tumor or is off his rocker.

Extradite him to America for trial? Yes, there’s talk of that. I bet he gets off lightly. Anyone who dares to suggest that he be treated like a common criminal and put behind bars for a long time will be stigmatized as an “anti-Semite”.

It’s the same old story — plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Here is Lobro’s email. Most of it consists of an article from  Haaretz. Lobro had to take out a month’s subscription to the Israeli newspaper to get this article, so we owe Lobro a big hug and three cheers! [LD]

. . . by LOBRO

Mockup of an Israeli cyber terrorist wearing a mask, threatening to attack synagogues, Jewish schools and community centers in America. In the background, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The youth from Ashkelon has been making similar threats for the past two years, but only after the FBI sent investigators to Israel was an arrest made.

This is so important that I subscribed to Haaretz (1 month) in order to access it, copying the whole article

The Jewish Israeli-American arrested this week on suspicion of making a host of bomb threats on Jewish institutions worldwide has been making such cyberattacks for two years, but only recently was his capture given high priority, according to police sources.

The sources attributed the turnabout to pressure from United States President Donald Trump. A few weeks ago, after Trump announced that the FBI would do everything in its power to catch the perpetrator, the agency sent 12 investigators from its cybercrime unit to Israel to assist the Israeli investigation.

The 19-year-old was arrested in the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Thursday by cybercrimes unit of the Israel Police, seizing computers and other items investigators say helped the suspect evade detection.

The police have not yet heard the teen’s story, as he is maintaining his right to remain silent. Police sources said he has so far refused to talk about anything except the fact that he is sick. Police also haven’t yet succeeded in breaking into his computers, but expect to accomplish this in the next few days.

What they have managed to determine, the sources said, is the teen’s modus operandi. After calling in one of his bomb threats he would watch the media to see what effect the threat had. If he saw that a threat was getting media attention, he would make more threats in the same location.

Altogether, the teen has made hundreds of threats that the public never heard about, police said. When they got no media attention, he stopped making threats in those places. In contrast, the bomb threats to Jewish institutions in the U.S. in recent months received especially prominent coverage, not just in America but worldwide, so he began focusing his threats on those institutions.

It’s not clear whether the teen had any accomplices. Police said he isn’t enrolled in or active on any social media network under his own name, though it is possible he was using an alias. The teen’s father has also been arrested, on suspicion that he knew what his son was doing but kept quiet. The father is a computer expert, who would have known very well what the specialized equipment in his son’s room was for, police said.

As yet, there has been no U.S. extradition request, but police said that if one is received, they believe Israel will accede. They also speculated that commercial companies hurt by the teen’s threats might file civil lawsuits against him.

Police plan to question the teen’s mother in the next few days, but are waiting for her to obtain relevant medical documentation so they can examine the family’s claim that his health problems mean he cannot be held responsible for his actions.

The teen’s public defender, who visited him in jail on Friday and has spoken with him several times over the last few days, said she is increasingly convinced that his health problems have been influencing his behavior. “He told me several things that need to be checked out,” said the attorney, Galit Bash. “I’ve also been in contact with his mother, and she gave me critical information – very, very essential. Apparently there’s an opinion by neurologists who say this affects his behavior.”

During the bail hearing, she said the teen has an inoperable growth in his head. Bash is expecting to get the medical documentation on Monday. Bash said the teen was born in Israel, but left the country with his family at a young age and has since returned several times. “He left school in first grade; his parents begged for someone to operate on him,” she said. Yet despite not being in school, he was also never in the care of the welfare authorities, Bash said.

Yaniv Kubovich,
Haaretz Correspondent

Next, the Haaretz editorial on the subject … as can be seen, the big deal is not the fake vandalism but the fact that Trump has outed them and that is considered antisemitic in itself, ie, telling truth about false flag  antisemitism is antisemitic.

Over the weekend, a 19-year-old Israeli living in Ashkelon was arrested on suspicion of being behind a series of fake bombs threats and other threats against Jewish institutions in the United States, Israel and other places. Police suspect him of responsibility for dozens of bomb threats received by Jewish institutions in the U.S., including those received by 16 Jewish community centers in nine U.S. states earlier this year. He is also suspected of hundreds of other fake threats.

Most of these incidents took place after Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency, and both in Israel and America, many people hastened to claim that there was a connection between his election and rising anti-Semitism. Now, when it turns out the source of many of these threats was a young man from Ashkelon, there is concern that other seemingly anti-Semitic incidents will be greeted with disbelief and even scorn.

Moreover, the New York City police reported a jump of 130 percent in incidents against Jews (as well as against Muslims :-)) over the past year. Similar reports have been received from Jewish federations throughout the U.S. Anti-Semitic and hateful remarks on social media in America have also increased markedly in recent years, and this trend has accelerated since Trump announced his candidacy for president, and especially since his election.

One contributory factor has been that Trump’s supporters include racists and neo-Nazis. Additionally, hovering in the background is his senior adviser, Steve Bannon, who turned the internet news site Breitbart into a mouthpiece for groups that support white supremacy, like the so-called alt-right. Nor is it only Bannon who has repeatedly been forced to deny accusations that he is anti-Semitic. Trump himself, after coming under harsh criticism for not speaking out against anti-Semitism, was compelled a few weeks ago to denounce violence against Jews, saying, “Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s gonna stop and it’s got to stop.”

The fake threats by an Israeli from Ashkelon are liable to undermine this battle, which is of unparalleled importance, by sending the message that the danger of anti-Semitism has been inflated due to political needs and self-interested motives.

But anti-Semitism does exist in the U.S., as well as in other countries. Though it’s vital to ground accusations in evidence and avoid relying on unreliable sources, the Jewish people and the State of Israel must continue waging this important battle.

Next, from another related Haaretz article (

Maybe this is the best one of all in how it reveals Jew’s twisted thinking that avoids facing the truth at all cost.

Analysis: Bomb Threat Suspect’s Identity Embarrassing for Jews, but Ultimately a Relief

Is there anything worse than conspiracy theorists appearing to be right?

Jews cried foul when President Donald Trump bizarrely appeared to pin blame on his opponents for being behind the disturbing waves of bomb threats at Jewish centers, hinting at a false flag operation designed to make him look bad.

At the time, Trump seemed to be drawing his inspiration from white supremacist conspiracy theorists on the Internet who were charging that the threats and other anti-Semitic acts were a grand plot cooked up by the Jews themselves. His insinuations felt like classic victim-blaming and vilification. Coupled with Trump’s reluctance to condemn the anti-Semitic acts, on top of his problematic Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, added up to what seemed to be at best, pandering to racist “alt-right” supporters at best, or at worst, a troubling indication that he believed it himself.

Now, those who condemned and criticized Trump are bemoaning the fact that his strange comments contained a grain of truth – the primary suspect is, in fact, Jewish.

As it turns out, an American-Israeli teenager in the southern city of Ashkelon is suspected to be the culprit behind hundreds of the bomb threats that so rattled the American Jewish community. On Thursday, the cybercrime unit of Israel’s national fraud squad, arrested the young man after it received information from the FBI and other overseas law enforcement authorities. In hindsight, it seems Trump’s comments stemmed from the fact that he was briefed by the FBI at an early stage that a suspect was being tracked down in Israel, and not because he follows David Duke’s Twitter feed.

[And why would Trump have even bothered with this PRIOR to that rabbi harassing him at the press conference? Did he know in advance what the Talmudist was going to ask him? — Lobro]

A limited number of details about the suspect have been made available so far, but claims made by him lawyer suggests that the suspect might be a mentally unstable lone wolf, albeit technologically sophisticated enough to master voice-masking and location-hiding computer software. It also seems that his behavior wasn’t inspired by Trump – Israeli authorities are telling the media that he’d been up to this mischief, threatening institutions on a number of continents for as long as two years.

The shock at the arrest hadn’t worn off before Jewish Trump supporters quickly climbed on their high horse, demanding an apology from the critics who charged the president’s supporter for a perceived post-election surge in anti-Semitism.

Leading the calls for an apology to Trump was Mort Klein, head of the Zionist Organization of America, who said that it was warranted since it is “clear that, unlike what many of the pundits said, it was not the work of a Trump-loving white nationalist.”

Klein and his ilk may well deserve a moment of vindication at the news of this arrest, but it doesn’t change the fact that it took an unnecessary amount of effort to elicit a condemnation of the anti-Semitic acts from the president earlier in the year. And, it should be pointed out, there’s no way that a teenager sitting in southern Israel could also be responsible for knocking over headstones in Jewish cemeteries.

No Jews or Israelis – on the right or the left – should in any way feel good about this outcome. It is, after all, a real blow to discover that the person behind the terrifying threats was one of their own, and a troubling hit to the credibility of the community when it faces threats in the future.

Still, a healthy dose of perspective and common sense should remind even Trump’s harshest detractors in the Jewish community that this strange twist is far from the worst possible outcome.

As JTA editor-in-chief Andrew Silow Carroll tweeted wisely: “This is ‘bad news’ for Jews only if you discount the real fear and fallout at dozens of JCCs and schools and find it politically vital or emotionally satisfying to know that the perpetrator was the enemy you wanted him to be.”

Indeed. It may be a blow to Jewish pride, and a political black eye to those who blamed the Trump camp for the JCC threats, but the fact remains that this unpleasant but benign explanation – if this suspect is the sole perpetrator – means that a fearful Jewish community can now finally exhale.

After all, if it is confirmed that the disturbing threats were indeed a hoax perpetrated from overseas, it means there are and never have been real bombs. This is undeniably good news, no matter what one’s political orientation may be. It means that the thousands of Jews and non-Jews at the threatened facilities across the country, many of them children, are not – and never have been – in actual imminent danger. That is what truly matters.

Allison Kaplan Sommer,
Haaretz Correspondent

Finally, a big time Jew Twitter star : (just look at him).

Anti-semites have said for *decades* that Jews exaggerate antisemitism for sympathy. One Israeli man has now reinforced that bigoted canard.

Another tweet of his:  “Worst part of this is that after Trump suggested Jews were behind these hate crimes, his supporters are going to claim he was right.”

Of course he was right, you lying hypocrite!

See:   Short List of Recent Jew Anti-Semitic Hoaxes

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Threatening to bomb Jewish centers in America”

  1. Well done, Lobro and Lasha. The “conspiracy theory” of Jews being behind most of the so-called anti-semitism is no longer a theory. It’s a proven fact. Time for Jews to desist from availing themselves of the banal cliches of “Holocaust” and “anti-semitism”!

  2. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! We owe Lobro and Lasha a thousand hugs and kisses for this bombshell of an article! You won’t get stuff like this in the mainstream media, that’s for sure. Which is why they intend to shut us down.

    Any day now websites like Darkmoon will be removed from the web.

    Let’s make the most of it while we can.


Jewry Has Turned Whites Into Fooled PC MORONS

Haven’t you wondered why we’re always so expected to support Israel, even though Israel openly practices Apartheid against the Palis, while sucking US taxpayer shekels out of us by the minute? Would you not think the supposed “peace-loving” liberal media would be raising hell about at least some of the things Israel does? Jews are such experts at brainwashing people with modern mass communications, they’ve turned us all (republicans, independents, democrats) into giant blubbering PC idiots!

By Phillip Marlowe

Look, I know you White folk out there are all kinds of bunged-up and confused. Hell, I was too for years because I could see something bad was going on. I eventually realized a big scam was going down and knew there had to be reasons for it. Believe me, at the time I had my suspicions as to who, but never has it become so obvious as it is now.

You don’t have to read any further my diatribe. I’ll just tell you straight up. Why? Because I’m a good guy. I am indeed a fairly nice dude, somewhat scruffy at times I must admit, but generally a non-descript and happy-go-lucky SOB. Hell, even blacks like me (if I keep my pie hole shut over certain things). I used to also be somewhat good with the ladies, too. But let’s not go there — or else my ass is grass!

But enough about me. Here’s the deal in a nutshell: It is the Jews, stupid. Yep, these sorry muthas have been effin’ with our race from the GD minute we let them into our country.

You think anyone is going to say that publicly? Like hell, no. All those smiling jerkwads you see on the TV know better. It’s all a part of “PC” or political correctness. Doesn’t take much to understand exactly how this all works — you see it all the time with your own family and friends. And you know just what I’m saying here, so don’t try to tell me otherwise or I’ll call you a big fat liar or fool, one.

They got all us White people bollixed up in the head. They’ve been creating this whole thing so we don’t go all “Fascist” and start goose-stepping in the streets acting all Nazi and crap. But the trouble is, their devious control is exactly why that ends up happening.

That’s why we CONSTANTLY see Nazi documentaries on the TV. The creeps can’t let it up. Plus, same thing for all the pro-black slavery and civil rights era material. Haven’t you gotten sick of it by now?

This is also why you got this immigration business. Say what? Yep, the dirty rats have been behind all this to destroy our political demographics in our own lands to protect themselves as they turn us further and further into a Marxist, NWO Jewish-controlled country. For crying out loud, where did you think all this was going?

On the very day some Mudslime goes haywire in London — which they had to report — and kills 4 innocent people with a SUV and knife, an Asian Hmong tribesman immigrant named Nengmy Vang went nuts and slaughtered the exact same number of Whites in Wisconsin. Funny, how they didn’t report that crime nationally.

Another psycho Hmong tribesman immigrant slaughtered 6 White deer hunters in Wisconsin several years ago when he was caught illegally hunting on their property. He just opened up on them at close range out of the blue with a semi-auto rifle. There’s like 50,000 of these wild jungle ape people imported into the once White state.

The BS is easy to spot:

Hell, it took a foreign broadcasting outfit to even tweet the perp’s photo (right). And don’t hold your breath for any big ABC “20/20” or NBC “Dateline” stories, or non-stop circus style coverage of the guy’s murder trial. Instead, we’ll just see yet another Charlie Manson or Casey Anthony big documentary (a brand new one is coming out next month).

They don’t care. Why? They can get away with it. No one dares say a thing because if you do, everyone is programmed to call you a “racist” or “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

Only recently over the last couple of years, are you seeing a few peeps of color crimes reported on the national news since the Internet has been exposing the big lie. But if you pay close attention, you can tell how they mix it up with the most ridiculous White crimes they can dig up, like the one yesterday of a White idiot wearing Joker makeup and carrying a sword — even though the wierdo (his mind turned to mush by endless stupid Jew Hollywood Superhero CGI movies) committed no real acts of violence, they put it up on the national news feeds like it was such a big deal.

Notice how they somehow always manage to dig up the particular White perp’s mugshot immediately, but somehow forget to show you a peep of color mugshot, when they can get away with it.* Only recently have you seen a few on the national news — certainly because of people like me on the Internet have been exposing the big anti-White scam.

In reality, violent non-Whites raping and killing White people happens all the time. Day-in, day-out. You just don’t hear too many stories because they’ve been suppressing such events from White consciousness for decades. The brainwashers have long known how we “see the world” and if they can control the media “narrative,” we’ll be easier to control and manipulate until the time it becomes too late.

Basically, what you’re looking at is a slow motion genocide of our race due to the devious social and political agenda of Jews everywhere. This is, in fact, the “conspiracy theory” that is totally true — and quite obvious if you pay attention.

Of course, the Jews had a lot of help from fooled Whites, too. Without a doubt.

Here’s the problem: Whites are just too good for their own sakes. Watch practically any movie and you will see how they milk our sense of fair play and emotions. “Forrest Gump” is a good example of the idiot White they want you to be. “Life is like a box of chocolates” Gump tells the black woman while sitting at the bus stop bench. BS. In today’s “diversity enriched” America, her kids would put a cap in him for his wallet and run off cackling like wild monkeys.

The Jews figured out long ago that us Whites were actually big softies and have been milking our emotions and divisions for profit and fun ever since. Unbelievable how us Whites keep going along with their subversive attacks on our race over crap that happened long ago and after all we do. It never ends, does it?

Modern mass communications — movies and TV — has given hypocritical Jewry to power to completely brainwash our race into berating ourselves and committing racial genocide — while still supporting the Zionist Israeli state.

Now do you know why I call them rats?

*All your local news people have log-on accounts with local and state police departments, as well as commercial ID outfits and can immediately obtain mugshots. In fact, it’s the first “go to” search places when news breaks. Often, contacts in the police department simply email the mugshot to reporter pals right after first booking. When you don’t see it, it’s really only because they made the PC decision not to put it up publicly. They have been deliberately keeping Whites in the dark for decades.

This guy knows the score, even though he tries hard to avoid saying anything really bad on the Jews. But you can tell he still knows, though. Watch.


The chick doing the introduction gets it. BIG TIME. Smart and has a sweet, sexy voice, too. I’m in love! Just kidding. Go to their website on the left (the big “Down with Pink Rabbits” gif ad). Spread the news around, homies!

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